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MR: Does it get really busy during Fashion Week? LD: It’s actually busier the month leading up to fashion week. They fly girls in from all over the place—they want to get this girl in that show. The cut and color is a big deal during castings. Wonderland is a very small salon, so we don’t prep for shows. I used to think that being a session stylist is what it means to “make it,” but I don’t feel that way anymore. I like to have my clients that I know and build relationships with them. I like to do people’s hair because it’s how they want to look on a regular basis rather than just for a shoot that someone else envisioned for them, but I love working with models because a lot of them become clients and friends.

Photographer Amy Ezgi Silahtar @amygramsp


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Photographer Amy Ezgi Silahtar @amygramsp


The agencies usually dictate the look before their models come in we work with Ford, Wilhelmina, Muse, and Silent. Usually we’ll have to completely change their look because they have a casting in two hours and I’ll have to be like, “Okay, what can I get done in this amount of time to make them look the best they can for this shoot?” The model world has so many different aspects with commercial models—bright, blonde, natural and beachy and then more high-end fashion models doing more creative stuff where it’s okay to have jet black, funky red, or white blonde hair. I did a mullet on this one girl recently. It was completely awesome.

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