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You want the very best for your child. So do we.

OUR EXCEPTIONAL PROGRAM INCLUDES: –– Full day Nursery School, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten (infancy to 5 years) –– Private Kindergarten –– Summer day camps (for all ages) –– Before and after school recreation (ages 5 to 13 years) –– Get Well Place for mildly ill children

At LeafSpring School, we empower children to discover their unique gifts and talents.

OUR PROGRAMS OFFER: –– Proprietary research-informed curriculum: PLAYWORKS©, and leadership program: INSPIRED –– Low student-teacher ratios

–– Movement and physical education –– After school extracurricular* and school transportation

–– Small primary care groups

–– Stable classrooms with annual transitions

–– Highly qualified teachers

–– World Studies classes and activities*

–– Lunch and snacks included with tuition, family style dining

–– Monthly Quality Assurance monitoring

–– Daily lesson plans specifically targeted for each age/stage –– Age appropriate exposure to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)

–– Developmental assessments and parent-teacher conferences –– The Get Well Place staffed with a nurse –– NAEYC and AdvancED accreditation*

*Not in all locations




Our commitment to excellence in early education begins with well-educated, passionate teachers. LeafSpring School teachers meet our high standards for education and receive ongoing training to stay cutting edge. Our low studentteacher ratios and small group structure allow for individualized attention and personalized education for each child.

LeafSpring Schools achieve accreditation based on high standards set by national accrediting bodies like the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC, and AdvancED (

Our goal is for every student who walks through our doors to grow up to be a confident, successful adult. From a very early age, we teach them to play well with others and encourage independence. We work to ignite their love of learning and better understand the world around them. We partner with families to raise good citizens and strong leaders.

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Campus Map Creative, curriculum rich, and age-appropriate spaces and playgrounds in a two-building campus setting. Our buildings include: a Nursery School (infancy to 2 years), a Preschool (ages 3 to 5 years), The Village (ages 5 to 13 years), and the Get Well Place (infancy to 13 years). * This floor plan represents a typical LeafSpring School campus. Each campus has its own personality and design and may be slightly different.


The Village (includes Private Kindergarten classroom, where offered)


Nursery School

Get Well Place

Our programs Nursery School




Private Kindergarten*

The Village



Get Well Place

Camp Blue Sky



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*Check with your local school to see if this is available at their location.

Nursery School Placing your young child in the care of someone else can be a difficult and emotional decision. Our teachers spend each day opening new worlds of discovery for your child in a safe, nurturing, and creative environment.

CARING FOR YOUR MOST PRECIOUS GIFT Your child’s first years are crucial to their development. Each child’s emotional growth will flourish thanks to our highly qualified teachers who are experts in connecting with and caring for your child. Our Nursery School provides a warm and caring environment to help your child build relationships with their teachers and friends.

OUR NURSERY SCHOOL OFFERS: –– Small primary care groups to foster and nurture a strong relationship between you, your child, and their teacher. –– Age-appropriate learning, providing the opportunity to learn about the world using various toys, tools, topics, and programs. –– Lesson plans tailored to each child’s development, ensuring rapidly changing and developing infants are constantly challenged. –– Sign language that provides babies and toddlers the ability to communicate earlier than speech, improving pre-language readiness and decreasing stress and frustration. –– Classrooms staffed by degreed or certified lead teachers who create weekly topic-based lesson plans using our curriculum: PLAYWORKS©.

–– Classroom and learning centers that grow and change with the child to promote learning and relationship building with their primary teacher. –– Family style dining to provide opportunities for social development and the establishment of lifelong healthy eating habits. –– Daily parent-teacher digital or written communication featuring daily activities and addressing components of the developmental curriculum. –– Playgrounds specifically designed to promote and support infant and toddler gross motor development and fine motor skills. –– A fun summer camp experience, Camp Little Cloud, that continues our great curriculum while adding the excitement of summertime.

Preschool The preschool years are a formative period in your child’s educational and emotional development. We provide appropriate stimulation, education, and nurturing care to lay the foundation for your child’s future academic accomplishments.

