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Consolidation group ready to open ‘scenarios’ talk


the common cold

By Mark Fagan

By Christine Metz


Eat, sleep, drink well Besides eating well, it’s important to get enough rest and exercise, even if it’s at a reduced level. Just as the mind gets a little foggy with too little sleep and too much stress, Risley said the pathogen-fighting cells don’t react as well in those conditions. Another key to recovery is staying hydrated. The Mayo Clinic says you can’t flush out a cold, but drinking a lot of liquids help. Water, juice, clear broth or warm lemon water with honey loosen congestion and prevent dehydration,

Having set their foundation during the past few months, volunteers are ready to start building a consolidation strategy for Lawrence elementary schools. Members of the Central and East Lawrence Elementary School Consolidation Working Group are scheduled to meet tonight to begin suggesting, adjusting and forming scenarios for reducing the Lawrence school district’s roster of elementary schools by two or three within the next couple years. These six schools are candidates for consolidation: Cordley, Hillcrest, Kennedy, New York, Pinckney and Sunset Hill. Representatives from those communities, plus others from Woodlawn School, are members of the group that is charged with creating a viable plan to be considered by the Lawrence school board. Tonight’s meeting is set for 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at district headquarters, 110 McDonald Drive. Recommendations are due to the school board by Feb. 1. Members of the previous school board created the working group, formed to create a plan intended to allow the disSCHOOLS trict to: ! Meet enrollment goals. ! Maximize operational funds to increase equity in learning. ! Focus educational funds on teaching and learning. ! Make necessary renovations of remaining schools more affordable. That vision had been endorsed by the board after being forwarded by yet another volunteer group: the Lawrence Elementary School Facility Vision Task Force. That task force, formed in May 2010, had recommended this past January that the board both close Wakarusa Valley School and then appoint a working group to come up with the best way to close at least two more elementaries through consolidation. The task force was assigned to create a community vision for elementary schools within “the restraints of current and anticipated district resources.” The task force had recommended, and the board approved, a vision that would include passage of a bond issue to finance upgrades, expansions or even new construction to accommodate consolidation. “However,” as noted in board-approved guidelines for the group, “should the bond vote fail, there shall still be consolidation.” The working group has been meeting since September. Members have used five previous meetings to discuss issues, gather data, establish procedures and otherwise prepare for difficult deliberations ahead.

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neezes are in the air. And the onslaught of germs will only get worse as cold viruses go from hand to hand during the holiday season. There’s no cure for the common cold, but there are plenty of ways to aid recovery. Here’s a guide to surviving the common cold.

Move over vitamin C In helping fight off colds, vitamin D might be the new vitamin C. A 2009 study from the University of Colorado-Denver School of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital and Children’s Hospital Boston, found that people who have the lowest levels of vitamin D in their blood also had significantly more bouts with colds and flu. For those with chronic respiratory disorders, such as asthma or emphysema, the risks were even higher. Scott Risley, a doctor with Risley Chiropractic, takes vitamin D during the winter months. “It’s a really good immune booster. It’s like vitamin C’s big brother,” he said. Typically, sunshine produces vitamin D in the body. In the winter, sunshine is lacking. Vitamin D can be found in milk and fish, such as herring or salmon, but is easier to take as a vitamin supplement. A diet rich in vitamin C isn’t a bad idea either. The Mayo Clinic reports that while vitamin C won’t prevent the cold, it can help shorten the duration of the symptoms. Vitamin C can be found in a lot more places than orange juice. Peppers, green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, guava, cantaloupe and strawberries all have a lot of vitamin C.

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Aloha, Jayhawks, from Hawaii Elements of excitement

flash before young minds ————

KU chemistry department puts on annual carnival By Chris Hong

ONLINE: See the video at

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

JAYHAWK FANS RICH RUIZ, Overland Park, and his daughter Gabriela, 9, build a moat around a sand castle as Kelly Ruiz relaxes on a beach chair Sunday outside the Westin Maui on Kaanapali Beach in Lahaina. Many Kansans in town for the 2011 Maui Invitational enjoyed a day at the beach before the start of the tournament today. The Jayhawks play Georgetown tonight starting at 11 p.m. See more photos on page 1B and in an online gallery at

KIDS GET THEIR HANDS dirty while playing with oobleck during the annual Carnival of Chemistry. Oobleck, named after a fictional green material in the Dr. Seuss book “Bartholomew and the Oobleck,” is a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning it acts as both a liquid and a solid. John Young/Journal-World Photos

for the KU chemistry department. Organizers converted labs and classrooms into educational

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Hundreds of children roamed Kansas University’s Malott Hall on Sunday, an unusually young crowd for the college building. They were attending the 16th annual Carnival of Chemistry, hosted by the KU chemistry department. This year’s edition, “Chemistry — Your Health, Your Future,” emphasized the chemistry behind medicine and health. Children and their parents spent three hours soaking up the information. “The advancements we associate with our quality of life are really due in large part to chemistry principles,” said Roderick Black, director of laboratories

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DR. PYRO, better known to his friends as Kansas University student Sonny Tallavajhala, Overland Park, puts on a fiery show for spectators by exploding balloons filled with a mixture of helium and oxygen during the annual Carnival of Chemistry on Sunday at Malott Hall.

COMING TUESDAY We’ll bring you the latest from the school district’s consolidation group.

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| Monday, November 21, 2011 .


HOWARD SERVICES Graveside services with military honors for Harold Peters Howard, 94, Lawrence, will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Oak Hill Cemetery. Mr. Howard died Friday, Nov. 18, 2011, at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. He was born March 9, 1917, in Lawrence, the son of Walter Dewitt and Pearl Salena Peters Howard. He attended Lawrence public schools and attended automotive school in Fort Benning, Ga. He served in the United States Army during World War II from 1942 to 1945 in the 361st Infantry. Mr. Howard was a mechanic working for Rapid Transport from 1945 to 1957, Wichita Bus Co. from 1957 to 1960, and Lawrence Bus Co. from 1960 until his retirement in 1986. He was a member of the Dorsey-Liberty Post 14 of the American Legion and the Alford-Clarke

Post 852 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He married Ruby L. Hadl on May 3, 1942, in Jackson Howard County, Mo. She preceded him in death Oct. 22, 1998. He was also preceded in death by a son, Jack Howard, on Dec. 3, 2005. Survivors include a grandson, Brad Howard; a granddaughter, Abbe Hale; and four great-grandchildren, Chad and Luke Howard, and Kaitlynn and Branden Flowers. Friends may call from noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday at Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home, 601 Ind., Lawrence, KS 66044. Online condolences may be sent at

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the Mayo Clinic claims. Staying away from alcohol, coffee and caffeinated sodas also helps. “The folks who end up in the hospital are the ones who don’t keep up with it. Their fevers are high. They stay in bed, don’t eat or drink. And the next thing you know they are at the hospital on IV fluid,” said Karen Evans, a doctor at Mount Oread Family Practice.

Pamper the nose Humidifiers can be a good first line of defense in fighting off the cold. The cold virus thrives in dry air, so using a humidifier helps moisten mucus membranes in the nose, Risley said. And that helps catch more bacteria and germs going in and out of your body. It also helps prevent a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. Once a cold is in full force, the Mayo Clinic recommends using over-the-counter saline nasal drops and sprays, which make breathing easier and relieve congestion. Unlike nasal decongestants, saline drops and sprays won’t worsen the symptoms when you stop taking the medicine. For a scratchy throat, try gargling salt water. Try what can’t hurt Researchers continue to debate the effectiveness of age-old remedies such as echinacea, zinc or even chicken soup. Evans holds to the theory that if it makes you feel better, then do it. “It’s not going to hurt anything,” she said. And some research shows that these time-worn preventions come with scientific proof to back them up. The Mayo Clinic claims that the reason chicken soup tastes so good to sore throat sufferers is because it may have “antiinflammatory and mucusthinning effects.” Zinc, the Mayo Clinic reports, has been shown through comprehensive analysis and clinical-trial data


Now, during the sixth meeting, the agenda calls for “scenario building.” Group members have been instructed to email their suggestions to the group’s hired co-facilitators ahead of time, so that the ideas may be distributed to other group members before the meeting. Members have gathered data regarding a number of factors they intend to include in their deliberations, including the number and locations of students: # Enrolled in English as a Second Language programs. # Qualifying for free or

to be beneficial. Of course there are a few drawbacks: Zinc lozenges don’t taste that good and can cause nausea. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that zincbased nasal sprays can take away the sense of smell. As for echinacea, results have been mixed on whether the herbal supplement helps treat or prevent colds. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease reports that some researchers have found it might help in treating a cold if taken in the early stages; however other studies have found it has no effect.

Don’t turn to antibiotics Antibiotics attack bacteria, but don’t kill viruses, which is the menace behind the common cold. So resist the urge to call your doctor or dig through your medicine cabinet to acquire antibiotics to battle a cold. The Mayo Clinic claims using antibiotics inappropriately can contribute to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a serious concern in health care. “I think we are sometimes too prone to want to medicate it as opposed to have the chance to fight it off,” Risley said and noted allowing your body to fight it off builds your immune system. Evans suggests giving your body a week to fight off the virus before visiting the doctor. “Most viruses are going to clear up and will be starting to improve within a week’s time. If not, it could be something else going on,” she said. If the cold doesn’t get better after a week, Evans said it’s time to go to the doctor. Keep germs to yourself These tips won’t do you much good when you’ve already landed a cold. But they will help you from spreading it. Washing your hands, coughing into your elbow and using antiseptic wipes to disinfect telephones, doorknobs and grocery carts are all good ideas. Also, when sick or when just trying to stay healthy, avoid large crowds. Just think of all those germs swarming around Black Friday sales. — Reporter Christine Metz can be reached at 832-6352.






workshops, teaching kids about science and health. Volunteers from KU and local high schools led the activities. “Kids usually really like things that are either explosive or gooey,” Black said. And there was plenty of that. There was the Slime Pit, where kids learned the science behind goo. Lear Eicher, a 7-year-old from Lawrence, said he enjoyed making glue there. Walk down a flight of stairs, and you could hear explosions, laughter and cheers — the sound of children learning about science and enjoying it, too. The noise was part of the KU Chemistry Club’s Frozen Flames Chemistry “Magic” show. KU students performed a variety of acts, several of which momentarily resulted in fires and loud noises. Tina Haladay said it was a great opportunity for her

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John Young/Journal-World Photo

BRANDY REICO, center, helps her son Mason, 2, fire a ball from the Spectrapult while her daughter Hannah, 5, watches her own shot during the Carnival of Chemistry held Sunday. The annual carnival features fun and games while teaching kids about the wonders of chemistry. daughter Emmalyn. The 10-year-old loves chemistry but hasn’t gotten the chance to learn much about it in school. Amanda Glass, a graduate student at KU, taught children about light. They wore special glasses that made the different colors of light visible. The children

seemed to especially enjoy this activity, and Glass said she enjoyed teaching kids about science. “The younger we can get them excited about it, the better,” Glass said.

By John Hanna Associated Press

TOPEKA — A Kansas agency that distributes millions of state tax dollars to emerging bioscience companies is promoting its contributions to the economy as it waits for results from a financial audit and a prosecutor’s review of its operations. The Kansas Bioscience Authority calculates that its investments over the past seven years have created more than 1,300 jobs that on average paid more than $68,700 during the state fiscal year that ended with June. It also says those investments have attracted tens of millions of dollars in additional research funds and private dollars and spurred spending on buildings and equipment. But earlier this year, Gov. Sam Brownback said publicly he was concerned about the authority after a legislative committee’s hearings focused on questions about the agency’s spending and whether the authority focused enough on jobs in Kansas. One chief executive stepped down in April, and, with Brownback pushing for an external review, the authority initiated an outside audit. Meanwhile, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said last week that an investigation of the authority’s operations by his office is “still pending.” The authority’s offices are in Olathe, the county’s seat. Howe said he expects his office to wrap up its investigation within a month, and authority officials expect the audit to be completed after the start of the new year. “We need to get the audit issue behind us, the Johnson County prosecutor issue behind us,” said former state Rep. Kenny Wilk, of Lansing, a member of both the Bioscience Authority board and the governing board for the state’s higher education system, who was instrumental in the authority’s creation. “I

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Kansas Bioscience Authority waits for results of reviews suspect there will be some is- operations and allegations that the authority spent lavsues out of that.” ishly on salaries, bonuses and Industry incubator entertaining, criticism the The state created the au- authority said was unwarthority in 2004 hoping to ranted. The authority also nurture fledgling companies came under fire for spendand make biosciences a ma- ing nearly $11 million on its jor industry in Kansas. The Olathe headquarters. authority is governed by an Then-CEO Tom Thorn11-member board appointed ton also faced criticism over by legislative leaders, the a presentation he made to a governor and other officials, business group in Wisconsin and the state sets aside tax in October 2010 after a video dollars on the payrolls of ex- was posted on YouTube. isting companies for grants. In the video, Thornton disFrom its inception through cussed a plan for attracting June, the authority has in- venture capital firms, saying vested nearly $88 million to those companies wouldn’t be create jobs with more than required to invest in Kansas 40 companies, according to businesses. a report it released last week. Thornton, who’d joined The total investments includ- the authority in 2006 after ed almost $8 million during working in Illinois, resigned the most recent fiscal year. from his Kansas position in The authority said the new mid-April, taking a job in jobs have resulted in the com- Cleveland, leading efforts by panies paying $354 million in a nonprofit medical clinic wages since 2004, attracting there to create commercial $105 million in additional re- products from new drugs and search dollars and $79 mil- health treatments. lion in private funds. Companies have spent $279 million Support remains Howe declined to discuss on buildings and equipment, the Johnson County district the report said. Furthermore, the average attorney office’s investigapay for the bioscience jobs tion of the authority’s opcompares to a statewide av- erations, and Manson said erage of about $39,000, ac- authority officials have no information about it. Previcording to federal statistics. “We’re creating good, ously, they’ve presumed it high-paying jobs,” said Sher- stemmed from allegations lyn Manson, the authority’s aired during the Senate Commarketing and communica- merce Committee’s hearings and have expressed no contion director. cerns about its outcomes. Brownback’s concerns Despite the criticism aired Brownback spokeswoman before legislators, the disSherriene Jones-Sontag said closure of Howe’s investigathe governor agrees that the tion and Brownback’s public Bioscience Authority is an statements, the authority and important part of the state’s Thornton retained bipartisan strategy for creating new support among legislators. jobs. Senate President Steve Mor“But with taxpayer funds ris, a Hugoton Republican, at stake, we need the results said the numbers released by of the forensic audit to deter- the authority last week show mine if Kansans are getting it continued to do an excelfull value for their dollars,” lent job in building a bioscishe said. ences industry. The governor publicly “I was very pleased that expressed concerns during throughout all the turmoil, the spring, when the Sen- they were able to do the job ate Commerce Committee they were assigned to do,” had hearings to examine its Morris said.

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Dodge City airport gets 9/11 memorial

DODGE CITY (AP) — The Dodge City airport recently installed a permanent memorial to the Sept. 11, 2011, terror attacks, using a twisted I-beam from the destroyed World Trade Center. Brothers Bruce and Brent Bitter created a series of sculptures from the I-beam that are being installed at airports across the state to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, according to The Dodge City Globe. The agency has unveiled sculptures at the Wichita, Great Bend and Dodge City airports and will install others over the next several weeks. The sculptures have become popular attractions for airport visitors, said Keith — Schools reporter Mark Fagan can be Osborn, the TSA’s federal sereached at 832-7188. Follow him at Twitter. curity director for Kansas. com/MarkFaganLJW. “As a matter of fact, in

reduced-price lunches. # Participating in special education programs. Members also have data regarding the number of students in kindergarten through fifth grade, where they go to school and where they live. Charts also include racial data, and members also have received information covering test scores, the physical conditions of buildings and budgets for specific projects and overall maintenance and construction. After tonight, the group will have five more scheduled meetings to get its job done: Dec. 5 and 19, and Jan. 2, 16 and 30.


Great Bend, people come to the airport just to take a look at it,” he said. “And we have one in Wichita that it’s very common to see people stop and take a look at it as they walk by. So it has been very positive.” One of the sculptures, which includes an American flag and the sentence “We will never forget,” was unveiled recently at Dodge City Regional Airport. The sculpture will be permanently displayed in the airport lobby. The Bitters own a Hoisington-based business, B & B Metal Arts, which specializes in creating art out of metal. The brothers created seven sculptures commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11. An eagle, based on a stainless steel eagle

Weekend poll: Should the city of Lawrence seek development of more fivein Bruce Bitters’ office, ap- to seven-story buildings pears in slightly different along New Hampshire and form in each piece. Vermont streets? No, 62%; Dodge City’s sculpture in- Yes, 37%. cludes the eagle, an American flag with nine stars and 11 stripes, and a partial view Go to to see of the twin towers from the more responses and cast World Trade Center. “We your vote. will never forget” is inscribed on top of the design.

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LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD ! ! Monday, November 21, 2011 ! 3A



Man accused of bomb plots arrested An “al-Qaida sympathizer” accused of plotting to bomb police and post offices in New York City as well as U.S. troops returning home has been arrested on numerous terrorism-related charges. Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced at a news conference Sunday the arrest of Jose Pimentel of Manhattan, “a 27-year-old al-Qaida sympathizer” who the mayor said was motivated by terrorist propaganda and resentment of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said police had to move quickly to arrest Pimentel on Saturday because he was ready to carry out his plan. “We had to act quickly yesterday because he was in fact putting this bomb together. He was drilling holes, and it would have been not appropriate for us to let him walk out the door with that bomb,” Kelly said. The police commissioner said Pimentel was energized and motivated to carry out his plan by the Sept. 30 killing of al-Qaida’s U.S.-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

Officials laud new facility as economic boon By Chad Lawhorn

Motorists near the Lecompton interchange on the Kansas Turnpike can now see signs of work on one of the larger buildings ever constructed in Douglas County. Construction crews are busy pouring concrete for an approximately 600,000-square-foot warehouse and printing facility for Berry Plastics. “Everything is on schedule, and the weather is cooperating. So, we’re very excited,” said Steve Cooper, plant manager for Berry’s manufacturing plant in the Santa Fe Industrial Park. Berry’s new facility will be about 1.5 miles west of the Lecompton interchange on Interstate 70 and just north of County Route 438. Cooper said the building is on

track to be completed in summer 2012. “We plan to keep working right on through the winter, as long as the weather lets us,” Cooper said. The approximately $20 million project does have a local general contractor. Lawrence-based Gene Fritzel Construction company is overseeing the construction. Beth Johnson, vice president of economic development for the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, said the project is expected to provide a significant boost to area construction firms that will be hired as subcontractors on the job. Previously, company officials Photo courtesy of John English have estimated that the project will create about 350 construction jobs. CONSTRUCTION CREWS HAVE BEGUN POURING CONCRETE for In the short term, the warehouse an approximately 600,000-square-foot warehouse and printing facility for Berry Plastics. The new facility will be about 1.5 Please see FACILITY, page 4A miles west of the Lecompton interchange on Interstate 70.


Gadhafi son to be tried at home Libya’s new leaders said Sunday they will try Moammar Gadhafi’s son at home and not hand him over to the International Criminal Court where he’s charged with crimes against humanity. The government also announced the capture of the toppled regime’s intelligence minister, who is also wanted by the court. In one of several emerging complications, however, the former rebel faction that captured Seif al-Islam Gadhafi a day earlier is refusing to deliver him to national authorities in Tripoli, raising concern about whether he will get a proper trial and demonstrating the interim leaders’ weak hold over their fractured nation. In the capital, Information Minister Mahmoud Shammam said ex-Intelligence Minister Abdullah al-Senoussi was captured alive on Sunday by revolutionary fighters from a southern region called Fazan, not far from where Gadhafi’s son was seized on Saturday while trying to flee to neighboring Niger.

Handmade goodies abound at bazaar Students

brave the cold to raise donations

By Alex Garrison


13 eunuchs killed in India fire A fire tore through a makeshift tent at a gathering of thousands of eunuchs in the Indian capital on Sunday, killing 13 people and injuring at least 33 others, police said. Emergency workers said the blaze was most likely caused by an electrical short and quickly spread through the tent, which was about 100 feet long. The tragedy struck during a gathering of about 5,000 eunuchs for a prayer ceremony and feast held once every five years, said Shapo, an organizer of the event at a fairground in the Nandnagary neighborhood of east Delhi. Shapo, like many eunuchs, uses only one name. Sunday was the first day of the 20-day event, said Ratna, an attendee.

John Young/Journal-World Photo

HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE FILLED THE COMMUNITY BUILDING, 115 W. 11th St., on Sunday for the 35th annual Holiday Bazaar. The event featured handmade items, such as pottery, jewelry, sewn gifts and decorations, from local artists and crafters. Lawrence’s Parks and Recreation Department hosted the bazaar.

Volunteers adorn downtown with holiday decorations By Chris Hong

Downtown Lawrence is looking a bit more festive after receiving its annual holiday makeover this weekend. Thirty volunteers working with Just Food Douglas County, a local food bank, hit the streets Sunday morning to hang green garland and red bows, decorating the 174 lampposts that line Massachusetts Street. Downtown Lawrence Inc., representing a group of downtown businesses, donated $1,500 for the job. Just Food will use that money to provide 7,500 meals to people in Douglas County. “Last year, we paid a private company,” said Cathy Hamilton, director of DLI. “We’d much rather give money to a fabulous organization and take the money to directly feed people.” Volunteer Jessica Sayer, Lawrence, was bundled up as she helped unload bows from a truck. She said several of her co-workers from Peoples Bank also joined the effort. “I’m always interested in helping Just Food,” Sayer said.

through collection boxes at more than 30 downtown stores. Just Food will also collect canned food. “It’s huge to have the opportunity to do this and serve people in the community,” said Jeremy Farmer, executive director of Just Food. “It would not be possible without Downtown Lawrence Inc.” Just Food has provided 291,000 meals in Douglas County this year, according to Farmer. Farmer said there’s been about a 20 percent increase in people needing food assistance. For Thanksgiving this year, Just Food is ofJohn Young/Journal-World Photo fering 550 boxed meals, which contain about 30 ANDREW HANSEN, LAWRENCE, HANGS A RED RIBBON pounds of food each. Farmer said a Hy-Vee nufrom a light post along Massachusetts Street on Sunday. tritionist helped pick foods to provide a healthy Volunteers from Just Food decorated, and Downtown nutritional balance. Lawrence donated $1,500 to the charity for the work. “We weren’t originally doing 550, but we took a risk and trusted the money to fund the extra 220 would Hamilton said Kansas University students and come in,” Farmer said. “The community stepped up.” members of Leadership Lawrence volunteered as Hamilton said working with Just Food was anwell. other way to connect DLI with the community. Just Food and DLI are working together this “It’s a win for everybody,” she said. holiday season to help meet the need of feed— Reporter Chris Hong may be reached at 832-6354. ing local families. Their goal is to collect $5,000

Love Where You Live

About 60 kids — darn near 90 percent of the upper grades — from Bishop Seabury Academy spent a rough night out in the cold on Sunday. The rules were laid out ahead of time: You get one blanket and no fancy coats, just “working clothes.” No leaving the parking lot in front of the school, no sleeping bags, no food and perhaps most shockingly — these are highschoolers, remember — no cell phones. “I’m not going to lie; it sucks,” said Elizabeth Tweedy, a senior and one Tweedy of the school’s prefects, or student leaders. And that was barely an hour in. So why did such a large number of students gleefully volunteer to stay outside all night, facing freezing temperatures and a slight chance of snow? It’s an annual tradition at Seabury, kind of both a zenith and nadir in the school’s two-week, pre-holiday food drive. Teacher and community service coordinator Bill Gollier says the campout in front of the school near Clinton Parkway and Crossgate Drive gets “an interesting reaction” from folks across town, but that means it works. The students’ perspectives on homelessness and on the need for community service are positively changed, and, he said, “if we can get just a small amount of food donated, it’s all worth it.” Please see STUDENTS, page 4A

“I was unable to keep house without a lot of help due to physical problems and family being employed. Meadowlark provides daily housekeeping and 3 deliciously prepared meals. They allow for independence and countless amenities to make living more comfortable.” -Geraldine King of Lawrence, KS

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Monday, November 21, 2011




Senior Meals in need of food distributors Staff Reports

Agency: Senior Meals Contact: Kirsty Elliott at 785-842-0543 or kelliott@ details, contact Kirsty Elliott at 785-842-0543 or kelliott@ Senior Meals, a program of Douglas County Senior Ser- Immediate needs vices, is in need of several ! Douglas County AIDS volunteers to deliver food Project, or DCAP, is curto local homebound seniors rently recruiting new memthroughout the county. Meal bers to serve on its board of deliveries are made between directors. Volunteering to 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Mon- be a board member for a loday through Friday. This is a cal agency is a great way to great volunteer opportunity provide ongoing support to for any community mem- an organization and cause ber who can spare at least that matters to you. DCAP one lunch hour per week to is looking for compassionate help out. Consider bringing individuals with any or all of your young children along the following interests and with you to brighten a home- abilities: HIV advocacy and/ bound senior’s day, or get or education, fundraising, your co-workers to pitch in grant writing, event planwith you and take rotating ning and corporate/business shifts on what can become connections. If you’re interyour business’ regular route. ested in finding out more Volunteers with four-wheel about DCAP’s board of didrive vehicles are also need- rectors and how to become a ed to help on an on-call basis board member, contact Elena throughout the winter when Ivanov at 785-843-0040 or snow and ice prevent other volunteers from making their !"The Lawrence Public Litypical deliveries. For more brary Foundation is in search


and printing facility is expected to produce about a dozen new jobs for Berry Plastics. But city and county officials are hopeful that the project will produce several hundred new jobs in the next few years. That’s because the project will involve moving Berry’s printing operations out of its manufacturing plant at 2330 Packer Road. “That will open up a huge space in their main plant, where I think they expect to be asked to expand their line and add significant jobs in the future,” said Douglas County Commissioner Nancy Thellman. The county is providing multiple incentives for the project, including a tax abatement and

road construction that will improve the county road near the entrance to the warehouse. Douglas County Public Works Director Keith Browning said work will begin in the spring to add a right-turn lane for westbound traffic on County Route 438 and center leftturn lane for eastbound traffic. The project is expected to cost about $335,000, but the county has secured a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation that will pay about 85 percent of the costs. Berry Plastics makes plastic drink cups and other housewares items. The company has seen a boost in business as it has developed a new plastic drink cup line that is lighter to ship and more environmentally friendly to produce.

of volunteers to help with its annual Caddy Stacks event to benefit the Lawrence Public Library. Caddy Stacks features an 18-hole mini golf course that winds throughout the library. There are a number of fun volunteer opportunities available, including helping with the planning of the event, building or decorating a hole (bases are available for use), working during the adult golf party or volunteering during a shift at the public golf session. For more information about requirements for building one of the 18 holes, or to sign up to help with the event in other ways, contact Kathleen Morgan at 785-843-3833, ext. 131, or ! Lawrence Habitat for Humanity is seeking volunteers to join the various committees that provide essential support for the agency and its mission. Volunteers are needed on all 10 of Habitat’s committees, which are Fund Development, Finance, Communications, Construction, Family Selection, Family Support, ReStore, Site Selection, Faith Relations and Women

Build. Each committee meets about once a month. For more information, contact Mana Uchida at 785-832-0777 or !" Lawrence Fair Trade needs volunteers for its annual Fair Trade Holiday Market, taking place at Ecumenical Campus Ministries Friday through Dec. 3. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Volunteers are needed to provide a minimum one-hour shift on any, or as many, of the dates available. Volunteers who will be processing cash and check payments can attend one of the two training sessions at the ECM, 1204 Oread Ave., either at 7 p.m. today or 5 p.m. Tuesday. Contact Alicia Erickson at 785-969-3482 or alicia@twohandsworld or Hadley Galbraith at for more information. — For more volunteer opportunities, contact Shannon Reid at the United Way’s Roger Hill Volunteer Center, at 785-865-5030 or, or go to

Nebraska lawmakers set to adjourn Tuesday LINCOLN, NEB. — The special session aimed at major oil pipelines in Nebraska is nearing its expected end. Speaker of the Legislature Mike Flood says lawmakers could adjourn Tuesday if pipeline bills clear the Legislature as expected and are signed by Gov. Dave Heineman. Lawmakers are advancing two pipeline bills to address concerns driven by the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline. One would require pipeline approval

from the Nebraska Public Service Commission, but it would only apply to future projects. The other measure would give Nebraska the option to conduct its own environmental review of projects at state expense. Keystone XL developer TransCanada has agreed to undergo a state review and divert its line. The session began Nov. 1 and will have lasted 15 days if lawmakers adjourn on Tuesday.



This is Tweedy’s second year participating, and she says she sees the benefit in participating in such handson community service. “We know that other people do this every night,” she said. “It’s a nice, humbling experience to have close to the holidays.” The students involved spent the daylight hours doing yard work for various community organizations and cleaning the kitchen of the Lawrence Community Shelter. They’ll continue with service projects today as part of the school’s “Heritage Day” celebration. Padget Sutherland, a junior who helped organize this year’s event, said the camp isn’t an “imitation” of society’s less fortunate but rather an expression of doing whatever they can to give. “ I t ’ s about raisSutherland ing awareness across the community,” she said. “Anything helps.” P e t e r Cooney, a senior and Cooney another prefect, summed up the reward for the students after their few hours of cold and discomfort while he was talking with Sutherland and Tweedy about the families

John Young/Journal-World Photo

ALICIA COTSORADIS, 15, LAWRENCE, lies bundled in blankets as temperatures approach the freezing mark Sunday on the front lawn of Bishop Seabury Academy. Cotsoradis was one of many Seabury students who spent the night outdoors while fasting for 24 hours so they can get firsthand experience about what the homeless population goes through every night. they see in the food pantries picking up the items the Seabury kids have donated. “They thank each and every one of us,” he said. “That just feels great.” The students will still be accepting food and item donations until 8:30 a.m. today at their school, 4120 Clinton Parkway. — Reporter Alex Garrison can be reached at 832-7261.

