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About Us The UK Bungee Club (UKBC) was established in 1992 and is the market leader for Bungee Jumping in the UK. As the pioneer of commercial Bungee Jumping in Britain, the UKBC now facilitates all jumps sold by Britain’s leading retailers and gift experience companies such as Boots, WHSmith, Buy a Gift, ExElement and Red Letter Days. With permanent venues nationwide the UKBC operates bungee jumps from both fixed structures and cranes. With the UK’s only bridge bungee jump, the UK’s only indoor venue and regular jump heights from 160ft to 400ft, the UK Bungee Club has unparalleled experience in bungee jumping activities.

The professionalism and excellent safety record of the company has led to the UKBC being first choice for television production companies worldwide, producing shows for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, NBC and ESPN. The UK Bungee Club has over 15 years experience in facilitating charity bungee jumps. Working with over 200 charities both large and small the UKBC has facilitated and organised charity events raising in excess of £3 million for good causes.

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It’s a small world As the internet and digital technology continue to evolve, so it seems does the way we communicate with each other and bring the big wide world into our homes. As we continue to reach out accross the globe for stories about the LGBT+ community, we learn about diversity and strive to encourage governments around the globe to embrace and acceptance of us all. In this months bumper issue, Vicky Lee casts her eye upon how different countries embrace, or don’,t who we can and can’t marry. It seems each country still has a long way to go in many cases with regards to same sex, trans and intersex bindings in matrimony of couples who want their relationship acknowledged in the eyes of the law. This months interviews come from all over the planet. From New York, Paul Stag gets down and dirty with the terminator of porn that is Junior Stellano. This man holds no prisoners. Just to show what a great stud he is, Paul has also been in Berlin and has a great report on the adult industry there. Then we cross to Australia for an exclusive on up and coming singer Peter Wilson, who is revelling in 80’s cool PWL style sounds, and branching out overseas. As if that wasn’t enough of a trek for you, I got to meet the lovely Michelle Garthe whilst I was in Hong Kong. This Filipino star goes out of her way to ensure that her gay friends have an emotional support that they often don’t get from their families because of “Saving face” with their chinese families. ...and yes - we do have some stories from the UK, including the sexy male vocals of Chris James on his debut album, Debb’s Essex on her trans life experiences, and an exclusive chat with the uncompromising artist Mike Bliss. Finally we would like to welcome Ricky D to the photograqphy team. So, until next month, have a great November Leaf Scott

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Ultimately I want to be respected within the industry

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JAMES From a small bar in Bristol to record deals and headline performances, Chris James has been on a journey. Joel Ryder finds out more. Starting in 2001 ChriS waS Singing and playing the piano for private audienCeS in BriStol, in partiCular the owner of Severn gloCon ltd, the SponSorS of hiS firSt alBum. ChriS didn’t do gigS for money, he purely did it for fun BeCauSe he loved to Sing and make muSiC. going through the years as a struggling artiste Chris worked in bars and managed nightclubs until 2005, when he took a break and had a year out in the big smoke of london. in london Chris ended up doing fashion and hair modelling, including work for l‘oreal. after living the life in the bright lights of london, Chris went back to Bristol in 2006 where he went back to managing his second nightclub with success. after a while he moved on to become an operations manager for a well known cinema brand. during all of this Chris was still singing at various parties and writing new material,” just having fun“. little did he know some of these tracks would make it on to his debut album! in 2009 Chris got entered in to a national lgBt talent competition in the Bristol heats. Chris freely admits that he was quite a nervous performer on stage and these nerves were still there at the competition, but they only went on to fuel his passion when he sung on stage. all Chris wanted out of the competition was to get to the

boot camp stages which he would have been a happy accomplishment. he made it to boot camp and bonded really well with the other finalists, singing and dancing every day. this experience really helped boost his confidence because in Chris’ mind he never actually thought he was that good of a singer. Chris progressed in the competition more than he could have ever dreamed and won ‘best male singer’

honest, probably just everyday life i guess, and how i feel at the time.” So after receiving his record deal offer, Chris needed to find a sponsor and this came in the unusual shape of an old client of Chris’ ‘Severn glocon ltd’. maurice Critchley (founder and owner of SSevern glocon ltd’ liked Chris’ singing so much that he offered to sponsor his record deal. Chris was over the moon, he had his first major record deal!

“this gave me some confidence in my ability as a singer and made me say, ok, i can sing a bit now but can i write? ultimately i want to be respected within the industry” in June 2010 i found ‘funky viva’ and sent them a track i had recorded. funky viva have worked with pop superstars such as Justin timberlake. “funky viva really loved my track ‘it was you’ and said it had massive potential. i wrote ‘it was you’ while on a skiing holiday in Switzerland. i’m lucky enough to play by ear, i don’t read music. music comes to me at random times, like in the shower and i just have to go and write there and then.

Shortly after finding out about the deal Chris headlined at ‘pride london’ which was a great honour for him. Chris got to perform in front of a 10,000 strong audience and dueted with pussycat doll nicole Scherzinger and rapper Jamie Jay. then went on to headline ‘newcastle pride’ for the north as well as his home town of Bristol for their pride. Chris also opened a bar called ‘modeans’ which was full of celebrities, including gary lineker.

funky viva then asked me to submit a load more tracks to the producers to make sure i wasn’t a one track wonder, before they accepted the album and made me an offer i could not refuse!

“i would liken it to James morrison and say it with an r&B and soul edge with dance traits”

i was influenced at an early age by various genres of music and things around me, a real eclectic mix of things, but now i’m not really sure where my influences come from to be

i asked Chris what genre his would put his new album in and he said it was hard to classify it in one particular area but,

Chris’ album is due out at the end of december Forbidden Angels Magazine


NADINE COYLE INSATIABLE If the girls (aloud) ever get back together it will probably be without Nadine, as she seems to be distancing herself more every day. However if she is hoping to emulate the success of our Cheryl, she will need a much better song than this. The radio mix is a dreary soft rock track, and the dance mixes are OK, but the vocal sounds a bit weak. Oh and her album is out Nov 8th (but only in Tesco!!), so you can pick one up with your weekly shop 2.5 / 5 PET SHOP BOYS TOGETHER The boys are back and to promote their new Ultimate album and release this new single. The boys have always been at the front of the pop scene, and this song is pure PSB, but with a heavy dose of electro house in its Pepptalk Mix. Which has a weird time signature like a waltz! Then Ultrabeat (yes really!!), give the track a real AATW sound (like a slower Scooter?). just what you expect from the boys who never do what you expect 3.5/ 5

10 Forbidden Angels Magazine

SHAYNE WARD GOTTA BE SOMEBODY The delicious Shayne is back, and he got a beard! The radio version of this track starts like Taio Cruz “Lite”, but it does have a killer chorus. There are dance mixes by the ever dependable Almighty, who deliver a nice but safe dance mix with Hadaways “What is Love” riffs. Then Moto Blanco press their remix button and turn out a piano laden house mix…nice but not amazing. 4/ 5 HEIDI CONTAGIOUS WHERE IS MY MAN (World Aids Day 2010 Charity Single) This could become a real guilty pleasure, as Heidi tackles one of the campest songs ever and makes it her own, complete with her German accent. This could almost be Amanda Lear, but Heidi is a real woman !! The Dance Mixes by Groovesisters don’t try to do anything fancy other than deliver a great fun piece of pop music and they succeed. Also this record has been put together by the team behind this magazine, and all involved for nothing..all proceeds will go to Hivision an HIV charity, so buy it on November 30th and play it loud & proud on World Aids Day December 1st. 5/5 (Well it is for charity!!)

ERIC CHASE THE WAY IT IS It was only a matter of time before this song with the killer piano riff was “danced up”, and on this release it has been done brilliantly with a sound alike vocal, and a variety of mixes. The club mix is laid back and understated, and teases with vocal and piano samples. Bassmonkeys give the track a slight Euro feel, and the Extended mix is a pure pop dance anthem. 4/5

PETER WILSON vs MATT POP INTOXICATED If you really love pop music, PWL or massive Hi NRG then this single will be right up your street. It’s a fun song taken to new heights by the remix package, which includes the brilliant Sleazesisters Anthem Mix, and a great Matt Pop mix, however the jewel in the crown is the return of ex PWL producers Dave Ford and Ian Curnow, who take us back to the 80’s with their S/A/W “Rick Astley” influenced mix. 4/5

Forbidden Angels Magazine


PAUL JAMES IBIZA VOCAL CHILLER This release picks up where the Club Grooves end as we arrive on the beach watching the Sun sink into the sea,Waves crashing,crickets singing and the waft of Oleander in the air.

PAUL JAMES IBIZA VOCAL CLUB GROOVES As soon as the first Intro hit on the aptly named ‘Dirty Boy’ featuring Vocalist Laura Cyganik who reminded me instantly of Katherine Ellis,I knew I was being pulled onto the Paul James Dancefloor and resistance is futile.I was up dancing and there would be no turning back. As each track pulsed with sun drenched beats and hands in the air riffs I was indeed transported on a sublime trip to the Sunshine Isle! From the funkier ‘My Pain’ and ‘Runaway’ by Ms M ,with her Eartha Kitt Purring,Electronic hypnosis of ‘Taken’ and ‘Push Me’,Anthemic driving beats and blips of ‘Space Odyssey’ which features Rosey or is that Kylie?!!! I was transported on a wonderfully indulgent Musical journey ending with the Old School soul drenched ‘Frequency’. With so many incredible Remixers on board including James himself ‘Paul James presents Ibiza Vocal Club Grooves’ has something for everyone and I can see the line of handbags on the floor as we get off our seats and dance round them till the sun goes down over Ibiza Town. 4/5

12 Forbidden Angels Magazine

With all mixes by James himself he shows a softer ,gentler side with the beautifully chilled ‘Too Late For Sorry’ with Sonic Monkey,’Love Overloaded’ featuring Donna Hidalgo and ‘Your Love’ were just heavenly,an almost angelic experience. The drama picked up slightly with the erotic sexiness of ‘Erogenous Zone’ and the intense vocal angst of ‘Toy’ featuring Stella Marie then cooled right down to the crescendo of the amazing Timeless Mix of ‘In Time’ which drew the Album to a close. ‘Paul James presents IBIZA Vocal Chiller’ is perfect for relaxing on the beach,chilling at home,taking a long soak in the bath,in fact anywhere you feel the need to unwind to some top Quality songs Music. 4/5

Forbidden Angels Magazine


I would love to write a song for Kylie

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WILSON Australia’s got another pop star to brag about! DJ Gazza tries to entice the hunk to live in the UK. Aussie singer AnD songwriter Peter hAs been involveD with music AnD hAs hAD A couPle of Previous releAses to his nAme, but it’s his new single “intoxicAteD” thAt hAs reAlly stArteD to gAin him some Attention, As its getting PlAyeD All over the uK in it’s clubs AnD bArs. it follows up his involvement with the comeback of the amazing Amanda lear, and a remix on the hottest eurocover of the year “call me” by sam fox v sabrina. i took time out to find out what makes Peter tick. the single is incredibly catchy, it’s a proper pop song which i believe you wrote as part of a new album project, is this the sort of tune we are going to get on the album? it’s a very good indication of what you should expect from the album. i love the 80s, especially the italo hi nrg sound and stock Aitken waterman. so this album is like a tribute to that sound, with a modern twist on the single you have a mix by Pwl’s mix maestros Dave ford & ian curnow, would it be fair to say that you are a Pwl fan? that is an understatement!! i have been a fan since 1984 and am a fan to this day!! And that is not All ford & curnow have done for me!!