LEARNING THAT LASTS A LIFETIME Confident, happy, and successful children enter kindergarten with an advantage. We provide each child with that advantage through our curriculum, which recognizes that “play is a child’s work.” Our Preschool will nurture your young child while helping them plant the seeds of curiosity that are so important as they learn about the world.

OUR PRESCHOOL OFFERS: –– Topically based curriculum centered on the standards of learning and immersed in science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities.

–– Scheduled parent-teacher conferences to discuss student progress based on classroom assessments and developmental evaluations.

–– Learning centers designed to encourage exploration and learning through play.

–– Family style dining experiences to practice manners, education, and conversation skills while promoting healthy eating habits and portion size.

–– Classrooms arranged to promote independence and leadership skills. –– Teacher created lesson plans that build, vocabulary foster leadership, and value education. –– Age appropriate technology in the classroom. –– Monthly field trips. –– Resource classes including physical education, music, and world studies*.

–– Student-led lessons incorporating project-based learning. –– Daily parent-teacher digital or written communication featuring activities and addressing components of the developmental curriculum. –– A fun summer camp experience, Camp Little Cloud, that continues our great curriculum and adds the to excitement of summertime, including camp challenges and in-house experiences.

–– Classroom promotions based on the academic calendar.

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*Check with your local school to see if this is available at their location.

Private Kindergarten* Our Private Kindergarten experience is engaging, positive, and playful. We cultivate a love of learning at the very start of your child’s school-aged journey, within an innovative and creative academic environment.

SCHOOL-READY AT YOUR CHILD’S PACE Our Private Kindergarten program meets children at their individual developmental levels and motivates them to achieve academic success. Many LeafSpring Schools offer: –– –– –– –– –– –– ––

A full-day kindergarten experience with a licensed, certified teacher Small class sizes A Standards of Learning based curriculum Music, physical education, and world studies Math, science, and writing centers Technology immersed curriculum Healthy meals prepared on-site and served family style

IT’S A BIG DECISION, SO KEEP IN MIND: –– Before and after school care is available, as well as care during winter break, spring break, snow days, and teacher planning days.

–– Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and a curriculum that is tailored to your child’s needs.

–– Structured to run like a typical kindergarten classroom, your child will be introduced to a school environment in a more personalized way.

–– We will work with your local school district to ensure a smooth transition to elementary school.

–– All students will be assessed prior to the start of the school year to guide planning and baselines.

–– It’s a big decision! Go with your instincts as a parent. No one knows your child like you do. We are happy to answer your questions along the way.

*Check with your local school to see if this is available at their location.

The Village The Village at LeafSpring School offers fun, exciting before and after school recreation for school-aged children. The Village staff are committed to your family – making your day easier, and your child’s day great. Each child feels at home when they come to The Village.

BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL FUN AND LEARNING The Village is a school-aged child’s dream come true. With enrichment programs that enhance children’s education and a home-like environment, children can play with their friends, do their homework, and enjoy a healthy snack. We provide before and after school transportation. Please check with our local LeafSpring School for a list of schools we service.

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In The Village, we have something for everyone.* GYM




A great, big area for running, jumping, and playing games. What could be better, especially on a rainy day?

Our very own makerspace for children to explore science, technology, engineering, and math.

What school-age rec program would be complete without a little gaming?

A special place to play and gather with friends.



Yum! Cooking projects are a great way to have fun with friends. Enjoy measuring, cooking and learning about nutrition in Café.

No little kids allowed. Older kids need their space, so they get it in the separate Club 5 loft.

Every child passionate about science will love what Lab offers – from hypotheses to experiments – they’ll have a blast.

Check out the library to relax with a good book or finish homework.



This is the spot for creating masterpieces. It is pure bliss for the budding artist.

The perfect area to channel dramatic energy, write scripts, and have fun – with or without an audience.

CONSTRUCTION ZONE For the child who loves to build, we have a special place for that too. Legos, blocks, and tinker toys, oh my!


