Nursery Today February 2021

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Left: CEO Laura Crawford, Right: Operations Director, Jennie Potts

Eco bums! Nursery Today had the pleasure to interview Mama Bamboo’s CEO, Laura Crawford, to find out why many parents are more eco-aware when it comes eco-nappies and their compostable elements. Are parents more eco aware now with regard to nappy changing? We have certainly seen a shift in interest to eco-nappies and wipes. 8% of parents now choose an eco-nappy and a further 7% use a combination of re-useable and eco-nappies. Shows such as David Attenborough’s and War on Plastic have really raised the conscientiousness of the nation. However, we still have a long way to go. Many parents are not aware that standard disposable nappies and wipes represent one of the biggest contributors to landfill in this country or that they are made using crude oil and chemicals.

Do you feel we have seen an increase in the use of reusable nappies? Over the last decade the standard UK council approach to tackling the nappy and wipe issue has been to encourage the Real Nappy Scheme. Unfortunately, this really hasn’t seen much uptake. Around 7% of parents choose


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re-useables at least some of the time, but many cannot commit to the extra laundering or do not find that re-useables offer them the same performance of a disposable. Even the most dedicated parents will often use a combination of re-useables and eco-nappies. I personally tried to use re-useables when my children were small but found

that they did not offer me the convenience or reliability of a disposable. I was also offput by the DEFRA study which highlighted that the carbon impact of re-useables versus disposables was not as positive as I would have hoped. 93% of parents continue to choose to use disposable nappies and wipes. By creating a more sustainable solution utilising bamboo and corn starch, we hope to reduce the impact on the environment whilst offering parents the convenience and performance that they require.

Are these something that are researched online prior to purchase? Absolutely! Parents tend to research all of their major purchases and choices, and that includes nappies and wipes. They want to do their best for the child and for the environment. There are obviously some parents who will simply select the known or supermarket brands due to a lack of

awareness or personal constraints, but we are finding more and more parents are becoming aware of the implications to both their baby’s health and the planet. The majority of our customers come to us for the eco-friendliness, but many stay loyal because of the reduction in nappy rash and the soft comfortable fit for their babies. Using a natural plant-based nappy creates a more breathable, healthier environment, and parents report significant reductions in nappy rash.

Do brand names play a role in this category? In the eco-nappy space there are a few emergent brands, each one offering a slightly different option. We have pulled together a detailed comparison of the various ‘eco’ nappies and it is available on our website: It’s a sad fact that some brands marketing themselves as eco-nappies are actually using 85% plastic covers, 100% polyethylene liners and oxo-