— City reporter Chad Lawhorn can be reached at 832-6362. Follow him at Twitter. com/clawhorn_ljw.

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If someone is arrested for domestic violence, is there a way I can find out when that person is released from jail?


The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office website allows anyone to sign up for notification — by email or text message — when a particular inmate, regardless of offense, is released. More details can be found at

SOUND OFF If you have a question, call 832-7297 or send email to

BRIEFLY hunting event again next year, then it will be rotated annually among several western Kansas towns.

Brownback hosts pheasant hunt OAKLEY (AP) — Gov. Sam Brownback joined dozens of other hunters for a pheasant hunt in western Kansas. Brownback hosted the Ringneck Classic pheasant hunt at Oakley Saturday and said he’s trying to attract hunters from across the country. When Brownback was campaigning for governor he mentioned a possible special pheasant hunt to help the western Kansas economy. The Wichita Eagle reports that several fundraising events were also held at the hunt Saturday to raise money for local charities, conservation groups and college scholarships. Brownback has also hosted a turkey Hunt in El Dorado. Oakley will hold the pheasant

Olathe educator receives state honor TOPEKA (AP) — A science teacher at Olathe East High School has been named the 2012 Kansas Teacher of the Year. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that Tiffany Richard was named Teacher of Year at ceremonies Saturday night in Wichita. Richard, who was selected from eight finalists, has been a biology and chemistry teacher at Olathe East High School for eight years. As Teacher of the Year, she receives a $4,000 cash award and other gifts.


• A 13-year-old boy walked into a car as he was crossing 23rd Street at Haskell Avenue and was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital with minor injuries, police said. Lawrence Police Sgt. Randy Roberts said the accident occurred just after 6 p.m. on Sunday. The driver was a 25-year-old Lawrence man. No citations were issued. • A 43-year-old Lawrence man on a bicycle collided with a driver in the 2100 block of 28th Street just before 7 p.m. Sunday. The cyclist was treated for minor injuries at the scene, Lawrence Police Sgt. Randy Roberts said. The driver was a 50-year-old Lawrence man in a 2000 Dodge truck. No citations were issued.



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1/2 off Select Programs** $150 off Hormone Balance Programs* $59 Re-Enrollment Specials*** CCall Today! SStart Losing Tonight! Lawrence/Topeka 785-727-1984 Leawood 913-451-3181 Lee’s Summit/Columbia 816-525-5499 Liberty 816-792-8070 *Individual results vary. **Excludes Products. ***Must meet eligibility requirements.

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Cable Channels

DIVORCES GRANTED Anita Teresa Parker, 55, Lawrence, and George Leidy Parker IV, 54, Lawrence. Michele A. Berendsen de Lopez, 35, Lawrence, and Robert A. Lopez, 41, Topeka. Lisa F. Wright, 56, Kansas City, Mo., and Daniel J. Wright, 59, Mission.


BANKRUPTCIES Douglas County residents or businesses filing for bankruptcy protection recently in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Kansas, according to court records: • Roger Dale Fulks and Bernadette Marie Fulks, 1731 Elm St., Eudora. • Lance Edward Mullen, 2920 Iris Lane, Lawrence. • Jimmy Lee Rose, 1401 E. 24th St., Apt. E23, Lawrence. • Scott Abraham Guy, 211 Mount Hope Court #6, Lawrence. • Mary Frances Marshall, 1102 Main St., Eudora. • Steven Ray Buckner and Tamsen Whitten Buckner, 908 W. 28th Terrace, Lawrence. • Kent Duane Noble and Heather Michelle Noble, P.O. Box 573, Eudora. • Jennifer Lynne Bisel, 266 U.S. Highway 40, Lecompton.



Erin McInroy and Richard Hatch, Lawrence, a boy, Saturday. Amber Clark and Chadd Kidd, Lawrence, a girl, Sunday. Will Spates and Kallie Solwa, Baldwin City, a boy, Sunday.

MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Fermon Alan Whistler, 55, Roeland Park, and Rebecca Kathleen Smith, 60, Roeland Park. Guillermo Rodriguez Hierrezuelo, 51, Lawrence, and Melissa Kay Wood, 49, Lawrence. Bryan Eric Johnson, 47, Moline, Ill., and Jacquelyn Kay Ferguson, 48, Lawrence. Michael Paul Austin, Eudora, and Carol Jeanne Lapka, Eudora. Peter John Schmitt, 32, Lawrence, and Sarah Jean Killam, 30, Lawrence. Bret Alan Jones, 53, Lawrence, and Marilyn Louise Schmidt, 58, Lawrence. Christopher Steven Gomez, 27, Lawrence, and Jamie Leigh Winkelman, 29, Lawrence. William Folse Bohne, 31, Lawrence, and Lindsey Rae Collier, 31, Lawrence. Jonathan Edward Powers, 36, Linwood, and Kelly Ann Casey, 34, Tonganoxie. James Jesse Karyenhagen, 29, Lawrence, and Sofia Blea, 23, Lawrence. Shating Ji, 30, Wuxi, China, and Pei Wen Chen, 28, Lawrence. Daniel Howard Dyck, 28, University Place, Wash., and Christine Gabriela Pool, 27, University Place, Wash. Christopher Lavall Deiter, 23, Lawrence, and Kara Ann Wahnee, 22, Lawrence. Eric Jeremy Garrett, 31, Eudora, and Ally (Qiu Xiang) Li, 29, Eudora. Joel Ryan Carbaugh, 28, Lawrence, and Felicia Faye Hernandez, 39, Lawrence. Jesse J. Brubacher, 31, Lawrence, and Kathryn Anne Frick, 30, Lawrence. Douglas Todd Dawson, 41, Lawrence, and Jana Lynnette Dobbs, 43, Lawrence. Branden Alexander Bell, 34, Overland Park, and Keith Michal Singleton, 34, Overland Park. Mitchell Parker Schmidt, 25, Lawrence, and Valkyrie Grace Belt, 20, Lawrence.

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Protecting the people of Kansas since 1900


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If you want it done right, take it to Hite WWW.HITECOLLISION.COM

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Football River City 6 News Kitchen The Drive Pets 6 News Home Turnpike Movie Loft Scrubs Scrubs Sunny 307 239 Funniest Home Videos Funniest Home Videos WGN News at Nine (N) 30 Rock ››‡ The Boost (1988) James Woods. ›› Love Story (1970) Ali MacGraw. ››‡ The Boost (1988) City Bulletin Board, Commission Meetings City Bulletin Board, Commission Meetings School Board Information School Board Information 206 140 Countdown eNFL Football Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots. (N) (Live) h SportsCenter (N) (Live) h 209 144 dCollege Basketball: CBE Classic dCollege Basketball CBE Classic -- California vs. Georgia. (N) dCollege Basketball Basketball dCollege Basketball Barfly Bensinger Football Big 12 eFootball 672 NHL Live NHL Overtime (N) College Football Talk Talk 603 151 kNHL Hockey: Bruins at Canadiens Greta Van Susteren The O’Reilly Factor 360 205 The O’Reilly Factor (N) Hannity (N) h Hannity h Mob Money: American Greed Coca-Cola 355 208 Supermarkets Mad Money h Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word Rachel Maddow Show 356 209 The Ed Show (N) The Ed Show h Anderson Cooper 360 Erin Burnett OutFront Piers Morgan Tonight 202 200 Anderson Cooper 360 Piers Morgan Tonight CSI: NY “Buzzkill” 245 138 Law & Order h Law & Order h The Closer h CSI: NY h Law & Order: SVU 242 105 NCIS “Stakeout” NCIS h WWE Monday Night RAW (N) (Live) h Monster Monster 265 118 Hoarders h Intervention h Hoarders (N) h Hoarders h World’s Dumbest... World’s Dumbest... 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Debt panel poised to admit failure Failure by the panel would trigger about $1 trillion over nine years in automatic across-the-board WASHINGTON — A special spending cuts to a wide range of domestic prodeficit-reduction supercom- grams and the Pentagon budget, starting in 2013, mittee appears likely to ad- according to the Congressional Budget Office. By Andrew Taylor

Associated Press

mit failure today, unable or unwilling to compromise on a mix of spending cuts and tax increases required to meet its assignment of saving taxpayers at least $1.2 trillion over the coming decade. The panel is sputtering to a close after two months of talks in which the members were never able to get close to bridging a fundamental divide over how much to raise taxes to address a budget deficit that forced the government to borrow 36 cents of every dollar it spent last year. Members of the bipartisan panel, formed during the summer crisis over raising the government’s borrowing limit, spent their time on Sunday in testy performances on television talk shows, blaming each other for the impasse. In a series of television interviews, not a single panelist seemed optimistic about any last-minute breakthrough. And it was clear that the two sides had never gotten particularly close, at least in the official exchanges of offers that were leaked to the media. Aides said any remaining talks had broken off. “There is one sticking divide. And that’s the issue of what I call shared sacrifice,” said panel co-chair Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

BRIEFLY Spanish conservatives win general elections MADRID — Spain’s opposition conservatives swept commandingly into power and into the hot seat Sunday as voters enduring a 21.5 percent jobless rate and stagnant economy dumped the Socialists — the third time in as many weeks Europe’s debt crisis has claimed a government. As thousands of jubilant, cheering supporters waving red-and-yellow Spanish flags and blue-and-white party ones gathered outside Popular Party headquarters, their leader and future Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy thanked Spaniards for their support, then sounded a somber note of warning. “It is no secret to anyone that we are going to rule in the most delicate circumstances Spain has faced in 30 years,” he said. “For me, there will be no enemies but unemployment, the deficit, excessive debt, economic stagnation and anything else that keeps our country in these critical circumstances.”

Longtime Wall Street financier dies at 71 NEW YORK — Theodore J. Forstmann, a longtime Wall Street financier who was a major player during the wave of corporate takeovers in the 1980s, including the battle for RJR Nabisco in 1988, died Forstmann Sunday at the age of 71. The cause was brain cancer, according to a statement from sports marketing giant IMG, where Forstmann served as chairman and CEO. Forstmann was the senior founding partner of investment firm Forstmann Little & Co., one of the pioneers of the leveraged buyout, or LBO, a deal financed at least in part with debt. The company completed dozens of leveraged buyouts of a wide array of companies, including Dr Pepper, Yankee Candle, baseball card maker Topps, Ziff-Davis Publishing and IMG. Forstmann Little, founded in 1978, would buy companies it believed would rise in value, do what it could to lift their value and then sell them. In the 1980s, the firm had become one of Wall Street’s most successful specialists in LBOs. Its deals generated lofty returns for its partners and outside investors, which included many corporate pension funds.

“The wealthiest Americans who earn over a million a year have to share too. And that line in the sand, we haven’t seen Republicans willing to cross yet,” she said. Republicans said Democrats’ demands on taxes were simply too great and weren’t accompanied by large enough proposals to curb the explosive growth of so-called entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid. “If you look at the Democrats’ position, it was ‘We have to raise taxes. We have to pass this jobs bill, which is another almost half-trillion dollars. And we’re not excited about entitlement reform,’” countered Republican Jon Kyl of Arizona on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Under the committee’s rules, any plan would have to be unveiled today, but it appeared that Murray and co-chair Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas would instead issue a statement declaring the panel’s work at a close, aides said. “Put a bow on it. It’s done,” said an aide to a supercommittee Republican. Failure by the panel would trigger about $1 trillion over nine years in automatic across-the-board spending cuts to a wide range of domestic programs and the

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Pentagon budget, starting in 2013, according to the Congressional Budget Office. This action, called a “sequester,” would also generate $169 billion in saving from lower interest costs on the national debt. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the required cuts of up to $454 billion to the Pentagon would be “devastating” and leave a “hollow force,” and defense hawks of Capitol Hill promise to unwind them. But that effort will be complicated by the insistence of other lawmakers that the overall amount of the budget cuts be left in place. “I can’t imagine that, knowing of the importance of national defense, that both Democrats and Republicans wouldn’t find a way to work through that process so we still get the $1.2 trillion in cuts, but it doesn’t all fall on defense,” said supercommittee Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona. The panel’s failure also sets up a fight within a battle-weary, dysfunctional Congress over renewing a payroll tax cut and jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed, both of which are set to expire at the end of the year. Both proposals are part of President Barack Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan.

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University places officers on leave after pepper spraying of protesters By Jason Dearen Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — A California university placed two of its police officers on administrative leave Sunday because of their involvement in the pepper spraying of passively sitting protesters, while the school’s chancellor accelerated a task force’s investigation into the incident amid calls for her resignation. The president of the 10-campus University of California system also weighed in on the growing fallout from Friday’s incident at UC Davis, saying that he is “appalled” at images of students being doused with pepper spray and plans a far-reaching, urgent assessment of law enforcement procedures on all campuses. “I implore students who wish to demonstrate to do so in a peaceful and lawful fashion. I expect campus authorities to honor that right,” UC President Mark G. Yudof said. All 10 chancellors would convene soon for a discussion “about how to ensure proportional law enforcement response to non-violent protest,” he said. Officials at UC Davis refused to identify the two officers who were place on administrative leave but one was a veteran of many years on the force and other “fairly new” to the department, the school’s Police Chief Annette Spicuzza told The Associated

Press. She would not elaborate further because of the pending probe. Videos posted online of the incident clearly show one riot-gear clad officer dousing the line of protesters with spray as they sit in a line with their arms intertwined. Spicuzza told the AP that the second officer was identified during an intense review of several videos. “We really wanted to be diligent in our research, and during our viewing of multiple videos we discovered the second officer,” Spicuzza said. “This is the right thing to do.” Both officers were trained in the use of pepper spray as department policy dictates, and both had been sprayed with it themselves during training, the chief noted. Meanwhile, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi said she has been inundated with reaction from alumni, students and faculty. “I spoke with students this weekend and I feel their outrage,” Katehi said in a statement Sunday. Katehi also set a 30-day deadline for her school’s task force investigating the incident to issue its report. The task force, comprised of students, staff and faculty, will be chosen this week. She earlier had set a 90-day timetable. She also plans to meet with demonstrators today at their general assembly, said her spokeswoman, Claudia Morain.

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Immigration agenda What constituency is Secretary of State Kris Kobach representing in his fight for new immigration laws in Kansas?


n his pursuit of new voting restrictions during the last session of the Kansas Legislature, Secretary of State Kris Kobach contended that voter fraud was a big problem in Kansas. Only a handful of voting fraud cases had been reported and investigated in the state, but Kobach was convinced that many cases were going undetected and new laws were needed to deal with them. Kobach now seems to be applying the same logic to his other area of interest: immigration laws. He recently told the Journal-World that, even though the Legislature would be busy with many important issues in 2012, it shouldn’t overlook new legislation aimed at stopping illegal immigration in Kansas. In support of that conclusion, he said, “I think one of the reasons is that there is just so much demand for it from constituents.” How has Kobach determined that demand? Has some sort of scientific poll been conducted, or is it more a matter of anecdotal contacts from Kobach’s supporters? The only organized position statement made recently on the subject came from some Kansas church leaders earlier this month asking the state to leave immigration reform to the federal government. Kobach’s interest and national involvement with immigration issues significantly increases the chances that some kind of legislation will indeed find its way onto the state’s agenda. He helped author an anti-illegal immigration law passed in Arizona this year and continues to work in an “of counsel” position with the Immigration Reform Law Institute, which is part of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Kobach says he is a full-time secretary of state for Kansas and only pursues his interest in immigration laws on his own time, but some would question where his attention is focused. The home page of the website, maintained by Kansans for Kobach, lists two occupations for Kobach: Kansas secretary of state and “defender of cities and states that fight illegal immigration.” His moonlighting as an attorney dealing with immigration issues may not violate any state laws, but it raises questions about his commitment to the job he was elected to do. Kobach said last week that he doesn’t see anti-illegal immigration legislation getting crowded out by other issues in the upcoming session. Given his interest in this issue, Kobach probably is right. The question is whether his pursuit of immigration legislation is driven by constituent interests or even the best interest of the state or by some other personal or political agenda.

Ideological purity fuels political gridlock If you are looking for someone to blame for the polarized nature of our politics today, here are two nominees: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the political science establishment. Together they set out the argument for the situation we have in Washington — a Republican Party loaded with conservatives, a Democratic Party larded with liberals, and few in between. The result has been gridlock, rancor and a sense of despair if not hopelessness in the capital and across the country. We have a political landscape where it is possible to argue that the most conservative Democrats in Congress today are more liberal than the most liberal Republicans. There is virtually no overlap, no real party dissenters of the sort who were unacceptable to FDR, who wanted a party of ideological purity, and who were inexplicable to political scientists, who looked longingly at the ideologically disciplined parties in Europe and wondered why American parties so defied logic. But today, FDR and the political science establishment having had their way, the United States has its most ideologically aligned party system in modern history — and perhaps the biggest political crisis in modern history. Party caucuses always have reinforced party discipline, but for the first time both caucuses are enforcing ideological discipline as well. In the course of their work, lawmakers almost never encounter views that depart from their own, almost never form friendships with their political adversaries. If they don’t practice ideological compromise inside their own parties, they are less likely — less able — to practice it on the floor of both houses of Congress. “We finally got ideological purity, and it’s a disaster for the coun-

David Shribman

Party caucuses always have reinforced party discipline, but for the first time both caucuses are enforcing ideological discipline as well.”

try,” says former Gov. Angus King of Maine, an independent. “We have ideological gridlock. You can’t solve problems this way.” Indeed, the lack of a middle in the American political class is the American problem. The irony is that the American problem repeatedly has been held up as the American solution. The most prominent advocate for ideologically aligned parties was Roosevelt, who once told Sam Rosenman, a White House speechwriter and the first White House counsel, “We ought to have two real parties — one liberal and the other conservative.” FDR set out to create just that with his effort to purge conservatives and New Deal foes from the Democratic Party. He singled out, among others, Walter F. George of Georgia, Ellison D. “Cotton Ed” Smith of South Carolina and Millard Tydings of Maryland, all of whom prevailed against the onslaught of White House opprobrium. Susan Dunn, a Williams College historian who has written the definitive account of the Roosevelt offensive, said the

president’s biggest blunder “was to undertake the purge in the absence of impressive challengers to conservative incumbents.” That very likely is true. For whatever reason, the mushy party system prevailed — and had unforeseen consequences even for Roosevelt. Many of the most ardent opponents of the New Deal turned out to be the most ardent supporters of the president’s initiatives in foreign affairs, supporting Roosevelt on Lend-Lease, so much so that party alignment was doomed as World War II approached. It gained new life a dozen years later, however, when the American Political Science Review published a landmark article called “Toward a More Responsible Two-Party System,” which argued that American parties needed “sufficient internal cohesion” and a “degree of unity within the parties” that they lacked at midcentury. At that time, the Democratic Party had such conservatives as Sen. Harry F. Byrd Sr. of Virginia, Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina and a series of Southern committee chairmen. The Republicans Party had such liberals as Gov. Earl Warren of California, Rep. Clifford P. Case of New Jersey and Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. of Massachusetts. The political scientists’ report echoed scholarly critiques dating back a half century, when important figures like Woodrow Wilson, then a prominent political scientist, and Herbert Croly, an important thinker in the Progressive movement and the co-founder of The New Republic, raised questions about the American party system. “However one may deplore that system, he must concede that it has displayed, if nothing else, a very impressive ability to survive,” Austin Ranney, then a polit-

ical scientist at the University of Illinois and later the chairman of the political science department at the University of California at Berkeley, wrote in a contemporary critique of the 1950 report. One reason the old system survived for so long is that the multiplicity of interests and ideologies inside American parties imposed the sorts of restraints on the majority that Americans liked, much like the checks and balances and separation of powers designed in the Constitution to protect the rights and viewpoints of the minority. Now we have just the kind of political-party system Roosevelt and the political scientists envisioned. We are living the future, and it does not work. A recent National Journal study showed that every Republican member of the Senate has a voting record to the right of every Democratic member of the Senate, and that only five House Republicans have a voting record to the left of Rep. Gene Taylor of Mississippi, the Democrat with the most conservative voting record. The journal has been conducting these studies since 1982. Only once before, in 1999, did the Senate have a profile like it does today. In an important retrospective on the 1950 political scientists’ report published on its 50th anniversary, UCLA political scientist Barbara Sinclair argued that the modern parties “do represent a clearer policy message than they did 50 years ago.” She’s right. If you vote for a Republican today, you are very likely voting for a conservative, and if you vote for a Democrat you are very likely voting for a liberal. That’s clear. One other thing also is clear: The political system is a lot worse off. — David M. Shribman is executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.



From the Lawrence Daily JournalWorld for Nov. 21, 1911: “W. R. Stubbs, governor of Kansas, is convinced that the world is getting betYEARS ter every day. Therefore he suggests AGO that all Kansans give thanks. Lawrence IN 1911 will be able to have a real Thanksgiving this year, for there are no football games to call the people away from their homes. Here is the Governor’s proclamation. ‘The Pilgrim Fathers established the beautiful custom of offering thanks to an All-Wise Providence for bountiful crops and general well being as long ago as 1621 — the year following their coming to this new haven of religious tolerance. ... In 1863 President Lincoln renewed its usage by presidential Proclamation. Annually, since then, it has been our great privilege to set aside this day and keep it in a befitting manner. During the year about to close Kansas has been wonderfully blessed with splendid harvests.” — Compiled by Sarah St. John

Read more Old Home Town at lawrence/history/old_home_town.

Saudis use resources to expand military





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RIYADH — Over this past year of Arab Spring revolt, Saudi Arabia has increasingly replaced the United States as the key statusquo power in the Middle East — a role that seems likely to expand even more in coming years as the Saudis boost their military and economic spending. Saudis describe the kingdom’s growing role as a reaction, in part, to the diminished clout of the United States. They still regard the U.S.-Saudi relationship as valuable, but it’s no longer seen as a guarantor of their security. For that, the Saudis have decided they must rely more on themselves — and, down the road, on a wider set of friends that includes their military partner, Pakistan, and their largest oil customer, China. For Saudi watchers, this change is striking. The kingdom’s old practice was to keep its head down, spread money to radical groups to try to buy peace, and rely on a U.S. military umbrella. Now, Riyadh is more open and vocal in pressing its interests — especially in challenging Iran. The more-assertive Saudi role has been clear in its open support for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is Iran’s crucial Arab ally. The Saudis were decisive backers of last weekend’s Arab League decision to suspend Syria’s membership (though they also supported the organization’s waffling decision on Wednesday

David Ignatius

They still regard the U.S.-Saudi relationship as valuable, but it’s no longer seen as a guarantor of their security.”

to send another mediation team to Damascus). Money is always the Saudis’ biggest resource, and they are planning to spend it more aggressively as a regional power broker — roughly double their armed forces over the next 10 years and spend at least $15 billion annually to support countries weakened economically by this year’s turmoil. The enormous military expansion was signaled last week by Gen. Hussein al-Qubail, the chief of staff. Because of “surrounding circumstances,” he said, the Saudis would spend more to achieve “the highest degree of combat readiness.” Overseeing the arms buildup will be a new defense minister, Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, described by Saudis as a strong

manager during his many years as governor of Riyadh. This contrasts with what foreign analysts say was the loose discipline (and occasional corruption scandals) under his predecessor, Prince Sultan, who died in October after 48 years as defense minister. Saudi sources provided an unofficial summary of the defense buildup. The army will add 125,000 to its estimated current force of 150,000; the national guard will grow by 125,000 from an estimated 100,000; the navy will spend more than $30 billion buying new ships and sea-skimming missiles; the air force will add 450 to 500 planes; and the Ministry of Interior is boosting its police and special forces by about 60,000. The Saudis are also developing their own version of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command. The doubling of ground forces is partly a domestic employment project, but it’s also a signal of Saudi confidence. The Saudi shopping list is a bonanza for U.S. and European arms merchants. That’s especially true of the air force procurement, with the Saudis planning to buy 72 “Eurofighters” from EADS, and 84 new F-15s from Boeing. The rationale is containing Iran, whose nuclear ambitions the Saudis strongly oppose. But Riyadh has an instant deterrent ready, too, in the form of the Pakistani nuclear arsenal that the Saudis are widely

believed to have helped finance. Big weapons purchases have been a Saudi penchant for decades. More interesting, in some ways, is their quiet effort to provide support to friendly regimes to keep the region from blowing itself up in this period of instability. The Saudis have budgeted $4 billion this year to help Egypt, $1.4 billion for Jordan, and $500 million annually over the next decade for Bahrain and Oman. They will doubtless pump money, as well, to Syria, Yemen and Lebanon once the smoke clears in those volatile countries. “In outlays, we’ve budgeted $15 billion a year just to keep the peace,” says one Saudi source, adding up the economic assistance to Arab neighbors. But that’s hardly a stretch for a country that, by year-end, will have about $650 billion in foreign reserves. The Saudis speak more charitably of the United States than they did a few months ago, after reassuring visits by Vice President Joe Biden and national security adviser Tom Donilon, and close military and intelligence cooperation continues. But President Barack Obama is seen as a relatively weak leader who abandoned his own call for a Palestinian state under Israeli pressure. The U.S. isn’t exactly the god that failed, but its divine powers are certainly suspect in Riyadh. — David Ignatius is a columnist for Washington Post Writers Group.

























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Monday, Thur November 21, 2011
















Monday, November 21, 2011







Partly sunny and warmer


Bright sunshine and nice

High 49° Low 35° POP: 20%

High 52° Low 28° POP: 75%

High 58° Low 34° POP: 0%

High 61° Low 43° POP: 5%

High 63° Low 38° POP: 35%

Wind NE 3-6 mph

Wind NNW 7-14 mph

Wind SSW 7-14 mph

Wind S 12-25 mph

Wind SSW 10-20 mph

POP: Probability of Precipitation

Kearney 44/24

McCook 49/24 Oberlin 48/25 Goodland 55/29

Oakley 50/28

Russell Salina 46/28 45/32

Manhattan 45/31 Topeka 47/35 Emporia 48/35

Garden City 49/28 Liberal 48/32

Chillicothe 51/37 Marshall 51/41

Kansas City 50/40 Lawrence Kansas City 50/37 49/35

Sedalia 51/42

Nevada 54/44

Chanute 52/40

Hutchinson 46/33 Wichita Pratt 47/35 43/33

Centerville 47/36

St. Joseph 47/34

Sabetha 45/32

Great Bend 45/29 Dodge City 48/31

Clarinda 47/32

Beatrice 45/30

Concordia 45/30 Hays 46/28

Sunny, breezy and mild Mostly cloudy, t-storms possible

Lincoln 45/26

Grand Island 46/26

Springfield 58/50

Coffeyville Joplin 50/41 57/45

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.

35°/29° 51°/30° 74° in 1966 7° in 1937

Precipitation in inches 24 hours through 8 p.m. yest. Month to date Normal month to date Year to date Normal year to date

0.00 3.24 1.59 25.35 37.68

Seattle 48/44

SUN & MOON Today

Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset New


7:10 a.m. 5:03 p.m. 2:50 a.m. 2:24 p.m. First

7:11 a.m. 5:02 p.m. 4:03 a.m. 3:01 p.m.




San Francisco 58/46

Denver 55/29

Minneapolis 40/26 Chicago 48/37 Kansas City 50/37

Los Angeles 66/51

Nov 25

Dec 2

Dec 10

Dec 17


As of 7 a.m. Sunday Lake

Clinton Perry Pomona

Level (ft)

873.10 893.70 972.20

Discharge (cfs)

9 300 35

INTERNATIONAL CITIES Cities Acapulco Amsterdam Athens Baghdad Bangkok Beijing Berlin Brussels Buenos Aires Cairo Calgary Dublin Geneva Hong Kong Jerusalem Kabul London Madrid Mexico City Montreal Moscow New Delhi Oslo Paris Rio de Janeiro Rome Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Tokyo Toronto Vancouver Vienna Warsaw Winnipeg

Today Hi Lo W 90 77 pc 57 48 c 62 48 s 63 40 s 90 76 pc 45 34 pc 45 36 pc 56 47 pc 79 57 r 68 51 pc 31 26 c 54 41 r 55 45 s 69 65 pc 55 42 s 68 34 pc 55 50 sh 56 45 sh 77 45 s 33 23 pc 25 19 pc 86 54 s 43 24 c 56 50 pc 84 75 s 63 54 sh 46 32 s 88 77 t 43 37 pc 75 64 pc 55 42 r 40 30 c 51 44 r 44 37 pc 45 33 c 21 8 pc

Hi 88 55 59 62 89 45 43 55 76 69 49 48 57 72 60 69 56 50 78 36 27 85 31 58 86 65 47 88 43 70 55 43 47 44 37 31

Tue. Lo W 76 s 48 c 52 c 40 s 75 s 23 s 33 pc 45 pc 59 s 52 s 30 c 39 pc 40 s 66 pc 45 s 33 pc 48 sh 39 r 44 s 29 pc 10 pc 53 s 21 i 48 pc 68 sh 54 sh 29 c 77 t 32 r 57 r 45 pc 32 pc 41 r 35 pc 31 sh 26 pc

Washington 53/48

Atlanta 73/60 El Paso

Shown are 68/43 today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for today.

