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MAIN FEATURE Buck Angels talks to us about creating awarenss for trans men, porn, marriage and GI Joe!

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The winds of change. It’s been an August full of rain and wind here in the UK, not at all the hot summer we always hope will come. With the new season around the corner, we have decided to embrace the changing season and take the theme of “Change” to heart for this September issue. Taking into account that our readership is growing world wide (Welcome all you readers in Vietnam - talk about pre-empting the fact we have an article on your capital Ho Chi Minh - what a nice surprise to check the world wide stats and see a large number of you in Vietnam now reading the magazine.), We have reached out a bit further afield this month to bring you stories from outside London and the UK. And you guys in Atlanta just can’t seem to get enough of us - so we have got Paul Stag to come over there and interview Scott Spears. The transgender section gets to focal highlights of trans people who live there lives as the gender they are supposed to - but have kept their former gender genitalia. It seems the larger society still has buttons to be pushed, but both Buck and Andrea state their case for being true to themselves, and not societies traditional values which like to pigeon hole individuals into groups. Continuing with change, DJ Gazza gets to talk to the new “Grown Up” Same Difference about losing the mantle of Simon Cowell and developing a pop sound that is nearer to their own taste. Sam Solace sits down for a frank talk about lesbians and the gay scene, and how she see’s mixed gender bars as continuing to be the way forward. Lucas Alexander comes out and wins for the uk at the Gay Olympics. What a nice man he is, very approachable and kind, and we wish him continued success. Finally a big thank you has to go out to you the community for all your support and letting us grow. Your comment both positive and critical have been invaluable - and will continue to be so as we find out legs and our niche. You have asked for a medical page, and a fashion page - and bless the fates it now looks like the October issue will see those requests come to fruition as we welcome on board Dr John Quinn, Photographer Scott Macpherson and two new bodies to the vacant sales team in the shape of Hollie Leandro-Edwards and Peter Maddock. Have a great September - and keep your comments coming in - this really is your magazine. Wickedangel

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Lucas Alexander Former bodybuilding champion, Lucas Alexander, has triumphed at the Gay Games in Cologne to bring home the Gold Medal for Great Britain. and he came out on National Televison on ITV today at 1100 UK time. Competing in the Senior category (for ages 21-39) Alexander outclassed all the other competitors with his stunning physique. Lucas is no stranger to competitive bodybuilding and has previously won titles at Won 1995 Heavyweight British Bodybuilding Championship, then immediately turned professional Won Under 21 British Bodybuilding Championship (1993),runner up Under 21 European Bodybuilding 8 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Championship (1993) and won Under 18 British Bodybuilding Championship (1990) On accepting his gold medal Lucas said “I was very proud to represent my country at this international event and I am delighted I could win this title for Britain.” He also congratulated the other competitors; “I was up against some top athletes who really caused me to up my game in order to take the top title. They really were a great bunch of guys and the atmosphere was friendly and collegiate, even though there was a world title at stake.”

Alexander has been in preparation for this event for several months.

“This is the hardest I have ever worked for a competition. Preparing for a major event is always hard but coming back to it after a long break has meant I needed to put in extra effort all along the way.”

Next Lucas plans to compete in European Championships but first he has scheduled himself a short break. “I need to eat normally for a while and treat myself to all those things I had to cut out in order to get excellent muscle definition. The first thing I am going to do as soon as I get home is have a strawberry cup cake.” Photography by Udo Moelzer. Article by Nhamo @ Mirrorballs

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This month to celebrate the return of the Vengaboys, all the marks will be in Rockets fired at your most delicate part! The only downside is that there are so many great records about, you will get sore!

VENGABOYS ROCKET TO URANUS (AATW) How can you expect me to write a serious review when it sounds like they are singing “Rocket to Your Anus”… well here goes! This is actually a fun piece of frothy pop dance, (think Aqua meets Benni Bennassi) with bits of the actual song nicked from millions of others. The video which features Perez Hilton and a very weird cameo from Pete Burns is quite hilarious, and don’t worry if you think you have had a seizure if you watch it on You Tube its in 3d, so get those glasses out! The best mix is the Jorg Schmitt, while the normally dependable Almighty deliver a mix that’s a bit of a mess. 3/5 THE THREE DEGREES HOLDING BACK (Energise) As someone said recently, “My god are they still alive!”…well yes and kicking on this brand new release from Energise. The longest surviving girl band in history (139 years and counting), bounce back with a massive dance choon, that has a Freemasons type of vibe in its Glamma Mix and James St James delivers a very big modern NRG sound. The vocals are lush and the ladies are looking fine as they embark on an 8 month long tour of the world. Also included is a Lounge mix for those nights in. 3.5 / 5 10 Forbidden Angels Magazine





The lad who wowed us with his huge package on the X Factor, (his voice, eyes and crazy dancing ….what were you thinking) brings us his debut single and its tipped for a No1. The original is a reggae tinged Will Young soundalike, summer sing a long with a quirky video, but dance freaks will get on the Digital Dog mixes that are huge big dance bangers. It seems Olly will follow other X factor losers in carving out a huge pop career. 4.5 / 5

INDIRAA THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL (OUT SOON) Can you imagine if “Mamma Mia” was filmed in India, just how would the soundtrack have sounded..LIKE THIS!! This is the Bollywood version of the classic Abba hit, with a male /female vocal, and its actually quite fun. I know nearly all Gay men have this hit somewhere in their collection and this could be a fun talking point. However there are about five voices on this, it could be the return of The Kumars!! 3.5 / 5

KLUBKIDZ feat. ANGIE BROWN I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER (Almighty) Back on terra firma those lovely boys Jason Prince and James St James have dragged “South London Diva” Angie Brown into their studio for this lovely update of the (add your own artist everyones covered it) classic. Angie’s voice fits the bill superbly and this is a good solid version of the song that is bound to get feet on the dancefloor. Almighty and Klubkidz mixes deliver something for everyone on this. 4/5

That’s about it for this month, I’ve fired all my rockets, and I haven’t mentioned Kylie “Get Out Of My Way” which is great or the cover version by Smilee which has an amazing Mash Up version. “Fantasy Island” by Tight Fit makes a comeback in a flurry of mixes that are pure camp, so many tracks - so little time!

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Sam Sola with her V


HE NATIONS FAVOURITE UNDERGROUD LESBIAN IS BECOMING AN ICON WITH THE LAUNCH OF AN ORIGINAL TRACK SHE WROTE WITH GOOD FRIEND JASON PRINCE AND THE HOXTOM WHORES. LEAF SCOTT FOUND OUT MORE. Tell us a bit about how you got started? Well, I am one half of a set of identical twins who go by the name of “Solace” and together we started a group. We did a lot of London venues and wrote and performed our own material, recording tracks in New York and in Sweden. We did some great gigs with some great old school RnB groups like Allure and Robbie Craig. I then came out in my early 20’s and then started singing a lot at Karaoke competitions and had a good winning streak!! One of the prizes was to record a track with the KlubKidz - I already knew Jason Prince anyway but he, James St James and I recorded a “Bleeding Love” cover which came out on Klone records. It was huge on the scene across the country and then the recording and the hits just kept coming. We’re a great team and I love those guys very much, there is a whole lot of love on a friendship level as well as the business side. Thanks boys! You seem to be one of the hardest working singers on the circuit. What do you like about live shows, and how important is it that you sing live and not lip synch?

we are dirty bastards and we like being on the down low!! ...

Ah.... the live question! First of all, I love live shows - those to me are when I am at my happiest in my life. Truly, for that set, nothing in the world matters, and whether it’s 1 person or 1,000 they always get the full voice and the full effort. Performing live to me is everything and I have never and would never lip synch. I know that there are so many

12 Forbidden Angels Magazine

ace infects us Viscious Fever acts who do, and that there are so many reasons why. Some people are so active in their sets and some gigs - so much so that their voices may need the break sometimes. So no disrespect to those who do, but with me it’s all about the voice. I sing big tracks with big ranges and I think people listen to see if I really can get those notes, so I wouldn’t want to disappoint! Besides, I would be too nervous to synch - my acting just isn’t that good! I get paid to sing, so I sing. You’ve done loads of cover dance tracks in the past - now you have an original song out, “Vicious fever”, which you co wrote with Jason Prince and the Hoxton Whores. How did that come about? Well, Kevin was doing some work with James and whilst playing him some of my stuff, he became interested in hearing me on his tracks. Myself and Jason wrote the track one morning after not a lot of sleep and took it to James - we all worked our magic and there you have it - Vicious Fever. Kevin and Gary (Hoxtons) are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet and they party hard!! Kevin and I actually went to the same school and it’s great to be able to work with truly exceptional DJ’s / Producers. I feel honoured and privileged to be associated with them, and continue to feel that way as we get involved with new projects. Are you going to be doing some more original songs? Hell Yeah! That’s what I’m all about. I love singing those big vocal covers of Mariah and Leona Lewis etc, but my heart is in writing, and it’s in my blood. It’s the way that I get out a lot of emotion good or bad - by communicating that through melody and lyrics. Literally every day I’ll have lyrics and melodies popping into my

head. Thank goodness for the recording functions on mobiles. I have plans to continue doing covers and original work with the Klub Kidz as well as the Hoxton Whores. There are some other possibilities, but that’s all in talks at the moment. Which cities do you like performing in? So many..... Some of the best crowds have been in Liverpool definitely. I’ve done a lot of shows up there. Birmingham and Manchester are always great because they have such a big scene, so the clubs are big and loud and crazy. Scotland was a massive gig for me too, although there was an incident with sleep walking, and a stranger’s bed but we’ll leave that there because I still can’t talk about it! Have you got a favourite club night? Destination in Liverpool , The Nightingale in Birmingham and Heaven were immense. Vauxhall is always a messy and an incredible night, I performed two Hoxton tracks at Area recently and to hear your track drop in and see the reaction is some crazy shit! Seeing people sing your lyrics back at you beats sex, chocolate and scotch and coke! I love the biggies but I love some of the smaller venues too, looking out and really looking into people’s eyes is a special feeling. You’re often seen around the bars in south east London, how important is it to stay in with the community where you come from? It’s everything, truly, it really is. Roots and beginnings should never be overlooked, and I believe in showing support for the community in which you live and which has always supported you. My recent success all started from my local bar Two8six in Lewisham, and I’ve been drinking down there for longer than I care to remember with people that I

genuinely love very much. Steve paid out a lot of winnings to me in my early years in the Karaoke competitions so I kinda owe him! You’re an out of the closet Lesbian with a large female following. How important is it to you to be seen as a spokesperson for gay women? Yes, it’s really important and I would always do anything I could to support all events. I do a lot of charity gigs too, and I love the sense of strength that any pride or charity event brings with it. It’s important to be very proud of who and what you are. I don’t get the fascination that some people have with sexuality though sometimes - I mean, if you’re straight you don’t walk into a new place of work, or tap some stranger on the shoulder on the tube and go “Hi I’m straight!” so why do you need to necessarily need to do that if you’re gay? I think if you want to be out and loud, do it, and if you want to be more private, then do it! Just make sure that whatever you do, that you’re true to yourself and that you’re happy. It’s all about you. There are lots of established men only nights but the women only clubs seem to be few and far between, with Candy Bar, Rumours and Brown Sugar being the only really high profile women only venues. Why do you think the women only clubs seem to be so underground? Because we are dirty bastards and we like being on the down low!! ... I think you’re right. There are the official clubs, but there are also nights which, although they’re open to both sexes, tend to be more girl orientated. It’s the same for the guys. I certainly think that in more recent years gay/ bisexual girls and boys are tending to mix more . Do you feel there is a niche for more Forbidden Angels Magazine