Are there any other big surprise producers on the album? well matt Pop has done most of the album, but i am sooooo lucky to have worked with Dave ford & ian curnow on 2 tracks. one is an original i wrote with them, and the other is an unreleased track written by none other than stock & Aitken!! mike gave me this song, and was very gracious about it. AnD, i’ve also recorded a song with none other than the Pwl “mixmaster” Pete hammond!! we’ve recorded a rather obscure stock Aitken waterman song, and we’ve turned it into a mel & Kim full retro style epic. it sounds like it’s fresh from the Pwl vaults, and i’m lucky to have had former Pwl artist haywoode sing backing on it for me!!! this is an absolute dream come true for me. i always wanted to work with these boys, now twenty years later with the 80s back in vogue i’ve done it!!

no, i don’t think so. i love it here, and i can always fly where i need to if need be. so when you are not making music, remixing or song writing what does a boy like you do for fun? i am more a restaurant or a friend’s place for dinner type person. but if i go out, more a bar type place. i don’t do the dance party shirts off type thing. And it’s home by about 3am if it’s a big one. i like to wake up fresh in the morning. And of course i work out. (not that we noticed, or anything!!) And finally, our readers would kill me if i did not ask…what undies does Peter wilson have a penchant for? trunks, briefs or commando…. (please anything but thongs!!) (laughing!).briefs all the way.

if you could write a song for any artist in the world, who would it be for? i would have said Amanda lear but we’ve done that now. i would love to write a song for Kylie or rihanna i think. you mentioned matt Pop earlier, he is a really exciting new pop producer, who has remixed for sonia, same Difference and Almighty records, he lives in Amsterdam and you live in Australia, would you leave oz for fame and fortune?

“intoxicAteD” is out on i tunes november 15th AnD the Album “stereo” will be out eArly next yeAr. to heAr the single go to

Forbidden Angels Magazine


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GARTHE Asia’s Fairy Godmother talks about her career in music, and mentoring her gay friends. PhiliPPine born Michelle Garthe seeMs to have it all. sinGinG froM the aGe of two, Michelle was enterinG national sinGinG coMPetitions all throuGh her teens, went on tour as the lead in Miss saiGon in GerMany at the aGe of nineteen, has won a Katha award (PhiliPPines’ equivalent of the GraMMy’s) for her debut albuM, and is on first naMe terMs and has PerforMed several tiMes for President fidel raMos. Michelle now splits her time between singing and her own successful photographic business and specialises in photographing family and new born babies from her home in hong Kong. she is married to an american who works

Knight” movie. unlike many western stars, i turn up for our rendezvous, only to find Michelle is already there, drinking “the best and most divine coffee in all of hong Kong”. she greets me with a huge smile, and stands up to hug me. straight away Michelle has a knack for disarming you of any preconceived ideas of a diva, and talks to you, genuinely being interested in what i have been doing whilst i am here in hong Kong. after the pleasantries i dive head in asking her about her past and how she got to where she is now. what was it like taking on the lead in Miss saigon at the age of nineteen? “it was a bit scary for me as nineteen years old, as a girl who had never been on he own in a foreign country. we were performing in the theatre in stuttgart that had been specifically built for Miss saigon. i had to learn German (as everything was sung in German), but having spoken dutch before, i kinda learned the

If the pIe Is delIcIous then I am gonna dIg In for the american government, and has one daughter ava. a self confessed gay man’s fairy godmother, she prides herself on her gay friends who actually make up most of her social circle. we meet at simply life in the base of the tallest building on the hong Kong island, the ifc building, commonly known now as “the batman” building after its breathtaking use in Mike nolan’s “the dark

language a little faster than expected. it was a great learning curve for me but meant i had to grow up earlier doing it.” so how does a young woman who was expected by her parents and siblings to go into health care as a nurse, end up singing for the President of the Philippines? “back when i was starting out with my Forbidden Angels Magazine


professional singing career, I was singing for former Philippines President Fidel Ramos’ “Moral Recovery” program. I would perform I several functions related t the program. This then meant there was a demand for an album, because there were so many listeners, and the album was initially devised as a nationalistic album. It turned into a commercial one and was nominated in the Katha Awards in 1999. The album won three awards for Best Country Song, Best Country Vocal Performer and Best Song Arrangement. I remember finding out whilst I was performing at the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. It was one of the best times of my life.” Shortly after this Michelle moved to the USA with her family, her singing led to her branching out into a different genre, jazz.

18 Forbidden Angels Magazine

“The big band came about whilst I was living in Washington DC in 2001. I was introduced to Don Bruce, who in turn introduced me to the twenty piece US Navy band. We would perform in several venues in DC metropolitan areas and in the Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts. I did that until I moved to Hong Kong in 2007.” So with such a varied style of singing techniques, which one does Michelle like singing? “I prefer pop as I was trained in pop singing when I was little. When I did Miss Saigon I began to explore other styles like Broadway and jazz. My style has changed through the years, but I still have my heart in pop. I still get asked to sing at a lot of premiere venues in a lot of the Asia Pacific, and the States, so I am fortunate in that I can pick and choose which gigs I want to perform at.” It is through her performance work that Michelle has made and met her “Gay Family”. Most of her social circle in Hong Kong are gay, and with many of them being dancers at Disneyland Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s gay scene has continued to evolve over the last decade, and many strides

have been made forward with regards lGbt rights. this is continuing to gain ground, and there are still many issues that legislation needs to look at with regards marriage and adoption. there is still a taboo stigma attached to homosexuality, which does mean that although gay people are out to their friends, to their families it is still kept a secret. this is where Michelle has found her niche with her gay friends. “they trust me. usually when i meet a potential new gay friend they are feeling their way through conversation to see how i am going to judge them. they feel you up for trust. once they realise i am going to not judge them - then we have a laugh and they open up fully to me.” it’s this acceptance that many western gay people take for granted, that has garnered Michelle the fairy godmother nickname. with Michelle’s photographic business now gaining notoriety and recognition in hong Kong, we have to find out if she has had the chance to photograph any gay families yet? “no. and i really want to. to be honest i haven’t come across any gay families out here. i don’t know if they even exist. there are still so many chinese gays who are still hiding behind the closet because of family and cultural pressures, and many of the gay places are still tucked away. hong Kong law forbids same sex marriages, that’s why perhaps some gay parents would marry in western countries that allow same sex marriages. there are now social and political based organisations that aim to spread lesbian and awareness so that’s a good thing. but there is still a long way to go.” with so much going on both professionally and socially, i enquire what Michelle does to relax. when you’ve had a baby, as it helped speed up my bodies recovery process after the labour.” “i love to hike. hong Kong is great for that, you don’t have to walk very far to be away from the hustle and bustle. i was actually hiking through the peaks by ocean Park the day before i gave birth to ava. i also love kick boxing. actually a good health tip is to do hiking and kick boxing” as we finish our second cup of divine but naughty coffee, i found out what is next for Michelle on the singing front. “i am not too sure. i am only in hong Kong for a short while longer now, and i cut back on the singing work because of the asian “crab” mentality. i am very choosy with my singing work now, but i would like to do another album if the concept and the people i worked with were all on the same agenda. if the pie is delicious then i am gonna dig in” would it be another country nationalistic album? smiling and with not a trace of arrogance she simply states “no - a pop album”. to find out more about Michelle visit her websiter Forbidden Angels Magazine



La Gosse

of the



have been a dj for 10 years and i started to do it properly in 2007 when i won Egg dj competition.

It all started in France... My first gig with a real crowd at private birthday party. Over the coming years i was offered work in a few clubs in Marseille such as LE BAZAR, LE TROLLEY BUS, and LE METAL CAFE. By 2004 i had made my mind up that it was time to find a new audience in a new city. I decided that London would be a very cool place to go and explore. Initially it was very difficult to find work especially as i did not speak English very well. But undeterred i was determined to make my mark on the city. My game plan was to visit many clubs around the capital and make as many contacts as possible.. This year my passion and dedication was beginning to pay off. I was offered regular gigs at REDLIGHT, 54, SOSHO RETOX and EGG. Then in 2007 i won first place in 2 respected DJ competitions. The first was the “Test Lounge” DJ comp at London super club EGG where i was awarded a residency as 1st prize and this was a great achievement as there were approximately 5,000 entrants UK wide.

I have now been Egg dj resident since then !! I love house music ! From deep house to uplifting and progressive house, I go with the crowd. There are too many tracks i play to pick a favourite !!! I love all my tracks a lot , I would say at the moment its Without you-Extended 12’’ mix /Art department wicked deep track ! Pass that dutch -Disfunktion remix is very good to, much more progressif tho ! loving Dog tag (sebastien Leger rmx) Format B. I use Feelin’ House - Berli-Rican Acappella/Brothers’ Vibe as acappella on the top of my set cos the vocal says it all ... check it out ! My favorite producer at the moment are Belocca And Soneec. I use to really like Deep Dish back in the day and they were my influence into house music , never worked with them two tho What’s my favourite club? Obviously my home Egg club as i play in the garden for Breakfast every sunday morning. And vauxhaul Booster @ Area where i love the crowd and the atmosphere , its a mad great place to be on sunday evenings... You can catch me playing every sunday mornings at breakfast @ Egg, Booster @ Area on some sunday evenings and Trade parties! HUGE ! which is done in different venue. Interview by Barbara Bush

20 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Forbidden Angels Magazine


I’m still available for orgies, depending on the stage of the underwear, arthritis etc.

