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Dec. 27 - Jan. 02, 2010

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Senselessly Wireless Shashangan

---------AECS Layout: The mobile antenna towers installed in residential areas are hazardous to health for residents living within 100 meters radius due to radio active waves. Even, Times of India published an article some time back stating that Karnataka High Court had banned any erection of Towers in residential areas. The article also reads that small birds like sparrows keep away from the vicinity of these towers due to radio active waves. But the r e s i d e n t s i n t h e neighbourhood do not bother about the outcome of these erections. The children, aged and sick people can easily become the victim to the radio active waves. The greedy house owners simply

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The Gates of Heaven Open up

grant permission to erect antenna by taking some money as rent. Many people complained about this to BBMP but a concerted approach is yet to come out. The residents have to be watchful and should not hesitate to highlight these issues to the government authorities as these towers might cause serious health problems to people around.

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BEML Layout: Sri Bhooneela Sametha Sri Venkataramana Swamy Temple is getting ready for Vaikunta Ekadashi celebrations on 28th December 2009. Vaikunta th Ekadashi is the 11 day in the lunar calendar after the new moon in Dhanurmasa. The Vaikunta Swaram or The Gates of Heaven are opened on this most auspicious day for all the saintly sould. The doors of the temple will be ope early morning and a special darshan of Lord is offered to the devotees with special poojar and

alankaras. The temple committee invites the devotees to participate in the special pooja and have the darshan of the Lord on this very sacred day. On th 28 Monday morning 3 AM to 5.30 AM, Abhisheka, Vajrangi Dharane, Maha M a n g a l a r a t h i , Prakarostava, Vaikunta Dwara Pooja and Muthangi Alankara will be th performed. On 29 Tuesday, Sarva Darshana, Vaikunta Dwara Pravesham Theertha Prasad Distribution will take place.

Nina Celebrates Christmas in Style

ambience of Christ's birth in Bethlaham.

AECS Layout: Nina Beauty Parlour wishes happy Christmas and New Year to all people in and around the layout. The mood in Nina is upbeat with all staff decorating the parlour with lights, Christmas trees, baloons and Santa. The decorations made by the staff is exclusive and reminds everyone of the real

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LAYOUT TALK Business Ethics

Source: For a business to achieve long-term profits, customer relationship is of utmost importance. To gain a longterm relationship with c u s t o m e r s a n d a c h i e ve customer return for the business, the business needs to be based on ethics. The trustworthiness of a business, its customer service, its customer care, its way of dealing with customers and its urge to retain their old customers, is a part of the business ethics. Business ethics leave a long-lasting impression on the customers and the impression on their minds builds trust, fetching a business more customers while retaining the older ones. Most of us are concerned about making money for our business and we cater to the legalities in business. But we seldom bother to base our business on ethics. At times, ethical duties of businessmen and project managers could be more abiding than even the business laws. Ethics is a farreaching concept and goes beyond the idea of making money legally. Ethical values are way ahead of earning money. Ethics is more about earning long-lasting relationships in business.

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Dec. 27 - Jan. 02, 2010

New Year Breaks with a New District Bangalore: A new district called Yadgir has been formed out of Gulbarga as the state's 30th district in Karnataka. The Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr Yeddyurappa informed that Yadgir would be the headquarters of the new district and comprise of Shahpur, Surpur and Yadgir Taluks. He also said the state government had released Rs 30 crore for creating required infrastructure for the new district and the government had decided to declare the establishment of the new district by the end of the year 2009.

NDTV to Become Cash-surplus India: The Time Warner Group is likely to acquire one of India's leading entertainment TV Channel NDTV Imagine for about Rs 592 crore. Earlier it was known that NDTV was going through a financial crisis, after reporting a loss of Rs 86 crore in the quarter ending September 2009. The company has a debt of Rs 112 crore as of March 31, 2009. After acquisition NDTV Network will become a cashsurplus and debt-free company.

Congress JD-S Alliance Overtakes BJP Bangalore: Out of the 25 legislative council seats that went into polling on Friday, Dec 18, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress won ten seats each while the Janata DalSecular (JD-S) bagged five. With the Congress-Janata Dal-

Vol. 1. Issue : 21

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TIMING 7 AM / 11 E-mail: Secular (JD-S) alliance winning a total of 15 seats in the 75-member Karnataka legislative council, the outcome revealed on Monday, Dec 21 comes as a blow to the ruling saffron party's presence in the state. However, the bigger loser was Congress as it won only 10 of the 19 seats it had earlier.

