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Lawrence almost dead last in economic survey ‘It is a good reminder that we can’t just rest on our laurels’

By Chad Lawhorn

The rankings rut continues for Lawrence and its economy. A national study has ranked Lawrence as the second-worst performing small metropolitan area in the country, based on a variety of economic measures. The Milken Institute ranked Law-

rence 178 out of 179 metro areas in its most recent Best Performing Cities index. Community leaders said the results reinforced the efforts underway to improve the community’s economic development programs. “It is a good reminder that we can’t just rest on

our laurels and all the good things that KU brings to the economy,� said Greg Williams, who was brought in as Chamber of Commerce president and CEO in mid-2012 to revamp its economic development program. “We’re making strides to get back on the radar screen of business

decision makers across the country.� This latest report adds to the negative news released earlier this month by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis about Lawrence’s gross domestic product. It ranked 339th out of 366 metro areas and was shrinking.

The Milken report uses some of the same types of economic numbers to create its index. But it places a particular emphasis on an area in which Lawrence is supposed to be positioned to excel: hightech, knowledge-based jobs. Please see RANKING, page 2A Williams

Brownback’s proposal to move funds draws fire

‘Way of the future’ has arrived


Governor wants education program’s money to help balance state budget By Scott Rothschild

neighborhood in Lawrence would be served by one. He estimated about 90 percent of the households in the city would be served by the automated trucks, once the city gets more of the trucks ordered. He said tightly confined spaces, such as the alleys in the Oread Neighborhood, likely would be the only places that aren’t served by the high-tech vehicles. “But it will be a severalyear process to make the full conversion,� Pruett said.

TOPEKA — Gov. Sam Brownback has proposed taking $9.5 million from an endowment fund set up to pay for early-childhood programs and transferring that to the state’s all-purpose general fund to help balance the budget. Advocates for children are unhappy with the proposal. “We are taking money from little kids to bail the state out,� Shannon Cotsoradis, president and chief executive officer of Kansas Action for Children, said Tuesday. In his budget amendment, Brownback said the state recently received $68 million as part of its annual share of the landmark lawsuit with Big Tobacco companies. The amount was larger than expected, so the transfer of $9.5 Brownback million to the general fund, he said, would not affect any of the children’s programs. The state has budgeted $55.8 million for children’s programs from the tobacco settlement. But Cotsoradis argues that the difference between the annual tobacco settlement and what is budgeted for children’s programs, which is $12 million, should be kept in what is called the Kansas Endowment for Youth. The KEY fund was established in 1999 as a conduit for the state to receive money from the settlement with tobacco companies. Most of the funds are appropriated annually to a multitude of early-childhood education programs. A portion of the money was supposed to be held back over the years to ensure funding of those early-childhood programs once the tobacco settlement runs its course in 2025.

Please see TRASH, page 2A

Please see BUDGET, page 2A

Mike Yoder/Journal-World Photo

CHARLES BARNES, OPERATOR OF ONE OF THE CITY’S new automated trash trucks, uses a mechanical arm to lift city trash bins off the street Tuesday in the Prairie Park Neighborhood. The vehicle requires only one crew member.

Fully automated trash truck hits the streets, with more to follow City officials are urging residents to be sure to have their trash out by 7 a.m., to fit all the trash Even the adults may they can into the city-issued trash carts, and catch themselves peering to make sure the carts are at least three feet out their windows to watch clear of any obstructions, such as parked cars the trash truck arrive now. or mailboxes.

By Chad Lawhorn

Lawrence households on Tuesday started seeing a new sight pull up to their curbs: a fully automated trash truck, complete with a robotic arm that snatches the city’s new mandated trash carts. “So far, it is working pretty well,� said Charles Barnes, the city sanitation worker who drives the truck and also operates its

joystick that controls the high-tech arm. City managers like what they’re seeing too. Craig Pruett, solid waste operations supervisor, said the new truck was expected to be able to service 850 households. The more traditional trucks that rely


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on crew members to bring the trash to the truck serve about 400 households. “It is the way of the future for this industry,� Pruett said. Many area communities already use the fully automated trucks, and Pruett said eventually most every

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A new, improved KBA The head of the Kansas Bioscience Authority is trying to spread the word about what he says is a new way of doing things for the agency. Page 3A

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| Wednesday, May 1, 2013 .

DEATHS MARILYN â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;M.J.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; BURRIS

Rocket men

MAXINE SUMMERS A Celebration of Life will be held for Maxine Summers, 101, on Sunday, May 5 at 3:00 p.m. at Drury Place located at 1510 St. Andrews Dr.

Lawmakers give students update on legislative session

Five Kansas legislators discussed issues related to higher education and the government with one another and with students Tuesday night at Kansas University. Legislators at the event were Sen. Marci Francisco, D-Lawrence; Rep. Barbara Bollier, R-Mission Hills; Rep. Stephanie Clayton; R-Overland Park; Rep. Melissa Rooker, RFairway; and Rep. John Wilson, D-Lawrence. Zach George, KU Student Senate Government Relations director, led the discussion and first asked the lawmakers to elaborate on their feelings toward proposed state budget cuts â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a 2 percent proposed cut in the Senate and 4 percent cut in the House. All five responded similarly, putting an emphasis on the importance of money for education and saying that they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to see money taken away from K-12 and higher education. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The liberal arts education provided, like at KU, is valuable,â&#x20AC;? Wilson said. George also asked the legislators to give their views on the recently passed law expanding concealed carry of guns. The five again had the same response â&#x20AC;&#x201D; all voted â&#x20AC;&#x153;noâ&#x20AC;? on the measure. Rooker, especially, was passionate in explaining her position on the mat-


The city currently has two of the automated side-loader trucks. Only one is in service, while the other is being used to train drivers. Pruett estimates that the city will need eight of the fully automated trucks to handle the residential trash collection of the city. Currently, the city uses 14 of the standard trucks. The cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new curbside recycling program, which will begin in October 2014, will use the automated trucks too. Three of the new trucks already have been ordered for that service. The new trucks, which have about a sevenyear lifespan, cost about $90,000 more than a traditional trash truck. The trucks also are equipped only to pick up trash from one side of the street at a time, meaning that residents might notice trash trucks driving on their streets twice in the same day. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is more drive time on the streets, but the efficiencies prove out in other places,â&#x20AC;? Pruett said. The city is expecting a decline in workersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; compensation claims as sanitation crews no longer have to do the heavy lifting of the trash or repeatedly climb on and off the back of trucks.

ter. Her explanation of her â&#x20AC;&#x153;noâ&#x20AC;? vote included the idea that the government should strengthen universal background checks and mental health services. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think the answer to gun violence is adding more guns to the equation,â&#x20AC;? Rooker said. Clayton said that she voted â&#x20AC;&#x153;noâ&#x20AC;? on the bill because it didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t adequately reflect the culture of her district, and that the law is an example of the state imposing its will on local governments and schools rather than respecting the concept of home rule. At the end of the legislatorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; discussion, the audience had a chance to ask questions. Topics included the use of drones in local law enforcement, in-state tuition for the military and eliminating sales taxes on textbooks. Although the legislators couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t give definite answers to every question, they encouraged members of the audience to remain involved in local politics, to tell their legislators about their concerns and to fight for issues they believe will affect the community. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You want to invest capital in trying to gain something that will really make a difference,â&#x20AC;? Bollier said. Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s forum, called Capital on your Campus, was hosted by the Student Legislative Awareness Board. Each truck also has only one crew member: the driver/joystick operator. Traditional trash trucks usually have a crew of three. City officials, though, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t anticipate layoffs as part of the new program. The city might reduce its workforce some through attrition, but that likely only would be a temporary reduction. The city will need additional drivers as it begins the curbside recycling program in late 2014. Barnes, the driver, said he liked the change. The new trucks have the steering wheel on the right side of the cab, meaning when he has to get out of the truck, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not stepping into traffic. As more of the trash trucks hit the streets, residents might notice the time of day trash crews arrive might be different than usual. The city is tweaking routes to accommodate the truckâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ability to service more households, but Pruett said the city wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t changing the day of the week for any households. City officials, though, are urging residents to be sure to have their trash out by 7 a.m., to fit all the trash they can into the city-issued trash carts, and to make sure the carts are at least three feet clear of any obstructions, such as parked cars or mailboxes.

LOTTERY SATURDAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S POWERBALL 3 23 48 54 55 (5) TUESDAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MEGA MILLIONS 21 30 34 39 49 (43) SATURDAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S HOT LOTTO SIZZLER 3 22 26 30 39 (16)

Richard Gwin/Journal-World Photo

DALE PROCTOR, LEFT, AND BLAKE DAVIS, who work for Neider Construction of Lawrence, spent most of Tuesday preparing the rocket at Centennial Park for a new coat of paint. Rain is expected to move into the area this afternoon, followed by plunging temperatures to end the work week. See the forecast on page 10A.


But over the past year, Lawrenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ranking in the report fell 79 spots, from No. 99 in the 2011 report to No. 178 in the most recent index. Only three other cities â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Ithaca, N.Y., Great Falls, Mont., and Hot Springs, Ark. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; had sharper declines than Lawrenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. The report takes a look at nine different categories, and Lawrence didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t crack the top 100 in any of them. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a look:

Five-year job growth: No. 107

One-year job growth: No. 172

Five-year wage growth: No. 101

One-year wage growth: No. 158

One-year job growth percentage: No. 156

Five-year high-tech GDP growth: No. 170

One-year high-tech GDP growth: No. 151

High-tech GDP as part of overall GDP: No. 164

Concentration of high-tech companies: No. 148 The report is based on economic data that has some age to it. Most of the job growth numbers date back to 2011, and some of

MONDAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SUPER KANSAS CASH 6 11 12 26 31 (22)

Regional rankings Lawrence ranked 178th â&#x20AC;&#x201D; next to last â&#x20AC;&#x201D; in the Milken Instituteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most recent ranking of the economic performance of small metro areas. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a look at how other communities in the region ranked:

Columbia, Mo.: No. 10

Iowa City: No. 16

St. Joseph, Mo.: No 29

Waco, Texas: No. 31

Joplin, Mo.: No. 44

Ames, Iowa: No. 61

Topeka: No. 144 Lawrence and Topeka were the only Kansas cities on the small metro area list. But Kansas City and Wichita were both ranked as part of the 200 large metro areas that Milken studied. Kansas City checked in at No. 104 on that list, and Wichita was No. 146. the wage numbers date back to 2010. Community leaders said there have been signs of improvement since then â&#x20AC;&#x201D; sales tax numbers

Kansas Action for Children says that the endowment should contain $216 million at this point. It currently has a balance of $1.165 million. Brownback isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the first Kansas governor to raid the KEY, but Cotsoradis said this time was different. In the past, funds were diverted from the KEY because the state was suffering economic problems, she said. Now, she said, Brownback needs the funding because he signed into law tax cuts that cut too deeply. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a mess of our own making,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tax cuts shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come at the expense of access to high-quality early-education opportunities for Kansas children.â&#x20AC;? Last year, Brownback signed into law cuts in the state personal income tax and the elimination of state income taxes for nearly 200,000 business owners. The loss of tax revenue has sent Brownback and legislators scrambling for revenue from other sources. The Legislature is set to return May 8 to write a budget and work on tax issues. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Statehouse reporter Scott Rothschild can be reached at 785-423-0668.

were strong in 2012 and the housing industry is posting stronger numbers. But they also said there were still issues the community needs to address to improve its economic growth potential. Recently-elected City Commissioner Jeremy Farmer said he wanted the city to spend time reviewing its comprehensive plan, Horizon 2020, and evaluating whether it works for todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s environment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;A lot of our comprehensive plan was done from information in 1992,â&#x20AC;? Farmer said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think we really need to revisit and revitalize it.â&#x20AC;? Williams said the chamber was optimistic about a new capital campaign it has launched to raise additional private funding for economic development activities. He said the results of the Milken study might provide those efforts a boost as community leaders vow to improve the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rankings in the future. â&#x20AC;&#x153;These studies donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t lie,â&#x20AC;? said Williams, who said the Milken index was closely watched in economic development circles. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But there is an attitude of renewed optimism and renewed vigor here. But absolutely, our competitor communities will be marketing the daylights out of this study.â&#x20AC;?

KU historic district wins national designation

The historic district on the Kansas University campus has now earned national designation. The KU Historic District, which surrounds Jayhawk Boulevard and the crest of Mount Oread, is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, KU announced this week. It was added in February to the Register of Historic Kansas Places. Five buildings included in the district were already listed on the National Register, but new elements earning recognition as part â&#x20AC;&#x201D; City reporter Chad Lawhorn can be of the district will include the reached at 832-6362. Follow him at


A Celebration of Life for Marilyn â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;M.J.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Burris, 65, Lawrence, will be at 3 p.m. Friday at The Salvation Army. M.J. died Apr. 5, 2013, at LMH.

by Meagan Thomas


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TUESDAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S KANSAS 2BY2 Red: 11 14; White: 10 12

Ă&#x2030;!AÂ&#x2014;n AÂŁ A¡¡¨Â?ÂŁĂ?Â&#x17E;nÂŁĂ? Ă?¨ ¡Ă?n¡Â&#x2DC;AÂŁ ܨÌĂ? Ă&#x201C;nĂ?ĂłÂ?[nĂ&#x201C;½Ă&#x160;

TUESDAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S KANSAS PICK 3 9 7 5

AĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[n v s Ă&#x;Â&#x17D;¯¯äß ĂŚe¨Ă?A v ~ äÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x;ĂźĂ&#x;Ăź ôôô½ôAĂ?Ă?nÂŁÂ&#x17E;[nÂ&#x2DC;Ă´AÂ?£½[¨Â&#x17E;

World War II Memorial Campanile and landscapes such as Potter Lake and â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Hill,â&#x20AC;? which graduates descend at commencement. The effort to create a historic district was led by the Historic Mount Oread Friends, a campus preservation organization, and other groups. Leaders of the effort have said an application for a second campus historic district, this one containing the chancellorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s residence and nearby scholarship halls to the east, is also in the works. Also added to the national register this month was another Lawrence property:

the Kibbee Farmstead, at 1500 Haskell Ave. The 15acre farmstead was formed in the early 20th century and annexed by the city in 1959. 645 N.H. (News Center) Lawrence, KS 66044 (785) 843-1000 â&#x20AC;˘ (800) 578-8748

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Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s markets Dow Industrials +21.05, 14,839.80 Nasdaq +21.77, 3,328.79 S&P 500 +3.96, 1,597.57 30-Year Treasury +.01, 2.88% Corn (Chicago) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;.75 cent, $6.83 Soybeans (Chicago) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;4 cents, $14.68 Wheat (Kansas City) +14 cents, $7.90 Oil (New York) â&#x20AC;&#x201D;$1.04, $93.46 Gold +$4.70, $1,472.10 Silver +1.9 cents, $24.19 Platinum unchanged, $1,507.20

We miss the Music you shared with us, all the Music unshared. We Love You


LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD Wednesday, May 1, 2013 3A

New structures arise at library site

KBA says its culture and philosophy are improving By Matt Erickson

Richard Gwin/Journal-World Photo

A CRANE LIFTS A 60,000-POUND BEAM Tuesday morning at the construction site of the Lawrence Public Libraryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s parking garage, 707 Vermont St. The $18 million library expansion project should be finished by April 2014. Until then, the libraryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s temporary home is at Seventh and New Hampshire streets in the former Borders bookstore.

County considering heritage grants By Peter Hancock

Douglas County commissioners will be asked today to approve grants for local heritage conservation projects, including a $125,000 grant to begin restoration of the Lawrence Turnhalle building at 900 Rhode Island St. The Turnhalle â&#x20AC;&#x201D; German for gymnasium, or athletics hall â&#x20AC;&#x201D; was built in 1869 and for many years served as the social hub of Lawrenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s GermanAmerican community. The building is listed on the National Register of

Historic Places and is considered possibly the oldest standing community building in Lawrence. The Turnhalle building is at the intersection of Ninth and Rhode Island streets. The Lawrence Preservation Alliance bought the Turnhalle building in September and is working to restore the structure. The group plans to place a permanent preservation easement on the building and eventually transfer ownership to another organization or private buyer who will maintain the building.

The grant would fund repairs to the roof and the frame of the building. It is the largest of six grants being recommended for this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s allocation by the countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Heritage Conservation Council. The council also is recommending five smaller, â&#x20AC;&#x153;targetâ&#x20AC;? grants:

$72,000 to the Kansas University Center for Research to fund forest conservation in the Baldwin Woods.

$29,850 for roof repairs and painting of Clearfield School, a forPlease see COUNTY, page 4A Turnhalle building on Rhode Island Street



The head of the Kansas Bioscience Authority is trying to spread the word about what he says is a new way of doing things for the agency. After the KBAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s board of directors approved a new investment policy during its meeting Tuesday, President and CEO Duane Cantrell told the board that one of his top priorities was meeting with state legislators and groups throughout Kansas about how things have changed. â&#x20AC;&#x153;My view is that there has been a marked improvement in our relationship with members of the Legislature â&#x20AC;&#x201D; I think particularly so with Senate leadership,â&#x20AC;? said Cantrell, who was hired in Cantrell November 2012. The board met as the KBA faces a possible funding reduction next year. Gov. Sam Brownbackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s proposed budget would drop the funding for the agency, which invests tax dollars to expand the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bioscience industry, to about $10 million from $35 million. The proposal would raise the funding level back to $35 million for the following year, though. And Monday brought more budget news: Brownback proposed diverting some of the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bioscience dollars to the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center to be created at the Kansas University Medical Center, about $1.15 million next year and about $750,000 each year afterward. Cantrell said after Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s meeting that KBA officials had not yet been informed exactly how that proposal would affect the agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s budget, so he declined to comment Please see KBA, page 4A



Wednesday, May 1, 2013



STREET By Meagan Thomas Read more responses and add your thoughts at

What is your favorite vegetarian dish? Asked on Massachusetts Street



Too nice to stay indoors


KBA will now focus on making real investments that will provide returns on its dollars, as opposed CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3A to awarding grants. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Returns of those dollars on what the effect might were not a primary focus be. of the KBAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decisionsâ&#x20AC;? beâ&#x20AC;&#x153;I focus on the things fore, Cantrell said, and that I can control,â&#x20AC;? Cantrell will change now. said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have no control Secretary of Agriculture over that, and so we will Dale Rodman, appointed do with whatever weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re to the KBA board last year given, to head us down the by Brownback, praised path to this new strategy.â&#x20AC;? Cantrell and other KBA He did tell the board staff during the meeting that his communications and said he had indeed with the Kansas Legisla- seen a change. ture have been focused on â&#x20AC;&#x153;I told someone the othcommittees that influence er day I could not believe the KBAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s budget. how much had been done Richard Gwin/Journal-World Photo The message he is send- so quickly,â&#x20AC;? Rodman said. ing, he said, is that the cul- â&#x20AC;&#x153;Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re probably five OLIVER HALL RESIDENTS enjoy the warm weather with temperatures hitting 84 on Monday. ture and the philosophy months ahead of where I of the KBA are changing. thought you would be.â&#x20AC;? Overall, he said, its attiRodman helped the raise community awaretude has shifted from one Brownback administraness for the Castle Tea of â&#x20AC;&#x153;entitlementâ&#x20AC;? to one tion oversee a $1 million Room in Lawrence. Woman receives that recognizes it needs audit that questioned The county commisto earn support from the some activities by for- CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3A sion will take up the grant 25 years for murder state. mer KBA president Tom recommendations when PITTSBURG (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A Part of that is the new Thornton, who resigned mer one-room school- it meets at 6:35 p.m. in the 32-year-old woman from investment strategy ap- in 2011. house in Palmyra Town- county courthouse. southeast Kansas has been proved by the board ship in southeast Douglas In other business, comâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Kansas University reporter Matt sentenced to more than 25 Tuesday. The KBA kept County. missioners will consider Erickson can be reached at 832-6388. years in prison for her role the policy closed from the

$24,400 for the Law- a special event permit for in a 2010 murder. public while it makes re- Follow him at, and rence Arts Center to sup- a concert slated for June come see him at his next KU â&#x20AC;&#x153;office The Pittsburg Morning visions suggested by the port the â&#x20AC;&#x153;refashioningâ&#x20AC;? of 22 near Baldwin City to hoursâ&#x20AC;?: 9 a.m. to noon May 8 in the Sun reports that Amie Lee board during an execuits annual production of promote RockRoad PurMedia Crossroads, fourth floor of the Ryburn was sentenced tive session, but Cantrell â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Kansas Nutcracker.â&#x20AC;? suits, a private enterprise Kansas Union. Monday to 25 years and said one change is that the

$20,000 to the Douglas operated by Peyton Warfour months after pleading County Historical Society wick. guilty to second-degree for partial funding of reCommissioners will murder and felony manupairs and improvements to also consider soliciting ON THE RECORD LJWORLD.COM/BLOTTER facture of methamphetthe Watkins National Bank bids for a road project on amines. a.m. Sunday by a Lawrence building, which houses the East 1750 Road, from BaldLAW ENFORCEMENT The charges stem police officer who knew him Watkins Community Muwin City to County Road REPORT to have a suspended license, from the July 2010 death seum of History. 12. Police have arrested two said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a of 29-year-old Ian P.

$5,000 to the Libuse 15-year-old Lawrence boys Lawrence Police Department Monaghan, whose body in connection with a string spokesman. After seeing â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Peter Hancock can be reached at Kriz-Fiorito Historical was found in a field. of auto burglaries near the suspected marijuana in the 832-7259. Follow him at Foundation for signage 400 block of Michigan. vehicle and performing a LJWpqhancock. and printed literature to A Lawrence police officer


Jordan Schmeidler, graduate student, Lawrence â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d have to say a portabello melt.â&#x20AC;?

Kelley Park, teacher, Aztec, N.M. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Grilled zucchini and asparagus.â&#x20AC;?

Vanessa Phillips, student, Lawrence â&#x20AC;&#x153;The portabello â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;burger.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;?

Dave Douglas, poet, Lawrence â&#x20AC;&#x153;The vegetarian Reuben from Wheatfields.â&#x20AC;?


responded Sunday morning to several auto burglaries in that area, where residents reported items missing from unlocked vehicles. Among the missing items were tools, cash, a subwoofer speaker, an amplifier and two bicycles taken from a nearby home, said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence Police Department spokesman. Police found at least seven vehicles that had been burglarized and learned from witnesses that a group of teenagers had been observed behaving suspiciously in the area Saturday night. Officers later identified two of the boys and arrested them at a home near the 1900 block of Haskell Avenue, recovering some of the stolen property in the process, McKinley said. They were taken to the Juvenile Detention Center and released to legal guardians later. The two boys could be charged in Douglas County District Court, McKinley said, but they have not yet appeared before a judge. Police declined to identify the two boys because they are juveniles. McKinley said auto burglaries of this kind often go unreported and unsolved, but officers were able to identify suspects in this case because residents reported the thefts and cooperated with police. â&#x20AC;˘ A 29-year-old Lawrence man is facing a federal gun charge after being arrested with a stolen handgun early Sunday morning. Michael James Edwards was arrested during a traffic stop in the 1700 block of Kentucky Street about 12:30

: Drink Specials at

search, the officer reportedly found more bags of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a loaded gun and $1,500 in cash. The gun, a loaded Ruger semi-automatic 9 mm, had been reported stolen, and Edwards, a convicted felon, could not legally possess a firearm. Edwards had been convicted of aggravated battery in Douglas County in 2007. The case was turned over to the U.S. Attorneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Office, which charged Edwards with one count of criminal possession of a firearm, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday. If convicted, Edwards could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.



What does the red none, then before entering light arrow mean at the intersection, and shall any given stoplight? remain standing until an indication to proceed is According to Kan- shown. sas Statute 8-1508: Vehicular traffic facing a steady circular red or red arrow signal SOUND OFF alone shall stop at a clearly marked stop line, but if If you have a question, call none, before entering the 832-7297 or send email to crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if



Man sentenced to 10 years for robbery WICHITA (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A 41-year-old Wichita man has been sentenced to 10 years for robbing a bank in Wichita. U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said Tuesday in a release that Christopher A. Vangessel was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to one count of bank robbery. Grissom says Vangessel admitted to robbing a UMB Bank branch on Feb. 28, 2012, when he gave a teller a note demanding money.

HOSPITAL BIRTHS Niki Eubanks, Lawrence, a boy, Monday. David and Margaret Bronson, Kansas City, Kan., a girl, Monday. Tyler and Ashley Whitmore, Lawrence, a girl, Monday. Wesley and Samantha Pickens, Lawrence, a boy, Monday. Nick and Loralea Wood, Lawrence, a boy, Monday. Emily Turner, Lawrence, a girl, Tuesday. Melanie and Jose Cardona, Lawrence, a boy, Tuesday. Xochitl Saldivar and Edgar Damian, Kansas City, Kan., a boy, Tuesday.



-+, /( ),&%($  +!&"/ ))*"+



-+, (! !%+" -"! / )"+- "!#)+!



Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ Â&#x2021; pÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;Âź Â?Ĺş B|Ĺş Ä&#x17D;Ĺ&#x2019;ä

&Ä&#x2019; Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;¨

Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ | ĤäÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019; Ä&#x2019;Ă? |Ä&#x2030; |Ä&#x192;|ſêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; Ä&#x192;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192; šêĹ&#x2019;ä äŸğ Ĺ&#x201E;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030; Ä&#x2019;Äź ÂŽ|Ĺ&#x;Ă&#x2013;äĹ&#x2019;Ÿğ Â&#x2021; ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ڎ Â?Âź | šêÄ&#x2030;Ä&#x2030;ŸğĂ?


Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019; ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Ÿğ |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ ĹśÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;ÂźĂ? `ŸÚÚ ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Äź Ă?ğêŸÄ&#x2030;ÂŽĹ&#x201E; |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Ă?|Ä&#x192;êÚź Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019; ĹśÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;Âź Ă?Ä&#x2019;Äź Ĺ&#x2019;äŸêğ Ă?|ĹśÄ&#x2019;ğêĹ&#x2019;ŸĪ

qĂŞÄ&#x2030; ¡Ĺ?Ă&#x2018;Ć&#x192; |Ĺ&#x2019; Ă?Ä&#x2019;ÄźĹ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ĂŞĹ&#x2019;Ĺş



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

| 5A

Kansas high school apologizes to airman in prom dispute By Roxana Hegeman Associated Press

WICHITA â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A Kansas high school principal who barred a member of the Air Force from escorting his sister to prom has apologized to him in an attempt to quell a firestorm thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been fueled by a YouTube video of the debacle and the girlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heartfelt letter to a Liberal newspaper. A policy change allowing exceptions to the age limitation will be presented at next weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s school board meeting, Deputy Superintendent Paul Larkin said Tuesday. Current policy in the district located in the southwest Kansas community of Liberal prohibits anyone 21 years old or older from participating in prom activities. The video that went viral showed Liberal High School junior Courtney Widener arriving at the April 20 prom with her 22-year-old brother, Senior Airman Casey Widener. He stopped and stood at attention at the foot of the red carpet while Courtney and another girl continued une-

Earl Watt/Leader & Times Photo

COURTNEY WIDENER, RIGHT, walks up the red carpet with a friend at their prom arrival at Liberal High School. Courtney wanted her brother, Senior Airman Casey Widener, who recently returned from Afghanistan, to escort her to front door of the school, but school officials denied her request, stating that at 22, he was too old to participate in the prom. AT RIGHT, Casey Widener is shown in a photo taken from video. scorted across the promenade. As she went inside, Casey crisply saluted her before turning and leaving amid applause from onlookers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There were hurt feelings on both sides, you know,â&#x20AC;? Larkin said in a phone interview. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think the best thing is when we came together. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think this family had any intention of shedding any

`.V `HqC .CÄŞ Â&#x161; e`H Â&#x161; `Ve: Â&#x161; %VB Â&#x161; HBBV.<

<BZŠ HpVZ`H:Z Â&#x2021; ZT.< TeV+ZZ

Z`Ä&#x153;Ă&#x2018;Ă&#x2018;Ă&#x201E;Ć&#x192;VÄ&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014; TĹ?Ĺ?Ă&#x2018;Ĺ&#x17D;Ĺ?Ć&#x192;VÄ&#x153;Ĺ? TĹ?Ä&#x153;Ă&#x2018;Ĺ&#x17D;Ĺ&#x152;Ć&#x192;VÄ&#x153;Ă&#x2018; TĹ?Ĺ&#x2014;Ă&#x2018;Ĺ&#x17D;Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x2018;VÄ&#x153;Ă&#x2018; TĹ?Ă&#x201D;Ă&#x2018;Ĺ&#x17D;Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x2018;VÄ&#x153;Ĺ? TĹ?Ă&#x2018;Ă&#x2018;Ĺ&#x17D;Ĺ&#x152;Ć&#x192;VÄ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;

`V.<V Ĺ? T<t CĹ&#x17D; `VxCH &HHtV :eB+H ĂŠĂ&#x201E;Ć&#x192;: eC<HT V.&Z`HC Ĺ&#x17D;H

¡Ĺ?Ă&#x2018;ÄŞĆ&#x192;Ć&#x192; ¡Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x201D;ÄŞÄ&#x17D;Ă&#x2018; ¡Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x2018;ÄŞĆ&#x192;Ć&#x192; ¡Ä&#x17D;Ä&#x17D;ÄŞÄ&#x17D;Ă&#x2018; ¡Ä&#x153;Ĺ?Ă&#x2018;ÄŞĆ&#x192;Ć&#x192; ¡Ä&#x153;Ă&#x201D;Ä&#x17D;ÄŞÄ&#x17D;Ă&#x2018;

<H`Z H% H`+V Z.xZĂ?Ă?Ă?

negative light on the district whatsoever and by all means we had no intention of dishonoring their son.â&#x20AC;? At Courtneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s request, school officials met with her and her family Monday afternoon during a meeting in which high school Principal Keith Adams apologized to her brother, The High Plains Daily Leader and Southwest Daily Times reported.




â&#x20AC;&#x153;I am sorry that Casey Widener was offended or dishonored in any way,â&#x20AC;? Adams said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That was not our intent.â&#x20AC;? Larkin acknowledged that the national attention the prom incident received as the YouTube video was picked up by news and social media outlets was â&#x20AC;&#x153;a contributing factorâ&#x20AC;? in the school districtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision to speed up the timeline

for changing its policy: â&#x20AC;&#x153;It made us a little more anxious to get some resolution to this issue,â&#x20AC;? he said. The proposed policy change would prohibit anyone 21 or older from participating in the dance itself but provide for exemptions so that older family members or others with prior permission could escort students across the red carpet.



Ĺ&#x20AC;Ĺ&#x153;Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x201D; Ć&#x2C6;ŎŸÄ&#x2026; ŸÄ&#x2026;Ĺ&#x153;Ć? TÂ&#x2018;ĆŁ IJĆ&#x2C6;ŸÄ&#x2026;¸ Ć&#x2C6;ƏIJŞ






 "  !               "            "      

&eVC` Z<.&+`<t eZ `.VZ Â? <ĂŞĂ?ÂźĹ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x192;Âź |Ăš|Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;Âź Â? Â? %🟠VÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;|Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030; Â? Â?Â? qÂź Âź|Ăš Â?Â? BÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ÄŞ ĂŠ %ğêĪ Ă&#x201E;¨Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192; ĂŠ Ĺ?¨Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192; Z|Ĺ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ğŽ|Ĺş Ă&#x201E;¨Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192; ĂŠ Ă&#x201D;¨Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192;

<ê០Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x201E; Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030; %|Â&#x203A;ÂźÂ?Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;á Â&#x17D; `êğŸ `Ä&#x2019;šÄ&#x2030; Zä|šÄ&#x2030;ŸŸ

Courtney told The Associated Press in a phone interview Tuesday that it was important to her to have her brother escort her at the prom because she had only seen him once since he arrived back from his deployment in Afghanistan last September. She said that even though her brother was unable to do so, what he did on the red carpet that night honored her. She said she still had a great night at her prom and was touched when she saw the video of him saluting her. Courtney said she got an overwhelming amount of support from many people, but everyone was surprised at the national attention the incident brought to the small 20,861-resident Kansas community located about 200 miles southwest of Wichita. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Both the district and my family were amazed at how crazy it got,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We never expected it to blow up like this. We definitely did not want that. We wanted a change, but we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want it to come about like this.â&#x20AC;?



'* ///%/& 1'% &  &  '*  *' "*%  &1  ""'  &  "-*&  * &' #!2$  *.' ' #!$% ' &  1%  &  & *& *& '%  0-  !2  0'   *  -*' /  '&  &1 *  &%

Z+qC Ĺ?Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192; B.<C V.p ÄŚÄ&#x17D;Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;ħ Ă&#x201D;Ă&#x201D;Ä&#x153;ĂŠĂ&#x201D;Ă&#x2018;Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192;

 " " #

<pCqHV`+ Ä&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ĺ?Ă&#x2018; ZÄŞ Ă&#x201D;`+ Z` `V%qt ÄŚÄ&#x17D;Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;ħ Ĺ?Ă&#x201E;Ĺ?ĂŠĹ&#x2014;Ĺ?Ć&#x192;Ä&#x153;

& **     &  * (22 .& &%

Ä&#x2DC;Ć? B Ç&#x17E; Ĺ&#x2DC;ƟƍÄ?



ÄĄĆ&#x2C6;Ă&#x17D; TÂ&#x2018;Ĺ Ĺ Ĺ&#x2C6; ­ OÂ&#x2018;Ć&#x;Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ä ÂŽĂ&#x201E;¸ Kn ŎŎƏùù Ă&#x17D;ùŞÄ&#x2021;ƏŎIJIJ ¢ Ć&#x;Ć&#x;Ć&#x;Ĺ&#x2C6;ŸÄ&#x2026;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201E;ŸŽŠÄ&#x2026;ÄŞĹ&#x20AC;Ĺ&#x2C6;ÂŽÄŞÄ&#x203A; <l** Ĺ&#x20AC;Â&#x2018;Ĺ&#x153;Ä&#x2018;Ä&#x2030;Ġø Ä&#x2030;Ä  øÂ&#x2018;Ĺ&#x153;Â&#x2018;øĂ&#x201E;  Ă&#x201E;Ä&#x2026;Ä&#x2030;Ä Âť ŠŸĪĹ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x153;


-ĂŚĂ?[Â&#x152;AĂ&#x201C;n AÂŁĂś Ă?Â?Â&#x192;Â&#x152;Ă?¨£ ÂŁn[Â&#x2014;Â&#x2DC;A[n AÂŁe QĂ?A[nÂ&#x2DC;nĂ? AÂŁe ܨÌ [AÂŁ [Â&#x152;¨¨Ă&#x201C;n AÂŁĂś ¡AÂ?Ă? ¨| Ă?Â?Â&#x192;Â&#x152;Ă?¨£ nAĂ?Ă?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192;Ă&#x201C;N <l**Ă&#x153;

 & -&*&  &*   +,+2+2 & .'* ///%/& 1'% &%

NÂ?Â&#x17E;Â?Ă?ne Ă?¨ Ă&#x201C;Ă?¨[Â&#x2014; ¨£ Â&#x152;AÂŁe½ Â&#x152;AĂ?Â&#x17E; Â&#x2013;nĂ´nÂ&#x2DC;Ă?Ăś nĂľ[Â&#x2DC;ĂŚene½ "n[Â&#x2014;Â&#x2DC;A[n I Ă?A[nÂ&#x2DC;nĂ? Â&#x17E;ĂŚĂ&#x201C;Ă? Qn ¡ÌĂ?[Â&#x152;AĂ&#x201C;ne Â?ÂŁ Ă?Â&#x152;n Ă&#x201C;AÂ&#x17E;n Ă?Ă?AÂŁĂ&#x201C;A[Ă?Â?¨£½ -Ă?Â?¨Ă? ¡ÌĂ?[Â&#x152;AĂ&#x201C;nĂ&#x201C; nĂľ[Â&#x2DC;ĂŚene½ Ă? ¡AĂ?Ă?Â?[Â?¡AĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă?nĂ?AÂ?Â&#x2DC;nĂ?Ă&#x201C; ¨£Â&#x2DC;ܽ

+e& Zp.C&Z ĤğêÚ Ĺ&#x2014;Ć&#x192;Ĺ&#x2019;ä Ĺ&#x2019;äğÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ă&#x2013;ä B|Ĺş Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;Ĺ&#x2019;ä

!; "02" . |Ä&#x192; ÂźÄ&#x2030;ĂľÄ&#x2019;źêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; Ä&#x192;Ĺş ĂŞÄ&#x192;ĤğÄ&#x2019;ŜŸŽ äŸ|ğêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; |ĂŞÂŽĹ&#x201E; šäêÂ&#x203A;ä . Ă&#x2013;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019; |Ĺ&#x2019; <|šğŸÄ&#x2030;Â&#x203A;Âź +Âź|ğêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; ĂŞÂŽ ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğĪ `äŸ Ĺ&#x201E;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ ÄąĹ&#x;|ÚêĹ&#x2019;Ĺş ĂŞĹ&#x201E; Ä&#x192;Ä&#x2019;ğŸ Â&#x203A;ڟ|Äź |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Ĺ&#x2019;ŸÚŸĤäÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;Âź Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ŜŸğĹ&#x201E;|Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2030; ĂŞĹ&#x201E; ÂźÄ&#x2030;ä|Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ŸŽ šêĹ&#x2019;äÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x2019; |Ä&#x2030;Ĺş šäêĹ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;ÚêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013;ÄŞ Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;Âź Ĺ&#x201E;ŸŸ Ĺ&#x2019;äŸ Ă&#x2013;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;ÂŽ Ă?Ä&#x2019;ÚáĹ&#x201E; |Ĺ&#x2019; <|šğŸÄ&#x2030;Â&#x203A;Âź +Âź|ğêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; ĂŞÂŽ ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğĪ

|ÚÚ CÄ&#x2019;š Ă?Ä&#x2019;Äź |Ä&#x2030; ĤĤÄ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x192;ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Ă?


¨Â&#x17E;n Â&#x2013;¨Â?ÂŁ ĂŚĂ&#x201C; |¨Ă? ¨||nn AÂŁe

¨ÌÂ&#x192;Â&#x152;ÂŁĂŚĂ?Ă&#x201C; Â?ÂŁ Ă?Â&#x152;n Â&#x17E;¨Ă?ÂŁÂ?ÂŁÂ&#x192; AÂŁe [ne 2nA AÂŁe ¨Ă?Â&#x152;nĂ? ¨¨eÂ?nĂ&#x201C; Â?ÂŁ Ă?Â&#x152;n A|Ă?nĂ?£¨¨£ nĂłnĂ?Ăś eAĂś Ă?Â&#x152;Â?Ă&#x201C; Ă´nnÂ&#x2014;½

! " /0$"a ½½0½

Ă&#x2018;\A¸¸Ŀ Ă&#x2018;Ä˝Ă&#x2020;xj I Ă&#x2018;çxĂżAÄ&#x161;xj

¡¡¨Â?ÂŁĂ?Â&#x17E;nÂŁĂ?Ă&#x201C; AĂ?n Â&#x2DC;Â?Â&#x17E;Â?Ă?ne½

AÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; Ă?¨eAĂś Ă?¨ Ă&#x201C;[Â&#x152;neĂŚÂ&#x2DC;n ܨÌĂ? / nAĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; 2nĂ&#x201C;Ă?z

n Ă&#x201C;ĂŚĂ?n Ă?¨ QĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; A |Ă?Â?nÂŁe ¨Ă? Â&#x2DC;¨óne ¨£nb Ă&#x201C;¨Â&#x17E;n¨£n Ă´Â&#x152;¨Ă&#x201C;n ó¨Â?[n Â?Ă&#x201C; |AÂ&#x17E;Â?Â&#x2DC;Â?AĂ? Ă?¨ ܨ̽ Ă? AĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[n nAĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Â?e nÂŁĂ?nĂ?b Ă´n Ă?AÂ&#x2014;n ܨÌĂ? Â&#x152;nAĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă&#x201C;nĂ?Â?¨ÌĂ&#x201C;Â&#x2DC;Ăś Â&#x17D; $ĂŚĂ? Â&#x152;nAĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă?nĂ&#x201C;Ă?Ă&#x201C; AĂ?n AÂ&#x2DC;Ă´AĂśĂ&#x201C; |Ă?nnz " ¨ÌĂ? ¡AĂ?Â?nÂŁĂ?Ă&#x201C; Ă?n[nÂ?Ăłn / Â&#x152;n[Â&#x2014;Â&#x17D;Ì¡Ă&#x201C;b Â&#x2DC;Ă´AĂśĂ&#x201C;z



Ă&#x201D;Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;Ĺ? qÄŞ Ĺ?Ĺ&#x2019;äŠ ZĹ&#x2019;Âź  Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;Ć&#x192;Ĺ? ZÄŞ B|ĂŞÄ&#x2030; ZĹ&#x2019;ĪŠ ZĹ&#x2019;Âź Ĺ?Ĺ&#x2014; ÄŚĹ&#x152;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018;ħ Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x201D;Ä&#x17D;ĂŠÄ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018; ÄŚĹ&#x152;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018;ħ Ĺ?Ă&#x201D;Ĺ?ĂŠĹ&#x152;Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192;

Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; ZÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;Ă?

`HC&CHs. Ĺ&#x2014;Ĺ&#x2014;Ć&#x192; ŸÚ|š|ğŸ ZĹ&#x2019;ÄŞ ÄŚĂ&#x201E;Ĺ?Ĺ?ħ Ĺ&#x152;Ă&#x201D;Ä&#x17D;ĂŠÄ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x201E;Ă&#x2018;



Wednesday, May 1, 2013




Suspectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dust mask, other items test positive for ricin By Holbrook Mohr and Jay Reeves Associated Press

TUPELO, MISS. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Ricin was found in the former martial arts studio of the man suspected of sending poison letters to President Barack Obama and other public officials and was also discovered on a dust mask and other items he threw in the trash, federal prosecutors said in a court document made public Tuesday. The affidavit says an FBI surveillance team saw James Everett Dutschke

remove several items from the studio in Tupelo, Miss., on April 22 and dump them in a trash bin about 100 yards down the street. The items included a dust mask that later tested positive for ricin, the affidavit said. Traces of ricin also were found in the studio, and Dutschke used the Internet to buy castor beans, from which ricin is derived, the affidavit said. Annette Dobbs, who owns the small shopping center where the studio was located, said authorities padlocked the door

to it sometime during the search. She said Tuesday that FBI agents havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t told her anything, including whether the building poses a health threat. Inside the studio is one large room with a smaller reception area and a concrete floor. Police tape covered the front and the small back door. Dutschke, 41, was arrested Saturday by FBI agents at his home in Tupelo, and is being held without bond pending a preliminary and detention hearing Thursday in U.S. District Court in Oxford.

