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I am always asked about financing and to be honest, as a Salesman, keeping one person as your key go to guy, is difficult to do at best. If they are that on their game, they follow up, get the best product for the customer and are generally a personable person, they usually don’t last long in that position. Their superiors recognize their performance and off they go to greener pastures. We found a good company and great guy last year and we’ve been working him hard. They have been a general pleasure to work with and the customers seemed pleased also. So we spent a few minutes with Mark Combs and Gary Bagwill of Snider Leasing of Sacramento, CA and asked them the questions I generally get asked that are never the same with Financial Institutions, but with this information, you can get a jump start on your financing and maybe some ideas to think about. Q - What should a customer get together prior to calling for financing? Financial statements, tax returns? A - Requirements for financial information will vary from one lender to another, and is often influenced by the amount of the request to be financed and the credit strength of the Applicant. To use a standard rule of thumb, however, most lenders will be looking for the

following: A Credit Application; 2 years Profit & Loss Statements on the business and the principals of the company, (depending on whether or not the company is publicly or privately held); If the yearend of the business is more than 6 months old, an interim Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet will likely be desired; If the business financial statements are unaudited, corresponding Federal Tax Returns for the same 2 year period will likely be required; If the business is closely held, Federal Tax Returns on all principals will also likely be required. Q - What are good rules of thumb for maximum finance amounts based on income levels? A - The term of the financing will vary by lender, the type of equipment being financed, the age and useful life of the equipment and the financial and credit strength of the Applicants. Typical terms usually range for 24 months to 60 months. Weaker credits, weaker financial strength, etc. will typically only be considered for the shorter terms. Stronger Applicants can in some scenarios get terms of up to 84 months. Q - What is an operating lease? A - There are primarily 2 types of leases.

Hey 5

North American Attachments

George & Swede Sales & Service, Inc. 2012 Link-Belt 160 X2 2012 Link-Belt 210 X2 9’8” Arm, 32” Tracks, Standard Machine $Call For Price$

120HP, 10’ Arm, Multi-Function Hydraulics, 36” Bucket, Hydraulic Coupler

$Call For Price$

2011 Link-Belt 80SB

2011 Link-Belt 160 X2

24” & 42” Bucket, Multi Function Hyd., 17’7” Rubber Tracks, 6’11” Arm $99,000

10’ Arm, 23.5” Tracks, Multi Function Aux, AC, Quick Coupler $145,000

2006 Link-Belt 80SB


Loader Rakes

Grapple Buckets

Car Body Forks


Thumbs & Rakes

Skid Steer w/ replaceable teeth

2011 U Screen C36

52HP, Pin on Bucket, Esco Portable Screening Plant, 30” Bucket, 18” Rubber Tires 235/80R16, Kubota Tracks, Dozer Blade, Control Engine, Top Screen 1 1/2”, Pattern Changer Bottom Screen 3/4”


2007 Hamm HD14VV New Engine $31,000

Established in 1983


See Us At The Show October 24th & 25th, 2012 Henrietta Dome, Monroe County Fairgrounds, Henrietta, NY

A Full Service Dealership Covering 17 Counties in Western New York Providing Exceptional Parts, Service, Rental, and Sales Departments....With 2 Service Trucks, 5 Mechanics in the Shop, and a Parts Department that can provide parts to all of the equipment we sell and rent.

Manufacturer Financing on New Models - $ Low Rates $ Low Payments $ FINANCING AVAILABLE ON ALL USED EQUIPMENT - Subject to Credit Approval 7155 Big Tree Road • Pavilion, New York 14525

(585) 584-3425 • (800) 724-8722 E-MAIL: WEB SITE: FAX (585) 584-8853


Hey Finance Guy, the Grinder Guy has a few questions…


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Stratford Baling is a “Crown Jewel” in

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Cover photo: Mike Schauer, Site Manager; Sean Vasseur, Maintenance Manager; and Shane Carpenter, CBI-Inc. Sales Rep., outside the MR Stratford Baling volume reduction facility in Stratford, CT.

The Editorial Deadline precedes the Ad Deadline by two days. Waste Handling Equipment News readers include owners, operators, and purchasing agents involved in construction demolition, asphalt/concrete recycling, wood waste recycling and composting. Our editorial emphasizes new equipment, site stories, association updates, legislation and industry news. If you have news to contribute, contact: Jon M. Casey, Editor Waste Handling Equipment News 6113 State Highway 5 Palatine Bridge, New York 13428 Tel: 717-258-6775 Fax: 518-673-2699 E-Mail:

BOWLING GREEN, OHIO — The Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the construction, announces that one of its 1:10 scale Otis railroad shovel models will be raffled. Designed in 1835 and patented in 1839, the Otis Steam Shovel is the earliest known land based single bucket excavator. Originally built for use in railroad construction by the contracting firm in which inventor William S. Otis was a partner, it remained in production in small numbers until the early 1910s. The design concept of a railroad mounted shovel whose boom swung approximately ninety degrees left and right was continued by several manu-

facturers into the late 1920s, and its digging action is seen in today's cable and hydraulic operated shovels. The 1:10 scale model features a swinging boom, extending and retracting dipper stick, rolling wheels, and operational levers, gears, drums and bucket trip, and comes on a section of railroad track for exhibit. It is the first of a series of scale models being produced exclusively for the HCEA, and was introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011. The model sells for $4,500, but raffle tickets are available for $5 each. All proceeds will go to fund development of additional models of historic equipment. Tickets are available from the HCEA at, or by calling the HCEA

office at 419-352-5616. The drawing will be held Sept. 15, 2012, at the HCEA's membership banquet in Bowling Green, Ohio, and the winner need not be present. The HCEA was founded in 1986, and has over 4,300 members in twenty-five countries. In addition to its magazine and hosting an annual working exhibition of restored construction equipment, it operates the National Construction Equipment Museum and archives in Bowling Green, Ohio. Individual memberships are $30 within the USA and Canada, and $40 U.S. elsewhere. Information is available at, or by calling 419-3525616 or e-mailing

The Historical Construction Equipment Association will raffle one of its Otis railroad shovel models.

Hey from 3 Finance Leases and Operating Leases. There are even often variances of these which are interpreted differently from Lender

to Lender but typically an Operating Lease if more oriented toward a structure that is considered “Off Balance Sheet” fi-

nancing and does not typically lead to ownership of the equipment at the end of the contract. It is also subject to specific

accounting and IRS requirements and guidelines and the payments are typically referred to as “Rental Payments” and

are tax deductible. The Lender/Lessor takes the depreciation, not the Applicants. An Operating Lease is often more beneficial to Applicants looking for lower payments than traditional financing, unique tax advantages, (such as no Alternative Minimum Tax consequences) and better addresses the obsolescence factor regarding the equipment, since ownership may not be the desired goal at the end of the contract. Q - Why is leasing better than purchasing — or not? A - There are advantages and disadvantages to both traditional financing and leasing. These will be established by the circumstances of the Applicant as outlined above. In addition to the advantages listed above, typically a lease will offer less initial capital expenditure than traditional financing and, in some cases, more flexible terms and structures. Traditional financing may offer the benefit of a more accelerated write-off under some circumstances,

depending upon applicable IRS guidelines and opportunities. A lease may be less impacted by IRS regulations and consequences than traditional financing by virtue of nature/qualifications and a Rental Contract, as referenced above. So for your next purchase, or lease, get some options that may benefit your tax position rather than just comparing rates because when it comes down to the end of the year, we don’t care how much interest we paid, we care how much money we made. You can contact Mark Combs at 800-377-8812 or for more information. Also, 2012 is going by quickly. Your accelerated depreciation amount is at 50 percent this year and you still have your Section 179 Expensing for used equipment. You can get more detailed information at . Questions, Comments, .


Scale model of Otis Shovel to be raffled


VTN Rotobec Screening and Crushing Buckets The VTN Rotobec SR Rotary Screening Bucket can be equipped with many different sizes of screen in order to produce the correct size of material. It is ideal where materials from a demolition job are being used in new construction or where fill has to have specific characteristics. Models of the SR screening bucket fit excavators ranging from 7.5-38.5 tons. Features: • 5 models to choose from • Quick and easy screen replacement • Includes skid plates for added screen protection • Screen sizes range from 3/4” to 3” • Screen is made from a single piece of steel For more information on the VTN Rotobec SR Rotary Screening Bucket or any other VTN Rotobec products please contact your regional territory manager. VTN Rotobec FP crushing bucket The FB crushing bucket provides the “ideal crush in place solution”. The high maganese content wear plates provide hundreds of hour of service and can be rotated. The

flat nature of the plates and the oscillating movement provides excellent through put of rebar. The option magnet base on the FB also makes rebar sorting a breeze. The FB is available in four sizes and its setup to take a wide variety of lugging types. Features: • Four models to choose from

• Crushing plates can be adjusted from 5” to 3/4” opening • Structure is entirely made with Hardox 400 • Crushing plates have a high concentration of Manganese steel Contact: Rotobec USA, 162 Rotobec Dr., Littleton, NH 03561. P. 603-4442103. F. 603- 444-0327.


The VTN FB 350 crushing bucket. Photo courtesy of Rotobec USA

WESTCHESTER TRACTOR INC. 60 International Blvd • Brewster, NY 10509 845-278-7766 • Fax 845-278-4431

One of the VTN Rotobec SR Rotary Screening Buckets.

