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The y ear long grind at Lanoha Nur series

December 2012

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Volume 20 No. 14


In Memoriam: James L. Murnane, Jr. The Chapter is saddend to inform you of the passing of Mr. James L. Murnane Jr. We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to his family and many friends. James L. Murnane, Jr. of 5 Ridgewood Dr., Plattsburgh, NY, died Mon., Oct. 29, 2012 at the CVPH Medical Center, Plattsburgh. Born in Herkimer, NY on Sept. 9, 1926, he was the son of James and Margaret (Hartum) Murnane. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Janet (Cowden), a brother, Thomas Murnane and his wife Katherine, and seven children; Darcy Mousseau and her husband, John, Christopher Murnane and his wife, Molly, Patrick Murnane and his wife, Sheila, Maria Visco and her husband, Stephen, all of Plattsburgh, NY, Janet Murnane of Burlington, Vt., Andrea Murnane of Starksboro, Vt. and James Murnane, III and his wife, Susan, of Saranac Lake, NY. Jim is also survived by 12 grandchildren, Carly and Cynthia Mousseau, Kevin, Bridgid and Haley Murnane, Michael, Christine, Patrick, II and Kathleen Murnane, Julia Murnane, James, IV and Dylan Murnane. After serving as an Air Cadet at Niagara University, Jim graduated from Clarkson College of Technology in 1949 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He married Janet Cowden on July 7, 1951 at St. Francis

de Sales Catholic Church in Herkimer, NY. After working briefly as a field engineer for the NYS Dept. of Transportation on the Barge Canal in Central NY, Jim began his construction career as a project manager with the Austin Company in Bay City, MI. After his eldest child, Darcy, was born, Jim returned to Central NY. and joined the John J. Harvey Company in Utica. He was the low bidder on the first new building at Plattsburgh State Teacher’s College, Ward Hall, and moved his young family to Plattsburgh in 1955 where he opened a branch office of the Harvey Company located in the Witherill Hotel, Plattsburgh. After the Harvey Company was sold, Jim became vice president of the Fletcher-Murnane Company and operated it until he bought the firm in 1970 and changed its’ name to Murnane Associates, Inc. and operated their offices in Plattsburgh, Utica and Syracuse until his retirement in 1986. Jim’s construction firm built many landmarks throughout New York including the Clinton County Government Center, the Clinton County Jail, the Crete Memorial Civic Center and the “R” Building and the Fitzpatrick Cancer Center at CVPH Medical Center. Notable projects that he constructed at SUNY Plattsburgh include the Myers Fine Arts Building, The Angell College Center, the

Kehoe Administration Building, Hudson Hall, Beaumont Hall and every high rise dormitory on campus. Murnane constructed many projects for the 1980 Olympic Games in Lake Placid including the Olympic Broadcast Center, the Renovation of the 1932 Olympic Arena and the Opening Ceremonies Venue and the Cauldron that burned as an Olympic symbol during the Games. He built the original buildings and many subsequent expansions for Ayerst (Wyeth, Pfizer) Laboratories in Rouses Point, NY. His firm constructed projects at virtually every school district in Northern New York as well as hospitals, prisons, factories and municipal infrastructure projects across Northern and Central NY. Jim served as a director and president of the General Building Contractors of New York State and as a national director and life director for the Associated General Contractors of America which awarded him the SIR Award representing the skill, integrity and responsibility which he displayed in his service to the construction industry, and in his dedication to his many employees and concern for their families. He was director Emeritus and served as chairman of the Clinton County Area Development Corporation. He was a founding director and volunteer at the

Beartown Ski Center where he taught his family the sport that he loved. He was a member of the BPOE, the Knights of Columbus and the Equestrian Order of the Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulcher. He served on the Board of Directors for Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Ogdensburg. Jim was a dedicated supporter of Catholic Education, especially of St. John’s Academy, Seton Catholic Central and Seton Academy, where his children and grandchildren were educated. He served on the St. John’s Academy Board of Education and the St. John’s Athletic Association. He was a devoted parishioner of San Marco Catholic Church in Marco Island, FL, where he lived in retirement, and retained his membership and devotion to his home parish of St. John the Baptist Church in Plattsburgh. Funeral arrangements are with the Brown Funeral Home in Plattsburgh. A Mass of Christian burial will be held on Saturday, November 3rd at 10 a.m. at St. John the Baptist Church in Plattsburgh. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Interfaith Food Shelf, 127 Beekman St., Plattsburgh, or to St. John the Baptist Parish, 7 Margaret St., Plattsburgh, NY, 12901.

