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Small Business Sales & Marketing Challenges In today's hectic world hyper, small groups, civic organizations and churches are struggling to maintain constant communication with its members, especially when they have to get the word out quickly. If you have been in the loop on these issues, you know that no matter how hard you try there is always someone who cannot get the word. But there is a solution to this problem. Now you can contact any group of people - of any size - quickly, easily and inexpensively. It's called broadcast voicemail, or voice, for short, and is the most immediate and inexpensive way to maintain communications with member list available today. Software modern voice transmission is simply "the" main communication software for use with any small group, church or civic organization. Voice broadcasting is not a new technology, but in the past it was very difficult to use and prohibitively expensive. You were forced to spend thousands of dollars on hardware and undergo many hours of training. However, the latest version of software voicemail broadcast communication is entirely webbased, which means it can be used from any computer with a standard web browser. The associated costs are very reasonable and, better yet, it's easy to use! Communication with your small group, church, civic organization or business once was an onerous task. But there's more. Is now faster, easier and even cheaper - if you use the latest software voicemail broadcast communication. You can: 1. Announcements broadcast reminders and announcements of your group in minutes! 2. Reach thousands at a time, and easily automated donation, solicitation and fundraising activities! 3. Announce upcoming special event of your group with the click of a button! 4. Notify members of the news, emergencies and changes as soon as it happens! 5. Use your computer to make calls to regular reminder group activities underway! With the latest software for voice transmission, communication in small groups is now very easy! The phone tree is a thing of the past. No longer had the valuable time of staff members and volunteers involved with non-productive activities, and you can be sure everyone gets the word! If someone does not "get" the call, the software will leave a message to pick up later. Lest you think email is the solution, think again. With the advent of spam filters and ISPs block emails you "think" are spam, vital message could not get through - or I could go into a bulk folder , which is not

read per day , if ever. And to state the obvious , not everyone has a computer , or want to learn the computer is about one all the time. But people are always near the phone, right? Most people carry one with them all the time, and many who do not accept emails. Use the broadcast system voice mail to ensure that your message reaches. No doubt you've tried phone trees, or worse, assigning the task of calling the whole group to a poor individual. While this can work, staff or volunteers to do other things, much more remains productive. Sending mail is obviously not a quick fix, nor is it really cheap. Stuffing envelopes and licking stamps is, again, not the best use of the time when something as immediate members, low cost and easy to use as voice transmission is available. In this day and age of constant distraction and media mind-numbing over- saturation, the best way to get the voice is the fast method to guarantee you have your full and undivided attention - and that the method is still the old reliable phone. But for the reasons stated above, this is difficult and often impossible for communication, and even small church group, not to mention communications groups and much larger organizations. But now the tool that solves this problem - voice mail broadcasting software - is available to make it easier, cheaper and immediate work! Check it out! For more information about how Voice Broadcasting Software, hosted predictive dialer, call center management software, auto dialer, Hosted IVR, Cloud based Auto Dialer and IVR software may work for your small business visit the

Small business sales & marketing challenges  

In today's hectic world hyper, small groups, civic organizations and churches are struggling to maintain constant communication with its mem...

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