CLEAVES CO. INC. 300 Reservoir St. Needham, MA 02194 781-449-0833

TYLER EQUIPMENT CORP. 251 Shaker Rd. East Longmeadow, MA 01028 800-292-6351 Fax: 413-525-5909 94 Union City Rd., Rt. 68 Prospect, CT 06712 800-352-4473

W. M. BIERS INC. Port of Albany Albany, NY 12202 518-434-2747

CP Heavy- and SevereDuty Buckets by Paladin are built for ultimate durability on the job to provide the best return on your investment. Available in widths from 10 inches up to 84 inches, they dig and move the most abrasive materials with mini-excavators and excavators up to 200,000 pounds (90 metric tons). Extended life and bucket accountability start with a circular torque tube design that enhances each bucket’s overall strength. Onepiece T-1 curved side cutters and side wear pads protect against premature wear of the bucket sides, while an abrasion resistant “double-bottom” up to 3/4 inches thick provides a hard, yet lightweight barrier between the bucket and your material. The bucket teeth-available in various styles — and a T-1 cutting edge with triple pass welding sit at a downward angle to aggressively dig into your material, providing faster scooping and less stress on the machine. On medium and larger models, an additional triangular steel fabrication increases strength and stability without adding unnecessary weight. CP Heavy-Duty Buckets are available in struck capacity sizes from 0.037 cubic yards up to 5.7 cubic yards. CP Severe-Duty Buckets are available in struck capacity sizes from 0.106 cubic yards up to 3.9 cubic yards. Paladin is a leading manufacturer of couplers and attachments throughout North America and parts of the world for the construction, aggregate, agriculture, landscaping, land clearing, recycling, mining, demolition, utility, aviation and municipal market segments. For more information about Paladin’s entire coupler and attachment offering, call 800-456-7100, email pcginfo@paladinbrands.c om or visit

CP Heavy-Duty Buckets are available in struck capacity sizes from 0.037 cubic yards up to 5.7 cubic yards.

CP Severe-Duty Buckets are available in struck capacity sizes from 0.106 cubic yards up to 3.9 cubic yards.


CP Heavy- and Severe-Duty Buckets sink their teeth in


Stratford Baling is a “Crown Jewel” in Connecticut’s Murphy Road Recycling by Jon M. Casey From the time that Murphy Road Recycling acquired the Stratford Baling Volume Reduction Facility on Garfield Avenue in Stratford, CT, Director of Operations, Jonathan Murray and his staff have been making improvements to the site. Currently, it is one of the most modern and efficient dual stream recycling facilities on the East Coast. Murray recalled the previous operation was being used as a transfer station for C&D waste and there was a single-stream paper recycling operation there as well. By the time that Murphy Road Recycling purchased the property in September, 2008, the facility had fallen into major disrepair. The surrounding community thought very poorly of what was there at the time. Overall, the facility was not up to the standards of excellence for which Murphy Road Recycling is known, so it was at this time that they considered C&D processing as a way to improve the efficiency of the facility. “As a company, we had been in C&D recycling at some of our other locations like East Windsor and Waterbury since the 1980s,” he said. “There, we have been using Continental Biomass Industries, Inc. (CBI) equipment to grind wood for years. We had good experience with their equipment in the past. We operate a CBI 4600, an 8600 and a 4000 in addition to a CBI Shear. So, because of that relationship, we asked them to give us a design proposal for Stratford.” “We liked what they came up with, and work on the new system began in late 2010,” he said. “With the permitting, clean up and fine-tuning at start up, it took us about 18 months to get the system on line. Since then, the system has worked very well.” Murray said that besides the installation of the new CBI system, they completely repaved the site and added a new inbound/outbound scale system in the process. They installed a new roof on the building and completely re-sided the structure as well. Using a current expression, this was truly an “Extreme Makeover!” “While we are located in an industrial park that is home to other heavy industries and trucking companies, we have residential neighbors adjacent to our property in the rear. We want to be a good neighbor,

Shane Carpenter, Stationary equipment sales representative for CBI, especially likes the way the sorted recyclables can be taken away through exterior access doors rather from inside the facility like many other designs. so as we developed our remodeling plan, we were always mindful of the people around us,” he said. The new system provides both single and doubleground wood materials, for a variety of uses. They produce recycled wood products for mulch, biofuels, wood for pelletizing, and other ground wood products that consumers might need. Currently, there are three or four wood products being shipped. Additionally, the facility produces recycled concrete material for local contractors who need a material as clean fill. Most of the paper material that once would have come to this location is taken to the Murphy Road Recycling facility in nearby Bridgeport,

CT. That site specializes in recycling paper waste. Murray said they added a new baling system as a part of the improvement project. They are constantly baling the waste residue that is not recyclable. The bales are staged, and then transported to an approved landfill in Ohio, on a regular basis. While Murray is busy overseeing other facilities in Murphy Road Recycling, the day-to-day operation of Stratford Baling is under the watchful eye of Site Manager, Mike Schauer. Mike is a long time employee with Murphy Road Recycling and does an excellent job of making certain the operation runs smoothly. Sean Vasseur serves as Mike’s right-hand

Crewmembers await material coming down the main conveyor. man, working as an equipment operator and Maintenance Manager, a job that keeps him hopping all of the time. “We have an outstanding crew at this facility,” said Murray. “We appreciate all that they do for us there.” As one of 15 facilities in the All American Waste/Murphy Road Recycling organization, the Stratford Baling operation has become a “Crown Jewel” within their system. “We are the largest private collection company in Connecticut,” said Murray. “We are looking to work together with the communities that we serve. The Stratford Baling remodeling effort was no exception. We worked closely with our local officials. They were very understanding of

what we were looking to accomplish. They worked with us every step of the way.” Murray is excited about how well the improvements have gone. Since sales and marketing of the recyclables is part of Murray’s responsibilities, he is looking forward to the continued growth of the operation especially with respect to the sale of the recycled wood products. “We have been extremely successful marketing the paper, plastic, metal and concrete materials and we are always looking for more customers, especially in the wood recycling segment of the business.” For more information about Stratford Baling, contact them at 800-9982984.

by Jon M. Casey When Murphy Road Recycling was looking for a turnkey system as an upgrade for their Stratford Baling Volume Reduction Facility, they looked to Continental Biomass Industries Inc. and Shane Carpenter for the expertise that they needed. “We are very proud of this installation,” said Carpenter as we toured the Stratford, CT facility. “This is the first installation of its kind for our company where the sorted recyclables can be loaded and shipped from bins located on the exterior walls of the building,” he said. As he focused our attention to the series of overhead doors located between the exterior-mounted trommel and Magnum Force 8600 grinder, he noted, “As you can see, this makes the movement of recycled products quicker and safer since the trucks do not have to enter the building. That also allows for more infeed material on the interior floor for loading into the system.” Carpenter said material flow is a simple one with a dual feeding system design, that provides optimum material sorting for producing quality end products. Incoming material is loaded into the infeed hopper and is conveyed up to an Action™, vibratory, tapered-slot screen. The screened, smaller material is conveyed up and outside to a trommel which screens desirable wood waste that collect in the hopper below, while overs from the trommel return inside the building and are discharged into the Action™, DenseOut separator and vibratory slotted screen unit. This system removes lighter material and discharges it onto one belt, while a parallel belt receives the heavier materials; generally concrete and brick. Carpenter noted inside the Dense-Out separator, there are two air knives that work to remove the lighter material while the heavies end up on the smaller conveyor belt. “This unit works extremely well. We have seen great success with it.” While this process is taking place, the overs from the initial tapered-slot screen continue up to the main picking conveyor where a team of workers removes all of the metal, plastic and other non-wood items. The remaining wood moves on to the end of the belt, where it is dropped onto a belt that

feeds the primary, CBI Magnum Force 8600 HZ Hog horizontal grinder. Other wood waste that has been plucked from the belts by the crew and is dropped onto conveyers under the worker’s platform, feeds onto the belt that supplies material to horizontal grinder mounted outside the building. Once the wood is ground, it then passes under a magnet to remove nails and other metal debris before being conveyed up to a second CBI Grizzly Mill. There, the material can either be re-ground to a more refined product, or it can be diverted and discharged into one of the exterior bins as a single ground product. If the wood is to be doubleground, it passes through the grizzly before being stockpiled in one of the covered material bins. “We designed this facility with the ability to provide either single or double ground wood products, depending on what their customers are looking for,” said Carpenter. “The addition of conveyors under the work stations, to take wood waste from the picking site to the grinder, is a feature that makes this design more efficient when it comes to creating an end product. That makes this system somewhat unique in that way.” As we finished our tour near the storage bins for ground wood material, we noticed that there were some additional wood waste items stored in one of the bins. “They sometimes take in larger items like these pallets,” said Carpenter. “Since we located the horizontal grinder outdoors, it gives them the ability to direct-load the HZ 8600 and grind wood materials that do not need to be sorted. Not only does that make the interior quieter and more dust-free, but it gives their crews the flexibility of grinding more kinds of wood waste material when it is available.” Carpenter said CBI-Inc. is extremely proud of how well Stratford Baling and CBI worked together to make this project a success. “This was a team effort that came together and works extremely well,” he said. “We like to think of this as a ‘Crown Jewel’ when it comes to a recycling system.” For more information on CBI-Inc., visit their website at or give them a call at 603-382-0556.


