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Culpeper Times • April 14-20, 2016


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Athlete of the week: Rachel Bullard

➤ Devilettes

midfielder anchors field with leadership Editor’s note: Throughout the local high school sports season, Culpeper Times will recognize an “Athlete of the Week” from one of the sports. This week we are featuring girls soccer. At the end of the year, the Times will select a male and female athlete at both Culpeper County and Eastern View high schools and recognize them as “Athlete of the Year” at their respective schools. By Marshall Conner TIMES CONTRIBUTOR

There is a steadiness in her stride as she passes the soccer ball left and right across the practice field at Culpeper County High School. Junior midfielder Rachel Bullard shouts directions as the ball ping-pongs through a brace of defenders and nears the goal. She smiles briefly when the passes connect. “She’s a real leader for us,” said Culpeper head coach Erick Kalenga.

“Rachel is our engine in the midfield. She’s been with us for a long time. She has three years experience and she’s a junior—so she’s logged considerable time on the field. She’s a very good athlete, student and leader.” After a fast-paced practice Bullard reflected on her varsity career. “It’s funny I still feel like I’m young, but I’ve realized that I can bring leadership and experience to our team,” said Bullard. “I think we have a wellbalanced team. We have some players who are gaining experience but I fully believe they can learn and excel at their positions. Sometimes it’s tough to learn and play well—but I’m hoping I can help our younger players become more comfortable in their roles.” Culpeper (5-2) has had a nice start to its season and fully expects to be one of the top teams in its district and conference. Bullard has three goals and seven assists so far this season. Last year, she was recognized for her success on the pitch with all-state and first team conference honors. Bullard is an exceptional student and she also lettered in basketball. She has verbally committed to Bridgewater College with the dream of studying biochemistry and eventually becoming a veterinarian. “Soccer is my number-one sport.

I also love basketball too because it was a sport I grew up playing at home against my brothers and friends,” said Bullard. “I’ve known what I wanted to do in life since I was a kid.” As a soccer player Bullard characterized her midfield style as more defensive in her first few seasons--but last year she began to become a potent weapon on offense for the Devilettes. “We have two games this week with Fauquier and Liberty,” said Bullard. “I think we are getting better with each game.” Bullard has had a busy schedule of travel and varsity sports throughout the last few years. She cited the support of family as being essential to her success. “My family has always given me great support. There’s lots of travel and my father likes to provide commentary and suggestions on strategy while my mom usually handles the transportation and being a nice buffer between my dad and I when we get heated over strategies on the field.” The dynamic between a coach and midfielder is also essential, mainly because most the coach’s strategic game plan tends to be orchestrated by the midfield position. “Coach (Kalenga) may seem de-


A seasoned varsity soccer player, Rachel Bullard is all about creating opportunities for her teammates.

manding and even tough, but I’ve learned that he has a high standard for us and it pushes us to become better players,” explained Bullard. “He knows when to push us and when to take a step back and teach us. He expects a lot, so I try to meet those expectations.” Bullard believes that Culpeper has the talent to succeed this season, but like any savvy midfielder she knows that games can come down to opportunities and she wants to make sure every one of her teammates is in the right place to win games. 491 101 ) 825-5 Suite (540Madison ,Rd.Va. 22701 767





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April 14th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times  

April 14th, 2016 -- Culpeper Times