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July 2019

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The Electoral College:

Perspectives from many sides

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What’s Inside? Cover Story: Celebrate America, Artown and Literature …... ................2 Kris Courtney, American Artist and Author Brian T. Shirley …………......………......3 Koba the Dread by Martin Amis: Book Review John Loranger …………………………....4 TOPIC: The Electoral College Guest Political Contributors .............5 Why Write Stories of Your Life Carol Purroy ....………………..……..…..7 Authorpreneur: 7 Strong Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be an Author Janice Hermsen ……...…………………..8 Take the Quiz. .…..………………….…..15

Celebrate America, Artown and Literature

Cover Story

Artown Event: “Tasty Temptations with Literary Tales”: Treat yourself to a quick bite and a good book at the same time. Join the LeRue Team for some tasty treats and a variety of choices for your reading appetite. *New and Used Books of many varieties *Local Author Choices *Folded Books *Book Sculpture *Food available for purchase (Select days, packaged items)

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Brian T. Shirley

Kris Courtney: American Artist & Author


would like to welcome and introduce you to American Artist Kris Courtney , bestselling author, award-winning screenplay writer and film producer at Ability Films, LLC. Drawn to benevolence and disability awareness by his personal experience, an artist in spirit and gift, Courtney is dedicated to service and participation beyond disabilities. His canvas derives from images that move him to allow freedom of spirit in both paint and words. Kris has also penned a best selling novel about his family history (Norma Jean's Sun) which led to the award winning screenplay Norma's Sun, which is now being made into a full length, leading lady narrative feature film!! BTS: Kris, I guess we should start from the beginning; your beginning, that is. I know there's a lot to cover but give the readers a quick glimpse of your childhood and early life. KC: Well, first thank you for having me on Brian, very grateful! When asked about my books and the artistry that I create, people are made aware of my life by the path I have taken and the gifts of both Blessings & Burden. Everyone has life experiences and although many have had similar to mine, I felt the draw to write about them. I was born with multiple amputations, birth defects and deformities and was placed in restrictive devices, casts and over 20 surgeries by the age of 10. As a fetus with severe formation and ability limitations, my family took on a complex series of hurdles to give me the option of life and being able to walk and survive! And as far back as I can recall, Norma was a powerful and graceful figure that stood firm on both protecting me and pushing the limits of what I was capable. She was an Iconic Lady of Inspiration! BTS: You have stated on your websites that you began writing Norma Jean's Sun many, many years ago. What were those first words and how did you keep up with that original idea? How long did it take to get back to completing the story?

KC: Yes Brian, I wrote the first page at age 12. I always knew watching the events around my life; the places we traveled, the people who entered and exited all had lasting impressions! Without revealing the exact documents, I can tell you that my childhood crafted an idea of resentment against life itself. Not that I was feeling sorry for myself; that has never been the case and in fact most times in my affairs, I always tempt to place others first if possible. But those first words were about anger to a world of normal that forgot to include me… I was a mistake, God made a mistake and I could prove it in a mirror every day! So I suppose my writing became almost therapeutic as a means of release. From the perspective of my Mother Norma, by this time in life the surgeries had become few and the language used reflected a summary of all that could be done. “It’s as good as It’s going to get. “ And “It” became a personal reference as a result of even to this day, when people meet me in person, they have no knowledge of the impact they present when they stare at my hands and then ask, “What happened to you?” or they compare themselves by an accident or other person they know with amputations. Ultimately as a child, and now, my answer results to the same conclusion “That is just the way God wanted ‘It’ to be”. So thus “It” was a canned answer and the conflict inside of how God wanted it to be, a mistake or reason… BTS: When and where did your passion as an artist begin? Was this a gift of expression, escape or a little of both? KC: Exactly, it gave me a path of escape that later turned into expression. Reality was hard man. It sucked at times and after weeks and months in a hospital every year of my life up to age 10, I had to find a way out! I mentioned a minute ago about the “It” factor and I say that with jest because it’s like the Beautiful Blond that has to tell people “Look Up Here, My Eyes are Up Here”. So when I created artistic images, whether they had content or not – people looked at the art rather than me… but later as a young (Continued on page 6)

