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Documents to be used to reduce suspended voters By Scott Rothschild

TOPEKA — Here’s another twist in the tale of the more than 18,000 Kansans whose voter registrations have been put on hold because of lack of proof of U.S. citizenship. Election officials reported

Monday they are using a recent release of documents to whittle down the number of registrations in what is called “suspense.� The Kansas Department of Revenue recently sent to the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office approximately 6,100 Division of Motor Vehicle records

that contained citizenship documents, according to a memo from the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office. “These records should reduce the number of ‘suspense’ records due to lack of proof of citizenship,� the memo stated. The Secretary of State’s Of-

Voting rights groups have threatened to sue Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, saying he has defied a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

fice did not have information on how many incomplete voter registrations these documents cleared up, but Douglas County received its batch of 438 records Monday afternoon. It processed 50 of the records and was able to finalize the Please see VOTING, page 2A

Expertise or teaching skill? Officials debate what matters most

Autumn’s colors taking over


Many argue that licensing standards for career and technical educators need to be updated By Peter Hancock

Richard Gwin/Journal-World Photo

CAROL BUCHHEISTR AND PATTI LYON, both of Lawrence, head to exercise class Monday, passing some Maple leaves that have changed color near 13th and New Hampshire streets.

Lecompton officials want answers on post office Residents fear mail facility is on track to close; feds say they have no such plan By Elliot Hughes

Down the road from where Paul Bahnmaier works — at the Territorial Capital Museum, once the state Capitolto-be — sits the subject of much distress for him and others in historic Lecompton. It’s the local United States Post Office, whose full-time retail hours were slashed earlier this year, now down to 21 and a half hours per week, with every weekday given just four hours in the

morning. This has made Bahnmaier, the president of the Lecompton Historical Society, and the city government fearful that it’s a warning sign of the office boarding up one day — although the United States Postal Service has said it has no such plans. The Lecompton residents’ concerns, warranted or otherwise, range from practical to existential. They worry about the window hours affecting working residents


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RESIDENTS IN LECOMPTON are worried that the town may lose its Please see POSTAL, page 2A post office and its zip code.

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As school districts throughout Kansas, including Lawrence, put more emphasis on career and technical education, many of them are encountering a common obstacle: finding qualified, licensed instructors to teach those programs. “There are some potentially good career and tech ed teachers out there who come from business and industry,� said Patrick Kelly, who directs CTE programs for the Lawrence school district. “They know a ton about the content. They’ve been in industry and can really help us give kids real-world understanding.� But what many of those industry veterans often lack, SCHOOLS Kelly said, is specific training in how to be a teacher — what education officials call “pedagogy,� the methods and practices of managing a classroom, designing a course with lesson plans, working with students of all different ability levels, designing tests and monitoring their progress. There is now a wide-ranging debate in education circles about how important that training is, especially in the areas of career and technical training. While some argue that only trained and licensed teachers should be in charge of teaching students in public schools, others argue that schools should be more flexible in allowing people with direct business and professional experience to teach career-training courses. Kelly said he can see both sides of the debate, although he tends to align with the Please see TEACHING, page 2A

First Hard 50 appeal

Vol.155/No.295 24 pages

Kansas Supreme Court justices are set to hear the first appeal of a Hard 50 prison sentence since lawmakers changed the way the sentence is imposed. Page 3A



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Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Maple Leaf Festival deemed a big success By Elvyn Jones

Late on Sunday afternoon, Bert Molenda took stock of her eighth year as a vendor at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City. “Sunday was a little bit slower than yesterday, but it’s been good,” the Gardner woman said. “It seems like people are spending more than they were a few years ago.” That was what she was hearing from many of the vendors at the festival, said Donna Curran, Maple Leaf Festival Committee vendor coordinator. The consensus was Sunday traffic was off a bit from 2012, but Saturday was a huge day.


with P.O. boxes who may need to retrieve any mail that is time sensitive, in a large envelope or is Certified Mail. City Clerk Lynley Sanford said the changes may also be responsible for an increase in delayed and inconsistent mail delivery. But city officials and others are also unsettled at the idea of losing their zip code, a particularly devastating thought given the area’s significance. Lecompton, the former capital of the Kansas Territory, is the site of Constitution Hall, wherein legislation drafted in 1857 to render Kansas a slave state as it entered the Union provoked such a national dialogue that it was referenced in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Losing the post office and zip code could mean “Lecompton” would no longer be acceptable for use as part of a mailing address. If such a scenario were to occur, mail being sent to Lecompton would probably have to be addressed to Perry instead.


traditional view that public school teachers need to be trained and licensed in education. “I respect those certification rules because it assures the public that the teachers we’re putting in front of the kids are qualified to do what we’re asking them to do,” he said. “That being said, I think it’s especially difficult in career and tech areas sometimes to find instructors who are current with current practices in business and industry.”

Business experience vs. teacher training That debate was on full display last week when the Kansas State Board of Education declined to grant a kind of alternative license called a “visiting scholar” license to a woman who works in the Blue Valley school district’s celebrated Center for Advanced Professional Studies, or CAPS program. CAPS places high school seniors into college-level internships with Johnson County-area businesses to work on real-world projects. Although companies

Curran estimated attendance Saturday and Sunday was in the 30,000 range. The festival got off to a rough start with the rain Friday that wiped out that evening’s carnival and washed away the chalk numbers marking vendor booth locations, Curran said. The numbers were redrawn in 90 minutes and all was ready to go Saturday morning. With that hiccup out of the way, the festival went smoothly. More importantly, it was a success for the crafters and local community organizations with booths, Curran said. “All the vendors seemed pleased,” she said. “There were a num-

The thought of losing something to nearby Perry is a familiar one. In 1970, Lecompton’s high school closed and its students began attending school in the town three miles south. Two of Lecompton’s mail carriers have already been relocated to Perry as well. “We have thousands and thousands of visitors to Lecompton every year,” Mayor Sandra Jacquot said. “That’s an identity issue and that’s something we’re going to fight until we can’t fight anymore.” The post office announced in May 2012 a cost-saving strategy of modifying window hours, which would return the organization to financial stability without closing the smallest post offices, Richard Watkins, a post office spokesman, said in an email. Lecompton’s was one of 13,000 chosen because, Watkins said, its workload did not justify full-time hours. Once implementation of the strategy is completed in September 2014, the postal service expects to save half a billion dollars annually, according to Watkins. But community mem-

ber who nearly sold out.” The Christmas decoration booth run by Eddie and Gerald Siscoe of De Soto and Richard and Judy Siscoe of Berryton was one of those. Their shelves were nearly empty late Saturday, giving them a chance to restock for more sales on Sunday. “It’s crazy this year,” Judy Siscoe said. “People are buying more — I think because of the economy.” Amy Gislar, of Ottawa, who has had a booth at the festival for 13 years selling fudge, cookies and candies, said a willingness to spend was something she had noticed at other shows this year. However, she said the first day of Maple

Leaf was exceptional. “I think this was a record day overall and for us,” she said. Baker University’s Kappa Sigma food booth, a three-decade fixture at the festival, enjoyed another successful year. For several hours Saturday, a line stretched across High Street as festivalgoers waited to buy turkey legs. Sophomore Sean Driskill said Sunday evening that the fraternity sold all of the 1,088 turkey legs purchased for Maple Leaf. “Everybody is wiped out,” he said. “I think everyone went right to bed last night when they got back to the house. But it feels good. We made a lot of money for the house.”

bers have largely balked at the idea s i n c e they first heard the news at a public m e e t - Bahnmaier ing in November 2012, citing evidence of the area’s growth and its storied past. Since then, Lecompton officials have worked to keep their office as far away from closing down as possible, beginning a back-and-forth affair with the post office to get more detailed information about why their office was selected for shorter hours. City officials have filed three Freedom of Information Act requests and invited a postal official to participate in a questionand-answer community meeting. Neither tactic has gleaned satisfying results for Bahnmaier, Jacquot or the city council, which unanimously agreed that the city should continue chasing down answers in an early October meeting. In their FOIA responses, postal officials cited vari-

ous exemptions to opens records law to justify redaction of revenue figures from years past and said they had no obligation to answer lingering questions from the November 2012 meeting. However, net revenue numbers for 2012, $17,539, were eventually volunteered in a January letter from postal officials to U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran. That profitability only adds to the incredulity in Lecompton. “It doesn’t make sense,” Bahnmaier said. “This (post office is) not dying.” Ultimately, Jacquot said she is optimistic about maintaining the level of service the local post office currently offers. Nevertheless, she said, she can’t help but feel a sense of impending doom. For now, Jacquot and her cohorts are regrouping, trying to identify other avenues to make their case and put their worries behind them. “I don’t know how we could take it any other way,” she said. “We’re just going to have to keep at it until they say, “We are so tired of hearing from Lecompton, let’s just increase their hours or leave them alone.’ “

set up the projects and pected to manage these work with the students to real-world projects.” complete them, the stuBut state licensing ofdents and the entire pro- ficials saw it differently gram are constantly su- and recommended that pervised by state-licensed the state board deny the teachers. license. Besides the fact Chelsea Craig, an ath- that Craig had not yet letics trainer who earned her master’s expects to receive degree, they noted her master’s degree she had little profesin kinesiology in sional experience of December, worked her own beyond the with a number of ininternships she had terns last year while done at Boise State on contract with the SCHOOLS University in Idaho district and under and the University the supervision of another of Missouri-Kansas City. licensed teacher. Blue Valley officials Calls for reform State board members were so impressed with her work that this year were more divided in their they supported her ap- opinions, and the split did plication for a visiting not fall along the tradischolar license, a limited tional liberal-conservative license that can be grant- fault lines. But one thing ed to someone who has board members did agree “demonstrated exception- about was the need to real talent or outstanding view, and possibly update, distinction in a particular the licensing standards for career and technical edusubject area.” “The role of instruc- cation. Carolyn Campbell, a tor within the CAPS program is really different Topeka Democrat whose from the traditional role district includes Lawof high school teachers,” rence, supported grantDonna Deeds, executive ing the license, mainly director of the CAPS because of Deeds’ recomprogram told the state mendation and the reputaboard. “Our instructors tion of the CAPS program. Ken Willard, a Hutchinare expected not only to ensure high school credit son Republican and one of is decided upon and also the board’s more consercollege standards are vative members, agreed, met, but they’re also ex- but added that he thinks it

should be easier for people with industry experience to move into teaching. “We should have more flexibility,” Willard said. “CAPS is one of the premier examples of high quality education in the state of Kansas, and it’s one that many other schools are now emulating.” But Sally Cauble, a Republican from Liberal, argued that the state needs to maintain high standards for people to teach at the high school level. “There’s a difference between teaching in college and secondary education,” she said. “Pedagogy does still matter. You have to be accountable to the student at that level.” Campbell’s motion to approve the visiting scholar license failed on a vote of 3-6. After that vote, however, board member Deena Horst, a Salina Republican who voted to deny the license, formally requested that the issue of licensing requirements for career and technical education be placed on a future agenda for further discussion. — Peter Hancock can be reached at 832-7259. Follow him at LJWpqhancock.



registrations of 16 people, according to Douglas County Clerk J a m i e Shew. “We are Shew working through the remaining records,” Shew said. A new law took effect Jan. 1 that requires people who are registering to vote to show proof of U.S. citizenship such as a birth certificate. Supporters of the law, including Secretary of State Kris Kobach, minimized the hurdle this would produce, but 18,054 voter registrations are incomplete because of the lack of proof of citizenship. Some have alleged that people who have applied for driver’s licenses and voter registration have fully complied with the legal requirement for both but have been thwarted by a faulty computer system. Voting rights groups have threatened to sue Kobach, saying he has defied a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in an Arizona case by continuing to demand documentary proof of citizenship from people using the federal voter registration form, which doesn’t require a document. Kobach has discussed the possibility of creating a two-tiered voting system in which people who registered to vote using the federal form could vote only for president and Congress, while people who showed proof of citizenship could vote in all elections. Revenue Department spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda said the process of moving thousands of documents to the secretary of state’s office was worked out recently with the department’s private contractor MorphoTrust. “As you know, in 2008, everyone getting a new Kansas driver’s license has been required to show proof of legal presence such as a birth certificate, passport or green card. In 2011, the department began scanning those documents,” Koranda said in an email. “The department isn’t pulling out information for people who registered to vote specifically, we actually don’t keep records of who registered to vote in our offices. We are working with MorphoTrust to go through our historic data, all the records collected since 2011, and convert it into a readable format that can then be sent securely to the Secretary of State’s office. “We are not sending over personal information, simply the information already sent over for voter registration purposes and verifying what document we captured. The Secretary of State’s office can then use the information to help complete voter registrations,” Koranda said. The newest development was revealed by Kevin Cronister, the Revenue Department’s chief information officer, when he was being questioned by state Sen. Marci Francisco, D-Lawrence, during a meeting of the HouseSenate Information Technology Committee. — Statehouse reporter Scott Rothschild can be reached at 785-423-0668.

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LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD O OTuesday, October 22, 2013

KU Med Center seeking subjects for diabetes experiment


Court to hear first Hard 50 appeal

Heavy metal

By Giles Bruce

The Kansas University Medical Center is seeking volunteers for an upcoming study to determine whether vitamin D can prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes. The multiyear study, which is the first large-scale clinical trial to investigate the link between vitamin D and Type 2 diabetes, is being funded by the National Institutes of Health and taking place HEALTH at about 20 sites across the country. “People in the Kansas City region have an important opportunity to be part of a national effort to determine whether simple vitamin D might help address the public health crisis of diabetes,� said David Robbins, director of the KU Diabetes Institute and the study’s lead investigator. The study, which will include about 2,500 people, aims to find if vitamin D (specifically D3) can prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes in people age 30 or older who have prediabetes. Researchers speculate that 4,000 international units of vitamin

By John Milburn Associated Press

versity of WisconsinMadison’s Bolz Center for Arts Administration in 2007. The ongoing search is to replace Tim Van Leer, head of the Lied since 2001, who announced in April he would retire at the end of the year. In his time as director of the performing arts center Van Leer played host to headliners such as YoYo Ma and the Kronos Quartet. The 14-person committee looking for

TOPEKA — Kansas Supreme Court justices today will hear the first appeal of a Hard 50 prison sentence since lawmakers changed the way the sentence is imposed during a September special session. The case involves Dustin B. Hilt, who was convicted in 2010 of first-degree murder in for the 2009 death of a Johnson County woman. Hilt was among three defendants convicted in the killing of 18-yearold Keighley Ann Alyea. COURTS Justices will be asked to decide if the changes made to the state’s Hard 50 law should be applied to Hilt’s case or if the sentence should be vacated and sent back for determination by a jury, as Hilt’s attorney, Joanna Labistida, argued in briefs filed ahead of the hearing. In Kansas, the only penalties tougher than the Hard 50 are capital punishment and life without parole, with the latter being an alternative to death in a capital case and a sentence also possible for some habitual sex offend-

Please see LIED, page 4A

Please see APPEAL, page 4A

Mike Yoder/Journal-World Photo

A WELDER WORKS ON STEEL BEAMS AT THE LAWRENCE PUBLIC LIBRARY on Monday. The beams are part of the library renovation that will increase the interior space. The new steel structure is currently visible on the west side and the northwest corner of the building. The project’s tentative completion date is summer 2014.

Executive director candidate wants to make Lied Center a collaborative partner Derek Kwan was the second of three finalists to visit the Kansas University At an open talk at the campus to interview to be executive Lied Center Pavilion on director of the Lied Center. Ben Unglesbee

Monday, Derek Kwan outlined his ideas for turning the Lied into a public arts center that would be enmeshed in “the cultural fabric� of the university, city and region. Kwan was the second of three finalists to visit the Kansas University campus to interview to be executive diPlease see DIABETES, page 4A rector of the Lied Center.

Kwan serves as vice president of concerts and touring at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York. Before that he was executive director of programming at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, Mich., from 2007 to 2012.

After double majoring in music and political science at Duke University, Kwan went on to a brief career as a business analyst before going to work at Lincoln Center and starting his career in the arts. He received his MBA from the Uni-

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HC q: HC<t Ă&#x201D;Ć&#x192;ÄŠ HĂ?Ă?

ÚÚ ĂŞĂ&#x2013;ĂŞĹ&#x2019;|Ăš +Âź|ğêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; ĂŞÂŽĹ&#x201E; šêĹ&#x2019;ä `ŸÚŸÂ&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;ĂŞĂš `ÂźÂ&#x203A;äÄ&#x2030;Ä&#x2019;ĂšÄ&#x2019;Ă&#x2013;Ĺş

HÂ&#x203A;Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;Â?Ÿğ Ĺ?Ä&#x153;Ă&#x2C6;Ĺ?Ă&#x2018; |ÚÚ CÄ&#x2019;šĂ? Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x201D;Ä&#x17D;ĂŠÄ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018; 9A¸ĎAQ¸x Ă&#x2018;ĎçĂ&#x2018;Ă&#x2020;Ä&#x201E;

!; "02" . |Ä&#x192; ÂźÄ&#x2030;ĂľÄ&#x2019;źêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; Ä&#x192;Ĺş ĂŞÄ&#x192;ĤğÄ&#x2019;ŜŸŽ äŸ|ğêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; |ĂŞÂŽĹ&#x201E; šäêÂ&#x203A;ä . Ă&#x2013;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019; |Ĺ&#x2019; <|šğŸÄ&#x2030;Â&#x203A;Âź +Âź|ğêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; ĂŞÂŽ ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğĪ `äŸ Ĺ&#x201E;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ ÄąĹ&#x;|ÚêĹ&#x2019;Ĺş ĂŞĹ&#x201E; Ä&#x192;Ä&#x2019;ğŸ Â&#x203A;ڟ|Äź |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Ĺ&#x2019;ŸÚŸĤäÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;Âź Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ŜŸğĹ&#x201E;|Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030; ĂŞĹ&#x201E; ÂźÄ&#x2030;ä|Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ŸŽ šêĹ&#x2019;äÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x2019; |Ä&#x2030;Ĺş šäêĹ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;ÚêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013;ÄŞ Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;Âź Ĺ&#x201E;ŸŸ Ĺ&#x2019;äŸ Ă&#x2013;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;ÂŽ Ă?Ä&#x2019;ÚáĹ&#x201E; |Ĺ&#x2019; <|šğŸÄ&#x2030;Â&#x203A;Âź +Âź|ğêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; ĂŞÂŽ ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğĪ

ĂŚĂ&#x201C;Ă?¨Â&#x17E; 2

šÂŁÂ&#x17D;2Â&#x152;nÂ&#x17D; AÂŁAÂ&#x2DC;Âş

AÂŁ [¨Ă?Ă?n[Ă? Ì¡ Ă?¨ Ă&#x;~Ă&#x2122; ß e Â&#x2DC;¨Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;

Â?­ o²foÌ꺲b Ă&#x201D;Ă&#x201D;0Ă&#x201D;

Ă&#x2018;\A¸¸Ŀ Ă&#x2018;Ä˝Ă&#x2020;xj I Ă&#x2018;çxĂżAÄ&#x161;xj

ĂŚĂ&#x201C;Ă?¨Â&#x17E; 2 šÂŁÂ&#x17D;2Â&#x152;nÂ&#x17D;AĂ?Âş

AÂŁ [¨Ă?Ă?n[Ă? Ì¡ Ă?¨ Ă&#x;~Ă&#x2122; ß e Â&#x2DC;¨Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;

Â&#x2DC;AĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;  Â&#x2DC;Â?ÂŁnAĂ?Ă&#x2122;AÂŁAÂ&#x2DC;¨Â&#x192;

:AĂ&#x201C; k¯äßß½ßß



Â&#x2DC;AĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;  Â&#x2DC;Â?ÂŁnAĂ?Ă&#x2122;AÂŁAÂ&#x2DC;¨Â&#x192;

:AĂ&#x201C; ksßß½ßß



AĂŚÄ&#x2122;Â?² A²Â?o§b Ă&#x201D;Ă&#x201D;0Ă&#x201D;

¡¡¨Â?ÂŁĂ?Â&#x17E;nÂŁĂ?Ă&#x201C; AĂ?n Â&#x2DC;Â?Â&#x17E;Â?Ă?ne½

AÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; Ă?¨eAĂś Ă?¨ Ă&#x201C;[Â&#x152;neĂŚÂ&#x2DC;n ܨÌĂ? / nAĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; 2nĂ&#x201C;Ă?z n Ă&#x201C;ĂŚĂ?n Ă?¨ QĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; A |Ă?Â?nÂŁe ¨Ă? Â&#x2DC;¨óne ¨£nb Ă&#x201C;¨Â&#x17E;n¨£n Ă´Â&#x152;¨Ă&#x201C;n ó¨Â?[n Â?Ă&#x201C; |AÂ&#x17E;Â?Â&#x2DC;Â?AĂ? Ă?¨ ܨ̽ Ă? AĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[n nAĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Â?e nÂŁĂ?nĂ?b Ă´n Ă?AÂ&#x2014;n ܨÌĂ? Â&#x152;nAĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă&#x201C;nĂ?Â?¨ÌĂ&#x201C;Â&#x2DC;Ăś Â&#x17D; $ĂŚĂ? Â&#x152;nAĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă?nĂ&#x201C;Ă?Ă&#x201C; AĂ?n AÂ&#x2DC;Ă´AĂśĂ&#x201C; |Ă?nnz " ¨ÌĂ? ¡AĂ?Â?nÂŁĂ?Ă&#x201C; Ă?n[nÂ?Ăłn / Â&#x152;n[Â&#x2014;Â&#x17D;Ì¡Ă&#x201C;b Â&#x2DC;Ă´AĂśĂ&#x201C;z

Ć&#x192;ÄŠ %ĂŞÄ&#x2030;|Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; Ĺś|ĂŞĂš|Â?ڟ šêĹ&#x2019;ä |ĤĤğÄ&#x2019;ŜŸŽ Â&#x203A;ğŸŽêĹ&#x2019; <qVC

Ă&#x201D;Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;Ĺ? qÄŞ Ĺ?Ĺ&#x2019;äŠ ZĹ&#x2019;Âź  ÄŚĹ&#x152;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018;ħ Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x201D;Ä&#x17D;ĂŠÄ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018;


Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;Ć&#x192;Ĺ? ZÄŞ B|ĂŞÄ&#x2030; ZĹ&#x2019;ĪŠ ZĹ&#x2019;Âź Ĺ?Ĺ&#x2014; ÄŚĹ&#x152;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018;ħ Ĺ?Ă&#x201D;Ĺ?ĂŠĹ&#x152;Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192;

`HC&CHs. Ĺ&#x2014;Ĺ&#x2014;Ć&#x192; ŸÚ|š|ğŸ ZĹ&#x2019;ÄŞ ÄŚÄ&#x17D;Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;ħ Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201D;Ă&#x2018;ĂŠÄ&#x153;Ä&#x153;Ă&#x2018;Ć&#x192;



Tuesday, October 22, 2013





STREET By Elliot Hughes

Read more responses and add your thoughts at

What’s more important for teachers, knowing how to teach or knowing the subject matter? Asked on Massachusetts Street

See story on page 1A.


Van Leer’s replacement is headed by Bob Walzel, dean of the KU School of Music. At Monday’s talk Kwan said he would look for ways to “redefine relevance” to help attract students to the center. He would also want to make programming at the Lied as inclusive as possible by seeking the input of board members and others at the


Kris Schorno, consulting firm, Lawrence “Subject matter. You gotta know it.”

ers. The new provisions of the law will require juries to weigh aggravating and Linda Clark, mitigating circumstances folk artist, in deciding whether deLawrence fendants serve a minimum “Know how to teach. of 25 years in prison or the There are audio and visual harsher 50-year term. learners, so if you know Hilt was sentenced to how to teach, hopeserve life in prison without fully you can bridge those the possibility of parole for 50 years, a term that gaps.” was set by a judge. However, legislators changed that process in September


Q: Riley Ross, chemist/cook, Lawrence “Know how to teach. I ran into some professors who did all the research but didn’t know how to teach.”

Lee Euler, homemaker, Kansas City, Mo. “Anyone can learn the subject matter. I think they’re going to have to know how to communicate.”



BIRTHS Shirley LaMunyon, Lawrence, a girl, Monday. David and Roxie Lytle, Lawrence, a boy, Monday.


LAW ENFORCEMENT REPORT There were no incidents to report Monday.

university and in the community. Pointing to KU’s longterm strategic plan “Bold Aspirations” and its emphasis on cross-campus collaboration and experiential learning, Kwan said as director he would work to make the Lied “the collaborative partner” in the arts on campus. Some of his ideas to do so included: !" Create a student programming committee to advise the center on booking, negotiations and contracts. !" Partner with KU Me-

during a two-day special session following a June U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a Virginia case that held that such departures in prison sentences can only be imposed by juries. The attorney general argues that legislators made only a procedural change to the law in making the fix during the special session, not a substantive change in law, thus all sentences should be applied retroactively. If the court rules the changes can’t be applied retroactive, the Hard 50 sentences would be re-


Whom do I notify of a pothole that CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3A needs to be fixed?


The City of Lawrence provides a form on its website for residents to report pothole locations. This form can be found on the Public Works page at Or, residents may call the city’s pothole reporting line at (785) 832-3456.

SOUND OFF If you have a question, call 832-7297 or send an email to

D — the typical adult intake is 600-800 IUs a day — lowers the risk of diabetes by 25 percent. The trial, called D2d, will also investigate if gender, age and race affect the potential of vitamin D to reduce the chances of getting diabetes. Half of the study’s participants will receive vitamin D while the rest will get a placebo. Neither the staff nor the participants will know who is receiving the placebo. The vol-


Hay prices hurting owners of horses

morial Unions in bringing events to campus. !" Team up with the KU School of Music and School of the Arts to invite acts and put on collaborative performances. !"Include programming of appeal to students, such as comedy acts (though Kwan added “nothing raunchy”). !" Stream Lied performances through live webcasting. !"Find ways to get arts TOPEKA (AP) — Some and business students at KU to collaborate in Kansas horse owners are business and nonprofit being forced to thin their herds because they can’t work. afford the rising cost of hay, while others are buying lower-quality hay or cutting back on how much duced to 25 years to life. It they are feeding their aniis unclear how quickly the mals. Kansas Supreme Court Careen Cain, founder will rule on the Hilt apand president of Wakapeal, which could have rusa-based Shooting Star bearing on remaining Equine Rescue, told The Hard 50 sentences on apTopeka Capital-Journal peal. she hears from people five Another case that into 10 times a month who volves the Hard 50 is that are looking for new homes of Scott Roeder. He was for their horses. The most convicted for the May common reason people 2009 shooting death of Dr. cite for giving up a horse George Tiller, who was is that they can no longer among a few U.S. physitake care of the animal, she cians known to perform said. abortions in the last weeks Often that’s because of of pregnancy. Tiller was problems such as lost jobs, gunned down in the foyer personal medical bills — of a Wichita church he atand the rising cost of hay, tended. she said. Large round bales of hay that cost $35 to $40 each in 2011 peaked last year at $115 to $120 before unteers will then get two falling to the current price checkups a year. The trial of $40 to $60 apiece. is expected to continue Drought conditions are for about four years, or largely to blame for the until enough people have crippling price hikes over developed the past two or three years, Type 2 said Marty Bloomquist, diabetes who runs Dancing Star to make Ranch near Tecumseh a scienwith her husband. A lack tifically of moisture meant less valid comhay was grown, cutting parison KANSAS sharply into the region’s b e t w e e n UNIVERSITY supply, she said. the two groups. To participate in the study, contact KU Medi-  !"# $%%&''()(*(+, (-." :;<< == 045>7578 %$** /0123 04567508 cal Center at 913-588-6052 944,-.//01% 2.-03/04% 5 6/7--.18 9:;< =<99 or !" # $%&'())) )*+ More information about !"#$% &"'$% ("#$ >-?@ /A0 B-./0-C ?D )'$$+ 2:E6 F> 6GHH<* the effort can be found at *+, -.,/*#/0'#& "%$ )*+ !"!$% ("!$ ?@<@A BBB>C@DEFAGH;CC>IEA


Tuesday, October 22, 2013




How to treat kids to healthier options Which Halloween candies arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t as bad for you

WHILE THERE IS PROBABLY NO SUCH THING AS â&#x20AC;&#x153;HEALTHYâ&#x20AC;? CANDY, some kinds arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t as bad for you as others. Sweets like Skittles, Starburst and Gummy Bears donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t contain as much saturated fat as candy with chocolate. Marty Glenn, a lecturer of nutrition at Kansas University, says if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for more nutritious ideas to hand out to trick-ortreaters this Halloween, try Fruit Roll-Ups, Fig Newtons, juice boxes, or 100-calorie packs of snacks like cookies or crackers.

By Giles Bruce

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo


Mother living life to fullest after overcoming breast cancer




"(%&  )% ( %  !&((%&  - !!-   %((-  %(!!-   !")&   (  ! ( !%!  %" (

By Christy Moore Special to the Journal-World

â&#x20AC;&#x153;You cannot rewind today,â&#x20AC;? Lesley Mutuku said with a smile as she sat with her two loving daughters, Ruth and Grace, on a park bench on a sunny April day. At age 34, the mother of two young girls was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Today, she is healed in her own eyes and radiates positivity to those who come in contact with her. For Mutuku, her diagnosis was never something she let get her down. Instead, she instilled her faith and positivity to fight a battle that her doctors, unbeknownst to her, werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sure she could win.


â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Reporter Giles Bruce can be reached at 832-7233. Follow him at

$% "%!) (!  (%!) ( +&( (! (! !)% (

,$ &3", ++ &  - %((! % +! "%!*& !"% &* "%%- %  )  !&((%&   "(%&#

 & "%()%  (%&(&  %(!! &!%%& &"!%(&   ,%&%( ! (! & & + & )(%(!  !) &    "( ( )(! # %# !+% ! & %# % ""& %# %!   %# &&   "%!*  !&((% &%*&#

Play-Doh (distribute these to trick-or-treaters at your own risk, as well). Kids might be able to get away with consuming excess calories on All Hallowsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Eve, because of their faster metabolism, but they shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let it become a habit. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happened is itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Halloween every day,â&#x20AC;? Glenn remarked, citing the national rise in obesity rates among children. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Years ago, maybe these kids would have eaten sweets right around Halloween and not had as many the rest of the year.â&#x20AC;? On the bright side: At least trick-or-treaters will be getting some physical activity going door to door as they collect their Halloween goodies later this month.

Are all Halloween treats created equal from a nutritional perspective? While it might be a stretch to call candy and other sugary snacks â&#x20AC;&#x153;healthy,â&#x20AC;? some sweets do have less calories than others. Experts in the fields of both sweets and nutrition say itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best to eat candy that, like Starburst or Skittles, doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t contain a lot of fat. That could make a difference when, according to the National Retail Federation, the average consumer is expected to If you are a chocolate spend $22 on candy this fanatic, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d be smart year. to go with a Three Musâ&#x20AC;&#x153;Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to have keteers, which is among more fat content in choc- the least fattening candy olate,â&#x20AC;? said Michelle Mill- bars on the market, said er, owner of Mass Street Marty Glenn, a lecturer Sweet Shoppe in of nutrition at Lawrence, amid Kansas Unia sea of sugary versity. He smells in the also noted downtown that there store on a reare many cent day. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If sugar-free youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going candies to eat candy, available things like nowadays gummy can(though Shutterstock Photo dies and hard hand them candies have less calories out to trick-or-treaters at and fat.â&#x20AC;? your own risk). The local sweets store Glenn pointed to some has other options for other options for people health-conscious people looking to give out or eat this Oct. 31, including more nutritious treats this popcorn and candy ap- Halloween: Fruit Rollples, which at least have Ups, Fig Newtons, juice some nutritional value, boxes, 100-calorie packs especially compared with of snacks like cookies or items like truffles and crackers, or even noncookies. food items like bubbles or

 ).* '/5         %' + '1 1,1  3,$  //5. "3,$# "4(,1 +&# Earl Richardson/Contributed Photo

LESLEY MUTUKU, who originally thought cancer was for older people, faced breast cancer at 34. Now she enjoys spending time with her daughters, Grace, left, and Ruth. Mutukuâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journey began in May 2006, when she felt a lump in her breast while showering. Mutuku talked to her husband, Boniface, and they waited a few





days to see if anything changed. When Friday rolled around and nothing had changed, Mutuku met

         !4-  +#+ 1& / (+#+  12,4- % +#+ 1& $&&$ % ""&   %- ""&   %- !  

(* !&    &&    %  !+%  % )   (% (& 

Please see CANCER, page 6A









Tuesday, October 22, 2013


with her OB-GYN. She thought, â&#x20AC;&#x153;What if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cancer? What if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s something serious?â&#x20AC;? She thought to herself that sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not even 40 and cancer is for older people. She was driving to the hospital to meet her husband for their appointment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was on Michigan Street and I felt a flood of peace,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Peace was falling over my head.â&#x20AC;? When she and her husband got into Dr. McGinnessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; office, she quickly explained that it was cancer. Mutuku just replied, â&#x20AC;&#x153;OK.â&#x20AC;? Then her immediate instinct was to ask how they would be able to afford this type of treatment. Boniface quickly reassured her and said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worry honey, it will be OK. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just take care of getting you well.â&#x20AC;? As terms such as chemotherapy, radiation and mastectomy flooded her ears, all Mutuku could think was that she wanted her mom. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I can do this,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I just need someone to help take care of my girls.â&#x20AC;? The next week was a whirlwind of what Mutuku likes to refer to as â&#x20AC;&#x153;information highway.â&#x20AC;? Doctor appointments, tests, information, having blood drawn and more tests. Every single day she had to get something checked out, and soon it had been a week and it was time for her surgery. She had her doubts about wanting to go through all of that, but she was at peace. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I thought I might have to go through the muddy waters of chemotherapy and radiation, but I believed I would be healed,â&#x20AC;? she said. Mutuku chose to have only a mastectomy on the breast that had the lump and opted for reconstructive surgery with Dr. Scott Thellman on the same day. Mutuku made it through surgery in July and then started chemotherapy six weeks later in mid-August. She was hoping to be finished by Thanksgiving, but November rolled around and she had a minor setback with a cold. She had to be admitted into the hospital. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That derailed me a little bit,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like that.â&#x20AC;? At that time, Mutuku recalled how she felt that the people around her thought she might die, but she never thought that, she recounts while laughing. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I never thought that this could kill me. Even now, I think â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;yeah, that could have killed me.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? But it was her faith and prayers that got her through. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They say chemo kills you before it gives you life,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I felt like I can do this, God is with me.â&#x20AC;? Mutuku finished her chemotherapy by the end of December and began 33 radiation treatments in January followed by a regimen of Tamoxifen. She went to LMH Oncology Center every weekday. As soon as she started radiation, she decided she was going to start exercising. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I knew I could do this â&#x20AC;&#x201D; it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t going to get me down,â&#x20AC;? she said. With her mom still by her side, along with her husband, she had plenty of help with her girls. Mutuku remembers everyone rallying around her, giving her rides to treatment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good to let other people help you,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I had to let my guard down and let people cook and do laundry for me.â&#x20AC;? During her journey, Mutuku has learned a lot and to greater appreciate people. She still keeps in touch with some of the people she met during treatment; only now she prefers to see them outside of the hospital walls. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was a hard journey, but it is over. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a good journey. It teaches you life. It teaches you to appreciate every day,â&#x20AC;? she said. Dr. Sharon Soule suggested Mutuku take another medication after



Insurance shoppers given another option

ABOUT THIS SERIES This is the last in a series of stories about survivors of cancer provided by Lawrence Memorial Hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Endowment Association. These survivorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; stories and photographs hang in the hallway leading to LMHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oncology Center. These stories offer hope to patients being cared for at LMH Oncology and their families.