Govt Disfavours Huge Cutouts Bangalore: The Karnataka state government banned huge cutouts and banners in Bangalore city. According to the law minister Mr. Suresh Kumar, from now on no organization would be allowed to put up cutouts and banners including political groups. He also added that a vigilance team of city police, Greater Bangalore City Corporation and Bangalore Development Authority would be set up to ensure that the ban is followed. were arrested for damaging public and private property in different parts of the two regions.

NEWS HEADLINES N.D. Tiwary in controversy. Telengana Rashtra Samiti warns government of indefinite bandh. Governor visits St. Mark’s Cathedral in Bangalore for Mass. Pakistan releases Indian fishermen. Storm hits Oklahoma City on Christmas day. Japan unveils record $1 trillion budget. Copenhagen fail to deliver climate deal. Indian sensex on the upswing.

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Dec. 27 - Jan. 02, 2010

MIND WORKS-15 LEARNING TECHNIQUES – For the Benefit of Students By Prof UK Athikkal ---------

Anxious days for students are ahead. Examination season is fast approaching. Higher aspirations to score maximum marks in the chosen field of study and their anxiety to live up to the expectations of their parents and other well wishers add to their examination tension. We shall therefore have a serious look now at the most effective learning techniques. First of all do create good study habits. If the existing habits are not effective have the courage to admit it yourself. Decide to change . For changing habits it is necessary to have will power and determination. Regular practice on a daily practice for a minimum period of 21 days is helpful to get this habit programmed in your neurology so that you will be able to stick on to the schedule without much conscious effort. Given two students with equal memory ability and intelligence level, the one with better study habits will probably perform better in school. Two of the important techniques that would help in this regard are outlined below. (1) Scheduling : - As a regular habit, begin setting up a schedule in which you would identify the time for studying, when you are most alert and motivated. It could be early morning, in the late afternoon or at some other time. The place identified should be a quiet, comfortable place free from distractions. (2) U s i n g S Q 3 R methodSQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review. This method has been found helpful to students. It requires elaborate rehersal in which you process information at a relatively deep level. This is different from rote memorization, in which information is processed at a relatively shallow level. If you have ever found yourself studying for hours yet doing poorly in exams, it might be the consequence of failing to use elaborative rehearsal. The following are the steps to be followed in detail.

First, survey the main headings and subheadings, to create an organized framework in which to fit the formation you are studying. Second, as you survey the sections ask yourself questions to be answered when you read them. Third, read the material carefully, train to answer your questions as you move through each section.In memorising new terms you might find it especially helpful to say them out loud. A study found that subjects who read them silently, wrote them down or heard them spoken by someone else. Fourth, after reading a section recite information to see whether you understand it. Do not proceed to the next section until you understand the one you are studying. Fifth, perodically review the information in the entire lesson by quizzing yourself on it and then read again anything you fail to recall. Few more techniques will be of assistance for effective learning.One is studying the material over and over, ie over learnig to improve retention.The other technique is to use distributed practice instead of mass practice. The advantage of distributed practice over mass practice is especially important in studying academic material. If you can devote a total of four hrs to study a chapter, you could be better off studying for one hour on five different occassions than studying for four hours on one occassion. You might recognize this as a suggestion to avoid 'cramming' for exams. Organizational of text materials is another method to improve retention. One proven technique consists of organizing materials in memory as it is been read for the first time. To do this you should first identify any advance information about structure and content of the material scanning by using the table of contents, chapter outline and headings. Another tecjnique in this direction is organization of lecture notes. “Less is more” is perhaps the best advice for taking notes that aid in recall. Rather than trying jot down every detail of lecture, it is better to listen and think about the material, taking down, the main points after you have considered them in a broader context. In effective note taking thinking about the material initially is more important than writing it down. This is one reason that borrowing someone else's notes is a bad proposition; since you have no framework in memory to use in understanding them.


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Vol. 1. Issue : 21

Manmohan Singh Visits Vajpayee

CARTOON Summit on Global Warming

India: Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee turned 86. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited and greeted him on his birth day. Many leaders like L K Advani, Nitin Gadkari, Rajnath Singh, and other visited to greet him on the occasion. Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yedyurappa also called on him at his residence to wish him a happy birthday and to receive his blessings. The party members have organised several functions to commemorate Mr Vajpayee's birthday.

