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Port Townsend Student art leader special focus . june 13, 2018

Max S., Grade 9

Jaydin S., Grade 4

Sam M., Grade 5

Klinor S., Grade K

Halie J., Grade 7

Inside My Heart Inside my heart lives One bee buzzing Two beautiful kisses Three loving people Four singing birds Five running horses And a sky full of stars Ila-Mera P., Grade 2

B 2 • Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Fenix N., Grade 7

Finn H., Grade 3

A Dark Wolf in the Wind A poem is When you just let your feelings crawl on a piece Of paper and take your soul with it A poem is A crumpled up piece of paper Lost in your closet forever A poem is Words having a rap Battle with the paper A poem is A dark wolf running through The gloomy forest with the moonlight Stroking its back River M., Grade 5

Michael G., Grade 4

Rain It is like a tiger scratching the wall It is like a rose losing its petals one by one It is like a musician playing the drum softly in a grassy field It’s like a poet’s pencils dropping on the floor Elisabeth E., Grade 2

Snow Snow, Sparkling, Glittering. White like clouds As fluffy as cotton candy White dots falling like lace Falling slowly and quietly Not a single paw print in site Waiting for dawn light with Children following. Bella F., Grade 3 Shyann P., Grade 3

What is Green? Is it a turtle walking across the beach Or a Lamborghini speeding down the highway? Is it a stegosaurus hiding its face behind a tree? Is it an energetic gorilla swinging from tree to tree Or a lazy hippo basking in the sun? Could it be a building full of busy people Or it might be an abandoned house, sitting and rotting in the dark woods? Is it the northern lights sparkling in the sky Or is it a Christmas tree with kids sitting around it, tearing open presents? Could it be the scissors in the caddy Or the folder I am writing in Tristan E., Grade 4

Jack C., Grade 4

Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 • B 3

Dad Dad Your heart is a city of love. When I hug you I feel Like a wire Absorbing energy From a lamp Morgan O., Grade 2

Ava M., Grade 5

Ode to Existence We are hiding our emotions from our bedraggeled society. Because we need titanic scientific discoveries to authenticate our minds. We are all seeking a overpowering meaning to our life. Sometimes we close our eyes and forget that we are supposed to blink 15 times a minute to be normal. We have one societal supposition of perfection. Because the electric boxes we stare at for hours a day Cajole us by photo shopped pictures. We all wish to be a paragon of the American dream. Because some sit on a crown of supercilious ideals. We are really just obviously musing. Your thoughts are lost in a vortex of darkness. A starscape of sadness. Our brains are full of ignorant ideas. Superstition fogs our judgment. You and I are sitting on a blue dot In a pool of stardust, daydreaming. Rosy C., Grade 7

Ava F., Grade 4

Sabina F., Grade 5

Kaleb K., Grade 3

With and Without Kaya C., Grade 1

With my father carrying me to the orphanage home. Without me knowing what was going on. With my cousins wailing in the distance. Without a thought of leaving home. Without a thought of never seeing my family again. With a flying thing I never knew existed. With whom I’m sitting next to – a Pale woman who smiles at me while I try to find the ground below the fluffy clouds. Without me knowing that this woman was going to be my mother. I take her hand while we land. With me being here for six months before I started school. With me knowing very little English. Without me knowing how to communicate with other kids, made it difficult. With me knowing that my neighbors are always there for me. With me knowing I can grow up healthy, educated and have a nice job. With me missing my father. With me missing Sedama. With me loving this place. With me loving my family. Tadu D., Grade 6

What is White? Is it the baseball flying into the outfield? Or is it the jersey worn by the runner? First Second Third Home Run!!! Oliver B., Grade 3

Roselani S., Grade 5

B 4 • Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Aziliz D. H., Grade 9

The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs Do you know what acid in the ocean does to coral? Ocean acidification is killing coral reefs,which is a lot of animals habitats. Ocean acidification is putting a negative impact for coral to recover from damage. For coral to grow it takes calcium carbonate from the water. Ocean acidification reduces the amount of pH in the water and carbonate for coral and other marine calcifiers, to use and build there skeletons. The amount of calcification rates went down 25% over the past 50 years. The carbon dioxide increases and the pH decreases.(climate interpreter) The ocean absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. It is estimated to have absorbed about half of the excess CO2 released by humans. This absorbed CO2 is resulting to chemical changes in the ocean. It could even make the water warmer. Coral is made of a chalky material and it is bad for it to get in acid. (GBRMPA) Ocean Acidification can also: increase bleaching, disease, the ability to defend themselves from danger, and alter behavior patterns. With Ocean acidification there is more carbon dioxide, this is what kills the coral. This also puts a negative impact on their ability to recover from damage.(the guardian) In conclusion, Ocean Acidification is putting a negative impact on coral reefs, and is destroying habitats in the ocean. People should drive cars less and use less plastic. Akeyla B., Grade 5