Those frustrated with federal marketplace can get head start on state website By KHI News Service

Tamoxifen and Mutuku said she didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to. Then she asked what the original treatment plan was. Dr. Soule replied, â&#x20AC;&#x153;There was no original plan because your chances were not very high. There wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a next step.â&#x20AC;? Mutuku feels as if God has given her another chance at life and fostered the ability to encourage others. She lives life to the fullest and when asked if she is in remission, she replies with laughter, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m healed, but not in remission. Cancer, you are not welcome in my life. Goodbye.â&#x20AC;?

Kansans frustrated by their inability to shop for health insurance coverage on the federal marketplace website can now do much of the legwork on the state insurance departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s updated website, Late last week, the department upgraded the site first launched in early September so that consumers in any county can access a list of the health plans available in the federal marketplace along with their prices. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re pretty excited because if somebody goes on our website they can find out whether they qualify for a tax credit and they can take that information and look at the

rates and plans and come pretty close to figuring out which plan theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re interested in when theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re able to get on the (federal) marketplace. So, hopefully it will give them a little bit of a head start,â&#x20AC;? said Linda Sheppard, director of health care policy and analysis at the insurance department. Consumers can do about everything on the insurance department website that they could do on the official federal site â&#x20AC;&#x201D; if it were working â&#x20AC;&#x201D; except finalize a purchase. The marketplace website operated by the U.S. Department of

Health and Human Services â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x201D; has been plagued by problems and has been mostly inoperable since its launch Oct. 1, though there were indications of progress Friday. Officials with a consortium of nonprofit organizations training and deploying navigators to help consumers shop for plans said that, by dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s end, five Kansans had managed to purchase coverage using the federal marketplace. Sheppard said Kansas officials didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seek federal approval to add the work-around tools to the state site, which also includes a feature allowing users to locate navigators and marketplace-certified agents nearest them. Kansas is one of 36 states that opted to have

the federal government design and operate its marketplace rather than building its own. Republican Gov. Sam Brownback returned a $31.5 million federal grant that Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger had obtained to build a state-based marketplace, sometimes called an â&#x20AC;&#x153;exchange.â&#x20AC;? Sheppard said Kansans sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talked to at meetings across the state havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been angry about their inability to use the marketplace, but they have been frustrated by their inability to get information about the coverage options available to them. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seem angry about it, they just generally say something like, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Yeah, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what I expected,â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? she said.

' '2 3 -'2$ &-.0&"& '"., *  -  %  &&### % * 0 -&*  ./ --"# %$&  &" .0 *  -*###  "' 0'.')6 & - &$ &.)0"'&*

 $" 0'- 1(.0 ! 10 

$/* *+ * -/!!3 +!!## +#  $--$# +1 -$ !# 3$/* * %/++ 12 %* #-$ - * #! # # *-  !$ & 5 $'# ". '& ' 0  %'.0 '%%'& 2.. ' -"& $'..*  3$/ -$/ - * */" 1-  $--$# +1 3$/ %*++ $# - !--! $#+ $ *# /#*#-  - ""* - #0! # - +-**/%& -.."& '& 0 '. '&. .&. . '# 43. "&0' 0  "&&- - & & 2. )-'$%. 4"0 6'2- -"& & $&*

 1$*+-+ +#*$(  3$/ %/-  $--$# +1 #-$ 3$/* * 3$/ $/! %/#-/* 3$/* **/" # "3 *'/* +/**3 -$ 2 -& - # 0# "  3$/ !$+ 3$/* *# # 3$/* * $*0*& $* $""$#!3 - $--$# +1 + 2-!3 - +4 $ 3$/* * #! +$ 1# 3$/ %/- - # 3$/* * 3$/ %/+ - 12 # %* # - -+ +-/ &  12 /+- #+ -$  *"$0&  3 " ,6 " &" ,, 46 /$  6$2+ +, $+ 45 2 2&* )!! /+  "#-/*4 "* -$ $  $"%!- #+%-$# $ 3$/* * #! # * */" -$ +  -*)+  12 %*$!"& ,  /$6 /$ ! " &&$"/!"/ $+ 6$2+   + " ",&/$"

$$ '4 '- '2-  "' 0'.')6 & - &$ &.)0"'& 0'- 1(.0 ! 10  & " '2- '.. ". '%0 "& '-*** /* %!+-+ * !3 -*# -$ /#*+-# *# !$++&  1!! # - +- +$!/-$# $* 3$/ # 3$/* /-&# 3&0 '   -.'&$"7 -"& -&"& '4 $$ '2- ' $'4 0' . 2$ 6'2- ))'"&0%&0*

  0"&0 - '2 "$$ "3 0 2- -"& &0-  - '%%"00 0' )-'3""& 0  " .0 )'.."$ +2$"06 ' - '- 6'2- 3"0$ .&. ' -"&*  '- t  $"%!- 0+/! # #$+- *# *##& t  $"%!- +-3! ++++"#- -$ /#*+-# 3$/* !3 *# #0*$#"#-+& t  $"%*#+0 $/#+!# # /*! *!--$# %*$*" -$ "2"4 - #- $ 3$/* *# +& t $"%*#+0 1**#-3 %!#+ #!/ #!"-

!## # /+-"#- $++ *$--$# /% -$ .3*+ $**$+$# # "$+-/* %*$--$# "$- --# /+-"#-+ * +$-1* /%-+ $* - ! $ 3$/* *# +& t #!"- $ 0+-+ # *#  0!/-$#+ 1! /#* 1**#-3&

 +-*0 -$ $#-#/$/+!3 "%*$0 - %*$*"# '/!-3 # 0!/ $ $/* %*$/-+ # +*0+ -*$/ ##$0-$# # -#$!$! 2!!#& 0*3-# 1 $ + +# *$/# 3$/* # $* #0/! * # --#-$#&        * $$ '4 0' %# & ))'"&0%&0

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Obama says â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;no excuseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; for failure in health sign-ups By Jack Gillum and Julie Pace Associated Press

WASHINGTON â&#x20AC;&#x201D; President Barack Obama on Monday offered â&#x20AC;&#x153;no excusesâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and little explanation â&#x20AC;&#x201D; for the computer bugs still frustrating Americans who are trying to enroll online for insurance plans at the center of his health care law. But software developers tasked with building the site said they saw signs a year ago that the debut could fail. One source of the troubles appears to be the testing procedures employed before the rollout three weeks ago. Several developers of the HealthCare. gov website told The Associated Press they were worried for months about the systemâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s readiness and whether the software meant to link key computer systems was being properly put through its paces. In addition, congressional investigators raised concerns recently that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had taken on the job of testing the computer systems for the new markets during the final weeks before the signups opened Oct. 1. That job is often handled by specialized software companies. Obama, who emphasized the websiteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s simplicity in the weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading up to the insurance sign-ups, acknowledged there could now be â&#x20AC;&#x153;no sugarcoatingâ&#x20AC;? the problems even as he talked up the benefits of the law at a Rose Garden event that had the feel of a pep rally. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The website thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s supposed to make it easy to apply for and purchase

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

| 7A

Cheap options available for teens to get tested for STIs Dear Dr. Wes and Kendra: I am trying to take your advice and get any partner I have sex with tested beforehand. AP Photo But when I went to the HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES SECRETARY Kathleen Sebelius doctor they said it would cost $199 and insurance arrives Monday at the White House. President Obama wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t cover it unless I acknowledged Monday that the widespread problems with have symptoms. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m like, his health care lawâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rollout are unacceptable, as the adminisseriously? I have to get tration scrambles to fix the cascade of computer issues. something first before I can get tested? How does the insura promise to Hispanic that make sense? ance is not groups that the capability working would start this week. Kendra: First of all, the way The White House says kudos to you for demandit should additional technology exing safe sex and shame for everyperts from both inside and on insurance companies body,â&#x20AC;? he outside the government for refusing to encourage said. are being brought in to positive health behavior, He inwork on the failures. especially when it could Obama s i s t e d Administration officials save them money in the that the initially blamed heavy long run. So no, it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t problems would be fixed website traffic for the fromake sense. and all Americans seek- zen computer screens that Your biggest obstacle ing insurance would be many people encountered is that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking able to sign up. But it was when they first logged on. for help in all the wrong not clear how quickly that Since then, they have also places. Doctorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; offices would happen. The ad- acknowledged shortcomdonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really focus on testministration is beefing up ings with software and ing for STIs. But there are call centers and encourag- some elements of the sysmany other resources that ing more people to enroll temâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s design, although the do. Here in Lawrence, the over the phone while the administration has yet to Douglas County AIDS website problems persist. fully detail exactly what Project (DCAP) does The flood of computer went wrong with the online HIV testing for free. At problems since the web- system and who was rethe Lawrence-Douglas site went online has been sponsible for the problems. County Health Departdeeply embarrassing for Uninsured Americans ment, you get tested for the White House. The have until about mid-Feb$71 and perhaps, as Wes glitches have called into ruary to sign up for covpoints out below, a lot question whether the ad- erage if they are to meet less. For teens under 18 ministration is capable of the lawâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s requirement that looking to get tested, implementing the com- they be insured by the end most service providers, plex policy and why se- of March. If they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t, including DCAP, protect nior White House officials they will face a penalty. confidentiality and do not â&#x20AC;&#x201D; including the president So far, no one within the require parental permisâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; appear to have been un- administration is known sion for testing. aware of the scope of the to have been fired for the And why do they offer problems when the health problematic rollout. Some these services for so little insurance markets, known Republicans have focused money? They agree with as exchanges, opened. their ire on Health and you; you shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need Obama stopped short Human Services Secretary to have symptoms of an of apologizing for the fail- Kathleen Sebelius, though STI before you get tested. ures, saying instead that the White House says she Their aim is to eliminate â&#x20AC;&#x153;nobody is more frustrat- continues to have the conthe spread of STIs as well ed than me.â&#x20AC;? fidence of the president. as curbing the stereotypes Even as he spoke, Sebelius is scheduled to surrounding those who more problems came to testify about the botched have them. light. The administra- rollout before the House EnDespite these alternation acknowledged that ergy and Commerce Comtive ways to get tested, a planned upgrade to the mittee next week. Repredoctorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; offices and insurwebsite had been post- sentatives from some of the ance companies are truly poned indefinitely and contractors working on the doing society a disservice that online Spanish-lan- websites were also schedby hindering teensâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and guage signups would re- uled to testify before the adultsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; attempts to pracmain unavailable, despite committee on Thursday. tice safe sex.


<¨ÌĂ? ¨ZAÂ&#x2014; Â&#x17D;Ă?Ăś !AĂ?Â&#x2013;mĂ?y

Double Take

one will be the wiser. The department also wants you to know that they do prevention counseling at every visit, so if you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been reading our columns imploring you to practice safe sex and avoid pregnancy, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be happy to cover that in detail. Besides, where this topic is concerned, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no such thing as too much education. Wes: For anyone who In my view, this is a wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t persuaded over the great coupleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s activity. last couple of weeks, your Think about it. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s letter makes the point only one thing less sexy that government isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use- than doing STI testing less nor is it an inflatable together: finding out Uncle Sam looking under youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve caught something your hospital gown. Ew. from your awesome new Who would even think up partner â&#x20AC;&#x201D; or given him or her something you didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t such an image, anyhow? know you had. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Kendra is right, for the care how old you are, if full scope of STI testyouâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re old enough to be ing our local, tax-funded having sex, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re old health departments have been carrying the load for enough to be doing it with years now, despite budget dignity and respect for yourself and your partner. cuts. They also provide vital family planning ser- That means abandonvices for people who take ing your fears, opening up communication and seriously the prospect of having a child they arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t visiting the nice people at your local health clinic. prepared to raise. So there you have it When I contacted her, â&#x20AC;&#x201D; super low-cost testSusan McDaniel of our ing compliments of the local health department taxpayers, who should be added to Kendraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s points. thankful itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s there for you. Like most public health That said, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to put clinics, they offer contrain a good word for paying ception and STI testing on a sliding scale based on what you can. Society has an investment in keeping income. And if you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you disease free and childcome up with the cash, less until you choose to theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll offer a payment become a parent. But so do plan. No matter what, the department will not refuse you. How about we do our services if a client is unable part and you do yours? to pay. It is as Kendra said: â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., their mission to prevent ABPP, is author of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dear Dr. further infection. Wes: Real Life Advice for Teensâ&#x20AC;? The best news is and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Real Life Advice for Parthat you do not have to ents of Teens.â&#x20AC;? Learn about his disclose any income but new practice Family Psychoyour own. So if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re logical Services at 16 and make $8 an hour, Kendra Schwartz is a Lawrence thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the only income High School senior. Send your theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be looking at â&#x20AC;&#x201D; confidential 200-word question not your parentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; or your on adolescence and parenting to partnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Double Take ter if your folks declare opinions and advice are not you on their income tax. a substitute for psychological And since thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no bill services. going to insurance, no

Dr. Wes Crenshaw and Kendra Schwartz

Â&#x203A;äŸÂ&#x203A;áŸğĹ&#x201E;Ă?Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;ÂŽĹ&#x201E;ÄŞÂ&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192; ĂŠ ĜÚêáŸġ Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x201E; Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030; Ă?|Â&#x203A;ÂźÂ?Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;á Â&#x2021; Ă?Ä&#x2019;ÚÚÄ&#x2019;š Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x201E; Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030; `šêĹ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ Â&#x17D;äŸÂ&#x203A;áŸğĹ&#x201E;%Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;ÂŽĹ&#x201E;Ă?

-""< -" /z

6+,&. FDQ KHOS


TV. &HH `+Ve H`ÄŞ Ĺ?Ĺ?






&DOO 72'$< 

Ĺ?Ă&#x201D; Hx


ĂŁeAĂ&#x2030;Ă&#x2030;ĹŚ ãŢĂ&#x2014;{q O ĂŁÄ&#x201A;{Ä&#x153;Aĸ{q ĥšĂ&#x2014;e{ Ă°Ă&#x2122;Â&#x2026;ħ

q VZVp `+ V.&+` `H <.B.` UeC`.`.Z

q T` %HH Z`BTZŠ q. pHe+VZŠ p.Z.HC V Â&#x2021; BCe%`eVVÄšZ HeTHCZ

ÂŁĂ?nĂ? QĂś 2Â&#x152;ĂŚĂ?Ă&#x201C;eAĂśb $[Ă?¨QnĂ? ä Ă?Â&#x152; 0nÂŁe ĂŚĂ&#x201C; A ¡Â&#x152;¨Ă?¨ ¨| ܨÌĂ? QnĂ&#x201C;Ă? [AĂ?Ăłne ¡ÌÂ&#x17E;¡Â&#x2014;Â?£½ Ă&#x; Ă´Â?ÂŁÂŁnĂ?Ă&#x201C; Ă´Â?Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; Ă?n[nÂ?Ăłn  |Ă?nn ¡AĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;nĂ&#x201C; AÂŁe  kÂŻĂź ó¨Ì[Â&#x152;nĂ?Ă&#x201C; |¨Ă? |¨¨e AĂ? AĂ?ĂśĂ&#x152;Ă&#x201C; -ĂŚÂ&#x17E;¡Â&#x2014;Â?ÂŁ -AĂ?[Â&#x152; AÂŁe ¨Ă?ÂŁ !AĂşn Â&#x17D; AÂŁ ksĂź ĂłAÂ&#x2DC;ĂŚn ¡nĂ? Ă´Â?ÂŁÂŁnĂ?z Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Äź TäÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019; |Ĺ&#x2019;


Ă&#x201C;¡¨£Ă&#x201C;¨Ă?ne QĂś :¨Ă?Â&#x2DC;e½[¨Â&#x17E;b AĂ?ĂśĂ&#x152;Ă&#x201C; -ĂŚÂ&#x17E;¡Â&#x2014;Â?ÂŁ -AĂ?[Â&#x152;b AÂŁe 0¨Ì£e ££¨óAĂ?Â?¨£Ă&#x201C;



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BRIEFLY Looting dampens Kenya mall memorial




Nevada student opens fire, kills teacher, self

NAIROBI, KENYA â&#x20AC;&#x201D; By Scott Sonner was trying to intervene,â&#x20AC;? his school,â&#x20AC;? Martini said. Associated Press Reno Deputy Police Chief Mourners from various racOn his school website, es and religions â&#x20AC;&#x201D; ChrisTom Robinson said. Landsberry posted a picSPARKS, NEV. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A stutians, Muslims and Hindus Both wounded students ture of a brown bear and dent at a Nevada middle were listed in stable con- took on a tough-love tone, among them â&#x20AC;&#x201D; grabbed handfuls of dirt and planted school opened fire with a dition. One was shot in the telling students, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have semi-automatic handgun shoulder, and the other one classroom rule and it saplings at a memorial on campus just before was hit in the abdomen. ceremony Monday for the is very simple: â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Thou Shall the starting bell Monday, nearly 70 people killed at The violence erupted Not Annoy Mr. L.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? wounding two 12-year-old nearly a year after a gunNairobiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Westgate Mall â&#x20AC;&#x153;The kids loved him,â&#x20AC;? boys and killing a math man shocked the nation his sister-in-law Chanda exactly one month ago. teacher who was trying by opening fire in Sandy Landsberry said. By design, no major to protect children from Hook Elementary School political or religious leadShe added his life could their classmate. ers were invited, giving in Newtown, Conn., leav- be summed up by his love The unidentified shoot- ing 26 dead. The Dec. 14 of his family, his students the crowd of 400 or so a er killed himself with the shooting ignited debate and his country. family-only feel. But the actions of Kenyaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s security gun after a rampage that over how best to protect â&#x20AC;&#x153;To hear that he was occurred in front of 20 the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s schools and trying to stop that is not forces weighed on famto 30 horrified students whether armed teach- surprising by any means,â&#x20AC;? ily members who quietly who had just returned to ers should be part of that she said. seethed over allegations school from a weeklong equation. and newly released video Police said 150 to 200 fall break. Authorities did images of Kenyan Defense Landsberry, 45, was officers responded to the not provide a motive for a military veteran and shooting, including some Forces â&#x20AC;&#x201D; KDF â&#x20AC;&#x201D; soldiers the shooting, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s un- leaves behind a wife and from as far as 60 miles looting the mall. known where the student two stepdaughters. Sparks away. Students from Despite those lingering got the gun. images, the organizers Mayor Geno Martini said the middle school and Teacher Michael Lands- Landsberry served two neighboring elementary tried to foster a â&#x20AC;&#x153;We Are berry was being hailed tours in Afghanistan with school were evacuated to Oneâ&#x20AC;? feeling â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a chant AP Photo repeated by the crowd â&#x20AC;&#x201D; in for his actions during the the Nevada National the nearby high school, shooting outside Sparks Guard. the wake of an attack that and classes were can- A UNIDENTIFIED PARENT holds his son at the Sparks, Nev., Middle School. saw al-Qaida-linked terrorâ&#x20AC;&#x153;He proudly served his celed. The middle school high school, where some student were taken after a shooting â&#x20AC;&#x153;In my estimation, he is country and was proudly will remain closed for that left two dead at Sparks Middle School Monday. ists spare some Muslims a hero. ... We do know he defending the students at the week. who could recall religious phrases, leaving behind non-Muslims to be killed.

Talks raise hopes for end to SF strike

Governor ends gay marriage fight as couples wed

France calls reported NSA spying on its citizens â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;unacceptableâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

OAKLAND, CALIF. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Representatives of the San Francisco Bay Areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rail transit system and its striking unions returned to the bargaining table Monday, By Henry Chu Calderon and his Cabinet. raising hopes among the Los Angeles Times Other countries revealed in regionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s frustrated comleaked documents leaked muters that a four-day LONDON â&#x20AC;&#x201D; France re- by Snowden as targets of work stoppage that has acted angrily Monday to a U.S. espionage include Gergridlocked highways and news report of mass elec- many and Brazil, whose doubled travel times is AP Photo tronic surveillance of its leader, President Dilma about to end. residents by the U.S. Na- Rousseff, was so incensed UDI OFER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the New Jersey branch of BART officials hoped to tional Security Agency, that last month she abruptly the ACLU, center, speaks during a news conference where have a contract agreement By Geoff Mulvihill summoning the American canceled a planned visit to in place by Monday evening he announced they had won the right for same-sex couples and Ken Thomas ambassador to explain Washington. so trains could begin runAssociated Press to marry Monday in Montclair, N.J. what it called unacceptable French Foreign Minning on the systemâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 104 treatment by a close ally. ister Laurent Fabius said miles of track by today, TRENTON, N.J. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Gov. â&#x20AC;&#x153;extremely disappointedâ&#x20AC;? the law,â&#x20AC;? Christie spokesBased on documents that he had summoned BART spokesman Rick Rice Chris Christie dropped his with Christieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision, man Michael Drewniak leaked by former NSA conU.S. Amsaid. Amalgamated Transit fight against gay marriage which he portrayed as â&#x20AC;&#x153;ef- said in a statement. bassador tractor Edward Snowden, Union Local 1555 President in New Jersey on Monday, fectively throwing in the Charles H. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The governor will do Le Monde reported that the Antonette Bryant conframing the decision in a towel on marriage.â&#x20AC;? Rivkin for his constitutional duty agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intelligence dragfirmed talks had resumed pragmatic way: No point an explaLast year, the New Jer- and ensure his adminis- net collected 70.3 million but declined to comment in fighting a losing battle. sey Legislature passed a tration enforces the law as pieces of data on French nation. further. Just hours after gay bill to legalize gay mar- dictated by the New Jer- phone communications in â&#x20AC;&#x153;This ATU represents station couples began exchang- riage, but Christie vetoed sey Supreme Court.â&#x20AC;? kind of a single month beginning agents, train operators practice ing vows with the blessing it. The issue ended up beAlthough New Jersey in December of last year. and clerical workers who between of New Jerseyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Supreme fore Christie again after a is a Democratic-leaning Calls to some telephone walked off the job early partners Court, Christie announced trial-level judge ruled last state, polls show Christie numbers triggered record- Fabius Friday with mechanics and that unhe was withdrawing his m o n t h holds a commanding lead ings of conversations, and maintenance workers appeal to the high court. that the against Democratic state text messages containing dermines privacy is totally represented by the Service New Jersey is the 14th state must Sen. Barbara Buono ahead certain keywords were also unacceptable,â&#x20AC;? Fabius told Employees International state to legalize gay mar- a l l o w automatically picked up, reporters at a gathering of of the Nov. 5 election. Union. Contract negotiariage. same-sex The governor has posi- the French newspaper re- European Union foreign tions had broken down over ministers in Luxembourg. As the Republican gov- couples to tioned himself as a straight- ported. work rules for scheduled ernor seeks re-election wed. Le Monde said it ap- â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have to make sure talking pragmatist who can hours and overtime. two weeks from now and Christie win support across the po- peared that the NSA col- â&#x20AC;Ś that it no longer takes ponders a run for presi- appealed lected data on â&#x20AC;&#x153;both people place.â&#x20AC;? litical spectrum. Ex-con blamed in Le Mondeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s report said dent in 2016, Christieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s de- that rulEven as he has opposed suspected of association holds both risks and ing to the Christie gay marriage, Christie has with terrorist activities as that, between Dec. 10, fatal Vegas shooting cision benefits for him. state Supreached tolerance. He well as people targeted 2012, and Jan. 8, 2013, the LAS VEGAS â&#x20AC;&#x201D; An exIt delighted gay rights preme Court. The court nominated an openly gay simply because they belong NSA averaged more than convict with a history of activists and could en- agreed to take up the case judge to the Supreme Court to the worlds of business, 3 million data intercepts alcohol-related arrests at hance Christieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s appeal to but unanimously refused and signed legislation last politics or French state ad- a day of French residentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Las Vegas Strip clubs was telephone communicaindependents and moder- on Friday to delay the summer barring therapists ministration.â&#x20AC;? identified as the man who ates of both parties. But it start of gay weddings in from trying to turn gay The new revelations of tions. The article did not opened fire in an afterangered members of the the meantime, saying the youngsters straight. American electronic spy- identify any specific tarhours casino nightclub GOPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conservative wing, state had little chance of During a debate last ing on a gigantic scale gets of the surveillance. early Monday, wounding Earlier this year, Le which already distrusts prevailing in its appeal. week, Christie said if one were published just hours two employees and killing alleged that Christie and wields out- Same-sex couples began of his children came out before U.S. Secretary of Monde a patron who tried to stop sized influence in some exchanging vows Monday as gay, he would â&#x20AC;&#x153;grab State John F. Kerry ar- Franceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own intelligence him following a dispute state primaries. just after midnight. them and hug them and rived in Paris on a Euro- authorities had developed about a $30 cover charge. Bob McAlister, a vetAdvisers to the gover- tell them that I love them.â&#x20AC;? pean tour to discuss the the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own massive The suspected gunman, eran Republican strategist nor said that in dropping Many conservatives situation in Syria and the electronic surveillance sysBenjamin Frazier, 41, was tem. in South Carolina, said the appeal, Christie had distrusted Christie at least Middle East. hospitalized at University Officials reserved speChristieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest move â&#x20AC;&#x153;is stayed true to his prin- as far back as a year ago, Le Mondeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s story also Medical Center pending absolutely going to hurt ciples. just before Election Day, came on the heels of an em- cial outrage Monday for booking at the Clark County him.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Although the governor when he praised Presi- barrassing report that the the idea that a friendly jail and an initial court apâ&#x20AC;&#x153;Abandoning founda- strongly disagrees with the dent Barack Obama in the NSA had tapped into an nation such as the U.S. pearance on murder and tional principles that go court substituting its judg- aftermath of Superstorm email server used by former would put France on its attempted murder charges, beyond politics is not the ment for the constitution- Sandy. Mexican President Felipe target list. Clark County Sheriff Doug way to get positive atten- al process of the elected Gillespie said. tion in South Carolina,â&#x20AC;? he branches or a vote of the Police and a family memsaid. people, the court has now ber, attorney Bob Beckett, Brian Brown, presi- spoken clearly as to their         !# !# said Frazier was being dent of the conservative view of the New Jersey  %"     " " $   "" $ treated for serious head inNational Organization Constitution and, therejuries received when he was for Marriage, said he was fore, same-sex marriage is     

   subdued following the 5:38 a.m. shooting at Draiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s After Hours at Ballyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hotel-casino. Police said Frazier acted alone.

Smithsonian faces $65M budget cut WASHINGTON â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Smithsonian Institution is facing a $65 million budget cut this year under automatic funding reductions approved by Congress. Officials say that could lead to furloughs or museum closings if the cuts persist for the year ahead. Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough says the museum complex has trimmed its budget for the past year to absorb federal funding cuts but now may have to adopt more drastic measures. He says furloughs and temporary museum closings are up for discussion.







  !   !

  ( % !$ # $%%$  $ %'$* $($ ($%'*            

 !! !#  # 

" ""     



!%   $   ($%' )'  !$"   ! #           '   $    "  $  " $ " "$   % ' "  "  &"  " $ "  #(((    "



Davis to make big announcement on four-city tour By Scott Rothschild

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

| 9A

BRIEFLY Longtime Baker workers to retire Along with Baker University president Patricia N. Long, two other longtime Baker officials are set to retire in the coming months. This December will see the retirement of Ruth Sarna, director of Student Health services since 1989. Sarna has served nearly 15,000 students, faculty and staff in her 25 years at the university. In 2010 Sarna received the Ollie B. Moten Award, a national award given by the American College Health Association for members who have made an impact on a higher education institution. Peggy Harris, vice president and dean of the School of Education, announced plans to retire at the end of June 2014. Harris has served as dean of the education school since 2007. She started at Baker in 1984 as a coordinator at Bakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s academic skills center before becoming a faculty member in the education school. When she retires next year, she will have been at Baker for 30 years, which seemed â&#x20AC;&#x153;a nice round numberâ&#x20AC;? to go out on, Harris said.

TOPEKA â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Democratic candidate for governor Paul Davis will make a â&#x20AC;&#x153;major campaign announcementâ&#x20AC;? today during a four-city bus tour. Davisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; campaign was tight-lipped about the subject of the event but some political observers thought he was going to announce who his lieutenant governor running mate would be. Davis, the House minority leader from Lawrence, announced last month that he would seek the Democratic nomination to face Gov. Sam Brownback in the 2014 race. Davis Almost immediately, speculation started about whom Davis would select to run with him. A famous political name came up in Wichita financial planner Jill Docking. Docking, who ran unsuccessfully against Brownback in 1996 for the U.S. Senate, is married to former Lt. Gov. Tom Docking, whose father, Robert, and grandfather, George, both served as governor. Jill Docking has served as chairwoman of the Kansas Board of Regents and writes a blog about politics in which she has criticized budget cuts to higher education signed into law by Brownback. She did not Fundraiser to benefit return a phone call seeking comment on restaurant owner Monday. Cider Gallery will host a Davisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; tour includes planned stops starting in Prairie Village at 8:30 a.m., Topeka fundraiser on Wednesday to at 11 a.m., Salina at 2:15 p.m. and Wichita benefit Topeka restaurant owner Pedro Concepcion, at 5 p.m.

who was recently diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. The fundraiser, running from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., will feature food, live music, beer, raffles and silent auctions. All of the proceeds will go toward medical bills for Concepcion, who does not have health insurance. Advance tickets, sold at both the Topeka and Lawrence Burger Stand locations, are $20. Tickets at the door are $25.

Texan pleads guilty to holding dogfight

KANSAS CITY, KAN. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A Texas man has pleaded guilty in Kansas to holding a dogfight at his home earlier this year. The U.S. Attorneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office says 47-year-old Vertrick Jordan, of Tyler, pleaded guilty Monday to conspiracy to transport animals across state lines to participate in dogfighting. Jordan admitted conspiring with two Kansas City, Kan., men to hold a dogfight March 23 at his Texas home. KU student attacked; Agents who raided the fight police seek suspects detained 30 people and found a dogfighting pit on A male Kansas University the property. student was battered by three The Kansas men â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Pete men in the early-morning hours Davis Jr. and Melvin Robinson of Saturday, according to the â&#x20AC;&#x201D; pleaded guilty in June to KU Public Safety Office. transporting dogs to take part Sometime between 1:30 in the fight. Davis was sena.m. and 2:15 a.m., the sustenced Oct. 10 to 16 months pects got out of a small red in prison and Robinson to 10 SUV and attacked the victim months. as he walked north on West Both sides have recomCampus Road in front of Carmended that Jordan be senruth Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Leary Hall, according to tenced to probation. a statement. The suspects hit the victim several times, then Suspicious fire burns left. Captain Schuyler Bailey, a 82 bales of hay KU Public Safety spokesman, SALINAâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; A fire that desaid the suspects did not appear to have weapons. He had stroyed 82 large, round hay bales in central Kansas is being no additional information. investigated as a case of arson. Anyone with information The Salina Journal reports on the suspectsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; identities firefighters were called to the are encouraged to call Crime field in rural Saline County Stoppers at 785-864-8888 or around 1:45 a.m. Sunday. KU Public Safety at 785-864Sheriff Glen Kochanowski 5900.

Âź Ä&#x2019; Ä&#x2019; Ä&#x2019; Ä&#x2030; Ä&#x192;  šÄ&#x2030;Ă? 

says the fire was so advanced that it couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be extinguished and burned for nearly three hours. The total loss is estimated at more than $16,000. Authorities said the fire appeared to have been set in two places. There were also reports that the headlights of a vehicle had been seen in the area.

Report: Winter wheat 87 percent planted WICHITA â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The first crop condition update released since the partial government shutdown ended shows Kansas farmers well on their way to planting the 2014 winter wheat crop. The National Agricultural Statistics Service reported Monday that 87 percent of the wheat crop has been planted. About 61 percent of it has now emerged. The report says that 63 percent of the wheat is in good to excellent condition, with 35 percent rated fair and 2 percent rated poor. Harvest of fall crops has also made significant strides in Kansas since the last official government snapshot. The agency reports that 68 percent of the corn harvest is complete. Sorghum harvest has reached the 36 percent mark, while soybean harvest was at 60 percent. About 34 percent of the sunflowers have also been cut.

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Ĺ&#x2014; qĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ä&#x2030;ŸğĹ&#x201E; ĂŠ Ĺ? `ĂŞÂ&#x203A;áŸĹ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x201E;Š Ĺ? Ĥ|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x201E;ÂźĹ&#x201E; Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019; Ä&#x192;ŸŸĹ&#x2019; B|ğá q|ĂšÂ?ŸğĂ&#x2013;Š Ä&#x153; `ĂŠZäêğĹ&#x2019;

VĹ&#x;Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2030;Ÿğ eĤ¨

Ă&#x201D; qĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ä&#x2030;ŸğĹ&#x201E; ĂŠ Ă&#x201D; `ĂŞÂ&#x203A;áŸĹ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x201E;




pĂŞĹ&#x201E;ĂŞĹ&#x2019; šŸÂ?Ĺ&#x201E;ĂŞĹ&#x2019;Âź Ă?Ä&#x2019;Äź ÄźĹ&#x;ڟĹ&#x201E; |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;ĤڟĹ&#x2019;Âź ÂŽÂźĹ&#x2019;|ĂŞĂšĹ&#x201E;ÄŞ Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ Â?Ĺş `äĹ&#x;ÄźĹ&#x201E;ÂŽ|źŠ H` Ĺ?Ă&#x201D;Ĺ&#x2019;ä

Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;ĂŞÂ&#x203A; TäÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;Ă&#x2013;Äź|Ĥäź

ÂŻ Â&#x152;¨ÌĂ? Ă&#x201C;nÂŁÂ?¨Ă? ¡¨Ă?Ă?Ă?AÂ?Ă? Ă&#x201C;nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£


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N0nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£ AÂŁe ¡Ă?Â?ÂŁĂ?Ă&#x201C; Ă&#x201C;¨Â&#x2DC;e Ă&#x201C;n¡AĂ?AĂ?nÂ&#x2DC;Ăś NAĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[n ¨£Â&#x2DC;Ăśb £¨ Ă?Ă?AĂłnÂ&#x2DC;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192;

VŸŽŸŸÄ&#x192; HÄ&#x2030;ÚêÄ&#x2030;Âź

`äêĹ&#x201E; TğêÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019; |ŽŜŸğĹ&#x2019;ĂŞĹ&#x201E;ÂźÄ&#x192;ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019; ĂŞĹ&#x201E; Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019; ğŸŽŸŸÄ&#x192;|Â?ڟ Ă?Ä&#x2019;Äź |ŽŜŸğĹ&#x2019;ĂŞĹ&#x201E;ŸŽ ÂŽÂź|ÚĪ &ÂźĹ&#x2019; ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Äź ÂŽÂź|ĂšĹ&#x201E; ĹśÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Â&#x203A;äŸğ Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ÚêÄ&#x2030;Âź |Ĺ&#x2019; <|šğŸÄ&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ŸŽŸ|ĂšĹ&#x201E;ÄŞÂ&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;

Âź|Ăš CZ Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;ĂŠĹ?Ă&#x201E;


LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Setting the pace State legislators and higher education leaders could learn from the strong example being set by Kansas University’s new business school dean.


ince her arrival on campus two years ago, Neeli Bendapudi, dean of the Kansas University School of Business has been nonstop in her efforts to build a stronger, more vigorous and involved business school and encourage the public to realize the overall excellence of KU. And, as last week’s ceremonial groundbreaking for a new $65.7 million business school building demonstrated, she gets results. Since her arrival in Lawrence, she has traveled the country telling alumni and friends about her dreams for the business school — the importance of a new building, as well as her desire to revitalize the school’s curriculum. Her enthusiasm and zeal is infectious, and she doesn’t limit her efforts to the School of Business. She is quick to offer her help, if asked, to others on the campus relative to how they might advance or strengthen their own programs. She is an asset for the entire university. A group of legislators are touring the state this week and next, visiting each of the six state universities plus the KU Medical Center in Kansas City. Their mission is to have face-to-face visits with a broad cross-section of representatives on each campus to get a better understanding of the fiscal need of the schools, how effectively the schools spend state funds and how the schools can do a better job of educating and training students to be productive members of society following their graduation. The best thing these lawmakers could do would be to spend as much time as they can with Bendapudi. They wouldn’t get any double talk or pie-in-the-sky nonsense. They would get the unvarnished facts and hear what needs to be done to get the state’s higher education system back on track. The simple answer is the state needs more people like Bendapudi — people who put action over talk and who strive for excellence, people with a genuine enthusiasm and excitement for what can be accomplished with a commitment to educate and inspire young men and women. Last Friday’s ceremony groundbreaking for a new School of Business building might and should serve as an eye-opening event and perhaps a model for what could be accomplished throughout the university, as well as throughout the Regents system, with visionary leadership and enthusiasm.

