2016 Annual Report – Lee Pesky Learning Center

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Cover photo: Lee David Pesky Age, 11

Opening Hearts & Minds For 20 Years There is nothing in the world like the joy that comes with learning. To a child, discovery isn’t a process, it’s play! We are all born wondering, inquisitive, and curious beyond belief. But some children are born to learn differently, and this is a story that’s dedicated to them - to the children who work harder to achieve what others take for granted. To their families and teachers who work harder, too. To every individual who has to dig deeper, study longer, push past and plow ahead: Go. These words appeared in our Year 5 annual report and resonate just as clearly today. Together, we have empowered a generation of leaders, dreamers, and doers to create lifelong success. Thank you for your partnership. Every child’s triumph in learning is a victory for us all.

Letter from the Board Dear Donors, Patrons, and Friends, Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of watching Lee Pesky Learning Center raise the bar as a leader in education on a national level. While there are many challenges confronting education today – from a national special educator shortage to budget shortfalls for classroom intervention and more rigorous education standards – we’ve seen our determined staff and leadership unite to find solutions that support children, families, and schools. In the face of a national crisis for certified special educators, LPLC partnered with Boise State University to develop the Special Education Collaborative, providing high-quality learning experiences and fieldwork under the mentorship of Center staff that culminates in a master’s degree and special education certification. Amidst budget shortfalls and more rigorous education standards, our leadership team secured funding to bring our professional development courses online so educators all across the country could access our trainings. We’ve worked in partnership with foundations to develop school-based models that do not compromise the integrity of our work and successfully engaged the Idaho Legislature in progressive financing legislation – Pay for Success – to enhance funding opportunities that will allow us to scale our programming to meet the needs of every child who needs us. As we move forward to 2017 and beyond, we are so proud of what we have accomplished, and we are eternally grateful to everyone who helped lay the groundwork for the astounding feats we have achieved in our short 20 year history. Thank you for your steadfast commitment to ensure every child succeeds. With gratitude, Mike Shaughnessy, Board Chair Greg Pesky, Vice Chair

20 Years of Service

90% 71,400 Counseling and Academic Intervention hours

Idaho Counties Served

10 82,085 States Served

Students Served

2,043 5,470 Evaluations Given

Teachers Trained

A Look Back 1997 Deb Glaser, LPLC’s first Education Director, works with Jared, aged 10, to track sounds he can associate with certain letters and words at the Center’s first Boise location.

Idaho’s Comprehensive Literacy Plan As a response to the significant number of Idaho students who were completing high school with poor reading skills, LPLC leadership helped pass the Idaho Literacy Act in 1999. The act established a reading assessment tool, the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI), outlined a student intervention program for K-3 students who were not meeting grade-level reading benchmarks, and enlisted LPLC to develop and teach a graduate-level comprehensive literacy course that all K-8 teachers in Idaho are required to pass before providing reading instruction.

2000 Former Governor Dirk Kempthorne stands with Tyler and David, both 9 years old, during the proclamation signing declaring September “Learning Difference Month” in Idaho. The proclamation was driven by Center leadership to recognize the 20 percent of the U.S. population who learn differently.

Photos courtesy of The Idaho Statesman

A Look Back 2002

Former First Lady, Laura Bush, visited Boise as a guest speaker for “The Beginnings – Early Learning Summit for the Northwest Region,” hosted by Lee Pesky Learning Center and Former First Lady of Idaho, Patricia Kempthorne. Seven nationally recognized leaders and 550 participants from eight Northwest states attended. The summit shared insights on the link between quality early learning experiences and educational success, the workforce, and society.

From left to right: Former LPLC Executive Director Hildy Ayer, Former First Lady, Laura Bush, Board Chair Emeritus and Co-founder of LPLC, Alan Pesky.

