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The Best of the Best spring 2018

Dear book lover, We proudly present our new list of outstanding children’s books. Over the years we’ve fallen in love with every single book we published. We can’t help it – that’s the risk of working with unique artists and outstanding writers! Take for instance the two picture books by Mark Janssen that are featured in this catalogue: surprising stories combined with stunning artwork. What a picture book talent! Then there is Francis by Piet Grobler, an artist recognised worldwide for his exquisite illustrations. Grobler has a very special relationship with Saint Francis, who simply wished for people to be good to each other and the world around, and this has resulted in this intimate and delicate picture book. In The Memory of an Elephant, the talent of the young writer and Dutch Memory Champion Wessel Sandke inspired the ‘old master’ Jan Jutte. Together they created a charming picture book with a valuable lesson at the end. As a follow-up to their multi-award-winning Tangram Cat, Martijn van der Linden and his wife Maranke Rinck surprise us again with a beautiful picture book based on a well-known children’s game. But Lemniscaat is not only known for its outstanding picture books: we also publish prize-winning juvenile novels, many of which have gone on to become classics. Sjoerd Kuyper, for example, is nominated for the Premio Strega Ragazze e Ragazzi with his laugh out loud book, The Big L Hotel. And there is plenty more to discover in this catalogue; each book, a title to fall in love with. Jean Christophe Boele van Hensbroek Publisher Lemniscaat

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Nothing happened - Rights sold: fisher verlag (Germany) silcheonmunhak (Korea) tomorrow publishing (China) Il Castello (Italy) TURBINE (Denmark) CAN ÇOCUK PUBLISHING (Turkey) Skaznuvalka DOOEL (Macedonia) lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide)

Mark Janssen


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Dive into an enchantingly watery world full of surprises Shipwreck! A father, daughter and their dog wash up on a small island. Little do the castaways know that the island isn’t what it seems at all. Island shows the family the wonders of life at sea. Colourful fish dart in the waves and birds swoop in the sky. Island life is full of the unexpected. Island protects the family against all kinds of dangers, from tropical storms to arctic snow. Menacing animals lurk underwater, too. Island has its own secret, too. Eventually, the family is rescued. And there’s a heart-warming surprise when the little girl says farewell to the large kind turtle – the real island – whose shell has provided the family with their happy island home. Island is a wordless picture book. Children are encouraged to study the wonderful illustrations and tell the story in their own words. Mark Janssen’s painterly illustrations come alive on the page. Sun hits the water and sparkles. Splashes of paint become shoals of fish. This is a charming picture book full of imagination.

About Nothing Happened: ‘Mark Janssen [...] goes all-out in his first picture book. You have to get happy looking at his sparkling and exciting fairy-tale worlds’ **** – nrc Handelsblad ‘Picture books that are made with love for children will usually also change the adults look at the world. ­Nothing Happened by Mark Janssen is one of those books.’ – Süddeutsche Zeitung

Rights sold: lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide) UTOP Publishers (China) fisher verlag (Germany) turbine (Denmark) Gimm-Young (Korea)

Mark Janssen studied at the Academy for Visual Arts in Maastricht. He illustrates for both children and adults and has worked on more than 500 books. He published his first picture book Nothing Happened in 2016, which was enthusiastically received, followed by I Want a Lion! and Dino’s don’t Exist. See page 4-5. WWW.MARK-JANSSEN.NL 3

Original title: Eiland | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 25 x 35.5 cm | Extent: 32 pages | Age: 4+

Full translation available

I want a Lion! - Rights sold: lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide) Fischer verlag (Germany) Il castello (Italy) turbine (Denmark) Woongjin (Korea) Tomorrow (China)

Mark Janssen

Dinos don’t Exist

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Warning! Unfold this book for scary dinosaur surprises!

Highlighted by the Dutch Foundation With his first picture book, Nothing Happened, Mark Janssen created quite a furore domestically and abroad. Now, in the same bold and sparkling style, Mark presents a new story. Two brothers set off on a pretend expedition to find dinosaurs. Of course, everyone knows dinos don’t exist, so there’s no need to be scared – or is there? The reader soon sees the brothers climb through rocks that are really dinosaur teeth and mountains that are sharp dinosaur horns. Then, as each page unfolds, the landscape reveals itself to be full of dinosaurs! Mark Janssen plays visual tricks with scale. He creates a world of bold colourful illustrations where nothing is quite what it seems. Watch out and look closer … that tree or hill might be a dinosaur, too.