women only nights and clubs? Ten years ago it was different - every club I went to was much more segregated, and if it was mixed, girls would be on one side and boys on the other. Over the years with fewer clubs operating, I think people are mellowing and when I look around clubs now, people are more mixed. Although I am a big believer in separate nights and clubs, I have to say I do like to see everyone partying hard together. Are you pro gender only clubs - or would you prefer to see more mixed bars? I have to say I am fairly pro gender clubs. I like going into straight places and I do go into them, but it can be quite intimidating sometimes. It’s easier for me because I’m so girly, but I see more so called “gay looking” people go into straight places and then you see people start talking .... it doesn’t feel comfortable being loving with your partner sometimes in straight places, and the attention can be unnerving. I’ve been in countless situations where straight people go into gay bars and clubs, and if they’re not totally at ease, then after a few drinks it can get a bit ugly. I would love a world where straight and gay people can mix in harmony, but sometimes it just isn’t as easy as that. I have no problem with straight people being in gay clubs as long as they aren’t the ones who think they can convert you or “watch”. Ooooh, that makes me angry! What’s in store for Sam Solace in the last half of 2010? Singing , recording, happiness and partying hard. Hope to see some of you at gigs soon. Big kisses and lots of love, Sami xxx Sam Solace can be contacted through her Facebook page Sam Solace Music, or by contacting Dance Crazy Management. All her singles, including Viscious Fever ar available on iTunes. By Leaf Scott Photos by Natalie Bradbury 14 Forbidden Angels Magazine

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SAME DIFFERENCE: It’s the same, but different.

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t’s the same, but different! DJ Gazza catches up with the brother sister duo Same Difference, and takes a sneaky listen to their forthcoming album. Oh the joys of the Autumn are nearly here, and one of many peoples guilty pleasures is the X Factor. It has it all, Fabulous singers and complete freaks, and that’s just the judges….And back in 2008 the nation took the boy-girl duo to their hearts, as they sang love songs and danced in Dr Suess style stages, in day glo colours. Pop’s version of Skittles (Sweet, over-coloured, and slightly sickly) became household names…and came third. After a deal with Simon Cowell and an album recorded by PWL, which gave them a hit single “2 R One”, it all went very quiet for Sean and Sarah…or did it. And the answer is NO! They have been working non-stop pushing their brand of musical candy to the youngsters who have flocked to see them when they appear at Pontin’s Holiday Centre’s all over the UK. But now snapped up by new label PopLife, the duo have had a bit of a grown up makeover, and I caught up with them recently before a show at Camber Sands. By the way anyone of 16 or under will need parental guidance to read this interview, as Same Difference talk dirty! This is a massive change from your previous image, are you happy to be free of the Disney meets Steps look and sound that Simon Cowell gave you.        Sean: Although I was never ashamed of our old image I do feel a lot more comfortable with the way we are now. I just think that we can now make pop music that is suitable for everyone instead of bubblegum pop for kids. The likes of High School Musical was huge

at the time we released the first album so I can totally see how Simon Cowell’s shrewd business mind kicked into play. The new image, for me though is just an extension of myself so I feel as though I am presenting a true reflection of who I am. It’s certainly great to have the ‘Cowell chastity belt’ removed, haha. Sarah: At the time I loved the frilly dresses and ballet pumps but there is only so much you can take of dressing a lot younger than your age before you just want to spice things up. On our first photoshoot without the girly dresses I was so nervous it was unreal. I suppose it was a bit of a character for me to hide behind and when I had to dress like myself it felt really odd! I love it now though. Was Louis really the wicked old (queen)…witch to you in real life or was he just playing up for the show? Sean: Haha... He used to always say that we were only gonna ever work in panto but I think he would make a great wicked queen in Snow White, lol... He was just awful to us onscreen but off screen he always just quipped us with witty banter... He’s actually quite funny and I don’t think he has a nasty bone in his body. We went back to perform the single on the X factor and just before we took to the stage we passed him in the hall and he pointed and laughed at my hair and told me I needed a trim... He made me dead paranoid, the witch, lol... Looking back though he was right, I looked like I was wearing a Beatles wig from a fancy dress costume.   Sarah: it was a shock when Louis was so nasty to us the first week as we thought he would be our biggest fan on the show! But then we realised that it was all a bit of a pantomime and we just laughed about it with him.  The new single has done really well in the clubs, are SD about to storm the clubs in the UK with a live show. If so when?    Sean: It was a massive surprise to us when we hit the top 10 in the club chart, we were so chuffed.

We will be coming to GAY on the Friday before the release and I’m sure we’ll be performing at loads of different clubs while we are in promotion. They are always great fun!! Sarah: it was great to see ourselves in the club charts with all the huge acts. I would love to do a big club tour this time around as it was deemed inappropriate with the first album, so it would be like stepping outside the box. Plus its a big excuse to party! I am sure you have been so busy with the Pontins tour and recording, what do SD do to relax, and is there any time for a love life!     Sean: I always like to kick back with a great movie when I get some time off... It helps me to chill out and break away from reality for a bit. There is nothing quite like a massage too... It’s gotta be hard though. (OOOH!).. As far as a love life goes I’m gonna be a cliche and say I just have no time to be a good boyfriend to anyone because I am so involved in my career... It’s selfish I know... I have options but it’s just not good timing!! Sarah: I love a good massage too! I generally go back home and have a bit of a pamper day when I get time off. There’s nothing better than getting your hair and nails done. It makes me feel like a new person. On the love life front I have been with my boyfriend for three years and we have just moved in together, so its great to chill with him and have some quality time when I am home. I bet you are shocked as I was by this revelation readers, I thought Sarah was about 15!! Anyway to get back on track… You have really grown up into a beautiful woman now, you must have men throwing themselves at you! Sarah: I wish! Even though I have a fella it is nice to have admirers but mine tend to be 14 year old boys or lesbians!! When I do get male attention of my own age I get really flattered and go red! So Sean, Have you had any Men or Woman fighting over you since the new grown up image started. I think the “preppy” look Forbidden Angels Magazine


Sean anything you find eye wateringly cringe worthy during or since your X Factor success Singing a love song to your sister is definitely weird... No question. At the time we just got on with it but looking back I can see how people could find it wierd. There was a brother and sister dance act on BGT and she was like wrapping her legs around him and stuff, I couldn’t watch it because it looked creepy, then I thought OMG! I hope we didn’t come across like that The duo would love to be remembered in the same way as Janet & Michael, but feel they are more looked on as Donny & Marie, (surely no-one can be that wholesome!), or musically as The Carpenters , (without the anorexia and female drum playing).

will definitely win you new fans!    the question of comparisons to the cheesetastic “Steps” or “S Club”, I hope so... I have had a lot of com- they both agree that as much as pliments about the new look and they love the sound of these groups they are always well received... I they would rather be compared to have certainly been feeling more Gaga! How about Britney! love since the transformation and I have to say I am lapping it up!! I Can you see yourself shaving all used to sign teddies and barbie your hair off and being rushed into dolls, Now I get boobs and arses!  a clinic in a few years time, and getting out of cars without knickers (See they came over all sweetness and light, and now swearing!!!) I can see it happening soon as this The album is being aimed at any- industry is enough to drive anyone one who loves good quality pop crazy! Laughs Sarah, On a serious music and this time their target note I think that its unlikely to hapaudience is the same people who pen as I am quite grounded and would buy Alphabeat, Kylie or the even though I do get really stressed Saturdays, rather than the Hannah nothing could push me that far. Plus Motanna. It promises catchy songs I would be way too embarrassed to with epic choruses, which sounds flash my bits to the world! good so far, and when I bring up

They have never trashed a hotel room…yet,( just left them messy!) and Sean keeps trim with a good bowl of Cereal, while Sarah spends a lot of time on her mobile. They come across as more than just brother and sister, they are also good friends, and any arguments (usually caused by Sean) are quickly forgotten. So cast off any thoughts of gooey Glee type covers and sickly sweet songs that should be on CBeebies…This is a new improved grown up Same Difference, not afraid to answer cutting edge questions like “What do you wear in Sean”………………BOXERS!


“Shine on Forever (Photo Frame) is out August 29th on Poplife Records via all good digital retailers. To find out more about Same Difference visit their web site By DJ Gazza. Photos courtesy of

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DJ of the mo This month Jason profiles the legend of UK pop thats is Pete Martine, who seems to have sleaze mixed anyone who is anyone in the world of pop. The Driving Beat, the pumping bass line, the intoxicating electronic sounds and exaggerated b.p.m...... That was the sound of Hi Nrg music.... Born of the 80’s Gay club scene as a direct descendant of the original disco sound of the 70’s.

uplifting production sound. Before long the ‘Sleaze Sisters’ were in high demand by every major record company to remix their hottest artists. At one time nearly every top 40 act was knocking on Pete’s door for a Sleaze Sisters mix!

Only a handful of DJ’s and producers were responsible for bringing that Gay club sound into the main stream and one of them was dance music entrepreneur, my Dear friend Pete Martine.

Pete continued his ‘Sleazey’ take over of the charts with Porl Young and was soon responsible for the dance mixes of over 100 hits! Every number one song from Geri Halliwell to Billie Piper and Samantha Mumber and of course the unforgettable Steps! Pete had definitely brought Gay club Hi Nrg firmly into the mainstream.

So brushing away the diamond rings and the Louis Vuitton C.D. cases, what took the teen wannabe out of Nottingham and into the top 40. Just like today the young Pete was always at the centre of any party, Pete had soon brought his love of disco and Hi NRG music into Nottingham’s newly formed night club scene, wowing the crowds with his flamboyant and unique DJing style at venues such as the infamous “Part II club” and the massive ‘Nottingham Astoria’ which later became the home of Pete’s own hugely successful long running club night ‘Revolution’. Pete’s passion for music and great knowledge of the new fast growing dance market led him into the recording studio himself, teaming up with the then unknown Paul Masterson to form Pete’s alter ego ‘The Sleaze Sisters’ Pete and Paul made magic together and created a Unique and very distinctive

20 Forbidden Angels Magazine

So what happens to the boy that’s had everything? These days Pete is concentration on his own music. He has become hot on the house music scene as part of ‘ The Starlet DJs’ with his last single ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’ becoming a massive Radio One anthem. He’s also working on several new projects with The Klubkidz (aka James Saint James and a certain Jason Prince!) and promoting the new Gayfest 2010 album, Plus the ‘Sleaze sisters’ are back taking over the dance charts again with the new ‘Sam Fox and Sabrina’ Duet ‘Call Me’ that is topping the charts at the moment throughout Europe! Long Live Pete Martine...... You Go Girl!! By Jason Prince

onth: pete martine My Fantasy Night Out: DIVINE. To come and create mayhem. I met Divine in the 80s having to introduce him on stage. As himself he wanted to visit Sherwood Forest to see the sights (Robin Hood etc). He was the exact opposite to his character, a kind and gentle person. SAMANTHA FOX. We’ve been friends for years and Sam can be a true party animal. The times we’ve fell out of Balans, Stringfellows or just danced around the house for hours. A fabulous personality and a real star. DJ ROGER SANCHEZ. Roger and I first met twenty years ago and to this day remains amongst the most exciting and innovative DJs. I was with him at a gig recently and he just blew the roof off.