The Idaho Early Literacy Project Launched in 2005 by LPLC, the Idaho Early Literacy Project supports early education for Idaho’s preschool-aged children. Through a congressional appropriation in 2008, under the leadership of Congressman Mike Simpson, the project provided free literacy training to 800 early care providers and distributed 38,000 copies of early literacy booklets to parents of newborns in hospitals statewide. To date, the Center has trained more than 1,600 early care providers in Idaho. Photo courtesy of The Idaho Statesman

A Look Back 2015 Special Education Collaborative The Special Education Collaborative was launched in 2015 to address the shortage of qualified Special Educators nationwide. Teacher candidates (a.k.a. Pesky Scholars) earn a Master’s in Teaching and special education certification by satisfying coursework through Boise State University and completing an intensive internship under the guidance of LPLC specialists. In January 2016, the Special Education Collaborative was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition. Listen to the full interview here: www.lplearningcenter.org/special-education-collaborative.

Year One Graduate Update:

Jodi Riley accepted a special education teaching position with the Caldwell School District outside Boise. Pragnyaa Chakravarthy accepted a position with Lee Pesky Learning Center as an Education Specialist with a focus on math intervention.

Executive Directors

Dr. Blossom Turk 1997 - 2000

Hildy Ayer 2000 - 2006

Dr. David Holmes 2006 - 2011

Dr. Evelyn Johnson 2011- present

Turning 20 stories from two decades

Building Confidence “Best. Day. Ever.” These were the first words out of my daughter’s mouth after her first week of third grade this year, quickly followed by “I got to show everyone how to do a math problem on the board and I was the only one who knew how to do it.” We brought Delphine to LPLC a year and a half ago as a second grader scoring at a late kindergarten math level and learned she was not understanding fundamental math concepts because of memory and anxiety issues. The Center matched our daughter with an Education Specialist, Pragnyaa, whose patient, friendly approach has given her confidence. They have built a special bond that’s helped our daughter succeed. Pragnyaa customizes lessons to Delphine’s learning style, interests, and even her mood on any given day.

The student-teacher relationship makes LPLC stand out for our family. And the results speak for themselves. Laura Loftus Current Center Client

Opening Doors When our oldest son was diagnosed with dyslexia we immediately called LPLC. In fact, all three of our children received services from LPLC and have reached beyond what they thought was possible. And it wasn’t just the kids who learned. The staff at LPLC spent as much time teaching us and holding our hands into the next chapter of our lives. The most important message that LPLC taught ALL of us was how to advocate for ourselves. Part of that journey was strengthening each child’s self esteem and understanding that they truly deserved the attention. This lesson weaved its way through many parts of our lives, giving each of us the confidence to speak to others about this challenge. We recognized that because of dyslexia, each of our kids had to learn to work more creatively with a tremendous amount of determination in order to achieve their goals. So with this skill set, as young adults their reward has been great. John Michael is the co-developer and managing partner of the largest express car wash in the nation, The Metro Express. Camille is a recruiter for Stryker, a national medical device company. Her accolades stem from work ethic and creativity. Dominick is in

his junior year of college, serving as president of his fraternity while achieving the Dean’s List each semester. Our gratitude to LPLC for their knowledge, experience, and compassion is beyond measure. Patty and Mike Fery Alumni Family of LPLC

Changing the Future Imagine forever changing the trajectory of a child’s life. Imagine lifting the overwhelming burden of learning difficulties; imagine enhancing the self-esteem, enthusiasm, and creativity of a struggling student. Now imagine the Lee Pesky Learning Center. There are so many wonderful nonprofits that are able to execute on a noble mission. Some provide important experiences that create memories or new insight; others move us toward a more sustainable world. And still others improve the health and wellness of so many. But to have such a direct impact on the skills, achievement and confidence of a young person, and forever change his or her future, is a most noble endeavor. I am honored to be able to help. Dan Hunt Generous LPLC donor since 1999

