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o you know what LEFAIR means? No, it’s not a French food magazine. LEFAIR is an acronym. Every letter has a meaning and they come together to form the name of the magazine you’re reading right now. The first letter L is for love which is the reason we are all here! I believe that love inspires creativity. Creativity is a means of expression and connection, so it’s full circle back to love. Most artists understand and create their life around the saying, “do what you love.” We are here to promote that love and energy. My main objective with LEFAIR was to create a platform for artists, writers, brands and readers to create, connect and inspire each other. The fun thing about LEFAIR is that you can read interesting interviews and look at the beautiful fashion editorials, but at the same time, you can shop. If you see something you like, click on it, then buy it! Instant retail gratification! For those of you who LOVE shopping, it’s a beautiful thing.

have come together to create LEFAIR. I am blessed to have a core team of amazing and talented ladies working with me. The beauty of these pages were made possible because of their passionate devotion to their work. Riley Yahr, Madeline Rosene and Hayley Kirksey truly do what they love and it shows! I’ve worked with these incredible women for more than a year and their talents and abilities never cease to amaze me! Hayley Kirksey started as an intern more than two years ago. Now, she is one of the main components of our success and, for this issue, she wrote Spring Fever and Sing Into Spring. Madeline Rosene continues to blow my mind with all of her passion and excitement for the magazine. She’s an incredible writer and she wrote the witty and entertaining interviews with Bebe Rexha, Jeans Watts and DJ Havana Brown in this issue. Her level of commitment is above and beyond and she’s continuously coming up with game-changing strategies and ideas. Madeline and I have some exciting new ideas and we can’t wait to show you in the summer issue! When I was looking for an art director and saw Riley Yahr’s work, I knew for sure that she was the one that was going to help me make my dream into reality. Her design sense is gorgeous and she’s so easy to work with. We literally read each other’s minds. Her creativity and aesthetic are truly essential parts of what makes LEFAIR beautiful. I hope you all enjoy the spring issue of LEFAIR Magazine! But just remember, the best is yet to come!

And if you love to travel (who doesn’t?), check out our destinations articles in every issue! You can click on the links in our travel stories and book hotels. Music and videos are a strong passion for us! We love the interviews that we have done with Bebe Rexha, Jean Watts and Havana Brown. You can also checkout Bebe in concert in our Behind The Scenes video, shot by Ben Shani! Everyone loves video content and we’re taking it to the next level. We have exciting things coming up in our summer issue! Readers will be able to shop directly from videos — putting create connect and inspire into motion!

With love, energy, and gratitude,

I want to express my deep gratitude to all of the people that

TRACY KAHN Editor in Chief & Creative Director


LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017  
LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017