The FBI searched his home, vehicles and studio last week, often while wearing hazardous materials suits. Attention turned to Dutschke after prosecutors dropped charges against an Elvis impersonator who says he had feuded with Dutschke in the past. Dutschke told The Associated Press last week that he didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t send the letters. His lawyer, federal public defender George Lucas, had no comment Tuesday about the information in the affidavit. Dutschke was arrested

Obama hints at military action in Syria By Julie Pace AP White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON â&#x20AC;&#x201D; President Barack Obama signaled Tuesday he would consider U.S. military action against Syria if â&#x20AC;&#x153;hard, effective evidenceâ&#x20AC;? was found to bolster intelligence that chemical weapons have been used in the 2-year-old civil war. Among the potential options being readied for him: weapons and ammunition for the Syrian rebels. Despite such planning, Obama appealed for patience during a White House news conference, saying he needed more conclusive evidence about how and when chemical weapons detected by U.S. intelligence agencies were used and who deployed them. If those questions can be answered, Obama said he would consider actions the Pentagon and intelligence community have prepared for him in the event Syria has crossed his chemical weapons â&#x20AC;&#x153;red line.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are options that are available to me that are on the shelf right now that

as part of the investigation into poison-tainted letters sent to Obama, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker and Lee County, Miss., Judge Sadie Holland. The affidavit said numerous documents found in Dutschkeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home had â&#x20AC;&#x153;trashmarksâ&#x20AC;? that were similar to ones on the letters sent to the officials. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Trashmarks are flaws or marks that come from dirt, scratches, or other marks on the printer. They are transferred to each piece of paper that is run through the printer,â&#x20AC;? it said.

Toddler is youngest to get lab-made windpipe By Lindsey Tanner AP Medical Writer

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA answers questions during his news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington on Tuesday. The president strongly suggested that heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d consider military action against Syria if it can be confirmed that President Bashar Assadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s government used chemical weapons in the two-year-old civil war. we have not deployed,â&#x20AC;? he told reporters packed into the White House briefing room. Beyond lethal aid to the rebels, several government agencies are also drafting plans for establishing a protective â&#x20AC;&#x153;no-fly zoneâ&#x20AC;? over Syria and for targeted missile strikes, according to officials fa-

miliar with the planning. However, the officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the internal deliberations, stressed that Obama had not yet decided to proceed on any of the plans. As Obama raised the prospect of deeper U.S.

ÂŽÄ&#x2026;Â&#x2018;Ĺ&#x153;TÄ&#x2030;Ä Ă¸ Ä&#x203A;Â&#x2018;Ĺ&#x153;Ć&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ä&#x201D;]Ć?Ĺ  Ĺ&#x153;ÄŞÄ&#x201D;Ă&#x201E; TÄŞÂťĂ&#x201E;Ä&#x201D; OĂ&#x201E;ŸĹ&#x2122;Ĺ  Ĺ Ä&#x2026;ÄŞĆ&#x; TÄŞÄ&#x203A; Ä&#x2026;ÄŞĆ&#x; Ä&#x203A;Ć?ÂŽÄ&#x2026; Ć&#x;Ă&#x201E; Â&#x2018;Ĺ&#x20AC;Ĺ&#x20AC;Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;ÂŽÄ&#x2030;Â&#x2018;ŸĂ&#x201E; Â&#x2018;Ä&#x201D;Ä&#x201D; Ä&#x2026;Ă&#x201E;Ĺ&#x153; Ä&#x2026;Â&#x2018;Ĺ&#x153;Âť Ć&#x;ÄŞĹ&#x153;Ä&#x2018;Ĺ&#x2C6;

TĪŸÄ&#x2026;Ă&#x201E;Ĺ&#x153;Ĺ&#x2122;Ĺ &Â&#x2018;ĆŁ Ĺ&#x20AC;Ä&#x2030;ŽŸĆ?Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ĺ  Ć&#x;Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x201D;Ä&#x201D;  Ă&#x201E; ŸÂ&#x2018;Ä&#x2018;Ă&#x201E;Ä  ÂťĆ?Ĺ&#x153;Ä&#x2030;Ġø  Ĺ&#x153;Ć?Ä ÂŽÄ&#x2026;Ă&#x153;

nĆ?Ä ÂťÂ&#x2018;ƣ¸ TÂ&#x2018;ĆŁ IJĆ&#x2C6;ŸÄ&#x2026; IJƏ Ĺ&#x2C6;TĹ&#x2C6; Ä&#x2021; Ăą hĹ&#x2C6;TĹ&#x2C6; ÂťĆ?Ä&#x201D;ŸŠ¸ Ă Ć&#x2C6;ĂŠĹ&#x2C6;ĥÊ¢Ä&#x2026;Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x201D;ÂťĹ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ä  øĂ&#x201E;Ĺ  ŧÄ&#x2021;IJĆ&#x2C6;¸ Ă ÄĄĹ&#x2C6;ÄĄĂŠ øĂ&#x201E;Ĺ  ĹŽ Â&#x2018;Ä Âť Ć?Ä ÂťĂ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x153;¸ <l** Â?Ă&#x201E;Ć&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ĺ&#x153;Â&#x2018;øĂ&#x201E;Ĺ  ĠĪŸ Ä&#x2030;Ä ÂŽÄ&#x201D;Ć?ÂťĂ&#x201E;Âť

Ĺ&#x153;Ä&#x2030;Ä Ă¸ ĆŁÄŞĆ?Ĺ&#x153; Ä&#x203A;ÄŞÄ&#x203A; ŸĪ sÄ&#x2026;Ă&#x201E; *Ä&#x201D;ÂťĹ&#x153;Ä&#x2030;øĂ&#x201E; Â&#x2DC; ]Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Â&#x2018;Âť BĪŸĂ&#x201E;Ä&#x201D;Ĺ  Ă&#x;ÄŞĹ&#x153;  Ĺ&#x153;Ć?Ä ÂŽÄ&#x2026; nĆ?Ä ÂťÂ&#x2018;ƣ¸ TÂ&#x2018;ĆŁ IJĆ&#x2C6;ŸÄ&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2C6;

sÄ&#x2026;Ă&#x201E; *Ä&#x201D;ÂťĹ&#x153;Ä&#x2030;øĂ&#x201E;¡ ŧƏIJ TÂ&#x2018;Ĺ Ĺ  nŸĹ&#x2C6; ¢ OÂ&#x2018;Ć&#x;Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ä ÂŽĂ&#x201E;¸ Kn ŎŎƏùù ¢ ŧĂ&#x17D;ĂŠÄ&#x2021;ŧùĥÄ&#x2021;ÊƏIJIJ ¢ Ć&#x;Ć&#x;Ć&#x;Ĺ&#x2C6;Ă&#x201E;Ä&#x201D;ÂťĹ&#x153;Ä&#x2030;øĂ&#x201E;Ä&#x2026;ĪŸĂ&#x201E;Ä&#x201D;Ĺ&#x2C6;ÂŽÄŞÄ&#x203A; sÄ&#x2026;Ă&#x201E; ]Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Â&#x2018;¡ IJĆ&#x2C6;ĆŹĆŹ ]Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Â&#x2018;Âť Ć&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2C6; ¢ OÂ&#x2018;Ć&#x;Ĺ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ä ÂŽĂ&#x201E;¸ Kn ŎŎƏùù ¢ ŧĂ&#x17D;ĂŠÄ&#x2021;Ă&#x17D;ŞƏÄ&#x2021;ŞĥĆ&#x2C6;IJ¢ Ć&#x;Ć&#x;Ć&#x;Ĺ&#x2C6;ŸÄ&#x2026;Ă&#x201E;ÄŞĹ&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Â&#x2018;ÂťĹ&#x2C6;ÂŽÄŞÄ&#x203A;

involvement, Hezbollahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leader said Tuesday that his Iranian-backed militant group stood ready to aid Syrian President Bashar Assad. And new violence in Syria hit the capital of Damascus, as a powerful bomb ripped through a bustling commercial district, killing at least 14 people.

It also describes text messages allegedly sent between two phones subscribed to Dutschkeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wife, including one on April 20 that said â&#x20AC;&#x153;get a fire goingâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re coming over to burn some things.â&#x20AC;? The FBI has not yet revealed details about how lethal the ricin was. A Senate official has said the ricin was not weaponized, meaning it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t in a form that could easily enter the body. If inhaled, ricin can cause respiratory failure, among other symptoms. No antidote exists.

CHICAGO â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A 2-yearold girl born without a windpipe now has a new one grown from her own stem cells, the youngest patient in the world to benefit from the experimental treatment. Hannah Warren has been unable to breathe, eat, drink or swallow on her own since she was born in South Korea in 2010. Until the operation at a central Illinois hospital, she had spent her entire life in a hospital in Seoul. Doctors there told her parents that there was no hope and that they expected her to die. The stem cells came from Hannahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bone marrow, extracted with a special needle inserted into her hip bone. They were seeded in a lab onto a plastic scaffold, where it took less than a week for them to multiply and create a new windpipe. About the size of a 3-inch tube of penne pasta, it was implanted April

9 in a nine-hour procedure. Early signs indicate the windpipe is working, Hannahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s doctors announced Tuesday, although she is still on a ventilator. They believe she will eventually be able to live at home and lead a normal life. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We feel like sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reborn,â&#x20AC;? said Hannahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father, Darryl Warren. Warren choked up and his wife, Lee Young-mi, was teary-eyed at a hospital news conference Tuesday. Hannah did not attend because she was still recovering from the surgery. She developed an infection after the operation but now is acting like a healthy 2-year-old, her doctors said. The surgery was performed at Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria, and an Italian surgeon who pioneered the technique was brought in for the operation. Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospital waived the cost, likely hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Â&#x161;<Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x201E;Âź Ĺ?ĂŠĂ&#x2018; ĂšÂ?Ĺ&#x201E;ÄŞ TŸğ qŸŸáĂ? Â&#x161;Ä&#x2019;Â&#x203A;Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;Äź ŸŜŸÚÄ&#x2019;ĤŸŽ TÄźÄ&#x2019;Ă&#x2013;Äź|Ä&#x192;Ă? Â&#x161;CÄ&#x2019; |ĂšÄ&#x2019;ğêŸ Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ä&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013;Ă? Â&#x161;CÄ&#x2019; ÄźĹ&#x;Ă&#x2013;Ĺ&#x201E;Ă? Â&#x161;CÄ&#x2019; TğŸÊT|Â&#x203A;á|Ă&#x2013;ŸŽ BÂź|ĂšĹ&#x201E;Ă? Â&#x161;CÄ&#x2019; ZĹ&#x2019;ğŸÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x201E; ŚŸğÂ&#x203A;ĂŞĹ&#x201E;ÂźĂ? Â&#x161;Äź|Ä&#x192;|Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞÂ&#x203A;|ÚÚź .Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ğŸ|Ĺ&#x201E;Âź tÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Äź %|Ĺ&#x2019; Ĺ&#x;ÄźÄ&#x2030;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; BÂźĹ&#x2019;|Â?Ä&#x2019;ÚêĹ&#x201E;Ä&#x192;Ă?

Ĺş 8Ĺ&#x;Úź Ă&#x201D;Ĺ&#x2019;äĪĪĪ .Ă? ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; šŸêĂ&#x2013;ä Ĺ?Ĺ?Ć&#x192;ÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞ ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ڎ Â?Âź Ĺ?Ä&#x153;Ć&#x192;Ă? .Ă? ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; šŸêĂ&#x2013;ä Ĺ?Ă&#x201D;Ć&#x192;ÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞ ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ڎ Â?Âź Ä&#x153;Ä&#x17D;Ć&#x192;Ă? .Ă? ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; šŸêĂ&#x2013;ä Ĺ?Ĺ?Ć&#x192;ÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞ ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ڎ Â?Âź Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x152;Ć&#x192;Ă? .Ă? ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; šŸêĂ&#x2013;ä Ĺ?Ć&#x192;Ć&#x192;ÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞ ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ڎ Â?Âź Ä&#x153;Ă&#x2018;Ć&#x192;Ă? .Ă? ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; šŸêĂ&#x2013;ä Ä&#x153;Ă&#x201E;Ć&#x192;ÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞÄŞ ĹşÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x; Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ڎ Â?Âź Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014;Ć&#x192;Ă?

|ÚÚ `Ä&#x2019;ÂŽ|ĹşĂ? ZĹ&#x2019;|ÄźĹ&#x2019; <Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x201E;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; `Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;ĂŞĂ&#x2013;äĹ&#x2019;Ă? > Ç&#x161;Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;ĝŠĂ&#x2019;ĆŚcĹ&#x2030;ĹŠĂ&#x2019;ħ Ć&#x2022;Ă&#x203A;ĂąÄ&#x201C;Ć&#x2022;ĆşĆ&#x2022;Ä&#x201C;Ĺ&#x2013;ÄźĂ&#x203A;Ăť >Ă&#x2019; Ç&#x161;Ĺ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2030;Âż ÄźĹ&#x2013;ĆŽÄ&#x201C;ÝùĹ&#x2013;Ä&#x201C;ĆŽĹ&#x2013;Ă&#x203A;Ĺ&#x2013; 6Ĺ&#x2020;Ă&#x2021;ģǢģĂ&#x2021;Ç?Â&#x2039;Ä´ Ć&#x2013;Ă&#x2014;Ć&#x17E;Ç?Ä´ĆśĆ&#x17E; ÄžÂ&#x2039;Ǩ ǢÂ&#x2039;Ć&#x2013;Ǩſ hĂ&#x2014;Ă&#x2014; ²Ă&#x2014;Ĺ&#x2020;ĆśĂ&#x2014;Ć&#x2013; ĂłĹ&#x201C;Ć&#x2013; Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2014;ĆśÂ&#x2039;ÄŁÄ´Ć&#x17E;Ĺż

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FDA OKs morning-after pill for girls 15 and up By Lauran Neergaard AP Medical Writer

WASHINGTON â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The government is moving the morning-after pill over the counter, but only those 15 and older can buy it â&#x20AC;&#x201D; an attempt to find middle ground just days before a court-imposed deadline to lift all age restrictions on the emergency contraceptive. Today, Plan B OneStep is sold behind pharmacy counters, and buyers must prove theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re 17 or older to buy it without a prescription or else see a doctor first. Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision by the Food

and Drug Administration lowers the age limit to 15 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and will allow the pill to sit on drugstore shelves next to condoms and spermicides or other womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health products. But customers must prove their age at the cash register. Teva Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Health, which makes Plan B, said it would begin over-thecounter sales in a few months. The question is whether Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s action settles a larger court fight. Earlier this month, U.S. District Judge Edward Korman of New York blasted the Obama administration for

imposing the age-17 limit, saying it had let electionyear politics trump science and was making it difficult for women of any age to obtain the emergency contraception in time. He ordered an end to all age restrictions by Monday for Plan B and its generic versions. The FDA said Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision was independent of the court case and wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t intended to address it. Technically, the FDA approved Tevaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s application to sell Plan B in this manner. The Justice Department remained mum on whether it planned to ap-

peal Kormanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision, and the White House had no immediate comment. The womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s group that sued over the age limits said Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s action is not enough, and it will continue the court fight if necessary. Lowering the age limit â&#x20AC;&#x153;may reduce delays for some young women, but it does nothing to address the significant barriers that far too many women of all ages will still find if they arrive at the drugstore without identification,â&#x20AC;? said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Hezbollah militants may aid Assad government By Zeina Karam Associated Press

BEIRUT â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The leader of Lebanonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hezbollah militant group said Tuesday that Syrian rebels would not be able to defeat President Bashar Assadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s regime militarily, warning that Syriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;real friends,â&#x20AC;? including his Iranianbacked militant group, were ready to intervene on the governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s side. In Damascus, a powerful bomb ripped through a bustling commercial district, killing at least 14 people and bringing Syriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s civil war to the heart of the capital for the second consecutive day. Hezbollah, a powerful Shiite Muslim group, is known to back Syrian regime fighters in Shiite villages near the Lebanon border against the mostly Sunni rebels fighting to topple Assad. The comments by Sheik Hassan Nasrallah were the strongest indication yet that his group was ready to get far more involved to rescue Assadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s embattled regime.


SYRIAN FIREFIGHTERS EXTINGUISH a fire in a burned car at the scene of an explosion in a busy district of Damascus, Syria, on Tuesday in this photo released by the Syrian official news agency, SANA. The explosion killed at least 14 people, a day after the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prime minister narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You will not be able to take Damascus by force, and you will not be able to topple the regime militarily. This is a long battle,â&#x20AC;? Nasrallah said, addressing the Syrian opposition. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Syria has real friends in the region and in the world who will not allow Syria to fall into the hands

of America or Israel.â&#x20AC;? Hezbollah and Iran are close allies of Assad. Rebels have accused them of sending fighters to assist Syrian troops trying to crush the 2-year-old antiAssad uprising, which the U.N. says has killed more than 70,000 people. Deeper and more overt

Ă&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Â&#x17E;ĂźAÄ&#x2014;ÄŤÂľAÄ&#x2014;ÂŤĂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Ä 2Ă&#x17D; Ä&#x2014;§u "uĚ¾ĝ Âľu]Ä&#x2014;ui AĚßuĂ&#x192;]u ÂŤÄ&#x2014;Äť

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Hezbollah involvement in the Syrian conflict is almost certain to threaten stability in Lebanon, which is sharply split along sectarian lines, and between supporters and opponents of Assad. It also risks drawing in Israel and Iran into a wider Middle East war.

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Arab League modifies original peace initiative By Josef Federman Associated Press

JERUSALEM â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Arab Leagueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision to sweeten its decade-old proposal offering comprehensive peace with Israel has placed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a bind and swiftly exposed fissures in his new government. Netanyahuâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s chief peace negotiator on Tuesday welcomed the modified Arab proposal, while the prime minister remained silent, reflecting the internal divisions that lie ahead as the U.S. tries to restart long-frozen peace talks with the Palestinians. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a positive announcement,â&#x20AC;? negotiator Tzipi Livni told Channel 10 TV, adding it gave â&#x20AC;&#x153;tail windâ&#x20AC;? to peace efforts. â&#x20AC;&#x153;At the end you need a direct negotiation between the Israelis and the Palestinians.â&#x20AC;? The original 2002 Arab peace initiative offered Israel peace with the entire Arab and Muslim world in exchange for a â&#x20AC;&#x153;complete withdrawalâ&#x20AC;? from territories captured in the 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians claim the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, all seized by Israel in 1967, for their future state. The initiative was revolutionary when it was introduced by Saudi Arabiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s former crown prince, King Abdullah, and endorsed by the 22-member Arab League. The 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation later endorsed the plan as well. However, it was overshadowed by fierce Israeli-Palestinian fighting at the time and greeted with skepticism by Israel. In Washington Monday, Qatari Prime Minister Sheik Hamad Bin

Jassem Al Thani tried to allay some of the Israeli concerns. Speaking on behalf of an Arab League delegation, he reiterated the need to base an agreement between Israel and a future Palestine on the 1967 lines, but for the first time, he cited the possibility of â&#x20AC;&#x153;comparable,â&#x20AC;? mutually agreed and â&#x20AC;&#x153;minorâ&#x20AC;? land swaps between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Sheik Hamad spoke after talks with Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been pushing Arab leaders to embrace a modified version of the Arab peace plan as part of a new U.S.-led effort to corral Israel and the Palestinians back into direct peace talks. The changes are meant to win Israeli support by allowing it to keep parts of the West Bank and east Jerusalem as part of an agreement. In Washington, Kerry called the changed language a â&#x20AC;&#x153;very big step forward.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is literally a statement by the Arab world that theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re prepared to make peace, providing the Palestinians and Israelis reach a final status agreement,â&#x20AC;? he told reporters Tuesday at the State Department after meeting Spainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s foreign minister. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t underestimate the significance of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Arab Emirates, the Egyptians, the Jordanians and others coming to the table and saying, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;We are prepared to make peace now in 2013,â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? he said. Still, he said much more was left to do. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have a lot of homework to do, a lot of tough hurdles to get over, but each step forward is the way you get there,â&#x20AC;? Kerry said.

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qĂ? Ä&#x17D;Ç&#x2013;Ă? Ç&#x201A;ĚŧĆ&#x2021;Ă?§Ă?½Ă?ĚƊĂ?½ Ĺ&#x2021;ŧŧĹ&#x2021;Ć&#x2021;ĆŠÇ&#x201A;ÄšÄ&#x2013;ĆŠÇ&#x153; Â&#x161;Ă?ĂŤĹ&#x2021;Ć&#x2021;Ă? Ç&#x201A;Ć&#x17D;Ų 0ĆŤ Ä&#x2DC;Ć?  ĝ Ă&#x2019;Ç&#x153;ŠÄ&#x2DC;ĆŤÄ&#x2DC;ÄťÄ&#x2026; ĆŤÄ&#x2DC;ÄłĂ&#x2019; ĆŤĹ&#x2030; Â&#x153;Ă&#x2019; ÄŠÄ&#x2DC;Ç&#x2DC;Ä&#x2DC;ÄťÄ&#x2026; Ä&#x2DC;Äť > Ç&#x161;Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;ĝŠĂ&#x2019;Âş Ç&#x17E;Ă&#x2019;ĆŤ Ç&#x161;Ă&#x2019; ÄłÇ&#x201E;Ć?ĆŤ ŠĹ&#x2030;ĝƍÄ&#x2DC;ÄťÇ&#x201E;Ă&#x2019; ĆŤĹ&#x2030; Ă­Ĺ&#x2030;ŠÇ&#x201E;Ć? Ĺ&#x2030;Äť ĆŤÄ?Ă&#x2019; Ä&#x2026;Ć&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2030;Ç&#x161;ĆŤÄ? Ĺ&#x2030;Ă­ Ĺ&#x2030;Ç&#x201E;Ć&#x2030; ÄŠĹ&#x2030;Š Ċ Ă&#x2019;ŠĹ&#x2030;ÄťĹ&#x2030;ÄłÇ&#x17E;  ĝ¿ Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;Ç&#x2DC;Ă&#x2019;Ć&#x2030;Ć?Ă&#x2019; Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;ŠĂ&#x2019;ĝƍ ÄťĂ&#x2019;Ä&#x2026; ƍÄ&#x2DC;Ç&#x2DC;Ă&#x2019; ĆŤĆ&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;ĝ¿Ć?Ĺ´ > Ç&#x161;Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;ĝŠĂ&#x2019; gÄťÄ&#x2DC;ĆŤĂ&#x2019;Âż ÄŠĹ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2030;ħĆ? Ă­Ĺ&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;Ç&#x161; Ć&#x2030;Âż ĆŤĹ&#x2030; Ć?Ç&#x201E;ĹŠĹŠĹ&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĆŤÄ&#x2DC;ÄťÄ&#x2026; Ç&#x17E;Ĺ&#x2030;Ç&#x201E;Ć&#x2030; Ă&#x2019;ĂŻĹ&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĆŤĆ? Ä&#x2DC;Äť ĹŠĆ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2030;Ç&#x2DC;Ä&#x2DC;ÂżÄ&#x2DC;ÄťÄ&#x2026; ĹŠĹ&#x2030;ÄŠÄ&#x2DC;ŠÄ&#x2DC;Ă&#x2019;Ć? Ç&#x161;Ä?Ä&#x2DC;ŠÄ? ŠĆ&#x2030;Ă&#x2019; ƍĂ&#x2019;  Ć?Ç&#x201E;Ć?ĆŤÂ Ä&#x2DC;ĝ Â&#x153;ÄŠĂ&#x2019;Âş Ç&#x2DC;Ä&#x2DC;Â&#x153;Ć&#x2030; ĝƍ  ĝ¿ Ä&#x2026;Ć&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2030;Ç&#x161;Ä&#x2DC;ÄťÄ&#x2026; Ă&#x2019;ŠĹ&#x2030;ÄťĹ&#x2030;ÄłÇ&#x17E; Ă­Ĺ&#x2030;Ć&#x2030; ĆŤÄ?Ă&#x2019; Â&#x153;Ă&#x2019;ĆŤĆŤĂ&#x2019;Ć&#x2030;ÄłĂ&#x2019;ĝƍ Ĺ&#x2030;Ă­ Â&#x153;Ĺ&#x2030;ĆŤÄ? ŠÇ&#x201E;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;ĝƍ  ĝ¿ Ă­Ç&#x201E;ĆŤÇ&#x201E;Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019; Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;Ć?Ä&#x2DC;ÂżĂ&#x2019;ĝƍĆ? Ĺ&#x2030;Ă­ > Ç&#x161;Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;ĝŠĂ&#x2019;Ĺ´ Y Ä&#x2DC;Âż Ă­Ĺ&#x2030;Ć&#x2030; Â&#x153;Ç&#x17E; > Ç&#x161;Ć&#x2030;Ă&#x2019;ĝŠĂ&#x2019; gÄťÄ&#x2DC;ĆŤĂ&#x2019;¿º  Ć?Ă&#x2019;Ç&#x17E; BĂ&#x2019;Ă&#x2019;ħº Ä? Ä&#x2DC;Ć&#x2030;ij ĝŴ

)!# ,%!%0          8 6-. - 0 -.0 ** .%0 ' 0* 4-.0 %-9 9  2 3:: )*$* 0 . '3$%0--6 #-0. 0 #  ' 0 -) 5' .3$$ 0 5 0 $- %  $  00"- 00 6- % #0- $ 0 -.0 $% 0' # $ 4-.0 05 *


 . 0 '3- 5. 0 '- !' % '3- 5"#6 $ # '- 3)'$ % )-'-$ %%'3%$%0.*




% ,. .0 $)3. 0 218 0. - 4 5-%  777*'#%-2!252*', .*/*&:: ''"07!22,

'!% '5, ,!%- ,'5)


LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Pact seeks to curb ‘tax havens’


AG issue Is it reasonable to allocate state funds to hire outside attorneys to defend the state against legal challenges that haven’t yet been launched?


he Kansas attorney general has gone to the Legislature with a large tin cup, asking for another $1.2 million to defend potential legal challenges to laws enacted this year. The attorney general is one of four constitutional officers in Kansas. The others are the governor, the lieutenant governor and the secretary of state. The constitution provides that each “shall have such qualifications as are provided by law.” Guess what? No qualifications are provided by law for the attorney general. That’s right. Although the AG is the state’s chief legal and law enforcement official, and is responsible for consumer protection, helping crime victims, defending the state in civil lawsuits, giving legal counsel to state agencies and boards, and generally making sure state government operations conform to the constitution and statutes, apparently anybody can hold the office. Attorney General Derek Schmidt is an attorney, a graduate of Georgetown University School of Law, but he apparently is concerned about the ability of his staff attorneys to handle all the work they expect to come their way, so Kansas’ chief legal official is asking $1.2 million to hire outside lawyers. No lawsuits have been filed yet challenging the laws in question. (They include a wide-ranging anti-abortion measure that says life begins “at fertilization” and a pro-gun measure that makes it a felony for a federal agent to attempt to regulate firearms, ammunition and accessories manufactured, sold and kept only in Kansas. Other potential targets are a law that will require drug-testing for some public assistance recipients and one prohibiting public employee unions from automatically deducting money from members’ paychecks to finance political activities.) The AG’s office is asking for $500,000 to defend the anti-abortion law. The office already has spent $759,000 on outside attorneys defending previously enacted abortion laws. It’s also asking for $225,000 to defend the gun law, and for $250,000 each to stand up for the paycheck deduction law and the drug-testing law. Critics of the measures noted that warnings about expensive legal challenges were raised during hearings on the legislation. If these challenges can’t be handled by the AG’s staff, perhaps at least it would be prudent to wait and seek a supplemental appropriation if and when lawsuits are filed. Maybe by then it will be clear where that money might come from. Revenue figures released last week show that the state will receive $5.454 billion in tax revenue for the fiscal year that starts July 1 — a decrease of $745 million from the estimated $6.199 billion in revenue during the current fiscal year, which ends June 30. The AG’s $1.2 million request is a relative drop in the bucket compared with the $745 million funding gap, but it’s still discouraging to see state dollars being requested to hire outside attorneys to defend legal challenges the AG’s office warned certain legislative actions would face, and perhaps fail. What’s next?

While many of us were focused on the Boston bombings, Venezuela’s dubious elections and North Korea’s war noises in recent weeks, the world’s biggest nations took a potentially historic step — they launched a system to detect secret offshore bank accounts. At an April 19 meeting in Washington, D.C., the G-20 group of nations, the club of the world’s largest economies, announced an agreement to start an “automatic exchange” of information on bank accounts of people who may be evading taxes or trying to hide dirty money abroad. At the same time, the G-20 agreed to put new pressure on tax havens to lift their bank secrecy laws. The G-20 cited 14 nations, including Switzerland, Panama, Guatemala and Trinidad and Tobago, as countries that don’t meet international standards of tax information exchange. Some money laundering experts say that the G-20 agreement could also help prevent government corruption scandals, such as the recent reports that Argentina’s late President Nestor Kirchner’s aides may have deposited more than $65 million in foreign tax havens. “There are a lot of corrupt politicians around the world who are nervous about the discovery of their hidden accounts, and they have reason to be concerned,” says Charles Intriago, head of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists. “This may be the beginning of the end of bank secrecy havens.”

Andres Oppenheimer

The G-20 agreement is a step forward, but it’s mostly a statement of good intentions. I read some parts of it, and it has more holes than a Swiss cheese (no pun intended).” According to Intriago, the G-20 agreement has a good chance of succeeding because the United States and European governments, which make up the core of the G-20, are financially strapped and desperately need to increase their tax collections. That means they will likely go after their tax evaders with unprecedented zeal, he says. The G-20 deal, prompted by an ongoing campaign against tax havens by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, came only six days after France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom announced they would sign an agreement to identify tax evasion within and outside their borders. The European agreement, in turn, follows the steps of




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W.C. Simons (1871-1952); Publisher, 1891-1944 Dolph Simons Sr. (1904-1989) Publisher, 1944-1962; Editor, 1950-1979

Dolph C. Simons Jr., Editor Mark Potts, Vice President of Content Ed Ciambrone, Production Manager Susan Cantrell, Vice President Mike Countryman, Director of of Sales and Marketing, Media Division


Ann Gardner, Editorial Page Editor

THE WORLD COMPANY Dolph C. Simons Jr., Chairman

Dolph C. Simons III,

Dan C. Simons, President,

President, Newspapers Division

Electronics Division

Suzanne Schlicht, Chief Operating Officer Ralph Gage, Director, Special Projects

tax evaders and corrupt politicians, the proposed global cooperation could hurt legitimate business people who deposit their savings abroad to protect themselves against repressive governments or economic instability. It’s hard to blame Argentines for putting their money in offshore accounts, when their bank deposits were seized by the government in 2001. And it’s hard to blame Venezuelans for sending their money abroad when the government is selectively punishing the opposition and confiscating companies at its whim, they say. My opinion: The G-20 agreement is a step forward, but it’s mostly a statement of good intentions. I read some parts of it, and it has more holes than a Swiss cheese (no pun intended). It says the G-20 countries will urge countries to automatically exchange tax information with their treaty partners “as appropriate” and “taking into account country-specific characteristics.” That leaves a lot of room for maneuvering. Still, the G-20 move starts a new process that will eventually make it harder for people to hide money offshore. It’s an issue that is not making headlines, but should. It deserves a much greater public discussion, both to ensure the protection of legitimate depositors who live in unstable countries and to advance the fight against tax evaders and corrupt politicians who hide their money abroad. — Andres Oppenheimer is a Latin America correspondent for the Miami Herald.



From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 1, 1913: YEARS “Got your straw AGO hat yet? Today IN 1913 was the official date for bringing out the straw head-gear and to be in the swim you must get yours right away. There have been occasional straws sighted on the horizon for a couple of weeks but they were crowding the season. It isn’t straw hat time until the first of May. Mayor Bond this morning officially declared the season open …” — Compiled by Sarah St. John

Read more Old Home Town at history/old_home_town.

Human capacity for violence not new By Linda P. Campbell Fort Worth Star-Telegram


a 2010 U.S. law — the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) — that requires foreign banks to report accounts of U.S. residents starting on Jan. 1, 2014. U.S. officials say that, for the time being, Washington will only exchange information with countries with which it has signed treaties to that effect, such as Mexico. It will not exchange tax data with countries such as Argentina or Venezuela that either have not signed tax treaties with Washington, or that are known to use tax information for political motives. According to the Tax Justice Network, a British-based non-government group, there is more than $9.4 trillion deposited in tax havens around the world, including $1.1 trillion from wealthy Chinese, $520 billion from Brazilians, $417 billion from Mexicans, $406 billion from Venezuelans and $399 billion from Argentines. In some cases, such as Venezuela’s, deposits in tax havens exceed the country’s gross domestic product. Asked about the G-20 agreement, Moises Cohen, a Panamanian banker and former head of Panama’s Bankers Association, told me that Panama is not a tax haven, because tax havens by definition do not tax deposits. Panama does. And Panama is taking concrete steps that will soon get it off the list of countries that don’t meet international standards of tax information exchanges, he added. Other bankers caution that, while the G-20 moves may help trace the funds of

Who would do such a thing? How could anyone so callously bomb innocent people? Why? Those questions have reverberated for the last two weeks. They reached a peak over the weekend after law officers apprehended one of the brothers who are suspected of placing two pressure cooker-stuffed knapsacks near the Boston Marathon finish line, causing explosions that killed three people, maimed many others, threw the city into chaos and sent ripples of fear across New England and beyond. The questions are natural as people try to comprehend incomprehensible acts. But we shouldn’t imagine this is unprecedented. Domestic terrorism is a shameful part of our nation’s history. On a brilliantly sunny Saturday morning, I stood across from a place where such a thing happened — almost 50 years ago. The bomb that exploded Sept. 15, 1963, in the basement of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in downtown Birmingham, Ala., killed four girls. The dynamite bundle placed under the ladies’ restroom took the lives of Denise McNair, who was 11, and a trio of 14-year-olds: Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley. Unsuspecting churchgoers weren’t even safe from the Ku Klux Klan while in their church restroom. Incomprehensible. Just as unfathomable was the time it took to hold those who committed

this heinous crime responsible for their hateful actions. Robert Chambliss was convicted in 1977, Thomas Blanton Jr. in 2001 and Bobby Frank Cherry in 2002. Birmingham has changed, but it hasn’t forgotten. Nor should it. Catty-corner to the church, Kelly Ingram Park peacefully invites visitors, though it holds a wealth of sobering history lessons. As Boy Scouts from Center Point, Ala., who are working on their history merit badges walked Domestic up to a statue of the terrorism is Rev. Martin Luther Jr., a voice rang a shameful King out, “It’s Martin. Hey, part of our Martin.” It was 50 years ago, nation’s on Good Friday, that history.” King, who had come to support local residents’ efforts at racial integration, was arrested for parading without a permit. That April 16, he wrote his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” he wrote. And this: “When you go forever fighting a degenerating sense of ‘nobodiness’ — then you will understand why we find it difficult to wait.” That May, public safety Commissioner Bull Connor had his officers arrest thousands of children who marched in the park. They just wanted their rights as Americans. Police dogs and fire hoses were aimed at peaceful protesters. A stark reminder today: One pathway in the park runs between stone walls

with sculptures of barking dogs jutting out as though lunging at passers-by. Air Force Junior ROTC cadets from West Lowndes High School in Columbus, Miss., were visiting as part of their study of the Civil Rights Act. Sophomore Bra’Tavious Reed told me she was taken by seeing what “people actually went through so we can have the freedom to do the things that we do today.” Her fellow student Courtney Gillespie, also a 16-year-old sophomore, said some of her peers don’t really understand the past. “Coming here helped me appreciate it more,” she said. At the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, an absorbing museum across from the church and park, an exhibit recounts that the city once was known as “Bombingham” because of the dozens of bombings of homes and churches from the late 1940s into the mid-60s that were clearly intended to discourage black residents from working for equal rights. Recalling that history doesn’t help much to explain what might have motivated the Boston bombers or how they could have attacked innocents. But it is a reminder that the human capacity for violence is neither new nor limited to those we might perceive as being “other.” The human capacity for good is greater, though, and our freedom depends on us continually working to make sure it prevails. — Linda P. Campbell is a columnist and editorial writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Her email address is







































Wednesday, May 1, 2013









Wednesday, May 1, 2013








Some rain and a thunderstorm

Breezy and much colder with rain

A rain and snow shower possible

Cloudy, a little rain; cool

Cool with clouds and sun

High 70° Low 40° POP: 55%

High 40° Low 35° POP: 75%

High 42° Low 39° POP: 30%

High 56° Low 45° POP: 55%

High 64° Low 45° POP: 25%

Wind NNE 12-25 mph

Wind N 12-25 mph

Wind N 10-20 mph

Wind N 8-16 mph

Wind N 6-12 mph

POP: Probability of Precipitation

Kearney 41/31

McCook 37/30

Lincoln 47/34

Grand Island 45/32

Oberlin 40/31

Clarinda 55/38

Beatrice 49/36

St. Joseph 65/39 Chillicothe 70/42

Sabetha 54/37

Concordia 49/33

Centerville 65/39

Kansas City Marshall Manhattan 72/41 76/45 Salina 59/39 Oakley Kansas City Topeka 56/36 41/31 64/38 Lawrence 69/40 Sedalia 70/40 Emporia Great Bend 78/46 67/37 52/32 Nevada Dodge City Chanute 79/46 49/30 Hutchinson 76/41 Garden City 60/36 48/30 Springfield Wichita Pratt Liberal Coffeyville Joplin 80/53 66/38 58/33 52/33 81/46 79/44 Hays Russell 46/30 49/32

Goodland 35/29

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.


Through 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Temperature High/low Normal high/low today Record high today Record low today

84°/67° 70°/49° 90° in 1959 29° in 1997

Precipitation in inches 24 hours through 8 p.m. yest. Month to date Normal month to date Year to date Normal year to date

0.00 3.66 4.06 8.05 9.11


Today Thu. Today Thu. Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Atchison 65 40 r 44 35 sn Independence 78 43 pc 45 34 r Fort Riley 59 40 r 43 35 sn Belton 74 40 c 40 35 r Olathe 70 40 t 41 35 r Burlington 70 39 t 40 33 r Osage Beach 80 51 pc 56 45 r Coffeyville 79 44 pc 47 34 r 67 38 r 43 33 r Concordia 49 33 r 40 31 sn Osage City Ottawa 70 40 t 41 34 r Dodge City 49 30 r 47 27 c 66 38 r 45 34 sn Holton 62 38 r 45 33 sn Wichita Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.


SUN & MOON Today 6:23 a.m. 8:14 p.m. 1:25 a.m. 12:03 p.m.



May 2

May 9

Thu. 6:22 a.m. 8:14 p.m. 2:06 a.m. 1:10 p.m.



May 17 May 24


As of 7 a.m. Tuesday Lake

Clinton Perry Pomona

Level (ft)

Discharge (cfs)

871.85 888.67 970.50

21 25 15

Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for today.

Fronts Cold


Today Cities Hi Lo W Acapulco 88 68 pc Amsterdam 60 42 s Athens 85 64 s Baghdad 88 67 c Bangkok 98 80 t Beijing 79 50 s Berlin 63 46 pc Brussels 61 47 c Buenos Aires 72 57 t Cairo 95 66 s Calgary 46 32 pc Dublin 55 40 pc Geneva 69 47 sh Hong Kong 79 70 c Jerusalem 86 63 s Kabul 70 44 s London 62 40 s Madrid 62 42 sh Mexico City 84 52 pc Montreal 74 58 pc Moscow 57 38 sh New Delhi 102 75 pc Oslo 53 32 c Paris 60 45 r Rio de Janeiro 83 71 s Rome 79 58 pc Seoul 61 45 pc Singapore 90 80 t Stockholm 56 39 s Sydney 77 57 pc Tokyo 64 50 c Toronto 70 48 pc Vancouver 58 44 pc Vienna 75 56 pc Warsaw 58 41 pc Winnipeg 40 23 pc

Hi 88 57 85 79 100 77 63 56 73 93 62 56 66 77 81 75 59 70 84 74 61 102 54 62 83 67 63 90 54 70 63 71 63 78 65 43

Thu. Lo W 69 pc 45 c 63 s 67 r 80 s 50 s 45 pc 46 sh 59 pc 66 s 40 s 46 sh 46 sh 72 sh 61 s 46 s 39 pc 45 pc 53 t 52 pc 41 s 75 pc 31 s 47 c 71 s 53 sh 45 pc 79 t 36 s 55 sh 50 pc 46 pc 44 pc 63 t 52 sh 28 pc

Warm Stationary

Showers T-storms





WEATHER HISTORY On May 1, 1883, a storm tide swept over Cape Lookout, drowning sheep and cattle.


9 PM



What animal is usually mounted on a weather vane?








10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30




62 NUMB3RS h



4 American Idol Finalists perform for the judges. FOX 4 at 9 PM (N)



5 Survivor: Caramoan Criminal Minds (N)


Late Show Letterman Insider




The Voice h


) 9 D KTWU 11 A Q 12 B ` 13 A


NUMB3RS “Burn Rate” News

NOVA (N) h

41 38





Inside Ed. Raymond Raymond Scrubs

CSI: Crime Scene

Secrets of the Dead (N) Globe Trekker


Charlie Rose (N) h

NOVA (N) h

Secrets of the Dead (N) BBC World Business Charlie Rose (N) h

Mod Fam How-Live Nashville (N) h

The Middle Family

Mod Fam How-Live Nashville (N) h

Law & Order: SVU 41 The Voice h 38 ThisMinute ThisMinute The Doctors h

29 Arrow (N) h

Access H.

Chicago Fire (N) h

9 The Middle Family Nature (N) h


Law & Order: SVU

Survivor: Caramoan Criminal Minds (N)

I 14 KMCI 15


19 Nature (N) h

CSI: Crime Scene

Chicago Fire (N) h


Tonight Show w/Leno J. Fallon


Two Men Big Bang J. Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel Live (N) Nightline


Late Show Letterman Ferguson


Tonight Show w/Leno J. Fallon

’70s Show ’70s Show How I Met How I Met Family Guy South Park

Supernatural (N) h News


The Office The Office 30 Rock


WWE Main Event (N) ›› National Security (2003) Martin Lawrence. ›››› One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Cable Channels KNO6



1 on 1

6 News


The Drive Pets

WGN-A 16 307 239 Rules




WGN News at Nine (N) Funniest Home Videos Rules



USD497 26

›‡ Gangland (1987) Scott Glenn.

Tower Cam/Weather Rules

››‡ Out of Time

School Board Information

ESPN 33 206 140 aMLB Baseball Teams TBA. (Live) h CrossFit

Not Late

City Bulletin Board, Commission Meetings

School Board Information CrossFit

6 News

› Final Encounter (2000) Dean Cain.

City Bulletin Board, Commission Meetings

ESPN2 34 209 144 CrossFit

Baseball Tonight (N) SportsCenter (N)


2012 CrossFit Games NFL Live h

SportsCenter (N) Baseball Tonight (N)

aMLB Baseball Tampa Bay Rays at Kansas City Royals. (Live) h Royals Lve UFC World Poker Tour kNHL Hockey Conference Quarterfinal: Teams TBA. NHL Live FNC 39 360 205 The O’Reilly Factor (N) Hannity (N) h Greta Van Susteren The O’Reilly Factor Hannity h CNBC 40 355 208 The Car Chasers Celebrity Apprentice Treasure Detectives Mad Money h American Greed FSM

36 672

NBCSN 38 603 151 kNHL Hockey

MSNBC 41 356 209 All In With Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word CNN TNT USA A&E

45 245 138 dNBA Basketball

47 265 118 Duck Dynasty h

TRUTV 48 246 204 Repo AMC TBS

All In With Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow Show

44 202 200 Anderson Cooper 360 Piers Morgan Live (N) Anderson Cooper 360 Erin Burnett OutFront Piers Morgan Live 46 242 105 NCIS h



dNBA Basketball First Round: Teams TBA. (N) Psych (N) h NCIS “Recruited”

Duck D.