U.S. badly needs political reforms The U.S. government, which loves to lecture other countries on how to run their affairs, would do well to learn some lessons from other nations in order to avoid a repeat of last week’s costly — and embarrassing — government shutdown. I know this is anathema to the right-wing tea party legislators who shut down the government and almost caused a U.S. debt default in their crusade to destroy President Obama’s health care law, but Washington could even get some valuable lessons from Mexico, the country that the tea party extremists love to hate. Much like the United States, Mexico had faced a seemingly terminal political paralysis that kept it from passing any meaningful laws for many years. In Mexico’s case, it was because the country has a three-party political system, in which all governmentbacked initiatives were systematically shot down by the two parties that happened to be in the opposition. Governments changed hands, but the two-againstone system kept the country paralyzed. Then, in December 2012, under pressure from an increasingly frustrated public, Mexico’s three major political parties signed the Pact for Mexico, a 95-point deal to break congressional gridlock and approve several key reforms. Among the Pact’s biggest goals were passing long-delayed education, telecommunications, fiscal and energy reforms. Since then, Mexico has already passed ground-

Andres Oppenheimer

… Washington could even get some valuable lessons from Mexico, the country that the tea party extremists love to hate.” breaking education and telecom reforms, and its lower house of Congress last week approved a much debated fiscal reform. Granted, the Pact for Mexico has a long way to go, and many don’t like some of its results so far. There is even speculation that it may collapse when the time comes to vote on the politically explosive, government-backed energy reform. But even if the Pact for Mexico died today, it will already have accomplished much more than what the U.S. Congress has done in recent years, which is basically nothing. Last week’s U.S. agreement to reopen the government, while bringing a universal sigh of relief, only kicked the problem forward until a new deadline of Jan. 15 for funding the government. Like other countries before it, the United States may

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— Andres Oppenheimer is a Latin America correspondent for The Miami Herald.



the smartest political analysts I know, told me in a telephone conversation that Washington may need a radical political reform along the lines of Spain’s 1977 Moncloa Pact. “In Spain, the outgoing Congress committed harakiri, and gave the next Congress the power to make constitutional changes to carry out political reforms,” Lagos said. In the U.S. case, Congress could either do that, or appoint an independent, highlevel commission to redesign electoral districts and to create a system of simultaneous nationwide primaries, he said. “Two hundred years from now, historians may look at last week’s government shutdown as the beginning of the end of the United States,” Lagos told me. “Unless there is a political reform, we are going to see the same sorry spectacle on Jan. 15.” My opinion: I fully agree, especially with the suggestion that the current Congress should commit hara-kiri. Contrary to conventional wisdom, last week’s government shutdown wasn’t a personality issue of a few deranged legislators, but a deeper problem of voting rules that help elect zealots. Unless Washington signs a Mexico-style political pact or comes up with another solution to fix its primary and congressional election rules, I’m afraid we will see a new crisis on Jan. 15, and many others thereafter.




badly need a Mexico-style political agreement, or, if that doesn’t work — and it very possibly wouldn’t — an even more dramatic political reform. The country has a structural political problem: U.S. presidential and congressional election rules have degenerated into a system that rewards extremism and discourages compromise. Under the current system of presidential primaries, for instance, Republicans start their presidential candidate’s selection process in Iowa, where a relatively small population of ultraconservative voters drives all Republican hopefuls to swing sharply to the right. Why not hold primaries across the country on the same day, so as to make them more geographically representative? Also, under the current system of congressional elections, thanks to a process known as gerrymandering — whereby Republican or Democratic-run states have carved their congressional districts to protect incumbents — most congressional districts are overwhelmingly Republican, or Democratic. As a result, there is little political competition between the two parties for most seats in Congress, which gives extremists — who tend to be the most politically active people in their districts — extraordinary power. Why not redesign congressional districts to restore some genuine competition? Former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, one of

human survival, some national sovereignty must be surrendered to a world federal govFrom the ernment, especially in the areas of military Lawrence Daily power for peacekeeping, pollution control, Journal-World protection of endangered species and profor Oct. 22, 1913: YEARS “A plan which it is viding resources to mitigate the poverty of AGO thought will more 80 percent of the world. Let us celebrate the United Nations Week, IN 1913 than double the number of boys Oct. 24-30. Social studies teachers, please taking part in the Boy Scout talk about the U.N. in class. movement in Lawrence was John Bond, worked out at a meeting of the Overbrook

To the editor: With regard to the Journal-World report that Republican legislators like Susan Wagle would like to “start touring universities this week in preparation for the 2014 session,” I would like to suggest that their Kansas University tour begin at Memorial Stadium, to see if additional funding can revive our dying football program, and then end at Pioneer Cemetery on Mount Oread, to see if further defunding can keep the Ghosts of Professors Past from rising from their unhappy graves at Halloween to remind us of days gone by, To the editor: when KU prided itself as Harvard on the “Cruz” control captured headlines this Kaw. month. Thank God “Cruz” control was disenPaul Stephen Lim, gaged before we went over the “fiscal cliff.” Lawrence (Where was the discussion about “taxes”?) Apparently there are two bad words — “Obamacare” and “taxes” — UNLESS they can be preceded with “cut” — as in “cut To the editor: Obamacare” and “cut taxes.” Thursday is United Nations Day, the beDon Conrad, ginning of United Nations Week. It is imLawrence portant to honor our United Nations by displaying the U.N. flag. Young people should be taught about the United Nations in their social studies classes. The U.N. flag is blue. Its center displays a white wreath containing a global outline of the continents. Flag may be obtained from the United Nations in New York. Flag etiquette forbids flying the U.S. flag Letters Policy below any national flag. When I was teachThe Journal-World welcomes letters to the Public Forum. Letters ing at North Dakota State University in Far- should be 250 words or less, be of public interest and should avoid go, our International Relations Club flew the name-calling and libelous language. The Journal-World reserves the U.N. flag on a flagpol about a block from the right to edit letters, as long as viewpoints are not altered. By submitU.S. flag. Our club also sent a delegation to ting letters, you grant the Journal-World a nonexclusive license to publish, copy and distribute your work, while acknowledging that you a model United Nations at the University of are the author of the work. Minnesota. Letters must bear the name, address and telephone number of the I am a world federalist. The United Na- writer. Letters may be submitted by mail to Box 888, Lawrence Ks. 66044 tions is an embryonic world government. For or by email to:

Bad words

U.N. importance

Another issue had arisen with the plans for the construction of YEARS Clinton Parkway. It AGO had been learned IN 1973 the previous week that Finney and Turnipseed, Topeka consultants on the road project, had not planned for frontage roads along the parkway, but the LawrenceDouglas County Planning Department had. John Frazier, project supervisor for the consultants, said today he doubted the Environmental Protection Agency would approve parkway funding if the frontage road were included because they would obstruct noise barriers and add to the noise problems about which the EPA had already raised concerns. However, Richard McClanathan, the city-county planning director, said that frontage roads could not be excluded from the plans without defeating the purpose of the road …”


local council last night. The plan is to have boys between the ages of nine and twelve years take part in the movement as preparatory scouts. Under the constitution of the Boy Scouts the minimum age of members is twelve years, but there are a large number of boys in the city between nine and twelve years old who are anxious to take part in the work…” “There was somewhat of a mixup in Commercial Club circles last night about 6 o’clock. The trouble occurred when the two topmost officers of the club disputed the possession of a certain piece of roadway at the corner of Massachusetts and Henry [Eighth] streets. It happened that the vice president had the bigger car and triumphed over the president who was steering a Ford around the corner. The crash came when the cars collided head-on at the corner. Luckily both were traveling slow.... None of the occupants of either car were injured.” — Compiled by Sarah St. John

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013









Tuesday, October 22, 2013








Breezy with clouds and sun

Mostly sunny

Partly sunny

Bright sunshine

Mostly sunny

High 58° Low 28° POP: 10%

High 63° Low 35° POP: 0%

High 54° Low 28° POP: 0%

High 60° Low 39° POP: 5%

High 59° Low 32° POP: 5%

Wind NW 10-20 mph

Wind SSW 6-12 mph

Wind NNW 7-14 mph

Wind SSW 7-14 mph

Wind NW 8-16 mph

POP: Probability of Precipitation

McCook 62/35

Kearney 56/34

Grand Island 53/34

Oberlin 65/36

Clarinda 49/29

Lincoln 50/30 Beatrice 52/31

Concordia 59/35

Centerville 43/25

St. Joseph 52/27 Chillicothe 52/27

Sabetha 51/29

Kansas City Marshall Manhattan 57/33 58/29 Salina 60/31 Oakley Kansas City Topeka 66/35 66/39 59/30 Lawrence 55/32 Sedalia 58/28 Emporia Great Bend 60/30 62/33 67/37 Nevada Dodge City Chanute 64/32 69/39 Hutchinson 66/31 Garden City 68/33 67/37 Springfield Wichita Pratt Liberal Coffeyville Joplin 63/31 67/38 68/38 71/40 67/33 69/36 Hays Russell 65/37 65/37

Goodland 65/36

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.


Through 8 p.m. Monday.

Temperature High/low Normal high/low today Record high today Record low today

58°/40° 65°/43° 86° in 1978 27° in 1952

Precipitation in inches 24 hours through 8 p.m. yest. trace Month to date 1.64 Normal month to date 2.40 Year to date 25.26 Normal year to date 35.14


Today Wed. Today Wed. Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Independence 68 35 pc 66 42 s Atchison 55 29 pc 63 32 s Fort Riley 61 31 pc 66 35 s Belton 57 32 pc 59 37 s Olathe 57 32 pc 60 37 s Burlington 64 33 pc 64 37 s Osage Beach 62 30 pc 56 36 s Coffeyville 69 36 pc 66 42 s Osage City 62 31 pc 64 35 s Concordia 59 35 pc 67 34 s Ottawa 60 31 pc 62 35 s Dodge City 69 39 s 73 37 s Wichita 67 38 pc 68 41 s Holton 58 30 pc 65 36 s Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.



Today Wed. 7:37 a.m. 7:39 a.m. 6:32 p.m. 6:31 p.m. 9:14 p.m. 10:03 p.m. 11:05 a.m. 11:55 a.m.





Oct 26

Nov 3

Nov 9

Nov 17


As of 7 a.m. Monday Lake

Clinton Perry Pomona

Level (ft)

871.73 892.17 972.64

Discharge (cfs)

7 25 15

Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for today.

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Spencer Museum of Art: Ja'5s ^u**5//D \a*d B/u5,_ t9*oug9 May 18, 201"` a@onK5*sat,on bSD Uust_ and a1 Yansas Va*'5*,_ t9*oug9 U5# ?5'Z5* 1M` 10 a&'&#" %&'& ^u5sday, V*,day and :atu*day, 10 a&'&#8 %&'& X5dn5sday and ^9u*s# day, noon#" %&'& :unday& 1301 M,ss,ss,%%, :t& Exhibits in the Community: Oil Pastels by Susan McCarthy, t9*oug9 U5?& 2, Uoug/as @ounty Wa6 W,Z*a*y, 111 G& 11t9 :t&` Jeff Weinberg: New Works, <a?9a'a'aTs >5stau*ant and :ta* Ba*, 800 456 7a'%s9,*5 :t&` Freedom’s Frontier exhibit, X5dn5sday#V*,day, 10 a&'&#" %&'&, @a*n5g,5 Bu,/d,ng, 200 X& 4,nt9 :t&` “Timeline of a Century,” Ma*K,n 7a//, Jay9a6+ B/Kd&, YN @a'%us` Territorial Capital Museum: ^ou*s X5d&#:at&, 11 a&'&#" %&'&, :un& 1#" %&'&, $0R Xoodson, W5?o'%ton` Constitution Hall: ^ou*s X5d&#:at&, R a&'&#M %&'&, :un& 1#M %&'&, 31R G/'o*5, W5?o'%ton&

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JOHN AND MARY MCCORD PRESENTED a painting of Mr. McCord’s great-great-grandfather, John Calhoun, to the Lecompton Historical Society at Constitution Hall in Lecompton on Oct. 18. From left, John McCord, of Appleton, Wis., Mary McCord and John McCord, of L’Anse, Mich., Elizabeth Beaumier, of Marion, Iowa, and Sarah McCord, of Watertown, Mass. Photo submitted by Debra Powell. Email your photos to or mail them to Friends & Neighbors, P.O. Box 888, Lawrence, KS 66044.


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October 22, 2013 9:30

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Raindrops fall at 7 mph.

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LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD OTuesday, October 22, 2013

Kansas hoops recruiting on a roll





More to come

By Gary Bedore

Bill Self canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t comment on specific recruits in accordance with NCAA rules. Kansas Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 11thyear basketball coach can, however, speak in generalities about the fact that he and his powerhouse sales staff of Kurtis Townsend, Norm Roberts and Jerrance Howard have been on a hot streak in the pursuit of top players. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are involved with more high-level guys than what weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been involved with before,â&#x20AC;? Self acknowledged. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s freshman class, for example, is headlined by Rivals.comâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No. 1 player, Andrew Wiggins, and No. 12 Wayne Selden, but also has top 35 players in No. 25 Joel Embiid (rated 6 by ESPN), No. 29 Brannen Greene and No. 34 Conner Frankamp. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always gotten guys. Sometimes just because they are rated high doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t necessarily mean they are as good a prospects or as good for your program as other guys can be. I think the quality of guys weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve gotten the last eight to 10 years has been about as good as anybody around when you stop and look at what they did in their careers. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re proud of that,â&#x20AC;? Self said. On a roll, Self and his assistants have garnered a commitment from this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No. 12 prospect, Kelly Oubre. The Jayhawks remain in the running for No. 1 Jahlil Okafor, No. 4 Cliff Alexander, No. 5 Tyus Jones, No. 6 Myles Turner and No. 7 Rashad Vaughn. One might suggest landing the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No. 1 player has attracted hordes of top players. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When you recruit somebody like Andrew (Wiggins), he does draw other guys to want to look at your school. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one of the residual effects,â&#x20AC;? Self said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brought a lot of good attention and goodwill to our university thus far. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Getting Andrew is something that made people, Please see HOOPS, page 4B

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

KANSAS UNIVERSITY QUARTERBACK MONTELL COZART (2) TAKES A SNAP against Oklahoma during the second quarter on Saturday at Memorial Stadium. KU coach Charlie Weis said Monday that Cozart will continue to get snaps as the season goes on.

Weis: Freshman QB in the mix By Matt Tait

It might have been a small sample size, but Kansas University football coach Charlie Weis saw enough from true freshman quarterback Montell Cozart during Saturdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 34-19 home loss to Oklahoma to keep him in the mix the rest of the way. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t say, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Well, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s go play him for nine snaps against Oklahoma,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and then sit him,â&#x20AC;? Weis said Monday on the Big 12 coaches teleconference. â&#x20AC;&#x153;As we go forward, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll definitely be in our thoughts. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll definitely see him show up in the game (6 p.m. Saturday vs. Baylor).â&#x20AC;? Cozartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s playing time last week came as no surprise. Leading up to the game, the 6-foot-2, 189-pound athlete, who last year at this time was

calling plays and throwing think the best thing that happasses for Bishop Miege High, pened was we got the butterflies appeared on the Jayhawksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; out, and heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll just keep on getting depth chart for the first time better and better from here.â&#x20AC;? this season, and Weis said he Cozartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s teammates, includwould not have put him there ing starting quarterback Jake if he were not a Heaps, said Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exciting to see they were imlegitimate canhim out there exdidate to play. pressed by the Play he did, cited to play. He has a young quarteralbeit in limbackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s poise in ited action. But bright future, and we the huddle and even though just gotta keep work- at the line of the Jayhawks ing.â&#x20AC;? scrimmage. gained just â&#x20AC;&#x153;Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a very eight yards and young buck,â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D; KU tight end Jimmay Mundine, one first down tight end Jimduring Cozartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on freshman QB Montell Cozart may Mundine two drives at said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But I quarterback, think he hanWeis said the freshmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time dled it really well. He wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t on the field could help him stuttering or anything in the tremendously during the next huddle, and he didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seem six games. nervous.... Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exciting to see â&#x20AC;&#x153;There were a couple of him out there excited to play. things he could have done a little He has a bright future, and we differently,â&#x20AC;? Weis said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But I just gotta keep working.â&#x20AC;?


Added Heaps: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I know he was ready for the moment. Obviously, first college snapâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an exciting time, and I know he was ready for it, and I was very excited for him.â&#x20AC;? In some ways, Heapsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; opinion of Cozart might be what matters most here. And itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s obvious that instead of pouting about Weis and the coaching staff looking elsewhere for an offensive spark, Heaps is ready and willing to play the role of veteran mentor for the first-year Jayhawk. â&#x20AC;&#x153;At the end of the day, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m in it to win,â&#x20AC;? Heaps said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whatever we gotta do to win. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not too concerned about everything else. All I can concern myself with is what I can do to help my team win.â&#x20AC;? Weis said he expected Heaps and Cozart to remain Please see COZART, page 4B

Reflections on Bud, Border War

Wade Payne/AP File PHoto

IN THIS PHOTO FROM NOV. 6, 2011, TENNESSEE TITANS OWNER K.S. â&#x20AC;&#x153;BUDâ&#x20AC;? ADAMS JR. greets people on the sideline before a game against the Bengals in Nashville, Tenn. Adams, who played quarterback at Kansas University, died Sunday at 90.

The way John Hadl sees it, there is not, never was, and never will be anything controversial about the Border War football game 53 years ago that the two sides both count as victories. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We just kicked their butts,â&#x20AC;? Hadl said Monday over the phone while his Chinese food grew cold. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Missouri players still talk about it. They admitted we kicked their butts. Well, most of them do.â&#x20AC;? When the clock expired, the scoreboard read: Kansas 23, Missouri 7. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They came in No. 1, undefeated,â&#x20AC;? Hadl said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe we beat them.â&#x20AC;? According to Missouriâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s records, the Tigers deserve credit for the victory and

eT&V tHeV V.p

|Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Ă&#x2013;ÂźĹ&#x2019; | ¡Ă&#x2018; ¡Ă&#x2018;Ć&#x192; Ă&#x2018;Ć&#x192; B BZ`VV Z`V VĹ VŸš|ğŽ |ğŽ |Ă?Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x;Â?Ä&#x192;ĂŞĹ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x201E;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ÄŞÂ?

Tom Keegan

lead the series 57-54-9. KU has Mizzou leading 56-55-9. The Jayhawks won on the field Nov. 19, 1960, but the Tigers won the outcome of a Big 8 faculty meeting Dec. 8, 1960. It was ruled that Kansas used an ineligible player, running back Bert Coan. He had missed most of the season because of a shoulder injury, played the previous week against

Colorado and rushed for 67 yards on nine carries in the Missouri upset. It was ruled that Coan was not eligible because Bud Adams, a graduate of the KU school of engineering and a quarterback on the 1942 football team, paid for Coanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s flight to an All-Star Game in Chicago and accompanied him on the trip. At the time, Coan played for TCU. After that, he transferred to Kansas. Adams, who would go on to become the first owner of the Houston Oilers, who became the Tennessee Titans, died Sunday at the age of 90 in his home in Houston. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hate to lose him, but by God he made it to 90,â&#x20AC;? Hadl said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pretty good.â&#x20AC;? Hadl played the final two

HĂ?Ă?Ÿğ Ĺś|ÚêŽ HÂ&#x203A;Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;Â?Ÿğ Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192; Ă&#x2C6; ÂźÂ&#x203A;ÂźÄ&#x192;Â?Ÿğ Ĺ?Š Ĺ?Ć&#x192;Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;ÄŞ

years of his career for the Houston Oilers, owned by Adams. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d see him probably once a week when he would come down to practice,â&#x20AC;? Hadl said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But he wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t involved in anything on the field. He kept his distance.â&#x20AC;? Hadl noted that Adams was a strong contributor to KU and the Sigma Chi fraternity and that the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bootsâ&#x20AC;? Adams Alumni Center is named after Budâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He loved KU,â&#x20AC;? Hadl said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I tried to get him to contribute to the football facility back awhile ago, but that didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go anywhere. He got quiet toward (KU) athletics later in life.â&#x20AC;? Please see KEEGAN, page 4B

Â&#x2021; `ê🊠.Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ÄŞ

Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;Ĺ&#x2019;ä Â&#x2021; pŸğÄ&#x192;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019; Â&#x161; Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018;ĂŠĂ&#x201E;Ă&#x201D;Ĺ&#x2014;ĂŠĆ&#x192;Ä&#x153;Ä&#x17D;Ä&#x153; Ĺ BÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ĂŠ%ğê Ă&#x201E;ĂŠĂ&#x2018;¨Ĺ&#x2014;Ć&#x192;Š Z|Ĺ&#x2019; Ă&#x201E;ĂŠÄ&#x153;Ĺ? et Ct Z` Ä&#x2019;Ă? Ă&#x201D; Ä&#x2030;Ÿš %&HHV.+ Â?Äź|Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Ĥ|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x201E;ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013;Ÿğ Ä&#x2019;Äź ÚêĂ&#x2013;äĹ&#x2019; Ĺ&#x2019;ÄźĹ&#x;Â&#x203A;á Ĺ&#x2019;êğŸĹ&#x201E; |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ &`  ¡Ă&#x2018;Ć&#x192; B|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ|ğŽŠVŸš|ğŽ |ğŽ |Ă?Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x;Â?Ä&#x192;ĂŞĹ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x201E;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ÄŞÂ? šššĪŽ|Ä&#x2030;ÂŽÂŽĹ&#x2019;êğŸĪÄ&#x2030;ÂźĹ&#x2019; Â?VŸš|ğŽ |ğŽ ŸÚêĂ&#x2013;ĂŞÂ?êÚêĹ&#x2019;Ĺş ĂŞĹ&#x201E; ÚêÄ&#x192;ĂŞĹ&#x2019;ŸŽ Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019; Ĺ&#x2019;êğŸ ĤĹ&#x;ÄźÂ&#x203A;ä|Ĺ&#x201E;ÂźĹ&#x201E; Ă?ÄźÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x192; Ĥ|ÄźĹ&#x2019;ĂŞÂ&#x203A;êĤ|Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; ÂŽÂź|ڟğĹ&#x201E; Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ÚźĪ ZŸŸ ğŸŽŸÄ&#x192;ĤĹ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030; Ă?Ä&#x2019;ÄźÄ&#x192; Ă?Ä&#x2019;Äź Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;ĤڟĹ&#x2019;Âź Ä&#x2019;Ă?Ă?Ÿğ ÂŽÂźĹ&#x2019;|ĂŞĂšĹ&#x201E;ÄŞ HĂ?Ă?Ÿğ ŸŚĤêğŸĹ&#x201E; Ä&#x153;Ĺ?Ĺ&#x17D;Ć&#x192;Ĺ?Ĺ&#x17D;Ĺ?Ć&#x192;Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;ÄŞ pÄ&#x2019;ĂŞÂŽ šäŸğŸ ĤğÄ&#x2019;äêÂ?ĂŞĹ&#x2019;ŸŽĪ `äŸ VŸš|ğŽ |ğŽ Â&#x203A;|Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019; Â?Âź ğŸÚÄ&#x2019;|ŽŸŽ šêĹ&#x2019;ä |ÂŽÂŽĂŞĹ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;|Ăš Ă?Ĺ&#x;Ä&#x2030;ÂŽĹ&#x201E;Š Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2019;Äź Â&#x203A;|Ä&#x2030; ĂŞĹ&#x2019; Â?Âź Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x201E;ŸŽ |Ĺ&#x2019; |Ä&#x2030; `BÄŞ VŸš|ğŽ |ğŽ ŸŚĤêğŸĹ&#x201E; Ĺ? Ä&#x192;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;äĹ&#x201E; |Ă?Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ ĂŞĹ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x;|Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ŸĪ %Ä&#x2019;Äź Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;ĤڟĹ&#x2019;Âź Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğÄ&#x192;Ĺ&#x201E;Š Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ÂŽĂŞĹ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x201E; |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Ă?ŸŸĹ&#x201E;Š Ĺ&#x201E;ŸŸ Ĺ&#x2019;äŸ |ğŽäÄ&#x2019;ڎŸğ Ă&#x2013;ğŸŸÄ&#x192;ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019; ĂŞÄ&#x2030; ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Äź Â&#x203A;|ğŽ Ĥ|Â&#x203A;á|Ă&#x2013;ŸĪ VŸš|ğŽ |ğŽĹ&#x201E; |ğŸ ĂŞĹ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x;ŸŽ Â?Ĺş eÄŞZÄŞ |Ä&#x2030;አĤĹ&#x;ÄźĹ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x;|Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019; Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019; | ÚêÂ&#x203A;ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x201E;Âź Ă?ÄźÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x192; B|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ|ğŽ .Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğÄ&#x2030;|Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;|Ăš .Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;ğĤÄ&#x2019;Äź|Ĺ&#x2019;ŸŽĪ B|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ|ğŽ ĂŞĹ&#x201E; | ğŸĂ&#x2013;ĂŞĹ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğŸŽ Ĺ&#x2019;Äź|ÂŽÂźÄ&#x192;|ğá Ä&#x2019;Ă? B|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ|ğŽ .Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğÄ&#x2030;|Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;|Ăš .Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;ğĤÄ&#x2019;Äź|Ĺ&#x2019;ŸŽĪ Ä&#x2019;ĤźğêĂ&#x2013;äĹ&#x2019; ÂŹ Ĺ?Ć&#x192;Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014; BĂŞÂ&#x203A;äŸÚêÄ&#x2030; CÄ&#x2019;ÄźĹ&#x2019;ä Ä&#x192;ŸğêÂ&#x203A;|Š .Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ÄŞ ÚÚ ğêĂ&#x2013;äĹ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x201E; ğŸĹ&#x201E;ŸğŜŸŽĪ

Sports 2






KANSAS UNIVERSITY TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s golf, Herb Wimberly Intercollegiate at Las Cruces, N.M. WEDNESDAY Volleyball vs. Iowa State, 6:30 p.m.



Bradford, Wayne finished for year

FREE STATE HIGH TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Volleyball at home tri, 5 p.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Boys soccer vs. Leavenworth, 6:30 p.m.

LAWRENCE HIGH TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Volleyball at home tri, 5 p.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Boys soccer at Olathe North, 7 p.m.


The Associated Press

Sam Bradford was running out of bounds when a shove sent him tumbling to the ground. Reggie Wayne was wide open when he turned to catch a low throw and crumbled to the turf. Two seemingly harmless plays turned out to be quite costly. Bradford and Wayne each tore an anterior cruciate ligament in their knees and will miss the rest of the season. Bradfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s injury is a devastating blow to the St. Louis Rams, who will turn to backup quarterback Kellen Clemens. Wayneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s injury seriously dampened the Indianapolis Coltsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; spirit after a big win over Peyton Manning. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have great respect for what he does on the field, but just as genuine concern for him as a person,â&#x20AC;? Clemens said of Bradford, who was hurt when he was pushed by Carolinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mike Mitchell late in the fourth quarter of a loss to the Panthers. Bradford tore his left ACL, which coach Jeff Fisher said was already in a brace. The former No. 1 overall pick had 14 touchdown passes and just four interceptions in his fourth season. The Rams will be auditioning quarterbacks this week but Fisher said they wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make a trade, which means Clemens is likely set for his first extended opportunity since he made eight starts in 2007 for the Jets. At his regular day-after news conference, Fisher did his best to dismiss all rumors and said he wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t â&#x20AC;&#x153;at libertyâ&#x20AC;? to discuss any names. One potential name is Austin Davis. Wayne tore his right ACL in the fourth quarter of a victory over Denver. The soonto-be 35-year-old wide receiver had played in 189 consecutive games. Wayne led his team with 38 catches and 503 yards this season. In 13 seasons, all with the Colts, he has 1,006 receptions, 13,506 yards and 80 TD catches. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Looking back at it again today, there was really no one within 30 yards of him,â&#x20AC;? quarterback Andrew Luck said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He probably would have scored if I actually give him a decent ball. I feel somewhat responsible for the whole thing. I think I feel sick to my stomach about it a little bit.â&#x20AC;? The Chicago Bears also suffered big losses Sunday. Quarterback Jay Cutler will miss at least the next four weeks after tearing a muscle in his groin during a 45-41 loss to Washington. Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs will be out for around six weeks after sustaining a small fracture in his left shoulder. Veteran Josh McNown will replace Cutler. Pro Bowl cornerback Charles Tillman also left the game with a knee injury for the Bears. In other injury news: Houston Texans Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Cushing is out for the season with a left knee injury that will require surgery. Cushing, who tore his left ACL last season, was injured in the third quarter of a loss at Kansas City during a low block by running back Jamaal Charles. The Green Bay Packers lost tight end Jermichael Finley to a significant neck injury in their win over the Browns. Finley needs more tests to determine the severity. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles sustained a concussion in a loss to Dallas. Meanwhile, Michael Vick is still recovering from a hamstring injury that forced him to miss the past 21â &#x201E;2 games. Washington Redskins strong safety Reed Doughty suffered a concussion when the Bears attempted an onside kick in the fourth quarter. Atlanta Falcons running back Steven Jackson, who has missed the past four games due to a hamstring injury, is expected to practice Wednesday.

TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Football vs. Christ Prep Academy

Matt Slocum/AP Photo

JIM LEYLAND WAITS FOR THE START OF GAME 3 OF THE AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES against Boston on Tuesday in Detroit. Monday, Leyland resigned as the Tigersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; manager.

Leyland steps down as manager of Tigers DETROIT â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A picture of Jim Leylandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face stared out from the video board at an empty Comerica Park, next to that familiar Olde English â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and a message that said simply: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thank You Jim.â&#x20AC;? After eight seasons managing the Tigers, including three division titles and two American League pennants, Leyland stepped down Monday. His voice cracking at times, wiping away tears at others, he announced his departure two days after Detroit was eliminated by Boston in the AL championship series. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been a thrill,â&#x20AC;? the 68-year-old Leyland said during a news conference at the ballpark. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I came here to change talent to team, and I think with the help of this entire organization, I think weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done that. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve won quite a bit. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m very grateful to have been a small part of that.â&#x20AC;? Leyland made his managerial debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1986, and from Barry Bonds to Miguel Cabrera, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s managed some of the sportâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biggest stars and been involved in some of baseballâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most memorable games over the past quarter-century. In 1992, his Pirates lost Game 7 of the NLCS when Atlanta rallied in the bottom of the ninth inning. Five years later, Leyland won his only World Series title as manager when his Florida Marlins beat Cleveland in an 11-inning thriller in Game 7. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s experienced some of the highest highs the game has to offer, but he also endured difficult rebuilding periods in both Pittsburgh and Florida. After one season with the Colorado Rockies, Leyland didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t manage at all from 2000-05 before Detroit hired him. Leyland led the Tigers to the World Series immediately after taking over in 2006, losing to St. Louis in five games. The Tigers went to the World Series again in 2012 but were swept by San Francisco. Leyland worked under one-year contracts the last couple years, saying he was content to wait until after the season to address his status. He was reflective late this season, mentioning to reporters that he had already managed the Tigers longer than he had expected they would keep him, but he also said in September that he still loved the atmosphere, the competition and his team. In fact, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d actually told general manager Dave Dombrowski in early September that he didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to return as manager. He expects to remain with the organization in some capacity after going 700-597 as a manager. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not totally retiring today, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m just not going to be in the dugout anymore,â&#x20AC;? Leyland said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I hope and pray that you give the next manager the same respect and the same chance that you gave me.â&#x20AC;?

does, a hearing will be held before the Broncos game. Meriweather was flagged for personal fouls on defenseless receivers in the third and fourth quarters of Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 45-41 win over the Chicago Bears.


Grambling boycott ends GRAMBLING, LA. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Naquan Smith and his Grambling football teammates have no regrets about a nearly weeklong boycott that forced the university to forfeit its game against Jackson State on Saturday. Grambling players stood behind Smith Monday during a press conference outside of the Eddie Robinson Museum on campus. Smith said the entire team was present and that the vote to return to the field was â&#x20AC;&#x153;100 percent.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;The football team took a stance on what we thought was right,â&#x20AC;? Smith said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We did not quit on our university. There are many problems that exist and if no one says anything, nothing will become of our institution. We hope coach Eddie Robinson and his legendary players appreciate we took a stand and thought we were right.â&#x20AC;? Smith said players decided end the boycott after reaching out to several Grambling greats, including former coach Doug Williams, who advised them to, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Go out there and play football.â&#x20AC;? Williams also put them in contact with Baton Rouge businessman Jim Bernhard. Smith said Bernhard told players he has their â&#x20AC;&#x153;best intentions at heart and that he would ensure we had updated facilities, but we had to agree to being back practicing Monday ... and finish the remainder of our season.â&#x20AC;?


Miami to learn fate today

CORAL GABLES , FLA. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Decision day has finally arrived for Miami. The NCAA will unveil the findings of its long investigation into Miami athletics and release any proposed sanctions today, about 21â &#x201E;2 years after the probe began and more than eight months after saying the Hurricanes did not â&#x20AC;&#x153;exercise institutional controlâ&#x20AC;? over former booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s interactions with the football and menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s basketball programs. The report will be released at 9 a.m., the NCAA said. If the case follows typical protocols, the Hurricanes will not receive their copy of the decision until this morning, shortly before the public release. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really concern ourselves with things that we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t control, such as the investigation and what people are saying,â&#x20AC;? Miami running NFL back Duke Johnson said Monday. Miami is off to a 6-0 start, and the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s No. Meriweather suspended for hits 7 ranking matches its highest since 2005. The ASHBURN, VA. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Washington Redskins safety school met with the infractions committee in Brandon Meriweather has been suspended for June, leaving those two days in Indianapolis hoptwo games by the NFL for a pair of helmet-first ing a decision would come within eight weeks. hits. It wound up taking more than 18 weeks. The league announced Monday that MeriThe decision will answer whether the football weather will sit out this week against the Denver program, by sitting out two bowl games, last Broncos and the following game against the San seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Atlantic Coast Conference title game Diego Chargers. and making reductions in recruiting, has already Meriweather can appeal the suspension. If he paid enough of a price for the wrongdoing.