Houston 82/68 Miami 83/70

Fronts Cold

Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2011

New York 50/44

Detroit 44/36

Warm Stationary

Precipitation Showers T-storms





-10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s National Summary: A front stretched from the mid-Atlantic to the southern Plains will be the focus for showers and thunderstorms today. Some of the storms will be strong across central and eastern Texas. Meanwhile, rain and mountain snow will move into the Pacific Northwest. Today Tue. Today Tue. Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Memphis 77 64 t 72 46 t Albuquerque 55 37 c 55 35 s 83 70 s 81 69 s Anchorage 16 1 sn 14 3 sn Miami 43 35 pc 43 32 r Atlanta 73 60 s 74 53 pc Milwaukee Minneapolis 40 26 s 40 25 s Austin 80 66 t 77 46 t Nashville 71 61 t 77 47 t Baltimore 53 46 c 55 53 c Birmingham 76 64 pc 77 49 pc New Orleans 79 67 pc 81 59 pc 50 44 c 52 51 r Boise 44 33 s 49 34 pc New York 43 29 s 49 29 pc Boston 45 37 pc 48 45 pc Omaha Orlando 84 65 s 84 66 s Buffalo 41 34 c 48 40 c Philadelphia 54 45 c 53 53 r Cheyenne 51 31 pc 55 33 s Phoenix 67 50 pc 72 52 s Chicago 48 37 pc 46 32 r Pittsburgh 52 46 c 56 42 r Cincinnati 59 52 c 69 43 r Portland, ME 40 29 pc 46 38 pc Cleveland 48 41 c 56 43 r Portland, OR 47 43 r 52 42 r Dallas 74 56 t 68 46 c Reno 49 28 s 53 32 pc Denver 55 29 pc 60 34 s 61 52 pc 67 59 c Des Moines 48 35 pc 47 29 pc Richmond Sacramento 59 38 s 61 42 pc Detroit 44 36 c 47 37 r St. Louis 55 47 c 55 35 r El Paso 68 43 t 63 39 s Salt Lake City 47 30 s 49 31 s Fairbanks -17 -22 c -12 -23 c 64 53 s 63 54 s Honolulu 82 72 c 82 71 pc San Diego San Francisco 58 46 s 59 48 pc Houston 82 68 t 79 54 t Seattle 48 44 r 55 39 r Indianapolis 54 47 c 65 38 r Spokane 35 32 sn 44 36 sh Kansas City 50 37 pc 49 31 r Tucson 64 44 pc 68 46 s Las Vegas 61 45 pc 63 47 s Tulsa 49 44 sh 59 36 r Little Rock 75 61 t 69 43 t Wash., DC 53 48 pc 61 55 c Los Angeles 66 51 s 70 53 s National extremes yesterday for the 48 contiguous states High: Laredo, TX 93° Low: Casper, WY -14°


On Nov. 21, 1934, Denver, Colo., had its first snowstorm of the season, the latest ever for the first storm in that city.


Buffalo or Syracuse, N.Y., receive more snow in an average Q: Does year? Syracuse.

Temperature High/low Normal high/low today Record high today Record low today


Today Tue. Today Tue. Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Independence 49 41 c 56 33 r Atchison 48 34 pc 51 25 r Fort Riley 45 31 pc 52 24 r Belton 50 39 pc 50 33 r Olathe 49 38 pc 50 33 r Burlington 47 36 pc 53 30 r Osage Beach 58 47 c 57 34 r Coffeyville 50 41 c 56 34 r 48 36 pc 52 29 r Concordia 45 30 pc 53 33 pc Osage City Ottawa 48 37 pc 50 29 r Dodge City 48 31 pc 60 33 c Wichita 47 35 pc 56 29 r Holton 47 35 pc 52 30 r Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.


LAWRENCE ALMANAC Through 8 p.m. Sunday.

Southwest Kansas plant a top priority GARDEN CITY (AP) — Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration says attracting a processing plant to southwest Kansas is one of its top priorities. The goal is to attract a plant that would be useful to dairy farmers, who milk more than 70,000 cows a day. Brownback spokeswoman Sherriene Jones-Sontag says something like a cheese plant would be a powerful tool for the long-term economy of rural Kansas. The Hutchinson News reports that some progress is being made. Grant County Economic Development Director Leslie Mangels said a foreign investor visited Ulysses two weeks ago to discuss building a dry milk-processing plant. Ulysses is competing with Michigan and South Dakota for the plant. However, some industry leaders say dairy farmers in the region need more cows to attract a large processing plant.


All aboard! Cash Bishop, 2, son of Pat and Lisa Bishop of Lawrence, wears his Thomas the Train Halloween costume Oct. 15 in Ottawa. Lisa submitted the photo.

Medicare Part D enrollment assistance, 1-4 p.m., Lawrence Senior Center, 745 Vt. Lecture: Kuiyi Shen on Figure and Body in Modern and Contemporary Art, 5:15-6:15 p.m., Spencer Museum of Art, 1301 Miss. Lecompton City Council meeting, 7 p.m., Lecompton City Hall, 327 Elmore St. Baldwin City Council meeting, 7:30 p.m., City Hall, 803 S. Eighth St. KU Jazz Singers & KU Jazz Combo I, 7:30 p.m., Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H. Dollar Bowling, 9:30 p.m., Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa.


Red Dog’s Dog Days fall workout, 6 a.m., Memorial Stadium at Kansas University. The Salvation Army Thanksgiving food box distribution, 9 a.m.-noon and 1 p.m.-4 p.m., 946 N.H. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County, 5:15 p.m., 536 Fireside Court, Suite B. Information meeting for prospective volunteers. For more information, call 843-7359. Red Dog’s Dog Days fall workout, 6 p.m., intramural fields on east side of Robinson Gymnasium at Kansas University. Lonnie Ray’s open jam session, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Slow Ride Roadhouse, 1350 N. Third St. Lawrence City Commission meeting, 6:35 p.m., City Hall, 6 E. Sixth St. KU Choirs: Chamber Choir & Concert Choir, 7:30 p.m., Swarthout Recital Hall, Murphy Hall, 1530 Naismith Drive. Free swing dancing lessons and dance, 8-11 p.m., Kansas Room in the Kansas Union, 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Poker Night, 8 p.m., Applebee’s, 2520 Iowa. Trivia Night at the Jayhawker, 8-10 p.m., Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass. Teller’s Family Night, 9 p.m.-midnight, 746 Mass. Tuesday Night Karaoke, 9 p.m., Wayne & Larry’s Sports Bar & Grill, 933 Iowa. Live jazz at The Casbah, 9 p.m., 803 Mass.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County, noon, 536 Fireside Court, Suite B. Information meeting for prospective volunteers. For more information, call 8437359. Douglas County Commission meeting, 6:35 p.m., Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass. Conroy’s Trivia, 7:30


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‘Beggar’s Opera’ Today, instead of the usual karaoke or bowling, take in an afternoon opera at The Robert Baustian Theatre in Murphy Hall, 1530 Naismith Drive. Today’s performance is “Beggar’s Opera.” Written in 1728 by John Gay, “The Beggar’s Opera” is a threeact, ballad opera that has been playing throughout the weekend. The satirical opera starts at 2:30 p.m. and goes until 4 p.m. The show is all ages and tickets are available at the door.

p.m., Conroy’s Pub, 3115 W. Sixth St. Dark Times at The Granada with Jay Maus, 8 p.m., The Granada, 1020 Mass. Free salsa lessons, 8:309:30 p.m., Taste Lounge, 804 W. 24th St. Video Jerry and DJ John, 9 p.m., Slow Ride Roadhouse, 1350 N. Third St. Pride Night, 9 p.m., Wilde’s Chateau, 2412 Iowa. Summer salsa, 9:30 p.m., Esquina, 801 Mass. Dollar Bowling, 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m., Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa.


Thanksgiving Day Eighth annual Thanksgiving Day 5K Run/Walk in north Lawrence, 8:30 a.m., starts at Woodlawn School. LINK Thanksgiving Day meal, 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m., First Christian Church, 1000 Ky.


The Territorial Capital Museum Christmas display, with three floors of vintage Christmas decorations including 21 trees with various period decorations; 11 a.m to 4 p.m. WednesdaySaturday, 1-5 p.m. Sunday, through Jan. 1, 640 E. Woodson Ave., Lecompton. Watkins Community Museum of History exhibit: “It Happened on Mass Street: 150 Years in Lawrence,” featuring historic photographs and objects illustrating the growth of downtown Lawrence, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Thursday, 1047 Mass.

Freedom’s Frontier exhibit, Wednesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday, 1-4 p.m., Carnegie Building, 200 W. Ninth St. Lawrence Arts Center exhibits: Postcommodity, “The Night is Filled With the Harmonics of Suburban Dreams, 2011,” through Nov. 26; Marwin Begaye Exhibition, through Nov. 26; C. Maxx Stevens Exhibition, “Dichotomy of Place in Contemporary Native Life,” through Nov. 26; Constellation, an aerial installation by Juniper Tangpuz; 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, 940 N.H. Christmas Village Display at the Lumberyard Arts Center, 1-4 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays, through Dec. 30, 718 High St., Baldwin City. Lawrence Public Library storytimes for November: German storytime, 4 p.m. Tuesdays; Toddler storytime, 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays; Library storytime, 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays, 7 p.m. Thursdays, 10:30 a.m. Fridays; Storytime in Spanish and English, 10:30 a.m. Saturdays; Family storytime, 3:30 p.m. Sundays; Books & Babies, 10:30 a.m. Mondays and 9:30 a.m., 10:10 a.m. and 10:40 a.m. Wednesdays, 707 Vt. Lawrence Public Library teen programs for November: Monday Movies for Teens, 4 p.m. Mondays; Gaming with the Pro, 3 p.m. Wednesdays; Teen Zone Cafe, 4 p.m. Fridays; Teen tutoring, 3 p.m. Sundays; ACT Test Strategies 101, 7 p.m. Nov. 30, 707 Vt. Lawrence Public Library bookmobile schedule (open to the public): 9-10 a.m. Monday, Prairie Commons, 5121 Congressional Circle; 10:30-11:30 a.m. Monday, Babcock Place, 1700 Mass.; 9-10 a.m. Wednesday, Brandon Woods, 1501 Inverness Drive; 10:30-11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Presbyterian Manor, 1429 Kasold Drive; 1-2 p.m. Wednesday, Drury Place, 1510 Andrews Drive; 11:15-noon Friday, Vermont Towers, 1101 Vt.; 1:30-2:30 p.m. Friday, Peterson Acres, 2930 Peterson Road. Spencer Museum of Art exhibits: Passages: Persistent Visions of a Native Place, Sept. 10 through Jan 15. Museum open until 4 p.m. daily, 8 p.m. on Thursdays, 1301 Miss.

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by Scott Adams

NFL: Chiefs face New England tonight. 4B


STEWART TAKES IT Tony Stewart won the season-finale and the Sprint Cup series on Sunday. Story on page 2B.

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Tom Keegan

ESPN trio a treat LAHAINA, HAWAII — ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas, an integral part of the best broadcasting trio in the business, is so good at his job because he’s talented and prepares obsessively. But he’s even luckier than he is good. Bilas and Sean McDonnough have the best seats in the house. No, not their court-side seats. They get to sit next to the most colorful man in the business on airplanes and airports, in restaurants and bars. Lucky men. Bill Raftery and Bilas flank play-by-play man McDonnough and demonstrate a great team truly is greater than the sum of its parts and the parts happen to be solid gold. The Maui Invitational always is among their assignments. They never stray too far from the game they’re calling, yet never treat it as if it ranks with world peace in importance. McDonnough already had developed terrific chemistry calling NCAA Tournament games for CBS in the 1990s, so bringing in a third man was a gamble. “I felt like I was being inserted into a 30-year marriage,” Bilas said. “I felt like, ‘What am I doing here?’ It was like (former HBO Series) ‘Big Love.’ I felt uncomfortable.” Not for long. The first game they worked as a trio was Notre Dame at UConn in the middle of the 2002-2003 season. “Notre Dame had a kid named Danny Miller, who had transferred from Maryland,” Bilas said. “So Miller makes this great play, and we show a replay, and Raftery is talking over the replay, saying, ‘Oh, it’s Miller time, and you know how I love hearing that.’ And McDonnough, without missing a beat, says, ‘Except on Big Monday, which is brought to you by Bud Light.’ And I lost it. I thought, ‘I’m home. This is great.’ We hit it off from the beginning and became great friends.” All three bring spontaneous humor to a telecast. To listen to them is to recall sitting in a college dorm room with fellow basketball nuts, shooting the breeze deep into the night. Wasn’t there always a guy laughing at himself for putting his elbow through a tough workout the previous night, tossing them back? Raftery is that guy. “Raftery eats the same stuff at every meal,” Bilas said. “A bowl of steam, a piece of old chicken and 12 drinks. The whole thing is a celebration of the game. Raftery knows everybody.” Knows them so well his calls get answered no matter when they’re placed. “We did a Villanova game,” Bilas said. “It’s snowing. The weather’s horrible. We’re driving to the game, and he calls (Villanova coach) Jay Wright. ‘Hey, Jay, get your galoshes. We’re going out after the game.’ This guy’s got a game in an hour.” In the college basketball world, Raftery is the equivalent of a modern day Rat Pack star. He’s Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin rolled into one, minus the smokes. “He enjoys every minute of it,” said Bilas, who impersonates Raftery superbly when quoting him. “He’s the best. He doesn’t understand this whole Twitter thing. So one of the things I do, when he says something real funny, I put it out there. So now he’ll be telling me a story. and he’ll stop in the middle, ‘Don’t tweet this, will ya?’’’ So Bilas doesn’t tweet it. Still, he never finds himself short of Raftery material.

Making waves

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

KANSAS GUARDS TYSHAWN TAYLOR, LEFT OF CENTER, TRAVIS RELEFORD, THIRD FROM LEFT, and team video coordinator Doug Compton Jr. catch a wave during some free time before practice Sunday on Kaanapali Beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. The Jayhawks will take on Georgetown late tonight in the first round of the Maui Invitational.

Jayhawks hope to bond — and win By Gary Bedore

LAHAINA, HAWAII — A talented but inexperienced Kansas University basketball team struggled mightily during the 2005 Maui Invitational. “If anything, we were humbled,” KU coach Bill Self said, reflecting on the likes of freshmen Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers and Julian Wright and sophomores Russell Robinson and Sasha Kaun losing to Arizona (61-49) and Arkansas (65-64) before downing Div. II Chaminade (102-54) in KU’s last trip to paradise. “That wasn’t a bad thing with that team,” Self added of the taming of a squad that wound up winning the Big 12 regular-season and postseason tournament titles and

finished 25-8 after a first-round loss to Bradley in the NCAA MAUI Touranment. “This is a dif- OPENER ferent team,” Self noted. “Our nonconference Who: Kanschedule is so sas (1-1) vs. tough, we need Georgetown to certainly play (2-0) well out here When: 11 toand come away night (Central from here be- time) lieving we’re Where: Lacloser to be- haina, Hawaii coming a team, which is prob- TV: ESPN2 ably my goal for (cable chs. 34, this trip as much 234) as anything.” The Jayhawks (1-1), who meet

Georgetown (2-0) in a first-round Maui Invite clash at 11 p.m. today in Lahaina Civic Center, aren’t as young as in 2005. They’re just as inexperienced in terms of playing time, however. “I don’t know if it was a great trip last time,” Self said. “I’m certainly hopeful this is more fun. I know it’s not as much fun playing those 8 and 9 a.m. (losers bracket) games. We need to make sure we play well against Georgetown so we play in the evening.” The winner of today’s game will meet either UCLA or Chaminade at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. Losers meet at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Today’s first-round games on the other side of the bracket pit Michigan vs. Memphis and Duke vs. Tennessee.

The championship game is 9 p.m. Wednesday, following consolation battles at 1:30, 4 and 6:30 p.m. “For us to win this, we’ve got to beat a really good team and a couple other nationally ranked teams,” Self said, well aware half the field (KU, Duke, Memphis, Michigan) is ranked in the AP poll. KU’s opening test is a John Thompson III-coached Georgetown squad that has defeated Savannah State (83-54) and UNCGreensboro (86-45). “Their bigs can really pass,” Self said. “Lubick (Nate, 6-8 sophomore, 7.0 ppg) is really a good passer, and Clark (Jason, 6-2 senior, 13.0 ppg) is as active as any Please see KANSAS, page 3B

Maui tournament field loaded By Tom Keegan

LAHAINA, HAWAII — Working as master of ceremonies at the Sunday-morning news conference featuring the eight 2011 EA Sports Maui Invitational coaches, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas poked a little fun at his former coach and current employer. “He set an all-time wins record,” Bilas said in introducing 32nd-year Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. “I don’t know if anybody saw that. There was a little bit of coverage on it. We actually changed our call letters on ESPN to KSPN during that period.” By the time the Maui Invitational that gets under way today concludes, Kansas University and Duke will play on the same court the same day four times in a span of nine days, first at Madison Square Garden in New York City. But unless both schools reach the

“He’s been extremely successful here, but every year’s different,” said former Wake Forest coach Dave Odom, the Maui Invitational tournament director. “If he keeps coming, he’s going to get beat. It will be fun to see everybody compete and try to be the first to beat him here.” Except for the coach whose team faces Duke that day, nobody will be thinking about beating the Blue Devils. November basketball is very much about not beating yourself, even with a field as strong as this year’s. Other than host school, Div. II Chaminade University, every Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo Maui tourney entry played in KANSAS COACH BILL SELF, RIGHT, and the rest of the coaches in the the NCAA Div. I basketball tourMaui Invitational pose for a photo op Sunday in Lahaina, Hawaii. nament last March. Five of the schools — Duke, Georgetown, final of the eight-team, three-day one more than his college coach Kansas, Michigan and UCLA — tournament, they won’t face each at West Point, Bob Knight. have won national titles. Memphis other. A dozen of those victories have and Tennessee round out the field. Krzyzewski enters the tourna- come in the Maui tournament, in Please see MAUI, page 3B ment with 903 career victories, which Coach K never has lost.

Mays’ late layup lifts KU women past Wake J-W Staff Reports

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A layup from sophomore Keena Mays with five seconds left gave the Kansas University women’s basketball team a 74-73 victory over Wake Forest on Sunday. KU junior forward Carolyn Davis led all scorers, finishing with 21 points off of 8-of-

10 shooting in 26 minutes. She scored 19 in the second half. Three other Jayhawks scored in double figures. Senior forward Aishah Sutherland scored 11 points in 35 minutes, and sophomore forward Tania Jackson ended with 15 points and nine rebounds. Kansas improved to 3-0. Wake Forest fell to 2-1.

Junior guard Angel Goodrich had 10 points and broke her career record with seven steals. KU utilized its post players early in the first half, relying on Sutherland and Davis for the team’s first six points. The Jayhawks then went on a 9-2 run, capped by a steal and fast-break layup by Goodrich with 12:09 left in the first period.

After a 10-3 run by the Jayhawks, the Demon Deacons whittled KU’s lead to two before Kansas responded. Kansas went on an 8-2 run, kicked off by a layup from Jackson to make the score 33-25 with 1:51 remaining in the first period, marking the Jayhawks’ largest lead of the half. Please see KU WOMEN, page 3B Mays

Sports 2





TODAY • Men’s basketball vs. Georgetown, at Maui, 11 p.m. TUESDAY • Men’s basketball vs. TBA, at Maui

Relentless Stewart claims Sprint Cup HOMESTEAD, FLA. (AP) — Tony Stewart insisted he wasn’t a title contender when NASCAR’s championship race began. When it became clear he actually was a viable threat, he kicked it into another gear and vowed to go for broke in his pursuit of Carl Edwards. Did he ever. Stewart used a powerful and relentless drive — some might suggest the best in NASCAR history — Sunday in the season finale to seize his third NASCAR championship. He overcame a hole in the grill of his Chevrolet, a rain delay, used debatable fuel strategy and made 118 passes on the track to win at Homestead-Miami Speedway. That shows how bad I wanted to win this thing,� Stewart said. “When you’re going for a cham-

Edwards, who started the race with a three-point lead in the standings, did everything he could from the minute he arrived in Florida. His Roush-Fenway Racing team put his Ford on the pole, he led a race-high 119 of the 267 laps and still finished a helpless second. The two actually ended up tied in the final standings — a NASCAR first — but Stewart won the title based on his five victories, all in the Terry Renna/AP Photo 10-race Chase for the Sprint Cup TONY STEWART CELEBRATES after championship — to Edwards’ one. winning his third NASCAR Sprint Stewart became the first ownCup Series championship on Sunday er/driver to win the championat Homestead-Miami Speedway in ship since the late Alan Kulwicki Homestead, Fla. in 1992, and the driver to end Jimmie Johnson’s record five-year pionship, you can’t hold anything title run. His last title was in 2005, back. I couldn’t leave anything on the year before Johnson’s began the table.� his reign.



SEC rules, with top 3 teams in football Top 25

Tar Heels ragged, but roll, 101-75

NEW YORK — The latest AP college football poll gives a new meaning to the term all-SEC. The Southeastern Conference is the second league to have the top three spots in ranking all to itself. No. 1 LSU held the top spot for the ninth straight week in Sunday’s rankings, and after a weekend when three other top-five teams lost, Alabama moved up a spot to No. 2 and Arkansas jumped three places to No. 3. The only other time in the 75-year history of the Associated Press rankings that the top three teams all came from the same conference was the final regular-season poll of 1971, when Nebraska, Oklahoma and Colorado from the Big Eight were 1-2-3. And this time it’s not just one conference, but one division (the SEC West) holding down the top spots. No. 4 Stanford from the Pac-12 is the first non-SEC team in the rankings and Oklahoma State dropped from No. 2 to No. 5 after its first loss of the season. The Cowboys lost 37-31 in double overtime at Iowa State on Friday night.

The Associated Press

No. 1 North Carolina 101, Mississippi Valley State 75 CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — John Henson had 18 points and 14 rebounds to help top-ranked North Carolina beat Mississippi Valley State on Sunday. Harrison Barnes also had 18 points for the Tar Heels (3-0), who had little trouble winning their home opener in a ragged game. No. 4 Connecticut 87, Coppin State 70 HARTFORD, CONN. — Shabazz Napier recorded the ninth triple-double in UConn’s history with former star Kemba Walker — the last Huskies player to do it — watching from the stands. Napier had 22 points, 13 assists and 12 rebounds, and Jeremy Lamb scored 25 points for the Huskies despite playing on an ankle he sprained in practice Saturday.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL LSU-Alabama Round 2 is just a few victories away. A weekend filled with upsets left the Southeastern Conference rivals in the top two spots in the BCS standings released Sunday. And Arkansas is third, further increasing the possibility of an all-SEC BCS championship game Jan. 9 in New Orleans that would be a rematch of a regular-season game. It’s the first time in the 14-year history of the BCS that the same conference had the top three teams in the standings. If the Tigers can beat Arkansas on Saturday, then Georgia in the SEC title game Dec. 3, and the Crimson Tide beats Auburn on Saturday, it’s almost a lock that LSU-Alabama will play again, this time at the Superdome. LSU beat Alabama 9-6 in overtime Nov. 6 in Tuscaloosa.

No. 21 Marquette 96, Mississippi 66 ST. THOMAS, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS — Jae Crowder scored 25 points and Darius Johnson-Odom had 20 to lead Marquette into the finals at the Paradise Jam. Vander Blue added 11 points for the Golden Eagles (4-0), who will play in the tournament championship Monday against Norfolk State, a 66-53 winner over TCU.

Big 12 Men Texas Tech 66, Stephen F. Austin 54 LUBBOCK, TEXAS — Ty Nurse scored 14 points off the bench, and Texas Tech shot 62 percent from the field. Iowa State 92, Western Carolina 60 AMES, IOWA — The Cyclones had four players score in double figures and shot 65.3 percent from the floor — their most accurate shooting effort in nearly two seasons. Guard Chris Baab led the way with 18 points, hitting all five of his attempts from three-point range.

Big 12 Women No. 1 Baylor 94, No. 2 Notre Dame 81 WACO, TEXAS — Brittney Griner had 32 points and 14 rebounds while Baylor established itself as the clear No. 1 team for now with a victory in the preseason WNIT championship game. The Lady Bears (4-0) put the game away with a 14-3 run that was capped when Odyssey Sims had a steal that she turned into a breakway layup for a 70-58 lead with 91⠄2 minutes left. Sims had 25 points, six steals and six assists. No. 6 Texas A&M 93, Mississippi St. 47 COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — Kelsey Bone had 20 points and 13 rebounds to help Texas A&M handle Mississippi and get Aggies coach Gary Blair the 600th victory in his career.

HASKELL TUESDAY • Women’s basketball at Tabor, 6 p.m. • Men’s basketball vs. Tabor, 7 p.m.




New England v. K.C.

7:30 p.m.


College Basketball



Women’s Basketball Time


Connecticut v. Stanford 6:30 p.m.






Montreal v. Boston

6:30 p.m.


38, 238

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. — Arkansas’ football team was in mourning Sunday following the death of backup tight end Garrett Uekman. The university said in a statement that Uekman was pronounced dead at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville on Sunday afternoon. The cause of death wasn’t immediately known, and police and university officials wouldn’t comment until all of Uekman’s family had been notified.


College Football



Miami (Ohio) v. Ohio

6 p.m.





Park wins LPGA Titleholders ORLANDO, FLA. — South Korea’s Hee Young Park won the LPGA Tour’s seasonending Titleholders for her first tour victory, closing with a 2-under 70 on Sunday to hold off Paula Creamer and San Gal by two strokes.


Crosby to return today PITTSBURGH — Sid the Kid is back. Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby will make his season debut today against the New York Islanders, his first game in nearly a year since being sidelined with concussion-like symptoms.

34, 234 36, 236 34, 234 36, 236 34, 234 35, 235 34, 234 Cable 35, 235


Maui Invitational 1 p.m. Maui Invitational 3:30 p.m. Maui Invitational 6 p.m. CBE Classic 6:45 p.m. Md. Ea. Shore v. KSU. 7 p.m. Miss. Valley St. v. S. Caro. 6 p.m. Maui Invitational 8:30 p.m. CBE Classic 9 p.m. Illinois v. Richmond 8:30 p.m.

CORAL GABLES, FLA. — Miami is not going to a bowl this season. The Hurricanes made the announcement on Sunday, one day after winning their sixth game of the season and theoretically becoming bowl-eligible. Miami says it has informed the NCAA of the decision. The NCAA is still investigating Miami over claims that a former booster provided 72 players and recruits with extra benefits from 2002 through 2010.



College Basketball

Miami says it won’t bowl


Tennessee v. Duke 4:30 p.m. Paradise Jam cons. 5 p.m. Notre Dame v. Missouri 6:30 p.m. Paradise Jam champ. 7:30 p.m. California v. Georgia 8:30 p.m. Chaminade v. UCLA 8:30 p.m. Georgetown v. Kansas 11 p.m.

Arkansas backup TE dies

LSU, Alabama 1-2 in BCS

No. 16 Alabama 65, Purdue 56 SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO — Trevor Releford scored 20 points, and Alabama won the Puerto Rico Tip-Off title while improving to 5-0 for the first time since 2006.

No. 25 Florida State 80, South Alabama 39 TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — Luke Loucks scored 18 points, and Terrance Shannon had 13 of his 15 in the first half to pace Florida State.

“Are you kidding me?� Stewart asked in Victory Lane in a pouring rain. “We said all week we’d just go out and win the race and didn’t have to worry about what (Edwards) did. If this doesn’t go down as one of the greatest championship battles in history, I don’t know what will.� Edwards, who had a 4.9 average finish over the 10 Chase races, was disappointed but held his head high after the race. “This night is about Tony Stewart. Those guys rose to the occasion, and they beat us fair and square,� Edwards said. “That is all I had. We came here and sat on the pole, led the most laps and Tony still managed. That’s it. That’s all I got at the end. That’s as hard as I can drive.�



Cable 34, 234 34, 234 33, 233 35, 235 36, 236 144 33, 233 34, 234 143, 243 Cable 34, 234



Real Madrid v. D. Zagreb 1:30 p.m.


36, 236





38, 238


Los Angeles v. St. Louis 6:30 p.m.