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John Loranger


he complete title of Martin Amis’s blistering history of Stalin is, Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million. The ‘twenty million’ are the Russians whom Stalin murdered; but what part could ‘laughter’ play in that? Amis explains: ‘[I]t has always been possible to joke about the Soviet Union, just as it has never been possible to joke about Nazi Germany. This is not merely a question of decorum. In the German case, laughter automatically absents itself … In the Soviet case, on the other hand, laughter intransigently refuses to absent itself.’ Consider these examples, gathered from Amis’s book and from other sources: There is something funny about the avid and prolonged standing ovations that Stalin received in response to his speeches—prolonged because no one wanted to be the first to stop applauding. There is something funny about Solzhenitsyn’s futile debate with a Marxist scholar while on board a prisoner transport. ‘In arguing with them,’ Solzhenitsyn observed, ‘you wear yourself out, unless you accept in advance that the argument is simply a game, a jolly pastime.’ And it was funny to enter a voting booth during Soviet elections and find only one name on the ballot, marked beforehand. The presence of Soviet judges at the Nuremberg Trials

Koba the Dread by Martin Amis

Book Review

was rather comical … or maybe just hypocritical: Russian Communists passing judgment on German Nazis for (1) using civilians for slave labor and (2) persecuting and murdering people because of political or religious beliefs. Finally, it is very funny that Christopher Hitchens judged V.I. Lenin to be “a great man”—yet Mother Teresa was a villain. But horror more than anything else permeates Amis’s history of the Soviet Union. He gives readers a nightmarish overview of a little-known and enforced famine that ended the lives of some five million people. Torture extracted bogus confessions from legions of political prisoners. And in the Siberian slave camps to which the “guilty” were sent, inhumanly hard labor trudged hand-in-frozen-hand with minimal nourishment. Almost as horrifying, these Communist abominations were ignored, denied or rationalized by scores of Western intellectuals. Thankfully, Martin Amis convinced one, Christopher Hitchens, to re-think some of his positions vis-à-vis the Soviet Communists. Though Hitchens protested against the claim that Stalin’s Russia was as bad as Hitler’s Germany, Amis noted that this alone indicated progress: ‘The argument, now, is about whether Bolshevik Russia was “better” than Nazi Germany. In (Continued on page 14)

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TOPIC: The Electoral College

Perspectives from many sides

It has been a volatile period in history with dramatic splits between people and parties. Rather than maintaining silence, What’s the Story™ would like to contribute some down to earth, people-focused OPINIONS. These do not reflect our view necessarily; they reflect the views of people who identify as one of the parties listed. If you belong to one of these parties, your view might be different than what is expressed. That is to be expected. Writers share their perspective independently and without discussion between them.


The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a

compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. Governor Sisolak in Nevada, a Democrat, recently vetoed a bill that would have added Nevada to a list of states trying to change the process. He said: "[It] could diminish the role of smaller states like Nevada in national elections and force Nevada's electors to side with whoever wins the national popular vote, rather than the candidate Nevadans choose," Sisolak said in a statement after his veto. From your viewpoint (and that of the party you represent) provide the pros and cons of keeping the electoral college.

Democrat View


here has been a push to pledge electoral votes to the winner of the nationwide popular vote. The reasons for this are numerous, but the gist is this: the Electoral College was established to give landowners an equal say in who the president was. In recent elections, the Electoral College has been manipulated to allow a losing candidate the presidency by manipulating certain states. In 2000, the first time this happened, we saw the candidate who won the popular vote, lose the presidency based on a court case that challenged the efficacy of the popular vote and vote tabulation. The Supreme Court stepped in and ruled that votes that were duly cast, but not tabulated due to malfunction of the voting technology (anyone remember the hanging chad debate?) should not be counted. SCOTUS, in turn, shut down the recount and handed the office of the president to the loser of the popular vote. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 3,000,000 votes, but lost the election due to electoral manipulation. This time, three (Continued on page 12)

