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MAIN FEATURE Chi Chi La Rue invites the team to the Sanderson Hotel for drinks and a chat about her life, loves and work.

Forbidden Angels Magazine



Welcome to the first ever issue of Forbidden Angels Magazine. It’s been quite an eventful couple of months of pulling in favours, and hobnobbing with the hoi po loi of the UK gay scene, but hopefully, as you peruse these pages, you will agree that it has all been worth it. Why should we launch a new magazine? Well, to be quite frank, because there isn’t really a magazine that caters to the either the extremes or the “grey” areas of the LGBT scene. I personally am no spring chicken, and have no wish to recapture my youth. I am a proud fifty something, and as such socialise according to my needs and interests. Realising there wasn’t a magazine that catered for my interests, I then asked my eclectic friends what they thought of the current magazines being dished out on the circuit. What I found was that they all felt underrepresented, or misrepresented in some way. Forbidden Angels is proud to cater for the mature queen, the twinky, the trans-community, the escorts and porn stars, and any one else who feels badly drawn, or just plain left out. We are even going to the tattoo parlours and their clients, and undiscovered artists who just need that bit of exposure. We are very fortunate that Chi Chi La Rue agreed to meet with us and chat about her life, and work within the adult entertainment industry. In a world for of jaded wannabes and egotistical stars, we were delighted that Chi Chi not only agreed to participate in helping us with the launch, but that in the process she has become both a friend, and a champion of the British underdog. All hail Chi Chi. We are launching this magazine exclusively in the digital realm. An obvious reason is that on a tight budget, there are few losses to be suffered on a new venture like this. Amazingly and wonderfully, everyone has donated their time and talents free of charge to launch this untested medium. We all know the power of the internet, but we are also agog to see whether digital readers such as Amazon and Apple’s iPads really are going to be the way forward. These are very exciting times, and we hope that you will come along with us for this interesting journey into the undiscovered country of digital media. Until next month Wickedangel

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Mr July: Tom By Wickedanel 24 year old, hunk Tom works as a rigger. He is a fit lad with a firm muscled body. 45” chest and 32” waist. He loves tattoos and is planning on having more done on his body. Just the type to wake up next to and realize, last night was not a dream. And to think Tom is single, so all you guys better keep a look out in the bars and clubs for this hot lad.

done porn or escort work, and if not why he hadn’t and he replied to us cheekily “No, its never something I have wanted to do, but I do like watching porn!” Tom is keeping himself busy though with a couple of model shoots coming up, followed by a trip to Barcelona to party on the circuit there at the begining of Augsut. So keep an eye out for this hunk as you will see him out and about, and continuing his dance work in London.

Tom is looking for a boy friend,but is not in any rush and will wait for the right guy to come into his life. He loves men with beards and tattoo. and also guys that wear suits. Tom is a bottom a boy. and says if he has a partner is totally faithfull to them The type of men his attracted to are the older types. He say he has always had older boyfriends. He is a busy lad with a hard working life style and a great circle of friends. So any would be suitors can have no room for being the jealous type. Tom trains at the gym five times a week. and also likes clubbing, hanging out with his pals and loves horror movies. Tom is a dancer at Village Soho and also danced at the recent Onyx Pre-Husler Ball party. He was also one of the models in HeidI Contagious’s pop vidieo (Where is My Man), when he was crawling across her on a bed in just a jockstrap. We think Heidi, at 87, must have loved that, being the party girl that she is. When we asked him what he though of Heidi and working with her on her video, he replied, “She was amazing! Just like my nan, but more outrageous and very funny. She had us all laughing in the studio. We asked him if he has ever

Watch out next mounth , to see who will be Wickedangels Mr August. Forbidden Angels Magazine




Why did you decide to launch Booster and Energie 3D? Well mainly because there was a niche in the market for something different. I knew if I was going to do this then I would have to offer clubbers an affordable club experience with a cheap entrance fee and reasonable priced drinks. How does a Frenchman end up being a club promoter at some of the hottest venues in the UK? (Laughing) I have been working in the Hospitality Management industry for the past ten years, which is a great grounding for anybody choosing this career. In 2002 Basil Newby, the owner of ITP Leisure, gave me an opportunity to run Flamingo in Blackpool. I just loved it! I continued to work in the hospitality industry, but I knew that it was not my environment and knew that my passion was organising parties and getting involved on the gay scene. It finally came to a head at the start of this year, and I decided to take the plunge and launch Booster and Energie. Booster has changed venues, care to share why? Well originally Booster was an AfterHours Club on a Saturday morning but for the vibe we were creating, the time slot and the venue didn’t really suit Booster. I knew Area was the right club, it had everything I needed and more. So I had to make the harsh decision to take a gamble and move venues, which the Orange Group have graciously adopted, and which made Booster, and the forthcoming Energie 3D part of the family.


Energie takes on board. And what’s the music vibe going to be?? Progressive and Deep Tech House and Electro seems to be the winning formula for Booster. Energie 3D - wait and see but it will be contemporary. And what’s the crowd like? We weren’t sure what the crowd was going to be when we launched. What we have found though is that we’re getting the muscle boys, the twinks, girlies and a handful of lesbians. So it’s right across the board, which makes for a good mix. Every one seems to be friendly and just up for a party, which is ultimately what we’re about. Energie 3D? Are you really gonna do a 3D club? Of course. It’s not really been done over here in the UK, so along with contemporary music sounds, we’ll be giving the party goers an extra sensory experience by making all the visuals on the screens 3D. There will be 3D glasses given out to the first 100 entrants on the night, and then some available to purchase at a cheap price for those who arrive later. We’re all really excited about this. What does the rest of the year hold for Romain Lopez? Well hopefully more party nights. I am also going to be doing an early evening venture for the Embankment Bar in Vauxhall, Thursdays to Saturdays which will give me something to get my teeth into.

That’s great when you get a company that supports you. What DJ’s can we hear playing at either of these nights? Regular DJs are DJ Ferno (RedSeaDance Radio), Miss Crazy D (Pacha, Ministry of Sound), Sharon O Love (Salvation),newcomer within the team La Gosse, Paul Coals, Lee Harris and Leonardo Glo Vibes and more to come, with the new talented DJs that 10 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Booster runs every Sunday at Area, Vauxhall from 7.00pm Energie 3D launches every Thursday from 9.00pm til 3am from the 1st July

He first got hooked on tattoos when he was working a a dancer in Ibiza. He got drunk one night and went to a tattoo studio. Once there, he decided to have a daisy chain put on his arm. The tattoo artist told him to go home and come back the next day , when he was sober. He did and the next day he was back in the studio, where it just so happened that Kate Moss was also there with Meg Mathews, The girls decided the Matt should have a star done, which he did. The girls followed suit and they all got stars , and then they all went out and parted that night . Matt’s tattoos have all been done by different artist. He says he has no favourite artist. I ask if he has a favourite tat’ , to which he replies “It’s always the next one!” With most of his right side now covered. Matt is now planning on getting tattoos down the left side of his body next.

bit like plastic surgery.” I ask him how much he thinks he has spent for his tattoo art. “A lot” he says; “It runs in to thousands of pounds. But then if I bought a painting from a good artist it would cost a lot of money.” “I am like a walking work of art.” Is there any meaning to the work? “Yes the right arm is just pretty and pleasing on the eye, and the left arm is my thoughts and meanings. The emblem on my back has meaning as a part of my life.” Do guys get disappointed when you tell them what job you do as people do have pre conceptions about what tattooed men should be like? i venture to ask. “I do not want to be placed in a pigeon hole. I take people at face value and expect the same.” So what does the rest of 2010 hold for Matthew? “More tattoos, and some very exciting make-up projects are being lined up. - Check out my web site if you’re interested in seeing some of my work.”

“It does become an obsession. A

Matthew poses with Kate Moss (Main Picture). On the razz with Kate and Meg Mathews(Above) Matthew (Left) 12 Forbidden Angels Magazine

By Wickedangel

Pictures taken by Upton Clue.

If you want to treat your self to a special make over. He is your man. Taking on bespoke makeup design work he can create that non- typical look of what people imaging a make up to be.



Nico James is only nineteen, but don’t go thinking he is some naïve piece of “fresh meat”. With a string of porn movies and art projects under his belt, and with his own online business site, Nico is the name to watch. He talks us through his whirlwind road to success, and the advantages of being a free-lance porn actor. How did you get into porn? When I was 17 I asked my gay friends what the best sites were, and then I just applied for English Lads. You seem to have quite a list of films for someone so young. What’s your secret? Just stay clean and safe, and just drop yourself in the deep end. You may get a better surprise than you thought you would. What are the advantages of being a freelance porn actor to one that is signed by a company? Advantages are your own boss, you know exactly what’s going on and what the fees are. The disadvantages are that it’s not regular work so you spend a lot of time getting yourself out there. Your web site seems quite comprehensive - can we see a little Nico empire starting up? Hopefullly soon, I want the material and the design to work together so that I am not really effecting the competition. I am just giving people enjoyment from the features that are on it. Who would you like to work with next? His name is Darren and he has a gorgeous toned tanned body and knows

how to fuck with his good sized dick. What’s been you favourite moment in the adult entertainment industry so far? When I went to Gran Canaria, we were doing some promoting for a bar that had just opened and did a live porn shoot on show. In that week we went in the hills and had an outdoor shoot, which was the best experience ever. And your most embarrassing? After this guy had just fucked me I did a massive bottom burp. Would you ever consider directing? Yeah. I could definitely understand what the client wants and can meet their expectations. I love shooting real hot fun and making sure you get every angle of the entertainment. Who (apart from yourself) do you think has promise out of the new wave of porn actors coming out? I’m not really sure to be honest. We’ve interviewed Chi Chi La Rue for this issue, what would you say to her if you ever met her? Well I would have been over the moon to meet her, and I would probably ask her something like ‘where do you find all of those fit guys who come and work for you?’ Lastly - what’s next for Nico? I am looking at a range of things, but mainly interactive sex videos; and porn videos with a strong narrative for my site.