OUTSIDE SPACE Children are designed to move. Our grassy fields and playgrounds allow them to do just that.

*Centers may vary depending on location

The Get Well Place Designed for a child who is a little under the weather, the Get Well Place provides expert nurturing care when they cannot go to school.

FOCUSING ON THE HEALTH OF YOUR CHILD* “Mommy. Daddy. I don’t feel well.” When your child is sick, the Get Well Place is here for your family. The Get Well Place is a separate clinic at LeafSpring School staffed by a licensed nurse. Upon arrival, the nurse will assess your child’s symptoms as you complete a short admission form. By the time you leave for work, your child will be settled and in good hands. Additionally, if a child enrolled at LeafSpring School has a chronic illness or special need, our nurse will work with their parents, teachers, and any necessary specialists to ensure any supplementary care they require is provided.

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Frequently asked questions: Who can come to the Get Well Place? Any child from birth to 13 years who has a mild illness such as a cold, flu, or the chicken pox. Children with strep throat or pink eye may be admitted if they are on medication. What will my child do all day? Being sick can be scary. Our goal is to make your child feel comfortable and secure. We dispense the same loving care and reassurance you would provide at home. A day in the Get Well Place provides the right balance between rest and fun. Your child will enjoy developmentally appropriate activities based on lesson plans from our classrooms, as they are able. Throughout the day, the nurse will monitor your child’s condition. Does my child have to be enrolled at LeafSpring School? No. The Get Well Place is open to all children from birth to 13 years. Each school can admit many children, depending on availability, but those enrolled at LeafSpring School are given priority. What if my child is on medication? Our nurse can administer prescribed or appropriate over-thecounter medication as needed with proper authorizations. What if I enroll but never need to use the Get Well Place? Some children rarely get sick. The Get Well Place benefits all families, even if they never use it for sick child care. Our Get Well Place promotes health and wellness throughout the entire school.

What should I bring? A pillow, blanket, or favorite toy from home may help your sick child feel more comfortable. Dress them comfortably and bring a change of clothes (just in case). Each child can select food from our regular menu, but we also offer an alternative menu for the queasy stomach. If they are bottle fed, we will give them the formula or breastmilk you bring from home in pre-made bottles. Will my child be exposed to other sick children? Children are in separate rooms according to their symptoms to avoid cross-contamination. Do I need to pre-register? We strongly encourage you to pre-register with your local Get Well Place to save time when you admit your child. You may register when you arrive for the first time, as well. Registration requires a copy of your child’s immunization record (you may request this from your child’s current school or from your pediatrician). We suggest you call us to make a reservation as soon as you find you need backup sick care. What does it cost? Children enrolled in LeafSpring School have a separate line item in their tuition. For children not enrolled at LeafSpring School, costs may vary per school, but rates are daily (plus a one-time registration fee). The Get Well Place membership discount programs and corporate subsidies may be available.

*Licensing policies vary from state to state. Please check with your local school for the Get Well Place regulations in your area.

Camp Blue Sky Summer is for play and exploration. Camp Blue Sky is the perfect solution for families who want their children to play and learn at the same time. Kids ages 4 to 13 years will have the best summer ever with our age-appropriate summer camp programming.

ALL THE SUMMER FUN YOUR CHILD CAN IMAGINE Led by trained and committed counselors, Camp Blue Sky programs provide a carefully designed summer-long growth experience. Our campers make new friends, learn to respect the strengths and differences of their peers, and, together with our staff, develop pride for their community and the leadership skills necessary for their personal success.

DAY CAMP STRUCTURE. AWAY CAMP FEEL. Camp Blue Sky is divided into four divisions according to the ages of our campers. Each division is involved in our traditional day camp program, but our activities are designed to meet the specific developmental needs of the campers in each division. Every group of campers has a devoted counselor who is there to guide them each day. Daily themes, special events, outreach opportunities, and field trips supplement the programs of each division. The Pee Wee Division This division offers campers their first opportunity to discover the fun of a traditional summer camp. Our young campers will experience a modified version of the “big� camp in a safe and smaller setting. Activities are designed for the campers to work in groups and incorporate creative thinking, teamwork, and leadership. The Junior Division This division will get a nurturing introduction into the world of Summer Camp. Activities will be designed to reinforce positive behaviors and capture the natural curiosity of children at this age.

