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Four fun colours

The Colour Me Hungry n dining set from Munchki set is the perfect mealtime for hungry toddlers.

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No more spills

The award winning Doidy brand continues to be recommended by professionals, trusted by parents and has led ‘Weaning by Design’ for over 70 years. The famous open slanted Doidy Cup with its easy-grip handles is a ‘go to’ purchase for those starting their baby’s weaning journey.  The Doidy Bowl has won the hearts of many parents, available in red, blue and pastel pink, it features the unique signature slanted design with high lip to help babies load food with their spoon.  The super-suction base is designed to help infants learn to feed themselves as the bowl grips firmly to highchairs and tables, reducing the risk of messy spills! Perfect Baby shower or Christmas gifts!

enquiries@bickiepegs.co.uk www.doidyweaning.com

Nourish with Vital Baby Vital Baby NOURISH is the home of baby weaning and toddler feeding, with products for every stage of a child’s development. Each spoon, bowl, plate and pot has been designed for progression, for use at every stage from weaning to successful self-feeding. The range includes signature products such as the power suction plate and power suction bowl as well as an extensive cutlery range with soft tip weaning spoons through to big kid cutlery. The NOURISH range coordinates perfectly with the Vital Baby HYDRATE collection of cups and beakers, following a similar progression, from free flow cups to independent drinking.


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Nursery Today October 2020  

Nursery Today October 2020