Forbidden Angels Magazine


16 Forbidden Angels Magazine

things are getting naughty at the union IMPACT - The new night at the unuion that promises to be a BIG HIT!! Colliding onto the gay dance scene, Impact is a hot, new night for Muscle men, sexy studs, beefy bears and everything in between. Join this European-style dance and cruise party modeled on those that have hit the big time in Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin - where the music is just as important as the cruising. Who knows? You might find the man of your wildest dreams! At last, London can now boast its own Cruise Circuit party. Remember those testosterone-fuelled nights at Crash? IMPACT makes its first impression at the original venue of this legendary club night at the recently renamed Union - using the original entrance and main room to add to the sexy, underground atmosphere. The mind-blowing sound system with a hi-tech lighting rig and huge mezzanine cruising area makesIMPACT the best place to hit for a hot and horny night. Inviting the most infamous European dance and cruise clubs, IMPACT kicks off with the number one underground club from Brussels, NAUGHTY. If you haven’t already heard of NAUGHTY, you’ve obviously been on your best behaviour! Now’s your chance to join this European Mecca for gay clubbers and get down and dirty to the best progressive and electro DJs plus HOT shows and performances by the biggest stars in the adult industry.

If you haven’t already heard of NAUGHTY, you’ve obviously been on your best behaviour!

For the launch night, IMPACT is flying in one of NAUGHTY’S resident and Italy’s best known underground DJs, Francesco Bellais – the man famously headhunted by Madonna to remix one of her tracks. At the beginning of the new millennium he moved to Milan where Billy, the most exclusive Italian Gay Club, featured him as their resident DJ. Francesco has been a regular guest in the best Italian house clubs (Gay Village in Rome, Skylight in Verona, Pegaso in Catania, Classic Club in Rimini and more) and other European clubs including Queen in Paris, Musk in Amsterdam, Ruby and DTPM in London, Space in Barcelona, GMF in Berlin, Loveball in Brussels, Propaganda in Moscow and many more. Expect funky vocals with a splash of electro and a handful of tribal, pure energy flashes.

IMPACT is flying in porn superstar and sex god, Logan McCree Support comes from London’s own jet-setting DJ, Oliver M, resident for Salvation London and worldwide, plus La Demence and several other big European clubs including NAUGHTYCONTROL for Cologne Pride and the Cologne International Gay Games 2010 at Germany’s award winning Diamonds Club. Joining IMPACT’S guest DJs on rotation are some of London’s best DJs including Saki, Paul Coals, Steve Artis and Pier Morocco. If all this wasn’t enough, on the opening night, IMPACT is flying in porn superstar and sex god, Logan McCree, from Raging Stallion Studios - a regular at NAUGHTY parties. IMPACT – it’s time to make one!

SATURDAY 24th JULY 23:00 – 07:00 @ CLUB UNION For more Info on Naughty visit: Forbidden Angels Magazine


FETISH EVENTS: CALENDAR TORTURE GARDEN Friday 9th July 10pm - 5am New TG Summer Ball Venue: Ghost 3 Themed Rooms & Intimate Summer Club Area. DJs: Allen TG, David TG, The Secretary Dirty Electro, Electro House, R n B Booty, Drum n Bass. Twisted Burlesque Stage Shows. Pole Dancing Podium. 113 - 117 Farringdon Road, Farringdon, London EC1R 3BX (Farringdon Tube) Note that they only have 400 tickets on sale

CHTUNG CABARET Saturday 3rd July, from 8pm until late, at the cabaret venue The Talk, on Oak Street. Norwich. The theme for the night is heroes and villains, both historical and fictional, and all guests are required to dress up. Special performances by Beatrix von Bourbon, Frank Sanazi, Honey Wilde and Vendetta Vain. Music on the night is supplied by resident DJs Mikki and Mz_Pink

Birmingham Gay Skins Saturday 17th July Gay skinhead night at Boltz. BGS is a developing social community of gay skinheads into skin rubber and leather, who enjoy the company of like minded guys and supporting the development of a gay skin network. STEVE & MICKIE are the founding members of “B.G.S.” and the people behind this non commercial ,voluntary organisation.

18 Forbidden Angels Magazine

London - the capital of England and the United Kingdom is the largest city in Europe, but has never before hosted its own gay fetish week. That is all about to change in 2010 when Fetish Week London comes to the capital from the 14th to 18th of July. With a host of special events and bar nights taking place throughout the week, plus 6 official Fetish Week parties, you can be sure that this is the one week in 2010 that you won’t want to miss. Our official parties include Folsom’s Leather Nexus Party, Recon’s Full Fetish, RoB’s Closing Party, Bleachers and Co’s Skinhead Party,’s Rubber Party and the Fetish Week Barbeque. If you have a kink, no matter how small, then come along and join the thousands of guys who will be in London this July. There is something for everyone at Fetish Week London - we welcome guys with a fetish for: leather, rubber, punks, skinheads, uniform and army gear, leather muscle, bondage, sports gear plus any other kind of fetish gear that you can think of! visit for more details

HEIDI HO HI HO, IT’S OFF TO WORK WE GO. BEHIND THE SCENES OF THIS YEARS CHARITY VIDEO Camp, Camp, Camp. It’s the only word I can use to describe the new outrageous pop Fag Fag Hag

Extaordinaire. Miss Heidi Contagious and Enegie Records are releasing the 1980s hit single “Where is my man“ originally sung by Eartha Kitt to raise money for the charity HIVision. Just like Eartha she has an amazing accent. The word of mouth already generated means many clubs both here and abroad are trying to book her already for PA’s. German by descent, Heidi has lived in London for over sixty years and has many gay and trans friends in the city. The making of the song with this camp eighty seven year old woman was an amazing experience, but in no way did I expect the making of the video to be as over the top as it was. Drag queens and TS girls arrived early at the studios, and went upstairs to get ready only to find

a room full of leather men, also waiting for their chance to appear with Heidy in the shoot. The room was a hive of activity with make up people and hairdressers running around in a frenzy of excitement. I spoke to one young lady there who was a straight married girl (lLydia) who told me it was the first time she had been in a pop video “It’s all very exciting!” I asked her if she had met Heidi before? “Of course I have! She’s always in the bars and clubs!” Lydia was dressed in a Dita Von Teese outfit with hair and make up to match. She said that she felt like a star herself being pampered by the hair and make up team. Everybody seemed to be having so much fun and the atmosphere was electric. Coming back downstairs in search of Heidi, I passed an amazingly handsome man, who told me he was her leading man in the film. I said to myself, “Oh my God, Heidi. This man is young enough to be your grandson! (go girl!) Forbidden Angels Magazine


Before I arrived, I didn’t really know what kind of video shoot this was going to be. Scott Houzet, the video producer, had just said be here at this time. I now knew it would be no ordinary music promo. This was going to be one to get peoples tongues wagging. Being a man of the world I thought that I had seen it all. However, this sweet little old lady was about to prove me wrong. As I walked into the studio. I was hit by a large black feather fan attached to the most beautiful burlesque woman, Miss Misti Vine. She told me Heidi was sitting in the corner waiting to go on set. As I approached, Heidi, who was dressed like the legendary Mae West, was talking to two other people, a very lovely exotic dancer by the name of Alekssandra Ceciliato, and a Bree from Desperate Housewives look-alike called Martin. Vannilla lush Smith. *Clarify We sat and talked about how she thought the video would go. “I have no idea, but I know they are going to be place me among some hot leather men and some wild women.” I asked her it it worried her that she was with what appeared to be overtly sexual people? “Sexual people!!” She laughed. “Darling, at eighty seven, if I’m in the middle of a lot of very sexy people what do I care? If I told you the plot to today’s shoot you would look at me incredulously and say “No Way”. Stay around and watch the shoot, take a few photographs, and then let me know what you think!’ The shoot was being done on a green stage, so that the directors could add suitable backgrounds later, which meant that each artist got their moment to shine, always first with Heidi, and then solo. As the shoot went on, the cast seemed to get more excited, and raunchy, until it got to the point where a faux orgy was enacted, and to my shock - Heidi, the trooper that she is, was bang in

the middle of it all. The cast were all so much younger than Heidi with Heidi old enough to be some of the cast member’s grand mother. At the time of writing the video was being edited, so I haven’t had a chance to see the finished article. But the day of its release also happens to be the day this magazine goes online. So once you’ve finished reading this magazine, head over to Youtube, and see what all the fuss is about. The hype is out there, let’s hope this young at heart pensioner can do what she set out to do, and raise money for one her favourite charities.

By Alec Levine Forbidden Angels Magazine






t was to my delight, that I received a phone call to confirm my interview with the infamous fag hag, Miss Heidi Contagious. Being the outrageous woman that she is, she has just finished recording a record for charity (with all proceeds going to HiVision), the 1980’s Eartha Kitt hit, “Where is my man.” We had arranged an interview at her beautiful country home in Kent. As I arrived I realized this would be no ordinary interview. At 87 years old Heidi has to be the oldest swinger in town, and boy, she can still swing. She is seen regularly at some of the hottest gay clubs in London, and known by many of the promoters and owners. Heidi is always being invited to some of the biggest and best parties around London, the U,S,A and Europe. As the electric gates open to her home I drive up to a stunning house, where I am greeted by Heidi herself. Heidi is incredibly grounded despite her celebrity standing, and offers me a cup of tea and asks if I want a sandwich. So Heidi what’s it like record a single at 87?

“ I have lots of MEN in

my life, but

they ALL have

boyfriends!” 22 Forbidden Angels Magazine

I never ever dreamed I would do any thing like this, and I’m certainly no singer at my age! (she laughs). I have been told you were a bit of a party girl in your youth, and that you were a burlesque dancer? Yes, that’s true. My sister and I loved to dance, but at that time it was the war, so you can imagine wanting to go out and dance was frowned upon by my parents. We used to climb out of the window

in our plain clothes, jump on the bikes with a change of clothes in a bag, and then go and meet the boys we were dating to go to the clubs. In retrospect not very sensible – but at the time we didn’t care for politics or the war – we just wanted to dress up pretty, meet boys and have fun dancing. (Not much has changed really in all those years). This eventually led me to taking part in burlesque at the clubs. Back then it was all very pretty, and I think more suggestive than it is today.

Yes, lots of people say I still sound German even after 61 years in England. Is your husband still alive? No, he died in 24 years ago, and I never married again. I never had children, although my best friend Wickedangel is like a big child! We go out all the time and we have a fantastic time when we go out. We get invited to some amazing events, which is quite a coup for someone of my age.

Was it difficult coming to England from Germany just after the war? I couldn’t speak a word of English, but the people where so nice to me and very friendly, I had no trouble with any body, which was a god send. One of my first jobs was as a model, and I pretty much learned to speak English through going to photo shoots. Then my husband and I started a wig making business which earned us a nice nest egg. I still have some of those wigs, as it’s an art form in itself, and I’ve been known to don a wig or two on a night out. How long did it take you to learn the language? I think it took me about a year to pick it up. You still have the accent though. As we can hear in the song. Very Marlene Dietrich.