CBI-Inc. Processing System makes short work of C&D recyclables


by Jon M. Casey Sean Glennon, vice president of Volvo CE Shippensburg Operations and Volvo’s Gary J. Atkinson, Segment Development Manager for Road, Quarry and Aggregate Products, were on hand for a walk-around

inspection of Volvo’s G946B Motor Grader at the 2012 World of Asphalt and AGG-1 Aggregates Forum in Charlotte, NC, on Wednesday, March 14. For contractors who are looking for a motor grader that is able to perform according to

today’s rigorous standards and at the same time, cost less to operate than most other manufacturer’s similar models, the G946B is certainly a grader that requires consideration. Glennon was excited to say that the plant expan-

sion at the Shippensburg, PA, manufacturing plant and recently-designated North American Headquarters for Volvo CE, will give this facility the capability of complete manufacture and assembly of the 900 series motor graders. He said that

This 946 B Tier 4 motor grader from Volvo and made in Shippensburg, PA, is equipped with all-wheel drive.

160 Warren Avenue WESTBROOK, ME 04092 207-854-8411 BANGOR, ME 207-942-4838

CARIBOU, ME 207-498-2547 CONCORD, NH 603-224-4063 CHELMSFORD, MA 978-256-9571

COMPANY WRENCH 4805 ScoobyLane Carroll, OH 43112 (P) 740-654-5304 (F) 740-687-9130 Toll Free 866-262-4181 Cleveland, OH Branch 525 Golden Oak Pkwy Oakwood Village, OH 44146 (P) 440-439-4567 (F) 440-439-1789

Piketon, OH Branch 3668 US Route 23 South Piketon, OH 45661 (P) 740-289-3294 Washington, PA Branch 400 West Beau St Washington, PA 15301 (P) 724-222-2447 (F) 724-22-1118

Indianapolis, IN Branch 7019 Brookville Rd Indianapolis, IN 46239 (P) 317-375-7790 (F) 317-375-7792

Rineyville, KY Branch 6300 Rineyville Rd Rineyville, KY 40162 (P)270-360-1010 (F)270-360-1050

Jacksonville, FL Branch 4710 Dignan Street Jacksonville, FL 32254 (P) 904-268-6554 (F) 904-268-0939

Cookeville,TN Branch 1220 Southside Dr Cookeville, TN 38506 (P) 931-526-6222 (F) 931-526-2662

Aiken, SC Branch 1252 Old Kimbill Trail Aiken, SC 29805 (P) 803-642-0060 (F) 803-642-0209

Plant City, FL Branch 2812 Airport Rd Plant City, FL 33563 (P) 813-754-5800 (F) 813-754-5801

Pasco,WA Branch 2300 N Commercial Ave Pasco, WA 99301 (P) 509-728-6614 Vancouver,WA Branch 3909 NW Fruit Valley Rd Vancouver, WA 98660-1278 (P) 360-694-7157 NJ Branch (P) 740-422-6045 (P) 609-313-0720

PENN JERSEY MACHINERY LLC 120 Gordon Drive LIONVILLE, PA 19341 610-363-9200 Fax: 610-594-0829

61 County Line Rd. SOMERVILLE, NJ 08876 908-218-1919 Fax: 908-218-1959

1330 Hurffville Rd. DEPTFORD, NJ 08096 856-227-6400 Fax: 856-227-0046

EDWARD EHRBAR, INC. 4 Executive Plaza YONKERS, NY 10701 914-738-5100 Fax 914-738-6847

601 Coates Avenue HOLBROOK, NY 11741 631-563-7600 Fax 631-218-1069

40 Kenosia Avenue DANBURY, CT 06801 203-743-0088 Fax 203-743-0266

Segment Development Manager, Gary J. Atkinson (L) and Volvo Construction General Manager Sean Glennon, participated in the 2012 AGG-1 event in Charlotte, NC. Photos by Jon M. Casey some of the component parts are still being manufactured abroad then shipped to the plant for final assembly. In the future, everything will be U.S. made. As we began our walkaround of the G946B, Gary Atkinson’s personal experience with the equipment made the experience extremely informative and interesting. His patient explanation of how systems worked and what might be important to a contractor who is

looking for the various advantages that the G946B has to offer, made the time spent at this exhibit, most rewarding. For example, Gary began by saying that the All-wheel Drive feature on this grader, gives the operator more grading power and control while performing on the job. He said that when the grader is equipped with the company’s 8 speed HTE840 transmission, the Volvo

Volvo 12


Volvo grader line featured at this year’s World of Asphalt and AGG-1 Aggregates Forum


Volvo from 11 high torque All Wheel Drive System operates in forward gears 1-7 and reverse gears 1-4. And when equipped with Volvo’s exclusive 11 speed HTE1160 transmission, it operates in forward gears 110 and reverse gears 1-6. Additionally, it provides an additional 8500 pounds of rim pull. When fine grading is called for, the AWD system also provides the ability to fine grade in Creep Mode using only hydrostatic front wheel drive, between 0-4 km/h (0-2.5 mph), when desired. Gary especially noted the location of the teeth on the outside of the circle of the blade, where this design feature gives the operator more torque when turning the blade while grading. He said that the dual gear Circle Drive System uses direct acting hydraulic power for increased turning and holding capability under full load. The Circle Drive System also uses two hardened drive pinions and is protected against impact damage by an overload relief valve as standard equipment. “Our transmission placement is

unique to the industry,” he added. “We have engineered the engine transmission to be beneath the cab and ahead of the articulation hinge. This design puts the weight of the transmission within the grader’s wheelbase. This provides more downward pressure on the blade for greater productivity. It also makes servicing the transmission easier. Other manufacturers have the transmission behind the engine, toward the tail end of the grader. Our exclusive location provides for greater cutting capability, increased steering control and better stability on side slopes.” As we moved to the rear of the grader, Gary highlighted the unique design of the grader’s cooling system and the plenum chamber that houses the various coolers. He said the door-mounted cooling fan is reversible so the system is capable of cleaning itself of dust and debris that might accumulate in the radiators mounted in the sides and door of the plenum. “We do not have a stacked cooler core system like other brands. This greatly

Call Your Dealer Today For More Information COMPANY WRENCH 4805 ScoobyLane Carroll, OH 43112 (P) 740-654-5304 Toll Free 866-262-4181 Cleveland, OH Branch 525 Golden Oak Pkwy Oakwood Village, OH 44146 (P) 440-439-4567 Piketon, OH Branch 3668 US Route 23 South Piketon, OH 45661 (P) 740-289-3294

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The design of the Volvo G940B allows for improved grading on difficult terrain. reduces the likelihood of trashing and overheating,” he emphasized. “There is a hydraulically-powered fan mounted on the exterior of the door that runs independently from the engine. That way, it saves on fuel and horsepower as well. It features a temperature control monitoring system that monitors ambient air temperature as well as engine coolant and hydraulic system temperatures and

COMPANY WRENCH 4805 ScoobyLane Carroll, OH 43112 (P) 740-654-5304 (F) 740-687-9130 Toll Free 866-262-4181 Cleveland, OH Branch 525 Golden Oak Pkwy Oakwood Village, OH 44146 (P) 440-439-4567 (F) 440-439-1789 Piketon, OH Branch 3668 US Route 23 South Piketon, OH 45661 (P) 740-289-3294

operates when needed.” There are numerous additional standard features and optional accessories available on the Volvo 900 series motor graders that provide the kind of individual customization that contractors are looking for when it comes to purchasing a new grader. For more information, visit the Volvo website at

Washington, PA Branch 400 West Beau St Washington, PA 15301 (P) 724-222-2447 (F) 724-22-1118

Rineyville, KY Branch 6300 Rineyville Rd Rineyville, KY 40162 (P)270-360-1010 (F)270-360-1050

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Jacksonville, FL Branch 4710 Dignan Street Jacksonville, FL 32254 (P) 904-268-6554 (F) 904-268-0939

Plant City, FL Branch 2812 Airport Rd Plant City, FL 33563 (P) 813-754-5800 (F) 813-754-5801 Pasco, WA Branch 2300 N Commercial Ave Pasco, WA 99301 (P) 509-728-6614 Vancouver, WA Branch 3909 NW Fruit Valley Rd Vancouver, WA 98660-1278 (P) 360-694-7157 NJ Branch (P) 740-422-6045 (P) 609-313-0720

MIDLANTIC MACHINERY 2240 Bethlehem Pike Hatfield, PA 19440 215-822-0145 Fax 215-822-7971 6375 Allentown Blvd. Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-652-3190 Fax 717-652-6405 1261 Highway 315 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 570-824-9891 Fax 570-824-0268 1400 Joh Avenue Baltimore, MD 21227 410-247-2100 Fax 410-536-5712

BELEN, NM — CEMCO, Inc.’s Glass Gator offers restaurants, cafeterias, institutions, bottlers, recycling centers, bars and hotels an economical, powerful glass recycling tool that’s safe, transportable, compact and easy to use. The Glass

Gator quickly and efficiently turns waste glass into a 100 percent recyclable, cullet or soft edged sand byproduct, effectively reducing waste handling costs and minimizing glass related injuries. Offering the ability to process up to 40 to 80

bottles per minute, the Glass Gator makes quick work of everything from empty glass containers to broken shards of glass. The glass is quickly transformed from sharp hazardous material into rounded sand that is safe to the touch — signifi-

cantly reducing glass related injuries which typically make up the largest number of Workmen’s Compensation claims in the bar and restaurant industry. Such injuries can result in lost wages, scheduling hassles, increasing workmen’s comp

The GlassGator is available in two models depending on the volume of glass to be recycled.

