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Photographer Jenny Megenney @jennymegenney

Photographer Rudy Duboué @rudyduboue


Your “why”, or the reason you do something, should be the most important. MAGNOLIA WHITE

Photographer Rijka Negrette @rijkaaa


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MR: Can you look at someone and know how to craft her image? SR: Yes and no, what I do know is that being attractive is very important to people. I lived in East Africa for a while. I lived in a very small village. One of the things I noticed there was that even though they only ate once a day and their children were dying of malaria and they didn’t have electricity, the women still took time to color their hair. So to me, that shows that there is really something important about feeling attractive and that’s great. It’s a part of survival. That makes some feel good but I think there are a lot of different kinds of attractive so when I meet someone, I talk to them and get to know them. A super layered cut may look good on you but if you give it to someone who isn’t into it, what’s the point? You have to feel comfortable and get in touch with your definition of attractive and I help people figure out what that is for them. Hair is an accessory and it needs to have movement and versatility. It needs to say who you are.

LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017  
LEFAIR Magazine Spring 2017