Independent View


Republican View


hen I was a kid, government and history were my Before you decide favorite subjects. whether you like the Like many Electoral College, you should know what’s young people today, I didn’t in it. Do you know what’s in it? I have to ask. Like when my stepdaughter was a understand the true benefit of the child (about 1996) and she asked me, Electoral College until the 2016 “How do you know if you love someone?”. election…now I get it! The founding I asked her what her favorite food was, and fathers in their infinite wisdom she exclaimed, “Hotdogs!”. I then began created the Electoral College in 1788 telling her everything about hotdogs. by article ll of the U.S. Constitution. EVERYTHING! I told her where the meat came from; about processing the meat; They understood that smaller about acceptable levels of rodent feces; states would not be willing to join the about acceptable levels of insect parts. union without an equal say in After I told her EVERYTHING, I again government. The Constitution grants asked her what her favorite food was and each state a certain number of she exclaimed, “Hotdogs are still my electors equal to the number of its favorite!” I said to her, “And that’s what congressional representatives and love is. Knowing the truth, the good and the bad, and still wanting it/him/her.” senators combined which equates to So, what’s in your Electoral 538 total electoral votes (the 23rd College? The Electoral College consist of amendment granted DC 3 electoral 538 people representative of the 100 votes even though it has no voting senators (Rodent feces), 435 voting house members in Congress). Because the members (insect parts) and 3 for the Constitution guarantees every state 2 District of Columbia (Filler. D.C. has no senators or voting members of congress. senators and at least 1 representative, Literally taxation without representation.) no state has fewer than 3 electoral These 538 people are the ones who actually votes. Each state’s number of electors he Electoral College (What’s the Beef?)

“pick” our president. Not the

(Continued on page 12)

(Continued on page 12)

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(Continued from page 3)

man after a couple of events and parents divorce, I became an angry young man; the art was no longer enough. And we all know about the kids with disabilities on TV. What happened to them now? Where are they now 50 years later? Who is helping them now? How do they live a quality life now? Escape had always been a part of my thoughts until I was given a gift of Wisdom, Change and Discovery at age 24. And that escape option was only limited by the available means. It did not matter if it was alcohol; drug, sex or suicide, my desire to stay here was limited at best. So from the age of about 14 and on, all I wanted was oblivion to escape reality. I was the crippled kid on the other side of the pool fence, and unlike the fairy tale of Hollywood Forest Gump, my braces never fell off. SO all I wanted to do was escape. If only you knew how the word Cripple hurts… BTS: Let's cover a little about the upcoming film Norma's Sun. I must say it was quite a submission and audition process, (I play "Uncle Fred" in the film. Thanks Kris.) I understood why once I watched the videos you had asked us to watch. The one that stood out to me was "Take God out of it". Tell the readers as much as you would like to share about this process and the reason for the above mentioned video. KC: Well Brian, the Audition Reel you sent is what secured the Role – the gratitude is all mine! The screenplay Norma’s Sun is the adaptation of Norma Jean’s Sun that I authored, my first book we spoke of that spans the decades from 1930’s up to current date. I self-published the book finally in 2009 with the full intent to move it into a film. I had about 50 pages of scratch from all the years assembled. I sent the manuscript off to a couple publishers wondering, but what I have discovered is the industry is full of pitfalls and less than honest organizations and plagiarizers’ that will steal your work! So as an artist, I closed my Ohio Art Gallery in Oxford, Ohio with the full intention to travel the US for the next 5 years to promote and discover artistry while also learning literature knowledge to do exactly that! What you may have noticed by now, people often will underestimate my ability. And it was that term along the lines of “It” as a child that led to the title of my children’s book It’s OK