Duck D.

Duck D.

Duck D.

Duck D.

Duck D.

Duck Dynasty h





Bait Car

Bait Car


50 254 130 ›››‡ The Breakfast Club (1985) h Emilio Estevez.

››‡ Sixteen Candles (1984) 51 247 139 Family Guy Family Guy Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) h

BRAVO 52 237 129 Housewives/OC

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9 PM

May 1, 2013 9:30

10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30

Cable Channels cont’d

3 5

Lawrence Public Library weekly teen programs: T))! Z"!) C,X), 7*KOP6 /.(. F3+9,E, T))! T'2"3+!@, P*= /.(. S'!9,Ea G,(+!@ W+2I 2I) P3", POP6 /.(. T')09,E, ETb'+0+2) C"3/0) P")(, 2I3"'@I"'2 A/3+-a F66 N)B H,(/0I+3) S2. Library Storytimes, F66 N)B H,(/0I+3) S2.O Books and Babies Storytime, UOP6 ,.(. ,!9 46OP6 ,.(. W)9!)09,Ea Toddler Storytime, 46OP6 ,.(. M"!9,E, 46OP6 ,.(. TI'309,Ea Library Storytime, POP6 /.(. S'!9,E, 46OP6 ,.(. T')09,E, F /.(. TI'309,E, 46OP6 ,.(. F3+9,E. Lawrence Public Library senior programs: SY+--D'+-9)30, 46*44O7= ,.(. TI'309,E, G,39)! R""( ,2 D3'3E P-,&), 4=46 S2. A!93)B0 D3+;). Lumberyard Arts Center: “The Way We Worked,” , 23,;)-+!@ )TI+D+2 DE 2I) S(+2I0"!+,! I!02+2'2+"!, U ,.(.*7 /.(. M"!9,E 2I3"'@I S,2'3* 9,E /-'0 K*> /.(. F3+9,E, !""!*= /.(. S'!9,E, 2I3"'@I M,E =, F4> H+@I S2., B,-9B+! C+2E.

MORE THAN 40 VOLUNTEERS from Kansas University volunteered at the Salvation Army on April 13 for The Big Event. Barry Watts submitted the photo. Email your photos to or mail them to Friends & Neighbors, P.O. Box 888, Lawrence, KS 66044.


Network Channels M




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S/)!&)3 M'0)'( "X A32 A'9+2"3+'(, 4P64 M+00+0* 0+//+ S2. The Open Tap, 9+0&'0* 0+"! "X , 0)-)&2)9 3)-+@+"! 2"/+&, =OP6*F /.(., H)!* 3E’0, 44 E. E+@I2I S2., X3)). “Do the Math” film screening, =OP6 /.(., W""93'XX A'9+2"3+'(, K,!* 0,0 U!+"!, 4P64 J,EI,BY B-;9., X3)). Peace Corps Coffee Chat, F*U /.(., H)!3E’0 "! E+@I2I, 44 E. E+@I2I S2. Junkyard Jazz Band, F /.(., A()3+&,! L)@+"!, P76> W. S+T2I S2. On My Own - Tips for First Time Renters, F /.(., L,B3)!&) H+@I S&I""-, 4U64 L"'+0+,!, S2. Free English as a Second Language class, F*> /.(., P-E("'2I C"!* @3)@,2+"!,- CI'3&I, U5= V)3("!2 S2. 2 THURSDAY Affordable community Red Dog’s Dog Days Spanish class, F*> /.(., workout, K ,.(., A--)! P-E("'2I C"!@3)@,2+"!,F+)-9I"'0), )!2)3 "! CI'3&I, U5= V)3("!2 S2. 0"'2I),02 0+9), X3)). 2013 Dole Lecture: Story Time for PreBrig. Gen. Carl Reddel schoolers, 46*46OP6 ,.(., (Ret.), “Ike’s Legacy,” P3,+3+) P,3Y N,2'3) C)!2)3, FOP6 /.(., D"-) I!02+2'2), 5FP6 H,3/)3 S2. 5P=6 P)2)X+0I D3+;). Fort Leavenworth KU School of Music Series, topics on World Symphonic Band ConWar II: ZH"B 2I) R)9 cert, FOP6*U /.(., L+)9 A3(E D)X),2)9 G)3(,!EO C)!2)3, 4K66 S2)B,32 A;). TI) TI3)) A-+D+0,\ P /.(. Staged Reading: D"-) I!02+2'2), 5P=6 P)2)* Mamet’s “Oleanna,” X+0I D3+;). FOP6*U /.(., A+())’0 C"X* Cottin’s Hardware X)) H"'0), 465= M,00,* Farmers’ Market, 7*KOP6 &I'0)220 S2. /.(., "'20+9) 02"3) ,2 4>P5 Chris Grubb MemoM,00,&I'0)220 S2. rial Jazz Concert, FOP6 Documentary Screen/.(., R+&) A'9+2"3+'(, 767 ing: “Desert of ForE+@I2I S2., B,-9B+! C+2E. bidden Art,” =*> /.(.,

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HIGH SCHOOLS: LHS baseball wins big; FSHS softball loses big. 3B


MOOSE ON THE LOOSE Mike Moustakas shrugged off his hitting slump with a homer in the Royals’ 8-2 win on Tuesday. Page 5B


LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD OWednesday, May 1, 2013

FSHS baseball wins Sunflower League title outright By Matt Tait

OLATHE — For nearly five innings Tuesday night, it looked as if one unearned run Olathe North scored in the fourth inning off of a couple of Free State High miscues might be enough to determine the outcome. But two innings, five runs and countless clutch hits later, the Firebirds had clinched their eighth Sunflower League title with a 5-3 victory over the Eagles.

“I’ve always said that I think the most difficult thing to do year in and year out is to win the Sunflower League championship,” Free State High coach Mike Hill said. “At regionals, you have to get hot for one day. At state, you have to get hot for two days. But to win this thing, you’ve gotta be on for 11 games because there are no easy ones in this league.” That last part certainly held true Tuesday, when FSHS moved to 15-1 overall and 10-0 in league play

with just one league game remaining. For the first few innings, Free State’s bats were quiet and its defense a step slow, which allowed O-North to take a 1-0 lead thanks to a passed ball and a throwing error by Free State catcher Lee McMahon. However, just a half-inning after falling behind on the scoreboard, it seemed evident that the defensive miscues may have been what woke up the Free State offense.

One day after blasting two home runs in a home victory, junior Joe Dineen tied the game with an RBI single that barely had enough on it to get through the left side of the infield. The hit brought home Cameron Pope, who had walked to lead off the inning. In the top of the sixth, the Firebirds added three more runs thanks to three straight hits from Sam Hearnen, Pope and Anthony Miele and a clutch two-RBI single from sophomore Joel Spain.

“With runners in scoring ... to win position, you’ve gotta put the this thing, ball in play somehow,” Spain said. “That was the most im- you’ve gotportant thing.” ta be on for Spain did just that, lacing a 11 games shot past the glove of Olathe North’s third baseman to because push the Firebirds’ lead to there are 4-1. no easy North answered with two runs in the sixth to keep ones in this things tight until the end, league.” but Free State added an insurance run off the bat of — FSHS baseball coach Mike Hill Please see FSHS, page 3B


Extra special Rich Pedroncelli/AP File Photo

SACRAMENTO KINGS CENTER COLE ALDRICH GOES TO THE BASKET against the Charlotte Bobcats in this file photo from March 3 in Sacramento, Calif. Aldrich, a former Kansas University basketball player who left for the NBA after his junior season, will return and graduate from KU this month.

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

THE KANSAS UNIVERSITY BASEBALL TEAM MOBS TEAMMATE DAKOTA SMITH after Smith’s 11th-inning single drove in teammate Michael Suiter for the win against Wichita State, Tuesday at Hoglund Ballpark.

KU outlasts Wichita State in 11 squirrelly innings By Tom Keegan

A baseball game pitting nonconference rivals Wichita State and Kansas University started under a sky more blue than the sounds bleeding from Lonnie Ray’s guitar on the other side of town and offered a little bit of everything Tuesday night at Hoglund Ballpark — everything except runs for the first 10 innings. KU’s 1-0, 11-inning victory had no shortage of memorable moments, including: Q An opposing base runner receiving an ovation after he scooped a squirrel into his batting helmet near second base. Q An Alex DeLeon grand slam that turned into a foul ball after the umpires conferred. Q Former Lawrence High superstar Albert Minnis returning home to toss 4-1/3 nohit innings. Q Ex-KU basketball star Sherron Collins signing autographs in the stands. Q A number of web gems from Kansas infielders determined to make sure their pitchers’ strong work wasn’t wasted. The only defensive flaw from a Jayhawk occurred when time had been called to address a rather unusual emergency. A squirrel so ignorant as to the rules of baseball it ran the

Tom Keegan/Journal-World Photo

KANSAS’ DAKOTA SMITH GOT THE WIN and a face full of shaving cream on Tuesday at Hoglund Ballpark. bases in the wrong direction, sprinting from third to second base, forced an interruption in play. At that point, Kansas shortstop Kevin Kuntz and Wichita State catcher Tyler Baker became part of the same team. To the delight of the crowd, Kuntz and Baker vs. the squirrel became a game within the game. Kuntz took his cap off and half-heartedly tried to coax the rodent into it. He failed. Baker, who caught 10-plus innings, the first 10 of the shutout variety, did his best defensive work not with his impressive mitt, rather Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo with his batting helmet in the fourth inning. He scooped KANSAS SHORTSTOP KEVIN KUNTZ, LEFT, AND WICHITA buck-toothed furry fella into STATE RUNNER TYLER BAKER get after a runaway squirrel his batting helmet, jogged off that made it on the field during the fourth inning, Tuesday at Hoglund Ballpark. Baker was able to scoop up the squirrel Please see KANSAS, page 3B with his helmet and deposit it safely outside the stadium.

Aldrich to return for KU degree By Gary Bedore

Cole Aldrich didn’t nap, watch movies or work on his financial portfolio on NBA charter flights during the 2012-13 season. The former Kansas University center, who left college after his junior year about 20 hours short of fulfilling requirements for a degree in communication studies, spent those captive hours with his nose in books — KU textbooks. “I can tell you, when we were on the plane from San Antonio going to Houston (on season-ending road trip), I was not too excited. I was writing papers, reading, doing all that stuff,” said the 6-foot-11, 240-pound Sacramento Kings pivot, proud to report on Tuesday that his persistence has paid off. College basketball’s 2010 Academic All-American of the Year will graduate on May 19 and walk down the hill in KU Commencement ceremonies at Memorial Stadium. “(On last road trip) I sat by Jimmer on the plane. He is doing a little bit of class right now, too,” Aldrich said of former BYU standout Jimmer Fredette. “He was like, ‘I don’t know how you’re doing it.’ It was just one of those things I just wanted to get done with and not have to worry about doing homework again. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Aldrich added of graduating college. “It’s something I can be proud of the rest of my life.” Please see ALDRICH, page 6B

Sports 2






KANSAS UNIVERSITY TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Softball vs. Wichita State, 6 p.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Baseball vs. Baker, 6 p.m.

Collins will be looking for NBA team The Associated Press

The coming-out part is over. Now Jason Collins needs a job. Collinsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; stunning announcement that he was a gay athlete in a major sport won overwhelming support from other players, coaches and executives â&#x20AC;&#x201D; even a phone call from the president. But it also came after the season ended for the 7-foot center and his Washington Wizards.

The 34-year-old journeyman becomes a free agent on July 1 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; meaning that he will first have to sign with an NBA team and wait until next season to see if teammates, coaches, opponents and fans will treat him any differently. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think the real response will be once he gets a job,â&#x20AC;? said Brooklyn Nets veteran Jerry Stackhouse, who has called Collins a friend for years. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not like heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s under con-

Acceptance may remain an issue

tract next year and guaranteed to go back to a team. I think once that happens, then public opinion or whatever or playersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; opinion will start to loom a little larger then. But right now weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got the summer to kind of digest what has happened, and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m pulling for him.â&#x20AC;? Perhaps only when he starts seeing offers from teams will he get an idea of what coming out will mean for his career. He only played in 38 games last sea-


TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Baseball doubleheader vs. Blue Valley North, Pembroke Hill, 4 p.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Softball vs. Shawnee Mission East, 4 p.m. THURSDAY â&#x20AC;˘ Boys golf at Olathe Invitational, 1 p.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Girls soccer at Lawrence, 7 p.m.

son â&#x20AC;&#x201D; his 12th year in the NBA â&#x20AC;&#x201D; with averages of 1.1 points, 1.6 rebounds and 10.1 minutes per game for Boston and Washington. He may not be an All-Star, but he has built a career by being a big, smart, physical player who can come off the bench and help defend some of the few remaining dominant centers the league like the Lakersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Dwight Howard, Brooklynâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Brook Lopez and Marc Gasol of Memphis.

LAWRENCE HIGH TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Baseball vs. SM North, 5:30 p.m. THURSDAY â&#x20AC;˘ Boys golf at Olathe Invitational, 1 p.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Girls soccer vs. Free State, 7 p.m. â&#x20AC;˘ Softball vs. SM North, 4:15 p.m.



TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Girls swimming at Topeka, 4 p.m.


By Mike Bianchi

TODAY â&#x20AC;˘ Tampa Bay, 7:10 p.m. THURSDAY â&#x20AC;˘ Tampa Bay, 1:10 p.m.

The Orlando Sentinel

Jason Collins did the right thing. He did the courageous thing. And he should be applauded and accepted for what he did this week. But do not for a second believe that the uniform message of approval flooding in about Collins being the first openly gay active player in a major American team sports is the same sort of message being espoused in locker rooms around American sports. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Proud of (Jason Collins),â&#x20AC;? Kobe Bryant tweeted Monday when Collins came out of the closet and admitted to being gay. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t suffocate who (you are) because of the ignorance of others. #Courage. #Support. ...â&#x20AC;? Yes, this is the same Kobe Bryant who two years ago got caught on camera using a despicable homophobic slur when complaining about a referee; the same homophobic slur that is often heard in locker rooms throughout professional sports. In other words, politically correct pro athletes may say one thing for public consumption and something entirely different when they are behind the closed doors of their rude, crude, testosterone-charged locker rooms. Granted, Collins coming out of the closet isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t exactly Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s certainly more significant than some people are acknowledging. We may be in 2013 when the President of the United States has come out in favor of same-sex marriage, but NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball locker rooms arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t exactly the most enlightened sanctuaries in the country. If you think homophobia isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t an issue among young, macho professional athletes, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re delusional. Count Orlando Predators coach Doug Plank, who has played and coached in the NFL, as one who is concerned about how a gay player will be accepted inside a pro sports locker room â&#x20AC;&#x201D; particularly in football. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everybody tries to be politically correct . . . especially people who operate in business and other public occupations,â&#x20AC;? Plank told me several days ago. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But you get inside an NFL locker room, I tell you what, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s something else. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a jungle in there. ... Last time I was in an NFL locker room, changing clothes every day and getting ready to go out to practice, I just think that would be a very, very tough environment for someone to come forward and say they have different sexual orientation.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve certainly seen so much more acceptance (outside the locker room),â&#x20AC;? Plank said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s almost normal now. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a big issue. But there are still those last bastions that are left, and sports are one of them. You get into a locker room with these types of individuals that are very, very driven and very physical, and I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still an issue.â&#x20AC;? The question now is this: Will any NBA team have the guts to sign Jason Collins? Or will his ground-breaking announcement also turn out to be a career-ending one?





Washington v. Atlanta 6 p.m. ESPN 33, 233 Tampa Bay v. Kansas City 7 p.m. FSN 36, 236

Stephen Morton/AP File Photo


PGA Tour drops doping case against Singh CHARLOTTE, N.C. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The PGA Tour dropped its doping case against Vijay Singh on Tuesday based on new information from the World AntiDoping Agency, which said using deer antler spray is no longer prohibited because it contains such small amounts of a growth hormone factor. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The bottom line is that given the change by WADA, we are dropping the case against Mr. Singh,â&#x20AC;? PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said Tuesday. Finchem said Singhâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s appeal of the sanctions was almost over when WADA, which had warned about the spray in February, told the tour Friday it no longer considers the use of deer antler spray to be prohibited except for a positive test result. WADA sent the tour a written statement Tuesday, indicating that the spray is known to contain small amounts of IGF-1. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Based on this new information, and given WADAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lead role in interpreting the prohibited list, the tour deemed it only fair to no longer treat Mr. Singhâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s use of deer antler spray as a violation of the tourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s anti-doping program,â&#x20AC;? Finchem said, reading from a statement. The decision ends a three-month saga that had players wondering what would happen to Singh, a 50-year-old Fijian with three major championships who is famous for the endless hours he spends on the practice range. Singh said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he paid $9,000 last November for deer antler spray, hologram chips and other products from Sports With Alternatives To Steroids. The spray was said to contain IGF-1, an insulin-like growth hormone that is on the list of banned substances under the tourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s anti-doping policy. The tour said Singh provided a sample of the spray, and tests at a UCLA laboratory confirmed the presence of IGF-1. Even though Singh never tested positive for the banned substance, the tourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s policy says that admitting to use of such a substance is a violation, positive test or not. The tour penalized Singh on Feb. 19 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tuesday of the Match Play Championship, for which Singh was not eligible â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and Singh appealed a week later.


NASCAR drivers hit 214 mph INDIANAPOLIS â&#x20AC;&#x201D; NASCAR had the perfect combination for the start of Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tire test in Indianapolis. Cool track, new tires, long straightaways and cars with grip. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get any better than that , and they

arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t likely go much faster than this, either. After Mark Martin wrote on Twitter that he had hit 212 mph in the backstretch during the morning session, a disbelieving Jeff Gordon walked over to his team to see what it had recorded. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They said 214 and I said, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;My gosh, it really is fast,â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? Gordon said. To put the speeds in perspective, Denny Hamlin won last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Brickyard 400 pole with a fast lap of 182.293 mph. Gordon said all the cars Tuesday were faster.

Crew members suspended CHARLOTTE, N.C. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; NASCAR has suspended the two Richard Childress Racing crew members arrested for fighting with Nelson Piquet Jr. at Richmond. Thomas Costello and Michael Searce were both suspended for four Nationwide Series races and fined $15,000 each Tuesday. They were also placed on probation until the end of the year for the altercation in the motorhome lot after Friday nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s race. Henrico County police charged Searce with two counts of misdemeanor assault, and Costello with one count of misdemeanor assault.


Jaguarsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Blackmon suspended JACKSONVILLE, FLA. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The NFL has suspended Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon for the first four games of the 2013 regular season for a violation of the leagueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s substance abuse policies. The league said Tuesday that Blackmon may participate in the preseason and will be eligible to return to the active roster on Sept. 30, the day after the Jaguars play Indianapolis. Blackmon was a first-round draft choice in 2012 out of Oklahoma State.

Tebow clears waivers NEW YORK â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tim Tebow has cleared waivers a day after being let go by the New York Jets, making the quarterback a free agent whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s allowed to sign with any NFL team. Tebow was waived Monday after an unproductive season with the Jets, leaving his NFL future uncertain. It was expected he would clear waivers since a team would have had to pick up the remainder of Tebowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contract, about $1.9 million over the next two seasons. The Jets must still pay the Broncos, from whom they acquired Tebow in March 2012, $1.53 million as a result of the trade agreement.

LATEST LINE MLB Favorite .................. Odds ................. Underdog National League NY Mets ....................... 5 1/2-6 1/2............................ MIAMI MILWAUKEE ................ 6 1/2-7 1/2 ................... Pittsburgh ST. LOUIS ....................... Even-6 ....................... Cincinnati ATLANTA ........................ Even-6 ................... Washington San Diego ...................... Even-6 ............. CHICAGO CUBS San Francisco .............. Even-6 ......................... ARIZONA LA DODGERS .............. 6 1/2-7 1/2 ...................... Colorado American League DETROIT ............................. 11-12......................... Minnesota OAKLAND ....................... Even-6 ....................... LA Angels NY YANKEES ....................10-11............................. Houston Boston ......................... 6 1/2-7 1/2 ..................... TORONTO

TEXAS .............................. Even-6 ................ Chi White Sox Tampa Bay .............Even-6 ......... KANSAS CITY Baltimore ................... 5 1/2-6 1/2....................... SEATTLE Interleague Philadelphia .....................7-8........................ CLEVELAND NBA PLAYOFFS Favorite ............ Points (O/U) ........... Underdog Best of Seven Series First Round New York leads series 3-1 NEW YORK ......................8 (181).............................. Boston Series is tied at 2-2 INDIANA ...........................7 (188) ............................ Atlanta Oklahoma City leads series 3-1 OKLAHOMA CITY .......8 1/2 (208) ...................... Houston

Thursday Chicago leads series 3-2 CHICAGO ..........................2 (184) ......................... Brooklyn NHL PLAYOFFS Favorite ..................Goals................. Underdog Best of Seven Series-Game One First Round BOSTON .............................1/2-1.............................. Toronto PITTSBURGH ...................1-1 1/2 ................... NY Islanders VANCOUVER .................Even-1/2 ....................... San Jose Thursday MONTREAL ....................Even-1/2 ........................... Ottawa WASHINGTON ...............Even-1/2 .................. NY Rangers Home Team in CAPS (c) 2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

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Boston v. New York Houston v. Okla. City

6 p.m. TNT 8:30p.m. TNT


45, 245 45, 245

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Islanders v. Pittsburgh 6:30p.m. NBCSP 38, 238 San Jose v. Vancouver 9:30p.m. NBCSP 38, 238





Tampa Bay v. Kansas City 1 p.m.


36, 236

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NBA playoffs NBA playoffs

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Rangers v. Washington 6:30p.m. NBCSP 38, 238 Detroit v. Anaheim 9 p.m. NBCSP 38, 238 Golf


Kingsmill Champ. Wells Fargo

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156,289 156,289

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Florida v. LSU

6:30p.m. ESPNU 35, 235

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Texas Tech v. Baylor

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EPSN 33, 233




Herrera v. Kim

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FSHS v. LHS replay

10:30p.m. Knol.






Cable 6, 206

THE QUOTE h-AY)DISAGREE4HEGREATEST RECRUITINGCLASSCONSISTEDOF,EW !LCINDORALLBYHIMSELFv â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Bob Molinaro of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, on Kentuckyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest basketball recruiting class being hyped as the greatest of all time

TODAY IN SPORTS 1920 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Joe Oeschger of the Boston Braves and Leon Cadore of the Brooklyn Dodgers each pitch 26 innings in a 1-1 tie, the longest game in major-league history. 1991 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Nolan Ryan pitches his seventh no-hitter in a 3-0 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. Ryan faces 29 batters, striking out 16 and walking two. 1991 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Rickey Henderson of the Oakland Athletics sets a major league record by stealing his 939th base, eclipsing Lou Brockâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s career mark. 1992 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Rickey Henderson, baseballâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s career stolen base leader, steals his 1,000th career base in the first inning of Oaklandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 7-6 win over Detroit. 1999 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Charismatic, a 30-1 shot who ran in a claiming race in February, charges to victory in the 125th Kentucky Derby, giving trainer D. Wayne Lukas his third victory of the 1990s. 2002 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; With a save against the Chicago Cubs, San Diego closer Trevor Hoffman sets the major league record for the most saves with one team, 321. He breaks Dennis Eckersleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s record of 320 with Oakland.





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| 3B

Green’s 3 triples lead LHS rout


the field with it staring up at him and set it free on the rocks outside the wrought-iron fence that separates the visitors’ bullpen from the parking lot. Baker, who had reached second on a double when KU left fielder Michael Suiter laid out for but couldn’t quite snag his screaming liner for what would have been a spectacular catch, explained how he executed the squirrel hunt. “I was scared it would do something, but it was weird, he just walked up to me,” Baker said. “I was just saying, ‘Come here. Come here, little guy.’ … I thought it might jump up out of the helmet, but it just looked up at me the whole time.” Baker received an ovation as he ran back to second base. “Was that one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen?” Kansas coach Ritch Price asked rhetorically. “I can’t believe he actually got the squirrel to go in his helmet. And then the kid was classy enough to run over and let him free.” The squirrel was unavailable to squeak a comment after the game, but was quite the topic of conversation. KU right fielder Dakota Smith, who won the game by drilling a bases-loaded single through the left side of the infield with nobody out in the 11th, wore a huge smile and a shavingcream pie when he broke down Kuntz’s animalcatching effort: “Kuntz is kind of squirrelly himself so I think he was just hoping that it didn’t get in his cap so he wouldn’t have to figure out what to do with it next.” Another squirrel, “a darker one,” according to Baker, made it onto the field a few innings later and was herded back to the bullpen by Shockers left fielder Micah Green. The left fielder didn’t fare as well when he came in on Justin Protacio’s flyball over his head, turning an out into a double, the second defensive miscue of the third inning for the Shockers. Leading off the inning, Tucker Tharp reached on the shortstop’s error but was thrown out attempting to steal second with Protacio at the plate. Protacio never advanced after his one-out double, an inning after the Jayhawks couldn’t turn consecutive errors with nobody out into a run. In the fourth, for the third consecutive inning, the leadoff man got on base when DeLeon doubled, but he never advanced past third base. The fifth inning made it four innings in a row of stranding at least one runner in scoring position, although the scoreboard briefly showed Kansas with a 4-0 lead. The Jayhawks loaded the bases with one out, and with two outs, DeLeon pulled a 2-0 pitch, leaving every fan in the place thinking, “It might be, it could be, it is.” Then it wasn’t. The homeplate umpire initially signaled it fair, but after the three umpires met to discuss it, they reached the correct conclusion that it curved onto the wrong side of the foul pole. The crushed pitch motivated Wichita State coach Gene Stephenson to pull his starting pitcher, freshman Garrett Brummett, in favor of Minnis, Minnis who still wears his flat-brimmed ball cap low, keeping his fiery eyes in the shadows. Minnis escaped Brummett’s jam by inducing a flyout to center from DeLeon and sailed through the next four innings. He allowed just one base runner, a leadoff walk in the seventh and he struck out three.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

By Jesse Newell

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

KANSAS BATTER DAKOTA SMITH PUMPS HIS FIST after driving in the winning run with a single during the 11th inning against Wichita State, Tuesday at Hoglund Ballpark. As Wichita State’s pitching staff kept the game scoreless, KU did the same with pitchers throwing strikes and infielders — DeLeon at first, Protacio at second, Jordan Dreiling at third and Kuntz at short — flashing some serious leather. “That’s the way we’ve been playing all year,” Price said. “Our defense has been absolutely fabulous. And I don’t want to jinx anybody, but Kuntz has made like three errors the entire season at shortstop, hasn’t made an error in conference. We’re leading the Big 12 in throwing guys out from the outfield, and Ka’iana (Eldredge) leads the Big 12 in throwing runners out from behind the dish and we’ve had the fewest stolen bases attempted on us. We lost three tough one-run games (at West Virginia) and we played the same way we did tonight.” Robert Kahana (eight innings), Jordan Piche’ (two innings) and winning pitcher Drew Morovick (one inning, 4-2 record) combined to throw 11 innings without allowing a walk and just five hits (all from Kahana). The Jayhawks (26-18) finally came through with timely hitting in the 11th. Michael Suiter led off against Brandon Peterson with a single and took second on DeLeon’s walk. Dreiling beat out a bunt to load the bases, bringing up Smith, who had bunted into a force play with runners on first and second and nobody out in the second. Smith said he came to the plate looking for a fastball, but changed his guess to slider after the first two pitchers were sliders. Peterson hung one and Smith knew where to put it. “It was a bad bunt,” Smith said, recalling his bunt back to the pitcher in the second inning. “If I just got it down the line a little bit, I’m pretty sure we would have gotten it done. The next guy (Jacob Boylan) hit a line drive to deep right field and we would have scored and we wouldn’t have had to go extra. That was definitely a big mistake on my part. I’m just glad I was able to redeem myself and I’m feeling pretty good now.” Strong pitching backed by terrific defense and a shortage of timely hitting has been the script Kansas has followed all season. On this night, one run in 11 innings was enough to keep the Jayhawks optimistic about their chances of landing an NCAA tournament bid. Wichita State Kansas

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00 — 0 5 3 01 — 1 7 0

W — Drew Morovick, 4-2. L — Brandon Peterson, 2-1. SV — None. 2B — Tyler Baker, WSU; Justin Protacio, KU; Alex DeLeon, KU. KU highlights — Protacio 2-for4; Dakota Smith 1-for-5, RBI; Robert Kahana 8 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 5 K, 0 BB;Jordan Piche’ and Morovick combined for 3 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB.

It just got a whole lot tougher for Drew Green’s teammates to tease him about being slow. The Lawrence High catcher’s legs were on full display Tuesday, as he sprinted to three triples in the Lions’ 15-1 run-rule victory over Olathe East at LHS. “I’ve been playing with that kid since we were 8 years old, and it doesn’t surprise me at all,” LHS pitcher C.J. Stuever said. “Maybe that he made it to third base three times (was surprising), but he’s putting up all-state numbers.” After a head-first slide into third on his final triple in the fourth inning, Green said coach Brad Stoll asked him if he’d ever had three triples in a game in his life. Green said no, joking that he usually stays on second because he gets tired coming around first. “I was laughing at him, because it’s Drew Green,”

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

LAWRENCE HIGH CATCHER DREW GREEN, RIGHT, CELEBRATES with his teammates after scoring during the second inning against Olathe East, Tuesday at LHS. Stoll said, “so I know that he’s just going to brag all day tomorrow to me about the fact he hit three triples.” Green wasn’t the only Lion that produced offensively. After a pregame talk from Stoll that challenged his players to put together better at-bats — LHS had only four hits in its 3-2 Saturday loss against Rockhurst — the Lions responded with 15 hits in the run-rule-shortened game. “I think we were more aggressive early in counts,

because we knew they were going to attack with the fastball,” Green said. “We saw it over and over again. We were putting good swings on it.” Olathe East starter James Perdue lasted just 1 2/3 innings, allowing eight runs and eight hits. “When you’re hitting the ball hard the other way, you know the kids are feeling really good about themselves,” Stoll said. “That was really nice to see.”

Stuever added a dominant effort on the mound. In a complete-game performance, the finesse righty allowed just three hits while racking up five strikeouts. Green led LHS’s offense, going 3-for-4 with three runs and four RBIs. Michael Sinks added a 3-for-3 effort, while Jacob Seratte contributed a pair of doubles. East (5-9, 3-5) didn’t do much to help out its pitchers, committing seven errors and misplaying a couple other flies in the outfield that went for hits. Because of expected rain and cold later in the week, LHS (11-6, 7-2) will play host to Shawnee Mission North at 5:30 p.m. today. Originally, the game was scheduled to be played Thursday. Olathe East Lawrence

010 440

00X X — 1 3 7 7XX X — 15 15 1

W — C.J. Stuever, 2-0. L — James Perdue. 2B — Jacob Seratte 2, LHS; C.J. Stuever, LHS. 3B — Drew Green 3, LHS. HR — Adam Thies, OE. LHS highlights — Drew Green 3-for-4, 3 3B, 3R, 4 RBIs; C.J. Stuever CG, 3 H, ER, 0BB, 5K pitching, 2-for-3, SB, 2R batting; Michael Sinks 3-for-3, 2R, 2 RBIs; Jacob Seratte 2-for-3, 2 2B, R, 2 RBIs.

O-East sweeps FSHS softball twinbill By Benton Smith

OLATHE — Before Tuesday, Free State High’s softball team hadn’t lost a Sunflower League game, been swept in a doubleheader or fell victim to a run-rule loss this season. Olathe East junior pitcher Allison Stewart and her Hawks teammates changed all of that at Olathe District Activity Center, where the Firebirds fell a game behind O-East in the chase for a league title with a 7-1 loss in the opener, followed by a 12-2, five-inning setback in the nightcap. Stewart struck out 15 of the 26 Firebirds she faced to keep O-East (13-1) unbeaten in league games at 8-0. FSHS junior pitcher Meredith Morris, who fell victim to Stewart strikeouts three times, said her opponent’s array of pitches make her more difficult to hit than most of the arms Free State (13-3, 8-1) has seen.

“Her movement, her rise, her change, her drop — I mean, everything moves,” Morris said. “It starts in the strike zone and as soon as you know it’s gonna be out (a ball), you’re already swinging. She’s an amazing pitcher. We just needed to shorten up.” Firebirds junior first baseman Whitney Rothwell, who went 2-for-3 with an RBI double in the fourth inning against Stewart, said the O-East ace didn’t have to throw overwhelmingly fast to be effective. “Her rise ball was getting every single one of us, no matter where we were,” Rothwell said. “And we were going for it, because it looked so great coming in. She just had some really nasty pitches.” Still, Morris kept the Hawks’ offense in check for four-plus innings, allowing two hits and one run headed into the fifth, before Free State’s 10game winning streak came to an end, courtesy of a

two-out Hawks rally. The game remained tied at 1 after Morris retired the first two batters she faced in the bottom of the fifth. But O-East leadoff hitter Elizabeth Leonard kept the inning alive with a base hit. McKenna Davis followed with a short bunt and reached safely when FSHS second baseman Lily Ross dropped the throw to first. O-East then made FSHS pay, with four more twoout hits to drive in five runs and take a 6-1 lead. Considering how strong O-East, the defending Class 6A state champion, has looked, Free State coach Lee Ice said his team needed to play almost perfectly, and it didn’t. “We did for four innings,” Ice said, “and then we had two outs and the leadoff (hitter for O-East) gets on, we make an error and the wheels fall off.” Things went even worse for Free State in the second game, despite a brief 1-0 lead in the first, when A’Liyah Rogers bunted

for a single and eventually scored on a passed ball. O-East plated three in the first and second and six more in the fourth to set up a 10-run win. Before dropping two to O-East, the Firebirds hadn’t lost since April 2, at Olathe South. Rothwell said they will need to bounce back in a hurry with a 4:15 p.m. home doubleheader against Shawnee Mission East today. “We can’t just go out there thinking just because we’ve won so many games we’re automatically gonna win,” she said. “We’ve got to go out there and fight.” Free State Olathe East

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100 0 — 1 5 2 005 X — 7 10 0

W — Allison Stewart. L — Meredith Morris (9-1). 2B — Whitney Rothwell, Free State. 3B — Jenni Brooks, O-East. Free State highlights — Rothwell, 2-for-3, RBI; A’Liyah Rogers, 1-for-3, R; Emily Bermel, 1-for-3, Courtney Parker, 1-for-3. Free State Olathe East

100 330

01 — 2 6 2 6X — 12 16 1

W — Brooks. L — Kaley Delg (4-2). 2B — Morris, Free State; Stewart, Taylor Officer, O-East. Free State highlights — Rogers, 2-for3, R; Kylie Cobb, 1-for-2, R; Parker, 1-for2, Rothwell, 1-for-3, Emily Byers, RBI.

BRIEFLY LHS soccer loses to SMN, 2-1 Addison Campbell scored a second-half goal for Lawrence High, but the Lions’ girls soccer team fell to Shawnee Mission North, 2-1, on Tuesday at LHS. Sadie Keller assisted on Campbell’s goal, which came with about 20 minutes remaining and cut North’s lead to 2-1. North led 2-0 at halftime. The Lions (0-11-1) will play Thursday at home against Free State.

FSHS soccer falls in double overtime

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

LAWRENCE HIGH’S ADDISON CAMPBELL, RIGHT, CHASES after Shawnee Mission North’s Shayna Thomas during the second half of the Lions’ 2-1 loss, Tuesday at LHS.


McMahon in the top of the seventh. His towering fly ball that fell just behind second base drove in Cooper Karlin and gave the Firebirds a 5-3 lead. That was enough for Hearnen, who went 6.1 innings, and twice struck out the side in just his third start of the season. After striking out the first batter in the seventh,

Hearnen walked the next batter, which brought the tying run to the plate. That prompted Hill to turn to Jacob Caldwell to slam the door, and Caldwell struck out the first batter he faced before serving up a ground ball to Miele for the final out of the game. Hearnen, a senior, said picking up the win on the mound in a league-title clinching victory was a career highlight. “We definitely didn’t want to share the league title,” said Hearnen, who also doubled twice, one

OLATHE — The Free State High girls soccer team lost, 2-1, in double overtime to Olathe East on Tuesday night at CBAC. Junior Jessica Ferguson scored the lone goal for the Firebirds. “I think we played really well,” FSHS coach Kelly

of which led to a run by pinch-runner Tristan Garber. “It’s so sweet. I’ve always wanted a league title and it just felt really nice to be out there and get it done.” Free State’s season is not finished and Hill and the Firebirds hope there is more hardware in their future. They get just a brief moment to enjoy Tuesday’s accomplishment and will return to the diamond for a double-header today against Pembroke Hill and Blue Valley North at FSHS.

Barah said. “One thing about us is we don’t have moral victories. We did the things we should have for a better result, but the ball didn’t bounce our way.” Barah said the Firebirds (7-5) will look to regroup before Thursday’s City Showdown at Lawrence High.

Forecast alters KU softball dates Kansas University softball’s weekend series against top-ranked Oklahoma at Arrocha Ballpark has been pushed back a day because of weather concerns. The three-game series, which was originally slated to begin on Friday, will now start with a Saturday doubleheader at 2 and 4 p.m. and conclude with KU’s Senior Day game at noon on Sunday. The Jayhawks (30-15 overall, 5-7 Big 12) host Wichita State today at 6 p.m.

“I told them to be proud,” Hill said. “But we don’t have time to stop and smell the roses right now. We need to get right back to work. But I was really proud of the kids tonight, particularly what they did in the seventh inning. They were resilient and they competed.” Free State O-North

000 000

013 102

1—581 0—371

W - Sam Hearnen L - Slaughter FSHS highlights: Hearnen 6.1 IP 3 ER 8 K 1 BB, 2-for-4, 2 2Bs; Joe Dineen 1-for-4, RBI; Cooper Karlin run; Lee McMahon 1-for-3, RBI; Cameron Pope 1-for-3, 2 runs, RBI; Anthony Miele 1-for-3, run, SB; Joel Spain 2-for-3, 2 RBIs.





Boston New York Baltimore Tampa Bay Toronto

L 8 10 11 14 17

Pct .692 .615 .577 .462 .370

GB — 2 3 6 81⁄2

WCGB L10 — 6-4 — 6-4 — 6-4 3 6-4 51⁄2 3-7

Str L-1 W-1 L-2 L-1 W-1

Home Away 11-5 7-3 10-5 6-5 7-5 8-6 8-4 4-10 6-8 4-9

W 15 14 11 11 10

L 10 10 12 13 15

Pct .600 .583 .478 .458 .400

GB — 1⁄2 3 31⁄2 5

WCGB L10 — 6-4 — 6-4 21⁄2 5-5 3 6-4 41⁄2 3-7

Str W-5 W-1 L-2 W-3 L-3

Home Away 10-3 5-7 7-4 7-6 7-6 4-6 3-6 8-7 7-7 3-8

W 17 15 12 9 8

L 9 12 16 16 19

Pct .654 .556 .429 .360 .296

GB — 21⁄2 6 71⁄2 91⁄2

WCGB L10 — 7-3 1⁄2 3-7 4 5-5 51⁄2 4-6 71⁄2 3-7

Str W-1 W-2 W-3 L-3 L-1

Home Away 8-2 9-7 8-7 7-5 8-7 4-9 6-6 3-10 4-8 4-11

L 9 14 15 15 19

Pct .654 .481 .444 .400 .296

GB — 41⁄2 51⁄2 61⁄2 91⁄2

WCGB L10 — 4-6 2 3-7 3 5-5 4 2-8 7 4-6

Str W-2 L-3 L-1 L-6 W-3

Home Away 8-2 9-7 9-7 4-7 6-8 6-7 7-8 3-7 5-10 3-9

W 15 14 15 15 10

L 11 11 12 13 16

Pct .577 .560 .556 .536 .385

GB — 1⁄2 1⁄2 1 5

WCGB L10 — 6-4 — 7-3 — 6-4 1⁄2 5-5 41⁄2 5-5

Str W-1 W-2 L-2 L-1 L-1

Home Away 6-5 9-6 9-5 5-6 8-4 7-8 12-4 3-9 4-6 6-10

W 16 15 15 12 10

L 10 12 12 13 16

Pct .615 .556 .556 .480 .385

GB — 11⁄2 11⁄2 31⁄2 6

WCGB L10 — 4-6 — 6-4 — 5-5 2 5-5 41⁄2 5-5

Str W-1 L-2 W-2 L-1 W-1

Home Away 9-3 7-7 8-7 7-5 8-4 7-8 6-7 6-6 5-7 5-9

Central Division Detroit Kansas City Minnesota Cleveland Chicago

West Division Texas Oakland Seattle Los Angeles Houston

NATIONAL LEAGUE East Division W 17 13 12 10 8

Atlanta Washington Philadelphia New York Miami

Central Division St. Louis Milwaukee Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago

West Division Colorado Arizona San Francisco Los Angeles San Diego

SCOREBOARD AMERICAN LEAGUE Kansas City 8, Tampa Bay 2 N.Y. Yankees 7, Houston 4 Toronto 9, Boston 7 Detroit 6, Minnesota 1 Texas 10, Chicago White Sox 6 L.A. Angels at Oakland, (n) Baltimore at Seattle, (n)

Atlanta 8, Washington 1 San Diego 13, Chicago Cubs 7 Milwaukee 12, Pittsburgh 8 St. Louis 2, Cincinnati 1 San Francisco 2, Arizona 1 Colorado at L.A. Dodgers, (n)

NATIONAL LEAGUE Miami 2, N.Y. Mets 1

INTERLEAGUE Cleveland 14, Philadelphia 2

UPCOMING American League

TODAY’S GAMES Minnesota (Diamond 1-2) at Detroit (Ani.Sanchez 3-1), 12:05 p.m. L.A. Angels (C.Wilson 2-0) at Oakland (Milone 3-2), 2:35 p.m. Houston (Bedard 0-2) at N.Y. Yankees (D.Phelps 1-1), 6:05 p.m. Boston (Buchholz 5-0) at Toronto (Buehrle 1-1), 6:07 p.m. Chicago White Sox (Sale 2-2) at Texas (Tepesch 2-1), 7:05 p.m. Tampa Bay (Hellickson 1-2) at Kansas City (Mendoza 0-1), 7:10 p.m. Baltimore (W.Chen 2-2) at Seattle (Harang 0-3), 9:10 p.m. THURSDAY’S GAMES Tampa Bay at Kansas City, 1:10 p.m. Boston at Toronto, 6:07 p.m. Chicago White Sox at Texas, 7:05 p.m. Detroit at Houston, 7:10 p.m. Baltimore at L.A. Angels, 9:05 p.m.

National League

TODAY’S GAMES N.Y. Mets (Gee 1-4) at Miami (LeBlanc 0-4), 11:40 a.m.