THE SHARP BOYS. If you had a sore throat these would be the ideal invites. Steve to charm the guests and George to do the talking so you would’nt have to lol. DIONNE WARWICK. I’ve been a fan for years. At a concert in Nottingham I was on the front row and she spoke to me for about a minute and I was in awe. Years later I was at a charity party in L.A. and she was there. Starstruck!!. JAMES St. JAMES. My current partner in crime and co producer of Sleazesisters, Pimp and Jam and Starlet Djs. A formidable talent even if he doesn’t listen half the time. A future star DJ to boot and a brilliant friend. STEPS. Because it would be such fun to

have them perform to make us

all realise you don’t have to be credible or prove how cool you are to have success. There’s a time and place to be ‘upfront’ but also a time and place to let your hair down. PRINCESS DIANA. A person who was at ease with royalty and ordinary people. She showed no boundaries and would be the ideal party host. Truely missed. THE WELSH GUARDS (All of ‘em). I picked my way through quite a few of them when I was in Aldershot. These boys know how to party. MY MUM. Cause I miss her loads x

t r e v d a Forbidden Angels Magazine


Tempest Rose

Such Stuff As Dreams A

22 2 Forbidden Angels Magazine


Are Made On


ratuitous showstealer Tempest Rose, burlesque performer with devilish charms

Time Out

Firstly thank you so much for agreeing to the interview. Could you just give a brief description of what it means to you in your life to be a burlesque performer. Burlsque is my life! For me no other art form brings together the many skills and styles that burlesque encompasses and provides people with the creative freedom to really push boundaries and decide what burlesque means to them. What does burleue mean to you? Burlesque means the freedom to express myself as a woman, as an entertainer and as an artist. As an art form it means the happy marriage of sensuality, bawdy comedy, satire, visual spectacle and theatricality. How did you get started in burlesque? I trained in Musical Theatre and classical acting and was invited to audition for The Kitten Club (London’s longest running burlesque troupe) through a friend who knew Delores Deluxe the troupe’s leader. This was over 3 years ago when very few people knew what burlesque was - including myself! I had no idea what piece to audition with or wear and put together a routine I though was sexy and ‘cabaret’ - looking back my audition piece was so naive, I’m amazed I made it in! I was invited to see the show at Volupte and instantly fell in love with it - here were women being strong, comedic, satirical, sexy, intelligent all at the same time, as well Forbidden Angels Magazine


as showing highly skilled training in singing, dancing and comedy. It was a breathe of fresh air from anything I had seen before in traditional theatre, and I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to be the next Kitten. As well as performing as a solo artist and performing and creating shows with the House of Burlesque, I still am a core-member of the Kitten Club to this day. At what point did you think to yourself I can do that ? The very first time I saw the Kitten Club show I felt at home. I had always felt out of place in traditional theatre. I was often told by casting directors I was being too sexy or in auditions to make my comedy more ‘serious’ or more ‘natural’. Being in The Kitten Club and subsequently going on to create solo shows has been a journey of self discovery and of learning how to channel parts these parts of my personality in a way that is most entertaining for the audience. Do you have a day job? No, I combine performing with teaching burlesque and cabaret, producing, directing and working for The House of Burlesque - I’m very lucky that my art is my day job! Are you a stripper a burlesque performer of a artist ? I call myself a burlesque artist or performer. For me strippers do a particular type of job in a particular context and although I respect the work they chose to do, its not a job I myself do. For me burlesque is a theatrical spectacle performed for a wide audience’s entertainment that is sensual but not performed specifically for sexual gratification. Thats my personal feeling, I know other performers may say differently, but thats the great thing about burlesque, it has the space for many interpretations. How do you prepare for a performance? I love the process of doing my hair and make up before I go onstage. It really helps me get into the persona of Tempest Rose. If I’m hosting a show Forbidden Angels Magazine

or singing I will also do a vocal warm up and try and get my brain working so I can come up with some witty come-backs and playful banter! Then its a dirty gin martini and off I go! Name three of your all time favourite artists (alive or dead). In your opinion what would you say epitomices the traits of a good performer? My three favourite performers? Ooooh so hard to chose! Of course Gypsy Rose Lee - I love her for her use of intelligent chat with the audience in an era where most burlesque stars didn’t speak on stage. Michelle L’amour - I love that fact that she is truely a striptease artist. Her use of clothing and the body is inspired and her acts are incredibly well constructed and thought out. There are many UK performers to chose between who do amazing work but I shall say Amber Topaz - her work is always imaginitive, elegant, showgirly but also comedic and thoroughly entertaining. In my opinion the traits of a good performer are someone who always puts the audiences’ enjoyment over their own agenda. It is also someone who brings something from themselves to artform to help it grow and move forwards. I think a great trait to have though is to remember that burlesque is a profession so to always behave graciously, professionally and be courteous, helpful and well mannered. Since burlesque has become so popular do you have any concerns about your survival on the scene?

the best in the world is that there is so much competition. To keep yourself ahead of the game you constantly have to push yourself as an artist and that can only be a positive thing. Some times it can feel as if the whole world wants to be a burlesque performer but I think its a small price to pay to make sure that we do not rest on our laurels and always are striving to be better! Do you have any advice to anyone wanting to pursue

a career in burlesque? I always tell people who want to have a career in burlesque to go watch as much live burlesque of all styles as possible. I’m often surprised when I teach up and coming performers, at the number who do not know what has already been ‘done’ on the scene. We have an incredibly advanced spectrum of burlesque in the UK so if you want to be noticed above everyone else you have to do your research to know whats already out there and the standard you have to compete against. Another piece of good advice is to invest in some theatre training - drop in acting classes, improvisation classes, dance classes . Burlesque is about interacting with the audience and people train for years to perfect these skills. Lastly you must be prepared to invest in your work - costumes alone costs hundreds of pounds let alone the time that goes into creating original work. To find out more about Tempest Rose visit: Interview by Mysti Vine Photography by: Ed Barnas & Ben Hopper

I think what makes the UK and London scene one of Forbidden Angels Magazine


Don’t Box HIm In! BUCK ANGEL pioneer, legend, and still down to earth 28 Forbidden Angels Magazine


uck Angels is a leading light in the saying “To thine own self be true”. On his life’s journey for self acceptance he seems to have done it all - the rag to riches, woman to man, porn star to university lecturer. We got Pippa D and Paul Stag to chat to the legend that is Buck. As a child did people treat you as a boy or a girl, most parents seem to unknowingly treat their trans children differently? Growing up my parents totally treated me like a boy. I dressed like one and they even called me “Buck,” though my birth name was “Susan.” I played sports with all the boys on the street. I have two sisters and I always find it quite interesting that they treated me as a the boy in my family. I really believe that is because I am really male, and my parents knew that from the start. So were you a tomboy? Yes, I was a tomboy--but I I really think I was actually a boy. It was very normal for my parents and everyone around me to treat me as if I were male. It was never a problem until I Forbidden Angels Magazine


hit puberty, and I started growing breasts and my period came. That’s when all the trouble for me and my family started. I saw photos of you when you were modeling, was this an attempt to be the best as a female. Most trans people become the extreme of there biological sex? That’s a very interesting thing to say. No, not for me; I hated being female, and that wasn’t the way I looked in my everyday life. It was simply a way for me to make money. I was never happy doing modeling and I was always drunk and stoned. The make-up artists would always want me to look at myself in the mirror after they finished putting make-up on me. I could never do that. I always felt so out of place in that situation. Now I think it’s cool that I have the photos because it shows the extent of my transformation. Even though some people say things like, “Why would you go from being such a hot woman to such an ugly man!” Haaa!! As trans people we tend to turn to drink or drugs wile we are in limbo did you? Oh did I! I was such a hardcore drug addict that I really should not even be here. I ended up homeless on the streets and prostituting at one time. My life was total mess. I tried commiting suicide and completely hated myself. Alcohol and drugs helped me to dull the pain that I was in. I would never wish that on anyone and when I look back on my life, I can hardly believe I made it out alive. How long after your modelling did it take you to realize you were trans gendered?

I so wanted to look like GI JOE! 30 Forbidden Angels Magazine

I always knew I was a man, but I had no way of knowing how to deal with that. I actually went to a therapist who was a lesbian and she just kept telling me that I was a “male identified female.” Now what the hell is that? She had no training in dealing with trans men. At the time there was not a lot of information on this. I was so tortured because I was always telling people that I was really a man but no one could understand what I was saying. They just thought I was a butch les-

bian. People have no idea how hard that was for me. People basically told me I was crazy all the time. No wonder I turned to drugs and alcohol. Having been such a well-known model in the 80s how did family and friends react to your decision to change your sex? At first ALL of my “friends” dumped me like a hot potato! They had no idea what I was doing. Many of these women were gay identified and thought of me as a traitor. They could not understand why I would want to change my gender. Now after 18 years some of them have actually called me up to ask how they go about starting to change. I had not been in touch with my family for a while. They could not deal with my behavior and my drug addiction with all the lies and stealing, so they basically shut me out of their lives. It was the right thing to do. After I started my change and had two or three years of sobriety, I reached out to them. I remember calling up my mom and saying, “Hi Mom, I just want to tell you that I am having a sex change.” She said, “Well if that is what is going to make you happy in life, then we love you and support you.” I remember just standing there with the telephone to my ear and starting to cry. I had not had a relationship with my parents for so many years and I knew at that moment things were about to change. Buck most people have no idea about female to male trans gender surgery, what it involves please could you tell us? This is true. I have worked hard to bring awareness of transsexuals to the mainstream. People always say to me, “WOW, I never knew men like you existed.” For me the SRS consisted of having my breasts removed. I also started hormone therapy two years before my surgery. The hormone therapy consists of shooting 1cc of testosterone every 2 weeks. I have been doing this for about 18 years now. I have to do the hormone therapy for the rest of my life as I have no testicles to produce testosterone. Some men choose to go further and have penis consrtuction surgery, which is when they mold a penis from other

parts of your body, or operate to masculinize the genitals. I have choosen not to go that route for many reasons, but the mostly because I really did not like the appearance or function of the penis they are able to surgically create. How long do you have to take testosterone injections before you notice a change in your body? This is funny. I remember after my very first shot feeling like I was already changing, though, of course, that’s impossible. I think that I actually started to see some change after two months. But it has taken me years and years of bodybuilding to achive this look. You do not get a muscular body just from shooting testosterone. What was the first thing you noticed changing hair’ muscle tone’ voice? The first thing was the voice. I noticed that squeaky kind of voice boys have when they start puberty. The thing is my voice is still kind of that way! Hahhaa. So many people comment on my voice and that I sound like a woman or that they can tell I was female before because of it, but that’s all bullshit. There are definitely biological men with the same type of voice. I think people just need to find something about my body to pick on because they cannot beleive that I used to be female. It took years before hair growth started on my face. I actually started lossing the hair on my head first. So how long did it take to recover from your mastectomy? That surgery was a nightmare for me. I had the hardest time coming out of it. It took about three months before I was feeling in any way normal. I also wore the compression garmet two months longer than the doctor told me to. I think that was the best thing I could do for my chest as it helped to push all my skin back into place. I remember being the happiest man in the world after I had my breats removed. I cannot tell you the relief in getting rid of something that has always just been so horrible to have on your body.

