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Paul Lequay Product designer 24 years old

I aim to work within the social or smart objects field that I am fond of. Moreover, I am very aware of the complex combinations of actors, users, technology, business outcomes. I try by my work to address ethical and society concerns. Interests Passionate about sciences, history, reading, wildlife and photography. I enrich my practice of design thanks to this curiosity of everything. I also practice regularly sport such as running and swimming

Education Degrees 2015/2017 -

Master Industrial Design, Designskolen, Kolding, Denmark Mainly focused on social, fiction and product design. Learning of anthropology, forecasting, team work, marketing methodologies. Cross cultural collaborations through team work, design camp teached me team management, empathic way of working. Raised financial constraints awareness. 2013/2015 -

Superior Diploma of Applicated Arts, Leonardo da vinci highschool, Villefontaine, France Graphic and interaction designers collaborations. Introduction to anthropology, interactive design, marketing methodologies. Writing essay about “alienation by service design� questioning service and smart objects conception. 2011/2013 -

Industrial design VTC, Leonardo da vinci highschool, Villefontaine, France

1052 route du moulin 38260 Bossieu, France +33 754009850 Twitter - @LequayPaul Linkedin - Paul Lequay Behance -

Basic learnings of Industrial design work. Introduction to crafting skills, modeling, team work. Knowledge about materials and processes. 2010/2011 -

Baccalaureat STI Applicated Arts, Lamartiniere highschool, Lyon, France First approach of plastic arts, design case studies, hand sketching skills as well as sculpture, paintings




2016 - 6 MONTHS

2016 - 2 MONTHS

2015 - 2 MONTHS

Smart and industrial product design for American and Israeli market. Proof of concept prototype realization. Trends and market analysis visualy and clearly explained. Design strategy and opportunities for ongoing projects. Ideation, sketching group sessions and prototyping, development of final design concept. Able to create and display detailed and realistic 3Dmodels.

Well-being of astronaut on the way to Mars. Open-up reflexion towards psychological needs. 2 weeks in Nasa Library, lectures, feedbacks from astronauts and Nasa employees.


Prime total design, Tel-Aviv, Israel



Cashier, swimming pool

Nasa, Houston, USA

2015 - 2 WEEKS

Isabella, Kolding, Denmark Designcamp, Team work, Recycling system including people in need. Co-Design design approach.

Simphonis, Nantes, France

2014 - 10 WEEKS

Service and smart products for industry, healthcare, farming, home. Design strategy of simphonis company and raise awareness about design methods for collaborators. Learned technical language (technology). Basic knowledge about interaction, UX design.

Bathroom furniture. Analysis and market competitors according to the new usages of bathroom.

2014 - 1 MONTH

Waterproof agency, Lyon, France

Confluences museum, Lyon, France Workshop, mediation, future technologies.

2010 - 2 WEEKS

Lafarge, La Verpilliere, France

Erasme, Lyon, France

Digital sketching -

Solidworks -

Hand sketching -

Keyshot -

Concrete -

Photoshop -

CNC, Laser cutter -

InDesign -

3D printing -

Story-telling Usage scenario/ journey Marketing Culture & Trends exploration Co-design Technology survey (Photo)interviews -

Illustrator -

Prototyping -

After effects -

Production processes -

Advanced level Advanced level Advanced level Good level

Basic knowledge

Premiere Pro Basic knowledge

Basic knowledge Middle level Middle level Middle level Good level



French -

Good at team work and management, timeframing, Open-minded, good at step back and step back.

Native speaker

English -

Advanced level

Efficiency, quick learning 2014 - 2 MONTHS

Archivist, printing company

Freelance ATTOMA, Paris, France Renderings of industrial machines for several clients

Contests 2017 -

ePDA (European Product Gold winner - Other products

2011 -

Arduino -

Good level

Storing job, supermarket

Goodies, concrete


Advanced level

2014 - 2 WEEKS

2012 -

Hands-on Good level

Association, autonomous, administrative tasks

2011 - 2 WEEKS


Basic knowledge

Budget manager

Design Awards)

2013 - 4 WEEKS



2017 - 2 MONTHS

2014 - 4 WEEKS

Assistant Designer, moodboards, sketching, 3D concepts of electronicproducts, research about the industrial feasibility of some products.

Eurobeton, Saint-Etienne St Geoirs, France

Rapidity, Self-organization, customer relation

Methodic, Organized, Clear

Mobalpa, Thônes, France

Market analysis, Marketing and technical research, ideation and presentation concepts, 1:1 mock ups 2013 - 3 WEEKS Le Trente library, Vienne, France and prototyping. Cultural mediation, future technologies, enhance 2011 - 1 MONTH librarian work, explore new contents and 2012 - 1 MONTH development of your own culture.

KeyOx agency, Gillonay, France


Grand ateliers, Lyon Veralia, Saint-Gobain

Inspiration Books

Don Norman

“Design of Everyday things”


“Design for the real world”

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CV 2017 Paul Lequay  

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