Hey Grinder Guy, why are Star Screens so expensive? So what does this does this mean? • The same Star Deck can produce a range of sizes of materials without changing anything but the speed of the shafts. Turn a knob, touch the touch screen and you magically change from 11/2-inch material to 1/4-inch material; • In production in the sizes under 1--inch, Star Screens can out produce Trommels easily 2:1, 3:1 or even 4:1 in wetter materials; • Wet materials are no problem for Star Screen because of the pliable Star, the speed of the shafts and the cleaning ability of the stars; • Plastic removal is much more efficient on a Star Screen because of the material floating on top of the Star Deck and the stepped drop from the deck to the Discharge Conveyor; • Product quality is much better because of the range of adjustability in the product size because of the Star Shafts. Most Star Decks have multiple drives so you are able to run the shafts at different speeds and create the perfect end product;

• Star Decks can be electric or diesel and much more energy efficient using as little as 1.5 gallons per hour; and • Stars can be sized for each application. Larger Stars for removing 6 or 8inch wood to small stars for producing 1/4-inch topdressing. But they are not perfect. • Star Screens cannot be used for aggregate; • Star Screens cannot be used for heavy soils; and • Star Screens cannot be used as a scalping deck. Those applications are for Trommel Screens or Deck Screens. So what should you look for in a Star Screen? If you are like most users, screening compost, soil blends or mulch, choose the following — • Choose Electric over Hydraulic. Electric motors give you much more rpm to turn the shafts and a wider range of product sizing; • Choose smaller stars. A star in the 4 or 5 inch range will give you a beautiful 1/2-inch product and be able to screen even finer. Stars larger than that will not be able to make much finer than 3/4-inch material efficiently.

• Choose a Star Deck with a cleaning system so wet materials will not be an issue; and • Size the screen for your support and production equipment. Who cares if the Star Screen can screen 500 yards per hour if the support equipment can only handle 250 yards per hour? Because of the ability to screen multiple materials and multiple sizes with the same unit, the Star Screens have become a much more useful tool than the Trommel Screen. Review your products and your raw materials. If they meet the conditions above, give the Star Screen a try. One third of the screening time, one third of the

loader time, one third of the manpower time, less fuel reduces the initial capital investment considerably while achieving product perfection and happy customers.

Have more Star Screen questions? Or any other Industry questions, email Dave Whitelaw at


Apparently, you have been pricing screening equipment. I assume you are comparing Star Screens to Deck Screens or Trommel Screens? What if the Star Screen could produce double, triple or quadruple the production? Then what would you say? I sell both Trommel Screens and Star Screens, so let’s take a closer look. Star Screens contain many more parts and much more technology than a Drum that rotates. The stars, made of rubber or Urethane, can number over 1000 per machine. With a hole in the center of the star, they are slid onto a shaft and rotate continuously all in the same direction. Materials are dropped on top of the rotating shafts and the finer product falls between the stars to a waiting conveyor or onto the ground. The spacing between the stars on each shaft creates the actual product size. By turning the shafts faster, material has less time to drop between the stars, thus giving a finer product size. Conversely, the slower the shafts turn, the larger the product size

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Ask the Grinder Guy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 The year long grind at Lanoha Nurseries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7 by Randy Happel, Two Rivers Marketing Talbert Manufacturing offers commemorative 75th Anniversary trailer package . . . . 9 Superior appoints new National Sales Managers to Equipment and Components divisions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 EarthScape, Inc. enters the third generation of wholesale mulch production. . . . . . 12-13 by Jon M. Casey

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Visiting the WHEN Expo North, 2012 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-23 by Steve Wagner

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Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Cover photo: Jared Romick, Chris Lanoh and Curtis Bolling head up the wood recycling at Lanoh Nurseries in Omaha, NE.

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Flex-Mat 3 tackles tough conditions Recycle plant increases monthly sellable product by 4,000 tons After beginning his ca-

reer in construction and demolition (C&D), Tim Lipsmeyer and a partner bought a small mobile re-

cycle plant in 1997 to produce recycled asphalt and concrete. Southern Crushing, a Mississippi

based operation, now produces 1/2-inch minus recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) used for road proj-

Available for flat surface and tensioned screen decks, it allows producers to increase screen open area, create more screening action with the vibrating wires and eliminate blinding and pegging problems to achieve more throughput of spec material. ects in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. Depending on the volume of fines in the material being screened, the plant can produce upwards of 140 tph. However, it had been experiencing blinding and pegging of its 1/2-inch steel woven wire due to the sticky nature of the recycled asphalt. Many days, Lipsmeyer was being forced to shut down for 30 minutes every two hours to clean the screen media that was blinding up to six inches deep. Each day, losing two hours of pro-

duction time was costing the operation over 200 tons of potentially sellable material. So, Lipsmeyer turned to Major Wire’s Flex-Mat® 3 Tensioned screen cloth to eliminate the blinding problem and increase his potential monthly sellable product by at least 4,000 tons. “We had been offered a job in northeast Arkansas requiring that we screen asphalt in the winter, which is a nightmare because the wet asphalt

Flex Mat 3 8


The year long grind at Lanoha Nurseries by Randy Happel, Two Rivers Marketing, Des Moines, Iowa

