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Voters going to polls today urged to bring photo ID By Scott Rothschild


Voters going to the polls today to participate in either the Republican or Democratic primary must bring one item with them to allow them to cast their

ballots: a photo ID. For many Kansans, this will be the first election under a new requirement that voters present a government-issued photo ID, and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is urging voters to remember.

But election officials say people who don’t have the required ID or forgot to bring it with them can cast provisional ballots. They would then have seven days to present proper ID to have their vote counted. Officials are predicting

a low turnout at the polls, which will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. In the Republican primary, Gov. Sam Brownback, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, the billionaire Koch brothers, and Kansans for Life have been working to

defeat a group of Republican senators who they say have been obstacles to their agenda. Brownback said he got involved “because of the alliance in the state Senate between Democrats and some Please see VOTERS, page 2A

Painting himself into a corner Special to the Journal-World

ADAM LEONARD, 11, displays his ribbon-winning wall hanging, which recently turned up missing at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

Thefts of fair items dash boy’s hopes By George Diepenbrock

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

LAWRENCE RESIDENT JORY WATKINS stretches to put a white coat of paint on the north side of a building Monday at 1401 Mass. Watkins said he appreciated being on the shady side of the building during the afternoon heat.

Thrill-seeking a common motive behind home invasions, expert says

Mostly sunny

High: 96

By George Diepenbrock

Low: 65

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The thrill of entering a home while residents slept or just plain cowardice are likely motives in a recent string of Lawrence aggravated burglaries, a psychologist said. Lawrence police last week arrested 31-yearold Ronald Kenneth Brooks Jr., and he was charged with entering two northern Lawrence homes while residents were sleeping between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. July 31. Officers caught him near the two homes. But for weeks, dozens of Lawrence residents had reported similar crimes to police. They said they had awakened in their homes and discovered a burglar inside. Or they’d awakened and discovered that items were missing. Often, police said, the burglar would enter the homes through an unlocked door or an open garage. The crimes were dif-

ferent from a common night auto or garage burglary or breaking into an empBrooks ty residence. Brian Russell, a Lawrence psychologist and attorney, said the suspect or suspects may not so much have been after valuable items but may have wanted to experience entering someone else’s home with people inside. “There are certain people who do crime primarily for the thrill, at least the act itself,” he said. The suspect also might have only needed a small amount of money to support a drug habit and worked to try to steal a small amount at a time. “It’s important to keep in mind: Criminals are almost always cowards,” Russell said. “You can have somebody who went

in there to steal something. Then they get in there and somebody detects their presence, and they immediately turn tail and run because they want to be able to do this again tomorrow.” There was one report of a suspect breaking out the rear glass door of an east Lawrence residence and stealing a TV inside. But typically in the recent burglaries only smaller items that could fit into a backpack or bag were stolen, if anything at all. About $1,900 worth of electronics were stolen in one July burglary, and other times a suspect ran before taking anything, often when residents awoke inside. Russell said one danger is that some criminals start with more petty acts like shoplifting before working their ways to more dangerous crimes. No assaults were reported in the recent string of aggravated burglaries. “It could be that our police did a nice job of

catching somebody who was on the upswing of an escalating thing,” Russell said. “You get away with something enough times, you start to get bold.” Brooks had a 2004 drug conviction and spent time in federal prison for assaulting a mail carrier in Topeka in 2008. Another man, William D. Washington III, 32, of Lawrence, was arrested June 9 after a similar home burglary was reported in west Lawrence, but he has not been charged with any other burglaries. The aggravated burglaries also did not stop after Washington was arrested, so police said there could be more than one suspect involved. None has been reported since Brooks’ arrest. Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence police spokesman, said detectives were still following leads in the case and trying to determine if either Washington or Brooks could be tied to any of the other burglaries.

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Adam Leonard spent a couple of months working on his Christmas wall hanging. The 11-year-old boy learned his skills from his grandmother, Cathy Miles, and through the Maple Leaf Quilters Guild. He was able to earn a reserved grand champion ribbon for his project at last week’s Douglas County Fair, but when a family friend went to pick up the wall hanging last weekend, it was Please see FAIR, page 2A

Restaurant inspection results online In July, the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s food inspectors visited 26 Lawrence restaurants, finding 47 critical violations, which are violations of the food code that could cause a foodborne illness. As part of a continuing Journal-World project, we’re collecting data from all Lawrence restaurant inspections and entering it into a searchable database and online map. To check the most recent inspections, visit — Reporter Shaun Hittle can be reached at 832-7173. Follow him at

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


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GOP moderates may get help from party switchers By John Hanna Associated Press

IMOGENE KAY RUFF Imogene Kay Ruff, 64, passed away Thurs. Aug 2, 2012. Memorial services pending. Arrangements have been made with Church Funeral Associates. 913-789-9600

DALE ARTHUR MAYHEW SR Born August 1, 1932 in Lawrence, Kansas and passed away in his home on August 3, 2012. He is preceded in death by his parents, Arthur Harrison Mayhew and Ida Viola Tevis, and two beloved sisters, Virginia “Kathleen” Knight and Joan Thompson. He is

survived by two children, Dale Arthur Mayhew Jr of Missouri and Victoria Mayhew Kushima of Hawaii. 5 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Burial will be at Underwood Cemetery. Please sign this guestbook at Obituaries.

DIANA SCOTT Memorial services for Diana Scott, 89, Lawrence, are pending and will be announced by Warren-McElwain Mortuary. She died Aug. 5 at Pioneer Ridge.

GLEN HUTCHERSON, JR Funeral services for Glen Hutcherson, 88, of Lawrence are pending and will be announced by the Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home. He died Monday at Brandon Woods.


missing at the fairgrounds. “It did qualify him for a State Fair entry,” his mother, Joyce Miles, said, “so he won’t be able to do that. We are asking that it be returned anonymously.” Adam’s project wasn’t the only one missing or apparently stolen from the displays in Buildings 1 and 2 at the fairgrounds, said Margaret Kalb, executive secretary of the Douglas County Fair Board. She said fair officials did notify the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office after they noticed a few projects by 4-H members and others apparently were taken. The fair book has a liability section that states exhibitors enter and display items at their own risk, but Kalb said the apparent thefts were still disappointing. “We hope that somebody would be honest enough that they would

consider returning the items,” she said. “The fair board is very concerned. We do our best to find volunteers to watch those buildings. I’m sure sometimes you can’t see everything in any type of business. I’m so sorry for the loss of those types of items, and so is the whole fair board.” Joyce Miles said her son, who will attend South Middle School this year, had planned to give the project as a gift to his father, Mark Leonard. The family is asking anyone who has the wall hanging to return it anonymously to his mother’s employer, Housekeeping Unlimited, 1611 St. Andrew’s Drive, which is west of Bob Billings Parkway and Kasold Drive. “I think he’s just more shocked than anything that it was taken,” she said. “And if they really liked it that much, he probably would have made them one.” —Reporter George Diepenbrock can be reached at 832-7144. Follow him at

State resubmits KanCare application By Scott Rothschild

TOPEKA — Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration announced Monday it had resubmitted to the federal government its proposal to overhaul the Kansas Medicaid program. Under the proposal, more than 350,000 Kansans will receive health care services through managed care plans run by private insurance companies. Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer said KanCare will provide better health outcomes and save approximately $1 billion in five years. “Compared to old Medicaid, KanCare will offer needy Kansans three vibrant options for integrated care and value-added services,” said Colyer, who is a plastic surgeon. “KanCare will provide expanded coverage for dental care, heart trans-

plants and bariatric services. With KanCare, members will be able to choose the plan that works best for their families. We’re able to make these improvements without cutting provider rates or changing eligibility requirements,” Colyer said. Some health care advocates have been skeptical of the claims made by the Brownback administration. The administration had submitted its proposal to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in April. But it withdrew the application to consult with two Native American health centers. Last week, state officials held meetings on the KanCare plan in eight cities. Colyer said the administration still hopes to implement KanCare by Jan. 1. — Statehouse reporter Scott Rothschild can be reached at 785-423-0668.


TOPEKA — Moderate Republicans who are trying to retain control of the Kansas Senate are likely to get help from Democrats who’ve temporarily switched parties to vote against conservative challengers in GOP primary races, the state Democratic Party’s leader said Monday. State Chairwoman Joan Wagnon said Kansas Democratic Party officials have seen hundreds of people change their party affiliations to the GOP in counties with contested Senate races on today’s primary ballot. The state GOP allows only registered Republicans to vote in its primaries. Wagnon said Democrats were trying to pin down firm figures on the party switchers, but she believes it’s a significant number. Voter registration numbers from Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s office also suggested such a trend is possible. The number of registered Republicans, unaffiliated and total voters is higher than at the same point in 2010, but the number of registered Democrats has declined. A majority of the state Senate’s 40 districts and the House’s 125 districts had contested primaries, but the hottest races in Kansas were a dozen contests in which a moderate GOP senator faced a more conservative challenger. Conservatives hoped to oust the incumbents and end moderate Senate leaders’ ability to stymie moves to the right in fiscal and social policy. “All kinds of people see that there’s a huge threat with the loss of the Senate, so they’re switching over,” Wagnon said. Kansas has about 1.7 million registered voters and when registration for the primary closed in mid-July, the number was


Republicans that join together to promote a Democrat agenda.” House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, said when he read that statement from Brownback he thought it was peculiar. “Do the people of Kansas want their representatives to work with each other or not? I believe the answer is a clear yes.” Meanwhile, those Republican incumbents were battling back with the support of teachers, bipartisan union PACs and gaming interests. “The moderates have really fought back in a more aggressive fashion than I think some of us who have been watching Kansas politics had anticipated,” said Burdett Loomis, a political science professor at Kansas University. “The moderates aren’t going down without a fight,” said Washburn University political science professor Bob Beatty. “It’s a true battle. It’s not like the U.S. men playing Nigeria in basketball.” While GOP state legislative races have dominated politics in much of Kansas, Douglas County is part of a Democratic primary for the 2nd Congres-

Republican PACs spend more than half-million dollars in final days TOPEKA (AP) — The political action committee of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce has spent more than $394,000 on legislative races in the final days before today’s party primaries. Campaign finance reports filed through Monday show most of the money went for mailings and radio spots for conservative Republicans running for state Senate. The chamber’s PAC reported spending nearly $307,000 on Sunday alone, but chamber vice president Jeff Glendening said $45,000 of the spending also was listed in an earlier report. The chamber is backing efforts by GOP conservatives to oust a dozen moderate Republican senators in primary races. But the chamber also is helping conservative candidates seeking open seats. According to other campaign finance reports filed through Monday,

political action committees backing moderate Republicans in Kansas Senate races have spent at least $178,000 in the final days before the party primaries. A PAC for Kansas real estate agents reported spending more than $58,000 on mailings and online advertising in the week before today’s primary. Other groups backing moderate Republicans for Senate also report spending more than $30,000 each in recent days. They include the Kansas Traditional Republican Majority PAC, the Kansas Jobs PAC and the Kansas Values PAC. The Kansas Jobs PAC received a $15,000 contribution from the state’s largest public employees union. Kansas allows PACs to spend unlimited amounts on ads promoting candidates if those activities aren’t coordinated with the candidates.

seven-tenths of 1 percent higher than in mid-July 2010. Republican registrations were up 2.3 percent and unaffiliated registrations up 3.7 percent. But Democratic registrations were 5 percent lower in mid-July than in mid-July 2010. And figures from Kobach’s office showed that Democratic registrations dropped after July 1. Moderate GOP senators joined Democrats in resisting Gov. Sam Brownback’s successful push to cut state income taxes this year. The bipartisan coalition in the Senate has prevented Brownback’s fellow conservatives from going as far as they’d like toward lessening the political influence of labor unions, remaking the appellate courts and mov-

ing new public employees into a 401(k)-style pension plan. The state’s largest teachers’ union and other labor groups were working with GOP moderates, and some Democrats said their party’s members were switching their voter registrations to influence Republican races. The powerful Kansas Chamber of Commerce and the anti-tax, small-government group Americans for Prosperity were backing conservatives’ efforts to remake the Senate. Still, Kobach was predicting that only 18 percent of the state’s 1.7 million registered voters — about 310,000 — would cast ballots. Republicans generally believe a low turnout favors conservatives.

sional District. Lawrence and Douglas County have been split for 10 years between the 2nd and 3rd districts, but court-ordered redistricting brought the county entirely into the 2nd. The newly aligned districts were ordered by a panel of three federal judges in June after the Legislature failed to approve a plan. Scott Barnhart, Robert Eye and Tobias Schlingensiepen are vying for the Democratic nomination to face U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, who is seeking her third two-year term. Barnhart is a farmer from Ottawa; Eye, an attorney from Lawrence; and Schlingensiepen, a pastor from Topeka. Eye and Schlingensiepen have had the most active campaigns. Back on the legislative side, two Republicans are vying for their party’s nod in the 3rd Senate District. James C. “J.C.” Tellefson, a former Leavenworth County commissioner, faces Anthony Brown, a state representative from Eudora. The winner will go against incumbent state Sen. Tom Holland, D-Baldwin City, in the November general election. The newly drawn 3rd Senate District covers parts of Leavenworth and Douglas counties, including Basehor, Tonganoxie, Eudora, Baldwin City and about one-third of Law-

rence’s population. In the GOP primary in Senate District 19, two newcomers face off: Matthew Windheuser of Lawrence and Casey Moore of Topeka. The winner will face state Sen. Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, in the district that covers western Douglas County, east Topeka and all of Osage County. In Senate District 2, Ronald Ellis of Meriden faces Jeremy Pierce of Lawrence, but Pierce ended his campaign and threw his support behind Ellis, who is expected to challenge state Sen. Marci Francisco, D-Lawrence. Lawrence state Reps. Barbara Ballard and Paul Davis, both Democrats, and Tom Sloan, a Republican, face no primary opponents. Republican primaries are being held in two House districts that include portions of Douglas County. State Rep. Connie O’Brien, of Tonganoxie, faces Sandra Bohne of Leavenworth in the 42nd House District; and Debra “Debbi” Childers of Auburn, Ken Corbet of Topeka, and Dana Webber of Scranton are running in the 54th House District. The winner in that race will face state Rep. Ann Mah, D-Topeka. — Statehouse reporter Scott Rothschild can be reached at 785-423-0668. 609 N.H. (offices) • 645 N.H. (News Center) Lawrence, KS 66044 (785) 843-1000 • (800) 578-8748

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BRIEFLY Reece Hardy said that Spencer Museum the incident did not affect closed another week the museum’s galleries and The Spencer Museum of Art at Kansas University, which had two lower floors damaged by a water main break last week, will be closed for another week, director Saralyn Reece Hardy said in a message to museum supporters Monday.

collections but that the museum will still be closed through next Monday. KU officials have said water from a broken main last Wednesday on Mississippi Street damaged two bottom floors. A majority of the damage was in the mu-

seum’s bottom floor, which houses the Murphy Art and Architecture Library, and KU sent between 15,000 and 20,000 books, which is roughly 10 percent of the library’s 170,000 volumes, to Chicago for treatment and repairs. The museum has been closed since the leak last Wednesday. Reece Hardy

said scheduled group tours will proceed as planned. Updates on the museum’s schedule will also be posted on the museum’s website,

Library to reopen after bedbug reports WICHITA (AP) — The

Wichita public library will reopen its main branch today after dealing with bedbugs that were found last week. A patron reported seeing an insect last Wednesday in a chair at the downtown branch. An expert identified it as a bedbug, and a search turned up more of the insects on chairs in

two other lounge areas. Library officials brought in pest control companies and a dog trained to detect bedbugs to search the premises. All of the lounge seating has been removed, and other seating and some materials on shelves have been treated.


LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD Tuesday, August 7, 2012 3A

More hybrid courses offered at KU

Vinland’s fair this weekend

By Adam Strunk

Anyone looking to take a brief step back in time may want to make their way down to the Vinland Community Fair this weekend. The fair, held in the fairgrounds north of Vinland, Thursday through Saturday, will feature live music, games, animal shows and even a turtle race. “It’s an old-fashioned country fair,” Nora Cleland, fair organizer, said. “People are struck by the fact that it is so laid-back and kind of homespun.” This will be the 105th consecutive Vinland Community Fair. Organizers have kept the fair free of carnivals, as well as most technology, in hopes of preserving a sense of community and a way of life. Most of the food and desserts served at the event will be homemade.

Notable fair events Thursday 6 p.m., talent show 7 p.m., Baldwin High School Band performance 7:30 p.m., Alferd Packer Memorial String Band performance Friday 10 a.m., stock bicycle races 7 p.m., antique tractor pull 7:30 p.m., Rural Harmony Band performance Saturday 11 a.m., pet parade/ turtle race 3:30 p.m., watermelon seed spiting contest 5 p.m., lawn mower driving competition followed by homemade ice cream contest 7:30 p.m., The Witness Band performance


Classes include more online work By Andy Hyland

into the community and move the needle in the right direction in terms of cancer incidence and mortality,” he said. Jensen has been giving presentations across the state, including in Hays, Goodland, Pittsburg and Manhattan, during the past couple of weeks. Before his presentation Tuesday in Lawrence, he sat down for a one-on-one interview with the Lawrence Journal-World. Here are excerpts

As Kansas University continues to build its online course offerings, many faculty members are moving toward more “hybrid” courses, combining online and inclass work. While entire online degree options are still few and far between at KU, Julie Loats, director of KU’s Center for Online and Distance Learning, said those options are expanding. The College of Liberal Arts KANSAS and Sciences UNIVERSITY is working on new undergraduate degree programs, and the education and business schools are working on possible options, including graduate degrees and certificates. Meanwhile, more classes at KU are headed to the hybrid format, adding online components to complement class time, which is more devoted to discussion and indepth problem-solving. “This type of collaboration with faculty helps build familiarity and comfort with online concepts and options

Please see CANCER, page 4A

Please see ONLINE, page 6A

Nick Krug/Journal-World Photo

ROY JENSEN, DIRECTOR OF THE KANSAS UNIVERSITY CANCER CENTER, center, talks with Rotary President Scott Morgan and Rotary board member Beverly Billings on Monday before a lunch gathering for the Lawrence Noon Rotary Club at Holiday Inn Lawrence. Jensen spoke with the Rotarians about KU’s process of getting the National Cancer Institute designation.

KU Cancer Center director discusses upcoming challenges By Karrey Britt

Dr. Roy Jensen, director of Kansas University Cancer Center, said doctors are able to save the lives of about two-thirds of patients who are diagnosed with cancers, but for one out three, there is no treatment. “We’ve got to have better drugs. We’ve got to have drugs that take new approaches against this disease,” Jensen said Tuesday during a Lawrence Noon Rotary Club meeting at the

Holiday Inn Lawrence. “Our university is one of the leading centers across this nation for drug discovery and development and that has been and will continue to be a critical aspect of what we are as a cancer center.” Jensen said while KU Cancer Center recently earned the coveted National Cancer Institute designation, its work is far from over. In four years, it plans to ap-

ply for NCI’s Comprehensive Care Center designation, which is the highest level given. To achieve such status, Jensen said the center will work closely with its 18 partners in the Midwest Cancer Alliance, including Lawrence Memorial Hospital’s Oncology Center, to grow its research, education and outreach. “It’s really demonstrating to the NCI that we’ve taken the cancer center and really want to get the benefits out



Tuesday, August 7, 2012






Would the city Man with child in car consider putting charged with DUI in a left turn signal for traffic wanting to turn Police arrested a 51-yearwest onto Sixth Street old Lawrence man Saturfrom Michigan Street? day night on suspicion of drunken driving while he Megan Gilliland, had a 6-year-old girl in the the city’s commu- vehicle. nications manager, Sgt. Trent McKinley, a provided this information: Lawrence police spokesThe amount of traffic at man, said the suspect was this intersection is not suf- stopped at 10:45 p.m. Satficient to meet the Kansas urday for pulling onto 23rd Department of Transpor- Street without yielding to tation’s criteria for con- an eastbound vehicle. sideration of a separate Officers discovered left-turn signal phase; the child and an adult traffic on Michigan would passenger in the vehicle. have to increase over Douglas County prosecuseven times. In addition, tors Monday charged Judge the road would have to be Wesley O’Bard, 51, with four widened approximately misdemeanors, a DUI havseven feet in order to ac- ing two prior convictions, commodate a separate no proof of liability insurleft-turn lane; this would ance, tampering with an also require installation ignition interlock device and of new traffic signal mast- misdemeanor child endanarms. germent. A judge set his bond at $1,000, and O’Bard is SOUND OFF scheduled to appear in court Wednesday in front If you have a question, of District Judge Michael call 832-7297 or send Malone. email to soundoff@ Man, 36, arrested in




STREET By Andy Hyland

Read more responses and add your thoughts at

If you had a vanity license plate, what would it say? Asked on Massachusetts Street

Jomar Yockey, Kansas University student, Lawrence “TIKI.”


from the 15-minute interview: Q: What does NCI designation mean? A: NCI-designated cancer centers are really the crucible from which all therapeutic advances of the last 40 years have sprung from, and it involves the application of basic science research to understanding cancer and then translating that information into new therapeutic advances.

Q: What is the Midwest Cancer Alliance that Lawrence Memorial Hospital recently became a part of? A: It has really brought together cancer professionals from all across the state into what we refer to as a community of care in that it helps them understand all of the institutions throughout this entire area and what the different options are for patients as they start on their individual cancer journeys. helps us really provide child sex crime case It the infrastructure to enEudora police early Satur- sure that every patient, day arrested a 36-year-old no matter where they are man on child sex crime or where they are treated, charges after officers inter- gets the best possible care viewed the man late Friday. and has access to cuttingPolice began investigatedge clinical trials. ing the case after receiving a report of an alleged Q: What have been the incident involving a 15-year- keys to getting NCI desold child. ignation? “We conducted a prelimiA: We grew our cannary interview of everybody cer research funding over involved, and an arrest was the last few years and made,” said Sgt. Chris Casa- now if you look at all of grande, a police spokesman. our sources, it’s over $50 The man, a Eudora resimillion. It was about $26 dent, posted $10,000 bond million in 2004 when we Saturday afternoon and started working toward was given notice to appear NCI. Not only leveraging in court Aug. 17. Accordthe School of Pharmacy ing to jail records, he was and molecular biosciences charged with aggravated in- at the Lawrence campus, decent liberties with a child but we also partnered with and indecent liberties with a the Stowers Institute for child. Prosecutors have not Medical Research in Kanfiled formal charges against sas City, Mo., developed the man. the Midwest Cancer AlliAccording to jail records, ance and then there’s the police also arrested the incredible support that man on suspicion of indewe’ve gotten across the cent solicitation and lewd region. That includes state and lascivious behavior, government, the Kansas but prosecutors authorized Bioscience Authority and he not be held on those Johnson County residents counts. who passed a sales tax in Casagrande said the support of the initiative. investigation in the case is All of those things, I think, ongoing. The sergeant said were critical to getting us the alleged victim and susto where we are today. pect knew each other. The Journal-World generQ: Are there certain ally does not identify sex cancers that KU Center crime suspects unless they will focus on? are convicted. A: We are a Phase 1


program, and a Phase 1 program is primarily intended for patients that have exhausted all therapeutic approaches and they are looking for new drugs that may have an effect on their particular cancer. I think leveraging all of the expertise that we have around drug discovery and development makes it logical to focus in that area. We have a lot of other clinical strengths particularly breast cancer, bone marrow transplantation, prostate cancer, head and neck cancer that are extremely strong and I think we will be able to attract patients from all over.

are set for one of the most exciting times in the history of medicine as far as I’m concerned. That’s the good side. The bad side is the discretionary funding of the federal budget is under greater pressure right now. So, there may not be funding to explore the knowledge and advance medicine.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Affordable Care Act? A: It actually has a big effect on cancer patients. If you look at people who are diagnosed with cancer, particularly those who have health insurance at that time or don’t have health insurance at that time, those that don’t have health insurance have a 50 percent lower five-year survival rate. That’s a stunning difference. It points out the fact that you can not get comprehensive, coordinated cancer care in your local ER. So, I think being able to insure somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 million additional Americans absolutely will save lives particularly for the cancer patients.

Q: It seems like everybody knows someone with cancer. Why is it so prevalent? A: There’s a lot of things that come into play. Demographically, our country is getting older, and older individuals are much more likely to get cancer. As we move toward 2030, it’s likely that we will see a doubling of cancer patients in this country. We have got to get the infrastructure in place to deal with this and we can’t just accept that fate. We’ve got to work toward making that better and turning the needle so that we decrease the number of cancer cases and we give hope to folks who wind up getting cancer.