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The Middle Division This division will harness the energy and enthusiasm typical of campers this age and challenge each child to experience success. Team building is a priority for the activities planned for this division, as campers prepare to move into the senior division the next summer. The Senior Division Recognizing that children this age need activities and time frames that depart from the traditional day camp setting, the senior division program is designed to foster independence. Activities include a wide variety of field trips, outreach opportunities and service to the community.

LeafSpring School Accreditations* Our commitment to excellence is in everything we do. We set rigorous standards for teacher qualifications, curriculum development, and professional nursing in every one of our schools.

We have been recognized by many national education associations and independent groups for overall excellence. All of our schools are required to be accredited, or seeking accreditation, by the following institutions.

AdvancED AdvancED accreditation is designed to help educational institutions boost their ongoing performance efforts for the benefit of their students. It insists on a relentless pursuit of excellence — for itself and for the institutions it accredits. This ethic of excellence ensures that institutions find rich benefits from accreditation and that parents can confidently make informed decisions about their children’s education. AdvancED believes in a quality improvement process that is continual, giving your children the highest level of educational excellence possible. Additionally, AdvancED Corporation Accreditation gives LeafSpring School recognition across the U.S. as a quality education corporation. The corporation works with its corporate-owned or franchised schools to achieve school-level accreditation.

NAEYC NAEYC accreditation is a highly effective tool for ensuring quality early education services and engaging staff. To achieve NAEYC accreditation, programs must engage in an intensive self-assessment and quality improvement process and adhere to a set of early childhood standards of practice.

BENEFITS OF NAEYC ACCREDITED PROGRAMS NAEYC accredited programs consistently demonstrate higher quality programs for children, as indicated by: –– A staff with more formal education and specialized early childhood training –– A more developmentally appropriate environment with age-appropriate and childinitiated activities –– A child-centered physical environment to promote learning –– Teachers who interact more sensitively with children –– Strong communication –– Better health and safety provisions, including nutrition and food services *Each school’s accreditations may vary.

Our Play Based Curriculum Research-informed curriculum designed to be fun, engaging, and topic-based. Your child will have fun learning as they play.

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: PLAYWORKS© Play is the work of childhood. LeafSpring School children benefit from the years of research and practice used to create our proprietary curriculum, PLAYWORKS©, designed by preschool educators and child development experts. Our curriculum grows with each child, ensuring they are continuously challenged in a developmentally appropriate way. PLAYWORKS© encompasses a mixture of teacher-directed and student-directed activities focusing on a child’s academic, physical, and social development. Through small group interactions with their teacher, children participate in learning centers featuring music, sensory, science, math, library, writing, and dramatic play, with technology applied throughout.

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Leadership Program: INSPIRED Designed to integrate with our curriculum, PLAYWORKS©, INSPIRED provides children the tools they need to reach their fullest potential.

INSPIRED CONSISTS OF SIX LITERACIES OR AREAS OF STUDY Our unique and comprehensive leadership program, INSPIRED, helps our students become lifelong leaders, reflecting high standards in their values and dedication to the belief that they can make worthwhile contributions in an ever-changing world. To do this, INSPIRED consists of six literacies, or areas of study, that focus on specific values and encourage realistic applications. Throughout the year, students explore how each literacy pertains to their lives, impacts their relationships with their family, friends, and teachers, and applies to their community and world relationships. For Preschool, Private Kindergarten, and younger students, we will read stories for each literacy and explore real world applications within each lesson.

HOW WILL A YOUNG CHILD UNDERSTAND THESE LITERACIES? The language used to help students understand each literacy is very simple and evolves as they mature and grow. Below are some simple examples of ways INSPIRED describes the values that are taught at each stage.