Rights sold: lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide) Fischer verlag (Germany) Il castello (Italy) La Martinière (France) Gimm-Young (Korea)

Mark Janssen studied at the Academy for Visual Arts in Maastricht. He illustrates for both children and adults and has worked on more than 500 books. He published his first picture book Nothing Happened in 2016, which was enthusiastically received, followed by I Want a Lion! – he created with Annemarie van der Eem – Dino’s don’t Exist and Island see page 2-3. WWW.MARK-JANSSEN.NL 5

Original title: Dino’s bestaan niet! | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 24.5 x 29.7 cm | Extent: 16 pages | Age: 4+

Full translation available

Rights sold: Tomorrow (China) brinque-book (Brazil) Ăźberreuter (Germany) lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide)

Books by Piet Grobler have been published all over the world; Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, U.S.A., English Worldwide.

Piet Grobler


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About a young man who ­believed in goodness – an ode to nature

Francis is a figure familiar to us all: the saint who conversed with animals. In his typically colourful, dreamy style, Piet Grobler turns Francis’s story into a book that is not only a joy to look at – and of course to read – but that also inspires the reader to make the world a better place. In its beauty and its message, this is a book that transcends all cultures and religions. Piet Grobler has felt a special bond with birds all his life. It happened several times that a bird suddenly landed on him, in each case followed by some special event in his life. Piet Grobler also feels a strong affinity with Saint Francis. So it’s no surprise that he should be the one to have made this book about Francis.

‘Line drawings and watercolours in full glory, filled with the funny, rebellious and cheerful little birds that characterise his work.’ – de Volkskrant ‘Piet Grobler plays a game with the conventional depictions of death … Complex reasoning is elaborated in humorous scenes.’ – De Standaard

Rights sold: lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide)

Piet Grobler (South Africa, 1959) studied theology, journalism and graphic design, and spent many years working as an editor and graphic designer. He has been a freelance artist and illustrator since 1996. Grobler has won countless awards his work in countries all around the world, from Italy to China. Lemniscaat has published several of his illustrated books, including Hey Frog!, Antonia by Anke de Vries and The Ballad of Eternal Life by Meinderts & Jekkers. 7

Original title: Franciscus | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 24.9 x 25.6 cm | Extent: 32 pages | Age: 4+

Full translation available

A Hat for the Moon - Rights sold: lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide) bunkeido (Japan) Gitan (Korea)

Wessel Sandtke & Jan Jutte

An Elephant’s Memory

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The Memory Champion of the Netherlands shares his gift in a picture book

Donkey is giving a party, but then discovers with a fright that his larder is almost empty. No worries: he can just stroll down to Elephant’s shop to do some shopping. He makes a mental list of all he needs and sets off. Along the way he meets all sorts of friends who also need something from Elephant’s store, and of course Donkey promises to fetch those things for them. But by the time he arrives at the shop, he has forgotten the whole shopping list... So he quickly runs back to check with everyone what they needed – but again he has forgotten by the time he gets back to the shop. Fortunately, Elephant has a trick up his sleeve to help him remember. Wessel Sandtke is famous for having a memory like an elephant. He can remember incredible amounts of information – and everyone can, as long as you learn some tricks. With that in mind he wrote his first cheerful – and for many people, very recognisable – picture book story, which the three-time winner of the Golden Brush Award, Jan Jutte, was eager to turn into a feast for the eyes in his typically colourful style.