Sabrina F., Grade 5

Molly M., Grade 1

Asher L., Grade 3

Sophia L., Grade 3

Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 • B 5

Sam R., Grade 2

Ode to Music You sound like you are the one that is whispering in my ear to keep me breathing and pull myself together. You make it seem like you are the one keeping my soul alive. You come from everywhere even when I can't see you or hear you. You feel to me as if you are the one that is giving me a chance to escape, from my everyday life to be apart of something that intrigues me, You look like you are trying to break everybody from who they spend trying to be. You act like you are the secret the truth that is hiding from what would happen if reality found out Taylor G., Grade 7

Leonore G., Grade 3

Would you rather be chased by a hippo or a rhino? Imagine you are in Africa, you feel the ground rumble. Behind you is either a hippo or a rhino. You get to chose. Would you rather be chased by a hippo or a rhino? In my opinion, I would rather be chased by a hippo, rather than a rhino. Here is why. My first reason to choose a hippo over a rhino is their size. The hippo is 5,000 to 7,000 pounds. A rhino is 8,000 pounds. That’s a LOT more pounds. A rhino’s horns can be 5 feet long. Rhinos are the second largest animal in Africa (the elephant is the largest). You can see that hippos are more appealing, because they are lighter than rhinos. Another reason to choose to be chased by a hippo rather than a rhino is how fast they are. Hippos run 14 miles per hour. A rhino can run up to 40 miles per hour! If I had a hippo at my heels, I would be running as fast as I could! So that’s another reason I would choose a hippo over a rhino. My final reason is that they would be doing when I would be chased. Hippos are more active at night rather than day time. Rhinos are like us in that they sleep at night and are awake in the day time. These are reasons why I would choose to be chased by a hippo rather than a rhino. Zella M., Grade 4

Whistling Winter Painting The northern lights are like a gentle rose petal gracefully falling like a figure skater on dancing ice. It is like a little girl running around in the secretive blizzard. It sounds like soft sleeping violin music playing in the disappointing snow. It is like a soft, brave bunny hiding in her den The northern lights are like a glistening paintbrush gliding across a sheet of paper. Ellyana D., Grade 4

Matia S. R., Grade 7

B 6 • Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader

Destini R., Grade 4

Julidiana G., Grade 6

I Am I am facetious and spontaneous I wonder what is going to happen in the future I hear my dog barking, like a broken robot, stuck on repeat I see a forest filled with trees, like a bathtub full of water I want to sail the sparkly blue ocean I am facetious and spontaneous I pretend I am a dog, lying outside in the sun I feel warm, lying down next to the fire I touch my dog, my dogs silky, luscious fur I worry about my baby brother, who live so far away I cry when I fall down, but I know I have to get up I am facetious and spontaneous I understand that we can do great things I say come in dogs! Hoping they will come back. Waiting ...waiting...waiting‌ I dream I can become a dog, no school, no work no responsibilities I try to exercise, but am fatigued in minutes I hope I can take good care of my dog I am facetious and spontaneous

Alex G., Grade 10.

Everett L., Grade 6

The Shade of Your Tree A Poem is the blood in your veins A Poem is the Ferris Wheel to a Carnival A Poem is the Ice Cream to your midnight snack A Poem is a soulful note to a person who rightfully sits on a golden and ivory throne in your heart A Poem is the stubborn kick of a donkey *A Poem Is* Tallulah S., Grade 5

Snow in Winter Bailey M., Grade 4

Maclyn L., Grade 2

Snow is a hawk diving speedily towards the Snowy land. It is a guitar strumming soft delicate tunes It is tiny and bold as a beautiful red flower blooms It is an elder watching deeply over you Snow is a shovel scooping me up into a snowy cage Joseph V. Jr., Grade 4

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We hope that you enjoy these Port Townsend School District student creations. PT students create so much wonderful art and writing that selecting these few was very challenging. We would like to thank all PT students, those whose work is represented here, the Leader, and our colleagues for collecting this body of work. We also thank the Washington State Arts Commission and Port Townsend ArtScape for their support of this work. Art lives in PT.

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