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The importance of being earnestly updated The beauty’s industry and its market are always in constant flux, with each season opening up new possibilities and trends to fit each person’s style and looks. Therefore, all styling artists are tasked to keep up the rhythmn and stay updated, so they may be able to fully grant their customer’s requests. Salon IN purpose, then, is to provide helpful information on the growing trends and alternatives, allowing both veteran and aspiring stylists to adapt and grow profesionally. In this new edition, our readers will get to know all about the styles, procedures and hairtstyling tools that will become trend in 2017. We will also focus on how important it is for hairstylists to supply themselves with products made for keeping a finished updo intact for the longest time possible, so their customers may enjoy it more. This is achieved with products from the Finishing® product line, which, along with its renewed image, brings a whole new portfolio of options for adding sustainability and resistance to your hairstyling creations. Lastly, you will find some of the most helpful tips for handling digital content and social media platforms, so you may use them to display both your talent and work experience properly on the internet and profit the most from these tools. Enjoy it!

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A guaranteed perfect finale



Upcoming trends for 2017 Elegance and spontaneity in the same “look”



Marco Peña The artist behind the celebrities



Salon IN reassures its presence




Desde hace unos años, las redes sociales se han convertido en las plataformas idóneas para que cada persona pueda tener su propio lugar en la red. Por eso, además de servir como la cara digital de los usuarios ante el mundo, estas también son el escenario perfecto para establecer conexiones profesionales. De este modo, los estilistas y peluqueros también tienen un espacio en estas redes que, sin duda, les permiten mostrar toda su experticia en su profesión. No obstante, para tener éxito en el campo virtual, la clave está en saber cómo darle un uso adecuado teniendo en cuenta qué contenidos se deben publicar, cómo hacerlo para llegarles a otras personas y, sobre todo, conociendo las pautas de seguridad en internet.

Social networking and digital tools are mandatory knowledge for any professional wishing to succeed in our times, and hairstyling artists are no exception. Here, you’ll find a series of tips to make the most out of the web and its platforms.




Technology doesn’t remain still and it doesn’t belong to just one specific niche. That’s the reason why, nowadays, almost any person in the world can have his or her own personal space on the internet, powered by tools such as social networking sites. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, while allowing people to communicate, have become perfect scenarios for achieving renown and recognition amongst varied audiences, potential customers or even business partners. Because of this, such platforms are the ideal place for hairstyling artists to interact with their colleagues and showcase both their portfolios and work experience. However, becoming well-versed with these social networks is necessary, and that means carefully considering certain key aspects of their inner workings; such as how to handle the different privacy settings, selecting which contents are meant to be published and to whom are they meant to be shared with.

What to publish on social networking sites? Although profile pages on most social networking sites allow for almost any kind of content to be published, every post has to be carefully thought out, because a mistake on a social


networking platform will be noticed very easily and is difficult to correct, becoming a PR headache quite often. According to Pelayo Puerta, CEO and Marketing Director of the spanish design, programming and online marketing firm, BPM Social Media, along with Lorena Fernández, owner of Make Up Studio (also from Spain), these are some of the most effective types of content to publish on your social networking platforms: • Before and After: a series of photographs in which a dramatic change of style or look becomes evident, which will easily make you shine amongst other images and users. • Working alongside the customer: pictures that feature an actual customer are sure to be seen, shared and tagged by that person’s circle of friends, opening up a further reach for your publication. • Conveying emotions: try featuring images of a certain artistic work or commission linked to an upcoming or past ceremony, a special date, or an important holiday. This will help establish a strong emotional bond between you and the customer, for it will convey the image of your own calling to service and a willingness to help, instead of just plainly selling a product.


• Don’t start a new channel or make a new profile page without a clear purpose, and if you do, try reconsidering the channel’s focus and purpose, but never abandon it, never let it become devoid of content. • Try to post information that’s not always strictly commercial, you should try to remain a “knowledgeable friend” in the eyes of other users, not just a salesman. • Posting new content just for the sake of it is an awful idea, before doing so, consider the customer’s perspective and ask yourself if you’d find said content worthwhile. • Don’t stop publishing new content for extended periods of time. Whenever you start a channel or make a profile page, set a schedule and stick with it as much as possible.