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Purdue ................................7 ................................INDIANA Illinois ................................10 ........................MINNESOTA Georgia............................ 51â „2.................GEORGIA TECH Vanderbilt .........................1..................... WAKE FOREST SOUTH CAROLINA..........31â „2.............................Clemson N.C. STATE ........................13 ............................ Maryland NORTH CAROLINA ..........12 .....................................Duke Tennessee .........................9 ...........................KENTUCKY BOISE ST............................32.............................Wyoming UTAH ST ...........................11â „2 ...............................Nevada SMU .....................................14 .......................................Rice Alabama ............................22 .............................. AUBURN OREGON ............................ 28...........................Oregon St Virginia Tech ................. 51â „2.............................VIRGINIA WISCONSIN .......................15 ................................Penn St y-Baylor ...................12................ Texas Tech Florida St .........................21â „2............................. FLORIDA East Carolina....................2 ...........................MARSHALL LOUISIANA TECH.............19 ..................New Mexico St SOUTHERN MISS ............ 36.............................Memphis Air Force .........................151â „2 ................. COLORADO ST z-Washington ...................9 ...................Washington St MISSISSIPPI ST ................18 ..........................Mississippi STANFORD ...................... 61â „2......................Notre Dame FRESNO ST.........................6 ........................ San Jose St OKLAHOMA ............271â „2 ................... Iowa St San Diego St....................14 .................................... UNLV USC......................................15 .......................................Ucla HAWAII ...............................18 ..................................Tulane WESTERN KENTUCKY .....7 .......................................Troy ARIZONA .......................... 91â „2....................UL-Lafayette Florida Intl.........................9 ............... MIDDLE TENN ST Uab.......................................6 ...........FLORIDA ATLANTIC x-at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO. y-at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. z-at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA. COLLEGE BASKETBALL Favorite ................Points ...............Underdog BOSTON COLLEGE ...........1...................Massachusetts a-Florida............................21 .............................Wright St INDIANA ST ..................... 81â „2...............Wisc Green Bay MISSISSIPPI ST ................21 .........................UL-Monroe PEPPERDINE ......................5 ..............Central Michigan Paradise Jam Sports Fitness Center-St. Thomas, V.I. Final Round Drexel............................... 81â „2............................Winthrop Virginia ...............................8 .................................... Drake Maui Invitational Lahaina Civic Center-Maui, HI. First Round Memphis ............................4 ..............................Michigan

Duke ....................................11...........................Tennessee Ucla.....................................14 .........................Chaminade Kansas ......................5 ...............Georgetown CBE Bowling Green Subregional Stroh Center-Bowling Green, OH. First Round Detroit ................................5 .........George Washington BOWLING GREEN ..............3 ........................Austin Peay CBE Macon Subregional University Center-Macon, GA. First Round South Dakota St........... 91â „2.............................. Niagara MERCER .............................10 ...............Sam Houston St Ticket City Legends Classic Izod Center-East Rutherford, NJ. Final Round Texas ......................21â „2 .... North Carolina St Vanderbilt .........................8 ............................Oregon St CBE Championship Sprint Center-Kansas City, MO. Semifinals Missouri ..................31â „2 ............. Notre Dame California ........................ 51â „2.............................. Georgia NIT Tip-Off Consolation Patriot Center-Fairfax, VA. Opening Round Albany, NY .........................7 .......................... Monmouth GEORGE MASON ..............16 .................................. Brown NIT Tip-Off Consolation MaBee Center-Tulsa, OK. Opening Round Florida Intl.......................71â „2.................. Ark Pine Bluff ORAL ROBERTS ................11....................................... Smu NIT Tip-Off Consolation Moby Arena-Ft. Collins, CO. Opening Round Fresno St ...........................4 .......................... Manhattan COLORADO ST...................5 ...............Tex San Antonio Added Games St. Bonaventure ..............5 .................................... SIENA a-at Tampa, FL. NHL Favorite ................ Goals ................Underdog PHILADELPHIA ............... 1â „2-1............................. Carolina PITTSBURGH................... 1â „2-1.....................NY Islanders WASHINGTON .............Even-1â „2 .........................Phoenix Calgary ........................Even-1â „2 ...................COLUMBUS Boston .........................Even-1â „2 ....................MONTREAL FLORIDA.......................Even-1â „2 ..................New Jersey DALLAS ........................Even-1â „2 .................... Edmonton Home Team in CAPS (c) 2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

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TODAY IN SPORTS 1953 — Notre Dame ties Iowa 14-14 by faking injuries in both halves. With 2 seconds to go in the first half, a Notre Dame player stops the clock by faking an injury and the Irish score on the next play. With 6 seconds left in the game and Notre Dame out of timeouts, two players fake injuries and the Irish score on the last play to tie the game. 1981 — Brigham Young’s Jim McMahon passes for 552 yards in a 56-28 victory over Utah. Gordon Hudson sets the NCAA record for yards gained by a tight end with 259. 1982 — The NFL resumes play after seven weeks of the season were canceled when the NFL Players Association went on strike Sept. 23. 2009 — Colt McCoy passes for 396 yards and four touchdowns, earning his NCAA record 43rd career victory as a starter in a 51-20 win over Kansas University.





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Monday, November 21, 2011

| 3B

Kansas football KU women Prep confirms pledge rebounding again NOTEBOOK


Georgetown vs. Kansas

By Gary Bedore

LAHAINA, HAWAII — The commitment of Seattle combo guard Anrio Adams, which was reported in Sunday’s Journal-World, is now official. Adams, a 6-foot-3, 185-pound senior from Rainier Beach High, told Rivals. com on Sunday he’d spoken to Kansas University coach Bill Self, who Adams said, “is very excited I’ve decided to attend Kansas.” Adams, who will take the SAT test in early December, will sign with KU in April. Adams, who has attended three high schools, started at Seattle’s Franklin High, then moved over to Seattle’s Garfield High a year ago. He planned to transfer to St. Patrick High in New Jersey for his senior year, but changed his mind and now is at Rainier, the alma mater of former KU guard Rodrick Stewart. Currently unranked, he chose KU over Washington, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville. “I’m cleared and eligible to play this season at Rainier Beach," he told “I’m eligible to play this year and I'm looking forward to the season. I’m doing my SAT and ACT stuff right now, so as far as being ready and getting prepped for college, I should be ready for next year. I decided to commit to Kansas now so I can focus on school and basketball. I'm the type of player that can do everything on the basketball court.”

KANSAS (1-1) F — Thomas Robinson (6-10) F — Travis Releford (6-6) C — Jeff Withey (7-0) G — Tyshawn Taylor (6-3) G — Elijah Johnson (6-4)

Tipoff: 11 p.m Central time today, Lahaina Civic Center. TV: ESPN2 (Knology Cable channel 34, 234).

Rosters KANSAS 0 — Thomas Robinson, 6-10, 237, Jr., F, Washington, D.C. 1 — Naadir Tharpe, 5-11, 170, Fr., G, Worcester, Mass. 2 — Conner Teahan, 6-6, 212, Sr., G, Leawood. 4 — Justin Wesley, 6-9, 220, Soph., F, Fort Worth, Texas. 5 — Jeff Withey, 7-0, 235, Jr., C, San Diego. 10 — Tyshawn Taylor, 6-3, 185, Sr., G, Hoboken, N.J. 15 — Elijah Johnson, 6-4, 193, Jr., G, Las Vegas. 20 — Niko Roberts, 5-11, 175, Soph., G, Huntington, N.Y. 21 — Christian Garrett, 6-3, 170, Fr., G, Los Angeles. 22 — Merv Lindsay, 6-7, 195, Fr., G, Moreno Valley, Calif. 23 — Ben McLemore, 6-5, 185, Fr., G, St. Louis. 24 — Travis Releford, 6-6, 207, Jr., G, Kansas City, Mo. 25 — Jordan Juenemann, 6-3, 195, Sr., G, Hays. 31 — Jamari Traylor, 6-8, 215, Fr., F, Chicago. 40 — Kevin Young, 6-8, 185, Jr., F, Perris, Calif. 50 — Anthony West, 6-6, Soph., F, Overland Park. Head coach: Bill Self. Assistants: Joe Dooley, Danny Manning, Kurtis Townsend.

GEORGETOWN 0 — Tyler Adams, 6-9, 275, Fr., C, Brandon, Miss. 1 — Hollis Thompson, 6-8, 212, Jr., F, Los Angeles. 2 — Greg Whittington, 6-8, 212, Fr., F, Columbia, Md. 3 — Mikael Hopkins, 6-9, 223, Fr., F, Hyattsville, Md. 5 — Markel Starks, 6-2, 175, Soph., G, Accokeek, Md. 14 — Henry Sims, 6-10, 245, Sr., C, Baltimore. 21 — Jason Clark, 6-2, 180, Sr., G, Arlington, Va. 22 — Otto Porter, 6-8, 205, Fr., F, Sikeston, Mo. 23 — Aaron Bowen, 6-6, 205, Fr., F, Jacksonville, Fla. 25 — John Caprio, 6-6, 220, Soph., G, North Caldwell, N.J. 32 — Moses Ayegba, 6-9, 250, Soph., C, Kano, Nigeria. 34 — Nate Lubick, 6-8, 235, Soph., F, Southboro, Mass. 55 — Jabril Trawick, 6-5, 208, Fr., G, Jenkintown, Pa. Head coach: John Thompson III. Assistants: Kenya Hunter, Mike Brennan, Robert Kirby.


What a schedule: KU senior point guard Tyshawn Taylor was thrilled to play Kentucky in Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. Now he gets to play Georgetown today in the Maui Invite. “It’s one of the best tournaments ever, a legendary tournament,” Taylor said. “I’m

Probable Starters GEORGETOWN (2-0) F — Hollis Thompson (6-8) F — Nate Lubick (6-8) C — Henry Sims (6-10) G — Markel Starks (6-2) G — Jason Clark (6-2)

excited I get to play in it my last year of college.” KU could play Georgetown, UCLA and Duke in this tourney. “We are Kansas, man,” Taylor said. “That’s what we

By Matt Tait

signed up for when we want to come here.” !

Finding Nemo: KU’s Jeff Withey and Conner Teahan went snorkeling Sunday and reported they saw sea turtles.

championship round

november 21-23, 2011 | lahaina civic center | maui, hi All games Hawaiian time. (Eastern time in parentheses.) Game times subject to change. Home team is bottom half of bracket. Chaminade is always the home team.

Say what you will about Kansas University football coach Turner Gill’s two seasons at KU, but it’s hard to dispute that Gill has become highly skilled at putting blowout losses in the past and moving on to the next game. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. In 23 games as the head coach at Kansas, Gill has had 18 opportunities to show his resolve after a loss. Though some setbacks have been tougher than others to move on from — 10 of KU’s 18 losses during the past two seasons have come by 30 or more points — Gill, without fail, has emerged from the locker room following each loss with the same message. “The question, as we all know, is how do you handle adversity?” Gill said again on Saturday after KU’s 61-7 loss at Texas A&M. “We’ve had some ups and downs during the season, and now we have an opportunity to see how we handle this. Our guys will continue to go to work, our coaches and our players.” Few bounce-back opportunities have set up as well as the one that lies ahead for the Jayhawks, who will play archrival Missouri at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in the season finale at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. In addition to being an intense rivalry game played in an NFL stadium, this year’s match-up could be the last ever in the bad-blood history of the Border War. With Mizzou leaving the Big 12 for the SEC in the near future, at least a portion of the Jayhawks’ focus this week will be on handing the Tigers a loss in what’s likely to be their last Big 12 Conference game. “Since we’re not going to a bowl game, I guess we’ll go in and look at this as being our bowl game,” KU junior cor-

nerback Greg Brown said of the match-up with Mizzou. “We’re not gonna be playing them again, and we haven’t won against them the last few times. But going out there against them this time and getting this win would definitely be big for our team.” Added Gill of potentially playing the Tigers for the last time: “I think it is what it is. Our guys know about it. I’m not going to have to mention it every single day or anything of that nature. But we all know what the significance of it is, and we’ll be ready to play.” Gill, who could be coaching his final game at KU this weekend, said he thought his team still was fighting. “Frustration,” he said. “But nobody has quit.” Not all of the Jayhawks were so sure. Senior co-captain Steven Johnson, who will be playing the final game of his Kansas career when the Jayhawks (2-9 overall, 0-8 Big 12) take on Missouri (6-5, 4-4), only could speak for himself when asked if he thought his teammates had quit on the season. “I don’t know. I hope not,” he said. “They’ve all been given an opportunity to play Div. I football, and if an individual is given an opportunity to play Div. I football, they have pride and self-awareness about what’s going on and things like that. … We’ve got one game left and we’re trying to make the best of it.”

Patmon to play Gill said Sunday night that sophomore cornerback Tyler Patmon, who missed the A&M game to serve a onegame suspension for violating team rules, would play against the Tigers. In addition, seniors Jeremiah Hatch (center) and Tim Biere (tight end) both were listed as questionable. Hatch started at A&M but came out late in the second quarter. Biere went through warm-ups but did not play in the loss to the Aggies.

Wake cut the margin to 3332 at halftime. The Jayhawks, who hit all 13 of their free-throw tries in the first half, jumped to an eight-point lead to start the second half, scoring seven unanswered points — all by Davis — in less than a minute. KU scored another 10 unanswered points, capped by a three-pointer by Jackson to put the Jayhawks ahead by 16, 56-40, with 12:58 left. But again the Demon Deacons rallied and led with 25 seconds left before Mays won it for KU. The Jayhawks won despite 28 turnovers. Kansas will host its BTI Tip-Off Classic this weekend. KU will host Lamar at 7 p.m. Friday, IUPUI at 4 p.m. Saturday and FAU at 1:30 p.m. Sunday.


MIN FG FT REB PF TP m-a m-a o-t A. Sutherland 35 5-9 1-2 1-6 2 11 Carolyn Davis 26 8-10 5-7 1-5 3 21 Angel Goodrich 36 4-8 2-2 1-6 3 10 Monica Engelman 36 1-7 5-6 0-4 3 7 Natlie Knight 23 1-2 0-0 1-2 2 2 Keena Mays 24 3-11 2-3 1-2 2 8 Tania Jackson 19 6-7 2-2 3-9 0 15 Donielle Breaux 1 0-1 0-0 0-1 2 0 team 3-5 Totals 28-55 17-22 11-40 17 74 Three-point goals: 1-9 (Jackson 1-1, Engelman 0-1, Knight 0-1, Goodrich 0-2, Mays 0-4). Assists: 13 (Goodrich 6, Engelman 3, Sutherland 2, Knight 2). Turnovers: 28 (Goodrich 7, Engelman 6, Mays 4, Sutherland 3, Davis 3, Knight 3, Breaux 2). Blocked shots: 9 (Jackson 4, Davis 3, Sutherland, Goodrich). Steals: 12 (Goodrich 7, Knight 3, Sutherland, Engelman). WAKE FORES (73) MIN FG FT REB PF TP m-a m-a o-t Mykala Walker 30 2-7 0-0 1-2 4 4 Secily Ray 20 4-13 8-12 4-7 1 16 Sandra Garcia 18 3-6 0-0 2-2 3 6 Brooke Thomas 19 2-4 2-4 0-4 2 6 Lakevia Boykin 25 7-17 0-0 1-2 1 15 Asia Williams 27 4-9 0-0 1-5 2 9 Chelsea Douglas 22 3-11 2-2 2-4 2 8 Lindsy Wright 21 4-6 1-4 3-5 3 9 Camille Collier 14 0-1 0-0 0-0 0 0 Dearica Hamby 4 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 Lauryn Webster 1 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 team 6-7 Totals 29-74 13-22 20-38 18 73 Three-point goals: 2-7 (Williams 1-1, Boykin 1-4, Thomas 0-1, Douglas 0-1). Assists: 16 (Thomas 5, Walker 4, Williams 3, Douglas 2, Boykin, Hamby). Turnovers: 17 (Boykin 5, Douglas 4, Ray 2, Thomas 2, Williams 2, Walker, Hamby). Blocked shots: 5 (Ray 2, Walker, Garcia, Wright). Steals: 21 (Wright 5, Williams 5, Thomas 4, Walker 2, Boykin 2, Douglas 2, Ray). Kansas 33 41 — 74 Wake Fores 32 41 — 73 Officials: Mark Zetnz, Bruce Morris, Dawn Marsh. Attendance: 452.

MICHIGAN Game 1 November 21 10am (3pm) Game 5 November 22 9am (2pm)

5th Place

Game 10 November 23 12pm (5pm)

Game 2 November 21 12:30pm (5:30pm)

Game 7 November 22 2pm (7pm)

Game 12 November 23 5pm (10pm)


6th Place Game 6 November 22 11:30am (4:30pm)

7th Place


Game 9 November 23 9:30 am (2:30 pm)

Game 3 November 21 4:30pm (9:30pm)


2nd Place Game 8 November 22 4:30pm (9:30pm)

CHAMINADE GEORGETOWN Game 4 November 21 7pm (midnight)

Game 11 November 23 2:30pm (7:30pm)


8th Place

3rd Place

4th Place




big guard we’ll play against. Hollis (Thompson, 6-8 junior, 16 ppg) is 7-for-9 from three this year. They can really shoot it. “They run the variation of the Princeton offense. They get baskets off back-cutting. We have to do a good job of eliminating layups and eliminating threes, which


Krzyzewski has won four national titles, putting him in a tie for second with former Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp, six behind UCLA’s John Wooden. “Call it like it is,” KU coach Bill Self said of Krzyzewski. “He’s won more games than anybody. He’s the pillar of our profession. He’s the best our spot has ever had to offer, but he’s also had some really good players. And you don’t come over here against the quality of competition four times and go 12-0, and of course he’ll be the odds-onfavorite again this year to win it (without good players). But I don’t think you come over here to feel like you have to do something. I think you

has always been a strategy of ours. We face a big challenge against somebody like that,” Self added. Senior center Henry Sims averages 13.5 points, 6.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game. He has made 11 of 14 shots for 78.6 percent. Sophomore guard Markel Starks is 4-for-8 from three-point range and averages 9.5 points per game. Other GU regulars include four freshmen: forward Otto Porter (7.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg and a team-high four blocked shots), forward Greg

Whittington (5.5 ppg, 3.5 rpg), guard Jabril Trawick (5.5 ppg, 2.5 rpg) and forward Mikael Hopkins (5.0 ppg, 4.5 rpg). “It’s a little bit different going in. We don’t have a lot of tape,” Self said of teams in the field. “Duke’s played the most games so far, three. I’m not even worried about the other half of the bracket because we have two games to scout them in person. I’m concerned about Georgetown and the next day the short turnaround. That’s what I’m concerned with.”

come over here trying to figure out where your team is and to get better.” Duke is the favorite to get Wednesday night’s title game from the top of the bracket, Kansas from the bottom of the bracket. Krzyzewski sounded a similar sentiment to Self and the rest of the coaches in talking about what they hope to get out of the tournament. “We have a younger team and we’re still learning about ourselves, and this tournament, hopefully, will help us in our progress to being a really good team,” Krzyzewski said. Said UCLA coach Ben Howland: “There’s so much talent here. There are so many good players from each of these teams. This is always the best tournament in the country this time of year and the competition is fierce.” Before Self or his players can afford to concern them-

selves with Duke, they must defeat Georgetown tonight. If they succeed, they then face the winner of the UCLAChaminade game. “Games in November are important, but they pale in comparison to games in January and February,” Self said. “We don’t know who our team is. I told my guys our goal this week is to become a team. And you always have to go through some crap to become a team. It’s probably too early in the season to do that, but we can take a big step.” Or in some cases, a big stumble. “We came out here six years ago with the team that won the national championship two years later and couldn’t get the ball past halfcourt and finished seventh,” Self said, “but we learned a lot and found out about ourselves.”


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Monday, November 21, 2011



No-huddle Pats to test K.C. FOXBOROUGH, MASS. (AP) — The New England Patriots no-huddle offense gives the defense no time to take a break. So the Kansas City Chiefs better get plenty of rest before tonight’s game. “Anyone that is 300 pounds and has to run play after play and doesn’t get a break is going to get tired,” Patriots left guard Logan Mankins said. New England has operated without a huddle on about 25 percent of its plays this season. The ball isn’t always snapped quickly since Tom Brady takes time to read the defense and get signals from offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. But the defense has

little time to make substitutions, leaving it with tired players or the wrong ones for the expected play. In the Patriots last game, a 37-16 win over the New York Jets, they led 16-9 when they got the ball with 7:36 left in the third quarter. They ran six straight plays without a huddle, gaining 37 yards, before Brady, in the shotgun formation after huddling, threw a 5-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski. On their next possession, they picked up 38 yards on six consecutive plays without a huddle, moving the ball to the Jets 27-yard line. They huddled for the remaining four plays of the drive, finish-

ing with Brady’s 8-yard scoring pass to Deion Branch for a 30-16 lead. Brady completed all three of his passes without a huddle for a total of 39 yards against the Jets. That win gave the Patriots (6-3) sole possession of first place in the AFC East with an easy schedule remaining. The Chiefs (4-5) are coming off a 17-10 loss to the Denver Broncos but are just one game behind AFC West leader Oakland. The decision to run a play without a huddle depends on the game situation, not a pregame strategy. “It’s not something you would come into the game

Ravens 31, Bengals 24 BALTIMORE — Joe Flacco threw for 270 yards and two touchdowns, and Baltimore squeezed by Cincinnati to move into first place in the AFC North. Cincinnati 7 0 7 10—24 Baltimore 0 14 10 7—31 First Quarter Cin-Benson 7 run (Nugent kick), 8:17. Second Quarter Bal-Boldin 35 pass from Flacco (Cundiff kick), 11:17. Bal-Rice 1 run (Cundiff kick), 8:33. Third Quarter Bal-FG Cundiff 22, 10:50. Cin-Benson 3 run (Nugent kick), 6:51. Bal-Rice 2 run (Cundiff kick), :36. Fourth Quarter Bal-T.Smith 38 pass from Flacco (Cundiff kick), 14:02. Cin-Caldwell 49 pass from Dalton (Nugent kick), 10:59. Cin-FG Nugent 27, 5:32. A-71,320. Cin Bal First downs 23 13 Total Net Yards 483 373 Rushes-yards 30-119 28-105 Passing 364 268 Punt Returns 4-24 3-6 Kickoff Returns 0-0 1-26 Interceptions Ret. 1-7 3-20 Comp-Att-Int 24-46-3 17-27-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 2-9 1-2 Punts 7-38.6 8-48.9 Fumbles-Lost 1-0 3-0 Penalties-Yards 6-43 6-69 Time of Possession 32:53 27:07 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Cincinnati, Benson 15-41, Scott 9-40, Dalton 4-32, Leonard 2-6. Baltimore, Rice 20-104, R.Williams 5-3, Flacco 3-(minus 2). PASSING-Cincinnati, Dalton 24-45-3-373, Scott 0-1-0-0. Baltimore, Flacco 17-27-1-270. RECEIVING-Cincinnati, Simpson 8-152, Leonard 5-57, Hawkins 4-47, Caldwell 3-63, Gresham 3-48, Cochart 1-6. Baltimore, T.Smith 6-165, Rice 5-43, Dickson 2-21, Leach 2-1, Boldin 1-35, R.Williams 1-5.

INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Dallas, Murray 25-73, Jones 5-18, Romo 2-(minus 2). Washington, Helu 8-35, Grossman 3-10, Choice 6-7, Armstrong 1-5, Torain 5-4, Stallworth 1-(minus 1). PASSING-Dallas, Romo 23-37-0-292. Washington, Grossman 25-38-1-289. RECEIVING-Dallas, Murray 6-32, Robinson 4-34, Witten 3-85, Bryant 3-68, Bennett 3-31, Holley 1-17, Ogletree 1-12, Phillips 1-9, Jones 1-4. Washington, Gaffney 7-115, Davis 6-49, Stallworth 4-51, Paulsen 2-17, Helu 2-3, Young 1-27, Anderson 1-23, Choice 1-2, Torain 1-2.

INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Oakland, Bush 30-109, Reece 6-45, Palmer 3-5, T.Jones 2-3. Minnesota, Ponder 5-71, Peterson 6-26, Harvin 5-21, Gerhart 7-18, Kluwe 1-(minus 12). PASSING-Oakland, Palmer 17-23-0-164. Minnesota, Ponder 19-33-3-211. RECEIVING-Oakland, Boss 5-37, HeywardBey 4-43, Myers 2-23, Bush 2-20, Reece 2-16, Moore 1-14, Schilens 1-11. Minnesota, Harvin 6-73, Jenkins 4-30, Rudolph 3-7, Shiancoe 2-42, Aromashodu 1-42, Gerhart 1-7, D’Imperio 1-6, Camarillo 1-4.

Falcons 23, Titans 17 ATLANTA — Roddy White Browns 14, Jaguars 10 Dolphins 35, Bills 8 CLEVELAND — Jacksonville had seven receptions for a MIAMI — Miami set up two rookie quarterback Blaine season-high 147 yards. touchdowns with intercepGabbert’s pass into the end Tennessee 0 3 7 7—17 tions. Atlanta 7 6 10 0—23 zone on the game’s final play First Quarter Buffalo 3 3 0 2— 8 was incomplete. Atl-Gonzalez 17 pass from Ryan (Bryant

kick), 10:41. Second Quarter Atl-FG Bryant 19, 14:08. Atl-FG Bryant 33, 7:18. Ten-FG Bironas 46, :02. Third Quarter Atl-Turner 4 run (Bryant kick), 11:56. Atl-FG Bryant 24, 3:07. Ten-Washington 40 pass from Locker (Bironas kick), 2:00. Fourth Quarter Ten-Washington 4 pass from Locker (Bironas kick), 3:06. A-68,164. Ten Atl First downs 17 25 Total Net Yards 298 432 Rushes-yards 14-41 36-116 Passing 257 316 Punt Returns 1-(-1) 2-27 Kickoff Returns 5-139 0-0 Interceptions Ret. 0-0 1-14 Comp-Att-Int 22-44-1 22-32-0 Sacked-Yards Lost 1-7 0-0 Punts 5-45.0 2-33.0 Fumbles-Lost 0-0 1-1 Penalties-Yards 10-86 5-55 Time of Possession 23:01 36:59 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Tennessee, Hasselbeck 1-17, Johnson 12-13, Locker 1-11. Atlanta, Turner 21-100, Snelling 7-11, Ryan 6-3, Rodgers 2-2. PASSING-Tennessee, Locker 9-19-0-140, Hasselbeck 13-25-1-124. Atlanta, Ryan 22-32-0-316. RECEIVING-Tennessee, Washington 9-115, Cook 5-51, Ringer 3-35, Johnson 3-15, L.Hawkins 1-32, Williams 1-16. Atlanta, White 7-147, Gonzalez 5-74, Douglas 4-51, Weems 3-20, Palmer 1-11, Turner 1-9, Snelling 1-4.

Jacksonville 0 7 0 3—10 Cleveland 0 7 0 7—14 Second Quarter Jac-Jones-Drew 6 run (Scobee kick), 10:50. Cle-Ogbonnaya 1 run (Dawson kick), 3:21. Fourth Quarter Cle-Cribbs 3 pass from McCoy (Dawson kick), 12:15. Jac-FG Scobee 42, 5:39. A-63,498. Jac Cle First downs 23 20 Total Net Yards 303 334 Rushes-yards 29-108 28-148 Passing 195 186 Punt Returns 1-11 1-0 Kickoff Returns 1-17 2-63 Interceptions Ret. 1-28 0-0 Comp-Att-Int 22-41-0 17-24-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 1-15 2-13 Punts 5-40.6 3-36.0 Fumbles-Lost 1-0 0-0 Penalties-Yards 9-81 9-70 Time of Possession 30:53 29:07 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Jacksonville, Jones-Drew 21-87, Gabbert 2-10, Owens 2-10, Karim 4-1. Cleveland, Ogbonnaya 21-115, McCoy 5-27, Clayton 1-4, Cribbs 1-2. PASSING-Jacksonville, Gabbert 22-41-0210. Cleveland, McCoy 17-24-1-199. RECEIVING-Jacksonville, Lewis 7-64, Jones-Drew 4-31, Hill 3-49, Dillard 3-29, Thomas 3-23, West 2-14. Cleveland, Little 5-59, Cribbs 3-20, Massaquoi 2-19, Ogbonnaya 2-19, Watson 2-18, Marecic 2-13, Norwood 1-51.

Miami 14 14 7 0—35 First Quarter Buf-FG Rayner 30, 10:13. Mia-Fasano 1 pass from Mat.Moore (Graham kick), 3:28. Mia-Bush 5 run (Graham kick), :58. Second Quarter Mia-Clay 12 pass from Mat.Moore (Graham kick), 12:45. Mia-Bess 4 pass from Mat.Moore (Graham kick), 1:36. Buf-FG Rayner 56, :00. Third Quarter Mia-Hilliard blocked punt recovery in end zone (Graham kick), 10:08. Fourth Quarter Buf-Sheppard safety, 13:25. A-57,531. Buf Mia First downs 14 16 Total Net Yards 247 242 Rushes-yards 19-41 35-95 Passing 206 147 Punt Returns 4-60 6-53 Kickoff Returns 7-141 1-18 Interceptions Ret. 0-0 2-20 Comp-Att-Int 21-44-2 14-20-0 Sacked-Yards Lost 2-9 1-13 Punts 7-42.1 7-48.1 Fumbles-Lost 4-0 1-0 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Buffalo, Jackson 7-17, Fitzpatrick 7-16, J.White 2-6, Spiller 3-2. Miami, Thomas 15-50, Bush 15-32, Hartline 1-9, Mat.Moore 3-2, Hilliard 1-2. PASSING-Buffalo, Fitzpatrick 20-39-2-209, Thigpen 1-5-0-6. Miami, Mat.Moore 14-200-160. RECEIVING-Buffalo, Chandler 5-71, Jackson 5-50, B.Smith 3-35, Roosevelt 2-28, Spiller 2-18, St.Johnson 2-16, Nelson 1-0, J.White 1-(minus 3). Miami, Clay 4-69, Bush 4-34, Bess 2-25, Fasano 2-8, Hartline 1-19, Marshall 1-5.

49ers 23, Cardinals 7 Packers 35, Buccaneers 26 SAN FRANCISCO — Alex GREEN BAY, WIS. — Aaron Smith threw for 267 yards Eagles 17, Giants 10 Rodgers threw three touchand two touchdowns. EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — down passes. Arizona 0 0 0 7— 7 Vince Young threw an eight- Tampa Bay 0 10 3 13—26 San Francisco 6 3 14 0—23 7 14 0 14—35 Lions 49, Panthers 35 yard touchdown pass to Ri- Green Bay First Quarter First Quarter SF-FG Akers 22, 3:10. DETROIT — Matthew Stafley Cooper with 2:45 to play. GB_Raji 1 run (Crosby kick), 2:51. SF-FG Akers 43, 2:06. Second Quarter ford’s fifth touchdown pass Second Quarter Philadelphia 0 10 0 7—17 GB_Crabtree 5 pass from Rodgers of the game completed anSF-FG Akers 29, :56. N.Y. Giants 0 3 0 7—10 (Crosby kick), 13:44. Third Quarter Second Quarter TB_Blount 54 run (Barth kick), 12:46. other big rally. SF-K.Williams 8 pass from Ale.Smith Phi-FG Henery 33, 11:31.

(Akers kick), 7:12. SF-V.Davis 18 pass from Ale.Smith (Akers kick), 4:14. Fourth Quarter Ari-Fitzgerald 23 pass from Bartel (Feely kick), 8:38. A-69,732. Ari SF First downs 11 25 Total Net Yards 229 431 Rushes-yards 11-80 49-164 Passing 149 267 Punt Returns 2-22 4-16 Kickoff Returns 3-74 2-42 Interceptions Ret. 1-0 3-60 Comp-Att-Int 14-35-3 20-38-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 2-14 0-0 Punts 6-46.5 3-45.3 Fumbles-Lost 3-2 0-0 Penalties-Yards 6-75 7-87 Time of Possession 15:44 44:16 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Arizona, Taylor 1-34, Wells 8-33, Bartel 1-9, Stephens-Howling 1-4. San Francisco, Gore 24-88, Dixon 7-32, Hunter 11-27, Ale.Smith 7-17. PASSING-Arizona, Skelton 6-19-3-99, Bartel 8-16-0-64. San Francisco, Ale.Smith 20-38-1-267. RECEIVING-Arizona, Doucet 6-50, Roberts 3-51, Fitzgerald 3-41, Maui’a 1-12, Sampson 1-9. San Francisco, Crabtree 7-120, V.Davis 5-67, K.Williams 5-54, Hunter 1-15, Gore 1-6, Miller 1-5.

