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Breathe easy

Help keep colds and sniffles at bay with Babymoov’s noiseless and multifunctional Hygro+ Humidifier


reated with Babymoov’s core values of simplicity and aesthetics the Hygro+ Humidifier is a sleek and stylish addition to any home that helps regulate the air babies breathe as well as being a multifunctional essential oil diffuser and nightlight.

Health Benefits

Created alongside parents and medical experts the Hygro+ has been designed to help alleviate symptoms of illness and respiratory conditions commonly found in babies. Humidity levels for babies are recommended to be between 40-50%. As babies bodies and internal organs are still developing they are extra sensitive to the air that surrounds them. Airborne pollutants can be found in areas all around the home including dust mites and dust particles, mould, pollen, off gassed materials from new plastics and furniture as well as bacteria and germs, so it’s important to make the air as fresh and pure as possible for babies to breathe in. During the colder months especially with heating systems being turned on again the air in our homes can become too dry and lead to sore throats and respiratory conditions among babies as well as children and adults becoming heightened. The Hygro+ uses a 360-degree steam output to fill the air with the right humidity levels which reduces coughing and development of colds, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, nasal infections, irritations of the nose, asthma, tiredness and dry skin.

Features & Functions

The Hygro+ has been designed to Babymoov’s high standards of quality, functionality as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The Hygro+ comes with a whole host of unique features that give parents peace of mind and reassurance. With a built-in digital display of the humidity rate, temperature and time allowing parents to monitor their babies room at all times. The Hygro+ can be used manually or with an automated control to regulate the desired air temperature and humidity levels throughout both day and night. With a 360-degree adjustable steam output it can run for up to 22 hours on a full tank of water and will automatically switch off when the water level is too low, ensuring it is always safe when unattended. As well as this the Hygro + comes with a sleek backlit touch system for ease of use at night and has 7 colour changing night light settings. Built not only for regulating humidity levels, the Hygro+ also doubles up as an essential oil diffuser allowing multifunctional use from birth and beyond, a product designed with longevity, a core value of the Babymoov brand.

Brand Story

Created from the vision of 3 French dads in 1998, Babymoov have been an innovative leader in the Nursery Industry for over 20 years by enhancing the lives of expectant and new parents with beautiful baby essentials. With 10 children between

them and a wealth of experience in and outside of the industry, Babymoov is the one baby these 3 men have raised together. It was quickly established early on that brand values would be to hero the real and honest opinions of parents to form the basis of their now extensive and internationally successful product range. This became the ‘Live Open Innovation’ programme, which

integrates an active community of parents and medical experts to be an active part of the design team at Babymoov HQ in France. To find out more about Babymoov and Babymoov products visit babymoov.co.uk.

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