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Hey Grinder Guy, how can I increase profits next year? The past few years have been trying times for all, but blue skies are ahead. Winter is a good time to review the past year and

the upcoming season. How you can reduce costs and increase profitability is dependent on each business, but I can give you a few ideas of what to look for. You cannot compare year to year without com-

paring something tangible. Some companies track costs well, but if you don’t, compare yards out the door to total costs. Are you going up or are you going down? The profit or loss doesn’t matter in this example,

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Loader Rakes

Grapple Buckets

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Thumbs & Rakes

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r Sc

u Ha

they will take care of themselves. You do however, need to know where you are going. It doesn’t matter if you hired a new secretary or three new operators, what went out and what you spent to do that, makes it pretty simple. Here are six ideas to consider: • Repair and Maintenance: Probably your number one issue. Breakdowns are bad enough, but it’s the downtime and overtime spent catching up that cost you real money. 1. Buy a grinder wear parts package and get a discount and replace everything on your time. Chances are that you will find other needs while replacing these items. 2. Call your clutch manufacturer for advice on checking clutch wear and maybe get a courtesy visit. 3. Audit your colorant usage — How much color did you buy? Subtract how much do you have left? Then divide by number of yards sold. That will give you average poundsper-yard rate. Check with your Colorant Company for industry averages. 4. Call your Colorant sales rep. and have them calibrate your colorant scale and pump while checking over your Matt Steward of Colorbiotics says worn color machine blades cause a lack of efficiency. Your Representative can check machine wear for you also. George Midlik of Amerimulch said that his company handed out numerical BUY DIRECT From The Depot



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push button counters and stop watches to machine operators last year so that they could track bucket counts per minute and per barrel and prevent any color usage variation before it happens. Get your operators one. 5. Service engines and hydraulics — If you are close to your 1000 or 2000 hour service, do it early when you have time rather than in the middle of full production season. • Equipment Utilization Are you utilizing your equipment to its full potential? Double shifts? Split shifts? Get into other businesses. Drywall Recycling, Shingle Recycling or Food Waste Composting for example. Or are you using your equipment too much? Reevaluate that low margin product that is wearing out your equipment. Remember, screen more, grind less, and why haven’t you called me yet? Replace that old technology like your old shaker deck with a star screen in soil or mulch. Push of a button and you can go from 1-4/inch to 1-1/4-inch with the same machine. • Products Create or add at least one new product next season. 1. Maybe a high dollar product like a new mulch color of your local sports team. 2. A low dollar wood fuel product to get rid of your dirtier materials. 3. Screen the fines out of your mulch to save colorant usage and weight and sell the fines to a pellet plant or use them in a new potting soil mix. 4. Offer onsite grinding or screening services. 5. Add a retail yard. Just don’t add a product that will cannibalize one of your other profitable products. • Automate something 1. Convert something

to electric. Grinder, Screener, conveyors, something. There are hybrid pieces of equipment on the market now. 2. Screen two products at once. 3. Grind into a screener. 4. Add a conveyor and use the wheel loader less. Conveyors are cheap and come to work every day and they don’t have to have Obamacare. Push a button and it is working. • Advertise 1. Local TV advertising is relatively cheap and their market info is very accurate. 2. Donate product to local schools and sports complexes. 3. Sponsor local garden radio show. 4. Team with local landscapers and supply all their needs. • Review the Ask the Grinder Guy Articles of the past year 1. Screen more grind less. Consider a one on one consultation. I can offer recommendations to help you screen your first ground product to a perfect size at rates greater than your grinder can produce. Are you double grinding? Does that cost you extra money? 2. Did you check out your used wear parts? 3. Replace your stationary shaker deck in your soil or mulch system with a star deck. That will cost you mere “peanuts” and reduce your costs enough to buy the entire Plantation! 4. Could you use a slow speed shredder instead of a high speed grinder? 5. Would plastic and stone removal help you? I hope you had a successful 2011 and look forward to helping you be more profitable in 2012. Have a question? Want to save money and build your business? Contact me at


Ask the Grinder Guy


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Parallel lift linkage system on Doosan DL200TC tool carrier simplifies material movement around jobsites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Cherry increases reasons to recycle in South Texas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25

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by Jon M. Casey For those who attended the C&D Recycling Forum in Ellicott City, MD September 25-27, the opportunity to network and to learn more about how to work in “Quiet Zones” offered insights into ways to demolish buildings without creating excessive air, water and noise pollution. These important techniques lead the discussion during this three day event. As communities become more strict and as customers demand more from C&D recyclers, a greater awareness of the need for these new methods is becoming more prominent. Mike Taylor, chief executive of the National Demolition Association (NDA), hosted the session that featured Rich Lorenz, president of Central Environmental Services of Orlando, FL and Scott Knightly, president of EnviroVantage, Epping, NH. Each of their companies have become experts in dealing with demolition projects that require the utmost in care when it comes to environmental control. They are especially skilled with noise and dust abatement during the demolition process. Working for Disney Lorenz explained that his ongoing working relationship with Disney’s theme parks, has prompted his company to become the best that they can be at specialty C&D work. Central has perfected working at a site during nonbusiness hours, so that an entity like a Disney theme park, can continue operations during the day without the visitors to the park being inconvenienced

Paul Smith, KPI-JCI sales engineer, talks about how manufacturers work with customers to develop products that help make them more efficient in their daily operations. by the demolition crews or the equipment needed for jobs of this kind. Lorenz said in February 2011, they were called upon to remove a restaurant/nightclub facility after Disney management chose to discontinue that kind of establishment on their properties. Because of their reputation as “family entertainment,” this kind of entertainment no longer fit into that business model.

C&D 6


C&D Recycling Forum helps recyclers do a better job


C&D from 5 “We were called in to remove a building that had been closed and ‘untouched’ for three years,” Lorenz recalled. “Initially, they were calling for all of the debris to be removed by barge across a lake to avoid contact with the daily crowds. We offered a counter proposal that had us putting down large mats every evening after hours and transporting the debris to awaiting dumpster trucks for immediate removal. We started at midnight and began wrecking at 1am. We were to be done by morning when the park opened, routinely by 8am.” Lorenz said that when they began their work, they were surprised to find how intact everything at the jobsite had remained since the restaurant closed. He said that by being in this condition, it gave them an extra level of control over the job that most C&D projects doesn’t offer. More importantly, it increased the salvage value of what they removed from the site. “We opened up the doors and the interior was just as it was the day they closed the doors,” he said. “The first thing we had to do was to remove the furniture and appliances that were left behind. It was as if they just closed the doors and walked away.” “We created a co-mingled flow of material so that we could sort the material after it was hauled away. We also had to put a drape around the project so that visitors could not see the recycling project during daytime hours. We left the exterior concrete walls up until the last thing to help keep the job contained.” “Disney required that there not be any water runoff pollution in the nearby

C&D 7

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Scott Knightly, president of EnviroVantage, Epping, NH., discusses methods for working in areas that require additional soundproofing and hazardous waste controls to get the job done.

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Richard Lorenze, president of Central Environmental Services, Orlando, FL, shares his experiences of working with the Disney Entertainment complex, meeting their stringent requirements for C&D contracts within their entities. lake and that there be no dust on the adjacent facilities,” he said. “We used plenty of water for dust suppression and we created a retention pond that we collected the runoff water for safe removal. Because we were working at night, the job was more difficult because of the shadows that the lighting created. Just the same, our workers completed the job without any accidents. They became especially skilled at recognizing the hazards associated with that kind of work environment.” “We have been working with Disney for more than 20 years with great success,” he said. “We had 60 days to do the job in this example, and we got it done in 51 days. They were very pleased with our success.” Working quietly and quickly Scott Knightly, President of EnviroVantage, told of how his company specializes in working with demanding clients that require sound and dust suppression far beyond the current standards faced by most C&D firms. Knightly said that he began his national company while he was in college, because he could see the need for a C&D recycling company that excelled at doing things that were unusual by industry standards. His visionary thinking has served him well. Knightly said that his company has completed projects for hospitals, libraries, schools, and U.S. military bases. His company has perfected methods necessary to meet the most rigorous demands. Whether they need to remove lead, asbestos, or other hazardous construction debris, their methods safeguard the environ-

C&D 10

Ken Pennington, Frank Road Recycling (L), visits with Roland Jarl at the Enterprising Europa exhibit, during a break.


C&D from 6


Waste not

Sturgeon Falls Brush converts waste wood into biomass fuel for Canadian paper mills by by Randy Randy Happel, Happel, Two Two Rivers Rivers Marketing Marketing The Vermeer HG6000tx handles timber that is ground for biomass fuel. Lumbering and the establishment of pulp and paper mills accelerated the growth of Ontario Canada’s Sturgeon Falls area, a community that has attracted French-Canadian settlers over time. Some of those included ancestors of Jean-Pierre Martin, executive assistant at Sturgeon Falls Brush & Contracting Limited, a leading land clearing and wood processing company founded in 1976 by the late Claude Larcher. The company got its start when four family members with a couple of chain saws, began doing right-of-way land clearing for natural gas and pipelines. Today, under the direction of Gerry Larcher and his team of trusted managers and superintendants, Sturgeon Falls Brush has over 100 employees while amassing an impressive fleet of heavy iron — at last count, 138 pieces — and has extended its services to include highway construction and wood processing. “Land clearing is still our bread and butter,” Martin

Work goes on for Sturgeon Falls Brush, even in January.