Scooter that I published as well in Sarasota Florida in 2015. But time is now 2011 and I traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had the honor of meeting many talented people and created artistry in my studio as well as hung a few paintings on Canyon Road. I also had a painting called “Santa Fe, Over Easy” that was featured in the Pantry Restaurant on Cerillos. After a year plus, I traveled to an artistic hot spot, Paducah, Kentucky which I had been previously to open my 3rd Art Gallery in 2013. I would journey along and after p publishing of Scooter, I found myself in Georgia where I slowed down and focused upon the development of the script. It would be here, that Ability Films, LLC. would come to life. In the fall of 2018 I had learned that Norma’s Sun was selected for the International UTAH Film Festival for Best Feature Screenplay in Provo, Utah in 2019 and I would later attend to be awarded for the 10th script award recognition and what has led to the development you see today. There was a previous crowd sourcing for fees and monies rose to assist with the ongoing efforts that now place us where we are aggressively seeking Executive Funding and Equity Partnerships for production that is scheduled for this fall and release in 2020. We have $10,000 Associate Producer Credits in place as well ROI Opportunity for Executive at $100,000 and your audience can read more information at our website normasun.com. Every little bit helps and we need champions who can make a difference to change lives! So Let me answer the question about the “Take God Out of It”. I am not able to ignore that today – God did NOT make a mistake! And although I have had 3-4 executive and Hollywood conversations that specifically have said to me “Take God out of it and we will look at it” – I will not ignore the truth, the sacrifice and path of all the Matriarchs and Patriarchs that have paved the way for millions of Norma’s and individuals similar to my own experience. And perhaps one other note to make: People say they want a good story to film? But all we see on screen is make believe, cartoons, sex, hate speech, racial battles and content that is ONLY based upon economic reward. I challenge the film industry to accomplish both – honestly with Artwork by Kris Courtney (Continued on page 10)

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Carol Purroy


he #1 reason to write your life’s story is to leave something meaningful behind for your children and their children, et cetera. You want your descendants to know you—who you are, what you’ve done, how your era affected you. In writing about your life, you’ll discover other benefits as well. It’s a good way to keep the brain and memory functioning. As you employ conscious recall you’ll spontaneously remember events and people you haven’t thought about in 30, 40, even 50 years. One memory leads to another. Writing (memoir, fiction, nonfiction, even “how-to”) greatly improves your power of observation and communication. You’ll want to describe people, places, and events so that your readers will get the picture—so they’ll be able to “see” it, “smell” it, “taste” it, “hear” it, and even “feel” it. In order to do that, you’ll find yourself paying closer attention to all manner of things and mentally recording them, which is good mental exercise. It you went to a carnival or festival or a county fair as a kid, how would you describe it in such a way that your readers will experience it too? What colors, smells, sounds, tastes, textures do you want them to know about? How would you describe cotton candy, or a ride on the Tilt-a-Wheel? As you’re writing about your life’s experiences you’re bound

Why Write the Stories of Your Life? to learn a lot about yourself. The more you write the more you’ll learn. Patterns will emerge and you’ll have some “AHA! Moments.” After years of writing my stories, I figured out my reason for my childhood misbehavior. The only three times I ever got in trouble were in 5th Grade, which just happened to be the year my wicked stepfather joined the family. Aha! That answered an unasked question. As you write your stories you’ll want to share them with others. I recommend a class or writing group so you’ll have a ready-made audience. This audience will be amused, entertained, astonished, and informed by your stories. And you will come to view your life . . . and yourself . . . as very interesting, in not downright amazing. Your confidence and self-esteem will be enhanced. You’ll come to recognize that you are special and unique, and that others really are interested in what you have to say. You’ll become convinced that you can tell your own and your family’s stories better than anyone, and you should. Maybe the best reason to write about your past is to release it. Writing is cathartic. In writing about an old trauma or an old enemy, you finally let it go, eliminating its power over you. It’s good therapy. (Continued on page 11)

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What’s the Story?™ Share it! Page 7

Janice Hermsen


Authorpreneur: 7 Strong Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be an Author

ttention is the one thing every entrepreneur will always want more of. Whether the goal is selling more products, attracting the best talent, or raising money; it all depends on

attention. There are few more effective ways of getting attention than writing a book. Whether it's sharing your expertise in a particular industry or sharing your business story, putting it into a book is the best decision you can ever make. Here are a few reasons why writing a book could be the key to your business' further success.

1. Gives you a competitive edge Writing a book will first set you apart from the large group of people who only talk about what they are going to write but never do. Second, having a book not only signifies that you can commit to something but that you can follow through as well. Also, being a published author positions you as an expert in the subject matter you choose to write about. It's a major talking and selling point. Having a published book also adds to your credentials.

people that you know and are confident about what you are talking about to the point of willingly putting it out there for the world to see. Sure, you can't write a book if you don't have in-depth knowledge to fill the pages. So when you do, you demonstrate that you are the most credible practitioner of your trade.