Glass bottles are quickly ground into a safe, granular material. costs and — in extreme cases — legal fees and substantial medical bills. Additionally, the machine itself is safe and easy to operate, whether fed by conveyor or hand. The hopper features strategically placed trap doors to prevent flying glass debris, and further enhance safety for the operator and bystanders. In addition to increasing safety, the Glass Gator also significantly cuts waste handling costs and headaches. Offering an

eight to one size reduction, the Glass Gator efficiently crushes eight glass containers down to the equivalent size of just one container, thus reducing the frequency of waste removal. This volumetric reduction also decreases disposal and haulage costs by hundreds of dollars per month. To accommodate applications where larger pieces of glass may be required, the Glass Gator can be configured to different reduction

Glass Gator14


The Glass Gator from CEMCO, Inc. increases workplace safety and recycling capabilities


Calbag Metals weighs scrap metal accurately and efficiently with rugged Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scale As the scrap metal industry relies heavily on accurate weighing to determine material pricing-with many bulk metals bought and sold by the pound — customers who sell scrap metal rely on

their buyers to deliver a fair price for all materials purchased. With 100 years of experience, Calbag Metals based in Portland, OR, stresses integrity in all their transactions with scrap customers

in the industrial and retail sectors, as well as other scrap dealers. Calbag then processes these metals for milling and provides full quantity, single material loads to domestic and foreign mills.

From their trained staff specializing in metal grading to their regularly calibrated onsite scales, Calbag makes accurate

quality of gravel in an aggregate mix. Some states even require that up to 10 percent reclaimed glass be blended with other aggregates in Class 5, 6 or 7 road base materials. Glass sand can also be used as a landfill cover, both to reduce the total volume of waste in the landfill site and to act as a dust control device. Built for long, reliable life, the Glass Gator offers a screen capacity of up to 50,000 bottles, and a blade capacity of 100,000 bottles. The machine is also designed for fast, simple maintenance. Rotor parts and the sizing screen are easy to replace, and the unit can be quickly cleaned using a simple detergent mix. The Glass Gator runs quietly — no louder than the sound of a typical conversation. The GG2-00838 unit uses a standard 35 gallon roll out cart. For added flexibility, it can be configured for conveyor feeding of multiple bottles at once, or to be single-fed by hand. CEMCO can customize this equipment to fit specific applications. For 50 years, CEMCO, Inc. has been

providing innovative solutions for a variety applications including recycling, crushing, CNC machining and robotic welding. CEMCO takes pride in providing quality customer service and will always go the extra mile to help customers solve problems. For more infor-

mation contact CEMCO, Inc., 80 Don Luis Trujillo Blvd., Belen, NM, 87002. Call 505-864-1200, e-mail, visit the website at or find the company on Facebook.

Calbag 15

Glass Gator from 13 sizes including 1/2-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/4inch uniform cutlet or 1/8-inch minus sand. The Glass Gator is both powerful and productive, yet compact and economical to own and operate, with an average electrical consumption of just 13 to 26 cents per hour. Available in two models, the GG1-00813 stands just under 29inches tall, with an additional hopper height of 23.4-inches, and is driven by a 1.5 horsepower NEMA Class C electric motor. The GG2-00838 features an overall height of 74-inches, and is powered by a 3 horsepower NEMA Class C electric motor. Both units are derived from CEMCO’s popular Aggregate Impact Crusher, and feature abrasion resistant castings and dynamic force of rotation for efficient, powerful operation. Cost and time savings aren’t the only benefits of the Glass Gator. The byproducts produced can be sold to recycling centers, as well as utilized in landfills and aggregate operations. The permeability of glass sand is ideal for aggregate contractors, as it can improve the

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scrap weighing a priority. Retail customers deliver their materials directly to one of Calbag’s public drop off sites in the Pacific Northwest area. For industrial customers, Calbag drivers visit manufacturing locations directly to pick up roll off boxes kept onsite for scrap collection. At Calbag’s facility, smaller metal quantities — particularly high grade metals are weighed on the company’s floor scale to provide precise readings within 1-2-pound increments. Calbag’s truck scale is used to double check scrap loads sold by dealers, as well as to determine the final weight of bulk scrap from roll off boxes typically weighing 20,000 to 50,000pounds. The latter scale takes much abuse in the company’s scrap yard, from frequent use to heavy rain. When their truck scale was ready to be replaced, Calbag needed a durable solution capable of high accuracy and designed to meet their current weighing needs. “The 70-foot scale we were replacing was about 12 years old, so it had reached the end of its useful life, but we also wanted to lengthen the scale,” said Greg Will, operations manager at Calbag Metals. Calbag noted that many over the road trucks are delivering trailers and hauling roll off boxes were now longer than their counterparts a decade ago. A longer scale would allow a full truck to be weighed at once, saving the time and hassle of progressively weighing each vehicle axle by axle. Thus, Calbag

sought a scale replacement with a longer platform to better accommodate larger trucks and roll off boxes — one that was also slightly wider to make it user friendly for drivers. “The old scale was narrow — it was 11-feet wide, with safety railing placed along the scale platform that consumed part of the working width. We wanted a scale that was 12 -ide and allowed us to use that full width during the weighing process,” Will said. “We also needed to make sure the scale featured load cells that could withstand side and lateral forces to handle our many types of trucks and roll off boxes.” The replacement that Calbag selectedthe Avery Weigh-Tronix SteelBridge IMXT truck scale uses the company’s Weigh Bar® electronic weight sensors to provide a low failure rate and resist errors due to the side, end or torsion loading common when utilizing roll off boxes. The Weigh Bar is designed to withstand two million fatigue life cycles while continuously providing accurate, repeatable weighments. In addition, the scale platform features high strength, all welded steel sandwich constructionwith a heavy duty design that provides greater deck rigidity and minimizes deck deflection. The scale platform features a 15 year warranty, but it often provides a usable life of 25 years or more. “We needed a heavy duty scale platform to handle our increased business.

Workers lower the deck into place as part of the installation process.

Calbag 18 The Avery Weigh-Tronix system is easily transportable for quick installation and set up.

John Woodie Enterprises, Inc

CBI 4800 1999, Twin Disc Clutch, Flex Reversible Fan, Remote Control, Unit# 5830. $224,000

Hitachi ZX200LC-3 Crawler Excavator 2008, 3,517 Hrs., Engine Isuzu, 31.5” Pads, 126” Overall Width, 48” Bucket, Unit# 6168. $122,500

Caterpillar 322CL Crawler Excavator 2005, 32” Pads, Catwalks, 52” GP Bkt. w/ Hydraulic Thumb, Quick Connect, 1,034 Hrs., Unit# 6198. $142,500

Morbark 2400XL Wood Chipper 2005, 5’ 6” Overall Opening, 30” Intake Opening, Runs & Operates Good, Unit# 6078. $45,000

1836 Shelton Ave. Statesville, NC Morbark 2100D Wood Chipper 20” Opening, Pintle Hook, Unit# 5704. $15,000



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Calbag from 15 Even though a rugged load cell could handle this stress, we needed additional support for the deck to withstand heavy use,” Will said. The Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scale utilizes an 80-foot scale platform, and this additional 10-feet allows the scale to weigh approximately 10 percent more trucks using a single measurement, rather than axle by axle. The replacement also added a foot in width to the platform, making the scale easier to access. It is also accompanied by a unique railing design that ensures truck and driver safety while keeping nearly all 12-feet of the scale width usable. Mark Hudzinski, account manager at Avery Weigh-Tronix, worked with Will to provide a scale system that met all of Calbag’s specifications and was built to last. “The company calls it the U.S.S. Calbag,” Hudzinski said of the new truck scale. “The scale platform is designed with a substantial amount of steel in the weighbridge to withstand heavy rain and frequent use, and the load cells are well protected from environmental elements.” As the new scale would consume a greater footprint than the prior one, along with installing the scale, Hudzinski and his team of technicians were re-

quired to redesign the scale approaches. Space is limited in Calbag’s busy scrap yard, so all of this needed to be accomplished within a confined area while maintaining safety and ease of use. Their efforts made an impression on drivers. “They did an excellent job designing new approaches. Our truck drivers may not know about the heavy duty deck and load cell design, but they tell us that the extra scale width is helpful and the approaches are better than before,” Will said. “The project was completed in a timely matter, and they made sure I was involved in the design process,” he added. With this new truck scale in place, Calbag can continue running its busy operations efficiently while ensuring the highest accuracy in all scrap weighing optimizing transactions to ensure reliable pricing, thus maintaining customer satisfaction. For more information on Calbag Metals, visit To learn more about the SteelBridge IMXT or other Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scales, visit Technical Points: SteelBridge IMXT Truck Scale: • Features high strength, all welded

The worn decking of the previous scale, reveals the need for a new, more reliable and safer scale system. steel sandwich construction; • Provides low failure rate and high accuracy with Weigh Bar electronic weight sensors; • Incorporates dedicated conduit runs within the weighbridge to protect ca-

bles; and • Functions as the hub of a system linking indicators, ticket printers, infrared technology, a programmable logic controller, computers and remote displays.