Rights sold: lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide)

Wessel Sandtke is a psychology student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the current Dutch Memory Champion. An Elephant’s Memory is his first picture book. Jan Jutte has illustrated countless picture books. He won the main illustrator’s award in the Netherlands – the Golden Brush Award – three times, including for A Hat for the Moon by Sjoerd Kuyper. His masterpiece was published in 2014: the illustrations to the complete collection of fairy tales by Hans Christiaan Andersen. WWW.JANJUTTE.NL 9

Original title: Het geheugen van een olifant | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 25 x 35.5 cm | Extent: 32 pages | Age: 4+

Full translation available

‘Wildly original.’ ***** – de Volkskrant​

Rights sold: Lemniscaat USA de la martiniere jeunesse (France) Changbi (Korea) tomorrow publishing (China) Sincap Yayıncılık (Turkey) Skaznuvalka DOEL (Macedonia)

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:09 -17 11


Rights sold: lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide) kaleidoscope (France) tomorrow publishing (China) Sincap Yayıncılık (Turkey) schaltzeit verlag (Germany) Il Castello (Italy) EkarÉ (Spain, Catalonia Venezuela)

Highlighted by the Dutch Foundation



Maranke Rinck & Martijn van der Linden

Owlie Marble

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Playing at marbles has never been so much fun!

Everyone has played at marbles at some point. But did you know that every marble is in fact a personality? There’s Sun Ray and Zebra, Cat’s Eye and Shark, Flamingo, Moon and Milkshake, and lots of other smooth rolling friends. And now one more friend has joined the gang: it’s Owlie. Everyone wants to play with Owlie, but not with the monsters that are hot on their heels. The result is a jolly bouncy marble adventure – where do you hide if you’re a marble? In the marble run? In the marble jar? Or do you slip out the gates? Read along and play along! Because the book is itself a marble pot.

Rights sold: Yapi Kredi kültur (Turkey)

Owlie Marble is an extraordinary and fabulously designed book that uniquely combines reading, looking and playing.

About Tangram Cat: ‘Besides being incredibly clever and visually stunning, it’s also hugely enjoyable.’ – nrc Handelsblad ‘Perfect interplay of text and illustrations... Refreshing, exciting and fun.’ – Trouw

Maranke Rinck is a full-time author, writing stories for children as well as texts for companies. With her husband Martijn van der Linden, she forms a wonderful artistic couple. WWW.MARANKERINCK.NL Martijn van der Linden studied drawing at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam and now works as a designer and illustrator for various publishers. For Lemniscaat, he and his wife Maranke made The Prince Child, I Feel a Foot, The Other Rabbit and of course Tangram Cat. WWW.MARTIJNVANDERLINDEN.NL 11

Original title: Knikkeruil | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 25 x 25 cm | Extent: 36 pages | Age: 4+

Full translation available

19 Lemniscaat children’s literature writers

You and I. Stories about Friendship and Refugees

Because friendship transcends borders and cultures…

In the world today, some 22.5 million people have fled their homes, leaving behind all that is near and dear to them, because war, hunger, their political or cultural background, their sexual orientation or something else put their lives at risk. These people need a place: a place where they are safe, where they feel welcome, and where they can start to rebuild a new and normal life. The first step to a new life is making friends. In You and I, 19 juvenile literature authors show how friendship transcends all borders and cultures, ethnic origin and sexual orientation. And that refugees are welcome here. With outstanding contributions by Jan Terlouw, Gijs Wanders, Margaretha van Andel, Ariënne Bolt, Alyze Bos, Pieter Koolwijk, Jesse Goossens, Joyce Pool, Mireille Geus, Carolien Ceton, Anna van Praag, Jowi Schmitz, Peter-Paul Rauwerda, Ellen van Velzen, Lenneke Westera, Eva Moraal, Marloes Morshuis, Sjoerd Kuyper and Annet Huizing, ranging from poetry to autobiographical stories, and from historical events to science fiction. But with one thing in common: a warm heart for all those who have had to flee from home.

You and I

A stranger is a friend you haven’t yet met. – Yeats

A heart-warming, hope-giving and indispensable book in every bookcase and school classroom. 12 Original title: Jij en Ik. Verhalen over vriendschap en vluchtelingen | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 14.3 x 21.5 cm | Extent: 200 pages | Age: 10+

Lenneke Westera

The Mice

When the mice pop up, life takes a surprising turn

‘That Wednesday I had to roll the garbage container to the street curb for collection. I hate doing that, it’s such a stinky thing. But I had to. So I grabbed it by the handle and pulled it away from the garden fence – and suddenly, there they were. Pressed against the lowest board of the fence – all eighty of them. The mice.’ One afternoon they suddenly appear: the mice. Which is odd enough as it is, but things get even stranger when they start talking to Fien... They don’t say much, just the words ‘San Francisco’ and ‘Peru’ – but that turns out to mark the start to a remarkable journey, all the way to America. The mice keep popping up along the way, appearing to give Fien instructions. Which land her deep in the jungle, along with her teacher – who looks suspiciously like a Native American Indian. With The Mice, Lenneke Westera has created a delightful adventure story: fantastic in every sense of the word. After turning the last page, you can’t wait to run into mice as well – you never know what will happen next!