4. Growth Growth is mainly a personal benefit but one that's still vital for the success of your efforts as an entrepreneur. Writing a book is quite a powerful learning experience. The process enables you to learn more about the subject. You will also learn effective communication, patience, and the discipline needed to sit, consolidate and type out the information. These lessons can help you conquer some of your most feared business challenges.

5. Platform Writing and publishing a book provides you with a great platform to share your expertise with the world. It is more effective when it comes to establishing your knowledge and building your brand. A book gives your (Continued on page 15)

2. Raises visibility A great way of getting attention is by being the author of your book. Some people say that books are the new business card, the main problem with this is, everyone can have a business card, but not everyone can write a book. If you are looking for visibility in your field, being an expert is vital, and the best way to show you know what you are talking about is by being an author.

3. Credibility Most of the time, when people are looking for expert advice, guidance or information, they turn to a book. Having a book about a particular subject shows

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Look What the Book Hound Found! Future Release from LeRue Press What Deepest Remains By Joseph Holsworth An autobiographical narrative that follows a young but seasoned veteran from his last mission in Iraq to his return and readjustment to life outside of combat. It explores the inner psyche of the modern veteran from the perspective of a jaded young man caught between his pride of service and the moral dilemma of fighting an unjust war. He battles PTSD and alcoholism until he finds peace in the company of a young progressive local poet. Marketing campaign: Release: 2019

Book signings

National online campaign

Reading group promotion

Author speaking tour


Our US CONSTITUTION We use material from the NCCS, the National Center for Constitutional Studies. Gain a better understanding and appreciation for the principles of our US Constitution. All you need to do is join the group. The only cost is your time! Where: Scheels, 1200 Scheels Dr. Sparks Legends Shopping Mall 2nd floor, Pyramid Lake Meeting Room When: 4 – 6 PM each Wednesday

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. – Amelia Earhart https://www.forbes.com Top 100 Inspirational Quotes contributor Kevin Kruse

Textbook optional: The Making of America by Dr. Cleon Skousen For additional information contact K.J. Jones 775-626-6651 or email Jones.Richard@yahoo.com

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been about the God Thing!

integrity! BTS: You have assembled an amazing cast & crew for this film, we'll leave links below so people can check out these talented folks. What goes through your mind as you see this project come to life? What have you sacrificed in order to see this through? KC: Yes, I believe the talent and crew of not only yourself but those on this project have been truly a blessing. Michael Givens our Director, Line Producer Brandon Riley, our DP Anthony Gutierrez and Sound Engineer, Oscar Award Nominee Jason Canovas. And the Cast – OMG so Grateful for Maria Olsen a legend in the horror film community, Danny Winn, Carol Damgen and the Power of Jeremy John Wells and the graceful Rachel Alig. The list goes on and the power of our support cast includes UK Actress Jenna Goodwinn and powerhouse youth actors Hunter Fischer as well as Lacey Caroline. I See a Family. And as a note, we have 2 key featured roles that we are looking to attach “Named Talent” for additional market value for the product of the film and the overall “Cause Based Marketing” and distribution. Artwork by Kris Courtney And here is the thing Brian, I INSISTED that everyone who wants to submit for this project, to read and understand the source material first! When I presented this to Jason Canovas, his answer was so strong when he said “You had me at Cancer”. Ultimately, percentage proceeds and benefits from this film will be allocated into a 501c3 for Advocacy of the Arts and endorsing those charities of Colon Cancer, St Jude’s and the Riley's Children hospital along with the Ruth Lyons Foundation. All of which either touched my life directly or in some capacity, improved the quality of my family’s life. It has always