Pittsburgh (J.Gomez 1-0) at Milwaukee (Burgos 1-0), 12:10 p.m. Cincinnati (H.Bailey 1-2) at St. Louis (Lynn 4-0), 12:45 p.m. Washington (Zimmermann 4-1) at Atlanta (Maholm 3-2), 6:10 p.m. San Diego (Cashner 1-1) at Chicago Cubs (Feldman 1-3), 7:05 p.m. San Francisco (Lincecum 2-1) at Arizona (McCarthy 0-3), 8:40 p.m. Colorado (Nicasio 3-0) at L.A. Dodgers (Beckett 0-3), 9:10 p.m. THURSDAY’S GAMES San Diego at Chicago Cubs, 1:20 p.m. Miami at Philadelphia, 6:05 p.m. Washington at Atlanta, 6:10 p.m. St. Louis at Milwaukee, 7:10 p.m.

Interleague TODAY’S GAME Philadelphia (Lee 2-1) at Cleveland (Bauer 0-1), 6:05 p.m.

LEAGUE LEADERS AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING-CSantana, Cleveland, .389; TorHunter, Detroit, .370; MiCabrera, Detroit, .363; CDavis, Baltimore, .352. RUNS-AJackson, Detroit, 25; Crisp, Oakland, 24; AJones, Baltimore, 22. RBI-MiCabrera, Detroit, 28; CDavis, Baltimore, 28; Fielder, Detroit, 27; Napoli, Boston, 27. HITS-Altuve, Houston, 37; MiCabrera, Detroit, 37; TorHunter, Detroit, 37; AJones, Baltimore, 37. DOUBLES-Napoli, Boston, 13; Lowrie, Oakland, 11. TRIPLES-Ellsbury, Boston, 3. HOME RUNS-CDavis, Baltimore, 9; Encarnacion, Toronto, 9; Arencibia, Toronto, 8; MarReynolds, Cleveland, 8. STOLEN BASES-Ellsbury, Boston, 11; Crisp, Oakland, 8; McLouth, Baltimore, 8; RDavis, Toronto, 6; AEscobar, Kansas City, 6; Pedroia, Boston, 6. PITCHING-MMoore, Tampa Bay, 5-0; Buchholz, Boston, 5-0; Lester, Boston, 4-0; Fister, Detroit, 4-0; Darvish, Texas, 4-1; Kuroda, New York, 4-1; Masterson, Cleveland, 4-2; Sabathia, New York, 4-2. STRIKEOUTS-Darvish, Texas, 49; Scherzer, Detroit, 46. SAVES-Rivera, New York, 10; JiJohnson, Baltimore, 10.

NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING-CJohnson, Atlanta, .369; Segura, Milwaukee, .364; Rosario, Colorado, .350. RUNS-JUpton, Atlanta, 22; MCarpenter, St. Louis, 21; CGonzalez, Colorado, 21. RBI-Buck, New York, 25; Phillips, Cincinnati, 24; Tulowitzki, Colorado, 22; Braun, Milwaukee, 21. HITS-Choo, Cincinnati, 34; Sandoval, San Francisco, 33. DOUBLES-Desmond, Washington, 10; Craig, St. Louis, 9; GParra, Arizona, 9; Pollock, Arizona, 9; Rollins, Philadelphia, 9; Schierholtz, Chicago, 9. TRIPLES-Segura, Milwaukee, 3; DWright, New York, 3; EYoung, Colorado, 3. HOME RUNS-JUpton, Atlanta, 12; Buck, New York, 9; Harper, Washington, 9; Fowler, Colorado, 8. STOLEN BASES-Pierre, Miami, 8; ECabrera, San Diego, 7; SMarte, Pittsburgh, 7; Segura, Milwaukee, 7. PITCHING-Lynn, St. Louis, 4-0; Harvey, New York, 4-0. STRIKEOUTS-ABurnett, Pittsburgh, 48; Samardzija, Chicago, 47. SAVES-Grilli, Pittsburgh, 10; Romo, San Francisco, 9; Kimbrel, Atlanta, 9.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Braves’ Hudson wins 200th San Diego

The Associated Press

Braves 8, Nationals 1 ATLANTA — Tim Hudson was a dual threat in his 200th career win, combining with Anthony Varvaro on a three-hitter while hitting a homer and a double to lead Atlanta over Washington on Tuesday night. Hudson (3-1) dominated the Nationals through seven innings, striking out six and walking two while giving up one run. One of the three hits he allowed was an infield single by Denard Span. Hudson’s bat almost stole the night. He led off the second with a double to left field off Gio Gonzalez (2-2) and hit a fifthinning homer off Zach Duke. Bryce Harper made a leaping attempt to catch the homer, but the ball bounced off his glove and over the wall. The Braves won their ninth straight against Washington, dating to last season. Andrelton Simmons had three hits, including a homer to lead off the first inning for Atlanta. Freddie Freeman had three singles and three RBIs, and Evan Gattis drove in two runs with two hits. Hudson’s homer was the third of his career and first since June 20, 2011 against Toronto. The 37-year-old became the third active pitcher with 200 wins, joining Andy Pettitte (248) and Roy Halladay (201). Hudson is 200-105 in his career, including 92 wins while with Oakland from 1999-2004. Hudson allowed no hits until Tyler Moore led off the fifth with a double to the right-field corner. Moore scored from third on a groundout by Wilson Ramos. Washington

Atlanta ab r h bi ab r h bi Span cf 4 0 1 0 Smmns ss 5 3 31 Espinos 2b 4 0 0 0 CJhnsn 3b 5 2 21 Harper rf 3 0 0 0 J.Upton lf 2 1 00 LaRoch 1b 4 0 0 0 FFrmn 1b 5 0 33 Dsmnd ss 4 0 1 0 Gattis c 4 0 22 TMoore lf 3 1 1 0 Uggla 2b 4 0 00 Tracy 3b 3 0 0 0 BUpton cf 2 0 00 WRams c 3 0 0 1 RJhnsn rf 4 0 00 GGnzlz p 0 0 0 0 THudsn p 3 2 21 Berndn ph 1 0 0 0 JFrncs ph 1 0 00 Duke p 0 0 0 0 Varvar p 0 0 00 Lmrdzz ph 10 0 0 HRdrgz p 00 0 0 Totals 30 1 3 1 Totals 35 8 12 8 Washington 000 010 000—1 Atlanta 220 130 00x—8 E-W.Ramos (2). LOB-Washington 4, Atlanta 10. 2B-T.Moore (4), C.Johnson (7), Gattis (6), T.Hudson (1). 3B-Desmond (2). HR-Simmons (2), T.Hudson (1). CS-B.Upton (3). IP H R ER BB SO Washington G.Gonzalez L,2-2 4 7 5 5 5 9 Duke 3 4 3 3 1 1 H.Rodriguez 1 1 0 0 0 1 Atlanta T.Hudson W,3-1 7 3 1 1 2 6 Varvaro 2 0 0 0 0 1 WP-G.Gonzalez. T-2:32. A-19,243 (49,586).

Marlins 2, Mets 1 MIAMI — Juan Pierre scored standing up on a wild pitch with none out in the ninth, and Miami came from behind in the final inning for the second consecutive game to beat New York. The Mets have lost a season-worst six games

ab r 42 60 61 43 00 52 32 10 41 52 30 10 10 00 00

h bi 1 0 1 1 2 1 3 3 0 0 3 2 1 0 0 0 2 2 3 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


ab r h bi DeJess cf 5 1 11 SCastro ss 5 2 22 Rizzo 1b 4 0 31 ASorin lf 2 0 10 Loe p 0 0 00 Sappelt ph-lf 2 0 0 0 Schrhlt rf 3 0 00 Hairstn ph-rf 1 0 0 0 Castillo c 4 1 10 Valuen 3b 3 1 12 Barney 2b 3 1 10 EJcksn p 1 0 00 Borbon lf 2 0 00 HRndn p 0 0 00 Camp p 0 0 00 Ransm ph 1 1 11 Totals 43131713 Totals 36 7 11 7 San Diego 021 051 130—13 Chicago 000 040 102—7 E-E.Jackson (2), Castillo (3). DP-San Diego 2. LOBSan Diego 8, Chicago 6. 2B-Headley (4), Quentin 2 (5), Gyorko (7), Hundley (8), Rizzo 3 (6), Castillo (6), Barney (4). 3B-Ev.Cabrera (2). HR-Quentin (2), Alonso (3), Hundley (3), DeJesus (4), S.Castro (3), Valbuena (5), Ransom (3). SB-Alonso (1), Rizzo (3), Sappelt (2). SF-Quentin. IP H R ER BB SO San Diego Volquez W,2-3 5 2/3 7 4 4 3 3 Thayer H,4 1 1/3 1 1 1 1 0 Thatcher 1 0 0 0 0 1 Erlin 1 3 2 2 0 0 Chicago E.Jackson L,0-4 4 2/3 11 8 8 2 6 Loe 1 1/3 2 1 1 0 2 H.Rondon 2 4 4 4 1 0 Camp 1 0 0 0 0 0 HBP-by H.Rondon (Ev.Cabrera). T-3:28. A-31,303 (41,019). EvCarr ss Denorfi cf-rf-lf Headly 3b Quentin lf Venale rf Alonso 1b Kotsay rf Amarst cf Gyorko 2b Hundly c Volquez p Thayer p Guzmn ph Thtchr p Erlin p

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Brewers 12, Pirates 8 MILWAUKEE — Rickie Weeks hit a three-run homer and had five RBIs to lead Milwaukee over allowed two runs on six Pittsburgh. hits over seven innings Pittsburgh Milwaukee for the Reds, whose win ab r h bi ab r h bi lf 5 2 3 3 Aoki rf 5 0 10 streak ended at three SMarte RMartn c 5 1 2 1 Segura ss 2 2 11 games. Arroyo has had McCtch cf 5 1 4 2 Braun lf 5 2 30 GJones rf 5 1 1 0 Lucroy c 4 2 21 four quality starts in six GSnchz 1b 4 1 1 2 Weeks 2b 4 3 35 PAlvrz 3b 4 0 0 0 CGomz cf 3 1 21 outings this season. Inge 2b 4 1 1 0 YBtncr 3b 5 1 11 Holliday drilled a line Barmes ss 4 0 2 0 Maldnd 1b 3 1 12 p 2 0 0 0 Estrad p 2 0 10 drive over the left-field JMcDnl Tabata ph 1 1 0 0 Lalli ph 1 0 00 wall in the sixth inning, Mazzar p 0 0 0 0 Kintzlr p 0 0 00 Morris p 0 0 0 0 Badnhp p 0 0 00 his third homer of the sea- Snider ph 1 0 0 0 Grzlny p 0 0 00 son. Carlos Beltran, who Watson p 0 0 0 0 KDavis ph 1 0 00 JHughs p 0 0 0 0 Axford p 0 0 00 had three hits for the CarLSchfr ph 1 0 00 Hndrsn p 0 0 00 dinals, had singled with Totals 40 814 8 Totals 36 12 1511 one out before Holliday Pittsburgh 102 023 000—8 Milwaukee 031 301 13x—12 went deep. E-G.Jones (1). DP-Pittsburgh 1, Milwaukee 1. LOBThe Cardinals managed Pittsburgh 6, Milwaukee 9. 2B-S.Marte (6), Lucroy (2), (6), C.Gomez (6), Maldonado (4). HR-S.Marte just one run in their previ- Weeks (2), R.Martin (6), McCutchen (3), G.Sanchez (4), ous 23 innings prior to the Segura (3), Weeks (2), Y.Betancourt (6). SB-C.Gomez 2 (4). CS-Aoki (3), Weeks (1). homer. IP H R ER BB SO

ATLANTA’S TIM HUDSON DELIVERS against Washington. Hudson logged his 200th career victory in an 8-1 win Tuesday night in Atlanta. in a row. They were beaten Monday when Miami scored twice in the 15th inning to win 4-3. New York’s Jeremy Hefner (0-3) took a 1-0 lead and a three-hitter into the ninth but couldn’t get another out. Chris Coghlan singled to start the inning and advanced on a passed ball. When Juan Pierre bunted, Coghlan beat catcher Anthony Recker’s throw to third, although the Mets argued that Coghlan overslid the bag. New York

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ab r h bi Pierre lf 3 1 00 DSolan 2b 4 0 21 Polanc 3b 3 0 00 Dobbs 1b 3 0 10 Ruggin cf 3 0 00 Ozuna rf 3 0 10 Olivo c 3 0 00 NGreen ss 2 0 00 Slowey p 2 0 00 Webb p 0 0 00 Coghln ph 1 1 10 Totals 29 1 4 1 Totals 27 2 5 1 New York 000 010 000—1 Miami 000 000 002—2 No outs when winning run scored. DP-New York 2, Miami 1. LOB-New York 2, Miami 4. 2B-Duda (5), Dan.Murphy (8). S-Pierre. SF-Recker. IP H R ER BB SO New York Hefner L,0-3 8 4 2 1 0 8 Lyon BS,1-1 0 1 0 0 1 0 Miami Slowey 8 4 1 1 0 8 Webb W,1-1 1 0 0 0 0 0 Hefner pitched to 2 batters in the 9th. Lyon pitched to 2 batters in the 9th. HBP-by Hefner (N.Green). WP-Lyon. PB-Recker. T-2:25. A-15,018 (37,442). Baxter rf RTejad ss DWrght 3b Duda lf DnMrp 2b I.Davis 1b Recker c Lagars cf Hefner p Lyon p

Cardinals 2, Reds 1 ST. LOUIS — Matt Holliday hit a two-run homer, Jaime Garcia continued his mastery of Cincinnati with eight strong innings, and St. Louis snapped a three-game losing streak. Garcia (3-1) gave up one run on seven hits, struck out three and did not walk a batter. The left-hander improved to 7-0 in eight starts against Cincinnati at Busch Stadium and is 9-2 overall against them. He retired the last seven batters he faced and recorded 18 ground ball outs. Edward Mujica struck out the side in the ninth for his fifth save in as many chances. Bronson Arroyo (2-3)


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St. Louis

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Choo cf Jay cf Cozart ss Beltran rf Votto 1b Hollidy lf Phillips 2b Craig 1b Bruce rf YMolin c Frazier 3b MCrpnt 3b Mesorc c Kozma ss DRonsn lf Descals 2b Arroyo p JGarci p CIzturs ph Mujica p LeCure p Totals Totals 29 2 7 2 Cincinnati 000 010 000—1 St. Louis 000 002 00x—2 DP-Cincinnati 2, St. Louis 1. LOB-Cincinnati 4, St. Louis 4. 2B-Choo (8). HR-Holliday (3). CS-Phillips (1). S-Arroyo. IP H R ER BB SO Cincinnati Arroyo L,2-3 7 6 2 2 1 0 LeCure 1 1 0 0 0 0 St. Louis J.Garcia W,3-1 8 7 1 1 0 3 Mujica S,5-5 1 0 0 0 0 3 T-2:15. A-37,535 (43,975).

Pittsburgh Ja.McDonald 5 8 7 7 Mazzaro BS,1-1 0 3 1 1 Morris L,0-1 2 2 1 1 Watson 1/3 2 3 3 J.Hughes 2/3 0 0 0 Milwaukee Estrada 5 7 5 5 Kintzler H,3 2/3 2 2 2 Badenhop BS,1-2 1/3 2 1 1 Gorzelanny W,1-0 1 1 0 0 Axford H,6 1 2 0 0 Henderson 1 0 0 0 Badenhop pitched to 1 batter in the 7th. Mazzaro pitched to 3 batters in the 6th. HBP-by Ja.McDonald (Segura), by (C.Gomez). T-3:40. A-24,154 (41,900).

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Giants 2, Diamondbacks 1 PHOENIX — Pablo Sandoval hit a two-run homer with one out in the top of the ninth inning, and San Padres 13, Cubs 7 Francisco rallied to beat CHICAGO — Carlos Quen- Arizona. tin homered and drove in Arizona three runs, and San Diego San Francisco ab r h bi ab r h bi battered Chicago starter Pagan cf 4 1 2 0 Pollock cf 3 0 00 Scutaro 2b 3 0 1 0 Prado 3b 4 0 10 Edwin Jackson. Sandovl 3b 4 1 2 2 Gldsch 1b 4 0 00 Edinson Volquez (2-3) Romo p 0 0 0 0 C.Ross rf 3 0 00 Posey c 3 0 0 0 MMntr c 4 0 10 was good enough to beat Pence rf 4 0 1 0 AMarte lf 3 0 00 the Cubs for the fifth time GBlanc lf 4 0 0 0 JoWilsn 2b 3 1 11 ss 3 0 0 0 Pnngtn ss 3 0 10 in his career, working 5 BCrwfr Belt 1b 3 0 0 0 Cahill p 2 0 00 2 0 0 0 Putz p 0 0 00 2/3 innings and allowing Bmgrn p HSnchz ph 1 0 0 0 MtRynl p 0 0 00 four runs while striking SCasill p 00 0 0 00 0 0 out three in his first out- SRosari p 3b 00 0 0 ing against Chicago while Arias Totals 31 2 6 2 Totals 29 1 4 1 Francisco 000 000 002—2 with San Diego. Volquez San Arizona 000 000 010—1 is 5-0 in seven career DP-San Francisco 1, Arizona 1. LOB-San Francisco 4. HR-Sandoval (4), Jo.Wilson (1). SB-Pagan starts against the Cubs, 4,(4).Arizona S-Scutaro, Cahill. IP H R ER BB SO including 3-0 at Wrigley San Francisco Field. Bumgarner 7 3 0 0 1 2 2/3 1 1 1 1 1 Quentin was 3 for 4 S.Casilla S.Rosario W,1-0 1/3 0 0 0 0 0 with the home run and Romo S,10-11 1 0 0 0 0 1 Arizona two doubles. He is 34 for Cahill 8 4 1 1 1 5 101 (.337) with nine hom- Putz L,2-1 BS,4-9 2/3 2 1 1 0 2 1/3 0 0 0 0 0 ers against the Cubs in his Mat.Reynolds Cahill pitched to 1 batter in the 9th. T-2:37. A-20,319 (48,633). career.


Indians’ Raburn tags two again The Associated Press

Indians 14, Phillies 2 CLEVELAND — Ryan Raburn homered twice for the second straight game, and Cleveland hit seven home runs in all, routing Philadelphia on Tuesday night. The Indians set a major league high this season for homers in a game. Cleveland has won three in a row, outscoring opponents 33-5 in that span. Philadelphia had won three in a row before Roy Halladay (2-3) got tagged. Activated from the disabled list before the game, Delmon Young homered in his first at-bat for Philadelphia.

Raburn hit a two-run homer in the fifth inning and a solo drive in the seventh. It was the sixth two-homer game of his career, including Monday’s performance against Kansas City. Cleveland’s first five homers were tworun shots. Carlos Santana, Mark Reynolds and Lonnie Chisenhall homered off Halladay, then Raburn and Michael Brantley homered off Chad Durbin. Raburn and Drew Stubbs hit back-to-back shots in the seventh against Raul Valdes. The Indians fell one homer short of the franchise record of eight, set in 1997 and matched in 2004. Halladay gave up eight

runs and nine hits in 3 2/3 land’s Terry Francona was innings. Coming off three 285-363 with Philadelphia strong outings, he gave up from 1997-2000. homers in the first to SanPhiladelphia Cleveland tana and Reynolds. ab r h bi ab r h bi 3 0 0 0 Brantly lf 5 1 12 Given a 12-1 lead in the Rollins ss Galvis ss 0 0 0 0 Kipnis 2b 5 1 20 fifth, Zach McAllister (2- MYong 3b 3 0 0 0 ACarer ss 4 0 12 2b 3 1 1 1 Aviles ss 1 0 10 3) coasted. He gave up Utley Frndsn 2b 1 0 0 0 CSantn c-1b 2 1 12 two runs in seven innings Howard 1b 4 0 1 0 Giambi dh 4 2 2 0 dh 3 1 2 1 MrRynl 1b 4 2 22 on solo homers by Young DYong Brown lf 3 0 0 0 YGoms c 1 0 00 and Chase Utley. Ruiz c 4 0 0 0 Chsnhll 3b 4 1 12 Mayrry rf 3 0 1 0 Raburn rf 4 3 33 Young, slowed this year Revere cf 3 0 0 0 Stubbs cf 4 3 31 30 2 5 2 Totals 38 14 1714 while recovering from Totals 010 001 000—2 ankle surgery, homered Philadelphia Cleveland 400 440 20x—14 DP-Philadelphia 2, Cleveland 2. LOB-Philadelphia in the second. He was hit 5, Cleveland 4. 2B-Howard (8), Giambi (2). HR-Utley by a pitch in the fifth and (5), D.Young (1), Brantley (1), C.Santana (5), Mar. Reynolds (8), Chisenhall (3), Raburn 2 (4), Stubbs (2). singled in the sixth. SB-Kipnis (5), Stubbs (4). CS-Kipnis (2). IP H R ER BB SO The interleague game featured managers who Philadelphia Halladay L,2-3 3 2/3 9 8 8 2 3 Durbin 1 1/3 4 4 4 0 1 had guided both teams. Valdes 2 2 2 2 1 4 Phillies manager Char- Aumont 1 2 0 0 1 0 lie Manuel went 220-190 Cleveland McAllister W,2-3 7 5 2 2 1 4 with the Indians from Hagadone 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2000-2002, while Cleve- Albers T-2:34. A-10,841 (42,241).



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Shields, Moustakas lift Royals past Rays KANSAS CITY, MO. (AP) — James Shields admitted that it felt a little weird when he stepped on the mound for Kansas City on Tuesday night, peered into the batter’s box and saw a former Rays teammate standing at the plate. “That’s a team over that knows me real well,” Shields said. Turns out Shields knows them even better. After allowing a tworun homer to Matt Joyce in the first, Shields only allowed three more hits over the next six innings. That kept the Royals in the game long enough for Mike Moustakas to hit a go-ahead two-run homer and spur Kansas City to an 8-2 victory over Tampa Bay in the series opener. “It was pretty obvious the emotion was really, really high,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “James has really bonded with his teammates, and I think his teammates knew how big of a game it was for him.” Kansas City has been looking for a legitimate No. 1 starter for years, and finally made the bold decision in December to acquire Shields and fellow right-hander Wade Davis from Tampa Bay for a package of prospects that included minor league player of the year Wil Myers.

BOX SCORE Royals 8, Rays 2

Colin E. Braley/AP Photo

KANSAS CITY’S’ MIKE MOUSTAKAS (8) IS CONGRATULATED by Lorenzo Cain (6) after hitting a two-run home run against Tampa Bay on Tuesday night at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. The Rays’ career leader in just about every significant pitching category, Shields (2-2) hasn’t done anything to disappoint his new organization. He lost 1-0 to the White Sox on opening day, tossed a complete game in a 3-2 loss to Toronto, and has gone at least six innings in every start. On Tuesday night, he helped the Royals snap a two-game skid and finish 14-10 in April, a dramatic improvement from the 6-15 mark that they carried into May a year ago. “He looked a little different standing out there

in a different uniform,” said the Rays’ Desmond Jennings. “He was mixing up his pitches — he was Shields. He’s good, man.” Early on, Shields may have been too amped up facing his former team. Jennings singled off his first pitch and Joyce followed with his homer over the right-field wall. It was the 15th straight game in which Tampa Bay hit a home run, tying the franchise record. “The first hit of the game, a little check-swing by Des, and I fell behind the count against Joyce, and you can’t do that,”

Shields said. “I knew I had to grind it out.” Meanwhile, Alex Cobb (3-2) was keeping the Royals’ scuffling offense at bay. The Rays’ starter allowed just four hits over the first five innings, and at one point, the only ball hit out of the infield over a span of 12 batters was a measly single by Elliott Johnson. “He threw the ball great for them, mixing his pitches,” Moustakas said. “One inning, you know, kind of turned the game around for us.” That inning came in the sixth.

Cobb had retired the first two batters Eric Hosmer doubled and Lorenzo Cain drove him in with a single, snapping the Royals’ streak of 15 consecutive scoreless innings. Moustakas then connected against Cobb over the right-field fence for his first homer since Sept. 14, a span of 129 at-bats. Jeff Francoeur followed with a double and Salvador Perez’s RBI single made it 4-2. Cobb was lifted when Johnson singled again, ending his night after 5 2/3 innings. “When I walked off the mound, I think that was

Tampa Bay AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Jennings cf 4 1 1 0 0 2 .227 Joyce lf 4 1 2 2 0 1 .225 Zobrist rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .255 Longoria 3b 3 0 0 0 1 0 .292 Loney 1b 4 0 3 0 0 0 .373 Y.Escobar ss 4 0 1 0 0 1 .169 Scott dh 4 0 0 0 0 2 .000 J.Molina c 4 0 0 0 0 1 .212 R.Roberts 2b 3 0 1 0 0 1 .230 Totals 34 2 8 2 1 9 Kansas City AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Gordon lf 5 0 1 0 0 2 .317 A.Escobar ss 5 1 1 0 0 1 .286 Butler dh 4 0 1 1 0 1 .257 Hosmer 1b 4 2 1 0 1 1 .250 L.Cain cf 4 2 2 1 0 0 .325 Moustakas 3b 3 1 2 3 0 0 .195 Francoeur rf 4 1 2 1 0 1 .261 S.Perez c 4 0 2 1 0 1 .267 E.Johnson 2b 3 1 2 0 1 0 .200 Totals 36 8 14 7 2 7 Tampa Bay 200 000 000 — 2 8 1 Kansas City 000 004 31x — 8 14 1 E-J.Molina (2), S.Perez (3). LOB-Tampa Bay 6, Kansas City 8. 2B-Loney (8), Hosmer (4), Francoeur (5). 3B-Francoeur (1). HR-Joyce (5), off Shields; Moustakas (1), off Cobb. RBIs-Joyce 2 (8), Butler (15), L.Cain (12), Moustakas 3 (5), Francoeur (7), S.Perez (9). SB-A.Escobar (6), L.Cain (3), E.Johnson (2). SF-Butler, Moustakas. Runners left in scoring position-Tampa Bay 4 (Scott 2, Longoria, J.Molina); Kansas City 4 (E.Johnson, Gordon 2, S.Perez). RISP-Tampa Bay 0 for 5; Kansas City 4 for 10. Runners moved up-A.Escobar. Tampa Bay IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Cobb L, 3-2 5 2-3 10 4 4 0 5 88 2.55 J.Wright 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 3 1.69 B.Gomes 1 3 3 3 1 2 27 5.91 C.Ramos 1 1 1 1 1 0 14 7.11 Kansas City IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Shields W, 2-2 7 5 2 2 1 7 102 3.00 K.Herrera 1 1 0 0 0 1 19 5.11 G.Holland 1 2 0 0 0 1 10 4.00 Inherited runners-scored-J.Wright 2-0. IBB-off B.Gomes (Hosmer). WP-Cobb. Umpires-Home, Dan Bellino; First, Ted Barrett; Second, Alfonso Marquez; Third, Mike DiMuro. T-2:49. A-12,738 (37,903).

the most angry I’ve ever been after a game,” said Cobb, who pitched into the ninth inning against the Yankees his last time out. “I felt like from pitch number-one, I was going to have a smooth, easysailing game and go as deep as I could.”


Tigers’ power dooms Twins 10th multihomer game of his career and second this season. Encarnacion became the 14th player to reach the upper deck in left field at Rogers Centre, tagging starter Jon Lester. Toronto trailed 7-6 when Encarnacion homered off Junichi Tazawa (2-1).

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Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Photo

OAKLAND’S BRANDON MOSS (37) is mobbed by teammates after hitting a game-winning home run in the 19th inning against the Los Angeles Angels early Tuesday in Oakland, Calif. The A’s won, 10-8.

Moss’ home run in 19th brought end to marathon OAKLAND, CALIF. (AP) — A few hours after he ended the longest game in the majors this season, Athletics first baseman Brandon Moss and his 3-year-old son sat together in the family home and stayed awake to watch television replays. Not of the game, and not Moss’ two-run home run in the 19th inning which lifted Oakland to a 10-8 win in a game that took 6 hours, 32 minutes to complete and ended at 1:41 a.m. PDT. Young Jayden Moss preferred to watch his father throwing a pie in his own face — and made Brandon replay it 18 times. “He’s into all the baseball stuff but he didn’t want to watch the home run,” Moss said Tuesday. “He just wanted to watch the pie. That was his favorite.” Only a handful of the 11,688 fans remained when Moss hit his second home run of the night, ending the longest game by time in Oakland — and the longest in Angels history. A day later both teams were still feeling the effects. A’s manager Bob Melvin had to scrap his normal postgame routine just to get home in time to catch a few hours of sleep before having to return to the ballpark. Before watching television with his son, Moss first had to explain to his wife and sister why he was so late. The two women, along with Moss’ two children, had arrived in the players parking lot at 9:45 p.m. ostensibly to

pick Moss up. They spent the next 4 1-2 hours waiting as the innings piled up. “She almost left in the 11th but then she thought ‘As soon as I drive away, they’ll win,’” Moss said. At least they got home before 3 a.m. Angels manager Mike Scioscia had to meet with his staff until the wee hours of the morning trying to formulate a plan after losing leadoff hitter Peter Bourjos to a hamstring injury. “You know how many moves we had to run through at 3 o’clock in the morning just trying to get an idea of what the needs of the team are going to be right now and what we need moving forward,” Scioscia said. Los Angeles

ab r 41 20 81 83 80 81 90 91 60 31 50

h bi 0 0 1 1 1 0 4 3 0 1 3 3 2 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0


ab r h bi Crisp cf 6 2 10 Freimn 1b 2 0 00 S.Smith dh-lf 8 0 2 0 Lowrie ss 9 2 21 Cespds lf-cf 8 1 11 Moss 1b-rf 8 3 33 Dnldsn 3b 7 1 32 Jaso c 2 0 11 DNorrs ph-c 5 1 00 Reddck rf 3 0 00 CYoung ph-rf-cf 4 0 2 1 Blevins p 1 0 00 Sogard 2b 2 0 00 Rosales ph-2b 6 0 1 1 Totals 70 815 8 Totals 71 10 1610 Los Angeles 110 040 100 000 001 000 0— 8 Oakland 000 101 041 000 001 000 2—10 Two outs when winning run scored. E-Pujols (2), B.Harris (2), Lowrie (5). DP-Los Angeles 2. LOB-Los Angeles 14, Oakland 11. 2B-Trumbo (8), B.Harris (4), Lowrie (11). 3B-C.Young (1). HR-Pujols 2 (4), Trumbo (4), Moss 2 (4). SB-Crisp (8), Moss (1), Donaldson (2). S-Bourjos. SF-Hamilton. IP H R ER BB SO Los Angeles Hanson 6 5 2 2 1 6 Roth 1 3 3 3 0 0 D.De La Rosa H,3 2/3 1 1 1 1 1 S.Downs 0 1 0 0 0 0 Frieri BS,1-4 1 1/3 1 1 1 1 2 Williams 6 4 1 0 2 2 Kohn 2 0 0 0 0 4 Enright L,0-1 1 2/3 1 2 2 1 2 Oakland Straily 4 2/3 7 6 6 1 6 Neshek 2 1/3 1 1 1 1 2 Resop 1 2/3 1 0 0 1 1 Doolittle 1/3 0 0 0 0 1 Balfour 2 2 0 0 1 2 Cook 1 0 0 0 0 1 Anderson 5 1/3 3 1 1 2 5 Blevins W,2-0 1 2/3 1 0 0 0 0 S.Downs pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. HBP-by Straily (Bourjos). PB-Iannetta. T-6:32. A-11,668 (35,067). Bourjos cf Shuck lf Trout lf-cf Pujols 1b Hamltn rf Trumo dh HKndrc 2b BHarrs ss-3b Iannett c LJimnz 3b AnRmn ss

Tigers 6, Twins 1 DETROIT — Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder each hit a two-run homer, Justin Verlander pitched seven strong innings and Detroit beat Minnesota on Tuesday night for its fifth straight victory. Verlander (3-2) allowed a run and five hits. He struck out eight and walked two. Vance Worley (0-4) gave up six runs and 10 hits in 4 2/3 innings. Worley was acquired by the Twins in an offseason trade with Philadelphia and started Minnesota’s season opener, but the right-hander has a 7.22 ERA. Cabrera opened the scoring with his fourth homer of the year, and Fielder’s seventh was part of a three-run fifth. Alex Avila also went deep for Detroit. Tigers pitchers struck out 10 — reaching that mark for the fifth straight game. That equals the longest streak by an American League team since at least 1921. The major league record since then is eight games by the Milwaukee Brewers last August, according to STATS. Cabrera’s second opposite-field homer in three nights put Detroit ahead 2-0. Wilkin Ramirez hit an RBI double for Minnesota in the second, but Avila answered in the bottom half. The Detroit catcher entered the game hitting .176, but sliced a drive over the fence in left-center to make it 3-1. Worley appeared to be in decent shape until the fifth, when Torii Hunter hit an RBI groundout to make it 4-1. Fielder followed one out later with a line drive that cleared the wall in right in a hurry. Verlander left his previous start against Kansas City after seven innings with a blister on his pitching thumb, but the injury wasn’t expected to be too serious. He didn’t seem bothered Tuesday, throwing 114 pitches. Drew Smyly took over in the eighth and struck out one hitter. Al Alburquerque came on in the ninth but walked two, prompt-


Carlos Osorio/AP Photo

DETROIT’S MIGUEL CABRERA, LEFT, congratulates Prince Fielder after Fielder hit a home run against Minnesota on Tuesday night in Detroit. ing manager Jim Leyland to bring in Joaquin Benoit for the final two outs in what was still a non-save situation. Benoit fanned pinch-hitter Ryan Doumit for the second out of the ninth and Detroit’s 10th strikeout of the game. Minnesota

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ab r h bi EEscor 2b AJcksn cf 4 0 10 Mauer c TrHntr rf 4 1 11 Wlngh dh MiCarr 3b 4 2 12 Mornea 1b Fielder 1b 4 1 22 Parmel rf VMrtnz dh 4 0 30 Plouffe 3b D.Kelly pr-dh 0 0 0 0 Arcia lf Dirks lf 4 0 20 WRmrz cf JhPerlt ss 4 0 10 Flormn ss Avila c 3 1 11 Doumit ph Infante 2b 3 1 10 Totals Totals 34 6 13 6 Minnesota 010 000 000—1 Detroit 210 030 00x—6 DP-Minnesota 2, Detroit 1. LOB-Minnesota 9, Detroit 6. 2B-W.Ramirez (2), Tor.Hunter (8), V.Martinez (5). HR-Mi.Cabrera (4), Fielder (7), Avila (3). IP H R ER BB SO Minnesota Worley L,0-4 4 2/3 10 6 6 1 1 Swarzak 2 1/3 1 0 0 0 1 Pressly 1 2 0 0 1 1 Detroit Verlander W,3-2 7 5 1 1 2 8 Smyly 1 1 0 0 1 1 Alburquerque 1/3 0 0 0 2 0 Benoit 2/3 0 0 0 0 1 PB-Avila. Balk-Alburquerque. T-2:53. A-31,748 (41,255).

Yankees 7, Astros 4 NEW YORK — Hiroki Kuroda settled in after a rocky start to pitch fourhit ball through seven innings, Travis Hafner had three RBI singles, and New York beat Houston. Jayson Nix had an RBI infield single and Brennan Boesch a runscoring fielder’s choice for the banged-up Bronx Bombers, who bounced back from a 9-1 loss to the Astros on Monday. New York took advantage of Phil Humber’s four wild pitches and a couple of close calls at first base to score its

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ab r h bi Lawrie 3b 5 1 10 RDavis dh 1 3 10 Lind ph-dh 1 0 00 Bautist rf 2 2 11 Encrnc 1b 4 2 24 MeCarr lf 4 0 00 Arencii c 4 1 21 MIzturs ss-2b 3 0 0 0 Rasms cf 4 0 21 Bonifac 2b 3 0 00 Kawsk ss 1 0 00 Totals 35 7 9 7 Totals 32 9 9 7 Boston 000 211 300—7 Toronto 103 020 21x—9 E-Saltalamacchia (2), Kawasaki (2). DP-Toronto 1. LOB-Boston 6, Toronto 4. 2B-D.Ortiz (6), Bautista (4), Arencibia (7). HR-D.Ortiz (3), Carp (1), J.Gomes (1), Encarnacion 2 (9). SB-R.Davis (6). CS-Ellsbury (2). S-M.Izturis. IP H R ER BB SO Boston Lester 6 6 6 5 2 5 Tazawa L,2-1 BS,2-2 1 1 2 2 1 2 Hanrahan 1 2 1 1 0 0 Toronto Morrow 5 6 3 3 3 7 Loup H,4 1 1/3 2 3 2 0 2 Delabar W,2-1 BS,1-1 2/3 1 1 1 1 1 Oliver H,4 1 0 0 0 1 1 Janssen S,7-7 1 0 0 0 0 0 HBP-by Lester (R.Davis). T-3:14. A-22,915 (49,282). Ellsury cf Nava rf Pedroia 2b D.Ortiz dh Napoli 1b Carp lf JGoms ph-lf Sltlmch c Mdlrks 3b Drew ss

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first four runs without an extra-base hit. Kuroda (4-1) threw 67 pitches in the first three innings, putting at least two runners on in each one. But just as he did in his previous start, he got Rangers 10, into a better rhythm and White Sox 6 retired 14 of his final 15 ARLINGTON, TEXAS — Yu batters. Darvish overcame a shaky start for his fifth victory in Houston New York ab r h bi ab r h bi April, and Texas backed Grssmn cf 3 1 1 0 Gardnr cf 4 1 00 him with plenty of big hits Altuve 2b 5 0 2 2 ISuzuki lf-rf 5 2 30 JCastro c 5 0 2 0 Cano 2b 5 1 20 in a win over Chicago. C.Pena 1b 3 1 1 0 Hafner dh 4 0 33 Darvish (5-1) struck out Carter dh 4 1 1 2 Boesch rf 3 0 01 Ankiel rf 4 0 0 0 V.Wells ph-lf 2 0 00 nine in six innings, but the Dmngz 3b 4 0 1 0 J.Nix 3b 4 0 11 BBarns lf 3 0 0 0 Overay 1b 4 1 11 game was tied when he MGnzlz ss 4 1 1 0 Nunez ss 4 1 30 threw the last of his 108 CStwrt c 4 1 21 Totals 35 4 9 4 Totals 39 7 15 7 pitches. Houston 000 000 022—4 Texas scored six times New York 101 020 03x—7 DP-Houston 1. LOB-Houston 8, New York 10. in the sixth to break it 2B-Altuve (7), J.Castro (8), Ma.Gonzalez (5), Nunez 2 (3). HR-Carter (6), Overbay (4). SB-Gardner (2), open. Mitch Moreland, I.Suzuki (2). CS-Altuve (2). who had three hits, delivIP H R ER BB SO Houston ered a go-ahead double Humber L,0-6 6 9 4 4 2 2 and Adrian Beltre capped W.Wright 1/3 1 0 0 0 0 Peacock 2/3 3 3 3 0 0 the burst with a two-run R.Cruz 1 2 0 0 0 1 New York homer. Kuroda W,4-1 7 4 0 0 D.Robertson 1 2 2 2 Kelley 2/3 3 2 2 Rivera S,10-10 1/3 0 0 0 Peacock pitched to 3 batters in the 8th. WP-Humber 4. T-3:22. A-34,301 (50,291).

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8 2 1 1

Blue Jays 9, Red Sox 7 TORONTO — Edwin Encarnacion hit an upperdeck homer in the fifth inning, then connected for a go-ahead home run in the seventh that sent Toronto over Boston. The Blue Jays ended a four-game losing streak and avoided the first 18loss April in club history. David Ortiz homered, doubled and drove in four runs for Boston. Encarnacion’s pair of two-run shots marked the


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ab r h bi Kinsler 2b 5 2 22 Andrus ss 5 1 21 Brkmn dh 3 1 10 Beltre 3b 4 1 12 N.Cruz rf 4 1 11 JeBakr lf 4 1 21 DvMrp lf 0 0 00 Soto c 3 1 00 Morlnd 1b 3 1 31 Gentry cf 2 1 00 LMartn ph-cf 2 0 0 0 Totals 37 610 5 Totals 35 10 12 8 Chicago 200 002 110—6 Texas 000 226 00x—10 E-De Aza (2), Greene (1). DP-Chicago 1. LOBChicago 8, Texas 5. 2B-Gillaspie (3), Wise (1), Kinsler (6), Moreland (7). 3B-Greene (1). HR-A.Dunn (6), Wise (1), Beltre (5), N.Cruz (6), Je.Baker (2). SB-Rios (6). IP H R ER BB SO Chicago Quintana 5 8 4 4 1 2 Lindstrom L,1-2 1/3 0 1 1 1 0 Veal 0 1 1 1 0 0 N.Jones 2/3 3 4 4 1 1 Heath 2 0 0 0 1 0 Texas Darvish W,5-1 6 7 4 4 3 9 Scheppers 1 1 1 1 0 1 Kirkman 1 2 1 1 0 2 R.Ross 1 0 0 0 0 1 Veal pitched to 1 batter in the 6th. HBP-by R.Ross (A.Dunn). WP-N.Jones 2, Kirkman. T-3:16. A-40,646 (48,114). De Aza lf C.Wells lf Greene 2b Rios rf A.Dunn 1b Konerk dh Gillaspi 3b AlRmrz ss Gimenz c Wise cf



Wednesday, May 1, 2013





Nuggets stave off elimination DENVER (AP) — Kenneth Faried brought the energy and the Denver Nuggets rediscovered their toughness in time to stave off elimination Tuesday night with a 107-100 win over the Golden State Warriors. The Nuggets slowed down Golden State’s guards, jumpstarted their transition game and got under Andrew Bogut’s skin in Game 5, jumping out to a 22-point lead before weathering the Warriors’ frenetic fourth quarter rally. Game 6 is Thursday night in Oakland. Golden State leads the series 3-2. Andre Iguodala had 25 points and 12 rebounds, Ty Lawson had 19 points and 10 assists and Faried had 13 points and 10 boards. Stephen Curry, whose 18 3-pointers were the most by any player in NBA history in the first four playoff games of his career, went ice cold, missing his first five 3-pointers before finally hitting with 5:09 left to pull Golden State to 96-91. He finished 1 of 7 from long range and scored 15. Harrison Barnes led Golden State with 23 points and nine rebounds. Faried responded to Curry’s sole 3-pointer with an alley-oop dunk, helping to settle down the Nuggets, who had much of their lead wither away during Golden State’s 11-0 run bookended by Klay Thompson’s jumpers early in the fourth quarter. Curry and Thompson missed back-to-back 3s that would have made it a two-point game with less than two minutes left, and Wilson Chandler’s 3 seconds later at the other end made it 103-95. Chandler finished with 19 points. Faried capped his night with an alley-oop dunk from Andre Miller before fouling out. The Warriors never got closer than five points after Denver’s first-half blitz led by Faried. Faried had seven points, eight boards and a big block in the first half as the Nuggets raced out to a 66-46 halftime lead by finally playing their brand of basketball to avoid, at least for now, another early exit from the playoffs. The third-seeded Nuggets finally played in the postseason like they did in the regular season, when they were the league’s

David Zalubowski/AP Photo

DENVER NUGGETS FORWARD KENNETH FARIED, RIGHT, DUNKS over Golden State Warriors center Festus Ezeli, left, and guard Jarrett Jack in the fourth quarter of Game 5 of their first-round NBA playoff series, Tuesday in Denver. The Nuggets won 107100. best transition team and piled up points in the paint on their way to an NBA franchise-most 57 wins. And it was Faried to put his foot down 48 hours after his size-16 sneaker left a hole in the wall just inside the visiting locker room at Oracle Arena following the Nuggets’ third straight loss to the sixthseeded Warriors. After Denver lost three straight games, coach George Karl had pinned his hopes on a return to the Pepsi Center, where the Nuggets haven’t lost back-to-back games since Feb. 8-9, 2012. The crowd had plenty to cheer about, but it was Faried who really brought the buzz back. With the Faried setting the tone and hounding Bogut, the Nuggets raced out to a 36-22 lead with their best quarter of the series. It was 44-31 when Bogut

gave a two-handed shove to Faried’s neck, sending him falling out of bounds underneath the basket. Bogut was whistled for a flagrant-1 foul and Faried made one of two free throws before Miller’s subsequent layup. Bogut missed at the other end, Faried got the board and then the rimrattling slam at the other end to make it 49-31 and force Golden State to call timeout. Faried followed his arena-shaking rejection of Jack’s shot with another bucket to make it 55-38. In the second half, rookie Draymond Green was whistled for a flagrant foul on Faried. Bogut finished with two points and five rebounds in 18 minutes, his worst showing of the series. Nursing a puffy right eye and a sprained left ankle, Curry got off to a rough start, missing six of his nine first-half shots.