Safety first • Stunning pictures: high quality pictures, slightly and politely edited are always relevant content for you to post on your preferred platform.

What about beyond social networking platforms? As Mr. Puerta puts it, “a blog, a webpage or an online storefront is your digital face. If you take care of your own personal appearance, washing your teeth, fixing your hair, showering and working on your image daily, you should do the same with your blog. You should be featuring products, novelties, tips and promotions 24 hours a day, all throughout the year”. As mentioned above, the internet as a whole is a perfect space for you to showcase your own content and to show yourself to others as a true expert, therefore, you should take the following tips into account: • Try promoting services both to attract new customers and to keep regular customers engaged, encouraging customer’s loyalty. • Try featuring links and sites that allow customers to schedule themselves for your establishment, personal articles showing your expertise, knowledge and field experience, personalized help and frequently asked questions. These convenient services will provide added value that’ll come into play when customers decide to choose your establishment before anyone else’s”.

While social networking platforms do allow for users to have almost limitless freedom on sharing information and content, it’s extremely important to realize that safety goes first. A series of safety measures must be thought, created and enforced, both to protect yourself as an active user on these platforms and also protect the other users that enjoy and share your content. According to experts, some key tips on safety are: • For all your different accounts, use safe passwords, with both letters, numbers and special characters. Try to avoid sharing passwords between sites as much as you can. • Don’t share or publish private information such as your home address or your personal phone number. • Remain skeptic towards information coming to you from an unknown and suspicious source. Criminals sometimes use social networking platforms to rip off or even steal from other users. • When using social networking apps, always keep them updated, so their inner security policies and settings can function properly at all times.

What must NOT be done • Don’t get too careless with the quality of the pictures you post, remember this image is precisely what you’re trying to sell. • Always remember that, when uploading pictures or videos that feature a customer, you must always have an informed consent from them allowing their pictures to be published, so you can avoid trouble later.



t r a i n i n g

A guaranteed perfect finale Los profesionales de la belleza tienen a su disposición la línea Finishing® de Salon IN de RECAMIER PROFESSIONAL, la cual le presenta al estilista múltiples opciones que le permiten garantizar el final perfecto para sus creaciones. Así, con una imagen renovada, el portafolio de productos de Finishing® le brinda al peluquero un sinfín de beneficios gracias a la composición de sus fórmulas que permiten cumplir distintos propósitos y, por lo tanto, crear peinados firmes y duraderos.


Cuando una persona visita un salón de belleza, uno de sus principales propósitos es que el peinado por el cual está pagando se mantenga intacto por el mayor tiempo posible; misión que tiene que ver con la técnica que ejecute el estilista, pero también con los productos que se usen para lograr este objetivo.

Besides a perfectly done haircut, customers may expect all sorts of fancy stylings and finishing touches, and also hoping for their look to sustain itself perfectly for as long as possible. These desires all fall into the stylist's hands and expertise, and also in an array of tools and products meant to help them accomplish this purpose.


t r a i n i n g

Taking into account just how complex and precise coming up with the perfect haircut is, and for the sake of always providing efficient tools and support for each stage of the process, the Finishing® line divides its portfolio in three phases: prep time, buildup and glow.

• Long Lasting Liss Spray®: may prove really useful when working with particularly wavy and hard to manage hair, for it provides persistent manageability, even on wet days. It also features a thermo-resistant formula, which protects from the heat of blow dryers and hair irons.



Before starting, careful preparation of the hair is needed, so that it may mold itself comfortably to the intended haircut's style and form. The following products are meant to enhance the look manageability, so that handling it during the haircut procedure doesn't pose any kind of problem.

Once prep-time is done, building and making the updo come into form requires tools and products that can provide stability and help the updo sustain itself. Products meant for this stage of hairstyling provide alternatives for hair fixing, taking into account the finishing touches that are needed when the work is done.

• Thermo Creme Silicone®: this product is made out of special, highperformance silicones, which also acts as a thermo-protective substance. The result is a powerful cream, meant to soften the hair, gift it with a healthy glow, and also providing both frizz and curls' prevention. It also contains both panthenol and vitamin E, which act as nutrients.