Pushing Boundaries I remember the day I said ‘yes’ to Blossom Turk when she called and asked if I would be the Director of Education, opening a learning center for individuals with dyslexia. I had been teaching children with learning disabilities for 20 years and knew that this was going to be an opportunity to be a part of something really exciting. My decision to collaborate on that day was the beginning of our efforts in building this prominent

learning center, recognized locally and nationally for its devotion to enriching the lives of individuals, their families, teachers, and schools. I have so many fond memories of my time at LPLC working alongside Dr. Turk and sharing the Center’s resources with our community. In 1999, Blossom and I, working with a legislative committee, were the principal authors of the Idaho

Literacy Initiative. The legislative act set a national precedent for commitment to research-based assessment and professional development for teachers that would improve reading instruction throughout Idaho. It was landmark legislation and work that I am so very proud to have been a part of. Twenty years later, Lee Pesky Learning Center, through the efforts of many, continues to validate itself as an established and trusted source of hope for those learning how to read. Several years ago one of the Center’s students told me, “If you don’t learn how to read, you don’t have a life.” Lee Pesky Learning Center gives life to those who feel lost. Deborah Glaser, EdD Director of Education and Training - 1996-2002

“They know not where they are going, for the ocean will decide. It’s not the destination, but the glory of the ride.” Edward Monkton

You Inspire Us! Dear Friends, Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked together to transform the lives of more than 7,500 students, families, and schools through individual evaluation and intervention support, and professional development that brings LPLC’s strategies into classrooms across our five-state reach.

Without you, we could never have achieved so much. You have helped create thousands of individual success stories from people who have put their trust in the Center and our highly trained, dedicated staff. You have inspired lifetimes of learning for children who thought they could never learn to read or write. You have given educators the tools to support children with learning challenges in their classrooms and helped train the next generation of special educators. You’ve taught parents and families how to support their students through times of social, emotional, and academic struggle, and you’ve inspired children with learning disabilities to embrace their strengths and use those strengths to selfadvocate for their needs. You inspire us, and we look forward to partnering with you to build a brighter future for people with learning disabilities for the next 20 years.

With gratitude, Evelyn

A Look Forward - How We’re Expanding Impact Social Impact We serve hundreds of children at our centers every year, but there are so many children who need support. We’re committed to scaling our impact to change the trajectory for people with learning and attention challenges – by expanding our teacher training to make sure every child gets off to a great start learning to read; by developing school-based models and tools to replicate our methods; by training those new to the field; and by working with parents and communities to help children learn to read.

Service For 20 years, we’ve provided one-to-one reading services in our Centers. Now, we’re scaling our impact through small group, school-based models to allow more children to have access to effective reading interventions.

Training Did you know that there are critical shortages of special education teachers, school psychologists, and social workers prepared to work with people with learning disabilities? Through our internship programs, we’re preparing the next generation of professionals.

Research Self-regulation is a critical part of the learning process. We’re investigating the impact of a preventive approach to develop self-regulation skills in the classroom – if effective, our research may offer a proactive way to help children learn how to manage and cope with stress to improve their learning.

We Rely on Your Donations Effectively supporting students with learning disabilities requires resources above and beyond what the public education system can offer in many states, including Idaho. In 2014, a national average of $12,296 was spent on public education per student. In Idaho, education spending per student was $6,650, ranking 50th in the nation.

Your financial support brings high-quality programming into our classrooms and scholarship funding for evaluation and personalized learning services to students with LD. It also ensures our teachers have the latest research methods to jumpstart a lifetime of opportunities for children who struggle with learning and attention issues.

Celebrate 20 Years with us Boise, ID – April 5, 2017 Zions Bank Building, Downtown Boise 20th Anniversary Fundraiser with special guest Dr. Lisa Gabel, professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Lafayette College. Lisa is engaged in breakthrough research to identify genetic markers for learning disabilities.

