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Liip Smart Monitor is the world’s first smart bracelet for baby healthcare.


“Liip is the most advanced technology in the last decade” Dr. Gonzalo Pin (Head of paediatrician Group Fresenius)


iip aims to comfort parents providing them with information about their baby’s well-being, as well as allaying their concerns and doubts as their child grows. Liip detects and monitors a baby’s main vital signs, such as oxygen levels, heart rate and distal temperature, and records them on the LiipCare app, continually updating parents should any change in baby’s health patterns occur, plus storing this information of records for up to a year. With this unique technology parents are provided with relevant and valuable information related to their baby’s breathing, heart rate and sleep patterns, a feat not achieved by any other monitoring system presently available. Liip’s reliability and comfort have been studied by a medical team on new borns to seven years of age and also in comparison to medical equipment, has demonstrated a 98 percent success rate on accuracy. The Liip Care application on media devices sends detailed information about heart rate, oxygen and distal temperature of baby. 01842 266233 contact@precious-bear.com www.liipcare.co.uk

“Last week Liip detected 2 tachycardias in my 6 month old baby. Thanks to the bracelet I’m calmer knowing that if something happens to him I will know straight away.” nursery today


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Nursery Today October 2020  

Nursery Today October 2020