Without any doubt, hairstyling goes way beyond performing a haircut, it also involves a series of complex stages such as prep time, execution and finishing touches. Therefore, knowing and using the right products or tools for each one of these stages is key. Finishing®, a product line by SALON IN, aims to provide a wide array of options, an entire portfolio to help the hairstyling artist to bring out the most of all his or her creative endeavors. With a renewed product image, Finishing® brings a new approach to the table. Its modern and novel packaging, the new formula for some products, and the benefits that it'll bring for the stylist in his work, the products are bound to give an advantage on the intricate workings for hairstyling and all its stages, allowing you to achieve outstanding and sublime results.


• Anti Frizz Creme®: designed for an anti static and overly curly hair, this product base formula consists on wheat proteins and guar gum, useful for lightening and conditioning. Furthermore, it enhances hair manageability, it leaves no remains and its devoid of any kind of sticky texture.

Flexible fixing • Flexible Hair Spray®: featuring a humidity resistant formula, made out of B5 provitamin, and used to shelter and nurture hair fibers, this spray provides a durable soft fixing. • Classic Matte Wax®: This is a wax which gives texture, definition and a matte finish, while enhancing the hair fiber's flexibility and making it easier to mold and manipulate. • Texture and Density Wax®: a new formula meant to provide natural volume and allow for easy molding of thin fibers without compacting them too much. It also features a matte finish.

t r a i n i n g

formula is devoid of sticky textures and won't leave any remains on the hair.

• Liss Control Mousse®: once applied, this product will help making brushing easier. It will also enhance the hair's humidity resistance while straightening it and leaving it both frizz free and shiny.

• Extra Hold Hair Lac®: perfect for styles which require a lot of sustainability, this lac has really strong fixing capabilities and will keep a haircut's form for a long time. Its formula is based on provitamin B5, to protect and nurture the hair and won't leave any residues, given its crystalline nature.

Moderate fixing • Volume Gel®: this product has an unique texture meant to provide a healthy volume, right from its roots. With its long lasting effect, it makes the hair fibers softer without changing their appearance. This product is humidity resistant.


• Matte and Messy®: one of the Finishing® product line's newest products, this fluffy cream is used to achieve a messy look on finished haircuts with a semi matte finish.

These products are meant to give some finishing touches to the updo, bringing out their brightness, clearly defining their shapes and both strengthening and nurturing the hair fibers so it may sustain itself for extended periods of time.

• Medium Hair Spray®: this product features provitamin B5 as its base component, perfect for both protecting and nurturing a hair. It's used for providing a long-lasting and moderate hair fixing finishing touch. It's also humidity resistant.

• Hair Gloss Spray®: with its main component, vitamin E for protecting the hair as a whole, this spray is perfect for letting the hair's brightness surge, softening it and leaving both frizz free, rinsed and easy to handle.

• Adapta Foam Mousse®: this mousse can soften, shelter and nurture hair

• Silicone Varnish Illuminator®: a product with a formula focused on UV protection, while also enhancing its brightness, volume and meant for giving it a silky quality and nurturing it.

fibers, thanks to its formula made of vitamins E, PP and provitamin B5. An overall mix of moderate fixing, manageability and volume for the updo. • Sculpting and Styling Paste®: A paste product tailored for hair sculpting and modelling, for it defines and brings texture to hair. It can also be used to change an already finished haircut's form and shape and to gift it with a glimmering and long lasting finishing touch. Strong fixing • Mega Hold Gel®: provides strong hair fixing, so that the haircut may sustain its shape and volume, with a clear and manageable body. It also enhances the hair's brightness and brings out a natural looking appearance. This


t r e n d i n g

Alexa Chung Photography: Glamour Magazine UK

Upcoming trends for

2017 Elegance and spontaneity in the same



Eleonora Carisi

Photography: Christian Vierig / Contributeur

t r e n d i n g

Así, serán protagonistas las influencias minimalistas, los detalles retro y una reinvención de diseños clásicos que, acompañadas por una imponente paleta de colores, le atinan a lograr sacar lo mejor de la esencia de cada persona, pero siempre destacando la elegancia como valor fundamental en el armario de hombres y mujeres. Por su parte, las cabelleras jugarán un papel primordial ya que le darán un balance al look, gracias a la naturalidad con la que deberán ser llevadas. De esta manera, cortes como el Long Bob, el Swag o el Pixie darán mucho de qué hablar. Por su parte, las gamas de los rubios, los rojos y los platinados cobrarán gran poder en estas glamurosas tendencias.