GOLDEN STATE (100) Barnes 7-17 4-4 23, Jack 7-16 4-4 20, Bogut 1-4 0-0 2, Curry 7-19 0-0 15, Thompson 8-17 0-0 19, Ezeli 1-1 6-9 8, Landry 3-5 3-4 9, Green 1-1 1-2 3, Bazemore 0-1 0-0 0, Machado 0-0 0-0 0, Jefferson 0-0 1-2 1, Jones 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 35-81 19-25 100. DENVER (107) Chandler 6-14 2-2 19, Faried 5-8 3-4 13, McGee 4-9 2-4 10, Lawson 5-14 7-10 19, Iguodala 10-17 2-2 25, Brewer 1-11 2-2 4, Koufos 3-6 0-0 6, A.Miller 4-10 3-3 11, Randolph 0-0 0-0 0, Stone 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 38-89 21-27 107. Golden State 22 24 23 31—100 Denver 36 30 20 21—107 3-Point Goals-Golden State 11-29 (Barnes 5-10, Thompson 3-8, Jack 2-4, Curry 1-7), Denver 10-27 (Chandler 5-11, Iguodala 3-6, Lawson 2-4, A.Miller 0-1, Brewer 0-5). Fouled Out-Faried. Rebounds-Golden State 55 (Barnes 9), Denver 54 (Iguodala 12). AssistsGolden State 20 (Curry 8), Denver 26 (Lawson 10). Total Fouls-Golden State 23, Denver 25. Technicals-Curry, Koufos. Flagrant Fouls-Bogut, Green. A-19,155 (19,155).


AP File Photos

FORMER KANSAS UNIVERSITY CENTER COLE ALDRICH IS A FREE AGENT after he started the 2012-13 season with Oklahoma City, left, was traded to Houston, middle, and then flipped again, to Sacramento, where he finished out the season. He’s hoping a solid performance down the stretch with the Kings — he scored 12 points and grabbed 13 rebounds against Oklahoma City and had 12 points and 12 boards vs. Houston in two of the final three games — will help him net a lucrative second NBA contract. “The fun thing is there’s opportunity some places and there’s other opportunities other places. The good thing for me ... being an unrestricted free agent, we can see where those opportunities are for me to get out there and play,” Aldrich said. “For me, it’s maybe been a different road than some other guys. I went lot-

tery (No. 11 overall in 2010 draft). A lot of guys had the opportunity to go play and do things on the court. Me being on a really, really good team (OKC), that opportunity wasn’t there for me to get on the court. Toward the end of the season, I showed all the hard work I put in the last two years is really paying off. I have the most confidence in myself. I know I can play. It’s just a matter of time and matter of opportunity of getting out there playing.” O Cole’s camp: Aldrich will hold a camp for youngsters kindergarten to eighth grade June 24-27 at Olathe Northwest. Details are available at

NBA Playoffs

(x-if necessary) FIRST ROUND (Best-of-7) Saturday, April 20 New York 85, Boston 78 Denver 97, Golden State 95 Brooklyn 106, Chicago 89 L.A. Clippers 112, Memphis 91 Sunday, April 21 Indiana 107, Atlanta 90 San Antonio 91, L.A. Lakers 79 Miami 110, Milwaukee 87 Oklahoma City 120, Houston 91 Monday, April 22 Chicago 90, Brooklyn 82 L.A. Clippers 93, Memphis 91 Tuesday, April 23 Miami 98, Milwaukee 86 New York 87, Boston 71 Golden State 131, Denver 117 Wednesday, April 24 Oklahoma City 105, Houston 102 Indiana 113, Atlanta 98 San Antonio 102, L.A. Lakers 91 Thursday, April 25 Miami 104, Milwaukee 91 Chicago 79, Brooklyn 76 Memphis 94, L.A. Clippers 82 Friday, April 26 New York 90, Boston 76 San Antonio 120, L.A. Lakers 89 Golden State 110, Denver 108 Saturday, April 27 Chicago 142, Brooklyn 134, 3OT Memphis 104, L.A. Clippers 83, series tied 2-2 Atlanta 90, Indiana 69 Oklahoma City 104, Houston 101 Sunday, April 28 Boston 97, New York 90, New York leads series 3-1 Miami 88, Milwaukee 77, Miami wins series 4-0 San Antonio 103, L.A. Lakers 82, San Antonio wins series 4-0 Golden State 115, Denver 101 Monday, April 29 Brooklyn 110, Chicago 91, Chicago leads series 3-2 Atlanta 102, Indiana 91, series tied 2-2 Houston 105, Oklahoma City 103, Oklahoma City leads series 3-1 Tuesday, April 30 Denver 107, Golden State 100, Golden State leads series 3-2 Memphis at L.A. Clippers (n) Today Boston at New York, 6 p.m. Atlanta at Indiana, 7 p.m. Houston at Oklahoma City, 8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 2 Brooklyn at Chicago, 7 p.m. Denver at Golden State, 9:30 p.m. Friday, May 3 x-New York at Boston, 6 p.m. Indiana at Atlanta, 6 or 7 p.m. x-Oklahoma City at Houston, 6, 7 or 8:30 p.m. L.A. Clippers at Memphis, 7 or 8:30 p.m. Saturday, May 4 x-Chicago at Brooklyn, TBA x-Golden State at Denver, TBA Sunday, May 5 x-Boston at New York, TBA x-Atlanta at Indiana, TBA x-Houston at Oklahoma City, TBA x-Memphis at L.A. Clippers, TBA CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS Monday, May 6 Brooklyn-Chicago winner at Miami, TBA

He also was called for travelling while trying to draw the foul on Andre Iguodala on a 3-point try in the final second of the first quarter. The Nuggets will now Sportsmanship Award try to win in Oakland to NBA As voted by players bring the series back to Points based on 11-9-7-5-3-1 basis Denver for a decisive Jason Kidd,1stNY2nd3rd4th 5th 6th Total 91 64 75 43 38 43 2,474 Game 7.

Aldrich Aldrich — who is wrapping up his degree requirements prior to his July wedding (in Minnesota) to former KU student Britt Claflin — said the hardest part, “would be coming back from practice and not having any ambition to sit down and do homework. You are on a roadtrip (and say), ‘I’ve got two weeks until this paper is due. I want to do this, go to dinner with the guys.’” Instead, Aldrich said he would say: “I’ve got to get homework done, first.’” KU coach Bill Self knew Aldrich was committed to finishing his KU coursework. “We are all proud that Cole accomplished this goal,” Self said Tuesday. “He was the Academic All-American of the Year and when he left early he said he was going to graduate from KU. He kept to his plan and worked hard to earn his degree. I know we are as happy for him as his family is.” As far as putting the degree to use ... Aldrich hopes that’s still years down the line. An unrestricted free agent who earned $2,445,480 playing for Oklahoma City, Houston and Sacramento this past season, Aldrich is free to sign with any team.


O Collison a good sport: Former KU forward Nick Collison of the OKC Thunder placed fifth in voting for the 2012-13 NBA sportsmanship award. Jason Kidd was winner, followed by Stephen Curry, Luol Deng and Mike Conley. O Sherron in house: Former KU guards Sherron Collins and Mario Little attended Tuesday night’s KU-Wichita State baseball game, as did current players Kevin Young and Naadir Tharpe. Collins said he planned to live in Lawrence this summer and work out with KU strength and conditioning coach Andrea Hudy.

Stephen Curry, GS 62 73 62 Luol Deng, Chi 48 63 79 Mike Conley, Mem 44 66 57 Nick Collison, OKC 64 39 40 Jameer Nelson, Orl 46 50 40

44 79 31


56 60 47


56 72 54


76 50 83


74 50 90


NHL Playoffs

(x-if necessary) FIRST ROUND (Best-of-7) Tuesday, April 30 Chicago 2, Minnesota 1, OT, Chicago leads series 1-0 St. Louis 2, Los Angeles 1, OT, St. Louis leads series 1-0 Detroit at Anaheim (n) Today Toronto at Boston, 6 p.m. NY Islanders at Pittsburgh, 6:30 p.m. San Jose at Vancouver, 9:30 p.m. Thursday, May 2 Ottawa at Montreal, 6 p.m. NY Rangers at Washington, 6:30 p.m. Los Angeles at St. Louis, 8:30 p.m. Detroit at Anaheim, 9 p.m. Friday, May 3 Ottawa at Montreal, 6 p.m. NY Islanders at Pittsburgh, 6 p.m. Minnesota at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. San Jose at Vancouver, 9 p.m. Saturday, May 4 NY Rangers at Washington, 11:30 a.m. Toronto at Boston, 6 p.m. Anaheim at Detroit, 6:30 p.m. St. Louis at Los Angeles, 9 p.m. Sunday, May 5 Pittsburgh at NY Islanders, 11 a.m. Chicago at Minnesota, 2 p.m. Montreal at Ottawa, 6 p.m. Vancouver at San Jose, 9 p.m. Monday, May 6 Washington at NY Rangers, 6:30 p.m. Boston at Toronto, 6 p.m. Anaheim at Detroit, 7 p.m. St. Louis at Los Angeles, 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 7 Montreal at Ottawa, 6 p.m. Pittsburgh at NY Islanders, 6 p.m. Chicago at Minnesota, 8:30 p.m. Vancouver at San Jose, 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 8 Boston at Toronto, 6 p.m. Washington at NY Rangers, 6:30 p.m. x-Detroit at Anaheim, 9 p.m. x-Los Angeles at St. Louis, TBD Thursday, May 9 x-NY Islanders at Pittsburgh, 6 p.m. x-Ottawa at Montreal, 6 p.m. x-San Jose at Vancouver, 9 p.m. x-Minnesota at Chicago, TBD Friday, May 10 x-Toronto at Boston, 6 p.m. x-NY Rangers at Washington, 6:30 p.m. x-St. Louis at Los Angeles, TBD x-Anaheim at Detroit, TBD Saturday, May 11 Anaheim at Detroit, 6:30 p.m. St. Louis at Los Angeles, 9 p.m. x-Pittsburgh at NY Islanders, TBD x-Montreal at Ottawa, TBD x-Chicago at Minnesota, TBD x-Vancouver at San Jose, TBD Sunday, May 12 x-Detroit at Anaheim, TBD x-Minnesota at Chicago, TBD x-Boston at Toronto, TBD x-Ottawa at Montreal, TBD x-NY Islanders at Pittsburgh, TBD x-Washington at NY Rangers, TBD Monday, May 13 x-NY Rangers at Washington, TBD x-Toronto at Boston, TBD x-San Jose at Vancouver, TBD x-Los Angeles at St. Louis, TBD

BASEBALL COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE-Suspended free agent 3B Brandon Brown 50 games after testing positive for metabolites of Stanozolol in violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

American League BALTIMORE ORIOLES-Optioned LHP Zach Britton to Norfolk (IL). Designated C Luis Exposito for assignment. Recalled RHP Zach Clark from Norfolk. Selected the contract of C Chris Snyder from Norfolk. Reinstated RHP Steve Johnson from the 15-day DL and optioned him to Norfolk. BOSTON RED SOX-Reinstated RHP Joel Hanrahan from the 15-day DL. CHICAGO WHITE SOX-Transferred LHP Leyson Septimo from the 15-day to the 60-day DL. LOS ANGELES ANGELS-Reinstated SS Erick Aybar from the 15-day DL. Placed OF Peter Bourjos on the 15-day DL. Selected the contract OF Scott Cousins from Salt Lake (PCL). Optioned LHP Michael Roth to Arkansas (TL). NEW YORK YANKEES-Placed INF Kevin Youkilis on the 15-day DL, retroactive to April 28. Recalled INF Corban Joseph from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL). TAMPA BAY RAYS-Activated OF Luke Scott from the 15-day DL. Designated OF Shelley Duncan for assignment. TEXAS RANGERS-Announced the retirement of RHP Randy Wells. National League ATLANTA BRAVESS-Placed RHP Luis Ayala on the 15-day DL, retroactive to April 25. Recalled RHP David Carpenter from Gwinnett (IL). LOS ANGELES DODGERS-Recalled RHP Javy Guerra from Albuquerque (PCL). Optioned RHP Josh Wall to Albuquerque. MIAMI MARLINS-Placed 1B Joe Mahoney and OF Giancarlo Stanton on the 15-day DL, Mahoney retroactive to April 28. Recalled LHP Brad Hand from New Orleans (PCL) and OF Marcell Ozuna from Jacksonville (SL). Sent SS Adeiny Hechavarria to Jupiter (FSL) on a rehab assignment. PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES-Reinstated OF Delmon Young from the 15-day DL. Designated OF Ezequiel Carrera for assignment. PITTSBURGH PIRATES-Recalled RHP Bryan Morris from Indianapolis (IL). Designated LHP Jonathan Sanchez for assignment. SAN DIEGO PADRES-Sent 1B James Darnell and RHP Tyson Ross to Tucson (PCL) for a rehab assignment. WASHINGTON NATIONALS-Sent 3B Ryan Zimmerman to Potomac (Carolina) for a rehab assignment. Eastern League AKRON AEROS-Called up RHP Will Roberts from Carolina (Carolina). American Association EL PASO DIABLOS-Signed RHP Deinys Suarez. FARGO-MOORHEAD REDHAWKSSigned RHP Taylor Stanton. WICHITA WINGNUTS-Released RHP Kyle Wahl. WINNIPEG GOLDEYES-Traded INF Garrett Rau to Laredo for future considerations. Can-Am League NEWARK BEARS-Signed RHP Ryan Carr and INF Brandon Mims. QUEBEC CAPITALES-Signed RHP Stosh Wawrzasek. United League AMARILLO SOX-Named Bobby Brown manager. FOOTBALL National Football League NFL-Suspended Jacksonville WR Justin Blackmon for the first four games of the 2013 season, without pay, for violating the substance-abuse policy. CINCINNATI BENGALS-Signed DTs Larry Black and Travis Chappelear, CB Terrence Brown, LBs Jayson DiManche and Bruce Taylor, WRs Tyrone Goard and Roy Roundtree, CB Troy Stoudermire and G John Sullen. CLEVELAND BROWNS-Signed OTs Aaron Adams, Chris Faulk, Caylin Hauptmann and Martin Wallace, S Ricky Tunstall, TEs Garrett Hoskins and Travis Tannahill, DEs Paipai Falemalu and Justin Staples, WRs Perez Ashford, Dominique Croom, Keenan Davis, Mike Edwards and Cordell Roberson, DT Dave Kruger, C Braxston Cave, CB Josh Aubrey and RB Jamaine Cook. MINNESOTA VIKINGS-Waived CB Nick Taylor. OAKLAND RAIDERS-Re-signed PK Eddy Carmona. HOCKEY NHLPA-F Brian Rolston announced his retirement. National Hockey League DETROIT RED WINGS-Reassigned D Xavier Ouellet from BlainvilleBoisbriand (QMJHL) to Grand Rapids (AHL). PHOENIX COYOTES-Assigned D Michael Stone and Fs Alexandre Bolduc and Chris Conner to Portland (AHL). SOCCER Major League Soccer COLORADO RAPIDS-Signed D Brenton Griffiths. COLLEGE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY-Named Mike Brennan men’s basketball coach. ARMSTRONG ATLANTIC-Announced the resignation of Matt Schmidt women’s basketball coach. BAKER-Named Pete Di Pol wrestling coach. EAST CAROLINA-Announced men’s basketball Fs Robert Sampson and Yasin Kolo will transfer. LAMAR-Named Robin Harmony women’s basketball coach. MANHATTAN-Named Pete McHugh assistant athletic director for communications. PITTSBURGH-Dismissed TE Drew Carswell and DB Eric Williams from the football team. Suspended QB Tra’Von Chapman indefinitely. TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN-Named John Ishee women’s associate head basketball coach. WENTWORTH TECH-Announced the resignation of assistant trainer Lauren Eck.


EASTERN CONFERENCE W L T Pts GF GA Montreal 5 1 1 16 9 5 New York 4 4 2 14 15 13 Houston 4 2 2 14 12 9 Sporting KC 4 3 2 14 10 8 Columbus 3 2 3 12 12 7 Philadelphia 3 3 2 11 10 12 New England 2 3 2 8 4 6 Toronto FC 1 3 4 7 10 12 Chicago 2 5 1 7 6 14 D.C. 1 6 1 4 4 13 WESTERN CONFERENCE W L T Pts GF GA FC Dallas 6 1 2 20 15 9 Los Angeles 4 1 2 14 12 4 Portland 3 1 4 13 14 11 Chivas USA 3 3 2 11 12 11 Real Salt Lake 3 4 2 11 7 9 San Jose 2 3 4 10 8 11 Vancouver 2 3 3 9 9 11 Colorado 2 4 3 9 7 9 Seattle 1 3 2 5 3 5 NOTE: Three points for victory, one point for tie. Thursday, May 2 New England at Portland, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, May 4 Seattle FC at Philadelphia, 3 p.m. New York at Columbus, 3 p.m. Montreal at San Jose, 3 p.m. Toronto FC at Colorado, 8 p.m. Vancouver at Real Salt Lake, 8 p.m. Sunday, May 5 Chivas USA at Sporting Kansas City, 4 p.m. Houston at Los Angeles, 10 p.m.

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Celebrity wines take spotlight By Michelle Locke Associated Press

Fancy having Brangelina, Drew Barrymore and Dan Aykroyd over for dinner? No problem, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll even bring the wine. OK, maybe the stars themselves wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t show up, but their wines will appear with just a wave of a credit card. You might start with an aperitif of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pittâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new Miraval rose, move on to a light pasta dish served with Barrymore Wineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pinot grigio, then perhaps finish up with a glass of Aykroydâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cabernet franc ice wine for dessert. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to put a number on celebrity wines, a category that includes singers, sports stars, chefs and more. But Danny Brager, vice president for alcoholic beverages at market research firm Nielsen, says there are close to 100 on the market at the moment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It keeps growing all the time,â&#x20AC;? he said. With thousands and thousands of wines out there, having a recognizable name on the label can help. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Just breaking through the clutter can be hugely difficult and I think thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where a recognized name just in and of itself can help break through that clutter,â&#x20AC;? said Brager. Interestingly, the average price for all 750-milliliter bottles of wine in the Nielsen database is $9. Average price for celebrity wines: $20. That could be due to a number of factors, including the type of wine the celebrity is selling â&#x20AC;&#x201D; some are drawn to high-end efforts. Still, â&#x20AC;&#x153;itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a significant gap,â&#x20AC;? Brager points out. Jasper Russo, the fine wine buyer for Sigelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wine and spirits store in Dallas, recently held a tasting of celebrity wines, including Miraval, a partnership between Jolie and Pitt and the Perrin French winemaking family. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When you have someone with that kind of serious winemaking background, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to tell you something,â&#x20AC;? said Russo. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a flip side, too. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It tells me volumes when I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find out from your website whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s making the wine.â&#x20AC;? True wine aficionados are â&#x20AC;&#x153;going to judge the wine based on what the wine tastes like in the glass. But you have lots of customers who are not that picky about the wine. For them, wine is just a hedonistic experience. They donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to analyze the wine; they just want to enjoy it,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a Brangelina fan, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cool to have that on the table.â&#x20AC;? Miraval retails for about $24.99 and is made from grapes grown at Chateau Miraval, Pitt and Jolieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s place in the south of France.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eat Your Vegetables


Cashew Chicken and Shrimp with Broccoli and Peppers

Sarah Henning

3 large, boneless chicken breasts 1/2 pound shrimp 1 cup cashews 1 large broccoli crown Handful of baby carrots (about a cup, chopped) 1 green pepper 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1 1/2 teaspoons minced fresh ginger 2 green onions, for garnish

How to build a green smoothie


For the marinade: 2 teaspoons baking soda 2 teaspoons cornstarch 2 tablespoons soy sauce For the sauce: 2 tablespoons soy sauce 3 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil 1/2 teaspoon Sriracha Chop your chicken into bite-sized pieces and toss it and the shrimp in the baking soda and let it rest for 10 minutes or so while you chop vegetables and start rice. When everything is prepared, heat a tablespoon of sesame oil over high heat in a skillet with high sides. Rinse the chicken and shrimp well and transfer them to a bowl to continue to marinate in the soy sauce and corn starch mixture for about 10 more minutes. Meanwhile, prepare your sauce by whisking all the ingredients together. Set aside. Add the carrots to the hot oil and saute for a couple of minutes, then add in the rest of the vegetables. After about five minutes, add the chicken. Once the chicken starts to look done, add the shrimp, cashews and sauce to the pan and stir frequently until everything is cooked through. Serve over hot rice and garnish with green onions. Weight Watchers Points Plus Values: 6 points for half cup of rice and 3/4 cup of chicken/shrimp mixture Serves six.


er economy, have more Americans treating meat as the side dish. And it shows in how we shop. The number of farmers’ markets has more than doubled during the last 10 years, and meat consumption is down 12 percent since 2007. Shifting attitudes regarding what and how we eat also come into play. Americans today eat more casually than previous generations. The idea of a “center of the plate” — a large piece of meat surrounded by a starch and a vegetable — has loosened. Many Americans happily graze on Mediterranean tapas, indulge in sushi or slurp Asian soups like Vietnamese pho, where meat is an afterthought. As our concept of what constitutes a meal has widened, so has the range of vegetarian options. During the ’70s and ’80s, lentil loaf was a very real and terrifying thing. Meanwhile, in a search to replace the “missing” meat, many chefs loaded up on cheese, eggs and cream, trying to fill diners up and prove that vegetarian food could be satisfying. And brown rice and other bland ingredients made eating healthy seem like punishment. “I was going for bulk, for comfort food,” says Mollie Katzen, whose 1977 “Moosewood Cookbook” (Ten Speed Press) made her a pioneer in the movement. “Now I wouldn’t serve one heavy clunker in the center of the plate. My cooking is far more modular — a little bit of whole grains, some le-

| 9B

Matthew Mead/AP Photo


Pasta redeemed with chard, cheese By Sara Moulton Associated Press

No matter how unimpeachable whole-wheat pasta is in terms of nutritional cred, I’ve always found it off-putting. Sure, it has more fiber and whole-grain nutrition. But it always struck me as rather spineless and dull. And as someone whose culinary credo is that food can be scrumptious and healthy, I wasn’t about to eat whole-wheat pasta for its nutritional benefits alone. Happily, several brands recently have developed very respectable lines of 100 percent whole-wheat pasta. If you haven’t lately, you might want to taste a few of them to decide which is your favorite. Once you’ve settled on a winner, cook it the way I suggest in this recipe, which is to finish cooking the pasta in the sauce. This produces a more flavorful dish than the more traditional method — cooking the sauce and pasta separately, then combining them only at

gumes. I like to call it ‘the peace sign plate.’” If chefs have changed, so have their audiences. The culinary revolution of the 1980s introduced Americans to a greater range of flavors and to the idea of fresh produce artfully deployed. A greater awareness of international cuisines also has opened doors to a new kind of vegetable-oriented cooking. “We’ve brought so many cultural influences into the conversation,” says Diane Morgan, author most recently of “Roots” (Chronicle Books, 2012), which celebrates turnips, sunchokes and other underground vegetables. “The granola-era people weren’t making risotto. They were turning spaghetti and meatballs into something else — the meatballs had brown rice, but they weren’t sophisticated. Now the volume of ethnic cookbooks coming into the conversation changes that.” And many of these ethnic cookbooks are vegetable-centered. “The Duke’s Table” (Melville House, 2013) offers a comprehensive collection of Italian vegetarian recipes first published in the 1930s. “The Glorious Vegetables of Italy,” also offering vegetarian Italian recipes, is due out this summer from Chronicle Books. “The French Market Cookbook” (Clarkson Potter, 2013) seizes on the idea that while classic, Escoffier-style cook-

the last minute. Plenty tasty, but the flavors never marry. This is pretty much a one-dish meal. Serve it with a nice little tossed salad on the side and a glass of vino, and savor your contentment.

Whole-Wheat Penne with Spring Greens and Sausage If you have trouble finding Swiss chard, you can substitute spinach. Discard any tough spinach stems and use the leaves as directed. Start to finish: 45 minutes (15 minutes active) Servings: 4 8 ounces whole-wheat penne 1 pound Swiss chard 2 tablespoons extravirgin olive oil 4 ounces chicken sausages, halved lengthwise, then sliced 1/2-inch-thick crosswise 1/2 cup finely chopped yellow onion 2 cloves garlic, minced Kosher salt

ing is meat-oriented, the poorer food of the French countryside is vegetablefocused. Seizing on dishes such as these, which are designed to be eaten without meat, says author Clotilde Dusoulier, makes the whole category more appealing. “When you come from a very meat and potatoes diet, it’s hard to imagine adapting those dishes,” Dusoulier says. “You just feel like you’re removing meat. If you focus on natively vegetarian dishes, those are meant to be meat-free, so they’re perfect without a meat component.” And a growing number of “celebrity” vegetables have replaced the tired portobello mushroom that began standing in for burgers on restaurant menus in the 1980s. Once reviled items like Brussels sprouts — which Katzen says “were almost a punch line” — are being roasted, grilled and julienned. Kale salad is on trendy menus across the country, and kale chips — which Katzen says she made in the ‘90s to great guffaws — are on grocery store shelves. Ramps, in season right now, are yet another hip, cool plant to munch. Cauliflower may be next. “Cauliflower is the new kale,” says Katzen, noting the prevalence of roasted cauliflower “steaks” in magazines and on restaurant menus. “I’m seeing cauliflower everywhere.”

15-ounce can (about 1 3/4 cups) chopped tomatoes, preferably fire roasted 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional) 1 1/2 ounces grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the pasta and cook for a few minutes less than the recommended time on the box. Meanwhile, cut off and reserve the Swiss chard stems. Chop the Swiss chard leaves coarsely. Cut the stems into 1/2-inch lengths. In a large skillet over medium-high, heat the oil. Add the sausages and cook, stirring, for 3 minutes, or until lightly browned. Use a slotted spoon to transfer the sausages to a bowl. Return the skillet to medium heat and add the onion. Cook until golden, 3 to 5 minutes. Add the garlic and cook, stirring, for 1 minute. Add the Swiss chard stems to the skillet, cover and cook for 3 minutes. Remove the lid and add

But perhaps the biggest change is that eating vegetables is no longer about avoiding meat. While early chefs tried to reconfigure vegetables and grains to resemble meat in taste and texture as closely as possible, today’s vegetable cooking focuses on the best qualities of the produce. And yes, sometimes meat is even involved. This vegetable-forward approach can be seen on cookbook covers, where the word “vegetarian” has either disappeared or been minimized.

half the Swiss chard greens. Stir and cook, stirring occasionally, until the greens are slightly wilted. Add the remaining greens, cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until completely wilted. Add the tomatoes, a hefty pinch of salt and the red pepper flakes, if using. When the pasta is almost done but not quite al dente, drain it, reserving 1 cup of the cooking liquid. Add the pasta and 3/4 cup of the cooking liquid to the skillet and simmer for 3 to 4 minutes, adding more cooking liquid if necessary, until the pasta is al dente and most of the liquid has evaporated. Add the sausages, then season with salt. Divide the mixture among 4 shallow bowls and top each portion with some of the cheese. Nutrition information per serving: 380 calories; 110 calories from fat (29 percent of total calories); 12 g fat (3 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 20 mg cholesterol; 55 g carbohydrate; 8 g fiber; 6 g sugar; 19 g protein; 950 mg sodium.

1/8-inch rounds. Place in 2 bowls and sprinkle each with 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon of the herbes de Provence. Heat the oven to 350 F. Use the olive oil to lightly coat an 8-by-10-inch glass or ceramic baking dish. Scatter the sliced onions evenly over the bottom. Sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon salt and a touch of olive oil. Arrange a row of overlapping tomato slices along one side of the dish. Pack them in tightly so that they are almost upright. Sprinkle with a little sage and garlic. Follow with a row of eggplant slices Ratatouille Tian overlapping alongside it, then a row of Start to finish: 2 hours zucchini slices, sprinkling 45 minutes (20 minutes each with a little sage and active) garlic as you go. Repeat the Servings: 6 pattern until you’ve filled 1 1/3 pounds small eggthe dish and used up all the plants vegetables, packing the Fine sea salt rows of vegetables together 3 teaspoons herbes de very tightly. Provence (or a mix of dried If you have vegetables thyme, rosemary, basil and/ remaining at the end, slip or oregano), divided them among their peers to 1 1/3 pounds medium flesh out rows that seem to zucchini need it. 1 3/4 pounds plum tomaDrizzle with 3 tabletoes spoons of olive oil, cover Olive oil loosely with foil, and bake 2 small yellow onions, for 30 minutes. thinly sliced Increase the heat to 425 8 fresh sage leaves, F and bake for another 30 minced minutes. Remove the foil 2 garlic cloves, minced and continue baking until An hour before you plan the vegetables are tender to cook, cut the eggplants and the tips of the slices are crosswise into rounds appealingly browned, about about 1/8 inch thick. Set the another 30 minutes. Serve rounds in a colander, then hot, at room temperature, sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of or chilled. salt. Toss to coat, then let Nutrition information per rest in the sink for 1 hour to serving: 120 calories; 45 allow some of the moiscalories from fat (38 perture to be drawn out of the cent of total calories); 5 g slices. fat (1 g saturated; 0 g trans With kitchen or paper fats); 0 mg cholesterol; 17 g towels, pat the eggplant carbohydrate; 7 g fiber; 9 g slices dry. Set the slices in sugar; 4 g protein; 660 mg a bowl and sprinkle with 1 sodium. teaspoon of the herbes de (Recipe adapted from Provence. Clotilde Dusoulier’s “The Cut the zucchini and French Market Cookbook,” tomatoes crosswise into Clarkson Potter, 2013)

’ve written a lot of smoothies over the years to this space. And the majority of them have had some green element to them. They might not have actually been green, like the smoothie I wrote about last week, but they are green on the inside, even if another ingredient like blueberries or cocoa powder is covering up the evidence. If this sounds disgusting to you, I’m sorry. If it doesn’t, there’s a chance you’ve already joined the green smoothie movement, which has been going on for years. And if you haven’t ever made one? I have news for you: now is the perfect time to start. Here’s the deal: Even if you don’t have access to your CSA yet, or haven’t joined one, you have an abundance of local greens available to you right now. The farmers’ markets and many of Lawrence’s grocery stores are overflowing with local greens. From spinach to kale to arugula to chard — you have a ton of greens to choose from. They’re inexpensive, they’re local and they’re plentiful because they’re in season. So, if you haven’t joined the green smoothie train, or did awhile back and eased off, I urge you to give it a go. It’s a fabulous way to get your greens without being a total salad freak (like me) and if you are part of a CSA, it’ll help you get through the giant bag of spinach you may acquire. Now, you don’t need a specific recipe to create a tasty green smoothie. Mine are probably different every morning, which is a good thing. To get as many nutrients as possible, it’s great to alter your smoothies slightly, based on what you have on hand. This week, I had pea greens and spinach, and I used both in smoothies. I’m guessing there aren’t that many smoothie recipes with pea greens out there, and that’s exactly where you adapt. The basic recipe I use is very simple. Take what you will from it, add in the extras if you like, and give it a try. Believe me, if I can get my kid to drink these (and he started at about 15 months), you can get anyone to drink them.

Basic Green Smoothie 2 large handfuls greens — spinach (great for beginners), tatsoi, de-stemmed kale, etc. 2 bananas or 1 mango 1 cup berries — strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. (optional) 1-2 scoops protein powder (I use vanilla or chocolate by Sun Warrior) 1.5 to 2 cups water Additions: 1-3 tablespoons of hemp, chia or flaxseed; local bee pollen; maca; 1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder; pinch tumeric; pinch apple pie or pumpkin pie spice; splash of vanilla or almond extracts; one frozen packet acai juice All you do is blend it up. That amount usually makes two servings (one large one for me, one smaller one for the kiddo), and is a great start to the day. Now, what’d we get this week in our CSA? Wholewheat flour, pea greens, spinach, salad greens, chives and green onions.


INSIDE Whole-wheat pasta

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Green smoothies Celebrity wines

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Matthew Mead/AP Photo

RATATOUILLE TIAN is shown in a baking dish. A certain image used to be associated with being a vegetarian but a growing number of Americans are finding they can have cauliflower and kale at the center of the plate without a side of ideology.


The mainstream look of vegetarian cooking By Michele Kayal Associated Press

Not so long ago, there was a certain image associated with being vegetarian. It usually involved Birkenstocks, lentil loaf and an agenda. There still are plenty of all three in the meatless movement, but a growing number of Americans are finding they can have cauliflower and kale at the center of the plate without a side of ideology.

Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because at the same time people are eating less meat, vegetables have gained respect as worthy ingredients in their own right, not just as the garnish for a steak. There even are celebrity vegetables (ramps and Brussels sprouts, anyone?). And perhaps most telling, the word â&#x20AC;&#x153;vegetarianâ&#x20AC;? has moved from the center of cookbook covers to the margins, if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seen at all. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always struggled with the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;vegetarianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; la-

bel,â&#x20AC;? says Deborah Madison, whose cookbook â&#x20AC;&#x153;Vegetable Literacyâ&#x20AC;? (Ten Speed Press, 2013) is the most recent in her 30-year career of writing about vegetables. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When I began writing it was so much about a lifestyle. You were or you werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t and people didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t cross that line.â&#x20AC;? Today that line is fluid. Movements such as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Meatless Mondays,â&#x20AC;? as well as concerns about food quality and a tightPlease see FRESH, page 9B

Cashew chicken and shrimp for a small crowd THE FLYING FORK

by Megan Stuke


he beauty of stirfry is that it can include almost any ingredients I might have laying around. For example, we had a houseful of people a couple of weeks ago with almost no notice, so I had to find ways to feed multiple people without the ben-

efit of much time to plan or shop. I had planned for our little family to have cashew chicken one night but I knew what I had in my pantry wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t quite cut it for more than three or four people, so I started digging around for items to stretch the dish to feed six. And, lo and behold, there was some shrimp in the refrigerator left over from a pizza night weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d had a day or two before. I had one green pepper Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d planned to use for this dish, but again, that one pepper wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t going to cut it for the number of people I had

coming to the table, so I dragged a big head of broccoli out of the crisper and a few baby carrots. Cashew chicken doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t usually include broccoli and carrots, but,

hey, stir-fry is forgiving. The resulting dish has a rather long name, but everyone liked it, whether it was â&#x20AC;&#x153;traditionalâ&#x20AC;? or not. Please see FORK, page 9B

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:Â&#x2122;­n ´~ òÂ&#x2013;n :nnÂĄ $/ -/ ä¤ Â&#x17D; !< ~


0 $" 

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.Ä&#x2030; Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;🠚êÄ&#x2030;Âź Ĺ&#x2019;|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;ĂŞ qŸŽÄ&#x2030;ÂźĹ&#x201E; Ä&#x2030;Ă&#x2013;Ĺ&#x201E; ÂŽ Â&#x2021; Z|Ĺ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ğŽ |ĹşĹ&#x201E; |ĹşĹ&#x201E;


Äś Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x192;Ĥ|Â&#x203A;Ĺ&#x2019; źŸĹ&#x2019; Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x;|ŜŸ ğŸŽŠ Ä&#x192;|ğ៎ šêĹ&#x2019;ä Ĺ&#x201E;êÚáź Ăš|źŸğĹ&#x201E; Ä&#x2019;Ă? Â&#x203A;|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x201E;ĂŞĹ&#x201E; |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ šêڎ Â?Ÿğğź Ă?ÄźĹ&#x;ĂŞĹ&#x2019; Ĺ&#x2019;ä|Ĺ&#x2019; Ä&#x192;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013;ڟ šêĹ&#x2019;ä šŸÚÚÊêÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ÂźĂ&#x2013;Äź|Ĺ&#x2019;ŸŽ äêÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x201E; Ä&#x2019;Ă? Ă&#x2013;Äź|ĤäêĹ&#x2019;ŸŠ Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;Â?|Â&#x203A;Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019; |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019;|Ĺ&#x201E;Ĺ&#x2019;Ĺş Ä&#x2019;|áĪġ ĂŠB|Ĺş Ĺ&#x2014;Ä&#x153;Š Ĺ?Ć&#x192;Ä&#x153;Ĺ&#x2014; ÄśB|ğĹĹ&#x;ÂźĹ&#x201E; ÂŽÂź |Ĺ&#x201E;| Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ä| ĂŞĹ&#x201E; ÂŽ|ğá ÄźĹ&#x;Â?Ĺş ğŸŽ ĂŞÄ&#x2030; Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;ĂšÄ&#x2019;ğŠ šêĹ&#x2019;ä ĂšĹ&#x;Ĺ&#x201E;Â&#x203A;ĂŞÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x201E; |ÄźÄ&#x2019;Ä&#x192;|Ĺ&#x201E; Ä&#x2019;Ă? Â&#x203A;äŸğğź |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Â?Ăš|Â&#x203A;áÂ?ŸğğêŸĹ&#x201E; ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;ŸğĹ&#x2019;šêÄ&#x2030;ŸŽ šêĹ&#x2019;ä Â&#x203A;ŸŽ|Äź |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ Ĺ&#x201E;Ä&#x192;Ä&#x2019;áŸĪ `äŸĹ&#x201E;Âź Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;ÂźĹ&#x201E; Ă?Ä&#x2019;ÚÚÄ&#x2019;š Ĺ&#x2019;äğÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ă&#x2013;ä Ĺ&#x2019;Ä&#x2019; Ĺ&#x2019;äŸ Ĥ|Ăš|Ĺ&#x2019;ŸĪ `ğŸÄ&#x192;ÂźÄ&#x2030;ÂŽÄ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;Ĺ&#x201E;Úź Â&#x203A;Ä&#x2019;Ä&#x2030;Â&#x203A;ÂźÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x2019;Äź|Ĺ&#x2019;ŸŽ Ă&#x2019;|ĹśÄ&#x2019;ÄźĹ&#x201E; |ğŸ ğŸŜŸ|ڟŽ ĂŞÄ&#x2030; Ă?ÄźÄ&#x192; Ĺ&#x2019;|Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2030;ĂŞÄ&#x2030;Ĺ&#x201E;Š šêĹ&#x2019;ä | Ĺ&#x201E;Ä&#x2019;Ă?Ĺ&#x2019;Š Ĺ&#x201E;êÚáź Ĺ&#x2019;ŸŚĹ&#x2019;Ĺ&#x;ğŸ |Ä&#x2030;ÂŽ | ÚêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013;ŸğêÄ&#x2030;Ă&#x2013; Ă?Ä&#x2030;ĂŞĹ&#x201E;äĪġ ĂŠqĂŞÄ&#x2030;ÂźÄ&#x192;|áŸğ Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2019;Ĺ&#x2019;ÂźĹ&#x201E;

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Announcements CNA CLASSES!

May 6 - May 31, 2013 July 8 - July 31, 2013 8:30a -2:30p Mon-Thurs. May 13 - May 31, 2013 8:30a -2:30p Mon-Fri. Summer CNA Classes July 8- July 31, 2013 8:30a -3:30p Mon-Thurs. July 8- Aug 8, 2013 4p -9p Mon-Fri. Summer CMA Classes July 29- Aug 26, 2013 8:30a -3:30p Mon,Wed, Fri. Call now 785-331-2025

Frannieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Flea & Farmerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Market Reserve your spots now! 12x20 $25 or 12x40 $40

Estate Sales ESTATE SALE 3701 Tiffany Dr. Saturday, May 4, 8:00-5:00 Large oil painting by Campuzano, old hand made quilts, Kimball baby grand piano, large coll. of Tea Leaf Luster ironstone, oak kit. cabinet, dining table/6 chairs and serving cab., pine table/6 chairs, Ethan Allen sofa, pr. wing chairs, sofa table, end tables, cocktail table, love seat, antique planters writing desk, deaconâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bench, iron bed, wicker desk bookcase, armoire and end tables, 2 trunks, large copper kettle on stand, 16 Dickens Village coll., cast iron cookware, games, crystal glassware, signed crystal, old baskets, collection of music boxes, vac. cleaner, tools, cook books and misc.

Sale by Elvira

Sellers Wanted Buyers Needed

â&#x20AC;˘ Garage Sales â&#x20AC;˘ Fund Raisers All Vendors Welcome (Last-minute sellers welcome!)

May 18th & 19th

Gate opens at 6 a.m. 1014 Front St. Tonganoxie, KS (Located at Meadowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Construction right off of 2440 Hwy in Tonganoxie)


Found Item FOUND: Wristwatch at Bloomington State Park area. Describe to claim, 785-843-0257

Lost Item EARRING: Silver triangle purple stone and multi-color stone inlay. Possibly lost in parking lot at NE 9th & Vermont or south near Bath and Body Works. Reward. Call 785.843.2733 if found Lost keys on Mass St. or parking garage on Sat. April 20. Dooney & Bourke key fob. Please call 913-660-5995.