It has a club mix to it, will you be dancing to it when they play it in the clubs? Oh yes, of course I will! As long as my legs are not playing me up at the time. When you get to my age its not so easy to swing your hips. I have to be careful or I’ll end up needing a hip replacement if I go too mad on the dance floor. But the love I had for dancing and partying when I was a girl is still there. I hear the video is very raunchy with lots of muscle men and drag queens and T.V’s… Yes it’s a bit racy. We had a lot of fun making it. The film crew and the makeup people were lovely. And of course everybody that was in it.

You are German - what part of Germany were you born in? “I was born in Dortmund. There were nine of us in the family. Five brothers and four girls. There’s only me left now so I’m making the most of the time I have left” she says with a cheeky smile.. “Every day is a bonus.” So when did you come to England? I came to England just after the war. I met my husband in Germany. He was English and I came back to London with him, although we had dated for quite a while in Germany. My family loved him, in spite of him being English. We got married in 1949.

and the others were very good to me and helped me through it.

Do people come up to you in the bars and clubs? Yes all the time. (Laughing) I know lots of people in the bars and have many friends on the gay scene. It is amazing how many people know me, and are very respectful, and always offer to buy me a drink. I am not really a drinker any more, but occasionally I let my hair down and go wild with a few alcoholic drinks. That’s when I get really cheeky and wild (she giggles.). What do the neighbours think about you going out late at night, at your age? I don’t care what they think - at my age I’m on borrowed time. Anyway, I don’t think they’re up at that time of night to see me go out. Live and let live is my attitude Do you think you will aver get another man in your life? I have lots of men in my life, but they all have boyfriends! So about the single - did you enjoy recording it? Well, I was very nervous. I had never set foot in a recording studio before, but Scott (Houzet)

What was amazing was that they all did it for nothing for this really good cause (HIVision), so it shows there are still decent and charitable people out there. The CD and video is being released in July. Will it be available to download? Yes it will, but I don’t know how to do all the computer things. I still send hand written letters to people. I wouldn’t know how to email. Are you making any appearances at clubs? Yes we have some clubs that want me to make an appearance, so any money I get from that will go to the charity. So keep your eyes peeled in the gay press to find out when and where I am performing. Heidi is truly an amazing lady forget about all the elderly stereotypes - she is fun loving and very friendly. And I look forward to seeing her out and about in the clubs in London

Interview by: Barbara Bush Photographs by Alex Levene Forbidden Angels Magazine


Brady “The type of men I go for are older daddy types with beards and tattoos, they have to be fit and sexy.�

Twink of The Month 24 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Forbidden Angels Magazine


Melissa Totten

We catch up with the worlds premium M a d o n n a impersonator and give her a grilling about how she got started, choosing clothes, and touring. Melissa Totten remembers life without Madonna. For her, it was in Fairfax Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. Trips to the Salvation Army for quirky fashion bargains were inspired by her brilliant sister, artist Angela Grey. It was the 80’s. Seemingly overnight, Madonna took over the world, and Totten was ribbed by classmates for her likeness to the emerging Queen of Pop. Melissa moved to Chicago in 1988, where she studied to be an advertising copywriter at Columbia College. It was there that she was first approached (on a city bus) to do occasional lookalike work for celebrity themed corporate events. “It felt like playing dress up for beer money. I had no idea that there was a whole industry out there.” Back then, without Google, the internet, CD’s and DVD’s...making a promo kit was a nightmare. “Editing together bits of third generation video tape...hoping that your cassette tape wouldn’t get eaten while you were peforming...hilarious.” In 1991, friends started to realized that the Chicago Tribune’s reported “Madonna sightings” were actually Melissa (Ma26 Forbidden Angels Magazine

donna was in town filming “A League of Their Own”), and the amused columnists called her in for an interview. The next day her photo hit the papers. “I came home, and had a million creepy messages on my answering machine, did radio interviews with every station in town, an interview with a London newspaper, and got an offer from Playboy for a six page spread. People would chase me down the street. I could hear keys and loose change bouncing around in peoples’ pockets, getting closer and closer. I was only 22. I remember a woman dropping her groceries, and oranges rolling down Rush Street. She was a mess. People just seemed to believe what they wanted to believe. Clearly, I am not Madonna.” How did this beginning transpire to a 20 year career? As the last three credits of her degree at Columbia, the head of the Public Relations Department challenged Totten to market herself as a Madonna impersonator. At this time, a small, low budget tribute show came into town, and in a news segment, directed anyone looking like someone famous to call and audition. “I thought it would be good for my project. I called the number on the screen, and set up an audition. It happened to be in the same apartment building that I lived in. I threw on some red lipstick and got in the elevator, and came back with a six month contract on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. I was going to be singing live. I just went with it.”

Since then, Totten has been around the world, paying tribute to this planet’s indisputable, relentless, brilliant and everchanging master of performance art. She was with the world renowned Las Vegas production Legends In Concert for six years, and has been performing with Stars In Concert in Berlin Germany since it began in 1997. Melissa Totten has spent years on the road, and months at a time performing in India, Korea, Thailand, Australia, England, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Japan, New Caledonia, Mexico, Singapore, Holland, Austria, Cyprus, Romania, and the United States. Now living in the U.K., Totten has gravitated away from the big production shows, branching out to develop her own definition of what it means to be an “impersonator”. 2008 brought the release of “Forever Madonna” (Klone Records), a high energy dance cd of ballads and oldies from Madonna’s vault of hits, produced by John Barry and London’s KlubKidz. 2009 marks the launch of the live show “Madonna, Undone”, Totten’s signature band project. “This show is definitely for Madonna fans. It’s not about putting on the cones and the typical stuff you would expect from an impersonator. It’s about the music. We do the hits and the forgotten ones. ‘Hung Up’ is a jazz tune. It’s intimate. It’s acoustic. It’s off the cuff. It’s disco. It’s 100% live, and I love that.”

Pippa Davenport: Model Introducing Pippa Davenport, Forbidden Angels Magazine’s Trans-World journalist, who will be covering a wide variety of trans-topics, to keep us all informed and entertained. We start by putting Pippa through the interview process, and then hand over to her to guide you through the trans-section of the magazine from here on in. How old were you when you first knew you were different? I knew from about the age of 4. At the time I used to swap my brothers toy cars for dolls on the street. Then when I went to junior school and played kiss chase I found myself on the girls’ team trying to kiss all the boys. Nothing has changed there I’m still trying!

talented surgeon called Christine Evans. They even had me do a documentary about my surgery. What was the worst thing about your surgery? An hour after coming around from surgery I had to have my clitoris re-attached as it had come loose. I could not have any more anaesthetic at that time, so I was awake and watching the whole time as they stitched it back together again! Also going to the loo for the first time (as I’m sure you all know) meant having to put my head in-between my knees to prevent myself from peeing up the wall.

How old were you when you first realised you were Trans-gendered?

Having to live on one ice cube a day for the first five days so you don’t need the toilet was hard but at least I left the hospital a lot thinner.

At the age of 14. I told my mum that I felt like I was in the wrong body.

How did people react to you back home after surgery?

When you told your mother how did she react?

I found my self after surgery and so people started to accept me. I remember being asked to join the Women’s Institute and the Mothers Union in the village were my mum lived. I know I make it sound easy, but it was for me, and I know not everyone has the same experience as me.

that asked me about what I have done on my journey and nine times out of ten they would understand my viewpoint by the end of the conversation. What would you say to anyone who has had a phobic attack? Go straight to the police!. Don’t put up with it!. Call your local police station and ask for the LGBT Team. They all have one now and they’re great at what they do. I have a friend who was hassled by workmen in the street and she took down the vans registration number and called their local team. The LGBT team contacted the workmen’s company and warned them that the workman’s actions constituted harassment. This is classed as racism in the eyes of the law. Did surgery change your life?

My mum was great; she bought me my hair dye and make up from then on. At 16 she bought me my first fur coat. I could talk to her about anything, from me doing French & German television in the early 90’s, to being on the game for a wile. Nothing ever phased her, she would just say as long as I was careful and didn’t let anyone exploit me. She was so proud of me and what I had done after surgery. When I had to go home for a few months she even talked to my younger brothers school about the situation as other kids were picking on him. So yes, she was a very understanding and a special person who I miss so very much. When did you have your gender reassignment surgery? I had my surgery in 1995 in a small hospital in North Wales. A wonderful and

How about transgender phobia? There seems to be a lot more of it going on and this really scares me. Why should we not be able to walk where we want like everyone else?!. It’s all about education. If people put questions to me as trans gendered individual and I can answer them, then I do! The more informed people become, the more they will learn to accept us. I’m not saying that, If you found yourself being shouted at by a group of teenagers you should go over and explain what its like living as a trans gendered person. I know when to move on or bite my tongue. I’m no fool or masochist!. I used to talk to anyone

Yes it did for me it maid me feel complete. It stopped me from feelinc self conscious about myself. I could walk around with my head up, instead of hiding myself away from the world. Does surgery work for everyone? No. It won’t change your inner self; you essentially remain the person you are. The outer self is altered to match the inner self to that part which is already female, the part of the brain that tells you are female. Change can only come from within ultimately. Some people find surgery is not the magical transformation or solution they thought it would be. I can only say from experience that some people may not have been genuinely transgender. That’s why it is important to have support to ensure an individual is making the right decision based on who they really are.

Forbidden Angels Magazine


world still cannot accept. Did you receive a lot of support prior to your surgery? I got all my support from friends and family. I only saw a physchiatrist three times in the years leading up to my surgery, and do think there should have been more consultations prior to and after surgery. Nowadays there is much more importance placed on psychiatric evaluation prior to surgery to ensure people are making a definitive and informed choice. Surgery is a one-way street with no returns! Which women do you most admire? I love independent women who can stand on their own two feet. Not every woman needs a partner to make them complete and do things for them. I like ballsy women (pardon the pun). People often say how they admire what I have done, (it didn’t take guts for me, I just had to do it to be the person I am). I also admire trans gendered women who the world will always look down on. People can be so cruel if you don’t look like the sex you say you are, or have a different life style. I have a lot of friends who are in same gender relationships after surgery who the

Do you have a partner? I don’t have a partner as such. I don’t live with anyone but I do have a special person in my life and he knows who he is. He has been in my life for a long time now but if I end up on my own, at least I can sit and stroke my pussy L O L my lovely cat who I adore called Missy . What’s next for Pippa Dee? Who knows! Id like to think I will find that special person who has kid’s as it’s the one thing I will miss in my life. I would have made a great mum. After all there is nothing that would shock me and I’d be able to advise them about most things. As for the rest of my life, I’d like to live somewhere really hot. I love the sun!, my favourite place is Thailand which I try to go to at least every two years. I’m going to Bali in February next year to meet my in laws, so watch out Bali!. I might try to find my home there as for the rest; only world domination will do!.

