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Secret behind the Voice Broadcasting Service Voice broadcasting (which a large number of automated phone calls and playing a pre-recorded message) is a very powerful and affordable way to get your message to a large number of customers, current or potential. Despite its power, before you spend a thin dime on a telephone transmission, you should learn this secret. Because without it, you might just lose your money. So what could be this terrible secret? It's very simple - most people hate to receive telemarketing calls. Okay, okay, I know it's not really a secret. If you are thinking about using an automatic transmission system and do not take into account this "secret" with care, it can really hurt your campaign. Here's why? The vast majority (90% or more) of those receiving a broadcast call, simply hang up. The next largest group (a few percent) of people presses "2" (to be removed from the call list). The smaller groups, about 1-2%, press "1" (to speak with a live person, or hear more, or leave a voice mail). You're probably thinking "well, but I'll just pay for the" press 1, what is the problem? "Here's the problem. Just because someone presses "1", does not mean they are interested in your message. Some of them just want to tell you not call again. These responses have no value for you. But it still pays for them. So you should carefully consider how to maximize positive responses interested and qualified. Now, if you are selling commercial accounts business prospects, or even selling raffle tickets for charity event, you will hear some people say "remove me from their list and not call again" (or worse) ... It's no surprise right? And I promise, even if you are soliciting donations for sick children, even if you're calling your own list of donors from the past, will continue to receive some negative calls! The inescapable fact is this - of 1,000 people, there are probably 2 or 3 that look so irritated when they receive a telemarketing call, to "press 1" to complain. To illustrate the effect of the response rate in the number of calls received negative, consider two hypothetical campaigns. Campaign # 1 - selling merchant accounts to businesses - response rate is lower than average, at 0.6%. Campaign # 2 - asking for donations for sick children - using a list of donors - response rate is higher than average, at 1.5%.

Now suppose that 3 of 1000 (0.3%) of those calls are of the type "press 1 for no good reason" ... If you work through the numbers, the campaign merchant processing takes 50% negative calls, but even the campaign for sick children get 20%! The fact is that if you are delivering to live phone calls answered, and taking live transfers, you simply cannot escape the negative calls, no matter what your message is about. And the main way to reduce them is to create a message with a higher response rate. We have described how to receive negative calls is a fact of life in this business, and how to increase the response rate to decrease the number of negative calls. Join me as we will see in future installments how to handle and avoid negative calls, along with other voice broadcasting tips. For more information about how Voice Broadcasting Software, Auto Dialer, Call Center Software and Hosted IVR work for your business, visit the

Secret behind the voice broadcasting service  

Voice broadcasting (which a large number of automated phone calls and playing a pre-recorded message) is a very powerful and affordable way...