Auction Calendar PUBLIC AUCTION Sat, May 11, 2013 @10am 18325 Prairieview Dr, Tonganoxie KS 66086 Sebree Auction LLC (913)724-6400


Saturday, May 11th, 2013 9:30 A.M. 1965 Douglas Rd., Perry, KS (5 m. west of Perry or 6 m. east of Topeka on 24 Hwy. Watch for signs!) Seller: Dallas Merrit Auctioneers: Elston & Wischropp Auctions Home (785-594-0505) Cell ( 785-218-7851)

Sat., May 4, 7pm Monticello Auction Ctr, 4795 Frisbie Rd Shawnee, KS. Lindsay Auction Service Inc 913.441.1557 Strickers Auction Monday, May 6, 6 PM 801 North Center (1 Mile North of Gardner, KS) For more info & pictures see website Strickers Auction Jerry 913-707-1046 Ron 913-963-3800

Auctions PUBLIC AUCTION Sat, May 11, 2013 @10am 18325 Prairieview Dr, Tonganoxie KS 66086 1951 Ford Cust 2Dr, Flathead V8, 1992 Chev C1500 PU w/full power & auto trans. Bass boat, woodworking tools, guns, coins, Furn., Appl., HH antiq. & coll., fishing lures, tools,plus much more. See website for full listing and color pics. Sebree Auction LLC (913)724-6400

FREE ADS for merchandise

under $100

Sat., May 4, 7pm Monticello Auction Ctr, 4795 Frisbie Rd Shawnee, KS. Selling nice 2010 Ford Fusion. Pawn Shop starts at 6pm doors open at noon for viewing. View web site for photos & more info. Lindsay Auction Service Inc 913.441.1557

SunflowerClassifieds Strickers Auction Monday, May 6, 6 PM 801 North Center (1 Mile North of Gardner, KS) Selling old KC Italian Estate, has been in storage since 1990, plus regular consignors, extra nice old wood music box w/tambour timber, 10 Old Bronzes, 10 Old Clocks, Aprox 50 pc of KC Priests Of Pallas dated 1887 to 1912, memorabilia, large assortment high end gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewelry, also costume jewelry, lots of old collectibles and dishes, primitives, Kansas City Alaskan Fur Coat, lots of old vintage dresses and hats, lots of nice old antique furniture, 2 Ezgo golf carts like new (need batteries), Ford Major Diesel Tractor 1978 Holiday Ramblette Trailer W/ Ac, 4 Flat Bed Trailers, lots of good tools, concrete benches and bird baths. Note: This will be a large auction with two auctioneers selling at the same time. For more info & pictures see website Strickers Auction Jerry 913-707-1046 Ron 913-963-3800

Child Care Provided


Education & Training

$4,000 sign on. CDL Drivers The KU Beta Theta Pi fraterup to $1500 weekly. Excel- nity is seeking a House Dilent home time. Class rector (â&#x20AC;&#x153;House Momâ&#x20AC;?). The A/great benefits Hogan: live-in position will start in Call to see what we have Aug. 2013. Resumes by for you. 866-275-8837 May 15th. Win Zoellner Diesel Mechanics. Experi- General enced heavy equipment mechanics needed. Pay 1A Applicator Full Time, based on skill level. Apply Experience, Housing Availbetween 7AM & 3PM at able, Insurance, RetireHamm Companies, 609 ment, Uniforms, Holiday Perry Place, Perry, KS. EOE and Sick Days. Please call Murrfield Farms McLouth, Exp. Flatbed Drivers: Re- Ks. 913-796-6213. gional opportunities now open with plenty of freight & great pay! 800-277-0212 or Partners In Excellence OTR drivers APU equipped pre-pass EZ-pass passenger policy. 2012 & newer equipment. 100% no touch. Butler Transport 1-800-528-7825

Assistant Manager Good hourly pay + monthly bonus!

Apply in person @ 1410 Kasold â&#x20AC;˘ 841-8444 2233 Louisiana â&#x20AC;˘ 856-2368

Transfer Drivers: Need Contract Driversâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;CDL A or B to relocate trucks from Service Technician wanted. local body plants to vari- Taylor Implement Co., Inc. a ous locations throughout John Deere dealership loUSâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;No Forced Dis- cated in Hoxie, Kansas is seeking qualified technipatch-1-888-380-7583 cians. Competitive hourly wage plus aggressive incentive pay program. Please Education & e-mail or call in resume to:; (800) Training 322-5830.

Christian Care, fantastic summer program, open- Airlines careers - Become ings for infant to school an Aviation Maintenance Tech. FAA approved trainage, low rates. 785-842-2088 ing. Financial aid if qualified - housing available. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-248-7449.

Attend college online from home. Medical, business, criminal justice, hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial aid if qualified. Computer-IT SCHEV certified. Call Kansas Legislature Server 888-220-3977 Developer. Require 3+ years exp coding work in Inexperienced? Python. Prefer skills Drivers: Django, WSGI, JavaScript, Get on the road to a sucjQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, cessful career with CDL Jython, ActiveMQ, XML, training. Regional training ODF. Competative salary locations. Train and work with excellent benefits. for Central Refrigerated Prefer 4 year degree in IT (877)-369-7885 related field. Contact: Heavy Equipment Operator KS Legislature Desktop De- career! 3 week hands on veloper. Require 3+ years training school. Bulldozexp coding work in Python ers, backhoes, excavators. Certifications. or Java. Prefer skills XML, National Jython, ODF, and Lifetime job placement assistance. VA Benefits EligiOpenOffice Basic or VB6. Competitive salary with ble! 1-866-362-6497 excellent benefits and a great office environment. Need class A CDL training? Prefer 4 year degree in IT Start a career in trucking today! Swift Academies ofrelated field. fer PTDI certified courses Contact: and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Best-In-Classâ&#x20AC;? trainTesting/QA Mgr at KS Leg: ing. New academy classes Plan test iterations, weekly. No money down or check. Certified build/execute plans, work credit w/dev staff /users, posi- mentors ready and availative & driven. Exp ble. Paid (while training mentor). Regional w/Python or Java, Agile with Method, AutoTest tools, and dedicated opportunities. Great career path. Exscripting a plus. Comm/Org skills a must. cellent benefits package. Pref Assoc or BS in I/T Please call: (602) 714-9455

is in need of Rural Newspaper Delivery Route Drivers to deliver the Lawrence Journal-World to homes in SE Douglas County. We have 2 routes available. All available routes are delivered 7 days per week, before 6AM. Valid driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license, proof of auto insurance, and a phone required. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to be considered, please email Carolyn Wilson at and mention your name and phone number.

General House Director for K-State ADPi sorority. Need single, mature woman to live-in and be hostess, confidant, facilitator of repairs and employees. Send resume to Screening begins May 20.

Program Manager KU Institute for Policy & Social Research seeks a FT Program Manager. $39-43K. Initial review begins 5/7/13. For detailed description and to apply go to: http://employment.ku. edu/jobs/2584 EOE


Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking for energetic, creative individuals who share our vision in promoting excellence in an environment committed to a resident directed approach to service. Positive attitude & great personality a must! Full Time Positions Receptionist, Temporary Server Social Worker Benefits include direct deposit, health, dental & vision insurance, 401(k) with company contribution, PTO, tuition reimbursement & more! Apply in person Human Resources 1501 Inverness Drive Lawrence, KS 66047 Drug Free Workplace. EOE

Government Maintenance Technician

Marketing Coordinator University of Kansas Career Center seeks a half-time, limited term Marketing Coordinator. Bachelor degree required. Minimum $11.50 per hour. Applications accepted through 05/03/13. To apply visit: http://employment.ku. edu/jobs/2590 EOE


The City of Baldwin City is accepting applications for the position of Maintenance Technician. This employee performs semi-skilled work in the repair and maintenance of City streets, alleys, water line, sewer lines, and parks. This employee should possess a strong mechanical aptitude, effective communication and public relations skills. Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and a valid Kansas Commercial Drivers license. One year of experience is preferred. Full job descriptions and applications are available at Baldwin City Public Works Office., 609 High Street, Baldwin City, KS. 66006. Applications taken until position filled. EOE.

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field or exp in sftwre or app dev. Great salary, ben, training.

Construction Experienced ConcreteLaborers & Finishers Needed. Call 785-423-7145 or 785-883-4294

Framing Carpenters

2 yrs experience. Lawrence area. 865-6012

Customer Service $10 - $12 hr!

14 Full-time Openings! 40 hrs a week Weekly pay Call Ben: 785-841-0755 Or apply in person 1601 W. 23rd, Ste. 112 11-8 Mon-Thur

¨ ܨÌ Â&#x2DC;¨ón AĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[nb AÂŁĂ&#x201C;AĂ&#x201C;b 2Â&#x152;n 4ÂŁÂ?ĂłnĂ?Ă&#x201C;Â?Ă?Ăś ¨| AÂŁĂ&#x201C;AĂ&#x201C; ¨Ă? 2Â&#x152;n AĂśÂ&#x152;AĂ´Â&#x2014;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2026; 2Â&#x152;nÂŁ Ă?Â&#x152;Â?Ă&#x201C; [¨ÌÂ&#x2DC;e Qn ܨÌĂ? eĂ?nAÂ&#x17E; Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Â&#x2013;¨Qz 2Â&#x152;n :¨Ă?Â&#x2DC;e ¨Â&#x17E;¡AÂŁĂś Â?Ă&#x201C; Â&#x2DC;¨¨Â&#x2014;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; |¨Ă? AÂŁ nÂŁnĂ?Â&#x192;nĂ?Â?[b ¡AĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£AĂ?nb [¨£Ă&#x201C;ĂŚÂ&#x17E;Â&#x17E;AĂ?n Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?nĂ? Ă´Â&#x152;¨ [AÂŁ Â&#x152;nÂ&#x2DC;¡ ĂŚĂ&#x201C; Â&#x2DC;nAe Ă?Â&#x152;n enĂłnÂ&#x2DC;¨¡Â&#x17E;nÂŁĂ? AÂŁe Â?Â&#x17E;¡Â&#x2DC;nÂ&#x17E;nÂŁĂ?AĂ?Â?¨£ ¨| Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă&#x201C;Ă?Ă?AĂ?nÂ&#x192;Â?nĂ&#x201C; |¨Ă? ¨ÌĂ? [¨Â&#x17E;¡Â&#x2DC;nĂ?n ¡¨Ă?Ă?|¨Â&#x2DC;Â?¨ ¨| ¡Ă?¨eĂŚ[Ă?Ă&#x201C; Â?ÂŁ[Â&#x2DC;ĂŚeÂ?ÂŁÂ&#x192; 2Â&#x152;n AĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[n ¨ÌĂ?ÂŁAÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x17D;:¨Ă?Â&#x2DC;eb 4Ă&#x201C;¡¨Ă?Ă?Ă&#x201C;½[¨Â&#x17E;b |¨ÌĂ? Ă´nnÂ&#x2014;Â&#x2DC;Ăś [¨Â&#x17E;Â&#x17E;ĂŚÂŁÂ?Ă?Ăś ÂŁnĂ´Ă&#x201C;¡A¡nĂ?Ă&#x201C;b Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2013;ô¨Ă?Â&#x2DC;e½[¨Â&#x17E;b Â&#x2DC;AĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[n½ [¨Â&#x17E;b Â&#x2DC;AĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[nÂ&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?¡Â&#x2DC;A[n½[¨Â&#x17E;b Â?Ăłn A[Â&#x2014; AÂŁe Â&#x17E;¨Ă?nz $ĂŚĂ? Ă&#x201C;¡n[Â?AÂ&#x2DC;Â?Ă&#x201C;Ă? Ă´Â?Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; ô¨Ă?Â&#x2014; [Â&#x2DC;¨Ă&#x201C;nÂ&#x2DC;Ăś Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152; Ă?Â&#x152;n 9- ¨| 0AÂ&#x2DC;nĂ&#x201C; I !AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă?¨ [¨¨Ă?eÂ?ÂŁAĂ?n Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; ¡Â&#x2DC;AÂŁĂ&#x201C; AÂŁe Â&#x2DC;AĂŚÂŁ[Â&#x152; ¡Ă?¨Â&#x192;Ă?AÂ&#x17E;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2013; Â&#x17E;AÂŁAÂ&#x192;n ¨ónĂ?AÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; QĂ?AÂŁeÂ?ÂŁÂ&#x192; AÂŁe Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; ¨| AĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?Â&#x192;ÂŁne eÂ?ĂłÂ?Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£Ă&#x201C; AÂŁe ¡Ă?¨eĂŚ[Ă?Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2013; Â&#x17E;AÂŁAÂ&#x192;n eAĂśÂ&#x17D;Ă?¨Â&#x17D;eAĂś AĂŚeÂ?nÂŁ[n enĂłnÂ&#x2DC;¨¡Â&#x17E;nÂŁĂ? Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; [AÂ&#x17E;¡AÂ?Â&#x192;ÂŁĂ&#x201C; AÂŁe Ă&#x201C;Ă?Ă?AĂ?nÂ&#x192;Â?nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x2013; enĂłnÂ&#x2DC;¨¡ eÂ?Â&#x192;Â?Ă?AÂ&#x2DC; AeĂłnĂ?Ă?Â?Ă&#x201C;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192;b Ă&#x201C;nAĂ?[Â&#x152; AÂŁe Ă&#x201C;¨[Â?AÂ&#x2DC; Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă&#x201C;¨Â&#x2DC;ĂŚĂ?Â?¨£Ă&#x201C; Ă´Â&#x152;Â?[Â&#x152; Ă?AĂ?Â&#x192;nĂ? A¡¡Ă?¨¡Ă?Â?AĂ?n AĂŚeÂ?nÂŁ[nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x2013; nĂłAÂ&#x2DC;ĂŚAĂ?n ¡Ă?¨¡¨Ă&#x201C;ne Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â&#x2014;nĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; ¡AĂ?Ă?ÂŁnĂ?Ă&#x201C;Â&#x152;Â?¡Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x2013; AÂŁe Â&#x17E;AÂ&#x2014;n Ă?n[¨Â&#x17E;Â&#x17E;nÂŁeAĂ?Â?¨£Ă&#x201C; |¨Ă? nÂŁÂ&#x192;AÂ&#x192;nÂ&#x17E;nÂŁĂ?Ă&#x201C; AÂŁe ¡AĂ?Ă?ÂŁnĂ?Ă&#x201C;Â&#x152;Â?¡Ă&#x201C; Ă?¨ Â&#x192;nÂŁnĂ?AĂ?n Â?ÂŁ[Ă?nÂ&#x17E;nÂŁĂ?AÂ&#x2DC; Ă?nĂłnÂŁĂŚnb Ă&#x201C;ĂŚQĂ&#x201C;[Ă?Â?QnĂ?Ă&#x201C;b Ă?Ă?A||Â?[ AÂŁe [Â&#x2DC;Â?nÂŁĂ?Ă&#x201C;½

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2 "#$%#&$'(, M'( 1, 2013 Healthcare Manufacturing & Assembly Baldwin Healthcare is looking for an additional LPN/RN for weekend nights. Full time position with excellent benefits. Contact Lori or Chelsea at 785-594-6492

KELLY SERVICES AND AEO JOB FAIRS! Immediate Opportunities at

Certified Medication Aide Night Shift Full-Time w/ benefits Please call for details Ask for Amy or Sue Vintage Park at Baldwin City Assisted Living Community 785-594-4255

American Eagle Outfitter through Kelly Services.

May 2, 11 & 16 1:30 to 5:00 pm 1301 N. Davis Ave Ottawa, KS Are you or someone you know looking for a job thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s flexible and tailored to your schedule? Kelly ServicesÂŽ has an excellent opportunity to work at the American Eagle OutfittersÂŽ distribution center.

MEMORY CARE MANAGER Aldersgate Village is seeking a full-time Manager for the Memory Care neighborhoods in the Health Care Center. Must have excellent communication and relationship building skills and the ability to work cooperatively with other health care professionals. Position is responsible for the medically related emotional and social needs of residents living with Alzheimer and Dementia related diseases, to help ensure an optimum quality of life. Degree in health related profession with experience and passion working within the culture change philosophy is required. We offer an excellent salary and benefit package!

Take the pre-qualification questionnaire by applying at EO or calling 1-877-KELLY05 Details: â&#x20AC;˘ Mon-Thur, 10-hour shifts â&#x20AC;˘ Weekend shifts available. â&#x20AC;˘ Excellent communication skills necessary. â&#x20AC;˘ Must lift 25 - 50 lbs. Perks: â&#x20AC;˘ Flexible work schedules â&#x20AC;˘ Weekly electronic pay â&#x20AC;˘ Access to more than 3,000 online training courses through the Kelly Learning Center â&#x20AC;˘ Service bonus plan â&#x20AC;˘ Online application system â&#x20AC;˘ Never an applicant fee

Spread the word!

Tell your friends, family and neighbors about the exciting opportunities available at American Eagle Outfitters through Kelly Services!

E-mail resume and cover letter to: Chad Redeker at credeker@aldersgate or mail to 7220 SW Asbury Dr., Topeka, KS 66614 (785) 478-9440 ext. 4769 EOE

Apply Today! Questions? Call 785.832.7002 or email

Dining Service Asst Part Time 4 - 8 pm Drug test required. Apply in person 1429 Kasold Drive, Lawrence, KS 66049

Process Supervisor 2nd shift (3:00 PM-11:30 PM)

Full or Part-time Dental Assistant and Administrative positions available in an established Lawrence dental practice. Experience preferred but will train the right person. Send cover letter, resume and references to PO Box 442228, Lawrence KS 66044, by Friday, May 3, 2013. Lab tech: MT or MLT, ASCP or equivalent, progressive southeast Nebraska hospital, phlebotomy skills required. Competitive pay scale, excellent benefits. Send resume to: Sandy Bauer, Jefferson Community Health Center, P.O. Box 277, Fairbury, NE 68352

Medicalodges of Eudora CMA, evening shift CNA, Part Time night shift Evening Floor Tech Apply in person at 1415 Maple, Eudora or call 785-542-2176

Maintenance USD #343

Perry-Lecompton High School is is seeking an assistant mechanic /maintenance helper. This position requires a valid CDL license or the willingness to obtain one. Experience needed in vehicle and small engine mechanics. General maintenance experience preferred. This is an 8-hour per day/12 month position. Full benefits (health insurance, vacation/sick/discretionary days and paid holidays). Applications are available online at and should be sent to the USD 343, P.O. Box 729, Perry, KS 66073. Applications will be accepted until Friday, May 3rd. Need an apartment? Place your ad at or email



Job Summary: Directs, trains, and certifies workforce. Assists Supervisor in coordinating and leading all manufacturing operations. Assists Supervisor in maintaining Team Member and production schedules. All of this must be done within the prescribed policies and procedures of the company. THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTIVITIES PERFORMED: 1: Area of responsibility: Hands-on Line supervision. 2: Facilitates on-the-job training for all new and existing team members for job certifications and performance evaluations. 3: Ensures the quality and accuracy of products and timely completion of schedules. 4: Maintains an efficient workforce in accordance with job requirements, work levels and schedules, manpower requirements and training programs. 5: Ensures the appropriate use of safety devices and equipment, general housekeeping, and maintains a constant vigilance for hazardous conditions and practices. Ensures a clean and safe work area. 6: Conducts weekly team meetings. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED (EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/ KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS): 1: Must be capable of communicating effectively, both orally and in writing. 2: Possess efficient and productive organizational, time management and analytical skills. 3: Possess mechanical competence and knowledge and use of safety conscious practices. 4: Knowledge and experience in manufacturing and inventory management.

Please apply online at: Assistant Manager Lawrence Competitive Salary Health/Dental/401(k) Bonus/Promotion Opportunities Please send your resume: 1-866-396-2156 (fax)


Go to or call 785-832-1000. UP TO FOUR PACKAGES TO CHOOSE FROM! Days in print vary with package chosen.

Trade Skills

Apartments Unfurnished

Senior Electrician

MARKETING ASSISTANT Mon - Fri 8 AM - 5 PM $12.88 - $14.42 Job Description & Online Application at: FT employment contingent upon passing a background check prior to beginning work. KU Memorial Unions Human Resources Office 3rd Floor, Kansas Union 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045 EOE

Sales Manager We are looking for a sales manager who can think outside the box, inspire, lead, and deliver quality and excellence. Our industry demands that our sales team goes above and beyond in order to compete. If you have the ability to work in a team environment, desire to provide excellent customer service, and a proven sales track record, I want to talk to you!

People First! Chemtrade is one of North Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest suppliers of phosphorus pentasulfide, sulfuric acid, liquid sulfur dioxide and sodium hydrosulphite, and a leading processor of spent acid. We are looking for an experienced professional with electrical and instrumentation background to join our team in Lawrence, KS. We offer great benefits and work conditions. To apply: email your resume to careers @ See full job posting @

LUXURIOUS TOWNHOMES * 2 BR, 1,300 sq. ft. * Kitchen Appls., W/D 2-Car Garage * Small Pets Accepted Showings By Appointment www.mallardproperties Call 785-842-1524 New Deposit Special! 1, 2 & 3 BRs Available W/D, Pool, Gym Canyon Court Apts 700 Comet Lane (785)832-8805

1 BR apt. & 2BR house avail. now/August, good location, no pets. Call 785-843-5190

Showing By Appt. Call 785-842-1524 www.mallardproperties


$250 per person deposit No App Fee!


AVAILABLE NOW 1-Bedroom NEW OPEN HOUSE Monday-Saturday Noon until 4pm Crossgate Casitaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2451 Crossgate Drive (2 Blocks South of Clinton Pkwy) Full size w/d included Starting at $540 Small pet friendly 785-760-7899



FT employment contingent upon passing a background check prior to beginning work. KU Memorial Unions Human Resources Office 3rd Floor, Kansas Union 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045 EOE

Huntersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Ridge Apts. 1 and 2 Bedroom Apts. 785-830-8600 Parkway Terrace Apts 1 & 2 BRs for Fall 2013 $450-$500, $300 deposit 785-841-1155

Recliner couch, good condition, dark blue in color, $100 785-883-2955

GPM 3 to 5 bdrm houses Available now & Aug. 1st $1300-$2200

SUNRISE VILLAGE & PLACE 2, 3 & 4BR Apartments & Townhomes 837 Mich. & 660 Gateway Ct. Spacious Floorplans, Pools, KU bus route, W/D, Garages, patios & decks, Pet Friendly Now Renting for Spring/Fall! 785-841-8400

Varsity House Apartments! Brand new complex w/ great location on campus. Underground parking and all utilities included in rent! Going quickly. Call 785-766-6378 for tours, pricing and availability.

1954 Allis-Chalmers parts tractor, wide front end, 6 ft blade, 5ft brush hog, ABS Siemen tank w/kit. 573-552-5673

Lawn, Garden & Nursery

3BR, 2 or 2.5 bath- 2 car w/openers W/D hookups, FP, major appls. Lawn care & snow removal 785-865-2505

Saddlebrook & Overland Pointe


Immediate Move-In! Great Locations! Great Prices! 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms


785-838-3377, 785-841-3339 785-856-8900

One Month FREE on 1 BR ONLY

Tuckaway at Frontier 542 Frontier, Lawrence 1BR, 1.5 bath 2BR, 2.5 baths Rent Includes All Utilities. Plus Cable, Internet, Fitness & Pool. Garages Available Elevators to all floors

Reserve YOURS for Summer/Fall

Call Today 785-856-8900

lĂ Ă&#x17E;Â&#x201A;

Ĺ?œď° -ÂśĂ?Ă?A]Ă ~ :Ă&#x161;Ă&#x161;pÄ&#x2013;

Call for Details

625 Folks Rd â&#x20AC;˘ 785-832-8200

Pianos, Winter Console, $525 Everett Spinet, $475, Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet, $475. Gulbranson Spinet $450. Prices include tuning & delivery. 785-832-9906

Sports-Fitness Equipment Treadmill Weslo Cadence 920 power treadmill, Can be folded upright when not in use. $30 or best offer. See photo online. 785-727-0829

Television SONY 48â&#x20AC;? rear projection TV - Works, but too big for our needs and we need the space. $50 or best offer. 785-727-0829 Television SONY 48â&#x20AC;? rear projection TV - Works, but too big for our needs and we need the space. $50 or best offer. 785-727-0829

2BR, 1 bath rural home, CA/ CH, W/D hookup, $650/mo. + deposits. No smoking. No pets. Call 816-830-1186

Office Space Lawn and Garden tools Torro Lawn Mover with grass catcher, Torro electric leaf blower, rakes and shovels. 785-832-9189 M-F before 4pm, anytime wkends

Thicker line? Bolder heading? Color background or Logo? Ask how to get these features in your ad TODAY!!

Home Financing Special programs for modular homes $0 down for land owners. Low bi-weekly payment options. We match your down payment to $5,000 thru March 30th. Habla Espanol! 866-858-6862

1BR mobile home, includes 3 wooded lots at Lake Perry, repo, assume owner financing w/no down payment, $560/mo. 785-554-9663

Oskaloosa and Ozawkie Well kept ranch home on 20 acres, 4BR, 2.5BA, 2-car att. garage, 48X60 shop, fenced pasture. 785-817-2512

Acreage-Lots Cash buyer for rural real estate. For more info, please call 785-554-9663.

Clothing Houseplants: Large, healthy philodendron in attractive planter. Two to choose from. $5 each. Call 785-749-4490 after 2:00 pm. Shoes: Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s boat shoes, size 9 1/2. Bass, saddle tan, new in box. $8. Call 785-749-4490 after 2:00 pm.

Collectibles Grandfather Clock. lent condition. 785-841-2454



1 & 2 bedroom units available now! Cooperative townhomes start at $424-$485/mo. Water, trash, sewer paid. Back patio, CA, hardwood floors, full bsmnt., stove, refrig., w/d hookup, garbage disposal, reserved parking. On-site management & maintenance. 24 Bedroom Set, Ethan Allen, hr. emergency mainte- Oak A really nice 5 piece bedroom set clean and nance. flawless. Pieces include Membership & Equity fee queen bed with head and required. 785-842-2545 footboards, dresser, mir(Equal Housing Opportunity) ror, chest and night table. $999 OBO 785-832-8598 Couch, Reclining (double) 85 x 39 in. Dark green, solid, works well. $40. You move! 785-727-0829 2BR, 2 bath, fireplace, CA, W/D hookups, 2 car with opener. Easy access to I-70. Includes paid cable. Pets under 20 lbs. allowed Call 785-842-2575

Denon amplifier and tuner, Denon-PMA/520 stereo amplifier and TU-450 tuner $75 785-594-3578


NICE 3 BR, 2 BA, 2 car garage house in Lawrence. $1100.00. Security deposit, good credit & references required. Call 785-749-3840.

Duplexes First Month Free! 2BR, in a 4-plex. New carpet, vinyl, cabinets, countertop. W/D is included. $575/mo. 785-865-2505

Lawn Mower Gas powered push mower, with pump start and newer bagger. Brand unknown. Been reliable. Not used past yr, needs tuneup. $20 or best offer. See photo on-line. 785-727-0829

Lovely 4â&#x20AC;? annuals, perfect for containers, $1.35 $1.75. Zonals, angelonia, coleus, petchoa, etc. Call Wooden rack for Ranger 785-542-3486. Super Cab pickup. $60. 913-417-7087 Music-Stereo

Fork Lift - Nissan, 3000 lb lift, 36 volt, with charger, excellent working condition, $3500. Call TJ Bivins, 3BR, 1.5 BA, 2434 Arkansas, 785-883-2970 FR w/FP, 2-car, fenced yard, office area, no pets, Need to sell your car? $825/mo, Avail. Now! Place your ad at 785-832-9906 or email

EXECUTIVE OFFICE West Lawrence Location $525/mo., Utilities included Call Donna â&#x20AC;˘ 785-841-6565

Lawn, Garden & Nursery

Swivel base 32â&#x20AC;? televistion cabinet for $10. 913-417-7087.

Heavy Equipment


Mobile Homes


Furnished 3 & 4 BR Apts. W/D included!

Job Description & Online Application at:

* Cozy Apt. Villas * 1BR, 1 bath, 670 sq. ft. * Fully Equipped * Granite countertops * 1 car covered parking

430 Eisenhower Drive Showing by Appt. Call 785-842-1524 www.mallardproperties


System Administrator Lawrence Campus Mon - Fri 8 AM - 5 PM Some Evenings/Weekends $40,924 - $48,776

Available in August! Homes and Townhomes 2&3 BR and 2 Bath Garages & Pet up to 60Ibs 785-842-3280

Navy blue leather recliner, fair condition, $40. Please call 785-883-2955


Tired of selling products loaded with competition? Prefer to sell something every single business owner must have? Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll train you how to successfully sell monthly bookkeeping & accounting services to small businesses. 1BRs â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 622 Schwarz. CA, No accounting experience laundry, off-street parking, necessary. No pets. $435/mo. Gas & Topeka/Lawrence area ac- water paid. 785-841-5797 counting firm will provide: Excellent base salary, commission and ongoing residuals, Opportunity to earn $62k for your first $200 Gift Card year & $85k second year, w/ Signed Lease! one week paid Walk to Campus! classroom/field training, 1 & 2 Bedrooms Telemarketing from our (785)843-8220 appointment setting staff & Web Marketing leads for additional appointments. For interview call Pete PARKWAY COMMONS Burrelli at 1-800-994-4426 LEASING FOR between 9AM and 5PM IMMEDIATE & FALL! EST, M-Th W/D, Gym, Jacuzzi, Pool Pet up to 30Ibs Ok! 785-842-3280 Topeka/Lawrence area accounting firm seeks enthusiBrand New Luxury astic people w/clear speaking Apartments voice to set appts. for our 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms firm. No selling; professional work environment. Base sal785.856.6260 ary $9 to $11/hr w/ opportunity to double your weekly income through our very FREE RENT! achievable bonus program. Hampton Court Apts. Flexible day-time hours, paid 2350 Ridge Court, #20 training, no accounting expe785-843-6177 rience required. For interview call Pete Burrelli at 1-800-994-4426 between 9AM and 5PM EST, M-Th

Administrative Assistant Lawrence Campus Mon - Fri 8 AM - 5 PM $10.78 - $12.10

2BR, 2 bath, fireplace, CA, W/D hookups, 2 car with opener. Easy access to I-70. Includes paid cable. Pets under 20 lbs. allowed Call 785-842-2575

* 4BR, 2,200 sq. ft. * 2-Car Garage * Kitchen Appls., W/D * Daylight/Walkout Bsmt. * Granite Countertops

Supervisor OP, KS Campus Mon - Fri 9 AM - 5 PM Some Evenings/Weekends $28, 782 - $34,242

Darker blue glider chair w/ottoman, in good condition, $75. 785-883-2955


If you have what it takes, please email your resume to:

Sales/Marketing Assistant Self-motivated, goal orientated person to focus on servicing and establishing accounts primarily with construction companies and municipalities in NE Kansas. Little travel, will be main â&#x20AC;&#x153;back officeâ&#x20AC;? point of contact. Must be proficient in Excel & PowerPoint. & have related degree. $25-$35K with benefits. Send resumes to: Attn HR PO Box 17 Perry, KS 66073. EOE



Apartments Unfurnished


For Sale: Oak Entertainment center, 52 1/2 in X 47 1/2 in, $95. 785-842-1760 Forest green w/silver accent couch, in good shape, $100. Please call 785-883-2955

0ĂŚÂŁ|Â&#x2DC;¨ônĂ? -ĂŚQÂ&#x2DC;Â?Ă&#x201C;Â&#x152;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192;b A eÂ?ĂłÂ?Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£ ¨| 2Â&#x152;n :¨Ă?Â&#x2DC;e

¨Â&#x17E;¡AÂŁĂś Â?ÂŁ AĂ´Ă?nÂŁ[nb AÂŁĂ&#x201C;AĂ&#x201C;b Ă&#x201C;nnÂ&#x2014;Ă&#x201C; A ¡AĂ?Ă?Â&#x17D;Ă?Â?Â&#x17E;n [¨¡Ü neÂ?Ă?¨Ă? Ă?¨a Z eÂ?Ă? Â&#x17E;AÂ&#x192;AĂşÂ?ÂŁn Ă&#x201C;Ă?¨Ă?Â?nĂ&#x201C; |¨Ă? A[[ĂŚĂ?A[Ăśb [Â&#x2DC;AĂ?Â?Ă?Ăśb [¨Â&#x17E;¡Â&#x2DC;nĂ?nÂŁnĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;b ¨QÂ&#x2013;n[Ă?Â?ĂłÂ?Ă?Ăśb Â&#x192;Ă?AÂ&#x17E;Â&#x17E;AĂ?b Ă&#x201C;¡nÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192;b ¨Ă?Â&#x192;AÂŁÂ?ĂşAĂ?Â?¨£b Ă?nAeAQÂ?Â&#x2DC;Â?Ă?Ăś AÂŁe Ă&#x201C;Ă?ĂśÂ&#x2DC;n½ Z -Ă?¨óÂ?en [¨¡Ü neÂ?Ă?Ă&#x201C; ¨| ¡¨Ă&#x201C;Ă?Â&#x17D;neÂ?Ă? eĂ?A|Ă?Ă&#x201C; AÂŁe ¡Ă?¨¨|Ă?nAe ¡Ă?nÂ&#x17D;¡Ă?nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C; Â&#x2DC;AܨÌĂ?Ă&#x201C; Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152;Â?ÂŁ Ă&#x201C;Ă?Ă?Â?[Ă? enAeÂ&#x2DC;Â?ÂŁnĂ&#x201C;½ Z n Ă?nĂ&#x201C;¡¨£Ă&#x201C;Â?QÂ&#x2DC;n |¨Ă? enĂłnÂ&#x2DC;¨¡Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; AÂŁe nÂŁĂ&#x201C;ĂŚĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; A [¨£Ă&#x201C;Â?Ă&#x201C;Ă?nÂŁĂ? Ă&#x201C;Ă?ĂśÂ&#x2DC;n A[Ă?¨Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x201C; ¨ÌĂ? Â?ÂŁÂ&#x17D;Â&#x152;¨ÌĂ&#x201C;n ¡ÌQÂ&#x2DC;Â?[AĂ?Â?¨£Ă&#x201C; Ă?Â&#x152;AĂ? [¨£|Â?Ă?Â&#x17E;Ă&#x201C; Ă?¨ Ă?Â&#x152;n Â&#x152;Â?Â&#x192;Â&#x152;nĂ&#x201C;Ă? Ă&#x201C;Ă?AÂŁeAĂ?eĂ&#x201C; ¨| ¡ÌQÂ&#x2DC;Â?[AĂ?Â?¨£½ Z -nĂ?|¨Ă?Â&#x17E; enĂ?AÂ?Â&#x2DC;Â&#x17D;¨Ă?Â?nÂŁĂ?neb Ă&#x201E;ĂŚAÂ&#x2DC;Â?Ă?Ăś ô¨Ă?Â&#x2014; Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152;Â?ÂŁ Ă&#x201C;Ă?Ă?Â?[Ă? enAeÂ&#x2DC;Â?ÂŁnĂ&#x201C; Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152; AÂŁe Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152;¨ÌĂ? Ă&#x201C;Ì¡nĂ?ĂłÂ?Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£½ Z AĂłn A Ă&#x201C;Ă?Ă?¨£Â&#x192; [¨Â&#x17E;Â&#x17E;AÂŁe ¨| - AÂŁe Â&#x152;Â?[AÂ&#x192;¨ !AÂŁĂŚAÂ&#x2DC; ¨| 0Ă?ĂśÂ&#x2DC;n Â&#x192;ĂŚÂ?enÂ&#x2DC;Â?ÂŁnĂ&#x201C;b AĂ&#x201C; Ă´nÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; AĂ&#x201C; Ă?Â&#x152;n AQÂ?Â&#x2DC;Â?Ă?Ăś Ă?¨ A¡¡Â&#x2DC;Ăś ¨Ă? QĂ?nAÂ&#x2014; Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152; Ă?Â&#x152;nĂ&#x201C;n Ă&#x201C;Ă?AÂŁeAĂ?eĂ&#x201C; Â?ÂŁ nó¨Â&#x2DC;ĂłÂ?ÂŁÂ&#x192; AÂŁ Â?ÂŁÂ&#x17D;Â&#x152;¨ÌĂ&#x201C;n Ă&#x201C;Ă?ĂśÂ&#x2DC;n Â&#x192;ĂŚÂ?en½ Z n AĂłAÂ?Â&#x2DC;AQÂ&#x2DC;n |¨Ă? ¨[[AĂ&#x201C;Â?¨£AÂ&#x2DC; ¨£nÂ&#x17D;eAĂś AÂŁe Ă´nnÂ&#x2014;nÂŁe Ă?nĂ?ĂŚĂ?ÂŁĂ&#x201C; ¨£ neÂ?Ă?Ă&#x201C; AÂŁe ¡Ă?¨¨|Ă?nAeĂ&#x201C;½ Z n Ă?nĂ&#x201C;¡¨£Ă&#x201C;Â?QÂ&#x2DC;n |¨Ă? ¨[[AĂ&#x201C;Â?¨£AÂ&#x2DC; |A[Ă?Â&#x17D;[Â&#x152;n[Â&#x2014;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; ¨| Â?ÂŁ|¨Ă?Â&#x17E;AĂ?Â?¨£ ¨£ Ă&#x201C;Ă?¨Ă?Â?nĂ&#x201C;½ Z ÂŁĂ?nĂ?A[Ă? ¡Ă?¨|nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£AÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;Ăś Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152; ¨Ă?Â&#x152;nĂ? nÂ&#x17E;¡Â&#x2DC;¨ÜnnĂ&#x201C;½ :¨Ă?Â&#x2014; n||n[Ă?Â?ĂłnÂ&#x2DC;Ăś AĂ&#x201C; AÂŁ nĂ&#x201E;ĂŚAÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;Ăś ĂłAÂ&#x2DC;ĂŚne [¨£Ă?Ă?Â?QĂŚĂ?¨Ă? ¨| A [Ă?nAĂ?Â?Ăłn Ă?nAÂ&#x17E; ¨£ AÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC; AĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?Â&#x192;ÂŁÂ&#x17E;nÂŁĂ?Ă&#x201C;½ :¨Ă?Â&#x2014; Â?ÂŁen¡nÂŁenÂŁĂ?Â&#x2DC;Ăś Ă´Â&#x152;Â?Â&#x2DC;n ĂŚÂŁenĂ?Ă&#x201C;Ă?AÂŁeÂ?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă?Â&#x152;n ÂŁn[nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?Ă?Ăś |¨Ă? [¨Â&#x17E;Â&#x17E;ĂŚÂŁÂ?[AĂ?Â?¨£ AÂŁe [¨¨Ă?eÂ?ÂŁAĂ?Â?¨£ Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152; [¨Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;nAÂ&#x192;ĂŚnĂ&#x201C; AÂŁe [¨£Ă?Ă?Â?QĂŚĂ?¨Ă?Ă&#x201C;½ :n AĂ?n Â&#x2DC;¨¨Â&#x2014;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; |¨Ă? A [¨¡Ü neÂ?Ă?¨Ă? Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152; AĂ? Â&#x2DC;nAĂ&#x201C;Ă? Ă?Â&#x152;Ă?nn ĂśnAĂ?Ă&#x201C; ¨| [¨¡Ü neÂ?Ă?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; nþ¡nĂ?Â?nÂŁ[n Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152;Â?ÂŁ A Â&#x17E;AÂ&#x192;AĂşÂ?ÂŁnb Â&#x2013;¨ÌĂ?ÂŁAÂ&#x2DC; ¨Ă? ¡ÌQÂ&#x2DC;Â?[AĂ?Â?¨£Ă&#x2013; A QA[Â&#x152;nÂ&#x2DC;¨Ă?Ă&#x152;Ă&#x201C; enÂ&#x192;Ă?nn Â?ÂŁ Â&#x2013;¨ÌĂ?ÂŁAÂ&#x2DC;Â?Ă&#x201C;Â&#x17E;b ÂŁÂ&#x192;Â&#x2DC;Â?Ă&#x201C;Â&#x152; ¨Ă? A Ă?nÂ&#x2DC;AĂ?ne |Â?nÂ&#x2DC;eĂ&#x2013; A ¡Ă?¨ónÂŁ Ă?Ă?A[Â&#x2014; Ă?n[¨Ă?e AÂŁe [¨Â&#x17E;Â&#x17E;Â?Ă?Â&#x17E;nÂŁĂ? Ă?¨ Ă?Â&#x152;n [Ă?A|Ă?b Â?ÂŁ[Â&#x2DC;ĂŚeÂ?ÂŁÂ&#x192; ¡Ă?¨|nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£AÂ&#x2DC; enĂłnÂ&#x2DC;¨¡Â&#x17E;nÂŁĂ? AÂŁe A Â&#x192;nÂŁĂŚÂ?ÂŁn Â?ÂŁĂ?nĂ?nĂ&#x201C;Ă? Â?ÂŁ Ă?Â&#x152;n Ă&#x201E;ĂŚnĂ&#x201C;Ă?Â?¨£Ă&#x201C; AÂŁe Â?Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;ĂŚnĂ&#x201C; ¨| [¨¡Ü neÂ?Ă?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192;½ :n Ă´AÂŁĂ? A [¨¡Ü neÂ?Ă?¨Ă? Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152; Ă&#x201C;Ă?Ă?¨£Â&#x192; ¨¡Â?ÂŁÂ?¨£Ă&#x201C; AQ¨ÌĂ? Ă?Â&#x152;n ĂŚĂ&#x201C;n ¨| Ă?Â&#x152;n Ă&#x201C;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192;ĂŚÂ&#x2DC;AĂ? Ă?Â&#x152;nĂś ¨Ă? Â&#x2DC;¨ônĂ?Â&#x17D;[AĂ&#x201C;n ¡Ă?Â?ÂŁĂ?Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; ¨| Ă&#x2030;Â?ÂŁĂ?nĂ?ÂŁnĂ?bĂ&#x160; Ă?Â&#x152;n nþ¡nĂ?Ă?Â?Ă&#x201C;n Ă?¨ ĂŚÂŁenĂ?Ă&#x201C;Ă?AÂŁeb nþ¡Â&#x2DC;AÂ?ÂŁ AÂŁe Aeó¨[AĂ?n Ă?Â&#x152;nÂ?Ă? ¡¨Ă&#x201C;Â?Ă?Â?¨£ ¨£ Ă?Â&#x152;nĂ&#x201C;n enQAĂ?nĂ&#x201C;uAÂŁe Ă?Â&#x152;n ¡Ă?¨|nĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x201C;Â?¨£AÂ&#x2DC;Â?Ă&#x201C;Â&#x17E; Ă?¨ Â&#x17E;AÂ&#x2014;n ¨Ă? eĂ?¨¡ Ă?nĂ&#x201C;¡n[Ă?Â?Ăłn Ă?nĂľĂ? [Â&#x152;AÂŁÂ&#x192;nĂ&#x201C; Â?ÂŁ A[[¨Ă?eAÂŁ[n Ă´Â?Ă?Â&#x152; Ă?Â&#x152;n ¡Ă?nĂłAÂ?Â&#x2DC;Â?ÂŁÂ&#x192; Ă&#x201C;Ă?ĂśÂ&#x2DC;n Â&#x192;ĂŚÂ?en AÂŁe Ă?Â&#x152;n ¡ÌQÂ&#x2DC;Â?[AĂ?Â?¨£Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x152; Â&#x192;¨AÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x201C;½

2¨ A¡¡Â&#x2DC;Ăśb Ă&#x201C;ĂŚQÂ&#x17E;Â?Ă? A [¨ónĂ? Â&#x2DC;nĂ?Ă?nĂ? AÂŁe Ă?nĂ&#x201C;ĂŚÂ&#x17E;n Ă?¨ Â&#x152;Ă?A¡¡Â&#x2DC;Â?[AĂ?Â?¨£Ă&#x201C;OÂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2013;ô¨Ă?Â&#x2DC;e½[¨Â&#x17E;½ A[Â&#x2014;Â&#x192;Ă?¨Ì£e [Â&#x152;n[Â&#x2014; AÂŁe ¡Ă?nÂ&#x17D;nÂ&#x17E;¡Â&#x2DC;¨ÜÂ&#x17E;nÂŁĂ? eĂ?ĂŚÂ&#x192; Ă&#x201C;[Ă?nnÂŁ Ă?nĂ&#x201E;ĂŚÂ?Ă?ne½


Baldwin City

Lawrence Family Garage Sale 210 Tumbleweed Drive Lawrence

Sat, May 4. 7:30am-3:00pm Many children’s toys, furniture, boy’s bike, treadmill, books, household items and many more items.

