Tableware International March April 2022

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Guide to Glassware



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From the return of coloured glassware to the use of optics as focal points, we explore some on-trend choices for buyers this season


Elevating the bar with considered choices

Waterford As part of the Connoisseur Collection – which brings together form and functionality to elevate the drinking experience – Waterford brings us a snifter with tasting cap. The Snifter balances an expanded nosing experience with an easy-sipping shape. The tasting cap complements the glass, trapping aroma within and allowing it to intensify and develop between sips. The snifter and cap pair well with aged spirits, revealing the hidden depths of rums, whiskies and cognacs. Inspired by the world’s finest spirits, each glass in the collection has been carefully shaped to give users the choice of how to enjoy their drink as well as unlock the full complexity of its taste and aroma.

RCR Crystal From RCR Crystal, the Etna collection is inspired by the power of the eruption of the Sicilian volcano. The perfect imperfection of nature is engraved on the glasses and goblets: the light is reflected on the carvings and is multiplied on different levels enhancing the exceptional transparency of the Eco-Crystal. Next, the Tattoo Mule is not only the first Eco-Crystal mug dedicated to the Moscow Mule, but its an innovative product for the mixology world. Its transparency enhances the colours of the cocktails while the handle allows for an ergonomic grip. The thickness of Luxion® EcoCrystal guarantees a higher temperature maintenance than any other glass, for a drink that is always cold at the right point. Finally, the Jigger Tattoo is a one-of-a-kind piece, two glasses and a jigger into a single product.

A real talking point, Zieher’s Doppio decanter puts wine centre stage. The geometric silhouette and seemingly reduced design appears almost technical but directs the eye inside the decanter because the whole secret of this extraordinary design only comes to the fore once the piece is filled. Attractive visual effects appear already during the pouring process when the wine is divided onto both levels of the Doppio decanter. It almost seems that the wine is levitating. In addition to the natural flow of the wine, which pours over the inside of the decanter onto the two levels, the division into two levels also has an extremely beneficial effect on the development of the wine. The splitting creates a significantly larger surface of the wine with a comparatively small space requirement on the table, which maximises the possible oxygen contact. The division also remains when pouring out, so that the cascaded flow creates a waterfall effect, which additionally increases aeration through swirling. Doppio is elaborately handcrafted from high quality borosilicate glass, which is robust and easy to clean. The ideal charge of the decanter is 0.75 litres in order to generate maximum oxygen contact and the most beautiful optical effects.

Royal Scot Crystal

Mouth blown, handmade crystal glasses such as the Jacobean Air Twist from Royal Scot Crystal add a touch of luxury with exquisite hand cut designs. These air twist glasses are reproductions of mid 18th century glasses. The air twists in the stem are created by making four pin pricks allowing in air, then the stems are twisted during manufacture to create a delicate air twist design within the stem.