Lahona's Vermeer TG7000 stays busy most days grinding wood waste material. nies in the Midwest. Now situated on a picturesque expanse some 10 miles southwest of their original site, the business is located in an area with Omaha’s sprawling southwestern suburbs encroaching all around. The company’s success as a leading commercial and residential landscaping entity can be attributed to a lot of sweat, hard work and Lanoha’s vision. Growth has come largely through expansion. In addition to commercial and residential landscape

construction, Lanoha Nurseries also has several other divisions including one devoted to commercial property maintenance and another to commercial property development. They have a nursery division with a huge retail garden center featuring more than 10,000-square-feet of inside greenhouse growing space for annuals, perennials and shrubs. Additionally they have an irrigation division; a wood recycling and mulch processing segment and a composting division as well. The company supports a full time, active workforce of more than 300. Their staff includes experienced horticulturists, gardeners, certified arborists and a collection of the most accomplished and creative landscape architects and designers found anywhere in the nation. Seasonal business, non-seasonal company Once the spring and summer workload subsides, with fall fertilization winding down and equipment maintenance and winterization chores beginning, most Midwest based landscaping companies take a well deserved respite. Not so, for Lanoha Nurseries however, where diversification has kept this dynamic, innovative landscaping leader operational — regardless of the season. “Landscaping is often considered a seasonal industry, but Lanoha Nurseries is definitely not a seasonal company,” says Chris Lanoha, vice president of the family owned and operated Lanoha Nurseries. “Certainly, with landscaping construction and maintenance as the core of our business, the spring and summer months are the most hectic. Just the same, there are different facets to our company that keep us busy throughout the year. One of the most consistent year round areas of our business has been our wood recycling and landscape mulch production division.” “The volume of mulch we were using each year, just for our own needs, justified the expense for us to establish our own wood recycling and mulch division,” Lanoha says. “We started the recycling division seven years ago and it has grown steadily ever

During a demonstration at the WHEN Recycling Expo in York, PA, attendees were able to see the ease with which the TG7000 can turn wood waste material into marketable mulch or biomass.

Lanoha 7


With a pickup truck, a couple of lawnmowers and a few well used landscaping tools, Dave Lanoha started Lanoha Nurseries, headquartered in Omaha, NE, in 1974 on a modest 10 acre plot of land that at the time was considered the western edge of city. As Omaha grew, so did Lanoha Nurseries. Just like the resilient pioneers that settled this vast, gently rolling agricultural rich frontier, Lanoha, too, kept moving west. Nearly four decades later, Lanoha Nurseries has grown to become one of the largest landscape compa-


from 6

since. It’s also an area of our business, among others, that remains fully operational year round.” To meet the increasing activity within the recycling division, and produce the additional amount of landscaping mulch the company uses each year, Lanoha purchased a Vermeer® TG7000 tub grinder in 2011. According to Lanoha, the addition of the grinder to the company’s extensive fleet of equipment has allowed the nursery to control all raw material inputs while providing a much valued outlet for locals to dispose of waste wood. “Setting up a recycling and wood processing division was uncharted territory for us at the time,” Lanoha says. “It was risky, but we did a lot of research and worked really hard. One of the biggest factors that prompted us to make this significant of an investment was that we had become the No. 1 mulch consumer in the state of Nebraska. I was frustrated with the inability to control the quality and quantity of mulch shipments. Availability was always a concern.” While many wood recycling and mulch production facilities are challenged with securing reliable and consistent raw materials, Lanoha has been fortunate. “For years we had people asking us if they could bring waste wood here, but at the time we didn’t have a use for it,” Lanoha says. “Once we got into organic recycling and mulch production, things fell into place. Word that we were accepting wood waste quickly spread. We also reached out to tree care companies and began communicating with customers that we were always on the lookout for quality waste wood. Perhaps it’s due to our size and needs, but sourcing wood hasn’t been a big issue for us … yet. “We’re the only disposal site in the area that doesn’t charge tipping fees, which puts us at an advantage. We’ve discovered there are a lot of different sources out there. We found that we needed to get creative and dig a little to uncover them. In our case, the result has been a win win situation for the community, local tree care professionals, and our company combined.” Quality control Lanoha admits there are challenges that come along with operating a wood waste disposal site —

The TG7000 like the one at Lahona's Nurseries, is able to grind large trees and stumps as well as smaller wood waste items most notably those few who are looking for a place to discard just about anything and everything. As a result, the company has stringent quality control measures in place for mulch production. “Our product is extremely clean,” Lanoha says. “We have a strict formula for blending different types of wood to produce the best mulch product offerings possible. Compared to some mulch operations, ours may be a little smaller, but we have the capabilities and equipment to produce a lot of product. The


An operator uses a Komatsu WA250 loader to fill Lahona's TG5000 grinder with shredded mulch to regrind the material for landscaping.

TG7000 grinder is very efficient, has great capacity and turns out a consistent product.” Lanoha has not aggressively pursued the wholesale mulch market — largely because of the volume of mulch required for its own needs — but they have established relationships with a handful of wholesale mulch customers. This is an arrangement that helps generate additional revenue, and offset a portion of production and operational costs. Self-sustaining Over the years, Lanoha Nurseries has acquired more than 1400 acres of rich, fertile Nebraska, land dedicated to growing nursery stock. Raising their own trees and shrubs gives Lanoha confidence that his customers are receiving quality, hardy plantings that will not only survive, but also will thrive, in the harsh Midwest climate of extremes. Yet, there can also be drawbacks, as the company experienced during the economic downturn. “One of the biggest challenges with raising your own trees is forecasting needs so many years in advance,” Lanoha says. “We have to look six to seven years ahead, and a lot of things can happen in that amount of time, especially with the economy. We got hit pretty hard during the economic downturn. It forced us to cut some ash and birch that were at the prime growth stage for replanting, but we didn’t have a place for them. We were able to use all the wood in a landscape mulch application, so it certainly didn’t go to waste. It’s rare when it happens, but as with any business, there are situations you can’t always predict or control. The good news is that the trees were put to good use.” The volume of landscaping mulch required by the nursery each year has reached a point where Lanoha’s wood processing and recycling crews try to keep the company’s hungry Vermeer grinder fed every day, all year round. They’re already looking ahead to next spring. “The Vermeer grinder gets a fairly grueling workout all winter long,” Lanoha says. “We’re fortunate having a facility with enough area that we can grind and stockpile the vast majority of our landscaping mulch needs for the next season during the prior winter.”