22 Forbidden Angels Magazine


MORGAN A.R.O.Q The legend of drag in his own words. I arrived on planet earth in November 1938. I believe my mother was present for my birth and it was 6.30pm on a Saturday night. My father was presenting a touring opera company the area which i at “Her Majesty’s theatre” Barrow -in Furness. We lived out of town. Our only neighbours being a farm, a ruined monastery, a hotel and a small railway station, so as I grew older there was ample opportunity to create havoc around the are which I did with glee. In an attempt to keep me out of trouble, I was sent to a theatre / dance school, piano lessons (A disaster) and art classes. I then progressed to “Proper Ballet School” and progressed well, although I was never serious enough (“there’s no room for a clown here”). I went off to work. I went off to work in Australia which I loved. I returned to the UK for a visit and was called up for National Service. God help the Royal Air force!! Eventually posted to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with seventeen thousand troops (All male), and two WVS women who wore more comfortable shoes, deerstalkers and

smoked pipes. I was in heaven entertaining the troops. When I left the service, I returned to the stage in several musicals, G&S opera and weekly repertory from Shakespeare to Gogol. In the 1970’s I was living in Vauxhall with a large Australian where we became friends with The Trollettes. Marc Flemming, Lee Salton, Lee Paris and my best friend Tony Page, and the amazing Mrs Shufflewick, Nikki Young., The fab Phil Star and a very young Dave Lynn (sixteen at the time!). It wasn’t very long until I was wearing a frock in the Roy Alvis Revue. My first solo performance was at The White Bear, Kennington. I Bought the house down. My second booking was at the Vauxhall Tavern. Oh god I died a death. It was then I realised I had to forget about theatre. Drag is a different animal altogether. With a lot of help from Lee Paris, the Trollettes and other friends I eventually became something with inspiration from H.M.Queen. Then I got on to the hen night circuit (another learning curve). I wasn’t rude enough at first. I discovered male strippers (Oh joy!), Gypsy Dave, Just

Jay, Tim the Mechanic, Danny Boy, Private 69, Prince Gemini, John Thomas, who all to this day remain close friends, and how could I forget Willy the Kid! I worked the hen nighta with some super people like Taylor and Moore, Cher Travesty, Rusty Rogers and the inimitable Dockyard Doris. The world of drag has changed enormously over the last 30,000 years with much fewer venues, a large proportion of the younger generation have a different outlook on life, and the type of entertainment they like. Being gay nowadays is a bit easier than it was when I was young (was I?). The world will continuously change and we have to change with it. And as for me, at seventy two I still appear from time to do panto most Christmases, and I’m still available for orgies, depending on the stage of the underwear, arthritis etc.. Thank goodness we have some great young artistes around. Finally to you all I say “Go for it”, enjoy life to the full, but play safe. Gawd Bless You All Pip Morgan. Forbidden Angels Magazine


Revamped and Restyled: adam & eve’s dressing services excels to new Heights It’s always good to get out to visit people and small businesses in the LBGT community, and I was thrilled to be invited to a cocktail party hosted by the lovely Josie, owner of the Adam and Eve Dressing service in Shoreditch, East London, right by Brick Lane.

high street clothes of your own, with the added option to keep your clothes at the premises if you’d like to. This is convenient for people who can’t dress all the time for a variety of reasons, but wish to start their own collection of clothes and accessories.

Dressing services have become very popular for Trans people who’d like to be made up and pampered by a professional makeup artist. Established in East London four years ago, and offering a wide choice of outfits and shoes, Adam and Eve aim to deliver the look you want.

Girls can also take part in day and evening outings, ranging from days out at Goodwood to evenings out at the Magic Theatre. These events are frequently attended by Adam and Eve’s regular customers and they’re always a lot of fun. One of the girls told me “It’s a really great way to make new friends.” Josie does her best to offer a wide range of events to cater to everybody’s taste, and welcomes suggestions.

On the day I arrived, the place was full of girls all having great fun and choosing gorgeous outfits for the photo shoot they where about to do later. Josie has such an incredible choice of clothes to suit all shapes and sizes that the girls feel thoroughly ( and deservedly ) spoilt. There’s also a large selection of hairstyles, shoes and accessories to choose from. Bliss. Josie herself was in the makeup section, making up some of the girls. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and very, very friendly. Josie came out to show me around, but to be honest she didn’t really need to, as the girls where only to happy to show me around and sing the praises of this dressing service. Josie offers makeup sessions in private if required, as some of her girls can be very shy at first. She’ll also provide a personal shopper if you wish to go shopping for 24 Forbidden Angels Magazine

The main reason for our visit was to celebrate Adam and Eve’s very own complete make over. The venue has been transformed into a fabulous new stylish black and silver-themed salon - beautiful surroundings tailor-made for girls to really enjoy their precious time here. Josie proudly showed off the new décor with a few celebrity friends from the Trans world on hand to cut the ribbon making it a very special day. For more information about the Service offered by Adam & Eve, visit By Pippa Davenport Photography by Wickedangel

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ESSEX This months interview is with Debb’s Essex club host and Dj, She is well known on the trans scene for her wonderful and fun night’s. How old were you when you put your first heels on? 30 years old. When did you know you liked wearing women’s clothes? When I was 30. So what was it when you were 30 that made you wont to wear woman’s clothes? Purely sexual. The thought and the feeling of wearing woman’s clothes was a huge turn on. Something I had thought about in the past but just had not got round to doing. What is it about women’s clothes you like? Women’s clothes can make more of a statement than male clothes. One can express oneself in so many more ways. So is it sexual or just the way you look in them? It started out sexual for me but now is more the way I look in them. Do you have a partner? Yes I do. She is a Post-Op Transexual.

person wants. If a transvestite wants a female partner that accepts them as a transvestite then I think that will be harder than if they were not a transvestite. I had decided a few years ago that my future happiness lay in a relationship with a transgendered person. What do you do for a living? I have been working as a transgendered Club DJ, Club Hostess and Club Promoter for the last 7 years. I had been working as a Chauffeur & VIP Driver before that. Do your work mate’s and family know you dress up? Well my work mates do (see my occupation) J the only family I have are cousins and they do know. How did you tell your family and how did they react? They had asked what i was working at these days and i had been telling them that I was a dj in clubs and of course they asked which ones so in the end I just sort of came out about

ON TRANSVESTITES:mOST ARE BISEXUAL! How did you meet? I was dj-ing at Stunners nightclub one Saturday night and we just sort of clicked after I came off the decks. How long have you been together? years 4 months


How hard is it to find a partner as a transvestite? I guess that depends what the

it. Although I never had that much contact with them before. I have to say that dropped off after I told them. Most people think that transvestites are gay what would you say to them? In the 11 years that I have been socialising as Debbs and especially the 7 years I have been working in the Transgendered nightclub scene I have met many transvestites to chat to and in all that time I Forbidden Angels Magazine


have come across less than 10 gay transvestites and only a few heterosexual ones. Most are bisexual.

pole, playrooms & private changing area for the girls. The website for further information is www.debbsessex. com

Have you ever had any phobic attack on you? I have never had any attack but I have had phobic comments towards me.

Every Monday I host & DJ at my Club “Lacy Ladies” which I hold at Stunners nightclub in Limehouse. I started the club 7 years ago at another venue. I have been using Stunners venue for my club for the last 5 years. It is very well attended by both Girls & Guys. The website for further information is

How do you deal with people who are ignorant about what you do? If someone is ignorant to me then i tend to be ignorant back to them. So you said you D J where can people find you and the club worth going to? Once a Month on every 4th Friday I host & DJ a night called “DebbsEssex @ Lick” which i hold in Club Lick in Walthamstow. The venue is one of the best i have seen. A professional nightclub which is air conditioned throughout with a dance floor, dance 28 Forbidden Angels Magazine

As a DJ over the last 7 years i have developed my own style. I mix the latest & classic dance tracks along with the classics. My aim has always been to present a real nightclub experience for T-Girls & Admirers alongside the playrooms. Which is what i achieve. By Pippa Davenport Photos by Wickedangel

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ay what you will about government cut backs and what a mess the last government left us in...

has initiated a legal challenge after Hong Kong’s Registrar of Marriages ruled last year that she could not marry her boyfriend, because her birth certificate – which could not be changed under Hong Kong law – says that she is still “male.” The 20-something One thing we must give credit trans woman is reportedly one for - to ‘New Labour’ - is the of a few people to have underchanges in legislation sur- gone government-subsidised rounding civil partnerships gender reasignment surgery in and transgender equality which take the UK closer to being a civilized society. We know that other countries, states (the Vatican city – don’t you just love them) and other societies around the world have embraced, have dithered, have rejected our standard of rights for gay and transgendered people.

How shocking has it been to see the USA state of California under the “Guvernator” dither and fight against the rights of gay and transgendered people. Of course ‘Arnie’ is originaly Austrian and look what a famous Austrian did for the rights of gay and transgendered people (as well as Jews, Gypsies and the disabled). Recently brought to my attention, is the case of a Chinese trans woman, who is only identified in the media as “W”. Who 30 Forbidden Angels Magazine

saying that there was insufficient evidence “to demonstrate a shifted societal consensus in present-day Hong Kong regarding marriage to encompass a post-operative transsexual”. Meanwhile, thanks to ‘New Labour’, here in the UK, my friend Taura (a senior medical nurse), was able to cement her marriage to David with a registry office wedding in front of all her family and friends. I was so moved to see the love in the room from her husband David’s family and Taura’s family alongside all her friends including her work colleagues. In the UK it is now possible to change your birth certificate following the right circumstances and the right procedure… Following a successful application to the UK Gender Recognition Panel for legal recog-

a public hospital, and had her “new” gender reflected on her identity card. She said in an interview published in August: “I want the Government to treat us as male or female in our reassigned gender.

nition in your acquired gender, the Panel will issue you with a certificate of gender recognition. When the Panel has issued the Gender Recognition Certificate, the Registrar General will create a new record in relation to you in There’s a lot of discrimination the Gender Recognition Regisin this world, and I want to rid ter, if the Registrar General has our society of it.” The AFP re- a record of your birth. A birth port quoted Judge Cheung as certificate in your new name

and gender recorded on the gender recognition certificate may be issued from the new record.

nal birth registration in all copies ofthe indexes. Any attempt to delete the entries would only serve to highlight them. No other references to records which have been re-registered are removed.

– to be transsexual is your circumstance. In the same way your circumstance might be that you are short or Ref Source tall, black or white or a gorgeous, soft, coffee colour The new UK legislation with deep dark eyes (but I direcognizes that a married trans Ref Source gress). Only when all the peowoman requires the same ple of the world accept the protection as any woman in So your previous history can wonderful role models around circumstances such as the be accessed and some would them (like Taura) and see them say that this is still wrong. as valuable, talented, beautiful, death of a partner. However my friend Taura and people will we have become a For example in one civilized USA Texas case, a society. trans woman widow Over the years I have was denied the right worked with some very to collect damages racist and homo / trans in her husband’s phobic people and it is wrongful death suit, amazing how their prejuand her unchanged dices can be reversed afout of state birth ter a stay in hospital due to certificate was used some nasty circumstance. as evidence against While in hospital these her. people are Now the UK record inevitably cared for and of the facts i.e that a helped by amazing peoperson was born and ple from a diverse range recognized as one of ethnicity sexuality and gender and has now gender. The previously been officially recblatantly insular patients ognized as the opcome back from hospital posite gender is not destroyed many of my transsexual friends singing the praises (all be it pain the UK system ‌ Indexes to would say that it is no good tronizingly) of those that they birth records are provided and hiding from the truth and han- have previously derided. made publicly available under kering after total acceptance statute. They are kept in large as a woman. No piece of paper bound paper volumes in the whether a birth certificate of a Family Record Centre in Lon- marriage license will change don and in local register offic- the attitude of every day cones, as well as on microfiche in tacts. At the end of the day you If you have a trans topic you libraries etc across the country. are what you are and you have wouldl like to see covered in It would be impossible to re- to accept that, and be proud of Forbidden Angels Magazine, move the reference to the origi- yourself. To be transgendered then please contact us via Forbidden Angels Magazine


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This month, as I go on my early morning travels, to try to get photos and gossip of some of the gay scenes celebrities. I called upon the beautiful Miss Vanilla Lush Smit.