New York, NY – May 4, 2017 Harvard Club of New York City Dinner and Discussion with Angela Duckworth, PhD Angela is a 2013 MacArthur Genius grant winner, founder and scientific director of the Character Lab at University of Pennsylvania and New York Times bestselling author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

Full event details at www.lplearningcenter.org/20years

Oh How We’ve Grown 13%


14% 35%




YEAR 20 2016


46% Total $1,565.975

Total $605,770 Fees for Service $213,006


Donations $280,145

Fees for Service $743,039 Donations $571,762

Grants $28,748

Publications $40,036

Investment Earnings $83,871

Grants $211,138


38% YEAR 1

Total $468,440



Program Services $256,035

Administration $179,992 Fundraising $32,413

11% 10% YEAR 20

55% Total $1,418,084

Program Services $1,108,178

Administration $162,161 Fundraising $147,745


Endowment and Governance LPLC Endowment Growth Chart The Lee Pesky Learning Center Endowment was established in 1999 as a separate nonprofit corporation to hold and manage funds to ensure the continued stability of our services into the future.

$2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000



















*draws to the Center were being made in these years

Board of Directors Michael Shaughnessy, Jr., Board Chair Greg Pesky, Vice Chair

Gregory Byron, Secretary

William Keller, Treasurer

Alan Pesky, Board Chair Emeritus and Co-founder

Wendy Pesky, Co-founder

Lesley Andrus

Anna Eberlin

Karen Peterson

Buckner Harris

Matthew Weatherley-White

Lori Frank

Kurt Liebich

Barbara Morgan Cynthia Murphy

Decker Rolph

William Young

LPLC Supporter List We are pleased to acknowledge the following donors for their generosity. The listings on the following pages reflect the names and cumulative gifts of donors who contributed between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016. We greatly appreciate each gift given. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we have mistakenly misspelled, listed, or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and notify our Development Director, Heather Meuleman, at (208) 577-1105 hmeuleman@lplearningcenter.org. We regret any errors. Over $100,000

Mrs. Anne Ford

Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation/Bernice Stern

The Albertsons Companies Foundation

Cambia Health Foundation

The Kapp Family Foundation

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust


Pesky Family Foundation/Alan and Wendy Pesky

An Anonymous Family Foundation

Sorenson Impact Center

Bullis, Moya


Goldenberg, Jeff and Susan

The Lois E. and Neil J. Gagnon Foundation

Halpern, Mimi


Idaho First Bank

Andrus, Lesley Anonymous Horizon Foundation, Inc Pesky, Andrew and Elaine Rosen, Lois Roy A. Hunt Foundation The Big Wood Foundation United Way of the Treasure Valley Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 Browning Charitable Foundation Daniel and Mary Reeves Foundation Keynetics Inc.

J.R. Simplot Company Lehman, Barbara and John Peco Foundation Pesky, Greg and Naomi Rolph, Decker and Jessica Statewide Education Philanthropic Gift Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation

Chrin, John and Maria Coe, Buzz and Penny Drake, Lyman and Debra Feldman, Bill and Joan Goldwyn, Peggy Elliott Greenwald, Ron Grossman, Sam and Peggy Hare Family Foundation Harris, Buck and Julie Heart of Gold Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Heinz Family Foundation/The Teresa & H John Heinz III Fund Helzel, Larry and Rebekah Hoffman, David Holland & Hart LLP Jellinek, Judy Kalkstein, Shawn and Karen Litowitz, Ron and Pat Little Sprout Foundation/Ed and Sue Dumke Marvin, Mort and Suzanne McElhinny, Wilson and Lisa Meuleman Law Group, PLLC Miley, Scott

The CAPROCK Group, Inc.

