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Put the Quali and the Quant back into Qualiquant Combine the simplicity, accuracy and efficiency of prediction markets with the warm and fuzzy softness of focus groups, and voila: •

Confidence and peace of mind knowing the advertising will do what it’s supposed to do

Input from consumers to make sure it’s the best it can be

No question: proteanprediction on-line creative assessments answer the critical question: will the creative work and why. We proven that talking to people the way they want to be spoken to; rewarding them of they are right and removing personal bias results in accurate, reliable assessment of the in-market potential of creative. Also, no question: watching consumers interact with creative before it is produced provides insight and understanding that improves the final product. Simple solution

Quali... Two focus groups (or 4 triads) conducted with real people who are recruited for their opinions not based on what they think of the creative, conducted after...

...Quant Online proteanprediction study of at least 150 focused, motivated respondents How is


different from other qualiquant methodologies? 1. The quant is really quant — not the opinions of 35 or 50 people who have been recruited off focus group data basis 2. The qual is real qual — not a one hour discussion with people individually chosen from the quant group based on their pre-formed opinions of the creative 3. The system is fast (weeks not months) and cost efficient (about half of what one single traditional qualiquant session would cost)

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Introduces a unique approach to copy testing combining qualtitative and quantitative input with prediction market accuracy

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