Flex Mat 3 from 5


sticks so badly,” states Lipsmeyer, owner of Southern Crushing. “I had seen advertisements for Flex-Mat 3, so I decided to give it a chance. In spite of my skepticism, Flex-Mat 3 was the first product that did what it said it would.” Southern Crushing employs a portable Eagle 500-05 crusher and two 4-foot x 14-foot double deck Cedarapids tensioned screen boxes. In spec material is screened through by the bottom decks and the oversized product is recirculated back through the crusher. Previously, when there was precipitation of any kind, the screen media would blind and the operation couldn’t run. So, Lipsmeyer first tried stainless steel slotted screen media on the bottom deck of one screen to eliminate the problem. But, it caused another problem, allowing oversized product to fall through, resulting in out of spec product stockpiles. He was forced to switch back to square woven wire and deal with the blinding or use 3/16-inch wire openings. Major Wire Industries Limited’s FlexMat 3 High Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media provided a better solution. Available for flat surface and tensioned screen decks, it allows producers to increase screen open area, create more screening action with the vibrating wires and eliminate blinding and pegging problems to achieve more throughput of spec material. Its distinctive lime green polyurethane strips bond individual wires, and allow them to vibrate independently at different frequencies. With more screening action,

more properly sized material falls through instead of sticking to the wire. “Now, we use Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned panels on the bottom deck of one screen with a 1/2-inch opening,” Lipsmeyer stated. “We are able to produce spec RAP and clean out fines from crushed concrete no matter how wet it is. We can even screen in a complete downpour.” Since purchasing Flex-Mat 3 from Major Wire, Southern Crushing has screened more than 40,000 tons over the original panels — which are still operational and being used today. The operation even ran through winter, only stopping when the snow fall got so heavy that it compromised the belts and froze up the screen box. When asked about the future relationship between Southern Crushing and Major Wire, Lipsmeyer replied, “I very seldom buy anything that works like it says it will. With this kind of success, Flex-Mat 3 will definitely be a part of Southern Crushing’s future.” For more information, contact Tim Lipsmeyer at 901-409-1224, e-mail or visit

www. wastehandling. com

Booths 21 & 22

Talbert Manufacturing offers commemorative 75th Anniversary trailer package RENSSELAER, IN -— Talbert Manufacturing, a leader in the specialtybuilt trailer and transport system industry, is offering a special 75th An-


niversary trailer package for a limited time. Talbert is commemorating its milestone 75th year in business in 2013. To celebrate, the company is


Reduce Volume and Increase Density

offering and optional, distinctive anniversary package on select 2013 models. Greg Smith, VP of sales and marketing at Talbert, says the anniversary op-

tion marks an important event for the company. “Not many trailer companies have been in business for 75 years, and fewer yet can say they

have had customers with them for the majority of those years,” he said. “This 75th anniversary commemorative trailer has significant meaning


Lower Up Front Investment Lower Maintenance Costs than Hammer Mills

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Please contact us today to learn how we can help you make more $$$


Talbert 11


A HAMMEL Shredder can be operated for far less than any other shredder! (incl. all wear parts, fuel, and fluids)

for our company and the entire Talbert team. We want to share this celebration with our dealers and customers who have spent so many years as our partners, as well as those new to Talbert.” A limited number of the anniversary edition trailers are available on Talbert’s popular 55 ton series trailers, specifically the 55CC, 55SA, 55SARC and 55SA-HX models. The basic anniversary package includes cosmetic detailing throughout the length of the trailer, topped off with special Talbert 75th anniversary decals. Featured on both sides of the trailer, these decals appear on bright stainless steel in each of the gooseneck insets. In addition, there are special stainless steel insets in the rear of the trailer as well as stainless steel mud flap brackets with throwback script lettering of “Talbert” cutout. Customers also are able to request a “Made Especially For…” custom placard decal that will be affixed to the gooseneck. Outriggers are powder coated and metallic silver in color to stand out from the anniversary trailer body. Special 75th anniversary conspicuity tape lines the sides of each anniversary trailer. The trailer is offered in standard Talbert Red or Talbert Black and will feature a clear coating to boost the color and provide a distinct shine. Finally, the apitong decking on each 75th anniversary trailer is treated with linseed oil to liven the appearance of the wood and serve as a preservative. Beyond the basic package, customers can get options such as aluminum wheels, special lighting and other custom parts and accessories. Package prices will vary depending on each custom design and will be determined by each dealer. While the trailer is designed to commemorate Talbert’s heritage and history, Smith and the rest of the Talbert team are looking ahead. “We are very