Photography: Pinterest

La llegada del 2017 marca un importante momento para la moda y la belleza. Su inicio trae consigo tendencias que se imponen y que dejan ver lo mejor de los estilos de las décadas de los 50, 70, 80 y 90, pero reforzadas con toques de modernidad.

As if it were some kind of time machine, 2017 arrives with a style that takes us decades to the past. Trends with a distinct retro feel will become the norm, mixing both past and present day styles and looks. This article was written in a collaboration with fashion agency Styleoverink (


t r e n d i n g

2016 was, without a doubt, an important year for fashion and, with its departure, it leaves us a series of clues and highlights of how fashion in 2017 will most likely look like. Styles and techniques from decades past, such as the 50s, 70s, 80s and 90s will take the main stage, as present trends will bring these times back while reinvigorating them with modern flourishing. Therefore, retro-inspired looks, with minimalist stylings but innovative design will be prominent. These will allow all kinds of people to really express themselves and to get in the touch with their inner essence. Warm and shiny colors will become the norm, and will be used to bring out a lot of feelings and emotions. Colors such as orange, salmon and saffron (which were important to 70s fashion) and brown-like tones like frapuccino, tabaco, terracotta and ocre will play a main role.

Photography: Pinterest

Photography: Ryan Chua

Minimalist Influence Simplicity is a motto for minimalism, because it bets on monochromatic looks with various layers of clothing and a good deal of tailoring work, but without excessive detail. A clear example of a minimalist piece would be a plain white tailor fitted shirt, for it grants versatility when combining it with other clothes, to achieve a striking contrast.


In addition, linen, leather and cotton clothing will be a big part of designer pieces such as cloaks, pleated skirts, dresses and midi pants, clothes and styles that were essential for 90s fashion.

be widely accepted and used. Flower printed clothing will also become trendy, along with black and white colored details on dresses’ cleavages and one piece dresses.


Retro-looking styles will guide the way

2017 embraces deconstruction as an ace up its sleeve, which means it attempts to rescue classic and old-fashioned stylings, but reinventing them for out current times. Asymmetric clothes are key, with its intricate tailoring and lacings meant to achieve contrast in every pieces’ design.

Art is quickly becoming intrinsically entwined with fashion and beauty standards. Geometric shapes and abstract compositions are the new designer’s tools, to act as a complement to the vibrant color of 70s fashion revival.

The search for new shapes is constant and both neutral and transparent coloring, will allow for the making of highly stylized silhouettes and designs.

Earthly tones, such as light brown and oranges will merge with shiny and hightech materials, such as vinyl, to produce a big assortment of accessories and complements to clothing.

A feminine perspective

A Technomarine universe

A variety of techniques will be employed with clothing made of delicate materials, folds, transparencies, ruffles, broderies and even complementary pieces will

A journey back to the 80s, technomarine was a trend in which the female waist played a big role and was highlighted through the making of carefully fitted

t r e n d i n g

Finally, shoulder pads, specially big sized ones (XXL), will be used to achieve an effect of heightened masculinity through a wider silhouette.

dresses with striking silhouettes, while also experimenting with different design materials.

A wide array of possibilities for men

Natural hair

The presence of sporting accesories also allows for the making of more alternative fashion styles, without compromising the overall elegance. Therefore, keeping a formal attire but adding a sporty accessory is a sure strategy to take into account while considering your wardrobe.

Photography: TheNyanziReport

Printed clothing will also become relevant, along with leather clothing. Printed shirts complimented with leather pants, are a valid option. Alternatively, military print will remain trendy, so parkas and camo pants will remain an interesting choice of clothing.