Waking up with... ...Vanilla Lush

54 5 4 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Vanilla is truly beautiful and oozes glamour. As I walked up the garden path to her apartment. Miss Lush Smit was in her garden trimming her bush. She had just finished work for the night. She’s been known to say at certain times she wants to be alone. And this could be something to do with her remarkable resemblance to a certain movie star from a bygone era. Miss Lush Smit, a double-barrelled name, was inherited from a former rich husband ( I THINK ) whom she buried, due to the fact he died from money worries . She said he wasn’t giving her enough money and she was worried about it. One sad day he went out for a long drive in the beemer (BMW) and the brakes didn’t work on the car. It was so lucky for miss Lush Smit, because as she tearfully told the insurance company (and this was corroborated by her very sexy mechanic, Luigi), she had just had the car serviced that very day and she didn’t go driving due to her having a very bad head cold and having to stay in bed. Luckily Miss

Lush Smit had been banking some of the cash before he died, I would be on the streets .She said. (Although I had thought I had seen her the night before in King’s Cross). She also got a 6 figure insurance pay out . “Strangely and almost by fate, I had just upped his premium before the tragic accident.” . A strange name for a young lady .Nasha her maid opened the door to let us in “Get in here and don’t make a noise!” she shouted at me as I passed her. The maid asked me if I would like some tea, I said that I would, and she told me ,to make her one as well. She said she had enough to do and would not be waiting on me as well. As I enter the large kitchen with all the latest gadgets. I wondered if Nasha used them all. Miss Lush Smit has never set foot in a kitchen in her life. As she says looking at Nasha, “Why have a dog and bark yourself?” I said I would have tea ready when she has finished her shower. Suddenly I hear scream coming from the luxury bathroom ensuite. She has two bathrooms. As I rush in to help fearing there has been an accident. I see the scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, Psycho! “Get her out of here,”cries Va-

nilla. I manage to drag Nasha out of the bathroom and calm her down. There are broken perfume bottles and luxury bath oils all over the floor. The beautiful Italian bathroom is a mess. Oh well at least I got one exclusive photo of Miss Lush Smit in the shower. Although I believe there are many more around from her porn queen days. However, she has always denied that she did porn…even if Nasha was waving a knife at her and calling her a slut.

is a shrine to the millionaires who love me,” she said. “I could not undress in public for any amount of money.” I did however, notice quite a bit of bling in her jewellery box. She then decided to give me a full burlesque show, showing off her lovely fans. As she was swinging around the room I was a little worried that she would bring the chandelier down as she kept hitting it with the feather fans. She told me the chandelier was modelled on one of her earrings

Next she lay on her large bed covered in pink. She told me how she loved beautiful things around her “I love everything perfect,” she said. Indeed to look at her make up, if nothing else, is perfection, like a work of art. She told me she loves to sit in front of her dressing table mirror and look at herself for hours. “I love to try different types of make up and colours. Its so hard to try be better than I am already , but I do try so hard,” she cooed In her alluring Dutch accent. I asked her if she ever goes to a beauty parlour and she told me, her bedroom was a shrine to beauty and glamour. I must say, that I have never seen so many feathers and fans in one room.. She certainly has the style of a burlesque queen. I asked her if she had ever though about taking off her cloths in public. “My body

You must see my lovely lounge with white leather sofa. As we entered the beautiful room, she said to me that she now needed to rest, and the interview was over. I would be shown out by Nasha who entered the room shouting and screaming. I also felt it was time to leave. As I walked to my car, I could hear the raised voice of Nasha shouting at Miss Lush. I don’t want to put in to print what she was being called. But it was a far cry from her glamour and beauty image we see on stage. With Nasha about I can certainly see why Miss Lush Smit wants to be left alone …

By Wickedangel

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Seven The

Mil deadly Sins d

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llie dollar M

illie Dollar found herself in London and I caught up with her en route to another gig! Here’s what she had to say: What does burlesque mean to you? I get asked that question a lot. It’s a strange question…it means the history of it, the girls who had the balls (breasts) to get up and do it. It was still when sex was taboo and now people see it as something mainstream. Now to understand it, you need to know Forbidden Angels Magazine


In the 1920’s I would’ve been a filler act between comedians… ...and what a filler!

something about burlesque and it’s history. How did you get your burlesque name? I used to make jewellery and hair flowers and it sold under the name of Johnny Dollar (a 1940’s radio drama - he was a character - mentioned in the 7 year itch ) When I was tyring to come up with a name…It just popped into my head and Millie - short for Million….when my parents found out about me doing burlesque…my grandfather told me his sister’s name was Millie - she was very strongminded! How did you get started in Burlesque ? Have you travelled with it? I started in a club called Korova and it was owned by Ladytron…electro/ indie…they started doing an night called Strip Club…people doing cabaret and they didn’t have burlesque… they got me onstage and became the resident performer from the first show!!! It just kind of sprung from there. I started travelling all over the UK and then a couple of years ago - I decided to do some international events then I went to LA, Paris and Milan…next stop New York!! At what point did you think to yourself ‘I can do that!’? I used to watch a lot of musicals and there were a few about burlesque…I was 12 practicing in my bedroom before I knew what it was…I was 16 17 when I found out it had a name…it 38 Forbidden Angels Magazine

took me until I was 19 that I decided that I wanted to go onstage and do it for myself….practiced for 13 years but only really in public for 5. Do you have a ‘day job’? No. I haven’t for about 4 years. I used to do this on the side job while at University…I got to the point hwere I was out of work more than I was in it and I took the ‘leap’. I’ve had lots of support from family and friends that it was a much easier transition than I’d imagine. Are you a stripper, a burlesque performer an artiste? Me? I’m a striptrease act (she says as she tears her six 6 label off her leopard print cardigan just bought at H&M). I don’t’ do burlesque in the true sense of the word…I don’t parody, I don’t make reference to modern day society at all….it’s nowhere near what I do…In the 1920’s I would’ve been a filler act between comedians…and what a filler! How do you prepare for a performance? I try to be completely ready with hair & make-up about an hour before the show. Sometimes it takes ½ an hour to put on a costume (It takes longer to put it on than take it off!) To calm my nerves before I go onstage….I take a few deep breaths to bring myself to the present before going on (a glass of champagne doesn’t hurt either). In your opinion, what would you say epitomizes the traits of a good per-

former. Name 3 of your all- time favourites (alive or dead). Someone who considers every detail. There are lots of details in burlesque that aren’t regarded as high as other. It’s not just enough to have a pretty costume and a recognizable music. You need bring something different to the party. You don’t want to see 5 acts stripping out of Primark underwear to David Rose’s ‘The Stripper’, do you?! As a promoter, I chose the confident girls, the ones who look good and have good costume and try and bring something unique… Ummmm….there’s too many to choose from…3 in ALL of burlesque history…Mysti are you MAD?! It’s easier to choose the ones that are alive so as not to offend Dirty Martini for her very, very sexual/ sensual/beautiful routines (but not in a dirty way). Simple ideas but she makes the work so well! This is so hard…Catherine D’Lish. Her costume making is absolutely amazing…her routines are sultry and full of attitude and endearing and make you want to watch her routines until the very end. It feels weird to only say Americans but sadly there isn’t very much documentation of British Burlesque history… I’ll probably have to say Renee LaRoux. She’s not only a really good friend, she looked after me when I was in LA at the tender age of 22 (3 years ago) but last time she came to England and stay with me in Liverpool and brainstormed my Blue Mar-

even the most jaded audience will still see something they’ve never seen before.

tini act. She taught me that you can be very sexy and really attract the audience’s attention without taking your clothes off. That’s why in Blue Martini why it takes me 2 minutes before I remove anything…. Since burlesque has become SO popular, do you have any concerns about your survival on the ‘scene’? I think although it has become oversaturated in England (sadlly). There are lots of shows popping up in interesting places….the Voodoo Deluxe show in Milan, Croatia…that’s why with my show, the Martini Lounge, we’re choosing the best we can find on the British Burlesque scene and we’re flying performers in from all over the world…I’ve been lucky enough to meet most of them…we want to take the show to an international level so even the most jaded audience will still see something they’ve never seen before. Do you have any advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in burlesque? Look for something that hasn’t been done before. Bring your own personality to what you’re doing onstage. The burlesque scene has become so popular, there are people bringing entirely new offerings to the scene…. like Anna Furlaxis and her axe throwing…Marnie Scarlett who brings a very unique character to the stage… generally…what I’m saying is, classic burlesque isn’t the be all and end all. By Mysti Vine Photography by InaGlo Photography Forbidden Angels Magazine



Fine Dining & Entertainment


t’s very rare I get excited about writing reviews about venues anymore, as most of the places we visit offer nothing more than the norm.However this month we were invited to Volupte in the East End of London. Volupte is a Burlesque show bar/restaurant, ok so you may ask what’s so new about that. Well let me tell you about what I experienced. As I said Volupte is In the East End of London and set back from the main drift a little hard to find but as with all diamonds if you want to get the best ones you have to search. But this is by no means a negative to the venue as it offers a feeling safety and for some people who may decide to go out in alternative attire then you can rest assured that will be no passers by while your enjoying a cigarette in the covered seating area shouting abuse as is sometimes the case with main drift venues. 40 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Volupte is the brain child of two young ladies, who after years of doing the same thing every weekend decided that they wanted something different. when they couldn’t find a place to interest they came up with the concept that is Volupte, a place where you can drink eat and be entertained and also dance until 3 am. Our hostess for the evening was Denise one of two proprietors. On our arrival we were shown into the the main bar on first level. a ample size bar without being to big or to small and very tastefully decorated, the bar itself stocked a large selection of mainstream beverages but also a curiosity of very pretty little bottles of never before seen liqueurs and spirits, the type of which you just want to try them all. The cocktail menu is by far one of the largest I have ever seen, boosting forty five different types some of which were non alcoholic for

you guys on the wagon or you may just be the designated driver for the evening. I’m sure if you cant find anything to tickle your fancy between the shelves and menu , the experienced bar tenders will have no problem fixing you something to order. This brings me to my next point The Staff....very rare a venue gets full marks from me and usually because the staff let them down. It doesn’t matter how well designed or how good the food if you don’t have the right staff it can break a business. Volupte has got it all the stuff here really do know how to make you feel welcome and there is nothing that was to much trouble for them. As Denise explained the staff here are employed for their individual style and grace and that’s exactly what they had. They were friendly and as in some establishments there was no snobbery or robotic attitude. A lesson many bars

and clubs could learn form these guys. After drinks in the bar we were escorted to the lower floor where we were seated around the stage area on tables dressed with fresh white linen, behind us were larger tables seating up to six people equally dressed. But don’t be thinking that these tables had any less of a view, the clever lay out means everyone gets a birds eye view, irrespective of where you are. This floor was equally well decorated with an eclectic yet funky style with a touch of times gone by. There was a mish mash of furniture which kept it relaxed and yet there was a great feeling of intimacy and the arrangement by design brought everyone together as part of the show. The nice thing about the table sittings was there is only one sitting per show so there was no urgency to get us fed and out, the table was ours for the evening I could sit back and relax and enjoy. Which brings us to the food, and theres only one word to describe it and that’s Awesome ..... I had the Lemon and Coriander fish cakes with guacamole and tomato salsa to start followed by Roasted rack of lamb

fondant potato and aubergine stuffed potato with rosemary jus. Now I don’t usually have a pudding but in the interest of reporting a full and honest account I thought I should, so the chocolate brownie with pistachio ice cream was a must. Everything was delicious and with fish and vegetarian options every taste is catered for. The menu changes every three months so there is plenty of time to try everything The entertainment was running throughout the dinner and was hosted by master of ceremony’s Hooray Henry who put me in mind of a sexy Henry Higgins indulged us with song and fire dance and the odd poem or funny anecdote while introducing the burlesque girls Cherry Bomb Chanteuse, Betty Bottom Dollar and Ruby Woo, who collectively made up the trio which are The Knickerbocker Glories. Now I’m a bit of a burlesque virgin so didn’t really now what to expect and must admit to be very surprised. There was the amazing vocal talents of Cherry Bomb who at one point had me convinced she was miming (she wasn’t by the way) and the comedic talents of the other

girls who had us all in stitches, they had solo routines and performed as a group delivering song dance and just a little bit of tasteful tease. I am now converted to the entertainment that is Burlesque and urge anyone who like me hasn’t yet experienced it to give it a go, you wont be disappointed. We at FA magazine like to support the smaller lesser know venues around the UK and bring something a little different to the table and in times where money is tight and nights out are getting fewer and far between you really want to get the best value for your money and the girls at Voluptue really do deliver the full package. If you have or know of a venue that could benefit from a review from us please get in touch we’re always happy to check them out for you 020 7831 1622 by Kris Kelly Photographs Wickedangel Forbidden Angels Magazine


Seven The



...interpreted by Desert Orc

The Seven Deadly Sins photoshoot is Bethan Billingsley’s (of Desert Orchid Designs) luxury range. Madame Dulcibelle Corsetry (MDC) who make the corsets, use extremely high spec materials and construction techniques. Each is made to measure using a precise body map to give you a comfortable and flattering fit, and you can choose any fabrics or trims that you like to make each corset unique to you and your tastes.