says, “although we have a fairly substantial chain link fencing division and have added general contracting work. Around here, pretty much all industry is tied to the lumber industry. We’ve also gotten into the biomass raw materials market, while expanding our trade territory to cover nearly all of Canada. We’ve been very fortunate in that the majority of our work comes to us, as opposed to us having to go out looking for it.” Sturgeon Falls Brush bought a Vermeer® HG6000 horizontal grinder in 2006, a time when there was little demand in their area for biomass. “Basically, we only used it for erosion control and to create better access on the right of way,” says Martin, “because it was a requirement of jobs not only to remove the nonmerchantable wood, which is basically biomass, but also to account for it. Biomass also had to be used in an approved way, one of which was our original application as well as energy conversion. Pulp and paper

mills burn it in huge boilers to create steam, and ultimately, to subsidize much of the energy used to power mills and produce paper.” Creating demand for biomass According to Martin, the majority of the wood currently being processed by Sturgeon Falls Brush is still being used for landscaping and erosion control products because the demand for biomass in the area just isn’t there … yet. The company has been working on a number of projects, and is in discussions with several individuals and companies that have expressed an interest in establishing power generation plants to use biomass. “We are working hard to create a market for biomass and promote its use,” Martin says. “Right now, around here anyway, the biomass market is not being used to its full potential.” Nearly 100 percent of the wood waste raw material processed by Sturgeon Falls Brush is non-merchantable wood from their harvest operations. Material includes tops, branches and low grade timber originating from the company’s land clearing operations. Cost efficiencies in processing and transportation have stifled biomass demand. These are impediments that Sturgeon Falls Brush is working hard to address. “We generally will not haul biomass any further than 60 to 75 miles,” Martin says. “If we can stay within that range, then there’s an economic viability to transporting it. There are a few co-generation plants within that range from here that are basically either natural gas or biomass. It has been a challenge for our company because we are underutilizing our grinding potential right now.” Sturgeon Falls Brush processed more than 100,000 tons of processed wood waste in 2010, well short of the company’s nearly 300,000 ton capacity. The majority of the product is hauled to pulp mills in Northern Ontario, in addition to a few local co-generation plants that employ both biomass and natural gas to generate power. Martin says grinding specifications are fairly loose, but after experimenting with different grind sizes, Sturgeon Falls Brush has identified sizes that are most efficient for the different types of wood they process. “We used to grind to 6-inch minus,” Martin says, “but we found that by converting to 4-inch minus we can haul a much better load. The material seems to pack better in the trailer despite taking a little bit longer up front to grind. This seems to be the optimum blend right now of productivity versus

Vermeer 9


Vermeer from 8 haul.” Logging versus land clearing Martin says there are specific regulatory attributes that distinguish land clearing from logging. Logging regulations require that a percentage of residual trees remain unscathed for natural regeneration. If it is a clear cut or semi-clear cut area, all trees are skidded to a landing before being delivered and slashed so the biomass material that’s available from the operation is contained within one pile. That’s when a Sturgeon Falls Brush crew will transport one of the four Vermeer HG6000 horizontal grinders in their fleet to a site for processing wood waste where the ground product is loaded onto trucks, then transported to various customer locations. In land clearing projects, where the timber is not harvested, but cleared for a new highway, a power line or a building project, everything has to come out. “It’s not a question of taking the biomass out because there’s a market for it, it’s a question of if you don’t have a market, you’re still responsible for removing everything,” Martin says. “It’s why we got into the biomass market in the first place — to create a sustainable, renewable end use for the materials that were unusable, i.e., smaller pieces, such as the tops, branches etc. That’s why we bought our first Vermeer grinder.” Timing, availability and creating demand Sturgeon Falls Brush is located in the heart of logging country, where they have access to approximately 300,000 tons of raw waste wood each year. The challenge, however, is timing. The “when and where” of material availability, and matching that to equipment demands and access, is their primary challenge. At the time Sturgeon Falls Brush purchased their first Vermeer grinder, the company was about to embark on a large land clearing job for a pipeline expansion project: the addition of a 42-inch line that necessitated widening of the existing right of way. The project was more than 40 miles in length. On that job, they positioned their HG6000 grinder amidst the rugged, densely wooded terrain where the waste wood was ground on site. Since that first experience, the company has purchased another HG6000 horizontal grinder, and two HG6000TX horizontal grinders with track undercarriages. Because Sturgeon Falls Brush is continually being challenged to create additional demand for waste wood and biomass, they are committed to promoting any project that could use the material within a 60 mile radius of their Sturgeon Falls home base. “It’s a matter of putting the right project together to use that material.” Martin says. “We want to make sure the machines are running 40 to 45 weeks a year, instead of just 20. Obviously the optimum is to have all of our grinders in operation at the same time.” Playing catch-up with Europe After a visit to Austria a couple of years ago, Martin discovered that North America is lagging behind Europe in biomass utilization technology. He found that North America trails overseas counterparts largely because the prices for natural gas and hydroelectric power here, remain too low to motivate widespread development of more renewable, sustainable energy sources. “Take diesel fuel as a prime example,” Martin says. “It’s like $10 to $12 a gallon, so there are no oil furnaces in Austria. And, they don’t have natural gas. So they burn biomass and municipal waste. They have the technology to make it clean. Most people in North America don’t understand that. The technology is there. Unfortunately we just don’t accept it here. If we don’t see it for ourselves, we don’t believe it.” At present, Martin feels that the potential for biomass in North America is unquantifiable, so his company is in discussions with some remote communities that don’t have access to natural gas to establish pilot projects for district heating and power generation. “The idea that this could all be self-sustainable, much the same as it has been in Europe for years, is all very exciting,” he says. “But first, we need to make it economically viable. And that will only happen with involvement and buy-in from government and larger private corporations. Sturgeon Falls Brush is just a bit too small to be directing such an initiative without substantial capital for research and development.”

In remote locations, the tracked mobility of the HG6000tx gives users like Sturgeon Falls Brush, the option of moving it to wherever it is needed.

Springtime brings an increase in workload. The HG6000tx is ready to do the job.

Vermeer Horizontal Grinders go to the most remote jobsites by Jon M. Casey When Sturgeon Falls Brush & Contracting, Ltd. was in the market for a grinder that could give them the production capacities that they needed, and at the same time was easily transportable to some of the remote job sites that they work within Canada’s Ontario Province, they chose Vermeer’s HG6000 horizontal grinder. Their initial purchase, a wheeled HG6000 followed by a second wheeled HG6000 unit, made it clear that the 630HP grinders were successful for grinding the wood materials that Sturgeon Falls Brush’s needed to grind. It wasn’t long after that, that the company’s growth required them to purchase two more, both tracked models. With the company’s addition of the two tracked HG6000tx units, the added mobility of the “go anywhere” grinders, gave crews the increased productivity that they needed during busy times. More importantly, with the grinder’s wireless remote control feature, the loader operator is able to move

the unit to the next work area with ease, up to 300feet away. The HG6000tx’s high ground clearance and sealed rollers on the double grouser track pads, helps keep the tracks clear of material while the unit is in operation. Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, the HG6000tx is outfitted with an innovative Thrown Object Deflector (TOD), positioned above the grinder’s intake. Screen changes are easier with an easy access design that features top loading capabilities, making screen changes quick and simple. The grinder’s SmartGrind system coupled with its hydraulic feed roller’s down pressure, keeps the feed material moving into the grinding chamber for optimum productivity. With its wide, open ended feed table (available in 14 and 20-foot lengths), over the side loading is easy and efficient. Material moves through the HG6000tx with ease. For more information on this unit or other Vermeer equipment, visit their website at to locate a dealer near you.


Economic forcast reveals slower than expected recovery by Jon M. Casey For those who attended the keynote opening session at the C&D Recycling Forum in Ellicott City, MD, it didn’t take long to realize that the message that Andy Bauer was offering, was one of concern and veiled optimism. Bauer, economist for The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, VA, provided more than an hour of detailed information and forecasts about the condition of the economy on a national and international level. As he

offered charts and graphs of supporting data on the findings that his branch had accumulated over recent months, it was fascinating to see how financial experts arrive at the economic forecasts that they present. For this reporter, it was worth attending this two day conference, just for the opportunity to see and hear what Bauer had to say about the nation’s economic future. Most of us who live and work in an environment of fiscal challenges. We

wonder if and when sales will begin to pick up, or if they will ever return to pre-2007 levels. In some cases, we are hoping that the continued slide that our businesses have seen for the past three or four years, will eventually end. So for many in the room that day, Bauer seemed to be re-stating what we already knew: “Times are difficult and they aren’t improving as quickly as we would like.” But for those of us who are wondering how this recession came to be and how our

businesses might respond in the emerging recovery when it begins to happen, a presentation of this kind is invaluable. Bauer was quick to emphasize that by current economic standards, the recession has bottomed out and that recovery has begun in most segments of the economy. However, for the construction industry and the industries that support construction, the recovery has yet to begin. More importantly, with the resulting lower tax rev-

dust and noise control.” “Noise considerations not only include what is going on inside the build-

ing, but outside as well,” he said. “You will have to consider the neighborhood when it comes to

entering and leaving the jobsite, both externally and internally. Avoid elevator use. Plan your de-

Economic 11

In a series of informative charts and graphs, Andy Bauer, economist for the Federal Reserve of Richmond, VA, gave visual support for his economic forecast.

