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An interview with the creator of Nude Envie, Isabel Madison

NUDE Writer Jaye Younkin @jayemary

We love how cosmetics have beautiful, fun, trends like metallic beauty, glossy eyelids, and even feathered eyebrows. The spectrum of creativity is endless. Though beauty trends come and go, there’s one that is timeless: nude lips. Cosmetology expert and creator of Nude Envie, Isabel Madison, recognized that the beauty industry was missing a reliable nude that reached her standards of perfection and took it upon herself to create lipsticks in every shade of nude to complement one’s unique skin tone. JY: What was your inspiration for starting Nude Envie? IM: I grew up in this industry. My dad is a biochemist and created formulas for makeup brands. Then he founded his own company called Visage de Beaute which was an amazing beauty line sold at big department stores. Customers could bring a swatch of any color and, two days later, go pick up their new, individualized lipstick. As young as age 10 I was helping with product development and forecasting next season’s shades. I was completely immersed in the business. Back then, cosmetic companies used paraben [cosmetic preservatives] and animal products but it was really important to me that all my products be vegan and cruelty free. JY: What happened to his company? IM: He sold the company to a larger makeup brand and then I was

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jobless! Now big companies help smaller makeup brands flourish, thrive, and keep their own identity. I think the passion just stayed in me; I loved going to the lab and beautifying things. JY: What happened when you became an adult? IM: I grew up and I went into the real estate world where I was making homes look beautiful. I’d buy homes, beautify, and sell them. But that drive and desire to help make people look beautiful stuck with me. And honestly, I could not find a perfect nude. So for years I was just mixing and mixing and I’d always get stopped and asked, “What’re you wearing? What’s your lipstick?” And it was mine! I was mixing and creating my own shades. After my kids grew up I thought, this is just too strong of a desire to not pursue it. I needed to do this, people need it. So I did it. JY: Does your dad help with Nude Envie now? Do you get advice from him? IM: I had to do it myself. It was really important to me as a woman to design a brand focused on making women feel beautiful! We have many men designers that are super talented but I felt the need to contribute because as a woman I really understand a woman’s comfort level and what makes her feel confident and sensual without masking her natural beauty. JY: What makes your formulas different than other makeup brands? I know you mentioned it’s vegan, but what specifically did you focus on when you were mixing in the lab? IM: I wanted it to be extra moisturizing and make women feel like they’re pampering themselves; like applying body lotion that feels good and smells good except for our lips. I wanted something sultry that made women feel good about themselves. I think scent is also super important.

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