Grab a Steamin’ Wienie and a copy of What’s the Story® at Sinbad’s

BTS: I'm honored to be a part of this film and would like for you to pass along any advice to all the folks out there who face obstacles in their lives, be they physical, mental, financial, spiritual, etc. What kept and continues to keep you going? KC: The first thing I would say is Feel It – Feel It All. And then after those 5 minutes are over, grab Your crutch, leg brace, walker, checkbook or the mental and emotional support tools and Put God First !! And I am hard pressed at times to do that myself. But unless you understand the level of pain that we do, we of the failed and less than and those who are on the Inside, you will not understand how hard it is to get out of bed and put the focus together that allows a person to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body! Walk humbly under his grace and be of service to another that may give witness to his power of healing strength, forgiveness and gift of hope, love and peace. And for those who may be challenged still by the term God or angry; If you don’t believe in God, why are you pissed at Him? If you have never been in total darkness, you cannot identify the light. Many, if not all human beings are familiar with shadow. But only a few will ever walk from total absence to glory. Brian, none of this has anything to do with religion as many will be quick to label. I am a blessed man who has had a moment of clarity to share my story, despite many who have or will plagiarize similar tales. But until you live it from the inside out, it is nothing more than imitation. And I suppose as a Fine Art Artist, I hope that will become a great compliment to my efforts. It is that, the recognition of the core value to be a story of inspiration that keeps me moving forward. I realize this is an Industry of pitfalls, but I also believe in you and all those who may read this article or my books. Who may view my artistry and learn of the story and find a mutual thread of being human that we share. I believe in Faith! This is a story of family history and choices, imposing consequences and the people who survive with grace and unparalleled ability! A dramatic journey of secrets, the carrier unknown and the burden imposed. In this film, Norma will stride through the illumination of what is possible and the shadow (Continued on page 14)

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So even if you think you’re writing your stories for other people, the benefits you will derive are plentiful. Carol Purroy has taught memoir writing for nearly 30 years, and has written and published a How-to/why-to book on the subject: YOUR LEGACY; The stories of your life. In it you’ll find everything you need to get started . . . and go all the way to The End. On Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/B00BDVPT2E.,paperback and eBook and available in Reno at LeRue Press and the Nevada Marketplace. Carol’s books are available at LeRue Press, the Nevada Marketplace and Grassroots Books. www.facebook.com/a-zpublishing

PRESS RELEASE First Annual Senior Park Party Teglia’s Paradise Park, Paradise Drive Time: Noon to 4:30 PM Sunday, July 14. 2019 The promoter, Gerry Mifsud, has made it his mission to make the area in and around the park safe for the 300 + seniors living there. Signage and speed bumps are just the beginning. There are plans in the works for a DOG PARK in Paradise Park. Ground breaking is slated for some time around the middle of July. Come join this Fun & FREE Event. Live music by Jazzman Rick “Saxman” Metz, food trucks, kids fare, senior information tables. Many community sponsors will be there to support the cause. Help keep the parks and streets safe for all. For more information, contact Gerry at (775) 499-5507. ###


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(Continued from page 5) (Democratic)

swing states (that, by the way, hadn’t gone Republican in several election cycles) all of a sudden voted for Trump. Now, thanks to investigations by Robert Mueller and others, we know that Russian interference played a part in this mockery. But whether you believe this or not, the fact that the Electoral College has outlived its usefulness is beyond argument. It was established to prevent election of a dictator by common, uneducated voters. It gave the real power to landowners who could choose to vote for whomever they wanted to be president, no matter what the will of the people. For the most part, Americans are educated well enough now to vote for a responsible leader. The Electoral College has disenfranchised many voters because they have decided their vote doesn’t matter. With presidential elections, they are correct. Presidents are still elected based on an outdated system used to make men into kings. The Electoral College’s outdated functions that skew towards the wealthy elite has insured that the common man has no say in who holds the highest office in the land and the leader of the free world. This is exactly what the founders wished to prevent – the election of a king-like leader by men who have no interests in common with the men and women who makeup 95% of the population. Conservatives in Congress will not support the elimination of the Electoral College (it will take overwhelming bi-partisan support to repeal the constitutional amendment supporting it) because blocking the change is advantageous to them. The numbers do not lie. If presidents are elected by popular vote, the numbers say conservatives lose. They say the Electoral College gives less populated states a larger say in who governs them. This is a myth perpetuated by conservatives who know their collective bases lie in small, less populated states. They raise the ire of their base by claiming the Electoral (Continued on page 13)