C&D from 6 ment and the surrounding area of the jobsite. For example, Knightly said it is always a challenge when it comes to demolishing something as common, yet as difficult, as a hospital operating room. In most cases, while there might be several operating rooms adjacent to one another in a hospital complex, routinely, the rooms have to be removed one at a time, while the other operating rooms are still being used. The same goes for the hospital patient rooms where an older hospital wing is being removed, at a time when patients remain hospitalized in rooms that might be on the other side of a common wall. In each case, the strict requirements are built into the bidding process, creating a challenge for his company or any company receiving the contract. “Today, we are called upon to meet requirements that are far stricter than those we have seen in the past,” he said. “When you are dealing with PCB’s, lead, silica, or other hazardous materials, special care must be taken to do those jobs safely. When you are in an urban setting like we are in New England, it is important to be prepared for what you may find.” “Hospitals are 24 hour businesses, so you will need to do work with limited access, with little ability to assess the job before hand because of the HEPA regulations,” he said. “It’s not like doing a job preview on other commercial buildings.” “A lot of companies do not give consideration to infectious control,” he added. “You will be required to maintain air quality control that deals with infectious control. We do that in addition to

Chadwick Baross Chelmsford, MA New England

W.E. Timmerman Whitehouse, NJ Northern NJ

W.M. Biers Port of Albany, NY NY & CT

Dave Heath & Assoc. 1-800-228-8032

bris removal paths carefully. Break areas need to be given forethought as well.” (Editor’s note: Envi-

roVantage™ will be featured in an upcoming issue of Waste Handling Equipment News.)

enues generated because of the absence of a full workforce, programs and funding that many of these industries have come to rely upon are dwindling or have been eliminated altogether. This enhances the problem rather than offering hope for a quicker recovery. “Housing starts are at an all-time low dating back to the early 1970s,” he said. “We had hoped that 2011 would be the transition year, and 2012 would have more robust growth. It didn’t turn out that way. We continue to see stagnant weakness in this sector (of

the economy).” Bauer observed that Fed economists see a continued high inventory of vacant and foreclosed houses that needs to be worked off before the demand for new housing begins to rise. More importantly, the commercial real estate forecast looks similar because it follows the residential outlook in most segments. Construction activity in the early 2000s was high, which created an inventory of houses that still needs to be sold. This number, about two million units, has not come

down to any great extent since the end of the recession. With the addition of delinquent and foreclosed homes added into the total, the number increases to nearly four million units. Bauer said that the number of people who are able to buy new homes has decreased because of the job market and because of new, stricter lending practices. Accordingly, the number of people who can buy new homes is much less than in earlier years. He said that it will take some time before there is a sus-

tained increase in new home sales. On a similar note, he observed that the sectors of nonresidential construction that have grown in recent years. They include manufacturing structures, mining exploration and power/communication facilities. Other sectors such as health care, office space and other nonresidential construction have declined. On the commercial side of the real estate industry, there is some stabilization however, with property values recovering somewhat from their

2009 lows. More money is flowing into this sector from investors, which is a favorable sign. Bauer noted that a survey of architectural billings has reflected an increase over the past three years, returning to levels that they were at before the recession began in 2007. There also appears to be an increase in construction activity, nine to twelve months out, which would put that construction in the fourth quarter of 2012 and early 2013. Bauer concluded by saying that the recovery in the U.S. economy will be

Andy Bauer, economist for the Federal Reserve of Richmond, VA, offers insights into the future of the U.S. economy from a world perspective. restrained by concerns over the European debt crisis and how the European Union resolves their economic woes. Additionally, as U.S. federal, state and local governments deal with their deficits and debt concerns, it makes a recovery slower than otherwise desired. His concerns are not unfounded. One example of what Bauer was describing is how the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is wrestling with their financial issues. The state legislature agreed to take over the city’s financial management in lieu of reasonable solutions on the part of city management. At the federal level, the newly created “super committee” in Congress, will be under close observation as they wrestle with changes in policies at a federal level. Current conditions do not seem to provide enough revenue to do all that the federal government has agreed to concerning many of the current social programs. Bauer went on to say, “2012 will be a transition year with real GDP growth below historical long run trends. Inflation will increase at moderate levels. There will be moderate consumer spending. There appears to be solid manufacturing activity, which is supported by business investment in equipment and software. There will also be growth in exports. There will be stabilization in the real estate sector, but only a modest increase in construction activity.” Long term projections in the U.S. economy suggest that there will be, “significant downside risks as long as debt concerns remain,” especially as federal spending declines.


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CAT launches Tier 4 Interim high horsepower engines Caterpillar Inc. is offering Cat® Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB Technology Industrial engines to the waste handling and recycling industry. The models are identified as C18 ACERT, C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT. The engines, ranging from 600 1200 bhp, provide a seamless horsepower range, broad product

choices and powerful advantages for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. All engines are also available with an extensive choice of options ideally suited to meet OEM and end customer requirements across a wide range of heavy duty applications. The C18 ACERT is an

18.1 liter displacement engine that delivers 600755 bhp. Depending on power requirements, a single or series turbocharger is utilized, which maximizes performance. Power density for the 755 bhp rating has been significantly increased over the Tier 3/Stage IIIA model, and this rating does not require aftertreatment. The C27 ACERT is a 27 liter 800-1050 bhp engine and is easily integrated into OEM equip-

ment powered by the Cat Tier 2 configuration or competitive offering. It produces maximum torque of up to 3539pound-foot. It features side mounted turbochargers and a dependable next generation mechanically actuated electronic fuel injection (MEUI) system. It is electronically controlled and delivers world class performance and fuel economy. The C32 ACERT is a 32.1 liter displacement engine, pro-

ducing 950-1200 bhp. The platform is equipped with side mounted turbochargers. Built on the same physical dimensions, the C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT offer OEMs additional flexibility by providing multiple power options (800 - 1200 bhp) from identical base engines. The C27 ACERT and C32 ACERT for industrial applications do not require aftertreatment to achieve Tier 4 Interim emissions.

With over twenty Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB industrial engines, Cat, again, provides a complete lineup of power solutions from 11-1200 bhp for a wide range of applications. These Cat engines continue the legacy of durability, reliability, maximum fuel efficiency, low cost of ownership and world class support provided by the Cat dealer network.

The engines, ranging from 600 -1200 bhp, provide a seamless horsepower range, broad product choices and powerful advantages for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. Attachments for the Scrap & Demolition Industries

P BEST SCRA ! R A SHE Powerful Mobile Hydraulic Shears

With or without rotation from 1 to 10 ton size

ESA Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Magnets Hook up two hydraulic lines and your system is running! Quick install and removal, great for rapid attachment swaps.

160 Warren Avenue WESTBROOK, ME 04092 207-854-8411 BANGOR, ME 207-942-4838

Conventional DC Magnets 30” to 72”

CARIBOU, ME 207-498-2547 CONCORD, NH 603-224-4063 CHELMSFORD, MA 978-256-9571


24v DC Battery Operated Magnet Inexpensive, easy installation and low maintenance

4805 ScoobyLane Carroll, OH 43112 (P) 740-654-5304 Toll Free 866-262-4181

Piketon, OH Branch 3668 US Route 23 South Piketon, OH 45661 (P) 740-289-3294

Indianapolis, IN Branch 7019 Brookville Rd Indianapolis, IN 46239 (P) 317-375-7790

Rineyville, KY Branch 6300 Rineyville Rd Rineyville, KY 40162 (P)270-360-1010

Jacksonville, FL Branch 4710 Dignan Street Jacksonville, FL 32254 (P) 904-268-6554

Pasco, WA Branch 2300 N Commercial Ave Pasco, WA 99301 (P) 509-728-6614

Cleveland, OH Branch 525 Golden Oak Pkwy Oakwood Village, OH 44146 (P) 440-439-4567

Washington, PA Branch 400 West Beau St Washington, PA 15301 (P) 724-222-2447

Cookeville,TN Branch 1220 Southside Dr Cookeville, TN 38506 (P) 931-526-6222

Aiken, SC Branch 1252 Old Kimbill Trail Aiken, SC 29805 (P) 803-642-0060

Plant City, FL Branch 2812 Airport Rd Plant City, FL 33563 (P) 813-754-5800

NJ Branch (P) 740-422-6045 (P) 609-313-0720


Orange Peel Grapples

120 Gordon Drive LIONVILLE, PA 19341 610-363-9200 Fax: 610-594-0829

with or without electromagnets 716-751-6565 or cell 716-417-2591

61 County Line Rd. SOMERVILLE, NJ 08876 908-218-1919 Fax: 908-218-1959

1330 Hurffville Rd. DEPTFORD, NJ 08096 856-227-6400 Fax: 856-227-0046

EDWARD EHRBAR, INC. 4 Executive Plaza YONKERS, NY 10701 914-738-5100 Fax 914-738-6847

601 Coates Avenue HOLBROOK, NY 11741 631-563-7600 Fax 631-218-1069

40 Kenosia Avenue DANBURY, CT 06801 203-743-0088 Fax 203-743-0266

Norco Equipment LLC presents the Dynamic 5240 Horizontal Grinder, a mid-size grinder designed to deliver ‘more for less.’ The Volvo 426 hp 12.1L ‘Fuel Miser’ engine sips fuel, with most owner reports between 11 and 14 gallons per hour

— some even less. The industry exclusive 19KPTO Transfluid Coupler (Clutch) delivers low maintenance reliable power with drivetrainprotecting forgiveness should a hard object jam the mill. Other innovations further minimize

ownership cost and maximize production. The 52-inch wide high speed mill processes shingles, light C&D waste, municipal storm and residential debris, and regrind at or near 200 yards per hour. Feed up to 18-inches. The mill accepts up to 36 tools mounted on fixed or swinging hammers and in a wide variety of patterns. With an impact wrench, one man will change both screens in under 30 minutes working from the infeed bed. Simple ‘tail mount’ discharge design greatly reduces debris buildup under the machine and makes components easy to reach for service. Intelligent size — under 38,000-pounds — means the 5240 is easy to road transport and position at the worksite. For more information, contact your Dynamic dealer, e-mail m, or visit and click the Dynamic Logo. Norco Equipment was established in 2009. The company brought together several innovative regional firms to serve the Renewable Energy, Recycling/Waste and Forestry markets, with equipment brands PUMA and Dynamic. Manufacturing facilities are located in Wisconsin (2) and Michigan. Dealers are found around the world. Visit their website at The company follows a ‘more for less’ strategy, delivering fuel efficient machines equipped with the features owners and contractors need and avoiding unneeded, high problem, high cost components. For more information call Nate Burton, manager — Marketing Services, Oconto Falls, WI at 920-264-0235 or email

www. waste handling. com


Dynamic 5240 high speed horizontal grinder

December 2011 • WASTE HANDLING EQUIPMENT NEWS EAST • Page 14 reaches new heights with Big Green Machine, well known for selling high quality new and used recycling equipment, is proud to introduce the Big Green Machine Radial Stacking Conveyor for feeding and stock piling high volumes of mulch and soil. The Big Green Machine is a perfect fit for the larger manufacturers of mulch and soils who are accustomed to pushing the mulch up into huge piles. The Big Green Machine will accomplish the same results without the need for an additional loader nor operator. The Big Green Machine is equipped with a large 10-yard hopper and an extra wide 54-inch variable speed feeder. This feeder discharges onto the heavy duty 90-foot conveyor that can reach heights up to 47-foot high. This unique machine has power radial and hydraulic raise and lower that can be adjusted by the loader operator by simply using the supplied remote control. Another large application for the