Superior appoints new National Sales Managers to Equipment and Components divisions MORRIS, MN — Superior Industries, North America’s only combination manufacturer of conveyor systems and their related accessories, is pleased to announce the appointments of two new national sales managers to its conveying equipment and conveyor components divisions. Company veterans Jeff Steiner and Mike Domnick will still maintain strong roles within each of the divisions, however their focus will be operations. Effective immediately, Scott Gulan assumes sales management of the company’s conveying equipment division. His duties will include supervision of territory managers throughout the United States and Canada and customer care from point of sale to the company’s internal customer service estimating team. During his first five years at Superior, and up until the point of this assignment, Gulan was a territory manager representing the Southeastern United States. Before coming to Superior, he had a quarter decade of sales and marketing experience in the industry working for companies like REMA TIP TOP North America Inc.

and Fenner Dunlop. “If you have not met Scott yet, you’ll quickly realize he’s committed to extraordinary customer service,” says Bob Domnick, Superior’s vice president of Sales, Marketing and Engineering. “He’s sharp witted, thoroughly organized and was a born leader.” Meanwhile, Mike McFerren accepts the same role in Superior’s conveyor components division. McFerren’s new responsi-

bility is to oversee the company’s idler, pulley and conveyor accessory territory sales managers in the United States and Canada. Along with his new team, McFerren will work to ensure Superior’s component’s distribution and bulk material producing customers are well supported. Until now, McFerren was a territory manager representing Superior conveyor components in the Northeastern United

States. Previously to his employment with the company, he spent time with REMA TIP TOP North America Inc., FMC Technologies and was an industrial sales consultant. “Mike is an innovative strategist and very detailed tactical planner,” says Domnick. “He will work closely with our sales managers and distribution to develop, maintain and complete their goals.” Superior Industries has a reputation of engineer-

ing and manufacturing groundbreaking, bulk material handling conveyors and cutting edge components. From its headquarters in Morris, MN, the manufacturer supplies the market with stackers, transfer conveyors and stationary systems plus idlers, pulleys and accessories to lower operating costs and increase production. The company manufactures from two additional plants in Arizona and Georgia.

Talbert from 9


proud of our history as a company, and we are excited to celebrate 75 years of success,” he said. “At the same time, we look forward to a bright future and another 75 years of manufacturing the best custom trailers on the market.” Founded in 1938, Talbert Manufacturing provides the most complete line of heavy haul trailers and specialized transportation equipment for the commercial, industrial, military and government sectors; in applications that include renewable energy, aerospace, heavy construction, inplant material handling, manufacturing and processing systems, and much more. For more information, contact Talbert Manufacturing, 1628 W. State Rd. 114, Rensselaer, IN 47978. Call 800-348-5232, fax 219-866-7060, e-mail or visit the website at

EarthScape, Inc. enters the third generation of wholesale mulch production


by Jon M. Casey

Pick your color! Mulch from Earthscape comes in various colors including red, black, brown, and shades of natural wood like that from the Hemlock mill. As you turn off of The Perry Highway (PA state highway 19 near Mercer, PA) and onto the site of EarthScape, Inc. a wholesale mulch production facility, it is immediately clear that turning saw mill wood waste into a variety of natural and colored mulch products, is the primary objective. Since the mid1970’s the Hoobler family has been grinding and coloring mulch at this location, with products destined for landscapers and garden centers in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Customers have come to appreciate EarthScape’s reputation for high quality mulch products. That has helped the business grow from Philip Hoobler’s one man operation to what it has become today, a regional supplier with more than a dozen trucks on the road. “We are busy delivering material from Memorial Day; pretty much right up until frost,” says David Hoobler VP, who is Philip’s son and father of Evan Hoobler, president of Earthscape, Inc. “The bulk of our material goes out from April through July. We aren’t open Memorial Weekend or July 4th, but the rest of that time, this place is hopping! We will move more than 60,000-cubic-yards of material in a season.” Hoobler says the business began when Philip, who is now semi-retired at 80 years of age, began grinding sawmill waste with a Haybuster™ Tub Grinder as a way to make mulch for a few local customers. Hoobler and his brother Neil formed EarthScape, Inc. and purchased the business from their father in 2001. From there, the business continued to grow and they acquired a Vermeer TG400 tub grinder to increase production throughout the season. “We take in fresh sawmill waste all year long as it is available from the mills,” he says. “We grind it and stockpile it over the winter, as we prepare for the spring sales.” “My brother sold his portion of the business in 2010 and my son Evan became president and part owner of the business,” said David. “We realized that colored mulch products were what the marketplace was demanding, so we added screening, coloring and stacking equipment to meet that demand. Currently, EarthScape uses Amerimulch and Nature’s Reflections lines of colorants.” For more information on EarthScape Mulch products, contact them at 724376-2311 or via e-mail at Three generations of Hooblers are involved in Earthscape Mulch. Shown L-R: David Hoobler, Evan Hoobler, and brothers Glen Hoobler and Phillip Hoobler, David's father.

EarthScape 13


from 12

At the end of the workday, Chris Swogger cleans out their Vermeer TG400 grinder, before heading for home.