44 Forbidden Angels Magazine

chid Corsets. Avarice

The jewel in the crown of the seven deadly sins- Avarice or greed is strewn with hundreds of sparkling crystals, bedecking the six extended suspender straps that make this piece the lingerie equivalent of crack! Each crystal catches the light beautifully and transforms you into a walking daydream of sparkle and glamour. The underbust corset rises gently beneath the breasts to offer push up and the low line over the hips gives you great control. ÂŁ300 plus p&p

Forbidden Angels Magazine


Envy A vision in deep, forest green satin with tangled black mesh covering the front and back panels. The underbust corset is based on late victorian “ribbon” corsets, a shape that allows movement and comfort whilst still providing that stunning cinch! This corset features a unique “faux cording” effect on the lower half, supported with flanks of narrow steel bones to provide a stiff and sturdy circumference that will catch the eye! £250 plus p&p

46 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Gluttony A vampiric twist sets gluttony aside from mere blood lust! An ultra longline overbust corset, made in deepest bordeaux brocade shot through with pin pricks of regal gold and an inset panel in black silk to show off your voluptuous curves. A jet teardrop bead trim drapes provactively from the lower edge and the bustline is topped with a gothic black lace. ÂŁ280 plus p&p

Forbidden Angels Magazine


Lust A vision of romance and seduction in this mid bust corset made in cerise shot black two tone silk with black satin inserts, velvet accents, decadent beaded lace at the bustline and a black busk fastening. The unusual and elaborate shape is flattering and offers great stomach control!

ÂŁ250 plus p&p

48 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Pride The natural representative for prideA glorious and decadent peacock! Cupped overbust corset made in mermaid two tone silk with a lavish silver and ultramarine silk brocade over the cups and joining panel with a string of glimmering peacock feather adorning the bustline. Wig- candyland courtesan

ÂŁ250 plus p&p

Forbidden Angels Magazine


Sloth Sloth- ÂŁ225 plus p&p The corset for this sin was themed around Marie Antoinettes extravagance and elegant repoise! This sweetly curvy underbust is made in pink cupcake fabric with pearl white satin accents and white lace bow appliques to emphasise the hips. ÂŁ225 plus p&p Wig - candyland courtesan

50 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Pride Bloomers by Lovechild boudoir www. Wrath is a take on an icy steampunk artctic explorer, Its a longline cupped overbust corset made in dusty pink silk dupion with cocoa satin skeletisation and to add a touch of femininity, a delicate beaded champgane lace across the top.

Photographer Matthew Ball of Frankenstein Pictures

Model- Starla James

All wigs for 7 photos made by Candyland Courtesan

ÂŁ270 plus p&p

Bloomers by Lovechild boudoir

Blacksmith Chick candlesticks.htm Forbidden Angels Magazine 51


Equestrian Jacket £220.00 Pull-on Trousers £89.00 Cravat £39 52 Forbidden Angels Magazine

tish fashion ...comes of age

In 1990 Spanish fashion designer Dolenta Debarna moved to London. At the tender age of 20 to work with top British designer Katharine Hammnett. It was during this time that she discovered the fetish scene by attending clubs such as skin two rubber ball the inaugural torture garden and the legendary kinky gerlinky. It was a revelation Breathless is going from strength to strength and approaching it’s ten year anniversary in style by launching a new collection of sexy, sophisticated and elegant garments. Cementing their reputation as one of the finest couture fetish wear companies in the world. Forbidden Angels Magazine


Red Waistcoat Corset £275.00 Puff Sleeved Blouse £120.00 Cravat £39 Red Fish tail Skirt £95.00 54 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Asymmetric Gold Dress ÂŁ190.00

Forbidden Angels Magazine


Zip Chest Catsuit ÂŁ240.00 56 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Duchess Mini Dress ÂŁ189.00 Forbidden Angels Magazine


Polka Dit Suit : Coming Soon Price TBC 58 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Duchess Flower Top £98.00 Nouvelle Skirt £139.00 Forbidden Angels Magazine


lvira Gown ÂŁ230.00 60 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Waistcoat Corset £275.00 Nouvelle Skirt £98.00 Diamante Decoration by Matthew Francis Military Jodhpurs £175.00 Top To Order Custom Made

All clothes supplied by Breathless Photography by Wickedangel Dressers Dolenta & Kirsty Make-up: Matthew Francis Hair: Mark Clair Models by ForbiddenAngelsModels: Alan, Che, Minty, Pippa, Lydia, Maiti, Yene

Forbidden Angels Magazine


Forbidden Angels Magazine


A Focussed reb u n l e a

64 Forbidden Angels Magazine

bellion s h e d



THE UNCOMPROMISING, YET VERY APROACHABLE ARTIST OPENS UP Mike Bliss is soMething of a paradox. as you chat to hiM you are drawn in By his openness and friendly nature, But BuBBling underneath the surface you realise quite quickly that there is a Mischievous reBellious side. hailing from hartlepool, and having lived a gypsy life growing up in germany, hong kong and thailand due to his father moving the family around with his career in the army, he ended up studying fashion at cleveland college of art and design (Most famous for it’s alumni ridley scott.). with his self opinionated thoughts for self expression, his rebellious nature has seen him in protests against the original gulf war, much to his army fathers horror, and his brothers disapproval. he has always sought to speak out against injustice. More recently, the thirty four year old dealt with a sour break up from a relationship by taking the bull by the horns and appearing in a porn movie. he is currently single and likes it that way, focussing instead on work, with spare attentions going to his pet dog Jude. despite having painted for most of his childhood and teens, Mike opted into a fashion course believing it was the most sensible career choice for his creative instincts. fashion college was an eye opener into the business side of the art world, and with sixty percent of the course aimed at the business side, and little focus on the creative, Mike found

himself hating studying as there was no immediate way of him venting his creative needs. the course did teach him a lot about commerce and marketing, and in retrospect has learned to appreciate his college years. around the time he graduated, he was queer bashed, and in his words “rather than end up being a victim of circumstance, i headed to london to make something of myself.” “carpe diem” seems to have been the quote invented for Mike, with him seizing every opportunity to further himself as an artist., and in many cases belligerently taking his portfolio into art galleries and asking them to put on exhibitions for him. Before moving to london, one exhibition centre advised him not to make the move. fortunately he ignored such advice and has since had two exhibitions at the gallery who gave him the ill advice. with very clean almost vector observed line to his art work, many customers of Mike’s are amazed to realise that the images are not created in a computer on photoshop or illustrator, but are hand painted on large canvases. “i very consciously create images that will look good both on a computer screen as well as in real life on canvas. you can see the brush work when you see the real thing as they are painted in acrylic. i tend to focus on men, although i do occasionally do women subjects which tend to look slightly masculine and strong. when i am angry then i will turn to abstract, as there is nothing more theruptic than attacking a canvas with paint.” Forbidden Angels Magazine


66 Forbidden Angels Magazine

when painting he uses music and film references as his influence, but openly admits to being a fan of artists such as kahlo, tom of finland, lichenstein and small bits of warhol. his idol influence though is artist Matthew stradling. “i’m in awe of him and the level of detail he goes into. i’m in an exhibition with him soon, and i’m very nervous. he has seen my work already and has paid me the compliment of saying he liked my work to a friend.” it’s his uniqueness in doing his art on canvas that got him his first exhibition at positive east’s art space. from then on word of mouth and his determination have ensure that Mike is able to make a living through his art. “i’m very lucky.” never one to shy away from unusual spaces to show his art, he openly admits his most bizarre moment came when he exhibited twenty canvases at the nightclub crash. “there is nothing more bizarre than showing your work, whilst two men are giving each other a blow job in front of your work”. More recently Mike was approached to lecture and teach gay men on art and painting. having always refused such offers he says “the time is right, and it’s time i gave something back to the world of art. teaching gay men sounds like fun. in the past i have been approached to teach kids, which i found kind of odd, because my work is very erotic, and the thought of passing that on to children went against the grain.” next up for Mike is the gfest - where he will be exhibiting along side his peers. “i find exhibiting amongst other artist work a lot more fun, and it take the stress out of organising your own exhibition by having someone do all the hard work in organising events like this. the other good thing about the gfest arts events is that it raises the profile of lgBt artists who would not normally get a platform to do so. Britain doesn’t do a lot to nurture it’s raw talent. so many good artists go unnoticed, and it seems that only those who are deemed commercial seem to make the grade in this day and age. it really needs to be addressed some how.”

britAin doesn’t do A lot to nurture it’s rAw tAlent

he is also working on a graphic novel. i asked him how such a project came about. “a publisher approached me and asked me if i would be interested in such a project. i have written and done all the art work for it, and it’s still ongoing, although the publisher keeps asking me to hurry up and hand the project in” he laughs. i ask him what it’s about, and he vaguely replies “it’s sort of biographical, but it’s not, but it’s also very opinionated.” an hours meeting has quickly over run, and we pay for the coffee and croissants. Mike shakes me by the hand and warmly invites me to the opening night of the gfest exhibition. it’s this warm open heartedness that clearly aides him when dealing with his clients and commissions, and this reviewer can’t wait to see what this artist does next. for more of Mike Bliss visit Mike will be exhibiting at this years gfest from Monday 8th november, visit xxxxxxxxxxx for more details. Forbidden Angels Magazine


Art Event


It’s back, it’s bigger and it’s better, the LGBT+ arts festival that is GFEST. gfest provides an unrivalled and Much needed platforM for lesBian, gay, Bisexual, transgender and queer perforMers, artists, filMMakers and designers to express, inspire and eMpower attendees and participants. comprising of three main artistic strands, gfest

it is Fitting thAt gFest tAkes plAce in the cApitAl. i wish the FestivAl every success And encourAge londoners to get involved Mayor of London

2010 will feature over 100 queer artists and talent across performance events, short film screenings and visual arts exhibitions. gfest is the brainchild of niranjan kamatkar, artistic director of arts charity wise thoughts - www. founded in 1999, wise thoughts works across the arts addressing social justice issues and the needs of the lgBt and Black, asian & Minority ethnic communities. wise thoughts has extensive experience of managing large-scale arts events and has a solid track record of effective financial management offering excellent value for money. held from the 8 to 21 nov 2010 at established and recognised venues in london. (along with gfest web 68 Forbidden Angels Magazine

presence). some of the past venues: the drill hall, the cochrane theatre, rich Mix, Bernie grant arts centre, Birkbeck college,toynbee studios, Mackenzie pavilion, royal vaxuhall tavern, uni. arts london (davis street), etc. gfest 2009 was supported by the Mayor of london and arts council england. the festival enjoys crossparty support. gfest launch receptions were attended by Ministers, Mps and members from all three main parties, amongst others, in the houses of parliament for the last two years. among several news & online channels, the festival was covered by travel and tourism sector including special mentions by British airways, eurostar, Best western hotels, red carnation hotels, visit london, visit Britain. apart from london based lgBt and mainstream media sources, gfest 09 news was covered in norway, spain, italy, Japan and several international platforms. a true showcase of widest possible diverse talent, gfest 09 also broke barriers since it was attended by gay and straight audiences from all age groups (including families walking in with toddlers) and social and cultural backgrounds.