Saturday, Oct 26th. Georgia Tech ....................... 10............................... VIRGINIA CENTRAL FLORIDA ...........221â &#x201E;2 ..................... Connecticut Ball St......................................11 ...................................AKRON OHIO........................................25 .........................Miami-Ohio a-KENT ST ............................OFF ................................Buffalo MASSACHUSETTS ................3..............Western Michigan RUTGERS ................................7.................................Houston NORTH CAROLINA .............71â &#x201E;2 ................ Boston College Clemson ................................ 14...........................MARYLAND VIRGINIA TECH .................. 131â &#x201E;2.....................................Duke Pittsburgh ...........................51â &#x201E;2 ....................................NAVY TEX SAN ANTONIO.............51â &#x201E;2 ..............Ala-Birmingham SMU ..........................................11 ..................................Temple NORTHERN ILLINOIS ........301â &#x201E;2 ...........Eastern Michigan Arizona ................................151â &#x201E;2.........................COLORADO TEXAS A&M ........................... 18............................Vanderbilt AUBURN...............................241â &#x201E;2 ...............Florida Atlantic ALABAMA ............................281â &#x201E;2 ........................Tennessee OREGON .................................23 .......................................Ucla SOUTHERN CAL ....................7........................................Utah Tulsa ......................................31â &#x201E;2 ...............................TULANE b-WASHINGTON..................OFF ...........................California KANSAS ST................ 101â &#x201E;2 ........... West Virginia Michigan St .........................111â &#x201E;2 .............................. ILLINOIS MIAMI-FLORIDA ....................21 ........................Wake Forest FLORIDA ST.........................291â &#x201E;2 .......................... N.C. State OKLAHOMA ................61â &#x201E;2 ............... Texas Tech TCU ............................ 11â &#x201E;2......................... Texas IOWA ......................................41â &#x201E;2 ...................Northwestern

TODAY College Football



La.-Lafayette v. Ark.

7 p.m.

ESPN2 34, 234






Celtic v. Ajax 1:30p.m. FSN AC Milan v. Barcelona 1:30p.m. FS1

36, 236 150,227

Pro Hockey




Nashville v. Minnesota 7 p.m.

NBCSP 38, 238

High School Football Time


Jeff W. v. B-L replay

WOW 6, 206

7 p.m.






World Series

6:30p.m. Fox

4, 204

Pro Basketball



Brooklyn v. Boston Chicago v. Okla. City

6 p.m. ESPN 33, 233 8:30p.m. ESPN 33, 233

Pro Hockey



Boston v. Buffalo

7 p.m.

NBCSP 38, 238







CSKA Mos. v. Man. City 11 a.m. FS1 Andercht v. Paris S.-G. 1:30p.m. FSN Man. U. v. Real Sociedad 1:30p.m. FS1

150,227 36, 236 150,227

College Volleyball



Kentucky v. Georgia Iowa St. v. Kansas Oklahoma v. TCU Iowa v. Nebraska Texas v. West Virginia Kansas St. v. Baylor

5 p.m. ESPNU 35, 235 6:30p.m. MS 37 6:30p.m. FCSC 145 6:30p.m. BTN 147,237 7 p.m. ESPNU 35, 235 7 p.m. FCSA 144



CIMB Classic

10 p.m. Golf



Cable 156,289

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TODAY IN SPORTS 1975 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The 10-team World Football League, citing lack of television and season-ticket support, disbands before the 12th week of a 20-week season. 1994 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Alcorn Stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Steve McNair becomes the NCAAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s career yardage leader with 15,049, surpassing the old mark set by Brigham Youngâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ty Detmer, who had 14,665.





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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Veritas eyes state rematch â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

Eagles expect to meet rival WAHAA again By Benton Smith

For Veritas Christianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s volleyball team, this weekend will be about more than winning backto-back state championships. The Eagles want to prove to themselves they have what it takes to beat an old rival, too. When Veritas arrives Friday in Wichita for the two-day Kansas Christian Athletic Association state tournament, neither the coaches nor players expect to win the programâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s third state title in four seasons without going through the Wichita Area Homeschool Athletic Association first. In the last six years, the two teams have met in the tournamentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s title game three times. Eagles co-coach Kyle Billings, who has been involved with the program in some capacity for 11 years, said this seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s WAHAA roster is the best he has seen. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m excited for that,â&#x20AC;? said Billings, who coaches the team with Kim Swisher. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Because I would hate to not have that (level of) competition and maybe have it be a little bit cheapened if we did win.â&#x20AC;? To a certain extent, this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Veritas team isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t too different from the one that won the KCAA state title a year ago. The Eagles only have two starters â&#x20AC;&#x201D; senior Teri Huslig and junior Lacey Billings â&#x20AC;&#x201D; back, but coach Billings said the 2013 version, similar to the 2012 group, doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t intimidate its opponents just by walking onto the court for warmups. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team, they were senior-heavy and

and Alyssa Krestan, and sophomore Allie Swisher, all starting. And it is that assemblage of youth that throws off opponents, who donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know how talented Veritas (27-6) actually is. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Those freshmen,â&#x20AC;? Kyle Billings said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;have just stepped up big time.â&#x20AC;? When senior Teri Huslig thinks about how the young team has made everything function so well, she credits the young players for their smarts and abilities. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a little bit more athletic (than last year),â&#x20AC;? she said. Junior Lacey Billings said the transition for the youngest players came quickly because they showed willingness to work, learn and compete. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They understand,â&#x20AC;? she said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;how important it is to us to win state.â&#x20AC;? Veritas only faced WAHAA once this season and lost, 25-13, 1125, 17-15, on Oct. 12, in Wichita. The Eaglesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; veteran leader, Teri Huslig, said WAHAA had taller players than Veritas, and they took it to the Eagles early on. However, she said the loss has only fueled her teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work since then. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not gonna be ready for us again,â&#x20AC;? the senior said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kind of our attitude toward it.â&#x20AC;? Of course the Eagles want to repeat as champs, but if they had their choice, they would do so by beating WAHAA in the John Young/Journal-World Photo final. VERITASâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ALLISON SWISHER (17) HITS A BALL AT THE NET past a Heritage blocker â&#x20AC;&#x153;Physically, it shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t during their game Sept. 17 at Bishop Seabury. be that difficult at all,â&#x20AC;? Teri Huslig said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mentally, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where we have to had been playing togeth- maybe lacked in ability Now the Eagles are focus. We have the talent er since sixth grade,â&#x20AC;? the they made up for in how young, with freshmen Bri- and the mental capablility coach said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What they they jelled.â&#x20AC;? enne Billings, Tori Huslig to beat any team.â&#x20AC;?

Emily Venters

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BRIEFLY Schmidtberger 19th at state GARDEN CITY â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Lawrence Highâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Abby Schmidtberger shot 90 and tied for 19th to pace all city golfers at the Class 6A state golf tournament on Monday at Buffalo Dunes Golf Course. LHS teammate Campbell Drake, also competing as an individual, shot 101. Free State qualified its entire team and placed 11th overall of 12 teams. Emily Bermel shot 95 to lead the Firebirds. Other FSHS scores: Karen Campbell 99, Anne Goebel 110, Catie Griffin 115, Erin Meyers 116 and Maddie Williams 123. Washburn Rural won the team title with 339 strokes. Free State was 11th with 419. Olathe Northwestâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Audrey Judd won with a 71.

Seabury drops 2 matches PERRY â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Bishop Seabury Academy dropped a pair of volleyball matches Monday at Perry-Lecompton High. Seabury fell to Tonganoxie, 25-21, 29-27, 25-23, and to Perry-Lecompton, 25-21, 25-16. Reilly Malone had three aces, 10 kills, two blocks and 12 digs; Taylor Hodge had eight aces, 11 kills and 27 digs; Ellen Almanza had three aces, seven kills and 15 digs; Celia TaylorPuckett had 33 assists; and Regan Zaremba had 10 digs for Seabury (12-20).

FSHS football remains No. 2 Free State Highâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s football team remains behind topranked Derby in the latest Class 6A rankings. Derby (6-1) surpassed the Firebirds (6-1) following Free Stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oct. 3 loss at Olathe North and has maintained the No. 1 ranking, previously occupied by FSHS, since.

Carson Bowen

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013




Titans owner Baylor, Texas Tech lead Bud Adams topsy-turvy Big 12 dies at 90 The Associated Press

It has been tougher than ever to figure out the Big 12 this year. Texas Tech (7-0, 4-0 Big 12), which was picked to finish seventh in the league’s preseason poll, is now ranked 10th in the country and alone in first place. Baylor (6-0, 3-0) is tied for second with Texas (42, 3-0), ranked No. 6 nationally and the Big 12’s highest team in the BCS standings at No. 8. The bottom half of the Big 12 might be just as surprising. Just one year after landing nine bowl bids, half of the league is below .500 overall. That includes defending league champion Kansas State and TCU, which was picked to finish third behind Oklahoma State and Oklahoma before play began. First-year Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury is happy to be on the right end of a topsy-turvy season in the Big 12. “We were basically picked 10th in our conference to start the year, so if we would have believed that, we wouldn’t be where we’re at right now,” Kingsbury said. Texas Tech has surged to the top of the league with strong, balanced play on both sides of the ball. It’s not surprising that the Red Raiders are scoring points in bunches, given their history. But Texas Tech’s defense, which is allowing just 18.7 points per game, is perhaps the biggest reason for that undefeated record. “Texas Tech is a good defensive football team. A lot of guys coming back. Well coached, they were in position. They played hard,” West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen after the Red Raiders held his team scoreless in the fourth quarter and hung on for a 37-27 win Saturday. Still, the Red Raiders

AP Photos

PICKED TO FINISH SEVENTH IN THE BIG 12 IN THE PRESEASON, TEXAS TECH AND COACH KLIFF KINGSBURY, TOP PHOTO, are alone at the top of the standings, looking down on the likes of KANSAS STATE AND COACH BILL SNYDER, BOTTOM PHOTO, the defending league champs who haven’t yet won a league game have only beaten one team that’s currently over .500 and that’s Texas State of the Sun Belt. The Red Raiders will get a chance to silence their doubters on Saturday at No. 17 Oklahoma (6-1, 3-1), which Kingsbury acknowledged will be his team’s toughest test to date. “Going on the road in that type of environment against that type of opponent, it’s going to be a huge challenge for our guys,” Kingsbury said. Baylor has made quite a splash nationally with an

offense that’s threatening to become the most prolific in the history of the Big 12 — or any league, for that matter. But like the Red Raiders, the Bears have been surprisingly strong on defense. Kansas, Kansas State, TCU, West Virginia and Iowa State each have at least four losses and are in danger of missing out on bowl eligibility. TCU (3-4, 1-3) hosts Texas on Saturday with a chance to climb back to .500 ahead of a three-game stretch against fellow second-division opponents.

Conf. Overall W L W L Texas Tech 4 0 7 0 Baylor 3 0 6 0 Texas 3 0 4 2 Oklahoma 3 1 6 1 Oklahoma State 2 1 5 1 TCU 1 3 3 4 West Virginia 1 3 3 4 Kansas 0 3 2 4 Kansas State 0 3 2 4 Iowa State 0 3 1 5 Saturday, Oct. 26 Oklahoma State at Iowa State, 11 a.m. Texas Tech at Oklahoma, 2:30 p.m. West Virginia at Kansas State, 2:45 p.m. Baylor at Kansas, 6 p.m. Texas at TCU, 6:30 p.m.

would continue to be up front with both of them about how they would be used from week to week. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1B Typically, Weis meets with his quarterbacks to in KU’s offensive plans discuss the upcoming during the upcoming week’s game plan on Monweeks and added he day nights following his

“Hawk Talk” radio show. From the sound of it, both Heaps and Cozart have been regular attendees of that meeting lately. “We told them (last) Monday we were going to do this,” Weis said of playing Cozart against OU.

“This wasn’t just something that materialized on game day. We will visit with those guys after we know what we’re doing (this week), and however it plays out, we’ll tell them exactly what the game plan is.”


“The fans were great. I felt like LeBron James walking down Beale Street. They showed me a lot of love. We also got to spend time with family. My grandmother’s sister lives right outside of Memphis and she came by to visit with us.” Alexander will announce his college choice on Nov. 16 on ESPN. “My mom will be the one who will help me most with my decision,” Alexander told ESPN.




maybe even nationally, look at us in a different light,” Self continued. “We’ve recruited a lot of good players, but we haven’t really had a ton of success recruiting the top three or four players in their respective classes in the country. He obviously has that distinction.” KU has landed one other No. 1 in Josh Selby and top 10s in Embiid (6 by ESPN), Xavier Henry (8) and Julian Wright (8). “Just because guys are looking at you doesn’t mean you are going to get them by any stretch. Hopefully we can get one or two more and keep this thing at the level it deserves to be at,” Self said. The Jayhawk recruiting class of 2014 has received gads of publicity, the most recent coming Monday when named Wiggins, Selden and Embiid all-freshman first-team with Kentucky’s Julius Randle and Andrew Harrison. “This year may be a little bit different because people are saying so many good things about a group of kids that have done absolutely nothing, from a collegiate standpoint. In their minds, they think

they are ready, but even in the short time they have been here, they realize that this is a little bit different than what they had anticipated,” Self said. “I don’t think it will be a huge problem, but certainly it’s going to be one that we have to talk about a lot, and if we can focus in on us being good, it will work. If we focus in on the individuals being good, it won’t work, because if we are good, that means the individuals have played very, very well themselves individually. You can have a guy play well and our team stink, but it would be hard for our team to be really good and not look at our team and say, ‘Hey, that kid performed pretty well.’” O

Alexander update: Cliff Alexander, a 6-8 forward from Chicago Curie, visited Memphis last weekend and is headed to Illinois this weekend. He also has visited KU, Arizona and DePaul. “I am still thinking about taking an unofficial visit to Michigan State but still not 100-percent sure yet,” Alexander told on Monday. He and his parents had a good time in Memphis. “I got along with coach (Josh) Pastner and the players real well. They were real cool and my mom and dad enjoyed the visit a lot,” Alexander said.


Turner update: Turner visited Ohio State last weekend. He’s also considering KU, Texas, Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, Louisville and Oklahoma State. He told ESPN he hasn’t heard from Louisville in a while. “I might commit early if I know where I want to go after a few visits, but I am definitely going to sign late,” Turner told ESPN. com. Of Ohio State, he said: “My academic interest is in psychology with an emphasis in counseling, and I met with the head of psychology. It was very impressive.” O

Media day today: Today is Big 12 men’s basketball media day in Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo. Self and KU players will join coaches and players from the other nine schools in interview sessions.


Big 12 honors hitter Albers Kansas University junior outside hitter Chelsea Albers was named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week on Monday. KU, 16-4 overall and 6-1 (second) in the Big 12, has earned at least one league weekly honor in all but one of the last seven weeks. Already in the Big 12’s top-10 for blocks and points per set, Albers tied for the Big 12 lead this week with 1.71 blocks per set. The Nebraska native finished second only to senior libero Brianne Riley for the team lead with 3.14 digs per set on the week. KU will host Iowa State at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Hanna paces KU men’s golf LAS CRUCES, N.M. — Kansas University freshman Chase Hanna shot 73-74— 147 to put himself in a tie for 25th place after the first two rounds Monday of the Herb Wimberly Intercollegiate. As a team, KU is 10th in the 17-team field with 595. Other KU scores: Conner Peck, tied for 32nd, 148; Ben Welle and Jackson Foth, tied for 40th, 150; Logan Philley, tied for 84th, 159; and Stan Gautier, was disqualified.

NASHVILLE, TENN. (AP) — Titans owner Bud Adams, who helped found the American Football League and whose battles for players helped lead to the merger with the NFL, has died. He was 90. The team announced Monday that Adams — a former Kansas University quarterback, in 1942 — had died, saying he “passed away peacefully from natural causes.” The son of a prominent oil executive, Adams built his own energy fortune and founded the Houston Oilers. He moved the team to Tennessee in 1997 when he couldn’t get the new stadium he wanted in Houston. The franchise, renamed the Titans, in 2000 reached the Super Bowl that Adams had spent more than three decades pursuing. Coach Mike Munchak said Adams was willing to spend money to help his team win, remembering how he ordered the Titans to chase free agent Peyton Manning in March 2012. The Titans also spent more than $100 million this offseason on players, and Munchak said their challenge now will be winning the Super Bowl in his memory — the one item missing from Adams’ legacy. “That’ll be our challenge going forward,” Munchak said. Funeral plans have yet to be announced. Munchak said the Titans will decide later how to remember their founder. Adams’ 409 wins were the most of any current NFL owner. He notched his 400th career win in the 2011 season finale when his Titans defeated the team that replaced his Oilers in Houston, the Texans. His franchise made 21 playoff appearances in 53 seasons, eighth among NFL teams since 1960. “I consider Bud one of the founders of the game of professional football because of his role in helping to create the American Football League,” Dallas owner Jerry Jones said in a statement. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called Adams a pioneer and innovator. “As a founding owner of the American Football League that began play in 1960, Bud saw the potential of pro football and brought the game to new cities and new heights of popularity, first in Houston and then in Nashville,” Goodell said in a statement. Kenneth Stanley Adams Jr. was born in Bartlesville, Okla., to the future chief executive of Phillips Petroleum Co., K.S. “Boots” Adams. Adams joined Dallas oilman Lamar Hunt on Aug. 3, 1959, when they announced the AFL would begin competing with the NFL at a news conference in Adams’ office. Adams founded one of the new league’s charter franchises. The NFL retaliated by placing the Cowboys in Dallas and tried to get into Houston, but Adams held the lease to the one available stadium.

“I wanted to be the only pro team,” Adams said in a 2002 interview with The Associated Press. He won a major battle with the NFL in June 1960, shortly before the AFL’s debut, when a judge ruled Louisiana State Heisman Trophy winner Billy Cannon — who signed with the Oilers underneath the goalposts after the Sugar Bowl that year — was their property despite having later signed with the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. “It was a big step for us,” Adams said. The Oilers won the first two AFL titles and reached the championship game four times during the 1960s. In 1968, the Oilers became the first indoor football team when they moved into the 3-year-old Astrodome. Meanwhile, Adams quietly became one of the nation’s wealthiest oilmen as his ADA Oil Co. evolved into the publicly traded Adams Resources & Energy Inc., a Fortune 500 company based in Houston. His business interests included farming and ranching in Texas and California, cattle feeding, real estate and automobile sales. He also was a major collector of western art and Indian artifacts and maintained a private gallery at his corporate headquarters. “He was very passionate about his football team,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said of his former boss on 104.5 The Zone WGFX-FM. Adams convinced Tampa Bay owner Hugh Culverhouse to trade him the rights to Heisman Trophy-winning running back Earl Campbell in 1978. The Campbell-led teams reached two straight AFC title games, only to lose to eventual Super Bowl winner Pittsburgh each time. The Oilers flamed out of the playoffs early in 1980 and Adams fired popular coach Bum Phillips, a move that permanently alienated him from many fans of the team’s “Luv Ya Blue” era. Phillips died Friday, also at the age of 90. Adams complained about the Astrodome in 1987 and toured the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville scouting a possible move before getting the 10,000 extra seats he wanted in Houston. The Oilers had their longest run of success in the late 1980s and early 1990s after signing Warren Moon in 1984. They became best known for blowing a record 32-point lead in a playoff game at Buffalo on Jan. 3, 1993 — Adams’ 70th birthday. Adams began railing about the aging Astrodome shortly afterward. When he moved his team, Adams continued to live and work in Houston. Renamed the Titans, his franchise reached its lone Super Bowl after the 1999 season only to lose to the Rams 23-16 when Kevin Dyson was tackled at the St. Louis 1-yard line as time expired. The Titans made a second AFC championship game after the 2002 season as part of six playoff berths, the last in 2008.


He now has attention turned toward soliciting contributions for the revamping of Memorial Stadium. “We’ve got to do it,” Hadl said. “We’ve got to get that done.” Once the KU offense speeds up, so, too, will the donations. Unfortunately, Hadl can’t help the offense. He exhausted his eligibility, not to mention his extraordinary athletic ability, but No. 21 remains a big player in the athletic department.


If Hadl couldn’t put Adams in a giving mood toward KU football, nobody could. The best closer among the KU athletic department’s fundraisers, Hadl was a key player in the construction of the Anderson Family Football Complex at Kivisto Field.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

| 5B


WORLD SERIES (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) All games televised by Fox St. Louis vs. Boston Wednesday, Oct. 23: St. Louis (Wainwright 19-9) at Boston (Lester 15-8), 7:07 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24: St. Louis (Wacha 4-1) at Boston (Lackey 10-13), 7:07 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26: Boston (Buchholz 12-1) at St. Louis (Kelly 10-5), 7:07 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27: Boston (Peavy 12-5) at St. Louis (Lynn 15-10), 7:15 p.m. x-Monday, Oct. 28: Boston at St. Louis, 7:07 p.m. x-Wednesday, Oct. 30: St. Louis at Boston, 7:07 p.m. x-Thursday, Oct. 31: St. Louis at Boston, 7:07 p.m.

Recalled D Aaron Rome from Texas (AHL). Assigned G Jack Campbell to Texas. DETROIT RED WINGS-Recalled C Darren Helm and D Xavier Ouellet from Grand Rapids (AJHL). Assigned C Luke Glendening to Grand Rapids. MONTREAL CANADIENS-Recalled F Mike Blunden, F Patrick Holland and D Nathan Beaulieu from Hamilton (AHL). SAN JOSE SHARKS-Recalled F Freddie Hamilton and F John McCarthy from Worcester (AHL). Assigned F Matt Pelech to Worcester. COLLEGE THIEL-Announced the addition of womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bowling as an intercollegiate sport, beginning with the 2015-16 academic year.

High School Julio Cortez/AP Photo

THE NEW YORK GIANTSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; PEYTON HILLIS (44) IS TACKLED BY MINNESOTAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MARVIN MITCHELL (55) after scoring a touchdown during the second half of the Giantsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 23-7 victory over the Vikings on Monday in East Rutherford, N.J.

Giants get first win EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201D; At last. The New York Giants got their first win of the season Monday night by holding Adrian Peterson in check and converting Minnesota mistakes into a 23-7 victory. The Giants began the season with six losses in which they were the team turning over the ball (minus-16 difference) while showing little penchant for playing defense. But against the Vikings (15), they were efficient enough, if not overwhelming, and had three takeaways to one lost fumble. Peterson, the leagueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s MVP last season and a 2,000-yard rusher, was held to 28 yards five days after his 2-year-old son was buried in South Dakota. The man accused in the death was indicted on second-degree murder and manslaughter charges, prosecutors said Monday. Peterson was not helped by a rusty Josh Freeman, making his debut as Vikings quarterback after being signed as a free agent when Tampa Bay cut the 2009 firstround draft pick. Freeman frequently missed open receivers, and several of

SUMMARY Minnesota 7 0 0 0â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 7 N.Y. Giants 3 7 7 6â&#x20AC;&#x201D;23 First Quarter NYG-FG J.Brown 35, 5:24. Min-Sherels 86 punt return (Walsh kick), :23. Second Quarter NYG-Randle 24 pass from Manning (J.Brown kick), 9:33. Third Quarter NYG-Hillis 1 run (J.Brown kick), 8:37. Fourth Quarter NYG-FG J.Brown 23, 12:13. NYG-FG J.Brown 36, 11:03. A-79,314. Min NYG First downs 13 17 Total Net Yards 206 257 Rushes-yards 14-30 32-64 Passing 176 193 Punt Returns 4-119 3-25 Kickoff Returns 3-90 2-25 Interceptions Ret. 0-0 1-25 Comp-Att-Int 20-53-1 23-39-0 Sacked-Yards Lost 1-14 2-7 Punts 7-44.6 9-48.7 Fumbles-Lost 2-2 3-1 Penalties-Yards 3-38 5-72 Time of Possession 23:38 36:22 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Minnesota, Peterson 13-28, Patterson 1-2. N.Y. Giants, Hillis 18-36, Cox 11-23, Manning 3-5. PASSING-Minnesota, Freeman 20-531-190. N.Y. Giants, Manning 23-39-0-200. RECEIVING-Minnesota, Jennings 4-41, Simpson 3-32, Rudolph 3-27, Patterson 3-22, Peterson 2-28, Gerhart 2-17, Wright 1-13, Carlson 1-9, Felton 1-1. N.Y. Giants, Cruz 5-50, Hillis 5-45, Randle 3-40, Conner 3-17, Nicks 2-28, Myers 2-15, Cox 2-1, Pascoe 1-4. MISSED FIELD GOALS-Minnesota, Walsh 53 (SH).

his throws sailed yards beyond his targets. Josh Brown kicked three field goals and Rueben Randle caught a 24yard TD pass for New York (1-6). Marcus Sherels pro-

vided Minnesotaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s points with an 86-yard punt return, but his fumble without being hit during a runback midway in the third quarter set up New York at the Vikings 3. Peyton Hillis, signed last Wednesday with the Giants in dire need of running backs, surged in from the 1 for a 17-7 lead â&#x20AC;&#x201D; New Yorkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biggest in 2013. The lead grew on Brownâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 23-yard field goal to finish off a 16-play, 75yard drive, and to 23-7 on his 36-yarder. Another Vikings mistake handed those points to the Giants: Rookie Sharrif Floyd, a defensive tackle of all things, fumbled at Minnesotaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 18 while returning a short kickoff. The Giants controlled the clock and the ball for most of the opening quarter and led 3-0 when Sherels broke his spectacular punt return â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the third against the Giants this season. He sped down the left sideline virtually untouched, then twice faked out punter Steve Weatherford. By the time Weatherford reached Sherels, it was at the goal line â&#x20AC;&#x201D; where Weatherford brought him down with a horse-collar tackle.

Chiefs relish perfect start KANSAS CITY, MO. (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to find anybody in the Kansas City Chiefs locker room willing to think back to last season. Those memories have been purged for weeks, if not months. Kendrick Lewis remembers, though. The starting free safety remembers vividly what it was like to win just two games and finish with the worst record in franchise history. He still recalls what it was like to show up to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and see row after row of empty seats. All of which makes their 7-0 start this season feel that much sweeter. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a big difference,â&#x20AC;? Lewis said after a 17-16 win over Houston on Sunday that, along with the Broncosâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; loss to the Colts, left Kansas City as the lone unbeaten team in the NFL. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more of a family now,â&#x20AC;? Lewis explained. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Every time we break it down, we break it down on family. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more of a brotherhood. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more together, pulling for one common goal.â&#x20AC;? Lewis went on to hazard

the words â&#x20AC;&#x153;Super Bowl,â&#x20AC;? making him not only one of the few players to recall last season but one of the few to look beyond the next team on the schedule. There have been just 31 previous teams in the Super Bowl era to win their first seven games, and all of them made the playoffs. Fifteen of those teams made it to the final game of the season, and nine of them raised the Lombardi Trophy. One of those teams to start 7-0 was the 2003 version of the Chiefs, who won their first nine games â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the only team in franchise history to get off to a better start than this crew. That team wound up getting ousted by the Colts in their first playoff game. Another team to start 7-0 was the 2004 bunch that Chiefs coach Andy Reid led in Philadelphia, which wound up losing its next game. But that team fared better when the postseason rolled around, making it to the Super Bowl and losing a 24-21 heartbreaker to the Patriots. Reid refused to make any comparisons to the

Chiefs of today with his Eagles of yesteryear, but the way he deftly sidestepped the question on Monday may indicate one similarity. Both teams have focused solely on the present. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you just get into this thing and you hold things you can control, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s practicing right, go through the different steps, and you hold true to that, you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worry about what other people say,â&#x20AC;? Reid said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You prepare yourself for your opponent, you get yourself right, and if you stay right with that, all that other stuff doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really matter.â&#x20AC;?

!"#$%&'()* +&,)-)& .&'// 0),/)&1 2#%3 45 6%& 7"89$:


EASTERN CONFERENCE W L T Pts GF GA x-New York 16 9 8 56 53 39 x-Sporting KC 16 10 7 55 45 29 Montreal 14 12 7 49 50 48 Chicago 14 12 7 49 45 47 New England 13 11 9 48 48 38 Houston 13 11 9 48 39 40 Philadelphia 12 11 10 46 41 42 Columbus 12 16 5 41 42 45 Toronto FC 5 17 11 26 29 47 D.C. 3 23 7 16 21 57 WESTERN CONFERENCE W L T Pts GF GA x-Portland 13 5 15 54 49 33 x-Real Salt Lake 15 10 8 53 55 40 x-Los Angeles 15 11 7 52 52 37 x-Seattle 15 12 6 51 41 41 Colorado 14 10 9 51 45 35 San Jose 13 11 9 48 33 41 Vancouver 12 12 9 45 50 45 FC Dallas 11 11 11 44 47 50 Chivas USA 6 18 8 26 29 60 NOTE: Three points for victory, one point for tie. x- clinched playoff berth Wednesday, Oct. 23 Chivas USA at Real Salt Lake, 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26 Sporting Kansas City at Philadelphia, 2 p.m. Montreal at Toronto FC, 3 p.m. FC Dallas at San Jose, 4:30 p.m. Portland at Chivas USA, 9:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27 Houston at D.C. United, 12:30 p.m. New England at Columbus, 3 p.m. Chicago at New York, 4 p.m. Colorado at Vancouver, 7 p.m. Los Angeles at Seattle FC, 8 p.m.

Class 6A State Monday at Buffalo Dunes Golf Course Garden City Team scores: Washburn Rural 339, Maize 353, Garden City 355, Shawnee Mission East 361, Manhattan 372, Olathe Northwest 376, Wichita Northwest 393, Olathe East 402, Olathe South 405, Blue Valley 405, Free State 419, Blue Valley Northwest 428. Winner: Audrey Judd, ONW, 71. Free State results: Emily Bermel 95, Karen Campbell 99, Anne Goebel 110, Catie Griffin 115, Erin Meyers 116, Maddie Williams 123. Lawrence results: 19. (tie) Abbie Schmidtberger 90, Campbell Drake 101.

College Men

Herb Wimberly Intercollegiate Monday at Las Cruces, N.M. New Mexico State U. Golf Course (par 71) Team scores: New Mexico State 572, UTEP 574, Colorado State 575, Air Force 587, Nevada 589, UT Arlington 589, Wichita State 591, Sam Houston State 591, Kansas 595, UC Riverside 596, Arizona 599, Nebraska 600, Texas State 600, UMKC 602, UTSA 604, Oral Roberts 612. Leader: Ben Kreuger, N. Colorado, 139. Kansas Results 25. (tie) Chase Hanna 73-74â&#x20AC;&#x201D;147 32. (tie) Connor Peck 75-73â&#x20AC;&#x201D;148 40. (tie) Ben Welle 78-72â&#x20AC;&#x201D;150 Jackson Foth 72-78â&#x20AC;&#x201D;150 84. (tie) Logan Philley 81-78â&#x20AC;&#x201D;159 DQ Stan Gautier (ind.) DQ-80


BASEBALL American League DETROIT TIGERS-Announced the retirement of manager Jim Leyland. TEXAS RANGERS-Named Tim Bogar bench coach. National League NEW YORK METS-Named Will Carafello director of social media. American Association AMARILLO SOX-Signed C Chris Grossman. Traded RHP Jason Mitchell to Windy City for LHP Matt Wickswat. Can-Am League ROCKLAND BOULDERS-Exercised the 2014 option on RHP Marty Popham. BASKETBALL National Basketball Association NBA-Suspended Oklahoma C Hasheem Thabeet one game for head butting New Orleans C Greg Stiemsma in an Oct. 17 game. Fined Denver G Nate Robinson $10,000 for pushing Oklahoma City C Steven Adams from behind and striking him in the chest during an Oct. 15 game. ATLANTA HAWKS-Waived F James Johnson. LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS-Waived F Brandon Davies. MIAMI HEAT-Waived F Jarvis Varnado, G Larry Drew II and G Charlie Westbrook. FOOTBALL National Football League NFL-Suspended Washington S Brandon Meriweather two games for repeat violations this season of NFL safety rules prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players. BALTIMORE RAVENS-Traded OT Bryant McKinnie to Miami for a conditional late-round draft pick. CLEVELAND BROWNS-Waived DB Julian Posey. Claimed DB Jordan Poyer off waivers from Philadelphia. DALLAS COWBOYS-Signed DT Marvin Austin. Re-signed G Ray Dominguez and WR Jamar Newsome to the practice squad. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-Released DT Andre Neblett. NEW YORK JETS-Activated QB David Garrard. Released QB Brady Quinn. PITTSBURGH STEELERS-Waived RB Isaac Redman. Signed LB Kion Wilson from the practice squad. TENNESSEE TITANS-Released KR Darius Reynaud. HOCKEY National Hockey League NHL-Suspended Colorado F Cody McLeod five games for boarding Detroit D Niklas Kronwall during an Oct. 17 game. Suspended New York Islanders F Michael Grabner two games for an illegal check to the head of Carolina F Nathan Gerbe during an Oct. 19 game. Free agent D Roman Hamrlik announced his retirement. BUFFALO SABRES-Recalled D Rasmus Ristolainen from Rochester (AHL). DALLAS STARS-Activated G Kari Lehtonen from injured reserve.

;8#&%*"9'8.&,8* 0)<'-8 =)91 >)$'9/)<:

AMERICAN CONFERENCE East W L T Pct PF PA New England 5 2 0 .714 152 127 N.Y. Jets 4 3 0 .571 134 162 Miami 3 3 0 .500 135 140 Buffalo 3 4 0 .429 159 178 South W L T Pct PF PA Indianapolis 5 2 0 .714 187 131 Tennessee 3 4 0 .429 145 146 Houston 2 5 0 .286 122 194 Jacksonville 0 7 0 .000 76 222 North W L T Pct PF PA Cincinnati 5 2 0 .714 148 135 Baltimore 3 4 0 .429 150 148 Cleveland 3 4 0 .429 131 156 Pittsburgh 2 4 0 .333 107 132 West W L T Pct PF PA Kansas City 7 0 0 1.000 169 81 Denver 6 1 0 .857 298 197 San Diego 4 3 0 .571 168 144 Oakland 2 4 0 .333 105 132 NATIONAL CONFERENCE East W L T Pct PF PA Dallas 4 3 0 .571 200 155 Philadelphia 3 4 0 .429 169 196 Washington 2 4 0 .333 152 184 N.Y. Giants 1 6 0 .143 126 216 South W L T Pct PF PA New Orleans 5 1 0 .833 161 103 Carolina 3 3 0 .500 139 83 Atlanta 2 4 0 .333 153 157 Tampa Bay 0 6 0 .000 87 132 North W L T Pct PF PA Green Bay 4 2 0 .667 168 127 Detroit 4 3 0 .571 186 167 Chicago 4 3 0 .571 213 206 Minnesota 1 5 0 .167 132 181 West W L T Pct PF PA Seattle 6 1 0 .857 191 116 San Francisco 5 2 0 .714 176 135 St. Louis 3 4 0 .429 156 184 Arizona 3 4 0 .429 133 161 Mondayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Game N.Y. Giants 23, Minnesota 7 Thursday, Oct. 24 Carolina at Tampa Bay, 7:25 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 27 Cleveland at Kansas City, noon Buffalo at New Orleans, noon

Miami at New England, noon Dallas at Detroit, noon N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia, noon San Francisco vs. Jacksonville at London, noon Pittsburgh at Oakland, 3:05 p.m. N.Y. Jets at Cincinnati, 3:05 p.m. Atlanta at Arizona, 3:25 p.m. Washington at Denver, 3:25 p.m. Green Bay at Minnesota, 7:30 p.m. Open: Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, San Diego, Tennessee Monday, Oct. 28 Seattle at St. Louis, 7:40 p.m.