2017 will emphasize the importance of using haircuts and colors that allow for a more visibly natural style, for which we suggest a color palette that adjusts to any skin tone. For example, earthy tones will be a good option; that is why, according to the experts, colors ranging from a chocolate tone (Techni-Tone® N° 6.35, Techni-Touch® N° 5.42, Green Forest® N° 6.35), to a dark brown (Techni-Tone® N° 3.0, Techni-Touch® N° 3.0, Green Forest® N° 3.0) could be good options for those who desire a more discrete change. On the other hand, red highlights will be part of the color trends; although for the more daring ones, the combination of this tonality with blond hues (TechniTone® N° 7.4, Green Forest® N° 6.6) will allow for pink and orange highlights. This alternative brings luminosity to the face while at the same time, softening a person’s features. Nevertheless, possibilities open up for those looking at

Photography: Pinterest

more intense reds (Green Forest® N° 6.66, Techni-Tone® N° 7.64, 6.66, 6.42 and 5.62), thus enabling another range of varieties in this hair tone. Likewise, gradient colors will continue to stay in fashion, as well as blondes

Photography: Umit Savaci

Male-oriented trends are as diverse as all other possibilities for 2017. A mixture of both modern and retro stylings, and a penchant for elegant looks will become the main elements for the revival of trends such as Rockabilly, combining 50s fashion trappings and reinventing them, allowing for almost infinite options.

Photography: Pinterest


t r e n d i n g

According to experts, 2017 is expected to bring in coloration techniques from 2016. Because of this, variations of ombré hair will remain a trend, like ‘balayage’ and ‘sunkiss’, which must be worn in the most natural way possible for a fresher look. Finally, good news for those who enjoy coloring their hair but dread having to touch up the root frequently: the trend will be to keep dark roots; though preferably no longer than an inch and a half.

Haircuts that draw attention to your features Hair styling trends for 2017 will go back to last year’s idea of framing the face and giving it luminosity through appropriate haircuts according to face shape. So, for next year we’ll see:

Long bob XL: hair is worn to

collarbone length, going slightly beyond the shoulders in its straight, wavy and curly versions.

Alexa Chung


Úrsula Corberó

Swag: ideal for the fringe to be thick

and slightly messy. The layers must be long, and if the hair is kept below the collarbone, it’s recommended to do a long gradient at the shoulder so as not to lose hair volume on the tips.

70’s fringe: must be long and thick. It’s

recommended that those who have thin hair allow the fringe to be dried naturally to gain texture. If instead, the hair is thick, stylist can use a dryer or iron to make it uniform.

Pixie cut: it suits all kinds of hair, so

it can be used to get a different look in straight or curly textures. This haircut highlights your strong features and softens imperfections.

Michelle Williams

Bella Thorne

Long hair: varied layers are ideal

for this style, as they give volume and freshness. For men, there are new trends that adapt to all kinds of tastes and styles, among which stand out short hair with movement, layered hair, fringes and buzz cuts. Beards will also remain present, but much more stylized and trimmed.

Make-up Contouring by attempting to draw attention away from certain features loses prominence to give way to strobing, a technique which accentuates the light points in the face through illumination. For example, higher parts such as the cupid’s bow on top of the lips, the superior part of the cheekbones, the superior part of the temples, the chin and the nasal bridge. On the other hand, dark lips, either matte or glossy, will be in fashion. It’s important to choose the color correctly, according to the skin tone, and to apply it in the correct way to avoid accidents like stains beyond the lips. Finally, eyebrows will stop being perfectly defined. The new trend is a ‘messy’ look that gives a natural expressiveness to the eyes.

Photography: Paul Zimmerman / Contributor

(Green Forest® N° 9.01, 9.13, 9.3, 8.01; Techni-Touch® N° 9.03, 9.01, 8.05, 8.7; Techni-Tone® N° 9.3, 9.01, 8.01, 9.0) and silvery colors like whites and grays (Techni-Tone® N° 10.11, 9.11); of course, paired with good coloration techniques. Similarly, golden or copper will be mainstays this season.