COMPANY WRENCH 4805 ScoobyLane Carroll, OH 43112 (P) 740-654-5304 Toll Free 866-262-4181 Cleveland, OH Branch 525 Golden Oak Pkwy Oakwood Village, OH 44146 (P) 440-439-4567 Piketon, OH Branch 3668 US Route 23 South Piketon, OH 45661 (P) 740-289-3294

Big Green Machine is to stockpile ground wood as it comes off of a wood grinder. Most radial conveyors are not large enough to carry the volume of mulch that a large grinder can process. This unique Feeder / Conveyor can transport up to 500yards per hour. Great savings are achieved by not having to stock pile The Big Green Machine can also be found loading barges and ships. Due to the adjustable heights and the radial capabilities, this is the perfect machine for such an application. The conveyor will discharge a whopping distance of 42-feet from the center of the pile to the wheels. Continual use is not a threat for Big Green Machine as it is equipped with top named equipment such as Cat Engine, Dodge bearings and Precision Idlers. GrinderCrusherSCREEN is proud to add this unique machine to its full line of new and used recycling equipment. More information can be found at

Washington, PA Branch 400 West Beau St Washington, PA 15301 (P) 724-222-2447

Rineyville, KY Branch 6300 Rineyville Rd Rineyville, KY 40162 (P) 270-360-1010

Plant City, FL Branch 2812 Airport Rd Plant City, FL 33563 (P) 813-754-5800

Indianapolis, IN Branch 7019 Brookville Rd Indianapolis, IN 46239 (P) 317-375-7790

Aiken, SC Branch 1252 Old Kimbill Trail Aiken, SC 29805 (P) 803-642-0060

Pasco, WA Branch 2300 N Commercial Ave Pasco, WA 99301 (P) 509-728-6614

Cookeville, TN Branch 1220 Southside Dr Cookeville, TN 38506 (P) 931-526-6222

Jacksonville, FL Branch 4710 Dignan Street Jacksonville, FL 32254 (P) 904-268-6554

NJ Branch (P) 740-422-6045 (P) 609-313-0720

The Big Green Machine is a perfect fit for the larger manufacturers of mulch and soils who are accustomed to pushing the mulch up into huge piles.

Call Your Dealer Today For More Information

MIDLANTIC MACHINERY 2240 Bethlehem Pike Hatfield, PA 19440 215-822-0145 Fax 215-822-7971 6375 Allentown Blvd. Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-652-3190 Fax 717-652-6405 1261 Highway 315 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 570-824-9891 Fax 570-824-0268 1400 Joh Avenue Baltimore, MD 21227 410-247-2100 Fax 410-536-57122

COMPANY WRENCH 4805 ScoobyLane Carroll, OH 43112 (P) 740-654-5304 Toll Free 866-262-4181 Cleveland, OH Branch 525 Golden Oak Pkwy Oakwood Village, OH 44146 (P) 440-439-4567 Piketon, OH Branch 3668 US Route 23 South Piketon, OH 45661 (P) 740-289-3294

Washington, PA Branch 400 West Beau St Washington, PA 15301 (P) 724-222-2447

Rineyville, KY Branch 6300 Rineyville Rd Rineyville, KY 40162 (P)270-360-1010

Plant City, FL Branch 2812 Airport Rd Plant City, FL 33563 (P) 813-754-5800

Indianapolis, IN Branch 7019 Brookville Rd Indianapolis, IN 46239 (P) 317-375-7790

Aiken, SC Branch 1252 Old Kimbill Trail Aiken, SC 29805 (P) 803-642-0060

Pasco, WA Branch 2300 N Commercial Ave Pasco, WA 99301 (P) 509-728-6614

Cookeville, TN Branch 1220 Southside Dr Cookeville, TN 38506 (P) 931-526-6222

Jacksonville, FL Branch 4710 Dignan Street Jacksonville, FL 32254 (P) 904-268-6554

NJ Branch (P) 740-422-6045 (P) 609-313-0720

MIDLANTIC MACHINERY 2240 Bethlehem Pike Hatfield, PA 19440 215-822-0145 Fax 215-822-7971



Mulch and Soil Council celebrates 40 years The 40th annual Mulch and Soil Council meeting was held Oct 26-27, 2011 in Chicago, IL. Executive Director Bob LaGasse said nearly 100 companies were represented which accounts for the majority of bagged materials sold in the U.S. annually. The organization is used to promote the business interests of its member companies. This year’s program included legal regulation, weights and measures, package labeling and a discussion of Obamacare. “This is a strong organization of

members,” says Brian Faircloth, of Suwannee Lumber Company, Cross City, FL. Faircloth is in his last year as president of the organization. The Mulch and Soil Council meeting offers members the opportunity to with other members and to share common experiences covering both legal and operational challenges. If you are a mulch or soil producer, you have probably benefitted from the lobbying, governmental and legal efforts of this organization. To become a member contact the Mulch and Soil Council at

USED EQUIPMENT SHOWCASE Reaching recycling and aggregate industry proffessionals across the United States in one easy section.

This section is dedicated to used equipment and auctions ONLY! Looking g forr a piece e of equipment? s your Here’s place e to o find d it!

Looking g to o selll used d equipment? Here’s s yourr place e to o selll it!

Forr Moree Information n Contactt Wendelll Jennings • 518-673-0114 Lee Publications, Po Box 121, 6113 State Hwy 5 Palatine Bridge, NY 13428

New and Used Recycling Equipment

2004 Morbark 950 Tub Grinder with under 300 hours! Very Good Condition! $85,000

2006 Bandit Beast 4680 CAT 3412E 1000 hp. Approx. 2200 hrs - Excellent Cond.! New Lower Price! $300,000

2006 Vermeer HG6000 Horizontal Grinder CAT 630 hp engine aprox. 3000 hours $189,000

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Have a Grinder, Chipper or Trommel Screen you would like to sell? We can help! Give us a call Toll Free 888-680-3433 2007 Morbark 2755 Chiparvester Approx. 3800 hours VERY Good Condition! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$499,000 2009 Morbark 3800 CAT 700 hp Tier 3 approx. 2000 hours Very Good Condition! . . . . . . . . . . . .$309,000 1995 Morbark 1300 CAT 3412E 860 hp factor refurb in 2005 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $150,000 2006 Vermeer HG6000 CAT C16 630 hp engine approx. 2800 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $189,000 2009 Morbark M20R Track brush Chipper CAT 325 hp approx. 200 hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $165,000 2000 CBI 4000 CAT 3412 800 hp approx. 4000 hrs, Good Condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$149,000 2008 Morbark 30/36 approx. 2300 hours NEW LOWER PRICE! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$140,000 2005 Morbark 6600 approx. 4500 hours good condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $295,000 2008 Morbark 4600XLT CAT C27 875 hp Tier 3 approx. 1800 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$410,000 2006 Morbark 1300A approx. 5900 hrs Recent updates, Ready to Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$295,000 2007 Peterson Pacific 4710B approx. 4000 hrs CAT 765 hp engine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $270,000 2004 Morbark 6600 approx. 3200 hours CAT 1000 hp engine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $299,000 2005 Morbark 1300A Cummins 1000 hp approx. 2900 hours Very Nice! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$339,000 1994 Morbark 1400 with cab and loader approx. 6500 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$80,000 1991 Bandit Beast 150 many new updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,900 1992 Morbark 1000 CAT 3306 300 hp engine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$45,000 2006 Vermeer TG7000 non-loader 1000 hp CAT approx. 3000 hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$350,000 2006 Vermeer HG6000TX Approx. 1800 hours Very Good Condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$CALL

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Office 503-588-8312 • Toll free 888-680-3433 Cell 503-602-3433 •

4316 Bolivar Rd. Wellsville, NY


Web site: Email: Morbark Rayco Timber Pro Barko B&B Trailers

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2011 Morbark 3800XL Track Wood Hog, Horizontal Grinder, 800 HP Cat-Money Maker!

2011 Rayco T350 Super Crawler Now Taking Orders!

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b rda



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For Sales, Service or Parts Call 1-800-321-3602 or E-Mail:


LC Whitford Equipment Co., Inc.


