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Youth Mental Health Care & Autism treatment and guidance


Welcome to Jonx Children and adolescents facing difficulties in their development, in life or specifically at school can turn to Jonx for good quality, reliable and involved care. Working from nine locations and various consultation locations such as in schools and Centers for Youth and Families, 500 employees are committed to more than 4,000 clients and their families in the Northern Netherlands annually. They do this by working with a variety of other agencies that are involved in the care of children and adolescents. Jonx, part of Lentis, offers outpatient diagnosis and treatment for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age with all types of psychiatric problems. If necessary, Jonx also provides guidance and support to the parents, siblings and schools of these children. In addition, the Jonx Northern Netherlands Autism Team has been an authority in the field of diagnostics and treatment of children (as well as adults) with an Autism Spectrum Disorder for more than 40 years. The Jonx Autism Team has been TOPGGz certified for this specific expertise since 2008. This brochure will give you an impression of our organization.

Inge van Balkom Director of Jonx


"Children who are bullied are four times more likely to develop an anxiety disorder. Jonx believes it's important to address bullying promptly in order to prevent things from getting worse."

Ensuring it gets better together Every child and every family is different, which means that the complaints and problems are also different. That's why Jonx continually looks at what is needed: advice, diagnosis, treatment and/or guidance. Care can be provided at various locations, depending on the client's needs: in the outpatient clinic, at home or at school. In addition to children and adolescents with psychiatric problems and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Jonx also supports their parents, partners, siblings and school. Jonx believes it's important to enhance the client's own strength and the capacity of the system. This is how we make improvements as part of a joint effort. We do this by using two methods: methods that we've had good experience with in practice (practice based) and methods which science has shown work well (evidence based). "The pieces of the puzzle fall into place now that my friend is getting help from the ATN." Cooperation Jonx attaches great importance to cooperating with other (healthcare) institutions and chain partners. We share our knowledge and learn from each another. This allows us to achieve a lot together. Among others, we work with:            

Cedin Centers for Youth and Family Bullying Consultation Team Dr. Leo Kannerhuis Municipalities GGD (Early Detection Team) Noorderpoort (KAIRO) Reik (LVG Youth Outpatient Clinic) RENN4 (Back to School Outpatient Clinic) University of Groningen Care Advisory Teams for special education and secondary education Care for Youth Groningen

Jonx has been working with the Curaçao Parenting Support for Children with Disabilities Foundation (SOKH) since 2009. Jonx helps (SOKH) by exchanging knowledge and expertise in the field of diagnostics and treatment.


Variety in our range Jonx specializes in both researching and dealing with complaints and problems that can occur in adults with ASD and children and adolescents. We can offer support through advice, diagnosis, treatment and/or counseling. Jonx always tries to contribute to effective solutions to the complaints and problems. An overview of our most important activities. Intake Referrals to Jonx come from a GP or pediatrician. The first contact with Jonx is an interview with one or more practitioners. Together with the client, parents or partner and/or others involved, we discuss what the problems are, how they view these problems and how the problems have developed. Jonx offers a same-day diagnostic service. This means that within one day an intake interview with the client and parents and / or partner takes place, whereby at the end of the day there will be an answer to whether or not there is a diagnosis. If there is a diagnosis, then advice about the next possible steps will immediately be given. "My mother, father and I met with a nice lady. She really understood how I think! And now my parents understand too. That's really nice." Advising Following the intake, the way in which clear and responsible treatment advice and a treatment plan can be determined with the client (and any parents and/or partner). The client is seen at least once during the research and advisory phase. Comprehensive diagnostics Sometimes it might not be clear how the problem is structured. Sometimes questions remain which must be answered before a form of treatment can be started. In that case, further research is one of the options. "I suddenly noticed that my child is planning dates with other children." Treatment If treatment is necessary, it can take place at one of the Jonx locations or at one of the consultation locations. Treatments can be supported with the help of the internet. The treatment is as short as possible, but as long as needed. Jonx has specialized outpatient clinics for conditions including: obsessive compulsive disorders, truancy, gender-specific disorders and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders. Guidance Jonx offers several types of guidance counseling, including home counseling that focuses on all of the problems that are difficult to solve due to the psychological problems of the child or adult with ASD. Over several months, a counselor will come by to tackle these problems together. The guidance focuses not only on the individual, but on his/her environment as well. Additionally, Jonx offers guidance consisting of psychological education: giving information to clients or to parents/partners and/or others involved about how they can deal with the psychological limitation.


