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spring 2009 The public port district serving Jefferson County, Washington • • (360) 385-0656

Community Report 2008 - 2009

It’s Your Port: Get to Know Us In 1924, Jefferson County resi-

dents. Your elected Port Com-

aircraft mechanics, boaters,

dents formed the Port of Port

missioners are responsible to

pilots, RVers, anglers, swimmers,

Townsend by a county-wide

YOU, the taxpayers, for ensuring

scuba divers, beachcombers,

vote. Today, your Port is a $6.3

that Port properties serve the

business owners and nonprofit

million operation that generates public good, promote local em-

leaders—ordinary people like

economic activity many times

ployment and encourage com-

your friends and neighbors pic-

that, and is a significant source

munity-wide economic growth.

tured above. We serve YOU. In

of jobs for Jefferson County resi-

Your Port supports shipwrights,

these pages, get to know us.

Our Mission: “to responsibly develop property and facilities that encourage job creation, private investment, local economic stability and diversity, and to better the quality of life for the citizens throughout Jefferson County.”

Your Port Staff Executive Director: Larry Crockett Deputy Director: Jim Pivarnik


e have been working hard this past year to improve communications with our constituents. We hope this publication answers many of your questions about how the Port of Port Townsend operates, how it is managed, and what your Port does for you.

Director of Finance & Administration: Donald Taylor

In this widespread economic downturn, we’d like to dispel doom and gloom and tell you about some of the positive actions your Port is taking for the benefit of our community.

Maintenance Manager: Larry Aase

Most significantly, we create economic opportunities for businesses located at the Port’s five main facilities (see map on page 4). We support 140 commercial leases. We provide and maintain infrastructure and are always updating it to meet operational and environmental standards. Your Port is developing properties appropriately sized for our community with recreational and job-creation opportunities always in mind.

Hoist & Yard Manager: Doug Lockhart Harbormaster: Tami Ruby Herb Beck Marina Operator: Jim Speer Executive Assistant & Public Records Officer: Sue Nelson Port Attorney: Robert Goodstein, Goodstein Law Group

Contact Us E-mail: Mail: P.O. Box 1180 Port Townsend, WA 98368 Administration Office 375 Hudson Street Port Townsend (360) 385-0656 Boat Haven Moorage Office 2601 Washington Street Port Townsend (360) 385-2355 or (800) 228-2803 Point Hudson Moorage Office 103 Hudson Street Port Townsend (360) 385-2828 or (800) 228-2803 Airport (unmanned) Airport Cutoff Road Port Townsend (360) 385-2323 or (800) 228-2803 Maintenance Office 809 8th Street Port Townsend (360) 385-2847 Yard Office 2790 Washington Street Port Townsend (360) 385-6211 or (800) 228-2803 Herb Beck Marina Office 1731 Linger Longer Road Quilcene (360) 765-3131


From the Commission

In these tough times, be assured that we’re pinching our pennies, too. The Port’s 2009 operating expenses are down 1.3% from 2008. On the income side, we have adjusted the rate structure for our tenants and users to distribute the costs more fairly. When money is tight in your household, your Port provides all sorts of low-cost recreation. Stroll around the point at Point Hudson or jump on the Larry Scott Trail at the Shipyard, where we provide trail access and restrooms; launch a boat from one of our five boat launch ramps; take a swim from our sandy beach near Fort Worden or—better yet!—from the only warm-water swimming beach in the county, adjacent to our Quilcene marina. Lastly, we feel it’s very important right now, in these times of scarce dollars, to make sure we’re directing those dollars toward the most community-critical projects and needs. So last fall we initiated a strategic planning process and tasked a 17-member Community Advisory Committee with identifying those projects and priorities. We invite you to attend a series of visioning open houses this summer (see page 8) to learn about the Committee’s work and give your input. To learn more about these or other Port initiatives or operations, or to tour Port facilities, please contact our administration office. You can always contact us, your elected representatives, directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Herb Beck, President

John Collins, Vice President

Dave Thompson, Secretary

Serving District 3

Serving District 1

Serving District 2

Retired from civilian employment at Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center; owns Little Quil Farms.