Sheep and Goat Rights sold: Fischer (Germany) front street (usa) wisby & wilkens (Denmark) r.r.

Lenneke Westera spent many years working in health care before she decided to devote herself to her greatest passion of all: writing children’s books. Lemniscaat published her debut, Sheep and Goat. The Mice is her second children’s book.

About Sheep and Goat: ‘Sheep and Goat: small stories of a great friendship … To love, to favour, to think, to laugh! It will go straight to your heart and into your head. Everyone should have read Sheep and Goat.’ – 13

Original title: De muizen | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 14.3 x 21.5 cm | Extent: 228 pages | Age: 9+

Marloes Morshuis

The Shadows of Radovar

Jona and her parents, little brother and grandmother live in Starlight: one of the huge apartment buildings in Radovar. The inhabitants of this grey city have been subjected to a scoring system that determines your social position. Families who work hard enough earn extra points, which raises them to higher positions – literally. Those who score demerits end up as an Undergrounder, or worse, in an Underneighbourhood. Most of the people in Radovar have accepted the system. If you refuse to participate, your whole family will be condemned to misery. For that reason Jona keeps silent, but she avoids the Starlight life as much as possible. Her only friend is the unconventional caretaker Zalman, who lives deep underground. Then Jona is rudely confronted with the darker sides of Radovar. Grandma is forced to move to a building for elderly people, and the cleaners of the Grey Brigade turn out to do more than just sweep the streets. When Jona sneaks outside and meets the street urchin Kilian, she becomes involved with a resistance group who seeks to reveal Radovar’s true nature. Jona discovers that the shadows of the city hide more secrets than she ever realised before, and soon finds herself in great danger. Once again, Marloes Morshuis has created an intensely exciting and engaged juvenile novel that also casts today’s world in a different light.

About Borealis: ‘… highly attractive eco-thriller with a tension that runs almost from start to finish’ – Trouw ‘Hugely exciting story that takes the reader to a different world. Fascinating until the very last page.’ – De Telegraaf

Rights sold: Gerstenberg verlag (Germany)

A grey city, a very dark system, a fight for freedom

Marloes Morshuis conquered the children’s books world with Cooking for the Emperor and Borealis. She likes to write exciting stories that transport children to another world – causing them to take a fresh look at their own world as well. She is currently a fulltime writer of stories and texts. 14

Original title: De schaduwen van Radovar | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 14.3 x 21.5 cm Extent: 368 pages | Age: 12+

Sample translation available

Ellen van Velzen

Children of the Endless Plain A sweltering story about enemies, friendship and survival

When Sen, the son of the chief of the Harati tribe, is taken captive by the their arch enemies, the Barbarians, he fears his life is over. But the Kamarai tribe – as their actual name turns out to be – have something very different in mind: Sen is to take the place of the son of the Kamarai chief, who was killed by the Harati. However much Sen resists at first, he doesn’t have a choice. Gradually he discovers that the Barbarians, whom he had feared and despised all his life, are not at all the kind of people he thought they were. They also turn out to have very different ideas about life and leadership than the Harati tribe. Sen learns about mutual respect, about belonging to a group, and about living in harmony with nature. But surely he cannot betray his own people? Ellen van Velzen, author of the well-known book The Young Kitemaster, transports the reader to the hot and dusty African savannah, where life is hard but incredibly beautiful as well. Just like this book is incredibly beautiful. A touching story about family and pride, and seemingly irreconcilable differences. A novel about a world that is far away, and yet close by.