Phi-Smith 14 pass from Young (Henery kick), 1:22. NYG-FG Tynes 48, :00. Fourth Quarter NYG-Cruz 24 pass from Manning (Tynes kick), 11:36. Phi-Cooper 8 pass from Young (Henery kick), 2:45. A-79,743. Phi NYG First downs 17 12 Total Net Yards 391 278 Rushes-yards 33-136 17-29 Passing 255 249 Punt Returns 4-63 0-0 Kickoff Returns 1-26 3-61 Interceptions Ret. 1-14 3-6 Comp-Att-Int 23-36-3 18-35-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 1-3 3-15 Punts 6-43.5 9-51.4 Fumbles-Lost 0-0 1-1 Penalties-Yards 5-30 5-39 Time of Possession 36:18 23:42 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-Philadelphia, McCoy 23-113, Hall 2-11, Brown 1-6, Young 6-5, Lewis 1-1. N.Y. Giants, Jacobs 12-21, Scott 2-11, Ware 3-(minus 3). PASSING-Philadelphia, Young 23-36-3-258. N.Y. Giants, Manning 18-35-1-264. RECEIVING-Philadelphia, D.Jackson 6-88, Celek 6-60, Cooper 5-75, McCoy 3-2, Smith 1-14, Avant 1-13, Harbor 1-6. N.Y. Giants, Cruz 6-128, Nicks 3-69, Jacobs 3-11, Ware 2-17, Ballard 1-13, Barden 1-13, Scott 1-9, Manningham 1-4.

TB_FG Barth 23, 3:52. GB_Nelson 5 pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick), 1:58. Third Quarter TB_FG Barth 32, 4:53. Fourth Quarter TB_Williams 9 pass from Freeman (pass failed), 13:07. GB_Kuhn 2 run (Crosby kick), 7:42. TB_Briscoe 2 pass from Freeman (Barth kick), 4:25. GB_Nelson 40 pass from Rodgers (Crosby kick), 2:55. A_70,498. TB GB First downs 22 24 Total Net Yards 455 378 Rushes-yards 20-121 23-91 Passing 334 287 Punt Returns 1-16 2-69 Kickoff Returns 6-152 3-51 Interceptions Ret. 1-7 2-28 Comp-Att-Int 28-38-2 23-34-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 2-8 2-12 Punts 3-46.7 3-54.3 Fumbles-Lost 1-0 2-0 Penalties-Yards 9-55 5-37 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING_Tampa Bay, Blount 18-107, Benn 1-9, Freeman 1-5. Green Bay, Starks 11-38, Rodgers 5-28, Grant 4-16, Masthay 1-6, Kuhn 1-2, Raji 1-1. PASSING_Tampa Bay, Freeman 28-38-2342. Green Bay, Rodgers 23-34-1-299. RECEIVING_Tampa Bay, Winslow 9-132, Williams 7-83, Benn 5-75, Briscoe 2-7, Parker 1-20, Lorig 1-10, Lumpkin 1-8, Blount 1-6, Stocker 1-1. Green Bay, Nelson 6-123, Starks 6-53, Driver 4-72, G.Jennings 2-6, Crabtree 2-5, Finley 1-30, Cobb 1-11, Kuhn 1-(minus 1).

Bears 31, Chargers 20 Cowboys 27, Redskins 24 OT CHICAGO — Jay Cutler LANDOVER, MD. — Dan Baithrew for 286 yards and two ley kicked a 39-yard field goal touchdowns, and Chicago Raiders 27, Vikings 21 9:21 into overtime. won its fifth straight. MINNEAPOLIS — Carson Dallas 7 3 0 14 3 —27 Palmer threw for 164 yards Washington 0 14 3 7 0 —24 San Diego 3 7 7 3—20 and a touchdown. Chicago 3 14 14 0—31 First Quarter

First Quarter SD_FG Novak 28, 9:40. Chi_FG Gould 42, 5:01. Second Quarter Chi_Barber 1 run (Gould kick), 4:09. SD_Gates 8 pass from Rivers (Novak kick), 2:04. Chi_K.Davis 4 pass from Cutler (Gould kick), :20. Third Quarter SD_Jackson 5 pass from Rivers (Novak kick), 10:58. Chi_Cutler 1 run (Gould kick), 5:47. Chi_Knox 24 pass from Cutler (Gould kick), 4:53. Fourth Quarter SD_FG Novak 48, 14:55. A_62,344. SD Chi First downs 15 23 Total Net Yards 332 379 Rushes-yards 17-52 32-93 Passing 280 286 Punt Returns 0-0 2-59 Kickoff Returns 5-167 5-122 Interceptions Ret. 1-64 2-10 Comp-Att-Int 21-31-2 18-32-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 0-0 0-0 Punts 3-39.3 3-45.7 Fumbles-Lost 2-1 0-0 Penalties-Yards 3-20 6-61 Time of Possession 26:50 33:10

Dal-Bryant 22 pass from Romo (Bailey kick), 7:44. Second Quarter Dal-FG Bailey 37, 10:23. Was-Grossman 4 run (Gano kick), 3:59. Was-Gaffney 16 pass from Grossman (Gano kick), :14. Third Quarter Was-FG Gano 40, 11:40. Fourth Quarter Dal-Robinson 7 pass from Romo (Bailey kick), 14:43. Dal-Witten 59 pass from Romo (Bailey kick), 8:48. Was-Stallworth 4 pass from Grossman (Gano kick), :14. Overtime Dal-FG Bailey 39, 5:39. A-80,122. Dal Was First downs 20 18 Total Net Yards 353 336 Rushes-yards 32-89 24-60 Passing 264 276 Punt Returns 3-22 3-97 Kickoff Returns 3-56 4-93 Interceptions Ret. 1-0 0-0 Comp-Att-Int 23-37-0 25-38-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 4-28 3-13 Punts 7-40.9 5-48.6 Fumbles-Lost 1-0 2-1 Penalties-Yards 9-48 6-59 Time of Possession 36:01 33:20

Oakland 3 21 3 0—27 Minnesota 7 0 0 14—21 First Quarter Min-Peterson 12 run (Longwell kick), 5:17. Oak-FG Janikowski 29, :57. Second Quarter Oak-Schilens 11 pass from Palmer (Janikowski kick), 9:10. Oak-Bush 2 run (Janikowski kick), 1:20. Oak-Palmer 1 run (Janikowski kick), :08. Third Quarter Oak-FG Janikowski 26, :51. Fourth Quarter Min-Harvin 26 pass from Ponder (Longwell kick), 14:52. Min-Rudolph 1 pass from Ponder (Longwell kick), 5:08. A-62,748. Oak Min First downs 22 20 Total Net Yards 301 311 Rushes-yards 41-162 24-124 Passing 139 187 Punt Returns 2-34 5-38 Kickoff Returns 4-124 5-109 Interceptions Ret. 3-43 0-0 Comp-Att-Int 17-23-0 19-33-3 Sacked-Yards Lost 4-25 5-24 Punts 6-47.3 3-44.3 Fumbles-Lost 1-1 3-2 Penalties-Yards 12-117 9-50 Time of Possession 35:44 24:16

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PA 200 217 253 186 PA 166 195 180 300 PA 176 179 195 193

PA 254 .500 205 247 .444 141 218 .400 236 259

Flacco, Ravens lead North INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING_San Diego, Mathews 13-37, Tolbert 3-14, Hester 1-1. Chicago, Forte 21-59, Barber 6-23, Cutler 5-11. PASSING_San Diego, Rivers 21-31-2-280. Chicago, Cutler 18-31-1-286, Podlesh 0-1-0-0. RECEIVING_San Diego, Jackson 7-165, Tolbert 5-24, Gates 4-63, Mathews 2-14, Hester 2-6, V.Brown 1-8. Chicago, R.Williams 5-62, Forte 4-26, Knox 3-97, Bennett 3-75, Spaeth 1-13, Clutts 1-9, K.Davis 1-4.


and say, ‘we’re going to run MLS Playoffs this all game,’ “ Branch said. MLS CUP Sunday: Los Angeles 1, Houston 0 “You think about the Jets game. It just happened. It was during the course of a series and (the coaches) said, ‘Let’s NFL go.’ “ AMERICAN CONFERENCE For the offense, the pro- East W L T Pct PF cess is more organized than New England 6 3 0 .667 259 it might seem. N.Y. Jets 5 5 0 .500 228 5 5 0 .500 237 O’Brien is allowed to use Buffalo 3 7 0 .300 193 the sideline-to-helmet radio Miami South to talk to Brady until 15 secW L T Pct PF 7 3 0 .700 273 onds remain on the 40-sec- Houston Tennessee 5 5 0 .500 203 ond play clock. Jacksonville 3 7 0 .300 125 “The mechanics of just Indianapolis 0 10 0 .000 131 huddling basically on the North W L T Pct PF ball, which is really just Baltimore 7 3 0 .700 256 Pittsburgh 7 3 0 .700 220 what we’re doing, is fairly, I Cincinnati 6 4 0 .600 236 wouldn’t say easy, but there’s Cleveland 4 6 0 .400 145 West not a lot of mechanics to it,” W L T Pct PF O’Brien said. Oakland 6 4 0 .600 235


The Associated Press


Carolina 10 17 0 8—35 Detroit 0 14 14 21—49 First Quarter Car_FG Mare 27, 3:55. Car_Smith 15 pass from Newton (Mare kick), :35. Second Quarter Det_K.Smith 28 pass from Stafford (Hanson kick), 14:04. Car_Pilares 101 kickoff return (Mare kick), 13:50. Car_Newton 11 run (Mare kick), 9:32. Det_T.Young 3 pass from Stafford (Hanson kick), 2:57. Car_FG Mare 31, :00. Third Quarter Det_Burleson 16 pass from Stafford (Hanson kick), 10:28. Det_Scheffler 17 pass from Stafford (Hanson kick), 5:57. Fourth Quarter Det_K.Smith 4 run (Hanson kick), 8:02. Car_Newton 6 run (Smith pass from Newton), 4:59. Det_Pettigrew 7 pass from Stafford (Hanson kick), 2:32. Det_K.Smith 19 run (Hanson kick), 2:00. A_63,633. Car Det First downs 24 29 Total Net Yards 409 495 Rushes-yards 26-137 29-169 Passing 272 326 Punt Returns 2-25 2-25 Kickoff Returns 3-140 2-46 Interceptions Ret. 2-21 4-43 Comp-Att-Int 22-38-4 28-36-2 Sacked-Yards Lost 1-8 2-9 Punts 3-40.7 2-48.0 Fumbles-Lost 0-0 1-1 Penalties-Yards 7-70 8-56 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING_Carolina, D.Williams 10-73, Newton 7-37, Stewart 8-22, Smith 1-5. Detroit, K.Smith 16-140, Morris 7-29, Stafford 4-2, K.Williams 1-0, Logan 1-(minus 2). PASSING_Carolina, Newton 22-38-4-280. Detroit, Stafford 28-36-2-335. RECEIVING_Carolina, Stewart 6-87, Smith 5-41, LaFell 3-51, Naanee 3-41, Olsen 3-23, D.Williams 1-32, Brockel 1-5. Detroit, Burleson 7-63, Johnson 5-89, K.Smith 4-61, Pettigrew 4-37, R.Davis 2-27, Scheffler 2-24, T.Young 2-14, Heller 1-12, Morris 1-8.

Seahawks 24, Rams 7 ST. LOUIS — Sidney Rice caught a touchdown pass and drew a pass interference that led to a field goal for Seattle. Seattle 0 10 7 7—24 St. Louis 7 0 0 0— 7 First Quarter StL-Lloyd 30 pass from Bradford (Jo. Brown kick), 9:15. Second Quarter Sea-Rice 14 pass from Jackson (Hauschka kick), 8:36. Sea-FG Hauschka 19, :00. Third Quarter Sea-Lynch 3 run (Hauschka kick), 5:58. Fourth Quarter Sea-Forsett 22 run (Hauschka kick), 4:21. A-56,400.

Denver 5 5 0 Kansas City 4 5 0 San Diego 4 6 0 NATIONAL CONFERENCE East W L T Pct PF PA Dallas 6 4 0 .600 250 206 N.Y. Giants 6 4 0 .600 228 228 Philadelphia 4 6 0 .400 237 213 Washington 3 7 0 .300 160 205 South W L T Pct PF PA New Orleans 7 3 0 .700 313 228 Atlanta 6 4 0 .600 235 213 Tampa Bay 4 6 0 .400 182 268 Carolina 2 8 0 .200 225 286 North W L T Pct PF PA Green Bay 10 0 0 1.000 355 212 Detroit 7 3 0 .700 301 219 Chicago 7 3 0 .700 268 207 Minnesota 2 8 0 .200 200 271 West W L T Pct PF PA San Francisco 9 1 0 .900 256 145 Seattle 4 6 0 .400 168 209 Arizona 3 7 0 .300 190 236 St. Louis 2 8 0 .200 120 247 Sunday’s Games Green Bay 35, Tampa Bay 26 Oakland 27, Minnesota 21 Detroit 49, Carolina 35 Dallas 27, Washington 24, OT Cleveland 14, Jacksonville 10 Baltimore 31, Cincinnati 24 Miami 35, Buffalo 8 San Francisco 23, Arizona 7 Seattle 24, St. Louis 7 Chicago 31, San Diego 20 Atlanta 23, Tennessee 17 Philadelphia 17, N.Y. Giants 10 Open: Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh Today’s Game Kansas City at New England, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 24 Green Bay at Detroit, 11:30 a.m. Miami at Dallas, 3:15 p.m. San Francisco at Baltimore, 7:20 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 27 Arizona at St. Louis, noon Tampa Bay at Tennessee, noon Cleveland at Cincinnati, noon Buffalo at N.Y. Jets, noon Houston at Jacksonville, noon Carolina at Indianapolis, noon Minnesota at Atlanta, noon Chicago at Oakland, 3:05 p.m. Washington at Seattle, 3:05 p.m. Denver at San Diego, 3:15 p.m. New England at Philadelphia, 3:15 p.m. Pittsburgh at Kansas City, 7:20 p.m. Monday, Nov. 28 N.Y. Giants at New Orleans, 7:30 p.m.

AP Top 25

The Top 25 teams in The Associated Press college football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Nov. 19, total points based on 25 points for a firstplace vote through one point for a 25thplace vote, and previous ranking: RecordPts Pv 1. LSU (60) 11-0 1,500 1 2. Alabama 10-1 1,440 3 3. Arkansas 10-1 1,376 6 4. Stanford 10-1 1,224 8 5. Oklahoma St. 10-1 1,206 2 6. Virginia Tech 10-1 1,133 9 7. Boise St. 9-1 1,025 10 8. Houston 11-0 1,018 11 9. Oregon 9-2 1,008 4 10. Southern Cal 9-2 964 18 11. Michigan St. 9-2 876 12 12. Oklahoma 8-2 819 5 13. Georgia 9-2 815 13 14. South Carolina 9-2 762 14 15. Wisconsin 9-2 714 15 16. Kansas St. 9-2 682 16 17. Michigan 9-2 527 20 18. Clemson 9-2 515 7 19. TCU 9-2 456 19 20. Penn St. 9-2 398 21 21. Baylor 7-3 383 25 22. Nebraska 8-3 155 17 22. Notre Dame 8-3 155 24 24. Virginia 8-3 147 NR 25. Georgia Tech 8-3 77 NR Others receiving votes: West Virginia 37, Tulsa 34, Auburn 28, Southern Miss. 12, Rutgers 6, Arkansas St. 4, Iowa St. 3, Cincinnati 1.

Lawrence amendments thereto, or if the identity of the creditor is known or reasonably ascertainable, 30 days after actual notice was given as provided by law, and if their demands are not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred.


The USA Today Top 25 football coaches poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Nov. 19, total points based on 25 points for first place through one point for 25th, and previous ranking: RecordPts Pvs 1. LSU (59) 11-0 1475 1 2. Alabama 10-1 1413 3 3. Arkansas 10-1 1349 6 4. Virginia Tech 10-1 1242 7 5. Stanford 10-1 1222 9 6. Oklahoma State 10-1 1156 2 7. Houston 11-0 1075 10 8. Boise State 9-1 982 11 9. Oregon 9-2 933 4 10. Michigan State 9-2 928 12 11. Oklahoma 8-2 826 5 12. Wisconsin 9-2 808 13 13. South Carolina 9-2 806 14 14. Georgia 9-2 803 15 15. Kansas State 9-2 671 17 16. Michigan 9-2 618 18 17. Clemson 9-2 587 8 18. TCU 9-2 494 19 19. Penn State 9-2 455 21 20. Baylor 7-3 302 NR 21. Georgia Tech 8-3 203 t23 22. Nebraska 8-3 165 16 23. West Virginia 7-3 158 t23 24. Notre Dame 8-3 156 25 25. Virginia 8-3 154 NR Others receiving votes: Rutgers 54; Auburn 33; Southern Mississippi 25; Tulsa 23; Brigham Young 21; Arkansas State 10; Northern Illinois 10; Missouri 8; Texas A&M 4; Utah 3; Florida State 1; Iowa State 1; Texas 1.

CME Group Titleholders

Sunday At Grand Cypress Golf Club Orlando, Fla. Purse: $1.5 million Yardage: 6,518; Par: 72 Final Hee Young Park, $500,000 71-69-69-70—279 Paula Creamer, $95,516 69-71-71-70—281 Sandra Gal, $95,516 69-69-71-72—281 Na Yeon Choi, $56,070 66-71-75-70—282 Suzann Pettersen, $56,070 73-69-68-72—282 Michelle Wie, $35,057 71-73-72-70—286 Cristie Kerr, $35,057 68-76-71-71—286 Yani Tseng, $35,057 70-76-66-74—286 Maria Hjorth, $26,975 68-78-73-68—287 Se Ri Pak, $23,640 72-74-72-70—288 I.K. Kim, $23,640 72-71-71-74—288 Katie Futcher, $19,336 73-74-75-67—289 Morgan Pressel, $19,336 67-78-75-69—289 Anna Nordqvist, $19,336 69-75-73-72—289 Beatriz Recari, $19,336 70-77-67-75—289

Alfred Dunhill

Sunday At Leopard Creek Country Club Malelane, South Africa Purse: $1.36 million Yardage: 7,249; Par: 72 Final Garth Mulroy, South Africa 69-68-64-68—269 George Murray, Scotland 66-69-69-67—271 Felipe Aguilar, Chile 71-64-68-72—275 G. Coetzee, South Africa 66-71-69-69—275 Jaco van Zyl, South Africa 68-68-72-67—275 Peter Whiteford, Scotland 73-67-64-71—275 Hennie Otto, South Africa 69-68-67-72—276 Andrea Pavan, Italy 68-70-68-70—276 James Kamte, South Africa 72-70-69-66—277 Jbe Kruger, South Africa 64-67-73-73—277 Steven Tiley, England 70-69-70-68—277 J. Gonnet, France 66-71-69-73—279 D. Fichardt, South Africa 71-70-67-72—280 Fabrizio Zanotti, Paraguay 70-71-67-72—280

Big 12 Men

Conf. Overall W L W L Baylor 0 0 3 0 Missouri 0 0 3 0 Oklahoma State 0 0 3 0 Texas Tech 0 0 3 0 Kansas State 0 0 2 0 Oklahoma 0 0 2 0 Texas A&M 0 0 3 1 Iowa State 0 0 2 1 Texas 0 0 2 1 Kansas 0 0 1 1 Sunday’s Games Iowa State 92, Western Carolina 60 Texas Tech 66, Stephen F. Austin 54 Today’s Game North Carolina State vs. Texas, 5:30 p.m., (LHN) Notre Dame vs. Missouri at Kansas City, Mo., 6:30 p.m. (ESPN2) Georgetown vs. Kansas at Maui, 11 p.m. (ESPN2)

Big 12 Women

Conf. Overall W L W L Baylor 0 0 4 0 Missouri 0 0 4 0 Texas A&M 0 0 4 0 Kansas 0 0 3 0 Kansas State 0 0 3 0 Iowa State 0 0 2 0 Oklahoma 0 0 2 0 Texas Tech 0 0 2 0 Oklahoma State 0 0 1 0 Texas 0 0 2 1 Sunday’s Games Missouri 67, North Florida 46 Texas 74, Alcorn State 42 Texas A&M 93, Mississippi State 47 Kansas 74, Wake Forest 73 Baylor 94, Notre Dame 81 Tuesday’s Games Yale at Baylor, 6:30 p.m. Thursday’s Game Kansas State vs. Hofstra, 3 p.m.


Lawrence, KS 66044 before or other proceedings in the 3:00 p.m. CST, Tuesday, administration will be December 13, 2011. given, except for notice of final settlement of The Board of County Com- decedent’s estate. missioners You are further advised if written objections to simBY: plified administration are filed with the Court, the Jackie Waggoner GREGORY A. FOLEY, Purchasing Director Court may order that suPetitioner pervised administration enDEBORAH LEE FOLEY, sue. ________ Petitioner (First published in the Law- You are required to file rence Daily Journal-World your written defenses November 7, 2011) Submitted by: thereto on or before December 1, 2011, at 10:15 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF o’clock a.m. in the District Thomas V. Murray, Kansas DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS Court, in Lawrence, Douglas Bar #07591 County, Kansas, at which Shannon K. Barks, Kansas In the Matter of the time and place the cause Bar #14732 Estate of will be heard. Should you Lathrop & Gage LLP DORIS HELGA WYCOFF, 10851 Mastin Boulevard, fail therein, judgment and Deceased. Suite 1000 decree will be entered in Overland Park, KS 66210 due course upon the PetiCase No.: 2011-PR-187 PH: 913-451-5100 tion. FAX: 913-451-0875 Pursuant to K.S.A. All creditors are notified to Chapter 59. ATTORNEYS FOR exhibit their demands PETITIONERS against the Estate within NOTICE OF HEARING AND four months from the date NOTICE TO CREDITORS _______ of the first publication of this notice, as provided by (Published in the Lawrence THE STATE OF KANSAS TO law, and if their demands Daily Journal-World Novem- ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: are not thus exhibited, they ber16, 2011) shall be forever barred. You are hereby notified LARS J. WYCOFF, Petitioner that on October 31, 2011, a Douglas County, Kansas Petition was filed in this STEVENS & BRAND, L.L.P. Request for Proposals Court by LARS J. WYCOFF, 900 Massachusetts, Ste. 500 No. 11-F-0018 an heir, devisee and lega- Lawrence KS 66044-0189 Douglas County, Kansas is tee, and Executor named in (785) 843-0811 soliciting proposals from the Will of DORIS HELGA Attorneys for Petitioners qualified individuals or WYCOFF, deceased, dated _______ firms to complete a natural, September 1, 2011, praying cultural, and historic re- the instrument attached (Published in the Lawsources survey of Eudora thereto be admitted to pro- rence Daily Journal-World and/or Kanwaka Town- bate and record as the Last November 21, 2011) Will and Testament of the ships. decedent; Letters Testa- The November meeting of A copy of the Request for mentary under the Kansas the Board of CommissionProposals can be obtained Simplified Estates Act be ers of the Lawrencethrough Douglas County issued to the Executor to Douglas County Housing Purchasing at (785) serve without bond. Authority will be held on 832-5286 or Monday, November 21, at You are further advised un- 5:30 pm at Edgewood der the provisions of the Homes, 1600 Haskell Ave. Sealed proposals must be Kansas Simplified Estates The public is invited to atreceived in the Office of the Act the Court need not su- tend. The meeting agenda Douglas County Clerk’s Of- pervise administration of is available at fice, Douglas County Court- the Estate, and no notice of house, 1100 Massachusetts, any action of the Executor _______

Monday, November 21, 2011



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Community Health Specialist

needed to support community health improvement efforts through community engagement strategies. Bachelor’s degree in public or community health, health education or related field required. CHES preferred. Relevant data analysis experience required. Experience facilitating community coalitions and using social media strategies is beneficial. Spanish language skills desirable. Send cover letter and resume to Jennie Henault, Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department, 200 Maine Street, Suite B, Lawrence, Kansas 66044 or email Position open until filled. EOE.


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Full & part-time positions for morning, afternoon and evening shifts are available in our group homes in Lawrence. Requirements: 21+ years, high school diploma or GED, driver’s license, and pass KBI and CANIS checks. Contact Diane Schulze at 785-267-5900 or check our website:

Community Living Opportunities is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults and children with severe developmental disabilities achieve personally satisfying and fulfilling lifestyles

Part Time

Monday - Friday 5 PM - 9 PM $7.50 - $9.14 per hour Job description online at Applications available Human Resources Office 3rd Floor, Kansas Union 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS EOE

Performs mechanical and building maintenance work in the operation, repair, evaluation, replacement, installation and preventative maintenance of mechanical systems, physical structures and building appliances at the KU Memorial Unions. Must have prior experience in and the ability to use a wide range of tools, specific equipment and supplies in the performance of various maintenance tasks. Job description at: Starting salary $14.47 $16.22 per hour plus excellent benefits including health, dental, life & long term disability insurance plans, retirement, paid vacation, sick leave and holidays. Employment applications available in the Human Resources Office 3rd Floor, Kansas Union 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045 EOE

Maintenance Tech -

FT Evening. Medical facility near the Legends is seeking individual to perform routine maint. At least 3 yrs exp; including electrical & plumbing; mechanical. PT benefits. Fax resume w/salary req. to 913.596.4901 or email to

Maintenance Technician needed for brand new downtown property in Lawrence, KS. Must have clean driving record & able to pass drug test. HVAC Now hiring for: certification preferred. ApDirect Support ply in person at the job Professionals trailer across from 901 Offering flexible sched- New Hampshire Lawrence, ules for day and night po- KS 66044 or online at: sitions, including week- ends, affordable benefits, and the chance to make a difference in the life of Management someone else every day! Qualifications include: Assistant Must be at least 21 years Director/Supervisor of age; Minimum of high school diploma or GED; Op- for Toddler and Two year eration of motor vehicle; old classrooms. Full time Current and valid driver’s position starting 1/3/12. license; Experience workReq. Bachelor’s degree ing with persons who have in child or family related disabilities a plus. field, two years teaching To learn more about these exp. with 1-2 year olds exciting opportunities OR and good computer to learn more about CLO skills. services and other job op- Knowledge of Child Care portunities, please visit our Food Program procewebsite: dures preferred but not required. OR call 785-865-5520 Contact Hilltop Child EOE Development Center, 1605 Irving Hill Rd. Lawrence 66045, The Professional 785 864-4940, or Renewal Center to apply. EOE in Lawrence, Kansas, seeks a full-time social worker to join our multi- Manufacturing & disciplinary assessment Assembly and treatment team. Responsibilities include faStable, Longtime Producer cilitating group therapy sessions and individual of Ag Equipment looking therapy sessions, as well for Assembly Technician. as case management Minimum one year experiand aftercare planning ence in production meJob involves of high-accountability chanics. professionals who have working in team environcustom build ag ment to been referred as a result of personal and/or pro- equipment. Knowledge of fessional difficulties. hydraulics, welding, or exKnowledge of family sys- perience with mechanics tems helpful but not re- beneficial. Applicant to be quired. PRC offers com- proficient with hand and petitive wages and bene- air tools, reliable and qualfits. Send resumes to ity minded. Competitive wages, benefit package cluded. EOE Resumes to Dental Assistant Dental office seeking full time assistant. Experience preferred but not re- Office-Clerical quired. Call 785-841-8210 for more info or fax reAdministrative sumes to 785-841-4495 Assistant

Trial Assistant

Full time position. Duties will include working with consumer issues, appeals, civil proceedings & other duties. Candidate must have intermediate to advanced Microsoft Access & Excel skills. Prior legal experience & Crystal Reports skills preferred. Salary DOE. Cover letter & resumes to orDouglas County DA, 111 E 11, Unit 100, Lawrence, KS 66044-2912. EOE


Successful candidate will have a diverse background in maintenance of commercial buildings, including: heating and air conditioning, electrical, and general construction. Please send resume to: First Management, Inc. PO Box 1797 Lawrence, KS 66044 fax to: 785-841-8492 or email to:

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Commercial Property Maintenance CUSTODIAL WORKER

Trade Skills


Riley County, KS Information Technology/ GIS Dept Bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university with course work or experience in computer science, cartography, geography, information systems, GIS or related fields of study or combination of education and experience. Sound technical knowledge of Geographic Information Systems. Must have extensive working knowledge of; ArcInfo and ESRI software products including but not limited to; ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, Spatial Analysis, Avenue and COGO. Hardware - Software support skills for GIS environment. Hiring pay range for this exempt position is $1,980.80 - $2,188.80 / biweekly with excellent benefits. Apply online at: or Riley County Clerk’s Office Landscaping & 110 Courthouse Plaza Lawn Manhattan, KS 66502 Resume and application is LANDSCAPING LABORER required. Applicants who receive a conditional offer Very hard-working individof employment must sub- uals only please. 785-218-5277 mit to a drug test. Riley County is an Equal Legal - Paralegal Opportunity Employer



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Insurance Agency is seeking a part-time Administrative Assistant. Must be self-motivated, organized, and multi-task oriented. Excellent communication and MS Office skills are required.

