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Yousef from Egypt Language: Arabic I'm an active person I played a lot of sports and I'm still playing some. I like to have fun and make everything simple! I participated to a lot of projects in Europe in partnership of a lot of countries. This makes me more open minded and know a lot of cultures and a lot of new things. Visiting new places and see new people give you the best experiences you will never think that you will have such a one.

Phebe from USA Language: English I'm from Chicago, USA though I was born in Nigeria. I studied Politics at Oberlin College. I will begin my Masters in International Relations in the fall. I've been living in Macedonia and serving in the Peace Corps as an English teacher for the last 27 months. I love to travel, especially through Europe. I'm planning an epic trip through Germany after this internship. Come with me!

AIESEC University

Anastasia from Italy Language: Italian I live in the south of ITALY. I'm recent graduated in Economy & Management and I'm a true passionate of MARKETING. I think it's a funny and creative subject, because it's amusing to advertise a product or a service using just an image/picture or a simply slogan. One of my greatest passions is to TRAVEL! In my opinion, this is the best way to really know own self; to travel means discover new cultures and new ways to think or... to eat. For me, AIESEC IN POLAND means to have an interesting experience and go to WARSAW means to meet new friends. I would like to show my beautiful country through videos and images and much more!! I'm a very curious person: I like to visit new places and to know stories and traditions of that country.

Pablo from Brazil Language: Portugese I’m biologist, completely passionate about travelling in order to get to know other cultures, languages and people completely different from me, yet so similar. Travelling has made me a really enthusiastic person about anything I do, so, just invite me over for anything, and I might be up to! I’ve been backpacking across South America for the last 4 months, so, when I received the great news that I would be part of AIESEC University, I’ve decided to just keep the trip going so now I find myself in Colombia! I’m really looking forward to meet you all and spend some great times! AIESEC University

Olga from Ukraine Language: Russian I am 18 and I'm an AIESECer (LC VP ICX elected). I guess, if you would asked me a year ago whether I like traveling i would say - "not at all, come on, I don't see why people are so obsessed about that thing". But a year had passed and now I'm one of those "obsessed freaks". As far as I'd been abroad for the first time last year, now I have a goal to visit 10 countries till I'll turn 20. And for now I'm on the half way to achieve that. The main important thing in traveling for me is not the place, where you are - it's people what u see. I like to explore different lifestyle, different mindset, to hear different opinions. I'm searching for life-changing experience and usually - i find it. Sometimes I really talk too much but it's annoying only first couple weeks :)) I really love culture, history, sports, I'm open for new things I’ve never done before (there are actually a lot of them). This internship will be my second internship but it will be so special, because I have new challenge - last year I was opening a whole wide world for myself, now - I want to open myself to the whole wide world, because sometimes I feel too shy to do something, sometimes I'm too uptight, sometimes I just put too narrow frames for myself. This 2 monthes will give a chance to see what I can change and to see if I need changes at all.

Ilce from Mexico Language: Spanish I'm Ilce,very enthusiastic, patient and outgoing mexican girl. I've worked in logistics and teaching too. I love languages, sports, music and to experience new things. What I like the most... to spend time with my family, friends and my boyfriend.

AIESEC University

Claire from China Language: Chinese I am an undergraduate student, studying education in Beijing. I have never been to Poland before and I know it's a beautiful country, so I am really excited about my trip there. I cannot wait to share everything I know about my heritage and to answer everything there is to answer :) In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and jogging.

Samy from Algeria Language: French I’m 22 years old, I speak English, French & Arabic ! I’m ex Basketball Player ! I enjoy every moment of my life. Love music & cinema! I dream to travel around the world before my 30th birthday ! Love funny people & hate who are always pessimistic ! My #1 rule in life => Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow!

AIESEC University

Ana from Spain Language: Spanish I graduated in Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Print Design and Production. I like design, cinema, photography, travelling, meeting people and having interesting conversations. Costume parties, too. I love costume parties and chocolate. By the way, I am a decent cook. I don’t like intolerance, injustices, goat cheese and Nicolas Cage. I can't wait to get to Warsaw and meet you, guys. I’m sure it’s gonna be awesometastic ;-) A piece of advice: whatever happens, don’t let me sing (sing-alongs and lipdubs may be just fine).

Jessica from Canada Language: English I am a second year geography and business student at Western University in Canada. I love art, music, and eating food that other people make. I'm excited to meet everyone, teach English, and eat perogies everyday in Poland!

AIESEC University

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