Through Oct. 20

Record Pts 1. Morningside (IA) (13) 6-0 288 2. Cumberlands (Ky.) 6-0 275 3. Grand View (Iowa) 7-0 267 4. Saint Francis (Ind.) 5-1 252 5. Benedictine (Kan.) 7-0 244 6. Missouri Valley 5-1 230 7. Carroll (Mont.) 6-1 223 8. St. Ambrose (Iowa) 5-1 209 9. Baker (Kan.) 6-1 205 10. Rocky Mtn. (Mont.) 6-1 186 11. Tabor (Kan.) 6-1 179 12. Peru State (Neb.) 6-1 164 13. Ottawa (Kan.) 5-2 145 14. Saint Xavier (Ill.) 4-3 137 15. Faulkner (Ala.) 5-2 131 16. Concordia (Neb.) 6-1 107 17. Georgetown (Ky.) 3-3 106 18. Friends (Kan.) 5-2 96 19. Reinhardt (Ga.) 5-2 94 20. Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 5-2 92 21. Sterling (Kan.) 5-2 66 22. Southern Oregon 4-3 61 23. Northwestern (Iowa) 4-2 45 24. St. Francis (Ill.) 4-3 25 25. Bacone (Okla.) 5-2 22

Pv 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 12 13 16 8 17 19 14 11 15 24 21 NR NR NR 20 NR


Mondayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games San Jose 1, Detroit 0, SO Colorado 1, Pittsburgh 0 Calgary at Los Angeles, (n) Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games Anaheim at Toronto, 6 p.m. Vancouver at N.Y. Islanders, 6 p.m. New Jersey at Columbus, 6 p.m. Edmonton at Montreal, 6:30 p.m. Chicago at Florida, 6:30 p.m. Nashville at Minnesota, 7 p.m. Washington at Winnipeg, 7 p.m. Calgary at Phoenix, 9 p.m. Wednesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games Ottawa at Detroit, 6:30 p.m. Boston at Buffalo, 7 p.m.

NBA Preseason

EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division W L Pct GB Toronto 5 1 .833 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Brooklyn 4 1 .800 ½ New York 2 3 .400 2½ Philadelphia 1 4 .200 3½ Boston 1 6 .143 4½ Southeast Division W L Pct GB Miami 4 2 .667 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Charlotte 3 3 .500 1 Orlando 2 4 .333 2 Washington 1 4 .200 2½ Atlanta 1 4 .200 2½ Central Division W L Pct GB Chicago 5 0 1.000 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Cleveland 4 2 .667 1½ Detroit 1 4 .200 4 Indiana 1 5 .167 4½ Milwaukee 0 4 .000 4½ WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest Division W L Pct GB New Orleans 6 0 1.000 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Houston 4 1 .800 1½ Memphis 3 2 .600 2½ Dallas 3 3 .500 3 San Antonio 1 3 .250 4 Northwest Division W L Pct GB Oklahoma City 3 1 .750 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Minnesota 3 1 .750 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Portland 4 2 .667 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Denver 2 3 .400 1½ Utah 1 4 .200 2½ Pacific Division W L Pct GB L.A. Clippers 4 2 .667 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Golden State 3 2 .600 ½ Sacramento 3 2 .600 ½ Phoenix 2 2 .500 1 L.A. Lakers 2 4 .333 2 Mondayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games Toronto 123, New York 120,2OT Cleveland 104, Philadelphia 93 Houston 100, Dallas 95 Milwaukee at Chicago, (n) Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games Indiana at Atlanta, 6:30 p.m. Washington at Detroit, 6:30 p.m. Orlando at San Antonio, 7:30 p.m. Oklahoma City at Phoenix, 9 p.m. Utah at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m.


     ! !   !







?9#%4)& 23%%@#,9"/,& A BCDE F%*)/ G/),&,89) 2,/) BCDH F%*)/ ;8#&% A ?9#1 BIJ BKJ L BM      



  * ! &YJU  t    

?N)& DCC "8'#< '8 <#%9@ ,8* %8 %&*)& A !77 ?O 2!7P:








Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Announcements CNA/CMA CLASSES! CNA Oct 7th - Oct 30th 8:30a - 3p M - Th Nov 4th - Nov 27th 8:30a - 3p M - Th Dec 2nd - Dec 20th 8:30a - 3p M - Fr

Call now 785-331-2025 Need an apartment? Place your ad at or email

Douglas County Senior Services seeks full time position to help operate the Senior Meals Nutrition Program. Complete job description and application criteria at:

Application deadline, Friday, October 25th. EOE/AA

First Regular Missionary Baptist Church introduces their new pastor, The Rev. Arsenial Runion as they celebrate the 145th Church Anniversary, Sunday, October 27, 2013, at 11:00 a.m. Their guests will be Rev. Calvin Jackson, Jr. and True Believers Baptist Church of Dallas, TX.

COF Training Services, Inc., A non-profit organization providing services & supports to disabled individuals, is seeking a FT Case Manager. Applicants should have an interest in working with individuals with developmental disabilities. A Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college/university & six months exp. is required, along with a valid KS DL & good driving record. Must be able to travel 25% of the time. COF offers competitive wages & excellent benefits to include medical, dental & life insurance, paid time off & KPERS. Apply at 1415 S. 6th St, Burlington, KS or 1516 N. Davis Ave., Ottawa, KS. EOE

Auction Calendar

Found Item Found: small, silver locket on KU Campus Oct. 10. Call to identify, 785-842-3545.

Lost Pet/Animal LOST Orange and White, large, shorthair male cat in the vicinity of 27th and Louisiana on Oct 16th. Goes by name of Luther, please call 785-841-8844.

Auction Calendar AUCTION COUNTRY REAL ESTATE 1017 North 635 Road Baldwin, KS TUES. OCT 22 5:00pm, on-site United Country Heart of America Real Estate & Auction

PUBLIC AUCTION Sat. Oct. 26th, 10:00 A.M. 2110 Harper Dg. Fairgrounds, Lawrence, KS (Bldg. 1 & 2) uctioneers: Au Mark Elston • Ed Dewey 785-594-0505 • 785-218-7851 “Serving Your Auction Needs Since 1994” Please visit us online at for pictures!!

Sat, Oct 26, 5pm Monticello Auction Ctr 4795 Frisbie Rd Shawnee, KS LINDSAY AUCTION SVC 913.441.1557

Full & Part-Time opportunities! Apply in person at 1401 W 23rd Street Lawrence, KS 66046 785-832-2679 SALES REPS WANTED!

Full Time - Weekly Pay Paid Sick Days Earn Weekly Bonuses on Top of Base Pay 785-841-0755

HOLIDAY CA$H NOW!!! Automotive

*Check for full list & pictures.* JOHN LAMB LIVING ESTATE GRIFFIN AUCTIONS OTTAWA, KS 785-242-7891 Buddy Griffin Allen Campbell Terms: Cash or Check w/Positive ID, Not Responsible for Accidents or Loss

Estate/Liquidation Auction

David Livingston Estate And Family Liquidation Sat, Oct. 26, 9 AM 3117 Highway K 68 Ottawa, Ks (K-68 & 1-35) Jerry 913-707-1046 Ron 913-963-3800 Harley Gerdes Consignment Auction Sat., Nov. 2, 9:00 am Lyndon, KS (785) 828-4476 For a complete sale bill Visit us on the web:

LAND AUCTION 49 acres +/Grass & Timber

Auction: Tuesday, October 29, 7:00 pm Sharp! Preview: Tuesday, Oct. 22, 4-6 pm 2 miles North of McLouth at Washington Road & 110th Street United Country Heart of America Real Estate & Auction Andy Conser & Becky Wise Heck Land Company Kelvin Heck 66 785-865-626

Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc.

Immediately Hiring: • Human Resource Generalist • Production Manager • Production Supervisors • Distribution Supervisor • Production Workers (All Shifts) Call (785) 817-0251 or send resumes to


Mental Health Therapist The Elizabeth Layton Center has full-time opening for a master or doctorate level Kansas licensed mental health professional to work with adults, youth & families. LSCSW or LP prefd. Position is based in Ottawa, Kansas . Some on-call required. NHSC approved site. Open until filled. Submit interest & resume to: HR, ELC, P.O. Box 677 Ottawa, KS 66067, or EOE Part Time Caregiver for senior citizens. Serious inquires only. 913-306-5148 Basehor & Tonganoxie area.

Telephone Receptionist

Big O Tires General Service Technicians Change tires & oil, perform alignments, fluid flushes and general inspection. Please come by and fill out an application today! In Lawrence 4661 W 6th St.

Service Consultant Local dealership with huge customer base is looking for a high-energy individual who shares our philosophy of top-notch customer service. Best compensation package in the industry. No selling involved. Apply in person to Steve Smaczniak. 935 W 23rd St Lawrence, KS 66046 (785) 843-3500 EOE, Drug-free workplace.

Construction Construction Laborers Full time skilled construction laborers. 40+ Hours, local, position available immediately. Please apply at: 2801 N.W. Button Road, Topeka, Mon-Fri between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


877 KELLY 05 or call 785.830.8919


• Flexible schedules • Online self scheduling to tailor your financial needs. • Weekly pay • $10- $10.50/hr • Referral Bonus Opps!


• Monday through Thurs day, 10-hour shifts • Weekend 12 hour shifts available • Warehouse pick &pack & shipping positions • Lift up to 50lbs

ROCK QUARRY: EXPERIENCED MAINTENANCE, OPERATORS & DRILLER/ BLASTER WORKERS Mid-States Materials is seeking Experienced Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Plant Mechanics, Hoe/Loader Operator, Drilling/Blasters and Truck Drivers. Only experienced persons to apply. Apply in person or send resume to 2 North 1700 Rd, Lecompton, KS 66050. No phone calls

WarehouseProduction FULL-TIME WAREHOUSE Lawrence Kmart Distribution Center has immediate openings for General Warehouse positions. Starting Wage is $11/hr. with a shift differential, rapid increases and great benefits. Also hiring for Skilled Maintenance & Maintenance Supervisor positions. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: loading/unloading trailers, order pulling/packing, ability to lift 70lbs; forklift/equipment experience helpful. Must possess basic reading, writing, verbal and math skills. Interested candidates may apply online at, at the bottom of the page click on Careers & search “Lawrence, KS” or apply in person, using our online application station, at: Kmart Distribution Center 2400 Kresge Road 8:30am - 4:00pm Mon. - Fri Background check & Drug Testing Required EOE

needed FT for busy internal medicine practice. Experience preferred. Competitive wage and benefits. Complete application at or submit resume to:

Apartments Unfurnished

Campus locations still available! Ask about our move in specials!

Highpointe Apts. 2001 W. 6th St.



FT employment contingent upon passing a background check prior to beginning work. KU Memorial Unions Human Resources Office 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045 EOE

Part-Time Companion / PCA to assist a young woman in Lawrence w/daily acitivities. 3-4 days/wk. 11:30a-5:30p. 785-266-5307


877 - KELLY 05 or call 785.832.7702 Leading regional family owned Management Company seeks motivated individual to join maint. team. Successful candidate must be able to work outdoor in any weather condition. General Apartment maintenance exp. pref., must have exp. repairing appliances, electrical repairs, plumbing, carpentry, painting & wall repair, Pool maintenance experience preferred, lift objects 25-75 pounds frequently, interior and exterior painting, & other misc. jobs. On-Call, Weekends & some evenings will be required. Must have reliable transportation & provide own tools. Apply in person, M-Sat : 9a-4p, Park 25 Apartments 24010 W. 25th St. #9a3. Lawrence, KS 66047

Shipping & Receiving Shipping/receiving position available, hours 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Experience helpful but not required will train motivated applicant. Benefit package available including health insurance, 401K, vacation and sick hours. Please apply in person at Westheffer Company, 921 North 1st, Lawrence or fax resume to 785-843-4486

Social Services Administrative Assistant

Newspaper Delivery Person We need a Newspaper Delivery Person to deliver the Lawrence Journal-World to homes in the Lawrence city area. This is a great part time job. All routes are delivered 7 days per week, before 6 am. A valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, phone, and reliable cars are required. Interested people should email Mike Malloy at:

ECKAN is seeking to hire a full-time Weatherization Administrative Assistant. Applicant qualifications include: high school graduate or equivalent, accounting/ bookkeeping experience, excellent computer skills, high level of ethics and accountability, and be dedicated to providing excellent customer service. A complete job description is available at: 785-242-7450, ext. 7100 Position open until filled. EOE/MFHV

2BR, 2 bath, fireplace, CA, W/D hookups, 2 car with opener. Easy access to I-70. Includes paid cable. Pets under 20 lbs. allowed Call 785-842-2575

Parkway 4000/6000

Call for Specials! 2 & 3 BR Townhomes 2 car garage w/opener Fully applianced kitchen W/D hookups Maintenance Free!


Saddlebrook & Overland Pointe


Immediate Move-In! Call for Details

625 Folks Rd • 785-832-8200

Baldwin City

FREE October Rent! 3 BRs Available Now! Call for Details!

Parkway Commons (785)842-3280 GREAT STUDIOS! Apple Lane Apts. Near 15th & Kasold. $490/mnth. Furnished avail. 785-841-4935


1011 Missouri 2 BR Special!

Call 785-838-3377

Call Today 785-856-8900

Varsity House Apartments! 1043 Indiana

Check us out! Brand new complex, great campus location! Underground parking & all utilities pd! Short Term leases avail! Call 785-766-6378 for tours, pricing and availability.

Universal carseat stroller, $25. Town & Country Radio Flyer wagon, $30. Primo 4-in-1 soft seat pottie trainer, $5. 785-842-8865

Bicycles-Mopeds FOR SALE: Bicycle Rack holds two bicycles. Good for storing bicycle in garage. EXCELLENT COND. $40. Please call 785-865-0191.


FREE RENT until Dec 1, 2013 Move in for as low as $299. Security dep. Reduced rental rates: $599 $749. So low it’s spooky! No app FRYE Women’s Boot Size 9 or closing fee. 3 BR, 3 BA homes. 1/2 Vintage, Made in U.S.A. All appliances includ full size Shaft 15” Tapered Heel 3 W/D. Hurry & call Sun Homes to- 1/2”, Tan, Good Condition $80. 785-865-4215 day! EHO. Exp 10/31/13. Letter jacket: Free State 888-456-8583 letter jacket, man’s extra large, like new. $30.00. Call Lawrence 785-749-4490 after 2:00 pm. 509 Shoal Lane: 4 BR+, fenced yard, 2 car garage. Full fin- Computer-Camera ished bsmt. Avail Nov. 1. Canon EOS Rebel g manual $1200/mnth. 785-766-9139 This Canon camera is a great find for a beginner, 705 Michigan: 2BR, 1BA, or student! Items included: Central Air & Heat. camera, neck strap, cam$595/mnth. 785-766-9139 era bag, batteries, remote, old film and tripod attachment. $99 785.218.2123

Great Locations! Great Prices! 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms


785-838-3377, 785-841-3339 785-856-8900


Downtown Office Space Single offices, elevator & conference room, $500-$675. Call Donna 785-841-6565 EXECUTIVE OFFICE West Lawrence Location $525/mo., Utilities included Call Donna • 785-841-6565

Warehouse Space 13900 State Ave., Bonner Springs, KS Warehouse / Office space. Previously an automotive shop. Suite A- 3200 sf: Exhaust system, 5 hp upright compressor, front/ rear 10’ garage doors w/electric openers and one 2-post auto lift. $1400/mth. Suite B- 4200 sf: Exhaust system, 10’ garage door w/ electric opener & two 2-post auto lifts. $1,800/mth. 3-year lease. Auto lifts can be removed if desired. Call 913-441-1545

1BR, 1.5 bath 2BR, 2.5 baths

Baby & Children Items

Sports-Fitness Equipment FOR SALE: AB LOUNGE TM2 Exercise for back and abdomen. Excellent Cond. $25.00. Please call 785-865-0191. Tennis & racquet ball rackets, $5. Mini trampoline, $10. Michael Jordan basketball shoes, size 12, new, $20. Kid’s golf clubs, $5. 785-842-8865



on 1 BR ONLY

Reserve YOURS for Summer/Fall


Weaving Equipment & Supplies 17” 8 harness Dundas table loom (with or without table), bobbin winder, swifts, shuttles, reeds, warping board, other accessories. Yamaha HTR-5730 Various yarns: wool, cotton, Audio-Video Receiver Surlinen, silk, viscose, nordica round Sound System. In(linen/ rayon). Call for prices. cludes 6 speakers and wir(785) 842-6393 ing. $100 OBO. 785-841-7635 Leave message

Costume: Grim Reaper FOR SALE: 25” COLOR TV robe with mask, Man’s EXCELLENT WORKING large. Like new. $5.00. Call COND. Don’t have room 785-749-4490 after 2:00 pm. for it. Asking $10. Please call (785) 865-0191. Costume: White Doctor’s 3BR ranch, w/ 2 car at- coat with black bag. Man’s tached garage, full base- large, like new. $5.00. Call ment, large fenced yard, no 785-749-4490 after 2:00 pm. pets, $950/mo 785-242-4844

Tuckaway at Frontier 542 Frontier, Lawrence

Rent Includes All Utilities. Plus Cable, Internet, Fitness & Pool. Garages Available Elevators to all floors


2BR mobile home, in Baldwin, clean, quiet, CA, appls, no pets, $475/mo, refs. required. 785-331-6697

Office Space


Technical Sales Rep Assist customers with parts orders and excellent customer service. Understand and interpret technical requirements for custom product orders and provide technical assistance and price quoting. A non-commission based position.


1BR apt. avail. now - downtown Tonganoxie. Stove & refrig. 913-547-1894

Sun - Thurs 7 AM - 3:30 PM $15.35 - $17.21

One Month FREE


Lyn Knight Auctions Diesel Mechanics. ExperiCOIN AUCTION enced diesel trailer meSat. Oct 26, 11:00am chanics needed. Pay based 14148 Santa Fe Trail Drive on skill level. Apply beLenexa, Kansas Catalogs available by re- tween 7AM & 4PM at Companies, 609 quest, email or call Hamm or Perry Place, Perry, KS. EOE 913-338-3779. K&M Tire needs a route driver to load/unload PUT YOUR trucks & deliver tires. EMPLOYMENT AD IN Full-time 7am-5pm, TODAY!! Mon.-Fri. Requirements inGo to or call clude: valid DL, clean driv785-832-7119. ing record, 21 yrs. of age, ability to lift tires up to 75 SEVERAL PACKAGES lbs. To apply visit: TO CHOOSE FROM! or Send work experience to: K&M All packages include AT Tire, 3801 Greenway Circle, LEAST 7 days online with Lawrence, KS 66046 up to 4000 chracters.

Trade Skills

Job Description & Online Application at


Sun. OCT. 27, 2013 10:00 A.M. 632 N. Hemlock Ottawa, KS


Leading regional family owned Management Company seeks motivated individual to join maint. team. Successful candiReed Medical Group date must be able to work out404 Maine St door in any weather condition. Lawrence, KS 66044 Pool maint. exp. pref. Duties include (but not limited to) yard work, ext. building maint., maintain interior & exterior common Hotel-Restaurant areas, maintain exterior & inteBaymont Inn & Suites, 740 rior common light fixtures, lift Iowa, is now hiring for objects 25-75 lbs frequently, intehousekeeping and laundry. rior & exterior painting, & other Must work weekends. Weekends & some evenings will be required. Must have reliable transportation. Sea- Maintenance Cleaning sonal position with potential for House Cleaner adding new it to become a Full time position. customers, yrs. of experi- Apply in person, M-Sat: 9a-4p, ence, references available, Park 25 Apartments 24010 W. 25th St. #9a3. Lawrence, KS Insured. 785-748-9815 (local) 66047

Andy Conser & Becky Wise-Broker 785-806-6921 Heck Land Company Kelvin Heck 785-865-6266


Assistant Senior Meals Program Manager

www.dgcoseniorservices.or g

CMA Oct 14th - Nov 8th 8:30a - 3p MWF Nov 18th - Dec 20th 8:30a - 3p MWF C N A Refresher/C M A Update Oct 12th/ 13th 2013 Nov 15th/16th 2013 Dec 20th /21st 2013



Lawrence-Rural MOVING SALE 24350 Alexander Road Lawrence-Rural Fri, Oct 25. 8AM-3PM

50 years of stuff, old rosewood spinet desk, wonder horse, 60’s yellow/chrome dinette w/4 chairs, sturdy file cabinet, end tables, riding lawn mower, grill much more 785-842-2631

Mercury Cars

HP ScanJet 5100 Scanner. Has software disk and in- 2000 Mercury Sable: structions. Used very little. Loaded, leather, 150k, no $10. 842-6879 rust, good rubber, Carfax, real nice. $1,950. 785-832-1146 Food & Produce Vanilla, Pure Vanilla Extract. The very best from Mexico. Dark color, 1-Liter Bottle. $7. Call (785)550-6848


Furniture For Sale: 85” floral sofa, excellent condition, $95. Call 785-766-5017 For Sale: 92” green/gold velveteen sofa, excellent condition, $90. Call 785-766-5017 For Sale: Ivory Queen Anne Chair, excellent condition, $75. Call 785-766-5017

For Sale: Night stand, $15, Please call 785-842-1760

Gift Ideas

IGNITE Your Life or GIVE the Gift of Health All Natural Health & Wellness products guaranteed to improve your overall Health that provides weight loss in an easy, fast, healthy way. LOSE 8-15 LBS in 8 DAYS!! (Gluten Free/non-GMO) 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Absolutely No Risk! Price varies based on individual needs 1(785)917-1881

Lawn, Garden & Nursery

Buick 2010 Lacrosse CXL GM certified, remote start, power equipment, leather heated and cooled seats, alloy wheels, and more! Stk#418841 only $19,417. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Buick 2006 Lacrosse CXL V6, power equipment, cruise control, leather dual power seats, remote start, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, stk#477162 only $10,917. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

1626 Lindenwood Lane: 3+ BR, 1.5 BA. Sound proofed Craftsman 21 inch mower / walls, room for improve- mulcher, $75. Please Call ment, 1,500 sqft. $139,800 785-979-6453. Call for more info: 615-1238

Mobile Homes OWNER WILL FINANCE 3BR, 1 BA, CH/CA, appls., move-in ready. Lawrence Call 816-830-2152


Miscellaneous For Sale: 1 foot 3 inch by 1foot 3 inch and 3 feet high, two door, with sliding tray. Black. $15.00 785-691-9088 For Sale: Ivory Queen Anne Chair, excellent condition, $75. Call 785-766-5017

4 Acres, 12 miles W. of Lawrence on blacktop. Nice clothing & brand new Owner will finance, with 3 piece suitcases. Please no down payment, call 1-785-594-2886 $257/mo. 785-554-9663 Panasonic Electronic type-

Buick 2010 Lucerne CXL power equipment, alloy wheels, On Star, remote start, leather heated memory seats and more! Stk#14095 only $17,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

writer. Has several printing tape cartridges. Used very little. Paid $200. Sell for $5. 842-6879


Need an apartment? Place your ad at or email

Appliances Call for Great Specials! Chase Court Apartments


FREE ADS for merchandise

under $100


Whirlpool Washer & electric dryer pair, 5 years old, Brand new Panasonic comin good condition, $300. pact stereo system. Radio, Please call 913-944-3864. iPod, iPhone dock, CD player w/remote control. Electric Spectra Range, $75 offer. 785-841-3332. Black with glass top, clean and good condition $100.00 Pianos, Kimball Spinet, 785-840-4053 $500, Everett Spinet, $475, Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet, Need to sell your car? $475. Gulbranson Spinet Place your ad at $450. Wurlitzer Spinet, $300, or email Prices include tuning & livery. 785-832-9906

Cadillac 2013 ATS one owner, local trade in, like new only 1200 miles!! Save thousands over new and get it Cadillac Certified with 6yrs or 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty! Stk#640281 only $29,717. Dale Willey 785-843-5200









Cadillac 2004 DTS low miles, luxury, heated and cooled seats, sunroof, power equipment, alloy wheels, very nice and affordable, stk#679821 only $9,917. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

!"e$day, *+tober 22, 2013 4B Cars-Domestic Cars-Domestic

*for illustration purposes only

2012 Chevrolet Cruze 2LT Stock #: 13T1092A VIN: 1G1PG5SC9C7218795 $16,495 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Chevrolet 2012 Sonic 2LT GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, power equipment, fantastic fuel economy, and very affordable! Stk#14570 only $12,317. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

SXT, Nicely Equipped, Showroom Perfect! Stk# SL13-108C1 $18,885.

2010 Ford Edge Limited Stock #: P1144A VIN: 2FMDK4KC3ABB47113 $21,895 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

2013 Ford Focus ST Stock #: 13X942B VIN: 1FADP3L94DL138126 $25,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

(785) 856-7067

2009 Pontiac Solstice Base, Convertible, Just in time to enjoy the rest of the summer, Under 85k miles. Call Anthony 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Great On Gas, Showroom Ready, Factory Warranty! $13,777 Stk# JMCB00001

2012 DODGE CHALLENGER Cadillac 2007 DTS Luxury I, leather heated and cooled seats, sunroof, remote start, alloy wheels, low miles, very nice! Stk#15510 only $17,825. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Loads Of Room, A Must For Lower Budgets, We Finance! $8,388 Stk# MHC80917C1


2006 Chevy Impala LT with 94,464 miles. power windows and lock this is a clean car! priced at $10,995 call Mike at (785) 550-1299. #13H863A LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Sxt Package, Bad To The Bone! Awesome! 1-Owner $23,983 Stk# CL13-044C1

2007 Ford Edge SEL

2005 Ford Freestyle Limited

Stock #: 13T1061A VIN: 2FMDK38C47BB51052 $16,995

Stock #: 13T950C VIN: 1FMDK06105GA38821 $8,995

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Ford, 2010 Fusion SEL in Tuxedo Black. Great gas mileage in a really nice roomy sedan, with Microsoft SYNC. Black leather, ONE owner, and only $10,900. $2,000 below loan value! See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 7

2012 CHRYSLER 300 (785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Black On Black! Priced Right!! New Arrival! $27,488 Stk# JPL13-124C1

Limited, Loaded, Bad To The Bone, Only 26K Miles! Stk# JMC92937 $21,998.

Ford 2012 Fiesta SES fwd, 4cyl, great fuel economy, alloy wheels, power equipment, cruise control, low payments available. Stk#17058 only $13,917. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Chevrolet 2010 Impala LTZ, GM certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, leather heated seats, remote start, alloy wheels, stk#329911 only $15,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence Dale Willey Automotive 2840 Iowa Street (785) 843-5200

Dodge 2010 Charger RT one owner, sunroof, leather heated seats, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, power equipment, stk#387311 only $23,417. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Ford, 2011 Fusion SEL in white with tan leather. More loaded than any Fusion you will find. Beautiful ONE owner condition. Backup camera, Sony, Satellite, Blind Spot, and more. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7


2007 Lincoln MKX Stock #: 13L1017A VIN: 2LMDU88C07BJ38987 $16,995

2003 Pontiac Vibe Clean local trade, Will make a great student car. Call Anthony 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

2009 Pontiac Vibe

2008 Lincoln MKX ULTIMATE Stock #: P1160A VIN:2LMDU88C08BJ34066 $20,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Stock #: P1146A VIN: 5Y2SP67889Z427471 $10,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500



Chevrolet 2012 Captiva LS V6, power equipment, On Star, GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, alloy wheels and more! Stk#14228 only $18,836. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Ford 2012 Fiesta SES fwd, 4cyl, great fuel economy, alloy wheels, power equipment, cruise control, low payments available. Stk#17058 only $11,717. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Chevrolet 2011 Malibu LT one owner, power seat, sunroof, ABS, remote start, alloy wheels, stk#424271 only $12,855. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Dodge 2008 Avenger SXT FWD, V6, sunroof, leather heated & cooled seats, spoiler, alloy wheels, Boston sound, XM radio and more! Stk#324622 Only $12,775 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid SE

Clean, Nicely Equipped, Proven Quality , Save Today! $9995 Stk# SL14-083C1


Stock #: P1214 $25,995

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

1982 Ford Crown Victoria, 2 door, automatic, fair condition, well maintained, $700/obo. Please Call 785-691-6371

Mercury 2010 Grand Marquis LS Ultimate edition, alloy wheels, leather, power equipment, very nice, stk#370851 only $15,417. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Leather, Loaded, Great Condition, Well Maintained, Thoroughly Inspected. Stk# D531A

Only $13,381 2009 PONTIAC G6

Call Marc at

*for illustration purposes only


SEL Package, Low Miles, Easy Payment Options $15,888 Stk# GMC80003

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047 A Smart Buy! Lots Of Room, Great Economy! $10,998 Stk# DL13-090C1

(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Chevrolet 2009 Malibu LT one owner, power seat, remote start, power equipment, On Star, alloy wheels and very affordable!! Stk#31802A1 only $10,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Dodge 2012 Avenger SXT very sporty, spoiler, alloy wheels, power equipment, cruise control, stk#475892 only $17,800. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Have your car cleaned by a Professional! We will detail your car the same as our pre-owned inventory. Most vehicles are only $220.95 call Allen @ Dale Willey Automotive to schedule your cars make over! You won’t believe the difference! 785-843-5200 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

FREE ADS for merchandise

under $100

2013 Ford Transit Connect XLT Premium Stock #: 1220 VIN: NM0KS9CN7DT138117 $25,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

BUSINESS Appliance Repair

Carpet Cleaning


CM Steam Carpet Cleaning

Driveways, Parking Lots, Paving Repair, Sidewalks, Garage Floors, Foundation Repair 785-843-2700 Owen 24/7 Sr. & Veteran Discounts

$35/$30/rm. Upholstery, Residential, Apts, Hotel, Etc. 785-766-2821 - Local Owner

Home appliance repairs? We fix them - gas or electric. Expert repairs and friendly, honest service from an expert who calls Lawrence home. Call 800-504-2000.

Asphalt Services

Carpets & Rugs

TOKIC CONSTRUCTION Drives, Patios, Walks. FREE Estimates Serving JO, WY & LV 913-488-9976

Construction LIMITED TIME


15%-40% OFF

MAVERICK CONST. SERVICES Remodeling Specialist Handyman Services • 30 Yrs Exp Residential & Commercial Custom Kitchens & Baths


Our Warehouse Prices! CARPET, WOOD LAMINATE,


Decks & Fences

HARDWOODS “Markdowns On Markdowns!” From 69c sq.ft. Many overstocks priced


Automotive Sales Buying Junk & Repairable Vehicles. Cash Paid. Free Tow. U-Call, We-Haul! Call 785-633-7556

Carpentry The Wood Doctor - Wood rot repair, fences, decks, doors & windows - built, repaired, or replaced & more! Bath/kitchen remodeled. Basement finished. 785-542-3633 • 816-591-6234 Placing an ad...



Call: 785-832-2222 Fax: 785-832-7232 Email:

BELOW wholesale! Limited quantities on closeouts. Quick Installation? No Problem! Jennings’ Floor Trader 3000 Iowa - 841-3838

Computer Repair & Upgrades Computer Running Slow? Viruses/Malware? Troubleshooting? Lessons? Computer Questions, Advise? We Can Help 785-979-0838


Over 25 yrs. exp. Licensed & Insured. Decks, deck covers, pergolas, screened porches, & all types of repairs. Call 913-209-4055 for Free estimates or go to

Looking for Something Creative? Call Billy Construction Decks, Fences, Etc. Insured. (785) 838-9791

Stacked Deck

Decks • Gazebos Siding • Fences • Additions Remodel • Weatherproofing Insured • 25 yrs exp. 785-550-5592

CONCRETE INC Your Local Concrete Repair Specialist Foundation & Crack Repair Driveways-Sidewalks-Patios Sandblasting-Concrete Sawing Core Drilling 888-326-2799 Lawrence Decorative & Regular Drives, Walks & Patios Custom Jayhawk Engraving Jayhawk Concrete 785-979-5261


Guttering Services

Gutter Systems Inc. Seamless Guttering Proven Leaf Guards Free Est. • 913-634-9784

Rock Chalk Exteriors

Seamless Aluminum & Steel Siding, Windows Entry Doors Awnings & Patio Covers Brian Crisp


Foundation Repair ADVANCED SYSTEMS Basement & foundation repair Your hometown company Over three decades 785-841-0145

Mudjacking, Waterproofing. We specialize in Basement Repair & Pressure Grouting. Level & Straighten Walls & Bracing on wall. BBB . Free Estimates Since 1962

Int. & Ext. Remodeling All Home Repairs Mark Koontz

Heating & Cooling

Retired Carpenter, Deck Repairs, Home Repairs, Interior Wall Repair & Painting, Doors, Wood Rot, Powerwash 785-766-5285

Bus. 913-269-0284

Home Improvements

Limestone wall bracing, floor straitening, foundation waterproofing, structural concrete and masonry repair and replacement, Call Dexter Enterprises for driveways and flat concrete your small home repair & re785-843-2700 Owen - ACI certified modeling projects. Fair rates & pride of craftmanship. Lawrence & KC areas. Call Everett @ 913-579-0091.

Garage Doors

Full Remodels & Odd Jobs, Interior/Exterior Painting, Installation & Repair of: Deck Drywall Siding Replacement Gutters Privacy Fencing Doors & Trim Commercial Build-out Build-to-suit services Fully Insured 22 yrs. experience

Serving KC over 40 years 913-962-0798 Fast Service STARTING or BUILDING a Business? 785-832-2222


Seamless aluminum guttering. Many colors to choose from. Install, repair, screen, clean-out. Locally owned. Insured. Free estimates. 785-594-3357

Guttering Services



Higgins Exteriors Exp. handyman services for 10+ years. Specializing in: roofing, painting, fence work. FREE estimates. All of your outdoor needs handled with one call. Also providing interior services. Servicing all of Do Co & surrounding areas. Insured. 785-312-1917

No Job Too Big or Small

Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing Fast Quality Service

Wagner’s 785-749-1696

Home Improvements



Garage Doors • Openers • Service • Installation Call 785-842-5203

Rich Black Top Soil No Chemicals Machine Pulverized Pickup or Delivery

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

WE BUY CARS Top dollar for top late model vehicles. Drive in, see Danny or Jeff and get your big bucks today! 2840 Iowa St. Lawrence. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Call 866-823-8220 to advertise.