I know that the penis do’s not make’eth the man! Did you ever consider having any more surgery? What many people don’t realize is that I wanted to have the penis surgery. I did years of research but could never see results from a penis surgery that was right for me. Looking back now I feel very lucky that I did not choose that path, because I would not be here telling you this story, nor would I have been able to become a pioneer in the adult entertainment business. I believe everything happens for a reason. Male to female trans people can have a hard time on the gay scene, how have people treated you on the gay scene? In the beginning of making my films of course I got tons of shit from the gay men and women, and even from the trans male community too. (This is why I am not very involved in the gay or trans communities-they love to put everything in it’s box just like everyone else!) But as my work grew and people saw that I was doing more for awareness and that what I have to say was more than gay, staright, bi, or trans they started to accept my message of empowerment through self-acceptance. Now I am really supported by the gay scene. Funny how those things work out. Before surgery Which male would you have most liked to look like? I so wanted to look like GI JOE! He to me represented such hardcore masculinity. I remember when I was a kid and I was playing with my GI Joe and dreaming of one day being just like him. Do you have a partner in your life? Yes, I’m married to a woman and it was with her that I became Buck Angel and started to do porn. She is completely supportive of my career and she’s an awesome person. She is a professional piercer and author of the book, The Piercing Bible--The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing. We make a great couple. Forbidden Angels Magazine


So how do you see your sexuality are you gay or straight or is it the person and not their gender you are attracted to? To this question I always tell people I am simply a “sexual” person. I like people. I am attracted to people and their attitudes. I think many people are this way but we have been taught only to identify with the gay/straight thing that we do not allow ourselves to be sexually free. I am working to change this. Who do you find are most attracted to you men’ woman or trans sexual’s as all my female friends think your so hot? That’s awesome thanks! I think for most of my tme in the public eye it has been gay men, but recently I have seen a huge shift in women becoming fans of mine. I think that is so great. It shows how my work is changing the way people feel about gender and sexuality. As a trans gendered person how did you get into adult films? I was working behind the camera producing fetish films and transwomen websites. I realized there was nobody like me in the world of adult entertainment, so I decided to start producing my own films and making FTM porn and the rest is history. Thank you so much for the interview. You can see more of Buck and his work at or www. By Pippa D and Paul Stag Photos by Buck Angel Entertainment, Dave Naz,

32 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Forbidden Angels Magazine


34 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Photogrpahy from Andrea’s private collection

ANDREA WILD This months interview is with Andrea Wild some of you will know her as one of the people who started Stunners. As she is now starting a new club, we thought it would be good for her to tell us all about her self and the new club which starts this month. So Andrea how would you describe your self-TV, Ts or? I would describe myself as Ts but in my mind I am just me I don’t like putting myself or others in a box. When did you decide to live full time as a woman? Well I never felt right as a guy.I have tried a lot of different things like the leather scene. Some of that was fun. I also lived with a female but that was not me at all. I went to hundreds of gay clubs but I never felt that I was one of them. I saw men that I liked but had no luck with them. Just by accident someone said how about dressing up and going out as a girl, so I did. I went to Ron Storms which was a little odd, and I think I looked a little odd, but something switched on in my head . It said “Hi Andrea”. That was 2001, but I have been living as a woman since 2002. So how far have you gone with surgery? Well as far as I am going, I have had my boobs done that gives you a lot of confidence. If you are living as a female I think you have to have boobs. Have you ever had second thoughts and removed your implants? She laughs. “Someone been talking. well yes I did, in 2003. “ Was it for health reasons or something else? I moved to Cambridge and opened a large salon in a village and I thought that the business would work better if I went back to been male. Big mistake! I hated all five years. When I

came back to London I got them put back in by the same people who had done my original boobs, Transform Cosmetic surgery group. The boobs are staying in now. My other self has gone. So why did you get the implants put back in? I put my implants back because Andrea was screaming in my head “LET ME OUT“. When you see a girl on T.V. saying that her new bigger boobs gave her more confident, I know just what she means. They make me feel whole, I love my puppies.

Your starting a new club next month what is it called? PinkBoa @ Charlies. I hope the guests have fun and meet someone nice. I want a little glamour to come back, and a place where you can be wined and dined in safety. The night will have everything under one roof, wine, food, dressing service, photography, dancing. So you can stay in one safe place and have the time of your life.

What is yours sexuality gay, straight or bisexual? Well this is one of those boxes. I was gay but now who’s to say. I am a lady, with a little bit more. The guys that I meet are straight. Well that is what they tell me, so I will leave that up to you to sort out. As relationships go, I’m not really looking at the moment as I am enjoying being me without strings. Maybe in a year or so, some poor person may get too close and be landed with me. You helped start stunners at Hackney. Was it what you thought a trans club should be? Well a trans club can be anything, but I saw an opening in the market, and a place to do it, so I did and it was great fun. We had it in a railway arch under the railway. Very high ceilings, bare brick walls. It started very slowly but within a few months the club was banging in every way. Is that why you left? The club in my eyes was for mainly for TV TS and admirers. Ron Storm had died and his club was going down fast. I had a business partner in Stunners and she had, and still has this friend who started to take over more and more and started to employ people that were not right. So one day I told them where to put the club.

Pink Boa launches on September 7th at Charlies. Visit Forbidden Angels Magazine


Who put the T in the LGBT? ‘Forbidden Angel’ magazine has gone further than almost any publication to be very inclusive of all that squeezes below the LGBT umbrella for a little fun (without getting too wet). However it has come to my attention that there are, still those, (on all sides of the fence), that can’t get their head round T being mentioned in the same breath as LGB. Well from my well publicized vantage point of sitting on the fence let me help you think this through.

on the same playing field - as that we take it up the bum (with sexuality and gender are two very or without Dildo) and are probably different things. doing it at every possible opportunity we can find. But I would like to take this opportunity to make this plea to you all, For this reason we all have the as I know you are intelligent and same experience. We experience experienced enough, to know misguided, judgmental parents, that in fact, many homosexuals, family and friends. We face disbisexuals, transsexuals and for crimination in the work place and that matter heterosexuals, have the street. NO sex life, could not cop a shag even if they offered to pay for it. The reason we ALL need to join together under the LGBT umWhat is more if they did have sex brella is because together we are It would be true to say that the their preference for what exactly saying we know we are different. adjectives Lesbian, Gay and Bi- they like to do while having sex We know we are unique individusexual all describe sexualities. is not governed by who (or what) als that can all suffer discriminaAnd that conversely Transgen- they are having sex with. tion but together we say respect dered describes only gender. us for our diversity and individualIt is NOT automatic that EVERY ity and we return we will respect It would be true to say that if gay man takes it up the bum or you. someone stands firmly behind, that EVERY heterosexual man the gay flag that they are saying, would feel violated if it happened We wont ask you if you like it I prefer sex with someone with to him. It is NOT automatic that up the bum (or any other sexual the same sex. And that a trans- every lesbian needs a strap on practice), and we ask you NOT gendered person standing firmly dildo to achieve sexual satisfac- to assume you know what sexual behind, a trans flag is not actually tion. And as far as transgendered practices we favor (if we could get disclosing any preference about people go it is not automatic that any), cos frankly speaking, its our their choice of partner. They are we do all of the above but we are own damn business (till we get merely stating that they, (to some capable of it like every one else. you in a compromising position). degree), do not identify with the gender they were designated The point is, what we do in bed, Now if you agree that is our posiwith at birth, and are happy to (or Hampstead Heath), is our own tion, lets start by respecting each exhibit and share behavior and damn business. other and lets start by sharing gender signals, identified with the this space in ‘Forbidden Angel’ opposite gender. But when we stands behind ANY to learn more about each othPART of the LGBT flag we can be ers’ unique, individual, thoughts, Now I can accept the argument sure that others will assume activities, and creativity. from either side that we are not Vicky x 36 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Forbidden Angels Magazine


A Bit of Clas Mis


he classy loud American from Detroit that is Miss Kimberley has been the gracious host of many a club night and numerous television spots over the years.

Currently hosting a chat show “The Powder Room” on QUOD (www., Kimberley also finds time to be chairwoman for the charity Drag Queens Against Breast Cancer”. Although her stage presence is loud on stage - off stage Miss Kimberley is quiet and almost demure, and very warming to speak to, and is easy to see why she has such loyal friends around her. Kimberley’s mother and aunt had a girl group in the sixties but gave it up because they were young and wanted to have fun. Kimberley was a very shy child who sang in the church choir. In High School she was in the men’s glee club, concert choir and ensemble. “I don’t know what really made me want to perform. I think It’s just something that’s in me.” “When I was a kid my mum had two records I would listen to every day and that was Donna and Diana. I’m inspired by so many singers from old to new. But I must say I really prefer all the old divas. I like a bit of Janis Joplin, Mary J, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughan.”

38 Forbidden Angels Magazine

“I started performing when I was very, very young. I worked on kids TV shows and was always involved in school theatre and teen modelling. Club hosting and performance were natural progressions for me to take. I never got into mime though. I tried it, but was so bad at it I had to have a microphone plugged in and let my vocals shine through. I’ve always been live. Now I’m just more serious about my career. I have so much respect for mime artist when they are good though, as it’s such a craft.”

ss & Sophistication. ss Kimberley goes on Tour. We cheekily ask her if she still has vocal coaching to which she replies with a smile “Singing lessons are very important. I’m due for one as we speak.” When it comes to glamour and class , no one else seems to pull it off with as much finesse as Miss Kimberley. How does she manage to consistently do it time after time? “Do you really think I’m glamorous? Why thanks. Just call me second hand Rose. I love second hand shops. Cursaid in Pimlico is my favourite. I do also have a few friends who make my clothes. The lovely Johanna is doing all my clothes for the new show.” “I’m becoming more happy and comfortable in my own skin and becoming who I really want to me. At this

point in my life I’m the happiest I have ever been. So in a way I’m am reborn. I’ve been down in the gutter and now I have got myself back up.” “This will be the fourth show. It’s a very expensive show, and now I’m adding a bass player. I hope to take it on tour soon. . You will have to come and see. It’s a fun family show, (LOL) with great music and funny stories. I’m off to Edinburgh tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it.” As she gets up to leave we ask her one last question. Does she have any other dreams left to fulfil? “My aim is to one day sing for the Royal family and the president of the US. “ by Barbara Bush

Forbidden Angels Magazine


Mike Caterall FLORAL

Professional Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Clinic


T&T Epilation and Beauty are a Professional Clinic in Essex, set up with the T*Girl in mind. With over 7 years experience we understand what you want and how you should be treated.

Our core services...