Professor of public service; retired from Seattle University.

Marine tradesman; owner of Charlie Noble Enterprises.

(360) 765-3728

(360) 643-2050

(360) 643-2050

Role of the Port Ports are the only government agencies whose primary responsibility is to foster economic activity for their communities. The Port of Port Townsend takes this authority very seriously. Through building and operating marinas, an airport, industrial sites and boat launch ramps, we are able to facilitate trade, tourism and recreation. Your Port is governed by three commissioners who are responsible for establishing policies and overseeing operations. Although each commissioner represents a district within Jefferson County, they are elected by a county-wide vote for a four-year term.

Financials Grants, Interest & Misc. $249,823

Airport $150,438 Quilcene & Boat Ramps $130,709

2008 Actuals

Property Tax $817,168 Boat Haven Moorage & Fuel Dock $1,396,221

Point Hudson $846,779

Boat Haven Leases $472,130

Quilcene Airport & Boat $138,700 Ramps $126,660

Boat Haven Renovation Fund $257,920

Available for Capital Projects $629,048 Staff Costs $1,913,083

Sources of Funds Uses of Funds

Debt Service $1,166,984

Yard Revenue $1,431,262

Other Operating Expenses $228,034

Grants, Interest & Misc. $171,500 Property Tax   $839,300

2009 Budgeted

Utilities $487,685 Insurance $161,831

Boat Haven Renovation Fund $275,000

Maintenance & Repair $296,050

Contract Services & Legal Operating $191,000 Supplies $162,895

Available for Capital Projects $625,077 Staff Costs $1,960,925

Point Hudson $844,500

Boat Haven Moorage & Fuel Dock $1,418,200

Debt Service $1,172,363

Sources of Funds Uses of Funds

Boat Haven Leases $488,000 Yard Revenue $1,495,700

Other Utilities Operating $460,750 Expenses $230,445 Insurance $165,000 Maintenance & Repair $300,000

Contract Services & Operating Legal Supplies $173,000 $170,000

Summary of Revenue, Expense & Income, 2000-2009 (budgeted) $6,000,000

$5,000,000 $4,000,000

Total Operating Revenue Total Operating Expense Total Non-Op Rev less Exp Net Income

$3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 0









2008 (2009)

Although we collect property taxes, only 2% of your property tax dollar is directed to the Port of Port Townsend (representing 13% of our revenues in 2009), and the Port’s tax levy rate has declined for eight years in a row. 3

Map of Port Facilities & Properties

Larry Crockett photo

???????????? photo

The Port of Port Townsend owns, operates and leases significant marine and aviation related facilities in Jefferson County, serving industrial and commercial as well as recreational purposes. Your Port provides public and economic access to our area’s incredible natural resources and facilitates trade, tourism and recreation for the benefit of the community.


Port Townsend Yard F

eaturing a heavy boat haulout facility, the Port Townsend Yard has a regional reputation for quality and economy and is a destination of choice for vessel maintenance, refits and new construction of all types. It provides access to more than 100 marine trades businesses in the Port Townsend area. The Port operates three travel lifts; the largest one can lift vessels up to 150 feet long and weighing up to 330 tons. The Yard’s 17-acre dry-land storage area can hold up to 200 vessels “on the hard,” and owners are allowed to work on their own boats (something many workyards prohibit). Constructed in 1997, the Shipyard portion of the Yard was the Port’s most ambitious expansion project in more than two decades, and provided a much-improved home for the marine trades, the third-largest employment sector in Jefferson County. The security of long-term leases has encouraged many marine boatbuilding and repair businesses to construct specialized facilities for their operations. Other Yard tenants include marine supply and equipment retailers, several eateries, and the County’s hazardous waste collection facility.

The Port’s Yard supports wooden boatbuilding and repair as well as composite hull construction. It is a home for the third-largest employment sector in Jefferson County.

