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Vegas Market last year, our beautiful vases got a lot of attention from the interior designers who visited the show.” Porcel, meanwhile, tell us they absolutely recognise that nowadays, porcelain goes way beyond the table. Looking towards collections such as Blue Legacy, Adamastor and Belle Époque you’ll find a wide range of homeware pieces – featuring simple golden edges that will complement a classic decoration, as well as beautiful colours and a variety of patterns for a bolder look. The Arienne collection, too, is a selection of exclusively decorative accessories that are useful as well as beautiful – maintaining Porcel’s strong brand identity. Moving onto Rosenthal – masters of design – their current vase offering is frankly, sublime. The iconic Paperbag vase by Tapio Wirkkala was given a new lease of life with fresh colourways as part of their 2021 novelties. For the studio line’s 60th anniversary year, the vases were produced with rose-coloured cameo, light grey lava, orange-red coral, and pastel green mint made of solid-coloured porcelain. As part of their 2022 offering, Rosenthal meets Versace’s La Medusa vases are modelled on Versace’s successful handbag of the same name, adorned with a Medusa plaque – the same décor that was discovered on the doors of the brand’s first headquarters in Milan. A special detail is the curved offset of the top with the iconic Medusa and fine decorative stitching as on the leather handbag. The cylindrical vases made of coloured porcelain are available in three sizes in pastel shades of pink, green and blue. Keep an eye out too for the La Medusa Studded Vases which boast ton-sur-ton macro studs and the extraordinary round shape. Increasing desirability, these vases made of coloured porcelain are limited until 31.12.2022 and available in two sizes in pink and green. A nod too, for Martin Hirth’s Node collection of vases – a geometric knot shaped sculptural piece

in three colourways – white throughdyed porcelain, as well as in dark green abyss and in rosé shade cameo. We move then to Serax’s Shapes by Studio Piet Boon – a follow-up collection to the 2019 Volumes. With Shapes, Studio Piet Boon created three beautiful and serene vases, fully mouth-blown. The collection, we are told, is an assortment of objects that have an aesthetic added value yet do not demand too much attention when filled with flowers. Japanese design and nature served as sources of inspiration. “The shape is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom because it breathes the feeling we wanted to create,” Piet Boon explains. Villeroy & Boch, meanwhile, always deliver on style and substance – from the Manufacture Collier collection come these style statements vases. In the colours of Taupe and Beige, the vases create an understated and elegant effect, while in black or white they add bold contrasts. An moment too for the pieces from the Lave Home collection. The vases are available in three different shapes and two sizes, in a choice of warm grey beige, deep blue and a combination of blue and white. What makes them so special is the fact that each piece is one of a kind. A special reactive glaze creates individual colour gradients with slight variations during the manufacturing process. Just a few key home décor pieces for buyers to consider when looking to extend their retail offering.

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Always delivering on style, the clever people are Ginori 1735 have once again pulled it out of the bag with the LCDC, La Compagnia di Caterina. Whilst not vases, this is the brand’s first venture in the world of home fragrances and these creations designed by Luca Nichetto are really gorgeous (scented) works of art. 58 TABLEWARE INTERNATIONAL