Modern Floral Designs and Plants 93 Trafalgar Rd Greenwich London SE10 9LS. UK 020 8858 0608 All major credit cards accepted

t IPL (Laser)

permanent hair reduction FREE Consultation service

t Electrolysis t Waxing t Crystal Clear

permanent hair removal body hair removal Skin Rejuvenation

Call to discuss your requirements or book a FREE Consultation

) 01376 322209

IPL on e ac essi ce F l Ful per s t Pri 0 nen ion 5 1 a ÂŁ Magazine Forbidden Angels Registered with the rm du40ct e P Re Care Quality Commission

@ * :

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Europe’s Largest Gay Capital

On his first assignment for Forbidden Angels Magazine, we sent Dr John Quinn and his boyfriend Craig to sunny Madrid, Spain’s capital city, and ironically the largest gay scene in Europe. The capital of Spain, Madrid, is also its largest city, and is the third most populous municipality in the EU after London and Berlin. Centrally located, it sits on the river Manzanares and has a continental Mediterranean climate with very hot summers and cold winters, commonly with snow. Arriving at Madrid Barajas International Airport, the city is a short, easily manageable Metro trip away. The Metro is second in size in Europe only to the London Underground. It is however a much more pleasant experience with wider, air conditioned

42 Forbidden Angels Magazine

carriages. The lines are numbered as well as being colour-coded, making it easy to navigate. We visited Madrid on the first Saturday in July, the weekend of the “Orgullo Gay”, the Pride parade. The first such parade was held in 1979 after the death of Franco. It is now the biggest gay demonstration in Europe. Over 1.5 million people attended the event in 2009. During Pride, the Chueca district, also the largest gay area in Europe, is a bustling mass of all kinds of people enjoying the massive, free street party. The par-

ty is remarkably trouble free and feels far less commercial than Pride parties in the UK. There really is nothing quite like seeing a drag queen sing “I Will Survive” in Spanish, whilst dancing and drinking almost cold Spanish beer with people you’ve just met. The parade happens on the first Saturday after June 28th every year. It starts at the Plaza de la Independencia and makes its way slowly down the Gran Via to the iconic Plaza de Espana where there is live entertainment on stage. This year Kylie played! Nothing to do with her having a new album to promote of course.. There are countless bars and clubs catering to every kind of gay man.

We visited the Strong Centre, a dark, sweaty mass of shirtless men dancing to techno. The big party on Saturday night was Infinita, held at the Arena Madrid. There are plenty of things to see and do in Madrid that don’t involve the gay scene. Although the city has a modern infrastructure, it has managed to preserve many of its historic districts and neighbourhoods. Its landmarks include the huge Royal Palace of Madrid. It is partly open to the public, except when in use for state ceremonies. Also worth a visit is the Buen Retiro Park, a 1.4 km2 park at the edge of the city centre. It is home to many beautiful sculptures and monuments and a perfect place to people-watch. Art lovers are spoilt for choice in Madrid with a number of word class

art-galleries. The most famous is undoubtably the Museo del Prado which features one of the worlds finest collections of European art , from the 12th to the early 19th century. It is an easy place to lose a few hours and an excellent way to escape the mid-afternoon heat. Pablo Picasso’s Guernica was on display at the Prado but is now to be seen in the Museo Reina Sodia which houses all works later than the early 19th century. If shopping is your thing, then Madrid has plenty of options from large department stores and malls to boutiques and independent labels. The Chueca district is well known for avant-garde and Spanish fashion shops. Check out the streets perpendicular to Fuencarral and Hortaleza, and in particular the

Fuencarral Market. The Bernabeu Stadium, home to Real Madrid, is a must see for football fans. Bull fighting season is from March to October, and it is said that the best time to visit is during the San Isidro festival during May and June. Given that Spain is the home for tapas, it is hardly surprising that there is a Tapas Tour which visits several traditional bars and gives the opportunity to sample authentic delicacies such as chorizo in cider and octopus. Madrid really is one of the most exciting cities in Europe to visit. See you there next year for Pride! By John Quinn

Forbidden Angels Magazine


Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)


o Chi Minh has gone through some radical changes in the last ten years, despite Vietnam being a stringent communist country. Young

people are increasingly migrating from the north of Vietnam to the city and the southern provinces to take advantage of “Communist Capitalism”. Although being gay is not illiegal in Vietnam, it is still very taboo, and a lot of the country’s legislation leaves gay couples far from protected by the system. This leads to quite a unique set up when socialising. There are no gay or lesbian bars in Ho Chi Minh, however you only have to head into the centre to Q Bar (Beneath the Opera House -7 Cong Truong Lam Son Street), or the plush Hotel Continental (refurbished for the Michael Caine movie “The Quiet American” - 132 134 Dong Khoi St), to see gay people and their friends socialising fairly openly. Ex-pat culture forms a large part of the central district’s nightlife, and be44 Forbidden Angels Magazine

cause of the cheap cost, champagne seems to be drunk to excess without breaking the bank. For me though, a couple of evenings of ex-pat socialising is enough. I prefer the “Real Vietnam” and save my energies for the daytime when you can either explore the town on foot, or hire a moped and scoot your way around. Food here is simple, with the traditional dish Pho ( a noodle soup ) on most menus around town. Mopeds are the preferred method of transport here, being cheap to maintain and run. They are everywhere and seem to flock like gazelles let loose on the streets. They are not only used for personal travel, but as modes of transport for things we would never dream of attempting to move by moped. Don’t be surprised to see whole families perched precariously on one, or men carrying ridiculous numbers of baskets with livestock inside, and in one instance I even witnessed two lads trying to transport a nine foot sheet of glass! Needless to say, accidents do happen regularly - so don’t be alarmed.

Nine times out of ten you will see an accident happen and the driver just get up, brush themselves down and get on their way. Private tour guides are a luxury one would not normally one would think of indulging in on a budget holiday, but in Vietnam it is amazingly cheap to hire one. Averaging between £30 to £60 a day with the exchange rate taken into account, this quite often includes your entry tickets to where the guide takes you. Although not essential, I would strongly recommend going with a tour guide for any shopping trips to many of the wonderful markets. I heartily recommend the Binh Tay Market in Cholon (Cholon quite literally means “Big” in Vietnamese). Spread out over two districts of Ho Chi Minh, here you can find cheap jade, clothing, and traditional Chinese and local Vietnamese food at bargain prices. It is a hive of activity and quite an experience. There are a lot of child beggars here who will generally go away at a short sharp bark, but don’t let that put you off.

The history of what was once Saigon is still wrapped up in the legacy of the Vietnam War. A visit to the War Remnants Museum is usually one that would instil trepidation into a lot of tourists, and in this case that trepidation is unfounded. In its fore court are the planes, tanks and cannons usually expected to be found in a war museum. Where this museum excels, however, is in the interior narrative of the war. The museum is certainly true to its audience access policy of being fair, clear and concise. For a communist state run museum, it has taken a brave decision in lining one wall with the history perspective told from the Vietnamese side, the stance of the Americans‘ being represented on another, managing in one fell swoop to make London’s Imperial War Museum come across as a piece of British military propaganda. It is told from both political stand points, and the objectives and goals of both Ho Chi Minh, and President Nixon’s campaign are made very clear, clarifying what

a pointless war it was. The pictures and objects that accompany the narrative are disturbing and emotionally harrowing, particularly the section on Agent Orange, but then that’s the point here. To show the barbarity and injustice of war. From the War Museum, the next point of call is the Reunification Palace, the site of the end of the Vietnam War during the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975, when a North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through its gates. The tank that stormed the gates is in the forecourt. The completed hall was inaugurated on 31 October 1966 by the chairman of the National Leadership Committee, General Nguyun Vin Thieu, who was then the head of the military junta. The rooms are grand and opulent, with whole walls done in the most visually stunning lacquer work I have ever seen. Any one with even a passing interest in interiors will take inspiration from the different styles and tones of each room.

The final Vietnamese war tourist attraction definitely worth visiting are the Cu Chi tunnels just outside Ho Chi Minh. Coaches from the centre of town go here regularly, but once again, I would recommend a private tour guide for this excursion. The Cu Chi tunnels were the strategic stronghold for the Viet Cong guerrillas as hiding spots during combat, as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for large numbers of guerrilla fighters. They were so effective that the Viet Cong were able to stay here for most of the war until the Americans left. The experience here is massive and immersive, with basic brutal traps on show, man holes with hidden trap doors for you to climb in, demonstrations of how an underground kitchen would store up its cooking condensation and heat, and release it at dawn, under cover of the morning mist. It goes on and on. This is a day outing that is fun and informative for all the family, with the highlight being two

Forbidden Angels Magazine


sets of tunnels you can actually crawl through. One is of original size, and another four inches wider to cater for us larger Western people. The drive to the tunnels takes you through a rubber plantation, and rice fields, so if you can, stop and take a walk around. Definitely worth doing for the view and photographic opportunities. Religion is a strong part of Vietnamese culture, with Buddhism being the main religion, and Taoism and Hinduism widespread as well. This has created a great diversity of shrines and temples. Shrines are every where here, in the shops, on the streets, outside farms and in back alleys. Temples come in many shapes and sizes, but ones of note to visit are, Thien Hau Temple (a Chinese style temple located on Nguyen Trai Street in the Cho Lon), The Mariamman Temple (45 Ă? Truong Dinh), and The Xa Loi Pagoda (89 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, District 3). Incredibly, Ho Chi Minh also pays homage to the old French colonial area, with its own Notre Dame Cathedral. To the south of Ho Chi Minh lies the Mekong Delta, a series of rivers that stretch from the inland to the sea. For a truly authentic taste of Vietnam life, a boat trip here will live in your heart for ever. Home to many families liv-

ing in twelve foot huts on stilts, banana candy and terracotta factories (which you can walk around ), river markets, and some of the most exquisite French colonial architecture and hidden temples, the Mekong Delta lifestyle gets under your skin for the sheer simplicity and humbleness of the people who live here. By the time I had finished my stay here, I was seriously considering not coming home. If you are after a holiday with a difference that doesn’t involve beach and sun worship, put this at the top of your list of places to visit, I promise you, it’s worth it. By Rusell-Scot Emery

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The Comm


rtists often find that getting that initial exposure can be the hardest thing to achieve. Young gay artist Kasey Shaw seems to have come up with a simple solution to this. We chat to him about how he got together with five local artists (Himself, Tammy Brenton, Carolyn Roper, Kerry Clark, Anton Gingell) and his local bar to put on an themed art exhibition on a regular basis, and achieved the goal of getting the work shown, publicised, and - most importantly for any artist - sold. Kasey explains, “I think it’s very important to support local artists within the community. Knowing that I have the support of so many people really helps me to keep going, and builds mine and the other artists confidence massively!” The five artists (all local) with five different styles all come together to produce a body of work that they hope will excite the public. Their success with an exhibition titled “Un-known”, is being followed by the new theme of “Indulgence”, an exhibition of new pieces that explore the concept of indulgence within contemporary British Society. I asked Kasey how they come up with the themes for each exhibition? “We all get together to discuss possible titles. Once we have a title that we all agree on, we go away and produce work relating to that title - it’s very interesting for me, to see the work of the other artists and how different their creative process can be from my own.” It’s quite hard to promote on a limited budget, and this is why support is so important. Without Stephen and the guys at Two8six, this project would have been a lot harder to put together! We usually get all our friends and families in48 Forbidden Angels Magazine

munity Spirit

left: piece by Kasey Bubblewrap Unkonw. Right: Tammy Brenton Unknown Chair. Below:Kerry Clark Collage 3-1

volved in promotion, from word of mouth to handing out leaflets in the local area! The first exhibition “Un-known” featured some works which were confrontational, or at least demanded the viewer to think about the relativity of the piece to the theme. I asked Kasey if this is done purposefully.