Q: Do you have any advice for medical students thinking about specializing in oncology? A: I think we are undergoing a huge revolution in not only how we treat cancer patients but how we think about cancer and how we develop new therapeutic approaches. We

— Health reporter Karrey Britt can be reached at 832-7190. Britt also is the editor of, and you can follow her at

Q: Why have you taken an interest in cancer? Have you been personally affected by cancer? A: I have way too much motivation in this regard. I have folks who contact my office practically every week looking for help and direction.

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Kristina Poracsky, special education teacher, Lawrence “I hate vanity plates.”

Mark Anderson, construction worker, Lawrence “PARA82, for paratrooper 82.”

• A woman reported to Lawrence police just before noon Saturday that she came home to her residence in the 1800 block of Louisiana Street and observed the door was open. She heard rustling downstairs and called police who searched the residence, said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a police spokesman. Officers did not find anyone inside, but they believe the woman interrupted the burglary in progress. Officers canvassed the area but did not find a suspect. • A Lawrence police officer at 2 a.m. Sunday pursued two juvenile suspects in the 1500 block of Wakarusa Drive who allegedly fired paintballs at Brandon Woods at Alvamar. Sgt. Trent McKinley, a police spokesman, said the two suspects, who were described as wearing masks, fled on foot. The original reporting party also believed the two suspects had exited a business on Wakarusa Drive through a back door, but officers found no evidence of entry into the business, McKinley said. • A 23-year-old Chicago resident reported the theft of a moped, a grill and propane tanks from the 900 block of Ohio Street, according to a

HOSPITAL BIRTHS Brian and Holly Turk, Lawrence, a girl, Monday.

PUMP PATROL Clara Lehr, actress, Lawrence “RVNCLAW. That’s my favorite one that I’ve seen.”

The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $3.57 at sevLAWRENCE eral stations. If you find a lower price, call 8327154.

police report. The theft was alleged to have occurred between Wednesday and Saturday, and the total value of the items taken was $2,240. • A 38-year-old Lawrence man reported the theft of a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country valued at $15,000 from the 1300 block of Prospect Avenue. The theft was alleged to have occurred on Sunday.

INJURY ACCIDENT • Douglas County Sheriff’s officials identified a 22-yearold Lawrence man as the driver injured Saturday evening in a one-vehicle crash near Clinton Lake. Sgt. Steve Lewis, a sheriff’s spokesman, said Cody Bruce was headed south on North 1150 Road at 6:20 p.m. when he lost control on a curve and eventually rolled into a ditch in the 2007 Chevrolet pickup truck he was driving. Bruce was flown to Kansas University Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., via LifeStar helicopter ambulance. Tests are being performed to determine whether alcohol was a contributing factor. The Journal-World does not print accounts of all police reports filed. The newspaper generally reports: • Burglaries, only with a loss of $1,000 or more, unless there are unusual circumstances. To protect victims, we generally don’t identify them by name. • The names and circumstances of people arrested, only after they are charged. • Assaults and batteries, only if major injuries are reported. • Holdups and robberies.

CORRECTIONS Taylor Schoenhofer, 12, was misidentified in a photo caption with a photograph of turtle races that was published in Sunday’s edition of the JournalWorld.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012



From the very beginning, it has been Part of Louisiana our mission to meet Street to close today CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3A to build momentum for the needs of the citiA section of Louisiana future growth,” Loats said. zens of the western Street in south Lawrence Other universities such as part of the state.” will be closed during busi-

the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University are partnering with websites such as Coursera to offer socalled Massive Open Online Courses, making introductory courses available to hundreds of thousands of students for free. But the universities aren’t offering credit for the classes, points out Paul Atchley, an associate pro3 more Kan. cities in fessor of psychology at who has taught online line for Google Fiber KU classes for years. WESTWOOD (AP) — Google Engagement is also critisays it’s reached tentative cal, he said. The massive agreements to install its ultra- online course approach isn’t fast Internet service in three necessarily new, he said. more Kansas communities. “We’ve had public librarThe technology company ies for a long time,” he said. revealed plans and pric“Students could learn eving two weeks ago for its erything they could learn Google Fiber service in Kan- at a university in a public sas City, Mo., and Kansas library. Moving the book City, Kan. online is nothing special.” The Kansas City Star Atchley said that while reports Google now has there’s a feeling in the tentative agreements to private sector that univeroffer the service in three sities can move courses small cities in northern online and decrease costs, Johnson County — Westthat’s not always true. wood, Westwood Hills and “Online courses don’t Mission Woods. necessarily cost less,” he The city councils in each said. “They can, but that’s community will have to apnot always true.” prove the agreements. The Though the university Star says residents would isn’t offering many online get a chance to register only degrees, some do exist. after residents on the MisMary Morningstar, an assouri side have signed up. sociate professor in KU’s ness hours today through Thursday for a water main replacement. Jeanette Klamm, city utilities program manager, said the closure will be between 25th and Utah streets. Louisiana Street will reopen to traffic in that area during evening and night hours, she said.

— Ed Hammond, Fort Hays State University president

L AWRENCE J OURNAL -W ORLD ship that offers FHSU degrees in China. Hammond said he has learned three main lessons as the campus expanded its online learning:

Students want credentials. Just offering a random sampling of courses doesn’t meet the needs of today’s students. Degree programs are essential.

You have to provide the same services for online students as you do for on-campus students. That means library access, access to tutoring services and financial aid support, among others, Hammond said.

Training faculty is key. A good classroom teacher might not be a good online course teacher. The university monitors how frequently online teachers reply to students and other metrics, too. Proper assessment continues to be a challenge, Hammond said. Many faculty members conduct oral exams using Skype to ensure the student is actually the one doing the work. The future is bright for online education, as people continue to change careers several times in their lives, Hammond said. “We’re going to need to service them three or four times in their lifetime if we’re going to be in a competitive state,” he said.

School of Education, said her online special education master’s degree is the only graduate degree offered online at KU. Each group of graduates is about 25 students, though about 80 apply each year, she said. “There’s definitely a need,” she said. Just more than 230 miles west of KU on Interstate 70, Fort Hays State University has been in the online education game for years, said Ed Hammond, FHSU president. The university has been involved in distance education reaching back to its early days in the 1900s. “From the very beginning, it has been our mission to meet the needs of the citizens of the western part of the state,” he said. It was initially done by shuttling teachers from place to place and then through two-way video before moving online. Today, the university’s Virtual College serves — Higher education reporter Andy Hymore than 4,500 students, a figure that does not in- land can be reached at 832-6388. Follow him at clude a separate partner-

Pearson Collision Repair 749-4455

Would like to welcome

Dr. Koster

842-4477 346 Maine & 4824 Quail Crest


Notable Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service says the state’s corn and soybean crops are in the worst condition since the agency began keeping records in 1985. In its weekly update, the agency said Monday that 69 percent of the corn crop was in poor to very poor condition. About 22 percent was in fair condition, with just 8 percent rated good and only 1 percent rated excellent. About 7 percent of the state’s corn acreage had been harvested for grain by Sunday. The hot, dry weather is also hurting soybeans, with 67 percent in poor to very poor condition.

Monday’s markets Dow Industrials

+21.34, 13,117.51 Nasdaq

+22.01, 2,989.91 S&P 500

+3.24, 1,394.23

30-Year Treasury

—0.01, 2.65%

Corn (Chicago)

—2.50 cents, $8.05

Soybeans (Chicago)

—44.50 cents, $15.84

Wheat (Kansas City)

unchanged, $8.96 Oil (New York)

+80 cents, $92.20 Gold

+$6.90, $1,616.20 Silver

+6.20 cents, $27.86 Platinum

—$12.50, $1,401.90

Are you happy? Ben Bernanke wants to know By Christopher S. Rugaber Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Ben Bernanke wants to know if you are happy. The Federal Reserve chairman said Monday that gauging happiness can be as important for meas u r i n g economic progress as determining whether inflation Bernanke is low or unemployment high. Economics isn’t just about money and material benefits, Bernanke said. It is also about understanding and promoting “the enhancement of well-being.” Bernanke and Fed policymakers rely on reports on hiring, consumer spending and other economic data when making highstakes decisions about the $15 trillion U.S. economy. The Fed’s dual mandate is to maintain low inflation and full employment. “We should seek better and more-direct measurements of economic wellbeing,” Bernanke said Monday in a video-taped speech shown to a conference of economists and statisticians in Cambridge, Mass. After all, promoting well-being is “the ultimate objective of our policy decisions.” Bernanke acknowledged

that many people aren’t too happy right now. Unemployment rose in July to 8.3 percent, and economic growth has slowed sharply from the start of the year. He called the recovery “frustratingly slow” when he testified to Congress on July 17. Aggregate statistics can mask important information about how individual Americans are faring, Bernanke says. His speech Monday was the latest foray into a relatively new specialty in economics known as “happiness studies.” Bernanke attracted widespread notice when he spoke about the economics of happiness in a May 2010 commencement address at the University of South Carolina. In that speech, he said research has found that once basic material needs are met, more wealth doesn’t necessarily make people happier. “Or, as your parents always said, money doesn’t buy happiness,” Bernanke said then. “Well, an economist might reply, at least not by itself.” In his remarks Monday, Bernanke turned to the more practical — and difficult — task of measuring a subjective emotion. So far, most efforts have involved surveys in which people are asked about whether they are happy and what contributes to their happiness.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

| 7A

Governors aside, EAGLE TRAILER CO. feds building D.O.T. Inspections Get Legal With Eagle health care markets By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar Associated Press

M. Spencer Green/AP Photo

MEMBERS OF THE SIKH TEMPLE OF WISCONSIN LISTEN to FBI Special Agent in Charge, Teresa Carlson, during a news conference in a municipal building in Oak Creek, Wis., on Monday. A gunman killed six people at their temple on Sunday before being shot and killed by police.

Sikh temple shooter was Army veteran, had white supremacist ties By John Diedrich, Don Walker, Mike Johnson and Erin Richards Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

OAK CREEK, WIS. — The shooter who opened fire before worship services Sunday at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek and killed six people before he was killed by police is Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old Army veteran, U.S. Attorney James A. Santelle said Monday. He said officials believe he purchased the 9mm handgun legally in Wisconsin. Page, 40, served in the miliPage tary approximately between 1992 and 1998, Santelle said. Other sources familiar with the investigation said Page was assigned to psychological operations, or PsyOps. He apparently was last stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. As members of the Sikh community in Milwaukee and worldwide mourned the dead, details of Page’s background — his time in Colorado and North Carolina before his recent arrival at a duplex in Cudahy, Wis. — began to emerge, including ties to white supremacist groups. A statement Monday afternoon from Page’s family, texted to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter, said the family was “devastated by the horrific events” and asked for privacy. At a 10 a.m. news briefing in Oak Creek, officials identified the Oak Creek police officer who was shot when he responded to the temple as Lt. Brian Murphy, 51, an experienced member of the department’s tactical unit. Murphy was a finalist for the Oak Creek police chief post in 2010 and has 21 years with the department Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65, the temple president, was killed Sunday after attempting to tackle the gunman. Oak Creek police identified the other victims Monday as Sita Singh, 41; Ranjit Singh, 49; Prakash

U.S. Attorney James A. Santelle said officials believe the shooter, identified as Wade Michael Page, purchased the 9mm handgun legally in Wisconsin. Singh, 39; Paramjit Kaur, 41; and Suveg Singh, 84. Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said during the news conference that Murphy was the first officer on the scene and came upon a victim in the temple parking lot. As Murphy was going to assist the victim, who is among the dead, he was ambushed by the gunman. Murphy was shot eight to nine times at “very close range” with a handgun, one of the shots striking his neck area, Edwards said. Other officers arriving on the scene heard shots but did not know Murphy had been wounded, Edwards said. They saw the gunman, ordered him to drop his weapon and put his hands up, but he did not, Edwards said. The gunman fired at officers, and the bullets struck squad cars. At that point, an officer with a rifle shot and killed the suspect, Edwards said. Jim Palmer, executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, confirmed Monday that the officer who killed the shooter is Sam Lenda, a 32-year veteran police officer. Murphy is in critical condition but is expected to survive, Edwards said. In addition to Murphy, three others who were at the temple were injured. Two are at Froedtert in critical condition. The third was treated and released, Edwards said. In remarks before Edwards spoke, Mayor Steve Scaffidi said there is “no doubt in my mind the heroic actions of our police officers prevented a greater tragedy.” The Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that has studied hate crimes for decades, reported Monday that Page was a frustrated neo-Nazi who had been the leader of a racist white-power band known as End Apathy.

WASHINGTON — Republican governors who’ve balked at creating new private insurance markets under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul may end up getting stuck with the very thing they’re trying to avoid. Unless Mitt Romney wins in November, states that haven’t set up the required markets could find Washington calling the shots on some insurance issues the states traditionally manage, from handling consumer complaints to regulating plans that will serve many citizens. It could turn into a political debacle for those who dug in to fight what they decry as “Obamacare.” “You’re kind of rolling the dice if you think ( O b a m a ’ s Praeger health care law) will go away,” said Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, a Republican. If Romney can’t make good on his vow to repeal the overhaul, “you are just giving up a lot of authority.” The law envisioned that states would run the new markets, called exchanges, with federal control as a fallback only. But the fallback now looks as if it will become the standard option in about half the states — at least initially. It would happen through something called the federal exchange, humming along largely under the radar on a tight development schedule overseen by the Health and Human Services Department in Washington.

Exchanges are new online markets in which individual consumers and small businesses will shop for health insurance among competing private plans. The Supreme Court’s health care decision left both state exchanges and the federal option in place. The exchanges are supposed to demystify the process of buying health insurance, allowing consumers to make apples-toapples comparisons. Consumers will also be able to find out if they’re eligible for new federal subsidies to help pay premiums, or if they qualify for expanded Medicaid. It’s all supposed to work in real time, or close to it, like online travel services. Open enrollment would start a little over a year from now, on Oct. 1, 2013, with coverage kicking in the following Jan. 1. Eventually more than 25 million people are expected to get coverage through exchanges, including many who were previously uninsured. As exchanges get more customers, competition among insurance plans could help keep costs in check. But only 14 states and Washington, D.C., have adopted plans for their own exchanges: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia. Some could still backtrack. Kentucky and Minnesota are pushing forward with their own exchanges, and others may be able to partner with the federal government. States face a Jan. 1, 2013 deadline for Washington to sign off on their plans.


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Joplin mosque razed in 2nd blaze this summer JOPLIN, MO. — Investigators say it will take a few days to determine if the fire that destroyed a southwest Missouri mosque was arson. Michael Kaste, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Kansas City office, said Monday that the agency is taking the investigation into the fire at the Islamic Society of Joplin very seriously. He says the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Fire-

arms together have about 30 investigators working to determine the cause. No injuries were reported. Jasper County officials say patrols at the mosque had been stepped up since a July 4 fire at the mosque was determined to be arson. The FBI has released a video of a man appearing to set the July 4 fire and is offering a $15,000 reward in that case.

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LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Important vote Primary elections traditionally draw a low turnout, but this year should be an exception to that rule in Kansas.


on’t let the new voter identification law or any other excuse keep you away from the polls today. Secretary of State Kris Kobach has predicted a dismal 18 percent statewide turnout for today’s primary election. That’s well below the turnout in two previous presidential election years: 30 percent in 2004 and 22.45 in 2008. The low turnout isn’t related to the new requirement that voters show a photo ID at the polls today, according to Kobach, who vigorously supported that legislation to address voter fraud in Kansas. Rather, he said, it’s because there aren’t enough interesting, competitive races on the ballot. On the contrary, the decisions made by voters in today’s primary election could determine the course of state government for a generation. Although Kobach said Kansas House and Senate races don’t usually drive voters to the polls, this year should be an exception to that rule. In many areas, Republican voters will face clear choices between moderate and conservative candidates who have pledged to take the state in significantly different directions. Of particular focus are seats in the Kansas Senate, which are being hotly contested across the state because a shift of three to four seats could end the majority coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats and turn that majority over to conservative Republican legislators who will align themselves with like-minded officials in the Kansas House and the governor’s office. All three Kansas Senate seats that reach into Lawrence have contested Republican primaries. In all three districts, the winners will face incumbent Democratic senators in the general election. Democrats also have an interesting primary contest for the 2nd Congressional District, which, after redistricting, includes all of Douglas County. It’s true that most voters in Lawrence will only have one contested race on their election ballots, but that doesn’t mean those races aren’t important. Today’s election is a great opportunity to see how the new voter ID requirement at the polls is working and clear up any questions about ID or in what legislative district you live after redistricting. As County Clerk Jamie Shew pointed out, even people who are uncertain about the kind of ID they need or where they should vote should head to the polls anyway. At worst, he said, voters will be required to cast provisional ballots and present additional information later. Like all elections, today’s primary is an important vote, and, like always, our right to vote is both a blessing and a civic duty. Perhaps the best reason to go to the polls today? Because we can.





What the Lawrence Journal-World stands for Accurate and fair news reporting. No mixing of editorial opinion with reporting of the news.

Safeguarding the rights of all citizens regardless of race, creed or economic stature.

Sympathy and understanding for all who are disadvantaged or oppressed.

Exposure of any dishonesty in public affairs.

Support of projects that make our community a better place to live.

W.C. Simons (1871-1952) Publisher, 1891-1944 Dolph Simons Sr. (1904-1989) Publisher, 1944-1962; Editor, 1950-1979

Dolph C. Simons Jr., Editor Susan Cantrell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Media Division Chris Bell, Circulation Manager

Ed Ciambrone, Production Manager Ann Gardner, Editorial Page Editor Caroline Trowbridge, Community Editor

THE WORLD COMPANY Dolph C. Simons Jr., Chairman

Dolph C. Simons III,

Dan C. Simons, President,

President, Newspapers Division

Electronics Division

Suzanne Schlicht, Chief Operating Officer Ralph Gage, Director, Special Projects

Saudis appear to be preparing for war WASHINGTON — By appointing Prince Bandar bin Sultan as its new intelligence chief, Saudi Arabia has installed what looks like a war Cabinet at a time of rising tensions with Iran and growing internal dissent from its Shiite minority. The Saudis have also heightened their alert level in other ways to prepare for possible regional conflict. Some Saudi military and security personnel were mobilized last month — called back from summer leave or told to cancel planned vacations. One explanation of the mobilization making the rounds in Riyadh is that the Saudis expected that Turkey might retaliate against Syria for the shoot-down of one of its fighters in late June. The installation of a new intelligence chief came as Saudi Arabia was stepping up its support for insurgents in Syria seeking to topple the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. In this covert effort, the Saudis are working with the U.S., France, Turkey, Jordan and other nations that want Assad out. Bandar will succeed Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz, who was barely visible in the West during his years as Saudi intelligence chief. This led to widespread comment that Muqrin had been fired, but he is said to retain the confidence of King Abdullah, who will use him as a special emissary to Pakistan and other Muslim nations where

David Ignatius

The Saudis have also heightened their alert level in other ways to prepare for possible regional conflict. Muqrin’s traditional Saudi demeanor will be useful. Bandar, the flamboyant former ambassador to Washington, had appeared to be sidelined in the past several years because of poor health and personal issues. His appointment now as intelligence chief probably signals the desire of both King Abdullah and the new Crown Prince Salman to have an experienced covert operator to handle sensitive foreign contacts at a time of sharply rising tensions. Bandar would be a useful intermediary, for example, if Saudi Arabia sought nuclear weapons or ballistic missile technology from China to defend against such threats from Iran. Bandar was the go-between in a secret 1987 missile deal with China, known as “East Wind.” Bandar has also been active in

secret missions with Syria and Lebanon for decades, and The Wall Street Journal reported that he helped arrange a recent visit to Saudi Arabia by Gen. Manaf Tlass, the highest-ranking Syrian defector. Bandar is especially wellplaced to manage intelligence liaison with the United States, given his several decades here as ambassador. Bandar maintained close relations with the CIA during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, and was said to have helped organize secret funding for joint Saudi-American covert actions in the Middle East. During the run-up to the 1991 Gulf War, Bandar was so close to President George H.W. Bush that he became known as “Bandar Bush,” a moniker that continued under President George W. Bush. Bandar continued to play a behind-the scenes role even after he left Washington in 2005. He was said, for example, to support Vice President Dick Cheney’s confrontational policy against Iran, to the consternation of Prince Turki alFaisal, his successor as ambassador, who was working with less hawkish members of the Bush administration. Interestingly, Bandar has been a special target for Iranian media attacks in recent days. Iran’s Press TV on Aug. 2 described him as “the linchpin in the ‘dastardly subterfuges’ of the CIA and Mossad against Syria.” Press TV also carried an uncorroborated report early last week (July

31) claiming that Bandar had been assassinated; Saudi and U.S. officials didn’t comment and there is no independent evidence to support the claim. At home, the Saudis have been struggling to contain Shiite protests in Al-Qatif, in the kingdom’s oil-rich eastern province. Those protests, which the Saudis believe are Iran-inspired, led to two deaths in early July, according to a July 9 BBC report. The demonstrations continued last week and there were reports of more casualties. The Saudis haven’t been able to stop the insurgency in Al-Qatif; indeed, it appears to be worsening. The protesters may hope to provoke the Saudis into a bloody crackdown, which would leave scores dead and encourage much wider demonstrations and international outcry. So far, the Saudis have avoided such an escalation through relatively restrained tactics. Saudi reformers argue that the best way to quell Shiite protests is to give them the full economic and political rights of citizenship. Iran’s Press TV on July 27 featured an interview with an analyst headlined: “Collapse of al-Saud regime becomes more realistic than before.” The information may have been Tehran’s propaganda, but it helps explain why the Saudi monarchy is going to battle stations. — David Ignatius is a columnist for Washington Post Writers Group.


Poehler story To the editor: The Journal-World provided good coverage of the progress on the renovation of the Theodore Poehler Wholesale Grocery Building in recent months with articles and photographs. The crowning event for the building was a ribboncutting ceremony on July 27. Many local business and government officials attended the event as well as two great-grandsons and two great-great-grandsons of Theodore Poehler. I am one of those greatgrandsons and was honored by Tony Krsnich, the developer of the building, to assist in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. After that momentous day in the history of the building, I have seen nothing more about it in your newspaper. Perhaps a final article about it would be newsworthy, as well as a brief history of Theodore Poehler’s life. He participated in civic affairs and was the mayor of Lawrence in 1885 and also held a county office at one time. The business had branches in Topeka, Emporia, and McPherson and had approximately 400 employees. William B. Pendleton, Lawrence



A 61-year-old man had experienced a close encounter with a flying dart while driving along YEARS the 1000 block of East AGO 23rd Street. Police beIN 1987 lieved the 4 1/2-inch metal dart that struck Richard C. Schaumburg Sr. in the nose, was shot from a blow gun. Schaumburg and a passenger had been driving west on a recent afternoon when the dart passed through the open car window. Schaumburg had been able to stop the car and remove the dart, but he did not see where it came from

Plastic bag ban?


Four men were reported to have held up the American State Bank in downtown OsawatoYEARS mie today, escaping with AGO the cash from two tellers’ IN 1972 stations. Roadblocks had been set up in an attempt to catch the robbers.

To the editor: Plastic bags litter the landscape and end up in landfills where they take up to 1,000 years to degrade. They are also a threat to birds who ingest them and die by the thousands. Of course, it takes millions of barrels of oil annually to produce them. Due to these environmental problems, cities such as Austin, Texas, and Bellingham, Wash., are requiring retailers to stop furnishing plastic bags to consumers. Will Lawrence be the first city in Kansas to protect the environment by implementing a plastic bag ban? Clark H. Coan, Lawrence


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 7, 1912: “Mrs. Laura Shrout, YEARS who lives on the upAGO land reached by Rural IN 1912 Route 3, sent to the Journal-World yesterday five tomatoes picked from a single vine which weighed over six pounds. The tomatoes were round and smooth and first class in quality. They were of the Ponderosa variety.” “The Lawrence tailors will have their annual picnic Wednesday of this week. The local makers of men’s wearing apparel haven’t completed their plans yet but it is a sure thing that they will have a big day of it. A large number of tailors will come up from Kansas City to join the locals on their picnic.”