Ellen van Velzen works at the University of Potsdam, where she develops mathematical models of plankton dynamics. She combines her mathematical skills with a great love of stories. Her debut book The Young Kitemaster won a Flag and Pennant Award. Children of the Endless Expanse is her second juvenile novel.

The Young Kitemaster Rights sold: Gerstenberg verlag (Germany) Younglim Cardinal (Korea)

The Flag and Pennant Award jury about The Young Kitemaster: ‘A talented storyteller has joined the ranks, whose book reveals an ability to combine adventure, mythology, religion, psychological insight and descriptions of nature into a coherent and enthralling reading experience.’ 15

Original title: Kinderen van de Eindeloze Vlakte | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 14.3 x 21.5 cm | Extent: 344 pages | Age: 10+

Mireille Geus

Dance! How do you follow your own dreams, as the daughter of a famous father? Maxime’s dad is the best dad in the world. He was born in Russia. As the most prominent dancer of his ballet company, he travels around the world. Everybody loves him. And above all, he is the sweetest father one could imagine. But sometimes having a perfect father isn’t easy. Maxime also loves to dance, but she is convinced she’ll never be as good as her dad – and she doesn’t want to disappoint him…. One day Maxime gets very lucky: with her best friend and dancing partner Lev, she is selected to audition for a famous ballet school. As her father is on tour in Russia, Maxime and her mother decide not to tell him the big news. But will Maxime be able to keep her secret if she speaks to her father on the phone? And even more important: if she is really honest to herself… does she really want to devote her life to ballet? All events come to an exciting climax when Maxime’s father suddenly returns home, earlier than expected…. Mireille Geus has written a heart-warming story about parental love, uncertainties and the importance of following your dreams.

Awarded the Golden Pencil award in 2006 and nominated for the Deutsche Jugendliteratur Preis in 2008

Piggy - Rights sold: chungeoram (Korea) Edelvives (Spain) Front street (usa) Gimtasis zodis (Lithuania) r.r. asunaro shobo (Japan) r.r. Urachhaus (Germany)

‘The author’s strong, professional control is palpable on almost every page. She knows exactly what to reveal at what point of the story. [...] In that way she gradually builds up the tension, almost imperceptibly.’ – Trouw Mireille Geus studied Dutch Literature at a teacher training institute. She has written all her life, from theatre pieces to texts for the Dutch version of Sesame Street, as well as several books for various publishers. As a writing coach she also helps new writers develop their skills. Her juvenile novel Big was awarded the Golden Pencil Award. 16

Original title: Dans! | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 14.3 x 21.5 cm | Extent: 96 pages | Age: 10+

English summary available

Jan Terlouw

45 years of Winter in Wartime This year it is 45 years ago the compelling story about 15 year old Michiel during the last Winter in World War ii was published Michiel’s father has just been executed by the Nazis and the grieving son becomes involved in the Resistance. Only Michiel can save the downed raf pilot in the forest, only Michiel can take on the tasks left by men and boys who are now gone. Books by Jan Terlouw were successful worldwide in the seventies and eighties of the last century, translations in over 15 countries were published. Recently his most famous novel, Winter in Wartime, is experiencing a revival of international interest. This year three new translations are published. The Turkish translation was released this January, Spain will follow in April and Pushkin Press presents its newly translated English edition late October.

Rights sold: urachhaus (Germany) Protea (South-Africa) Pushkin Press (uk) mayo kitap (Turkey) Harper collins (Spain)

Full translation available

Rights returned: Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Vietnam, Iceland, Spanish-Catalan, Sweden

100% supported by the Dutch Foundation

Sjoerd Kuyper

Highlighted by the Dutch Foundation

The Big L Hotel ‘Reading Kuyper makes your heart pump faster, tingling with happiness.’ ***** – NRC Handelsblad ‘With his superb style, his dark humour and unparalleled sense of the absurd, [Sjoerd Kuyper] turns The Big L Hotel into that one book in a thousand.’ – Jury Silver Slate Pencil 2015 ‘This prose is irresistible. You can only conclude that Kuyper is a true writer for teenage boys.’ ***** – de Volkskrant ‘A learning school of love for boys and girls.’ – Jury report Premio Strega