“Some of the best art is confrontational, that’s what makes it so great! Having opinion on a piece (good or bad) is what art is all about! I do worry about what people might think and sometimes people just don’t get it, but with such a great mix of artists exhibiting, there is something for everyone!” Kasey’s own work has a gelatinous effect of colour and distorted images. He explains the evolution of his style, which developed from the mistakes that originated from taking his camera to a club; the camera was on an incorrect setting. He says: “Instead of a ‘normal photograph’, the camera depicted a colourful, vivid representation of reality. The imagery captured presented me with a mixture of coloured lights intertwined and woven with the people on the dance floor. Working with this

manipulated imagery, I produce work that represents the confusion, excitement and collective atmosphere of the dance floor. The works echoes the mystification brought forward by the use of drugs or alcohol.” “The pieces vary, from very subtle alterations to photographs, to colourful, abstract and flamboyantly encrusted surfaces. Through pushing the boundaries of “traditional” photography I want to present ‘’dance’’ in a more contemporary way and engage the viewer by dazzling them, enabling them to reminisce about their personal experiences of the dance floor, whether they are good or bad memories.” “When it comes to painting, I like to use unusual materials to paint with, usually anything BUT paint! Buttons, beads, glitter, plastic, bubble wrap, tape and fabric have all been used in the past.” “I am heavily influenced by the work of local artist, Wayne Lucas. He uses buttons, tassels and beads in his work and its all very tactile, a feature that I enjoy using in my work. I also enjoy the work of Monet and take a lot of influence from his work, his use of colour is particularly influential to me.” For me as a digital artist, the obvious question then, is to ask Kasey how he feels about the digital medium, and whether he considers it an art form. He doesn’t hold Forbidden Angels Magazine


top: new piece by Kasey Bubblewrap Unkonw. Middle: Carolyn Roper: Unknown (To be featured in next months issue), Bottom Kasey Shaw

back and says. “I have never been the greatest fan of digital art, but have really come to appreciate it in the last 12 months. Sadly times are moving forward, and traditional art can sometimes come second to that of the ‘’Photoshop generation’’. I hope this changes as we move forward and both can be appreciated for their own merits.” As our time draws to a close, I enquire about what the rest of the year holds for Kasey after the Indulgence exhibition. “Well I have just got a distinction on my Diploma, so I’ve decided to take a gap year and will be applying for university next year. I’m going to Australia for a while to see if I can pick up inspiration - from the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef to the intricate detail of aboriginal art. I hope to come back with more ideas than ever and to start producing a larger body of work to hopefully exhibit again. By Leaf Scott The Indulgence exhibition is on Monday 30th August at Two8six, 286 Lewisham High St, London, SE13 6JZ

Twink of the month ROBIN

Robin 24 years old from Amsterdam. He love being in London and going to clubs, he is single and happy. 51 Forbidden Angels Magazine

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HIV & Health awareness The Metro Centre: The Metro Centre has come a long way in it’s twenty five years. Originally run from a scary warehouse in Woolwich (where this writer attended a lesbian and gay youth group back in the day); to a warehouse in Greenwich, and finally it’s current residence a real office block with space a plenty, and diverse support. It’s here that we meet Marguerite and Greg, the big bosses - who actually come across as your best friend. In fact all of the Metro’s staff are friendly and welcoming, with not a single ounce of negativity floating around the building. Which is fantastic if you have come here for support on “Coming out”, grieving, HIV support, Trans support, lesbian health care - the list is endless. And that’s the whole reason for the Metro’s success. It’s willingness to embrace diversity and change. Never one to beat about the bush, once myself and co writer Kris had a coffee in hand, we went straight for the jugular by asking how are they supporting the trans community (Knowing that such a large demographic of our readers are from the trans world), and what ensued was a very interesting piece of history and politics in the making. Marguerite kicks off by stating loud and clearly “We never turn anyone away!” Greg then continues by giving us some back story. Initially when the Metro Centre was set up, it was aimed at the LGB community, with the aspect of that once a trans person has gone through their change - they essentially become heterosexual. Because the original constitution was for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexuals, this meant that they could apply for no funding as a charity for trans work, because a trans person had essentially become straight.

52 Forbidden Angels Magazine

Over the years this oversight within the constitution became a thorn in the charities side. In 2006, they took the brave step by saying they would re-

write their constitution, but would spend two years researching not only trans, but intersex and what

To tell a woman they don’t need a cervical smear is CRIMINAL! Marguerite terms as “Gay Plus“ issues. In 2008, once all the research had been done, a new constitution was written up, with room for growth of the Metro Centre’s services, and to encompass all gender identities, including those of intersex and any other new unforeseen gender issues that mother nature may choose to reveal in the near future. “Through activism we have found our way to accept each other.” The Metro Centre now works very closely with trans support groups, and is well equipped to give advice to the trans community as they need it. Rather interestingly and a stumbling block that happens to them

now is funding. Although the new constitution the Metro Centre has is all encompassing, it seem that many funders’ of the charity (Which now also claims limited company status) donate the money for specific causes. This in turn means that funding, or policy for areas that need development often get overlooked. Marguerite points out “This can be very frustrating for gay women who may want to get checked for cervical cancer or breast check ups. Because it’s not seen as a GU issue, this means our hands are tied in offering that service”. Women health is of major concern to the Metro Centre. Particularly in the case of cervical cancer. To this day many gay women are still told by their doctor, that because they don’t have sex with a man, they do not need to have themselves checked for cervical cancer. This is perhaps the most dangerous thing a gay woman can be told. Marguerite passionately cries out “To tell a woman they don’t need a cervical smear is criminal!“. Cervical cancer caught early enough can be treated and cured the majority of the time. If left too late for reasons such as, un detected by a doctor, it will almost certainly kill. Now here is the crux. The Metro centre will openly talk about this in their centre, but they can not go out into their community for outreach work, because cervical smear testing and it’s issues are funded by the NHS, and is seen as general health issue and not GU health, so in the NHS eyes, it should be dealt with by the NHS. Some one ought to bang the big guys heads together in the NHS to rectify this. All the fundraising work that the Metro centre does is non accountable to the government and NHS policies however. This means that money raised at these events can be siphoned off into the areas of support and information that need it the most. But even with this good will money, the non funded areas still have to work to an

increasingly small, or non existent budget. Change will happen. As Greg points out - the policies are there in the constitution to help everyone, but it takes time for the outside governing bodies to catch up. So next time you see a fund raiser for your local LGBT community health group, no matter where in the world you are. Help them raise money, by donating or actively getting involved in the fundraising. They are there to help and want to help you, and those around you. By Leaf Scott

Where have all Lesbians Gone?


Here at Forbidden Angels Magazine it’s quite obvious we have found our niche within the Gay and transgender community, but like so many other support groups and the press, the lesbains are under-representated. It’s not through lack of trying. We constantly ask gay women if they want to write for us, but seem to come up against complacency. I asked Marguerite as a gay woman is she finding this common? “In the UK it is. In Europe as a whole it isn’t.”. Both Marguerite and Greg go to conferences held by ILGA Europe (International Lesbian and Gay Association), where many of the top key roles are taken by high powered gay

women, and in attendance are a lot of influential women who are also gay. “It seems there has been a complacency towards feminism, which is slowly starting to turn again for the positive.” But gone are the days when it was the lesbians and gay women at the fore front of gay politics, and marches. Now a days they just seem to want to be party animals or stay at home.” So let this be a call to arms. Lesbians - put the L back in LGBT, and help your community, either by donating time with a support group, organising events, writing for your local LGBT paper. Do anything. But don’t do nothing. There are still boundaries to be broken for society to treat everyone, no matter what age, colour, gender or disability, and you can help.

For more information about the Metro Centre and it’s services, please visit

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Waking up with... ...The Big Wigs

54 5 4 Forbidden Angels Magazine


t was to my pleasure, that I got invited to the home of Dotty and Kevina, better known as the Big Wigs. In High Barnet. The girls are fast becoming one of the most photographed celebrity circuit hostesses on the gay scene. As I walked up the pretty front garden path, Tina the girls maid, was at the front door, already to greet me. She was a little scary to say the least, but friendly enough in a macabre sort of way. I was taken upstairs to Dotty’s bedroom, where the girls were having breakfast in bed. The, girls were sitting in Dotty’s beautiful four poster bed which she told me had once been the bed of Marie Antoinette and had been bought at a car boot sale. Dotty said she also had a few bits of her jewels which came from the same sale. I thought it best not to laugh, as she seemed convinced that it was true. She offered me a cup of tea from her best china, also antique I was told. This had belonged to Queen Victoria (also purchased at a boot sale). After Tina finished serving breakfast in bed I was led down to the kitchen. This was a lovely little kitchen with a pretty old fashioned sink. That was

just the sort of thing I would like in my house with everything hidden behind doors, which was a really good idea and saved seeing all the kitchen utensils and crockery on show. The little farmhouse table was a nice setting for Dotty to offer me some of her home made blueberry muffins, even though I noticed Kevina discretely discarding the packets they had been bought in from the supermarket. Tina was busy washing up, and it was a cosy little picture. I asked the girls how they met Tina. Kevina said that they had been on Brighton Pier one day, and Tina had been working as one of the rides. I was next taken to the lounge, where a display of heads with wigs were on the window ledge I asked the girls who are sisters (Dotty being the youngest by seconds), why is hair such a big part of your lives? They told me that there mother and father who’s name was Beehive and Bob had had hair saloons and that’s how it came about. Although their mother wanted them to go into show biz, but she quickly realised that her daughters’ had no talent and needed to rely just on there good looks and glamour.

The lounge was quite minimalist with a large fish tank by the fireplace. But then with big hair, you can’t have to much furnishing I guess. The next port of call was the “hairroom” with those famous wigs. I couldn’t get in the room for hair!! Literally every single space had a wig in it. The girls then dragged me down to the very pretty garden, and lucky for me, I had visited on a nice sunny day. Once again Tina the maid came out with homemade bread and ham sandwiches, we sat around talking and I said how nice the lawn was. Kevina said she was obsessed with keeping it cut to perfection, but when I looked closer it was actually astro-turf. The last thing was the girls asked me to do was, join them in the hot tub. Once in, they proceeded to show me their impressions of Ester Williams the famous 1940s swimming star. As I was leaving the girls was at the door to wave me off. I had found the afternoon a hair-raising experience and I was lacquered. By Wickedangel

Forbidden Angels Magazine






Photography by Dotty Kavina,Chris Smith, Sonbon Garden




I don’t know- you leave your home town of Bristol for the bright lights of London (many years ago), then when you return for Bristol Pride, you find what was once a so so city has become one of the most esciting cities, with a gay village to rival that of Manchester and Brighton. Even the rain couldnt dampen the fantastic spirit of the day. This has everything the London and Brighton pride’s seem to have lost - and thats a real sense of community through out the LGBT and their friends. In the evening, my hosts for the weekend (Dr John and his bloyfriend Craig) took me on a tour of the gay village. So lets name check them here - Bristol Bear Bar, The Old Market Tavern, The Lounge, Old Castle Green and finally Flamingos. Every bar was friendly and attitude free, a refreshing change from what I usually get when visiting a lot of London bars.