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Tuesday, Thur August 7, 2012













Tuesday, August 7, 2012










Mostly sunny and hot

An afternoon shower or t-storm

Sun and some clouds Mostly sunny and nice

High 96° Low 65° POP: 15%

High 93° Low 66° POP: 55%

High 92° Low 65° POP: 25%

High 85° Low 66° POP: 0%

High 86° Low 63° POP: 30%

Wind SSE 4-8 mph

Wind WSW 3-6 mph

Wind NNE 6-12 mph

Wind NE 6-12 mph

Wind E 6-12 mph

POP: Probability of Precipitation

McCook 96/63

Kearney 92/64

Oberlin 96/66

Clarinda 96/66

Lincoln 96/67

Grand Island 92/67

Beatrice 96/67

Centerville 93/67

St. Joseph 96/67 Chillicothe 95/69

Sabetha 93/68

Concordia 96/67

A thunderstorm possible

Kansas City Marshall Manhattan 99/72 94/69 Goodland Salina 97/70 Oakley Kansas City Topeka 98/62 98/71 98/65 96/70 Lawrence 98/71 Sedalia 96/65 Emporia Great Bend 95/71 98/70 99/68 Nevada Dodge City Chanute 95/69 98/68 Hutchinson 98/70 Garden City 98/69 96/66 Springfield Wichita Pratt Liberal Coffeyville Joplin 96/67 100/72 98/70 96/69 98/69 99/70 Hays Russell 98/66 98/68

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.


Through 8 p.m. Monday.

Temperature High/low 99°/53° Normal high/low today 89°/68° Record high today 111° in 1934 Record low today 51° in 1997

Precipitation in inches 24 hours through 8 p.m. yest. 0.00 Month to date 0.17 Normal month to date 0.76 Year to date 14.29 Normal year to date 25.30


Today Wed. Today Wed. Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Independence 99 70 s 97 69 t Atchison 96 69 pc 91 69 t Fort Riley 98 70 t 96 68 t Belton 97 71 s 93 68 t Olathe 98 71 s 93 68 t Burlington 97 70 s 95 68 t Osage Beach 94 65 s 93 66 pc Coffeyville 99 70 s 97 69 t Osage City 95 69 s 94 67 t Concordia 96 67 t 93 65 t Ottawa 96 69 s 94 67 t Dodge City 98 68 t 98 67 s Wichita 100 72 s 97 71 t Holton 96 70 pc 93 69 t Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.


SUN & MOON Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset


Aug 17 Aug 24 Aug 31


As of 7 a.m. Monday Lake

Clinton Perry Pomona

Level (ft)

874.15 888.98 973.16

Discharge (cfs)

21 238 35

Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for today.

Fronts Cold

Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2012


Today Cities Hi Lo W Acapulco 92 81 t Amsterdam 66 57 sh Athens 101 84 s Baghdad 112 86 s Bangkok 92 80 c Beijing 89 77 pc Berlin 73 55 pc Brussels 68 54 pc Buenos Aires 62 50 r Cairo 99 79 s Calgary 86 55 pc Dublin 64 50 sh Geneva 76 49 s Hong Kong 93 83 t Jerusalem 89 70 s Kabul 93 65 s London 65 58 sh Madrid 93 62 s Mexico City 75 54 t Montreal 82 63 pc Moscow 86 62 pc New Delhi 93 80 t Oslo 69 53 r Paris 73 55 c Rio de Janeiro 73 66 s Rome 93 70 s Seoul 93 70 pc Singapore 89 78 t Stockholm 70 55 sh Sydney 64 39 s Tokyo 89 75 t Toronto 82 62 pc Vancouver 76 59 pc Vienna 80 60 s Warsaw 74 55 sh Winnipeg 78 57 pc

Wed. Hi Lo W 93 81 t 69 52 sh 101 81 s 114 88 s 87 79 t 90 77 t 72 59 pc 73 55 c 54 44 sh 101 80 s 85 53 t 66 54 pc 77 51 s 93 83 t 92 71 s 96 66 s 73 59 pc 99 68 s 76 52 t 82 63 t 76 57 s 92 81 t 66 46 pc 79 58 s 76 67 s 90 70 s 90 73 s 89 78 pc 68 52 pc 70 44 s 81 71 c 79 57 t 76 57 pc 78 60 pc 73 54 sh 85 62 t

Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 6 a.m., Memorial Stadium at KU. Tuesday Farmers’ Market, 4-6 p.m., 1020 Vt. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County, 5:15 p.m., 536 Fireside Court, Suite B. Information meeting for prospective volunteers. For more information, call 843-7359. Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 6 p.m., field near Robinson Gym at KU. Lonnie Ray’s open jam session, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Slow Ride Roadhouse, 1350 N. Third St. Wine Tasting, 6 p.m., Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass. Lawrence City Commission meeting, 6:35 p.m., City Hall, 6 E. Sixth St. Free English as a Second Language class, 7-8 p.m., Plymouth Congregational Church, 925 Vt. Affordable community Spanish class, 7-8 p.m., Plymouth Congregational Church, 925 Vt. Free swing dancing lessons and dance, 8-11 p.m., Ecumenical Campus Ministries, 1204 Oread Ave. Poker Night, 8 p.m., Applebee’s, 2520 Iowa. Geeks Who Drink pub quiz, 8 p.m., Phoggy Dog, 2228 Iowa. Teller’s Family Night, 9 p.m.-midnight, 746 Mass. Tuesday Night Karaoke, 9 p.m., Wayne & Larry’s Sports Bar & Grill, 933 Iowa.



Warm Stationary

Precipitation Showers T-storms





-10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s National Summary: A stormy day is in store for much of the Southeast today, while the Northeast remains pleasant. Spotty thunderstorms will slide across the Great Lakes as the weather remains hot in the Plains and West. Today Wed. Today Wed. Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W 96 72 pc 95 72 s Albuquerque 94 70 t 93 70 pc Memphis 88 79 t 90 80 t Anchorage 67 53 pc 68 56 pc Miami Milwaukee 89 65 t 80 65 pc Atlanta 84 72 t 85 72 t 86 65 pc 83 63 pc Austin 100 73 s 101 74 pc Minneapolis 93 69 s 92 69 s Baltimore 89 70 pc 89 70 pc Nashville New Orleans 93 78 t 91 76 t Birmingham 89 72 t 89 72 t New York 86 72 s 88 72 pc Boise 101 71 s 101 66 s 94 69 t 90 67 pc Boston 81 67 s 86 70 pc Omaha 90 75 t 91 75 t Buffalo 84 63 s 86 63 pc Orlando Philadelphia 88 72 s 89 72 pc Cheyenne 88 57 pc 89 57 s 112 90 s 112 91 s Chicago 94 68 pc 85 68 pc Phoenix Pittsburgh 85 60 s 87 63 pc Cincinnati 92 63 s 90 68 s Cleveland 84 65 s 83 63 pc Portland, ME 79 60 s 82 64 pc Portland, OR 86 61 pc 81 58 pc Dallas 104 79 s 103 78 t Reno 96 64 s 98 66 s Denver 96 62 t 96 62 s 84 72 pc 88 72 pc Des Moines 94 68 t 88 67 pc Richmond 95 58 s 96 62 s Detroit 89 66 pc 86 66 pc Sacramento St. Louis 96 69 s 93 72 pc El Paso 96 75 pc 97 74 s Salt Lake City 96 68 pc 99 72 s Fairbanks 67 51 sh 67 48 c San Diego 78 68 pc 79 68 pc Honolulu 87 73 s 88 73 s San Francisco 69 53 pc 73 54 pc Houston 97 75 s 97 77 t Seattle 81 57 pc 75 55 pc Indianapolis 92 66 s 90 69 s Spokane 95 67 s 93 64 s Kansas City 98 71 s 93 67 t Tucson 102 80 pc 104 79 t Las Vegas 107 90 s 109 92 s Tulsa 106 73 s 100 71 t Little Rock 98 69 s 96 68 s Wash., DC 88 72 pc 90 74 pc Los Angeles 89 66 s 89 68 s National extremes yesterday for the 48 contiguous states High: Death Valley, CA 121° Low: Boca Reservoir, CA 37°

WEATHER HISTORY Philadelphia, Pa., had a high temperature of 106 degrees on Aug. 7, 1918. This mark was not matched until 1936.



Hurricanes have look-alikes in space, what are they?

Spiral galaxies, such as the Milky Way.

Aug 9




Today Wed. 6:27 a.m. 6:28 a.m. 8:25 p.m. 8:24 p.m. 11:09 p.m. 11:42 p.m. 12:12 p.m. 1:10 p.m.


KALEB ALEC MARTIN GRADUATED SUMMA CUM LAUDE from Lady Bird Johnson High School in San Antonio on June 2. Pictured with him from left are his father, Donnell Martin, his mother, Erica Martin, both formerly of Lawrence, and Kate Martin. Kaleb Martin is a National Merit finalist, Texas Scholar finalist and Roadrunner Scholarship recipient. He is the grandson of Anita Martin and Carol Armstrong, both of Lawrence. Donnell Martin, of San Antonio, submitted the photo.

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Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 6 a.m., Memorial Stadium at KU. Dollar Bowling, open to close, Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa. Coffee with the Experts, topic is identity theft, 9:30 a.m., Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County, noon, 536 Fireside Court, Suite B. Information meeting for prospective volunteers. For more information, call 843-7359. Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 6 p.m., field near Robinson Gym at KU. Douglas County Commission meeting, 6:35 p.m., Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass. Conroy’s Trivia, 7:30 p.m., Conroy’s Pub, 3115 W. Sixth St. Blues Jam, 8 p.m., Cutter’s, 218 E. 20th, Eudora. Pride Night, 9 p.m., Wilde’s Chateau, 2412 Iowa.


Vinland Fair schedule 1736 N. 700 Road More information at vinlandfair. 2 p.m.: Old Time and Modern Farm Skills 2 p.m.: Horse Shoe Pitching Training (Kids and Adults) 6 p.m.: Talent Show 6:30 p.m.: Poultry Show 7 p.m.: Baldwin High School Band performance 7 p.m.: Rabbit Show 7:15 p.m.: Flower Show Judging 7:30 p.m.: Alferd Packer Memorial String Band performance Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 6 a.m., Memorial Stadium at KU. Thursday Farmers’ Market, 4-6 p.m., 1121 Wakarusa Drive. Cottin’s Hardware Farmers’ Market, 4-6:30 p.m., behind store at 1832 Mass. Ardys Ramberg at Cottin’s Hardware Farmers’ Market, 4-6:30 p.m., behind store at 1832 Mass. The Open Tap, discussion of a selected religion topic, 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., Henry’s, 11 E. Eighth St. Lawrence Area Catbackers Fall Fan Kickoff, 6 p.m., Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass. Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 6 p.m., field near Robinson Gym at KU. Food Not Bombs free dinner, 6:30 p.m., South Park. Junkyard Jazz Band, 7 p.m., American Legion, 3408 W. Sixth St. Free English as a Second Language class, 7-8 p.m., Plymouth Congregational Church, 925 Vt. Affordable community

BEST BETS Primary election day: polls open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Meet the Author: Louise Krug, author of “Lousie: Amended,” 7 p.m., Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt. Spanish class, 7-8 p.m., Plymouth Congregational Church, 925 Vt. Reading and Signing: Ian Hall, author of “Opportunities: Jamie Leith In Darien” and Mark Bouton, author of “The Sacrifice,” 7 p.m., The Raven, 8 E. Seventh St. Poker Night, 8 p.m., Applebee’s, 2520 Iowa. Floyd the Barber, 8:30 p.m., Pachamama’s, 800 N.H. Team trivia, 9 p.m., Johnny’s West, 721 Wakarusa Drive. Ladies Night Free Bowling, 9:30 p.m., Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa.


Vinland Fair schedule 1736 N. 700 Road More information at vinlandfair. 10 a.m.: Stock Bicycle Races, Kids and Adults Noon: Kid’s Races: Sack Races, Softball Throw, Tug of War 7 p.m.: Antique Tractor Pull 7:30 p.m.: Rural Harmony performance Perry Lecompton Farmers Market, 4-6:30 p.m., U.S. Highway 24 and Ferguson Road. Steven Kapp and Harry Miller, 7:30-10:30 p.m., The Nest on Ninth, The Oread, 1200 Oread Ave. Roving Imp Comedy Show, 8 p.m., Ecumenical Christian Ministries, 1204 Oread Ave. Flamenco Mio, 8 p.m., Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H. Denny Maygers and Steve Strickland, 8 p.m., Cutter’s, 218 E. 20th, Eudora.


Vinland Fair schedule 1736 N. 700 Road More information at vinlandfair. 9 a.m.: Horseshoe Pitching (Kids and Adults) 11 a.m.: Pet Parade and Box Turtle Race 1 p.m.: Livestock Judging Begins 2:30 p.m.: Pedal Tractor Pull 3:30 p.m.: Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest 5 p.m.: Lawn and Garden Tractor Driving Skills Competition 7 p.m.: Home Made Ice Cream Competition 7:30 p.m.: Witness Band performance

Civil War on the Western Frontier Historic Lecompton Tour, 1 p.m., Territorial Capital Museum, 640 E. Woodson. Film: “Ride with the Devil,” 11 a.m.-1:20 p.m., Lawrence Visitor Center, 402 N. Second St. Saturday Farmers’ Market, 7-11 a.m., 824 N.H. Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 7 a.m., Lied Center, entrance from Bob Billings and Crestline. Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 7:45 a.m., Lied Center, entrance from Bob Billings and Crestline. Small Town, Big Cause 5K run/walk in Eudora, 8 a.m., Eudora Rec Center, 1630 Elm. Elvis Parade and impersonator show/ contest, 10:30 a.m., starts downtown and goes to South Park, 1200 block of Massachusetts Street. “Rev It Up” car show, 11 a.m., South Park, 1200 block of Massachusetts. Sandbar’s fourth annual Block Party, with Blue Orleans, 7 p.m., The Sandbar, 117 E. Eighth St. Arnie Johnson and the Midnight Special, 9 p.m., Slow Ride, 1350 N. Third St. Lawrence Humane Society Pet Adoption Event, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Orscheln Farm and Home, 1541 E. 23rd St. Krazy Katz, 8 p.m. Knights of Columbus, 2206 E. 23rd St.


Watkins Community Museum of History exhibits: “The Day After: Living in Fear”; “Get Connected: Sustainable Energy in Douglas County,” “Terror and Triumph: Quantrill’s Raid and the Rebirth of Lawrence”; “John Brown Photo Chronology,” 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, until 8 p.m. Thursday, 1047 Mass. Freedom’s Frontier exhibit, WednesdaySaturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday, 1-4 p.m., Carnegie Building, 200 W. Ninth St. Dole Institute of Politics exhibit: works by political cartoonist Herblock, through Aug. 21, Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.5 p.m., Sunday, noon-5 p.m., 2350 Petefish Drive. Lawrence Arts Center Exhibit: Monica Vidal, “Tumor & Temple,” through Aug. 18; Amy Kligman, “Special,” though Aug. 18; New Works By Mike Hoffman, through Aug. 18; Mark Slankard, “Toplu: Landscapes Of New Turkish Suburbia,” through Sept. 8, 9 a.m.-9 p.m. MondaySaturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, 940 N.H.

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BASEBALL: The Twins roughed up the Indians, 14-3. 4B


PLUNK’D Alexei Ramirez took one for the team in a 4-2 Chisox victory over the Royals. Page 3B

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LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Wish you were here KANSAS BASKETBALL

Jesse Newell/Journal-World Photo

KANSAS MEN’S BASKETBALL FANS HUDDLE during a guided tour of Zurich on Monday afternoon.

Travel woes make Jayhawks miss Swiss festivities By Jesse Newell

ZURICH — About 100 Kansas University men’s basketball fans gathered at the second floor ballroom of the Marriott Zurich on Monday night, enjoying a four-course meal while overlooking a Switzerland sunset through ceiling-high panoramic windows. Only one thing was missing: the guests of honor everyone came to see.

The KU players and coaches were absent for the first full day of festivities in Europe after weather-related flight problems kept the team in Washington, D.C., overnight Sunday. “Everybody I think is excited to meet the new players on the team. It’s always electric to be around KU basketball,” Shawnee native Connie Puett said. “I do feel bad (for them). We’re enjoying a great meal, and they’re going to be jet-lagged in here (to-

day), especially with the layover and extra time they’ve had to spend to get here.” The Jayhawks finally were able to leave Washington’s Dulles Airport at 3:05 p.m. Eastern time Monday on Lufthansa Airlines and landed in Frankfurt, Germany, late Monday. The squad was set to board a connecting flight to Zurich, where it should arrive somewhere around 9 a.m. (local time) today — or 2 a.m. U.S. Central time.

Please see CHIEFS, page 3B

GET YOUR FIX O KU’s European games won’t air on TV or radio but will be blogged live at

Please see EUROPE, page 3B

Scenery change suits DE ————

Ex-Husker Williams hopes to make most of final season By Matt Tait

Richard Gwin/Journal-World Photo

DEFENSIVE END JOSH WILLIAMS, A FIFTH-YEAR SENIOR who played three years at Nebraska, takes a break during practice Monday at the KU practice fields.

When Josh Williams reached the end of his rope with the Nebraska football program, he had no idea what was next. “Disturbing” is the word Kansas University’s fifthyear senior transfer used to describe the feeling of uncertainty that came after his dismissal from the Cornhuskers last January. But while trying times tested his mental toughness, Williams said he never worried about getting another chance. The opportunity that followed was better than anything he imagined. “I figured I would go somewhere and play,” he said. “But

I didn’t know that it would be under coach (Charlie) Weis and coach (Dave) Campo here at Kansas.” Once KU became involved, things moved quickly. Weis was brutally honest with Williams when the two first talked. The first-year KU coach explained to Williams there were guidelines and insisted there would be rules but added that, if Williams toed the line, the reward could be great, and he could once again be on the path to realizing his goal of playing in the NFL. “That’s a big positive,” Williams said. “But more than their connections and experience, I think the knowledge they can teach me was big, as well.”

When the time to say yes to Kansas presented itself, Williams said he went for it immediately and did not consider the make-up of KU’s roster or the situation he was leaping into. “That wasn’t really much of a thought of mine,” Williams said. “Wherever I was gonna go, I knew I was gonna give it my all and do my best. When I talked to them, the coaches said I had an opportunity to come in and help this team, so I jumped on that ship.” Since then, it has been smooth sailing for the 6-foot4, 255-pound defensive end originally from Shreveport, La., who starred at Ryan High in Denton, Texas. Please see FOOTBALL, page 5B

U.S. women win soccer thriller in OT LONDON (AP) —Alex Morgan’s looping header gave the U.S. women’s soccer team a dramatic 4-3 overtime victory against Canada on Monday night. And this physical classic was only the semifinal. Morgan put the U.S. in front for the first time in the third minute of injury time at Old Trafford. Megan Rapinoe scored in the 54th and 70th minutes, and Abby Wambach in the 80th on a penalty for the U.S. Morgan’s 6-yard header, on a long cross from Heather O’Reilly, went high into the net over goalkeeper Erin McLeod for the winning score. The Americans overcame a hat trick from Christine

Sinclair, who scored in the 22nd, 67th and 73rd minutes for Canada. Next comes the game the U.S. players have been eyeing for more than a year, a rematch with Japan on Thursday at Wembley Stadium with gold on the line. The top-ranked Americans lost to Japan on penalty kicks in the World Cup final last summer. “This is redemption for us,” midfielder Carli Lloyd said. “We know how hard it was for us after that game. It hurt us for a really long time.” Japan advanced with a 2-1 victory over France, getting goals from Yuki Ogimi and Mizuho Sakaguchi.

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having such a good time getting together, because there’s people from all over the place and different years in school,” Brown said. “We’re all telling stories and having a good time.” Brown, who lives in Houston, served as the KU alumni chapter leader in that city from 1994-2007. “This is a really good turnout for something like this,” Brown said. “I think they’ll


Chiefs working on new offense ST. JOSEPH, MO. (AP) — Slapping labels on Kansas City’s new offense seems to raise the ire of the head coach. “Everybody always wants to put an identity on an offense,” Romeo Crennel said. “What kind of offense is it? Well, hopefully it will be a winning offense.” Brian Daboll, young but quite well traveled, checked in last winter as the fifth offensive coordinator in four years for the team that finished nextto-last in the league in scoring last season. Only St. Louis produced fewer points than the injury-filled Chiefs (No. 18 in the AP Pro32), who lost tight end Tony Moeaki and most importantly, Pro Bowl running back Jamaal Charles before the season had barely started. In addition, quarterback Matt Cassel injured his hand and was sidelined most of the second half. But all the injured players are back now. Cassel has looked good in early camp. Coaches are understandably taking a cautious approach to Charles, who underwent ACL surgery on his left knee. If he retains the potent

KU still plans to play the Swiss National team at noon Central time today, which is 7 p.m. in Switzerland. The Jayhawks’ absence didn’t stop KU fans on the trip from enjoying the first night of their vacation. Laurence “Larry” Brown, who graduated with his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from KU in 1964 and ’67, volunteered to lead the “Rock Chalk Chant” before dinner. “It’s too bad (for the guys), but the alumni are

Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Sat 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

In men’s basketball, Kevin Durant helped the U.S. team put away Argentina with one impressive shooting burst. Durant scored 17 of his 28 points during the Americans’ 42-point third quarter, turning a one-point game into a blowout that sent the U.S. soaring into the quarterfinals with a 126-97 victory over Argentina. Carmelo Anthony made a three-pointer in the final second of the big third while taking what he and the U.S. bench right behind him felt Jon Super/AP Photo was a cheap shot from Argentina’s Facundo Campaz- SYDNEY LEROUX, TOP, CELEBRATES with zo, setting off an exchange of Alex Morgan after Morgan’s goal lifted the United States to a 4-3 overtime vicwords and technical fouls. tory over Canada in a soccer semifinal Please see OLYMPICS, page 5B on Monday in Manchester, England.

Sports 2





First woman set to ref NFL game By Sam Farmer Los Angeles Times

Although there’s no resolution in sight to the NFL’s lockout of officials, a historic moment for the league is just around the corner. Shannon Eastin is on the verge of becoming the first woman to work as an on-field official in a game, as she has been assigned as a line judge for Green Bay’s exhibition game Thursday at San Diego. Eastin has been a referee for high school games in Arizona as well as in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, which includes Bethune-Cookman, Coppin State and Howard University.

Eastin could not be reached for comment, and the league declined Monday to talk about the replacements or any negotiations with locked-out officials. Officials were locked out beginning in June because of a dispute over pay and benefits, and with training camps under way, there are no future negotiations scheduled. NFL officials who moonlight as supervisors for major college conferences — such as longtime referee Tony Corrente, who oversees the Pac-12 — have discouraged those college officials from working as pro replacements. Therefore, the league has had to tap into the high school, junior college and small-college

ranks to assemble the requisite 17 crews. “That’s why we’ve been training them for the last two months and why they’re on the field now, is to make sure they’re prepared, they understand the rules,� NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said last week of the replacements. Goodell told reporters he hopes there will be more discussions with the regular officials in the near future, “but as you can see, we’re preparing for the season and we will have officials on the field. We hope that the officials from last season will be on the field again this year but to date, we haven’t been able to get an agreement that makes sense for both parties.�

In recent years, the NFL has kept tabs on the most promising female officials, ones with the potential to work at the highest level. According to locked-out referee Ed Hochuli, Eastin was not in that pool of top candidates. “There certainly is no reason that women can’t work as officials in the NFL,� said Hochuli, a NFL referee for two decades. “But the league scouts and trains officials for years before they ever bring them in as a rookie in the NFL. “While it’s great to see the NFL take that step, it’s unfortunate that it’s not one of the qualified prospects that they had previously been considering before the lockout.�



Morgan newest ‘It’ girl in soccer


TODAY • at Chicago White Sox, 7:10 p.m. WEDNESDAY • at Chicago White Sox, 7:10 p.m.

SPORTING K.C. WEDNESDAY • vs. Seattle Sounders, 8 p.m.








Kansas City v. White Sox 7 p.m.