Townsend Bay Marine photo

Port Facilities We’ve been in business since 1981 and the Port has been very accommodating in allowing us to grow— we recently enlarged our ground lease again to build a systems shop. We haul out more boats than just about anyone in the Shipyard, so increasing our business increases the Port’s business. —Ben Tyler Member, PT Shipwrights Co-op

Port Townsend Boat Haven Marina T

his full-service marina provides permanent and transient moorage year-round. It is home to 475 commercial and recreational vessels and each year provides more than 6,000 overnight guest moorage accommodations for visiting vessels. Boat Haven amenities include a fuel dock, pumpout station, showers and a laundry. A net float for fisherman, a seafood loading dock and a crane support the fishing fleet in the commercial basin. The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Osprey is stationed here. The Port’s first developed property, Boat Haven is a 19-acre rectangle protected by a riprap breakwater. The first pile was driven in 1931 and the floating moorage has been expanded several times to produce the present facility. Replacing the A/B Dock system with its 175 slips is a top capital priority for 2010-11. A citizens advisory committee developed the new design over the past year and the Boat Haven’s A/B Dock will be project is currently in the permitting stage.

“The Port is thinking ahead to the next 30 years in designing new floats that will be more environmentally sound and much safer for the tenants and the boats.” —Tike Hillman Member, A/B Dock Advisory Committee

replaced within the next two years.

Point Hudson Marina & Resort I

n addition to the Port’s administration office, Point Hudson is home to the Wooden Boat Foundation & Northwest Maritime Center and the annual Wooden Boat Festival. Built out in the early 1930s as a federal quarantine station but instead used as a Coast Guard station, the property was deeded to the Port in 1956. The 4-acre marina has 44 slips and 700 feet of linear docks dedicated to guest moorage. The 24 upland acres owned by the Port house a recreational RV park with 48 spots as well as several marine trades businesses—including a sail loft, rigging loft, canvas loft and boat shop all in the historic Point Hudson Marina’s new docks are designed for guest Armory Building. The marina’s dock system was commoorage, and may be reserved for large gatherings like pletely replaced in 2007 and maintenance dredging was this Nordic Tug Rendezvous in 2008. completed last year.

“The Port has been a key partner in providing the facilities for our ever-expanding maritime programs and activities. With our new buildings, I predict even more opportunities for synergies.” —Stan Cummings Executive Director, Northwest Maritime Center 5

Port Facilities Jefferson County International Airport T

he county’s only general aviation airport is located four miles southwest of Port Townsend, between State Routes 19 and 20. It was developed as an auxiliary military training field prior to World War II, and was transferred first to Jefferson County and then to the Port in 1959. The Port has more than doubled the initial landholding to 316 acres and in 1990 constructed a single 3,000-foot east-west paved runway. Airport tenants offer a wide range of aviation support services, including passenger, cargo and scenic The Port Townsend Aero Museum opened at the Airport flights; aircraft rentals; flight instruction; aviation fuel; airframe and power plant maintenance and repair; and in 2008 and provides mentoring and job skills training for youth as well as historical displays for the public. a restaurant. The Airport is both home to and a popular destination for recreational pilots and is an international airport of entry, seeing a lot of use by Canadian pilots. Private developers began construction last year on 65 new airplane hangars; 25 have been completed and are now for sale. A significant new addition at the Airport is the nonprofit Port Townsend Aero Museum, which opened last year and is dedicated to historic aviation in the Pacific Northwest.

Coast Seafoods photo

Herb Beck Marina, Quilcene A

t the south end of Linger Longer Road on the west shore of Quilcene Bay, the Port owns about 50 acres of waterfront and uplands. The major tenant is Coast Seafoods, which operates a large shellfish hatchery and processing facility. A mix of transient, permanent and commercial moorage is provided at Herb Beck Marina (formerly Quilcene Boat Haven; renamed in 2005 to honor the current long-serving Port Commissioner, a Quilcene resident). The marina’s small manmade harbor has floating docks to accommodate about 50 boats, plus a boat launch ramp and fuel and water service. In 2008 the Port rebuilt 80 feet of docks that were damaged in a storm and replaced the site’s failing septic system with one with extra capacity for future industry and possible expanded RV use. Parking and a public restroom are provided next to what Coast Seafoods’ oyster hatchery is the major is famously known as the only warm-water swimming beach in the tenant at the Port’s Quilcene facility, which county—at least when the tide is coming in over the shallow flats!