Sedan, Auto, Nicely Equipped, Manager’s Special! Stk# JMC60128 $12,388. Professional Remodeling


Int/Ext/Specialty Painting Siding, Wood Rot & Decks Kate, 785-423-4464 Interior/Exterior Painting

Quality Work Over 30 yrs. exp.

Call Lyndsey 913-422-7002


ABC ROOFING 20% Off Leak Repairs* Oct. 6 - Nov. 2

Senior Citizen Discounts Any Type Roof or Repair 20% Off Flat Roof* Oct. 6 - Nov. 2

21 years experience

785-213-1115 *Must show this coupon

Supplying all your Painting needs. Serving Lawrence and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

Locally owned & operated.


Complete Roofing Services Professional Staff Quality Workmanship http://lawrencemarketplac

Free estimates/Insured.

Pet Services

Tree/Stump Removal

•custom baths and kitchens •interior upgrades • windows • doors •siding •decks •porches • sunrooms •handicapped improvements

BUDGET TREE SERVICE, LLC. 785-856-2440 - Lawrence

Trimmed, Shaped, Removed Shrubs, Fenceline Cleaned


Licensed & Insured-Since 1974

Lawn, Garden & Nursery Golden Rule Lawncare Lawn cleanup & mowing Snow Removal Family owned & operated Call for Free Est. Insured. Eugene Yoder 785-224-9436 Green Grass Lawn Care Mowing, Yard Clean-up, Tree Trimming, Snow Removal. Insured all jobs considered 785-893-1509

Painting A. B. Painting & Repair

Int/ext. Drywall, Siding, Wood rot, & Decks 30 plus yrs. Call Al 785-331-6994

No Job Too Small Free Est. Lic. & Ins. 913-268-3120


Dependable & Reliable pet sitting, feeding, walks, overnights, and more! References! Insured! 785-550-9289


Chris Tree Service

20yrs. exp. Trees trimmed, cut down, hauled off. Free Est. Ins. & Lic. 913-631-7722, 913-301-3659

Fredy’s Tree Service

cutdown• trimmed• topped Licensed & Insured. 14 yrs experience. 913-441-8641 913-244-7718

Kansas Tree RETIRED MASTER PLUMBER & Handyman needs small work. Bill Morgan 816-523-5703

Recycling Services

Lonnie’s Recycling Inc. Buyers of aluminum cans, all type metals & junk vehiA. F. Hill Contracting cles. Mon.-Fri. 8-5, Sat. 8-4, Call a Specialist! 501 Maple, Lawrence. We are the area exclusive ex785-841-4855 terior only painters. Insured. Free est. call for $300discount lonnies 785-841-3689 anytime

Trimming, removal, & stump grinding by Lawrence locals Certified by Kansas Arborists Assoc. since 1997 “We specialize in preservation and restoration” Ins. & Lic. visit online 785-843-TREE (8733)



!" #$%&'()* ,-./0%1 22* 2345 Cars-Imports Cars-Imports



We Buy all Domestic cars, trucks, and suvs. Call Scott 785-843-3500




Sport Utility-4x4 2012 ACURA MDX

*for illustration purposes only

23rd & Iowa St.

Hyundai 2009 Accent fwd, 4cyl, great gas mileage and dependability, financing available! Stk#523372 only $8,775. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2007 Hyundai Sonata Local trade, Good gas mileage for any student! Call Anthony to set appt to test drive. 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


Mini Cooper 2011 AWD S, one owner, leather heated seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, Harmon/Kardon stereo, power equipment, stk#505931 only $20,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2010 INFINITI G37x S

(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2006 BMW 5 Series 550i Stock #: 13T1057A VIN: WBANB53586CP03046 $16,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Only $17,598 Call Bowe at


Limited, 1-Owner, 12K Miles, Save Big! $20,488. Stk# NL13-258C2.

Where Luxury Meets Performance! Born To Drive! $27,995. Stk# DJC60074.

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS Carfax-1-Owner. Certified Pre-Owned. Fantastic MPG. Nice ride. Black exterior with sand interior. $15,995. Call or text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2007 MINI COOPER S 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7100

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Hyundai 2011 Elantra Touring hatchback, one owner, low miles, power equipment, traction control, ABS, fun to drive! Stk#360171 only $14,417. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Save Huge Over New, Great Fuel Econmy, Save Now! $19,843 Stk# TSC90806

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Sporty, Fun And Practical All In One...Special! Stk# SL13-280C1 $15,995.

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Honda, 2010 Civic LX. Beautiful ONE owner with only 41K miles. GREAT gas mileage, 4 door automatic. Clean inside and out. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Hyundai 2012 Santa Fe GLS alloy wheels, power equipment, steering wheel controls, low mileage with factory warranty left, stk#11182 only $16,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Kia 2012 Sportage EX one owner, heated & cooled seats, leather, sunroof, alloy wheels, save thousands over new!! Stk#312781 only $21,871. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Super Clean, Great Condition, Lots Of Extras! Stk# SL14-091C1. $14,998.

Toyota, 2008 Camry XLE. Super clean silver, local, two owner Camry. Well equipped and low miles! JBL Sound, heated seats, moonroof, Michelins, much more. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 Toyota, 2005 Corolla LE, 4 cylinder automatic. NICE car with great fuel economy. Navy blue 4 door and only $7995 for a one OWNER no accident Toyota. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 Toyota, 2005 Corolla LE. Gas saving 4 cyl. automatic. ONE owner, very clean. 35 MPG highway. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500


Certified Pre-Owned Honda, 7 year / 100,000 mile warranty, 4WD, One Owner, Fully Loaded. Stk# D421A

Dodge 2005 Durango SLT 4wd, 5.7 V8, running boards, tow package, 3rd row seating, alloy wheels, sunroof, leather and very affordable! Stk#189801 only $8,855. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Ford, 2003 Explorer Sport. 4X4, local trade, lady driven. True Blue Metallic. Pioneer Audio. Clean SUV. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7


Only $19,999 Call Jeremy at

785-843-0550 2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2013 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4, Loaded, Chrome Wheels, Leather and More! Stk# JPL13-097T1 $24,988.

Stock #: P1201 VIN: 1FM5K7D88DGB34854 $28,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

(785) 856-7067


Automatic, One Owner, Well Maintained, Power Windows, Keyless Entry, Stk# D053B.

Call Marc at


2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2010 Ford Expedition XLT Stock #: 13T790A VIN: 1FMJU1G58AEA34526 $20,995

Only $11,953 (785) 856-7067

2003 Cadillac Escalade Clean car with leather seats and 3rd row seat; A great ride. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

(785) 856-7100

Factory Warranty, A Best Seller! Save Now! $16,995 STK# GMC51630

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Only $7,495


(785) 856-7100


Manual Transmission, 26 MPG City / 35 MPG Hwy, Power Windows, Four Door, CD Player. Stk# D508A.

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

Toyota 2007 Avalon XLS Limited alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, traction control, sunroof, leather heated seats, navigation, premium sound, power equipment, and more! Stk#454531 only $16,417. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

*for illustration purposes only

Kia 2011 Forte EX power equipment, ABS, traction control, steering wheel controls, stk#356481 only $13,674. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

*for illustration purposes only

Call Matt at

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Limited, Loaded, Leather and Much Much More! $15,995. Stk# H-N2756T5



*for illustration purposes only

Xlt Pkg, Excellent Condition, Priced To Move! $17,893 Stk# TST90775

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Mini Cooper 2006 fwd, heated seats, ultra sunroof, ABS, Harmon/Kardon stereo, alloy wheels, lots of fun! Stk#162551 only $9,450. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

(785) 856-7100

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047


(785) 856-7100

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


(785) 856-7067

Fun, Racy, Reliable, Great Gas Mileage, Save Now! $14,988. Stk# GMC60100C1 Certified Pre-Owned Honda, 7 year/100,000 mile warranty, 4WD, One Owner, Fully Loaded Stk# LD514A

Ford 2008 Edge Limited fwd V6, leather heated seats, ultra sunroof, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, cd changer, and more! Stk#58373A1 only $14,417. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

*for illustration purposes only

(785) 856-7100


Only 66K Miles, A Whole Lotta Car For The Price! $15,699 Stk# RL13-044C1

Hard To Find, Super Clean, Garaged Kept! $34,998 STK# S3-143T1

Sport Utility-4x4

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

GMC 2002 Envoy SLT 4wd, leather heated seats, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, cd changer, Bose sound, running boards, stk#659001 only $8,874. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 2010 Ford Escape Get Ready For Winter with this Spotless 4X4!! Auto Trans and ONLY 29k Miles for $17,750!! Call Anthony at 785-838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

FREE ADS for merchandise

under $100

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047


Hyundai 2012 Santa Fe GLS alloy wheels, power equipment, steering wheel controls, low mileage with factory warranty left, stk#11182 only $17,251. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

39K Miles, Auto, Great Gas Mileage, Factory Warranty $16,488. Stk#GMC60108


Kia 2012 Sportage LX AWD one owner, alloy wheels, power equipment, low miles, save thousands over new! Stk#351191 only $20,415. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

*for illustration purposes only

2007 Volkswagen Beetle Super clean inside and out, Has been very well taken care of - perfect for your student! Only 51,574 miles. Stock#A3614A. Call Mike at (785) 550-1299 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


Save Thousands Over New...Save Today Stk# DJC90307 $16,995. Only 32K Miles, New Car Trade, Like New! $17,495. Stk# NL13-061C1.

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2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7100

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


2012 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS AWD, Only 27K miles. Carfax-1-Owner. Certified Pre-Owned. Bronze exterior with sand interior. Call or text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

*for illustration purposes only

Why Buy New? Save Today! Only 4K Miles! $16,988 Stk# TSC90784

Mazda 2012 “2” 4cyl, automatic, fwd, great commuter car with fantastic gas mileage, ABS, power windows & locks, air conditioning. Stk#11162 only $11,417. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2009 MAZDA 6-S (785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2012 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS AWD, Only 21K miles. Carfax-1-Owner. Certified Pre-Owned. Silver exterior with grey interior. Call or text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Leather, Navigation, 1-Owner, Low Miles. $16,995. Stk# NL12-342C1.

(785) 856-7100

Honda 2012 Insight EX Hybrid, one owner, fwd, 4cyl, ABS, traction control, power equipment, cruise control, A/C, only 5k miles. Stk#321581 only $16,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Sale! Sale! Sale!

2009 Honda Accord, 29k - $12,950 2009 Honda Civic, 50k - $11,950 2009 Chrysler Town & Country, 50k - $15,950 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid, 52k - $12,950 2008 Toyota Prius, 32k - $12,950 2008 Mits. Eclipse., 54k - $10,950 2007 Mits. Eclipse, 77k - $9,950 2007 Hyundai Sonata, 93k - 7,950 2006 Toyota Avalon, 34k - 13,950 2006 Honda Civic, 84k - 8,950 2005 Jeep Liberty, 83k - $7,250 2003 Honda Accord, 110k - 8,750 2003 Chevy Silverado, 87k - $5,750 2002 Mits. Diamante, 91k - $5,750 2001 Acura 3.2 CL, 87k - $5,950 2000 Chevy Prizm, 84k - $4,250 2000 Chevy S-10, 117k - $4,750

Alek’s Auto 785-766-4864

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2012 Hyundai Sonata Limited LOADED!! Full leather interior, 4 heated seats, NAV, Vista Roof, Beautiful Car!! 30k miles for only $20,995! Call Anthony at 785-838-2327. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2010 VOLKSWAGON NEW BEETLE 2011 Nissan Juke SV

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


*for illustration purposes only

20K Miles, Factory Warranty, Roomy, Xtra Clean. $16,995. Stk# M3-949C2.

Stock #: P1216 VIN: JN8AF5MV5BT025164 $20,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Nissan, 2006 Maxima SL. Local trade-in, beautiful car in Red Brawn color. Loaded up and well cared for. Panorama moonroof, heated leather seats, much more! Clean history and super car to drive. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7


Great Condition, 66k Miles, A Quality Vehicle, SAVE! $19,495 Stk# JPL14-049C1

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

(785) 856-7100

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2012 NISSAN ROGUE (785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7227

BZVT ·ŝŗ©Ôƃƃ `ä¼êļ Ĥļ꛼ ·ĜÄ©ĎĎÑ

-?8 68  zßėqÏϘ

ƃƯĠŶ - 8+ 8D+ ŗ ŒĒĒ ›äĒĒ ›äĒĒń¼ ›ä ĒĒńńń¼¼ ÏÏļĒă Ïļ ļĒă ă BZVT ·ŝĎ©ŗƃƃ `ä¼êļ Ĥļ꛼ ·ĜĎ©ĎĎÑ

-?8 68  z߂qÏϘ

Crossovers 2012 DODGE JOURNEY

Factory Warranty, Nicely Equipped, Great Condition! $18,995 Stk# DJC7006

(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

ƃƯĠƃ <-G-< -8-'' ZŒ÷đTĜŗŗŝ

ŗ ŒĒ Œ ››äĒĒń¼ äĒĒ ĒĒńńń¼¼ ÏÏļĒă Ïļ ļĒă ă BZVT ·ĜĎ©ōƃƃ `ä¼êļ Ĥļ꛼ ·ĜÑ©ōÄŌ

-?8 68  zßģqÏϘ

ƃƯĠƃ D8-'< 8?J ĭ'< SL, AWD, Leather, Low Miles, Factory Warranty. $23,488. Stk# H-N2746RT

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Trailers 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

ō Ô ŒĒ ŒĒ ››äĒĒń¼ äĒĒ ĒĒńńń¼¼ ÏÏļĒă Ïļ ļĒă ă

*for illustration purposes only

Cute, Gas Friendly, Only 50K Miles! $12,995 Stk# H-TSC50697

2009 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML350 Stock #: P1204 VIN: 4JGBB86EX9A530354 $27, 995

Z`:đ TĜŗĜÔ


(785) 856-7100

Thicker line? Bolder heading? Color background or Logo? Ask how to get these features in your ad TODAY!! Call: 785-832-7119

(785) 856-7100

Volkswagen 2008 Passat one owner, alloy wheels, leather heated seats, power equipment, great dependability and fuel economy! Stk#359922 only $13,488. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

ƃƯĠŶ + ::+ '< )

2005 Doolittle Cargo Trailer 6x12 enclosed cargo trailer. Double back doors. Single side door. Roof racks. $2500 OBO. 785-766-4197


ŝ ŒĒĒ ››äĒĒń¼ äĒĒ ĒĒńńń¼¼ ÏÏļĒă Ïļ ļĒă ă BZVT ·ŝŗ©ŗÑƃ `ä¼êļ Ĥļ꛼ ·ĜŌ©ĎĎÑ

-?8 68  zß¡qÏϘ


ŝŗļ® ‡ ù||ă|© <|ŷļ¼ĉ›¼ ŷŷŷĪù|êļ®ĉĒùù¼ļĪ›Ēă

Sport Utility-4x4 GMC, 2003 Yukon Denali XL, in Spiral Grey. Super clean, third row, AWD, loaded. Second row bucket seats. Clean leather. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

GMC 2004 Yukon SLT one owner, fantastic shape!! Leather, power equipment, tow package, running boards, Bose sound DVD and more!! Hurry, this one won’t last long! Stk#527221 only $8,714. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Honda, 2003 CR-V EX, ONE owner, Silver, All wheel drive. NICE clean CR-V. Moonroof and Drive Train Warranty. Priced way below loan value! See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Sport Utility-4x4

Sport Utility-4x4






2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

Mercury 2010 Mariner one owner, sunroof, power seat, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, like new, stk#301691 only $16,727. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4. Local trade. Great ride and rugged off-road capabilities. $15,971. Call Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Dodge 2007 Ram SLT Big Horn 4wd, crew cab, power equipment, 20” alloy wheels, tonneau cover, running boards, tow package, stk#508332 only $15,877. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2011 Toyota Tacoma Double cab with only 54,929 miles. 4.0 V-6 Super clean and a Carfax certified, One owner vehicle. Call Mike at (785) 550-1299 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Only $23,995 Call Jeremy at

785-843-0550 Nissan 2008 Armada LE 4wd, low miles, running boards, leather, sunroof, alloy wheels, towing package, steering wheel controls, stk#199941 only $21,500. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2000 Ford F-150 Great Work Truck! 4.2L V6, Auto Trans, Extended Cab, Clean! ONLY $7,500! Call Anthony at 838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Package Stock #: 13T951A VIN: 5TFUU4EN3DX074771 $28,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500


2002 Jeep Liberty Great School Car! V6, Auto Trans, 4X4, Local Trade! 108k Miles, Only $8,988! Call Joe at 785-838-2327. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


4X4, Extended Z-71...It’s Almost Weather! $12,488. DJC60066T1.

Cab 4X4 Stk#

2012 Ford F-150 Lariat 4WD heated seats, Leather, Great truck with less than 10,000 miles. Call Anthony 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2007 Buick Terraza CXL, 50K. Excellent condition. Loaded. Leather interior. DVD player, 3rd row seating, $14,300/offer. 785-423-0755.

One Owner, Low Miles, 3rd Row Seating, 7-Passenger, Great Condition. Stk# D230C.


2002 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7lL, V6, With leather, 4WD and priced right just under 9K. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


(785) 856-7100

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2011 Ford Ranger Spotless Truck! 4.0L V6, Auto Trans, 4X4, Extended Cab! $21,988, Call Mike at 785-838-2327. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


2012 KIA SEDONA LX Limited, Leather, Sliding Doors, Liftgate, DVD Stk# E016A

Power Power Player.

Only $6,995 Call Mike at

Only 27K Miles, Factory Warranty, Like New! Stk# JMT92943 $19,995.

Jeep 2012 Liberty Limited 4wd, v6, leather heated seats, alloy wheels, power equipment, and more! Stk#13473 only $18,415. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 Nice 1 owner truck, low miles and leather seats. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

785-843-0550 GM CERTIFIED is not like any other dealer backed warranty. Don’t let the other dealers tell you any different. Dale Willey Automotive is the only dealer in Lawrence that GM Certifies their cars and trucks. Come see the difference!

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Jeep 2013 Patriot Latitude fwd only 3k miles, why buy new when you can save thousands with this one! Stk#39920A1 only $19,317. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chevrolet 2009 Silverado LT Z71 4wd, crew cab, running boards, tow package, alloy wheels, power equipment, stk#335431 only $24,855. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

GMC 2010 Sierra SLE Z71 extended cab, one owner, GM certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, power equipment, alloy wheels, stk#527481 only $20,955. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

*for illustration purposes only

Factory Warranty, Ready For The Whole Family $20,855 STK# GMC60110

(785) 856-7100

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Call for details. 785-843-5200 ask for Allen

(785) 856-7067

Move Over Honda & Toyota...More Suv For The Money! $27,995 Stk# CL13-043T1

Only $7,995 Call Mike at

Only $17,997




One Owner, 4WD, Serviced Here, Includes Dog Package, One of a Kind!! Stk# D552A

Call Dave at

Certified Pre-Owned Honda, 7 year/100,000 mile warranty, One Owner. Stk# D535A

Dodge 2010 Caravan SXT fwd, V6, power seat, ABS, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, power equipment, and more. Stk#13599A only $12,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 2012 Toyota Sienna LE AWD 31K miles. Rear captains chairs. Power-sliding passenger doors. Bluetooth and cruise. Call/text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 6 Speed manual, 4x4, Hard top and ready for the trails. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Chevrolet 2011 Silverado LT extended cab, one owner, GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included. Power equipment, On Star, remote start, alloy wheels, stk#388831 only $24,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Stock #: P1175A VIN: 2D4GP24R45R388011 $6,995 GMC 2011 Sierra SLT crew cab, alloy wheels, tow package, power equipment, power seat, GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included! Stk#320141 only $24,417. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Stock #: 13T1079B VIN: 1J8HG58216C138955 $12,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

2010 Jeep Wrangler Sport Soft top, V6, 6 speed manual, 4x4, Ready to have fun in. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2011 Chevy Silverado LTZ Crew cab 4x4. Must be seen to be believed! Loaded with extras and lifted. Only 36,543 miles! Call or text Mike at (785) 550-1299 to schedule a test drive. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Hard To Find, Priced To Sell! Size Matters! $17, 995 STK# NL13-305T1

4x4, RTL, Navigaion, Sunroof & More, Only 175 Miles! Stk# SL14-125T1 $34,999.

(785) 856-7100

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7067

Sport Edition, Nicely Equipped, One Tough Suv! $12,988 Stk# GMT51635T1

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


2009 NISSAN FRONTIER SE 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab. 4X4. Local trade. Clean Carfax. Nice looking truck. Only $15,995. Call or text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

4WD, Manual Transmission, Soft Top, One Owner, A/C. Stk# D541A


5-Speed, King Cab, Ac, Only 73K Miles $13,888. Stk# H-N2756T1

Call Matt at

(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047 Mercury, 2005 Mountaineer AWD. Beautiful Mineral Gray, clean history, leather, third row seat, second row bucket seats. NICE. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence 4X4, A Great Buy Before The Snow Flies! $18,588 Stk# DL13-081T5

(785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Toyota, 2004 Sienna XLE, fully loaded local family trade-in. DVD, rear audio, power side doors and rear liftgate. NICE van. JBL Sound and moonroof. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

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Need extra cash? We are buying cars, running or not. Call Travis, 913-605-2600

Lawrence (First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World, October 15,2013)

(785) 856-7100


Toyota 2009 Sienna LE one owner, alloy wheels, power equipment, ABS, room for all of the family and in your budget! Stk#17783 only $16,415. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Autos Wanted Honda 2005 Odyssey EX power equipment, alloy wheels, quad seating, very dependable family vehicle. Stk#309141 only $9,714. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Only $18,990

Limited Package, Like New, Lady Driven, Low Mileage $13,957 Stk# JPL12-075T1

Toyota 2008 Sienna LE fwd, V6, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, 2nd row quad seating, DVD, power equipment, cruise control, stk#560441 only $15,775. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


2006 Jeep Commander Limited


23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

We are now your Chevrolet dealer, call us for your service or sales needs! Dale Willey Automotive 785-843-5200


What’s GM Certified? 2yrs of free regular maintenance 172 Pt. Inspection 12 Mo./12,000 Mi. Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty 100,000 mi./5-yr. limited Powertrain warranty, no deduct. 24-hr. Roadside Assistance Courtesy transportation. Nationwide coverage backed By General Motors. Dale Willey 785-843-5200



Tuesday, October 22, 2013 9B Lawrence

S. Ruhlen, an heir, devisee, and legatee, of Ralph Lester Ruhlen, deceased, praying the petitioner be named Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Ralph Lester Ruhlen, deceased, dated December 13, 1985, praying the instrument attached thereto be admitted to probate and record as the Last Will and Testament of the decedent; Letters Testamentary under the Kansas Simplified Estates Act be issued to Executor to serve without bond.

and granted Letters of Administration. You are required to file your written defenses to the petition on or before November 14, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. in the District Court, Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fail to file your written defenses, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the petition.

All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the Estate within the latter of four months from the date of first publication of notice under K.S.A. 59-2236 and amendments thereto, or if the identity of the creditor is known or reasonably ascertainable, 30 days after actual notice was given as provided by law, and if their demands are not thus You are further advised if exhibited, they shall be forwritten objections to sim- ever barred. plified administration are filed with the Court, the Mary Evelyn Bryant, Court may order that su- Petitioner pervised administration ensue. Prepared By: Darryl Graves You are required to file #08991 your written defenses Darryl Graves, A Profesthereto on or before the sional Law Corporation 21st day of November, 2013 1040 New Hampshire Street at 10:00 o’clock in the a.m. Lawrence, Kansas 66044 in the District Court, Law- (785) 843-8117; rence, Douglas County, FAX (785) 843-0492 Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be Attorney for Petitioner ________ heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and de(First published in the Baldcree will be entered in due win City Signal, October 22, course upon the petition. 2013) All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands IN THE DISTRlCT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, against the Estate, within KANSAS four months from the date of first publication of this notice, as provided by law, In the Matter of the Estate of and if their demand are not STEVEN E. WITHERS, thus exhibited, they shall Deceased be forever barred. You are further advised under the provisions of the Kansas Simplified Estate Act the court need not supervise the administration of the estate, and no notice of any action of the Executor or other proceedings in the administration will be given, except for notice of final settlement of the decedent’s estate.

/s/ David S. Ruhlen David S. Ruhlen Petitioner Submitted by: JONATHAN C. BECKER, ATTORNEY AT LAW, P.A. /s/ Jonathan C. Becker Jonathan C. Becker, #13983 3120 Mesa Way, Ste. B Lawrence, KS 66049 785/842-0900 785/371-0952 Attorney for Petitioner ________

Case No. 2013PR194 Div. No.1 Petition Filed Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 59 TITLE TO REAL ESTATE INVOLVED NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to All Persons Concerned:

You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in this Court by Dorothy Wolverton, sister of Steven E. Withers, a/k/a Steven Elmer Withers, de(First Published in the Law- ceased, requesting: rence Daily Journal-World, October 8, 2013) Heirship and descent be determined for real estate IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF described in the petition DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS and for heirship of Steven CIVIL DEPARTMENT E. Withers, a/k/a Steven Elmer Withers; and that all JPMorgan Chase Bank, personal property and National Association other Kansas real estate Plaintiff, owned by the decedent at the time of death be asvs. signed pursuant to the laws of intestate succession. Matthew G. Woodin; Carrie L. Woodin; John Doe You are required to file (Tenant/Occupant); Mary your written defenses to Doe (Tenant/Occupant), the Petition on or before Defendants. November 14, 2013, at 10:15 A.M., in the Douglas County No. 13CV453 Judicial and Law EnforceCourt Number: 1 ment Center, 111 E. 11th, Pursuant to K.S.A. Lawrence, KS 66044, at Chapter 60 which time and place the cause will be heard. NOTICE OF SUIT Should you fail to file your written defenses, judgment THE STATE OF KANSAS, to and decree will be entered the above-named defend- in due course upon the Peants and the unknown tition. heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, Dorothy Wolverton, creditors and assigns of Petitioner any deceased defendants; the unknown spouses of GEORGE L. CATT, P.A. any defendants; the un- 3300 Mesa Way, Suite C known officers, successors, Lawrence, KS 66049-2345 trustees, creditors and as- (785) 841-3384 signs of any defendants that are existing, dissolved Attorney for Petitioner or dormant corporations; By: George L. Catt, #06773 the unknown executors, ad________ ministrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, succes- (First published in the Lawsors and assigns of any de- rence Daily Journal-World, fendants that are or were October 22, 2013) partners or in partnership; Notice of landlord’s the unknown guardians, intention to sell personal conservators and trustees property of any defendants that are minors or are under any legal disability; and the un- Laurel Glen Apartments, known heirs, executors, ad- the owner of property loministrators, devisees, cated at 1401 E 24th Street trustees, creditors and as- D-1, Lawrence, KS 66046 signs of any person alleged hereby gives notice that to be deceased, and all personal property abanother persons who are or doned by Thomas Ingram at the above stated admay be concerned. dress shall be sold, or othYou are notified that a Peti- erwise disposed of on 15th tion has been filed in the day of November 2013, said District Court of Douglas property having the followCounty, Kansas, praying to ing description: foreclose a real estate mortgage on the following 2 recliners, small desk, computer chair, plastic described real estate: book shelf, books, televiThe North 50 feet of Lot sion, DVD player, small bbq Seven (7) and the South 25 grill, several dishes / utenfull mattress set, feet of Lot Six (6) in Block sils, Seven (7) in n South Law- dresser, numerous bags of clothing, pet carrier, other rence, an addition to the City of Lawrence, Douglas small misc household items County, Kansas, commonly known as 2040 Vermont /s/ Becky Lutz Street, Lawrence, KS 66046 manager ________ (the “Property”) and all those defendants who have not otherwise been served are required to plead to the Petition on or before the 18th day of November, 2013, in the District Court of Douglas County,Kansas. If you fail to plead, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition. NOTICE Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. §1692c(b), no information concerning the collection of this debt may be given without the prior consent of the consumer given directly to the debt collector or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction. The debt collector is attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Kristen G. Stroehmann (KS # 10551) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff (157193) ________ (First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World October 15, 2013) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS PROBATE DIVISION In the Matter of the Estate of RICHARD ALLEN BRYANT, Deceased. CASE NO. 2013PR178 DIV. NO. 1 Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 59 NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS

NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: THE STATE OF KANSAS TO You are notified that on ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: September 27, 2013, a petition was filed in this Court You are hereby notified by Mary Evelyn Bryant rethat on the 8th day of Octo- questing that petitioner be ber, 2013, a petition was appointed as administrator filed in this court by David

(Published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World October 22, 2013) Important Notice for WOW! Cable customers: Effective November 21, 2013 WOW! will be adding Bounce TV to the Broadcast Basic channel lineup on channel 197. ________ (Published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World October 22, 2013) CITY RESOLUTION NO. 7045 COUNTY RESOLUTION NO. 13-28 A JOINT RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF LAWRENCE, KANSAS, AND DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS, APPOINTING A STEERING COMMITTEE TO GUIDE THE PROCESS FOR AMENDING HORIZON 2020, THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN FOR THE CITY OF LAWRENCE AND UNINCORPORATED DOUGLAS COUNTY. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE CITY OF LAWRENCE, KANSAS, AND BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS: SECTION 1. The Governing Bodies of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, and Douglas County, Kansas, hereby find that Horizon 2020, the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Lawrence and Unincorporated Douglas County, is in need of a comprehensive public review and an updating and that a Steering Committee is necessary to oversee and guide that process. SECTION 2. The Governing Bodies of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, and Douglas County, Kansas, do hereby establish a Steering Committee to oversee and guide the review and updating of Horizon 2020, the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Lawrence and Unincorporated Douglas County, and


10B Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Lawrence Lawrence

PUBLIC NOTICE CONTINUED FROM 9B the Steering Committee shall have the following composition (appointed by the noted authorities): Co-chairs (City Commissioner and County Commissioner) 1 Planning Commission representative - City appointee 1 Planning Commission representative County appointee 1 USD 497 representative - USD 497 appointee 1 Real estate/Development community representative City/County shared appointee 1 Neighborhood representative - City appointee 1 Business community representative County appointee 1 At-large city representative - City appointee 1 At-large county representative County appointee SECTION 3. The Steering Committee, as appointed, shall be charged with overseeing and guiding the process, as generally described in the Phasing outline below, including public education and issue identification, prioritization of issues to submit to the Lawrence-Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Commission and the Governing Bodies of the City and County for review, and for reviewing the draft and final plan product. The Steering Committee shall remain intact until the plan update is completed and shall work to complete their charge by April 1, 2015. In the event that a member of the Steering Committee is unable or unwilling to complete his or her appointment, the original appointing authority shall appoint his or her replacement as soon as practicable. SECTION 4. The process for reviewing and updating Horizon 2020, the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Lawrence and Unincorporated Douglas County, shall follow generally, the following Phasing outline: Phase 1 - Public Education and Issue Identification Conduct a series of public meetings to educate and to identify issues Known issues: Update demographics to current data Updated Urban Growth Areas (UGA) align with sector plans Update the format of the document to be consistent throughout and user friendly Commercial areas compact, pedestrian friendly, mixed use, walkable, locations in unincorporated centers Incorporate

2012 utilities master plans findings and recommendations Change the name of the plan Review goals and strategies of the plan Tools to gather public input Conduct a web survey to identify issues Use social media to request comments Use comment cards at public meetings Provide contact and updates via listserv Phase 2 - Issue Prioritization Steering committee Determine the issues as identified in the public meetings to address in the plan Phase 3 - Draft Plan Review and guide the processing of plan amendments through the Planning Commission, City Commission and Board of County Commission SECTION 5. If any section, clause, sentence, or phrase of this joint resolution is found to be unconstitutional or is otherwise held invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, it shall not affect the validity of any remaining parts of this ordinance. SECTION 6. This joint resolution shall be in full force and effect upon its adoption by the Governing Bodies of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, and Douglas County, Kansas, and publication as provided by law. ADOPTED by the Governing Body of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, this 1st day of October, 2013. APPROVED: /s/ Michael Dever Michael Dever Mayor ATTEST: /s/ Jonathan M. Douglass Jonathan M. Douglass City Clerk Approved as to form and legality /s/Toni R. Wheeler Toni R. Wheeler City Attorney ADOPTED by the Board of County Commissioners of Douglas County, Kansas, this 2nd day of October, 2013. /s/Mike Gaughan Mike Gaughan Chair /s/Nancy Thellman Nancy Thellman, Commissioner /s/Jim Flory Jim Flory, Commissioner ATTEST: /s/ Jameson D. Shew Jameson D. Shew, County Clerk ________