Grinder Sale

2006 Vermeer TG525



2006 2006 2002 1998 1997 (3)

Vermeer Vermeer Vermeer Morbark Morbark Vermeer


Serial #

2006 Vermeer TG7000


TG7000 00123 1433 TG525 00237 TG400SOLD00528 1200XL 67467 4290 2348 SOLD00117 9900 TG7000’s Call For Price

Stu 630-986-6018 Darin 309-208-4568


Summer Deals

Stewart 517-206-5512

Financing Available

$425,000 $180,000 $130,000 $98,000 $78,400


Fishers, IN Aurora, IL Aurora, IL Ft Wayne, IN Eureka, IL Aurora, IL


Gary Stu Stu Gary Darin Stu

Greg 314-960-0920 Gary 317-509-3278

4316 Bolivar Rd. Wellsville, NY 14895


Web site: Email: Morbark

Timber Pro




2006 John Deere 648G Series III 4x4 Skidder/Grapple - Call for Pricing

2008 Rayco Super RG50, Repo Machine, Only 171 hours! Call for Pricing

2012 Timber Pro TL735-B New and Unused Ready for Work! Call for Pricing

2002 Morbark Mountain Goat 20/36 Track Chipper with Loader, Cummins Diesel, Low Hours! - Call for Pricing

2006 Timber Pro 630B Feller Buncher w/ Rolly II Head Call for Pricing

2012 Morbark 30/36 Track Drum Chipper, Get the Job Done Right! Call for Pricing

2012 Morbark Beever M18R Chipper, 213 HP Cat, Autofeed, Many Additional Options Call for Pricing

2000 Bandit 1400 Track Chipper, 14” Capacity, 2143 Hrs, Cab & Loader Call for Pricing

CHIPPERS 20122 Morbarkk Beeverr M15R Cat 142HP, New and Unused! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price 20122 Morbarkk Beeverr M18R,, Cat 213HP, Tandem Axle - Nice! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price 20088 Mo orbarkk Tornadoo 15, 140-HP Deere Diesel, Winch, 1,000 Hrs., Real Workhorse! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price 20066 Morbarkk Blizzardd 12 Auto Feed, Needed TLC and Got it Here! . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price 20044 Morbarkk Hurricane 18” Chipper, Tandem w/Winch, 180 CAT, Recent Trade In . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price 20011 Morbarkk Hurricanee 2400XL 18” Capacity, 180-HP Cummins, Nice Shape! .Calll forr Pricee STUMP GRINDERS Speciall Discountss onn Alll Inn Stockk Stumpp Cutterss - Calll Forr Price! 20122 Raycoo 1645SJRS - New Model - Has Swing Out Panel, 4x4, Blade, Trailer . . Calll forr Price

Morbark M.U.T., Comes with a FREE Stump Splitter too! Call for Pricing

20122 Raycoo C-1000 LGP,, Forestry Mower, Predator Head, Kubota Diesel! . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price 20122 Raycoo 16355 Tracc Jr.,, 35-HP, Go Anywhere Machine, with or without Trailer! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price MISCELLANEOUS Morbarkk “Mutt”” Forestryy Loader, Comes with Grapple & Stump Splitter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price FAE,, UML/SSLL 125, mower attachment, used . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price FAE,, UMM M EXX 125, mower attachment, used . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price Raycoo & Rockland log grapples, used . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price Davco mower attachment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Priice Rotobec grapple with RT252 rotator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price Bobcatt LR5A landscape rake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Calll forr Price

For Sales, Parts or Service Call 1-800-321-3602 or E-Mail:


LC Whitford Equipment Co., Inc.


Demolition & Environmental Contractors find the specialized attachments they need at New Millennium Rentals, Inc. by Jon M. Casey In the Demolition & Environmental Industries, contractors routinely take jobs that require specialized equipment that they may not have in their company fleet. With bid in hand, they set out to take down a structure that sometimes became more than they bargained for. It was because of situations such as these that Peter E. Menner, Founder and President of New Millennium Rentals, Inc. of Florida, NY began renting specialized heavy equipment. “We began as a specialized attachment rental company in 1999,” said Menner. “We wanted to be able to offer customers the kinds of equipment that they might not own for themselves but would need to fulfill a contract. I could

see the need for a business like this, so I prepared a business plan that featured the business model that we work under today. It wasn’t long before we were serving customers, providing them with shears, concrete processors and specialized attachments for demolition, environmental, and recycling Industries.” Menner said he realized the need for this kind of company during the nearly 10 years he spent as a territory manager for an equipment dealer in southern New York. “There was always a shortage of ‘out of the ordinary’ attachments,” he said. “We were able to provide bucket machines, but if a customer was looking for a shear or a hammer, we were

Demolition 21

Peter E. Menner, President (left) and Daniel Coe, Sales Representative (right) work together to make sure that their customers have the equipment that they need.

New Millennium Rentals is equipped to take equipment to wherever it is needed.

New and Used Recycling Equipment 2007 Vermeer TG7000 Approx. 2800 hours, Cat 3412E 1056HP, Very Nice! Good Condition! $399,000

2000 Morbark 3036 Good Condition, Ready to Chip! $105,000

1999 Morbark 5600 Cat 3412E Rebuilt Engine, New Feed Chains, VERY NICE MACHINE! - HOT DEAL!! $180,000

1999 Morbark 1300 Cat 3412E 860HP Engine, Approx. 600 Hrs on Cat Rebuild New Lower Price! Was $140,000 NOW $115,000

2004 Morbark 950 w/Coloring Unit, 200HP Approx. 305 hours - Excellent Condition! Great Deal at $62,500

1997 Morbark 1200 NEW Cat 3412 650HP, New Clutch, New Slip Joint, Rebuilt Mill Excellent Condition! Was 159K Now $149,000

2007 Peterson Pacific 4700B Approx. 3500 Hrs., Shingle Pkg., New Mil Shaft & Bearings, Very Nice Machine! $35,900 OBO

2009 Morbark 3800T Cat 700HP w/Engine Warranty Remaining, Approx. 5500 Hrs, VERY NICE!! New Lower Price! Was $325,000 NOW $320,000!!

2008 Doppstadt DW-3060K Slow Speed High Torque Shredder, Approx. 2000 Hrs on Rebuilt Engine, Excellent Condition! $355,000

2009 Rotochopper EC266 Electric Stationary Horizontal Grinder, All The Bells & Whistles. New Lower Price! $125,000

WE HAVE A HIGH DEMAND FOR TROMMEL AND VIBRATING SIFTING MACHINES - All Sizes 2000 Peterson Pacific HC5400 Lots of updates, good condition, ready to grind! . .$125,000 2000 Morbark 1200XLT CAT engine, approx 6400 hours, good working condition . .$165,000 2006 Vermeer TG7000 CAT 3412E, 1000HP, approx 6800 hrs, work ready . . . . . . .$299,000 1995 Bandit Beast 3680 Cummins 365HP engine, approx. 4400 hours, oil samples avail .$74,500 2010 Bandit Beast 3590 CAT C18 765HP, approx. 1200 hours, Good Condition! . . .$280,000 1993 Morbark 3036 CAT 300HP engine, compressor, many extras, nice straight machine! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$62,000 2002 Vermeer HG525 CAT 525HP, many recent updates, very nice! $165,000 LOWER PRICE $150,000

2006 Vermeer HG6000TX Approx. 1900 hours, NEW lower price, WON’T LAST . . .$289,000 2006 Bandit Beast 4680 CAT 1000HP approx. 2200 hours, Excellent Condition! . . .$300,000 2003 Morbark 1300NCL CAT 1000HP engine, approx 4500 hours, Good Condition! $190,000 2003 Morbark 7600 CAT 3412E, 1000HP engine, approx 3000 hours, VERY NICE! .$275,000 2007 Morbark 2755 Chiparvester, approx. 3800 hours, VERY Good Condition! . . . .$499,000 2006 Vermeer HG6000 CAT C16, 630HP engine, approx 2800 hours . . . . . . . . . . . .$189,000 2004 Morbark 3600T CAT 525HP engine, approx 1000 hours, Lower Price! . . . . . .$229,000 2008 Morbark 4600XLT CAT C27, 875HP, Tier 3, approx 1800 hours . . . . . . . . . . . .$410,000

Have a Grinder, Chipper or Trommel Screen you would like to sell? We can help! Give us a call Toll Free 888-680-3433 Call or Visit us online to see more equipment & pictures

P.O. Box 4613, Salem, OR 97302

Office 503-588-8312 • Toll free 888-680-3433 • Cell 503-602-3433

not able to provide that unit and attachment combination. I set out to offer the unusual equipment through New Millennium Rentals. Today, a contractor can rent a specialty piece like our Lemac 85 ft high-reach demolition excavator, if they are looking to take down concrete and steel with precision.” “Unlike many rental companies, we are not

looking for the general equipment rental customer,” he added. “We are here to help the contractor who understands the importance of the correct tool for the job with our kind of specialty equipment. We emphasize the importance of renting our equipment as complete units, with the carrier and attachment all coming together as one item. We do not rent attachments by

themselves.” “As most Demo and Environmental contractors realize, it is important not to cross-contaminate the hydraulic fluids from one unit to another,” he said. “In this way, we maintain our systems on a regular basis, keeping the equipment operating safely and reliably. We change the hydraulic fluid every 1000 hours for optimum service. Additionally, with this This LBX 350 excavator headed to a client in the Southeastern US, is outfitted with an amphibious undercarriage and a Pierce Pacific 60-foot, long-reach front. Units like this are ideal for marshy areas where conventional equipment is not suitable. procedure in place, the tools are always properly matched to their carriers.” New Millennium Rentals, Inc. currently offers Link-Belt Excavators, Genesis Attachments and Toku, Breaker, Geith and Lemac brands. They offer carriers in the sizes that most contractors regularly use. By offering customers the many options that they do, contractors are not limited to the jobs that they can take on, when it comes to equipment capabilities. “I can give a customer the attachment and the carrier that is just right for that job,” said Menner. “With our experience, we are an excellent resource for our customers.” “We are always looking for new kinds of specialty attachments to add to our fleet,” he said. “If a contractor has a need for an item that we don’t currently have available, we are willing to consider adding it to our line of equipment. We have testing procedures in place to confirm that new product performs as advertised. If they don’t, we do not offer them as part of our rental service. We want a win-win situation for our customers and ourselves as well.” Currently, New Millennium Rentals, Inc. serves the entire United States and Canada, with much of its business taking place in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. “We rent and sell equipment to businesses across the nation includ-