By Barbara Bush Forbidden Angels Magazine


It is with warm delight that we welcome Vicky Lee onboard Forbidden Angels. Vicky Runs the Way Out club in London, which is both a platform for Tgirlsz and boys, and a great social night for all. Eah month she will be talking about the trans world scene in the UK and being a voice for the trans world people. I have just booked an appartment at ‘The Place’ for this years ‘Sparkle’ 9th 10th 11th of July. For the last 5 years I have stayed at ‘The Atrium’ at the other end of the canal which has been very nice to stay at. But as the ball on Saturday night is at ‘The Place’ I wanted to have the comfort of being on the spot to stroll from my room to the Ball Room. The Ball is being hosted by my friend (star of Soho piano bars and ‘cool’ TV channels) Miss Kimberly. The Ball is sold out and should be amazing. There are of course many other opportunities with things going on all over the area see for details. We can expect over 3000 trans girls and friends in Manchester for this weekend of celebration. This year I am pleased to be giving a talk at Sparkle. My subject will be “Whatever happened to Feminism”. The venue this year for the ‘Sparkle Talks’ is The Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess Street, M1 6DD. Which is easily accessible just behind New York, New York and AXM Bar - just two minutes walk from Canal Street. Come along and catch my talk and join in for a short debate in the second half of my one hour slot. I promise it won’t be boring as I can see the funny side of a subject that I feel very passionate about. I look forward to seeing lots of old friends and meeting lots of new friends during the Sparkle weekend - so do say hello that’s what the weekend is all about. 32 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Of course The WayOut Club will be still open as always on Saturday 10th July hosted by my partner Miss Lelly and Miss Sarah Lloyd and as in the previous 5 years this night will be as busy as ever - just proving thatthere are 1000s of us trannies - Tranny Power!! This year there is no Miss Sparkle as the event has struggled to get participants. However as always our Alternative Miss London contest is set to be one of our best nights of our year at the WayOut club. I have to admit we did have just ten contestants last year and there is growing feedback that this is because it “isn’t fair” that certain groups of ‘girlz’, compete together in the same contest. For example they may have breasts or they may be small and beautiful (OK they come from the Philipines) This has been said not only of ‘Alternative Miss London’ but also of Miss Sparkle, and other events all around the country. I would like to make it clear here and now that at WayOut we will always include everyone. We will never exclude any part of our transgender family, race, age, sexuality or background. In fact I would also welcome girls and boys as long as they enter the spirit of “Alternative”. For the last few years I have added a significant and equal prize for creativity through costume in our contest. This is deliberately to provide the opportunity for ‘girlz’ without the tits and hips of some of our more “developed” sisters to compete equally. I have enjoyed entering contests and performing and I have had no surgery, I have stumpy short legs,struggle with my weight and get through a mountain of razors each year. In my time I have made many outfits to perform and enter contests and have loved this creativity, the process of entering, the fun in the dressing room, and the adrenalin on stage. The effort made by Tanya Dawn Hughs, (by her own admission not the youngest of entrants) has consistently put her in the winners line up (she was

within a few points of winning best costume 2008). Miss Leah True’s effort took her from winning AML at WayOut all the way to Thailand with a film crew. Miss Michella Mabella has won all the contests with her amazing costumes. The London contests, ‘Queen of Nations’ run by Sahhara, and ‘Miss TS’ run by Miss Dee Channel, set high standards for costume in fact they were outstanding. These contests were open to all and have been won by Miss Davina from Essex UK who has had no surgery or enhancing drugs (there is no Essex in the Philipines). So come on girls - trannies have few enough opportunities, don’t be divisive, don’t cut your own chances. Make an effort and enter these contests with good spirit. And attend them to support your sisters, celebrate thier joy and creativity. I can promise you - Many of the Tgirls from Asia entering the contests are doing it for the awareness they can spread and the joy they can share. Prizes are quite often not taken up while the costume often cost much more than the winnings. And these girls would be the first to welcome you to the stage.

July - Miss Sparkle October - Alternative Miss London at The WayOut Club October - Miss TV Scotland Loraine on 01592 891344 November - Miss Transliving International Chelmsford Essex Miss TS International Miss Queen of Nations NOT RUNNING THIS YEAR but the web site is an inspiration

The Magic Theatre Once every so often, Kris and myself go out somewhere that we think is a really amazing night. Somewhere that really blows our minds and makes us wish the night would never end. It’s not that often that we can find a place that takes our breath away just by entering the building. So, if you are looking for something a little different with a feeling of vintage Hollywood glamour, I can tell you the place you need to get yourselves to. TIt’s The Magic Theatre at the Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley, SouthEast London, where you will be transported back in time to the days of old-fashioned glamour and elegance. This mind-blowing ballroom has not been touched since the fifties and is an absolute gem of a building. If you want an evening of decadence and sophistication, then put on your finery, and take yourself back in time, to a place where you can come face to face with celebrity alter-egos from Marilyn Monroe to the Queen Mother. The Magic Theatre has it all. My partner and I, Kris had the privilege to be invited to the Magic Theatre to meet Darren (alias Sophie )and Claire, the promoters of the evening. We took along our good friend Wickedangel Model Miss Pippa Davenport. We sat down with Sophie and Claire in the beautiful plush red ballroom with its amazing chandeliers, of a size you might expect to see in a palace. The ballroom positively oozes decadence. Although it was a little empty when we first got there at 7.30, this gave us 34 Forbidden Angels Magazine

time to talk to Sophie and Claire before the evening got fully underway. Sophie is a straight transvestite and works for the Met police (as a male). She has been dressing since the age of eight, and came out during the heyday of Ron Storme’s legendary East London club. Sophie remembers it fondly as ‘ a club where local families would go for a night out. Mum and Dad would be there with their sons and daughters and sitting next to them would be gran and grandad. They would be surrounded by trannies and no one even bothered about it, and this was the 80’s and early 90’s!! There was always a good turn out of 50% t-world and 50% non t-world, all kinds of people – gay, straight, locals and out-of-towners, young and old coming together. It was a night out that made the TV/TG world appear ‘normal’ and nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a memory that has had a big influence in the kind of event I knew I wanted to create.’

Nowadays Sophie doesn’t get the time to dress up very often as Sophie because of a busy life style, with work commitments and the Magic Theatre. Sophie also runs another project called the Drab Drink for trans-people to get together in a Waterloo pub once a month. It’s a night where people just coming out into the trans world can openly relax with others in the same boat without the pressure of coming out dressed in public, meet each other in their male or female persona and socialise. Claire is a lovely straight woman (‘of a certain age’ she says! ) with a penchant for dressing up, released and encouraged by her friendships within the trans and gay community. I ask Claire how she got involved in this world? ‘Well’, she said… ‘A workmate of mine, known for his sporting achievements and general full-on good-looking manliness asked me if I’d like to see a side of London he thought I might

e h T


tHEATRE At The Magnificent

Rivoli Ballroom

Saturday 31st July Doors Open 8pm - 1am

350 Brockley Road - London - SE4 2BY

enjoy… We’d arranged for him to pick me up from my home, and when I went out to the car and looked through the window, the first thing I saw was a pair of stockinged legs underneath the steering wheel, and that’s when the penny dropped. We had the most magical drive across Tower Bridge getting to know each other in this new but strangely familiar context, and went to the Wayout Club. I’ll always remember it as one of the best nights out of my life. Since then, I’ve met some wonderful people, and made friendships that mean a lot to me, and generally had a ball!’

80s. People just come here and be who they want to be. The DJ is playing retro happy-dancing cheese, and then it’s show time. There’s entertainment from real burlesque queens who perform with fans and feathers. Then if that’s not enough to take in, we get a live swing band.. it truly is a unique night out and well worth the visit. Everyone is welcome here on this great night out – and you can buy a round of four drinks and get change from a tenner! Unbelievable!

Sophie and Claire met on the internet site TV Chicks and decided to set up The Magic Theatre. This is their eleventh event at the Rivoli Ballroom which was chosen not just because it is beautiful, but because it has a long track record of support for the LGBT community. The ballroom hosts a very popular monthly LGBT ballroom dancing night, Jackie’s Jukebox, and the National LGBT Ballroom Dancing Championships. It’s a place which has a strong mixed following, combining old-fashioned manners and courtesy with an inclusive and warm welcome for everyone, and is well-loved local institution. Back to the event itself, and now the ballroom is starting to get busy with some amazing outfits worn beautifully by people across the whole gender spectrum. I can’t believe that I’ve just seen a regal Queen Elizabeth walk past me. As I look across the room, I can see my partner talking to Marilyn Monroe. It really is a fun place. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just the girls that dress up. The men do too! I notice Black Beard the pirate has decided to make an appearance – a shavenheaded guy is tripping across the dance floor in a little black minidress, and a Virgin air hostess is sporting a handle-bar moustache! I love it. The night reminds me of the New Romantics way back in the early 36 Forbidden Angels Magazine

The Magic Theatre brings together a real cross section of people of all ages, backgrounds and sexualities enjoying themselves. Kris and myself were really impressed by how many of the straight transvestite people came along with their partners. It’s lovely to see such honest relationships, and an event where partners and friends can have a good night out with their loved ones being themselves.. The Magic Theatre is not a cruisy pick up place, it’s a place where people just go to be glamorous, dance their socks off, flirt, pose a lot and live “the dream” for a few hours.. By the time the night ended it was heaving. I have to say I was sorry to leave and come out into the real world. We can’t recommend this night enough and look forward to going to the next one. By Wickedangel


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Forbidden Angels Magazine 40