WINNER silver pencil award 2015

italian translation nominated for

Rights sold: Rageot Editeur (France) Zalosba Zala (Slovenia) Thienemann (Germany) Saenggakin Jip (Korea) Kirmizi Kedi Yayinlari (Turkey) La nuova frontiera (Italy) Samokat (Russia) Original title: Hotel De Grote L | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 14.3 x 21.5 cm | Extent: 218 pages | age: 13+

Full translation available

Sjoerd Kuyper & Alice Hoogstad

The Penknife

A classic adventure story about the importance of friendship

Mees finds his best friend Tim’s new penknife in his own trouser pocket. But Tim has moved away and now Mees is afraid that people will think he stole it from him. Mees decides to give the knife back to Tim – but how to find him? Mees doesn’t know Tim’s new address... Suddenly, a marvellous plan pops up in his head. A plan so grand, that his head can hardly contain it. What follows is the kind of frolicking adventure that only master storyteller Sjoerd Kuyper can write. It’s no wonder that The Penknife has been one of the most popular children’s books for more than a quarter century. The film adaptation of The Penknife won two important Dutch film awards: the Cinekid Film Award and a Golden Calf for Best Director. And on top of that, it also won the prestigious Emmy Award for the best children’s programme. The Penknife is a timeless book, now published as a superb hardcover edition with spanking new illustrations by no one other than the Golden Brush Award-winning illustrator Alice Hoogstad.

Reverted rights: Anrich (Germany) Casale Monferrato Piemme Junior (Italy) woongjin Publishing (Korea) Petersburg xxi vek (Russia)

Sjoerd Kuyper has written over forty books, many of which received prizes and several of which have been turned into films. He also writes texts for television series, films and theatre. He received the Theo Thijssen award for his oeuvre in 2012. WWW.SJOERDKUYPER.NL alice hoogstad has been illustrating children’s books for many years. She most loves to work on her own picture books. She won the Golden Brush Award for her Monster Book in 2015, which was sold to Brazil, Italy, Korea, China, Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland and English worldwide. 19

Original title: Het zakmes | Binding: Hardback | Trim size: 14.3 x 21.5 cm | Extent: 96 pages | age: 7+

Lemniscaat is one of the oldest and most well known children’s book publishers in Holland. Founded in 1963 and still independent today, Lemniscaat represents a unique, high quality list of authors and illustrators. Lemniscaat Ltd aims to publish a rich and internationally appealing collection of picture books.

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Recent Translations:

A selection of recently sold or published translations, in co-edition or in licence.

Mariken Jongman

Eins, zwei, drei –



alle Tiere fre

All Animals Living and Free Urachhaus (Germany)

Pearl’s Mermaid Shoes Lemniscaat Ltd (English Worldwide) Kizm Ed. Group (Korea)

Look, Rabbits Lemniscaat ltd (English worldwide) Fischer verlag (Germany) Il Castello (Italy)

Peekaboo Aracari (Switzerland) Jellybeans Didier Jeunnesse (France) Moon 1000 Company (Korea)

How I Accidently Wrote a Book La Nuova Frontiera (Italy) Taiwan Interminds publ. (Taiwan) Kim Dong publ. (Vietnam)

The Tree House scg Foundation (Thailand)

For more information regarding translation or production grants by the Dutch Foundation for Literature visit

The Last Journey of the Ballerinus Gerstenberg (Germany)

Schooltrip Eastern Publishers (Taiwan)

Happy Fortellerforlaget (Norway) Monster Book Maria Jannarelli Estudio Editorial (Brazil)

Owlie Marble Yapi Kredi kĂźltur (Turkey)

The Other Rabbit Skaznuvalka DOOEL (Macedonia)

King of the Copper Mountains Rye Field (Taiwan) Bert, Get off the Crane!! Opal (Sweden) Bokadeildin (FaerĂśer Islands) Lemniscaat ltd (English Worldwide) Froebel-Kan co. (Japan)

Translation available

All Animals Living and Free german

The Last Journey of the Ballerinus german

The Water Warden of the Wetterlands English sample


The Best of the Best Spring 2018  

We proudly present our new list of outstanding children’s books.

The Best of the Best Spring 2018  

We proudly present our new list of outstanding children’s books.