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approximately 330 million citizens; not the approximately 246 million eligible (unregistered) voters; not the approximately 158 million registered voters. Back to our hotdog for a moment. My stepdaughter loved her hotdogs. But the only hotdogs that she had ever eaten were the store brand hotdogs that her mom (Preme) bought for her. My stepdaughter was raised on “pre-me” hotdogs. I introduced her to all beef kosher hotdogs. She fell in a deeper love with a bigger, juicier thicker hotdog and never went back. Yes, fell in love with pure democracy. Let me explain. And I have a lot of explaining to do. The whole cow is the “people”. Horns, hooves, hair, hide, fat, muscle…. The muscle (the meat) is what keeps the cow moving. Sometimes forward. sometimes backward. The different cuts of meat are the various forms of governance. We have Aristocracy, Tyranny, Monarchy, Plutocracy, Kleptocracy, Socialism, Communism, Democracy…. We are a Republic. In a pure Democracy, it’s simple majority rules. (Like the way we elect our governors, senators….) In a Republic there are rules/laws in place to “curb” outright majority rule. Laws like the ones that established the Electoral College. (The way we elect our president.) Of course, there are pros and cons. Pro: The Founding Fathers thought that the Electoral College was the Best method to choose a president. Con: That world no longer exists, and voters can be

are subject to change after every tenyear census. This winner-take-all system has worked great over the years and only differed from the popular vote a total of 4 times prior to the 2016 election: 1824 - John Quincy Adams (D-R); 1876 – Rutherford B. Hayes (R); 1888 – Benjamin Harrison (R) and in 2000 with George W. Bush (R). Pros include: smaller states have an equal playing field with their voice and vote being heard; prevents presidential candidates from just campaigning in heavily populated areas and disenfranchising farmers and factory workers; traditional with roots connected to our Founding Fathers; and, this system has worked effectively for more than two hundred years! Cons include: it could be argued in these progressive times that the Electoral College is outdated. Thank you to governor Sisolak for his veto on a Nevada Democrat led bill that would have diminished our voice and would force Nevada’s electors to side with the national popular vote…his veto took me and others by surprise!

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College prevents election fraud perpetrated by liberals. This is the same argument they use when they use voter suppression tactics and redraw districts to favor conservatives. The fact remains, the Electoral College is outdated and needs to go away. Candidates elected by popular vote are the true winners of elections. If we elect all other leaders this way, why should our presidents be elected any differently?

“better” informed. Pro: The entire country is involved in picking our president. Con: Too much power is given to “swing” states. Pro: The Electoral College ensures a definitive outcome to the presidential election. Con: The Electoral College negates the will of the people. (Note: I lifted those pros and cons from the internet.) My favorite “Pro” and “Con” is that the majority of the cows, sorry, people do not think nor want to think about who they are electing and instead vote for a party. A party that is made up of cows, sorry, fat cows. Selecting people based on a “D”, “R” or “I” after the name. We are choosing letters over research and emojis over words. (The hotdogs are “cured” while the system gets “sicker”.) Now that you know what’s in your electoral college, do you like what “you’re being fed”?? (Hotdog emoji winky face.)

In summary, my advice to the Democrats is simply this: under our form of government, Trump won fair and square, accept it for what it is and move on with your life…after all, in over the last 200 plus years, the winner of the popular vote has lost the electoral vote only five times which substantiates that the system works well! It seems that the Democrats want to change the rules when it doesn’t suit their narrative. With that said, God bless our country, Constitution and Electoral College as we need them all!