Chris Swogger moves ground mulch. The Supreme Dredge has an 8-yard strike capacity, but can hold up to 10yards when heaped full of material.

Glen Hoobler is one of Earthscape's truck operators.

Walking floor trailers are an invaluable tool. Here, Glen is unloading a trailer load of shredded material.


Chris Swogger regrinds a batch of natural mulch, producing a high quality landscaping mulch for garden centers.

Dave Sapala, marketing and sales consultant for Supreme Manufacturing, Inc., finds this Hemlock mulch especially brilliant and colorful for landscaping.

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The JRB Grapple Bucket/Rake by Paladin Attachments attaches to wheel loaders to efficiently transport materials in construction debris, land clearing, trash handling and scrap applications. Its unique “C” shaped radial design allows unwanted small debris to drop out through the bottom shell, eliminating excess material weight in each truckload. For added load security, the JRB Grapple Bucket/Rake utilizes multiline grapples equipped with both horizontal and vertical bars that hold materials firmly in place. Optional sidebars are also available to increase material retention. To better support and transport uneven loads, the dual hydraulic cylinders allow the left and right grapple arms to move independently. The JRB Grapple Bucket/Rake is available in five models, ranging in size from 2.25 to 6-cubic-yards with maximum openings ranging from 75 to 120-inches. It is available as a pin-on attachment, and is also compatible with JRB’s Quick Coupler System. Paladin Attachments is a leading

manufacturer of couplers and attachments throughout North America and parts of the world for the construction, aggregate, agriculture, landscaping, land clearing, recycle, mining, demolition, utility, aviation and municipal market segments. For more information about Paladin’s entire coupler and attachment offering, call 800-4282538, fax 330-734-3018, e-mail, or visit

The JRB Grapple Bucket/Rake by Paladin Attachments attaches to wheel loaders to efficiently transport materials in construction debris, land clearing, trash handling and scrap applications.


4 sizes available, reversed cylinder to protect rod, easy change teeth, cutting blade

JRB grapple bucket/rake traps and transports debris

V isiting the WHEN Expo North, 2012


by Steve Wagner

Kleeman's MOBICAT MC110Z welcomed visitors as they “We wanted to look at some of the newer equipment out in the market,” Robert DeLillo told WHEN at the WHEN Recycling Expo North during the last week of October. “We’re in the wood products business down there in Elk County (Saint Mary’s PA). We do a lot of grinding and chipping. Just want to look at some newer technology out there, specifically more innovative ways to color mulch.” DeLillo said that his business is willing to travel up to 150 miles to do business. Beyond that, he says, distance becomes unprofitable. This year’s WHEN Expo North at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Henrietta NY, began on a chilly and rainy day and ended with 80 degree temperatures. Despite predictions of a storm, nicknamed The Frankenstorm due to hit the following week, the weather was perfect for watching recycling equipment do what it does — recycling wood, metal, concrete and asphalt; screening, crushing, mulching, shredding and pulverizing. There is something fascinating, almost hypnotic, about viewing these processes. Mechanical dominance has captured the interest of many of us since we were kids. Accordingly, it has not abandoned us in adulthood. We continue to stand and watch, only now the equipment is much more sophisticated than, say, the rudimentary steam shovel of the 1940s and ‘50s. “I remember when a pipeline came across my grandfather’s farm,” recalls Bruce Button, Lee Publications vice president and general manager. “They had this mammoth machine that had a huge

Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) staff members pose for a photograph. Jerry Biuso, Sr. CEO, Maura Dibble, NY exec. director and Jack Volk (L-R) are looking for new members across the U.S.

exited the Expo Center.

The Allu demonstrations of their D-Series bucket screening systems was a popular attraction both days. bucket on it that came through. I mean, I could spend days up there watching that. It dug a trench 6-feet wide and 10-feet deep. Then they brought in those pieces of pipe, welded them in place, dropped them in, and then they had to back fill.” Exhibitors Companies like Vermeer, ALLU, Hammel New York, Sandvik, and a host of others exhibiting at this year’s Expo, focused on equipment that will serve their client base, best. Many products are built to multitask while others accommodate multi-tasking attachments. For example, Ron Sladey of Moley Magnetics, Lockport, NY said that his company is primarily an excavator attachment company. “We really focus much of our sales effort on our shears and our magnets. That’s kind of where we got started. Since then we’ve gotten into grapples, crushers and pulverizers.” Moley’s clients are primarily in the demolition industry, the scrap industry and the railroads. Of the HHS 200R shear on display in the Moley exhibit, Sladey explains that “this is a mobile hydraulic shear. It is the second smallest of the mobile hydraulic shears that we sell. We offer seven Ron Slaby, sales and marketing manager for Moley sizes, from a 1500-pound shear to a 21,000-pound Magnetics, Inc. (R), talks with a prospect about one of model. These are primarily used in scrap yards to their HSS 200R Titanium Shears. process metal. They are also used by demolition WHENExpo 22 companies in demolishing buildings, taking out


from 23

John Kramer of AEL Construction, Arundel, ME (standing facing camera), talks with representatives from Sandvik following a demonstration of the tracked jaw crusher.

