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Wheels in motion The wheeled goods sector continues to move forward, but what is currently driving this sector? We asked those in the know for their thoughts.


hether it is a pram, pushchair or stroller, overall style is important in this sector - parents want to be proud to push, however are consumers focussing on the practicality of their chosen style/ brand and how a system fits into their lifestyle or is it simply all about the style? We asked Online4Baby’s Director, Christy Foster if she felt that consumers are perhaps looking at style more so than function. “A big percentage of customers do look towards style first off and can sometimes fall in love with a product before checking if it meets their needs of everyday life and functionality. “Like many things, ‘style’ is subjective, so experience is something which we rely on when purchasing products rather

than our own personal tastes.” The wheeled sector is constantly changing, therefore are there any particular trends at present? “The disruption from the pandemic has made things a little bit more unpredictable in terms of new trends and sticking to the tried and tested seems to be the order of the day.” Said Joie’s Head of Product Development, Damon Marriott. “However, we have seen that pushchairs with an option for rearward facing are remaining popular, as well as those that can be used easily with an infant carrier attached.” Independent retailer Sara Hubbard of Whites Farm Baby Barn has seen in her store a shift in buying habits due to the current pandemic. “Earlier in 2020 we would have said people were more

interested in style than function, but we have seen a shift over the last few months. With the restrictions Covid-19 has placed on our day to day life people are more concerned with how well their pram performs rather than the style aspect as not many people are seeing their flash new wheels!” What about innovation, are continuing to see new products coming through that offer that ‘something different’? We asked Bebecar’s Commercial Director, Kevin Golding for his thoughts. “Manufacturers will always look to improve and enhance their products, just look at the way cars have changed over even the last 10 years, but the end result should always aim to achieve and offer maximum safety and comfort for the child.”

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Baby Jogger feel inspired and energised by creating solutions that allow parents to more easily get out into the world and experience it all with their family. Life is an adventure and Baby Jogg er’s aim is to make it that much easier to explore it! They are currently running an exciting 15% off promotion on their City Mini 2, City Mini GT 2 singles and doubles, Elite 2 and Summit X3 strollers and matching carry cots. This applies to a diverse range of fash ions, including our exclusive premium Carbon fash ion. Contact Christopher Grech – Cini for more information.




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Puschair Experts Jo Studham is a supporter of new products and innovation stating: “There is always room for innovation in every category as long as it is not innovation for innovation’s sake. I love new products and innovation. A few years ago we saw the wide spread introduction of compact fold strollers and this has remained popular in this category and I imagine it will for sometime.” What about research - is this a category where consumers have a good understanding of what is available? “Parents do multiple researches prior to purchase: they spend a good amount of time online, looking through social media from both influencers and brands content, reviews on retailer websites or blogs, as well as going into store or asking their friends and family,” comments Baby Jogger’s Sales Manager, Christopher Grech-Cini. “They make an educated decision, considering it can be a big financial commitment.” Sara agrees stating that now more than ever, with the pandamic, research is a top priority for her customers. “With the first lockdown at the start of this year and people unable to a) leave their homes or b) visit pram stores to see the products first hand, they have turned to the internet to research their models before contacting us to place their orders/ask further questions. Unfortunately the pandemic has changed the shopping experience of many, but we are trying to keep it just as exciting and wonderful as before!” We bring you a plethora of products that are all available to order now over the following pages.

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Nursery Today November 2020  

Nursery Today November 2020