Demolition 23


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Terex Utilities unveils new user friendly website WATERTOWN, SD — Terex Utilities announces the launch of its new website — Designed to provide site visitors with fast, efficient and easily accessible information, when and where they need it, this new website offers simple, fluid, “user friendly” navigation options, detailed product specifications and direct access to Terex Utilities related content. “The new Terex Utilities website is a well branded, world class site designed to meet the needs of prospective and current

customers who are looking for Terex Utilities program and product information,” says Terry Van Conant, marketing coordinator, Terex Utilities, “while allowing industry professionals and our team members to find the latest news, events and marketing information they need. With its clean, uncluttered design, this site provides rich, dynamic content focused on Terex® utilities equipment and services.” With a click of the mouse, visitors can easily navigate to technical data

and specifications on Terex utilities equipment, Terex Equipment Services locations, used/demo inventory and finance provisions. Visitors also have access to important Terex Utilities resources such as company news and information, including special events, education and training courses and industry seminars and tradeshows. Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reli-

able, customer driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing indus-

Industry loses a good man

Eric Eskeland The Recycling Industry has lost one of its best hydraulic minds in the country and one good person. Eric Eskeland, Engineering Manager at Continental Biomass Industries Inc., was tragically killed in a boating accident on Memorial Day weekend. Mr. Eskeland had been with CBI for the past decade and was one of best hydraulic engineers in the industry for years prior to CBI. Known as “just a great guy” to friends, coworkers and customers alike, his hydraulic knowledge helped advance the automation of grinding and shredding processes that are being used daily by many customers in the industry today. He is survived by his wife Debra, daughters Hilary and Heidi and son, Nathan, a Recycling Equipment Salesman at Continental Biomass Industries, Inc.

Chadwick Baross Chelmsford, MA New England

W.E. Timmerman Whitehouse, NJ Northern NJ

W.M. Biers Port of Albany, NY NY & CT

Dave Heath & Assoc. 1-800-228-8032

tries. Terex reports in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms, Construction, Cranes, Material Handling, Port Solutions and Materials Processing. Terex offers financial products and

services to assist in the acquisition of equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information can be found at

r Sc


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336-345-1921 336-345-8250

40’ Open Steel Containers, Complete with Refurbished Chassis, Ready to Work $9,950

Only $14950

8’x10’ Steel Storage Containers w/Roll up Doors $2,050

Locks Both Doors of Your Storage Containers or Semi Trailers

WE DELIVER • 20’, 40’, 45’ Hi Cubes CheckCards

At a jobsite in central Pennsylvania, New Millennium Rental's Komatsu PC400LC-7, outfitted with the Lemac 85-foot high reach demolition front with shear, begins taking down this retired factory.

53 ft. Van Trailers 1994 through 2002, Spring and Air Ride Available, Swing Doors, Starting at $3,950 and Up Ready to Work


ing the Tennessee Valley Power Authority and others. Our flexibility in adding new items to our inventory gives us a reputation for service that is the best. If a customer’s commitment warrants a move of that kind, we will work with them to provide them with the equipment that they need. That is often the way we

acquire new systems to offer clients on future jobs. If we can make the numbers work, we will take on new specialty equipment as needed.” For more information on New Millennium Rentals, Inc., contact Peter E. Menner at 1-877667-1998 or online at:

Work Tools for Scrap & C&D Recyclers


24v DC Battery Operated Magnet Inexpensive, easy installation and low maintenance

No Generator Needed

with or without electromagnets. For material handlers, excavators, mini-excavators, and knuckle boom cranes

Leading r Value Shea

Powerful Mobile Hydraulic Shears

Fixed Pulverizer

4 sizes available, reversed cylinder to protect rod, easy change teeth, cutting blade

With or without rotation from 1 to 10 ton size

Self Contained Hydraulic Magnets Easy install on Multiple Machines

Rotating Pulverizer

Track Pads Bold-on, Mold-on, Clamp-on.

Rubber and Poly in-stock

5 sizes available, reversed cylinder to protect rod, cutting blade, Oversized rotation motor 716-434-4023 or cell 716-417-2591

Floor Area C



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New faces on National Demolition Association Board of Directors DOYLESTOWN, PA — The National Demolition Association announces the addition of four new demolition professionals to its 2012-2013 Board of Directors. Newly named to the Board are Alfred Gorick, Jr. of Gorick Construction Co., Inc., Binghamton, NY; Scott Homrich of Homrich Wrecking Inc., Carleton, MI; Richard Lorenz of Central Environmental Services, Apopka, FL and Craig Sessler of Sessler Wrecking, Waterloo, NY. Continuing as the Association’s officers are Don Rachel of Rachel Contracting, LLC, St. Michael, MN as president; Jeff Kroeker of Kroeker, Inc. Demolition & Recycling Contractors, Fresno, CA as vice president; Peter Banks of CEI Boston LLC, Norfolk, MA as secretary; Scott Knightly of Envirovantage, Epping, NH as reasurer and Paymond Passeno of Bierlein Companies, Inc., Midland, MI as past president. Michael R. Taylor, CAE, serves as executive director. For more information about joining the National Demolition Association or becoming a member of the Board of Directors, go to www.demolitionassocia- or call 800-541-2412. The National Demolition Association is a non-profit trade organization representing approximately 1,000 U.S. and Canadian companies and many international firms that are involved in the demolition process. Membership includes demolition contractors, general contractors, civil engineering firms and recycling, landfill, and salvage operations. The association’s efforts help members stay abreast of environmental, regulatory and safety matters, keep regulators informed about issues facing the industry, increase public and industry awareness and provide members with networking opportunities and information on the latest technical advances in equipment and services.

7247 Penn Drive Allentown, PA 18106 1-800-360-1128 610-395-3775



Doppstadt Environmental Product Offerings SM Series Trommels * DW Series Shredders * AK Series Grinders

SM Series Trommels

DW Series Slow-Speed Shredders

AK Series High-Speed Grinders

The precise and flexible control of the SM Series Trommels makes the perfect solution for most any screening application from high-quality topsoil, to C&D separation to compost production.

The reliability and dependability of Doppstadt DW Series Shredders translates into efficient processing power across numerous challenging applications from C&D, to bulky land clearing waste to MSW.

With such a wealth of features, Doppstadt AK Series Grinders deliver unmatched versatility across a broad range for applications from processing lumber and green waste to the conversion of land clearing material into a final sellable product.

DoppstadtUS Fuel-Efficiency Comparison Doppstadt product lines Comparable leading brands

trommel screen

slow-speed shredder

high-speed grinder

2 gph

8-10 gph

8-16 gph

9.7 gph

15-20 gph

30-60 gph

Spare Parts Custom Made

Screens For All Manufacturers & Models

Most parts custom fabricated and shipped within days not weeks!

Bucket Liners Hammer Bars Split Sprockets Augers Rebuild & New Rotors * All Fabrication Products Are Available in AR450 Plate

Pictured are just a few samples of our quality work Morbark Grinder Screen

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12 Route 173 Clinton, NJ 08809 1-800-232-7232 908-735-2149

Jones Grinder Screen

Roto Chopper Screen

Front Wear Liner for the Jones Grinder Split Sprockets

Call us for your parts needs.

Now Available Duragrind Hammers With direct from the manufacturer pricing Grind More – Change Less

Phone: 301-722-4030 Fax: 301-759-4064 E-mail: Cell: 301-697-3898 Visit our web site:

PO Box 1415 12001 Siebert Rd. SE, Cumberland, MD 21502 5445 North 131st St. Butler, WI 53007 (800) 964-6462 2304 Kelbe Drive Little Chute, WI 54140 (800) 859-9220 W3090 County B West Salem, WI 54669 (800) 759-6897

VERMEER MIDWEST INC. 11220 Allisonville Rd. Fishers, IN 46038 (317) 842-1040 3310 W. Coliseum Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46808 (800) 649-1157 3566 Citadel Cir. Newburg, IN 47630 (812) 490-4400 2801 Beverly Dr. Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 820-3030

1801 179th St. North East Moline, IL 61244 (309) 751-9540 Route 24 East Eureka, IL 61530 (309) 467-3716 1005 Thorrez Jackson, MI 49201 (800) 336-3889 1196 A. Franklin St. Marne, MI 49435 (616) 677-5900

VERMEER NORTHEAST 1235 Rt. 9 Castleton, NY 12033 (518) 732-7201 605 Lewiston Rd. Topsham, ME 04086 (207) 373-0880

224 South St. Hopkinton, MA 01748 (508) 497-0886 770 Derby Ave. Seymour, CT 06484 (203) 736-9542


The worldwide network of Vermeer dealers makes the difference get to know your local dealer. In the field or in the shop, nobody is more determined to see you succeed. Vermeer is an innovative leader in the manufacturing of underground and treecare equipment. They can also be your most valued partner in your day-to-day operations.