Flamingos was kicking, despite not being the official after party venue (That went to the Firestation - which i hope to check out next time I am in Bristol - which is going to be soon.). With two rooms of diversity one doing pop and the other playinf host to some of the best DJ’s outside of Vauxhall. A special shout out has to go to DJ Sam who managed to throw down some awesome tracks and get everyone dancing like crazy. The petition for a London nightclub to sign him him for a gig starts now. Bristol is rocking. Bristol is hot, and after years of running away, I can’t wait to get back to my roots now. Photography courtesy of Pride Bristol Facebook Flamingos photos by DJ Sam & Mark Anthony Hoare




E C A R G A R D H C I W N E E R G the Greenwich London is famous all things matitime, the start and end of time, and a certain queen’s house. But not everybody knows that once a year, since 2004 the streets of Greenwich have played host to the Annual Greenwich Drag Race. A fundraiser so colourful and camp, the police actually shut down the traffic in to the one way system, to allow drag queens and kings (all wearing heels!), to vie for winning status. The event is a sposnored event which aims to bring to the forefront, the work that the Metro Centre does, (see this months health section for work that the Metro Centre does.), and to raise money for this erstwhile charity.

virgin bride who received a trophy and beautiful buquet of flowers donated by Mike Catterwell florist Greenwich. Ashley Ryder turned up and turned on the heat by auctioning himself off as a date for an evening, raising £130 to throw in the kitty. Forbidden Angels Magazine also set the pulses racing when we annonced that we would put somebody on the front cover if they bid for it. Duly a very sexy man bid £150 and will feature on our cover in the near future. A good day was had by all and the local night clubs provided buses for there punters to go to the clubs .

The event also now become a memrorium for the late great Estee Applaudher, who was fundamental each year in helping organise and host the event. With each year the event grows. This year was no exception - with record breaking numbers of both drag and spectators in attendance. The atpmosphere was good hearted as people crowded aound the Rose and Crown pub to check out the fine fillie of runners. The Mayor and Mayoress had turned up for the event and got into the party sprit and were this years hosts. The winner of the drag race was a young



B U L C T U O Y A W e th Steffan Whitfield “Feel the Love” Celebration

Our Annual Celebration of the lives of those we have Loved and Lost Steffan lost his battle with cancer and passed away 29th July 2005 After losing Steffan, performers inspired and encouraged by him over many years gathered to perform a tribute him on the Saturday night that would have been his 40th Birthday. The show was outstanding with many performances and messages of goodwill. The swollen audience at The WayOut Club applauded wildly throughout the show. But even more importantly we had kept Steffan’s memory alive, and taught some who never knew him, who he was, and why he was, (and still is), so important to us all.

The line up and quality of performers was exceptional Dr Clive (of Dr and the Medics ‘Spirit in the Sky’ ) Miss Imani Miss Kimberley Miss Vannila Miss Ruby Venezuala Lady Ebbonknee Zealy Miss Farrah Mills Miss Taura Mai Miss Minnie Diamond Mr Ian Liegh Miss Sarah Lloyd Supasista’s - Miss Kitty & Miss Fitt We collected on the night £500 including a substantial donation by The Way Out Club and donated this to the charity nominated by Steffan’s mum Bonnie ...(Cancer Charity) Myeloma UK, Over the years we have held this celebration we have so far raised for the charity £4600.

Since losing Steffan we have lost others that Steffan lovedSteffan would want us to remember ALL in our community that we have loved and lost and to celebrate their lives and their contribution to our lives. So from 2010 the night has became our annual Steffan Whitfield “Feel the Love” Celebration - for the lives of those we have loved and lost’ A night for us to remember ALL those in the Trans community who we have loved in the style that Steffan taught us to do.


NUDITY For the guys that like to get back to nature, and dance without the retrictions of clothing, this is certainly the club night for you. A sexy cruisy night with lots of hot guys bearing all.

cilla the

of Pris he cast

ft Some o Musical


Forbidden Angels Magazine


BOOSTER Boosters Sunday club nights are going from strength to strength, with promoter Romain Lopez creating a great Sunday early evening dance club. There are some great sounds from DJ’s Ferno, Sharon O Love and Miss Crazy D. Mary Kianni was on satge when we were there to help get the boys and girls in the party mood before heading off to Orange.

cilla the

of Pris he cast

ft Some o Musical


TWO8SIX If you see a old route master bus in South London these days, the chances are it could be heading for Two8six in Lewisham. The packed bus headed for the bar from the Drag Race in Greenwich to continue the camp fun, with the night running well into the early hours of the morning. Steves certainly knows how to keep the party swinging.

cilla the

of Pris he cast

ft Some o Musical


PUNK Another great fund raising event was the Madonna Odyssey party at Punk night club in Soho, to celebrate Madonna’s 52nd birthday. and raise money for Stonewall. As always it was a great turn out of people, with international drag dj Miss Dusty O and a host of celebrities. People danced to Madonna tracks old and new. A great event for the hardened fans of the great lady.

cilla the

of Pris he cast

ft Some o Musical


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FORBIDDEN MUST HAVES With a great month of fetish events about to hit our shores, we asked Master U to share some fetish “must haves” most of us could use. The Original MASTER U Sling £420.00 No other sling has come anywhere near its quality of leather, finishing and ergonomic design. There are some copycats on the market, but don’t be fooled this is the original and best! Available in discounted bundles with Sling Silent Suspension System and Bootslide or Cobra Restraints...

Portable Sling Frame The RED Sling Frame is the heavy duty tool for serious players. Developed and designed in cooperation with Master U Frame on it’s own, £560.00 Available in discounted bundles: Bundle 1 Frame, bag & sling £600 Bundle 2 Frame, bag, hanging system & sling £1,009.95 Bundle 3 Frame, bag, hanging system, cobra restraints & sling £1,099.95

Premium Wrist Ankle Restraints £56.95 These restraints are de-rigeur for anyone wanting to control their subjects physically and psychologically. Available for the wrists and ankles in small and large sizes.

Leather rubber flogger two in one £79.95 Leather rubber flogger - two in one Small leather/rubber flogger: horse-hide and rubber cord! 35 outer horse-hide lashes / innerrubber cord lashes - an all-time favourite!

Also available in discounted bundles. Forbidden Angels Magazine


Adjustable plastic nipple rings £19.95 A pair of plastic adjustable disc nipple clamps on a chain.

Cocksling £26.75 COCKSLING SUPER STRETCHY is the latest design by OXBALLS. COCKSLING is the best cock and ball piece that we have ever seen and used!

Stainless Steel Douche £29.95 Stainless Steel Douche This item attaches to your douche kit like a regular nozzle. The plug is made of stainless steel, has a seven hole tip and measures 15cm (6”) long.

INON DL Black latex gloves large £13.95

RAW Image - 16 Month Calendar £19.95 16 Masculine Months of your favourite RAW Image Studio men.

6 Inch Vibrator King size condom 2 Pack £1.00

GETMAXXX Ultimate Lube from £10.75 Premium Quality Silicone Lubricant. 0% Cyclic Silicones. Available in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml bottles. with lockable drip free pump action, easy one-hand application. Also available in 1000ml screw cap bottle.

What more can you say ? King size condoms

Vishagra Blue Pill £2.99 Vishagra is a herbal supplement which aids erectile dysfunction. With these 2 capsules you will last longer, perform harder and get a more powerful erection. all products available from Forbidden Angels Magazine 73

Who’s the Daddy?


aster U is a London based manufacturer or state-of-theart leather fetish and bondage


Producing their own range of very well made slings, hoods, sleep-sacks, restaints, bespoke clothing and equipment, always with attention to detail and top quality. All products are hand crafted at the work shop in south London, and sold at the shop and on it’s online service. The shop provides a wide range of products from aromas, lubes, slings, bondage to greeting cards. The clothing is made to measure with a five month waiting list due to the high demand. They offer an alteration service with a turn around time of about two to three weeks. Master U say there is no issue on sizes as the clothing is made to measure. Whilst I was there they had just finished making some leather trousers for a 52” waist. Uwe the founder and owner started Master U back in 2001 and steadily built up his clientele of customers. In 2008, he took the plunge and opened his first shop. With the addition of the web site. He says “People fly in from all over the world and Master U is fast becoming a top name in the fettish world.” One point of difference from other fetish shops is his best selling product, the master u sling. A unique piece of apparatus that is exclusive to Master U, which utilises a special design with the framework reinforced. The great thing about this frame is it’s light - and more importantly, trasnportable. They also do a rage of cards and calendars by Raw Studios, and are a sponsor of Hotwired, Londons biggest underground leather party. The shop is open 5 days a week from 11.30 to 7pm closed Sunday and Monday and you will find it at 330 Kennington Lane London SE11 5HY

74 Forbidden Angels Magazine

get Hotwired


ard On and RUT, the two biggest names in the London leather/rubber scene come together for a oneoff massive party on October 9th 2010, 10 PM- 6

AM. Promoters Suzie Kruger and Rob Rutt join forces to put on the biggest leather event to hit London.

Hotwired will take place in a massive 15,000 sq foot industrial space. Venue is in Zone 1 south London. The exact address will not be announced until October 8th. The promoters will transform it into a hardcore dance and cruise leather space. With two music rooms featuring Hard On’s finest DJs in the Hard On room, plus RUT regulars will get a chance to dance to the RUT DJs along with extra special guests in the RUT room. DJs to be announced. There will also be a massive play space, secondary play areas, an outdoor area and a chillout room. Strict leather/rubber dresscode. This will be enforced. Hotwired After Party at Hidden, 5 AM – 11 AM. Tickets available from September 1st.