36, 236

Little League Baseball Time



Southwest semifinal Southwest semifinal

4 p.m. ESPN2 34, 234 7 p.m. EPSN2 34, 234



Tour of Utah

3 p.m. FSN

By David Haugh


Cable 36, 236


Chicago Tribune

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND — Amid the chaos at the bottom of a mound of joy that formed after Alex Morgan’s goal in the 123rd minute gave the U.S. women’s soccer team an epic 4-3 Olympic semifinal victory Monday night over Canada at Old Trafford, Abby Wambach found clarity. “I told her in the dog pile after the match, ‘I love you, (and) I think I’m in love with you in this moment because you just sent us to the gold-medal match,’� Wambach said. Morgan made America fall just as hard for her by converting a perfect cross from Heather O’Reilly with a midair header just under the crossbar for the game-winner. Watch Morgan’s trademark pink headbands fly off the shelves now. Move over, Hope Solo and Wambach. Team USA’s new “It� girl just arrived. The shot that led every highlight show back home gave Team USA’s youngest starter a goal for the ages and sent the Americans into Thursday’s final against Japan. Morgan, the emerging fresh face of U.S. women’s soccer at 23, managed a relieved smile while walking out of the locker room post-game. Asked to explain the final sequence, Morgan looked as dumbfounded as everyone who watched her shot. “I don’t remember what happened before Heather got the ball, but I knew she’d get that ball into the box and I just tried to get my head on it,� Morgan said. “Then I remember wanting to laugh and cry at the same time and just being so proud of the team coming back so many times.� In the Yankee Stadium of soccer, Morgan enhanced her growing reputation as one of the world’s elite goal-scorers. “Some players have a gift (for) scoring goals when it’s most needed,� U.S. coach Pia Sundhage said. Morgan scored in the clutch to help Team USA avoid a nightmare. Canada had no business taking the gold-medal favorites into overtime; it now has played the U.S. 27 times since 2001 without winning. The U.S. leads the series 443-5. Olympic historians would have called a Canadian win the Miracle on Grass. Indeed, this was Team USA surviving sloppy defense and benefiting from a generous judgment call. This was an escape. But it was also a young player seizing the day, her day. “Pia came up to me before the game and said, ‘Promise yourself one thing: Enjoy the moment’ ... and that’s what I did today,� Morgan said. “I can’t remember ever feeling this way after a goal.� She can thank a goal nobody will soon forget.


Women’s basketball, men’ soccer, equestrian, men’s triathlon, canoeing, men’s soccer, men’s weightlifting 3 a.m. NBCSP 38, 238 Beach volleyball, women’s volleyball, women’s water polo, wrestling, table tennis 8 a.m. MSNBC 41,241 Track, cycling, beach volleyball, women’s volleyball 9 a.m. NBC 8, 14, 208,214 Boxing 4 p.m. CNBC 40, 240 Gymnastics, track, beach volleyball 7 p.m. NBC 8, 14, 208,214 Track, men’s diving 11:30p.m. NBC 8, 14, 208,214


Mark Ralston/AP Photo

RUSSIA’S SASHA KAUN (8) LOOKS TO SCORE as Australia’s Joe Ingles leaps to defend Monday at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Kaun led Russia with 18 points and six rebounds, but Australia won, 82-80, on a last-second three-pointer.

NFL denies report of settlement with Saints’ Vilma NEW YORK — The NFL calls a report it has offered a settlement and reduced suspension to Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma “completely inaccurate.� Vilma has been suspended for the 2012 season for his role in the Saints bounty program, which he adamantly has claimed did not exist. Citing anonymous sources, reported the league offered Vilma an eight-game suspension if he would drop his defamation lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “No such settlement offer has been made,� NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Monday. “We will continue to respect the court proceedings on this matter and have no further comment at this time.� A judge has ordered the league and Vilma’s representatives to hold confidential settlement talks. A person familiar with those talks told the Associated Press he had “not heard anything that concrete from anyone at the NFL� regarding cutting Vilma’s suspension to eight games. The person, who spoke anonymously because the talks are private, added that he was aware of no offers from the league at all. It is uncertain if Vilma would consider such a reduction in the suspension as he fights to have it overturned completely. Vilma is one of four players suspended in the bounty scandal. Teammate Will Smith, a defensive end, got four games, while DE Anthony Hargrove, now with Green Bay, was docked eight games. Linebacker Scott Fujita, now with Cleveland, was suspended for three games. Saints coach Sean Payton, like Vilma, was suspended for the entire season.

Owens then had surgery on his left knee and didn’t receive any offers to play last season. He had 35 catches for 420 yards and 10 TDs in eight games with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. Owens was released and lost an ownership stake in the team in May. Owens, a third-round draft choice by San Francisco in 1996, has 1,078 receptions for 15,934 yards and 153 touchdowns — the second most in NFL history.


Calhoun: Hip won’t affect plans HARTFORD, CONN. — Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun’s hip fracture could be a factor at the start of his 41st season on the bench, but likely wouldn’t prevent him from a return to coaching, a prominent orthopedic surgeon said Monday. Calhoun was recovering Monday at the UConn Health Center after undergoing surgery Saturday for a left hip fracture sustained in a fall during a bicycle ride near his beach home in Madison. “Nothing has changed really,� Calhoun told on Monday when asked if the injury had changed his long-term plans. “I’m just going to go about my business.� The 70-year-old Hall-of-Fame coach went down Saturday afternoon after his bike hit a patch of sand.


Sooners lose starting OL Evans

NORMAN, OKLA. — Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is staying positive even as training camp a series of unfortunate twists. Browns to start Weeden at QB hasAnbrought MRI on Monday revealed that starting BEREA, OHIO — Brandon Weeden won the offensive guard Tyler Evans tore the anterior Browns’ starting quarterback job without playing cruciate ligament in his right knee at the start of a game. camp, yet another blow to a Sooners squad that Cleveland coach Pat Shurmur announced was already going to be without five other playwhat had been an open secret after practice on ers for the upcoming season. Monday: Weeden, the No. 22 overall pick, will Evans, who will be out for the season, was start Friday night in Detroit. Oklahoma’s most experienced lineman left after “Brandon is the starter, and we’re moving starting center Ben Habern gave up the sport forward,� Shurmur said. “We’re rolling, and I’m just last week because of lingering neck and not looking back.� back issues. Evans, a senior, has 29 career starts Weeden has taken snaps with Cleveland’s and had been in the lineup for the past 13 games. first-team offense throughout training camp. Habern, another senior, had started 30 games. Incumbent starter Colt McCoy is now competing with 10-year veteran Seneca Wallace for BASEBALL the backup job.

Seahawks sign Terrell Owens RENTON, WASH. — Terrell Owens is coming back to the NFL after one year on the sidelines. Owens had a tryout with the Seahawks on Monday, and hours later the team announced it had agreed to terms with the 38-year-old receiver. He hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010, when he caught 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns with Cincinnati.

Rockies’ Helton done for year DENVER — Todd Helton’s worst season of his career is over. The Colorado Rockies said their 38-year-old first baseman and clubhouse leader will undergo arthroscopic surgery Friday to repair a torn labrum in his right hip. A career .320 hitter, Helton batted just .238 this season, by far the lowest average of his 15year career in the majors.




Men’s basketball, women’s field hockey, handball, table tennis 5 a.m. NBCSP 38, 238 Men’s volleyball, men’s water polo, women’s wrestling, table tennis 8 a.m. MSNBC 41, 241 Track, men’s water polo, bicycle motocross, beach volleyball, equestrian, canoeing 9 a.m. NBC 8, 14, 208,214 Boxing 4 p.m. CNBC 40, 240 Track, women’s diving beach volleyball 7 p.m. NBC 8, 14, 208,214 Track, bicycle motocross 11:05p.m. NBC 8, 14, 208,214 Baseball




Cubs v. San Diego 5:30 p.m. WGN 16 TBA 6 p.m. ESPN 33, 233 Kansas City v. White Sox 7 p.m. FSN 36, 236 Little League Baseball Time



Great Lakes semifinal Southeast semifinal Great Lakes semifinal Southeast semifinal

10 a.m. noon 1 p.m. 5 p.m.


34, 234 33, 233 34, 234 34, 234

Women’s Softball




Big League World Series 3 p.m. ESPN2 34, 234 Cycling


Tour of Utah

3 p.m. FSN

36, 236




AC Milan v. Real Madrid 7 p.m.




ESPN2 34, 234

LATEST LINE NFL Preseason Favorite ............. Points (O/U) ............Underdog Thursday, August 9th Week 1 Washington..................... 2 (34) ........................... BUFFALO NEW ENGLAND................ 3 (39) ....................New Orleans Pittsburgh ......................11â „2 (34) ...............PHILADELPHIA ATLANTA ........................ 21â „2 (33) ........................Baltimore SAN DIEGO ........................2 (37) .........................Green Bay CHICAGO............................3 (33) ...............................Denver Friday, August 10th MIAMI............................... 21â „2 (33) .....................Tampa Bay CINCINNATI.......................1 (34)...............................NY Jets DETROIT ............................ 3 (36) ..........................Cleveland JACKSONVILLE ............. 21â „2 (33) ........................NY Giants KANSAS CITY .......... 3 (34) ....................Arizona SAN FRANCISCO............. 4 (33) ........................ Minnesota Saturday, August 11th CAROLINA ........................ 2 (35) ............................ Houston SEATTLE ........................... 3 (34) ........................Tennessee Sunday, August 12th St. Louis ............................1 (34).................. INDIANAPOLIS Monday, August 13th OAKLAND.........................11â „2 (34) ............................... Dallas MLB Favorite ................... Odds ..................Underdog National League PHILADELPHIA ...................6-7..................................Atlanta PITTSBURGH................... Even-6 .............................Arizona NY METS ..........................61â „2-71â „2 ............................... Miami Washington........................8-9.............................HOUSTON MILWAUKEE .................... Even-6 ........................Cincinnati ST. LOUIS.............................8-9....................San Francisco SAN DIEGO ......................51â „2-61â „2 ................Chicago Cubs LA DODGERS...................71â „2-81â „2 .........................Colorado American League BALTIMORE .....................51â „2-61â „2 .............................Seattle CLEVELAND .................... Even-6 ....................... Minnesota DETROIT ........................... Even-6 .....................NY Yankees TAMPA BAY ....................71â „2-81â „2 ...........................Toronto BOSTON ........................... Even-6 .................................Texas CHI WHITE SOX..........9-10 .............. Kansas City LA Angels........................51â „2-61â „2 ........................ OAKLAND Home Team in CAPS (c) 2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc.





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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

| 3B


Withey finds goaltending rule ‘weird’ By Jesse Newell

ZURICH — Kansas University senior center Jeff Withey wasn’t a fan of the international basketball rules regarding goaltending when he played in Europe last summer during an exhibition tour with Athletes in Action. “For a big, I think that’s a little weird. If it’s hanging on the rim, you can knock it off or dunk it,” Withey said. “(I’m) just trying to make that a conscious effort to remember, if it is hanging on the rim, to go up and get it.” Try as he might,


be very amazed and pleased. I know I would be if I was a player ... 100 people to help cheer us on, that would be great.”

7-footer Withey said he never interfered with a ball above the basket last year during eight games overseas. “When you’re playing, you’re so used to these rules,” Withey said. “But I’ve definitely seen a lot of Europeans do it. It definitely makes you mad, because you’re like, ‘Come on.’” Sophomore point guard Naadir Tharpe agreed that the goaltending rule would be the most significant change KU would face during the Jayhawks’ four exhibition games. KU opens with a noon (U.S. Central time) game

against the Swiss National Team today in Fribourg. “Everybody’s going to be looking like, ‘What the heck is going on?’” Tharpe said. “But that’s the way it’s played. “It’s regular basketball. It’s still the same game. You’ve still got to put the ball in the hoop. We all know what to do.” The Jayhawks also scrimmaged with an international basketball Saturday to try to get used to it prior to its tour. “If it’s brand new, it’s very slippery and it’s really hard to play with. The one we were playing with (Saturday) was broken in.

Those feel like normal,” Withey said. “If they’re broken in, they’re fine.” KU freshman guard Andrew White said he’d been shooting with the new ball over the last week. “No excuses,” White said. “We’re going to get out there, and we’re going to play with whatever they give us. It’s a little different, but we’ll adjust to it.” A few of the trip’s other rules changes include: 10-minute quarters; 24-second shot clocks; eight-second half-court violations; five-second allowance for free throws; and extended trapezoid lanes.

Travel talk: Before his team left for Europe, Withey said he was looking forward to experiencing different cultures. “I’ve been over to Europe a couple of times, but every time I’ve been, I’ve been stuck in a hotel and just playing basketball,” Withey said. “Coach (Self) has told us we’re going to be able to go out and sightsee, experience everything. I’m definitely looking forward to that. I’m going with all my best friends, so that’s going to be a good time.” Withey mentioned the Eiffel Tower in Paris as

Puett, a 1972 grad, had never been to Europe before Monday. A longtime KU fan, she met her late husband, Eldon, when he performed as the mascot Big Jay in the early ’70s. After receiving an email about the tour, she ran the idea by her son,

Jason, and daughter, Lindsay, before making her final decision to take the trip by herself. Puett shared Monday’s dinner table with five other women she’d just met. “My son said, ‘What could be better than to go to Europe and get to watch KU basketball?’”

Puett said. “It’s like a winwin situation.” Topekans Clyde and Janis Holiwell, who have been married for 20 years, saw the same sort of opportunity with this year’s exhibition trip. “We would have never come to Europe by ourself,” Janis said. “This is a really

neat opportunity to come with a group like this.” The Holiwells, who also made trips to Maui and the Final Four in New Orleans with KU basketball in the last year, said they weren’t expecting perfection from the Jayhawks — especially with the travel delays. “However the guys play

here is OK,” Clyde said. “I think with this particular team, with so many freshmen … I think it’s just a jelling-and-trying-to-getthem-chemistry kind of thing. That’s the main thing we’re looking forward to. “We want to win the games, of course, but if we don’t, it’s not a big deal.”


end back in middle school and has loved every snap since a little more, credits the KU players for making the transition so painless. “I think I did need a change of scenery,” he said. “And it’s helped out a lot. It’s been great being with these guys. They’ve accepted me and taken me in, and I really just want to be there as a leader for them.” That’s the area in which Williams has focused much of his time so far in preseason camp. After playing in 26 games — including two starts — with Nebraska during the past two seasons, the former Husker believes he has something to offer the KU program. And even though he will only be here for one year, Williams said he already feels like a part of something special. “It’s my senior year, it’s my last year, and this senior class wants to go off with a bang,” he said. “We’ll be the start to that build-up.” As for his own personal goals this year, Williams said he would let his play speak for him.

“I just want to go out and have a big year,” he said, “just go out with a bang and have the best year that I can have.”

four down linemen. “In this league … we want to be able to use several different looks up front, but right now we’ve only been practicing our four-down stuff.” How’s it coming? “We look pretty good,” Wyatt said. “We’re starting to get an idea of how we need to play, techniques and things, to go with a four-man front.”


Eric Keith/AP Photo

KANSAS CITY’S JACQUES REEVES, LEFT, DEFENDS a reception by wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin during training camp Monday in St. Joseph, Mo.


ability that propelled him to a 1,467-yard season in 2010, the offense should make a huge leap. Free agent right tackle Eric Winston could shore up what had been a gaping need. In addition, tight end Kevin Boss was signed in the offseason along with running back Peyton Hillis. Putting it all together is Daboll, whose Miami offense last season gutted the Chiefs defense in a 31-3 blowout. Crennel, a defensive specialist, has happily turned the offense over to his 37-year-old coordinator. Enthusiastic, animated and hands-on, he’s all over the practice field. Since 2006, he’s also coached for the Patriots, Jets, Browns and Dolphins. “I’ve been a few different places and I’ve taken bits and pieces probably from all the offenses,” he said. “At the end of the day, you have to do what suits your players and you have to use the plays that they’re good at.” With Daboll as his offensive coordinator in 2010, the 250-pound Hillis became the first player in Browns history to rush for 1,000 yards, catch 50 passes and score 10 touchdowns. “He knows how to create mismatches and stuff like that and he’s always done a great job,” said Hillis. “He’s a big players’ coach. We always know he is going to put us in the right position. When I see him travel around from New England to Cleveland to Miami, I see he got a lot out of players. That’s just because he’s such a smart coach and knows how to connect with players.” As Daboll sets about polishing the finer points of his system, not everything is brand new. Most of the line, except center and right tackle, is back. So is second-year wide receiver Jon Baldwin, who seems to be atoning for a tough rookie season with

flash and dash that’s made him the story of early camp. Baldwin may also be seizing a big opportunity. In the only negative of an otherwise stable and welloiled camp, wide receiver Dwayne Bowe continues sitting out because he has not gotten a long-term contract. No one expects Bowe to pass up a $9.5 million guarantee and stay out all year. But almost everything else is upbeat offensively for Kansas City. Cassel seems more relaxed, which may have something to do with the departure of Todd Haley, who was fired as head coach with four games left last season. “He’s dramatically improved,” quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn said. “I really feel that he is farther along than he was last year. He’s really taken charge.” Key to meaningful improvement will be the return of Charles. Charles shot to stardom in 2010 while averaging 6.4 yards per carry. The first look at Charles in post-surgical action will come on Tuesday when the Chiefs practice against the Arizona Cardinals. If all goes well, he and Moeaki will see more action on Friday night when the Chiefs host the Cardinals in their first preseason game. One potential trouble spot is center. Rodney Hudson, a guard since his junior year in college, is taking over for the retired Casey Wiegmann. Veteran guard Ryan Lilja has been taking snaps at the position, though Crennel insists it’s only for purposes of depth. In addition, rookies Jeff Allen and Donald Stephenson figure to see time on the offensive line. “I think Brian has done a good job of installing his offense and getting the players to understand and buy into his philosophy,” Crennel said. “Like I said earlier, the thing I was going to be concerned about would be the young guys, to see how quickly they would pick up things. I think that will be critical as we go down the line.”

He is listed as a starter on KU’s most recent depth chart and has become a leader in practice. “What I’ve seen so far, I’ve liked,” said KU defensive line coach Buddy Wyatt, who recruited Williams to Nebraska out of high school and was instrumental in making the connection this time around. “I think he brings some experience and some confidence to our meeting room. And when we go out there on the field you can hear him making some comments about, ‘Watch this,’ and, ‘Look out for this,’ and those things really have helped our unit become better.” Added Campo: “I know he’s a good football player. I’m happy he’s here. You can tell he’s a fifth-year senior that has aspirations of playing beyond here.” Williams, who played his first snap at defensive

Toben the talker KU D-line coach Buddy Wyatt said Monday that co-captain Toben Opurum so far had been a lot louder in this year’s camp than during previous seasons. “Toben’s a good leader, but I think (senior transfer) Josh (Williams) has helped him as well,” Wyatt said. “Toben has been more vocal this camp. The team voting him a captain has made him step up and say, ‘Hey, my teammates are counting on me so I need to do what I need to do to help them be as good as we can be.’” 4-3 fun Asked what the ideal scheme for KU’s defense would be, Wyatt said the early part of preseason camp had been spent on one style. “We’ve been playing a four-down (system) so far,” Wyatt said of the defensive set that utilizes

one of the sites he most wanted to visit. The Jayhawks will head from Zurich to Paris on Thursday courtesy of high-speed rail. “I heard the food is a little weird,” Withey said of France, “but I might try a snail or something like that.”

Today’s game: Today’s KU-Swiss National team game will not be televised. It is not available on radio. The Journal-World will have a live blog of the game available at The game is supposed to tip off at noon Central time. That’s 7 p.m. in Switzerland.

Stowers shining While a lot of the offseason attention has been on the two defensive linemen who have not yet made it to campus — Wyatt had no update on the arrival dates for Ty McKinney or Jordan Tavai — KU’s defensive-line leader shifted his focus to one who had — juco defensive tackle Keon Stowers. “He comes to play in practice every play,” Wyatt said. “I just love being around him. You can look in his eyes, and when I’m up there talking to the group, I can just feel him burning a hole in the back of my head. He just takes everything in, he’s soaking everything up.”

White Sox hold off Royals, 4-2 CHICAGO (AP) — Chris Sale had time to catch his breath. Now, maybe, he’s locked in. Sale pitched eight solid innings, Paul Konerko and Gordon Beckham homered late, and the Chicago White Sox beat the Kansas City Royals 4-2 on Monday night. “I went through a little dead arm period, but it’s par for the course,” Sale said. “It’s all behind us now. We’ve got a couple months left and we’re going to have to make a push and it’s not going to be easy.” The margin for error is slim, with a 11⁄2-game lead over Detroit for the AL Central lead. The Tigers are playing well, but so are the White Sox. And they pulled this one out thanks to a strong start by their pitcher and some big hits toward the end. Konerko tied it leading off the seventh and Beckham gave the White Sox a 3-2 lead with a solo shot in the eighth off Luis Mendoza. Kevin Youkilis added an RBI double in the inning, and the White Sox won for the 10th time in 13 games. A.J. Pierzynski added two hits, and although he didn’t go deep after tying a club record with homers in five straight games, he did drive in the first run with a double in the second. Sale (13-3), meanwhile, looked sharp on nine days’ rest, allowing two runs and eight hits while

John Starks/AP Photo

WHITE SOX STARTING PITCHER CHRIS SALE PUTS HIS HAND on Paul Konerko’s shoulder in the dugout after Konerko’s home run in the seventh inning. The White Sox beat the Royals, 4-2, on Monday in Chicago. striking out seven without a walk. He gave up solo homers to Jeff Francoeur and Billy Butler, but otherwise kept the Royals off-balance, with his fastball consistently in the mid-90s mph. Sale was passed over during the last time through the rotation. The White Sox wanted to give him more rest in his first year as a starter. “It gives you a little bit more time to recover and catch your breath, I guess you could say, but you’ve still got a couple of months left,” Sale said. “You’ve just got to keep going with it.”

The Royals were impressed. “If he stays healthy he has a chance to win a bunch of ballgames in his career,” Francoeur said. Addison Reed worked the ninth for his 20th save in 23 chances, retiring Eric Hosmer on a double-play grounder with runners on first and second to end the game. Mendoza (5-8) gave up seven hits and four runs in 71⁄3 innings. Butler made it 2-1 in the seventh with his 21st homer. Konerko tied it in the bottom half with a line drive to left that just cleared the wall and landed in the bullpen.

BOX SCORE Kansas City

Chicago ab r h bi ab r h bi AGordn lf 4 0 1 0 JrDnks cf 3 1 10 AEscor ss 4 0 1 0 Youkils 3b 4 0 11 L.Cain cf 4 0 0 0 A.Dunn dh 4 0 00 Butler dh 4 1 1 1 Konerk 1b 4 1 11 S.Perez c 4 0 1 0 Rios rf 3 1 10 Francr rf 4 1 2 1 Przyns c 3 0 21 Hosmer 1b 4 0 0 0 AlRmrz ss 2 0 00 TAreu 3b 3 0 1 0 Viciedo lf 3 0 00 Getz 2b 3 0 2 0 Bckhm 2b 3 1 11 Totals 34 2 9 2 Totals 29 4 7 4 Kansas City 000 010 100—2 Chicago 010 000 12x—4 E-Al.Ramirez (10). DP-Kansas City 2, Chicago 3. LOB-Kansas City 5, Chicago 3. 2B-T.Abreu (1), Youkilis (12), Pierzynski (12). 3B-Rios (6). HR-Butler (21), Francoeur (11), Konerko (18), Beckham (10). CS-A. Gordon (4). IP H R ER BB SO Kansas City 4 4 1 5 Mendoza L,5-8 71⁄3 7 2⁄3 0 0 0 0 1 Collins Chicago Sale W,13-3 8 8 2 2 0 7 A.Reed S,20-23 1 1 0 0 0 0 HBP-by Mendoza (Al.Ramirez). WP-Collins. Umpires-Home, Alan Porter; First, Jim Wolf; Second, Ron Kulpa; Third, Jeff Nelson. T-2:17. A-30,097 (40,615).