Nalen, Skip

Thornton Byron LLP

Nixon, Diane

United Way of Southeastern Idaho

Onetto, Marc and Sally


Ormsby, David and Lindsay

Anonymous Byron, Greg and Cindi Caminiti, Bob and Laura Chakravarthy, Pragnyaa and Murali Ranganathan

Perlman, Richard and Ellen Hanson Perc H. Shelton and Gladys A. Pospisil Shelton Foundation Advised Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Peterson, Karen and Scott

LPLC Supporter List Rapaport, Peter and Bitty

Henson, Christopher and Virginia

Aronson, Jan

Coltoff, Phil and Lynn

Rasche, Dale Lynn

Jones, Justin

Barney, Mark

Combo, Johanna

Rendon, Lisa and Michael Pelton

Kantor, Bob and Laura

Bastian, Jan

Conn, Charles and Beverly Robertson

Sirius Fund

Karetsky, Skip and Nancy

Bastian, Morris and Elaine

Coon, Kellie

Sterling Realty Organization

Kustra, Dr. Robert and Kathy

Bateman, Lisa

Cooper, Lisa

Street, Paul and Peggy

Liebich, Kurt and Treacy

Batyunin, Vladimir

Cozine, Jennifer

Swig, Cissy

Lindenauer, Arthur and Susan

Belew, Kevin

Cruz, Keena

The Fletcher Jones Foundation

Maderis, Anna

Berg, Egon and Marge

Curtis, Don and Susan

The Hampton Foundation

Marvin, Steve and Samantha

Berumen, Krista

D’az, Angel

The Thomas W. Smith Foundation

Mason, Flora

Bliss, Hanna

Dancer, Jane

Theodore & Renee Weiler Foundation/ Alan and Joan Safir

Massa, Robert and Ellen

Blum, Scott and Joanne

Dellabarca, Richard

Masser, Philippe and Kathleen Sutherland

Bonser, Lora

Dutcher, Jim and Jamie

Boothe, Dr. Diane

Dyer, Darlene and Ted

Bourgeois, Gaynor

Easton, Greg and Lisa

Bradley, Jen

Eberlin, Anna

Bridges, Jack D

Ehrlich, Jon and Noa

Broesch, Angella

Elias, Ralph

Brooks, Bob and Marilyn

Ellis, David and Marion

Bruner, Travis

Emery Davidson, Jennifer

Buck, Pete and Nancy

Eriksson, Klas

Carlson, Susie

Fallowfield, Criss and Bob

Carpenter, Jeanette

Fiedler, Corrine

Traub, Barry and Marjorie Walker, Mallory and Diana Wallach, Henry Weatherley-White, Matthew Worcester, Heidi and Rick

$500-999 Altman, Don Bennett, Marshall and Arlene Bohrer Family Foundation

Robert K Baird, Sr. Charitable Remainder Unitrust Sali, Ron Schlesinger, Richard and Sheila Schulman, Charles Shaughnessy, Michael and Tricia Slaymaker, Ronald Stelck, Lisa

Brush, Cheryl

The Morris and Bessie Altman Foundation/Peter Stern

Condon, Leon

Thrasher Koffey Foundation

Cassarino, Alicia

Fields, Bob and Joan

Curran, Peter

Wallace, John and Ellen

Cassell, Jay and Gay Weake

Filoon, Fred and Randi

Curran, Terry and Nancy

Weisberg, Don and Erin Gathrid

Cawley, Elizabeth

Fishman, Mike

DeCicco, Colette

Worcester, Robin

Cenarrusa, Freda

Forget, Nicole

Detwiler, Krista

Up to $499

Chase, Maggie and Bruce Robbins

Forman, Mel and Susan

Abbott, Erika

Chavez, Lindsay

Frank, Bob

Alban, Bill

Cicolecchia, L

Frank, Lori and Jerry

Aldape, Jill

Clohessy, Anne and Steve

Frankel, Barry and Nina

Anderson, Quinn

Cole, Susan

Fred Meyer

Firestone, Julie Gary Darman Company Goodman, Mary Gray, Peter and Betty Hall, Bob and Jenna