Vermeer Is Your Total Solutions Provider Contact your dealer by calling 1-888-VERMEER, or visit the Web at VERMEER SALES & SERVICE INC. OF OH & PA 2389 Medina Rd. Medina, OH 44256 (888) 213-3544 131 Wisconsin Ave. Cranberry Twp., PA 16066 (888) 213-8340 • (724) 935-9277 110 Stanford Pkwy. Findlay, OH 45840 (888) 213-8338 • (419) 424-0572

VERMEER HEARTLAND 2574 US Hwy. 22 NW Washington Court House, OH 43160 (740) 335-8571 (740) 335-1926 424 South Mulberry St. Elizabethtown, KY 42701 (270) 737-1721 270) 737-2868 5900 Mac Corkle Ave. St. Albans, WV 25177 (304) 768-5965

900 Cpt Joe Fulghum Murfreesboro, TN 37129 615-869-0250 2007 Middlebrook Pike Knoxville, TN 37921 865-524-9174

VERMEER and VERMEER LOGO are registered trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the US and/or other countries. © 2002 Vermeer Manufacturing Company. All Rights Reserved.

VERMEER MIDSOUTH INC. 1200 Vermeer Cove Cordova, TN 38018 (901) 758-1928 5246 Greenway Dr. Jackson, MS 39204 (601) 923-8888

7 Maple Ave. Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 (609) 267-6600 (800) 624-0623 2888 E. Harrisburg Pike Middletown, PA 17057 (717) 930-8780 (888) 572-4283

805 Grundy Ave. Holbrook, NY 11741 (631) 580-4400 (888) 402-7823 129 Route 6, Bldg. #2 Mahopac, NY 10541 (845) 628-9850 (800) 448-9850

VERMEER MID-ATLANTIC INC. 10501 Vermeer Place Ashland, VA 23005 (800) 552-2074 229 Jedburg Rd. Summerville, SC 29483 (800) 246-4307 13005 Balls Ford Rd. Manassas, VA 20109 (877) 661-6566 2803 Grand View Dr. Simpsonville, SC 29681 (800) 850-4710 8424 Norcross Rd. Colfax, NC 27235 (888) 993-9344

3501 Jones Sausage Rd. Garner, NC 27529 (888) 883-7633 8830 Corridor Rd. Annapolis Junction, MD 20701 (800) 492-1274 10900 Carpet St., Charlotte, NC 28273 (800) 768-3444


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Kobelco introduces SK170 Mark 9 excavator Smallest Mark 9 excavator delivers great power and versatility RACINE, WI — Kobelco Construction Machinery America today introduces the SK170 full size, high performance excavator to the Kobelco Mark 9 excavator series. These new Tier 4 models include the SK210, SK260, SK295, SK350 and SK485 Mark 9 excavators. The versatile SK170 Mark 9 delivers up to a 10 percent improvement in both fuel efficiency and productivity, and provides more power and faster engine response. “The Mark 9 excavators are the most fuel efficient machines Kobelco has ever built,” said Reece Norwood, Kobelco platform manager. Featuring an upgrade to Kobelco’s legendary intelligent hydraulics, the SK170 Mark 9 is equipped with the industry’s first selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emission solution for excavators. A new ROPS/FOPS certified cab provides a larger, more comfortable work environment, and a low engine cover and standard wide angle rear view camera improve operator visibility and productivity. For improved system efficiency, the Kobelco SK170 Mark 9 also features a fully automatic engine and hydraulic warm-up system that warms the hydraulic circuit to an optimum 126 degreen Farenheit. This feature helps make the operator more productive, more quickly, on the job. “As with all the Mark 9 models, the SK170 continues Kobelco’s tradition as a technology leader,” Norwood said. “This new machine delivers the precise control and feel expert operators prefer. The SK170 Mark 9 can dig the trench, crane the pipe and finish with even better precision. Our new SCR solution will deliver more useable engine power and fuel efficiency.” The Kobelco SK170 Mark 9 features an operating weight of 38,656-pounds, a bucket digging force of 24,900pounds and a maximum dig depth of 21-feet 5-inches. The new model delivers 115 net horsepower. Improved controllability and productivity The upgraded Intelligent Total Control System™ (ITCS) incorporates the culmination of three generations of continuous improvement in hydraulic controls, based on extensive customer input and product testing. “The SK170 Mark 9 excavator maximizes the unique capabilities of its Tier 4 Interim certified FPT engine and optimized hydraulics with the upgraded ITCS,” Norwood said. “ITCS recognizes the operator’s moves and assists by providing power where and when it is needed. It also provides hydraulic sensitivity for fine grading and leveling.” Integrated swing priority, a Kobelco first, provides seamless and smooth transition of additional pump power to the swing function. Automatic hydraulic regeneration feeds the cylinder demanding oil first, with oil that is being pushed out of another cylinder. This requires much less energy than having to re-pump the oil again and also allows the next action to happen with faster re-

sponse. The independent travel feature, activated with a switch, dedicates a pump to travel motors for better movement while performing other functions, such as when handling pipe while moving to the trench. “When it comes to controllability in multifunction applications, the Kobelco Mark 9 excavators set the industry standard,” Norwood said. “Operators will appreciate the impressive control and smoothness of the SK170 Mark 9. The added confidence will make them even more productive. The ease of operation makes a good operator a great operator, and allows a novice excavator operator to quickly become a good, productive one.” Controllability upgrades to the new excavator include new low effort joysticks with proportional controls for the auxiliary hydraulics. “When the work demands more power and faster engine response, the Power Boost™ feature on the SK170 Mark 9 delivers 10 percent more bucket breakout force on command for as long as you need it,” Norwood said. “For optimized lifting and carrying, the Heavy Lift feature delivers 10 percent more lifting and swing capability on command, also without time limit.” SCR engine technology By choosing SCR technology for meeting Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations, Kobelco provides leadership in engine performance, productivity and fuel efficiency. SCR is an after treatment only solution that allows the excavator’s engine to do what it does best — generate power. The high efficiency in the combustion process significantly reduces fuel consumption while improving power. SCR with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is also the preferred choice for working in extreme temperatures. Redesigned cab “At Kobelco, we know that operators can’t perform at their best if they’re not comfortable and confident,” Norwood said. “We have gone to extremes to ensure that our customers are at their best when operating our excavators.” The larger, isolation mounted cab on the SK170 Mark 9 excavator reduces noise and vibration and accommodates all operator sizes. The cab also features rollover (ROPS) and falling object (FOPS) protection, repositioned controls and moveable front and door windows. More glass improves visibility from the sides of the cab. An optional air suspension seat with heated cushions provides additional operator comfort. A wide angle rear view camera with an integrated monitor view panel expands the operator’s view to the back of the machine and keeps the operator informed and productive on the job. Meeting a wide range of applications One of the most productive machines in its size class, the Kobelco SK170 Mark 9 is engineered for a variety of applications, including road and bridge, sewer and underground utilities, and site development. Heavy duty frames, booms, arms and undercarriages are standard on all Mark 9 excavators. Plug-in capability for telematics is

The Kobelco SK170 Mark 9 features an operating weight of 38,656-pounds, a bucket digging force of 24,900-pounds and a maximum dig depth of 21-feet 5-inches. The new model delivers 115 net horsepower. standard on all Mark 9 excavators. For even greater productivity and precision, all Kobelco Mark 9 excavators are compatible with grade control systems from leading suppliers to meet customer preference and applications. A full selection of buckets, couplers and thumbs are offered to maximize the versatility of the Kobelco SK170 Mark 9. One of the industry’s leading excavator manufacturers, Kobelco’s full range of excavators is found on major construction job sites and highway projects across North America. In addition to the Mark 9 excavator models, Kobelco also offers a full range of compact, short radius, mid-size and Bladerunner excavators.

For full size excavator product information, please visit For a Kobelco full size excavator product demonstration, see your local Kobelco dealer. Kobelco Construction Machinery America specializes in the production of compact, mid-size and full size excavators ranging from 1.8 to 89 tons. The success of Kobelco Construction has been built on our dedication to total customer satisfaction. Backed by outstanding factory support and a network of nearly 200 North American dealers, customers count on Kobelco Construction for their competitive edge. More information is available at

JADCO Manufacturing names territory sales manager JADCO Manufacturing, Inc., a global leader in solving the toughest wear, impact and abrasion challenges in the mining, power generation, asphalt/concrete and steel industries, has hired Curtis Patrick as its territory manager for Alabama, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. In his new role, Patrick will help increase demand for the company’s proprietary and world renowned QT PLUS™, CHROMEWELD 600, HARDGUARD and RazorTuff wear steel brands. These products are routinely used to provide exceptional service life on breaker plates, truck beds, bin liners, chutes. “Curtis has more than 22 years of proven field experience in the ongoing battle against equipment wear. He is an ideal fit to enable us to reach our aggressive sales objectives in his region,” says Scott Rife, JADCO’s vice president. JADCO manufactures proprietary QT PLUS™ and CHROMEWELD 600™ wear plate brands that are used to solve impact and abrasion challenges in a wide range of industries, including aggregates, cement, chemical, coal, mining, dredging, materials handling, power generation, pulp and paper, recycling

and steel production. QT PLUS wear plate provides ten times the wear life of conventional steel; CHROMEWELD 600 chromium carbide overlay steel outlasts virtually any material in high abrasion applications. JADCO Manufacturing, Inc., was established more than 30 years ago and is headquartered in Zelienople, PA. For more information, contact Mitzi Scarnati at 724-452-5252, e-mail, or visit

Fill out back of ticket and bring to the show with you for

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Henrietta Dome • Monroe County Fairgrounds 2695 East Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 14467 PLAN NOW TO EXHIBIT OR ATTEND Call KEN MARING 800-218-5586 Sponsored by Waste Handling Equipment News PO Box 121 Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 • 518-673-3237

Indoor Displays and

LIVE DEMOS of Recycling Machinery and Forestry Processing Equipment!