New York Baltimore Tampa Bay Boston Toronto

L 45 51 52 55 55

Pct .583 .532 .519 .500 .491

GB — 51⁄2 7 9 10

WCGB L10 — 4-6 1⁄2 6-4 2 5-5 4 6-4 5 4-6

Str L-1 W-3 L-2 W-2 W-2

Home 34-22 26-26 29-27 29-32 28-23

Away 29-23 32-25 27-25 26-23 25-32

W 60 59 50 48 45

L 48 50 59 61 63

Pct .556 .541 .459 .440 .417

GB — 11⁄2 101⁄2 121⁄2 15

WCGB L10 — 7-3 — 6-4 81⁄2 0-10 101⁄2 7-3 13 4-6

Str W-2 W-5 L-10 W-1 L-1

Home 30-23 32-21 27-26 23-32 21-32

Away 30-25 27-29 23-33 25-29 24-31

W 63 59 58 51

L 45 51 51 60

Pct .583 .536 .532 .459

GB — 5 51⁄2 131⁄2

WCGB L10 — 5-5 — 4-6 1⁄2 4-6 81⁄2 7-3

Str L-2 W-1 L-3 L-2

Home 34-21 30-22 32-26 25-29

Away 29-24 29-29 26-25 26-31

Central Division Chicago Detroit Cleveland Minnesota Kansas City

West Division Texas Los Angeles Oakland Seattle

NATIONAL LEAGUE East Division W 66 63 53 49 49

Washington Atlanta New York Miami Philadelphia

L 43 46 56 60 60

Pct .606 .578 .486 .450 .450

GB — 3 13 17 17

WCGB L10 — 7-3 — 8-2 91⁄2 5-5 131⁄2 4-6 131⁄2 4-6

Str W-3 W-2 L-1 L-2 L-1

Home 32-22 32-26 26-26 27-27 23-31

Away 34-21 31-20 27-30 22-33 26-29

Central Division Cincinnati Pittsburgh St. Louis Milwaukee Chicago Houston

W 66 62 60 49 43 36

L 43 46 49 59 64 74

Pct .606 .574 .550 .454 .402 .327

GB WCGB L10 — — 7-3 31⁄2 — 6-4 6 21⁄2 7-3 161⁄2 13 5-5 22 181⁄2 3-7 301⁄2 27 2-8

Str L-2 W-2 W-4 W-1 L-6 L-2

Home 36-20 34-16 33-21 31-26 27-24 25-28

Away 30-23 28-30 27-28 18-33 16-40 11-46

W 59 59 55 47 38

L 50 50 54 64 68

Pct .541 .541 .505 .423 .358

GB — — 4 13 191⁄2

Str W-3 L-1 L-3 W-2 L-3

Home 32-23 32-23 30-24 25-30 21-37

Away 27-27 27-27 25-30 22-34 17-31

West Division Los Angeles San Francisco Arizona San Diego Colorado

WCGB L10 31⁄2 6-4 31⁄2 4-6 71⁄2 6-4 161⁄2 4-6 23 2-8

SCOREBOARD AMERICAN LEAGUE Minnesota 14, Cleveland 3 Detroit 7, N.Y. Yankees 2 Baltimore 3, Seattle 1 Boston 9, Texas 2 Chicago White Sox 4, Kansas City 2 L.A. Angels 4, Oakland 0

NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh 4, Arizona 0 Atlanta 6, Philadelphia 1 Washington 5, Houston 4, 11 innings Milwaukee 6, Cincinnati 3 St. Louis 8, San Francisco 2 San Diego 2, Chicago Cubs 0 Colorado at L.A. Dodgers (n)


Twins plate 10 in 1 inning ————

Minnesota clobbers Cleveland with surge in 2nd

TODAY’S GAMES Minnesota (Deduno 3-0) at Cleveland (Kluber 0-0), 6:05 p.m. N.Y. Yankees (P.Hughes 11-8) at Detroit (Porcello 8-6), 6:05 p.m. Seattle (Beavan 7-6) at Baltimore (Britton 1-1), 6:05 p.m. Texas (Dempster 0-0) at Boston (Lester 5-9), 6:10 p.m. Toronto (Happ 0-0) at Tampa Bay (Shields 9-7), 6:10 p.m. Kansas City (B.Chen 7-9) at Chicago White Sox (Peavy 9-7), 7:10 p.m. L.A. Angels (C.Wilson 9-7) at Oakland (B.Colon 8-8), 9:05 p.m. WEDNESDAY’S GAMES Minnesota at Cleveland, 11:05 a.m. Texas at Boston, 12:35 p.m. L.A. Angels at Oakland, 2:35 p.m. N.Y. Yankees at Detroit, 6:05 p.m. Seattle at Baltimore, 6:05 p.m. Toronto at Tampa Bay, 6:10 p.m. Kansas City at Chicago White Sox, 7:10 p.m.

National League

TODAY’S GAMES Arizona (Corbin 3-4) at Pittsburgh (Karstens 4-2), 6:05 p.m. Atlanta (Minor 6-7) at Philadelphia (Hamels 11-6), 6:05 p.m. Miami (LeBlanc 1-1) at N.Y. Mets (Niese 8-5), 6:10 p.m. Washington (Detwiler 6-4) at Houston (Lyles 2-8), 7:05 p.m. Cincinnati (Cueto 14-5) at Milwaukee (Fiers 5-4), 7:10 p.m. San Francisco (Zito 8-8) at St. Louis (Lynn 13-4), 7:15 p.m. Chicago Cubs (Raley 0-0) at San Diego (Ohlendorf 3-2), 9:05 p.m. Colorado (White 2-6) at L.A. Dodgers (Harang 7-6), 9:10 p.m. WEDNESDAY’S GAMES Cincinnati at Milwaukee, 1:10 p.m. Chicago Cubs at San Diego, 5:35 p.m. Arizona at Pittsburgh, 6:05 p.m. Atlanta at Philadelphia, 6:05 p.m. Miami at N.Y. Mets, 6:10 p.m. Washington at Houston, 7:05 p.m. San Francisco at St. Louis, 7:15 p.m. Colorado at L.A. Dodgers, 9:10 p.m.

LEAGUE LEADERS AMERICAN LEAGUE G AB R H Pct. Trout LAA 86 350 86 121 .346 MiCabrera Det 109 432 72 140 .324 AJackson Det 87 342 68 110 .322 Mauer Min 100 371 62 119 .321 Konerko CWS 100 373 49 119 .319 Rios CWS 106 408 68 129 .316 Cano NYY 108 424 68 134 .316 Ortiz Bos 89 320 65 101 .316 Jeter NYY 106 451 61 142 .315 Fielder Det 109 399 61 125 .313 RUNS-Trout, Los Angeles, 86; Kinsler, Texas, 78; Granderson, New York, 76. RBI-MiCabrera, Detroit, 92; Hamilton, Texas, 90; Willingham, Minnesota, 83. DOUBLES-AGordon, Kansas City, 37; Brantley, Cleveland, 33; Choo, Cleveland, 33. TRIPLES-AJackson, Detroit, 7; JWeeks, Oakland, 7. HOME RUNS-ADunn, Chicago, 31; Encarnacion, Toronto, 29; Granderson, New York, 29; Hamilton, Texas, 29; Willingham, Minnesota, 29. STOLEN BASES-Trout, Los Angeles, 33; RDavis, Toronto, 30; Revere, Minnesota, 27; JDyson, Kansas City, 22; Crisp, Oakland, 21; Kipnis, Cleveland, 21; De Aza, Chicago, 20; AEscobar, Kansas City, 20; BUpton, Tampa Bay, 20. PITCHING-Weaver, Los Angeles, 14-1; Price, Tampa Bay, 14-4. STRIKEOUTS-Verlander, Detroit, 166; Scherzer, Detroit, 160. SAVES-JiJohnson, Baltimore, 33; Rodney, Tampa Bay, 32; CPerez, Cleveland, 29; RSoriano, New York, 26; Aceves, Boston, 23; Broxton, Kansas City, 23.


G AB R H Pct. McCutchen Pit 104 390 75 144 .369 MeCabrera SF 105 427 77 151 .354 Votto Cin 86 298 52 102 .342 Ruiz Phi 95 313 47 105 .335 Posey SF 98 356 46 117 .329 CGonzalez Col 98 394 73 129 .327 DWright NYM 105 388 67 126 .325 Holliday StL 106 405 72 131 .323 YMolina StL 95 357 45 113 .317 Freese StL 99 362 53 113 .312 RUNS-MeCabrera, San Francisco, 77; McCutchen, Pittsburgh, 75. RBI-Beltran, St. Louis, 78; Holliday, St. Louis, 76; Braun, Milwaukee, 74. DOUBLES-ArRamirez, Milwaukee, 37; Votto, Cincinnati, 36; DanMurphy, New York, 33. TRIPLES-Fowler, Colorado, 11; MeCabrera, San Francisco, 10. HOME RUNS-Braun, Milwaukee, 29; Beltran, St. Louis, 26; Kubel, Arizona, 23; LaRoche, Washington, 23; McCutchen, Pittsburgh, 23. STOLEN BASES-Bonifacio, Miami, 30; DGordon, Los Angeles, 30; Bourn, Atlanta, 29. PITCHING-Dickey, New York, 14-3; AJBurnett, Pittsburgh, 14-3; Cueto, Cincinnati, 14-5. STRIKEOUTS-Strasburg, Washington, 160; Dickey, New York, 156; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 150. SAVES-Hanrahan, Pittsburgh, 32; Kimbrel, Atlanta, 31; Chapman, Cincinnati, 25; Motte, St. Louis, 24; Papelbon, Philadelphia, 24; SCasilla, San Francisco, 24; Clippard, Washington, 22.

Verlander (12-7) threw 132 pitches, his most in a regular-season game, and sent the Tigers to their fifth straight win. Verlander gave up two unearned runs after his fielding error extended the fifth inning. Ivan Nova (10-6) was roughed up for seven runs and 11 hits — matching a career high — in 51⁄3 innings.

The Associated Press

Twins 14, Indians 3 CLEVELAND — Justin Morneau homered twice and drove in four runs, Joe Mauer had three RBIs, and Ryan Doumit hit a threerun homer to lead Minnesota to a victory over Cleveland on Monday night, the Indians’ 10th straight loss. Ben Revere had four of the Twins’ 14 hits and extended his hitting streak to 20 games while Josh Willingham hit his 29th homer, matching his career-high. The Twins, who homered three times in their 10-run second, fell one run shy of their biggest inning in franchise history. Minnesota has scored 11 runs in an inning four times. Scott Diamond (10-5) allowed three runs in seven innings as the Twins beat the Indians for the sixth straight time this season. Minnesota swept a threegame series at Target Field in late July. The Indians went 0-9 on a road trip that ended Sunday. Before Monday’s game, general manager Chris Antonetti expressed his support for manager Manny Acta and the coaching staff even though the team was coming off the least successful trip in the franchise’s 112year history. The trip ended in shocking fashion when All-Star closer Chris Perez allowed five runs with two outs in the 10th in a 10-8 loss to Detroit. The Indians never had a chance Monday and are two losses from the longest losing streak in franchise history, a 12game skid in 1931. Cleveland lost 11 straight in 2009.

UPCOMING American League

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New York

Tony Dejak/AP Photo

CLEVELAND STARTING PITCHER ZACH MCALLISTER ADJUSTS HIS CAP during a 10-run second inning by the Twins on Monday in Cleveland. Minnesota won, 14-3. Minnesota


ab r h bi ab r h bi Span cf 6 2 1 0 Kipnis 2b 4 2 10 Revere rf 5 3 4 1 AsCarr ss 3 0 10 Mauer dh 5 1 3 3 Lillirdg lf 1 0 00 Wlngh lf 4 2 1 2 Choo rf 4 0 10 Mstrnn lf 0 0 0 0 CSantn 1b 3 1 12 Mornea 1b 5 3 3 4 Brantly cf 3 0 10 Doumit c 4 2 2 3 Hannhn ss 1 0 00 Butera ph-c 1 0 0 0 Duncan dh 4 0 10 Nishiok 2b 5 0 0 0 JoLopz 3b 4 0 20 Dozier ss 3 0 0 0 Marson c 3 0 00 JCarrll 3b 3 1 0 0 Carrer lf-cf 4 0 00 Totals 41141413 Totals 34 3 8 2 Minnesota 0(10)0 201 010—14 Cleveland 100 002 000— 3 E-J.Carroll (7), Nishioka 2 (2), Kipnis (4). DP-Minnesota 4, Cleveland 1. LOB-Minnesota 5, Cleveland 6. 2B-Mauer 2 (23), Doumit (22), Brantley (33). HR-Willingham (29), Morneau 2 (15), Doumit (12), C.Santana (12). IP H R ER BB SO Minnesota Diamond W,10-5 7 7 3 2 1 3 Gray 1 0 0 0 1 1 Perdomo 1 1 0 0 0 0 Cleveland 9 2 2 3 McAllister L,4-4 12⁄3 6 3 3 0 1 Tomlin 31⁄3 3 Sipp 1 2 1 1 0 1 C.Allen 1 0 0 0 1 1 E.Rogers 1 3 1 1 0 0 J.Smith 1 0 0 0 2 0 WP-Diamond. Balk-J.Smith. T-3:01. A-18,775 (43,429).

Tigers 7, Yankees 2 DETROIT — Justin Verlander matched a career high with 14 strikeouts and got home-run support from Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera, leading Detroit over New York.

ab r 51 50 40 40 30 40 41 40 40

h bi 0 0 2 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 0


ab r h bi AJcksn cf 4 0 11 Dirks lf-rf 3 0 11 MiCarr 3b 4 1 11 RSantg 2b 0 0 00 Fielder 1b 3 1 21 Boesch rf 3 1 10 Berry lf 1 0 00 DYong dh 3 1 20 Avila c 4 1 21 JhPerlt ss 4 1 21 Infante 2b-3b 3 1 1 1 Totals 37 2 8 2 Totals 32 7 13 7 New York 000 020 000—2 Detroit 010 132 00x—7 E-Mi.Cabrera (10), Verlander (3). DP-New York 3. LOB-New York 9, Detroit 4. 2B-Er.Chavez 2 (10). HR-Mi.Cabrera (28), Fielder (19). SB-Cano (2). CS-D. Young (2). SF-Dirks. IP H R ER BB SO New York 7 7 0 5 Nova L,10-6 51⁄3 11 0 0 0 1 Chamberlain 12⁄3 2 Phelps 1 0 0 0 1 1 Detroit Verlander W,12-7 8 8 2 0 1 14 Valverde 1 0 0 0 0 0 HBP-by Nova (Fielder). T-2:42. A-41,381 (41,255). Grndrs cf Jeter ss Cano 2b Teixeir 1b Ibanez lf Swisher rf ErChvz 3b ISuzuki dh RMartn c

Orioles 3, Mariners 1 BALTIMORE — Chris Tillman took a three-hit shutout into the eighth inning to extend a run of successful starts by Baltimore pitchers, and the Orioles beat Jason Vargas and the Mariners. Seattle

ab r h bi Markks rf 4 1 22 Andino 3b 4 0 00 Hardy ss 4 0 10 AdJons cf 4 0 10 Wieters c 4 0 00 C.Davis dh 3 0 00 Ford lf 3 1 10 McLoth lf 0 0 00 MrRynl 1b 3 1 31 Quntnll 2b 3 0 00 Totals 33 1 7 1 Totals 32 3 8 3 Seattle 000 000 010—1 Baltimore 030 000 00x—3 E-Quintanilla (3). LOB-Seattle 7, Baltimore 5. 2B-Thames (9), Hardy (19), Ad.Jones (26), Mar. Reynolds 2 (20). HR-Markakis (11). IP H R ER BB SO Seattle Vargas L,12-8 8 8 3 3 0 2 Baltimore 1 1 1 5 Tillman W,5-1 71⁄3 5 2⁄3 0 0 0 1 1 Strop H,18 Ji.Johnson S,33-36 1 2 0 0 0 1 T-2:24. A-21,184 (45,971). Ackley 2b MSndrs cf JMontr dh Jaso c Seager 3b Carp 1b C.Wells lf Thams rf Kawsk ss

ab r 30 30 40 40 40 40 40 41 30

h bi 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 1


Red Sox 9, Rangers 2 BOSTON — Dustin Pedroia had three of Boston’s eight doubles, Aaron Cook pitched seven solid innings, and the Red Sox beat the Rangers. Texas

ab r 30 40 40 41 41 40 40 20 30

h bi 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0


ab r h bi Ellsury cf 5 3 31 Crwfrd lf 4 2 23 Pedroia 2b 4 1 31 Ciriaco pr-2b 0 1 0 0 AdGnzl 1b 5 0 33 Punto 1b 0 0 00 C.Ross dh 4 0 11 Sltlmch c 4 0 00 Mdlrks 3b 3 0 00 Kalish rf 3 1 10 Aviles ss 3 1 10 Totals 32 2 8 2 Totals 35 9 14 9 Texas 010 000 001—2 Boston 002 300 13x—9 DP-Boston 2. LOB-Texas 6, Boston 9. 2B-Mi.Young (18), N.Cruz 2 (29), Ellsbury 2 (10), C.Crawford 2 (4), Pedroia 3 (22), Ad.Gonzalez (30). HR-Beltre (19). SB-Pedroia (8), Kalish (3). CS-Kalish (2). SF-C. Crawford, C.Ross. IP H R ER BB SO Texas 6 6 4 9 Darvish L,11-8 62⁄3 11 2⁄3 3 3 3 1 1 Kirkman 2⁄3 0 0 0 0 0 Scheppers Boston A.Cook W,3-5 7 6 1 1 3 2 Tazawa 2 2 1 1 0 2 T-2:47. A-37,316 (37,495). Kinsler 2b MiYong ss Hamltn cf Beltre 3b N.Cruz rf DvMrp lf Napoli c Soto dh Morlnd 1b

Angels 4, Athletics 0 O AKLAND , C ALIF . — Jered Weaver pitched a four-hitter for his major-league-leading 15th victory, and the Angels beat Oakland to overtake the final spot in the crowded AL wild-card standings. Weaver (15-1) struck out nine, walked none and faced the minimum through 41⁄3 innings. Los Angeles

Oakland ab r h bi ab r h bi Trout cf-lf 3 0 2 1 Crisp cf 4 0 00 TrHntr rf 5 0 1 2 JWeeks 2b 4 0 00 Pujols 1b 3 0 0 0 Reddck rf 4 0 00 Trumo lf 4 0 0 0 Carter 1b 3 0 00 Bourjos cf 1 0 0 0 Moss lf 3 0 10 KMorls dh 4 1 1 0 JGoms dh 3 0 00 Callasp 3b 3 0 1 0 Inge 3b 3 0 20 HKndrc 2b 4 0 0 0 DNorrs c 3 0 10 Aybar ss 4 2 3 1 Sogard ss 3 0 00 Iannett c 41 2 0 Totals 35 410 4 Totals 30 0 4 0 Los Angeles 020 000 200—4 Oakland 000 000 000—0 DP-Los Angeles 1, Oakland 1. LOB-Los Angeles 9, Oakland 3. 2B-K.Morales (13), Inge (13). SB-Trout 3 (36), Callaspo (1). IP H R ER BB SO Los Angeles Weaver W,15-1 9 4 0 0 0 9 Oakland 4 4 1 6 J.Parker L,7-6 62⁄3 9 1⁄3 0 0 0 0 1 Neshek Figueroa 2 1 0 0 2 2 HBP-by Neshek (Pujols), by J.Parker (Trout). WP-J. Parker. T-2:33. A-13,341 (35,067).


D’Backs two-hit by Bedard, Pirates The Associated Press

the streaking Braves to a Cardinals 8, victory over Philadelphia. Giants 2 ST. LOUIS — Jake WestAtlanta Philadelphia brook threw six solid inab r h bi ab r h bi Bourn cf 4 1 1 1 Rollins ss 4 0 10 nings, and Carlos Beltran Prado lf 5 1 1 0 DBrwn lf 3 0 10 hit his 26th home run as Heywrd rf 5 2 2 1 Utley 2b 4 0 10 FFrmn 1b 5 1 1 2 Howard 1b 4 0 00 St. Louis beat Matt Cain McCnn c 4 0 2 1 Mayrry cf 4 1 11 Uggla 2b 4 0 2 0 Schrhlt rf 4 0 10 and San Francisco.

Pirates 4, D’backs 0 PITTSBURGH — Erik Bedard allowed two hits over seven innings Monday night, and Pittsburgh Pirates opened a season3b 3 0 1 0 Frndsn 3b 3 0 20 long 11-game homestand JFrncs Janish ss 4 1 1 0 Schndr c 3 0 00 San Francisco St. Louis p 2 0 0 0 Worley p 1 0 00 with a win over the Dia- Sheets ab r h bi ab r h bi OFlhrt p 0 0 0 0 Valdes p 0 0 00 Pagan cf 4 1 2 1 Descals 2b 5 0 00 mondbacks. CMrtnz p 0 0 0 0 Pierre ph 1 0 00 Theriot 2b 4 0 0 0 Craig 1b 5 1 10 Rosnrg p 0 0 00 Bedard did not walk MeCarr lf 4 0 2 0 Hollidy lf 4 1 10 Horst p 0 0 00 Posey c 4 1 2 1 Beltran rf 3 2 11 Wggntn ph 1 0 00 a batter and faced just Pence rf 4 0 0 0 Freese 3b 2 2 12 Schwm p 0 0 00 Scutaro 3b 4 0 0 0 YMolin c 3 1 10 one over the minimum, Totals 36 611 5 Totals 32 1 7 1 Belt 1b 3 0 2 0 Jay cf 4 1 42 003 100 101—6 striking out five. He re- Atlanta BCrwfr ss 3 0 0 0 Furcal ss 3 0 11 Philadelphia 000 100 000—1 M.Cain p 2 0 0 0 Westrk p 2 0 00 E-Howard (4). DP-Atlanta 2. LOB-Atlanta tired 17 in a row until his Kontos p 0 0 0 0 MCrpnt ph 1 0 12 Philadelphia 6. 2B-F.Freeman (26), Uggla (20), final batter, Paul Gold- 8,J.Francisco 1 0 0 0 Mujica p 0 0 00 (8), Janish (4), Utley (4), Schierholtz (5). GBlanc ph Loux p 0 0 0 0 Salas p 0 0 00 (9). S-Sheets 2. schmidt, singled. Gold- HR-Heyward (18), Mayberry Schmkr ph 1 0 10 IP H R ER BB SO Fuents p 0 0 00 schmidt was thrown out Atlanta Totals 33 2 8 2 Totals 33 8 12 8 1 1 1 0 Sheets W,4-1 71⁄3 7 at second base trying O’Flaherty San Francisco 100 001 000—2 2⁄3 0 0 0 0 0 St. Louis 020 003 30x—8 1 0 0 0 0 0 to stretch the hit by left C.Martinez DP-San Francisco 1, St. Louis 1. LOB-San Francisco Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 6. 2B-Craig (21), Holliday (28). HR-Pagan fielder Starling Marte to Worley L,6-7 4 4 3 2 32⁄3 6 (7), Posey (17), Beltran (26). SF-Freese. 0 0 0 3 Valdes 11⁄3 0 end the seventh. IP H R ER BB SO 0 0 0 1 Rosenberg 11⁄3 1 San Francisco 2 Bedard (6-12) leads the Horst ⁄3 3 1 1 0 0 5 5 2 7 M.Cain L,10-5 52⁄3 8 Schwimer 2 1 1 1 0 2 1⁄3 majors in losses but low0 0 0 0 0 Kontos HBP-by Sheets (D.Brown). WP-Worley. Loux 2 4 3 3 2 0 T-2:37. A-41,665 (43,651). ered his home ERA to 2.38. St. Louis Westbrook W,11-8 6 7 2 2 0 4 Pittsburgh has won 23 of Mujica H,16 1 1 0 0 0 1 its past 29 games at home. Brewers 6, Reds 3 Salas 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 MILWAUKEE — Yovani Fuentes T-2:36. A-38,652 (43,975). Gallardo pitched seven Arizona Pittsburgh ab r h bi ab r h bi innings, and Martin MalBlmqst ss 4 0 0 0 SMarte lf 3 0 10 Nationals 5, Astros 4, A.Hill 2b 3 0 0 0 JHrrsn 3b 4 0 00 donado homered and 11 innings Kubel lf 3 0 0 0 AMcCt cf 4 2 20 drove in three runs to Gldsch 1b 3 0 2 0 GSnchz 1b 4 1 21 HOUSTON — Roger J.Upton rf 3 0 0 0 Walker 2b 4 1 11 help Milwaukee beat CinMMntr c 3 0 0 0 GJones rf 3 0 00 Bernadina scored when cinnati. CJhnsn 3b 3 0 0 0 Snider rf 1 0 11 Houston made two erCYoung cf 3 0 0 0 Barajs c 3 0 11 Miley p 2 0 0 0 Barmes ss 3 0 10 rors on the same play in Cincinnati Milwaukee Albers p 0 0 0 0 Bedard p 2 0 10 ab r h bi ab r h bi the 11th inning, and WashZiegler p 0 0 0 0 Presley ph 0 0 00 Cozart ss 5 1 2 1 Aoki rf 4 0 20 Zagrsk p 0 0 0 0 Grilli p 0 0 00 Stubbs cf 5 0 1 0 CGomz cf 4 0 00 ington picked up its third GParra ph 1 0 0 0 Qualls p 0 0 00 BPhllps 2b 5 0 0 0 Braun lf 4 0 00 Totals 28 0 2 0 Totals 31 4 10 4 straight win, over the AsBruce rf 5 1 1 0 ArRmr 3b 4 1 21 Arizona 000 000 000—0 Ludwck lf 4 0 1 0 Hart 1b 4 1 21 tros. Pittsburgh 000 100 03x—4 Rolen 3b 2 1 2 0 RWeks 2b 4 2 20 E-Bloomquist (6), C.Young (1), C.Johnson (15). DP-Arizona 2. LOB-Arizona 1, Pittsburgh 7. 2B-Goldschmidt (31), Barmes (12). S-Barmes. SF-Barajas. IP H R ER BB SO Arizona Miley L,12-7 6 6 1 0 1 2 Albers 1 0 0 0 1 0 1⁄3 2 2 2 0 1 Ziegler 2⁄3 2 1 1 0 0 Zagurski Pittsburgh Bedard W,6-12 7 2 0 0 0 5 Grilli H,26 1 0 0 0 0 1 Qualls 1 0 0 0 0 1 T-2:33. A-24,213 (38,362).