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�������� ���������� �������� ����� ���������� ����������������������� ���� � ����!���������" �#$ ����������������%&�'�(�������������� ���������� ������ )�%&"�*���&���"������ ��!�������"����# ���������� ����� ����$� ���� �� �����%���������&& Forbidden Angels Magazine






Photography by Wickedangel



E G A R D N I UK T N O S D U LON A S X ’ I S R 8 O O T C W A T F X

Photography by Leaf Scott




0 1 0 2 N O D UK N N O O L OND S L S I B U M L E C V I T T U A O N Y R WA

t ayOu W e th n ar on ss Londo e y e i M f th hts o lternative g i n t ies eA e bus was for th h t f eople s o p 0 0 a One calendar ver 3 anel, it w o s b h t u i . l p n c W d etitio was! es on the resses an t i t h comp nig Judg autiful d azing elebrity m a he be n C t a l T l t A G a t. LB Wh ed ith 4 ot contes w eleas The d r n h e a . a b s s. be -togirl soon ize record set to beautiful , w e e ,n ag all th g hot ed by En n i g n c si was nd, produ e est e L a nd b ! a . . Sara Mans L z e n o a Ort Mae Loo n i l l hit, N loved it! a H ra d Miss s Lau s s i a crow M w as ner l win nner up w l a r e v u The O es and r ne! m o costu one every d Well

Photography by Ricky D & Wickedangel




Photography by Ricky D & Wickedangel




The Cambria is a phoenix from the flames. When there are so many of our lovely Victorian pubs closing down, and pubs are struggling to think of how to keep their customers coming back to them . Steve and Aime have transformed a victorian back street local, into a great place to hang out. With a cosmetic makeover, that is in keeping with the victorian style of the building, but also with a quirky twist to bring it into the modern world we live in now



Every Sunday come and enjoy a late lunch from 3:00 until 5:00 with live cabaret by Mzz Kimberley and weekly guest artists. The Cambria is becoming the new hot spot.


TEA DANCE & CABARET It’s polysexual atmosphere and fantastic food which is hand picked and purchased from Smithfield’s and New Covent Garden Market, is a must to be desired.


Aimi and Steve are the perfect hosts and owner’s of this astonishing establishment, making every one feel welcome and special.

NOV 13th-Vanilla Lush

Sundays-Reservations adviced !!

NOV 28th-Snake Boy

NOV 21st-Scotee

The Cambria, 40 Kemerton Rd SE5 9AR Tel: 0207 737 3676 Mob: 07979807767 Forbidden Angels Magazine 77

If you want to treat your self to a special make over. He is your man. Taking on bespoke makeup design work he can create that non- typical look of what people imaging a make up to be. He first got hooked on tattoos when he was working a a dancer in Ibiza. He got drunk one night and went to a tattoo studio. Once there, he decided to have a daisy chain put on his arm. The tattoo artist told him to go home and come back the next day , when he was sober. He did and the next day he was back in the studio, where it just so happened that Kate Moss was also there with Meg Mathews, The girls decided the Matt should have a star done, which he did. The girls followed suit and they all got stars , and then they all went out and parted that night . Matt’s tattoos have all been done by different artist. He says he has no favourite artist. I ask if he has a favourite tat’ , to which he replies “It’s always the next one!” With most of his right side now covered. Matt is now planning on getting tattoos down the left side of his body next.

bit like plastic surgery.” I ask him how much he thinks he has spent for his tattoo art. “A lot” he says; “It runs in to thousands of pounds. But then if I bought a painting from a good artist it would cost a lot of money.” “I am like a walking work of art.” Is there any meaning to the work? “Yes the right arm is just pretty and pleasing on the eye, and the left arm is my thoughts and meanings. The emblem on my back has meaning as a part of my life.” Do guys get disappointed when you tell them what job you do as people do have pre conceptions about what tattooed men should be like? i venture to ask. “I do not want to be placed in a pigeon hole. I take people at face value and expect the same.” So what does the rest of 2010 hold for Matthew? “More tattoos, and some very exciting make-up projects are being lined up. - Check out my web site if you’re interested in seeing some of my work.”

“It does become an obsession. A

Matthew poses with Kate Moss (Main Picture). On the razz with Kate and Meg Mathews(Above) Matthew (Left) 80 Forbidden Angels Magazine

By Wickedangel


Orlando Orlando is Forbidden Angels Magazine Mr November. This hot Latin guy, Venezuelan-born is 5’1”, 33 years old, and a Sagittarian. Orlando is a friendly, happy guy with very good manners, even though sometimes he can also be a little cheeky. He’s a non-smoker and never takes drugs but is a sociable drinker. He likes to stay healthy by working out at the gym. “I am a versatile lover,” he says. “I can be passionate and I can be rough. I’m a great kisser who likes masculine mature guys who have goals and also have some stability.” He was born in Venezuela, but is of Portuguese descent as his parents are from Madeira (Portuguese island). He lived in Venezuela until he was 25 years old and moved to the UK 8 years ago - living in Reading, Maidenhead and Newbury for 3 years before moving to Brighton where he has lived for the past 5 years. He may eventually move to London in future. He said he would like to move to Spain when he retires but at his tender age,

I think that is along way off at the moment. Normally, he doesn’t go out much in Brighton and tries to save his money to go out in London around the Vauxhall clubs and pubs. He is very into fetish leather gear, his favourite club in London is the Hoist, and favourite bar is the Vauxhall tavern. He can also be seen in Soho, and loves Old Compton Street. Another favourite destination is Amsterdam. Orlando came to the UK to learn English and to live a guy lifestyle as it is still a bit difficult in Venezuela because it is a catholic country and extremely homophobic, He is very happy and enjoys the freedom as a normal guy over here. Orlando is single now and not looking for a relationship at the moment since he wants some time to enjoy himself while waiting for Mr. Right. The type of guys he like are bears or shaved, muscle, fit, hunky blokes.

relatives and friends, but prefers travelling to Europe more to see new places He likes to experience different cultures and food. He trains at the gym two or three time a week, and his hobbies, are meeting friends for coffee or drink, cinema, Latin dance, swimming and he loves cooking. He has worked as a chef before and really enjoys making different dishes. For the near future, his project is to pass his driving test as he is taking lessons to drive and hopes have his own business at some point in the future. So keep a look out for this sexy little guy, you may see him out and about on his travels. Watch out for WickedAngels hunk of the month for Christmas next month. Article and photo WickedAngel

At the moment he is working for a large organization as a Conference Supervisor, and really enjoys it. He gets to visit home every two or three years to see his Forbidden Angels Magazine


Mark Walhlberg, how ma guys have you fucke

82 Forbidden Angels Magazine

any ed?


Stellano The Terminator of gay porn get’s down and dirty with Paul Stag. Junior Stellano iS known aS the hardeSt moSt aggreSSive top in porn. thiS guy iS a terminator, and an uncompromiSing hunk of alpha-male heavily tattooed muScle that haS meant he haS riSen to the very peak of the induStry, where he holdS the very unique poSition nowadayS of being a true international porn Star. recently he has been making films in San francisco for raging Stallions, new york for lucas entertainment and london for men at play amongst many others, as well as becoming the highly recognizable ‘face’ of the hustlaball circuit parties. Junior is a native new yorker, 4th generation Sicilian and portuguese american which accounts for his very sexy exotic look, and it is new york where he calls home at present, but his work has kept him on the road for the whole of 2010 due to his popularity as an actor and stage performer. Junior also has a very colourful history. our porn correspondent paul stag has managed to pin down Junior with some questions over a period of weeks with meetings in both europe and california. Junior is not the type of guy you want to meet in a dark alley unless you don’t want to be walking properly for a week or two, as he is a horse-hung, masculine f**k machine that knows what he wants, and is more than prepared to take it - in

our opinion he will be one of the greatest tops of all time, read on......if you dare ! michael lucas recently asked paul Stag to bottom for Junior in a scene and not much bothers paul who is well known himself for being top but that did. I gather that coming out was not easy for you, especially to your father who sadly is no longer with us, do you think he would have been proud of the fantastic success you have achieved in the adult industry ? he would have tried to buy all the porn studio’s to keep me out, or burn them to the ground! when it comes to dad think al capone. thanks not a Joke!!! however, he would have been proud of how i have taken care of his family since he passed though - you can read all about my difficulty coming out and my relationship with my father on my website www. Your tattoo’s look so hot, is there one which is particularly special ? Any piercing’s? my late fathers nick name under my arm is very special to me. as for piercing i have enough holes thanks Would you now class yourself as Bi or gay? i am gay because i could only fall in love with men. i have straight married couple as clients. i fuck the woman and the man. Sometimes the woman get’s off in watching me fuck her husband.

Forbidden Angels Magazine


So what turns Junior on ? Sex with a masculine guy. a 69 for sure. dick sucking, ass eating and finger dipping good. When and with whom did you lose your virginity? if we are talking the fist time i had intercourse, it was with a women at age 13. the first time i got fucked by a guy was 18, and the first time i fucked a guy was at age 12. How big is your cock and does it have a name? 7.5 and i call him Junior What is the best sex you have ever had? with my straight fuck bud of fifteen years. he takes all the frustration of being married to a women out on me, and i love it. Do you have a partner ? what does he/she think of your career ? i have not found a partner man or rich enough. What’s the favourite part of your body? my brain, i guess because the rest of me follows it. What is your favourite fetish? fisting a clean bottom and having my feet licked and sucked and cleaned. What were you doing before porn? construction and still do Five words to describe yourself? lean mean fat burning machine What are your interests outside of porn and sex?

There are oTher inTeresTs? really?

there are other interests? really? How did you get into the adult industry ? one of the studios hit me up on my escort ad and asked if i would be interested. i said fuck yes!

84 Forbidden Angels Magazine

hell yes and i am proud of it. Your most successful films have been for Raging stallions and Lucas Entertainment including my personal favourite ‘The Trap’ which other studio would you like to work for?

on the market. i am working with better studios and i am getting better at making hot movies. What would be the pinnacle of your porn career?