Marco Peña

The artist behind the celebrities By: Ivonne Gómez Photography: Michael Rusell

Ya son 20 años los que lleva radicado en Miami este profesional de la belleza, que inició su carrera en Colombia, su país de origen, donde trabajó como peluquero en un reconocido salón de belleza en Bogotá. Sin embargo, su profesión tomó otro camino cuando, en los años 90, conoció a la cantante Shakira de quien fue estilista por varios años. Su talento, profesionalismo y su gran capacidad para crear looks transformadores e impactantes, lo han llevado a trabajar con reconocidas celebridades como Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Paulina Rubio y Kim Kardashian. Estas y otras personalidades, lo prefieren porque sabe escuchar las ideas de sus clientes, para luego ponerlas a tono con las propias y así lograr grandes resultados. Así mismo, ha deslumbrado con sus creaciones en reconocidos eventos como el New York Fashion Week, donde coopera en la creación de looks para modelos que participan en las pasarelas de reconocidos diseñadores.



hair, but she prefers to do the makeup herself". After combing, he stayed and, while he look at her doing her make-up, he dared to suggest her shyly to ‘blur the shadow a little more’ or ‘apply a little more blush'. From this first encounter, Peña became the inseparable companion of the artist in all his presentations. In 1996, he created Shakira's look for the cover of the album that launched her to fame, Pies Descalzos.

What was the biggest challenge to create the look of the cover and video of Shakira's first album?

Her black hair, plentiful and curly. At that time we did not have hair irons, nor specialized products to manage the hair. The work was basically achieved with shampoo, conditioner and hours of brush and dryer. The video was recorded in a little hotel in Melgar (a vacation town close to Bogota) where we had to deal with the hot weather.

In the modern apartment of colombian stylist Marco Peña, in Miami Beach, there is always a suitcase with everything necessary to turn celebrities, and also not so famous, into glamorous women ready to face the cameras in long sessions of photography, videos, fashion shows or television programs. With a kit that contains all kinds of makeup products, hairbrushes, hair dryers, irons and hair extensions, added to talent, Peña has been the entrusted stylist of figures such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and Kim Kardashian.

moved from Barranquilla to Bogotá in 1993 to fulfill her dream of being a singer. At the time Peña was working as a stylist in the renowned beauty salon of Germán Palomino, where many of the television celebrities got their makeup and hairstyles.

During 2015, Peña was behind the look of the host Alejandra Espinosa throughout the season of La Banda, a Univision network show.

He met her by coincidence. Show businessman Jorge Barón invited the singer to his television show and asked to the beauty salon where Peña worked for the help of a stylist. The stylist was the one who showed up at the studio, where he was warned: "you'll comb her

Peña started his path to fame as a stylist of pop Colombian singer Shakira. She


*** Shakira's fame skyrocketed to the point that she settled in Miami to record with producer Emilio Estefan her second album Dónde están los ladrones. By then Shakira had enough budget for paying an assistant. Peña moved with her to Miami and took care of the work that the singer’s mother was doing until then. At first, Marco Peña thought that he would be in Miami for four weeks, but it has been 20 years, four of which he traveled around the world with Shakira and managing her styles: from the girl with braids, to the red-haired rocker with black hair-roots, to the platinum blonde predecessor of the golden hair she wears today. When he finishing working with Shakira, the media was already conscious of his talent. Thanks to his contact with Emilio Estefan, he styled for several years the hair of Gloria Estefan, Emilio’s wife, whom he accompanied on several tours. Then he added to his list of famous clients names such as the singer Paulina Rubio, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez


and reality star Kim Kardashian, among other celebrities. As part of an important staff, each year, in the New York Fashion Week, he joins a team of designers who create the catwalk looks for models featuring collections of designers such as Carolina Herrera, Rebecca Minkoff, Alice and Olivia’s Stacey Bendet and Mara Hoffman, among others. When he is not traveling creating the image of celebrities, Peña attends his regular Coral Gables studio, from day to day. He creates styles for moms and her daughters, housewives and professionals.

What's the difference between working for celebrities and ordinary people?

The day to day clients are the ones that I call my pole to earth. Artists are like borrowed, you have them for a time, when they fall in love with your work, but also someone else comes and they fall in love again with the other. It happens to all of us that work in this environment and we have to be prepared for that.

At first, I had to do only blowers, but since I a good background I began to cut the hair to the manicurists and my other companions, then the clients of the salon saw my work asked me to do their hair and I become a stylist.