One of several cars that were put through the HAMMEL Red Giant shredder are lifted into place before being reduced into more easily transportable material.

Sandvik's QJ331 tracked portable crusher, quickly turned the recycled concrete chunks into marketable material.

Bruce Button, general manager of Lee Publications adjusts his video camera while Gert Semler of HAMMEL New York (R) watches the Red Giant demonstration. Button was videoing and uploading highlights of the WHEN Expo North during the two day event.

Brad Van Rheenen, Vermeer solutions specialist,likes the way the WC2300 Whole Tree Chipper has performed since it’s introduction two years ago.

KOMPTECH's Multistar L3 screener static display, gives shoppers an idea of its size and capacity. Jeff Grabowsky, Dave Kline, and Jason Weir of Emerald Equipment Systems (L-R), offer a full line of equipment for quarries and recyclers.

Indoor exhibits give visitors and opportunity to see some the latest in attachments and support equipment.

There's always time to shop for tools! Troy Bianco of Emerald Equipment Systems (center) looks over some tool sets that interest him.


beams or whatever type metal they are processing.” Sladey said that his most distant client is in Panama. He sold a unit to that customer in the spring of 2012. Next year, he said that Moley hopes to sell 25 of these shears throughout the nation. Near the Moley Shear, a huge round magnet on floor, reminds passersby of the James Bond movie where the electro-magnet dropped by helicopter to pick up a car by its roof, fly it out to sea and drop it in the ocean. “It’s actually a very unique product,” Sladey says. “This specific magnet doesn’t run off a generator, which typically they do. This will run off the batteries of the vehicle it’s attached to. It saves people a considerable amount of money and reduces the amount of maintenance that has to be done to the product. Its longevity is fantastic.” A show for everyone What brings exhibitors and attendees to an Expo like this? “With this type of equipment and the price it goes for, most buyers are going to want to see this thing demonstrated,” says Button. “They want to see more than one machine and see a comparison of the machines. So they can see a lot of machines and comparisons in one place. They can ask their questions while they’re right here. It saves them a lot of time.” “You might have somebody who comes here who is involved with a wood grinder or a shredder,” he adds. “Some attendees are involved with multiple industries. It becomes a co-op thing where this guy invites a bunch of his customers, and they all get to see everybody’s equipment.” Button also used the word ‘torque’ after watching the HAMMEL Red Giant shred a junked car that had burned. “For that type of machine, it’s a safety thing,” he said. “You can operate one of those in an urban area. If you’re demolishing a building, you can take brick, concrete, or structural steel, and put it all in that machine. It is actually turning at a very slow RPM, but very high torque. It will shear and crush anything that’s put into it. Some machines are very high speed and just smash things up, and cannot be used in a really tight urban environment.” To those watching a video presentation of tree tops being lopped off at the Enterprising Europa exhibit, Roland Jarl explains that “this is a tree cutting operation. Here, they are cutting with an excavator rather than doing it manually or with bucket lifts. This is an attachment that goes on the end of an excavator. It is very innovative, cutting edge, you might say. This is a new product for us.” “We haven’t imported it yet, he continued. “We are going to bring it into North America next year. The company is working on tweaking a couple of things. Customers seem to want a few little things different from what you see on this video. This would be used by municipalities for road maintenance, mainly.” For more information on future WHEN Expos, visit the Lee Publications, Inc. website at

Vermeer Texas-Louisiana hosts groundbreaking event for San Antonia facility relocation PELLA, IOWA — Vermeer TexasLouisiana, a market leader in environmental and underground construction equipment with 11 locations across Texas and southern Louisiana, held a groundbreaking ceremony for their San Antonio facility relocation. Located directly off the IH-35 corridor on the northeast side of San Antonio within the city limits of Selma, the new

34,000-square-foot facility will be built on 8.2 acres and will open in early 2013. The store will include additional space for heavy equipment, parts inventory, service, training and sales. The new facility will replace the branch located on the east side of San Antonio, which has been open since 1978. The dealership has been awarded the Pinnacle Award, the highest distinction

awarded by the manufacturer, recognizing excellence in customer service and support. The groundbreaking event was hosted in partnership with the Randolph Metrocom Chamber of Commerce, which supports economic development and business growth in Selma and nine other local communities. “We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from our San Anto-

nio customer base over the past 30 years,” said Vice President Mike Bye. “We are investing in this new facility to demonstrate our continued commitment to better service our customers in the region.” For more information on Vermeer products and services, visit the company’s website at or e-mail Vermeer at

Buffalo Turbine adds Monsoon compact fan assisted misting system to product line SPRINGVILLE, NY — Based on the popularity of the Buffalo Turbine debris blowers and sprayers, Paul Syracuse, general manager of Buffalo Turbine LLC is pleased to announce the newest addition to their product line, the Buffalo Turbine compact fan assisted misting system. The compact fan assisted misting system can be utilized to control airborne fugitive dust and mist odor neutralizing inside recycling facilities, waste transfer stations, wood recycling, composting and other similar applications. This compact misting system can also be used for evaporative cooling for employees and company events. The Monsoon compact fan assisted

misting system utilizes a proprietary high speed rotary atomizer and can distribute a fine mist of water in excess of 50-feet. The misting system does not utilize small nozzle tips and is not prone to plugging. Requiring very little maintenance this compact system is lightweight, portable and has a standard 110 volt power source along with a 3/4inch garden hose connection. This system is very affordably priced and is very easy to maintain. Dealer inquires for these products are welcome. For more information on this product and the full line of Buffalo Turbine Monsoon Misting Systems please contact or e-mail us at