Matthew poses with one of his models (Main Picture). On the razz with Kate and friend(Above) Matthew (Left) 42 Forbidden Angels Magazine




here is no mistaking that Matthew Francis is hard looking and hot. With a body that is full of artwork, he looks the height of new wave cool. Originally from the East End of London, and now living south of the river, Matthew is a freelance make up artist who has worked on some exciting fashion shoots and music videos. If you want to treat your self to a special make over, he is your man. Taking on bespoke make-up design work he can create that nontypical look that people imagine a make-over to give. He first got hooked on tattoos when he was working a dancer in Ibiza. He got drunk one night and went to a tattoo studio. Once there, he decided to have a daisy chain put on his arm. The tattoo artist told him to go home and come back the next day when he was sober. He did and the next day he was back in the studio, where it just so happened that Kate Moss was also there with a friend, The girls decided the Matt should have a star done, which he did. The girls followed suit and they all got stars, and then they all went out and partied away the night . Matt’s tattoos have all been done by different artists. He says he has no favourite artist. I ask if he has a favourite ‘tat’, to which he replies “It’s always the next one!” With most of his right side now covered. Matt is now planning on getting tattoos down the left side of his body. “It does become an obsession. A

bit like plastic surgery.” I ask him how much he thinks he has spent on his tattoo art. “A lot” he says; “It runs into thousands of pounds. But then if I bought a painting from a good artist it would cost a lot of money.” “I am like a walking work of art.” Is there any meaning to the work? “Yes the right arm is just pretty and pleasing to the eye, and the left arm represent my thoughts and meanings. The emblem on my back has meaning as a part of my life.” Do guys get disappointed when you tell them what job you do as people do have preconceptions about what tattooed men should be like? I venture to ask. “I don’t want to be pigeon holed. I take people at face value and expect the same.” So what does the rest of 2010 hold for Matthew? “More tattoos, and some very exciting make-up projects are being lined up. - Check out my web site if you’re interested in seeing some of my work.” By Wickedangel Forbidden Angels Magazine



left: wickedangel portrait, below: with Kriss Kelly

The Pop Porn Princess



I first met Chi Chi at Tranny Shack in Madame Jo Jo’s in the West End, it was a Wednesday evening and we had arranged a photo shoot at the bar. To be honest my gay nerves were wrecked at the thought. I didn’t know what to expect and boy was I surprised not only was she absolutely fabulous, she had undergone a dramatic weight loss, something she was more than pleased to talk about in our interview later that week... Forbidden Angels Magazine


For Tranny Shack, Chi Chi had made an appearance as a DJ, and boy, did she know how to get the crowd going. Everyone knows about her talents in the Porn industry, yet very few (including my self until now), knew that the Diva can throw some mean curves on a DJ-deck. In her own words “I’m just a drag jukebox” . We agree to meet at the Sanderson Hotel, just off Russell Square in London’s Bloomsbury district. It’s her favourite hotel, “Because I love it and the staff are always so loving towards me.” which was in evidence for the whole of the time we spent with her. A one hour interview turned into quite a few hours, and a good social event, drinking champagne with elderberry “My favourite tipple”. Who Is Chi Chi La Rue? LaRue moved to California in 1987 from Minnesota and all she had in her pockets was $200 and her first months rent. Her first humble job was working for Catalina Video as an administrative assistant selling videos over the phone to stores and retailers. Once she had her stillys in the door, it wasn’t hard for her to prove her worth and to gain her first directing gig , due to her knowledge of the porn industry and her love of the medium. Her first directed video, made that same year was “Flexxx” staring Alex Stone. From this point onwards La Rue never allowed herself to become pigeon holed within one genre of the adult entertainment industry, and has directed gay, straight, transgender and even lesbian porn – with her biggest hit being LesboGo-Go. To date LaRue has knocked out an impressive 2,300 adult titles. In 2000 LaRue teamed up with Rob Stein and, Tony and Jefferson, to form Rascal Video. “There was never any stifled creativeness involved in my work with previous companies. It just happened that my business dealings evolved this way” I cheekily ask her has she ever starred in any of her movies, to which she replied “I take a great hand in picking the models but I have never felt the need to appear in front of the camera in that way.” One of the really refreshing things about Chi Chi’s company is her views on safe sex awareness in the porn industry. As anyone will know who has seen one of

above: with good friend Dusty O, right: Behind the decks at Trannyshack

her productions, (and let’s face facts - if you like porn then you probably have) all her films practise safe sex. In times when some companies are out there glamourising the bareback movies and with HIV again on the increase in gay and straight communities, it’s nice to know that not everyone is jumping on the unhealthy band wagon. Chi Chi The Person With all the business dealings LaRue has, I wonder about her personal life. Has she got time for dating? I ask if there is a Mr LaRue, “I’ve never had a long term relationship and at this point in time I don’t want one either. Because of business commitments and everything I do, and being a Scorpio, I get very jealous when I am not there to keep an eye on my man, so I prefer to stay single.” I tell her she looks amazing, and then brazenly ask her “How much did it cost!?” “It cost a bit, I had a gastric band, which was really restricted my eating, but I am getting used to it now.” She then beckons me over and shows me the scars behind her ears “From the surgery I had a face lift done last month.”

I ask her would she have anything else done under the cosmetic surgeons’ knife? “Probably, but nothing planned as yet.” She then continues to talk about her style. “I love my new body, and I love London fashion. The women here give me inspiration, they do it (fashion) so well.” She eyes up and comments on every outfit that passes by. “I’ve always been passionate about clothes, even when I was big, but now I can wear anything and have more freedom to express myself. I ask who inspires and influences her look. “Divine, Grace Jones and Boy George have all played a part in creating the creation you see before you”. I ask about designers as I hear a rumour that there is a clothing range in the mist. “I adore Dior , Alexander McQueen and Hugo Boss, and yeah, the range has been designed in conjunction with Hazz Matt and is also inspired by the early Boy George look.” Where will the new range be available? “It’s already available in my store in San Francisco”.

You have a store? “ I do, and another under plan at New York.” I asked her where next stop is, after London? “ I’m heading to Chicago for the porn awards but I’m secretly hoping the volcanic ash will keep me here in London for the next week!” She giggles…. So when do we get the plessure of your company again in London Chi Chi? “I love London it’s one of my favourite cities and I make it a priority to get here as often as I can, but with so many commitments it’s not always easy. But I will be back soon and I want you ( that’s me by the way) to take me to Brighton. I’ve heard so much about the place and never had the chance to visit”. Who would refuse such a beautiful and gracious lady? Not me, so look out for us in Brighton. We’re on our way to see you. And believe me guys, you’re in for a treat!

By Kris Kelly Forbidden Angels Magazine


WICKEDANGEL PARTY HO Once again I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the most fun barbecues of the celebrity gay calendar events at the lovely Barbara Bush’s home. As my partner, Kris and myself arrived , the party was already in full flow.

The sun was beating down on the garden and there was a large crowd of people already chatting and laughing. Barbara saw us come in and came straight over to great us. I love Barbara, she is a really friendly and warm person. We have known each other for quite a

then proceeded to chat to everyone. The party went on till the early hours of the morning , and as always Kris and myself were one of the last to leave.

throw caution to the wind. It still amazes me that some one so young, can have achieved so much, but still be down to earth and good fun.

Vanilla Lush was celebrating way into the early hours. when she hosted her birthday Bash at Escape. with a selection of her close friends. As always Vanilla was

Diana Nancy Taylor turned half a century on recently. She was joined by close friends for a celebratory lunch at the OXO Brasserie at Harvey Nichols on the

South Bank and afterwards at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern to receive an astonishing eulogy from The D. E. Experience. the life and soul of the party and people kept sending drinks over to her. I have no idea how she made it home that night?

We all danced late into the evening with Diana then rounding off the evening with some two hundred friends for an intimate private party under the Arches at Club

The following night she was still celebrating, but this time, with more people in Trannyshack. Proving that partying can be hard and glamorous. The director of Hi Vision, Daniel Patrick Thomas May, was out having fun recently celebrating the right old age of twenty something. I think Daniel and myself were born only a few decades apart. With his celebrity friends he managed

while now, purely because she is one of the most grounded, and welcoming of hostesses. As I looked around the party, I could see a few well known faces from the gay celebrity circuit were there. Television, show people and club promoters all intermingled with the guests, with hint of ego. Gerry from brig brother made a grand entrance with a bowl of ice lollies for all the people over heating in the heat, and 48 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Union on Albert Embankment. Wayne Shires and the lovely staff at Union hosted the end party, with music provided by her dear friends Ms Strawberry K, Dee Jay Adrian Alkans Diana . described the day as “Truly humbling a day I will never forget, without so many wonderful friends today couldn’t possibly have been as special”

tranny events

DJ of the mo Jason Prince is the top pop DJ on the vauxhall club scene. He revolutionised the Vauxhall scene in 2008 when he became the first DJ to successfully bring pop to infamous night club FIRE for A:M and HORIZON. He was also responsible for bringing pop to Superclub Area with his long running night ‘Jason’s Jukebox’ and now London’s Best Friday nighter ‘Onyx’ Jason is one half of the DJ production team ‘Klubkidz’ with James Saint James and is responsible for promoting a long string of successful club nights, events and parties throughout the capital. As part of klubkidz he has also produced a string of singles and albums with some of the biggest names in dance and pop music including Gina G, Kelly Llorenna, The Sharp Boys, The Sleaze Sisters, Viola Wills, Jakie Graham, Katrina and the Waves, Rozalla, Nicki French, Lonnie Gordon and Angie Brown.

54 Forbidden Angels Magazine

onth: Jason Prince His latest klubkidz hit has been a collaboration with Cilla Black hitting the top 20 album charts at the end of last year and this Summer 2 more klubkidz singles are due for release with Hannah Jones and the legendary queen of Hi NRG Hazell Dean. Jason is also responsible for co writing the latest ‘Hoxton Whores’ single ‘Vicious Fever’ featuring the vocals of his own talent show discovery ‘Sam Solace’. Jason is probably still best known as a singer. He’s been the top boy singer on the Gay scene for the past 20 years! He’s the UK’s biggest male euro dance recording artist and he’s also the UK’s top male Hi NRG artist of all time with dance chart singles and albums released throughout the globe. Look out for Jason’s new radio show ‘Jason’s Jukebox’ this summer on gay radio UK, and a regular column here interviewing club DJ’s from around the world.

My Fantasy Night Out:

10. DJ James Saint James. My DJ partner in Klubkidz. We work together every week but for some reason we never get a night out partying together. 9. Simon Napier-Bell Simon Napier-Bell was the Simon Cowell of his day. He was the manager behind Wham! and he managed me for 3 years. He’s now semi retired and lives in Thailand but I’d love to see him again for a big night out. 8/7. ‘Rozalla’ and ‘Angie Brown’ I love these Ladies.... The finest old skool diva’s. Their tracks were massive when i first came out and I’ve been lucky enough to work with both of them, both full of fun and energy, great company for a night out.