(First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World, October 22, 2013) OFFICE OF THE DOUGLAS COUNTY TREASURER LAWRENCE, KANSAS October 22, 2013 UNPAID PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES FOR THE YEAR 2012 PURSUANT TO K.S.A 19-547, PUBLICATION OF DELINQUENT PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX STATEMENT; COSTS, PAYMENT AND COLLECTION. FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF EACH FULL OR PARTIALLY DELINQUENT TAXPAYER, LISTED ALPHABETICALLY WITH THE LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: ___________________________________________ PAULA GILCHRIST DOUGLAS COUNTY TREASURER 1004773, 23RD STREET LIQUOR, 945 E 23RD ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $744.82 1004773, HEYD DARWIN, 945 E 23RD ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $744.82 1006424, A 1 AUTOMOTIVE, 837 PENNSYLVANIA, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $1,533.28 1006424, WUDARCZYK TIMOTHY J, 837 PENN, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $1,533.28 1005353, A PLUS AUTO & TIRE LLC, 2150 HASKELL AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $153.41 1002443, ABBOTT LARRY, 2200 HARPER ST LOT D28, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $279.16 1016837, AGULAR JOE, 1512 NORTH POINT AVE, LIBERTY MO 64068 $290.52 1001508, AKINS STEVE, 2000 E 19TH LOT 22, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $931.16 1016516, ALKANDARI ABDULRAHMAN E, 3100 OUSDAHL RD APT 126, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $342.84 1008130, ALMEIDA BECKI, 16629 W 144TH ST, OLATHE KS 66062 $495.20 1008130, DELTA DELTA DELTA, 905 COTHRELL, OLATHE KS 66061 $495.20 1008130, LAMBDA HOUSE CORPORATION, PO BOX 113, BALDWIN KS 66006 $495.20 1015094, ANDERSON JOSH, 2434 W 24TH TER UNIT A, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $115.61 1015094, SMITH KENDRA, 2434 W 24TH TER UNIT A, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $115.61 1003784, ANDERSON LINDA, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W51, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $309.69 1003784, ANDERSON RICHARD, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W 51, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $309.69 1014651, ANDERSON THOMAS J, 1829 COLLEGE, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $555.55 1008120, ANTIQUES ON THE PRAIRIE, PO BOX 292, BALDWIN KS 66006 $235.04 1008120, VICKERS STAN, PO BOX 292, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $235.04 1018045, ARC COMMUNITIES 12 LLC, PO BOX 61102, CHICAGO IL 60606 $116.38 1013698, ASSAF MAHMOUD, 2412 SEQUOIA CT, LAWRENCE KS 66047-2641 $245.53 1015386, ASSAF MAHMOUD ALI, 8509 GOODARD, OVERLAND PARK KS 66214 $403.33 1000853, ATKINS CARY, 1821 TENNESSEE ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $264.05 1001054, ATWOOD-BLAINE AARON, 1826 W 21ST TERR, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $112.85 1001054, ATWOOD-BLAINE DANA, 1826 W 21ST TERR, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $112.85 1006998, B S TRANSPORTATION SOLUTION LLP, 331 MAPLE WEST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $94.21 1007944, BABBITT RYAN, PO BOX 97, OVERBROOK KS 66524-0097 $359.17 1008173, BABBITT RYAN, PO BOX 97, OVERBROOK KS 66524-0097 $130.81 1013710, BABCOCK RON, 4603 SW GOLDEN EAGLE AVE, BENTONVILLE AR 72712 $90.82 1014268, BALLARD VIRGINIA, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W92, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $261.34 1002128, BARNES TAMMY K, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W32, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $197.83 1002128, PLACE WANOLA E, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W32, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $197.83 1013205, BARR EMILY CAROL, 830 OSAGE ST APT A, MANHATTAN KS 66502 $91.10 1007928, BEACH CHERYL L, 2300 WAKARUSA DR APT 4, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $100.03 1016081, BEHM MIKE, 2206 NAISMITH DR, LAWRENCE KS 66045 $96.98 1006099, BELL DOUGLAS L III, 1134 SE HIGHLAND AVE, TOPEKA KS 66607 $228.18 1007033, BELL DOUGLAS L III, 1134 SE HIGHLAND AVE, TOPEKA KS 66607 $108.94 1000394, BELONE CONAN, 1328 OHIO ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $149.31 1000394, YAZZIE CEDRICK, 1900 W 31ST ST LOT U6, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $149.31 1013743, BERENDSEN TIMOTHY ROBERT, 1320 N 3RD ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $115.82 1014777, BERRY TWILLIA, 204 2ND ST, BOGUE KS 67625-3051 $281.33 1011369, BICHELMEYER ANNE M, 524 SHAWNEE ST APT 1, TONGANOXIE KS 66086 $111.13 1015451, BIERE TIMOTHY JACOB, 908 MAINE ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $91.22 1008389, BISHOP RUSSELL A, 1218 OAK, EUDORA KS 66025 $153.81 1016852, BITNER CHRISTIAN M, 21164 W 108TH TER, OLATHE KS 66061 $143.55 1001383, BITTINGER JACQUE L, 4700 W 27TH ST APT KK8, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $250.80 1006355, BLAINES OVERHEAD DOORS, PO BOX 115, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $278.26 1006355, YOUNG BLAINE, PO BOX 115, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $278.26 1009340, BLUE WESLEY C, 312 NE GARNET LN, LEES SUMMIT MO 64064-1396 $286.02 1018179, BLUM RYAN D, 2332 HASKELL AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $312.65 1018179, JOHANNES WILLIAM E, 3520 YALE RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049-3344 $312.65 1018179, PREMIER AUTO CO INC, 2332 HASKELL AVE STE A, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4914 $312.65 1018179, WININGER ROSANNE, 2332 HASKELL HASKELL AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $312.65 1007814, BONE ERNEST, 2628 ARKANSAS TER, QUENEMO KS 66528-8115 $194.09 1016945, BOYD BERNICE M, PO BOX 87, MANNFORD OK 74044 $345.05 1013576, BOYD HARVEY T, 1069 N 1800 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049-9022 $81.98 1013576, BOYD WILLIAM A, 1783 E 1068 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $81.98 1009722, BOYD WILLIAM A, 1783 E 1068 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $109.84 1013762, BOYD WILLIAM A, 1783 E 1068 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $64.21 1013764, BOYLE CHRISTOPHER, 1616 W 2ND TER, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $104.09 1013411, BRANDON ANGELA, 1126 WALNUT ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $192.97 1017758, BRANDT ANNETTE, 609 KING ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $322.19 1003978, BREWTON JAMES L, 1220 W 21ST ST APT A, LAW-



RENCE KS 66046-2800 $500.26 1000877, BRIDGER-RILEY SHANNON, 735 MISSOURI, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $109.72 1001733, BROWN LOUIS, 1447 VERMONT ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $65.11 1017257, BROWNING THOMAS, 4303 W DEL SIENNO ST, WICHITA KS 67212 $287.96 1016315, BRUMM JENNA LOUISE, 1788 N 300 RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $256.04 1014241, BRYANT MELANIE, 110 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 115, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $226.08 1009780, BULLDOG TOW, 837 W 22ND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $439.40 1009780, JACOB JEFFREY R, 837 W 22ND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $439.40 1009864, BULLDOG TOW, 837 W 22ND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $188.41 1009864, JACOB JEFFREY R, 837 W 22ND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $188.41 1005559, BUM STEER, 1910 HASKELL AVE SUITE 7, LAWRENCE KS 66046-3296 $230.39 1005559, LEMMON CHRIS, 1910 HASKELL AVE SUITE 7, LAWRENCE KS 66046-3296 $230.39 1004327, BURRITO KING, 900 ILLINOIS ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $98.18 1004327, LOPEZ HECTOR, 17300 HORGER AVE, ALLEN PARK MI 48101 $98.18 1014699, BURTRUM WILLIE, PO BOX 546, NORTON KS 67654 $65.47 1001756, BURTRUM WILLY, PO BOX 546, NORTON KS 67654 $66.94 1002979, BUSTILLOS ALEJANDRO, 1179 SW BOSWELL, TOPEKA KS 66604-1448 $128.22 1015782, BUTLER EDNA, 501 E 10TH ST LOT B37, EUDORA KS 66025-8306 $259.84 1003280, BYFIELD STEPHEN, 1225 E FM 1462, ROSHARON TX 77583 $472.64 1004162, C B INC, 711 W 23RD ST STE 22, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $215.57 1004162, LASTING IMPRESSIONS, 711 W 23RD ST STE 22, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $215.57 1012811, C L D ENTERPRISES, 713 E 1100 RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $70.74 1012811, DAVIS-BERENDS CATHY L, 713 E 1100 RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $70.74 1013779, CADENA MIGUEL A, 357 MILES AVE, SANTA MARIA CA 93455-2609 $90.82 1017624, CALDWELL CHANTAL, 4100 W 24TH PL APT G9, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $214.57 1017624, MOYER RYAN P, 4100 W 24TH PL APT G9, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $214.57 1002647, CALVANO KEVIN M, 100 PINTO PL, CIBOLO TX 78108 $218.72 1015850, CAMPBELL PATRICK, 909 ILLINOIS ST UNIT B, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $188.31 1015281, CASSELLA RAYMOND, 501 E 10TH ST B30, EUDORA KS 66025 $151.67 1003811, CASTLE EVA L, 110 CEDAR, PERRY KS 66073 $494.32 1003811, POST CHERYL, 110 CEDAR, PERRY KS 66073 $494.32 1003811, POST DANENE LEE, 110 CEDAR, PERRY KS 66073 $494.32 1003811, POST LAVELLA, 110 CEDAR, PERRY KS 66073 $494.32 1007418, CELESTIAL IRONWORKS INC, 537 LOCUST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $560.72 1015786, CHANEY RYAN, 1115 W 13TH TER, EUDORA KS 66025 $271.92 1004478, CHAVEZ RESTORATION & CLEANING, 2400 S KANSAS AVE, TOPEKA KS 66611-1144 $257.02 1004478, CHAVEZ RICHARD, 2400 S KANSAS AVE, TOPEKA KS 66611-1144 $257.02 1016487, CHILES COLIN, 1125 TENNESSEE ST APT 3, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $102.22 1012387, CHUBBYS WELDING, 1758 N 700 RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $287.89 1012387, MOCK SCOTT, 1758 N 700 RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $287.89 1010013, CHURCH BRANDON M, 4224 SE CHISOLM RD, TOPEKA KS 66609 $1,054.86 1013812, CISNEROS JOSEPH V, 1807 W 27TH TER, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $108.15 1001196, CLEMENTS JOEY, 412 LINCOLN, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $60.91 1013567, COBLE JUDY, 1983 N 300 RD, WELLSVILLE KS 66092 $84.72 1013567, STAUS GARY, 1983 N 300 RD, WELLSVILLE KS 66092 $84.72 1013419, COLE JERRY, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W4, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $290.18 1015891, COLEMAN ASHLEY DAWN, 501 E 10TH ST LOT B28, EUDORA KS 66025 $205.61 1015891, ROBSON LARRY, 501 E 10TH ST LOT B28, EUDORA KS 66025 $205.61 1003830, CONKLIN ANDREW L, 4931 STONEBACK DR, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $290.64 1007222, COPP MICHAEL L, 139 PERRY ST LOT 11, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $131.99 1016635, COVERT CHARLES, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W64, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $154.59 1016001, COVERT RONALD E, 4761 LARKSPUR CIR, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $145.55 1017170, COX CHRISTOPHER, 265 S 30TH ST, KANSAS CITY KS 66106 $273.70 1017170, COX DANETTE, 265 S 30TH ST, KANSAS CITY KS 66106 $273.70 1004242, COYOTES, 1003 E 23RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $340.49 1004242, TREMORS INC, 729 NEW HAMPSHIRE, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $340.49 1016097, CRANE JON, 200 N 62ND ST, OMAHA NE 68132 $163.51 1016097, CRANE MARTHA, 200 N 62ND ST, OMAHA NE 68132 $163.51 1003195, CRAWFORD GENE, 101 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 62, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $219.76 1014989, CRONIN BRIAN, 1117 KENTUCKY ST APT A, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $120.32 1016245, CWIKLA JUSTIN ROYCE, 1408 WESTBROOKE, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $109.72 1000419, DAHL YNGUE H, 1140 S 53RD, KANSAS CITY KS 66106 $66.94 1013388, DALLMAN KURT F TRUSTEE, PO BOX 4047, LAWRENCE KS 66046-1047 $462.50 1013388, TRIPLE D TRUST, PO BOX 4047, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $462.50 1015753, DAMIAN VERONICA, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E91, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $254.66 1001798, DAUGHENBAUGH TERRY L, 628 ARKANSAS ST LOT 5, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $128.01 1015174, DAVIS CHRISTI L, 527 E 2200 RD, EUDORA KS 66025 $99.08 1016129, DAVIS JEREMIAH, 1900 W 31ST ST LOT T-12, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $232.87 1017544, DE JARNETTE ALEXANDER JAMES, 2430 OUSDAHL RD APT 54, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4055 $77.17 1012244, DELANEY DOUGLAS SCOTT, PO BOX 457, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $66.98 1015997, DELMAS ANNE E, 1947 BARKER AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66046-3139 $82.82 1015997, JOHNSTON PATRICK K, 1947 BARKER AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66046-3139 $82.82 1012594, DELORME ANITA, PO BOX 1276, OZARK MO 65721-1276 $159.59 1003560, DICKER A JAMES, 2805 BLUE STEM DR, LAWRENCE KS 66047-1892 $84.54 1000118, DIXON GREG A, 2632 CRANLEY ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5306 $65.64 1012394, DOUBLE J PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION LLC, PO BOX 51, BALDWIN KS 66006 $1,063.73 1012514, DOUBLE J PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION LLC, PO BOX 51, BALDWIN KS 66006 $307.27 1010274, DOWNINGS LAWN CARE INC, 1621 E 400TH RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049-9101 $468.81 1003881, DURAN LIZABETH D, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 452, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $339.02 1003881, MCCLURE CONRAD G, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 452, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $339.02 1006524, DUSTY BOOKSHELF, 708 MASSACHUSETTS, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $289.99 1006524, MEREDITH DIANE, 708 MASSACHUSETTS, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $289.99 1010233, E 4 EXCAVATING INC, 1452 E 1 ROAD, BERRYTON KS 66409 $1,876.52 1014225, EAGLES JASON D, 1605 6TH TER, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $65.11 1017107, EDEN DENNIS, 9749 COUNTY LN 93, CARTHAGE MO 64836 $1,271.14 1017107, EDEN VALERIE, 9749 COUNTY LN 93, CARTHAGE MO 64836 $1,271.14 1016649, ELLIOTT AMY, 1534 A LEGEND TRAIL, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $65.11 1016649, ELLIOTT WILLIAM, 1534 A LEGEND TRAIL, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $65.11 1007810, ESTES JEFF, 1403 HIGH ST, BALDWIN KS 66006 $67.76 1004417, EXCALIBUR OF WESTMINISTER, 2711 W 6TH ST STE D, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $97.55 1004417, HAMILTON RICHARD D, 2711 W 6TH ST STE D, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $97.55 1006706, FAIR BILL, 2859 FOUR WHEEL DR STE 16E, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $84.54 1006706, YOUNGQUIST REX, 2859 FOUR WHEEL DR, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $84.54 1003276, FALK SALLIE, 924 WALNUT ST APT 44, EUDORA KS 66025 $114.05 1009025, FAUGHN SHANE E, 12860 31ST ST, PERRY KS 66073 $605.41 1009025, FAUGHN TAMMY J, 12860 31ST ST, PERRY KS 66073 $605.41 1009426, FENDER JIM D, 4500 BOB BILLINGS PKWY #203, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $220.60 1009050, FOLKS JENNIFER, PO BOX 189, LECOMPTON KS 66050-0189 $552.77 1009050, JAG GRAPHICS, PO BOX 189, LECOMPTON KS 66050-0189 $552.77 1015531, FORD MYRON, 905 TENNESSEE, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $134.76 1000472, FRYE DAVID L, 3514 CLINTON PKWY APT A261, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $268.82 1017077, FULMER DEBRA, 17647 246TH ST, TONGANOXIE KS 66086 $206.95 1004187, GAME NUT ENTERTAINMENT INC, 844 MASSACHUSETTS ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $232.14 1010025, GARBER LEVI, 908 COLONIAL DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-3592 $109.41 1012598, GARDNER NIKI C, 811 N 900 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047-9592 $234.51 1015426, GARZA JOHNNY NEIL, PO BOX 442275, LAWRENCE KS 66044-1275 $91.48 1015757, GEORGIE EVAN T, 1206 W 29TH CT, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $127.27 1003740, GIBLIN TIMOTHY F, 3421 SWEEETGRASS CT, LAWRENCE KS 66049-4245 $227.39 1017097, GIBSON KEVIN T, 701 S SUNSET DR, OLATHE KS 66061 $87.02 1016570, GILDO CIRILO, 14468 166 ST, BONNER SPRINGS KS 66012 $179.39 1000237, GILMORE ROBERT, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 230, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $399.05 1000237, GILMORE TAMMY, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 230, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $399.05 1002223, GLANTZ DAVID, 1704 E 25TH ST TERR, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $633.40 1002223, MANGAN DARIN L, 1704 E 25TH ST TERR, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $633.40 1012359, GLOBAL HOMES DESIGN & BUILD, 1636 N 700 RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $79.74 1012359, KNOWLES CHARLOTTA F, 1636 N 700 RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $79.74



1016037, GODOY-FLORES MARCO A., 121 N KEELER ST, OLATHE KS 66061 $146.13 1002388, GOFF EDNA M, 3323 IOWA LOT 280, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $266.30 1002388, WALKER GINA B, 3323 IOWA LOT 280, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $266.30 1003096, GOLDMAN JEFF S, 5112 KINGS MILL RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047-1897 $489.00 1014500, GOLDRING CHRISTOPHER C, 959 E 1300 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $123.55 1013822, GOLDSCHMIDT DANIEL, 1809 LOUISIANA ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $75.51 1007090, GOMEZ DONNA, 827 WALNUT ST LOT 7, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $261.54 1009670, GORDON KEVIN S, 2411 LOUISIANA ST APT B13, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $92.90 1004276, GRANDADDY’S Q MEATS & SAUCES INC, 1447 W 23RD ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $88.47 1013251, GREGG JENNIFER, 3475 SW TARA AVE, TOPEKA KS 66611 $216.24 1009021, GREY JULIE, 8351 KAW LN, PERRY KS 66073-5011 $168.13 1005219, GRIFFIN TECHNOLOGIES LLC, 4181 BLACKJACK OAK DR, LAWRENCE KS 66047-1946 $299.39 1015795, GRINTER JOHN, 3300 CLYDE RD # A, MESICK MI 49668-9621 $234.85 1015795, GRINTER JOYCE, 15252 HARLAN RD, COPEMISH MI 49625 $234.85 1009506, GUERNSEY DAWN, 7805 LAKESIDE LN, CARROLLTON TX 75006-4725 $168.06 1005841, GUERRERO ANGELA M, 6337 CANDY LN, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $210.40 1007498, H D D OF LAWRENCE LLC, PO BOX 706, LAWRENCE KS 66044-0706 $842.64 1007506, H D D OF LAWRENCE LLC, PO BOX 706, LAWRENCE KS 66044-0706 $945.98 1016042, HADLE STEVE, 2659 STAFFORD RD, OTTAWA KS 66067 $181.35 1009859, HAHN JAMES CONRAD II, 321 ELM ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044-1538 $92.90 1014478, HAHN JEREMY S, 634 W KERR ST, SPRINGFIELD MO 65803 $115.50 1013857, HALL MARSHALL L, 809 NE BROADWAY AVE TRLR 15, DES MOINES IA 50313-2469 $245.68 1007722, HALL STARL L, 1059 FIRETREE AVE, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-4173 $100.49 1015185, HAND CAROLYN, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E14, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $195.18 1012732, HANSEN C T, 83 E 1250 RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $611.51 1015051, HARDEN JEREMY ELBERT, 260 PINECONE DR, LAWRENCE KS 66046-3266 $155.23 1001510, HARDY EVELYN K, 1908 E 19TH LOT W98, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $103.92 1001439, HARDY JASON, 526 ALLEN CT, RAYMORE MO 64083-8261 $437.82 1001439, LAW SHARI J, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E56, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $437.82 1005539, HARGIS REX D JR, 3323 IOWA LOT 428, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $225.79 1005539, HARGIS SEAN M, 3323 IOWA LOT 428, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $225.79 1000858, HARMAN FRANK L III, 8016 DEERWOOD CT, UPATOR GA 31829 $184.48 1000858, HARMAN JOHN, 1116 STURBRIDGE CIR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-3504 $184.48 1015237, HARPER JENNIFER, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 166, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $189.63 1015237, RILEY SHANE, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 166, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $189.63 1000003, HARRELL G MICHAEL, 3514 CLINTON PKWY STE A, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $65.11 1006529, HARRELL G MICHAEL, 3514 CLINTON PKWY STE A, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $133.73 1006529, PRESTIGE CUSTOM HOMES, 3514 CLINTON PKWY STE A, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $133.73 1011697, HARRELL TERRY, 42 E 800 RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $459.98 1011697, WILKS AMBER, 42 E 800 RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-7146 $459.98 1011697, WILKS JEFFREY L, 42 E 800 RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $459.98 1014160, HARRIS DEBORAH J, 110 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 83, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $132.93 1014160, HARRIS TIM, 110 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 83, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $132.93 1015450, HARRIS HEATHER R, 903 HIGH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $101.10 1014633, HARRIS JESSE THOMAS, 8128 LOWELL AVE APT A, OVERLAND PARK KS 66204-3676 $176.61 1003852, HARRIS LASHONTE D, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W78, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $298.00 1003852, MONIZ OLIVIA A, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W78, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $298.00 1003734, HARROD TIM, 4901 STONEBACK DR, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $561.65 1002263, HARTMAN DAVID, 115 E 19TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $65.11 1001749, HARTSHORN JESS L, PO BOX 263, EDGERTON KS 66021 $208.87 1003571, HATCH ERNEST L, 13401 54TH ST, OSKALOOSA KS 66066 $65.24 1006343, HEADMASTERS OF LAWRENCE INC, 1410 KASOLD DR STE A7, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $1,035.12 1006687, HEADRICK SHAWN, 1407 W 7TH ST APT 6C, LAWRENCE KS 66044-6715 $86.09 1009661, HEINRICH CALVIN L, PO BOX 1378, CARRIZO SPRINGS TX 78834-7378 $372.45 1005276, HEITMAN MANAGEMENT CO, 191 N WACKER DR STE 2500, CHICAGO IL 60606-1885 $59.39 1005276, NAISMITH HOLDINGS LLC, 191 N WACKER DR STE 2500, CHICAGO IL 60606-1885 $59.39 1002756, HELLSTROM W ROBERT, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 550, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $303.32 1002756, WALLACE PAMELA, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 367, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $303.32 1006115, HENDERSON JAMES DALE, 1900 W 31ST ST LOT T1, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $191.04 1018204, HENKE ABBY L, 6717 WILLOW LN, PRAIRIE VILLAGE KS 66208 $390.37 1018204, HENKE MARK J, 6717 WILLOW LN, PRAIRIE VILLAGE KS 66208 $390.37 1004592, HENNINGS CARD SHOP DBA RODS, PO BOX 11906, KANSAS CITY MO 64138-0906 $232.14 1004592, HENNINGS CARD SHOPS INC, PO BOX 7303, KANSAS CITY MO 64116-0003 $232.14 1005912, HENRY RODGER, 720 E 23RD ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4908 $229.15 1005912, RACO CAR WASH #3, 720 E 23RD ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4908 $229.15 1003131, HERD LORI A, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W46, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $460.34 1013910, HERMAN JACOB LEONARD, 24045 CODY PARK RD, GOLDEN CO 80401-9319 $157.61 1003665, HEYD DARWIN, 945 E 23RD ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $110.23 1016171, HEYD DARWIN D Jr, 945 E 23RD ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $73.00 1016171, PROST CHANTAL C, 1879 E 50 RD, LECOMPTON KS 66050-4005 $73.00 1008314, HIBNER CLIF, 501 E 10TH ST LOT C54, EUDORA KS 66025 $292.92 1017226, HICKMAN DAVID L, 10118 W 92ND PL, OVERLAND PARK KS 66213 $474.34 1014675, HICKS DICK, 1320 E 18TH TER, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $164.41 1008520, HILL DAVID, 1201 PEACH ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $84.35 1009379, HILL KARRER JENNIFER, PO BOX 566, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $282.13 1008289, HILLEBERT JOSEPH, PO BOX 718, EUDORA KS 66025 $236.91 1008289, HILLEBERT VICTORIA, 501 E 10TH ST LOT C50, EUDORA KS 66025 $236.91 1013529, HINSON CHRIS, 1064 N 1200 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $92.04 1016282, HITE WILLIAM J Jr, 625 FOLKS RD # 127, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $174.49 1016178, HITZ JACK MCNAUGHT, 3420 W 24TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $109.30 1016178, HITZ ROBERT, 3420 W 24TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $109.30 1010847, HODGES DARRELL L, 1589 N 1550 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $97.76 1009278, HOESCH MICHAEL, 1601 ALVAMAR DR, LAWRENCE KS 66047-1715 $910.72 1002782, HOLDING VIRGIL L, 217 N WASHINGTON AVE APT 309, IOLA KS 66749 $120.97 1010179, HOLLOWELL JOSEPH G JR, 435 N 1500 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049-9190 $87.67 1003860, HOOPER LINDA, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E59, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $219.50 1008593, HOPPING RUSSELL LOREN, 1131 ACORN ST, EUDORA KS 66025-9438 $67.40 1008350, HOWARD SEAN, 501 E 10TH ST LOT C51, EUDORA KS 66025 $310.62 1014848, HUMASON BRIAN WESLEY, 1600 HASKELL AVE APT 126, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $114.05 1012253, HUMBLE JIMMY, 1769 N 1100 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $216.06 1013933, HURLEY JOSHUA, 1121 PEACH ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $487.00 1013933, HURLEY KARLA ROSE, 1121 PEACH ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $487.00 1006299, HURST CONSTRUCTION INC, 736 ALABAMA ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044-2318 $256.38 1002864, HUTCHINSON ROBERT G, 2111 E SANTA FE, OLATHE KS 66062 $225.03 1010703, ISAACS JOHN F, 1049 E 1800 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046-9288 $921.83 1011447, J K CONSTRUCTION INC, 2292 N 1100 RD, EUDORA KS 66025-8101 $544.20 1004889, J K SERVICES INC, 2601 MAVERICK LN, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5149 $109.97 1009849, J M D LLC, PO BOX 8456, TOPEKA KS 66608 $488.80 1013978, JACOB JEFFREY R, 837 W 22ND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $543.04 1015457, JACOB JEFFREY R, 837 W 22ND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $297.26 1016704, JACOB JEFFREY R, 837 W 22ND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $147.71 1014607, JAMES DAVID A, 452 N 750TH RD, OVERBROOK KS 66524 $91.58 1001727, JANUARY FREDERICK WAYNE JR, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W41, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $507.28 1001727, JANUARY MARY ANNE, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W41, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $507.28 1010056, JARMAN MICHAEL S, 9900 MASTIN, OVERLAND PARK KS 66212 $361.85 1014568, JILES LELEA B, 1404 OAK HILL AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $108.15 1002757, JIPSON TIM, 1747 TENNESSEE ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $99.76 1007963, JOHNSON JAMES H, PO BOX 51, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $223.90 1017035, JOHNSON PATRICK D, 3721 SUNNYBROOK CT, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $189.46 1014907, JOHNSON SHANE, 1112 DOON AVE, BILLINGS MT 59101 $196.42 1015564, JOHNSON WILLIAM E, 16438 SAVANNAH HWY 265, CHARLESTON SC 29407 $127.72 1015944, JOHNSTON ANNE E, 1947 BARKER AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $136.49 1015944, JOHNSTON PATRICK K, 1947 BARKER AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66046-3139 $136.49 1008287, JONES MRS ARTHUR, 5801 FOSTER, MISSION KS 66202 $85.86 1008287, VAN METER ROGER A, 203 E 6TH ST, EUDORA KS 66025-9506 $85.86 1015892, JONES PAUL, 420 NORTH ST LOT 74, LAWRENCE



KS 66044 $229.99 1015573, KAMAT ANIL WHEAT, 1103 10TH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $92.90 1002745, KAPLAN MOSS JACOB, 4191 LINN RD, PERRY KS 66073 $93.45 1015731, KAW CRANE RENTAL & SALES INC, PO BOX 34, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $711.55 1007490, KAW VALLEY HEAT & COOL, PO BOX 613, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $122.71 1007490, REED ROBERT E, 716 N 2ND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $122.71 1005388, KEENAN GREG, 1035 MASSACHUSETTS ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $235.40 1005388, PAPA KENOS PIZZERIA, 7901 SANTA FE DR, OVERLAND PARK KS 66204 $235.40 1013963, KENNEDY FRANKLIN EARL, 1108 W 27TH TER, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $120.32 1014094, KERNS RANDALL, 2000 E 19TH ST LOT 9, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $1,418.39 1002630, KHALID CRYSTAL, 2342 RANCH WAY, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $114.05 1002454, KHAMPANNHA SUSAN, 1900 W 31ST ST LOT R15, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $258.88 1000089, KHANYA BOONYANG, 100 ARKANSAS ST LOT 23, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $160.93 1000089, KHANYA KHAMWAY, 1900 W 31ST ST LOT K6, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $160.93 1016144, KING BRIAN SCOTT, 16000 KREIDER RD, BONNER SPRINGS KS 66012 $116.20 1000607, KING DEBORA J, 110 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 116, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $263.78 1011332, KING IVON C, 7225 WOODSON ST, OVERLAND PARK KS 66204 $67.66 1003229, KINSKY PHOUTHONG, 3403 W 8TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $141.87 1000793, KISSOON ERIC, 700 COMET LN APT A105, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $174.06 1000793, KISSOON EVANGELINE, 700 COMET LN APT A105, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $174.06 1000793, KISSOON KHADINE, 700 COMET LN APT A105, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $174.06 1005939, KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN OF LAWRENCE, 1800 E 23RD STE M, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $138.71 1016926, KIVETT JOSEPH O, 9561 FONTAINEBLEAU BLVD APT 216, MIAMI FL 33172-6843 $125.41 1008435, KLEBENSTEIN ANTHONY D, 501 E 10TH ST LOT D68, EUDORA KS 66025 $242.82 1016145, KLEBENSTEIN ANTHONY D, 501 E 10TH LOT D68, EUDORA KS 66025 $73.86 1015668, KLINGHOFFER ALEX ANDREW, 3713 W 121ST ST, LEAWOOD KS 66209 $89.64 1014574, KNIGHT MARCUS JULIAN, 214 W 10TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $92.90 1004596, KNOX & BABBIT CHARTERED, 901 KENTUCKY ST STE 304, LAWRENCE KS 66044-2853 $152.11 1015917, KOCOL STANLEY, 1420 W 4TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $813.81 1006899, KOENIG CHRISTOPHER T, PO BOX 3601, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $419.51 1014138, KONGKINDAVONG PHANITH, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 152, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5213 $254.66 1011049, KRIZMAN CARPENTRY, 1177 E 1150 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047-9436 $219.08 1011049, KRIZMAN FRANK A, 925 S ELLIPSE WAY, DENVER CO 80209-5117 $219.08 1003456, KRUTSINGER JOHN C, 516 WISCONSIN APT D, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $104.09 1015602, KUMAGAI TAKAAKI, 1607 W 24TH ST APT 9, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $128.87 1005299, LA FAMILA CAFE & CANTINA, 733 NEW HAMPSHIRE, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $188.71 1014581, LAMPKIN BRETT JAMES, 5702 OUTLOOK ST, MISSION KS 66202 $63.94 1007825, LANDKAMER SHIRLEY, 216 2ND ST LOT 2, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $690.92 1002644, LANDON DOUGLAS A, 3201 SE 2ND ST, TOPEKA KS 66607 $102.09 1017803, LANG LUKE A, 781 E 500 RD, OVERBROOK KS 66524 $115.37 1005364, LANG STEVE, 730 NEW HAMPSHIRE ST STE 206, LAWRENCE KS 66044-2776 $2,214.52 1005364, MARCHE ASSOCIATES, 123 W 8TH ST STE 200, LAWRENCE KS 66044-2687 $2,214.52 1008692, LATTIN TRENT E, 1202 LOCUST, EUDORA KS 66025 $238.68 1008692, MASON JAMES, 1202 LOCUST, EUDORA KS 66025 $238.68 1014920, LE PHI H, 111 DIANE DR, PRATTVILLE AL 36066-5117 $571.63 1001535, LEESMAN BETTY, 100 ARKANSAS ST LOT 30, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $171.71 1016645, LEICHTER ROBERT, 2928 11TH AVE, LOS ANGELES CA 90018 $71.12 1013932, LEMKE JACK Jr, PO BOX 670193, NORTHFIELD OH 44067-0193 $203.80 1014361, LOMBARDO BENJAMIN, 534 NORTH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $122.25 1000079, LONG ADAM E, 4031 OVERLAND DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $104.09 1014985, LONGACRE MARY C, 510 E 10TH ST LOT C40, EUDORA KS 66025 $292.52 1015611, LOPEZ JUAN LUIS, 1908 E 19TH ST W92, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $102.22 1016036, LOWN JERRY L, 3323 IOWA ST LOT #501, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $224.46 1016036, LOWN SUSAN M, 3323 IOWA ST LOT #501, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $224.46 1015628, LUHRSEN LUKE, 1603 W 15TH ST #607C, LAWRENCE KS 66045 $108.00 1010753, MAJESTIC CONSTRUCTION INC, 607 W 27TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4605 $142.29 1005222, MANIXAI ANANH, 711 W 23RD STE 29, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $522.04 1005222, ORIENTAL SUPERMARKET, 711 W 23RD ST STE 29, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $522.04 1014668, MANN NOAH M, 49 E 1900 RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-7183 $348.85 1000456, MARCUM KAROLYN K, 2608 MAYFAIR DR, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5324 $62.09 1000456, MARCUM LARRY D, 2608 MAYFAIR DR, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5324 $62.09 1009711, MARTIN SHARON K, 1813 GOLDEN RAIN DR, LAWRENCE KS 66044-9646 $53.08 1003880, MARTINEZ ARTHUR B, 2407 ANDERSON RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $252.80 1015408, MAS CONSTRUCTION LLC, 6208 BERANDO CT, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $388.63 1007675, MASUR JUDY C, PO BOX 72, LINWOOD KS 66052-0072 $78.21 1002758, MATTYS AUSTIN, 2600 W 6TH ST APT I-5, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $55.00 1003683, MCATEE KALISSA H KAUFMAN, 1936 PEBBLE BEACH CT, LAWRENCE KS 66047-1858 $309.19 1003683, MCATEE MICHAEL E, 1936 PEBBLE BEACH CT, LAWRENCE KS 66047-1858 $309.19 1015880, MCCARTY JEREMY M, 925 S VINE ST, GARNETT KS 66032 $164.15 1008567, MCCOY MICHAEL J, 915 OAK ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $250.32 1016007, MCGRAW SEAN, 501 E 10TH ST LOT C58, EUDORA KS 66025 $483.53 1016007, MCGRAW SHERRY, 501 E 10 ST LOT C58, EUDORA KS 66025 $483.53 1015676, MCMECHAN RANDY G, 2622 BONANZA ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $148.45 1002974, MEDLOCK PATRICIA A, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E69, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $506.88 1002974, TULEY PATRICIA A, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E69, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $506.88 1013911, MESSMER JOHN T, 213 1/2 EISENHOWER ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $160.45 1008514, MEYER STEVEN D, 1333 BIRCH ST, EUDORA KS 66025-9487 $622.36 1015873, MICHAEL DAVID J, 313 S NORMANDY DR, OLATHE KS 66061 $80.76 1006382, MIDWEST PHARM CONSULT INC, 1100 SUMMERFIELD WAY, LAWRENCE KS 66049-8511 $74.68 1015004, MILLER JAMES D, 100 ARKANSAS ST LOT #12, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $172.33 1003872, MILLER KATRINA, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W117, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $352.41 1014934, MILLIKIN ADAM A, 526 RIVER ST APT 1, MISSOULA MT 59801-1883 $153.21 1010799, MILLS CAROLYN, PO BOX 3769, LAWRENCE KS 66046-0769 $77.14 1010799, MILLS DENNIS W, 920 12TH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $77.14 1011022, MILLS CONSTRUCTION, 920 12TH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $1,092.05 1011022, MILLS DENNIS W, 920 12TH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $1,092.05 1011650, MILLS DENNIS, 920 12TH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $1,480.19 1011650, MILLS LORI, 920 12TH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $1,480.19 1016117, MIRANDA JOSE CARLOS, PO BOX 1382, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $328.93 1001990, MISCHE KENTON, 4326 FLORIDA RD, POMONA KS 66076-9012 $249.80 1003577, MITCHELL JOHN D, 1715 WINNIE ST, GALVESTON TX 77550 $136.61 1015126, MOBILE HOME MANAGMENT LLC, PO BOX 1093, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $312.91 1015121, MOORE ANDREW S, 844 W 22ND TER, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $60.91 1015121, MOORE JO LYNNE, 844 W 22ND TER, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $60.91 1013884, MORAN MARTIN, 101 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 67, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $197.11 1002664, MOREY JIM, 2100 HASKELL AVE APT A1, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $241.92 1015565, MORGAN ADAM GARRETT, 3700 CLINTON PKWY APT 709, LAWRENCE KS 66047-2153 $124.15 1000050, MOSELY ROBERT, 612 W 27TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4604 $96.18 1009877, MOUNT TONY, 430 VATTIER ST APT 1, MANHATTAN KS 66502-6951 $148.45 1015908, MUNOZ ANGELICIA, 2200 HARPER ST LOT D45, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $180.29 1002955, MUNOZ LUIS, 303 SANTA FE AVE, HOLCOMB KS 57851 $114.05 1002955, MUNOZ TANYA, 303 SANTA FE AVE, HOLCOMB KS 67851 $114.05 1016916, MUSICK ROBERT, 1037 CHERRY ST, EUDORA KS 66025-9658 $627.05 1016437, MYERS GARY, 204 WOODGATE PL, LAWRENCE KS 66049-1834 $95.43 1016607, N C R, 2101 SW 21ST ST, TOPEKA KS 66604 $248.66 1016607, WORKING INTEREST LLC, 4040 BROADWAY STE 508, SAN ANTONIO TX 78209 $248.66 1016615, N C R, 2101 SW 21ST ST, TOPEKA KS 66604 $883.54 1016615, WORKING INTEREST LLC, 4040 BROADWAY STE 508, SAN ANTONIO TX 78209 $883.54 1016617, N C R, 2101 SW 21ST ST, TOPEKA KS 66604 $129.06 1016617, WORKING INTEREST LLC, 4040 BROADWAY STE 508, SAN ANTONIO TX 78209 $129.06 1016619, N C R, 2101 SW 21ST ST, TOPEKA KS 66604 $348.83 1016619, WORKING INTEREST LLC, 4040 BROADWAY STE 508, SAN ANTONIO TX 78209 $348.83 1016621, N C R, 2101 SW 21ST ST, TOPEKA KS 66604 $63.55 1016621, WORKING INTEREST LLC, 4040 BROADWAY STE 508, SAN ANTONIO TX 78209 $63.55 1016625, N C R, 2101 SW 21ST ST, TOPEKA KS 66604 $1,135.96 1016625, WORKING INTEREST LLC, 4040 BROADWAY STE 508, SAN ANTONIO TX 78209 $1,135.96 1016627, N C R, 2101 SW 21ST ST, TOPEKA KS 66604 $72.91 1016627, WORKING INTEREST LLC, 4040 BROADWAY STE


Wife discovers her husband’s fetish

Marcy Sugar and Kathy Mitchell

Tuesday has a lineup full of deceit It’s a night for liars. “Pretty Little Liars” (7 p.m., ABC Family) gets its own spinoff, “Ravenswood” (8 p.m., ABC Family), following five residents of a small Pennsylvania town seemingly affected by a local curse. Just to get viewers in the mood, a “Pretty Little Liars” marathon (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) runs all day long.