“The Airport is not a rich people’s playground. It is a vital asset to the community. If there was ever a disaster like a tsunami, the Airport would be the only way out.” —BJ Hallinan Owner/Mechanic, Port Townsend Aircraft Services

“The Port’s support is absolutely critical to our operations here at the world’s largest oyster hatchery, and also to the jobs that provide employment for 28 workers.” —Judy Edwards Quilcene Hatchery Manager, Coast Seafoods

includes Herb Beck Marina.

Boat Launch Ramps T

he Port owns and operates three boat launch ramps outside of its Quilcene and Port Townsend marinas. They are located at Gardiner on the western shore of Discovery Bay, at the southern end of Mats Mats Bay (a small embayment north of Port Ludlow), and at Port Hadlock on Port Townsend Bay. The Gardiner ramp provides access to an extensive salmon sport fishing area in Discovery Bay. The launch facilities at Mats Mats include a150-foot loading float and a paved parking lot for about seven vehicles and trailers. The Port Hadlock ramp is adjacent to the Northwest School Anglers from all around Puget Sound travel to Port of Wooden Boatbuilding’s Heritage Campus and the launch of Port Townsend boat launch ramps (Boat Haven’s facilities include a timber pier and two loading floats. shown here) to enjoy local fishing grounds. 6

Gardiner Mats Mats Port Hadlock Quilcene Port Townsend Boat Haven

Port Properties K


Kah Tai Lagoon

Port Facts

ah Tai Lagoon lies directly north of Boat Haven Marina. In the 1960s and ’70s, the Port acquired 21 acres of undeveloped land along the lagoon’s southern boundary (north of Sims Way) that was filled with dredged material when the marina was developed. Today, Kah Tai Lagoon functions as a passive recreation park and open space. The Port-owned portion of the lagoon property (which includes a restroom and parking area) is leased to the City of Port Townsend through 2012. The nonprofit group Make Waves has initiated a discussion about building an aquatic center on Port-owned land near The Port owns 21 acres at Kah Tai Lagoon that the City-owned Park and Ride, and we will be exploring the is leased to the City of Port Townsend for a public park. benefits of this proposal to the Port and to the community.


Quincy Street Dock

commercial leases l

Hauled out


vessels Hosted

33,000+ overnight moorage & RV guests (who spent

$1 million

in our local economy)




Fort Worden Beach Port Townsend Marine Science Center photo



his decommissioned ferry dock In the heart of historic downtown, in downtown Port Townsend was Quincy Street Dock awaits restoraacquired by the Port in 1983 after Wash- tion by a private developer. ington State Ferries shifted its terminal to its current location. The Port’s ownership encompasses the overwater structures and 3,000 square feet of tidelands. In 1999, the Port arranged for the dock to be used in the filming of the movie, Snow Falling on Cedars, but currently it sits unused and fenced, with public access prohibited. Kevin Harris, owner of the adjacent Clam Cannery Building, is leasing the dock with plans to restore it. In 2007, the Port partnered with the state Department of Ecology to safely remove three defunct mooring dolphins containing 360 tons of water-polluting, creosote-treated pilings.

daily and The Port owns a quartermile of beach south of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center pier, adjacent to Fort Worden State Park. The public beach is popular for swimming and beach volleyball, and is used for educational purposes, too. Shown here are the enthusiastic youngsters attending the PTMSC’s Marine Biology Day Camp last summer.