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2x4 4 and d 4x4 4 Vehicless to o Fitt Yourr Everyy Need XRT’s Are Great For Construction Sites, Recycling Plants, Composting Facilities, Scrap Metal Yards, Hauling, Moving Materials . . . Vehicles Available in Electric, Gas & Diesel; With Many Accessories and Attachments To Choose From. Participating Dealerships of the XRT Give Away CLUB CAR 1-800-CLUBCAR 1-706-863-3000

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Portable 8’x32’ Trommel w/48”x50’ Radial Stacking Conveyor.


John Deere Diesel to Power Plant Hydraulic System.

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California Aggregate & Mining Machinery

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Recycling Equipment Miscellaneous BUSINESS CARD MAGNETS only $75.00 for 250. Free Shipping. Call Beth at Lee Publications 518-673-0101 or Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery

2000 UNIVERSAL Refriner PDR96-56, 2150 hrs., u-tube halstr uckman universal refriner. Working every day. 318-422-5794

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WASTE HANDLING EQUIPMENT NEWS E-mail announcement of your upcoming event(s) to: We must receive your information, plus a contact phone number, prior to the deadline that's noted under the Announcements heading at the top of this page. JAN 15 The Alternative Case Resolution Initiative (ACRI) Radisson Hotel & Conference Center, Green Bay, WI. $625/person. Contact Catamount Consulting, 518-6232352. On Internet at JAN 28-31 US Composting Council: Annual Conference 2013 Orlando, Florida. The world’s largest conference and exhibition for the organics management industry - composting, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy from

organics, compostable plastics, wood waste and organics recycling. Call 301-8972715. On Internet at MAR 19-21 World of Asphalt Show & Conference and AGG1 Aggregates Forum & Expo San Antonio, Texas. On Internet at and MAR 23-26 National Demolition Assoc. 40th Anniversary Convention San Diego, CA. Call 800541-2412. On Internet at


Number / Classification 20 Air Compressors 25 Air Tools 55 Appraisal Services 60 Asphalt Equipment 65 Asphalt Recycling 70 Attachments 80 Auctions 85 Backhoe/Loaders 150 Buckets 165 Business Opportunities 200 Chippers 220 Compaction Equipment 225 Composting Equipment 245 Concrete Products 250 Concrete Recycling 255 Construction Demolition 265 Construction Eq. For Rent 270 Construction Eq. For Sale 275 Construction Machinery Wanted 300 Conveyors 310 Cranes 320 Crushing Equipment 365 Demolition 375 Dozers 400 Drills 415 Employment Wanted 425 Engines 430 Excavators 470 Financial Services 495 For Rent or Lease 505 Forklifts 535 Generators 550 Gradalls 555 Graders 610 Help Wanted 635 Hoists 705 Legal Notices 745 Loaders 760 Lumber & Wood Products 780 Maintenance & Repair 805 Miscellaneous 880 Parts 890 Pavers 912 Point Of Sale 925 Pressure Washers 940 Quarry Equipment 950 Real Estate For Sale 955 Real Estate Wanted 975 Rentals 1017 Scrapers 1020 Screening Equipment 1040 Services Offered 1065 Skid Steer Loaders 1085 Snowplows 1105 Sweepers 1120 Tools 1130 Tractors 1140 Trailers 1145 Training 1170 Truck Parts & Equipment 1180 Trucks 1185 Used Equipment 1205 Wanted 1230 Wood Waste Grinders 1235 Wood Waste Recycling

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or email Services Offered CANVAS PRINTS: All sizes. Mounted or Unmounted. Just bring in or send us your photo at Lee Publications. Call 518673-0101

Snowblowers LORENZ 3PT. 8’ H.D. snowblower, model 838, dual auger, hyd. chute, stored inside, used once, $4,600 OBO. 585-548-2641

Trucks 1987 LN8000 10 WHEEL DUMP truck, 17’ body, $7,100. 978-544-6105


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888-596-5329 $15.50


Trucks for All Your Needs - Specializing in Agri-Business Vehicles

1996 Mac Frame Type TA Dump Trailer 38’x96”x54” Sides, Alum Body, 2-way Tail Gate, Grain Chute, Steel Frame, Air Susp, All Alum Wheels, Excellent Rubber $19,500

888-497-0310 Wood Waste Grinders


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Martin’s Farm Trucks, LLC

1979 Fruehauf Alum Tank Trailer Tandem Axle, Double Conical, Single Comp, 8,000 Gal., 42’x96” Spring Susp, Nice Condition. $11,900


Wood Waste Grinders











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650HP - Volvo Engine 600HP - John UR 92 Grinder Deere Engine - Demo Unit UR 82 Grinder - Rental Unit Price: $430,000 Price: $290,000 E-mail: Phone: 1-800-776-0335

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