All classes

Preschool and older

Pre-Kindergarten and older, including The Village


I am a friend.

I forgive others.

I openly listen to the ideas of others.


I take care of myself.

I make healthy choices.

I choose how I behave.


I am a helper.

I‘m kind to the world around me.

I protect and care for the earth.


I work well with others.

I tell the truth.

I do the right thing even if no one is watching. I love my country.


I can wait for what I want.

I can do it.


I take care of my things.

I give to others.

I take chances to meet a new goal. I set goals for the things I want.

You want the very best for your child. Now you have found it. WHAT SOME OF OUR LEAFSPRING SCHOOL FAMILIES ARE SAYING: “When I decided to go back to work after having children, my biggest concern was finding an environment where my children were safe, happy, and thrived emotionally, physically, and academically. LeafSpring School met all our needs. The facilities are the best I’ve seen in child care, including excellent security measures and more than enough space for the kids to play indoors and out. The teachers and staff truly care about the children as is demonstrated by their understanding of each child’s needs and their regular communication of their progress to the parents. Ultimately, the true evidence of LeafSpring School’s excellence is my children’s reluctance to leave when I pick them up in the evenings.”

“The work that you and your staff do is AMAZING and it’s IMPACTFUL… you are shaping their hearts and their minds and for that I could not be more grateful…”

“Since my son has moved to LeafSpring School, it’s just been a world of difference. His behavior, his excitement about his teachers and his school – these are so wonderful to see in him, and make me feel great about moving him there.”

“We love LeafSpring School. I know my kids are safe and having a great summer when we drop them off. I love the variety of activities and that they are not just sitting at home bored. Our number one testimonial is Mr. Drew. He is the best! He makes The Village what it is.”

“I wanted to let you know how AMAZING my experience with the Get Well Place was. Matilde was detailed, and caring. I have never felt comfortable leaving my sick child with anyone but when I left yesterday morning I was beyond confident that Parker was going to receive the same quality care that he would receive if he was at our home sick. I will not hesitate to use the Get Well Place again!”

“I have never in my life – at any other school, place of work or worship, felt such a sense of belonging and community as I do every time I set foot at school. I do not know how you all make it happen every day at every level of interaction, but you have found the formula. We are profoundly grateful to have found you and to have you looking after our boys’ day in and day out.”

“We love LeafSpring and have been very happy with our decision to send our daughter here. It’s great to have the trust and comfort in knowing your child is loved, safe, trying new things and being educated at the same time.”

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The choice is yours, how do we measure up? Use this checklist to help you choose which school is best for your family. School School THE SCHOOL one two

LeafSpring School

Does the school offer a year-round curriculum?

Does the school incorporate Standards of Learning into its curriculum?

Does the school offer a leadership program?

Do the goals address all areas of a child’s development, including their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development?

Do the program’s goals match the goals you have set for your child?

Do the values of the school align with your home values?

Does the school offer any school-age services?

Is there an attractive, spacious outdoor area for safe, vigorous activities?

Does the school have a discipline policy in place? Are you comfortable with it?

Are all lead teachers degreed or certified in early childhood education or a related field?

Is the school accredited or seeking accreditations?


Have you gained a good feeling for the classroom’s general atmosphere?

Are the children interacting well with one another?

Is the teacher engaged and interacting with his/her students?

Do the preschool activities encourage independence and confidence, help children develop various social and leadership skills, and regularly expose them to language arts, music, and science?


Did you feel welcome during your visit?

Is there direct, daily teacher-parent communication with regular feedback?

Does the school measure your child’s achievements and share them with you?


Are there efficient safety procedures for picking up and dropping off children?

Does the school provide nutritious options for meals and snacks?

Are there any procedures for if and when your child becomes sick?

Does the school keep an updated medical record for each child?

Does the school offer on site nurse services for mildly ill children and children with special needs?

Are there trained medical professionals on staff to handle injuries?


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LeafSpring School Digital Inquiry Packet  

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