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Henrietta Dome • Monroe County Fairgrounds 2695 East Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 14467

2012 WHEN Recycling Expo North

Wednesday 9-5 • Thursday 9-5

2012 WHEN Recycling Expo North

OCTOBERR 24-25,, 20122


FREE Admission!!



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Construction Demolition Landfill Construction Demolition Recycling Construction Demolition Contractors Wood Waste Recycling Facility Land Clearing Contractors Composting Facility Asphalt/Concrete Recycling Scrap Metals Recycling  Ferrous  Non-Ferrous  Equipment Manufacturer  Equipment Dealer

HOW MANY OF THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF EQUIPMENT DO YOU OWN OR LEASE?  Excavators ___  Dozers ___  Track / Wheel Loaders ___  Trucks ___ Backhoes, TLB’s ___  Other Heavy Equipment ___


Upstate Shredding - Ben Weitsman to build new wire chopping plant Facility will be one of the largest of its kind in the U.S. A state of the art wire chopping facility will bring 10 additional jobs to Owego, NY, according to Upstate Shredding-Ben Weitsman, and will solidify the company’s position as a recycling leader in the U.S. marketplace. The new $6 million facility, being built in Owego, will feature a wire chopping plant installed by the Wendt Corporation of Tonawanda, NY and purchased from MTB Recycling of Trept, France. A new 100,000-square-foot nonferrous warehouse is being built to handle the additional flow of nonferrous material into Owego, NY. “With this investment, we will be able to increase our profits and further process more valuable materials from the automobiles and other insulated wires we are currently selling to others,” said Adam Weitsman, owner of Upstate Shredding-Ben Weitsman. By purchasing the high volume MTB chopping line, Upstate Shredding-Ben Weitsman has positioned itself to refine lower grade insulated wiring from the shredding process and all other grades of insulated wire. The plant will process copper, aluminum and lead coated wire from Upstate Shredding and all Ben Weitsman feeder yards. The company will also purchase insulated copper and aluminum, aluminum copper radiators and lead coated wire on the open mar-

ket from dealers in the Northeast and Canada. In addition, the company will purchase insulated wire from other shredders. All of the material — from the company’s own shredders, feeder yards and purchased on the market — will be chopped into pure metals, which can then be sold on the open market. This refined material is highly marketable throughout the world. “This will put North America back in play again,” said Wendt. “This is an upgrade that allows for significantly increased domestic sale, not just for export. This is the only proven and premium solution for recovering wire from shredder residue.” He added the new Upstate ShreddingBen Weitsman line will have the highest volume capability offered in a wire chopping plant by MTB. The four stage process for an MTB chopping line is fully automated and is capable of separating the various components of the cable to pure metal — 99.7 to 100 percent pure aluminum and 98 to 99.9 percent pure copper. MTB has more than 30 years’ experience in building wire and cable chopping lines. A chopping line has four components. First is a pre-chopping process, raw feedstock of wire and cables are fed into a system that shreds or chops wires into consistent lengths. Next is granulation, when material from the pre-chopper is

stripped of insulation. A third step, separation, divides recyclable metals from insulation materials, and finally in the last step, the materials are sorted and loaded into containers for resale. Upstate Shredding-Ben Weitsman, headquartered in Owego, NY, owns and operates 11 scrap metal collection and processing facilities in New York and

Pennsylvania. Additionally, the company is set to open a scrap metal recycling center and export facility in Albany, NY. The company will process more than 850,000 tons of ferrous and 150 million pounds of non-ferrous scrap in 2012. For more information, please visit

Liebherr Construction Equipment Company personnel announcement Newport News, VA — Duane Wilder, President of Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. today announced that Mr. Timothy Doucette (Tim) has been promoted to the newly created position of general manager — Brand Strategy. In this new role, he will work closely with the President, to ensure all aspects involving the Brand are coordinated to increase Liebherr’s market presence in the United States as a manufacturer of premium quality, heavy duty construction equipment. Reporting to Mr. Doucette will be the marketing and public relations departments, sales administration and the earthmoving product group. Tim will also retain his current role as part of the dealer se-lection committee. Mr. Wilder stated, “Tim has played a key role in our growth over the past several years and this newly created position

provides the opportunity for him to assume an increased leadership role as we continue to grow the Liebherr brand in the USA.” Portrait of the Liebherr Group Hans Liebherr established Liebherr as a family business in 1949. The company’s first mobile tower crane laid the foundation for its exceptional success. Liebherr is today not only one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery, but also an acknowledged supplier of advanced technical products and services in many other business sectors. Liebherr has developed into a group of more than 120 companies worldwide, employing more than 35,000 people. The group’s parent company is Liebherr-International AG, which is based in Switzerland and owned entirely by members of the Liebherr family.


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1989 Ti-Brook 39’ Frameless Alum 1988 Mack R690T SA Roll Off Truck, Dump Trailer, Air Susp, Closed E6-250hp, 5spd, Spring Susp, Double Tandem, 102” Wide, 60” Sides, Roll Frame, Extendable Tail on Rolloff Tarp, Chute, Two Way Tailgate $12,900 22’ cans $14,900

Wood Waste Grinders

2000 Duratech Tub Grinder 3406 Cat Motor, Pinal Hitch, Hydraulic Fold Out Tail Conveyor, Remote Control, Extra Hammers GC. $69,000


Calendar of Events WASTE HANDLING EQUIPMENT NEWS E-mail announcement of your upcoming event(s) to: We must receive your information, plus a contact phone number, prior to the deadline that's noted under the Announcements heading on the 1st page of these WHEN Classifieds. *** OCT 23-25 ISRI Board of Directors and Committee Meeting The Ritz Carlton, Cleveland, OH.

2000 Sterling 8500 3126 Cat, HD3560P Allison, Hend Spring, Quad Lock, Double Frame, 16/40 Axles, 25 Yard Heil Packer $22,500

2009 Mack Granite GU713, Mack MP8 455hp, Jake, 18spd, 18/58 Axles, Camelback, Double Frame, 141k Mi $79,900

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650HP - Volvo Engine 600HP - John UR 92 Grinder Deere Engine - Demo Unit UR 82 Grinder - Rental Unit Price: $430,000 Price: $290,000 E-mail: Phone: 1-800-776-0335

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NOV 13-15 ISRI Safety and Environmental Council Meeting Drury Plaza San Antonio Riverwalk. Contact Anne Marie Horvath, 202-6628511 or e-mail

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LETT USS DESIGNN ANDD PRINTT YOURR OWNN BROCHUREE ORR FORMS 4 to 48 Page Tabloids on Newsprint or Offset Paper • Spot Color and Process 4 Color Available 8 1/2 x 11 or 11 x 17 Single Sheets Printed One or Two Sides, Spot Color, Variety of Paper Colors and Weights and Folding is Available In Quantities from 5,000 to 100,000 We can work from your layout or provide a custom designed piece for you.

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Regional Heavy Construction (monthly)

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Hard Hat News focuses on heavy equipment construction including excavating, construction/demolition, paving, bridge building, and utility construction in the northeastern third of the United States. TITLE 1 Ì President/CEO 2 Ì Manager/Supervisor 3 Ì Other NUMBER YOUR PRIMARY BUSINESS #1, SECONDARY #2, ETC. 1 Asphalt Paving _____________________ 7 Construction Demolition _________________ 2 Concrete Paving ___________________ 8 Landscaping __________________________ 3 Oil & Stone Paving__________________ 9 Land Clearing _________________________ 4 Bridge Construction ________________ 10 Logging _____________________________ 5 Excavating ________________________ 11 Other _______________________________ 6 Utility/Underground _________________

National Aggregate



Recycling professionals involved in the wood waste, C&D, scrap metal, asphalt & concrete, and compost recycling industries will find Waste Handling Equipment News a valuable source of new products, product innovation and site adaption. J Owner/President/VP J J J J

TITLE J Operations Manager TYPE OF BUSINESS (Check all that apply)

J Other

J Asphalt/Concrete Recycling J Scrap Metals Recycling J Ferrous J Non-Ferrous

Construction Demolition Recycling Construction Demolition Landfill Woodwaste Recycling/Land Clearing Composting

Regional Horticulture

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Country Folks Grower is the regional newspaper for all segments of commercial horticulture. Each issue is filled with important information for the Greenhouse, Nursery, Garden center, Landscaper, Fruit, Vegetable Grower and Marketers.

North American Quarry News covers quarries, sand and gravel pits, HMA and ready mix concrete operations in the United States. NAQN provides a combination of strong editorial and advertising for industry professionals.

*This publication costs $24 for one year. *This publication costs $40 for two years.

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(Check All That Apply) Crushed stone and sand & gravel 6 Ì Industrial minerals Crushed stone 7 Ì Machinery/equipment manufacturer Sand and gravel 8 Ì Equipment dealer/distributor Recycled materials, concrete/asphalt 9 Ì Drilling Lime 10 Ì Blasting


Regional Agriculture

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Northeast Equine Market

Small Fruit Christmas Garden Center Supplier


Mane Stream is a monthly horse publication reaching Maine to Northern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Not only does Mane Stream go to horse owners who request it, but it goes to all of our Affiliated Horse Association Members.....29 Associations Strong and Growing! In addition, issues of Mane Stream are shipped to tack shops, feed stores, stables, auction barns, and where horse people frequent.

Our premier weekly agricultural newspaper has four editions covering agriculture from Maine through North Carolina. Every issue is loaded with national, regional and local agricultural news, equipment, service advertising and auctions.

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National Vineyard

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Wine & Grape Grower offers features, news and information on growing grapes, and making and selling wines. Learn tips on how to start or improve your business.

How Many Horses Do You Have?_____

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