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Culpeper Times • April 6-12, 2017 SCHOOL NEWS

Keene announces candidacy Announced Monday, Marshall D. Keene of Richardsville, Virginia, a United States Marine Corps veteran, current Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant and owner and operator Keene of SMART Driving School, declared his candidacy for a seat on the Culpeper County School Board representing the Stevensburg District. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Public Administration. Mr. Keene turned in the required signatures on candidacy petitions for School Board on Monday afternoon. “I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for School Board representing the people of Brandy Station, Lignum, and Richardsville. I have dedicated my entire life to public service and most importantly to the youth of our community. I have gained an understanding of the complexities along with the capabilities and liabilities that our students, parents, teachers and school staff face each day within our school system,” said Keene. “The primary role for any member of the school board should be an advocate for the people they represent. There are several important issues that have been brought to my attention through my adventures of gathering signatures that we will need to face in the very near future. Some include bus transportation routes and times, student safety and discipline, a student physical privacy policy, teacher retention, equal financial opportunities for student athletes at all secondary schools, and the necessity to build a Career and Technical School.” “Most importantly the decision to take advantage of Virginia’s new law that is effective July 1, 2017 that allows School Boards who employ retired/former law enforcement officers as School Security Officers to carry firearms. Security Officers who carry guns under the new law must undergo training on active shooter emergency response, emergency evacuation procedure, and threat

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assessment. Currently, three of the five CCPS Security Officers would meet the qualifications under the new law with approval from the Culpeper County School Board and the Culpeper County Sheriff. Two are retired Fairfax police officers and one a former Culpeper County Sheriff’s Deputy. The safety of our children and staff must be paramount.” “A School Board member should be a spirited and an active link between parents, students, and school staff. I am excited for this campaign and look forward to tackling the tough decisions together. The idea of meeting new people and discussing the education of our youth thrills me. I respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 7, 2017.”

Culpeper Republican Party Canvass Call



When we have our grandkids at our house I like to take them to one of the parks. If I give them a choice they choose Lenn Park ("Let's go to the one with the big slide!"). It was fun to see the people starting to picnic there this time or just walk with their children by the stream. That is where I found Mickey Messick and his children, William and Abigail. Mickey is an airline pilot and he is starting with Southwest this month. ➤ Check out Rich’s blog at and Faces of Culpeper on Facebook

This notice is to publicize the Call for a Culpeper Republican Party Canvass (party primary) for the purpose of selecting Republican Nominees for Supervisor for the Jefferson, Cedar Mountain and Stevensburg Districts of Culpeper County. The full call may be found at and at www.culpepergop. org. The Party Canvass will be held at 210 N Main St., Culpeper, VA, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. local time on June 3, 2017. Candidates for the selection for nomination at said Party Canvass shall file a Candidate Consent Form by mail, to Bill Scherr, at 15121 Montanus Dr, Culpeper VA 22701, which must be received with the mandatory filing fee not later than 9:59 p.m. on May 6, 2017. Postmarks will not govern. The Candidate Consent Form can be obtained from Bill Scherr, at 15121 Montanus Dr, Culpeper VA 22701 and online at The Culpeper County Republican Committee requires a mandatory filing fee of the lessor of $400 or 4 percent of the annual salary of the office of candidacy from each individual seeking selection as a Republican Nominee in the Party Canvass. Checks need to be made out to the Culpeper County Republican Committee (CCRC) and must be submitted with the Candidate Consent Form. Questions may be directed to Bill Scherr, at 15121 Montanus Dr, Culpeper VA 22701.

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April 6th, 2017 -- Culpeper Times  

April 6th, 2017 -- Culpeper Times