Garage Sale 1009 W 29th Terr Lawrence

Sat, May 4. 7am-3pm Everything from organ, furniture, birdcage to tools!

Garage Sale 2004 Carmel Drive Lawrence

Sat, May 4. 8am - 4pm Large Garage Sale with many great items: Furniture , Household items, antiques, books, and many other great things..... For additional details please feel free to contact Christine Riley 785-766-6646, or Beverly Kelly - 785-331-7787 Garage Sale


Tonganoxie Garage Sale 1920 Joles Drive Tonganoxie

Saturday May 4 8am-4pm Space heater, Royals memorabilia, chair cushions, bath stool, chain saw, hedge clippers, tools, trailer tires, 2 wheeler, lawn mower, golf clubs, few antiques, kids clothes, toys, girls bike, car seats, 10x10 First Up top, golf discs.

GARAGE SALE 20757 Evans Road Tonganoxie Friday, May 3 & Saturday, May 4 8am-5pm

Lots of name brand very nice Misses, Petites & Plus-Size clothes and Accessories (Belts, Purses, Shoes), Girls clothes sizes 12 months - 4T, Housewares, Electronics, Toddler Bed, Potty Chair, Furniture, Draperies and more!

GARAGE SALE 900 Moundridge Drive Friday, May 3rd, 7am - ? Saturday, May 4th, 7am - ? Dickens Village Collection, movies, 26” Toshiba TV+DVD & VHS, Wii Fit, furniture, books, Kitchen Aid dryer, mirror, kitchen supplies & silver service, Egyptian chess set, Mary Kay products, Dual Temp Zone wine cooler + more

Boats-Water Craft 23’ hardtop cruiser w/newer 5.7 Mercruiser & outdrive w/less than 20 hrs on each. Cabin sleeps 3 - 4, galley w/cookstove, & enclosed head w/ porta-potti. Extras include bimini, camping enclosure, and screens. A custom tandem trailer is included in the sale. $6200 Call 785-856-2509 or 816-741-2049

30,4$5+6$!4$7894$5+6$'4$:/;4$ 5+6$"$+1,$<+=4$5+6$>&$ (+?@AB? <8*B$?*/0$=8+1$'C4DDD$E01=F6$ 9G0,$28;F,/01HG$;=0?G$+=$=80$ I0/0$30$J/*.$KE+;1$L*1G;E1@ ?01=$G+F0$+=$<=0M0HG$NF+20&$ LF*=8;1E4$=*6G4$O**PG4$Q9/1;=9/04$ 0R9;B?01=$+1,$?*/0S$ ...&80/0.0E/*.+E+;1&2*?TF+./0120 Q*/$?*/0$;1Q*/?+=;*1&$ (+?@AB?$30,@<+=9/,+6&$:)UU$ +,?;GG;*1& Moving Sale! 619 Vermont St Saturday Only! 8AM - Noon Clothing, children’s items, household goods, and more! Don’t miss this one! Something for Everyone!

Cadillac 2006 STS V8, leather heated seats, sunroof, remote start, alloy wheels, navigation, style , luxury and affordable! Stk#437551 Only $15,415 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Cadillac 2007 STS White Diamond, leather heated seats, Bose sound, remote start, alloy wheels, loaded with luxury! Stk#10273 only $18,415. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chevrolet 2008 Aveo LS 4cyl, manual, GM Certified with 2 years of scheduled maintenance included, great finance terms are available. Stk#17870 only $9788 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Brand new Christmas items: 6 ft wide lighted Christmas wreath, decorator’s lighted Christmas tree, holiday items w/tags still on them. Ceramic household items never out of the box, like new leather jackets, chainsaw, king size brass headboard, bikes & LOTS MORE!

Pontiac, 2004 Grand Prix GT2. ONE owner, NO accidents, LOW miles. Beautiful silver 4 door, in great condition! Black leather, moonroof, and alloy wheels make a super package. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 0 24/7 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Very rare sedan and unbelievable gas mileage. Heated leather seats, SYNC, and more. Low miles and locally owned. 13C922A $19,997

Ford, 2010 Fusion SEL. This is the nicer SEL trim, beautiful car in Tuxedo Black with black stitched leather, heated seats, MicroSoft SYNC, and much more. 27 MPG highway flex fuel. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Jeep 2010 Liberty Sport 4wd, automatic, alloy wheels, power windows, locks, mirrors and more. stk#11331 Only $17,855 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

323 Miss Lawrence, KS

We Buy all Domestic cars, trucks, and suvs. Call David 785-843-3500

Very nice midsize sedan with great miles. Wonderful on gas and has the Ford SYNC system. CARFAX 1-Owner and remaining factory warranty. P1131 $16,888 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

WE BUY CARS Top dollar for top late model vehicles. Drive in, see Danny or Jeff and get your big bucks today! 2840 Iowa St. Lawrence. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2006 Hyundai Sonata 3.3l V6 great student car. $8,800. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Jeep 2006 Wrangler Rubicon 4wd automatic, A/C, cruise control, tilt wheel, alloy wheels, very fun! Stk#175242 Only $18,500 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chevrolet 2012 Cruze LT One owner, GM Certified with 2yrs scheduled maintenance included, remote start, On Star, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls. Stk#374671 only $16,415 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Kia, 2010 Forte. Clean, white, gas saver! Automatic, clean cool interior, brand new tires. Very nice late model economical car. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Ford 2007 Mustang Alloy wheels, spoiler, power equipment, good miles, stk#348521 only $12,755 Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Need to sell your car? Place your ad at or email

Chevrolet 2010 Impala LT GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, remote start, alloy wheels, power equipment, stk#390611 only $14,451 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Have your car cleaned by a Professional! We will detail your car the same as our pre-owned inventory. Most vehicles are only $220.95 call Allen @ Dale Willey Automotive to schedule your cars make over! You won’t believe the difference! 785-843-5200 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Lexus 2008 IS350 One owner, alloy wheels, sunroof, leather heated & cooled seats, power equipment, navigation, stk#578831 only $27,415 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chevrolet 2011 Impala LT GM Certified with 2yrs scheduled maintenance included. Alloy wheels, remote start, room for the whole family! Stk#17990 only $12,884 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2002 Mercury Grand Marquis

Dale Willey Automotive 2840 Iowa Street (785) 843-5200


Mercury 2003 Grand Marquis LS One owner, leather dual power seats, alloy wheels, power equipment , cruise control and more. Stk#315091 Only $8,444. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2012 Hyundai Accent Immaculate One Owner car with only 21k miles. 4 door, automatic, GREAT MPG. Certified Pre-Owned for the remainder of the 10 year 100k mile warranty! $14,850. Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence 2005 Hyundai Elantra GLS, 4 dr sedan, very good condition, AC, 50,000 mi. 785-843-7264, $5,500.

2013 Hyundai Elantra 2012 North American Car of the Year! Only 23k miles, automatic, GREAT MPG! Certified Pre-Owned for the remainder of the 10 year 100k mile warranty! $16,750. Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


Lexus 2011 RX350 AWD, one owner, leather heated memory seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, power equipment, save thousands over new! Stk#600721 only $31,800. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Mazda, 2000 Millenia S. Super clean, black with black leather and moonroof. LOW miles for age, and super nice. Heated seats, and chrome wheels. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

2006 Nissan Altima SL V6 with heated leather seats and a sunroof. Local trade and always maintained. V6 gets great gas mileage and this is a very comfortable ride. 13C547B $12,937 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 843-3500

Fri, May 3, Sat, May 4 and Sun, May 5. 9am - 5pm A semi-annual market of antiques, vintage goods, home/garden decor & refinished/painted furniture. dragonflyfarmdesign for photos & info. Contact Susan 816-510-7692 Directions: From I-70, take exit 197, turn South on Hwy 10. Take the first exit to Hwy 40, turn right(West). Turn left at Hwy 442, go to Stull Church & turn left onto Hwy 1023. Turn left at N 1250th Rd

Garage Sale Deadline For the weekly community newspapers or to get the full Wednesday- Saturday run included in your package place your ad by 3:00PM on Monday

Buick 2009 Enclave CXL One owner, power lift gate, leather heated seats, sunroof, remote start, room for seven, stk#45746A1 only $28,415 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Buick 2006 Lucerne CX Leather heated seats, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, power equipment, 3800 V6, great gas mileage! Stk#481971 only $11,877 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Dodge 2008 Avenger SXT FWD, V6, sunroof, leather heated & cooled seats, spoiler, alloy wheels, Boston sound, XM radio and more! Stk#324622 Only $12,775 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Dodge 2008 Caliber FWD, 4cyl, power equipment, keyless remote, sharp and very affordable! Stk#11782A1 Only $8750 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Mercury 2010 Mariner Premier Leather heated seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, power equipment, home link, cruise control, stk#593393 Only $17,775 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Nissan 2007 Armada SE V8, running boards, tow package, 3rd row seating, steering wheel controls, cd changer, power seat, very nice! Stk#390982 only $15,785 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Warmer Weather = Time for a sports car!! 6 Speed Manual Transmission paired with a 2.0L Turbo 4Cyl with Only 34k miles! Certified Pre-Owned for the remainder of the 10 year 100k mile warranty! $19,900. Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2006 Subaru Impreza AWD clean local trade with 2.5 l 4 cyl. Great on gas. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Toyota 2012 Rav4 Automatic, 4cyl, steering wheel controls, power equipment, traction control, stk#15435 only $19,814 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Alek’s Auto 785-766-4864

Toyota 2008 Camry LE Power equipment, leather power seat, traction control, steering wheel controls, great dependability, stk#360562 only $13,845 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2008 Volkswagen Rabbit Very Clean Car! 65k Miles, Automatic transmission 5cyl Engine. Great back to school car! $11,750. Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Volvo, 2009 S60 in black with black leather. Local two owner, no accident history car in beautiful condition. 28 MPG highway and priced below loan value. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Toyota, 2004 Camry. Two to choose from. Very clean, higher miles, great prices! See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 7 785-856-6100 24/7 Volvo, 2005 XC70 Cross Country AWD. ONE owner. Volvo, very clean, and well equipped with leather, moonroof, heated seats and more. These always sell quickly. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 Toyota 2010 Corolla S FWD, one owner, manual for great gas mileage, power equipment, cruise control, alloy wheels, sunroof, very fun! Stk#31679A1 only $14,875 Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Chevrolet 2012 Captiva 2 to choose from starting at $18,777. These sharp crossovers have been going faster than we can get them! Hurry for best selection! Stk#14337 Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Toyota 2012 Prius Leather heated seats, alloy wheels, power equipment, cruise control, traction control, fantastic gas mileage! Stk#19460 only $24,815 Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Chevrolet 2009 Traverse LS fwd, room for eight, power equipment, financing available! Great family vehicle, stk#460492 Only $17,500 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Go to or call 785-832-1000.

No Early Callers Stereo - Shelf, trinkets

2009 Honda Accord, 28k - $15,900 2008 Toyota Camry, 50k - $15,900 2008 Mits. Eclipse., 66k - $11,900 2008 Toyota Prius, 32k - $14,500 2007 Mits. Eclipse, 77k - $9,900 2005 Toyota Avalon, 52k - $15,900 2005 Toyota Corolla, 110k - $6,500 2005 Dodge Neon, 23k - $5,900 2005 Jeep Liberty, 81k - $7,900 2004 Jaguar S-Type, 49k - $12,900 2003 Toyota Celica, 174k - $4,900 2002 Mits. Diamante, 92k - $5,900 2002 Ford Taurus, 171K - $3,500 2002 Acura 3.2 TL, 78k - $7,900 2001 Acura 3.2 CL, 87k - $6,900 2001 Honda Accord, 142k - $5,250 2001 Honda Accord, 172k - $4,750 2001 Chevy Prizm, 84k - $4,250 2000 Ford Windstar, 181k - $2,100 1998 Mits. Eclipse, GSX - $4,500 1997 Honda Civic, 119k - $3,900 1996 Buick Park Ave., 99k - $3,900 1996 Honda Accord, 127k - $3,400 1995 Dodge Neon, 105k - $2,250 1994 Mazda MX-3, 119k - $2,500


2010 Lexus RX 350 AWD 3.5L V6 leather with 50k miles. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Great luxury car with low miles considering it is 11 years old. Well taken care of and a 1-Owner vehicle. 13C699B $9,995

Chevrolet 2010 Malibu LTZ GM Certified, remote start, leather heated seats, power equipment, stk#394291 only $15,415 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

12-4 Only Thursday, May 2

Semi-Annual 3 Day Sale at Dragonfly Farm 259 N. 1250 Rd, Berryton Lawrence-Rural

!"#$"%#&', *&' 1, 201. . Cars-Imports

Honda 2011 Civic LX-S One owner, alloy wheels, spoiler, power equipment, great gas mileage and dependability! Stk#51222A6 only $16,715 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 843-3500

2006 Jeep Wrangler X 4WD, soft top, low milage with 37,200. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2013 Hyundai Veloster Only 8500 Miles! 6 Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission. Fun car with GREAT MPG! Certified Pre-Owned for the remainder of the 10 year 100k mile warranty! $22,500. Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


342 Johnson Avenue (Barker NeighborHood) Fri., May 3rd, 8am-2pm Sat., May 4th, 8am-2pm

What’s Left Sale

Smart Car 2011 convertible, alloy wheels, navigation system, power equipment, incredible gas mileage! Stk#14673 only $12,999. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2011 Ford Fusion


Furniture, books, plants and household goods. A few beautiful, high dollar antiques. Kitchen items, lamps, painted furniture, chair sets, and baskets. Please, no early callers.

Hyundai 2012 Santa Fe GLS Save thousands over new! V6, alloy wheels, power equipment, stk#11670 Only $19,675 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

23rd & Iowa St.


NEARLY NEW & RUMMAGE SALE St. Margaret’s Church 5700 W. 6th St Fri. 5/3 & Sat. 5/4 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Pontiac 2008 G5 Coupe 4cyl, automatic, GM certified with 2 years of scheduled maintenance included! Sunroof, remote start, power equipment. Stk#465332 Only $10,777 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chrysler Cars

Multi-Seller Sale 2613 Mayfair Dr. Friday & Saturday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm Directions to sale: From 27th & Haskell, go East on 27th then left on Mayfair. Pickleball Players raising funds for improved facilities. Have gathered items from many families. Hand tools, power tools, tool storage, wireless router, furniture, recliners, executive office chairs, Jayhawk items, lamps, electronics, kitchen items & more! These items are priced to sell so don’t miss out! No early callers please.

Dodge 2011 Charger AWD RT, leather heated memory seats, sunroof, remote start, alloy wheels, navigation and much more! Save huge over new! Stk#469391 only $29,814 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Chevrolet 1996 Corvette Leather, targa roof, power equipment, Bose sound, very clean with low miles! stk#157561 only $19,815 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Jeep 2007 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4wd, sunroof, alloy wheels, Boston sound, power equipment, stk#11530A1 only $14,884 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Cars-Imports Spring Sale!

1997 Chrysler LHS Great back to school car. Leave VM to arrange appointment.. $2,500 OBO. 785-766-2819

!"#$%&'()*%+,-./ !"##$%&$!'("$)*+, -+./0120


Wyndam Place Apts Annual Garage & Bake Sale! Indoor & Outdoor

Lots of treasures, clothing, small appliances, decorating items, collectibles, books and more. Hot dogs, chips, homemade cookies, pies, cakes, and something to drink while you shop. We’ve got it all. Make this your first stop!


Garage Sale 907 Jasara Circle Sat. May 4, 7:30 am- 2:00 pm Gas range & dryer, washer, refrigerator, kitchen table & chairs, sofa, loveseat, end tables, twin, full & queen beds, nice Kimball piano, lots of misc.

2551 Crossgate Drive Lawrence, KS

8 AM to 1 PM Saturday, May 4th


Nissan 2010 Murano SL FWD, V6, leather heated seats, sunroof, Bose, power equipment, alloy wheels, stk#14357A1 only $22,477 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

GM CERTIFIED is not like any other dealer backed warranty. Don’t let the other dealers tell you any different. Dale Willey Automotive is the only dealer in Lawrence that GM Certifies their cars and trucks. Come see the difference! Call for details. 785-843-5200 ask for Allen

2009 Toyota Sienna LE Clean van that seats 8 with 78k miles. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

UP TO FOUR PACKAGES TO CHOOSE FROM! All packages include AT LEAST 7 days online, 2 photos online, 4000 chracters online, and one week in top ads.

! "#$n#s$'y, +'y ,, -.,/ Crossovers Sport Utility-4x4

Dodge 2002 Durango SLT Running boards, tow package, alloy wheels, power equipment, leather, very affordable! Stk#127371 Only $6,500 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

1999 Isuzu Rodeo True 4X4, V6, very clean! Great student car or 4X4 toy. 146k Miles, $6995. Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


Ford 2006 F150 XLT 4wd, 5.4 V8, extended cab, power seat, alloy wheels, power equipment, tow package, low miles! stk#390323 only $16,736 Dale Willey 785-843-5200


2007 Toyota Sienna Great affordable van. 93k Miles. Power sliding doors. Only $13,750! Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Autos Wanted We Pay Cash for unwanted cars, trucks and vans. Fast courteous pickup. Evening and weekend pick up times available. Give us a call 913-321-2716. GMC 2006 Envoy SLT 4wd, V6, leather seats, running boards, tow package, alloy wheels, power equipment, stk#567301 only $11,455 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

GMC 2007 Yukon SLT 4wd, running boards, leather heated seats, remote start, alloy wheels, Bose sound. This won’t last long at $21,500. stk#19827 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Who says Jeeps aren’t for families? This one has 4-doors and plenty of room for a family trip. Soft top that can come down for the open road feel in the warmer weather and a 4-wheel drive system that goes almost anywhere. 13C671A $20,995. Call 785-843-3500 LAIRD NOLLER 23rd & Alabama Lawrence

2011 Ford Ranger Regular cab and a 4 cylinder gets great gas mileage. Perfect little work truck for hauling items around. Easy to drive and low miles. A3523 $14,888 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Ford, 2002 Ranger XLT SuperCab 4 door. Clean truck with clean history. Bedliner, chrome wheels, and original sticker! Only 111K miles. Automatic, flareside bed. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Mitsubishi, 2001 Montero Sport XLS. ONE owner recent KC trade-in, very clean, 4X4, two tone, great tires, running boards, and many options. Clean and 1974 Ford 3/4 ton dually, spacious. And, only $5350. AC, power steering & brakes, 2-6 transmission, See website for photos. all new aluminum bed, red, Rueschhoff Automobiles showpiece, $6500/OBO 785-883-2970 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7


What’s GM Certified? 2yrs of free regular maintenance 172 Pt. Inspection 12 Mo./12,000 Mi. Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty 100,000 mi./5-yr. limited Powertrain warranty, no deduct. 24-hr. Roadside Assistance Courtesy transportation. Nationwide coverage backed By General Motors. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Lawrence (First Published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World, April 24, 2013)

2012 Santa Fe GLS 2.4L 4 cyl AWD great family car as a Certified pre-owned with 22k miles. Call Anthony 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Sport Utility-4x4

IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS CIVIL DEPARTMENT Bank of America, N.A. Plaintiff, Chevrolet 2004 Avalanche 4wd, alloy wheels, sunroof, power seat, Bose sound, tow package, running boards, crew cab, stk#357661 only $13,875 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Isuzu 2007 I370 2wd, crew cab, bed liner, power equipment, cruise control, automatic, very nice! Stk#402182 only $12,450 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

vs. Dorothy E. McGreevy and Terry L. McGreevy, et al Defendants. Case No. 09CV379 Court Number: 5 Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 NOTICE OF SALE

2007 Buick Rainier Very smooth air ride. 61k miles. Soft leather interior. Immaculate car. $16,995. Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2011 Chevy 1500 4dr, 4WD, great clean truck. 35,000 miles. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2006 Buick Rendevous Spotless car with a very smooth, quiet ride. Leather, power, NICE! 79k miles. $11,988. Call/text 785-727-0244 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2000 Chevy 1500 V6, 2WD, would make a great work truck. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Dodge 2007 Dakota SLT

2013 Ford Escape Rare pre-owned 2013 model with the ECOBOOST engine. Great on gas and very comfortable. Leather seats and the MyFordTouch system. This car is voice activated. P1146 $26,996

4WD crew cab, one owner, tow package, alloy wheels, power equipment, keyless remote, cruise control, stk#398641 only $15,617 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Nissan 2010 Titan Pro 4X Off Road 4wd, leather heated seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, CD changer, navigation, DVD, running boards, tow package much more! Stk#162092 Only $27815 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2010 Toyota Tacoma Great small pickup with a powerful and efficient 4 cylinder engine. 4x4 and a 5 speed manual with a tonneau cover. 13T,383A $17,997 Call 785-843-3500 LAIRD NOLLER 23rd & Alabama Lawrence

Toyota, 2005 Tacoma PreRunner, SR5 TRD Sport Double Cab! Local trade, super clean, silver Tacoma. Bed Liner and chrome running boards. Take a look soon. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 56-6100 24/7 785-85

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Ford, 2005 Escape XLT with super clean leather and 4 wheel drive. AutoCheck ONE owner NO accidents. Two tone, alloy wheels, 6-disk CD, and very clean. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 Ford, 2003 Explorer XLT. Another super nice Explorer in silver two tone with 3rd row seat. 4X4, local vehicle, great condition and super price. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 Ford, 2005 Explorer XLT in Sliver Birch with gray leather interior. 4X4, moonroof, CD, satellite ready, running boards, and much more. Great buy at $8770. Best color for an Explorer. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7


Go to or call 785-832-1000.

Days in print vary with package chosen.

to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit Kenneth M. McGovern, Sheriff Douglas County, Kansas Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff (100662) ________

Dodge 2006 Ram SLT 3500 Big Horn Diesel, crew cab, power equipment, clean truck, hurry it won’t last long! Stk#354212 Only $26,217 Dale Willey 785-843-5200


2010 Toyota Tacoma 4WD, leather and back up camera. Soft cover for the bed. 51k miles. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


Ford 2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer, 4wd, leather heated seats, running boards, alloy wheels, 3rd row seating, very nice! Stk#695022 only $20,877 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Ford 2010 F150 XLT 4wd, crew cab, tow package, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, power seat, SYNC radio and running boards. Stk#399153. Only $27,855. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

We are now your Chevrolet dealer, call us for your service or sales needs! Dale Willey Automotive 785-843-5200

Chrysler 2009 Town & Country Touring V6, power lift gate, stow n’ go, one owner, leather heated seats, power equipment, DVD, alloy wheels, very nice! Stk#541853 only $18,415 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Lance Alexander Ford and Tamara Jo Ford, et al. Defendants. Case No. 10CV479 Court Number: 5 Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Lower Level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center of the Courthouse at Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, on May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate: Lot 5, Westridge Heights No. 2, an addition to the City of Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, commonly known as 213 Arizona Place, Lawrence, KS 66049 (the “Property”) to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit

2012 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT With a 3.6 L V6, lots of room for the family. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


(Published in the Lawrence LAWRENCE, IN DOUGLAS Daily Journal-World April COUNTY, KANSAS. Com24, 2013) monly known as 408 Tallgrass Drive, Lawrence, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF Kansas 66049 DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS DIVISION SIX This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information IN THE INTEREST OF: obtained will be used for RYDER W. HADL that purpose. D.O.B. XX-XX-2011, a male Kenneth M. McGovern SHERIFF OF DOUGLAS Case No. 2012-JC-0078 COUNTY, KANSAS (K.S.A. Chapter 38) SHAPIRO & MOCK, LLC NOTICE OF HEARING Attorneys for Plaintiff 6310 Lamar- Ste. 235 TO: Shane Crady and his Overland Park, KS 66202 parents and his adult rela- (913)831-3000 tives, Fax No. (913)831-3320 Our File No. 12-004470/jm COMES NOW Petitioner, the ________ State of Kansas, by and through counsel, Emily C. (First Published in the LawHaack, Assistant District rence Daily Journal-World, Attorney, and provides no- May 1, 2013) tice of a hearing as follows: IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF A petition pertaining to the DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS parental rights to the child CIVIL DEPARTMENT identified above has been filed in this Court requestNationstar Mortgage, LLC ing the Court find the child Plaintiff, is a child in need of care. The Court may also make vs. other orders including but not limited to requiring a Meghan E. Scanlon, et al. parent to pay child support. Defendants. On the 9th day of May 2013, at 2:00 p.m., the faCase No. 11CV398 ther and any person claimCourt Number: 1 ing legal custody of the Pursuant to K.S.A. child must appear for an Chapter 60 adjudication and dispostion hearing before the DisNOTICE OF SALE trict Court, Division 6 at the Douglas County Law En- Under and by virtue of an forcement and Judicial Cen- Order of Sale issued to me ter, 111 E 11th Street, Law- by the Clerk of the District rence, Kansas. Prior to that Court of Douglas County, time, the father, grandpar- Kansas, the undersigned ent or any other party to Sheriff of Douglas County, the proceeding may file a Kansas, will offer for sale at written response to the public auction and sell to pleading with the clerk of the highest bidder for cash the Court. in hand, at the Lower Level of the Judicial and Law EnThe father has a right to ap- forcement Center of the pear and be heard person- Courthouse at Lawrence, ally either with or without Douglas County, Kansas, on an attorney. The father has May 23, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the right to be represented the following real estate: by an attorney. If the father is unable to hire an at- Lot 38, in Frazier’s Subdivitorney, the Court will ap- sion of a portion of Addipoint one if the father sub- tion 4, in that part of the mits an application for ap- City of Lawrrence formerly pointed counsel. Juanita M. known as North Lawrence, Carlson an attorney in Law- Douglas County, Kansas, rence, Kansas, has been ap- commonly known as 711 pointed as guardian ad North 4th Street, Lawrence, litem for the child. KS 66044 (the “Property”) Each party is he ereby notified that, pursuant to K.S.A. 60-255, a default judgment will be taken against any parrent (or other person entitled to custody) who fails to appear in person at the hearing or by counsel with whom the party has had contact and provided specific instructions on how to proceed d at the hearing. Alice L. Walker #24577 Assistant District Attorney 111 East 11th Street Lawrence, Kansas 66044 (785) 841-0211 ________

Kenneth M. McGovern, Sheriff Douglas County, Kansas

Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Kristen G. Stroehmann (KS # 10551) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 1990 Ford E150 work van, (913)663-7899 (Fax) not real pretty, but drives Attorneys For Plaintiff pretty nice, V-6, ladder rack, (115850) $1200/OBO. 785-841-3605 ________

to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit Kenneth M. McGovern, Sheriff Douglas County, Kansas

Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (First Published in the Law- (913)663-7899 (Fax) rence Daily Journal-World, Attorneys For Plaintiff April 24, 2013) (124426) ________ IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS (First Published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World, BANK OF AMERICA, N.A April 24, 2013) Plaintiff, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF vs. DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS Brent L Watson AKA Brent Lee Watson AKA Brent Watson and Kim Watson AKA Kimberly L Watson AKA Kim L Watson , et al., Defendants. Case No. 12CV279 Division 4 K.S.A. 60 Mortgage Foreclosure (Title to Real Estate Involved) NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court in and for the said County of Douglas, State of Kansas, in a certain cause in said Court Numbered 12CV279, wherein the parties above named were respectively plaintiff and defendant, and to me, the undersigned Sheriff of said County, directed, I will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand at 10:00 AM, on 05/16/2013, the Jury Assembly Room of the District Court located in the lower level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center building, 111 E. 11th h St., Lawrence, Kansas Douglas County Courthouse, the following described real estate located in the County of Douglas, State of Kansas, to wit:

LOT 17, IN BLOCK 1, IN N NORTHFIELD ADDITION, AN ADDITION TO THE CITY OF (First Published in the Law- LAWRENCE, IN DOUGLAS rence Daily Journal-World, COUNTY, KANSAS. April 17, 2013)

BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP fka Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, LP Plaintiff,

UP TO FOUR PACKAGES TO CHOOSE FROM! All packages include AT LEAST 7 days online, 2 photos online, 4000 chracters online, and one week in top ads.

Lot 20, Block 7, PRAIRIE MEADOWS NO. 4, a subdivision in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, ac ccording to the recorded plat thereof. AND the South 7.5 feet of Lot 19, Block 7, PRAIRIE MEADOWS NO. 3, a subdivision in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, according to the recorded plat therreof, commonly known as 2525 Lawrence Avenue, Lawrence, KS 66047 (the “Property”)


Ford, 2008 Escape XLT, AWD, super clean, silver, with leather and moonroof. Side and curtain airbags! Two tone leather interior. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Lower Level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center of the Courthouse at Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, on May 16, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate:




Respectfully Submitted, By: Shawn Scharenborg, KS # 24542 Sara Knittel, KS # 23624 Kelli N. Breer, KS # 17851 Kozeny & McCubbin, L.C. (St. Louis Office) 12400 Olive Blvd., Suite 555 St. Louis, MO 63141 Phone: (314) 991-0255 Fax: (314) 567-8006 Email:

Attorney for Plaintiff ________

(First Published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World, April 24, 2013) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS WELLS FARGO BANK, NA PLAINTIFF vs. SAMUEL GUY, et. al.; DEFENDANTS No. 12CV411 Div. No. K.S.A. 60 Mortgage Foreclosure NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court in and for the said County of Douglas, in a certain cause in said Court Numbered 12CV411, wherein the parties above named were respectively plaintiff and defendant, and to me, the undersigned Sheriff of said County, directed, I will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand at the Jury Assembly Room of the District Court located in the lower level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center Building in the City of Lawrence in said County, on May 16, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., of said day the following described real estate located in the County of Douglas, State of Kansas, to wit: LOT 3, IN BLOCK 8, IN WESTLAND ADDITION, AN ADDITION TO THE CITY OF

WELLS FARGO BANK, NA PLAINTIFF vs. JOHN P. HARMON, et. al.; DEFENDANTS No. 12CV471 Div. No. K.S.A. 60 Mortgage Foreclosure NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court in and for the said County of Douglas, in a certain cause in said Court Numbered 12CV471, wherein the parties above named were respectively plaintiff and defendant, and to me, the undersigned Sheriff of said County, directed, I will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand at the Jury Assembly Room of the District Court located in the lower level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center Building in the City of Lawrence in said County, on May 16, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., of said day the following described real estate located in the County of Douglas, State of Kansas, to wit:



deceased, Defendants.

Case No. 2012 CV 575 Title to Real Estate Involved PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 60 OF K.S.A. NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE

Kenneth M. McGovern, Sheriff Douglas County, Kansas Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff (132455) ________

Notice is hereby given pursuant to a Praecipe for Order of Sale of Real Property and an Order of Sale issued and directed out of the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, pursuant to a judgment and decree (First Published in the Lawrendered in the above cap- rence Daily Journal-World, tioned action entered on April 17, 2013) the 20th day of March, 2013, in an action then and now IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF pending, I will, on the 9th DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS day of May, 2013, at 10:00 CIVIL DEPARTMENT a.m. of said date, offer for sale and sell at public aucBank of America, N.A. tion to the highest and best Plaintiff, bidder, for cash in hand, in the Jury Assembly Room, vs. lower level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement CenRobert Dunn, et al. ter, 111 East 11th Street, Defendants. Lawrence, Kansas, the following described real propCase No. 12CV450 erty in Douglas County, Court Number: 5 Kansas, to-wit: Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 Lot 1, Block 1, in Haskell Place, an Addition to the NOTICE OF SALE City Of Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas more com- Under and by virtue of an monly known as 1900 Mas- Order of Sale issued to me sachusetts Street, Law- by the Clerk of the District rence, Kansas 66044 Court of Douglas County, (hereinafter referred to as Kansas, the undersigned the “Mortgaged Property”), Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, will offer for sale at and the proceeds arising public auction and sell to from said sale be disbursed the highest bidder for cash in accordance with the in hand, at the Lower Level orders of the court. The of the Judicial and Law EnMortgaged Property is to forcement Center of the be sold as a single parcel. Courthouse at Lawrence, Clark Northrop Manage- Douglas County, Kansas, on ment, LLC has waived its May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, right of redemption in the the following real estate: Mortgaged Property. LOT 3, BLOCK ONE, IN ASHKEN MCGOVERN, SHERIFF BURY ADDITION NO. 3, A DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS SUBDIVISION IN THE CITY OF LAWRENCE, DOUGLAS STINSON MORRISON COUNTY, KANSAS, comHECKER LLP monly known as 1702 Gennessee Street, LawBy rence, KS 66044 (the Jack C. Marvin (#10934) “Property”) 1625 N. Waterfront Pkwy., Suite 300 to satisfy the judgment in Wichita, Kansas 67206-6620 the above-entitled case. (316) 265-8800; The sale is to be made (316) 265-1349 FAX without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, Attorneys for Plaintiff and further subject to the ________ approval of the Court. For more information, visit (First Published in the Law- rence Daily Journal-World, Kenneth M. McGovern, April 17, 2013) Sheriff IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF Douglas County, Kansas DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS Prepared By: CIVIL DEPARTMENT South & Associates, P.C. The Bank of New York Mel- Megan Cello (KS # 24167) lon, f/k/a The Bank of New 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 York, as (913)663-7600 successor-in-interest to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff as Trustee for Structured (148468) Asset Mortgage Invest________ ments II Trust 2005-AR3, Mortgage Pass-Through (First Published in the LawCertificates, Series rence Daily Journal-World, 2005-AR3 April 17, 2013) Plaintiff, vs. Robert B. Howig and Susan Kaye Howig, et al. Defendants. Case No. 12CV576 Court Number: 1 Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60

IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS CIVIL DEPARTMENT Bank of America, N.A., successor by merger to BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP fka Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, LP Plaintiff,



Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Lower Level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center of the Courthouse at Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, on May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate:

Erin A. Berg, et al. Defendants.

Lots 1 and 2, in Block 170, in the City of Eudora, Douglas County, Kansas, according to the rec corded plat thereof, commonly known as 103 East 7th Street, Eudora, KS 66025 (the “Property”) to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit

Case No. 12CV598 Court Number: 1 Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Lower Level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center of the Courthouse at Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, on May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate: Lot 1, Tract F, REPLAT OF LOT 1, HILLS WEST NO. 1, an Addition in the City of Lawrence, as shown by the recorded plat thereof, in Douglas County, Kansas, commonly known as 2707 West 24th Terrace, Lawrence, KS 66046 (the “Property”)

Kenneth M. McGovern, to satisfy the judgment in Sheriff the above-entitled case. Douglas County, Kansas The sale is to be made without appraisement and Prepared By: subject to the redemption South & Associates, P.C. period as provided by law, Kristen G. Stroehmann and further subject to the (KS # 10551) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 approval of the Court. For more information, visit Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Kenneth M. McGovern, This is an attempt to collect Attorneys For Plaintiff Sheriff a debt and any information (114163) Douglas County, Kansas obtained will be used for ________ that purpose. (First Published in the Law- Prepared By: Kenneth M. McGovern rence Daily Journal-World, South & Associates, P.C. Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) SHERIFF OF DOUGLAS May 1, 2013) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF Overland Park, KS 66211 SHAPIRO & MOCK, LLC DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys for Plaintiff CIVIL DEPARTMENT Attorneys For Plaintiff 6310 Lamar- Ste. 235 (151256) Overland Park, KS 66202 U.S. Bank National ________ (913)831-3000 Association Fax No. (913)831-3320 Plaintiff, (First Published in the LawOur File No. 12-004818/jm rence Daily Journal-World, ________ vs. April 17, 2013) (First published in the LawDonna Irene Durrant and IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF rence Daily Journal-World William Raymond Durrant, DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS April 17, 2013) et al. CIVIL DEPARTMENT Defendants. IN THE SEVENTH JUDICIAL U.S. Bank National DISTRICT Case No. 12CV85 Association DISTRICT COURT, DOUGLAS Court Number: 5 Plaintiff, COUNTY, KANSAS Pursuant to K.S.A. CIVIL DEPARTMENT Chapter 60 vs. FIRST STATE BANK & TRUST, NOTICE OF SALE Patricia McGilvray; Brian Plaintiff, Under and by virtue of an Evinger; Unknown spouse, if any, of Patricia v. Order of Sale issued to me McGilvray; Unknown CLARK NORTHROP by the Clerk of the District spouse, if any, of Brian MANAGEMENT, LLC, Court of Douglas County, Evinger; John Doe CLARK NORTHROP Kansas, the undersigned (Tenant/Occupant); Mary MANAGEMENT, INC., Sheriff of Douglas County, Doe (Tenant/Occupant), GREYSTONE PROPERTIES, Kansas, will offer for sale at Defendants. LLC, ESTATE OF JEFFREY M. public auction and sell to CLARK, Deceased the highest bidder for cash Case No. 13CV144 CITIMORTGAGE, INC., in hand, at the Lower Level Court Number: 4 UNIVERSITY NATIONAL of the Judicial and Law EnPursuant to K.S.A. BANK, forcement Center of the Chapter 60 BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., Courthouse at Lawrence, ALEXANDER MARTIN CLARK, Douglas County, Kansas, on NOTICE OF SUIT and the unknown heirs, ex- May 23, 2013, at 10:00 AM, ecutors, administrators, the following real estate: THE STATE OF KANSAS, to devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any de- Lot Three (3) less the West the above-named defendceased defendants; the un- Twelve (12) feet thereof, in ants and the unknown known spouses of any de- Block Two (2), in heirs, executors, adminisfendants; the unknown of- Cranson’s Subdivision of trators, devisees, trustees, ficers, successors, trustees, Block Fifteen (15) of creditors and assigns of creditors and assigns of Babcock’s Enlarged Addi- any deceased defendants; any defendants that are tion, an addition to the the unknown spouses of existing, dissolved, or dor- City of Lawrence, as any defendants; the unmant corporations; the un- shown by the recorded known officers, successors, known executors, adminis- plat thereof, in Douglas trustees, creditors and astrators, devisees, trustees, County, Kansas, commonly signs of any defendants creditors, successors and known as 109 East 17th Ter- that are existing, dissolved assigns of any defendants race, Lawrence, KS 66044 or dormant corporations; the unknown executors, adthat are or were partners or (the “Property”) ministrators, devisees, in partnership; the unknown guardians, conser- to satisfy the judgment in trustees, creditors, succesvators and trustees of any the above-entitled case. sors and assigns of any dedefendants that are minors The sale is to be made fendants that are or were or are under any legal disa- without appraisement and partners or in partnership; bility; and the unknown subject to the redemption heirs, executors, adminis- period as provided by law, trators, devisees, trustees, and further subject to the creditors and assigns of approval of the Court. For any person alleged to be more information, visit LOT 1, IN BLOCK 3, IN BELLE HAVEN SOUTH, AN ADDITION TO THE CITY OF LAWRENCE, AS SHOWN BY THE RECORDED PLAT THEREOF, IN DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS. Commonly known as 2617 Belle Haven Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66046



PUBLIC NOTICE CONTINUED FROM 4 the unknown guardians, conservators and trustees of any defendants that are minors or are under any legal disability; and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any person alleged to be deceased, and all other persons who are or may be concerned. You are notified that a Petition has been filed in the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, praying to foreclose a real estate mortgage on the following described real estate: Unit No. 5-A, as shown by plat of survey of WOODCREEK TOWNHOUSES, filed in Condominium Book 1, Page 60, in the office of the Register of Deeds of Douglas County, Kansas, wrence, in the City of Law Douglas County, Kansas. ALSO DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Lot 5-A previously recorded as Unit No. 5-A, as shown by plat of survey of WOODCREEK TOWNHOUSES, filed in Condominium Book 1, Page 60, in the office of the Register of Deeds of Douglas County, Kansas, in the City of Lawrence, Do ouglas County, Kansas, commonly known as 255 North Michigan Street # 5-28, Lawrence, KS 66044 (the “Property”) and all those defendants who have not otherwise been served are required to plead to the Petition on or before the 28th day of May, 2013, in the District Court of Douglas County,Kansas. If you fail to plead, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition. NOTICE Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. §1692c(b), no information concerning the collection of this debt may be given without the prior consent of the consumer given directly to the debt collector or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction. The debt collector is attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff (153360) ________

Lawrence NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Lower Level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center of the Courthouse at Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, on May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate:



YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a Petition for Mortgage Foreclosure has been filed in the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas by Federal National Mortgage Association, praying for foreclosure of certain real property legally described as follows: LOT 74, WINCHESTER ESTATES NO. 3, IN THE CITY OF EUDORA, DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS. Tax ID No. E03885-107

for a judgment against defendants and any other interested parties and, unless otherwise served by personal or mail service of summons, the time in which you have to plead to the Petition for Foreclosure in the District Court of Douglas County Kansas will expire on June 5, 2013. If you fail to plead, judgment and decree will be entered to satisfy the judgment in in due course upon the rethe above-entitled case. quest of plaintiff. The sale is to be made without appraisement and MILLSAP & SINGER, LLC subject to the redemption period as provided by law, By: and further subject to the Chad R. Doornink, #23536 approval of the Court. For more information, visit Jeremy M. Hart, #20886 Jason A. Orr, #22222 Kenneth M. McGovern, 11460 Tomahawk Creek Sheriff Douglas County, Kansas Parkway, Suite 300 Leawood, KS 66211 Prepared By: (913) 339-9132 South & Associates, P.C. (913) 339-9045 (fax) Megan Cello (KS # 24167) ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 MILLSAP & SINGER, LLC AS (913)663-7600 ATTORNEYS FOR FEDERAL (913)663-7899 (Fax) NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASAttorneys For Plaintiff SOCIATION IS ATTEMPTING (91126) TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ________ ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR (First published in the Law- THAT PURPOSE. rence Daily Journal-World ________ April 24, 2013) (First published in the LawIN THE DISTRICT COURT OF rence Daily Journal-World DOUGLAS COUNTY, April 17, 2013) KANSAS CIVIL DEPARTMENT IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, Federal National Mortgage KANSAS Association PROBATE DIVISION Plaintiff, In the Matter of the Estate of vs. HELEN BENNETT, deceased Christopher Nicholson aka Christopher L Nicholson, Case No. 13PR62 Jane Doe, John Doe, Amber Grant, in her individual caPursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 59 pacity and as mother and natural guardian to ChristoNOTICE OF HEARING AND pher Grant, a minor child, NOTICE TO CREDITORS and Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation The State of Kansas To All Services, et al., Persons Concerned: Defendants Lot 37, Block 1 in Deerfield Woods Subdivision No. 8, a subdivision in the City of Lawrence, Do ouglas County, Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof, commonly known as 634 Nottingham Road, Lawrence, KS 66049 (the “Property”)

Case No. 13CV182 Court No. 1 Title to Real Estate Involved Pursuant to K.S.A. §60 NOTICE OF SUIT

STATE OF KANSAS to the above named Defendants and The Unknown Heirs, executors, devisees, trustees, creditors, and assigns of (First Published in the Law- any deceased defendants; rence Daily Journal-World, the unknown spouses of April 17, 2013) any defendants; the unknown officers, successors, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF trustees, creditors and asDOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS signs of any defendants CIVIL DEPARTMENT that are existing, dissolved or dormant corporations; Bank of America, N.A. the unknown executors, adPlaintiff, ministrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, succesvs. sors and assigns of any defendants that are or were Gary S. Singer and partners or in partnership; Christina L. Singer, et al. and the unknown guardiDefendants. ans, conservators and trustees of any defendants that Case No. 13CV18 are minors or are under any Court Number: 1 legal disability and all other Pursuant to K.S.A. person who are or may be Chapter 60 concerned:

You are hereby notified that a Petition dated April 9, 2013, has been filed in this Court by Carol Seager as an heir at law, legatee and devisee of Helen Bennett, deceased, praying that the instrument attached to the Petition dated January 22, 2010, be admitted to probate and for the appointment of Carol Seager as Executor of the Will without bond. You are further advised that the Petitioner in this matter has requested administration pursuant to the Kansas Simplified Estates Act, and if such request is granted the Court may not supervise administration of the estate and no further notice of any action of the Executor or other proceedings in the administration will be given except for notice of final settlement of the decedent’s estate. Should written objections to simplified administration be filed with


the Court, the Court may 10; thence North 343.045 order supervised adminis- feet; thence East to point of tration to ensue. beginning in the City of Lawrence, Douglas County, You are hereby required to Kansas, Less that portion file your written defenses taken by Condemnation to the admission of the Case No. 25634, and in Condecedent’s Will to probate demnation Case No. on or before May 9, 2013 at 2011-CV-428, and recorded 10:15 a.m. in this Court in in Book 1082, Page 4244 the City of Lawrence, in (Tract 11). Douglas County, Kansas, at which time and place the and all personal property cause will be heard. Should and other Kansas real esyou fail therein, judgment tate owned by decedent at and decree will be entered the time of death. And that in due course upon the Pe- such property and all pertition. sonal property and other Kansas real estate owned All creditors are notified to by the decedent at the time exhibit their demands of death be assigned puragainst the estate within suant to the laws of intesfour months from the date tate succession. of the first publication of this notice as provided by You are required to file law, and if their demands your written defenses to are not thus exhibited they the Petition on or before shall be forever barred. May 9, 2013 at 10:15a.m. in the city of Lawrence in Douglas County, Kansas, at Carol Seager, Petitioner which time and place the STEVENS & BRAND, LLP cause will be heard. Should PO Box 189 you fail to file your written Lawrence, KS 66044 defenses, judgment and de(785) 843-0811 cree will be entered in due Attorneys for the Petitioner course upon the Petition. ________ Michael A. Lawrence, Peti(First published in the Law- tioner rence Daily Journal-World April 17, 2013) MCDOWELL, RICE, SMITH & BUCHANAN, P.C. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS By: Rebecca D. Martin PROBATE SECTION Kansas Bar No. 12655 605 W. 47th St., Suite 350 In the Matter of Kansas City, MO 64112 the Estate of 816-753-5400 Charles William Lawrence, 816-753-9996 (facsimile) Sr., Deceased Attorneys for Petitioner No. 2013PR66 ______ Division No. 1 NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are notified that a Petition has been filed in this Court by Michael A. Lawrence, son and one of the heirs of Charles William Lawrence, Sr., deceased, requesting: Descent be determined of the following described real estate situated in Douglas County, Kansas: Tract I: A tract beginning at a point 430.8 feet North and 652.0 feet West of the Southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter of Section 6, Township 13 South, Range 20 East of the 6th P.M., thence West 120.0 feet; thence South parallel with the East line of said Quarter Section 348.85 feet, more or less, to the North right-of-way of Kansas Highway Number 10, thence Southeasterly along said right-of-way 120.0 feet; thence North parallel with the East line of said Quarter Section 350.25 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning, in the City of Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, Less that portion taken by Condemnation Case No. 25634, and in Condemnation Case No. 2011-CV-428, and recorded in Book 1082, Page 4244 (Tract 11). AND Tract II: A tract beginning at a point 30 feet South of a point which is 455.8 feet North and 772.0 feet West of the Southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter of Section 6, Township 13 South, Range 20 East of the 6th P.M., thence South 343.85 feet, more or less, to the North right-of-way line of Kansas Highway Number 10; thence West 80 feet along the right-of-way line of said Highway Number

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Case No. 12CV390 Court Number: Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Leavenworth County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth County, Kansas, on May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate:

Lots 11 and 12 and the South 21.00 feet of Lot 10, Block 6, in Original Town of Tonganoxie, less the West 65.00 feet thereof, all in Leavenworth County, Kansas, as shown on Lot Split Survey filed June 4, 2007 under Document No. 2007S005, commonly known as 222 South Delaware Street, Tonganoxie, KS 66086 (the “Property”) to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff Leavenworth County, Kansas Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Kristen G. Stroehmann (KS # 10551) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff (134947)


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!"#$"%#&', M&' 1, 2013 / Tonganoxie

(First published in the Bald- the NWQ of the SWQ of Secwin City Signal April 11, tion 29, Township 12, Range 2013) 20, thence East 7 rods, thence South 17 rods, IN THE UNITED STATES thence West 7 rods, thence DISTRICT COURT FOR THE North 17 rods to the place DISTRICT OF KANSAS of beginning, in that part of the City of Lawrence forUNITED STATES OF merly known as North LawAMERICA rence, less the East 3 1/2 Plaintiff feet thereof, all in Douglas County, Kansas; v. and that such property, all JOHN CHRISTOPHER personal property and SCRUGGS, ET AL., other Kansas real estate Defendants. owned by the decedent at the time of death be asCase No. 12-4033-RDR-KGS signed pursuant to the laws of intestate succession. NOTICE OF MARSHAL’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE You are required to file your written defenses to By virtue of an Order Of the Petition on or before Sale Of Real Estate issued May 16, 2013, at 10:00 A.M., out of the United States in the Douglas County JudiDistrict Court for the Dis- cial and Law Enforcement trict of Kansas, at Topeka, Center, 111 E. 11th, LawKansas, in the above enti- rence, KS 66044, at which tled case, I will, on Wednes- time and place the cause day, the 15th day of May will be heard. Should you 2013, at 11:00 A.M., at the fail to file your written defront door of the Douglas fenses, judgment and deCounty Courthouse, Law- cree will be entered in due rence, Kansas, offer for sale course upon the Petition. at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash Barbara J. Merritt, in hand, all of the right, title Petitioner and interest of Defendants, John Christopher Scruggs GEORGE L. CATT, P.A. and Julie Ann Scruggs in 3300 Mesa Way, Suite C and to the following de- Lawrence, KS 66049-2345 scribed real estate located (785) 841-3384 in Douglas County, Kansas, to-wit: Attorney for Petitioner Lot 95 and the East Half of By: George L. Catt, P.A., Lot 97, on Jersey Street, in #06773 Baldwin City, Douglas ________ County, Kansas. Said real property is levied on as the property of the (First published in the BaldDefendants, John Christo- win City Signal, May 2, pher Scruggs and Julie Ann 2013) Scruggs, and will be sold BID SOLICITATION without appraisal, subject to any unpaid real property taxes or special assess- Baldwin City Unified School ments and with a three (3) District No. 348 is accepting month period of redemp- sealed bids for the Baldwin tion in Defendants, John Jr. High School Renovation Christopher Scruggs and Project. Bids must be reJulie Ann Scruggs, to sat- ceived by 2:30pm local time on May 16, 2013 at the Baldisfy said Order of Sale. win City USD No. 348 Administration Building, 708 United States Marshal’s Office, Topeka, Kansas, this Chapel St., Baldwin City KS 66006. At that time, bids 28th day of March, 2013. will be opened and read aloud. A 5% bid security is WALTER R. BRADLEY required. A pre-bid meetUnited States Marshal ing will be held at 2:30pm District of Kansas local time on May 9, 2013 at Craig Beam, Chief Deputy Baldwin Jr. High; 400 EisenU.S. Marshal hower, Baldwin City KS ________ 66006.

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Bonnie Jo Smith and Douglas R. Smith, et al. Defendants

County, Kansas, on May 16, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate:

Case No. 12CV290 Court Number: Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60

Lot 15, Block 5, SOUTH PARK ADDITION NO. 2, to the City of Tonganoxie, in Leavenworth County, Kansas, commonly known as 191 Willis Drive, Tonganoxie, KS 66086 (the “Property”)

(First published in The Mir- period as provided by law, ror, Wednesday, April 17, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For 2013) more information, visit IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff KANSAS Leavenworth CIVIL DEPARTMENT County, Kansas CitiMortgage, Inc. Plaintiff, Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. vs. Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Kevin R. Bennett and Overland Park, KS 66211 Nancy A. Bennett, et al. (913)663-7600 Defendants. (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff Case No. 12CV226 (128347) Court Number: ________ Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 (First published in The Mir-

Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Leavenworth County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth County, Kansas, on May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate:

Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff Leavenworth County, Kansas

Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Megan Cello (KS # 24167) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 NOTICE OF SALE (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Under and by virtue of an Attorneys For Plaintiff Order of Sale issued to me (99341) by the Clerk of the District ________ Court of Leavenworth (First published in The MirCounty, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Leaven- ror, Wednesday, April 24, 2013) worth County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, bidder for cash in hand, at KANSAS the Justice Center, 2nd CIVIL DEPARTMENT Floor Lobby, Leavenworth County, Kansas, on May 9, Bank of America, N.A. 2013, at 10:00 AM, the folPlaintiff, lowing real estate:

to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit Lot 17, in Block 5, TANGLEWOOD WEST SUBDIVIAndrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff SION, a subdivision of land Leavenworth County, in Leavenworth County,, Kansas Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof, Prepared By: commonly known as 15276 South & Associates, P.C. Meadow Lane, Bonner Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) Springs, KS 66012 (the 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 “Property”) Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 to satisfy the judgment in (913)663-7899 (Fax) the above-entitled case. Attorneys For Plaintiff The sale is to be made (134669) without appraisement and ________ subject to the redemption



ror, Wednesday, April 17, 2013) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, KANSAS CIVIL DEPARTMENT Bank of America, N.A. Plaintiff, vs. Geoffrey A. Crowley and Jerri L. Crowley, et al. Defendants.

Case No. 12CV556 Court Number: Lot 41, Rankin Estates Pursuant to K.S.A. Phase III, a subdivision of Chapter 60 land in the City of Basehor, Leavenworth Cou unty, KanNOTICE OF SALE sas, commonly known as 3203 North 157th Terrace, Under and by virtue of an Basehor, KS 66007 (the Order of Sale issued to me “Property”) by the Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth to satisfy the judgment in County, Kansas, the underthe above-entitled case. signed Sheriff of LeavenThe sale is to be made worth County, Kansas, will without appraisement and offer for sale at public aucsubject to the redemption tion and sell to the highest period as provided by law, bidder for cash in hand, at and further subject to the the Justice Center, 2nd approval of the Court. For Floor Lobby, Leavenworth more information, visit County, Kansas, on May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate: Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff Leavenworth County, A tract in the Northeast Kansas Quarter of Section 13, Township 9 South, Range Prepared By: 21 East of the sixth P..M., South & Associates, P.C. Leavenworth County, KanMegan Cello (KS # 24167) sas, described as: Beginn6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 ing at a point 40.00 feet Overland Park, KS 66211 West of the Norttheast cor(913)663-7600 ner of said Section 13; (913)663-7899 (Fax) which point lies on the apAttorneys For Plaintiff parent West right-of-way (143785) Road #29; of County ________ thence South 569.00 feet; thence West 460.00 feet; (First published in The Mirror, Wednesday, April 17, thence North 569.00 feet; thence Ea ast 460.00 feet to 2013) the beginning, except that IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF part taken or used for road, commonly known as LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, 18725 High Prairie Road, KANSAS Leavenworth, KS 66048 (the CIVIL DEPARTMENT “Property”) U.S. Bank National to satisfy the judgment in Association, as Trustee, the above-entitled case. successor in interest to The sale is to be made Wachovia Bank, N.A., as Trustee for Chase Funding without appraisement and subject to the redemption Mortgage Loan period as provided by law, Asset-Backed and further subject to the Certificates, Series 2003-6 approval of the Court. For Plaintiff, more information, visit vs.

vs. Loren D. Barnett, et al. Defendants. Case No. 12CV561 Court Number: Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60

Tonganoxie the Northeast corner of said Southeast 1/4, said point being on the South right of way line of Tow wnship Road; thence West 307.64 feet along the South line of said road; thence South 280.90 feett; thence East 307.64 feet to the East line of said Southeast 1/4; thence North 280.90 feet to th he point of beginning, in Leavenworth County, Kansas, commonly known as 23019 Hatchell Road, Tonganoxie, KS 66086 (the “Property”) to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff Leavenworth County, Kansas

Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Megan Cello (KS # 24167) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 NOTICE OF SALE (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Under and by virtue of an Attorneys For Plaintiff Order of Sale issued to me (150244) by the Clerk of the District ________ Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas, the under- (First published in The Mirsigned Sheriff of Leaven- ror, Wednesday, April 17, worth County, Kansas, will 2013) offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF bidder for cash in hand, at LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, the Justice Center, 2nd KANSAS Floor Lobby, Leavenworth CIVIL DEPARTMENT County, Kansas, on May 16, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the folU.S. Bank National lowing real estate: Association Plaintiff, LOT 109 IN OAKBROOK SUBDIVISION, IN THE CITY vs. OF LANSING, ACCORDING TO THE RECORDED PLAT Robert B. Hodges and THEREO OF, IN LEAVENDebra M. Hodges, et al. WORTH COUNTY, KANSAS, Defendants. commonly known as 416 Oakbrook Drive, Lansing, Case No. 12CV604 KS 66043 (the “Property”) Court Number: Pursuant to K.S.A. to satisfy the judgment in Chapter 60 the above-entitled case. NOTICE OF SALE The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption Under and by virtue of an period as provided by law, Order of Sale issued to me and further subject to the by the Clerk of the District approval of the Court. For Court of Leavenworth more information, visit County, Kansas, the signed Sheriff of Leavenworth County, Kansas, will Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff offer for sale at public aucLeavenworth County, tion and sell to the highest Kansas bidder for cash in hand, at the Justice Center, 2nd Prepared By: Floor Lobby, Leavenworth South & Associates, P.C. County, Kansas, on May 9, Megan Cello (KS # 24167) 2013, at 10:00 AM, the fol6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 lowing real estate: Overland Park, KS 66211 Lot 6, Block 2, in the AD(913)663-7600 AMS SUBDIVISION, in the (913)663-7899 (Fax) City of Leavenworth, LeavAttorneys For Plaintiff nsas, enworth County, Kan (149978) commonly known as 1822 ________ Olive Street, Leavenworth, (First published in The Mir- KS 66048 (the “Property”) ror, Wednesday, April 17, 2013) to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF The sale is to be made LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, without appraisement and KANSAS subject to the redemption CIVIL DEPARTMENT period as provided by law, and further subject to the Bank of America, N.A. approval of the Court. For Plaintiff, more information, visit vs. Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff Kristopher L. Smart and Leavenworth County, Barbara R. Smart, et al. Kansas Defendants. Prepared By: Case No. 12CV592 South & Associates, P.C. Court Number: Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) Pursuant to K.S.A. 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Chapter 60 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 NOTICE OF SALE (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff Under and by virtue of an (126231) Order of Sale issued to me ________ by the Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth (First published in The MirCounty, Kansas, the under- ror, Wednesday, April 24, signed Sheriff of Leaven- 2013) worth County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auc- IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF tion and sell to the highest LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, bidder for cash in hand, at KANSAS the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth Wells Fargo Bank, County, Kansas, on May 9, National Association 2013, at 10:00 AM, the folPlaintiff, lowing real estate: vs. A tract of land in the Southeast 1/4 of Section 6, Rodney M Forslof AKA Township 11 South, Range Rodney Michael Forslof 21 East of the 6th P.M., AKA Rodney Forslof , et al., more fully described as Defendants. follows: Beginning at a point 20.00 feet South of Case No. 12CV605

Tonganoxie Division 4 K.S.A. 60 Mortgage Foreclosure (Title to Real Estate Involved) NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court in and for the said County of Leavenworth, State of Kansas, in a certain cause in said Court Numbered 12CV605, wherein the parties above named were respectively plaintiff and defendant, and to me, the undersigned Sheriff of said County, directed, I will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand at 10:00 AM, on 05/16/2013, THE JUSTICE CENTER ON THE 2nd FLOOR LOBBY (street level), 60 01 S. 3rd Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048, the following described real estate located in the County of Leavenworth, State of Kansas, to wit: THE WEST HALF OF LOT 14, PIONEER SUBDIVISION, LEAVENWORTH, CITY OF LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, KANSAS. SHERIFF OF LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, KANSAS Respectfully Submitted, By: Shawn Scharenborg, KS # 24542 Sara Knittel, KS # 23624 Kelli N. Breer, KS # 17851 Kozeny & McCubbin, L.C. (St. Louis Office) 12400 Olive Blvd., Suite 555 St. Louis, MO 63141 Phone: (314) 991-0255 Fax: (314) 567-8006 Email: Attorney for Plaintiff ________


(First published in The MirNOTICE OF SALE ror, Wednesday, April 24, 2013) Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF by the Clerk of the District LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, Court of Leavenworth KANSAS County, Kansas, the underCIVIL DEPARTMENT signed Sheriff of Leavenworth County, Kansas, will CitiMortgage, Inc. offer for sale at public aucPlaintiff, tion and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at vs. the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth Shane T. Swigert; Stacy County, Kansas, on May 9, Swigert a/k/a Stacy Howell, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the folDefendants. lowing real estate: Case No. 13CV142 Court Number: Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60


plead to the Petition on or Defendants. before the 4th day of June, 2013, in the District Court of Case No. 13 CV 41 Leavenworth County, Kan- Title to Real Estate Involved sas. If you fail to plead, judgment and decree will NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE be entered in due course upon the Petition. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that under and by virtue of NOTICE an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the District Pursuant to the Fair Debt Court of Leavenworth Collection Practices Act, 15 County, Kansas, in the case U.S.C. §1692c(b), no infor- above numbered, wherein mation concerning the col- the parties above named lection of this debt may be were respectively plaintiff given without the prior con- and Defendants, and to me, sent of the consumer given the undersigned Sheriff of directly to the debt collec- Leavenworth County, Kantor or the express permis- sas, directed, I will offer for sion of a court of compe- sale at public auction and tent jurisdiction. The debt sell to the highest bidder collector is attempting to for cash in hand at the Juscollect a debt and any in- tice Center on the 2nd floor formation obtained will be lobby (street level) at 601 S. used for that purpose. 3rd Street, Leavenworth on May 23, 2013, at 10:00 AM of Prepared By: said day, the following deSouth & Associates, P.C. scribed real estate situated Kristen G. Stroehmann (KS in the County of Leaven# 10551) worth, State of Kansas, 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 to-wit: Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 A TRACT OF LAND IN THE (913)663-7899 (Fax) SOUTHEAST QUARTER OF Attorneys For Plaintiff SECTION 4 TOWNSHIP 9 (154775) SOUTH RANGE 22 EAST OF ________ THE 6TH P.M., MORE FULLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: (First published in The Mir- BEGINNING AT A POINT 496 ror, Wednesday, April 17, FEET SOUTH AND 60 FEET 2013) WEST OF THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF THE SOUTHIN THE DISTRICT COURT OF EAST QUARTER; THENCE LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, SOUTH PARALLEL TO THE KANSAS EAST SECTION LINE 160 CIVIL DEPARTMENT FEET, THENCE WEST PARALLEL TO THE NORTH SECTION Green Tree Servicing LLC LINE 160 FEET; THENCE Plaintiff, NORTH PARALLEL TO THE EAST SECTION LINE 160 vs. FEET; THENCE EAST PARALLEL TO THE WORTH SECTarrah Brown, et al. TION LINE 160 FEET TO THE Defendants. POINT OF BEGINNNING, LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, Case No. 12CV630 KANSAS, LESS ANY PART Court Number: THEREOF, TAKEN OR USED Pursuant to K.S.A. FOR (ALSO KNOWN AS Chapter 60 TRACT #13.)

THE NORTH 1/2 OF LOT 5 AND ALL OF LOT 6, BLOCK 1, INSLEY AND SHIRE’S SUBDIVISION, CITY OF VENWORTH, LEAVENLEAV NOTICE OF SUIT WORTH COUNTY, KANSAS, commonly known as 1320 THE STATE OF KANSAS, to Central Street, Leaventhe above-named defend- worth, KS 66048 (the ants and the unknown “Property”) heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, to satisfy the judgment in creditors and assigns of the above-entitled case. any deceased defendants; The sale is to be made the unknown spouses of without appraisement and any defendants; the un- subject to the redemption known officers, successors, period as provided by law, trustees, creditors and as- and further subject to the signs of any defendants approval of the Court. For that are existing, dissolved more information, visit or dormant corporations; the unknown executors, administrators, devisees, Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff trustees, creditors, succesLeavenworth County, sors and assigns of any deKansas fendants that are or were partners or in partnership; Prepared By: the unknown guardians, South & Associates, P.C. conservators and trustees Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) of any defendants that are 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 minors or are under any le- Overland Park, KS 66211 gal disability; and the un- (913)663-7600 known heirs, executors, ad- (913)663-7899 (Fax) ministrators, devisees, Attorneys For Plaintiff trustees, creditors and as- (151569) signs of any person alleged ________ to be deceased, and all other persons who are or (First published in The Mirror, Wednesday, May 1, may be concerned. 2013) You are notified that a Petition has been filed in the IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, District Court of LeavenKANSAS worth County, Kansas, CIVILC COURT praying to foreclose a real DEPARTMENT estate mortgage on the following described real esU.S. BANK NATIONAL tate: ASSOCIATION NOT IN ITS INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, Lot 45, RANKIN ESTATES BUT SOLELY AS LEGAL PHASE III, a subdivision in TITLE TRUSTEE FOR LVS the City of Basehor, LeavTITLE TRUST I, enworth County, Kansas, Plaintiff, commonly known as 3123 North 157th Terrace, vs. Basehor, KS 66007 (the “Property”) MICHELLE R. JOHNSON AKA MICHELLE RENE JOHNSON and all those defendants AKA MICHELL JOHNSON, who have not otherwise et al., been served are required to

Tonganoxie Charles J Mohan, et al. Defendants. Case No. 12CV609 Court Number: Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Leavenworth County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth County, Kansas, on May 9, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate: Lots 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25, less and except the East 8 feet of Lot 25, Block 2, HANNON N’S ADDITION, a subdivision in the City of Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, Kansas, commonly known as 1016 Dakota Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048 (the “Property”) to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff Leavenworth County, Kansas

Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Kristen G. Stroehmann (KS # 10551) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) MORE CORRECTLY DE- Attorneys For Plaintiff (137340) SCRIBED AS: ________ A TRACT OF LAND IN THE SOUTHEAST QUARTER OF (First published in The MirSECTION 4 TOWNSHIP 9 ror, Wednesday, April 17, SOUTH RANGE 22 EAST OF 2013) THE 6TH P.M., MORE FULLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF BEGINNING AT A POINT 496 LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, FEET SOUTH AND 60 FEET KANSAS WEST OF THE NORTHEAST CIVIL DEPARTMENT CORNER OF THE SOUTHEAST QUARTER; THENCE SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. SOUTH PARALLEL TO THE Plaintiff, EAST SECTION LINE 160 FEET, THENCE WEST PARALvs. LEL TO THE NORTH SECTION LINE 160 FEET; THENCE Dawn R. Poore, et al. NORTH PARALLEL TO THE Defendants. EAST SECTION LINE 160 FEET; THENCE EAST PARALCase No. 13CV27 LEL TO THE NORTH SECTION Court Number: LINE 160 FEET TO THE POINT Pursuant to K.S.A. OF BEGINNNING, LEAVENChapter 60 WORTH COUNTY, KANSAS, LESS ANY PART THEREOF, NOTICE OF SALE TAKEN OR USED FOR (ALSO KNOWN AS TRACT #13.) Under and by virtue of an (“Property”) Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District said real property is levied Court of Leavenworth upon as the property of De- County, Kansas, the underfendants Michelle R. John- signed Sheriff of Leavenson and Selvy H. Johnson worth County, Kansas, will and all other alleged own- offer for sale at public aucers and will be sold without tion and sell to the highest appraisal to satisfy said Or- bidder for cash in hand, at der of Sale. the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth LEAVENWORTH COUNTY County, Kansas, on May 9, SHERIFF 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate: Submitted by: MARTIN, LEIGH, LAWS & LOT 13, CREEK FRITZLEN, P.C. RIDGE-PHASE I, A SUBDIVISION IN THE CITY OF Beverly M. Weber KS BASEHOR, LEAVENWORTH #20570 COUNTY, KANSAS S, comDustin J. Stiles KS monly known as 1614 North #25152 156th Street, Basehor, KS ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF 66007 (the “Property”) MARTIN, LEIGH, LAWS & FRITZLEN, P.C. IS ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. ________

to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the approval of the Court. For (First published in The Mir- more information, visit ror, Wednesday, April 17, 2013) Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF Leavenworth County, LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, Kansas KANSAS CIVIL DEPARTMENT Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. BOKF, N.A., a national bank- Megan Cello (KS # 24167) ing association d/b/a Bank 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 of Oklahoma, as successor Overland Park, KS 66211 in interest by merger to Bank of Oklahoma, N.A. Plaintiff, vs.


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duck 44 Diva’s

Man asks morning etiquette when staying with friends Annie’s Mailbox

simply enough. When you arrive, inform your hosts that you are an early riser, and ask whether they would mind if you fetch their paper and read it with your coffee, promising to keep it in pristine condition for when they are ready to read it. You also could offer to go to the local coffee shop and bring back coffee and muffins (and a newspasays it would be rude to per) for everyone else. take off at breakfast. Is this idiotic or what? — Dear Annie: I need to California vent. My daughter, my 8-year-old granddaughter Dear California: It and I recently went to a would be rude to read the Broadway show. After we paper in such a way that were seated, a woman, your hosts must wait for her young daughter and you to finish, or that you her mother sat next to us. drag sections of it all over The woman was rather the house and fill in all the large, but instead of takclues to the crossword ing the aisle seat, she puzzle. But there is noth- gave that to her mother ing wrong with reading and sat next to me. She the paper early, putting it was practically sitting on back together nicely and top of the chair arms due having it available to your to her size and was taking hosts when they awaken. up part of my space. At You can resolve this the end of the show, she

Marcy Sugar and Kathy Mitchell

Britcom loses something in translation The television season may be nearing its end, but new “midseason” replacements keep arriving. ABC presents “Family Tools” (7:30 p.m.), a contrived fish-out-of-water tale about a hapless adult son, Jack (Kyle Bornheimer), forced to take over his family’s home improvement business after his father, Tony (J.K. Simmons, “The Closer”), has a heart attack. The good news is that this is not a “Home Improvement” knockoff. The bad news is that the good news stops there. Even Tony’s heart attack is done for laughs, with his sister, Terry (Leah Remini, “The King of Queens”), negotiating with him to bring Jack into the business before calling the ambulance. Tony has good reason to keep Jack away: His son has no business being around power tools. Sadly, much of the physical humor in “Tools” involves horseplay with nail guns. It’s as funny as it sounds. Bornheimer’s credits include a stint on the short-lived 2008 CBS adaptation of the British comedy “The Worst Week of My Life.” “Family Tools” is an adaptation of the U.K. series “White Man Van.” Help yourself.

Tonight’s other highlights:

The competition continues on “American Idol” (7 p.m., Fox).

Frankie meddles in Sue’s failed social media mingling on “The Middle” (7 p.m., ABC).

Oliver has more amends to make on “Arrow” (7 p.m., CW).

The documentary “Manhunt” (7 p.m., HBO) recalls the search for Osama bin Laden.

A concert crowd gets out of hand on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (8 p.m., NBC).

Phil shares career talk with Luke on “Modern Family” (8 p.m., ABC).

A corpse receives a spa treatment on “CSI” (9 p.m., CBS).

Voight arrives to collect a favor on “Chicago Fire” (9 p.m., NBC).

Rayna mulls a surprise offer on “Nashville” (9 p.m., ABC).

Philip and Elizabeth attend a meeting that feels like a setup on the season finale of “The Americans” (9 p.m., FX).

“R&B Divas” (9 p.m., TV One) enters its second season in Atlanta.

“Secrets of the Dead” (9 p.m., PBS) recalls efforts to record the conversations of German POWs during World War II. — Copyright 2013 United Feature Syndicate, distributed by Universal Uclick.

BIRTHDAYS Former astronaut Scott Carpenter is 88. Country singer Sonny James is 84. Singer Judy Collins is 74. Actor Stephen Macht is 71. Singer Rita Coolidge is 68. Pop singer Nick Fortuna (The Buckinghams) is 67. Actordirector Douglas Barr is 64. Actor Dann Florek is 62. Country singer Tim McGraw is 46. Movie director Wes Anderson is 44.


For Wednesday, May 1: This year your birthday gives you unusual power and strength. Should you decide to accomplish something, it is as good as done. If you are single, one of these people easily could become more than just a casual acquaintance. If you are attached, do not forget the importance of your significant other. The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult Aries (March 21-April 19)  Focus your energy less on taking the lead and more on gaining a consensus regarding a key matter. You could see a situation far differently after having talked to various people. Tonight: Take a midweek break. Taurus (April 20-May 20)  Tension could escalate if you continue on a non-negotiable path. Toss stubbornness to the wind, and you’ll find that your stress level will drop almost immediately. Tonight: Do your own thing. Gemini (May 21-June 20)  You might want to take some time away from an issue and look at it later. Try to detach. Tonight: Schedule some downtime. Cancer (June 21-July 22)  Your playfulness emerges. A loved one who has been uptight as of late might adopt a new, more upbeat attitude as a result of your lightness. Tonight: Meet friends. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)  Others seek you out, so much so that you might need to screen your calls. You have to take care of your must-do errands first. Tonight: So many possibilities — decide what you want to do!

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!"#$"%#&', M&' 1, 201. /




told us we would need to climb over her because her knees hurt and she couldn’t move yet. I’m sure her knee problems are due to her size. This woman looked to be in her mid-30s. At this rate, she might not live long enough to see her daughter reach adulthood. Don’t you think she should have taken the aisle seat? — Loved the Show, Disliked the Seat Dear Loved: It seems logical that the person with the most difficulty moving would prefer the aisle seat, but perhaps the woman’s mother insisted on taking it. When stuck in these situations, there isn’t much you can do other than show tolerance for two hours.

— Send questions to, or Annie’s Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190 Chicago, IL 60611.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)  Listen to suggestions, but do not allow them or your social life to stop you from completing what must be done. A call will be coming in during the next few days, which could open the door to new possibilities. Tonight: Relax by getting involved in a favorite pastime. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)  You could become involved in a situation that you normally would prefer to walk away from. Others find your logic to be quite wise. Tonight: Laugh and relax. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)  Your smiling manner attracts a different response than anticipated. As a result, others seem to open up more. Tonight: Say “yes” to a suggestion. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)  Listen to news with an open mind and an eye to being more responsive. You are more than willing to rethink a decision with those involved. Tonight: Hang out with friends. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)  Suddenly, your mind will turn on like a light bulb. You’ll see many other options open up as a result. Tonight: Check in with a child and/or a loved one. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)  You are in your element today. You know it, and you feel it. Tonight: Make the most of the moment. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)  You might not want to share so much with others. You could feel misunderstood, and you likely will be right. Tonight: Early to bed.

Universal Crossword Edited by Timothy E. Parker May 1, 2013

ACROSS 1 Carry through legislatively 6 Circle, square, or triangle, e.g. 11 Nine-to-five drudgery, say 14 Glare blocker in a car 15 Itty bits 16 Function 17 Interstates 19 Woman of habit? 20 Tall flightless bird 21 “Mo’ Better Blues” director Spike 22 ___ King Cole 23 Bitter leaves used sparingly in salads 27 Soup legumes 29 “Shut yer ___ !” 30 Panetta or Spinks 32 CAT ___ 33 Before, poetically 34 Fourth deck of a ship 36 Incited (with “on”) 39 Flamingo feature 41 Kind of training 43 Small Eurasian duck 44 Diva’s

7 Questioning word 8 If-possible connector 9 Check beneficiaries 10 Perfume 11 Aspiring veep 12 “Business as ___” 13 Where some pitchers sleep? 18 Surpassingly good 23 Carnivorous cackler 24 More quick to the helm 25 Isolated instance 26 Eclipse type 28 Catches in a rundown 31 Hard-___ (tough) 35 10-pitch types 37 Creepy 38 Abide 40 Bitter brew

repertoire 46 Brief summary 48 What may follow you 49 Kin to Blvds. 51 Venture 52 “Do not open ___ Xmas” 53 Easy-chair occupant 56 Beach burrower 58 Tolkien cannibal 59 What makes a drink clink 60 Air traffic agcy. 61 Amazon squeezer 62 Soaked with rays 68 Age verifiers 69 Get in shape for a competition 70 Reprimand mildly 71 Word before a maiden name 72 Bart Simpson’s aunt 73 ___ the run (munch in motion) DOWN 1 Halloween, to All Saints’ Day 2 Give a thumbsdown to 3 Nile Valley reptile 4 Delicious leftovers? 5 Cheap trill 6 Female sib

of Polynesia 42 Widemouthed wine bottle 45 Chauvinistic types 47 Atonement for sins 50 Impervious to break-ins 53 Batman’s favorite bird? 54 Eat into 55 Kidneyrelated 57 Russian country house 63 Not very bright, really 64 “Messenger” compound 65 Any of the Billboard Top 40 66 Former name of Tokyo 67 Daniel’s famous place



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by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

SACEE ©2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


— The astrological forecast should be read for entertainment only.


Jumble puzzle magazines available at

Dear Annie: Recently, my wife and I stayed for four days at the home of one of her school chums. The gals yakked until late at night, so I was the first one up every morning. I’m an early riser anyway. I like reading the newspaper with my breakfast, so when I’d get up, I’d go outside and pick up the paper and bring it in. My wife says it was wrong to get the paper before our hostess. Anyway, after a couple of days, the school friend seemed in a snit about something, and my wife said that was the reason, even though she never said so when I asked whether something was bothering her. Recently, we were invited to stay with different friends for a weekend, and I am getting no end of hassle from my wife to make sure I wait for our hosts to finish with the paper. I figure I’ll just go out for coffee somewhere and buy a paper. My wife


Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.

A: Yesterday’s

(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: PRUNE IRONY OUTAGE DROWSY Answer: When he talked about the advantages of using a spear, he made some — GOOD POINTS


! "#$%#&$'(, +'( 1, 201/ Tonganoxie Tonganoxie

PUBLIC NOTICE CONTINUED FROM 6 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff (153235) ________



and you are hereby required to plead to said peti(First published in The Mir- tion in said Court at Leavror, Wednesday, May 1, enworth, Kansas on or be2013) fore the 17th day of June, 2013. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, Should you fail therein KANSAS judgment and decree will be entered in due course PNC MORTGAGE upon said petition. A DIVISION OF PNC BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO PLAINTIFF COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY vs. INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT JACQUELYNE JONES PURPOSE. DEFENDANTS. SHAPIRO & MOCK, LLC Case No. 2013CV183 Attorneys for Plaintiff Div. No. 6310 Lamar - Suite 235 K.S.A. 60 Overland Park, KS 66202 Mortgage Foreclosure (913)831-3000 Fax No. (913)831-3320 NOTICE OF SUIT Our File No. 13-006036/gw ________ The State of Kansas to: JACQUELYNE JONES; JOHN DOE (First published in The Mir(REAL NAME UNKNOWN); ror, Wednesday, April 24, MARY DOE (REAL NAME UN- 2013) KNOWN); BANK OF AMERIN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ICA, N.A. LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, KANSAS and the unknown heirs, exCIVIL DEPARTMENT ecutors, administrators, devisees, trustees, crediU.S. Bank National tors, and assigns of such of the defendants as may be Association as Trustee for RASC 2007-KS1 deceased; the unknown Plaintiff, spouses of the defendants; the unknown officers, sucvs. cessors, trustees, creditors and assigns of such deErin K Shaw, et al. fendants as are existing, Defendants. dissolved or dormant corporations; the unknown Case No. 13CV44 guardians and trustees of Court Number: such of the defendants as Pursuant to K.S.A. are minors or are in anyChapter 60 wise under legal disability; and all other persons who NOTICE OF SALE are or may be concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in the District Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas, by Pnc Mortgage A Division Of Pnc Bank, National Association for judgment in the sum of $108,520.63, plus interest, costs and other relief; judgment that plaintiff’s lien is a first lien on the said real property and sale of said property to satisfy the indebtedness, said property described as follows, to wit:

Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Leavenworth County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth County, Kansas, on May 16, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate:

Lot 9, Block 1, Mix’s Subdivision, a subdivision in the THE SOUTH HALF OF LOT 21, City of Leavenworth, Leavnty, Kansas, ALL OF LOT 22, AND THE enworth Coun


commonly known as 816 Osage Street, Leavenworth, All creditors are notified to KS 66048 (the “Property”) exhibit their demands against the estate within to satisfy the judgment in the latter of four months the above-entitled case. from the date of the first The sale is to be made publication of this notice without appraisement and under K.S.A. 59-2236 and subject to the redemption amendments thereto, or if period as provided by law, the identity of the creditor and further subject to the is known or reasonably asapproval of the Court. For certainable, 30 days after more information, visit actual notice was given as provided by law, and if their demands are not thus Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff exhibited they shall be forLeavenworth County, ever barred. Kansas E. W. Geiger III Prepared By: Petitioner South & Associates, P.C. Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) Submitted By: 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 G. RONALD BATES, JR. Overland Park, KS 66211 #12901 (913)663-7600 529 Delaware, P.O. Box 392 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Leavenworth, Kansas 66048 Attorneys For Plaintiff (913) 682-8882 - Phone (147721) (913) 682-7136 - Fax ________ Attorney for E. W. Geiger III ________ (First published in The Mirror, Wednesday, April 17, (First published in The Mir2013) ror, Wednesday, April 24, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF 2013) LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF KANSAS LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, Probate Division KANSAS Probate Division In the Matter of the Estate of In the Matter of the John A. Rauch, Estate of Deceased. Charles Lee Casebier, Deceased. No. 2013 PR 44 NOTICE OF HEARING

No. 2013 PR 46



You are hereby notified that on the 12th day of April, 2013, a Petition was filed in this Court by E. W. Geiger III, executor named in the Last Will and Testament of John A. Rauch, deceased, dated July 15, 2009, praying that the will attached to the petition be admitted to probate and record; petitioner be appointed as executor without bond; and that petitioner be granted Letters Testamentary.


You are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 10th day of May, 2013, at 1:00 o’clock p.m. of said day, in this Court, in the City of Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said Petition.

You are hereby notified that on the 16th day of April, 2013, a Petition was filed in this Court by Elaine L. Watson, praying that she be appointed as Administrator and granted Letters of Administration under the Kansas Simplified Estates Act. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the estate within the latter of four months from the date of the first publication of this notice under K.S.A. 59-2236 and amendments thereto, or if the identity of the creditor is known or reasonably ascertainable, 30 days after actual notice was given as provided by law, and if their demands are not thus exhibited they shall be forever barred. Demands should be filed with the





Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth County Kansas at 601 S. 3rd St., Suite 3051, Leavenworth, Kansas 66048 with a copy to the attorney for the petitioner.

By Pamela Campbell Burton 117 Cherokee, P. O. Box 10 Leavenworth, Kansas 66048 Telephone: 913-682-5894 Facsimile: 913-682-2668 Attorney for Petitioner ________

G. Ronald Bates, Jr., #12901 529 Delaware P.O. Box 392 Leavenworth, KS 66048 (913) 682-8882 Attorney for Petitioner ________

(First published in The Mirror, Wednesday, May 1, 2013)

Elaine L. Watson Petitioner

(First published in The Mir- (First published in The Mirror, Wednesday, April 24, ror, Wednesday, April 24, 2013) 2013)

G. Ronald Bates, Jr., #12901 529 Delaware P.O. Box 392 Leavenworth, KS 66048 (913) 682-8882 Attorney for Petitioner ________ (First published in The Mirror, Wednesday, April 24, 2013) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, KANSAS PROBATE DIVISION IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF RONDA L. WAGNER DECEASED



In the Matter of the Estate of Yvonne Marguerite Clampert, Deceased.

Bank of America, N.A. Plaintiff, vs. Paul D. Amos and Diane E. Amos, et al. Defendants.


Case No. 13CV28 Court Number: Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60


You are hereby notified that on the 16th day of April, 2013, a Petition was No. 2013-PR-49 filed in this Court by Renee C. Hestand, praying that NOTICE OF HEARING she be appointed as Adand granted THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ministrator Letters of Administration. ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a petition has been You are hereby required to filed in this Court by Ronald file your written defenses G. Wagner, co-guardian and thereto on or before the co-conservator of sole heir 17th day of May, 2013, at of Ronda L. Wagner, de- 1:00 o’clock p.m. of said ceased, praying that de- day, in this Court, at which scent be determined of the time and place said cause following described assets will be heard. Should you situated in Leavenworth fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in County, Kansas, to-wit: due course upon said PetiConvergys Retirement and tion. Savings Plan proceeds and Convergys Corporation All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands Pension Plan proceeds against the estate within and all personal property the latter of four months and other Kansas real es- from the date of the first tate owned by decedent at publication of this notice the time of decedent’s under K.S.A. 59-2236 and amendments thereto, or if death. the identity of the creditor You are required to file is known or reasonably asyour written defenses certainable, 30 days after thereto on or before the actual notice was given as 17th day of May, 2013 at provided by law, and if 1:00 o’clock p.m. of said their demands are not thus day, in said Court, in the exhibited they shall be forAny written City of Leavenworth, Leav- ever barred. or demands enworth County, Kansas, at defenses which time and place said should be filed with the cause will be heard. Should Clerk of the District Court Leavenworth County you fail therein, judgment of and decree will be entered Kansas at 601 S. 3rd St., in due course upon the pe- Suite 3051, Leavenworth, Kansas 66048 with a copy tition. Ronald G. to the attorney for the petitioner. Wagner Petitioner Renee C. Hestand Petitioner MURRAY, TILLOTSON & BURTON,CHARTERED

NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Leavenworth County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth County, Kansas, on May 16, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate:

Bank of America, N.A. Plaintiff, vs. Ronald L. Sample, Jr. and Sherri D Sample, et al. Defendants. Case No. 13CV29 Court Number: Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Leavenworth County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Justice Center, 2nd Floor Lobby, Leavenworth County, Kansas, on May 23, 2013, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate: Lot 1, JACK’S SUBDIVISION, in Leavenworth County, Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof, commonly known as 21650 227th Street, Tonganoxie, KS 66086 (the “Property”)

to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the to satisfy the judgment in approval of the Court. For information, visit the above-entitled case. more The sale is to be made without appraisement and Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff subject to the redemption Leavenworth County, period as provided by law, Kansas and further subject to the approval of the Court. For more information, visit Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Kristen G. Stroehmann (KS # 10551) Andrew D. Dedeke, Sheriff 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Leavenworth County, Overland Park, KS 66211 Kansas (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Prepared By: Attorneys For Plaintiff South & Associates, P.C. (153209) Kristen G. Stroehmann ________ (KS # 10551) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff (133193) ________ Lot Two (2), RICHTER ESTATES, Leavenworth County, Kansas, commonly known as 22601 Easton Road, Easton, KS 66020 (the “Property”)

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