Email resume to:

Forklift/ Local Driver Established in 1882, The Lawrence Paper Company is a leading manufacturer of corrugated boxes and packaging materials. We are currently looking for an experienced driver with a valid Class A CDL. This job pays $17.42 per hour. We offer health and life insurance, 401(k), an on site wellness clinic and a fitness center. EOE Apply at The Lawrence Paper Company 2901 Lakeview Road Lawrence, KS 66049 or mail resume and cover letter to: The Lawrence Paper Company Personnel Department PO Box 887 Lawrence KS 66044 or submit online to 785-865-4588

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1 & 2 BRs from $390/mo. Call MPM for more details at 785-841-4935

Cedarwood Apts 2411 Cedarwood Ave. Beautiful & Spacious

1 & 2BRs start at $400/mo. * Near campus, bus stop * Laundries on site * Near stores, restaurants * Water & trash paid 4BR duplex - start at $795 —————————————————— Get Coupon* for $25 OFF

BRAND NEW One Month FREE Tuckaway at Frontier 542 Frontier, Lawrence 1BR, 1.5 bath 2BR, 2.5 baths Rent Includes All Utilities. Plus Cable, Internet, Fitness & Pool. Garages Available Elevators to all floors

Reserve YOURS for Spring/Fall

Call Today 785-856-8900

Downtown Lofts

New Studio, 1, & 2 BRs


at 901 New Hampshire 785-830-8800




2001 W. 6th. 785-841-8468

*Sign lease by Nov. 30, 2011 AND College Students —————————————————— CALL TODAY (Mon. - Fri.)


2BR at 1BR price

Newer 2BR for only $475. Jacksonville Apts. Act fast! (785) 841-4935




2 & 3 Bedrooms Clubhouse lounge, gym, garages avail., W/D, walk in closets, and 1 pet okay. 3601 Clinton Pkwy., Lawrence


Red Oak Apts. 2408 Alabama

2BR, water & trash paid $510/mo. Deposit -$300 On the Bus Route

Call Today 785-841-1155


Red Oak Apts.

Move in December and Get $300 OFF your rent

Newly remodeled 1 & 2 BR water & trash paid $450 - $510/mo. Deposits -$300

1, 2, and 3 BRs available 3 Great Locations Nice Communities Remodeled Units avail. Call 785-841-5444 or 785-830-0888

2408 Alabama

Call Today 785-841-1155

Great Locations! Great Prices! 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms


785-838-3377, 785-841-3339



2BR - 3503 W. 7th Court, 2 story, 1 bath, CA, DW, W/D hookup, garage, 1 pet ok. $650/mo. 785-841-5797

2BR — 2412 Alabama in 4-plex. 1 bath, CA, washer & dryer. No pets. $470/mo. Call 785-841-5797

2BR — 725 W. 25th, In 4plex, CA, W/D hookup, offst. parking. $410-$420/mo. No pets. Call 785-841-5797

Move-in Special for 1BRs Only one of each left: 2BR Apt.& 2BR Townhome

Quiet, great location on KU 2BR - 415 W. 17th, laundry bus route, no pets, W/D in on site, wood floors, off-st. all units. 785-842-5227 parking, CA. No pets. $ $550, water pd. 785-841-5797

Desoto If you have an eye for detail, are a team player, and enjoy light industrial work, Adecco, the world’s largest staffing company, wants to hear from you. We are recruiting reliable, focused people to work all shifts in the De Soto, Kansas area. Experience with packaging and machine operating a plus. Qualified candidates must have a high school diploma/GED, be able to pass a National Criminal Record File and a drug screen. If you are interested in this long-term opportunity, please apply as indicated below: Zip code: 64116 Office code # 896 Your application will download to the Kansas City, MO office. Or call 816.587.1233

Park 25 is hiring!

LEASING CONSULTANT Leading family owned Regional Management Company is seeking full time career oriented, knowledgeable, motivated, and energetic individual with outstanding customer service skills. Must be able to work independently, problem solve, be organized, timely completion of paperwork, and computer skills for a busy environment. Showing apts., transportation, Apartments overtime and weekends Furnished will be required. Experience in apartment indus- Rooms (newly remodeled) try preferred Rent by week or by month. With cable & internet. Call Apply in person at: Virginia Inn 785-856-7536 the Park 25 Apartments Leasing Office. Apartments 2401 W. 25th St. #9a3 No phone calls please. Unfurnished


1BR Affordable Apts. for independent living, adults age 62+. Rent is based on income. On-site management, water paid, utility allowance for gas & electric, on-site laundry, activities, numerous amenities.

Apartments Unfurnished

1BR, 1/2 block to KU, reserved parking, $510. GAS & WATER PAID. 785-842-7644

Lawrence-based Solar company hiring outside 2BR avail. now, very nice sales positions. Salary & quiet, DW, W/D, off-st. with commission based parking. $535/mo. No pets. on experience. Full bene- 785-423-1565, 785-841-4035 fits. People skills, solar / environmental interest 2BR, small apt. in 4-plex. and computer skills re- 713 W. 25th. Avail. now. All quired. Send resume with kitchen appls. W/D on-site. cover letter to: $475 deposit, $625/mo. with utilities paid. 785-979-7812

DISTRIBUTION SPECIALIST Lawrence Journal-World is hiring for full-time Distribution Specialists in our distribution center. We are a family-owned operation with a 20,000 circulation daily newspaper, several weekly community newspapers, a Commercial Printing division, and a contract print site for USA TODAY. Distribution Specialists are responsible for handling the processing and bundling of newsprint products from the press to distributors; and operate equipment including inserters, stacking and strapping machines. Must be available to work between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., including weekends. We are looking for talented and hardworking individuals who are looking to grow in their career with a fast-paced company. Our ideal employee will be a self-starter with strong organizational skills and leadership qualities. Successful candidates will have a high school diploma or GED; experience operating machinery and maintenance skills helpful; good attention to detail; ability to lift up to 70 lbs.; able to stand for long periods of time; and frequently twist and bend. To apply submit a cover letter and resume to or complete an employment application at 609 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS. We offer an excellent benefits package including health insurance, 401k, paid time off, employee discounts, opportunities for career advancement and more! Background check, pre-employment drug screen, and physical lift assessment required. EOE

!B MONDAY, NO+,MB,R 21, 2011 Apartments Duplexes Unfurnished

2BR, 1 Bath in 4-plex


Start at $495 One Bedroom/studio style Pool - Fitness Center -On-Site Laundry - Water & Trash Pd.


Available January 2012

——————————————————————————— -

——————————————————————————— -

Also, Check out our Luxury Apartments & Town Homes!

——————————————————————————— -

1 - 4 BRs

Garages - Pool - Fitness Center • Ironwood Court Apts. • Park West Gardens Apts • Park West Town Homes • Homes at Monterey Bluffs and Green Tree Call for more details 785.840.9467

Newly remodeled, major appls., W/D, Fireplace. AVAIL. Now 785-865-2505

2BR - NW. Patio, green space, trees, laundry rm. $525. No pets 785-865-6064

Mobile Homes $499 DEPOSIT & NOV. RENT FREE!

2 - 3 Bedrooms starting at $595/mo! 2 Lawrence Locations 785-749-2200 w.a.c.

Baldwin City

HALF MONTH FREE RENT 2 & 3BR duplexes, DW, W/D 3BR, 2 bath townhome on hookup, patio, no pets. cul-de-sac, avail. now. W/D 3BR, 1.5 bath, FP, $625/mo. hookup, CA, garage & deck. 2BR, $525 /mo. 2832 Iowa. $800/mo. Call 785-248-3883 785-841-5454, 785-760-1874


3BR, 1 bath, 1 car, newly remodeled duplex. No pets. 3BR home, 2 bath, 1 car gar3302 Glacier Dr. Avail. Now. age, great location near $750/mo. Call 785-542-1111 park. $875/mo. Avail. now. 3BR, 2-1/2 bath, 2 car, 785-542-3240, 785-865-8951 equipped kitchen, W/D, fenced, newer unit. $900/mo. 913-685-8680 Apartments, Houses & Duplexes. 785-842-7644


Tonganoxie For Sale or Rent. 2 & 3BR trailers from $2,500 - $15,000. Rent from $550 $650/mo. Possible owner finance. Paradise Trailer Park, Tonganoxie, KS 816-985-3114, 913-620-0195

Baby & Children's Items ! Multi-game table ! w/air hockey/foosball and more! Good condition, great Christmas gift item. $50/OBO. 749-3688, ! leave message. !

Building Materials Power Pole, New construction, temporary power pole - complete, 220, 110 breakers. $90. Please call 785-331-7823 STEEL ARCH BUILDINGS Fall Clearance - SAVE THOUSANDS!!! Build before winter. 20x24, 25x40, others. Limited supply available at discount. Ask about display savings! Call today 866-352-0469

Avalon Apartments 901 Avalon

2BR, 900 sq. ft., balcony, Heat & water paid, Easy walk to school or downtown, $630/mo., $300 deposit.


Parkway Terrace Apts. 2340 Murphy Drive 1 Bedrooms - $440/mo. 2 Bedrooms - $500/mo.

Large kitchens, bedrooms and closets. Newly updated. Convenient to all services, on the bus route

Call Today 785-841-1155


2BR starting at $525 W/D included. Pool

The Woods of Old West Lawrence 785-841-4935 2BR — 909 Missouri or 1305 Kentucky, in 4-plex. Have CA & DW. No pets. $450/ month. Call 785-841-5797

2BR, 1 bath, 2100 Haskell. CA, DW, W/D hookup, carport. $575/mo. Available Now. Call 785-842-7644 2BR, 2 bath townhome in beautiful retirement community. LR w/FP, Den, W/D, 2 car. Pool, transportation, breakfast, maintenance. No smoking. Nice Pet ok. Call Jan at 785-423-1215

2BR, 2 bath, fireplace, CA, W/D hookups, 2 car with opener. Easy access to I-70. Includes paid cable. Pets under 20 lbs. allowed Call 785-842-2575



New Management

Many improvements!

1/2 OFF & MORE!

Apartments, Houses & Duplexes. 785-842-7644

All Units: Pool, on KU bus route, DW, & microwave 2BRs - 1/2 Mo. Rent FREE near KU, laundry facilities 837 MICHIGAN 4BRs - 1st Mo. Rent FREE W/D, FREE wireless internet 660 GATEWAY COURT

Call 785-841-8400

Winter is here No high gas bill to pay, all electric units only! • Small dog welcome • Income restrictions apply • Students welcome


For Current Rent Specials Call 785-838-9559 EOH

Avail. Now. bsmt., lawn Wood floor $650/mo.

2BR, 2 bath, care provided. & newer tile. 785-393-9359


CALL FOR SPECIALS! • 3 Bedroom, 2 bath • 2 car garage w/opener • W/D hookups • Maintenance free Call 785-832-0555 or after 3PM 785-766-2722

Saddlebrook Townhomes

Luxury 2BR, 2 Bath Units Gas FP, W/D, 1 Car garage Quiet West Side Area 625 Folks Rd. 785-832-8200


3BR — 1131 Tennessee, 1st floor, 1 bath. Avail. now. No 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9BR houses pets. $650/mo. 785-841-5797 available for August 2012. See Call for appt. 785-979-9120 3BR - 2121 Inverness, 2 story, 2.5 bath, CA, DW, 1BR farm house, near LawW/D hookup, 2 car, 1 pet rence. Stove, refrig., W/D ok. $850/mo. 785-841-5797 hookups. NO PETS! $560/ mo. +deposit. 785-842-3626 Leave name & phone # NEW RENT SPECIALS

Campus & Downtown 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts 785-749-7744 Apartments, Houses & Duplexes. 785-842-7644

Heatherwood Valley & Sunflower Apartments 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Units • No Application Fee • Short-term Leases avail. • Leasing Programs for Applicants w/Bad Credit 785-856-1237

1st Class, Pet Friendly Houses & Apts. 785-842-1069 2BR home in country. 2 bath, single car garage, full basement, $900 per month. Call 785-887-6379 2BR house, 519 Michigan, 1.5 bath, AC, W/D hookup, carport. Cat ok. $650/mo. Avail. now. 785-865-7304 2BR, 1 bath, farmhouse on historic landmark, appls., W/D hookup, 2 porches & deck. Garden space avail. 1 Sm. pet ok. 785-838-9009

Studio Apt., 1907 W. 25th, $390/mo. + Tenant only 2BR, 1 bath, spacious! Near pays elect. 785-841-1155 S. Park/downtown. Avail. Jan. or Feb. No dogs. $700/ mo. +deposit. 913-796-2262


Studio Apartments 600 sq. ft., $675/mo. 825 sq. ft., $855/mo. No pets allowed Call Today 785-841-6565 -

Studios — 2400 Alabama, all elect., plenty of parking, AC, laundry. $390, water/cable paid. No pets. 785-841-5797 Studios - 1708 W. 5th, all elect, plenty of parking, AC, laundry. $410. water/cable paid. No pets. 785-841-5797

Find jobs & more on

1-888-239-5723 All American Auto Mart 1200 E Sante Fe Olathe, KS

Buick 2010 ENCLAVE T96788A. $28,950 Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

Pool Table - 8’ Brunswick table, black modern finish with gray felt. Buyer dismantles and moves. $700. Call 785-887-6098

READERS & MUSIC LOVERS. 100 Greatest Novels (audio books) ONLY $99.00 (plus sh) Includes MP3 Player & Accessories. BONUS: 50 Classical Music Works & Money Back Guarantee. Call Today! 1-888-799-3451

Buick 2011 Lacrosse B6888A 31770 Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

Chair, Free Green Plaid wingback chair. Good condition. Please call 785-843-3072.


3BR on blacktop. Has out buildings, green house, & pond. Remodeled with purpose to sell: $126,950. Call John II - 913-845-2400 Evans Real Estate Co. Inc. Tonganoxie, KS

Chairs, High quality, solid wood stools /chairs. Smooth swivel, 24” at top of seat. One assembled, others new in unopened boxes. Call to see, leave message: 785-841-3621

Music Sale - Thousands of CDs in all genres at $1 per album. Saturday 8:00 a.m. to noon at 4813 McCormick Street. Buy 10- get one Buick 2009 Lucerne CXL, Coffee Table & end table, free! Rain or shine. leather heated seats, solid wood, w/glass inlays 3800 V6, great power that can be taken out, $30 PLAYING PIANO with great gas mileage, or best offer. 785-841-2175 On Star, trade in, IMPROVES stk#54939A2 only $14,650 scores in Math & Couch $35 or best offer, Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Also, Loveseat $30 or best Science. offer (not matching, Nice Get your child started furniture for the price. Call w/a quality piano from 785-766-9211. Mid-America Piano Craftsman 10” table saw with upgraded fence, twist-link belt, and canvas dust collection bag. Cast steel extension wings & new 1.5 hp motor. Excellent condition. $300. 785-842-5661 Futon with Mission Style Wood End Supports and a metal frame underneath mattress. Mattress is extra thick for comfort. $100.00 or best offer. Lawrence. Kitchen Table, 42” Round, Copies with 2 leaves and 5 chairs. Good Shape and clean! $75. Please call for info. 785-749-0102. Maple Credenza. Shape 4’x19”x32”. Please call for 785-749-0102.

Great $100. info.

LAND LIQUIDATION 20 Acres $0 Down $99/mo. ONLY $12,900 Near Growing El Paso, Texas Owner Financing NO CREDIT CHECKS! Money Back Guarantee Free Color Brochure 800-755-8953



QUALITY INSTRUMENTS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES! Pianos starting at $488. Mid-America Piano Manhattan, KS 537-3774

Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

Chevrolet 2010 Impala LT 2 to choose From, One black, One Victory Red! Why Are You still Drowning in Choices? 785-841-0102


Models A, B, M, & O Vint., Artcase & Rebuilt. Beautiful consoles too! Mid-America Piano 785-537-3774

Chevrolet 2010 Malibu’s 32 mpg hwy, nicely equip’d. Like new throughout with remainder of 5yr/100,000 mile factory warranty. 2 available price as low as $15,500. 1.9% apr financing available. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

O’Sullivan Brand Entertainment Center, REDUCED PRICE $25/best offer. Extremely nice, ex. cond. Mid-sized, not huge beast. Holds TV, stereo & other components. (4) shelves, 2 roll-out shelves) Locking drawer, etc. 785-841-2175

Two matching wine colored fabric recliners, $10 each. One Salmon colored wicker recliner, $10. 785-865-2816/785-766-2795

Ford 2008 Fusion SE Silver Bright Metallic, 44K Get Hooked At

Ford 2008 Fusion SE Silver Bright Metallic, 44K Get Hooked At 785-841-0102 2008 Lincoln MKZ V6, Auto,Carfax 1 owner, $20,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Ford 2008 Mustang GT this is one hot ride! Leather heated seats, Shaker sound system, local trade, very nice! Stk#58041A2 only $16,999. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chrysler 2007 300c, pearl white, every option, 63K, extra clean! Three to choose from. Way under Book Value at only $15,888. Call for more info on all three cars. All American Auto Mart 1200 East Santa Fe Olathe KS 66061 visit our website Call 888-239-5723 Today.

Ford 2005 Taurus SE Sedan - Silver. T96907A $7991.00 Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

Chrysler 2010 Sebring LTD Leather, Alloys, 38K, Inferno Red! Credit so Easy a Child Can Do It! 785-841-0102

3 acre wooded site, west of Clinton Reservoir. Wildlife/ Deer. Repo, assume owner Holiday Decor financing, no down payment - $171/mo. 785-554-9663 Lights, Strand of C-9 Blue lights (25 bulbs). Used last only. $3. BaldVacation Property Christmas win. 785-594-7149.


GET YOUR CAR COVERED From the tires to the roof from Bumper to Bumper. 0% FINANCING AVAILABLE on all service contracts. NO CREDIT CHECKS! CALL FOR DETAILS. 785-843-5200 ASK FOR ALLEN

Free Cockatiel, Our daughter has moved out for college and could not take “Buddy” with her. “Buddy” is yellow with some gray and approximately six years old. Please call 785-865-2895 and leave a message if you are interested.

Ask yourself, what is your TIMESHARE worth? We will Household Misc. find a buyer/renter for Afghans/Quilt Rack, YelCA$H. NO GIMMICKSlow afghan 65x56 wool JUST RESULTS! yarn, $45. Gray afghan Livestock 65x56 wool yarn $45, quilt 888-879-7165 rack -dark oak 23Wx29H Holstein Bull Calves for Santa Fe, $35. 785-832-2266 sale. $100 per calf. For more information call Chevrolet 2006 Cobalt LT 785-748-0899 Miscellaneous Sedan Blue, T6900A $9888.00 100% Guaranteed Omaha Robert Brogden Steaks - SAVE 64% on the Olathe Buick - GMC Family Value Collection. KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 3 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS FREE GIFTS & Antiques 800-536-5346 right-to-the-door delivery 913-782-1500 in a reusable cooler, DER Today. 1-888-543-7297 and mention code 45069SKS or www.Omaha Cars-Domestic 423B E 4th Street Tonganoxie, KS 66086 913-704-5037 Adult Jigsaw puzzles, $4 Antiques, Collectibles, each or will trade for simiGlass, Furniture, Treasures lar type puzzles of yours. Academy Cars They have been put toNeeds gether twice by me. Call Appliances Cars Now! 785-843-2036


3BR, 2 bath ranch, CA, FP, all appls., 2 car, lg. fenced yard. Near KU, 1728 W. 21st Gas Range, cooks, oven? Armoire Computer Desk, Terr. Rent w/option to buy. LP $75. Please call for $600 or best offer. Treadmore info. 913-845-3365 $1,000/mo. 785-856-6455 mill, brand new, $200. Moving sale- call for details, 3BR+, 3 level, 1.5 bath, gar785-690-7770 age, close to KU and Baby & Children's school, 1307 W. 22nd St. AT&T U-Verse Items $1,000/mo. 785 331-7846 for just $29.99/mo! SAVE when you bundle 3BR, 813 Crestline Ct. CA, 1 Fisher Price Collectible Internet+Phone+TV and bath, garage, fenced yard. Wonder Pets Schoolhouse get up to $300 BACK! Avail. Now. $750/mo. 1/2 off Adventure Play Set. In ex(Select plans). Limited Deposit. Call 785-842-7644 cellent condition, barely Time Call NOW! used, has sounds and 1-866-944-0810 voices. Full set with Apartments, Houses & schoolhouse, figurines, Chess Set, H. Staunton deDuplexes. 785-842-7644 furniture and fly boat, $35. sign, 32 piece, perfect Please call 785-749-7984. dition. $78. 785-832-2266

Don’t see what you want? Give us a call and we can help you find it! Dale Willey Automotive, just ask for Doug at 785-843-5200 2840 Iowa St. Lawrence. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

More Than Appraised Value For ANY Trade! Drive A Nicer, Newer Car For The Holidays! 785-841-0102

Chevrolet 2000 Corvette Coupe, Automatic, chrome wheels, leatehr, 117K, Winter priced at only $12,888. All American Auto Mart 1200 East Santa Fe Olathe KS 66061 visit our website Call 888-239-5723 Today.

Ford 2008 Focus B6482A. $11,999 Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

2008 Mercury Sable Premier V6, Auto,Pearl Carfax 1 owner, $16,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Nissan 2010 Sentra 2.0 Magnetic Grey, 47K Who Could Say Not To… 785-841-0102

Hyundai 2006 Sonata LX Sedan - Silver, B6689A $9991. Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500 Pontiac 2010 G6 4cyl, great gas mileage, GM certified, that means 2 yrs of scheduled maintenance for free! Stk#453475 only $14,636. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2009 Lincoln MKS V6, Auto,Carfax 1 owner, Certified $24,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Pontiac 2009 G8 GT 6.0 V8 with lots of power to spare! You gotta drive this one! Not many left! Stk#11346 only $24,877. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2009 Lincoln MKZ V6, Auto,Carfax 1 owner, $24,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500


Mercury 2008 Milan White Suede Pearl, 34K Academy Cars: Where You Have the Right To Love Your Car!

Pontiac 2008 G6 Carbon Black, 32K Finally! A Better Way To Go! 785-841-0102

Ford 2008 Edge SE Dark Ink Blue, 58K, Perfect For Today’s Busy Family! 785-841-0102

We Need Cars to Catch-Up and Meet This Year’s Goals

Mazda 2008 CX-7 Copper Red, 7 pass, Leather, 40K You Have the Right To Love Your Car 785-841-0102

2008 Mercury Sable Premier V6, Auto, Black Carfax 1 owner $19,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500 Honda 2009 Civic Hybrid 4CYL, Auto, 30,000 mi. $18,988 Call 785-838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Dodge 2007 Charger RT V8, auto, Silver, Cadillac 2007 CTS leather Carfax 1 owner, $17,988. heated memory seats, Call 785-838-2327 On Star, plenty of comLAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI fort that only a Cadillac 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence and give you!! Stk#14826A1 only $15,619. DONATE YOUR VEHICLE ReDale Willey 785-843-5200 ceive $1000 GROCERY PONS. UNITED BREAST FOUNDATION. Chevrolet 1969 Camaro CANCER Free Mammograms, Breast RS/SS 396 325hp, Hugger Cancer Info Orange, Price $7000, more FREE Towing, Tax Deductidetails at 316-247-4376. ble, Non-Runners cepted. 1- 800-728-0801

2006 Lincoln Towncar Signature LTD V8, Auto., 64,000 $16,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Ford 2001 Taurus SES V6, Auto, Red, 58,000 mi, $7,988 Call 785-838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Dodge 2008 Caliber SRT-4. Make a statement in this Awesome car - the right color all it needs is a home! All the right equipment, power windows, power locks, sunroof, manual transmission! $15,788. All American Auto Mart 1200 East Santa Fe Olathe KS 66061 visit our website Call 888-239-5723 Today.

2010 Lincoln Towncar Signature LTD V8, Auto., 17,000 $29,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500 785-841-0102

Health & Beauty Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90 percent on all your medication needs. Call Today 888-459-9961 for $25 off your first prescription and free shipping.

2008 Lincoln MKZ V6, Auto,Carfax 1 owner, AWD $23,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500 785-841-0102

Office Equipment

DISH Network. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Buick 2001 Regal LS SeGold Metallic, Ask About SAME DAY In- dan, stallation! CALL B6647A $7771.00 Robert Brogden 877-992-1237 Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer Want To Buy 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500 WANTED YOUR DIABETES TEST STRIPS. Unexpired. We buy Any Kind/Brand. Pay up to $22.00 per box. Shipping Paid. Hablamos espanol. Call 1-800-267-9895

Ford 2011 Fusion SE. Excellent Condition under 1000 miles, Silver/Grey in color. call: Mike 785-766-6419 sell: $18,000.00

Ford 2009 Mustang V-6, Auto, 30,174 mi. $17,988 Call 785-838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Buick 2007 Lucerne CXL, leather heated memory seating, premium alloy wheels, OnStar, power equipment and more, stk#152481 only $14,987. Dale Willey 785-843-5200



Chevrolet 2010 Malibu 48K, Taupe Grey A Car to Swear By… Not At! 785-841-0102

Dale Willey Automotive 2840 Iowa Street (785) 843-5200

Metal File Cabinet, $5. Please call for more inforMaple Sewing Machine mation. 785-865-2816 or Cabinet, (Not antique) 785-766-2795 Good Shape, $30. Please call for info. 785-749-0102.

REDUCED $15,000 to $144,950 By Owner, 2 yr. old, 3BR, 2 Solid Oak table, 4-foot dibath, in newer area of ameter round table seats 5 Tonganoxie. 2105 E Willow comfortably. 785-842-5661 Point Circle. 913-933-0053 Tables, Free Matching Bedside/ chairside tables wtih attached lamps. Call Acreage-Lots 785-843-3072. 60 acres - Reduced to sell. 2 large stocked ponds, SE treed hilltop, fenced. Can email pics. 785-969-7789

Hear your fav. artists perform in your home w/a player piano from Mid-America Piano Manhattan, KS 800-950-3774

Cars-Domestic Ford 2007 Focus SE Cloud 9 White! Credit so Easy a Child Can Do It! 785-841-0102

Chevrolet 2010 Impala LT Stk#D8756 Sale Price $15,780

Garage Door Opener, 1/3HP motor. Remote, accessories. deliver $75. 785-832-2266

PROFLOWERS. Send Flowers for Every Occasion! Anniversary, Birthday, Just Because. Starting at just $19.99. Go to to receive an extra 20% off your order or Call 1-866-684-6172


Buick 2004 Lasabre Champagne color. Has full power equipment. Runs great, Well maintained, Good tires and battery. 135K - mostly hwy miles. Must sell in order to get a handicap $50/each or all 5 for $200. Full Size Cello with bow & van. Asking $5,600. Call for 1311 Wakarusa - office padded soft case. Carved more info 785-856-8532 space available. 200 sq. ft. 785-842-5661 & back, $550. - 6,000 sq. ft. For details Box Spring - New Full Size top call 785-842-7644 Box Spring. - Free - just 785-838-3457 pick it up! 785-841-9427

2BR Near hospital. Large, Area Open Houses has CA, off-street parking, & is on bus route. $550/mo. Avail. now. 785-550-7325 2BRs from $550 - $800/mo. Open Sun., Nov. 20, 1-4PM Some units - 1 month free. 524 Lincoln St., Lawrence 2BR, 1310 Kentucky. CA, DW, 785-832-8728 / 785-331-5360 2BR, 1 bath, nearly full laundry. Close to KU. $550/ acre back yard with a primo. One Month FREE. $200 vacy fence. Newer roof & Deposit. Call 785-842-7644 Four Wheel Drive siding, wood floors thru2BR, 925 Alabama. 1 Bath, out, vaulted ceilings, all Townhomes Central Air, $500/mo. 2 Car appls. Remodeled bath & 2859 Four Wheel Drive garage is avail. for $100 kitchen. Motivated sellers Amazing 2BR, tranquil intiper month. 785-842-7644 $115,000. 816-516-5498 mate setting, free standing townhome w/ courtVillage Square yard, cathedral ceilings, Lawrence Stonecrest • Hanover skylights, & W/D. Most 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms residents professionals. Priced to sell. Recent reNear KU, Pool, Pet Friendly Pets ok. Water & trash pd. model 2BR, 1 bath, CA, Reserve YOUR Apt. for 2012 $750/mo. 785-842-5227 nice appls., laundry rm., Call 785-842-3040 or email: privacy fence. Sunset Hills. 809 Madeline Lane. 3BR, 2 bath, all amenities, $99,500. Call 785-393-4322 garage. 2807 Four Wheel ASHBURY TOWNHOMES Drive. $795/mo. Available Near K-10, W/D hookups LET US HELP YOU, Now. Call 785-766-8888 & fenced courtyard. MAKE 2BR & 3BRs Available your dreams come AVAIL. Now MOVE IN SPECIALS true! 3BR, 2 bath, major appls., Call NOW 785-842-1322 Affordable grand pianos FP, 2 car. 785-865-2505 from top-quality brands! One Month FREE! Mid-America Piano Sunrise Terrace — 951 Ar3BR Townhomes Avail. 800-950-3774 kansas, so close to KU! Adam Ave. 2 bath, 2 car, 2BR w/study or 3rd BR, 2 full bath, CA, DW, laundry, lots 1,700 sq. ft., some with fenced yards, $895/mo. of parking, some with Mobile Homes Bainbridge Cir. - 1,200 W/D. $550 - $750/month. 1,540 sq. ft., 1.5-2.5 bath, 1 No pets. Call 785-841-5797 79 Commodore 14x65, FREE. car, $695 - $775/mo. Jaccuzi, new water heater. Pets okay No roof leaks. I’ve moved. with paid pet deposit 1-785-331-5363 Leave Msg 785-841-4785 Tonganoxie

Apartments & Townhomes 2 & 4BRs Available NOW


FREE GAS! Receive $300 Gasoline Savings! Gasoline Stimulus Program provides $300 gas savings to participants of driving survey. Local Stations- Major Brands! Call now 877-301-1681

Large Collection of postcards, all in great shape. Also, many old Valentines in perfect condition. And Trains, various paper items, 785-840-9410. Rival, 6.5” Blade, Like new Office Space condition. In Box, with manual. $30. Call Downtown office, Common Firewood-Stoves 785-550-6848. Call Leave wait area and kitchenette. msg. Nice! Utilities pd. $450/mo. Firewood: Mixed hard1 year lease. 785-842-7337 woods, mostly split. Stacked/delivered. $85 -1/2 Music-Stereo Office Space Available cord. James 785-241-3530 at 5040 Bob Billings Pkwy. (3) Pianos, Winter Com785-841-4785 pany Spinet or Acrosonic Furniture Spinet, $525. Sterling Retail & Antique oak chairs, 5 Spinet, $175. Price includes tuning and delivery. Call: Commercial Space beautiful solid oak chairs 785-832-9906 with upholstered seats. 1-3BR apts. in Tonganoxie

Move-In Specials!