Parallel lift linkage system on Doosan DL200TC tool carrier simplifies material movement around jobsites WEST FARGO, ND — Thanks to its parallel lift linkage system, the Doosan DL200TC tool carrier is ideally suited to move pallets, pipe and other materials around job sites. The DL200TC provides outstanding visibility down the center of the lift arms, which allows the operator to see the ground, truck or work area in front of the machine when placing loads. In addition, the parallel lift linkage system keeps the work tool flat as it is lifted rather than rolling back, an advantage when lifting pallets and other loads that need to stay level. Built around a Tier 3 compliant, 143 hp, six cylinder Doosan diesel engine, the DL200TC has an operating weight of 25,708-pounds with a standard 2.6-cubic-yard bucket. Dump height is 8feet 11-inches and dump reach is 3-feet - inch. Bucket breakout force is 23,149-pounds with a pin-on bucket. Static tipping load is 18,913pounds with a straight frame and 16,272pounds at the maximum steering angle of 40 degrees. The DL200TC can be equipped with an optional quick coupler in order to make changing

work tools easier. Four forward speed ranges provide maximum speeds of 4.1, 7.5, 14 and 21.7 mph. Three reverse speed ranges offer maximum speeds of 4.5, 8 and 15.5 mph. Like all Doosan wheel loaders, the DL200TC features a full powershift transmission with manual, automatic and semiautomatic (with “kick down” for first gear) modes. Transmission and engine operation can be easily diagnosed by connecting a laptop computer. Hydraulically controlled, multi-plate wet disc brakes and dual brake circuits provide positive braking power. A spring applied hydraulically released parking brake is mounted on the front axle to prevent the loader from rolling after engine shutdown. An optional electric powered emergency steering system backs up the hydraulic power steering system in case of a malfunction, and a safety device prevents starting the engine when not in neutral. Optional front and rear axle limited slip differentials ensure positive traction in wet or soft conditions. The DL200TC provides operators with outstanding visibility and low cab-

Equipment update: Crambo HD The Crambo shredder has long been proving its mettle shredding wood, C&D waste and MSW, for recycling and waste derived fuel. For users with especially tough shredding challenges, Komptech has now developed a heavy duty version. Features and Benefits Armored drum; Armored teeth; 10 percent more horsepower; Heavy duty gear box; Heavy duty drum bearing; and Two year guarantee if Komptech serviced. Applications • Shredding extremely large or difficult materials, like massive hardwood stumps with or without embedded rocks; and • Shredding shear resistant materials. For more information call 720-890-9090. • • • • • •

Heavy duty version of the Crambo dual shaft low speed shredder.

in sound levels. A roomy cabin, powerful heating and air conditioning system, tilting/telescoping steering column, ample storage space and a comfortable seat also help to reduce operator fatigue. An optional load isolation system provides smoother travel with a loaded bucket. All routine maintenance on the DL200TC can be performed from ground level. Centralized hydraulic check ports and easily accessible drain valves for engine oil

and coolant simplify routine maintenance. Remote greasing lubrication ports allow front pins to be lubed from the outside of the machine. The transmission oil filler pipe is located near the articulation joint for easy access and sight gauges for hydraulic oil and coolant levels allow easy daily checks while reducing the risk of contaminants entering the systems. In addition, the radiator fan can be reversed from the cabin to quickly clean out the radiator

and hydraulic oil cooler in dusty environments. Other options include a single lever control for travel functions and front mounted attachments and a hydraulically driven, variable speed engine fan. The variable speed fan features an electronic thermostat that constantly monitors engine coolant and transmission oil temperatures. Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment America, headquartered in West Fargo, ND, markets the Doosan brand of

products, which includes large excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. With more than 100 heavy equipment dealer locations in North America, Doosan is known for an unmatched dedication to service and customer uptime and durable, reliable products. Doosan is fast becoming a global force in heavy construction equipment. For more information on Doosan products, visit www.

COLOGNE, GERMANY — Sorting equipment provider STEINER T proudly announces the successful installation of their first XSS(R)-F; an inline system designed to extract copper (such as the so called ‘meatballs’) from shredded ferrous scrap. Installed inline at a German recycling yard, it is capable of processing high volumes of steel scrap directly out of the shredder. The XSS(R)-F utilizes high speed X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology

provided by Olympus Innov-X, allowing the separation of scrap based on the chemical composition. Olympus Innov-X has been pioneering automated XRF for years; but after the partnership with STEINERT began almost a year ago, things developed rapidly. Dr. Uwe Habich, CTO of STEINERT, says: “This installation in Germany is now the first one worldwide that is installed inline and operating continuously. This is a huge step and STEINERT is excited about the opportu-

nities for the industry and particularly for our customers.” The new sorting system features Olympus InnovX’s unique and proven XStream technology — a high speed X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) sensor unit capable of elemental analysis in milli-second time scales, engineered into an industrial grade system that has been the hallmark of other STEINERT sorting systems. Capable of a throughput of more than 100 tons per hour, the XSS(R)-F features a 2m belt width and

an average end product containing less than .20 percent cu. The standard system model is composed of a conveyor mounted spectrometer module, typically containing multiple tubes and detectors to provide the ability to detect and analyze every single piece of scrap material. In only a few milliseconds customer defined sorting parameters will determine whether or not to divert that piece out of the main stream. Diverted material is ejected using STEINERT’s

high powered compressed air valves. Olympus Innov-X, founded in 2001, is a global leader in rapid, on site XRF measurements. Olympus Innov-X extends the reach of XRF, providing real time, nondestructive analysis where the answer is needed the most. This full suite of on site XRF products from Innov-X provides high performance elemental analysis for Mg thru U, ppm to 100 percent. Olympus Innov-X has the breadth of XRF experience and range of

WESTCHESTER TRACTOR INC. 60 International Blvd • Brewster, NY 10509 845-278-7766 • Fax 845-278-4431

CHERRY VALLEY TRACTOR 35 Route 70 West • Marlton, NJ 08053 856-983-0111

W. M. BIERS INC. Port of Albany • Albany, NY 12202 518-434-2747

CLEAVES CO. INC. 300 Reservoir St. • Needham, MA 02194 781-449-0833

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RBR EQUIPMENT 1631 Otisco Valley Road • Marietta, NY 13110 315-558-4367 Web: Email:

product offerings to provide field hardened, high global service organization with worldwide operations, sales and service. Headquartered in the U.S. with R&D and manufacturing facilities, they have offices in Europe and Asia. In addition, sales and service (including installation and training) is available in over 100 countries. Founded in 1889, Steinert has long been recognized as the leader in magnetic separation technology. Over the last decade, Steinert has also become a leader in sensor sorting applications. Steinert provides electromagnetic drums, eddy current separators and sorting systems based on induction, X-Ray and near infrared. Today, STEINERT is the only full range industry supplier based on product range, expertise and customer service. STEINERT provides full service sales, support and service across the globe. STEINERT is headquartered Cologne, Germany with offices in the United States, Brazil, Australia and Japan. Steinert US is the North American headquarters of STEINER T Elektromagnetbau GmbH; the global leader in separation technology solutions for the scrap, waste and mining industries. The company manufactures a complete line of magnetic and sensor sorting equipment designed to separate and recover a wide range of materials. Driven by innovation and focused on satisfaction, STEINER T combines over 120 years of superior technical expertise with world class customer service to deliver the most reliable machinery in the industry.


STEINERT installs inline system to extract meatballs


Miller introduces new safety glasses Smoked and Shade 3.0 Lenses to Arc Armor® Line of Safety Glasses — Newest additions join existing Clear and Shade 5.0 options APPLETON, WI — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has rounded off its safety glasses offering with the addition of Smoked and Shade 3.0 to its existing offering of Clear and Shade 5.0 line of safety glasses. The new safety lenses are available in black, blue and orange frame colors. The Smoked lenses are ideal for outdoor applications, while the Shade 3.0 is ideal for light oxy fuel or plasma cutting applications. Arc Armor safety glasses are designed for optimal comfort, fit and durability. Featuring rubber ear pads and form fitting orbital eye coverage, the safety glasses reduce facial discomfort and pain that can occur after long periods of use. “The Arc Armor safety glasses provide outstanding protection features, including shatter proof polycarbonate lenses with an antiscratch coating and soft foam protection guards that keep out dust and perspiration.” The Smoked, Shade 3.0 and Shade 5.0 safety lenses

also feature a reflective outer coating providing ultraviolet protection and enhanced contrast with minimal glare. “Welding safety is Miller’s priority, and we understand welders don’t just want safety products that are durable and protect them from potential hazards,” said Bill Gardner, product manager at Miller Electric Mfg. Co. “Welders want style and comfort — products they can and want to wear all

day without discomfort. These new safety glasses, like all of our Arc Armor products, meet those criteria.” “The new safety glasses also meet the Z87.1 requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for personal eye and face protection devices.” For more information on Miller safety glasses and other Arc Armor Welding protection products, visit MillerWelds. com.

Spare Parts Custom Made

Screens For All Manufacturers & Models

Most parts custom fabricated and shipped within days not weeks! Pictured are just a few samples of our quality work Morbark Grinder Screen

Bucket Liners Hammer Bars Split Sprockets Augers * All Fabrication Products Are Available in AR450 Plate

Roto Chopper Screen Jones Grinder Screen

Split Sprockets

Front Wear Liner for the Jones Grinder

Call us for your parts needs. Phone: 301-722-4030 Fax: 301-759-4064 E-mail: Visit our web site: PO Box 1415 12001 Siebert Rd. SE, Cumberland, MD 21502


