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Culpeper Times • January 12-18, 2017 ➤ Gilmore, from Page 4 She really gets the mission of the derby and what it stands for. She is so focused on the mission of the derby and because of that she has had so much success. She has done a wonderful job in Culpeper. It’s one of our top programs in the country.” She has helped make it one of the premier programs by forging relationships with government officials and volunteers, all with one explicit goal - to help the youth of the region. “Frankie is a wonderful choice,” Culpeper County Administrator John Egertson said. “She is one of the most energetic and positive people that I have ever met. She has done so much for the youth of our community through the soap box derby. Frankie is also currently involved in the efforts to increase career and technical education opportunities in our schools, among other things. She volunteers much of her time in serving our community, especially our youth.” Longtime local sports journalist and youth advocate Marshall Conner has worked with Gilmore covering the derby since day one. He has also worked with her as the Kid Central Marketing and Sports Coordinator and helped form the Kid Central STEM summer camp in conjunction with the derby. "There is one component to any project I've ever teamed up with Frankie on--it's an unwavering dedication to local families and our community,” Conner said. “It's work rooted in the heart. Frankie teamed up with Kid Central last year on a new STEM program that tied into the Soap Box Derby. Frankie always creates wonderful opportunities that have local kids in mind. Her plans and partnerships always begin and end with a smile and hug. Her heart is in her work." At the heart of her heart, is the kids. She’s helped countless drivers over the years, and has helped honor drivers who passed too soon - such as Carol Anne Brown and Andrew Windland. She is instantly recognizable in the community due to her bubbly personality, whether it’s hitting up sponsors for the derby or for her work with 103.3 WJMA &

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95.3 SAM FM as an advertising representative. "What a remarkable woman, honestly, I am so thankful for the friendship of Frankie Gilmore. From her great work with the Derby to each program she supports in the Culpeper Chamber, her work with the radio - the passion she has for the interwoven community in Culpeper brings advancement and growth,” said Irene Karedis Borys, Cyberbility; Committee Chair Derby; Committee Member, Culpeper Chamber. “Further she is an encourager above all after each interaction with Friankie, you find yourself feeling you can achieve anything. We in Culpeper are fortunate to have Frankie Gilmore building our community." Every year at the beginning of the annual derby, Frankie takes the microphone and gives her annual speech. After 14 years, one would think it would be hard to bring passion to talking about remembering to wear helmets or to stay in lanes, but with each sentence there is an earnest love of what she does. “She’s someone we’re very blessed to have in the community and I’m blessed to have her as a sister,” Troilo said. Those three factors - God, family, community - seem simple, but for Frankie, they’re a testament to what is really important in life and how to live a life fulfilled. Congratulations Frankie, the Culpeper Times is honored to name you as our 2016 Citizen of the Year.

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Drivers at the annual Piedmont Area Soap Box Derby are no strangers to Frankie Gilmore's legendary hugs and encouragement.


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Culpeper Times - Jan. 12th, 2017  

Culpeper Times - Jan. 12th, 2017