3BR, 2-1/4 bath, FP, 1 car, 2FR, NW, No Pets $765/mo. 785-865-6064


816-260-8606, 913-845-0992

• 2 & 3BRs available now • 2 Bath, W/D hookups • 2 Car garage w/opener • New kitchen appliances • Maintenance free 785-832-0555/785-766-2722

Sunrise Place Sunrise Village

Dish Network lowest nationwide price ONLY $19.99 a month. GET FREE HBO/Cinemax/Starz, FREE Blockbuster, FREE HD-DVR and installation. Next day install. CALL NOW!!! 1-800-298-4509

Organizer/Storage Unit, Frame is 31 inches high by 34 inches wide and holds 12 colorful plastic tubs. Windows, 2 white Simonton Perfect for keeping Legos, Windows, 47 X 55. Brand blocks, etc. off the floor. new, ordered incorrect $30. 785-842-5661 size. $100 each Call: 785-640-8977 Plant stands, $25+up, many sizes. Gavels & mallets-hardwood, 18 Christmas Trees sizes, $35. 785-832-2266

3-4BR house avail. now. 4 7ft. Evergreen Spruce 1, 2, & 3BR townhomes car, CH/CA. $875/mo. 7 mi. 2BR — 1017 Illinois. 2 story, avail. in Cooperative. Units N. of Tonganoxie. 18 mi. N. Christmas tree. Prelit with 700 multicolor lights. very 1 bath, CA, DW. $570/mo. starting at $412 - $485/mo. of Lawrence. 816-838-1988 nice and full. Only used 3 Water, trash, sewer paid. No pets. Call 785-841-5797 years. Paid $150, will sell 3BR, 2 bath, CA, master FIRST MONTH FREE! for $50 cash - Firm. suite w/fireplace, jacuzzi (in Ton2BR - 2406 Alabama, Bldg. 2, Back patio, CA, hard wood tub, vaulted ceilings, 2 car. 785-331-8227 2 story, 1.5 baths, CA, DW, floors, full bsmt., stove, No pets. $975/mo. 821 S. ganoxie) $570. No pets. 785-841-5797 refrig., W/D hookup, gar- Delaware. Call 913-441-1545 bage disposal, Reserved parking. On site manage- 4BR Townhome on quiet Clothing 2BR — 934 Illinois, In 4-plex, ment & maintenance. 24 hr. cul-de-sac. No smoking. 2 China, 12 place settings of 1st floor, DW. $490/month. emergency maintenance. car garage. 2,500 sq. ft. of porcelain china dinner No pets. Call 785-841-5797 Membership & Equity Fee living space. 1 year lease. ware of 1960’s. Never used. Required. 785-842-2545 $1,100/mo. $1,100 deposit. $65. Call: 816-377-8928 (Equal Housing Opportunity) 913-845-9005, 816-872-7343 Last One Left!!

941 Indiana - 2BR 1 bath $650/mo. 785-841-4935


Protect Your Vehicle with an Extended Service Contract from Dale Willey Automotive. Call Allen orr Tony at 785-843-5200

GM CERTIFIED is not like any other dealer backed warranty. Don’t let the other dealers tell you any different. Dale Willey Automotive is the only dealer in Lawrence that GM Certifies their cars and trucks. Come see the difference! Call for details. 785-843-5200 ask for Allen

!ONDA&' NOVE!BER -.' -/.. 0B


Carpets & Rugs


Automotive Services Auto Maintenance and Repair


Bryant Collision Repair Mon-Fri. 8AM-6PM We specialize in Auto Body Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, Glass Repair, & Auto Accessories. 785-843-5803 bryant-collision-repair Buying Junk & Repairable Vehicles. Cash Paid. Free Tow. U-Call, We-Haul! Call 785-633-7556

Dale and Ron’s Auto Service

Family Owned & Operated for 37 Years Domestic & Foreign Expert Service 630 Connecticut St

785-842-2108 dalerons

HALF PRICE Holiday Floors In-Stock

SOFT CARPET *½ Price! WOOD LAMINATE ½ Price! CERAMIC TILE ½ Price! VINYL FLOORING ½ Price! REMNANTS/RUGS ½ Price! Jennings’ Floor Trader 3000 Iowa - 841-3838 Click on “Local Store” tab *”Compare At” values.. BBB Accredited A+

Catering Oakley Creek Catering - Full Service Caterer Specializing in smoked meats & barbeque

- Corporate Events, Private Parties, Weddings-

On-Site Cooking Available Family Owned & Operated

Child Care Provided For All Your Battery Needs Across The Bridge In North Lawrence 903 N 2nd St | 785-842-2922 battery harrisauto

Hite Collision Repair

Montessori Children’s House of Lawrence Preschool Enroll by 2-1/2-3 yr.old Half day or All day spots. 785-843-7577/785-842-6002

K’s Tire


Tires for anything Batteries Brakes Oil Changes Fair and Friendly Customer Service is our trademark 2720 Oregon St. 785-843-3222 Find great offers at

Bethard’s Housekeeping, Accepting clients for wkly, bi-wkly & seasonal or special occasion cleaning. Ex. Ref. Carrie 785-248-3897

Sales and Service

Tires, Alignment, Brakes, A/C, Suspension Repair Financing Available 785-841-6050 1828 Mass. St performancetire

Westside 66 & Car Wash

Full Service Gas Station 100% Ethanol-Free Gasoline Auto Repair Shop - Automatic Car Washes Starting At Just $3 2815 W 6th St | 785-843-1878 westside66

STARTING or BUILDING a Business? 785-832-2222

Carpet Cleaning Your locally owned and operated carpet and upholstery cleaning company since 1993! • 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Services Available By Appointment Only


For Promotions & More Info: kansas_carpet_care

Specializing in Carpet, Tile & Upholstery cleaning. Carpet repairs & stretching, Odor Decontamination, Spot Dying & 24 hr Water extraction. 785-840-4266

No job, too big or small. Holiday housecleaning. Will Travel. 913-369-3533 913-909-2699

Computer/Internet Computer Running Slow? Viruses/Malware? Troubleshooting? Lessons? Computer Questions, Advise? We Can Help — 785-979-0838

Concrete CONCRETE INC. Your local concrete repair specialists Sidewalks, Patios, Driveways

Quality work at a fair price!

1-888-326-2799 Toll Free Decorative & Regular concrete drives, walks, & patios. 42 yrs. exp. Jayhawk Concrete 785-979-5261

Fall Sale!

Great Concrete Weather!

Driveways, Parking Lots, Paving Repair, Sidewalks, Garage Floors, Foundation Repair 785-843-2700 Owen 24/7

Office* Clerical* Accounting Light Industrial* Technical Finance* Legal

Apply at Or Call (785) 842-1515 BETTER WORK BETTER LIFE adecco

Temporary or Contract Staffing Evaluation Hire, Direct Hire Professional Search Onsite Services (785) 749-7550 1000 S Iowa, Lawrence KS express

Staining & Engraving Existing Concrete Custom Decorative Patterns Patios, Basements, Garage Floors, Driveways 785-393-1109

Commercial &Residential 24 hour Service

785-856-GOLD(4653) Jewelry, coins, silver, watches. Earn money with broken & Unwanted jewelry

For all your Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing needs

Accessible and General Public Transportation We provide door-to-door transportation as well as many additional services to residents of Douglas County living with disabilities. Call to schedule a ride: 843-5576 or 888-824-7277 Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 3:30 pm We ask for $2.00 each way. Even if you don’t have a disability and you live outside the Lawrence City limits, we can help. Funded in part by KDOT Public Transit Program

Buckingham Palace Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services “The Greener Cleaner”


Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Five yrs. exp. References, Bonded & Insured Res., Com., Moveouts 785-840-5467

12 years experience. Reasonable rates. References available

Home Repair Services Interior/Exterior Carpentry, Vinyl siding, Roofing, Tearoff/reroof. 35 yrs. exp. Free est. 913-636-1881

• Holiday Lighting Installation • Professional and timely • Residential & Commercial

MAGIC SHOWS stage & strolling, holiday gatherings, office parties birthdays & more! 785-443-1029

Year round storage



NOT Your ordinary bicycle store!

Steve’s Place

Banquet Hall available for wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate meetings & seminars. For more info. visit /stevesplace

Over 25 yrs. exp. Licensed & Insured Decks, deck covers, pergolas, screened porches, & all types of repairs Call 913-209-4055 for Free estimates or go to Looking for Something Creative? Call Billy Construction Decks, Fences, Etc. Insured. (785) 838-9791

No Job Too Big or Small

Int. & Ext. Remodeling All Home Repairs Mark Koontz

Bus. 913-269-0284


• Baths • Kitchens • Rec Rooms • Tile • Windows •Doors •Trim •Wood Rot Since 1974 GARY 785-856-2440 Licensed & Insured

All Your Banking Needs Your Local Lawrence Bank

Fire Wood/ Chimney Sweep

Renovations Kitchen/Bath Remodels House Additions & Decks Quality Work Affordable Prices

Chimney Sweep

(785) 550-1565

Cleaning Chimneys/Stoves We install inserts & stoves, Home Repairs & Tree Trimming 785-331-6730

. Retired Carpenter, Deck Re-

pairs, Home repairs: Doors, Windows, Stairs, Wood Rot, Siding, Powerwash785-766-5285

Foundation Repair


CONCRETE INC Your local foundation repair specialist! Waterproofing, Basement, & Crack Repair

Quality work at a fair price!


Seamless aluminum guttering. Many colors to choose from. Install, repair, screen, clean-out. Locally owned. Insured. Free estimates.


Serving KC over 40 years 913-962-0798 Fast Service

Heating & Cooling


Concrete, Block & Limestone Wall Repair, Waterproofing Drainage Solutions Sump Pumps, Driveways. 785-843-2700 Owen 24/7


Mudjacking, Waterproofing. We specialize in Basement Repair & Pressure Grouting. Level & Straighten Walls & Bracing on wall. BBB. Free Estimates Since 1962

Wagner’s 785-749-1696

Electric & Industrial Supply Pump & Well Drilling Service 602 E 9th St | 785-843-4522 /patchen

Green Grass Lawn Care

15 yrs exp, Mowing, Yard Clean-up, Tree Trimming, Snow Removal All jobs considered. 785-312-0813 785-893-1509


Whatever U Need Marty Goodwin 785-979-1379 Lots of LEAVES!!?? Try ECO-Mulching!

No Bagging or hauling nec. Steve 785-393-9152


“Your Comfort Is Our Business.” Installation & Service Residential & Commercial (785) 841-2665

Origins Interior Design

• Color & Design • Space Planning • Furniture Layouts • Trade Discounts • Project Management 785-766-9281


Advertising that works for you!

Get Lynn on the line! 785-843-LYNN

Air Conditioning Heating/Plumbing lynncommunications

Free Quote



“Call for a Free Home Demo”

Adorable Animal Designs


Full Service Grooming All Breeds & Sizes Including Cats! Flea & Tick Solutions

Complete Roofing Services Professional Staff Quality Workmanship lawrenceroofing

Complete Roofing

Tearoffs, Reroofs, Redecks * Storm Damage * Leaks * Roof Inspections

1783 E 1500 Rd, Lawrence

We’re There for You!



Yoga is more than getting on the mat. Live Passionately Yoga Nutrition Classes Relaxation Retreats 1407 Massachusetts 785-218-0174 breathe



Dependable & Reliable Pet sitting, feeding, overnights, walks, more References! Insured! 785-550-9289

Prompt Superior Service Residential * Commercial Tear Off * Reroofs

Free Estimates

Insurance Work Welcome

785-764-9582 mclaughlinroofing


Roger, Kevin or Sarajane


1210 Lakeview Court, Innovative Planting Design Construction & Installation lml

785-550-5610 scotttemperature


Call: 785-832-2222 Fax: 785-832-7232 Email:

BYYX`cWU` 3 c Z b ]  g g Y Vig]b

“When You’re Ready, We’re Reddi” •Sales •Service •Installations •Free Estimate on replacements all makes & models Commercial Residential Financing Available


Leaks, Flashing, Masonry. Residential, Commercial References, Insured.

24 emergency service Missouri (816) 421-0303 Kansas (913) 328-4437

KW Service 785-691-5949 Salon & Spa


• Hair styling /Coloring • Soft Curl Perms • Nails & Eye Lashes 785-856-9020 2400 Franklin Rd., Suite E LawrenceMarketplace. com/ruffends

15yr. locally owned and operated company. Professionally trained staff. We move everything from fossils to office and household goods. Call for a free estimate. 785-749-5073 starvingartist

Siding Services

Music Lessons



MAGILL PLUMBING • Water Line Services • Septic Tanks / Laterals 913-721-3917 Free Estimates Licensed Insured.

Piano Lessons 4704 W. 24th St Learn to play 30-50 songs in the first year! keysofjoy


RETIRED MASTER PLUMBER & Handyman needs small work. Bill Morgan 816-523-5703

Painting Taking Care of Lawrence’s Plumbing Needs for over 35 Years (785) 841-2112 /kastl

Recycling Services

Int/Ext/Specialty Painting Siding, Wood Rot & Decks Kate, 785-423-4464 Interior/Exterior Painting

Quality Work Over 20 yrs. exp.

Low Maintenance Landscape, Inc.

Free Estimates on replacement equipment! Ask us about Energy Star equipment & how to save on your utility bills.

Re-Roofs: All Types Roofing Repairs Siding & Windows FREE Estimates (785) 749-0462

Haul Free: Salvageable items. Minimum charge: other moving/hauling jobs. Also Maintenance/Cleaning for home/business, inside/out plumbing / electrical & more. 785-841-6254



• Garage Doors • Openers • Service • Installation


Auto-Home- BusinessLife- Health Dennis J. Donnelly Insurance Inc. 913-268-5000 11211 Johnson Dr.

Air Conditioning/ & Heating/Sales & Srvs.


Mobile Enviro-Wash LTD

Al 785-331-6994


Placing an ad... 785-832-2222

Pet Services Find us on Facebook Pine Landscape Center 785-843-6949

Call Lyndsey 913-422-7002

• Garage Doors • Openers • Service • Installation Call 785-842-5203 or visit us at Lawrencemarketplace. com/freestategaragedoors

Free estimates/Insured.

785-842-7118 /adorableanimaldesign

Int/ext. Drywall, Tile, Siding, Wood rot, & Decks 30 plus yrs. Refs. Free Est. rivercityhvac

Garage Doors

For Everything Electrical Committed to Excellence Since 1972 Full Service Electrical Contractor

• Unsightly black streaks of mold & dirt on your roof? • Mold or Mildew on your house? • Is winter salt intrusion causing your concrete to flake?

Locally owned & operated.


Call 785-393-1647

Free estimate. Honest and Dependable. References available. 785-691-7999

Supplying all your Painting needs. Serving Lawrence and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

Dependable Service

A. B. Painting & Repair

930 E 27th Street, 785-843-1691 chaneyinc

Motors - Pumps Complete Water Systems

Instruction and Tutoring

“where simple ideas become inspiring realities”

1-888-326-2799 Toll Free

Rich Black Top Soil No Chemicals Machine Pulverized Pickup or Delivery

Repairs and Services

Breathe Holistic Life Center

1388 N 1293 Rd, Lawrence

ADVANCED SYSTEMS Basement & foundation repair Your hometown company Over three decades 785-841-0145


Guttering Services


• Decks • Gazebos • Framing • Siding • Fences • Additions • Remodel • Weatherproofing & Staining Insured, 20 yrs. experience. 785-550-5592

Lawn, Garden & Nursery

Fall Clean Up Leaf Clean Up


Chim-Chiminee Sweeps Chimney/Dryer Duct Sweeping, Stoves, Inserts, & Liners installed. 25 yrs. exp. 913-724-1957


Light Up The Season!

Serving JO, WY & LV 913-488-9976

Decks & Fences

JASON TANKING CONSTRUCTION New Construction Framing, Remodels, Additions, Decks Fully Ins. & Lic. 785.760.4066 jtconstruction

Eagles Lodge

Banquet Room Available for Corporate Parties, Wedding Receptions, Fundraisers Bingo Every Friday Night 1803 W 6th St. (785) 843-9690 /Eagles_Lodge

Serving the Douglas & Franklin county areas

Home Improvements

Events/ Entertainment

for up to 200 people? Try the TEE PEES in North Lawrence. Call 785-766-3538

Stacked Deck

Bird Janitorial & Hawk Wash Window Cleaning. • House Cleaning • Chandeliers • Post Construction • Gutters • Power Washing • Prof Window Cleaning • Sustainable Options Find Coupons & more info: birdjanitorial Free Est. 785-749-0244

House Cleaner

Kansas Carpet Care, Inc.

Sue Bee’s Cleaning 785-841-2268

Heating & Cooling

Financial Hilltop Child Development Center, 1605 Irving Hill Road Lawrence, Kansas 785-864-4940 Serving Lawrence since 1972.

“If you want it done right, take it to Hite.” Auto Body Repair Windshield & Auto Glass Repair 3401 W 6th St (785) 843-8991 /hite kstire

Family owned and operated since 1992 For Your Holiday Cleaning Needs

General Services

Fast Quality Service

Gift Certificates Avail.


Harris Auto Repair


Employment Services

Let Us Help With The Holidays


Domestics and Imports Brake repair Engine repair AC repair / service Custom exhaust systems Shock & Struts Transmissions Tire sales / repairs


Professional Painters Home, Interior, Exterior Painting, Lead Paint Removal Serving Northeast Kansas 785-691-6050 /primecoat

12th & Haskell Recycle Center, Inc. No Monthly Fee - Always been FREE! Cash for all Metals We take glass! 1146 Haskell Ave, Lawrence 785-865-3730 lawrencemarketplace. com/recyclecenter Lonnie’s Recycling Inc. Buyers of aluminum cans, all type metals & junk vehicles. Mon.-Fri. 8-5, Sat. 8-4, 501 Maple, Lawrence. 785-841-4855 lonnies

Repairs and Services


9jYfmg]b[`Y @UkfYbWYVig]bYgg %$$`cWU` D\cbYbiaVYfg <cifg˜AUdg KYVg]hYg˜7cidcbg FUh]b[gfYj]Ykg

Specializing in new homes & Residential interior and exterior repaints Power Washing Deck staining Sheet Rock Repair Quality work and products since 1985

Travel Services Lawrence First Class Transportation Limos Corporate Cars Drivers available 24/7


Lawrencemarkeptlace. com/firstclass

Tree/Stump Removal Arborscapes Tree Service Tree trimming & removal Ks Arborists Assoc. Certified Licensed & Insured. 785-760-3684


Trimmed, Shaped, Removed Shrubs, Fenceline Cleaned

No Job Too Small Free Est. Lic. & Ins. 913-268-3120

Riffel Painting Co. Plan Now For Next Year • Custom Pools, Spas & Water Features • Design & Installation • Pool Maintenance (785) 843-9119

Siding Installation, New Construction, Repair, Replace, Painting Windows, Doors, Remodeling FREE Estimates Licensed & Insured (785) 312-0581 lawrencemarketplace. com/crconstruct

Water, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration • Odor Removal • Carpet Cleaning • Air Duct Cleaning •

One Company Is All You Need and One Phone Call Is All You Need To Make (785) 842-0351

Chris Tree Service 20yrs. exp. Trees trimmed, cut down, hauled off. Free Est. Ins. & Lic. 913-631-7722, 913-301-3659

Fredy’s Tree Service

cutdown• trimmed• topped Licensed & Insured. 14 yrs experience. 913-441-8641 913-244-7718


!" #$%&'()*%$+,#",- ./)*.0// Cars-Domestic Cars-Imports







Sport Utility-4x4 Academy Cars Needs Cars Now! We Need Cars to Catch-Up and Meet This Year’s Goals $5000

Pontiac 2008 Grand Prix V6, Auto, Gray, $11,988 Call 785-838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Chrysler PT Cruiser LTD, 4cyl., Auto, Clean! $6,988 Call 785-838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2008 Mazda3 4cyl., 5speed manual, Carfax 1 owner $13,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Kia 2010 Forte 4dr, 1 Subaru 2006 Outback, owner, extra clean, great wag. AWD, 1 owner, gas mileage. Lots of cars auto/spt. shift, ABS, for under $200/mo. WAC. ft.r.side airbags, 84K All American Auto Mart Mazda 2008 Mazda3 Hatch$14,900 1200 East Santa Fe back. FUN car with heated View pictures at Olathe KS 66061 seats! Dark Gray color, visit our website BOSE audio, BRAND new ti785.856.0280 res, and much more. Super 845 Iowa St. Call 888-239-5723 Today. nice condition, lots of opLawrence, KS 66049 tions, and a great looking car. Drive Fun. See wbsite for photos Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

2006 Pontiac Grand Prix V6, Auto, Silver $8,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500 Honda 2002 Accord EX, FWD, 4cyl. auto, moon, alloy, cruise, PW, PL, 77K $8,900 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Honda 2007 Civic LX Auto, 27,454 mi. $14,988 Call 785-838-2327

2009 Mazda3 sSport 4cyl., Auto., Carfax 1 owner $15,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Hyundai 2011 Santa Fe GLS 4cyl, Auto, Carfax 1 owner $22,988 Call 785-838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

4th Quarter Catch-Up Sales Event

We Must Trade for 60 Cars before the End of November!


2007 Mazda3 sSport 4cyl., 5speed manual Carfax 1 owner $14,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500 Lexus 2008 IS 250 AWD, 6cyl, E-shift, 20-26MPG, moon, 6disc, ABS, TRAC, 69K, $22,900 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049


Lincoln 2009 MKZ premium alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, CD changer, Sync, leather, and more for only $18,444. stk#404101. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Volkswagon 2006 Jetta, 4cyl. turbo, 6spd. DSG, FWD, 25-31MPG, leather, pkg#1, 65k. $14,900 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Volkswagon 2008 Jetta 2.5, local trade in, sunroof, leather heated seats, alloy wheels, very sharp, stk#308742 only $15,770 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Mitsubishi 2009 Galant ES, alloy wheels, power equipment, great fuel economy and dependability! Only $12,877. stk#10854. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer ES V6, 5speed manual Silver $7,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Toyota 2010 Corolla, CE Barcelona Red, 48K Can you believe It?! 785-841-0102

Toyota 2010 Corolla CE 21K, Barcelona Red Can You Afford to NOT Buy Your Next Car On-Line at Academy? 785-841-0102

Toyota 2009 Corolla XLE 46K, Capri Sea Metallic From Your Partner in On-Line Car Buying! 785-841-0102

Toyota 2009 Corolla XLE 46K, Capri Sea Metallic From Your Partner in On-Line Car Buying! 785-841-0102

Honda CR-V EX, to 2 choose, ‘04or’05, 100K, 4WD, alloy, moon, CD, cruise, PW, PL, starting at $13,500 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Lexus 2004 LX470, 1owner, service records, 3rd row, Nav., leather, moon,, 98K, $27,500. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

2008 Lincoln MKX V6, Auto,34,000 mi., $30,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

BMW 2005 x5 3.0i, white with gray interior, 100K. Perfect condition all records. This vehicle is like Brand New. All American Auto Mart 1200 East Santa Fe Olathe KS 66061 visit our website Call 888-239-5723 Today.

Chevrolet 2002 Corvette Convertible, 2Dr. Stk#T96291A Sale Price $27,495

INFINITI 2008. T6602A $27,495 Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

Chevrolet 2003 Trailblazer LTZ 4wd, leather, sunroof, alloy wheels, steering wheels controls, tow pkg, lots of extra’s, stk#59526A1 only $8,500. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportsback GTS Auto, Black, Carfax 1 owner $15,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Hyundai 2007 Sonata SE Arctic White Just Imagine…. 785-841-0102

2009 Mazda3 4cyl., Auto, 45,000 mi, $15,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

2008 Mazda6 4cyl., Auto., Carfax 1 owner $18,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Nissan 1997 Altima GXE 5 speed, Air Cond, Power windows and locks, Cruise, Dual airbags, Rear spoiler, 4 new tires, New radiator, Recent clutch, Low miles for cars age, Great gas mileage, Dependable vehicle in excellent condition, Must sell, $3200 913-449-5225

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KIA 2006 AMANTI. Stk#T6622A. Sale Price $13,999

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Robert Brogden Auto Plaza 2010 Mazda3 4cyl., Auto, Carfax 1 owner $18,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Robert Brogden Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

Olathe Buick - GMC KC’s #1 Low Price Dealer 1500 E. Santa Fe, Olathe, KS 800-536-5346 913-782-1500

Toyota 2003 Sequoia Limited, 4WD, tow, lthr, 3rdrow, JBL/6disc, ABS,, loaded, 124k $14,000. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Dodge 2008 Nitro RT 4WD, leather heated seats, sunroof, home link, CD changer, and much more! Stk#14989 only $19,850. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Volkswagen 2007 GTI one owner, local trade, sunroof, spoiler, alloy wheels, CD changer, some much fun to drive! stk#319421Only $16,622. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

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2009 Toyota Prius Auto, Leather, Carfax 1 owner $18,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500 2007 Toyota 4 Runner Limited 4x4, $27,000, 41,200 miles, mid sized, ONE OWNER, 4.7 Liter V8, Fully Loaded with Running Boards, Leather, Sun Roof, Westin Cattle Guard, must see!! 785-218-1486

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Nissan 2007 Murano AWD S, alloy wheels, power seat, power pedals, and more. Stk#15039 only $16,988 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

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Nissan 2003 Pathfinder, SE, 4WD, moon, tow, cruise, wood, roofrack, ABS, loaded,85k $11,900 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

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Sport Utility-4x4

GMC 2009 Acadia SLE, one owner, tow pkg, room for 8 pass, alloy wheels, power seat, 24 mpg hwy, stk#19786A1 only $19,741. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

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LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

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T"# S#&#'()*+


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Hyundai 2007 Santa Fe AWD Limited, V6, one owner, sunroof, leather heated seats, traction control, alloy wheels, and more! Stk#563731 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

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2003 Lincoln Navigator Luxury 4x4, V8, Auto., $12,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Options few with content girlfriend Annie’s Mailbox

ily and friends gave generously of their time. However, not one member of my husband’s family came to the event. Nor did they RSVP or send a card. His family lives a few miles away in the same town. We attend their family events when invited. It still bothers me a year later that they overlooked our anniversary. What should I do? — Hurt and Resentful in Vermont Dear Hurt: Is it possible there was a mix-up with the wants to remain in her mothinvitations or RSVPs? These er’s house. I offered to let things happen more often Mom stay with us, wherever than you think. If that’s not we are, but Kathleen says her mother would never accept living in the same house with me. I am 58, and my patience is wearing thin. I love Kathleen but am not hopeful about the situation. Are there options I am unaware of? — Discouraged Dear Discouraged: Kathleen is quite comfortable living rent-free with her mother and having a loving boyfriend who provides a father figure for her son. She has everything she needs. If you are happy to continue dating her, that is one solution. But if you want marriage or cohabitation, it’s not going to happen. Dear Annie: A year ago, my husband and I were given a surprise 25th anniversary party. It was wonderful. Fam-

Marcy Sugar and Kathy Mitchell

ABC’s ‘You Deserve It’: simply hideous Just this side of ghastly, the new limited-run series “You Deserve It” (8 p.m., ABC) combines the banality of game show razzle-dazzle with the agony of personal tragedy. Every contestant plays a remarkably involved trivia quiz to win money for a friend or a relative in need. In the episode made available for review, a young woman competes on behalf of her college friend, a bereaved mother of two whose husband drowned only four months before. The woman’s plight is explained in a video tribute before the game. At the end of the contest, the unsuspecting beneficiary will be told — on camera — about her friend’s act of kindness, all to the thundering applause of a studio audience. What if a widow of only four months isn’t ready to become the object of our pity and the focus of our throwaway entertainment? Beyond mixing trivia and tragedy in a glib fashion, “Deserve” also approaches the uncomfortable place where charity and exhibitionism meet. The show doesn’t so much celebrate generosity as reduce it to something unspeakably tacky.

On Anthony Bourdain’s long-running Travel Channel series “No Reservations,” he skillfully used his well-honed hipster act and “I’ll eat anything” philosophy to offer thought-provoking snapshots of other people’s ways of life. Now Bourdain hosts something called “The Layover” (8 p.m., Travel). At its best, this new series is the TV equivalent of those newspaper articles that offer idle weekenders ideas for what to do when they have 36 hours in Seattle or wherever. Only “Layover” is based on the idea that Bourdain is such a busy celebrity that he’s often stranded for long stretches in exotic locales. What’s a foodie with so many frequent flier miles to do? In the first “Layover” he spends 24 hours (accompanied by an onscreen ticking clock) racing from one funky street vendor to the next in Singapore, a city so rapidly developed that it can seem like a theme park even to its own residents. He also extols the virtues of his favorite hotels and gets a massage. There’s more than a whiff of product placement about the whole affair. Sadly, “The Layover” allows no time for homecooked meals, which were often the most revealing moments of “No Reservations,” when we got to observe cuisine and table customs among family and new friends. These scenes evoked hearthlike warmth that contrasted nicely with Bourdain’s cooler-than-thou act. While watching “No Reservations” it was easy to think of Bourdain as the luckiest man in the world. On “Layover” Bourdain seems more doomed than blessed, a very wellfed version of George Clooney’s character in “Up in the Air.”

Tonight’s other highlights

“The Sing-Off” (7 p.m., NBC) continues.

Taylor hunts for leaks on “Terra Nova” (7 p.m., Fox).

A teen’s tantrums prove revealing on “House” (8 p.m., Fox).