Deceit also looms large in the new game show “Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host” (9:30 p.m., TBS). Comedians D.L. Hughley and Michael Ian Black co-host. The game consists of the hosts “selling” a statement as fact. Contestants must discern truth from fiction to move up the ladder to higher cash prizes. Any resemblance to games shows dating back to “To Tell the Truth” is strictly intentional.

“Chasing Nashville” (9 p.m., Lifetime) follows the lives and budding careers of four singers from isolated pockets of the Appalachians as they seek fame. Because this is a music reality show from the 21st century, look for an emphasis on agents, producers and scouts. And because this is Lifetime, expect a focus on stage mothers -- or in this case, mamas.

“American Daredevils” (9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., History) profiles young, high-octane exhibitionists who hope to follow Evel Knievel’s path to publicity. And like many shows of this type, it confuses the word “hero” with that of “entertainer.”

“What if ...? Armageddon 1962” (9 p.m., Military) blends historical documentary footage, talking head commentary and rampant paranoia to reflect on a dark scenario. It begins with a little-known attempt on President-elect John F. Kennedy’s life in December 1960, and then speculates on how an accidental President Lyndon B. Johnson would have handled the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. As the title implies, not well.

Tonight’s other highlights

A trip to Asia on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (7 p.m., ABC).

A juvenile subject exhibits remarkable skills on “Person of Interest” (9 p.m., CBS).

A client comes, shrouded in secrecy, on “Scandal” (9 p.m., ABC).

“Snooki and JWOWW” (9 p.m., MTV) return to say, “We’re back.”

A new employee joins “American Hoggers” (9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., A&E ).

Scheduled on “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” (9 p.m., HBO): Reggie Jackson, Chris Paul and video gaming.

BIRTHDAYS Actor Tony Roberts is 74. Actor Jeff Goldblum is 61. Actor Luis Guzman is 56. Christian singer TobyMac is 49. Movie director Spike Jonze is 44. MLB player Ichiro Suzuki is 40. Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson is 38. Rock musician Zac Hanson is 28.

the presence of another woman. I recently got my hair cut, and she’s made enough nasty little barbs for me to know she doesn’t like it. That’s OK. I am not so childish or insecure that I need everyone to like my hair. I’m happy with it, and that’s enough. But another woman in our department jokingly said to our boss, “How do you like your ‘new’ assistant? Doesn’t she look sexy with that haircut?” My boss walked off in a huff. What can I do to stop this behavior? My husband says she is jealous, but there is no reason for that. I don’t believe I look any better than she does. We are similar in age, height and weight. I would never be rude to her and don’t understand why she wants to hurt me. She gets defensive when criticized, so I’m hesitant about opening this can of worms.


For Tuesday, Oct. 22 This year you often will be on the receiving end of a surprise. If you are single, you might never know who could appear next. If you are attached, the two of you will function well with the unexpected The stars show the kind of day you’ll have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult Aries (March 21-April 19)  Once more, you jump into a situation and surprise others with your ideas and/or actions. Life is not boring around you. Tonight: Only where the action is. Taurus (April 20-May 20)  A sudden insight puts a different spin on a problem. You open up with ease once you see that your thoughts are welcome. Tonight: Accept an offer. Gemini (May 21-June 20)  Remain upbeat, even if someone seems a bit off-the-wall. Listen to what this person thinks. Tonight: Whatever you want. Cancer (June 21-July 22)  Know when to pull back and follow your personal preferences. You might not want to share the process that you are going through. Be reflective. Tonight: Allow your creativity to flourish; see what you come up with. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)  Emphasize what is important to you. A meeting could be more provocative than you might have thought. Tonight: Stay centered. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)  Take a stand, and be aware of what is going on between you and others. Tonight: In the game of life. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)


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Tuesday, October 22, 2013 11B




Any suggestions? — Need a Thicker Skin Dear Need: Your boss could be jealous, which doesn’t need a rational cause, or she could be extremely possessive and not want others to notice you in a way that might divert your attention from her. As your boss, she should not be putting you in a position where you are afraid to speak up. Since you consider her a friend, the next time this happens, casually mention that her reaction gives the appearance that she’s jealous. Then change the subject. She may deny it and even be angry, but it might have the desired effect if it makes her examine her behavior more closely. — Send questions to, or Annie’s Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190 Chicago, IL 60611.

 Your well-meaning caring comes back tenfold, which surprises you. You can deal with these feelings, even if you are a little uncomfortable. Tonight: Use your imagination. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)  You work best with a partner. This person has a tendency to force you to look at everything around you and the implications involved. Tonight: Share with a special person. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)  Your ability to make a difference marks your decisions. A surprise opportunity appears. Do not overthink this -- just go for it. Tonight: Go with the flow of the moment. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)  You usually make work a priority. Today is no different, except a surprise occurs that forces you to re-evaluate plans and head in a new direction. Tonight: Be spontaneous. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)  You might want to understand more of what is going on with yourself emotionally. You greet a sudden change with a smile and the desire to indulge yourself and others. Tonight: Put on your dancing shoes. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)  You feel centered and delighted by events, yet you realize that you missed the obvious signals of what was about to happen. You might question what is going on that you don’t seem to understand. Get feedback from a friend. Tonight: Let your imagination call the shots. — The astrological forecast should be read for entertainment only.

Universal Crossword Edited by Timothy E. Parker October 22, 2013 ACROSS 1 One of America’s 50 6 Positioned, as a house 11 “What am ___ do?” 14 A “Cosby” episode, today 15 One place for a big fight 16 Wall Street index (with “the”) 17 How some twins dress 19 “Newhart” establishment 20 Fly ball’s path 21 Fond du ___ 22 A “Hickory Dickory Dock” time 23 Absinthe ingredient 27 Send in different directions 29 Lengthen, as a speech 30 “Genesis” brother 32 Paleozoic and Edwardian, e.g. 33 Point of a pen 34 Predictable cards? 36 Buoy the spirits of 39 What the walls have, according to a saying 41 First, second, reverse, etc. 43 Good’s opposite 44 Rewrite for the screen 46 Captain’s speed

measure 48 Ruckus 49 “How ___ is that?” 51 Winter bird food 52 Short snooze 53 Flies across Africa? 56 Support framework 58 A real fly-bynight 59 Deerstalker, for one 60 ___ Claire, Wisc. 61 Anonymous surname, in court 62 It’s a sin 68 Curator’s hang-ups 69 Give a false impression of 70 Lacking worldliness 71 “What can I do for you?” 72 Masterfully competent 73 Villain’s facial expression DOWN 1 Respectful title in India 2 Koppel or Kennedy 3 “___ you with me?” 4 Albacore and yellowfin 5 Ask on bended knee 6 Pouchlike part 7 Receiver of contributions, for short 8 Giveaways at the poker table 9 Link, as

fingers of the hands Place with toddlers Raymond in “Rain Man,” say Metric unit of 1,000 kilograms “___ of a Lonely Heart” Swelling shrinker Heavy snorer’s problem Water nymph of myth They’re worn in hospitals “10” star Grimm story Borrowed funds Brook fish Pertaining to neap and ebb Marry, sans ceremony

10 11 12 13 18 23 24 25 26 28 31 35 37 38

40 “See ___ Run” 42 Not mono 45 Samsung competitor 47 The “S” in T.S. Eliot 50 Like ’50s gasoline 53 At the present time 54 Made a statement on a stack of Bibles? 55 Bishop’s vestment 57 “Dead Man Walking” actress Sarandon 63 Balmy place? 64 Moist, and then some 65 Quicken the pace 66 “___ been thinking ...” 67 Word before “capita” or “annum”



© 2013 Universal Uclick


by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

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KEPOR TELTAT CAUROG Print your answer here: Yesterday’s

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Annie’s Mailbox

Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our mid-30s and happily married. We have sex almost every night. Here’s the problem: I found out this past summer that my husband is kinky. I saw him smelling my worn lingerie, as well as our teenage daughter’s and my mother’s. What makes a man want to do this with women’s clothing? I’ve never heard of creepy. women smelling men’s shorts. Is this normal? Dear Annie: My boss — A Dumbfounded Wife has become a good friend. We eat lunch toDear Dumbfounded: gether most days and Your husband is turned sometimes meet up after on by the scent of worn work. She is smart, fun, women’s underwear. kind and generous. But This is not an uncom- she can’t stand it when mon fetish. As long as others compliment me. everything else in your She gets angry if anymarriage and sex life is one comments on my good, we wouldn’t wor- clothing or hair. A man ry too much about this, in our office once said although you should in- I “look nice today,” sist he limit his fetish to and she practically bit your undergarments and his head off, saying it’s leave his daughter’s and rude to comment on a your mother’s alone. It’s woman’s appearance in

46 Captain’s speed

Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.

(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: EXPEL GIDDY PASTRY BOTHER Answer: King Kong went to the New York City fruit stand in search of a — BIG APPLE


12B Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Lawrence Lawrence

PUBLIC NOTICE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10B 508, SAN ANTONIO TX 78209 $72.91 1016629, N C R, 2101 SW 21ST ST, TOPEKA KS 66604 $84.22 1016629, WORKING INTEREST LLC, 4040 BROADWAY STE 508, SAN ANTONIO TX 78209 $84.22 1016423, NAGLE WAYNE, 633 N MULLBERRY ST, GARDNER KS 66030 $190.33 1004071, NAIL EXPRESSIONS, 4721 NE INDIAN CREEK RD, TOPEKA KS 66617 $148.53 1004071, TRAN HAI, 4721 NE INDIAN CREEK RD, TOPEKA KS 66617 $148.53 1016288, NEWMAN JASON ANDREW, 1727 W 24 ST APT 2, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $109.72 1003154, NICHOLS TOBY D, 5050 MAIZE RD APT 518, MAIZE KS 67101 $213.87 1009878, NOONAN PATRICIA M, 1556 E 550 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049-9111 $319.47 1000634, NUNEZ HUMBERTO A, 3500 W 24TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66047-2500 $270.94 1015670, NYAEGA DURELL MENTA, 1001 E RIDGEWAY DR, OLATHE KS 66061 $104.09 1009581, ODELL JULIE A, 302 W 82ND ST, KANSAS CITY MO 64114 2408 $840.11 1018216, ODGERS DENNIS R, 1119 RANKINS DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-5765 $241.87 1018216, ODGERS GERALD, 2005 CROSSGATE DR, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $241.87 1011431, OIL GAS MANAGEMENT INC, 1224 ADMIRAL BLVD, KANSAS CITY MO 64106 $106.11 1001426, OKEEFE BRENDA E, 1218 MAIN ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $72.72 1017079, OLAGUE ARMANDO, 2434 W 24TH TER APT A4, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $156.01 1008439, OLESON MICHAEL D, 2202 N 1420 RD, EUDORA KS 66025 $228.71 1016873, OLSEN BRETT, 501 E 10TH ST LOT C47, EUDORA KS 66025 $176.53 1008266, OLSEN MIKE, 2202 N 1420TH RD, EUDORA KS 66025-9320 $523.68 1002392, ONEAL GLENN, 2704 BISHOP ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5606 $440.72 1002392, TURPIN MELISSA, 2704 BISHOP ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5606 $440.72 1001244, OTTE BRIAN G, 926 ROCKLEDGE RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $104.09 1007881, OTTO CARL T, 213 EISENHOWER RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $280.22 1005443, OVERLAND PIZZA CO INC, PO BOX 1637, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $532.55 1005443, TELLERS, PO BOX 1637, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $532.55 1015673, PALLER SIERRA, 208 W 15TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $84.54 1012927, PARMER CONSTRUCTION INC, 1322 E GLENN DR, LAWRENCE KS 66044-4454 $587.91 1001789, PARMER JERRY L, 1322 E GLENN DR, LAWRENCE KS 66044-4454 $162.73 1007045, PARTY ON WHEELS, 4213 TIMBERLINE CT, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $92.90 1007045, PLUGTREE LLC, 4213 TIMBERLINE CT, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $92.90 1006911, PAYNE JAMES C, 820 LINCOLN ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $114.68 1011692, PEAK RUSSELL, 679 E 550TH RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047-9513 $91.39 1008916, PENNY CHRISTOPHER R, 415 WHITFIELD ST, LECOMPTON KS 66050-3069 $65.15 1016537, PETERS AUBRY COURTLAND, 630 MICHIGAN ST APT 5A, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $120.32 1017209, PETERS RODNEY ALLEN, 2106 E 17TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $102.09 1009331, PETERSON GREGORY, 6110 COUNTY LINE RD, KANSAS CITY KS 66106 $952.25 1009331, PETERSON PENELOPE, 6110 COUNTY LINE RD, KANSAS CITY KS 66106 $952.25 1018212, PIERCE DAVID, 822 E 2060 RD, EUDORA KS 66025 $23.18 1000468, PIERCIEY HAYLO, 2357 RIDGE CT APT 67, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $77.32 1004219, PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FINANCIAL SVCS LLC, 5310 CYPRESS CENTER DR STE 110, TAMPA FL $69.54 33609 1004947, PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FINANCIAL SVCS LLC, 5310 CYPRESS CENTER DR STE 110, TAMPA FL $197.09 33609 1008740, PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FINANCIAL SVCS LLC, 5310 CYPRESS CENTER DR STE 110, TAMPA FL $69.08 33609 1009800, PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FINANCIAL SVCS LLC, 5310 CYPRESS CENTER DR STE 110, TAMPA FL $105.10 33609 1012786, PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FINANCIAL SVCS LLC, 5310 CYPRESS CENTER DR STE 110, TAMPA FL $92.99 33609 1002957, PLILER EVELYN L, 1809 W 25TH ST APT A, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $197.79 1016479, POSTLEWAIT ALEX, 2039 PERRYVILLE RD APT 3, CAPE GIRARDEAU MO 63701-2349 $212.42 1012141, POTTER MARLA J, 1867 N 100 RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $171.43 1012167, PUCKETT TRENT M, 1710 N 500 RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-7398 $91.60 1014490, RAIFSNIDER JOSEPH LEE, 905 TENNESSEE, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $149.35 1015605, RAILSBACK BRAD H, 132 S 2100 RD, WHITE CITY KS 66872 $157.36 1007979, RANDEL JAN, PO BOX 371, BALDWIN KS 66006 $171.79 1007777, RANDEL LARRY A, PO BOX 371, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-0371 $68.98 1016539, RANDOLPH JOHN T Jr, 1703 GOLDEN RAIN DR, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $102.91 1001286, RASING JOHN R, 1801 MISSOURI, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $109.47 1001357, REGAN CALEB D, 1562 E 550TH RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049-9111 $120.84 1016386, REID CHRISTINE, 502 LINCOLN ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $84.77 1015612, RESH ELMER LEE, 100 ARKANSAS ST LOT 31, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $213.22 1015156, REYNOLDS COLLINS TAYLOR, 6613 W 150TH ST, OVERLAND PARK KS 66223 $114.05 1008626, REYNOLDS HELEN, 501 E 10TH ST LOT E95, EUDORA KS 66025 $199.85 1008626, ZUNIGA HELEN, 501 E 10TH ST LOT E95, EUDORA




KS 66025 $199.85 1008638, REYNOLDS JACK, 501 E 10TH ST LOT E-93, EUDORA KS 66025 $434.29 1008638, REYNOLDS RON, 501 E 10TH ST LOT E-93, EUDORA KS 66025 $850.13 1008638, ROBERTS RANDY, 501 E 10TH E-93, EUDORA KS 66025 $434.29 1008638, ROBERTS RONALD, 501 E 10TH ST LOT E93, EUDORA KS 66025 $434.29 1003970, RICE CHRISTOPHER W, 3624 BRUSH CREEK DR, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $81.38 1006135, RICHARDS DETAILING, 422 CENTRAL AVE, MAYSVILLE KY 41056-1513 $79.68 1006135, STEWARD RICHARD, 4100 W 24TH PL APT I13, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $79.68 1008143, RINEHART CONSTRUCTION INC, 1307 8TH ST, BALDWIN KS 66006 $442.91 1008393, ROBERTS RANDY, 501 E 10TH E-93, EUDORA KS 66025 $89.06 1014893, RODRIQUEZ MARIO J, 1234 BLUESTEM DR, EUDORA KS 66025 $164.55 1014455, ROEDER MELINDA CAY, 730 MASSACHUSETTS ST STE B, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $134.63 1015739, ROMSTEDT BEAU, 811 N 900 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $922.76 1014558, ROMSTEDT RICHARD BEAU MICHAEL, 811 N 900 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $349.07 1014558, WESTGATE MATTHEW C, 811 N 900 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $349.07 1008678, ROSE AUSTIN M, 1337 ASH ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $281.04 1003934, ROUBISON CYNTHIA, 1086 N 100TH RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $189.27 1001933, ROYAL ANNA P, 1412 BRIGHTON CIR APT B, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $172.31 1001933, ROYAL ANTHONY M, 1412 BRIGHTON CIR APT B, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $172.31 1017014, RUBOW RYAN D, 826 CHURCH ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $148.17 1012952, RUGGLES ANTHONY RYAN, 2425 N NEWBERRY ST APT 8104, DERBY KS 67037 $81.24 1016266, RUSSELL DANIEL D, 912 ASH ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $688.30 1015619, RUSSELL GARY WAYNE II, 934 N FIELDSTONE DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $99.36 1001182, RUSSELL JEANNIE S, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E142, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $415.96 1014861, SAMSONOV SEVA, 3009 RIVERVIEW RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $191.29 1012989, SANCHEZ ELIU, 33805 VALLEY VIEW, DESOTO KS 66018 $65.80 1003562, SANDERS PAULINE, 8019 ARMSTRONG AVE, KANSAS CITY KS 66112 $93.70 1016884, SANDERS PAULINE, 8019 ARMSTRONG AVE, KANSAS CITY KS 66112 $282.62 1003552, SAULSBURY BRANDY, 101 N MICHIGAN LOT 89, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $258.88 1006942, SCAFE SHARON J, 3220 CARDINAL DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-3130 $315.45 1017865, SCHAAL ANITA J, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E12, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $457.74 1017865, SCHAAL MARVIN J, PO BOX 1075, LAWRENCE KS 66044-1075 $457.74 1007218, SCHARTZ KELVIN, 537 LOCUST ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $227.24 1007612, SCHARTZ KELVIN, 537 LOCUST ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $534.19 1007811, SCHEUERMAN RYAN, 900 28TH ST UNIT 2, BOULDER CO 80303-2319 $172.98 1003940, SCHIMMEL RANDY R, 110 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 113, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $316.78 1003099, SCHLOTZHAUER KURT, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W2, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $415.83 1016068, SCHMILLE STEPHEN E, 4601 ROUNDABOUT CIR, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $104.49 1008110, SCHNECK ENTERPRISES INC, 520 HIGH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $549.83 1001577, SCOTT GLEASON TRACY, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E140, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $291.21 1016207, SCOTT LINDSEY K, 100 ARKANSAS ST LOT 15, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $216.71 1003716, SCOTT MICHAEL L, 110 N MICHIGAN LOT 74, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $227.78 1001859, SCRIVNER DEBRA, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E50, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $888.13 1001859, SCRIVNER JAMES, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E50, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $888.13 1008341, SEARIGHT JOHN P, 923 CHURCH ST, EUDORA KS 66025 $442.16 1013374, SERRANO JOHN, 2500 W 6TH ST APT 318, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $254.66 1002033, SHANKS HAYLEY, 3401 TILLERMAN DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-5103 $60.29 1002033, SHANKS STEVE, 3401 TILLERMAN DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-5103 $60.29 1015642, SHARON DAVID, 139 PERRY ST LOT 8, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $302.29 1015642, SPEICHER ANN, 139 PERRY ST LOT 8, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $302.29 1014845, SHARP AUTOMOTIVE INC, 3109 W 29TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $359.91 1014845, SHARP SHANE A, 3109 W 29TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $359.91 1013756, SHARP FANNIE, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W62, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $435.01 1013756, SHARP PAUL, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W62, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $435.01 1003661, SHARP SHANE A, 3109 W 29TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $301.09 1011693, SHAY JOEY, 285 E 2300TH RD, EDGERTON KS 66021-4006 $75.75 1007923, SHAY MARK A, 502 SANTA FE CT, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-5104 $196.63 1017011, SHEPARD GARY L, 1055 E 1500 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046-9267 $198.37 1017011, SHEPARD REBECCA D, 1055 E 1500 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $198.37 1002343, SHOPEN FRANK W, 815 E 11TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044-3033 $103.31 1000649, SHOUSE JEFF R, 9718 N STARK AVE, KANSAS CITY MO 64157 $117.08 1003474, SHUMATE JEFF, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 325, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $600.03 1003474, SHUMATE SUZANNE, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 325, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $600.03 1012673, SIME LESLIE, 1841 THOMAS RD, OTTAWA KS 66067 $655.26


1010351, SIMPKINS KENNETH, 787 N 1851ST DIAG RD, LECOMPTON KS 66050-4114 $92.57 1003477, SKWARLO STANLEY P II, 4216 JAYME DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-4724 $297.86 1002094, SLOAT SHIRLEY A, 2200 HARPER ST LOT D24, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $229.26 1000490, SMALL DICK, 101 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 21, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $287.96 1004266, SMILES FAMILY DENTISTRY PA, 8555 STATION VILLAGE LN APT 3107, SAN DIEGO CA 92108$ 2,021.53 6539 1003270, SMILEY SETH, 13 ITHICA CT, EUDORA KS 66025 $169.97 1010812, SMITH ARCHIE E, 1518 W 26TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $66.94 1016442, SMITH CURTIS, 410 E BETH DR, PHOENIX AZ 85042 $138.71 1016074, SMITH JOSHIAH RYAN, 6505 REEDER ST APT 304, SHAWNEE KS 66203 $107.35 1000328, SMITH KEVIN G, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E65, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $215.80 1007185, SMITH M LELANIE, 501 JOHN DOY CT, LAWRENCE KS 66049-4256 $100.14 1015485, SMITH NELVEN R, 113 N 1250TH RD, BERRYTON KS 66409-9012 $65.18 1016506, SMITH RANDAL L, 4712 W 24TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $148.17 1001899, SMITH ROBERT V, 5609 PLYMOUTH DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-5003 $94.00 1013745, SNIPES WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER, 1951 MILLER DR, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $86.36 1018189, SOETAERT AMY M, 2803 W 140TH ST, LEAWOOD KS 66209 $1,126.48 1018189, SOETAERT DANIEL, 2803 W 140TH ST, LEAWOOD KS 66209 $1,126.48 1008399, SOLLARS PAUL W JR, PO BOX 68, EUDORA KS 66025 $347.79 1007379, SOSMAN JOHN G, 735 ASH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044-5521 $232.64 1008371, SPOOR JACK, 501 E 10TH ST LOT E100, EUDORA KS 66025 $287.56 1001062, ST PETER LARRY G, 3109 RANGER DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049-1951 $128.22 1013742, STALCUP JAY-MICHAEL, 10940 S CALIFORNIA RD, CARBONDALE KS 66414 $109.72 1010314, STANCLIFFE KENT, 193 N 1600TH RD, LECOMPTON KS 66050 $214.84 1010314, STANCLIFFE LINDA G, 497 N 1500 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $214.84 1014953, STANISLAV LAURA B, 4975 RENE ST, SHAWNEE KS 66216 $96.73 1014953, STANISLAV LORRI A, 4975 RENE ST, SHAWNEE KS 66216 $96.73 1014953, STANISLAV STEVE M, 4975 RENE ST, SHAWNEE KS 66216 $96.73 1006943, STEINER BRUCE S, 899 N 1800 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $145.31 1006943, STEINER WALT, 899 N 1800 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $145.31 1000605, STEWART MICHELLE, 1104 LAWRENCE AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66049-4429 $88.07 1017436, STEWART RYAN S, 1519 KENTUCKY ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $97.19 1009748, STITES JERRY R, 2722 BELLE HAVEN DR, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4649 $208.51 1008459, STONEKING DARREN, 1212 CHURCH, EUDORA KS 66025 $113.25 1013732, STONESTREET TYLER, 950 MONTEREY WAY APT A3, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $114.05 1012073, STOUT JAMIE L, 1884 N 100 RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $507.47 1015170, STRODA EDMOND P III, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 556, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $511.96 1006639, STUART CHIROPRATIC, 1420 KASOLD DR STE C, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $286.34 1001994, STUBER MATT S, 2908 WESTDALE CT, LAWRENCE KS 66049-4404 $387.18 1013787, STUCCO MASTER INC, 2142 N 300 RD, WELLSVILLE KS 66092 $530.01 1013622, SULLIVAN PATRICK, 815 DEER RIDGE CT, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-6201 $304.60 1008674, SUMMERS DOUG, PO BOX 486, EUDORA KS 66025 $301.70 1008778, SUMMERS MATT, 501 E 10TH ST LOT D63, EUDORA KS 66025 $218.07 1008116, SUNFLOWER MFG LLC, 315 W WILSON ST, OTTAWA KS 66067 $1,258.38 1008116, VAUGHN CRAFT, 315 W WILSON ST, OTTAWA KS 66067 $1,258.38 1000587, SWEET JOSEPH A, 1140 NEW JERSEY ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $90.82 1001901, SYLVESTER TIMMY J, 1917 OHIO ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-2951 $161.27 1012159, TERRY CARMA, PO BOX 251, BALDWIN KS 66006 $124.35 1012159, TERRY RICHARD L, PO BOX 251, BALDWIN KS 66006 $124.35 1013555, TERRY KENNETH, 205 BAKER ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $155.27 1015987, THOMAS KALILIA, 2200 HARPER ST LOT D16, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $216.24 1015987, WHITE ROBERT, 2200 HARPER ST LOT D16, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $216.24 1011217, THOREN JOHN E, 2012 N 900 RD, EUDORA KS 66025-9179 $96.69 1011496, THOREN JOHN E, 2012 N 900 RD, EUDORA KS 66025-9179 $67.58 1000743, TICE DEREK, 110 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 71, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $213.91 1013705, TOBLER BETTIE R, 1209 PENNSYLVANIA ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $105.24 1008428, TONROY NATHAN, 1294 SCHOENCHEN RD, MC CRACKEN KS 67556 $809.09 1001808, TORLINE KAREN, 23902 W 50TH TER, SHAWNEE KS 66226 $289.57 1001808, TORLINE PAUL B, 23902 W 50TH TER, SHAWNEE KS 66226 $289.57 1007219, TUCKER DONIS L, 420 NORTH ST #58, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $418.19 1007219, TUCKER KENNETH R JR, 420 NORTH ST LOT 58, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $418.19 1016970, TUCKER MICHAEL, 9886 CO RD 1400, PEACE VALLEY MO 65788 $131.79 1000639, TURNER CLAYTON D, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W80, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $302.04 1013627, ULRICH BROTHERS, 1752 N 300TH RD, BALDWIN



CITY KS 66006 $138.39 1018207, ULRICH BROTHERS FARMS, 1752 N 300TH RD, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $114.73 1006136, UNDERGROUND SOUND RECORDING STUDIO, 1904 BARKER AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66046-3138 $204.81 1006136, WAGNER THOMAS B, 1904 BARKER AVE, LAWRENCE KS 66046-3138 $204.81 1006244, UNIVERSITY PHOTOGRAPHY, PO BOX 683, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $2,112.22 1014230, URBAN BRENT, 960 JANA DR, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $120.32 1009514, URBAN GERALD E, PO BOX 3965, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $84.90 1009514, URBAN JERRY D, 5000 CLINTON PKWY #1105, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $84.90 1009682, URBAN GERALD E, PO BOX 3965, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $472.68 1009682, URBAN JERRY D, 5000 CLINTON PKWY #1105, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $472.68 1008633, VAN METER JAY R, 1013 E 26TH ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $211.64 1008947, VANATTA SANDRA, 619 WHITFIELD LOT 15C, LECOMPTON KS 66050 $384.11 1008947, VANATTA TODD, 619 WHITFIELD LOT 15C, LECOMPTON KS 66050 $384.11 1015532, VANN JIMMIE D Jr, 2000 RHONDE ISLAND ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $104.09 1014708, VETTE ALLAN D, 1018 W 24TH ST APT 7, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4458 $79.28 1013394, VOTH PEGGY L, 1302 E 19TJ ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $208.55 1005773, WAGGONER ERIC, 1303 DELAWARE ST APT 4, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $102.22 1001703, WAINSCOTT GEORGE W, 100 ARKANSAS LOT 4, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $330.12 1002306, WALDREN STEVE M, 2517 CRESTLINE CT, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $149.35 1000773, WALKER ARNELL, 101 N MICHIGAN ST LOT 88, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $192.95 1015025, WALL JEREMY, 207 CORNISH SQ, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $127.69 1007333, WARREN GEORGE, 935 CORONA AVE, CORONA CA 92879-1016 $2,225.26 1000753, WEIL MICHAEL, 1706 VERMONT ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044-4278 $104.09 1009140, WELSH LONNIE W, 1183 E 550 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047-9517 $336.60 1000565, WEMPE MARY C, 100 ARKANSAS ST LOT 26, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $155.69 1007912, WHITE BRIAN E, 1329 HIGH ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-4013 $68.98 1013669, WHITE PAUL, 2511 W 31ST ST UNIT 733, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $139.87 1014562, WHITE SAMUEL, 1121 VERMONT ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $251.40 1015988, WHITFIELD DUSTIN, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT W22, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $307.29 1008375, WHITSON LARRY N JR, 11240 W 116TH TER, OVERLAND PARK KS 66210 $324.01 1012390, WHITTINGTON MARY BELL, 1930 N 200 RD, BALDWIN KS 66006 $1,380.23 1007842, WHITTLE AARON, 42576 W OAKLAND DR, MARICOPA AZ 85138 $311.56 1009471, WICKLIFFE KEVIN B, 5006 JEFFRIES CT, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $456.68 1011009, WIGGINS STEVE INSTALLATION, 1027 E 1500 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046-9267 $272.58 1001506, WILCOX GINA, 2621 HARPER ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5079 $107.05 1001506, WILCOX ROBERT, 2621 HARPER ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-5079 $107.05 1014470, WILKINS JIMMY A, 305 E 7TH ST, LECOMPTON KS 66050-3041 $122.19 1014306, WILKS DAVID, 721 RIVERVIEW CIR, EMPORIA KS 66801 $131.06 1016966, WILLHITE MARY, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E31, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $141.49 1008164, WILLIAMS ALBERT, 703 JERSEY ST, BALDWIN KS 66006 $84.03 1008164, WOOD RONALD W, PO BOX 393, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-0393 $84.03 1008431, WILLIAMS BILL R, 1001 SPRUCE ST LOT 7, EUDORA KS 66025 $249.92 1010813, WILLIAMS MARK, 944 E 1100 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66047-9425 $109.89 1015806, WILLIAMS MIKE G, 1123 STONE MEADOWS, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $317.40 1010785, WILLINGHAM MARK L, 1510 E 1584 RD, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $98.60 1016838, WILSON ANDREW, 800 W 47TH ST STE 705, KANSAS CITY MO 64112 $1,053.33 1013648, WILSON AUSTIN J, 23262 KISSINGER RD, LEAVENWORTH KS 66048-6118 $408.81 1007832, WOOD KIM, 703 JERSEY ST, BALDWIN KS 66006 $102.78 1007832, WOOD RONALD W, PO BOX 393, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006-0393 $102.78 1001131, WOODRUFF CHARLOTTE M, PO BOX 1125, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $91.15 1013657, WOOLARD JEREMY, 1908 E 19TH ST LOT E107, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $195.29 1001092, WOOLS GLEN W, 1705 ATHERTON CT, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $92.10 1002400, WRIGHT LIANA R, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 534, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $359.57 1016572, WRISNER CHRIS, 2500 W 6TH ST SUITE I, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $97.76 1016573, WRISNER JONAH, 2500 W 6TH ST SUITE I, LAWRENCE KS 66049 $97.76 1002112, WYCOFF LARS J, 442 NEBRASKA ST, LAWRENCE KS 66046-4753 $111.53 1016523, YELTON CHARLES E, 3323 IOWA ST LOT 590, LAWRENCE KS 66046 $200.77 1007898, YOUNG KYLE, 2358 STAFFORD RD, OTTAWA KS 66067 $361.19 1007898, YOUNG SCOTT ALLEN, 205 EISENHOWER ST, BALDWIN CITY KS 66006 $361.19 1017170, COX CHRISTOPHER 3323 IOWA LOT 354, LAWRENCE KS 66047 $305.89-2011 1017436, STEWART, RYAN S 1519 KENTUCKY ST, LAWRENCE KS 66044 $69.71-2011 Totals: $140,995.95


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