LPLC Supporter List Freilich, Cecilia

Henderson, Traci

Linder, Josh and Meryl Linder Ledwitz

Napier, Nancy

Fritsch, Teresa

Henges, Jay and Carolyn

Little, Laura

Ng, Carol

Fulton, Janice

Henrikson, Shelly

Lofthus, Traci

Nystrom, Jim and Carolyn

Gamel. Tiffany

Hirschheimer, Larry and Randi

Lufkin, Elise B

O’Meara, Julie

Glaser, Deb and Andrew Rafkind

Hirsh, Jamie

Mahnken, Jody

O’Neill, Peter and Barrie

Goddard, Steve and Debby

Holstein, Denise

Malais, Danielle

Okun, Sandy and Bonnie

Godoi, Jennifer

Holstine, Vanessa

Malek, Emily

Olbum, Bing and Carolyn

Goff, Mary and Dick

Hudson, Megan

Malkmus, Mary and Stephen

Oppenheimer, Skip and Esther

Gonzalez, Grace

Hughes, Mary and Ron

Markhoff, Mike and Nancy

Page, Anca

Goodland, Andrew

Hull, Terri

Mason, Gwen

Pearce, Kalynda

Goodman, Nick and Mindy

Isaacs, Jed and Susan

Mason, Rachel

Perdew, Cassie

Gough, Kellie

Jacobs, Jennifer

McCann, Mike and Anita

Peterson, Kenneth

Graf, Mary

Jaquet, Wendy and Jim

Pincus, Irwin and Perl

Gramer, Rod and Julie

Jenner, Page and Maureen

McElhinney, Gwynne and Robert McAndrew

Greenspon, Stuart and Camilla Trinchieri

Jewett, Link and T

Greer, Stephanie Grind Modern Burger Gross, Cami Grosvenor, Abby Gulliver, Jennifer Gund, Sarah Hahn, Greg Hahn, Scoti HAILEY + PURPLE Hale, John Hansen, Melissa Hanson, Chris and Joseph Hardy, Kay and Gregory Kaslo Hayward, Hope and Walter Eisank Heath, Megan Hella, Jill

Johnson, Diana Johnson, Evelyn and Andy Jones, Julie Joseph, Jim Keating, Kiki Keller, Bill and Celeste Kelso, Melissa Kitchen, Nora Kofoed, Knud-Erik Kozin, DDS, Allen Lane, Martha Lattimer, Randy Law, Bob and Debby Levitt, Richard and Vivian Liebich, Don and Marcia Limbacher, Jr., Richard and Michelle

McIndoe, Brett McKinley, Beth Meloy, Lindsay Metcalfe, Cesley Meuleman, Heather and Joe Meuleman, Pat and Bobbi-Jo Miller, Butch and Susie Miller, Joan Milliken, Dixie Mills, Delores Minskoff, Alan and Royanne Morgan, Barbara Mouser, Molly Munson, Liz and Bob von Stade Murphy, Cynthia and Kingsley Myint, Yin Mon Mysore, Priya Nagger, Marjorie

Pipal, Owen and Katherine Purser, John Raimondi, Rich and Georgiann Raney, Suzan Rapaport, Jon and Laurie Read, Charlotte Reed, Barbi Reed, Taylor Reis, Priscilla Ritter, Alicia and Robert Deen Robbins, Debbie Robinson, Kris Roden, Alan and Susan Rodgers, Michael Rogan, Ashleigh Roth, Dick and Leslie Rothenberg, Bob and Robin Rubin, Amy and Kobi Jaeger

LPLC Supporter List Sawyers, Cindy

Smith, Katelyn and Shane

The Draizin Foundation Inc

Weidman, Joel and Ann

Schlobohm, Emmie

Smitten Face Painting & Smiles/Andrea Glenn

The Johnson Company

Weiner, Bob and Sandra

Thompson, Ann and Ted

Weller, Angeli

Thompson, Erin

Weller, Bethany

Thorpe, Elyse

Wharton, Tsim

Toth, Frank

Wilkes, Daniel and Linda

Tuinstra, La Donna

Wilkins, Mason and Jaci

Turteltaub, Adam and Rhea

Wilson, Ashlee

Turteltaub, Saul and Shirley

Wood-Adams, Teresa

Tverdy, Megan

Woolley, Virginia and Bill

Unger, Charlotte

Wynkoop, Debra

Valenti, Jordan

Yusen, Walter and Jane

Vogel, John and Judy Music

Zrno, Jennifer

Schreiber, Michael Schwartz, Barbara Service, Jim and Natalie Shafran, Jay and Connie Shutkin, Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sicher, David and Linda Slattery Orthodontics Sloan, Brice Slow River Coffee Smith, Amanda Smith, Edie

