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Spring into action We all want a good night’s sleep, which is perhaps why there is now a higher emphasis being placed on baby or infant mattresses.


attresses are a product category which have seen changes over the years and have kept inline with consumer trends, with more brands recognising the need to address the type of materials used with ‘breathability’ and ‘anti allergy’ properties being perhaps at the core of R&D. With consumer magazines and online publications/advice websites regularly publishing articles on safer sleeping and lists of ‘do’s and don’ts’ when it comes to sleeptime, this gives information

Perfectly sprung Mattresses Matter… Make It ClevaMama Every parent knows that sleep is a vital part of baby’s development. In fact, babies spend 50% of their time in deep sleep so choosing the right mattress is so important. Founded on safe, secure sleep for baby, the ClevaFoam Pocket Sprung mattress reduces pressure on baby’s head, increases support and decreases the risk of Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). In addition, its open cell structure makes it breathable, hypoallergenic and toxin free, ensuring your baby is safe and comfortable. If your baby is sleeping well, that means you’re sleeping well, making the ClevaMama Pocket Sprung mattress worth its weight in gold.

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hungry parents a better level of information of higher grade mattresses and their benefits rather than a simple piece of covered foam for their baby to sleep on. We all know the importance of a good nights sleep and the majority of us place a huge emphasis on the mattress that we sleep on with this indeed also becoming the case for baby/infant mattresses with parents turning their attention to what their little one will sleep on. Considering the length of time that we spend

asleep, which is more so for babies and infants, it is not surprising that more and more research is being conducted in this category by parents. With a higher level of research it would be fair to state that consumers are looking more closely and the materials used in manufacture and of course mattresses which state ‘breathability’ on their labelling. Of course mattresses are also a great up-sell opportunity and more retailers are seeing the benefits of offering consumers quality products.

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Nursery Today November 2020  

Nursery Today November 2020