Information sessions and training The early detection and prevention of complaints is just as important as the treatment thereof. Jonx has its own knowledge center: JonxPro. The specialized knowledge present within Jonx is shared by organizing courses, training and information sessions for (healthcare) professionals, and others who deal with children, adolescents or adults with psychological problems. There is a standard range available, but we also gladly provide tailor-made training or information sessions. This can take place at any desired location. Visit www.jonx.nl for more information and contact details.

"I now dare to say what I think at school and at home." "My classmates understand me better after a presentation in class about ASD and myself."


Specialized Jonx teams There are a number of specialized teams active within Jonx, including:

FASD Outpatient Clinic At the Jonx FASD Outpatient Clinic, children, adolescents, adults and their parents receive an answer within one day to the question of whether or not there is a case of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). The team has built up a great deal of expertise since the FASD Outpatient Clinic began in 2010. FASD Outpatient Clinic clients come from across the Netherlands. The FASD Outpatient Clinic works with an outpatient clinic in Barcelona, the AFIN Grupo de investigacion. The outpatient clinic is part of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and focuses specifically on adopted children with suspected FASD in Spain. The collaboration translates into sharing knowledge and conducting scientific research.

CIP Youth Children and young people can come to CIP Youth for both regular as well as additional treatments. We work with the vision that an interaction exists between body and mind. The treatments are focused on health and wellness and learning how to use one's "own strength".

Back to School Outpatient Clinic In collaboration with outpatient counselors from RENN4, this outpatient clinic offers fast help, for a period of six weeks, for severe truancy or school refusal. The goal is to bundle expertise and competence in order to get the adolescent to resume his/her education as quickly as possible.

Northern Netherlands Autism Team This team is specialized in diagnosing and treating children, adolescents and adults with an ASD, whether or not in combination with other limitations. For many clients, a desire to live independently arises during adolescence and adulthood. The team supports these clients in their search for an appropriate living space. On the www.curantwonen.nl website, clients with ASD gain insight into the range of (assisted) living in the northern Netherlands.

The team has been TOPGGz certified by the Stichting Topklinische GGz since 2008.

"It is important to support and motivate our clients. It's nice to be able to contribute to their successes."


Trauma Expertise Team The Trauma Expertise Team is specialized in diagnosing and treating various psychological problems that arose in children and adolescents following stressful life events. The duration of the treatment depends on the nature and severity of the trauma. The trauma can often be treated in a few sessions, whereas more complex trauma requires more treatment time. Sometimes work must first be done to create more stability in the living situation before actual trauma recovery can begin. "I understand my child much better now that I know what's going on."

LVG Youth Outpatient Clinic Timp Children and adolescents with mild learning disabilities who also have psychiatric problems are often forgotten when it comes to mainstream health care. In collaboration with Reik, Jonx makes sure these children don't fall through the cracks. Depending on the client's needs, Jonx will use its psychiatric expertise for diagnostics, follow-up research and any medication.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Outpatient Clinic The OCD outpatient clinic offers care to children and adolescents with (suspected) obsessive compulsive disorder, and to adults with ASD in combination with an obsessive compulsive disorder. Clients can immediately begin treatment at the outpatient clinic. Especially in young children, results can quickly be achieved, sometimes with a limited number of visits. It is important to begin treating obsessive compulsive disorders as soon as possible. The longer the unwanted behavior exists, the more the suffering pressure can increase and the harder it is to unlearn.

