Tableware International September October 2021

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In our new feature we talk to Tableware Designer Dominique Tage about how she got into the industry and the many things that inspire her designs. How did you get into Tableware Design? After studying stylist and textile design at the Esmod Fashion School in Paris, I started working as a freelance textile designer. Then I focused and devoted my career to the Tableware Industry and created my own design company, Dominique Tage Design. I was fascinated by porcelain dinnerware products and I thought that my creativity and my skills in hand-painting designs would be expressed best in this sector. I organized a trip to Limoges, France, and my first client was Bernardaud. Soon my career became international and I began visiting trade shows abroad. What inspires your designs? During my travels, I always carry a notebook where I draw. Plus, my camera is a reserve of many sources of inspirations, like nature, flowers, exhibitions, museums, art and of course, my hometown, Paris, where I like to stroll.


Do you have a favourite collection or piece that you have worked on? One of my favourite collections is “Paris” from Faïenceries Lunéville. I liked the creative work around a complete product range, adapting different decors according to the shaped pieces. My source of inspiration was drawing from my

Over the past few years, the Tabletop industry has made changes to accommodate the new tastes and trends. The new generation of millennial consumers is enthusiastic about sustainable, ethnical products and advanced technology. Communication through social media and

coloration in a way to entertain and share with family and friends. What brands and designers have you worked with? I have worked with Bernardaud, Philippe Deshoulières, Médard de Noblat, Guy Degrenne, Arc International, Faïenceries de

“I liked the creative work around a complete product range, adapting different decors according to the shaped pieces” birthplace, my roots and my love for Paris. What are some of the collections you have worked on recently? I have recently worked on a design for Paperproducts Designs. It involved creating patterns that have been made on different materials such as porcelain, bamboo, glass, paper and textiles. What changes have you noticed when it comes to design over the past few years?

e-commerce have a huge impact. Consumer behaviour has changed and the dressed table considers new lifestyle and habits such as TV cooking shows, finger food, entertaining at home, outdoor life as an extension of the home and casual trend designs. In your opinion, what makes a good tableware product? A good tableware product should be eco-responsible and affordable while maintaining an attractive appearance and offering emotional value. It should have a perfect mix of style and functionality; telling stories, eclectic, timeless, with refined decoration and joyful

Gien, Faïenceries de Lunéville, Pillivuyt, Porcel, Royal Stafford, Ritzenhoff, Hutschenreuther, Paperproducts Design, Lenox, PTS USA, Instant Brands, Mikasa, Tarhong, Juliska, Noritake, Euroceramica, Zak. What is your dream design goal? It is to create a mix and match story, telling designs on new materials, using new painting and hand-drawing techniques. I’d like to create a global design concept for a complete product line coordinated on dinnerware, glass and table linen. It would be great to create a decor for Hermès too.