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I am a product designer junior currently studying in Master industrial Design, Designskolen, Kolding.

I like to do...

I am mainly interesting in...

Watch wildlife documentaries

Social field


Smart objects


Swimming, running Travelling

Read fantasy and philosophical litteratures Illustration

BELL.O How re-create the feeling of care through a communication device for people hospitalized at home ?

2015 - 7 weeks DSAA Individual project -


Home Hospitalization Another way to feel protected

More and more people get hospitalized at home


From surveillance to guide, advise and reassure

How to create a relation of care through the device In field analysis

Current Tele-communication and diagnostic system used by tele-doctor and patient hospitalized in elderly home

Doctor Trial Chloé

Patient Massouf Mohammed

‘‘When I must prevent all of

treatment is efficient, if it improves the health of my patient or at least hold a necessary life comfort

my doctors appointments, It takes a lot of time to search every numbers


‘‘I need to know if my



I need to know exactly what's happening


their toy, some patients or assistant always ask the same questions »



‘‘To precise my pain, I say to the doctor : « my pain, it’s unbearable » and I explain as I can


‘‘« As children who throw

Care feeling - As close as human touch


Ergonomic of preciousness


Relation Patient - Doctor at distance

1/ Call



Use your own word

Need of precise information to get accurate advise

Feel assisted

Show your pain

Close eco-system surrounding you

Taking back control of your care relation

2/ Hang on

3/ Explain and transmit

Press on the button, Bell.o will blink to start the conversation

Help your doctor to understand your pain by selecting the right mode





Minimalistic device

Infrared LEDs

Send lighting signal through your skin and control your blood pressure, pulse, temperature



Take pictures that the user send to the doctor during the conversation


Help to target your wound if it’s too difficult (on your face for example)

10 -

Fo l

l p nd ow pi revi the ct ou a y ur s d o es co vis u nv es r c er , sa ar es tio ns , Fi






11 -


B A ac do ook sk a in cto an ad r h qu ll va or ou es nc sh r t e, are o c tio qu all n es you s tio r ns


Co-creation of the care project

Prototyping for tangible tests

12 -

TELESTHESIA The future of communication will be about a intimate link from mind to mind, brain to brain. How new technologies can change the human relation? 2013 - 5 weeks Team project -

13 -

From reality to fiction

Fictive newspaper To contextualize the product

14 -

Fiction projects analysis

Hand, Digital sketches

How technology enhance human capacities

To contextualize the product

Communication through the device

Send a tink Text + #

Receive a tink Simulate a smell Sony Technology stimulates with ultrasounds your brain and make you believe that you smell something

Boost your Tink When you receive your TINK, ultrasounds are sending to your brain which imagine a smell When you receive your TINK, touch the haptic screen and feel the texture

15 -

Interfaces of the Thelesthesia

Friends collection


Database of smells

Manager On/Off button


16 -

Haptic screen

Create a fiction brand identity

17 -

Advertisement Telesthesia

18 -

IF We want to improve astronaut well-being on their way to Mars. The noise cancelling device as the inflatable cocoon will provide in a near future, a way out for relaxation, self-focus, intimate communicate to the astronauts. 2016 - 10 weeks Team project -

19 -

Prototyping for tangible tests

01 Physiological Emotional troubles

Sleep Deprivation

02 Environment Issues


03 Personas Sources of stress



Leadership Lack of Focus “Tired of acting�

Away from home

Waiting for the opportunity to contact home

Wanting to be alone

Need to Get Away

20 -


Lack of Privacy

Stressed due to homesickness Frustrated, miscommunication

Passive observer

Anormal emotional situation

Needing space to gather thoughts and emotions

Feeling emptiness, loss Wanting to return to earth

Prototyping by experiencing

40 hours testing experience

21 -

Wrapping Cocoon

Neck pillow

Inflatable, Atmosphere, Posture

Inflatable, Brown noise, Pressure

Noise cancelling The device plays a brownian noise which is able to cancel out the harmful noises of the spaceship, help concentrate and relax while still being able to mantain conversations with normality.