Braves 6, Phillies 1 PHILADELPHIA — Ben Sheets pitched into the eighth inning, and Jason Heyward homered to lead

Frazier 1b 3 0 1 0 Mldnd c 4 2 33 Hanign c 2 0 0 0 Segura ss 4 0 00 LeCure p 0 0 0 0 Gallard p 3 0 11 Paul ph 1 0 1 1 FrRdrg p 0 0 00 Arrdnd p 0 0 0 0 Axford p 0 0 00 Arroyo p 20 0 0 DNavrr c 10 0 1 Totals 35 3 9 3 Totals 35 6 12 6 Cincinnati 000 000 120—3 Milwaukee 000 014 01x—6 DP-Cincinnati 1. LOB-Cincinnati 10, Milwaukee 5. 2B-Ludwick (20), Rolen (10), Ar.Ramirez (37), M.Maldonado 2 (6). HR-Cozart (12), Ar.Ramirez (14), Hart (21), M.Maldonado (6). SB-Stubbs (25). SF-D. Navarro. IP H R ER BB SO Cincinnati Arroyo L,7-7 51⁄3 10 5 5 0 5 LeCure 12⁄3 0 0 0 0 1 Arredondo 1 2 1 0 0 1 Milwaukee Gallardo W,10-8 7 6 1 1 3 4 1⁄3 2 2 2 1 0 Fr.Rodriguez Axford S,18-25 12⁄3 1 0 0 0 1 T-2:54. A-31,319 (41,900).

Washington Espinos ss Harper cf-rf Zmrmn 3b Morse lf LaRoch 1b Stmmn p Werth rf Berndn cf KSuzuk c Lmrdzz 2b EJcksn p Grzlny p Matths p SBurntt p Storen p TMoore ph Clipprd p Tracy 1b Totals

ab r 61 41 41 50 50 00 40 11 50 50 31 00 00 00 00 00 00 10

h bi 2 0 0 0 2 2 2 1 1 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


ab Altuve 2b 5 MGnzlz ss 4 Wallac 1b-3b 4 WLopez p 0 Maxwll rf-cf 4 SMoore 3b 2 Pearce ph-1b 2 JDMrtn lf 5 Schafer cf 2 BFrncs ph 1 FRdrgz p 0 Wrght p 0 MDwns ph-3b 2 Corprn c 3 Harrell pr 0 CSnydr c 1 Keuchl p 2 XCeden p 0 Storey p 0 Bogsvc ph-rf 1 43 514 4 Totals 38

r 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 4

h bi 21 11 11 00 10 00 11 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 64

Washington 000 130 000 01—5 Houston 100 002 001 00—4 E-Pearce (1), Bogusevic (4), Wallace (1). DP-Houston 2. LOB-Washington 8, Houston 9. 2B-Altuve (26). 3B-Maxwell (2). HR-Ma.Gonzalez (2). SB-Altuve (21), Ma.Gonzalez (3), Maxwell (4), Bogusevic (12). SF-Wallace. IP H R ER BB SO Washington 2 2 2 8 E.Jackson 51⁄3 2 2⁄3 2 1 1 0 0 Gorzelanny H,8 Mattheus H,9 1 0 0 0 0 0 2⁄3 1 0 0 0 0 S.Burnett H,26 1⁄3 0 0 0 2 0 Storen H,4 Clippard BS,4-26 1 1 1 1 1 3 Stammen W,5-1 2 0 0 0 1 1 Houston Keuchel 6 12 4 3 1 2 2⁄3 0 0 0 0 0 X.Cedeno 1⁄3 0 0 0 1 1 Storey Fe.Rodriguez 1 0 0 0 0 1 W.Wright 1 0 0 0 0 0 W.Lopez L,3-1 2 2 1 0 0 2 HBP-by Clippard (Corporan), by W.Wright (T.Moore). WP-S.Burnett. T-4:15. A-13,843 (40,981).

Padres 2, Cubs 0 SAN DIEGO — Eric Stults and four relievers combined on a five-hitter, leading San Diego to a win over slumping Chicago. Stults (2-2) allowed five hits as he pitched 51⁄3 innings in his first start since June 3. He struck out five, walked two and had a wild pitch. Yonder Alonso and Everth Cabrera each drove in a run. Chicago

h bi 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

San Diego

ab r h bi Denorfi rf-lf 3 0 00 Forsyth 2b 4 0 00 Grgrsn p 0 0 00 Venale rf 0 0 00 Headly 3b 4 0 10 Quentin lf 3 1 10 Street p 0 0 00 Alonso 1b 4 1 11 Maybin cf 3 0 10 EvCarr ss 3 0 11 ERdrgz c 2 0 00 Stults p 1 0 00 Brach p 0 0 00 Thayer p 0 0 00 Amarst ph-2b 1 0 1 0 Totals 32 0 5 0 Totals 28 2 6 2 Chicago 000 000 000—0 San Diego 000 200 00x—2 DP-Chicago 1. LOB-Chicago 7, San Diego 6. 2B-Barney (22), Quentin (13), Maybin (13), Amarista (11). SB-A.Soriano (3), S.Castro (17). S-Stults. IP H R ER BB SO Chicago T.Wood L,4-8 6 5 2 2 3 3 Corpas 1 1 0 0 0 1 Marmol 1 0 0 0 0 1 San Diego 0 0 2 5 Stults W,2-2 51⁄3 5 2⁄3 0 0 0 0 0 Brach H,5 Thayer H,7 1 0 0 0 0 1 Gregerson H,16 1 0 0 0 0 1 Street S,19-19 1 0 0 0 0 1 WP-T.Wood, Stults. T-2:25. A-27,187 (42,691). BJcksn cf Barney 2b Rizzo 1b ASorin lf SCastro ss WCastll c Vitters 3b Mather rf T.Wood p DeJess ph Corpas p Marml p

ab r 40 40 40 30 30 40 40 30 20 10 00 00



TWO O’CLOCK COCKROACH!” When we all had on our LONDON — I’ll get to the costumes, Kate, assuming the role of head cockOlympics in a moment, roach, told us she would but first a few words about humanity, which is be taking us around the museum and explaining doomed. I found out about this humans to us. She also infrom a woman who was formed us that we would dressed as a giant cocktravel as a group by “scutroach. For the record, tling.” At this point Soat the time I was also phie rolled her eyeballs at dressed as a giant cockme so hard I’m surprised roach. This happened they didn’t fall out. in the London Science “SCUTTLE!” shouted Museum, which offers an Kate, and she took off activity called the Cockrunning at surprisingly roach Tour, in which you high speed, hunched over tour the museum wearcockroach-style. The rest ing a cockroach costume of us took off after her consisting of a big black in a herd, with me in the headpiece with antennae rear. I could barely see: sticking out of it, and a My headpiece was bounclarge shell with legs stick- ing wildly, and my official ing out, which you wear Olympic press credential on your back. When you was flapping all over the put on this costume, from place. (No, I don’t know behind you really do look why I wore my credential; like an enormous cockit’s not as though there roach. From the front you was going to be a part just look like an idiot. of the tour open only to I took this tour with media cockroaches.) my 12-year-old daughter, Led by Kate, we scutSophie. She was embartled across the museum rassed about wearing the floor. The crowd quickly costume, but I insisted. I parted for us, obeying once picked up Sophie’s the fundamental human brother at middle school instinct to get out of the in the Oscar Mayer Wieway of insane people. nermobile, so I was not We scuttled over to the about to let her get out of Science Museum cafetedressing as a cockroach in ria, where we clustered a crowded museum. That around a group of humans is the kind of strict parent and observed them eating I am. while Kate gave a brief There were eight of speech about how humans us on the tour. It was waste food. The humans led by a woman named stared back at us in alarm, Kate Hart, who is trained some frozen in mid-chew. in the theater. She as“SCUTTLE!” shouted sembled us by yelling, Kate, taking off again “Any more tickets for the through the crowd. We two o’clock cockroach? scuttled to a series of LAST CALL FOR THE exhibits; at each one, Kate

By Dave Barry

McClatchy Newspapers


The Americans (5-0) will play Australia (3-2) in a quarterfinal game Wednesday. Also Monday, American judo fighter Nick Delpopolo apologized after he was expelled from the Olympics for doping, blaming the disqualification on his unintentional consumption of something baked with marijuana. Delpopolo is the first of the 10,500 London Games athletes to fail an in-competition doping test. The International Olympic Committee said it disqualified him from the 73-kilogram class, where he placed seventh. He beat opponents from Hong Kong and Belgium, then lost to fighters from South Korea and Mongolia. The IOC added that he tested positive for metabolites of cannabis after competing on July 30, the day of his event. The judoka from Westfield, N.J., said his positive test was “caused by my inadvertent consumption of food that I did not realize had been baked with marijuana” before he left for the Olympics. “I apologize to U.S. Olympic Committee, to my teammates, and to my fans, and I am embarrassed by this mistake,” he said in a statement released by the USOC. “I look forward to representing my country in the future, and will rededicate myself to being the best judo athlete that I can be.” Defending Olympic 50K race walk champion Alex Schwazer also tested positive for doping, and the Italian Olympic Committee said he had been removed from the team. Schwazer was scheduled to compete on Saturday. Jenn Suhr has been America’s best female pole vaulter for a while. Now she’s the best in the world. Suhr rounded out her

Christian Petersen/AP Photo

LEBRON JAMES (6) OF THE UNITED STATES POSTERIZES Argentina’s Luis Scola (4) during their men’s preliminary-round basketball game Monday in London.

BOX SCORE ARGENTINA L.Scola 4-8 3-4 11, M.Ginobili 4-7 7-7 16, M.Mata 2-2 0-0 4, F.Campazzo 3-4 0-0 8, J.Gutierrez 3-6 6-7 12, C.Delfino 5-12 1-4 13, M.Leiva 0-1 0-0 0, L.Gutierrez 3-7 2-2 11, A.Nocioni 5-10 0-0 12, H.Jasen 3-7 2-4 8, F.Kammerichs 1-1 0-0 2, Totals 33-65 21-28 97 UNITED STATES T.Chandler 1-2 1-1 3, K.Durant 9-12 2-4 28, L.James 7-12 3-3 18, R.Westbrook 1-8 2-2 4, D.Williams 2-7 0-0 5, A.Iguodala 6-9 0-0 13, K.Bryant 3-10 4-4 11, K.Love 5-7 2-4 13, J.Harden 3-5 0-0 7, C.Paul 6-7 0-0 17, A.Davis 1-3 0-0 2, C.Anthony 1-6 2-2 5, Totals 45-88 16-20 126 Halftime-United States 60, Argentina 59. 3-Point goals-Argentina 10-26 (M.Ginobili 1-3, F.Campazzo 2-3, C.Delfino 2-7, L.Gutierrez 3-7, A.Nocioni 2-4, H.Jasen 0-2) United States 20-39 (K.Durant 8-10, L.James 1-3, R.Westbrook 0-3, D.Williams 1-2, A.Iguodala 1-3, K.Bryant 1-4, K.Love 1-3, J.Harden 1-2, C.Paul 5-6, C.Anthony 1-3). Fouled out-None. ReboundsArgentina 33 (M.Ginobili 5) United States 47 (A.Iguodala 9, K.Love 9). Assists-Argentina 22 (F.Campazzo 7) United States 29 (C.Paul 7). Total FoulsArgentina 18 United States 26.

resume with Olympic gold, vaulting 15 feet, 7 inches to defeat Cuba’s Yarisley Silva, who cleared the same height but lost on a tiebreaker because she had one more miss in the competition. Suhr also beat two-time defending Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva of Russia, who failed to become the first woman to win the same individual track and field event at three consecutive Olympics. Isinbayeva settled for bronze with a vault of 15-5. Grenada’s Kirani James won the men’s 400 meters and 35-year-old Felix Sanchez of the Dominican Republic took the men’s

Medals Table

At London Monday, Aug. 6 18 of 18 medal events 179 of 302 total medal events Nation G S China 31 19 United States 29 15 Russia 7 17 Britain 18 11 Japan 2 12 France 8 9 South Korea 11 5 Germany 5 10 Australia 2 12 Italy 7 6 Netherlands 3 3 Canada 1 3 Ukraine 3 0 Hungary 4 1 Belarus 3 2 New Zealand 3 1 Denmark 2 4 Romania 2 4 Brazil 2 1 Kazakhstan 6 0 Cuba 3 3 Poland 2 1 Sweden 1 3 North Korea 4 0 Czech Republic 1 3 Kenya 1 2 Mexico 0 3 South Africa 3 1 Iran 2 1 Jamaica 2 1 Ethiopia 2 0 Slovenia 1 1 Colombia 0 3 Slovakia 0 1 Croatia 2 1 Spain 0 2 Azerbaijan 0 1 Belgium 0 1 India 0 1 Dominican Republic 1 1 Georgia 1 1 Switzerland 1 1 Lithuania 1 0 Egypt 0 2 Armenia 0 1 Indonesia 0 1 Mongolia 0 1 Norway 0 1 Serbia 0 1 Tunisia 0 1 Greece 0 0 Moldova 0 0 Grenada 1 0 Venezuela 1 0 Cyprus 0 1 Estonia 0 1 Guatemala 0 1 Malaysia 0 1 Taiwan 0 1 Thailand 0 1 Argentina 0 0 Hong Kong 0 0 Kuwait 0 0 Puerto Rico 0 0 Qatar 0 0 Saudi Arabia 0 0 Singapore 0 0 Trinidad & Tobag 0 0 Turkey 0 0 Uzbekistan 0 0

B Tot 14 64 19 63 18 42 11 40 14 28 9 26 6 22 7 22 8 22 4 17 4 10 6 10 6 9 3 8 3 8 4 8 2 8 2 8 5 8 1 7 1 7 3 6 2 6 1 5 1 5 2 5 2 5 0 4 1 4 1 4 2 4 2 4 1 4 3 4 0 3 1 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 0 2 0 2 0 2 1 2 0 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

would talk about how humans are destroying the planet with wacky insane human behavior such as burning fuel. Then she would shout “SCUTTLE!” again, and off we would go. At one point I lost the herd. I came scuttling around a corner, and I saw no cockroach shells, only civilians. Two women were staring at me. I said — this is a direct quote — “Do you know which way the cockroaches went?” One of them pointed to some stairs, and I scuttled that way. I quickly rejoined the herd, but I will not soon forget the feeling of panic I had when I was separated from it. The next time I see a cockroach running around my kitchen floor, alone and vulnerable, I will not stomp on it with cruel indifference, as I have done so often in the past. I will stomp on it with heartfelt sympathy. We scuttled around the museum for 45 minutes, ending up on a balcony looking down on the museum crowd. There, under Kate’s direction, we waved our antennae goodbye to the human race, which — this was the Subtle Educational Message of the tour — is doomed. Then we took off our costumes, and Sophie got out her iPhone so she could Google how to put herself up for adop- Monday’s Scores tion. BASKETBALL Men I’m out of space here, A so I’m afraid the Olympic Group Lithuania 76, Tunisia 63 update will have to wait France 79, Nigeria 73 United States 126, Argentina 97 until tomorrow. AssumGroup B ing there is one. Australia 82, Russia 80


| 5B



Human race doomed, you should ‘SCUTTLE!’

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Britain 90, China 58 Brazil 88, Spain 82 SOCCER Women Semifinals United States 4, Canada 3 Japan 2, France 1 HANDBALL Men Group A Tunisia 25, Argentina 23 Iceland 41, Britain 24 France 29, Sweden 26 Group B Hungary 26, Serbia 23 Denmark 26, South Korea 24 Croatia 30, Spain 25 HOCKEY Women Pool A Japan 1, China 0 South Korea 3, Belgium 1 Netherlands 2, Britain 1 Pool B New Zealand 0, Germany 0 South Africa 7, United States 0 Argentina 0, Australia 0 VOLLEYBALL Men Pool A Australia 3, Poland 1 (25-21, 25-22, 18-25, 25-22) Bulgaria 3, Italy 0 (32-30, 25-20, 25-19) Argentina 3, Britain 0 (25-18, 25-18, 25-15) Pool B Russia 3, Serbia 0 (25-15, 25-20, 25-17) United States 3, Tunisia 0 (25-15, 25-19, 25-19) Brazil 3, Germany 0 (25-21, 25-22, 25-19) WATER POLO Men Group A Croatia 12, Kazakhstan 4 Italy 10, Spain 7 Australia 13, Greece 8 Group B Serbia 12, Romania 4 Montenegro 13, Britain 4 Hungary 11, United States 6

400-meter hurdles on a rainy night at Olympic Stadium. Other track and field winners included Belarus’ Nadzeya Ostapchuk (women’s shot put) and Russia’s Yuliya Zaripova (women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase). Michael Tinsley was Results second in the 400 hurdles, Monday’s ATHLETICS but it was a disappointing Men session for the U.S. over- 400 all. The U.S. was without a Final 1. Kirani James, Grenada, 43.94. 2. Luguelin Santos, Dominican representative in the 400 Republic, 44.46. final, and it was the first 3. Lalonde Gordon, Trinidad & time since the 1980 Mos- Tobago, 44.52. cow Games that someone 400 Hurdles other than an American Final 1. Felix Sanchez, Dominican Republic, 47.63. won the race. 2. Michael Tinsley, Little Rock, Ark., “It’s probably crazy at 47.91. home right now,” James 3. Javier Culson, Puerto Rico, 48.10. said. “There’s probably Women 3000 Steeplechase a road party right now in Final 1. Yuliya Zaripova, Russia, 9:06.72. the streets. I don’t think 2. Habiba Ghribi, Tunisia, 9:08.37. there are any words to 3. Sofia Assefa, Ethiopia, 9:09.84. describe the celebration Pole Vault Final right now.” 1. Jennifer Suhr, Fredonia, N.Y., (4.75), In gymnastics, Gabby 15-7. 2. Yarisley Silva, Cuba, (4.75), 15-7. Douglas was nowhere 3. Elena Isinbaeva, Russia, (4.70), near the podium this time. 15-5. The all-around champion, Shot Put who also helped the Unit- Final 1. Nadzeya Ostapchuk, Belarus, ed States to team gold, fin- (21.36), 70-1. 2. Valerie Adams, New Zealand, ished last on uneven bars. 67-11. Russia’s Aliya Mustafina (20.70), 3. Evgeniia Kolodko, Russia, (20.48), rallied to the victory. 67-2 1-4. “Toward the end of the CYCLING (TRACK) Olympics, you get mental- Men ly and physically tired and Sprint you’re just like drained,” Semifinals Jason Kenny, Britain, def. Njisane Douglas said. “I tried to Nicholas Phillip, Trinidad & Tobago, fight through it as much as w-10.159, w-10.166. Gregory Bauge, France, def. Shane I could.” Perkins, Australia, w-10.358, w-10.268. Mustafina, who injured Bronze Medal Shane Perkins, Australia, def. Njisane her left knee in April 2011, Nicholas Phillip, Trinidad & Tobago, gave Russia its first gold w-10.489, w-10.297. Gold Medal in women’s gymnastics in Jason Kenny, Britain, def. Gregory London. Bauge, France, w-10.232, w-10.308.

EQUESTRIAN Team Jumping Final Ranking 1. Britain (Nick Skelton, BIG STAR; Ben Maher, TRIPPLE X; Scott Brash, HELLO SANCTOS; Peter Charles, VINDICAT), (4; 4), 8. 2. Netherlands (Jur Vrieling, BUBALU; Maikel van der Vleuten, VERDI; Marc Houtzager, STERREHOF’S TAMINO; Gerco Schroder, LONDON), (4; 4), 8. 3. Saudi Arabia (HRH Prince Abdullah Al Saud, DAVOS; Kamal Bahamdan, DELPHI; Ramzy Al Duhami, BAYARD VAN DE VILLA THERE; Abdullah Waleed Sharbatly, SULTAN), (1; 13), 14. Jump-Off For First Place 1. Britain, 156.68 (Nick Skelton, BIG STAR, 47.27; Ben Maher, TRIPPLE X, 48.14; Scott Brash, HELLO SANCTOS, 48.01; Peter Charles, VINDICAT, 61.27). 2. Netherlands, 149.12 (Jur Vrieling, BUBALU, 48.54; Maikel van der Vleuten, VERDI, 48.18; Marc Houtzager, STERREHOF’S TAMINO, 52.40; Gerco Schroder, LONDON, NS). GYMNASTICS Men Rings Final 1. Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti, Brazil, 15.900. 2. Chen Yibing, China, 15.800. 3. Matteo Morandi, Italy, 15.733. Vault Final 1. Yang Hak Seon, South Korea (16.466, 16.600), 16.533. 2. Denis Ablyazin, Russia (16.433, 16.366), 16.399. 3. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine (16.400, 16.233), 16.316. Women Uneven Bars Final 1. Aliya Mustafina, Russia, 16.133. 2. He Kexin, China, 15.933. 3. Elizabeth Tweddle, Britain, 15.916. SAILING Laser Radial Final Ranking 1. Xu Lijia, China (5, 8, 11, 3, 5, 4, 1, 4, 1, 2, 2), 35. 2. Marit Bouwmeester, Netherlands (6, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 4, 3, 6, 1, 4), 37. 3. Evi Van Acker, Belgium (3, 2, 3, 8, 1, 5, 8, 1, 8, 3, 6), 40. Laser Final Ranking 1. Tom Slingsby, Australia (2, 1, 2, 6, 9, 2, 14, 1, 1, 1, 18), 43. 2. Pavlos Kontides, Cyprus (9, 4, 1, 1, 2, 4, 12, 7, 7, 4, 20), 59. 3. Rasmus Myrgren, Sweden (11, 5, 4, 5, 25, 10, 4, 9, 10, 2, 12), 72. SHOOTING Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions Final Ranking 1. Niccolo Campriani, Italy (1180, 98.5), 1278.5. 2. Kim Jonghyun, South Korea (1171, 101.5), 1272.5. 3. Matthew Emmons, Brown Mills, N.J. (1172, 99.3), 1271.3. Men’s Trap Final Ranking 1. Giovanni Cernogoraz, Croatia (122, 24), 146. 2. Massimo Fabbrizi, Italy (123, 23), 146. 3. Fehaid Aldeehani, Kuwait (124, 21), 145. WEIGHTLIFTING Men 105Kg 1. Oleksiy Torokhtiy, Ukraine, (4, 185408; 1, 227-500), 412 kg.-908 pounds. 2. Navab Nasirshelal, Iran, (6, 184-406; 2, 227-500), 411-906. 3. Bartlomiej Wojciech Bonk, Poland, (1, 190-419; 4, 220-485), 410-904. WRESTLING Men’s Greco-Roman 60Kg Bronze Medals Zaur Kuramagomedov, Russia, def. Hasan Aliyev, Azerbaijan, 2-0, 3-0, Points. Ryutaro Matsumoto, Japan, def. Almat Kebispayev, Kazakhstan, 1-2, 3-1, 3-0, Pins. Gold Medal Omid Haji Noroozi, Iran, def. Revaz Lashkhi, Georgia, 1-0, 1-0, Points. 84Kg Bronze Medals Danyal Gajiyev, Kazakhstan, def. Vladimer Gegeshidze, Georgia, 0-1, 1-0, 2-0, Points. Damian Janikowski, Poland, def. Melonin Noumonvi, France, 1-0, 1-0, Points. Gold Medal Alan Khugaev, Russia, def. Karam Mohamed Gaber Ebrahim, Egypt, 1-0, 2-0, Points. 120Kg Bronze Medals Riza Kayaalp, Turkey, def. Guram Pherselidze, Georgia, 1-0, 1-0, Points. Johan Euren, Sweden, def. Ioseb Chugoshvili, Belarus, 1-0, 0-1, 1-0, Points. Gold Medal Mijain Lopez Nunez, Cuba, def. Heiki Nabi, Estonia, 2-0, 1-0, Points.