Prakash Raj Awarded, Touched the Audience through Kanjeevaram

India: Prakash Raj won the Shantaram Award for the movie Kanjeevaram. The Tamil movie won great applause. Prakash played the role of a poor and sympathised Communist weaver, who wish to see his daughter in a silk bridal saree on her wedding. Kanjeevaram is a gripping tale of poverty in India near the end of British colonial rule and the political forces that will help to shape India's destiny. The film

has gone on to win several awards. The director of the movie Priyadarshan also wins the Shantaram Award in the best director category. Priyadarshan spoke about his joy at receiving his first best director award in his 27year long career. The movie Kanjeevaram wins the Best Film Award and for cinematography too. Actresses Tamanna Bhatia and Rani Mukherjee have also won awards.

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NOVICE COOK Ginger Rasam 1 tbsp toor dal 2.5 cm. to 5 cm.Ginger 2 or 3 green chillis 1 lemon 1 tsp grated dry coconut ¼ tsp Mustard ¼ tsp Jeera 1 pinch hing curry leaves 1 small piece jaggery and salt to taste.

Dec. 27 - Jan. 02, 2010

Vol. 1. Issue : 21

Bhagini Palace looks up for a Brighter 2010

blood every day. The diabetes patients may soon be able to wear contact lenses that will continuously alert them to changes in their blood sugar level by changing their colours. Developed by biochemical engineering professor Jin Zhang at the University of We s t e r n O n t a r i o i n Hamilton, the noninvasive technology uses extremely small nanoparticles embedded into the hydrogel lenses. These engineered nanoparticles react with glucose molecules found in tears, causing a chemical reaction that changes their colour. Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them? Rose Kennedy

Kundalahalli: Bhagini Palace situated near Kundalahalli gate is all set to begin the new year with prize coupons for its customers. The hotel is known for its exclusive ambience and good service. The manager of the hotel Mr. Srikanth is very enthusiastic about serving his customers better in all possible ways. He says, “Though 2009 recession has impacted the business, we are trying to give our customers the best services at affordable costs.”

Procedure: Soak the toor dal in a little water for a few minutes. Grind crushed ginger, dal, chilli, coconut, jeera and hing to a paste. Add about 3 cups of water to this and bring to boil, add in haldi, salt, curry leaves and jaggery. Remove from fire. Heat oil. Add mustard and pour over rasam. Add lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves. (Tomato also may be added, if preferred).

A revolutionary technology is about to help diabetic patients measure blood sugar levels without drawing

Sewag Ready for the Challenge? No Yuvi! No Dhoni!

India: Winning without Dhoni and Yuvraj shows that India is b ec o mi n g s t r o n g er. T h e youngsters are filling the gaps. The contributions of Virat Kohli is amazing. The series victory

A Novel Way to Test Sugar

India: Winning without over Sri Lanka is a good sign Dhoni and Yuvraj shows that for India before the world cup in 2011. It was well known


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that the International Cricket Council (ICC) handed down an immediate suspension on the regular skipper Dhoni for India's slow over rate in the second one-dayer against Sri Lanka. Virender Sehwag stepped in to captain India in two oneday internationals and helped India win both the matches. The question arises in the minds of many cricket lovers if Sehwag could be a better captain. The message is that Sewag has certainly improved as a captain and he can deliver better results for India in the future.

Narasappa Reddy Building, Thubarahalli, Varathur Main Road, Bangalore - 560066, Mob: 9845645536

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Merchant of Bangalore to Bring Portia

Bangalore: The merchants of bangalore are all set to launch the second edition of Bangalore Fashion Week in January 2010. The Second Edition of Bangalore Fashion Week is likely to bring more glamour to. It is known that models like Priyanka Shah, Candice Pinto, etc displayed the collections of top designers. NEWS HEADLINES Cricket: India leads the 5 match one day series 3-1 against Sri Lanka.

Australia to bid for 2018 FIFA World Cup. Snooker: Pankaj Advani enters the last four stage of the VIP Matri Rs 5.45 lakh prize money All India Snooker championship. Formula 1: Schumacher to race for Mercedes India ranks 134th amongst 207 nations in football. Financial aid to pondy sportspersons. Cricket: Pakistan to play ODIs in Australia. Tamil Nadu Dominates Delhi in Ranji Trophy.

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