Brown noise

For helping with deep sleep and quiet focused readingy

Pink noise

For soothing and allows profound concentration

White noise

For concentration, focus, enhancing productivity

22 -

Provide a comfortable feeling

Accoustic amplificator Polyethylene air filled bag acoustic surround sound comfort capabilities

100% Polyester

Under Armour Loose gear high score in flexibility, strech, wicking, breathability, drying time, absorbency

Elastene mesh Constat air flow, breathability ad flethability

23 -

Final prototyping


Make the device more or less loose


Discreet when unused

24 -

Cocoon This inflatable structure aims to provides relaxing conditions for astronaut to get away from this stressful environment. Moreover, it provides a sensitive communication with the family.

25 -

Constraining your body and feel grounded

100% Polyester

Under Armour Loose gear high score in flexibility, strech, wicking, breathability, drying time, absorbency


Flexibility, quick recovery of shape

26 -

Sensitive communication

IF family application

27 -

Record dailylife messages

Transmit 20 min

Listen audio messages

Listen messages

Transmit 20 min

Record an answer

COMPASS What if Designer can help to highlight the advises and work of the librarian, enhance the open-mindedness for new cultural contents in a multimedia library 2014 - 6 weeks Team project -

28 -

Describe habits and expectations

The lost soul

Past time

« I come to use the informatic ressources of the cyberbase, play games but I never rent any books or CDs. »


29 -

1 or 2 hours

Web seeker

« I come here to enjoy myself. When I come, I go to the BD space or in the movies floor to busy myself. »


1/2 hour

« I come to the multimedia library to search for a human support and internet because I am unemployed. I wait my turn with some books. »


2 hours

Own cultural development

Appendix Enter a research Application steer you towards content

30 -

Related to initial research

Personal space Find your media

Glimpse fields of interests Search for new contents to improve a field? Recommend media?

Usage scenario Click to see usage scenario

Your field of interest grows with the contents that you borrow

31 -

See the medias already borrowed

Pop up new contents on your way and make you step aside

Iterative and anthropology process

32 -

MEMORBAG Everyone can change participation to the improvement of the society by social innovation

2015 - 2 weeks Team project -

33 -

Pr od u ag

he b

ce t











Us ed




From recycling to empowering

34 -

From recycling to empowering

-10% awning

35 -

Create a new narrative for the bag

The craftman share his story and participate to the uniqueness

The stories were written by the previous owner to make the bag unique

Craftmen share some tips about the outdoor life, about their life

Instructions for the craftmen to create the bag

36 -

The previous owner of the awning share his experience, nice places to visit, etc.

Project management

SKype meeting

Local schools

Local people in need

Mediums of presentation as it could be use in the real system Real meeting Medium 1

Create an Isabella community

Kick-off Explanation of wishes, expectations

Defining what they really need, not what they want

New services Camp bnb - Help to set-up

Recycling system

37 -

User investigations - validation by questioning

Definition of the system and production

Medium 2

Real meeting

Medium 3

Final presentation


Team process of research

1/ Investigates company issues / wishes

38 -

2/ Link your ideas with business expectations and including communities to build a social solidarity and take the social responsibility

3/ Find the right balance between investissements of each user of the system and the company

SIMPHONIS, FRANCE I applied my design skills to...

Market analysis

Customer relation - Design strategy

User journey and Personas 2014/2015 Sandwich course 39 -

PRIME, TEL-AVIV I improved those design skills ...


2016 Internship 40 -

3D - Solidworks

Technological understanding


THANK YOU Contact me, I’m looking forward to hearing from you ! +45 9194112 Twitter - @LequayPaul Linkedin - Paul Lequay Behance -

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Portfolio 2017 Paul Lequay  

Product Design, Interactive Design, Social Design, Healthcare

Portfolio 2017 Paul Lequay  

Product Design, Interactive Design, Social Design, Healthcare