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 9:00 AM, AT COMPANY WRENCH'S FACILITY, 4805 SCOOBY LANE, CARROLL (COLUMBUS AREA), OH 43112 PARTIAL LISTING: SPECIALIZED DEMOLITION UNITS & SCRAP & MATERIAL HANDLERS: 2007 Komatsu PC600LC-8, Full Cab Guard, Plumbed, Open/Close, Rotate, Hammer, 2nd & 3rd Member, 36" Pads, 14' Arm, Hrs Read: Less Than 5000, s/n 55030; 2008 Komatsu PC400LC-8, Full Cab Guard, Plumbed, Open/Close, Rotate, Hammer, 2nd & 3rd Member, Counterweight Removal Devise, 36" Pads, Hrs Read: 2100, s/n A88141; 2010 Doosan DX225, Aux Plumbing, Standard Arm, Hrs Read: 1875, s/n 5674; 2008 Terex TXC480LC-2, Cab Guard, Plumbed, Open/Close, Rotate, Hammer, 2nd & 3rd Member, Hrs Read: 2000, s/n 40006; 2008 Terex TXC340LC-2, Cab Guard, Plumbed, Open/Close, Rotate Hammer, 2nd & 3rd Member, Hrs Read: 3000, s/n 40048; 2008 Terex TXC340LC-2, Cab Guard, Plumbed, Open/Close, Rotate, Hammer, 2nd & 3rd Member, Hrs Read: 2200, s/n 40040; 2006 Komatsu PC400LC-7 EO, Full Cab Guard, Plumbed, Open/Close, Rotate, Hammer, 2nd & 3rd Member, Counterweight Removal Device, 36" Pads, Hrs Read: 5756, s/n A87146; 2005 Komatsu PC400LC-7, Cab Guard, Counterweight Removal Device, 36" Pads, Hrs Read: 4200, s/n A86646; 2006 Komatsu PC400LC-7, Cab Guard, Plumbed, Open/Close, Rotate, Hammer, 2nd & 23rd Member, Counterweight Removal Device, 36" Pads, Hrs Read: 5000, s/n A86850; 2005 Komatsu PC220LC-7, Cab Guard, A/C, Plumbed, Hrs Read: 4129, s/n A86932; 2004 Terex Fuchs MHL350, New Remanufactured Hyd Pump, Hrs Read: 3742, s/n 0733; CONSTRUCTION & TRANSFER STATION EQUIPMENT: 2007 Komatsu D65WX-15, Enclosed Cab, Heat, A/C, 32" SBG, Hydrostation Steering, Joystick Control, 11'9" Semi U Tilt Blade, Rear Hitch, Hrs Read: 3705, s/n 69024; SHEARS, PROCESSORS & JAWS: 2006 LaBounty MSD2000R Shear, s/n 620302; 2007 LaBounty UP45SV Processor s/n 45241 w/2008 LaBounty Concrete Cracker Jaw s/n 45CC236, 3rd Member, Multi Machine Mount; 2010 LaBounty UP75SV Processor s/n 75221 w/2010 LaBounty Concrete Cracker Jaw s/n 75CC212, Bolt On Head, Multi Machine Mount; PULVERIZERS & CRUNCHERS: LaBounty MP40 Rotating Concrete Pulverizer; HAMMERS, GRAPPLES & MAGNETS: 2007 Stanley MB100EXS 12K Lb Hammer For 80-130K Lb Excavator; 2007 Stanley MB70EXS 7500 Lb Hammer, For 60-100K Lb Excavator; 2008 LaBounty HDR70QC Grapple For 65-88K Lb Machine w/ or w/o Coupler, s/n 70244; Jewell Rotating Grapple For 70-100K Lb Excavator; New Bodine Grapple For 25-40K Lb Excavator; Ohio 58" Magnet, Cast Case; BUCKETS & ATTACHMENTS: 2009 Terex WS60 Miller-Grinder, s/n 0698; 2008 Rockland-Entec Krypto Claw Bkt For 80-120K Lb Excavator w/Attached Thumb; 2010 Rockland Roller-Compaction Wheel For 70-120K Lb Excavator, Less Than 100 Hrs; 2009 LaBounty RT32 Rapid Tach Quick Coupler For PC400, s/n DH21871; 2009 LaBounty Quick Coupler For PC300; 2008 JRB Quick Coupler For PC750-80, s/n AKR1270; 2008 PSM Hyd Thumb For 80-120K Lb Excavator; COMPACTION & PAVING EQUIPMENT: 2001 Cat AP900B Paver, Hrs Read: 9019, s/n 98Z35362Z; Hamm GRW18 Roller, Hrs Read: 3294, s/n 1429807; 1987 Hamm 16-30T Roller, Hrs Read: 8799, s/n R1429954; SKID STEERS: SKID STEER ATTACHMENTS: DUST CONTROL UNITS: Company Wrench Dust Suppression Unit #DS002 w/Trailer; 2009 Company Wrench Machine Worx Dust Destroyer, Water Mister w/Oscillation, Booster Pump, Trailer #DDP001 Mtd; TRUCKS & TRAILERS: FULL SERVICE TRUCKS: UTILITY & BROOM TRACTORS: Massey Ferguson 240, Hrs Read: 3817, s/n F44073; EQUIPMENT & TRUCK COMPONENTS & PARTS: (4) Terex-Doosan Cabs; New Terex-Doosan Hood; SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: AND MORE!

2 DAYS - 1000'S OF LOTS - 2 DAYS


DAY 2 • SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 9:00 AM CONTRACTOR SUPPORT, AG, LANDSCAPE & MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT TERMS: Complete payment or a minimum requirement of 20% deposit day of sale in Cash, Certified Check or Guaranteed Funds. Balance due within 4 days. Ohio Lic # 2002000176, Ohio Firm #2002000177


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The worldwide network of Vermeer dealers makes the difference get to know your local dealer. In the field or in the shop, nobody is more determined to see you succeed. Vermeer is an innovative leader in the manufacturing of underground and treecare equipment. They can also be your most valued partner in your day-to-day operations.

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AEM to Congress: Voters are looking for leadership and action to rebuild our infrastructure Dennis Slater: “Infrastructure investment is a proven engine for economic growth” In a meeting with senators at the U.S. Capitol, Dennis Slater, president of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), called on Congress to address the urgent need to rebuild America’s infrastructure and to actively pursue innovative funding approaches to finance this critical investment without increasing the deficit. The meeting was hosted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Mark Begich and attended by 14 other Senators including Majority Whip Dick Durbin and Senator Barbara Boxer, chair of the committee on Environment and Public Works. Reid and Begich organized the meeting as an opportunity for senators and leaders from business, labor and state government to strategize about how best to work together to advance comprehensive infrastructure investment legislation in Congress this year. AEM is a leader and supporter of policies that create manufacturing jobs and Slater, representing AEM’s ‘I Make America’ campaign, was the only leader from the manufacturing community to speak at the meeting. ‘I Make America’ is AEM’s national grassroots campaign to promote U.S. manufacturing jobs through infrastructure investment and passage of export agreements. “We need Democrats and Republicans alike to stand up and recognize that investing in America’s crumbling infrastructure is a national imperative — critical to job creation, global competitiveness and our economic security and prosperity, now and well into the future,” said Dennis Slater, president of AEM. “The opinion research we’ve conducted shows not only that voters nationwide overwhelmingly agree (83 percent) that modernizing and rebuilding infrastructure is both a safety and a jobs issue, but

that we need to be thinking ‘outside the box’ with innovative, new funding approaches to make this critical investment without increasing the national deficit,” said Slater. “Surprisingly, 60 percent of voters would even support a one cent national sales tax for infrastructure that would expire in five years. What this tells us is that voters believe there is an urgent need to rebuild our infrastructure, and they are looking for leadership and action to get it done,” he affirmed. Slater also noted that during this recession, one of the main reasons why AEM’s member companies were able to weather the economic downturn was the demand for their products overseas — export markets — and that these opportunities will be threatened if the condition of our transportation infrastructure hampers U.S.

manufacturers’ ability to get their products to market quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. The following organizations and individuals were also in attendance during the meeting: • AFL-CIO, Building and Construction Trades department, president, Mark Ayers • Airports Council International — North America, president, Gregory Principato • Alaska AFL-CIO, president, Vincent Beltrami • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, president, Susan Martinovich • American Road and Transportation Builders, president and chief executive officer, Pete Ruane • American Trucking Association, chair, Barbara Windsor • Amtrak, chief executive officer, Joseph Boardman • Associated Equipment Distributors, chair-

man, Dennis Kruepke • Associated General Contractors of America, chief executive officer, Stephen Sandherr • Building America’s Future, Co-Chair, gov. Edward G. Rendell • CSX Corporation, chief executive officer, Michael Ward • Genesis High Speed Rail America, chairman, Duane Wilder • McCarran International Airport, director of Aviation, Randall Walker • National Asphalt Pavement Association, past chairman, Jim Weeks • National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, president and chief executive officer, Jennifer Joy Wilson To learn more about I Make America, visit us at . Submit a photo to the newly launched Picture a Better America Photo Contest at www. to win a $250 prize and help drive


home for your elected officials the reality of America’s crumbling infrastructure and showcase the hard working men and women that make and grow America. View short videos of employees and small business owners around the country telling the real life stories of how manufacturing impacts the national economy at Keep up to date on the latest ‘I Make America’ campaign news on Twitter @IMakeAmerica, on Facebook and at www. I Make America is supported by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and its 850 plus member companies. We are joined by the memberships of like

minded associations, American business owners and citizens and local elected officials across the nation. AEM is the North American based international trade group providing innovative business development resources to advance the off road equipment manufacturing industry in the global marketplace. AEM membership comprises more than 850 companies and more than 200 product lines in the agriculture, construction, forestry, mining and utility sectors worldwide. AEM is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, with offices in the capitals of Washington, D.C., Ottawa, Beijing and a European presence in Brussels.

This Family Friendly House Situated in a Beautiful Country Setting Rural Route Cooperstown, NY

Could Mak e Your Dr eams Come True...


January 3, 4, 5, 2012 • Tues. 9-4, Wed. 9-4 & Thurs. 9-3 York Fairgrounds • York, PA

• VIRGINIA FARM SHOW • Jan. 19, 20 & 21, 2012 • Thurs. 9-4, Fri. 9-4 & Sat. 9-3 Augusta Expoland • Fishersville, VA

• BIG IRON EXPO • February 8 & 9, 2012 • Wed. 10-7 & Thurs. 9-4 Eastern States Exposition • West Springfield, MA

• MATERIAL HANDLING & INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT EXPO • February 8 & 9, 2012 • Wed. 10-7 & Thurs. 9-4 Eastern States Exposition • West Springfield, MA

• EMPIRE STATE FRUIT & VEG EXPO • Jan. 24, 25 & 26 2012 Oncenter Convention Center • Syracuse, NY

• HARD HAT EXPO • March 7 & 8, 2012 • Wed. 10-7 & Thurs. 9-4 New York State Fairgrounds • Syracuse, NY


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More than a house, a wonderful way of life. 3.5 acres, Kitchen with built in Dishwasher, Stove, Refrigerator/Freezer, Ample Cupboards and Work Island. Dining Area - Living Room adjacent to Den, 3 Bedrooms with 3 Baths. Large, Glassed Sunroom, Outside Deck, Insulated Barn with concrete floor. Oil Hot Water Baseboard Heat. You owe it to yourself to come and take a look. Owner will carry mortgage for qualified buyer with down payment. Otsego Lake Privilege.