The first time you ever bottomed on film you were pounded by Bruno Bond, Austin Wilde, Tristan Jaxx AND Spencer Reed, who was the best fuck and could you walk home afterwards? Spencer reed is the best by very very very far. the rest of those guys are really bottoms. Spencer and i did a scene with lucas a week ago and we had a blast. If you could direct and cast a scene what would it be, which performers, and what would you make them do?

mark walhlberg, how many guys have you fucked?

to win an award for my work. Your dream three-way?

i have worked with men at play in london twice, and will be going back to shoot again. fans can also look forward to seeing me work with titan men, hot house, falcon and mustang.

Which known porn star would you most like to see in Forbidden Angels Magazine and what one question would you ask them ?

he-man and the hulk

Where can fans see more of you or get hold of you ?

What type of gear most does it for you in the bedroom?

photography courtesy of men at play

Do you escort?

Spit and lots of it. You could fuck a sexy guy from any profession - which one and why? football players. have you ever watch nfl football in the uS. yum How would a fan get you into bed? $500 please

i’d want all the tops to clean there assholes out and line up so i could fuck them all. Which scene are you most proud of? i worked on a three way scene for titan that has not come out yet. the movie will be called tailgate. What is the worst thing about being a porn star? i dont get to See everyone at home beat off to my movieS. Who is the next porn star i should interview and what would you like me to ask him? Spencer reed. ask him how my hole tasted. You have starred in some very hot movies, what can we look forward to next? fans have not seen the best of me yet. wait until this years work in Forbidden Angels Magazine


Paul Stag with friend and Junior Stellano

Twink of the month

Ben Roe

Benjamin Christopher Roe is 24 year old Essex lad he is single and lives in Grays. Ben is currently not looking for a boyfriend, but equally admits that he would be happy if the right man came along. He likes muscular hairy mature men or scally chav straight acting lads. The type of clubs Ben like are the ones with a merry atmosphere and some hot talent. He also is into commercial dance music. Part of the sexy look he has is the new tattoo he has on his arm. I ask he plans to have any more and he says he plan to extend his tattoo to double so that it fills his arm. His hobbies are going out and meeting new people and keeping fit. He also like swimming and it’s a keen West Ham Utd fan. He owns a website called and he can also be found DJ-ing and putting on events at Colours Nightclub at Basildon Essex. www.colorsessex. Looking to the future Ben plans to extend the brand of turning it into a viable business.

86 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Forbidden Angels Magazine


BERLIN TAIL OF TWO FOLSOMS As per usual both with work and for fun i had pleasure in attending both of the annual Folsom Street Fairs which i have done for many years so i am happy to pass on how the two very different events are playing in 2010

before the wave of debauchery kicks off over the weekend.

The history bit first Folsom Street Fair started in San francisco in 1984 growing out of the ‘Californian Motorcylce Carnival’. and has since grown into the third largest spectator event in California and the worlds largest LGBT event. It expanded 8 years ago with Folsom Europe which set up home in Fuggerstrasse, Berlin where it has grown exponentially through its six events ever since. There are two other smaller Folsom events held in Canada nad Washington DC respectively.

The first main event is the Friday night ‘Perverts’ party at the Glashaus which is a fantastic venue over two levels. It is a converted factory which goes on and on and still keeps many of the original industrial features which create a great dancing atmosphere and extremely horny endless cruising areas with the worlds hottest men finding every nook and cranny to get down and dirty including some very big sleazy group sessions and the toilets are a real eyeopener even for this experienced fetish performer.

The European event arrives first in the calendar in early September where the whole fetish community heads to Germany for a week of fetish fun and exhibitionism resulting in 25,000 visitors annually which is climbing every year. So what will you find their - basically you will meet porn stars, the worlds fittest leathermen, see some very strange sites, fashions and sex acts, make some new friends and have a great time. I tend to arrive the Wednesday before the main Saturday event to get into the special vibe that you only get on a trip to Berlin. The parties dont really warm up until Thursday night but as the city has more leather and gay bars than the whole of the rest of Europe put together there is plenty of sleaze to keep you occupied 88 Forbidden Angels Magazine

I was lucky enough to be accompanied by one of the sexiest bear cub’s Avi Angel to take some pictures for this article and the South african proved so popular that he was instantly nabbed for a pohotoshoot and has since been awarded the honour of being the face of Belin’s Easter leatrher week - if only they knew how sleazy he was in bed !

The main streetfair is between noon and 9pm on the Saturday where you can party in the street in your finest fetish wear, eat, drink, check out the information booths, shop or dance to some of Europes hippest DJ’s. For some reason i decided to wear my British Police Uniform which i dont get to wear to often in the UK as i would get arrested especially as when i wear it i have trouble keeping my cock inside my uniformed trousers. Its best to dress to impress; the type of guy that goes into porn is naturally an exhibitionist and does not want to get ignored so i was happy to have my pic taken many times by fans and strangers alike. Firstly we came across a friendly face from back home, Suzie Kruger from Hard-On who had

taken a booth with the Rut guys (who i was pleased was on the same return flight as me) who were there chiefly promoting their huge joint club project ‘Hotwired’ which by all accounts was a huge success and a must do for all sleaze hounds in future. Then i bumped into one on the Continents biggest porn stars and a good personal friend Logan McCree of Raging stallions studios who was wearing a stunning kilt (not sure how much Scot he has in him but he came close to having some of this Scot inside him when he flashed his famous cock to prove that German porn stars abide tio the rule of no underwear too), so after my failure in trying to handcuff myself to him for the rest of the day we progressed to one of the many outdoor bars to take up a residency. The main Folsom pastime of course is people watching and so many people go to great lengths to draw one’s gaze. In the last couple of years a

missive has come down from the God of all things Folsom in California Demetri Moshoyannis that there should be no public sex at any Folsom event due to pressure from the authorities and in an attempt to show the best face of the LGBT community to the locals, tourists and in an attempt not to frighten the local wildlife this supprisingly works well in Berlin but less so in California where the hot weather just leads everybody into getting sleazy in public. There was still plenty of debauchery though to watch and one of the favourite pastimes is dipping your cock into a strangers beer, the porn stars particularly like this one as we are a filthy bunch gennerally. I managed to grab Daniel Ruster the event executive for a quick chat as he is the guy who has nursed the whole crazy affair over its 8 year history to its Inter-

national standing today. He was very happy with the turn-out and improved sponsorship’s in difficult times but was worried about the weather forecast which unfortunately proved to be the case as we will see later. He is stepping down this year to let new blood take over and the whole European LGBT community should wish him well in his future endeavours and i a sure we will see him at many sleazy events in future. Our pulling power was then greatly enhanced when we were joined by Arian Santos the fittest guy on the planet who has not yet done porn although i keep trying to cast him and after a quick catchup with Aan Bresslaw from Europes largest studio BelAmi and the home of the Continents fittest twinks of course we decided to hit some of the covered bars as the much feared rain started to put in an appearance. This obviiously dampened some of the party at-

mosphere for an hour or so but there was still plenty of dancing in the rain goin on some of it naked as the song goes, but it soon subsided and it was time to hit the VIP area which is a must if you want to see any of the celebrities in attendance including all of the Continents leather and rubber title holders including the Current Mr Leather Germany the lovely and gorgeous david schneider who was undergoing an endless run of radio andf TV interviews - i myself was soon grabbed by the Polish Media and then some from the Ukraine so i was glad that i was still partially sober although the high spirits from friends and colleagues in the VIP was not exactly condusive to sensible interviews with cries of show them your cock coming from the bar area ! It was particularly a coop for the Fair to get both this years InternaForbidden Angels Magazine


tional Mr leather and runner up to attend from the States basically the worlds two leading leathermen namely Tyler McCormick (Originally Mr Rio Grande leather) and My good friend Lance Holman (Originall Mr San francisco leather) and both the wheel chair based transgender winner Tyler and the hottest man of colour you will ever see Lance agreed to do interviews for future editins of Forbidden Angels. The VIP was then crashed by the hottest stage performer i know (and by far the sleaziest) the Huge German porn star Jan Losch most recently with Red Star Studios, Berlin and Dickwadd Studios USA who after some gentle persuasion i was able to sign up for FierceCasting agency so the rest of the world can see what this man does on stage starting with 3 shows at the European Hustlaball under the Fierce banner - not only has he some of the biggest bull silicon balls you will ever see and some of the most aggressive piercings he has now added some of the most extreme looking nipple ‘jewlery’ i have ever seen - if you ever get to see this man in the flesh jump at the chance he is the definition of a sexpig. If that wasn’t enough the massive American muscular porn star Samuel Colt (Mustang exclusive) currently on an extensive UK tour hit the VIP and soon drew everybodies attention - this is certainly the place to be to see the worlds hottest men thats for sure and chat to them over a Stein of lager.

We were then all invited to the BLUF booth foir their reception hosted by Jurgen Jacob and his team who provided some much needed food and some slings to play with in the middle of the street - which is where i found out how fascinated everybody is with Policemen’s asses and whether they can take their own truncheons - its not very often you will see me on my back in a sling as a fully paid up member of the top’s union but anything to entertain a crowd. i soon switched to give Avi a go which proved even more popular with the passing leather

and rubbermen that bear look is so in nowadays.

Then its all get ready to hit the Taxis for East berlin and off to the Folsomn flagship event ‘The Pig Party’ - i switched into some sleak antique leather trousers bequeathed to me from the second biggest porn star the UK has ever produced the late great Kent North - i am sure he had many a sleazy session in them and i am happy to pick-up that great fisting bottoms mantle and put them to great use. The beauty of Pig is that every year it is in a different venue, this year being the Old Mint (how many of these great old factory units has Berlin got everyone is like a scene from an old fashioned Cazzo film). Not many locals tend to go due to ticket pricing apparantly but that means you get to dance and play in a true world of men party from every corner of the globe - over 5000 men ended up in the worlds biggest cruising maze dark room all night until late into Sunday afternoon with the group sex really heating up from 5AM onwards at the expense of some of the dance floors but who can resist the biggest heaps of leather, rubber, uniform and sports wearing manhood all heaving away, no virgins walk away from this party thats

for sure and some guys probably lose count of all the sexual partners they get through as they cant count beyond a hundred i lost Avi at about 6AM when he dissapeared with a hairy muscle god only to re-appear some 12 hours later (but he did squeeze in a film shoot inbetween apparantly !).

Folsom Berlin is very sleazy, extremely safe and great fun and you will never get bored there, the sexual opportunities are endless but its also a great place to meet old friends and make new ones - so that was the young pup on the block, two weeks later i got on a plane to California for the daddy Folsom event in San Francisco which i will write about in next months magazine where i will compatre the two and give my verdict on which is best to spend your hard earned cash on.

For more information on this years or next years event check Bt Paul Stag Photos by Ricky D

Mike Caterall FLORAL


Modern Floral Designs and Plants 93 Trafalgar Rd Greenwich London SE10 9LS. UK 020 8858 0608 All major credit cards accepted

2 Forbidden Angels Magazine


42,Curvy busty toned figure, Size 12 and 14 Top, 36 GG.BI SEXUAL AND ALSO A MISTRESS. SHE WILL PLAY WITH COUPLES OR ALONE. National and International bookings taken. MONROESESCORTS.COM

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+44 (0)7539 938 837. 22 Year Old Essex Boy Living in Zone 1 Central London UK

cHE International Professional Model Performer and

Porn Star, also Champion Competitive Body Builder ,let me fulfil your fantasy’s, available for Muscle Worship,Role Play and more , will be performing at the Berlin Hustler Berlin for the third year ,22nd October . for bookings call +44 7760228018 or e-mail Out Calls only

fit Mick.