Guest Political Contributor, D.L. Whitehead D.L. Whitehead is the author of Darwin’s Sword, https:// dlwhitehead.wordpress.com/ In our effort to have a voice on behalf of Independents, we received the following submission. Though he is a registered Republican, he does not necessarily identify with the party as it stands today.


ell, I have to admit that I am a registered Republican. However, what that means today varies a great deal. Once President Trump won the election, I separated myself from politics and politicians in general. I have to look at an issue worth noting from the perspective of an Independent or nonpartisan political point of view. Here is why: “The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens,” says Janice Hermsen, Publisher at LeRue Press Focusing on what is best for American voters is what is great about our democracy. Many States have to position themselves while considering

Guest Political Contributor, GD Fenderson GD Federson is a Certified Forensic Humourist out of Maryland. Go to www.SoGDFunny.com to learn more about him.

the rest of the country as a whole. Americans understand who wins and who loses and why; belaboring the topic only adds more controversy to the issue. Let us make America the way our Founding Father’s wanted it to be instead of continuously finding fault in their logic. Keeping the Electoral College has to be in place to ensure that the elected official represents the people and not the larger congregation only. The negative side is that the majority rule goes unchartered somewhere is the wide open waters between cities and people are therefore unhappy with the winner not being the candidate of the popular-vote. However, America survived since 1776 and will continue to thrive on

Guest Political Contributor, R.G. Cruise RG Cruise is the author of Operation: Omega www.RGCruise.com

with our current legislative system. Sisolak, a widely acclaimed Democrat, broke from his faithful supporters by vetoing the bill that would have added Nevada to the "popular vote" where Nevada would have given their electoral votes to whomever won the popular vote instead of what the Nevadans wanted. What do we do now? Wait until another election, and see if Sisolak can survive such a controversial decision.

Guest Political Contributor, Dr. Michael Provitera Michael is a management consultant, international business book author, international motivational speaker, and Professor of Organizational Behavior. http://docprov.com

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of reality to raise a child with special needs, all while searching for her own true love. Never in our silent moments of illusion do we sense the dark parallel that lives beside us. Nor do we suspect the carrier. Thank You Brian, this has been a pleasure to speak with you and share my experience. Kris Courtney #normasun #normasunfilm #award #screenplay #film #executive #production ##truestory FILM Page: www.normasun.com IMDB LINK: www.imdb.com/title/tt7490498 Amazon LINK: www.amazon.com/gp/ product/0578020599 Fan Page LINK: www.facebook.com/Artist.Kris.Courtney Personal LINK: www.facebook.com/KrisAllenCourtney HomePage LINK: www.kriscourtney.com Brian T. Shirley has the look of a Don Rickles, the comedy of a George Carlin with a touch of Robin Williams but when you roll it all together, it is pure and unique and something only Brian T. Shirley can deliver. Brian has toured the USA, Canada, The Bahamas and Japan for 25 years. He combines menology, character driven material, story telling and has worked well known comedy clubs, country clubs, resorts, cruise ships, special events, military installations and private events! Check out some of his upcoming shows, promo videos, videos from his webs series and other projects at www.briantshirley.com.

The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today. Les Brown https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/les_brown_385604

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the days when the New Left dawned, the argument was about whether Bolshevik Russia was better than America.’ Martin Amis’s “Koba the Dread” can’t match the epic stature of Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”; nor does it presume to try. But it is, in its own right, a great book. And as a brief introduction to Communism’s toxicity, it cannot be topped. John Loranger was born in Butte, Montana in 1961 but has spent most of his life in Nevada. He served in the United States Navy from 1983 to 1987, then worked for the telephone company before retiring in 2011. He has always enjoyed reading fiction and has published two novels of his own: "The Odyssey of Art O'Hara" and "Lions and Souls: the Story of St. Mary of Egypt". His approach to fiction is best summed up by a quote from Walker Percy: "The first rule of thumb, of course, is pleasure. A good book gives the reader pleasure, the sort of deep, abiding pleasure he likes to come back to."

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5. For which fruit is the US state of Georgia famous? 6. Which is the financial centre and main city of Switzerland?

7. Who is the only man (at 2009) to have won motorbike and F1 car World Championships?

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9. In which county is the UK prime minister's official country residence Chequers?

10. Who created the UK TV spoof 007 character Basildon Bond?

11. Which TV programme's theme tune was called Hit and Miss?

12. In the 1963 film The Great Escape, what names were given to the three tunnels? A variety of questions this month. Thanks to http:// www.businessballs.com/quizballs/ quizballs59_free_trivia_quiz_questions_answers.htm (Answers on back page)

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