6. Hazell Dean She was my idol when I was a kid and inspired me in my own singing career. We’ve recently remixed some of he r biggest hits and Hazell Dean vs Klubkidz ‘They Say It’s Gonna Rain 2010’ is released this summer 5 / 4 Sharp Boys and Stevie B Some of the best nights out of my life have been when these guys have been DJing.... classic Beyond, A:M and Orange 3. Stephanie Starlet Miss Alternative Brighton and my best Friend... Can’t have a better night out than with Steph 2. Craig Elder (Craig Orange) London’s top club promoter and owner of Fire and Area in Vauxhall.... great friend and great fun! 1. Viola Wills Disco legend the late great Viola Wills..... I miss her so much.

t r e v d a Forbidden Angels Magazine



ith over forty years of Gay Pride marches and festivals in the capital, we asked Pride London to share the history of the festival as it is in it’s current formatt.: Pride London was founded in March 2004, and was granted charitable status in July of that year. In its first year, Pride London attracted a little over 30,000 people to central London for a parade and campaign rally in Trafalgar Square. From this small beginning, Pride London has grown at a staggering rate into becoming one of the United Kingdom’s largest events, and the largest LGBT event that the United Kingdom has ever seen.

54 Forbidden Angels Magazine

In 2005, Pride London expanded the event a cabaret stage in Leicester Square, and added more entertainment to the main stage on Trafalgar Square. The event increased in size, and attracted around 100,000 people. In 2006, Pride London hosted EuroPride, and fundamentally altered its set up. The parade was rerouted from Piccadilly to Oxford and Regent Streets, and the event footprint was expanded to include Soho. Approximately 600,000 people attended that event, making it a huge success for Pride London, and firmly establishing London’s Pride event as a major event in the LGBT calendar. Pride London also held a two week arts festival, culminating in an all-star fund-raiser in the Royal Albert Hall. On its campaigns, Pride London hosted the successful Prides Against Prejudice conference, focussing on holding Pride events in hostile environments.

2007 saw a host of external problems around the event. Pride London’s date was changed to a week earlier than usual in order to accommodate the Tour de France in London. On the Thursday before the event, a car-bomb was found located just off the parade route, and there were serious concerns that the parade would have to be stooped or rerouted. Thankfully, the bomb was cleared and the streets reopened on the Friday after intensive discussions with the Metropolitan Police and other statutory bodies. On the Saturday, driving rain started the day off, and the BBC incorrectly broadcast in the morning that Pride had been cancelled. This was only corrected after frantic telephone calls. Despite these tribulations, Pride London still attracted 200,000 people: significantly down on 2006, but still a big number for London. The following weekend saw glorious sunshine for the Tour de France.

82 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Pride London announced its twinning arrangement with the Latvian LGBT rights organization Mozaika this year as well, an arrangement that Pride London and Mozaika still maintain today. 2008 saw the return to normality. Pride London was restored to its normal date of the first Saturday in July, and the event expanded significantly. 820,000 people attended in what proved to be one of the biggest LGBT events recorded in the United Kingdom ever. Pride London was awarded a prestigious ‘Gold’ award by Visit London for its activities in 2008, marking Pride London as one of the top tourism ventures in London. In October 2008, Pride London applied to InterPride for WorldPride status. In a hotly contested competition with Stockholm Pride, Pride London won the bid process, and was awarded WorldPride status, with the WorldPride event scheduled for 2012.

In 2009, Pride London grew once again, with over 1,000,000 people attending the event as participants or spectators. Pride London also re-launched its arts festival, and had over 80 events running in the two weeks prior to the main day. Highlights included a party-political debate with senior MPs from all parties attending, a twinning with the National Portrait Gallery for their Gay Icons exhibition, and a series of comedy events at the E4 Udderbelly on the South Bank. Pride London also announced its twinning with Outburst (UK), a national charitable organization that focuses on culture, education and performances, including the annual black LGBT Pride festival.

Original article onthe Pride London web site about-us/history

Forbidden Angels Magazine





ublin is packed things to do and The city of Dublin can trace its origins back over 1,000 years. There are many ways to see Dublin, many like to tour the city on foot, Others prefer to take a less energetic approach and avail of one of the many hop-on-hop-off tour buses. From her humble beginnings as a Viking trading port to a walled medieval city and then - in a glorious century of expansion - to an elegant Georgian metropolis with wide streets, gracious squares and great houses, neatly bordered by its two canals, whatever way you choose to 58 Forbidden Angels Magazine

experience her, Dublin is a city that will capture your heart The pub is a place dear to the heart of every Dubliner but you’ll find that cafés, coffee shops and tea shops come in a very close second! There are hundreds of cafés in Dublin offering the finest coffees and teas from around the world along with a wide selection of delicious food and sweet cakes to accompany them. What ever your taste or budget; there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from Wherever you eat, portions will be generous, especially in pubs. With its coastal location, it’s not surprising to find so much seafood on offer in Dublin, in particular smoked salmon and oysters are a favourite and are usually consumed with a Guinness! Dublin was the home of some of the worlds greatest playwrights and theatre is always available in Dublin. The city’s theatres provide a variety of shows with well-known

Irish and visiting artists. Highlights of the theatre year include the Opera season and the Dublin gay Theatre Festival. Irish Traditional Music and Dance is an intrinsic part of the cultural life of Dublin. The sights and sounds of Traditional Irish Music and Dance can be experienced throughout the city all year round. The City of Dublin can trace its origins back over 1,000 years. From a small Viking settlement Dublin has evolved into one of the most vibrant capitals in the world. A city rich in cultural heritage, by walking the streets of Dublin you will see the many reminders from the past, from the beautifully illuminated Book of Kells dating from 800 AD, to it’s splendid Georgian architecture, Dublin has long been a centre of art and culture. Apart from the large collections of the National Museum and National Gallery and

Irish Museum of Modern Art, the city also boasts many fine small private collections. The range of art and artefact is enormous, and the visitor will have no problem spending many hours enthralled. Dublin’s numerous parks and gardens are the life and lungs of the city. The 2,000 hectares of green space range from the historic Phoenix Park, to nature reserves, and Georgian Squares Dublin’s gay social scene has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. Don’t be surprised to find out you’ve landed in one of Europe’s liveliest capitals with seven dedicated gay venues in the city centre, located on a strip from Chapel Street on the North of the river to George’s Street on the South, via Parliament Street in Temple Bar. If that’s not enough for the gay or lesbian visitor, there are onenighter clubs to be found every night of the week in the city, with several competing for your pink euro at the weekends, and plenty of gay friendly accommodation too. South Dublin County offers visitors a unique opportunity to obtain an experience of both the city and county. Deep river valleys divide the county into distinct neighbourhoods and provide ready-made green belts uniting the Liffey Valley with the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains. The hospitality, humour and music here, sets Dublin apart from every other European city! By Wickedangel Forbidden Angels Magazine



Hong Kong is the bright light of China that manages to hold on to it’s Chinese heritage despite it’s history of owner ship by other world states. For me it is one of the most diverse cultural cities I have ever been to, with rich and poor, east and west, cohabitating and continuing to evolve and create a culture unique to the Asian Pacific Rim. Initially Hong Kong appears to be quite expensive to holiday, but with a little bit of exploration, for those on a budget, there are some gems to be had. Recommended to start your stay here is 62 Forbidden Angels Magazine

a visit to The Peak . Accessed by road, or a tram, The Peak overlooks the whole of the north face of the island, and into the New Territories. From inside the superb piece of architecture that holds the viewing tower and restaurant and café, you can indulge in great local food whilst getting a great overview of what Hong Kong is , and becoming. Whilst up here it is worth taking a walk along the many footpaths that cut through the jungle terrain that coats The Peaks, where there you can see some of the most beautiful birds, and rather alarmingly bright red mountain crabs. For those who like shopping, Causeway Bay and the Times Square Building is where you need to head to. Western designer boutiques vie for attention along side cut price clothing outlets. Local and world news is fed to large television screens

outside the Tall imposing Times Square building. Inside the basement of Times Square is a food hall café area where every region of the Asian Pacific food palette is catered for, and wont cost you more than four or five quid. If cuisine of finer is more your palette take the elevator to the top floor where a luxury banquet of fine sea foods can be had. Shopping continues late into the night - and a ferry over to the main land night markets is a must for anyone looking for bargain shopping and souvenirs’ or that exclusive bit of jade to take back home. Museums and art galleries are found in abundance around Hong Kong, although most of them do seem to be hidden away. Worth seeking out are the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware (Chinese Tea Appreciation Class), the Hong Kong Museum of History (“The Hong Kong Story” Exhibition Guided Tour) and Hong



Kong Museum of Art. If you are on a short stay, these three venues will give you a great insight into how Hong Kong has become the place it now is. The Museum of History offers guided tour, but I would recommend walking around under you own steam here. It’s access policy is so user friendly, and takes you from humble beginnings - to burgeoning port, through the French, English and Japanese occupations, right up to date as it’s current independent Chinese state.

ceivingly potent. The Central area hosts a slew of bars and clubs, but really the best one for socialising and partying is also one of the oldest. Propaganda is where ex pats and locals dance and cruise and socialise all under one roof. Every time I visit invariably I go alone, and normally end up meeting some great new friends. A word of warning though for all bars and clubs in Hong Kong. Alcohol is extremely expensive, with a pint often setting you back to the equivalent of a fiver.

Being gay in Hong Kong is still rather taboo, but that doesn’t stop an amazing vibrant gay scene from partying each night. VOX Cafe, Bar, Studio, based in Central is a great place to start your evening, where the friendly bar staff make the most divine shooters and cocktails, with my favourite being a “Nothing”, which is made with Midori, and is de-

For activities to do slightly further a field, I would recommend a visit to the Stanley on the south side of the island, where there is a lovely beach, and some cute markets. Lama Island is where all the local residents go for their weekend breaks, and is relatively cheap to get to (a couple of quid), Here you can see the local fish restaurants catching their wares in the har-

bour. A walk to the beach on the island consists of a walk through some of the tallest grasses I have ever seen - towering over my brother who is six foot three. No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to the world’s tallest, outdoor, seated bronze Buddha which sits serenely atop Ngong Ping plateau amid the spectacular mountain scenery of Lantau Island. Finally if that is not enough for you, Hong Kong Disneyland invites visitors into the legendary fairy tale kingdom that celebrates the spirit of fantasy, the world of tomorrow and a forever-young sense of adventure. Mickey Mouse will welcome you to the happiest place on Earth complete with attractions exclusively designed for Hong Kong. By Russell-Scott Emery Forbidden Angels Magazine



64 Forbidden Angels Magazine



ach month we visit the burlesque scene and are amazed at the diversity of styles and acts we see. Canadian born Mysti Vine has carved herself out a niche as one of the contemporary pioneers on the UK circuit, and has agreed to interview future burlesque entertainers for future issues of Forbidden Angels Magazine.

