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Culpeper Times • November 8-14, 2018


Taking the next steps forward THE MARSHALL PLAN

As we close the curtain on Tuesday’s midterm election Marshall Conner the will of the people provided a mixed bag of successes or failures—all depending on who you talk to. So many people were emotionally invested in a win for their ego or party. There were a few hopeful signs in this election including a large voter turnout, a rejection of extremes and a denial of a local referendum that needed greater cooperation and transparency from town, county, community and school leadership. A quote from Alex de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America comes to mind: “The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by


Final thoughts on Communicy Center As one comes to the end of a saga, it now being moments before the polls open across Culpeper County. It causes reflections of the past several weeks to fleet through the mind. The one you could find most puzzling is how the discussion of Question # 3, a purely fiscal issue, become a discussion of the a Community Recreational Center or a YMCA? Then a negative Political issue spearheaded by two dedicated Tea Party members. Perhaps when one focuses on misguided principles, you fall in the trap of loosing reality. One minute you are public servants and the next loose cannons on the deck of truth. Perhaps a thimble of light could have replaced jargon and rhetoric. Some of the cornerstones of deflection were to constantly refer to

private citizens.” What continues to trouble me is polarization, the exploitation of identity politics and the political theater of our mass media that moves from crisis to crisis. These are the divisions that make us pawns of parties… not Americans. Another troubling trend is the shrinking number of independent local papers. As election results came in from across the nation it was apparent that fewer and fewer papers were out there covering the news and results. This is a troubling trend for a free press. Who are we as citizens? I have always believed that we are all more alike than we are different. We all want the best for our families, fulfilling careers, health, opportunities for our children and peaceful communities. Last Tuesday, we had a civic duty as Americans to vote--it is the greatest power given to us by our

founding fathers. It is the envy of oppressed people across the globe. The results of our collective votes can stir the pot or tip it over. Our history is important, imperfect, sometimes unfair, sometimes glorious, but it is always uniquely American. We have been a work in progress since our independence. Hopefully, that will never change. This weekend, we honor our nation’s servicemen and women on Veterans Day. Coming from a military family and as a former soldier myself, it has always been important for me to encourage my children to experience the company of veterans. Growing up I found comfort in the military. I grew up on bases where “we all” were green and we took care of each other. My closest friends came from all backgrounds, their faces had many shades of color and their accents varied. Success

was based on merit, hard work and leadership. There’s a promise among soldiers that holds true no matter the situation, “I have your six.” This promise means that you are covered by your comrade from all directions—that you will never be left behind or forgotten. Good luck finding that level of caring in the civilian world. One of the greatest lessons I learned from the military was the simple act of service to community— to constantly work towards making the world better one small step at a time. It’s never easy, but it’s worth the sweat. As we close the books on an election let us look at it’s lessons. Let us take our ribbons or failures home for reflection. Let us shake the hand of our opponents, listen and see each other as Americans. We all have plenty of work to do.

a non-profit doing wonderful things in our community as a business. They like the YMCA are charities. They are are also the organization which discontinued accepting the”Silver Sneakers” program which permitted many seniors use of Powell Wellness Center at reduced or no cost through their insurance programs. Even this outstanding Charitable Foundation placed rates ahead of service, in one development here in Culpeper over twenty percent of the residents lost their exercise programs. One must wonder how many lost their exercise programs County wide? They then focused on cost of membership in a YMCA. Which has a sliding scale membership based upon income. The leaders then put out signs and ran a so called town hall meeting. It was clearly a “Just say no to Question # 3 rally,” with four public servants at the organizing table leading the

meeting. Yet half say, we have not made a decision on the question. Do not actions defeat words? One could dissect the fallacious signs, accusations, character attacks and baseless statements. However, lets limit it to one. On Sunday morning at 8:28 am Mr. Marshall Keene messaged me,”Gary Deal ask you to call the radio station?” My answer “you were the source of my information.” How? He posted on Facebook, we will be on 103.3 at 8:00am Sunday. I called the station requesting equal time, Under Federal Law, they had too. They 103.3 could not comply due to time constraints and they not our side pulled Mr. Keen and Mr. Russell off the air. When they were surprised at 8 a.m. Sunday. They blame someone who has an interest in Quality of Life in Culpeper. However, is a public servant and apparently understands his responsibilities and does not

talk on official matters before they come before the Supervisors. Did Mr Frazier do this at the Town Hall? When questions were asked of the Board of Supervisors, He should have said they are not here. He quickly answered the questions, thus speaking for them and not for himself as a private citizen. Donnie Johnson reported this in the Star Exponent the next day. He is a seasoned reporter. This prompted my filing a formal complaint with the County Attorney about his violating policy and perhaps the law by his actions. We can be confident the County Attorney and Supervisors, as a rules matter and election matter, will as a minimum take appropriate action as to participation related to a possible Community Recreation Center. Ian M. Phillips Jr. Spokesperson Committee for Improving Quality of Life in Culpeper

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Culpeper Times - Nov. 8, 2018  

Veterans Day events scheduled | 'That's a wrap' | Spanberger shocks Brat | Community center shot down by voters

Culpeper Times - Nov. 8, 2018  

Veterans Day events scheduled | 'That's a wrap' | Spanberger shocks Brat | Community center shot down by voters