Contact Owner • 518-568-5115 or Hubbell’s Real Estate • 607-547-5740



Cherry increases reasons to recycle in South Texas by Ben Wheatley

Selerino Andrade (L) and Ray Maddux, remove debris and trash from the conveyor before the crushed concrete becomes finished product. Flex/Base concrete, 400 tons of 3 X 5-inch concrete Cherry is making it easier for Galveston County, Hitchcock’s role in the area Texas, businesses to recycle deconstruction waste. “Our Hitchcock Recycling Center helps us better and 1,000 tons of 1-3/4-inch asphalt daily. Cherry explains that an increasing number of busiCherry, the Houston based recycling and demolition serve customers by bringing our operations closer to company, has just opened its fourth recycling center them,” says Leonard Cherry, president of Cherry. nesses today are “green friendly” because they recog— the newest of which is situated in Hitchcock, “Overall, recycling preserves the natural environment nize that recycled concrete and asphalt are suitable Texas, just south of Houston. Together, Cherry’s by reducing the amount of concrete, asphalt, materials for new roadways and other construction recycling centers process more than a million tons of residential composition asphalt shingles and tires projects. An added bonus is that when contractors concrete and asphalt and thousands of tons of steel that are dumped in landfills and other unwanted use these types of recycled materials in new construction, it conserves natural resources by every year. Accordingly, the company is considered places.” Hitchcock is Cherry’s second largest recycling facil- reducing the amount of virgin materials that must be one of the biggest recyclers in the state of Texas. The new 14 acre Hitchcock Recycling Center, locat- ity. As production gets underway in Hitchcock, mined. With the addition of the Hitchcock facility, Cherry’s ed at 5402 Highway 6, accepts concrete, asphalt and Cherry is temporarily crushing concrete and asphalt residential composition asphalt shingles for recy- with one of its portable crushers, a TEREX Pegson combined daily production at its four recycling cling. Cherry’s recycling center eventually, will accept jaw crusher. In addition to its primary jaw crusher, centers is 5,000 tons of TexDot Flex/Base, 1,500 tons and recycle discarded tires, however until Cherry’s Cherry uses a Komatsu 380 secondary jaw crusher, a of 3 X 5-inch concrete and 5,000 tons of 1-3/4-inch tire recycling permit is approved, the company Power Screen Chiefton 1400, a PC 400 excavator and asphalt. Locating a recycling facility in Hitchcock also is a accepts and recycles tires only at its 616 Almeda a WA 380 Komatsu wheel loader. Once production Road Recycling Center in Houston. Cherry’s other volume grows, Cherry will invest in larger, permanent good match for new construction now underway and Houston area recycling centers are located at 6019 crushers for the new recycling center. Currently, anticipated growth in Galveston County, according to Hitchcock is capable of producing 600 tons of TexDot Don Gartman, president of Galveston County Crawford Road and 4601 Holmes Road. Economic Alliance. “Post Hurricane Ike, we’ve significant refurbishment of existing facilities, new development and an increased number of inquiries about business expansion in Galveston County, especially in Hitchcock. Texas’ vibrant economy and favorable tax rates are helping fuel this new interest,” Gartman explains. “Growth is likely to come from petrochemical, manufacturing and retail businesses. And, frequently, building these new facilities means that older facilities must be demolished in order to make way.” Cherry’s history Cherry began its operations nearly 60 years ago as a house moving company and eventually expanded into demolition and recycling activities. During the last few years, the company has focused on expanding its recycling operations. Underscoring Cherry’s continuing shift into the environmental arena is the fact that 50 percent of its gross volume came from demolition in 2006; today more than 65 percent of its gross volume is due to recycling. “If it weren’t for our recycling centers, much of this debris would simply end up in landfills —taking up space and serving no purpose,” says Cherry. “When we recycle about one million tons of concrete, this reduces about 500,000-cubic-yards of landfill. It also eliminates more than $5,500,000 in tipping fees charged to dump trash at landfills and waste transfer stations,” he explains. With its goal of increasing the amount of recyclable material from demolition jobs, Cherry carefully Jim Mooney, Hancock's manager of recycling centers (L) and Leonard Cherry, president, in front of a batch of 3 x Cherry 25 5-inch Bullrock that is used for water filtration and erosion control.


Cherry from 24 material from demolition jobs, Cherry carefully removes all salvageable and historic items first, then separates other trash (such as roofing material) before crushing the concrete remains. Currently, the company estimates that it can recycle from 88 to 92 percent of all materials generated from a typical industrial or commercial demolition project. Cherry strives to reduce the environmental impact of all its operations. For example, the company owns and operates one of the largest trucking fleets in the demolition and recycling business in the Gulf Coast region. Over the last several years, the company replaced its transportation vehicles with TERP engine type vehicles that meet lower emission standards. The company also operates three portable concrete crushers that allow it to crush concrete, asphalt and brick directly on demolition sites and at its customers’ operation sites. On site recycling creates quality base material at a lower cost than that of new material, plus it lowers landfill consumption and tipping fees. Even more important, on site crushing saves on transportation costs, lowers fuel emissions and helps reduce the need to quarry additional natural aggregate. Other green working practices include the collection and recycling of cement truck residue that gets dumped into roll off washout boxes at the end of construction workdays. Typically, this residue is dumped, but Cherry collects and recycles it, transforming this concrete waste into reusable concrete product. The company’s demolition crews provide much of the concrete and asphalt feedstock for its recycling operations by demolishing industrial, commercial and residential structures and removing infrastructure, such as highways, streets, bridges and runways. Other parts of the company then transport these materials to its recycling centers for processing. Heading into the future On a local level, adding the new Hitchcock Recycling Center, positions Cherry to serve those customers south of Houston to Galveston. With more Cherry recycling centers strategically located throughout this area of Texas, customers save time and transportation costs because deconstruction waste doesn’t have to be trucked to other, remote recycling centers or landfills. For more information on the Cherry Companies, contact them at 800-444-

Leonard Cherry (L) and Jim Mooney with one of the company's TREX Pegson primary jaw crushers at the Hitchcock Recycling Center south of Houston.

Bert Guidry, yard superintendent, picks up raw product with a WA 380 Komatsu wheel loader.

Cherry Companies commitment to recycling

Jim Mooney stands next to a stockpile of Flex base TXDOT 247 crushed concrete comes of the conveyor at the Hitchcock Recycling Center south of Houston.

by Ben Wheatley Leonard Cherry, president of Cherry recognizes the importance of recycling C&D waste, especially concrete, asphalt, steel, tires and asphalt shingles. He says that not only is recycling these materials profitable, “…It’s simply the right thing to do as a socially responsible company. Recycling is a growing industry — even in a down economy,” he says. “As the cost of securing virgin materials goes up, recycling becomes even more attractive.” Cherry says that the need for more recycling centers is evident because building generated waste is on the rise in the U.S. In 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that approximately 164,000 million tons of building generated waste is generated in the U.S. annually, of which nine percent is construction waste, 38 percent is renovation waste and 53 percent is demolition debris. He notes that Cherry’s wide ranging resources and financial

strength, coupled with one of the largest fleets of specialized equipment and trucks in the Gulf Coast, positions it to handle projects of nearly any size in more than half of the United States. Likewise, he views material generated from a demolition project as a raw product first and then as a waste stream if the material cannot be recycled. Since the company began “recycling” houses to new locations, Cherry says he has been looking for new applications for the types of concrete and asphalt material those materials generate in large volumes. For Cherry and other recyclers in Texas, one of the major breakthroughs in recycling aggregates and asphalt materials came in the mid-90s. That was when the Texas Dept. of Transportation authorized the use of recycled concrete as an acceptable substitute for natural aggregate. This meant the crushed concrete from Cherry and other recycling companies could be put to good use in roadbeds instead of

being discarded in local landfills. Since then, asphalt recycling has become another important process at Cherry. Once old asphalt is removed from streets and roadways, the material is processed at a recycling center for use in roadway construction. A more recent innovation has been Cherry’s recycling of residential composition asphalt shingles for use in roadways. Another consideration is a focus on alternative fuels where discarded automobile and truck tires are becoming a resource as alternative fuel sources. “Added benefits to shingle and tire recycling include its cost — cheaper than virgin materials — and the fact that recycled shingle and tire materials helps increase the longevity of roads,” Cherry says. “These materials last the same or even longer than virgin materials.” For more information on the Cherry Companies, contact them at 800-444-1123 or online at


Jenny Products, Inc. offers two stage service vehicle compressors SOMERSET, PA — Jenny Products, Inc. offers a line of two stage service vehicle compressors. The line includes five models, each designed, tested and proven to meet the demands of various users and applications, such as service centers, equipment dealers and construction professionals. The compressors are powered by 5 to 18 hp Honda GX series engines. Three models come with 30 gallon air tanks, and the other two have 80 gallon tanks. They are available with recoil or electric start and are offered with three different pump styles to meet a variety of volume requirements. The lowest capacity unit provides 10.2 CFM at 125 PSI or 9.1 CFM at 150 PSI, while the largest unit provides 39.5 CFM at 125 PSI or 34.7 CFM at 150 PSI. All compressors in the line are built with a heavy duty, two stage cast iron compressor pump for superior performance and longevity. The compressors are belt driven with a large flywheel for easy start-ups and extra cooling and pump temperatures are further reduced by a directional air shroud. Designed to withstand the demands of any industry, all models come with several standard features to reduce maintenance and maximize uptime. The belt is totally enclosed within a heavy duty belt guard, and all fittings are protectively mounted. The units also include a finned intercooler, centrifugal unloader, large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements, pneumatic throttle idle control, a stainless steel discharge hose, oil sight glass, powder coated ASME certified receivers, a tank gauge and a pressure release safety valve. Splash lubrication with Jenny “Ultimate Blue” compressor pump oil provides contractor duty protection of the pistons, crankshaft, bearings, rings and cylinders. The two stage service vehicle compressors also come with an optional lubricator and airline filter. Special engine, tank and pressure requirements can be customized upon request. With roots dating back to the 1870s, Jenny Products, Inc. has been an OEM manufacturer for several major manufacturers of air compressors. To-

day, Jenny manufactures and markets its own line of hand carry, wheeled portable and industrial stationary air compressors. For more information on its line of equipment, contact Jenny Products, Inc., 850 North Pleasant Ave., Somerset, PA 155011069. Call 814-445-3400, fax 814-445-2280 or visit the Web site at

Designed to withstand the demands of any industry, all models come with several standard features to reduce maintenance and maximize uptime.

