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Packed full of useful features Babymoov’s Premium Care Baby Monitor is an outstanding piece of baby safety technology. With a huge range of 1400m, you’ll never be out of reach from baby. The handy two-way walkie-talkie feature allows you to communicate with baby via the monitor, without having to go into the nursery every time. With built-in VOX mode (voice activation) and designed in a stylish black hard plastic and brushed aluminium, so it’s incredibly lightweight whilst looking sleek and stylish. In addition, the monitor is built using Digital Green Technology, which transmits using a low emission frequency to reduce the level of electromagnetic wave exposure for baby. Emitting up to 33x less electromagnetic waves than some monitors, ensuring it is safe for use around little ones.


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Baby Tech Pain relief at push of a button Perfect mama+ is the new generation digital maternity TENS machine by TensCare. This light, portable, easy-to-use device is packed full of new features. Includes an integrated boost button providing additional pain relief during contractions, a contraction timer and 3 pre-set programmes designed to counter labour pain at every stage. Comfortable stimulation with 50 steps of intensity in programmes A and B or 60 steps in programme C, a large backlit display, and breast electrode pads to help initiate lactation. Perfect mama+ can be used to relieve back pain in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy and after baby arrives, soothing and assisting with postpartum recovery.

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Nursery Today October 2020