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Reaching the LGBT Community II

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The “pink dollar” is not a mystery… …it’s a segment

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What research tells us

There are gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people They are smarter, richer, nicer than everybody else They buy stuff – generally more than other people They prefer to buy stuff from other GLBT people Failing g that,, theyy prefer p to buy y stuff from brands they y believe are “gay g y friendly” If you “target them” they will buy

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What research forgets to mention LGBT people are subject to the same influences as everybody else ƒ



Not a hermetically sealed closet in which gays, and lesbians and transgendered people are isolated from the world We exist in the same space as everybody else, so that everything we see and do is related not only to how you speak to me as a gay person, person but also how you speak to me as a general market person We use media in the same way

And, A d lik like everybody b d else l iin thi this postt millennium ill i world ld we lilive iin, We don’t want to be “targeted” or “reached” – we want to be engaged, embraced, seduced, surprised, connected with LGBT are nott more likely lik l to t pay more for f commodity dit products d t just j t because the brand is perceived as “gay friendly” ƒ


The more involved and expensive the purchase, the less likely they h are to pay more ffor the h same thing hi Page 4

What research forgets to mention

Th mostly They tl buy b stuff t ff for f exactly tl th the same reasons as everybody b d else l ƒ

They travel for the same reasons


They y buyy cars for the same reasons


They buy toilet paper for the same reasons

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What research forgets to mention

But, they also buy some stuff for reasons specifically related to whom they are as GLBT consumers We buy shaving cream for a number of reasons straight people don’t A d iin some cases th And the needs d th thatt are fill filled d by b th the product d t – the th end d experience of the product, may be quite different ƒ


Teeth whitener, condoms

White T-Shirts And in many cases the specifics of the products they buy could be more fine tuned to requirements q that are based on being g G or L or T ƒ


Financial services, insurance

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What does this mean

Simply showing up won’t cut it any more Connecting with people takes more than a witty ad –people are not sitting itti att home h waiting iti to t hear h from f you, they th now decide d id when h th they want to hear from you and what they want to talk to you about ƒ

Are you there when they want to interact with you


Are you giving them different ways of talking to you


Is the subject matter relevant

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How are products evaluated in GLBT terms

Same product – same need toothpaste, cars, houses, travel Same product – different functional need ƒ

shaving cream cream, white T-Shirts T Shirts Same product – different positional need ƒ

clothing, prestige cars Diff Different t products d t – ƒ


services or products that are best enjoyed in an exclusive gay context – adventure travel; clubs

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But… Even in same product-same need category, there may be different attributes that make the product or service more appealing to LGBT customers versus the attributes that appeal to GM customers ƒ



Gay men are more likely to share homes with roommates as opposed to family with kids – close to subway may be more persuasive than close to school Retirement product needs of lesbian couple are likely very different from those of a GM couple Even when laws demand full equality, equality the attributes of products have specific applicability based on being gay o

Gay married couple has very different needs from an insurance plan than straight couple

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What we learned in our research is that gays gays, lesbians and transgendered will pay more for products and services that meet their needs as LGBT persons, in functional or emotional ways better than other products

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LGBT marketing virtuous circle

Relevant Differentiated

A product or service that is differentiated in terms of its relevance to the consumer specifically in relation to being gay or lesbian


entic (com p a n y philos ophy)

How the company engages the consumer emotionally policies that reflect commitment i to equality practice what they preach

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Some discussion points

Just showing up In an entertaining and intrusive way Based on this ad ad, why would I travel on Air Canada rather than the competition? ƒ

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This is more offensive than using GM creative

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Sometimes advertising is not meant to sell or persuade, but simply to make a point

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Butt when B h th they are meantt to t sellll or persuade, they need to say something ƒ

Do people D l ttravell tto gett connected? Or is getting connected more like an effect of traveling

Unless it’s about marriage “If you’re going to sell something, thi sellll something” thi ” ƒ

(Andy Bagnall, Prime Access)

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Everybody knows why they want to go to Vienna This ad tells me that I will be welcome and have fun being who I am, when I go

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Position the destination as of interest because of it’s it s “gayness” gayness Page 18

Category where degree of gayness makes k a big bi difference Emphasizes attributes that can make a big difference and demonstrates how their product meets the needs of the customers uniquely (guarantee) Uses a wink-wink nudge nudge subtlety that our research suggests works really well in the marketplace

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Connecting with the LGBT Market For further information on how to invest and profit in the LGBT market segment, g , call Laurence Bernstein 416 967 3337

T H E B AY C H A R L E S C O N S U LT I N G G R O U P L I M I T E D 80 C UMBERLAND S TREET , S UITE 1503, T ORONTO , ON M5R 3V1, C ANADA ( 416) 967. 3337  •  FAX (647) 258‐ 9651  •  WWW . PROTEANSTRATEGIES . COM

Connecting with the LGBT market segment  

Presentation made to IGLCC in UK. Top line insights nito the realities of the segment and what strategies will and won't be successful

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