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“New parents are acutely aware of the latest advice and recommendations from healthcare professionals, and it has long been advised to avoid sharing a bed with your new baby. The bedside crib allows new parents to have that close proximity without having to have baby in the bed with them, keeping little one safe and giving new parents peace of mind.” Damon Marriott

Sleeptime is an area that causes many anxieties for new parents. Fortunately manufacturers and suppliers keep this sector refreshed with continual innovation and advancements coming from Bedside Cribs.


leep is probably one of the most important things (aside from eating) that a baby does, however this is also an area that can create huge anxieties for many parents which is perhaps why we experience a great uptake on bedside cribs, which provide a sense of closeness, while keeping baby safe in their own sleep environment next to the bed of the parent. Nursery Today asked Joie’s Head of Product Development, Damon Mariott why Bedside Cribs are now considered a must have product? “Current guidance from healthcare professionals advise that the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot or Moses basket in the same room as you, for the first six months. A bedside crib not only makes it much easier to feed little one during the night, but also ensures they are close at hand to soothe back to sleep when they wake. One of the benefits of our bedside crib is that it can be used to gradually increase the space between parent and baby, steadily moving away from the bedside in preparation for little one moving into their own room.” Green Sheep’s Brand Director,


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Mark Nichols would agree adding: “Snüz was one of the first brands to launch a bedside crib into major retailers with SnüzPod in 2013. Since then, the likes of Chicco followed, and there now exists around 15 reputable bedside crib offerings which has increased the category’s presence and visibility in the market. Ultimately, it’s perhaps a combination of positive word of mouth amongst parents, and the benefits offered by bedside cribs such as SnüzPod that might explain their popularity.” Bedside cribs have seen a huge uptake in interest and is a continual growing category with many brands now embracing this as a staple within their product ranges. This is perhaps one of the largest innovation sectors seen over the years within sleeptime solutions and one that hasn’t stood still, with many great new product launches to satisfy the growing consumer demand. With the growing demand, we also asked whether the traditional Moses basket has now been replaced by Bedside Cribs? “There’s no doubt that bedside cribs hold the majority share of the newborn furniture category in the UK, however this doesn’t mean that

Moses baskets or bassinets don’t have their place in the market and with parents.” Said Mark. “Over a third of parents still opt for a Moses basket, and in many cases in addition to a bedside crib. Price is another factor, and with bedside cribs being a significant premium to Moses baskets, I don’t think it’s the end for Moses baskets.” Damon feels that it is down to ‘personal preference’ commenting: “Moses baskets offer great portability which many will still find appealing, but certainly the closer connection a bedside crib offers, with the potential enhanced use up to the age of 6 months, makes these a very attractive option – not to mention the handy glide feature on the roomie glide.” What benefits can these provide? For example, do they ease parental anxiety? “Quite possibly, yes. Anyone who has had a newborn will understand how stressful the nights can be – you’re desperate to sleep but you also want to keep an eye on your little one to make sure they are safe.” Said Damon. “The bedside crib allows you to easily keep a watchful eye on baby without too much disruption. They also make it so much easier to

soothe and feed, allowing parents to feel more at ease. Bedside cribs are also great for transitioning to baby’s own room.” With this in mind, are consumers looking for something specific that a Bedside Crib may offer prior to making their final purchasing decision? Mark told us that safety is high on the agenda. “Safety is always high up in terms of considerations for parents, and with the new crib standard BS EN 1130:2019 incorporating safety guidelines for bedside cribs, I believe this is going to be something parents look out for even more so now. Product benefits and appearance are of course other major factors along with price. The balance of all three is often what determines which bedside crib or other sleep solution parents choose.” With the continual growth of the internet, perhaps more so now than before, this has definitely enabled this product category to evolve and draw awareness not only in assisting driving the message about the dangers of co-sleeping but has highlighted the benefits that Bedside Cribs offer.

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Nursery Today November 2020  

Nursery Today November 2020