“Woody Allen: A Documentary” (8 p.m., PBS) concludes on “American Masters.”


NIP IN THE ... By Gary Cooper


— Please e-mail your questions to, or write to Annie’s Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190 Chicago, IL 60611.

Universal Crossword Edited by Timothy E. Parker November 21, 2011

directions. Stay optimistic and positive. Tonight: Now the fun starts. Cancer (June 21-July 22) You might want to close your door or cocoon somewhere. But the best action is to stay present and fulfill your obligations. Tonight: Home. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)  Parcel out your energy. You cannot count on getting a second wind. You might need to do as much as possible on the phone, from your office and/or on the computer. Tonight: Chat with a friend over dinner. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)  Curb your need to add to your lucre right now. Any risking financially could backfire. Be the conservative, steady Virgo for now. Tonight: Don’t feel pressured. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)  Despite flak from someone you care about, you need to let it go and focus on what you want. Your sense of humor emerges when dealing with others. Tonight: As you wish. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)  See what is going on behind the scenes. You

might be picking up a lot of information that doesn’t coincide with your knowledge. Tonight: Get some extra R and R. Sagittarius (Nov. 22Dec. 21)  Zero in on your priorities. Not everything is as you might like. Tonight: Surrounded by people. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)  Tension runs high, as you don’t see eye to eye with an authority figure. Passions runs high, and you open up to new possibilities. Tonight: Out late. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)  If you can take in a bigger perspective, do. The more you understand, the more you push judgment aside. Tonight: Let your mind choose. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)  Where your friends are is where you want to be. Schedule a lunch with a pal, mixing in a little business. Tonight: Share with a special person.

71. Actress Juliet Mills is 70. Basketball Hall of Famer Earl Monroe is 67. Comedian-director Harold Ramis is 67. Television producer Marcy Carsey is 67. Actress Goldie Hawn is 66. Movie director Andrew Davis

ACROSS 1 Lacking slack 5 “Could you repeat that?” 9 Extremely overweight 14 Fig. on a driver’s license 15 Saint’s symbol 16 Country estate 17 Big Super Bowl advertiser, traditionally 19 Island off Manhattan 20 Coffee combinations 21 She loved Rhett 23 Losing or winning runs 25 Lamarr of “Samson and Delilah” 26 Waiter’s handout 28 Shade of blue 32 Potting requirement 36 Historic Parks 38 Betty, in a movie title 39 Eye and peacock, for two 41 Sign of spring in four places in this puzzle 42 Ferber and a Dame 43 As wise as ___ 44 Compete in a regatta 46 These can be connected 47 She’s a doll

49 “Hey, over here!” 51 “What have you been ___?” 53 Broadbrimmed beach bonnets 58 A deuce used as an ace, e.g. 62 Respond to with guffaws 63 Last of the Greek characters 64 Trucker’s friend? 66 Downspout sites 67 Chills-andfever fit 68 Come ___ end (finish) 69 Clobber, in the Bible 70 Jersey guys in jerseys 71 Gaelic language DOWN 1 Poitier’s “In the Heat of the Night” role 2 Not for children 3 Subordinate to 4 Olde ___ (historic area, quaintly) 5 Narrow margin 6 “Rumor ___ it ...” 7 Brewpub fare 8 Dime depiction 9 Cooked really well? 10 Herman Mel-

ville novella 11 Model Macpherson 12 Narrow opening 13 Cardinal point 18 Red-coated cheese 22 Old nuclear org. 24 Elitists 27 Ordinary 29 Tuscany river 30 Aspiring atty.’s exam 31 Dick Tracy’s true love 32 Thick slice of bread 33 Charlie Chaplin’s last wife 34 Feldman’s “Young Frankenstein” role 35 Like a film made on a shoestring 37 Parting word 40 Boxed-set box

45 Locale of allegedly miraculous cures 48 When you might get there (Abbr.) 50 Adjustment means on a radio 52 Church instrument 54 Terre ___, Ind. 55 Intense devotion 56 Words said with a flourish 57 Cahn’s composing collaborator 58 Troubles 59 Islamic religious leader 60 Matthew, originally 61 Old Venetian magistrate 65 Umpire’s call



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THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

LUCTO ©2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


— The astrological forecast should be read for entertainment only.

BIRTHDAYS Baseball Hall-of-Famer Stan Musial is 91. Actor Joseph Campanella is 84. Country singer Jean Shepard is 78. Actor Laurence Luckinbill is 77. Actress Marlo Thomas is 74. Actor Rick Lenz is 72. Singer Dr. John is

© 2011 Universal Uclick !ONDA& ' NOVE!BER -.' -/.. 0B

the case, please talk to your husband and ask him to find out whether there is some problem with his family of which you are unaware. Perhaps he can discover what is going on and the two of you can take steps to fix things. Otherwise, we suspect you will stew over this for a long time, and that certainly won’t help relations with the inlaws.

JACQUELINE BIGAR’S STARS For Monday, Nov. 21: This year others might feel that you are giving mixed messages. You are changing on a profound level, especially in how you communicate. If you are single, you could meet someone seemingly special. Check this person out. He or she might not be all you think he or she is. If you are attached, you as a couple need more oneon-one time. Libra understands you very well. The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult Aries (March 21-April 19)  Face facts: Some Mondays are more difficult than others. Greet the difficult. You or someone else — or maybe both of you — will need to make an adjustment. Tonight: Out and about. Taurus (April 20-May 20)  Your work, routine and daily life seem to take their toll. You would prefer to be somewhere else. Tonight: Choose a feel-good activity. Gemini (May 21-June 20) You move in a new direction because you remain open to ideas and


really well? 10 Herman Mel-


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Dear Annie: For the past three years, I have been in a committed relationship with “Kathleen.” We truly love each other, and I have been like a father to her 10-yearold son, “Brandon.” The problem is, Kathleen is 46 and still lives at home with a mother who rules the roost. Mom has been hostile toward me from the get-go and has done everything possible to drive me out of her daughter’s life, even spreading rumors that I was a pedophile. Mom tries to convince Kathleen that I’m not good enough because I’ve been divorced twice and don’t make a sixfigure income. She controls Kathleen’s agenda and makes sure she is available only one evening a week. I am not welcome in their home because “Gramma” locks herself in her bedroom until I leave, which makes Kathleen feel stressed and guilty. I have tried to win Mom over by being polite and giving her flowers and birthday and Christmas gifts. I even offered to go with her to see her priest, but she refused. I have gone out of my way to defer to her, but it doesn’t help. Kathleen feels caught in the middle. We have talked about living together. Kathleen is accustomed to not paying rent or worrying about property taxes and home repairs and

connected 47 She’s a doll

Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.


is 65. Rock musician Lonnie Jordan (War) is 63. Singer Livingston Taylor is 61. Actress-singer Lorna Luft is 59. Actress Cherry Jones is 55. Rock musician Brian Ritchie (The Violent Femmes) is 51.


(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: MOUTH WITTY AIMING PAUNCH Answer: It was easy for him to view the constellations because he was a — NIGHT WATCHMAN


10B MONDAY, NO,-MB-R 21, 2011 Sport Utility-4x4 Truck-Pickups

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Chevrolet 2009 Silverado Ext cab LT, leather, 20” alloy wheels, On Star, Chevy Certified, 2yrs of scheduled maintenance, stk#327151 only $22,500. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chevrolet 2007 Silverado LT 4x4, quad cab, 80,388. Put it to work or carry the 2009 Mazda Tribute Family around excellent isport condition & well 4cyl, Auto. equipped. $21,988. Carfax 1 owner All American Auto Mart $16,995 1200 East Santa Fe 23rd & Alabama 843-3500 Olathe KS 66061 visit our website Call 888-239-5723 Today. Nissan 1995 Pathfinder 4x4, V6 engine, new transmissiion. Some body damage and rust but runs good. Great for Winter driving! $700. 785-318-0778 Toyota 2002 Highlander, All wheel drive. Great gas mileage in a small SUV. Beautiful Bluestone Metallic, Alloy wheels, and brand new engine with warranty! Clean, NO accident. AutoCheck history. Also check out my 2005 Chevrolet 2007 Suburban Highlander, just in. See 1500 LT, 4x4, V8, auto. website for photos. $27,988 Rueschhoff Automobiles Call 785-838-2327 LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2441 W. 6th St. 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence 785-856-6100 24/7


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Pontiac 2006 Montana SV6. 7 passenger family van, very clean, with DVD player. Nice Dark Blue Metallic, clean gray interior. Rear A.C. Nice van, 119K miles, and reduced to $7995 (KBB value $10,600) Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

4th Quarter Catch-Up Sales Event


2006 Toyota Tacoma V6, Auto, Red, 4x4 $22,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

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GMC 2011 2500HD STK#T6764A Sale Price $59,999

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What’s GM Certified? 2yrs of free regular maintenance 172 Pt. Inspection 12 Mo./12,000 Mi. Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty 100,000 mi./5-yr. limited Powertrain warranty, no deduct. 24-hr. Roadside Assistance Courtesy transportation. Nationwide coverage backed By General Motors. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

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Toyota 2008 Tundra crew cab 4x4, 49,000 miles, loaded, TRO package, leather, PW, PL, cruise, fully equipped nice ride. Lawrence And dressed up All American Auto Mart (First published in the Law1200 East Santa Fe rence Daily Journal-World Olathe KS 66061 November 14, 2011) visit our website Call 888-239-5723 Today. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS CIVIL DEPARTMENT BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P. fka Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, L.P. Plaintiff, vs. The Nelson Trust dated January 27, 2005, et al. Defendants. Case No. 10CV191 Court Number: 1 2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 V8, Auto, Red Pearl, $12,995 23rd & Alabama 843-3500

Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, at the Lower Level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center of the Courthouse at Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, on December 8, 2011, at 10:00 AM, the following real estate: Lot 30, Block 1, in Belle Haven South, an addition to the City of Lawrence, as shown by the recorded plat thereof, in Douglas County, Kansas, commonly known as 615 W. 25th Street, #1-3, Lawrence, KS 66046 (the “Property”)

to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case. The sale is to be made without appraisement and subject to the redemption period as provided by law, and further subject to the Vans-Buses approval of the Court. For more information, visit Chevrolet 1990 Lumina mini van - red. Please call for more information Kenneth McGovern, Sheriff 785-832-1498 Douglas County, Kansas

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Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of an

Prepared By: South & Associates, P.C. Kristen G. Stroehmann (KS # 10551) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 (913)663-7899 (Fax) Attorneys For Plaintiff (109316) _______

Lawrence Case No. 2011 PR 191 (Proceeding Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 59) NOTICE OF HEARING AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that on November 2, 2011, a Petition for Probate of Will and Issuance of Letters Testamentary Under the Kansas Simplified Estates Act was filed in this Court by John A. Emerson., executor named in the will of David P. Howard, deceased, dated October 30, 2002, and praying the instrument attached thereto be admitted to probate and record as the Will of the decedent; and Letters Testamentary under the Kansas Simplified Estates Act be issued to the Executor to serve without bond. You are further advised under the provisions of the Kansas Simplified Estates Act the Court need not supervise administration of the Estate, and no notice of any action of the executors or other proceedings in the administration will be given, except for notice of final settlement of decedent’s estate.

Lawrence son at the time of his death - a tract located in the Southwest corner of Lot 12, Block 9, in Orchards No. 3 Subdivision in the City of Lawrence, constituting the condominium currently having the address of 1304 Westbrooke, Lawrence, KS 66049. Such real estate is more particularly described in the two Condominium Apartment Warranty Deeds recorded at Book 509 / Pages 1027-28 and Book 573 / Page 1489 of the Douglas County, Kansas, Register of Deeds.


By virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me out of the said District Court in the above-entitled action, I will on Thursday, the 15th day of December, 2011 at 10:00AM of said date inside the Jury Assembly Room of the District Court located in the lower level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center building, 111 East 11th St., Lawrence, KS, offer at public sale and sell to the highest and best bidder for cash in hand, the following described real propYou are required to erty, to-wit:

file your written defenses thereto on or before December 8, 2011, at 10:00 o’clock a.m. in the District Court, in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition.

Lot 3, Block 2, in Shadow Ridge 4th Plat, a Subdivision in the City of Eudora, Douglas County, Kansas

The above-described real estate is taken as the property of the defendants Magen A. Cooper, et al. and is directed by said Order of Sale to be sold, and will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Martin W. Moore, Executor Sale.

Thompson, Ramsdell & Qualseth, P.A. /s/ Robert W. Ramsdell, #19300 333 W. 9th Street P.O. Box 1264 Lawrence, Kansas 66044 (785) 841-4554 Attorneys for Executor

You are further advised if _______ written objections to simplified administration are (First published in the Lawfiled with the Court, the rence Daily Journal-World Court may order that su- November 14, 2011) pervised administration enIN THE DISTRICT COURT OF sue. DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS (First published in the LawCIVIL DEPARTMENT rence Daily Journal-World You are required to file your written defenses November 14, 2011) thereto on or before De- BAC Home Loans Servicing, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF cember 1, 2011, at 10:15 L.P. fka Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, L.P. DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS a.m. in the District Court, in Plaintiff, Lawrence, Douglas County, CIVIL DEPARTMENT vs. Kansas, at which time and Janice E. Davis, et al. Countrywide Home Loans place the cause will be Defendants. heard. Should you fail Servicing LP therein, judgment and dePlaintiff, Case No. 10CV205 cree will be entered in due vs. Court Number: 6 course upon the Petition. Gregory K. Nakkula and Kathryn D. Nakkula, et al. Pursuant to K.S.A. All creditors are notified to Defendants. Chapter 60 exhibit their demands against the Estate within Case No. 09CV65 NOTICE OF SALE four months from the date Court Number: 6 of the first publication of Under and by virtue of an this notice, as provided by Pursuant to K.S.A. law, and if their demands Order of Sale issued to me Chapter 60 by the Clerk of the District are not thus exhibited, they Court of Douglas County, shall be forever barred. NOTICE OF SALE Kansas, the undersigned John A. Emerson, Sheriff of Douglas County, Under and by virtue of an Petitioner Kansas, will offer for sale at Order of Sale issued to me public auction and sell to by the Clerk of the District the highest bidder for cash Court of Douglas County, PREPARED BY: in hand, at the Lower Level Kansas, the undersigned BARBER EMERSON, L.C. of the Judicial and Law EnLinda Kroll Gutierrez Sheriff of Douglas County, forcement Center of the Kansas, will offer for sale at #09571 Courthouse at Lawrence, public auction and sell to 1211 Massachusetts Street Douglas County, Kansas, on the highest bidder for cash P.O. Box 667 December 8, 2011, at 10:00 in hand, at the Lower Level Lawrence, Kansas AM, the following real es66044-0667 of the Judicial and Law Entate: forcement Center of the (785) 843-6600 Courthouse at Lawrence, (785) 843-8405 (facsimile) Unit 6A, as shown by Plat of Douglas County, Kansas, on E-mail: Survey of Woodcreek December 8, 2011, at 10:00 Townhomes, filed in CondoAttorneys for Petitioner AM, the following real esminium Book 1, Page 60, in ________ tate: the Office of the Register of Lot 63 and 64 on Orange (First published in the Law- Deeds of Douglas County, Street in the City of Baldwin rence Daily Journal-World Kansas , commonly known as 255 N. Michigan Street City, in Douglas County, November 14, 2011) 6-34, Lawrence, KS 66044 Kansas, commonly known (the “Property”) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF as 904 Orange Street, Baldwin City, KS 66006 (the DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS to satisfy the judgment in “Property”) the above-entitled case. In The Matter of the The sale is to be made Estate of to satisfy the judgment in without appraisement and William Walter the above-entitled case. subject to the redemption Wempe, The sale is to be made period as provided by law, Deceased. without appraisement and and further subject to the subject to the redemption approval of the Court. For Case No. 2010-PR-189 period as provided by law, more information, visit Division No. 1 and further subject to the approval of the Court. For TITLE TO REAL ESTATE more information, visit Kenneth McGovern, Sheriff INVOLVED Douglas County, Kansas Pursuant to K.S.A. Kenneth McGovern, Sheriff Prepared By: Chapter 59 Douglas County, Kansas South & Associates, P.C. Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) NOTICE TO CREDITORS Prepared By: 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 South & Associates, P.C. The State of Kansas - To All Overland Park, KS 66211 Kristen G. Stroehmann (913)663-7600 Persons Concerned: (KS # 10551) (913)663-7899 (Fax) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 You are hereby notified Attorneys For Plaintiff Overland Park, KS 66211 that on November 4, 2011, (111769) (913)663-7600 ________ upon a filed Petition, the (913)663-7899 (Fax) Douglas County District (First published in the LawAttorneys For Plaintiff Court appointed Nancy K. (95982) rence Daily Journal-World Swearingen and Michael W. November 21, 2011) ________ Wempe as Co-Executors for (First published in the Law- the Estate of William WalIN THE DISTRICT COURT OF rence Daily Journal-World ter Wempe, deceased, and DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS November 14, 2011) issued Letters TestamenCIVIL DEPARTMENT tary under the Kansas SimIN THE DISTRICT COURT OF plified Estates Act. BAC Home Loans Servicing, DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS L.P. fka Countrywide Home CIVIL DEPARTMENT Any and all creditors of WilLoans Servicing, L.P. liam Walter Wempe, dePlaintiff, The Bank of New York Mel- ceased, are hereby notified vs. lon fka The Bank of New that they must exhibit their Jeremiah Adams and York, as Trustee for the demands against the Estate Heidi Adams, et al. Certificateholders CWABS, within four months from Defendants. Inc., Asset-Backed Certifi- the date of the first pubcates, Series 2005-5 lished notice as provided Case No. 11CV388 Plaintiff, by law and that, if their deCourt Number: 1 vs. mands are not thus exhibWilliam Arnold Boyd and ited, they shall be forever Pursuant to K.S.A. Theresa A. Boyd, et al. barred. Chapter 60 Defendants. Nancy K. Swearingen NOTICE OF SALE Case No. 09CV822 Michael W. Wempe Court Number: 2 Co-Executors Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me Pursuant to K.S.A. Thompson, Ramsdell & by the Clerk of the District Chapter 60 Qualseth, P.A. Court of Douglas County, /s/ Robert W. Ramsdell, Kansas, the undersigned NOTICE OF SALE #19300 Sheriff of Douglas County, 333 W. 9th Street Kansas, will offer for sale at Under and by virtue of an P.O. Box 1264 public auction and sell to Order of Sale issued to me Lawrence, Kansas 66044 the highest bidder for cash by the Clerk of the District (785) 841-4554 in hand, at the Lower Level Court of Douglas County, Attorneys for Co-Executors of the Judicial and Law EnKansas, the undersigned forcement Center of the Sheriff of Douglas County, _______ Courthouse at Lawrence, Kansas, will offer for sale at Douglas County, Kansas, on public auction and sell to (First published in the LawDecember 15, 2011, at 10:00 the highest bidder for cash rence Daily Journal-World AM, the following real esNovember 14, 2011) in hand, at the Lower Level tate: of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center of the IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF Lot C-32, or Replat of Lots 1 Courthouse at Lawrence, DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS thru 15 and part of Tract C, Douglas County, Kansas, on in Deerfield Park No. 2, an In The Matter of the December 8, 2011, at 10:00 Addition to the City of LawEstate of AM, the following real esDouglas County, Thomas Matthew rence, tate: Kansas, commonly known Moore, as 200 Woodgate Place, Deceased. Beginning at a point 100 Lawrence, KS 66049 (the feet North of the Southeast “Property”) Case No. 2010-PR-53 Corner of the Northeast Division No. 1 Quarter of Section 16, to satisfy the judgment in Township 12 South, Range the above-entitled case. TITLE TO REAL ESTATE 20 East of the Sixth PrinciThe sale is to be made INVOLVED pal Meridian; thence West without appraisement and parallel with the South line subject to the redemption Pursuant to K.S.A. of said Quarter Section period as provided by law, Chapter 59 435.60 feet, thence North and further subject to the 200 feet, thence East 435.60 approval of the Court. For NOTICE OF HEARING FOR feet to the East line of said more information, visit FINAL SETTLEMENT Section, thence South on the Section line 200 feet to the point of beginning, in The State of Kansas - To All Kenneth McGovern, Sheriff Douglas County, Kansas, Persons Concerned: Douglas County, Kansas commonly known as 1853 E. 1700 Road, Lawrence, KS You are hereby notified Prepared By: that a Petition for Final Set66044 (the “Property”) tlement has been filed in South & Associates, P.C. Megan Cello (KS # 24167) to satisfy the judgment in this Court by Martin W. duly appointed, 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 the above-entitled case. Moore, Overland Park, KS 66211 The sale is to be made qualified, and acting Execu(913)663-7600 without appraisement and tor of the Estate of Thomas (913)663-7899 (Fax) subject to the redemption Matthew Moore, deceased, Attorneys For Plaintiff period as provided by law, praying Petitioner’s acts be (129065) and further subject to the approved; account be set________ approval of the Court. For tled and allowed; the heirs, more information, visit devisees, and legatees be (First published in the Lawdetermined; the Will be rence Daily Journal-World construed and the Estate November 21, 2011) Kenneth McGovern, Sheriff be assigned to the persons Douglas County, Kansas entitled thereto; the Court IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF find the allowances re- DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS quested for attorneys’ fees CIVIL COURT DEPARTMENT Prepared By: and expenses are reasonaSouth & Associates, P.C. ble and should be allowed; DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL Kristen G. Stroehmann the costs be determined TRUST COMPANY, (KS # 10551) 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 and ordered paid; the ad- as Indenture Trustee, for ministration of the Estate the benefit of the holders of Overland Park, KS 66211 be closed; upon the filing of the Aames Mortgage In(913)663-7600 receipts the Petitioner be vestment (913)663-7899 (Fax) Trust 2005-4 finally discharged as the Mortgage Backed Notes Attorneys For Plaintiff Executor of the Estate of (106681) Plaintiff, Thomas Matthew Moore, ________ v. deceased, and the Peti- MAGEN A. COOPER, et al., (First published in the Law- tioner be released from furDefendants. rence Daily Journal-World ther liability. November 7, 2011) Case No. 11CV463 At the hearing, the Court No. 1 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF Court DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS will assign title to the real K.S.A. Chapter 60 estate within Douglas County, Kansas, held by In the Matter of the TITLE TO REAL ESTATE Thomas Matthew Moore in Estate of INVOLVED David P. Howard, deceased. fee simple as a single per-

Lawrence creditors and assigns of any deceased defendants; the unknown spouses of any defendants; the unknown officers, successors, trustees, creditors and assigns of any defendants that are existing, dissolved or dormant corporations; the unknown executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, successors and assigns of any defendants that are or were partners or in partnership; the unknown guardians, conservators and trustees of any defendants that are minors or are under any legal disability; and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors and assigns of any person alleged to be deceased, and all other persons who are or may be concerned. You are notified that a Petition has been filed in the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, praying to foreclose a real estate mortgage on the following described real estate:

Kenneth M. McGovern Beginning at a point 2612.5 Sheriff of Douglas County, feet East of and 58.1 feet Kansas South of the Northwest corner of Section 21, Township SUBMITTED BY: 12 South, Range 18 East of McNEARNEY & the 6th P.M., Douglas ASSOCIATES, LLC County, Kansas, said point Brandon T. Pittenger also being the centerline of #20296 Highway 4O, thence South Teri L. Westbrook #23578 660.0 feet, thence West Ryan P. McNearney #24510 330.0 feet, thence North 6800 College Blvd., Suite 400 691.91 feet to the centerline P.O. Box 7410 of said Highway, thence Overland Park, KS 66207 East along said centerline, (913) 323-4595, Ext. 176 to the point of beginning, ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF commonly known as 445 Hwy 40, Lawrence, KS NOTICE 66049 (the “Property”) Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 and all those defendants U.S.C. Section 1692c(b), no who have not otherwise information concerning the been served are required to collection of this debt may plead to the Petition on or be given without the prior before the 2nd day of Januconsent of the consumer ary, 2012, in the District given directly to the debt Court of Douglas collector or the express County,Kansas. If you fail permission of a court of to plead, judgment and decompetent jurisdiction. cree will be entered in due The debt collector is at- course upon the Petition. tempting to collect a debt NOTICE and any information obtained will be used for that Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 purpose. U.S.C. §1692c(b), no infor_______ mation concerning the col(First published in the Law- lection of this debt may be rence Daily Journal-World given without the prior consent of the consumer given November 21, 2011) directly to the debt collecIN THE DISTRICT COURT OF tor or the express permisDOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS sion of a court of compeCIVIL COURT DEPARTMENT tent jurisdiction. The debt collector is attempting to U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSO- collect a debt and any information obtained will be CIATION, as trustee, on behalf of the used for that purpose. holders of the Asset Backed Securities Corpora- Prepared By: tion Home Equity Loan South & Associates, P.C. Trust, Series NC 2005-HE8, Brian R. Hazel (KS # 21804) Asset Backed Pass-Through 6363 College Blvd., Suite 100 Certificates, Series NC Overland Park, KS 66211 (913)663-7600 2005-HE8, (913)663-7899 (Fax) Plaintiff, Attorneys For Plaintiff v. (136727) JAMES J. JOHNSON AND _______ DIANA L. JOHNSON, et al., Defendants. (First published in the LawCase No. 11CV545 rence Daily Journal-World Court No. 5 November 21, 2011) K.S.A. Chapter 60 The Law Offices of TITLE TO REAL ESTATE Catherine Hess INVOLVED Catherine Hess S.Ct. #20053 1201 Wakarusa Drive, E-2 NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE Lawrence, Kansas 66049 785-856-3881 By virtue of an Order of 785-856-3882 Fax Sale issued to me out of the said District Court in the IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF above-entitled action, I will DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS on Thursday, the 15th day of December, 2011 at In the Matter of the 10:00AM of said date inside Estate of: the Jury Assembly Room of ROBERT S. WINTERS, the District Court located in Deceased the lower level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Case No. 2011 PR 195 Center building, 111 East Division 1 11th St., Lawrence, KS, offer at public sale and sell to Proceeding Pursuant to the highest and best bidder K.S.A. Chapter 59 for cash in hand, the following described real propNOTICE TO CREDITORS erty, to-wit: THE STATE OF KANSAS TO All the following described ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: property situated in the County of Douglas Kansas, You are hereby notified to wit: Lot 3, in RiverRidge that on November 10, 2011, Addition, in the City of Law- a Petition for Probate of rence, as shown by the Re- Will and Issuance of Letters corded Plat thereof, in Testamentary under the Douglas County, Kansas Kansas Simplified Estates commonly known as: 505 Act was filed in this Court Lonetree, Lawrence, KS by Carol L. Gardinier, a de66044. visee and legatee, and Executor named in the “Last Which is more correctly de- Will and Testament of Robscribed as: ert S. Winters”, deceased. Lot 3, in Riverridge Addition, in the City of Lawrence, as shown by the recorded plat thereof, in Douglas County, Kansas.

All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the estate within four (4) months from the date of first publication of this notice, as provided by The above-described real law, and if their demands estate is taken as the prop- are not thus exhibited, they erty of the defendants shall be forever barred. James J. Johnson and Diana L. Johnson, et al. and is di/s/ Carol L. Gardinier rected by said Order of Sale Carol L. Gardinier, to be sold, and will be sold Petitioner without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. Prepared by: Kenneth M. McGovern /s/ Catherine Hess Sheriff of Douglas County, Catherine Hess S.Ct. Kansas #20053 1201 Wakarusa Drive, E-2 SUBMITTED BY: Lawrence, Kansas 66049 McNEARNEY & 785-856-3881 ASSOCIATES, LLC 785-856-3882 Fax Brandon T. Pittenger Attorney for Petitioner #20296 _______ Teri L. Westbrook #23578 Ryan P. McNearney #24510 6800 College Blvd., Suite 400 (First Published in The Lawrence Daily Journal-World P.O. Box 7410 on November 14, 2011) Overland Park, KS 66207 (913) 323-4595, Ext. 176 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS NOTICE PROBATE DIVISION Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 1692c(b), no In the Matter of the Estate of FRANCIS L. FOLEY, information concerning the Deceased. collection of this debt may be given without the prior Case No. 11PR188 consent of the consumer given directly to the debt Chapter 59 Proceeding collector or the express permission of a court of competent jurisdiction. NOTICE OF HEARING AND The debt collector is atNOTICE TO CREDITORS tempting to collect a debt and any information obTHE STATE OF KANSAS TO tained will be used for that ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: purpose. ________ You are hereby notified (First published in the Law- that on November 7, 2011, a rence Daily Journal-World Petition for Issuance of Letters Administration was November 21, 2011) filed in this Court by GregIN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ory A. Foley and Deborah DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS Lee Foley, children of Francis L. Foley, deceased, CIVIL DEPARTMENT praying that Douglas Bank of America, N.A. suc- County Bank be appointed cessor by merger to BAC as administrator, without Home Loans Servicing, LP bond; and that Douglas fka Countrywide Home County Bank be granted Letters of Administration. Loans Servicing LP Plaintiff, You are required to file vs. written defenses Kent Ferguson a/k/a Kent E. your Ferguson; John Doe thereto on or before De(Tenant/Occupant); Mary cember 8, 2011, at 10:00 Doe (Tenant/Occupant); o’clock a.m. in the District Unknown spouse, if any, of Court of Douglas County, Kent Ferguson; State of Kansas, in Lawrence, KanKansas, Department of Rev- sas, at which time and enue; Jacquelyn K. Fergu- place the cause will be Should you fail son; University National heard. therein, judgment and deBank; Lawrence Bank, cree will be entered in due Defendants. course upon the petition. Case No. 11CV653 All creditors of the above Court Number: 1 named decedent are notified to exhibit their dePursuant to K.S.A. mands against the Estate Chapter 60 within four (4) months from the date of first publication NOTICE OF SUIT of this notice, as provided K.S.A. 59-2236 and THE STATE OF KANSAS, to by the above-named defendants and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees,


Lawrence Journal-World 11-21-11  

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