Sokoloff, Francine and Tilden Spirn, Marion and Irwin St. Francis Pet Clinic Steele, Andy and Anne Stone, Barry and Carol Stremmel, Carl and Frann Swan, Phil Tavares, Roberta Taylor, Marie Terrell, Chris Tesser, Joan

2016 Program Partners

Recognition Donors IN HONOR OF

Heather and Joe Meuleman

Saul Turteltaub

Alan and Wendy Pesky

Delores Mills

Larry and Rebekah Helzel

Yin Mon Myint

Suzanne and Mort Marvin

Skip and Nancy Karetsky

Nancy Napier

Andy and Anne Steele

Carol Ng

Barry and Carol Stone

Anca Page

The Hampton Foundation

John Purser

Alan Pesky

Charlotte Read

Taylor Reed

Alyx Marvin

Priscilla Reis

Brice Sloan

Edie Smith


Phil Swan

Burt Cohen

Marie Taylor

Matthew Weatherley-White

David Nalen

Bethany Weller

Tsim Wharton

Travis Bruner

Barry and Nina Frankel

Angeli Weller’s Strength through Struggle Marathon

Jill Aldape

Vladimir Batyunin

Angella Broesch

Elizabeth Cawley

Lisa Cooper

Angel D’az

Jane Dancer

Richard Dellabarca

Ralph Elias

Klas Eriksson

Nicole Forget

Andrew Goodland

Kellie Gough

Greg Hahn

Knud-Erik Kofoed

Traci Lofthus

Brett McIndoe

Anna and Ryan Linder

Josh Linder and Meryl Linder Ledwitz

Irwin and Perl Pincus

Steve and Samantha Marvin

IN THANKS TO Lesley Andrus

Dale Lynn Rasche

Ron Greenwald

Lee Pesky Learning Center

Mort and Suzanne Marvin

Andrew and Elaine Pesky `

Skip Nalen

Harry Dennis

Erin Thompson

Jackie Fretwell

Cheryl Brush

David and Kim Nalen

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Ann and Ted Thompson

Bob and Sandra Weiner

Daniel and Linda Wilkes

Skip Nalen

Douglas L. Bridges

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Ellyn Kaye

Barry and Nina Frankel

Nancy Weill, Rhoda Garbo, Kiki

Andrew and Elaine Pesky

Rosemarie Fishman

Marion and Jerry Sussman

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Mort and Suzanne Marvin

Mike Fishman Jan Bastian

In-kind Donors Asiago’s Restaurant & Winebar

Einstein’s Oilery

LillianGillian, Studio of the Empress

The Flicks

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Evelyn and Andy Johnson

Miraval Resort & Spa Arizona

The Peregrine Fund


Freak Alley Gallery

Morrison Center for the Performing Arts

The Rediscovered Bookshop

Bogus Basin Ski Area

Holiday Inn Boise Airport

Nails By Sherine & More

The Resort at Paws Up

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The Resort at Pedregal

Boise Co-op

Hotel Jerome

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Sage Yoga and Wellness

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Deb Mitchell, DRM Skin Care

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The Anniversary Inn

Woodstock Inn & Resort

Downtown Boise Association


The Basque Market

Zoo Boise

Edwards Greenhouse


The Basque Museum

THANK YOU Our list of supporters over the last two decades is extensive and not fully

represented on this report. We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who’s made a contribution to the Center. Thank you for honoring Lee’s memory and transforming the lives of thousands of children with similar challenges.

3324 Elder Street, Boise, ID 83705

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