What are the styles that your most famous clients ask you? They almost always ask for sexy and volume hair. My work has a trademark, which is the hair that looks neat, nice, but not too worked. My waves are very natural, I love that the hair has movement.

How do you achieve that type of hairstyle? I always begin with a hair as natural as possible, washed with shampoo and conditioner, to get better volume and shine. Everything also depends on the type of hair, if it is one with highlights it needs to be conditioned and hydrated

80 percent of the photography sessions, videos or presentations. The extensions give you the possibility to create volume in a very fine hair, as well as different lengths. I have used them on Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyles, who has thin hair. She usually keeps it collected in a bun, has a lovely face and can indulge in picking it up. I suggested once using extensions to Paulina Rubio, whose hair is wavy and thin, but she told me that she had a back problem and did not resist them. The extensions weigh and I recommend those that are attached with clips, that are only used for an event or for a photo session and in the afternoon you can remove them. The permanents mistreat the hair a lot, especially if the model has a fine hair and if you put on a big mane at some point you are going to damage your own hair.

How do you prepare yourself for a first encounter with a celebrity?

I look at many pictures of that person to get an idea of what she likes, how is her hair and what her style. Thus you form an idea of what you have to work. In my travel working luggage I always carry an iron. Hair extensions, a good pair of special brushes to smooth and a good dryer are fundamental.

What do you think are the qualities that make celebrities want to work with you?

One of the characteristics of my work is that I am very flexible, I adapt very well to each situation and every artist I work with. I listen first to what they want and then I bring my ideas.

How was your learning process in the career as a stylist?

I started learning to do haircuts with friends, then I took a course at the Academia Gran Colombia, in Chapinero, a neighborhood in Bogotá, which was not the most recognized, but it was important. There, with two friends we opened a hair salon and we got many clients. But one day I said to myself: "I have to do something more, I can not stay doing the same thing" and it was when I look for work in the prestigious beauty salon of Germán Palomino.

with a special product to handle it. In Miami, for example, we have to fight with moisture, the hair gets frizzy and a product that helps to counteract moisture is essential.

Apart from hair products, what other resources are the most used by stylists today?

Definitely, natural hair extensions are part of the accessories that we have to have to do our work. They are used in





Salon IN

reassures its presence Photography: Gerardo Gómez

Como sucede año tras año en Bogotá (Colombia), el pasado mes de agosto se llevó a cabo la XV versión de la feria Belleza y Salud, uno de los eventos más importantes de la industria en este país y en el que Salon IN tuvo presencia con su stand de 360°, que se convirtió en una exitosa vitrina donde sus visitantes disfrutaron de novedosos productos, continuas demostraciones, capacitaciones y la asesoría de expertos en la materia.

An assortment of events, live workshops, novelty products, and exclusive prices were some of the perks given to those visiting Salon IN’s stand in one of Colombia’s most important beauty and health fair, ‘Belleza y Salud 2016’. From August the 17th on to the 21st, the brand was able to show off all its style

and glamour on a 360º showcase, where both students, professional sylists, and everyone with a knack for fashion and beauty was able to become up-to-date with the newest haircutting and styling trends, guided by the expertise of four renowned hairstyling artists: Fanny Ojeda, Fernando Contreras, Leonardo Ruiz and Juan Diego Rojas.



These four artists were present during the whole five days, always open-minded, answering visitors’ inquiries and requests, performing all kinds of makeovers for volunteers, showcasing new tools, products and options to be used in beauty salons, and overall bringing all of Salon IN products’ advantages and benefits into the light. The most recent product line, Finishing® was also prominently featured. ‘Belleza y Salud 2016’ was also the perfect scenario for all kind of beauty experts to find new tools and products to use and showcase in their own beauty salons, so they may satisfy their customers’ needs in all areas. And so, a great portfolio of both hair-care and nail-care was also put on display. As in previous editions of ‘Belleza y Salud’, assistance was plentiful, coming to an outstanding closing result: there were around 55.000 assistants, 629 business meetups were scheduled, and 43 international buyers were present, browsing the different stands. All in all, assistants were able to nurture they knowledge with a strong academic agenda, where they learned new ways of bringing new customers to their own business and how to keep being successful in the beauty industry.



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