BASEBALL COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE-Suspended Cleveland minor league RHP Juan Nivar 50 games after testing positive for metabolites of a performanceenhancing substance in violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. American League CHICAGO WHITE SOX-Reassigned OF Brandon Short from Charlotte (IL) to Winston-Salem (SAL). CLEVELAND INDIANS-Claimed RHP Fabio Martinez off waivers from the L.A. Angels and optioned him to Carolina (Carolina). DETROIT TIGERS-Optioned INF Danny Worth to Toledo (IL). KANSAS CITY ROYALS-Designated 2B Yuniesky Betancourt for assignment. Selected the contract of 2B Tony Abreu from Omaha (PCL). Recalled LHP Francisley Bueno from Omaha. MINNESOTA TWINS-Recalled 2B Tsuyoshi Nishioka from Rochester (IL). SEATTLE MARINERS-Optioned RHP Erasmo Ramirez to Tacoma (PCL). TAMPA BAY RAYS-Optioned INF Will Rhymes to Durham (IL). National League ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS-Placed C Henry Blanco on the 15-day DL. Claimed C Wil Nieves off waivers from Colorado. CHICAGO CUBS-Placed RHP Matt Garza to the 15-day DL. COLORADO ROCKIES-Reinstated 3B Chris Nelson from the 15-day DL. Placed 1B Todd Helton on the 15-day DL. HOUSTON ASTROS-Agreed to terms with RHP Brian Sanches on a minor league contract. LOS ANGELES DODGERS-Designated OF Tony Gwynn Jr. for assignment. Recalled OF/1B Jerry Sands from Albuquerque (PCL). Named Janet Marie Smith senior vice president of planning and development. MILWAUKEE BREWERS-Recalled SS Jean Segura from Huntsville (TL). PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES-Agreed to terms with 1B Jake Opitz on a minor league contract. Reinstated LHP Raul Valdes from the 15-day DL. Optioned 1B Hector Luna to Lehigh Valley (IL). PITTSBURGH PIRATES-Sent RHP Juan Cruz to Altoona (EL) for a rehab assignment.

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS-Agreed to terms with OF Raymond Kruml on a minor league contract. SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS-Agreed to terms with OF Xavier Nady on a minor league contract. Claimed LHP Jose Mijares off waivers from Kansas City. WASHINGTON NATIONALS-Assigned C Carlos Maldonado outright to Syracuse (IL). Agreed to terms with RHP Ramses Rosario, OF Aldrem Corredor, OF Darryl Florentino and OF Luis Guzman on minor league contracts. Claimed SS Cesar Izturis off waivers from Milwaukee. Placed INF/ OF Mark DeRosa on the 15-day DL, retroactive to Aug. 5. Designated LHP Atahualpa Severino for assignment. BASKETBALL National Basketball Association SACRAMENTO KINGS-Signed coach Keith Smart to a contract extension through the 2013-14 season. FOOTBALL National Football League ATLANTA FALCONS-Signed RB Richard Medlin. BALTIMORE RAVENS-Named Sandy Weil director of football analytics. CHICAGO BEARS-Signed WR Rashied Davis to a one-year contract. Placed WR Devin Thomas on the reserve/left team list. DALLAS COWBOYS-Waived S Brodney Pool and CB Isaac Madison. Signed WR David Little and RB Javarris Williams. DENVER BRONCOS-Signed S Jim Leonhard and LB Keith Brooking. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS-Agreed to terms with WR Justin Blackmon to a four-year contract. MINNESOTA VIKINGS-Signed WR A.J. Love. Placed WR Greg Childs on the waived-injured list. OAKLAND RAIDERS-Waived DT Travis Ivey. Removed CB Ron Bartell from the non-football injury list. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES-Signed LB Adrian Moten. Waived WR Andrew Brewer SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-Agreed to terms with WR Terrell Owens. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS-Waived TE Chase Coffman. Signed LS Andrew DePaola. SOCCER Major League Soccer NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION-Waived F Jose Moreno. COLLEGE SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE-Named Chris Parker communications assistant. HAMPDEN-SYDNEY-Named Tyler Sanborn men’s assistant basketball coach. MANHATTAN-Named Amanda McEntire assistant athletic director for facilities and event management. OKLAHOMA CHRISTIAN-Named Andrew McGuire assistant baseball coach. ST. ANDREWS-Announced the resignation of baseball coach Matt Boykin to join the coaching staff at UNC Greensboro. Promoted assistant baseball coach Drew Roberts to head coach. UAB-Named Bailey Coleman assistant indoor and sand volleyball coach. UCLA-Dismissed junior C Anthony Stover from the men’s basketball team for failure to meet NCAA eligibility requirements. WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON-Named Brooke Turner volleyball coach and Daniel Usaj men’s lacrosse coach. WASHINGTON & LEE-Named Jonathan Bowden men’s and women’s assistant golf coach, Kristin Cupido women’s assistant cross country coach, Eric Deutsch assistant football coach and Pamela Findlay women’s assistant basketball coach.

Rogers Cup

A U.S. Open Series event Monday At Rexall Centre Toronto Purse: $3.2 million (Masters 1000) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles First Round Jeremy Chardy, France, def. Donald Young, United States, 3-6 7-6 (4), 6-0. Viktor Troicki, Serbia, def. Alex Bogomolov Jr., Russia, 6-4, 7-6 (5). Bernard Tomic, Australia, def. Michael Berrer, Germany, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3. Pablo Andujar, Spain, def. Lukas Lacko, Slovakia, 6-2, 4-6, 6-2. Matthew Ebden, Australia, def. Peter Polansky, Canada, 0-6, 6-4, 6-3. Flavio Cipolla, Italy, def. Jurgen Zopp, Estonia, 6-1, 6-2. Vasek Pospisil, Canada, def. Andreas Seppi, Italy, 4-6, 6-4, 7-6 (6). Marcos Baghdatis, Cyprus, def. Carlos Berlocq, Argentina, 6-4, 6-3. Doubles First Round Fabio Fognini, Italy, and Juan Monaco, Argentina, def. Ross Hutchins and Jonathan Marray, Britain, 7-6 (5), 6-3. Santiago Gonzalez, Mexico, and Scott Lipsky, United States, def. Philipp Kohlschreiber, Germany, and Mikhail Youzhny, Russia, 6-0, 6-0.

NAIA Preseason Poll

2011 Final RecordPts Rnk 1. Saint Xavier (Ill.) (11) 14-1 236 1 2. Carroll (Mont.) 13-2 227 2 3. Marian (Ind.) 12-1 217 3 4. Georgetown (Ky.) 12-1 209 4 5. MANU (Kan.) 10-3 201 5 6. Saint Francis (Ind.) 9-3 185 6 7. St. Francis (Ill.) 11-3 178 7 8. Morningside (Iowa) 9-3 168 8 9. Missouri Valley 9-2 163 9 10. Northwestern (Iowa) 9-2 142 14 11. Ottawa (Kan.) 9-3 140 10 11. Bethel (Tenn.) 8-3 140 12 13. Benedictine (Kan.) 9-3 137 11 14. William Penn (Iowa) 9-2 136 13 15. Grand View (Iowa) 8-4 100 16 16. Eastern Oregon 8-3 91 17 17. Valley City St. (N.D.) 9-2 83 15 18. Baker (Kan.) 7-3 75 19 19. Cumberlands (Ky.) 7-3 62 22 20. St. Ambrose (Iowa) 7-3 61 20 21. Doane (Neb.) 8-2 58 18 22. Cumberland (Tenn.) 7-3 53 23 22. Langston (Okla.) 7-3 53 21 24. Bethany (Kan.) 8-3 38 24 25. Campbellsville (Ky.) 7-5 16 -

NFL Preseason

Sunday’s Game New Orleans 17, Arizona 10 Thursday, Aug. 9 Washington at Buffalo, 6 p.m. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, 6:30 p.m. Baltimore at Atlanta, 6:30 p.m. New Orleans at New England, 6:30 p.m. Green Bay at San Diego, 7 p.m. Denver at Chicago, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10 Tampa Bay at Miami, 6:30 p.m. N.Y. Jets at Cincinnati, 6:30 p.m. N.Y. Giants at Jacksonville, 6:30 p.m. Cleveland at Detroit, 6:30 p.m. Arizona at Kansas City, 7 p.m. Minnesota at San Francisco, 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 11 Houston at Carolina, 6 p.m. Tennessee at Seattle, 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 12 St. Louis at Indianapolis, 12:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 13 Dallas at Oakland, 7 p.m.

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Garages - Pool - Fitness Center • Park West Gardens Apts • Park West Town Homes Call for more details 785.840.9467

Apartments Unfurnished

2BR — 946 Indiana, for fall, 5-6 BR, 1109 Tennessee. in 6-plex, CA, laundry, off Wood & tile floors. Great street parking. $440/mo. location. $1,950/mo. No pets. Call 785-841-5797 785-842-7644

The Woods of Old West Lawrence 785-841-4935

Country Club Apts.

Luxury 2 BR 2 baths Fully Equipped with W/D

(785) 841-4935

2BR in 4-plex, excellent Location at 1104 Tennessee. Near downtown & KU. CA, no pets, $490. 785-842-4242 2BR — 1315 E. 25th Terrace, for fall, 1 story, 1 bath, CA, DW, W/D hookup. No pets. $480/mo. 785-841-5797 2BR - 17th & Ohio, CA, wood floors, laundry, off street parking. No pets. $550/mo. Water paid. 785-841-5797 2BR, in 4-plex, 858 Highland. $485/mo. Has DW. Quiet & clean. No pets. 1 block east of 9th & Iowa. 785-813-1344 2BR - 741 Michigan, for fall, 1.5 bath, 2 story, CA, DW, W/D hookup, full unfin. bsmt. 1 pet ok. $730/mo. Call 785-841-5797 2 or 3BR, 1400 Ohio. ALL UTILITIES PAID. $800 & $1,260/mo. ½ blk to KU. 785-842-7644 2-4BR, 1310 Kentucky. Near KU. $595 - $1,200/mo. $200 $400 Deposit. 785-842-7644 3BR, 1101 Pennsylvania. ALL UTITLITES PAID. Wood Floors. $900/mo. 785-842-7644


4BR, 1137 Indiana. Wood floors. Great location. $1200/mo. 785-842-7644

W/D, Pool, Small Pet OK! Fall KU Bus Route Avail.! 3601 Clinton Parkway 785-842-3280

4BR, 934 Indiana. Wood floors, decks, CA, DW, basement. $1,600/mo. 785-842-7644

2BRs - for fall, tri-level, 1 bath, CA, all elect., W/D hookup, DW, study. $650/ mo. No pets. 785-841-5797

LAUREL GLEN APTS 2 & 3BR All Electric units. Water/Trash PAID. Small Dog and Students WELCOME! Income restrictions apply

Now Accepting

Applications for August Call NOW for Specials! 785-838-9559 EOH

Sunrise Place Sunrise Village

Apartments & Townhomes 1st Month’s Rent FREE

On KU Bus Route

2 Bedrooms at 837 MICHIGAN Near KU. Pool, microwave, DW, and laundry facilities 3 & 4 Bedrooms at 660 GATEWAY COURT FREE wireless internet, DW, W/D, pool, tennis courts. 3BRs with garages.

Call 785-841-8400


Arkansas Villas 3BR & 3Bath- Special Rollins PL, Briarstone- 2BR

1008 Emery *785-749-7744 3BR, 1.5 bath, 1131-35 Ohio, W/D, no pets. $925/mo. & $199/deposit. Close to KU campus. Call 785-749-6084

2BR — 1214 Tennessee, for 3BR — 2323 Yale, 2 story, 2 fall, in 4-plex, 1 bath, CA, bath, CA, DW, FP, 2 car garDW. No pets. $460/mo. age, no pets. $750/mo. Call 785-841-5797 Call 785-841-5797

2BR — 934 Illinois, In 4-plex, 1st floor, DW. $450/month. 1BRs — 622 Schwarz. CA, No pets. Call 785-841-5797 laundry, off-street parking, No pets. $435/mo. Gas & 2BR — 2406 Alabama, for water paid. 785-841-5797 fall, 1.5 bath, 2 story, CA, DW, W/D hookup. $570/mo. Cedarwood Apts No pets. Call 785-841-5797 2411 Cedarwood Ave. 1 & 2BRs start at $400/mo. * Near campus, bus stop * Laundries on site * Near stores, restaurants * Water & trash paid 4BR duplex - start at $795 —————————————————— Get Coupon* for $25 OFF

Apartments Unfurnished


August Rent Specials! 2BR: FREE ! * 3BR: FREE!

2BR - 3062 W. 7th, for fall, 2 full baths, 1 story, CA, W/D hookup, DW, study. $690/ mo. No pets. 785-841-5797

Village Square

Stonecrest • Hanover 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms Near KU, Pool, Pet Friendly

Close to KU, 3 Bus Stops

Bob Billings & Crestline Call or see website for current availability. $200 per person deposit No App Fee!

and Lease Special First Month Free

Reserve YOUR Apt. Now Call 785-842-3040 or email


Studios — 2400 Alabama, all elect., plenty of parking, AC, laundry. $390, water/cable paid. No pets. 785-841-5797


*Sign lease by July 31, 2012 AND College Students


—————————————————— CALL TODAY (Mon. - Fri.)


785.843.4040 Flexible leases starting at $680 - water, trash, sewer incld.


Go to or call 785-832-1000.

LEASING 2BRs FOR NOW, Summer and FALL 2012



Days in print vary with package chosen.

Chase Court Apts.


Beautiful & Spacious


Apartments Unfurnished

Quiet, great location on KU bus route, no pets, W/D in all units. 785-842-5227

MULTI-MEDIA SALES REPS Are you looking for a career opportunity in media sales and can you answer YES to the following questions? • Do you enjoy meeting new people and coming up with creative ideas? • Are you famous for getting results from your customers? • Are you a great listener and problem solver? • Do you use unique and innovative ways to achieve budget? • Do you love to turn a “no” into a “yes”? • Do you believe digital advertising needs to be a part of every campaign? • Do you use social marketing as part of your everyday life?

3 PT Online Retail



Manages all Accounts Receivable functions for KU Dining Services and KU Bookstores. Reconciles/ records all daily sales and cash receipts including research & resolution of system issues. Handles all invoicing & collection of any sales on account ensuring that accounts are paid on a timely basis. Must be a High School graduate with a minimum experience of 2 years in general accounting/ bookkeeping. Starting rate $15.91 - $17.83 plus excellent benefits. Job Description & Application available online at: Please submit a resume and cover letter with Employment Application to: KU Memorial Unions Human Resources Office 1301 Jayhawk Boulevard Lawrence, KS 66045 EOE

Seeking 2 candidates w/good computer skills & an eye for products. Populate database and assign product attributes. Seasonal, 24-hrs week Mon-Thurs 9-4 pm $8.25 to start. 3rd candidate with SEO, research and phone skills. $10 to start. 1617 St. Andrews Dr. Resume to


Immediate Full Time Openings! 40 Hours a Week Guaranteed! Weekly Pay! 785-841-0755

Casey’s General Store Taking applications for First Assistant Manager in Perry, Ks. apply within store or on Casey’s website. Closing date Aug. 15.

CUSTODIAL WORKER Mon - Fri 11 PM - 7:30 AM $10.00 - $11.16 Job Description & Application available online at: KU Memorial Unions 1301 Jayhawk Boulevard Lawrence, KS 66045 EOE

• Do you love staying on top of the current internet trends and finding digital solutions for your clients’ needs? • Are you looking at being part of the fastest-growing area in media sales with the best growth potential?

CLASSIFIED SALES REP The World Company is seeking a high energy, self-motivated, and professional sales representative. Classified Sales Rep will handle inbound and make outbound sales calls to sell commercial and private party advertisements and public notices in our Sunflower Classifieds print and online products which cover northeast Kansas. This position will also sell, format, proof and obtain approvals on classified ads or public notices for advertisement in any of the World Company publications. This is an inside sales position based in Lawrence working with employment, rental, real estate, automotive and other retail businesses in Lawrence, Kansas City, Topeka and surrounding communities, as well as, handling private party advertisements. The ideal candidate must be goal-oriented and comfortable making outbound calls; will have experience in selling print and online sales products, marketing and/or advertising; excellent verbal, written communication skills and interpersonal skills; strong organizational skills with ability to follow through; minimum one year of customer service experience preferred; will represent the World Company in a professional and positive manner; be proficient in MS Office (Word and Excel); ability to work independently with minimal supervision; and able to multi-task on numerous projects and work in a fast paced team environment. If you have a proven track record of sales success and enjoy a fast-paced environment, then we would like to hear from you! We offer a competitive salary and commissions with an excellent benefits package including health, dental and vision insurance, 401k, tuition reimbursement, paid time off and more! Background check, pre-employment drug screen and physical lift assessment required. To apply submit a cover letter and resume to EOE

If you have been answering YES to these questions and have experience in sales, marketing and/or advertising; experience in print and online media sales; demonstrated success with prospecting and cold calling then we want to hear from you! Sales opportunities include Lawrence and surrounding communities. The World Company has an extraordinary opportunity for talented media sales professionals. As a sales rep some of what you would be doing includes: • Selling creative solutions to your clients to capitalize on our one million unique visitors per month on a trio of nationally recognized websites such as, and • Sell clients a platform of products including online advertising, web banners, social marketing, sports marketing, search engine optimization, our Deals websites (including Lawrence Deals and, and event marketing sponsorships. • Prospect new regional clients and make initial contact by cold-calling either in person or by phone. • Develop and build relationships with potential clients to build a large advertising client list. Ideal candidates will also have remarkable verbal and written communication skills; enjoy networking; effective time management and interpersonal skills; regularly achieve monthly sales goals; self-motivated; proficient in Microsoft Office applications; and a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation with proof of auto insurance, and a clean driving record. We offer a competitive salary and commissions with an excellent benefits package including health, dental and vision insurance, 401k, paid time off and more! Background check, pre-employment drug screen and physical lift assessment required. To apply submit a cover letter and resume to EOE

Apartments Unfurnished Aspen West

2BRs Near KU, $530. On bus route, laundry on-site, water/trash paid. No pets. AC Management 785-842-4461

Canyon Court Apts Sizzling Specials

1, 2, 3BR - W/D, Pool, Gym 700 Comet Ln., Lawrence Call Today! 785-832-8805

Studios - 1708 W. 5th, all elect., laundry, AC, off-St. parking. $410. water/cable paid. No pets. 785-841-5797

Duplexes 2BR, in a 4-plex. New carpet, vinyl, cabinets, countertop. W/D is included. $575/mo. 785-865-2505 2BR, 1 bath. Great for KC commuters. Nice, Open floor plan, private patio, W/D hookup. Inside cat ok. $595/mo. Call 785-841-4201 2BR, CA, WD hookups, Cul-de-sac, Patio, Lg yard, $625. 1300 Michigan Way. 785-691-7400



2BR, cozy, near KU & park. Microwave: GE 1.4 cu ft Fenced yard with nice model JE1460WF microdeck. 2528 Moundview, wave; 1150 watts; $730/mo. Avail. Aug 1. turn-table;white; 913-579-8122 Instant-on plus timed and sensor controls w/child 2BR, 1 bath, country home, lockout; includes manual; 2 porches, 1 deck. SE of $40 cash only. 842-7419. Lawrence. Quiet. 1 Small Chest of drawers, (1) pet ok. Call 785-838-9009 light wood. Has 5 drawers. 2BR, 1 bath ranch, 1+ car, Size: 32” wide, 18” deep CA, W/D hookup, No smok- and 47” tall. In great ing. No dogs. For Sept. 1. shape. $30. 785-842-6456 $725/mo. Call 785-393-4946 Range, Kenmore electric 3BR, 2 story, 2 baths, 2 car smooth top range for $100. garage, 3624 W. 7th, has This is a self-cleaning slide study, FP, unfinished bsmt, in oven in very good condiC/A, dw, W/D hooks, 1 pet tion. Come by to take a ok, $1250, 785-841-5797 look. Can also sell match3BR - 1028 Lake Crest ing above range microNewer. 2½ bath, 2 car, DR, wave. $100. 785-766-3735 FP. $1,050 /mo. Call Kenmore 30” Free standing 785-550-3427 electric range, model #92209, check online, 7mos. old, moving need to sale. Lawrence area. $300. 3BR, 2 Bath. 3417 W. 25th Ter. lg rec rm, new paint & Please call 913-268-6747, 913-832-7483 carper, CA, laundry rm , fd bkyd, NO PETS! $825/mo. Electric Dryer: Maytag, Avail. Aug. 20. 785-832-9906 heavy duty, super quiet, 3BR, SW dist., , gas FP, 2 car 220 volt. Excellent condigarage, 1-3/4 bath. Near tion, $90. 785-865-8059 schools, fitness trail, K-10. $1,000/mo. 785-841-4201 Building Materials Anderson Double hung window 75x54, double window pane. Its Free, come and get it. Call: 785-843-6853


913 Christie Ct., Lawrence - New exterior. 3 full bath, 2 kitchens, 2LRs, walk-out basement, 2 car. $1,200/ mo. Rent-to-own option available. 913-687-2582 Apartments, Houses & Duplexes. 785-842-7644


Cooperative townhomes start at $412 - $485/mo. Water, trash, sewer paid. FIRST MONTH FREE! Back patio, CA, hard wood floors, full bsmt., stove, refrig., W/D hookup, garbage disposal, Reserved parking. On site management & maintenance. 24 hr. emergency maintenance. Membership & Equity Fee Required. 785-842-2545 (Equal Housing Opportunity)

3+BR, 3 bath, 2610 Skyview Court, 1,800+ sq. ft., 2 car. No pets! $1,200/mo.+dep. 816-255-9398


3BR, 1 1/2 Bath W/D garage, Lg deck. Newly remodeled. 1618 W 22nd Terr. $1050/ mo. No Pets Call 785-423-1565 3BR, 2 bath, 2 car, close to campus, fenced yard, CA, DW, pets ok, $1000/mo. Avail. now. 785-766-7589 3BR house close to KU, 1325 Naismith, $1125/mo. 1720 W 20th Ter.$925/mo. 785-766-9032/785-841-5454

Sports-Fitness Equipment


Triple Combo: Sylvania Remote Control, TV-VCD-DVD 20”. $35. 785-832-0969. TV VIDEO, 1 White Magnavox 14” TV - works fine. $25. 1 Grey Magnavox 14” TV. - works fine. $25. 785-842-6456 TV: 36” Mitsubishi TV Great picture, $75 OBO. Call 785-843-8407.

Chevrolet 2007 Impala LT, alloy wheels, power equipment, cruise control, remote start, alloy wheels, steering wheels controls. Stk#139161 only $8,888. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

* 1 BR, 870 sq. ft. Covered Parking * 2 BR, 1,300 sq. ft. * 3 BR, 1,700 sq. ft. 2-Car Garage * Small Pets Accepted


GARAGE SALE August 9, 2012 (one day only) Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm 1700 E 29th St Kitchen ware, art supplies, china hutch top, office desk, bookcases, computer desk, queen headboard, file cabinet, TV stand, rugs, various shop tools, scroll saw, misc. wood, wood frame stock, large work table, men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, Christmas ornaments and decor, framed prints, posters, photo frames, fire wood, wheel barrel, elliptical, solo flex, ab chair, ab machine, and much more.

Brown Reckliner and brown lift chair, Re, FREE. 785-856-0223 OR Pets 4BR, 2.5 bath available Au- CaLL gust at 1423 Monterey Hill 303-881-6118 Miniature Pinscher puppies Dr. (Quail Run School area) Crossbow complete home AKC, house raised, choco$1,500/mo. 785-218-7264 gym by Joe Weider, in ex- late & red, $250 males, cellent shape $500 new - $300 females. 785-690-7770 Apartments, Houses & must sell $100. moving - it Duplexes. 785-842-7644 won’t fit in new place. 785-691-5214 - leave msg.