FETISH EVENTS: CALENDAR BLUf! Breeches Leather and Uniform Fanclub Founded in 1997 and now one of the largest clubs for men with a fetish for leather uniforms, BLUF has over 2700 members around the world, including over 600 in the UK. Parties are regularly held in London, at The Backstreet and The Hoist, and attract a wide range of guys into leather. Parties at The Backstreet typically see the club filled to capacity, with over 80 BLUF members, plus other visitors. The next event is at The Backstreet on Saturday 25th of September; doors open for BLUF members and their guests from 9pm, and for everyone else at 10pm, when usual Backstreet dress code and entrance charges will apply. Membership of BLUF is free, and gives access to the website, which provides profiles, messaging, a forum, directory of gear suppliers, and details of events around the world. BLUF is a non-profit, noncommercial organisation. For more info, visit or email


From its humble beginnings in a room above a pub in Nottingham, Heresy n Heelz has developed into one of the biggest and most unique events of its kind in the UK. The formula was simple, to create a club night for the ultra-well dressed, around a highly polished and professional burlesque stageshow. Latex-lovlies rub shoulders on the dance floor with burlesque betties, a multitude of alternative cultures brought together by a common theme of a passion for “dressing to impress”, encouraged by a competition for the best ones with £600 in prizes. Heresy n Heelz is a pansexual event with wide appeal, and welcomes straight, gay, bi, TS/TV as well as many from the fetish community. Always going the extra mile to offer their guests quality and value for money, there are traders providing an alternative market where you can buy everything from steampunk to stockings, bespoke corsetry & designer latex aplenty, and one could conceivably amass a complete outfit under the one roof…with even a wig to set it all off ! The next Heresy n Heelz event in on 27th November @ The Asylum Venue, Hampton Street, Birmingham B19 3LS more info from”

Photograph Dangerous Dolly (courtesy of Karl Bright)

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Shove your tongue down my throat when you are banging my ass 76 Forbidden Angels Magazine

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p until two years ago Scott Spears was still working for UPS as a package car driver, as well as acting in the porn industry. The scorpion actor managed to get enough work to jack the UPS in, and enjoy life doing what he loves. Getting fucked by some of the cream the adult entertainment industry has to offer. Interviewing Scott, you quickly realise he is no push over, and has an active mind and body, spending his spare time doing outdoor sports like swimming, kayaking, white-water rafting. “I like cultural events like concerts and plays, sports, whitewater rafting, bodybuilding and going out to an upscale restaurant.” “Here in Atlanta we have a very diverse gay and transgender community that is widespread across the city with something going on almost 24 hours a day be it a drag show, leather or rubber fantasy workshops, dinner out with friends, or cruising the bars and bathhouses” “When I am in Atlanta I volunteer at a homeless shelter

called Crossroads Mission in downtown Atlanta. I do special event fundraisers in Atlanta exclusively at the Atlanta Eagle bar for gay rights causes and AIDS organizations. I work in San Francisco with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with Barbi Mitzfah for International Bear Rendezvous for San Francisco based AIDS organizations, In Chicago with Grabby events for AIDS organizations and every year I do Will Clark’s Bad Boys on the Hudson Sea Tea cruise for the Anti Violence Project.”

someone who had been at a pool party at my house who wanted to use my pool and house for their very first film. The film never did get made but the photographer that was there took pictures of me and sent them into Inches Magazine. Catalina Video saw the magazine and hired me for 2 films right away. What was your first day on set like?

The first film and first day on a set was great. I filmed with a guy named Graham for a film So Scott’s not a “himbo” then! called Head Coach. It was for Catalina Video and everyone What is the one thing you was so professional and the must do if visiting Atlanta? sex was great, set was great, and have never cummed so You have to come hang out with much in my life before or after! me in leather at the Atlanta Eagle, having a couple of beers, You have worked for such a and shooting a game of pool huge number of studios in or two before we head back to your career including my peryour hotel.... sonal favourite Dickwadd, which was your favourite So what turns Scott Spears set? on? I really enjoyed making LINK: It does not take much. I am The Evolution for Chi Chi almost always horny for most LaRue’s Channel 1 Releasanything. Part of being a Scor- ing company as the set was in pio I guess. If you want to take the basement of a warehouse me home from the bar, buy me that smelled like piss. I almost a Jaeger and Coke, give me a creamed my pants when I saw couple of deep-throat kisses that the set was layed out like a and then start twisting my nips real dungeon with lots of welland we are out the door... hung nasty perverted hunks in leather that I have had fantasies How did you get into the adult about. I got to film a boot black industry? orgy scene that featured Derrick Hanson and Cole Ryder among A literal knock at the door from others, that involved a rimming Forbidden Angels Magazine


wheel that spun around by itself, that Chi Chi had made for me... Second favourite would be my water-sports scene for Lucas Entertainment’s Auditions 21 that I did with Michael Lucas himself. Which studio would you most like to work for? I would love to work for Raging Stallion or Hot House. I love their films, their use of masculine muscled aggressive hairy guys that reek of testosterone and sex, and their imaginative sets and plots. Do you get recognized in the street? Yes. I love it when a guy from a bar, a lesbian grandma at the gay bookstore, or a girl at the gym tells me they are a fan. My fans are generally gay guys, lesbian and the straight girls. I was fortunate to be a presenter with you at the GRABBY’s this year what was the highlight of your evening? The highlight of my evening was presenting with two of my favourite fantasies - Paul Stag and Tyger Hudson. If you could have heard all the fantasies that were in my head of the three of us in different positions in the sling that was in my room at the Hard Rock Hotel, I am surprised that I could concentrate on presenting... Do you perform sex shows on stage and escort? Yes. I perform regularly go go dancing at Bourbon Pub in Key 78 Forbidden Angels Magazine

West, Lucky Horseshoe in Chicago, and whatever goes... on Will Clark’s Bad Boys on the Hudson Sea Tea cruise in NYC and a few other bars across the country. I have done a few bathhouse sex shows across the country with muscle stud Duke Rivers and a few others who I have done a few films with and one in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics. I do escort and take pride in my work as I am regularly featured on Daddy’s Reviews, Rentboy. com, and websites. Give us a great sex tip? Shove your tongue down my throat when you are banging my ass What’s your one bad habit in and out of bed?

what can we look forward to next?

Where can fans see more of you or get hold of you?

I just finished production on “What Boys Want” from Galaxy Pictures which will be out in December. I also wrote and directed a leather cigar film for Uniform Studios called “Daddy Attack” and will again be featured as “The Punisher” in a new rubber bondage film for Bondagezine Films.

I have about 100 films out there for lots of companies including Channel 1 Releasing, Lucas Entertainment, Uniform Studios, Galaxy Pictures, Bondagezine Films, Ty Lattimore Entertainment, and the list goes on and on. Check them all out and me at my website I also am being featured at for live appearances and stage shows. That is probably the best sources for finding my films and me! By Paul Stag Photography courtesy of Lucas Entertainment.

In bed - That when you turn over to go to sleep that I am ready to go again and again. Out of bed - Coffee and cigarettes... Do you have a partner? I had a partner for several years but he died in a car crash a couple of years ago. He had every film I had made up to that point and was my biggest fan. Hairy or Smooth guys? I like masculine, in shape, well hung lumberjack type of guys who take control of the situation at hand - me! No preference on hairy or smooth although lately I have been with mostly hairy guys... You have starred in some very hot movies, Forbidden Angels Magazine


Mr September: Kofi By Wickedangel Kofi Manu is a single 34 year old man from Ghana, West Africa. He has been living in the UK now for seven years, first living in Leeds and then coming to the capital London, where he has made lots of friend and has a great social life. Kofi can be seen out at the weekend on the Vauxhall and Soho London scene, but when not in the clubs he also likes to go to the cinema, or listening to R&B music at home with friends. He lives in the South London area and works out at the gym two or three times a week. For his day job, Kofi works in security for retail and looks really sexy all polished up in his uniform. As for relationships, the down to earth man amazingly says he is still single. Kofi says he likes natral guys with nice bodys, with the personality being more important than the look. “They don’t have to be muscle guys!”

80 Forbidden Angels Magazine

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He first got hooked on tattoos when he was working a a dancer in Ibiza. He got drunk one night and went to a tattoo studio. Once there, he decided to have a daisy chain put on his arm. The tattoo artist told him to go home and come back the next day , when he was sober. He did and the next day he was back in the studio, where it just so happened that Kate Moss was also there with Meg Mathews, The girls decided the Matt should have a star done, which he did. The girls followed suit and they all got stars , and then they all went out and parted that night . Matt’s tattoos have all been done by different artist. He says he has no favourite artist. I ask if he has a favourite tat’ , to which he replies “It’s always the next one!” With most of his right side now covered. Matt is now planning on getting tattoos down the left side of his body next.

bit like plastic surgery.” I ask him how much he thinks he has spent for his tattoo art. “A lot” he says; “It runs in to thousands of pounds. But then if I bought a painting from a good artist it would cost a lot of money.” “I am like a walking work of art.” Is there any meaning to the work? “Yes the right arm is just pretty and pleasing on the eye, and the left arm is my thoughts and meanings. The emblem on my back has meaning as a part of my life.” Do guys get disappointed when you tell them what job you do as people do have pre conceptions about what tattooed men should be like? i venture to ask. “I do not want to be placed in a pigeon hole. I take people at face value and expect the same.” So what does the rest of 2010 hold for Matthew? “More tattoos, and some very exciting make-up projects are being lined up. - Check out my web site if you’re interested in seeing some of my work.”

“It does become an obsession. A

Matthew poses with Kate Moss (Main Picture). On the razz with Kate and Meg Mathews(Above) Matthew (Left) 86 Forbidden Angels Magazine

By Wickedangel

Picture taken by Karl for Stompcrush and Sitcrush

If you want to treat your self to a special make over. He is your man. Taking on bespoke makeup design work he can create that non- typical look of what people imaging a make up to be.



Mick a UK based escort has been on the scene for two years now. Wickedangel caught hold of him in his busy schedule to find out what makes him tic. Have you ever worked for escort agencys and what was the diferace between working for them and by yourself? Yeah i`m still registered with a couple of agencies. The difference is that when you work for yourself you make more money, but you have to take more precautions when working for yourself, as sometimes an agency can be a safer way of doing things... Do you specialize in anything? Not really, more of a jack of all trades lol. I`ve been told that i`m good at the wrestling thing in the past lol. Have you ever had any bad or scarry experiences? As of yet no, I treat everybody with respect and demand the same in return. Most people are really nice but I know a few people who have had bad experiences so always on my guard. Have you ever done porn? Sort of yes, I did a few photo shoots and videos for two sites ( and which are trample and facesitting.


TV from time to time but not full time, just as and when Are you top or bottom? Bottom only What do you do in your spare time? What spare time? lol Do you have a boyfriend and how do you see relation ships working with people in your profession? Yes I have a partner and he also escorts but he is a she when he does it, if ya catch my drift? lol

What are your plans for the future? Do you have any new projects in the pipline? Of course I have plans but I aint gonna share them lol. I gotta have some mystery. By Wickedangel Photo by Red Eagle Films

Do you have a day job? Not at the minute. I do extra work on Forbidden Angels Magazine


WHAT'S GOT US EXCITED? Sleaze in the East End of London Launching November 5th, a new night dedicated to all things sleaze opens for a once a month night of sheer indulgence at Stunners (Cable Street, Lime House). Promising dark rooms and fetsih equipment, a special cruise area, a dance floor with dirty house DJ Matt King, live man on

man shows and a fantastic priced bar, this looks like a night to be remebered. There will be a dress code of “Fetish” - so you can decide what you want to wear that turns you on. More information in the next issue of Forbidden Angels Magazine as we get it.

Queer goes Cyber Imagine a web site that combined all the things you loved about Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Gaydar. Wouldn’t it be good if a web site could incoporate all those elements? Well newly launched QueerCyber does just that. The brainchild of

Romain Lopez and Johnny Sparkle, Queer Cyber has already generated enough of a buzz that new members are joining at a phenomenal rate. Smart apps like pod casting and video conferencing are included along with the usual chat rooms and photo sharing. So log and , and we’ll chat to you there.

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Forbidden Angels Magazine September Issue 3.1  
Forbidden Angels Magazine September Issue 3.1  

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