“Do it because you love it�

To get the ball rolling though - we put the spotlight firmly on her, and take down her particulars (bad pun intended), to reveal what it takes to make it as a burlesque show girl in the current fad for all things saucy. Forbidden Angels Magazine


“it was all my mother’s fault for putting me in short dresses and frilly knickers”

What does burlesque mean to you? Burlesque is a name that actually covers a variety (no pun intended) of performance genres, from comedy, to dance, to acting to singing. So for me, it’s not just the element of striptease – which is what it’s been reduced to in today’s world. How did you get your burlesque name? My Burlesque name was given to me by my Fairy Drag Mother, Mz. Adrien not so many years ago, when I would worship the drag goddesses at the altar of that was the Dufferin Hotel. She’d originally called me Miss Dee Vine which moved to the 2nd incarnation of Misty Vine which finally became Mysti Vine. How did you get started in Burlesque? Well, truth be told, it was all my mother’s fault for putting me in short dresses and frilly knickers when I was little. At what point did you think 66 Forbidden Angels Magazine

to yourself ‘I can do that!’? A dear friend of mine from Canada was into rockabilly and we used to dress up in 50’s attire and paint the town red (with lipstick). She took me to my first burlesque show and as soon as I saw the performers doing their thing, I thought…this is the job for me (as I was already doing standup comedy). So, I left my card for the organizer and a month later, I was the maid! But after some research and trawling through vintage clothing stores, I was ready for my debut! It was Thrightening (thrilling & frightening ) and I was hooked. I don’t think I even took very much off but the audience went crazy and the rest is, as they say, history. Do you have a ‘day job’? Believe it or not, I do… I’m not going to tell you what it is though… Are you first and foremost a performer or an artiste? I’m a performer first and foremost who strips incidentally… However, after a refinement

session with the Grand Dame of Striptease herself, Ms. Jo King, it is incidental but still important! I think that I am different from a stripper in the sense that I can just be funny and I don’t HAVE to take my clothes off - some of them don’t have that luxury of choice. How do you prepare for a performance? There is so much more that goes into a performance that what the people see from you waiting in the wings to going on stage to the end of your routine so here’s a play-by-play; First, you’ve got to create a routine out of thin air. Then you’ve got to find music to go with the routine. Next, create a costume to go with the routine (not necessarily in that order). Oh and don’t forget to rehearse. So, I get a call from a promoter/ client – we agree on a date, price, venue. I put it in my calendar. A week before the performance, I email the promoter/client to ensure everything is still on and send them my music (if they’ve

asked for it), stage directions, and any other instruction that may be required. I check my costumes to make sure they’re in good shape (fix any loose bits, replace any missing sparkly bits. The day before, I put everything together. My costume gets laid out from tassels, to corsets to jewellery and I do one more rehearsal so that I make sure everything is there and into a bag it goes. I carefully place shoes, costume, make-up, props etc into my trusty rolling suitcase and zip it all up. I do it the night before so that I can wake up in the middle of the night and with the thought that ‘shoot I forgot to pack _____’ rather than thinking that on the train/ bus when I can’t do anything about it. At the show, I find the promoter/client, give them my cd, find out where the changing area is – if there’s time, I’ll do a sound check making sure the cd works – go through stage direction with the stage manager, and set up props. Next, I try to get into the changing area early and pick a corner so that I’m out of everyone’s way and try not to take up too much room. If there are no other performers there yet, I’ll put my make up on so that I’m done and out of the way. As the performance looms, I chat with the other performers coming and try to be helpful with hair, makeup, tit-tape, etc. If there’s a newbie, try to talk them down from the ledge… I like to do a little bit of stretching too as it helps get rid of the jitters and keeps the after stiffness down to a minimum. If I’m doing stand-up, I do some vocal warm-ups. I try to be next to the stage when the previous performer goes on so that I’m ready. I triple check that I have everything and that all my props are in place and if anything goes horribly wrong… I JUST KEEP GOING 68 Forbidden Angels Magazine

In your opinion, what would you say epitomizes the traits of a good performer. Name 3 of your all-time favourites (alive or dead).? A great performer is first and foremost a performer and you can tell who they are even before they take the stage – they take up the room! They put the ‘awe’ in audience (see what I did there?) They are professional, friendly, organized, and can handle a wardrobe or technical malfunction with ease. 3 of my favourite performers to date: Such a difficult choice but here goes: Dirty Martini (well she’s just AWESOME – and I’ve met her), Michelle L’Amour (grace and a great tuchus) and Cherry Loco (have you seen his fan dance?!) Since burlesque has become SO popular, do you have any concerns about your survival on the ‘scene’? Well, the popularity is not the problem. I’m very happy it’s popular, it means I get to work lots… the problem that follows popularity is quality – it goes with anything. I do hope though that the general populace understands the difference between a quality performer and someone who sees the burlesque movment as a) a get-rich-quick-scheme or b) a way to empower themselves. Please remember that it is first and foremost a performance; You are there to entertain, bottom line! Do you have any advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in burlesque? See above! Anyone wanting to pursue a career in burlesque, should ask themselves ‘why?’ Why do you want to do this? Where do you want to go with it? My advice? Do it because you love it and want to entertain, otherwise, don’t do it at all

HIV awareness This month we talk to Daniel May Patrick, founder and chairman of the HIV charity HIVision.

It is very important for me to keep his legacy alive through Hivision, hivision keeps his memory alive and everyday shows what a amazing person he was not only to me but to others. What work does HIVision do?

Why did you set up HIVision? I set up Hivision on the 27th October 2008. The reason for me setting up the organisation first and foremost is that whether we want to believe it or not there is still a massive problem when it comes to HIV/AIDS, Approximately 2,760 men who have sex with men were diagnosed in 2008, that’s 230 to many a month. Although this is a decline of about 6% from the number of new diagnoses amongst this group in 2007 gay men are still at the highest risk of HIV within the UK. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE! Your uncle sounds like a special person to you. How influential was he to you as a gay teenager at the time? Yes, you are right Frankie my uncle was very influential to me, He died when I just turned 13, after years of fighting he finally got pneumonia which killed him in the end. He will never know how much of him has rubbed of onto me first of all because I think I learnt that it was OK to be gay, he always said it was nothing to be ashamed of and he was right and because of these words I myself came out to my family and friends when I was 15. I also have him to thank that I have stayed an HIV negative man. The image of seeing all the pain he was going through and all the hospital trips I made with my mother have really stuck into the back of my head and I truly believe that I would have been naive and played unsafe for all these years if it was not for him, How important to you is it that you keep his legacy alive through HIVision? 70 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Hivision is the first UK non profit organisation to supply days out for a absolutely anyone living with HIV/AIDS. We also raise awareness of HIV and Aids, Promote early diagnoses and treatment, and to provide support and information for people living with HIV and Aids including friends and family.

HIVision keeps his memory alive and everyday shows what an amazing person he was We hear that Heidi Contagious has recorded a song and is doing a video to back up the song to raise money for HIVision. How much input do you have on such projects? Of course Hivision has many projects like this going on throughout the year, myself and the Hivision Team try our best to have as much input as we can, as Founder I take an active role in

HIVISION continuingly taking great strides in the work my colleagues/others and I do to make our HIV/AIDS communities better, by providing useful information and support where needed. What does the money raised go towards? The money raised for hivision goes towards the day to day running costs of hivision, website costs, but most of the money gets spent on the days out for individuals living with HIV/AIDS which is why hivision was set up. While I am on the subject I would like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated over the years as without you there would be no Hivision. Are there plans to expand HIVision services and support? Yes, there will always be plans to expand, we will never stop expanding! We want to have a hivision charity shop in the next 5 years, offer a 24-7 telephone and texting service. If you would like to help HIVision please visit their web site to see how you can get involved. By Leaf Scott

Forbidden Angels Magazine



SUNDAYS 7.30 TO 12.30.

We love this Club with a mixed friendly crowd, it’s the great warm up party atmosphere, for the guys and girls who plan to party late into Monday morning.

on O Lo

DJ Shar



o & frie

DJ Fern




Dusty O and friends have created a unique party night for all you tranny-fashionistas. With guest DJ’s including Lady Lloyd & Tasty Tim, this brings new meaning to the words “Camp” & “Decadence”. We love it.

cilla the

of Pris he cast

s Kelly,

nn, Kri Jodie Ly O & Dusty


ft Some o Musical

WAY OUT CLUB This great transgender club run by VickyLee, has a friendly and diverse crowd. With cabaret and a party atmosphere. Changing facilities are available at the club - and for those who are driving - there is easy parking nearby.

cilla the

of Pris he cast

ft Some o Musical




The best place to find hot hairy men and daddys on a Friday night. This is a club for guys looking for men. Friendly club with great outside beer garden.


8 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Forbidden Angels Magazine



WEDNESDAY / SATURDAY Friendly, fun night for bears and the men who appreciate them. Always a great time had by all. Two dance floors, two bars, cruise area and garden for you smokers out there! Easy parking which is great, (although we do advocate you have a designated driver!)

cilla the

of Pris he cast

ft Some o Musical



East London wouldn’t be the same without the istitution that is the White Swan. One of London’s oldest gay bars, it plays host to a variety of events, including amateur strip night (Wednesdays), karaoke nights, live cabaret , and it’s usual weekend club nights. Don’t be suprised if you bum in to the odd celebrity when you’re here, it really does have that much kudos.

cilla the

of Pris he cast

ft Some o Musical




Maritime Greenwich used to be a hive of gay bars and clubs. Unfortunately that’s not the case any more. The Rose and Crown, the original Greenwich gay bar, is still going strong however. Catering to the local LGBT community, and tourists, this really is a little gem of a boozer. A bit like popping down your local pub, but with friendly gay staff and customers. Well worth venturing south of the river for if you’re one of those “North-ies” who needs a change.


the &


NIGHTLY One of the few venues left in the southern London suburbs that still has regular live cabaret. Hosted by the Duchess, the George has a regular local crowd that are always up for a party.


