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Culpeper Times • April 13-19, 2017

We’re Your Neighbors! Culpeper Office



l 3BR, 2.5BA well built Colonial

l Large Lot, Open Floor Plan Duckett-Corbin Team * 540-219-1358

332 James Madison Highway Culpeper, VA 22701 800.825.6825 l 540.825.3300



l Arts & Craft Architecture, 3BR, 2BA l LR w/fireplace, Built-in bookcases

Boo Ingram

* 540-718-3364

$775,000 CU9818973 l Calling Castle Connoisseurs! 3.063 ac. l 4-levels, rooftop porches, 2 basements

$239,900 OR9872074 l Contemporary - One level 3BR, 2BA l Open floor plan w/9’ vaulted ceilings

$240,000 MA9889666 l Tucked in the woods, 3BR, 2BA rambler l Custom upgrades, rear deck, small shop

$525,000 RP9846957 l New Colonial on 6.7 acres, 4 BR, 2.5BA l Full basement, 2-car garage, Private

$249,900 CU9882388 l Fully renovated - 3BR, 2BA, 2.78 Ac. l Outside LR/FR, Shed/shop

$249,000 CU9751216 l Two story brick/siding Colonial l Large screened-in porch, vaulted ceilings

Linda Martin

Boo Ingram

* 540-270-6062

* 540-718-3364

Duckett-Corbin Team * 540-219-1358

Duckett-Corbin Team * 540-219-1358

Martha Hust

* 540-905-2725

Boo Ingram

* 540-718-3364

Lots & Acreage - Is it time to build? Three lots - Grasty Gold Mine Rd., Orange 2 Ac. $45,000, 4 Ac.

$55,000, 5 Ac. - $65,000

Two lots - Wayland Manor Dr., Culpeper - .24 Ac $28,000, .43 Ac. $38,000 Carrico Mills Rd., Culpeper - 3.77 Acres


Annette Ct., Culpeper - 5.93 Ac.


Rolling Hills Dr., Culpeper - 12.42 Ac.


Sperryville Pike, Culpeper - 12.42 Ac.


Mt. Run Lake Rd., Culpeper - 25.95 Ac.


Free Homebuyers Seminar: Wednesday, April 26th, 5-7 pm Call 540.825.3300 mmandcoculpeper

Is your privacy about to go public? If a stranger walked up to you on the street and asked to view your search history on your cell phone or read your text messages, would you let them? Would you even feel comfortable letting your spouse, mom, or dad read it? Not likely, but now, it’s perfectly legal for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to read it and sell it. It has been standard practice for your ISP to collect data from monitoring your internet browsing habits and then sell it off for marketing purposes. In 2016, a rule not yet in effect, was created with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), which requires you to opt-in before your ISP sells your data. On March 28, both the houses in Congress along party lines, voted to roll back the 2016 rule. The President signed the bill on April 3. With the implementation of this law, ISPs can now do whatever they want with your internet history without your consent. ISPs were lobbying that they were at a major disadvantage when it comes to places such as Facebook and Google that can collect data and can target certain markets. But the key difference is, no one forces you to use Facebook or Google. You have a personal choice if you want to share, when to share it and to which group of people. You don’t have to be on Facebook, but you must use your ISP to use the Internet. Here in Culpeper, if you have broadband internet, you probably don’t have a choice of providers.


John Barker

Very few people have that choice, but what can you do to protect yourself from privacy snooping ISPs? First, all web browsers have a “do not track” or “incognito mode”, but this only hides your browsing history from the next person that uses that computer, not from your ISP. You can purchase a third party Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that will encrypt your traffic to a random destination, but you must trust the VPN provider with your data. So, it is important to do your research on the privacy policy of VPN providers. For Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browsers, you can install HTTPS Everywhere that will make sure your browser uses a secure connection. The ISP will still be able to track you to a degree. For example, if you go to WebMD, your ISP will be able to see you went there but not which specific pages you visited. You can also try and call your ISP to opt-out of the tracking. It’s anyone’s guess how effective that approach will work since the customer service track record of ISPs is some of the worst for any type of business out there. It is ironic that with a major ramp up of the government’s cyber security programs due to alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, that the same elected officials passed a law revoking the rights of citizens to any privacy when using the internet. At this point I cannot see how this law brings anything positive to the average person, but I am curious on your take, agree or disagree? John Barker is the Chief Operating Office with Attollo Systems LLC in Culpeper. You may reach him at or 540317-3150 ext 1001

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April 13th, 2017 -- Culpeper Times  

April 13th, 2017 -- Culpeper Times