Based in Ashton Under Lyne. I`m passive only. Telephone :07533872038. ÂŁ55 for half hour, or ÂŁ100 for an unrushed hour. SAFE only. I work out of an apartment with secure, discrete parking.


Young escort wanting some real men. Sick of little boys and wants to give some guys a good load of cum Telephone: 07530 409 460 live in Tamworth, but can travel

GREG mitchell

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EDINBURGH ESCORT Hi! I’m a 22-year old, cheeky, intelligent and friendly escort.

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If you want to treat your self to a special make over. He is your man. Taking on bespoke makeup design work he can create that non- typical look of what people imaging a make up to be. He first got hooked on tattoos when he was working a a dancer in Ibiza. He got drunk one night and went to a tattoo studio. Once there, he decided to have a daisy chain put on his arm. The tattoo artist told him to go home and come back the next day , when he was sober. He did and the next day he was back in the studio, where it just so happened that Kate Moss was also there with Meg Mathews, The girls decided the Matt should have a star done, which he did. The girls followed suit and they all got stars , and then they all went out and parted that night . Matt’s tattoos have all been done by different artist. He says he has no favourite artist. I ask if he has a favourite tat’ , to which he replies “It’s always the next one!” With most of his right side now covered. Matt is now planning on getting tattoos down the left side of his body next.

bit like plastic surgery.” I ask him how much he thinks he has spent for his tattoo art. “A lot” he says; “It runs in to thousands of pounds. But then if I bought a painting from a good artist it would cost a lot of money.” “I am like a walking work of art.” Is there any meaning to the work? “Yes the right arm is just pretty and pleasing on the eye, and the left arm is my thoughts and meanings. The emblem on my back has meaning as a part of my life.” Do guys get disappointed when you tell them what job you do as people do have pre conceptions about what tattooed men should be like? i venture to ask. “I do not want to be placed in a pigeon hole. I take people at face value and expect the same.” So what does the rest of 2010 hold for Matthew? “More tattoos, and some very exciting make-up projects are being lined up. - Check out my web site if you’re interested in seeing some of my work.”

“It does become an obsession. A

Matthew poses with Kate Moss (Main Picture). On the razz with Kate and Meg Mathews(Above) Matthew (Left) 96 Forbidden Angels Magazine

By Wickedangel

Jen A

s AlwAys, Forbidden Angels mAgAzine is pushing the envelope to stAy on the cutting edge oF lgbt editoriAls. And so this month we do our First interview with A bisexuAl FemAle escort; Jen, A 40 yeAr old high-clAss escort living in south london. you cAn see why, with her striking imAge, she cAn nAme her price. she hAs Also perFormed in movies, worked in london clubs As A dAncer And doing shows. she hAs now Just lAunched her own escort Agency thAt will hAve girls And t-girls - it’s cAlled monroe’s “Hi Jen. You are bisexual and have male and female clients?” “Yes, I do both. Some people might call me greedy.” How long have you been in the sex industry? “I worked in the industry on and off at first as I was in relationships so it was difficult. But as I got older, I started to work in the adult industry more and was modelling and doing films. I then had more offers from people wanting to see me so I decided to become a full time escort.” “You look very glamorous, is this part of your style for your look as an escort?” “I love to look glamorous, There just is not enough glamour now. A lot of the people I see expect me to arrive looking good. They pay a lot of money to see me and spend time with me. I think it is only right that I look my best.” “You are bisexual?” “Yes I am. I have men and women clients. And sometimes couples.” “Explain a little about what you, as an escort does and how you treat your clients when you see them?” “I treat all my clients with the courtesy they would expect. All my clients are treated the same way. No matter what their gender is. Sometime I have to gauge a situation if it is a couple, as I don’t want to upset one of the partners. Or if it’s someone’s first time, they can

ESCORT of the MONTH be very nervous. But the most important thing is you treat them with the respect that you want back.” “Do you have rich clients?” “Yes I have about 12 that are what you would call serious money people, but only two live in the UK. The rest are abroad. Usually they fly me out to see them. and put me up in a first-class hotel. They pay for everything while I’m there. It’s like a holiday really as I only see them for a few hours.” “Where is the best place you have been flown out to?” One of my clients flew me out to Dubai. It was lovely as he was on business out there. I stayed at an amazing 7-star hotel, in a suite for a week - all paid for. He also told me to just go shopping, order anything I liked and he would get it for me. It was a little like Pretty Woman. I have another client in LA, where I have my own chauffeur to drive me around.” “Do you enjoy what you do?” “Yes, I do. I am very lucky that I have very nice clients and so it makes it easy for me. I am also in a position that I don’t necessarily have to work with some people if I so choose. Most of my work is in hotels and that is also good because if I visit, I have a driver so then I can chat, relax and spend quality time with the person I’m seeing.” “Do you specialize in any one thing?” “No not really. I have such a wide selection of clients, specialization may lead to exclusion. From TVs to Females, and the the straight men or bisexual ones. I also do domination if people want it.” “Out of curiosity, what do you do with the bi guys?” “Some of them just want to see me. But I have a very good gay friend of mine that works with me if they want a male and female together. I have also done sex show with him, so we are confident with each other.” “A most important question, do you play safe?” “Always. There are so many things out there now that I always play as safe. It is amazing how many men still want to do things without condoms.”

“You have a great look. Have you had surgery?” “I would be a liar if I said no! Yes I have but not really that much. I have had two boob jobs and want another one. I have also had liposuction and the other thing is Botox.” “Do you think you would have more done?” “Oh yes I could become addicted to it. That is the reason I try not to keep having thing done till I need it. I think that if you have two much done you never ever think its enough and end up looking like a freak. I only have things done that I really feel I need.” “Do many people know what you do? Not including the ones that will after this interview.” “Yes my friends all know and also my family. I am single so I don’t have to answer to anybody. I have good friends and they have no problem with it, and also my family are fine with it as well. If people did have a problem I would just not bother with them. I work as an escort. And that is all. I am a different person away from my job, just like if I was working in a shop.” “Would you like to settle with somebody? And would they have to be rich?” “At the moment I have a lot of projects so I don’t want anybody in my life right now. Maybe in the future, who knows? If a decent person comes along. But I’m not looking “Let’s talk about the new agency. How will it work?” “I have the website set up its called I will be interviewing girls, tvs and tss for work. At the moment I’m not recruiting men as I need to get the female side working first. If anybody is interested or would like to know more about being an escort, please get in touch, the number is on the web site. I think I will be good as the manager of an agency as I think its important to have worked as an escort and as a girl, because you have an idea of what the job entails.” Anybody wishing to talk to Jen about being an escort, can get the number from the web site Forbidden Angels Magazine



349 KENNINGTON LANE, VAUXHALL, LONDON SE11 5QY 2 Forbidden Angels Magazine



98 Forbidden Angels Magazine



The question on everyone’s lips at the moment is, ‘Who is this Wicked Angel?’ I want to introduce you to the world of Wicked Angel and all that encompasses the off-the-wall, Andy Warholtype character. Born slightly later and in London as opposed to the States these two guys share a lot of the same characteristics. Wicked Angel started his walk of fame as a stripper in the 1970s and progressed through TV and even porn, to support his first love which was art. With a whole range of creative courses and learning behind him he decided to turn his attentions to his new found love, photography and to any of you that know his work or have been lucky enough to be involved you’ll know that this isn’t just any old photographer. His work is wacky and, like his predecessor Mr Warhol, sometimes people may question his technique and subjects but surely this is the art that forms opposing opinions, or it would just be another photo. You probably have seen his work without even knowing it and, if you’re a regular subscriber to this magazine, you most certainly have. Which brings us to the Forbidden Angels Magazine; why did we need another magazine? After all, aren’t there are lots of publications available that represent the LGBT community? Don’t you find that few of them do it with such artistic integrity? And that was his dream. To have something that concentrated on the more obscure and indulgent side of the scene. Let‘s face it, we all know where the shirtless muscle guys hang out every weekend, we get told every week whether we’re interested or not and do we really want to get political about every subject? So the concept was born and is growing in success every month - by the way, thanks to you guys for all your support! Now, before any of this, Wicked Angel was one of the biggest club promoters in London and it’s only through being out most evenings and every

weekend visiting venues to bring you the best that London has to offer, that he realized something was missing and that things had changed and not necessarily for the better, it has to be said. So what’s the answer to this disappointing representation of what we are led to believe the LGBT community want from a venue? And is it time to take a step back and try to re-capture a time when it was actually COOL to be in a gay club? When Wicked Angel started club promoting, his dream was always to bring some glamour and decadence to the London scene. Over the years he has indulged us with some of the best club nights ever, with a strong grip on the days gone by such as Studio 54 and the more risky days of the KitKat club in Berlin in 1930s. Now in his (ahem) LATE 40’s, Wicked Angel has always been the first to identify a niche in the market and strives to fill it with opulence and the usual allure that seems to have been lost in the last two decades. If, like myself, you were lucky enough to be involved in the gay scene in the 80s, you are most sure to remember the glam days when everyone made an effort to go out and you would be mesmerized by outfits and costumes which defined what the scene was all about. Venues were small and not of the best deco and usually in some dingy backstreet away from the main drifts. Every night out held a risk of clubs and bars being raided and it was this fear which drove the gay scene forward and made everyone want to be involved in its growth. “These were the best days of my life and I really felt like I was part of the changes that were afoot, and now with everything so open and excepted we really have become victims of our own success and I along with others yearn to get those feelings back.” And so, here

it is: ‘Wicked Angel Presents’, with a whole host of scene famous people behind the venture. From London’s best Drag Queens, the most outrageous door whores and cutting edge D.J’s and the cream of porn actors (pun intended), this really is a recipe for success. “The hardest thing to find in this venture was the venue, as every place we looked at was over polished and really didn’t have the shabby chic appeal”. He wanted somewhere that took you back to those dark back alleys that only we knew what was there and gave everyone a feeling of security, albeit in an ironic way. It was a time when a venue, usually one to every major city, had to provide everything for everyone. There was no such thing as bars and clubs for one specific group; lesbians and leather queens, trannies, twinks and older guys all played harmoniously together and if you didn’t, then a bar from a venue could mean an hours’ journey by train EVERY weekend. Whether you were out to dance and drink or be entertained and most certainly to cruise, one club fitted all. They almost always had a dark room and even poppers blowing through the air vents( sadly, the latter is now illegal). The venue he found was Stunner’s in the East-End which really does take you on a journey to the past and has all the old attributes of good gay venue. Wicked Angel will present the first of many nights on Friday the 3rd of December and every first Friday after. The first party, titled ‘Wicked Angel presents Wicked Decadence,’ with a whole host of famous names including DJ Matt King. All updates will follow in the coming weeks to keep you up to date on details of this long-awaited, spectacular event. Article by Kris Kelly Photos and art pictures by WickedAngel Forbidden Angels Magazine


2 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Forbidden Angels Magazine


2 Forbidden Angels Magazine

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Forbidden Angels Magazine November Iusse 005 amended  

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