Gender Outpatient Clinic The Gender Outpatient Clinic helps children and adolescents up to 18 years of age from the Northern Netherlands who were born as a boy or girl and do not feel comfortable with their gender. The Gender Outpatient Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment for children and adolescents with a gender identity disorder and guidance to their parents. The outpatient clinic works closely with the Gender Departments of the UMCG in Groningen and the VUmc in Amsterdam.

Infant Team Young children between the ages of 0 and 4 can come to the Infant Team for diagnosis and treatment of (suspected) ASD. The Infant Team works in Groningen, Leeuwarden and Drachten.

"There is increasing awareness about transgender development."


Scientific Research Jonx wants to offer its clients the best care. That's why we conduct scientific research. It allows us to see the effects of what we do. We can also use research to see if new methods of treatment and diagnosis are even more effective. This increases our knowledge about psychiatric disorders. We can improve the quality of our care by differentiating between the results from scientific research and the results from practice. Contributions to scientific research are made within the various Jonx outpatient teams, in collaboration with other institutions within and outside the Netherlands. The Autism Team does this both with other institutions as well as through its own scientific research.

Always close by Jonx has various locations across Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. The locations are open weekdays between 8:30 and 17:00. It's also possible to make an appointment outside of these hours. Most families are busy enough during the day, that's why all Jonx locations are open at least one evening per week. In addition to the "regular" locations, Jonx can be found at various Centers for Youth and Family, schools and other handy locations. So we're always close by!


Jonx Key Figures  Number of clients in treatment: 2,845  Newly registered: 1,538  Deregistered: 1,443

Jonx Outpatient  Number of clients in treatment: 1,403  Newly registered: 779  Deregistered: 567

Jonx Autism Reference date: December 2013

Useful links www.cedin.nl http://www.consultatieteampesten.nl/ http://groningen.zorgvoorjeugd.nu/ http://grupsderecerca.uab.cat/afin/ http://www.leokannerhuis.nl/autisme/vroegsignalering www.lentis.nl www.reik.nl www.renn4.nl http://www.sokh.info/


Jonx Addresses Autism Team Drachten Zuiderdwarsvaart 72 9203 JB Drachten +31 (0)512 – 334 950 Autism Team Hoogeveen Crerarstraat 6c 7901 AE Hoogeveen +31 (0)528 – 229 930 Autism Team Groningen Laan Corpus den Hoorn 102-2 9728 JR Groningen +31 (0)50 – 522 32 99 Autism Team Leeuwarden Jacob Catsplein 8913 CS Leeuwarden +31 (0)58 – 294 87 20 Munsterheerd Assisted Living Munsterheerd 30-45 9736 GG Groningen +31 (0)50 – 520 17 90 Talma Assisted Living Merwedestraat 54 room 2.13 9725 KE Groningen +31 (0)50 – 520 7080 Jonx Delfzijl Jachtlaan 52 9934 JD Delfzijl +31 (0)596 – 649 103 Jonx Hoogezand-Sappemeer Industrieweg 33 9601 LJ Hoogezand-Sappemeer +31 (0)598 – 427 120 Jonx Groningen Laan Corpus den Hoorn 102-2 9728 JR Groningen +31 (0)50 – 522 32 90


Jonx Stadskanaal Semmelweislaan 4 9501 HS Stadskanaal +31 (0)599 – 692 269 Jonx Winschoten Mr. D.U. Stikkerlaan 1 9675 AA Winschoten +31 (0)597 – 456 300 Living and Employment for adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder Schipborgerweg 2 9471 PN Zuidlaren +31 (0)50 – 409 78 20 Consultation Locations Jonx has consultation locations in the following cities/towns:  Appingedam  Delfzijl  Groningen  Oude Pekela  Ter Apel  Stadskanaal  Uithuizen  Veendam  Winschoten  Winsum Jonx is expanding these locations. Visit www.jonx.nl for the current contact details of these locations.


"It's important for every child to develop a good feeling about themselves."

Colophon You can contact the Lentis information service for more information: +31 (0)50 – 522 31 50 Informatieservice@lentis.nl Publication: Jonx PO Box 128 9470 AC Zuidlaren Production: Jonx

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