TWO8SIX South East London’s premiere nightclub has undergone a major change recently by going back to basics and doing what it does best - catering to the community. Along side its usual club nights, it also plays host to art exhibitions, karaoke nights and live music. The mixed crowd is friendly. You can see why it won the Boyz Magazine award for best greater London bar.

cilla the

of Pris he cast

ft Some o Musical



e are all told by critics what is right and what is wrong. What we should deem as good taste - and that which we should not. But who are these people that think they can decide if we should approve of something or not. In this article I have found my self looking at art from painting to pottery and beyond. In future issues will be looking At

the trained and the untrained in the art world. I will let you be the judges of whether you think the work is good, bad or indifferent. 88 Forbidden Angels Magazine

We do not need people to tell us what we like, most people will be able to tell if they like something within the first few minutes of seeing it. The critics and to some extent society, love to mock self taught artists. Some of the most successful artist emerging today are self taught. This then begs the question “Do we really need to train to be artistic and successful, and is there a right and wrong way?” Our first artist is a 28 year old self tough artist, Peter Maddock. Peter was born in Liverpool, and now lives in New Cross, South London. New Cross is a hub of artistic places with Goldsmiths College the Laban Centre and

Camberwell Art School all on the door step. Peter likes living in the area because “It is arty and the vibe around here is great”. Like many young artists, Peter has worked in bars to support himself so that he can do what he likes best, draw and paint. He never had the chance to go to college to study due to his late parents not being around. Instead he has grafted and painted incessantly, creating his own unique style of the abstract form. His other passion is music, and he like to produce hard house, trance, electro and breakbeat. He hopes to make a career from doing this in the near future.

“Some of the most successful artist emerging today are self taught”




He has painted wall hangings for clubs, which is say is reflected in his music. The paintings reflect trance and dance type images and themes. Asked how he would describe his painting, he replies, “Like one great big acid trip.” He likes to leave it to the observer to try to conceive there own image of the paintings. “I use bright colours and different mediums, which are always abstract. Although I am now experimenting with monochrome styles.” The paintings are vibrant and not for the faint hearted. Peter has sold several painting a steady base of clients who order commissions. A recent painting he sold to a guy who wanted it for an image for a plain wall. “At first the guy hated it. It, was to trippy for him.” Then after two days he phoned Peter to say it was wonderful and he loved it. Peter has a exhibition coming up in September at Two8six in Lewisham who have started to put on exhibitions for local artists, which has proved incredibly successful By wickedangel Forbidden Angels Magazine


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he one thing I can say about this job,is that I do get to interview so very hot sexy men. today was going to be no exception. I had a date to meet Al is a 49 year old, tough masculine bloke, with a hairy chest, inked and pierced. 15 stone of solid muscle who is also an ex Mr Hoist.

Al works as an escort. and is based in Peckham, South East London. How long have you been working as a escort? 30 years on and off. I started in the 80’s, it was a lot different back then. There are more Guys today wanting to do it. But I have a lot of regular clients and they have been coming to me for years. But it’s still nice to meet the new clients as well. Do you have a boyfriend? No defiantly not. To work as an escort properly, you cannot get involved with people. The two do not work. I never go out to look for guys . I got out to have fun and see mates. I never pull guys and that is not what I am about. I work as an escort and that’s all. I am not interested in dating or going out on the pull. But you’re a hot looking man, what if another really hot man is coming on to you in a bar. You must want to take him home.? If im in that situation. I will leave the bar, and the guy there. I either go home or go to another bar. It is my rule not to play outside of business. You seen very Disciplined about what you do.? Yes I have to be., I am on call

24/7, and I want my clients to enjoy the time they have with me. I charge £100 for a generous hour, and sometimes can go on longer. I sometimes see as meny as six clients a day. Do you specilize in anything? I am very experienced, broadminded and totally unshockerble. I am an expert fisterand cigar smoker. I do role play and have a well equipped playroom with a sling. I cater for all scenes from vanilla to hardcore. I am a totall leather top. I have a stroung sex drive, and can play for hours. Do you ever turn people away because you don’t like the look of them? No I have never done that. It is about the client. I am the one they need to like the look of. Its not about me fancing them. How ever, if I get a really hot guy, that’s a bonus. Have you ever had bad experiaces with any clients? Only three I can think of. One was a guy who had come to me and had taking drugs. He passed out on me for about four hours. I thought he was going to die, but it ended up ok once he came round. The 2nd was a client who tried to steal his money back when I left him in the room, but I managed

to get him out of the flat, and m a d e sure never to see him again. The third was a stalker i had. When ever i was out, he always seemd to be at the club i was at. It got so bad that one night I had him chucked out because he was crying and telling everybody, I didn’t love him. What was it like to win Mr Hoist? It was great I also won the Tom of Finland title at Megawoof. it’s a nice thing to say you have done. (He smiles) Italso helps with the advertising. Have porn?




Yes I did some porn films for C&G Entertainment which are a web based films company. I do get offers of porn, but to tell you the truth, the money is not very good, so its not worth it. I have however, done live sex shows, at places like Fist, Sleaze and the Hoist. To contact Al, call 07528 434 627. Witheld numbers will not be answered. Interview by Wickedangel

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fit Mick.

Based in Ashton Under Lyne. I`m passive only. Telephone :07533872038. ÂŁ55 for half hour, or ÂŁ100 for an unrushed hour. SAFE only. I work out of an apartment with secure, discrete parking.


Young escort wanting some real men. Sick of little boys and wants to give some guys a good load of cum Telephone: 07530 409 460 live in Tamworth, but can travel

GREG mitchell

Brit hung masculine lad and porn star. Telephone: 07808 226 702

Jack x

EDINBURGH ESCORT Hi! I’m a 22-year old, cheeky, intelligent and friendly escort.

Sexual massage, Including cock massage: £50/hour Full escort service (active): £120/hour

Duo service also available.

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alekssandra 0771 998 7166 ‘ Beautiful Brazilian transexual pre-op in Central London for in calls and out calls... 24/7.. anytime

Debbie 07774 078 081 Debbi classy sexy convincing TS Escort and Mistress available to entertain in the comfort of my own private discreet North Manchester domain, i regularly visit London and can see dicerning gentlemen there also. I can be your TS Escort, or your Dominant TS Mistress. I am very experienced

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Normally Available in London SE4 Brockley/New Cross, two stops from London Bridge BR. Incalls Only - Safety first. And you Save yourself a Return Cab fair - you can just Hop on a Train. Business hours are between 12am - late. Mondays, Tuesdays and most Wednestdays till 6pm only. how to

Miss Cindy


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he UK’s top club hostess has been working her magic over the gay scene (and the straight scene) for a few years now. Always gracious and welcoming to those partying in the venues she works at, it is not hard to see why Minty has got the title of Queen of the Clubs. For those that know her though - there is a tougher, practical, no nonsense side to her. When ever problems arise, Minty as an observer, and always objective, manages to cut to the quick, and offer blunt hard advice. We set her the challenge of starting this column up for readers who are tough enough to hear “Home Truths”. The kind your shrink would never say. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years now, and I said to him the other night that it would be nice to sell both our flats and by a nice house somewhere in London. We could sell our houses for good money, and not have a very big mortgage, if any. The thing is he told me that he is not sure he still wants to be with me. As he feels there’s more to life then just living with somebody, he is 53 and I’m 39. I am devastated as I thought we would be together always. We both have good jobs and a good network of friends. I don’t know what to do ? Patrick , Camden Patrick Sounds to me as if he’s scared of commitment. Of course you’re upset, you love him and have given five years to him. He thinks there is more to life? Let him find out by himself what that is. You’re only thirty nine. With a good income and lots of friends you should have 100 Forbidden Angels Magazine

no problem finding someone who won’t get itchy feet and has the same values.

thoughts on this? Do I need therapy? Simon – Cardiff

I have a problem when ever I meet a hot looking guy. I go to the gym and have a fit body, I am good looking and I’m always being cruised where ever I go. Once people start to talk to me and ask me what I am into, I find it embarrassing to tell them that my fetish is eating cream cakes whilst having sex. This seems to put potential dates off. Can you advise me on how to broach this differently, and with more success. Your sincerely – Cream Cake Lover Bristol Try using whipped cream in a mutually enjoyable way. No-one wants to watch someone eating (food that is!) while they’re getting down to it. I was in an abusive relationship for eighteen months, and have now been single for two years. My problem is that I have low self esteem, and shy away from going out with friends if I think then venue we’re going to is going to be cruisy, as I still don’t like the attention of anybody. How can I get over this – because deep down – I do want a new boyfriend. Kind regards Tyrone – Manchester Good for you for waiting 2 years. It would have been risky jumping into another relationship too quickly. Look in the mirror, dress up in your favourite clothes and pose. Always works wonders for my confidence! Remember not all venues are cruisey. Try Gaydar. Shop at home. Good luck!

I am eighteen, and like wearing women’s clothes, although I am straight, I have lots of gay friends (who don’t know my fetish). I always feel guilty when the women’s clothes come off – what are your

Guilt is a useless emotion. It serves no purpose. Wear women’s clothes if you enjoy it, tell no-one if you don’t want to. It’s nobody else’s business. Quit with the guilt or quit the time consuming dressing up. I am 21 and work on a construction site. My work friends keep taking the mickey out of me because my third testicle has not grown. Does this happen to a lot of men my age, as I am now getting frustrated that my third testicle hasn’t grown – and I’m too afraid to ask a man out on a date because of it. Brad – Idaho Darling,darling,’re having the piss taken out of you! Have you been asked to go to the builders merchant for a long weight? Or sky hooks? Men only have 2 balls thank goodness. My boyfriend is really great in bed he has a lovely body and wants sex all the time. I am happy with this , he is 43 and I’m 39. But the thing that’s the problem is that when he orgasms he shouts and screams for about two minutes afterwards, we are going to go on holiday with my mother and other members of my family for a month to Italy. We have rented a large house and I don’t want them to hear him when we have sex, what should I do? Danny, Dublin Gag him.

Legal Bit: Minty is not a trained counsellor, and this agony aunt page should be read as a piece of entertainment. If you have a question you would like to put to Minty, please email

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