he Port owns 1,200 linear feet of undeveloped beach area adjacent to Fort Worden State Park in northeastern Port Townsend. As one of the finest sandy beaches in the public domain, it is popular for summer swimming and beach volleyball, and is also used year-round by walkers, beachcombers and divers. It includes a Cascadia Marine Trail boat-in campsite. The site is accessible from Admiralty Inlet, or on foot from the beaches to the north and south, or from a set of wooden stairs descending the bluff. The property, acquired by the Port in 1957 around the time Fort Worden State Park was created, includes a steeply sloped bluff and about half an acre of intertidal land beginning just south of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center pier and extending to the latitude of W Street.


annual boat launch passes l



airplane departures & landings l


300,000+ gallons of marine & aviation fuel


Our Vision for the Future

Visioning Open Houses


hat does the community expect and need from its port? A strategic planning process presently underway seeks to answer those questions and provide a long-term vision for Port leadership. An advisory committee with broad community representation has been working since Fall 2008 on a revised mission statement and other directives, and recently drafted seven goals to serve as “Strategic Directions� for the next 10 years.

You are invited to share your vision for the Port’s future at these upcoming open houses. The Community Advisory Committee’s draft plans will be available for review and comment. Join us! l Monday, June 22, 7 p.m. Port Townsend Yacht Club The Community Advisory Committee has been meeting since last fall to draft a vision for the Port’s—your Port’s—future.

Goal 1: Promote, develop and manage the Port’s properties and facilities to stimulate county-wide economic vitality. Goal 2: Ensure that Port facilities, services and the shoreline environment are accessible to the community and visitors alike.

l Tuesday, June 23, 7 p.m. Quilcene Community Center l Thursday, June 25, 7 p.m. Port Ludlow Beach Club

Community Advisory Committee

Goal 3: Develop and maintain sound, safe and self-financing infrastructure at all Port properties.

District 1: David Hero District 2: Ted Pike District 3: Joe Baisch Marine Trades: David King, Townsend Bay Marine & Les Schnick, DesignKraft Moorage Tenants: Bertram Levy & Gary Rossow Small Boaters: Steve Tucker Airport: BJ Hallinan, PT Aircraft Services Education: Bob Lawrence, Peninsula College

Goal 4: Sustain a high level of community involvement that informs Port decisionmaking and builds public support. Goal 5: Improve service to Port tenants, customers and the public. Goal 6: Strengthen the Port’s financial performance. Goal 7: Become a recognized leader in environmental stewardship and the protection of community assets.

Environment: Gabrielle LaRoche Nonprofits: Kaci Cronkhite, Wooden Boat Foundation Local Businesses: Bob Little, Little & Little Construction Fort Worden: Steve Shively City of Port Townsend: Rick Sepler, Planning Director Jefferson County: Al Scalf, Planning Director Port Employee: Larry Aase, Maintenance Manager

Get to Know Your Port Explore the Website


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Our website is updated regularly and is the place to find: l Current moorage & hangar waiting lists l Past issues of our quarterly newsletter, The Conversation l The adopted 2009 budget l Port Commission meeting agendas & meeting minutes l And more!

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 643-2  (360)





Beck, ď Ź Herb eck@emba


Help Shape 2010 Budget

Attend a Meeting

Goals and assumptions for the Port’s 2010 operating budget will be discussed and refined at a series of public workshops this summer, well in advance of the budget adoption in November 2009. Upcoming dates are: l June 10, 9:30 a.m. l July 8, 9:30 a.m. l August 12, 9:30 a.m. See our website for a full meeting schedule and locations.

Regularly scheduled Port Commission meetings are the second Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. and the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. A 9:30 a.m. public workshop precedes the regular meeting on the second Wednesday. Location: the Commission Chambers, Port Administration Building, 375 Hudson Street, Point Hudson, Port Townsend.

P.O. Box 1180, PORT TOWNSEND, WA 98368 • • (360) 385-0656 This publication was produced by Shelly Randall of Story Services and printed in Port Townsend by The Printery.

Port of Port of PT's Community Report  

The Port of Port Townsend's Spring 2009 Community Report.

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