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It’s no longer enough to just say we care about the environment, or that we recycle, everyone has to step up and do their bit to help the planet and there are plenty of ways as retailers, suppliers and consumers that we be a bit more eco-friendly.


co-friendly and sustainable are no longer just buzz words flitted about. Thanks to the likes of David Attenborough and his documentaries highlighting the impact plastic is having on the environment and Greta Thunberg activating millions of teens and others to rally against governments globally to do more on climate change, companies big and small have to be able to back up their environmental credentials to meet customer expectations. Whether it is a change in ingredients, using more recycled materials during production, reducing the use of plastic in manufacturing and packaging as well as making more packaging recyclable, lots of different steps have been taken by many to do their bit to help the situation. Larger manufacturers and organisations are off-setting their carbon through various schemes and Danilo have signed on with Ecologi to plant a tree for every £5 spent on their website. They are responsible for planting over 20,000 trees since they rolled the scheme out in September. The first Sustainability in Licensing Conference was held in November 2020, and it saw publishers, retailers and licensors come together to see what they could do to keep moving forward on environmental initiatives and sustainability.

Participants shared ideas and current practices and looked at ways they can work together in the future for the benefit of each other and the environment. Collaboration and being open to new ideas are key ways everyone can make environmentallyconscious steps to improve their individual, family or work footprint. Kids learn about the principles of reuse and recycling at school and are encouraged to do it at home as well. Retailers can look at their bags, wrapping or other packaging and see if there are areas for more eco-friendly options. Last month Gifts Today spoke to Mark Mitchell, who has made the decision to take his toy store, Crocodile, completely plastic-free. He said of his decision “The aim was always to bring things back to basics and encourage the public to rethink their approach to buying toys. We personally believe the industry is one of the worst culprits for encouraging waste and damage to our environment.” When it comes to giftware often is about finding the right balance in the stock options that are environmentally-friendly or sustainable in one way or another. From soy-based candles, veganfriendly fashion accessories or food products sourced locally that are potentially organic or have a minimal carbon footprint. Then there are

products made from recycled materials, products themselves that can be repurposed or reused, or items that only use sustainable materials in production. Home fragrance items, drink bottles, clothing, accessories, greeting cards, wrapping paper are just some of the items that can made from eco-friendly materials, produced in an ethical way or can be recycled, so by featuring them in your store you can happily respond to any cu stomer enquiries about what you are doing for the planet, in your own way.

Retailer Views Maria Aghababaie – Agha Home

“Our customers definitely appreciate eco-friendly and sustainable products. So, we have home fragrance ranges, reusable drinking bottles, wallets, stationery, and gadgets, jewellery all eco-friendly and sustainably made and packaged. Martin Coles-Evans - Hargreaves

“Eco products are definitely a permanent part of retailing now and we offer a dedicated area for this in store”

Paper Puzzles

Art & Fable Puzzle Company Art & Fable love that their paper jigsaw puzzles tread lightly on the earth. All Art & Fable merchandise is made from recycled paper content - the puzzle, box and insert are all fully recyclable. They purposely selected a box size for manufacture that has a reduced carbon footprint compared to standard puzzle boxes. They also provide a resealable bag in every box so you can keep your puzzle for years to come and re-experience the joy! There are three key features that set an Art & Fable puzzle apart: High Quality Print Art & Fable are all about the art. Before the company name was even decided, they knew a beautiful print would come with every puzzle. Not only does it serve as another image to refer to when putting together your puzzle, but when you’ve completed your project you can frame the print and enjoy the art long after you’ve finished. Box Top Stand Is there anything more annoying than a puzzle box top that’s constantly falling over while you’re trying to put together your puzzle? Everyone has had pieces knocked to the ground never to be seen again, glasses of wine spilled all over the table...but A&F have thought of a solution! Their box top stand is uniquely designed to eliminate topsy turvy accidents so you can puzzle in peace. Resealable Bag There comes a point when you need your dining room table back and it’s time to pack up your puzzle! A resealable bag is provided in each box, so when you want to revisit that jigsaw heaven, everything is where you need it to be!

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