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Hard Hat News focuses on heavy equipment construction including excavating, construction/demolition, paving, bridge building, and utility construction in the northeastern third of the United States. TITLE 1 Ì President/CEO 2 Ì Manager/Supervisor 3 Ì Other FULL TIME EMPLOYEES 1 Ì 1-5 2 Ì 6-25 3 Ì >25 NUMBER YOUR PRIMARY BUSINESS #1, SECONDARY #2, ETC. 1 Asphalt Paving _____________________ 2 Concrete Paving ___________________ 3 Oil & Stone Paving__________________ 4 Bridge Construction _________________ 5 Excavating ________________________ 6 Utility/Underground _________________ 7 Construction Demolition______________ 8 Landscaping ______________________ 9 Land Clearing _____________________ 10 Logging _________________________ 11 Other ___________________________

Recycling professionals involved in the wood waste, C&D, scrap metal, asphalt & concrete, and compost recycling industries will find Waste Handling Equipment News a valuable source of new products, product innovation and site adaption. Two regional editions cover the United States.

HOW MANY OF THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF EQUIPMENT DO YOU OWN OR LEASE? 1 Excavators ________________________ 2 Dozers ___________________________ 3 Track/Wheel Loaders ________________ 4 Trucks____________________________ 5 Backhoes, TLB’s ___________________ 6 Other Heavy Equipment _____________ Do you perform contract snow removal? Ì Yes Ì No If so, how many pieces of equipment do you use for snow removal? ______________________ Do you have plans for your company’s expansion? Ì 1-2 Years Ì 3-5 Years Ì No plans at this time Ì Other

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TITLE J Operations Manager J Other TYPE OF BUSINESS (Check all that apply) Construction Demolition Recycling J Scrap Metals Recycling Construction Demolition Landfill J Ferrous J Non-Ferrous Woodwaste Recycling/Land Clearing J Equipment Manufacturer Composting J Equipment Dealer Asphalt/Concrete Recycling

J Owner/President/VP J J J J J

Regional Horticulture

Country Folks Grower is the regional newspaper for all segments of commercial horticulture since 1991. Each monthly issue is filled with important news, information, and advertising for the Greenhouse, Nursery, Garden center, Landscaper, Fruit, Vegetable Grower and Marketers.

North American Quarry News covers quarries, sand and gravel pits, HMA and ready mix concrete operations in the United States. NAQN provides a combination of strong editorial and advertising for industry professionals.

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Crushed stone and sand & gravel Crushed stone Sand and gravel Recycled materials, concrete/asphalt Cement Lime Industrial minerals Concrete

Regional Agriculture


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Our premier weekly agricultural newspaper has four editions covering agriculture from Maine through North Carolina. Every issue is loaded with national, regional and local agricultural news, equipment, service advertising and auctions. *This publication costs $45 for one year. *This publication costs $75 for two years.

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Lumber & Wood Products

42”x66” B3 Pulverizer/Heavy Duty Rotor/Metal Trap/Serial #8447. Rebuilt January ‘09 New Hammers & Spacers. Installation, operation & maintenance manuals incl. 400 HP Cummins Engine/9 Speed Trans/Belt Drive. Hydraulic Operated Hopper/PTO Driven. Semi 5th Wheel attachment/Custom Built trailer. Trailer set up with Outriggers/Stabilizers. Rotobec 80 Elite Loader 10800515-641657 Attached.

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1998 INTERNATIONAL TOWMASTER on 4700 air ride chassis with DT466, 275hp engine, 6 spd. Allison auto. trans., good paint w/perfect interior & air seats. Nearly new Michelin tires & brakes, 25,000 lb. 5th wheel hitch. Ready to take you on your next trip. 518-993-2618 Fort Plain,NY

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Recycling Equipment

Hammer Mill Shredder


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Recycling Equipment

$275k Optional Conveyor/Optional Magnet.

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1998 INTERNATIONAL TOWMASTER on 4700 air ride chassis with DT466, 275hp engine, 6 spd. Allison auto. trans., good paint w/perfect interior & air seats. Nearly new Michelin tires & brakes, 25,000 lb. 5th wheel hitch. Ready to take you on your next trip. 518-993-2618 Fort Plain,NY

Mfg. By

New. Save Thousands. Fits 966H, 844J, 844K, 95ZV, WA480-5/6, WA500-3/6, L586, L-180 E/F.


Call or E-mail Bill: 814-623-0130

DUFF BRUSH LLC Powerscreen, Wildcat, McCloskey, Retech & Others


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1998 INTERNATIONAL TOWMASTER on 4700 air ride chassis with DT466, 275hp engine, 6 spd. Allison auto. trans., good paint w/perfect interior & air seats. Nearly new Michelin tires & brakes, 25,000 lb. 5th wheel hitch. Ready to take you on your next trip. 518-993-2618 Fort Plain,NY

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Lumber & Wood Products

Lumber & Wood Products

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ANTIQUE TIMBERS & BOARDS Yellow Pine, Cypress, Fir, Oak.

(512) 328-8837

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WASTE HANDLING EQUIPMENT NEWS CLASSIFIED SECTION Waste Mailing Address - Waste Handling Equipment News Classifieds, PO Box 121, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428 Used Equipment

Used Equipment

FOR SALE New 10/02/02 - Volvo 290 Excavator s/n 10539, w/2300 hours, w/Genesis 400 (new 7/25/00), shear w/5000 hours New 12/19/03 - Volvo 290 Excavator s/n 11423, w/2000 hours, w/rotating clam bucket, new grapple, new digging bucket, 20KW magnet generator New 3/15/06 - Volvo 160 Excavator s/n 11040, w/1100 hours, w/grapple New 6/7/07 - Volvo 160 Excavator s/n 11286, w/600 hours, w/48” magnet set-up, new digging bucket


3531 Seneca Road, Suite 1, Leighton, PA 18235

Trucks 570-388-5605

Trucks Fax 570-386-5605

Martin’s Farm Trucks, LLC

Trucks for All Your Needs - Specializing in Agri-Business Vehicles

1999 Sterling L9500 TA Day Cab, 3406E Cat 455hp, Jake, 18spd, Double Frame, 46 Axles, Air Susp, Quad Lock, Wet Line, 458k mi. $29,500

1997 East Trailer TA 34’ Push Out Trailer, 54” Sides, Spring Susp, Good Brakes and Rubber, Very little wear, Bad Piston $9,500



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APR 15 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (DC) ISRI - ISRI Convention & Expo 2012 Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV. Annual convention & scrap recycling industry exposition. JUL 25-27 22nd Annual PROP Conference Lancastser Convention Center & Marriott, Lancast-er, PA. Register now & save with super Early Bird rates. Attendees: $350 member, $710 non-member. Exhibitors: $595 PROP member, $710 non-member. Super Early Bird rates expire Nov. 15. Online registration available soon. On Internet at

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Volvo Construction Equipment plans to spend 100 million USD in its North American operations Over the next couple of years, Volvo CE plans to spend 100 million USD in its Shippensburg, PA, manufacturing facility and start production of Volvo wheel loaders, excavators and articulated haulers in North America. Also, the Volvo CE North American sales headquarters and Volvo Rents will relocate from Asheville, NC to Shippensburg, PA by September 2012. “It makes sense, when possible, to manufacture products close to where our customers are,” said Olof Persson, president and CEO of Volvo Construction Equipment. “The global demand for Volvo construction equipment is rapidly increasing and we need to make investments to meet future demands in the region. Producing Volvo wheel loaders, articulated haulers and excavators in Shippensburg will result in shorter lead times for our customers. We will work closely with local suppliers to increase the North

American content of our products. This will further reduce our exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, which will already be positively affected by our bringing more production to the USA.” A world class Customer and Demonstration Center will be built in Shippensburg. In addition, Volvo CE will put up a new office building on the campus to house its Regional Sales Headquarters, its Volvo Rents offices and its Training Center. All Asheville, NC based employees will be given the opportunity to relocate to Shippensburg. The move, which will affect about 220 employees, will be concluded no later than September 2012. A comprehensive plan to assist with relocation is under development. For those employees who are unable or not prepared to relocate, an extensive human resources plan is currently being put in place. Since the acquisition of the Shippensburg fa-

cility in 2007, Volvo Construction Equipment has continuously invested in the existing plant. In June 2010, a 200,000square-foot, 30 million

USD expansion of the facility was finalized, to improve manufacturing flow and increase production space to incorporate the production of

Volvo motor graders. Manufacturing Volvo wheel loaders, articulated haulers and excavators in Shippensburg, PA will have no significant im-

pact on the current production in other Volvo locations. It will also further improve the competitiveness and profitability of the total business.



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