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American Revolution ABC’s A book about the American Revolution By Tom Arndt and Evan Boltrushek

A is for America America fought against the British forces. Also, the Americans won the American Revolution. The War took place in 1775 and ended in 1783.

B is for Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre was during the war. The Boston Massacre was also one of the bloodiest battles during the American Revolution.

C is for Countries There were five countries in the war. The U.S., Britain, France, Spain, and England.

D is for Declaration of Independence During the war, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence said that all men had the same rights.

E is for England England was part of the war. The people of England were the British army.

F is for Fort Ticonderoga Fort Ticonderoga was one of the forts in the American Revolution. It is located in Ticonderoga, NY.

G is for Gaspee The Gaspee was a schooner that was set on fire. Later that night, it sunk.

H is for Hiding The army would hide and wait for the enemy to come to them. The British would not wait but charge them.

I is for Irish Trained Irish soldiers were hired to fight for the British side. The British lost.

J is for Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

K is for Knowledge American soldiers had no knowledge for fighting in open land. They would usually hide and wait for the enemy to come.

L is for Lexington Lexington, Massachusetts was one part of the battle. It was also the last battle.

M is for Minute Men The Minute Men were part of the war. During the war the Minute Men fought in Lexington.

N is for Newport Newport is the site for one of the American Revolution Battles. It was called the Quaker Hill battle.

O is for Opposites The Americans and the British were opposites in the war. The Americans were fighting for freedom from the British.

P is for People A lot of regular people would fight on the American side because the American Army was weak.

Q is for Quartering Act The Quartering Act declared that the colonies had to house and supply the British soldiers.

R is for Rhode Island Rhode Island is famous for the Black Regiment that took place during the Revolutionary War.

S is for Sugar Act The Sugar Act said that all imported sugar was taxed. It made many colonist mad.

T is for Tea Act The Tea Act said that there was taxes on tea. That really made colonists mad.

U is for Underground Some times the American Soldiers would hide underground. Then they would wait.

V is for Victory The American Army won the battle. The British surrendered to the Americans victory.

W is for Washington George Washington led the troop across the Delaware River.

X is for Xavier Cathedral The Xavier Cathedral was where the men killed in war on the American side was buried.

Y is for Yorktown In Yorktown, the British Surrendered to the Americans. When they surrendered, the war was pronounced over and the Americans were victorious.

Z is for John Peter Zenger John Peter Zenger was born in Germany and came to America in 1710. He was born in 1697 and died in 1746.

American Revolution ABC Book