Showings By Appointment


Call 785-842-1524


• 2BR, 2 bath avail. Aug. • W/D hookups • 2 Car garage w/opener • New appls. & carpets • Maintenance free 785-749-2555/785-766-2722

Four Wheel Drive Townhomes 2859 Four Wheel Drive


Amazing 2BR, tranquil intimate setting, free standing townhome w/ courtyard, cathedral ceilings, skylights, & W/D. Most residents professionals. Pets ok. Water & trash pd. $685/mo. 785-842-5227

Four Wheel Drive Townhomes

2859 Four Wheel Drive Amazing 2BR, tranquil intimate setting, free standing townhome w/ courtyard, cathedral ceilings, skylights, & W/D. Most residents professionals. Pets ok. Water & trash pd. $685/mo. 785-842-5227


• 2 & 3 BR, 2 baths • some w/walkout bsmt. • 2 car garage w/opener • W/D hookups • Maintenance free 785-832-0555, 785-766-2722 LUXURY LIVING AT AFFORDABLE PRICES


3BR, 2 bath, $850/mo. 2BR, 1 bath, $780/mo. Half Off Deposit $300 FREE Rent Gage Management 785-842-7644

For more info please call


Near Stadium/Downtown Premium Rental

Updated 3BR, 2 bath with eat-in kitchen, stainless appls., W/D, deck, & lawn care. Immediate possession, 816-686-8868


RV Macy’s Sofa and Arm Chair Set in Pine Overside arm chair, sofa seats 3. Includes 3 decorative pillows. Gently used. Dimensions Couch: 8’2” x 3’2” Chair: 4’ x 3’2” Sold only as a set! $250. You Haul Away (785) 693-0169 Nice oak table w/leaf 4 chairs $150. 50” proj TV $50. Pioneer 5.1 home theater $50. Cherry AV tower $25. Student desk $25. Analog TVs. 785-841-2263

Room available at Kansas Zen Center. Quiet East Lawrence neighborhood close to downtown, campus, South Park. $450/month includes utilities. 785-842-7010 Roommate to share condo. Fenced backyard and pool. No pets. $300. 785-766-9964


Rocking Chair, Fabric. Good condition, very comfortable. You haul. $100 Call 843-0333.

Table, 4 legs, 3’8” long & 2 wide, $20.00. 2BR 2bath, Nice mobile ft. home, W/D hookup, CH/CA, 785-838-0056 w/new carpet, $555/mo., Table, round, 3’x3” circle, refs. +dep. 913-845-3273 white legs, wood grain top, $13.00. 785-838-0056


3BR, 2 bath house, 210 N. Village St, Terrace. With CA, attached garage, covered patio, shed. $900/mo. Avail 9/1. 785- 865-6316. 3BR/2Bath, Ranch House $900/mo. 182St Tonganoxie fenced acreage, 2 garage, and barn. 913-461-6558


AVAILABLE at WEST LAWRENCE LOCATION $525/mo., Utilities included Conference Room, Fax Machine, Copier Available Call Donna at (or e-mail) 785-841-6565

Office Space Available

Medical Equipment Electric Motorized medical bed, like new, great cond. asking $300 or best offer. will deliver. 785-841-9492 Pride Seat Lift chair, 3 position, brown color, excellent condition. $300. 785-843-0892

4BR, 2 bath, 4033-35 Overland Dr., W/D hook-up. No pets. $825/mo. + $400 deposit. Call 785-749-6084 Apartments, Houses & Duplexes. 785-842-7644


Now Leasing Adam Ave. Townhomes 3BR, 2 bath, 2 car garage, 1,700 sq. ft., some with fenced in back yards. $995/mo. Brighton Circle 3BR, 2.5 bath, 1 car garage, 1,650 sq. ft., $850/mo. Bainbridge Circle 3BR, 1.5 - 2.5 bath, 1 car garage, 1,200 - 1,540 sq. ft. $750 - $800/mo. Pets okay with paid pet deposit


Lawrence Historical Home...Steps from Campus 1625 Louisiana St. Early 1900’s craftsmanship meets modern eye, steps from KU’s campus. 4BD/2.5Bath, +\-2,500 SF plus +\- 975 SF basement on 0.41 acres. For sale by owner at $575,000; Buyer’s agents welcome at 3% commission. Schedule a showing, contact Albert: 785.393.5995 or

Mobile Homes OWNER WILL FINANCE 2BR, 2 bath, large deck, CH/CA. Move in ready! Lawrence - 816-830-2152

Commercial Real Estate Large Bank Owned Bldg.-16,000 ft.-convenience store -contractor’s bldg. & Mass St. storefront. Theno R.E. 785-843-1811


Buick 2008 Lacrosse CXL, one owner, remote start, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, On Star, CD changer, sunroof, leather heated seats, remote start, stk#319701 only $15,514 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Miscellaneous Architectural Salvage, Oak floor grate (egg crate) ca. 1900, 20-3/4” square. $40. 785-843-1378 after 7PM. Camper Shell - small, fits F10 and Ford Ranger. Fiber glass. $60 obo. 785-856-0304.


3-4BR newer Crestline duplexes. 3 bath, all kitchen appls. W/D, lawn care, 2 car. No pets. 785-979-2923

2008 class B Pleasure-Way Excel TS2 model. Completely self-contained. One owner purchased new in 2008 for $80,048. Fiber glass wide body on Ford E350 super duty van chasis. Fully loaded and beautifully appointed. Must see to appreciate. Length 20 ft. Less than 14,000 miles on the odometer. Averages 13MPG. Current NADA retail value is $52,980. Asking $48,000 but willing to negotiate. This RV is like new and perfect for two people. Lein free title furnished at the completion of sale. I will be happy to share the original window sticker with you that shows all of the features. If you are interested call 785-865-9005.

Table, square, 2’2” high with shelves, black, $7.00. 785-838-0056

3BR, 2 bath, all amenities, at 5040 Bob Billings Pkwy. garage. 2809 Four Wheel 785-841-4785 Drive. $795/mo. Available Coat Hooks, (20) 1960’s Now. Call 785-766-8888 cast, bronze Office space available in modern, Free State Business Center color, West Germany GerAUSUST 1ST RENTAL - Bldg. E. Starting at $350/ many. $50. 785-843-1378 after 7PM. 3BR, 1.5 bath, FP, 2 car, and mo. Call 785-841-8744 major appls. 785-865-2505 Lamp, Vintage Dazor model 1000. Double gooseneck HAWTHORN TOWNHOMES fluorescent. $25. 3 Bedroom Townhomes 785-843-1378 after 7PM. Fall KU Bus Route Avail.! Pet under 60lbs OK! 785-842-3280


Solid Oak File Cabinet, 54” tall, 29 1/2” deep, 19” wide adjustable file cabinet. Has locking mechanism but lost key. Medium Oak. 785-760-4501 Table, 3’x5” with tile on top, trimmed with wood. $30.00. 785-838-0056

Chevrolet 2006 Impala SS, local trade, low miles, leather heated seats, Bose sound, alloy wheels, power equipment. You won’t find a nicer car than this one! Stk#308471 only $18,444. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chevrolet 2012 Traverse LT, AWD, room for 8, remote start, heated seat, power equipment, stk#10560A only $28,515. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Buick 2011 Lucerne CXL 4to choose from, starting at $23,815.00 GM certified and includes two years of maintenance, leather heated seats, alloy wheels, and one fantastic ride with surprising gas mileage! Stk#16660. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Need an apartment? Place your ad at or email

Dodge 2010 Challenger SE V6, alloy wheels, ABS, power equipment, very nice! Stk#18493 only $22,815. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Don’t see what you want? Give us a call and we can help you find it! Dale Willey Automotive, just ask for Doug at 785-843-5200 2840 Iowa St. Lawrence. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Ford 2008 Mustang, alloy wheels, spoiler, power equip, V6, stk#142722 only $15,316. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Pontiac 2003 Bonneville, one owner, bought new here, you won’t find a nice car. 3800 V6, leather heated seats, power equipment, spoiler, alloy wheels, sunroof and more! Stk#661721 only $9875. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix 122K, AT, Cruise, Moon, CD Changer, Lots of Records, 1-owner, Nice $8,500. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049


New, rebuilt, “like new,” acoustic, digital, grands, ...starting at only $688 800-950-3774

Back to School Piano Sale! Over 120 acoustic & digital pianos starting at $688! Mid-America Piano 785-537-3774 Pianos, (4) beautiful Mason & Hamlin console $725, Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet, $475. Howard $525, Gulbranson Spinet $425. Price includes tuning & delivery. 785-832-9906

Move In Specials

Microwave, 1 White G.E. 2-3BR, 1 bath, Nice, yard, Microwave - medium size. Works fine. $35. new appliances, $735/mo. 785-842-6456 +deposit. 785-841-1284

Honda 2008 Accord EXL, leather heated seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, navigation, XM radio, one owner, stk#365121 only $18,733. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Honda 2006 Element Ex-P. Local Trade, Nighthawk Black, appearance package and all wheel Drive! One owner since 10k miles. Dealer serviced. See website for photos.


during Mid-America Piano’s 26th Annual Back to School Sale! Stop in today! Preview our sale online at 800-950-3774

Nissan 2009 Quest S, power lift gate, cruise control, power windows, DVD for the family and more! Stk#14495 only $17,748. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Saab 2003 9-3 convertible. Nice clean car, clean history, FUN to drive, top down or top up! Only 78K miles. Silver with gray leather, automatic. Seats four! “Sale $7995” See website for photos Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Toyota 2005 Avalon XLS, one owner, leather heated seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, power equipment, stk#529423 only $10,814. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chevrolet 2009 Aveo LT, sunroof, power equipment, On Star, GM certified with 2 yrs of scheduled maintenance, stk#19353 only $12,744. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Pontiac 2003 Sunfire coupe, sporty, 4cyl, great gas mileage, spoiler, dual airbags, stk#14298 only $5,989. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Toyota 2005 Camry LE. Two owner, NO accident car. Silver, Clean, 4 cyl automatic. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 4/7 785-856-6100 24

Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Premium selected automobiles Specializing in Imports 785-856-0280 “We can locate any vehicle you are looking for.”

Hyundai 2011 Elantra GLS save thousands over new! Great rates and payments are available! Stk#11530 only $17,450 Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 Infiniti 2000 I30. Local trade, well cared for by senior citizen. Similar to a Maxima, 4 door sedan with leather and moonroof! Beautiful light bronze color. Great price and low miles! See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. /7 785-856-6100 24/

2007 Toyota Rav4 V6 Limited-99K, AT, CD, Moonroof, 1-owner, Save $13,500 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Volkswagen 2010 Jetta Limited FWD, V6, automatic, leather sunroof, ABS, alloy wheels, power equipment, stk#18500 only $18,715 Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Toyota 2008 4Runner Limited 4WD, running boards, alloy wheels, navigation, sunroof, leather heated memory seats, very nice!! Stk#126111 only $26,888. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Motorcycle-ATV 2008 Kawasaki Concours 1400cc, excellent condition with extras asking $8,000. contact 785-566-3896 Motorcylce 1996 BMW, 1100R, $3,000, located in Lawrence, KS. 785-550-2897

Sport Utility-4x4

2000 Infiniti I30t-124K, AT, Heated Leather, Moonroof, Bose, CD Changer, Every Record, 2-owner, Save $7,900 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Chevrolet 2009 Cobalt LT, automatic, FWD, alloy wheels, power equipment, GM certified with 2 years of maintenance included! Stk#171411 only $11,815.00 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Kia 2011 Forte EX FWD, 4cyl, automatic, great commuter car! Power equipment, cruise control, XM radio, steering wheel controls, stk#10246, only $15,315 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2004 Mazda 6 Sport Wagon V6-94K, AT, Cruise, CD, Bose, 3-owner, Rare! $9,900. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

2006 Mercedes Benz C280-78K, AT, Leather, Moonroof, CD Changer, Local Trade, Nice $13,900. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049 Nissan 2003 Maxima SE. Super condition, last year of great body style. Moonroof, platinum color, leather, and CLEAN. 6 speed. Higher miles, runs super. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Chevrolet 2011 Aveo LT, power equipment, sunroof, leather, fantastic gas mileage, GM certified, stk#19399 only $14,917 Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Ford 2004 Explorer Ltd. AWD, 3rd row seating, leather, sunroof, fully equiped, 48K miles, mint condition. $14,500. 785-542-1642/785-393-2612

GMC 2010 Terrain AWD SLE, local trade, bought here, serviced here. You won’t find a nicer one! GM certified, alloy wheels, remote, On Star, stk#596551 only $20,755. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Acura 2004 MDX AWD, heated leather seats, Bose sound, navigation, alloy wheels, sunroof, all the luxury without the price, only $12,845. stk#153911 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2007 Toyota Highlander Limited 4x4-83K, AT, Leather, Moonroof, 3rd Row, CD Changer, JBL Sound, 1-owner, Wow $18,900. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Toyota 2008 4Runner Limited 4WD, running boards, alloy wheels, navigation, sunroof, leather heated memory seats, very nice!! Stk#126111 only $26,888 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Dale Willey Automotive 2840 Iowa Street (785) 843-5200

Chevrolet 2008 Cobalt LT sedan, 4cyl, great gas mileage, spoiler, power equipment, GM certified, stk#337913 only $11,222. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2011 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited -71K, AT, Heated Leather, CD Changer, Premium Sound, 1-owner, Steal at $18,900 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Toyota 2006 Camry LE. Beautiful ONE OWNER car, leather, super clean and a great neutral color. Low miles. Take a look, Toyotas never last long. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Hyundai 2011 Santa Fe GLS FWD, V6, power equipment, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, keyless remote, stk#19890 only $19,415 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

The Selection

Call for Details


Ford 2000 Mustang. ONE owner. NO accident beautiful Mustang. Bright white with clean tan interior! Great condition, looks and runs super. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/ /7




WE BUY CARS Top dollar for top late model vehicles. Drive in, see Danny or Jeff and get your big bucks today! 2840 Iowa St. Lawrence. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Pontiac 2008 Grand Prix GXP, remote start, heads up display, On Star, sunroof, leather heated seats, V8, traction control, stk#349631 only $14,815 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Saddlebrook & Overland Pointe

625 Folks Rd • 785-832-8200

2003 BMW 325i & 2004 BMW 325xi-Well Maintained, Below Average Miles, AT, Leather, Moon, Starting at $9,900. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049




TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2012 7B Crossovers


Executive homes on W. 22nd Ct., Lawrence



Softball Bats, wood (3) 1940’s $20. 785-843-1378 after 7PM.

Antique Vanity with mirror in good condition. Original finish with no alterations. Has some minor surface stains. $100. Please call between the hours of 3:00pm-8:00pm.

3-5BR homes, 2 car garages, some with finished bsmt. Pool & playground in the Development.


2001 Infiniti QX4 4WD-131K, AT, Moon, Full Mechanical Inspection, $8,500. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

Lincoln 2008 MKX AWD, leather heated & cooled seats, ultra sunroof, premium wheels, fantastic luxury! Stk#682081 only $24,415. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Jeep 2009 Patriot 4WD, automatic, 4cyl, ABS, power equipment, keyless remote, stk#117681 only $15,214 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Jeep 2011 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 4WD, one owner, running boards, premium alloy wheels, heated seats, power equipment, very sharp!! You have got to see this one! Stk#310461 only $32,845 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4x4-17K, AT, CD, Cruise, Nav, 1-owner, Clean $32,900. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049 Mercury 2007 Mariner Premier. Super nice black on black, 4X4, leather, moonroof, new tires, Viper remote start, new tow hitch, and very clean! Beautiful small SUV. Sale price $12,700. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856--6100 24/7 Need an apartment? Place your ad at or email


BUSINESS Auctioneers

Carpets & Rugs


Concrete CONCRETE INC. Your local concrete Repair Specialists Sidewalks, Patios, Driveways, Waterproofing, Basement, Crack repair 888-326-2799 Toll Free

Call 866-823-8220 to advertise.


Heating & Cooling

H&M Lawn Service

Air Conditioning/ & Heating/Sales & Srvs.

All Your Banking Needs Your Local Lawrence Bank

Automotive Services Bryant Collision Repair Mon-Fri. 8AM-6PM We specialize in Auto Body Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, Glass Repair, & Auto Accessories. 785-843-5803 bryant-collision-repair Buying Junk & Repairable Vehicles. Cash Paid. Free Tow. U-Call, We-Haul! Call 785-633-7556

Dale and Ron’s Auto Service

Family Owned & Operated for 37 Years Domestic & Foreign Expert Service 630 Connecticut St




INVENTORY LIQUIDATION! Rental Property? House to Fix/Sell? Carpet Ceramic Floor Tile Vinyl Flooring Wood Laminate

NOW from 69c ft! Discounts Now to 70%

Carpet Tiles

Now $1.99 ea. 19”x19” Compare to $10. Save on installation with our “Installer-Direct Plan!”

Jennings’ Floor Trader 3000 Iowa - 841-3838

See what’s new and on sale at

http://lawrencemarketplace.c om/dalerons

Child Care Provided

For All Your Battery Needs Across The Bridge In North Lawrence 903 N 2nd St | 785-842-2922 battery

Eudora Montessori 785-542-1364 KPrep-1st Did your kindergarten age child miss cutoff date for public school? Our speciality! Call for Tour+Free wk.

Decks & Fences Looking for Something Creative? Call Billy Construction Decks, Fences, Etc. Insured. (785) 838-9791

Stacked Deck

• Decks • Gazebos • Framing • Siding • Fences • Additions • Remodel • Weatherproofing & Staining Insured, 20 yrs. experience. 785-550-5592

Dirt-Manure-Mulch Dave’s Construction Topsoil Clean, Fill Dirt 913-724-1515

Electrical Harris Auto Repair

Domestics and Imports Brake repair Engine repair AC repair / service Custom exhaust systems Shock & Struts Transmissions Tire sales / repairs

Full service preschool & licensed childcare center for children ages 1-12. Open year-round, Monday- Friday, from 7 am to 6 pm

785-838-4488 harrisauto

Tires, Alignment, Brakes, A/C, Suspension Repair Financing Available 785-841-6050 1828 Mass. St performancetire

Westside 66 & Car Wash

Full Service Gas Station 100% Ethanol-Free Gasoline Auto Repair Shop - Automatic Car Washes Starting At Just $3 2815 W 6th St | 785-843-1878 http://lawrencemarketplace. com/westside66

Tiny Tots

Bird Janitorial & Hawk Wash Window Cleaning. • House Cleaning • Chandeliers • Post Construction • Gutters • Power Washing • Prof Window Cleaning • Sustainable Options Find Coupons & more info: birdjanitorial Free Est. 785-749-0244

Call: 785-832-2222 Fax: 785-832-7232 Email:

Steam Carpet Cleaning $30 /rm. Upholstry & spot removal Residential, Apts, Hotel,Etc. 785-817-3558, 785-766-2821


Janitorial Services Business-Commercial-Industrial Housecleaning Carpet Cleaning Tile & Grout Cleaning The “Greener Cleaner” Locallly Owned Since 1983 Free Estimates bpi

House Cleaner

12 years experience. Reasonable rates. References available Call 785-393-1647


Honest & Dependable Free estimate, References Call Linda 785-691-7999

Computer/Internet Computer Running Slow? Viruses/Malware? Troubleshooting? Lessons? Computer Questions, Advise? We Can Help — 785-979-0838


Advertising that works for you!

Roger, Kevin or Sarajane


Flooring Installation

STARTING or BUILDING a Business? 785-832-2222 www.lawrencemarketplace. com/scotttemperature

Home Improvements

Artisan Floor Company

Hardwood Floor Installation, Refinishing and Repair Locally Owned, Insured, Free Estimates 785-691-6117

Short term clients Welcome Immediate Service Avail. Full service landscape maint. Water-Mowing-Edging-Yard Cleanup-Trimming-Weeding 12 yrs. exp. 785-218-9015

Landscape Maintenance Big/Small Jobs Dependable Service Mowing Clean Up Tree Trimming Plant Bed Maint. Whatever U Need

Concrete, Block & Limestone Wall Repair, Waterproofing Drainage Solutions Sump Pumps, Driveways. 785-843-2700 Owen 24/7


Eagles Lodge

Full Remodels & Odd Jobs, Interior/Exterior Painting, Installation & Repair of: Deck Drywall Siding Replacement Gutters Privacy Fencing Doors & Trim Commercial Build-out Build-to-suit services Fully Insured 22 yrs. experience

Lawn and Landscape For unique Landscapes and impeccable Lawn Maintenance. Please call 785-883-2086 Clockwork! Honest & Dependable Mow~Trim~Sweep~Hedges Steve 785-393-9152 Lawrence Only ROCK-SOD-SOIL-MULCH

Wagner’s 785-749-1696

JASON TANKING CONSTRUCTION New Construction Framing, Remodels, Additions, Decks Fully Ins. & Lic. 785.760.4066 jtconstruction

No Job Too Big or Small

Int. & Ext. Remodeling All Home Repairs Mark Koontz

Garage Doors

Bus. 913-269-0284

• Garage Doors • Openers • Service • Installation Call 785-842-5203 or visit us at Lawrencemarketplace. com/freestategaragedoors

Renovations Kitchen/Bath Remodels House Additions & Decks Quality Work Affordable Prices

(785) 550-1565 Retired Carpenter, Deck Repairs, Home Repairs, Interior Wall Repair & Painting, Doors, Wood Rot, Powerwash 785-766-5285

General Services

785-856-GOLD(4653) Jewelry, coins, silver, watches. Earn money with broken & Unwanted jewelry

1783 E 1500 Rd, Lawrence Find us on Facebook Pine Landscape Center 785-843-6949

Green Grass Lawn Care Mowing, Yard Clean-up, Tree Trimming, Snow Removal. Insured all jobs considered 785-312-0813/785-893-1509

Moving-Hauling Haul Free: Salvageable items. Minimum charge: other moving/hauling jobs. Also Maintenance/Cleaning for home/business, inside/out plumbing / electrical & more. 785-841-6254 kansasinsurance

NOT Your ordinary bicycle store!

15yr. locally owned and operated company. Professionally trained staff. We move everything from fossils to office and household goods. Call for a free estimate. 785-749-5073 starvingartist

Guttering Services

Learn to play 30-50 songs in the first year with Simply Music! Keys of Joy 785-331-8369 Karla’s Konservatory 785-865-4151

Landscaping eysofjoy

Low Maintenance Landscape, Inc.


1210 Lakeview Court, Innovative Planting Design Construction & Installation www.lawrencemarketplace. com/lml


A. B. Painting & Repair

Int/ext. Drywall, Tile, Siding, Wood rot, & Decks 30 plus yrs. Refs. Free Est.

Al 785-331-6994


Seamless aluminum guttering. Many colors to choose from. Install, repair, screen, clean-out. Locally owned. Insured. Free estimates.


Plan Now For Next Year • Custom Pools, Spas & Water Features • Design & Installation • Pool Maintenance (785) 843-9119

Lawn, Garden & Nursery

Heating & Cooling



“Your Comfort Is Our Business.” Installation & Service Residential & Commercial (785) 841-2665 rivercityhvac

We’re cheaper Free estimates Mowing, trimming Bushes & trees 785-505-8697 Golden Rule Lawncare Complete Lawncare Service Family owned & operated Eugene Yoder Call for Free Est. Insured. 785-224-9436

Real Estate Services

Realty Executives - Hedges Joy Neely 785-371-3225

Precision Plumbing

New Construction Service & Repair Commercial & Residential FREE ESTIMATES Licensed & Insured

Prompt Superior Service Residential * Commercial Tear Off * Reroofs

Free Estimates

Insurance Work Welcome

785-764-9582 mclaughlinroofing

Re-Roofs: All Types Roofing Repairs Siding & Windows FREE Estimates (785) 749-0462

Placing an ad...


785-856-6315 precisionplumbing

RETIRED MASTER PLUMBER & Handyman needs small work. Bill Morgan 816-523-5703

Travel Services Lawrence First Class Transportation Limos Corporate Cars Drivers available 24/7

Taking Care of Lawrence’s Plumbing Needs for over 35 Years (785) 841-2112 /kastl


Lawrencemarkeptlace. com/firstclass

Tree/Stump Removal

Recycling Services 12th & Haskell Recycle Center, Inc. No Monthly Fee Always been FREE! Cash for all Metals 1146 Haskell Ave, Lawrence 785-865-3730 recyclecenter Lonnie’s Recycling Inc. Buyers of aluminum cans, all type metals & junk vehicles. Mon.-Fri. 8-5, Sat. 8-4, 501 Maple, Lawrence. 785-841-4855 lonnies

Repairs and Services

Unsightly black streaks of mold & dirt on your roof?

Is winter salt intrusion causing your concrete to flake? Mobile Enviro-Wash 785-842-3030

785-766-2785 Free Estimates Fully Insured inside-out-paint


Trimmed, Shaped, Removed Shrubs, Fenceline Cleaned

No Job Too Small Free Est. Lic. & Ins. 913-268-3120

Chris Tree Service

20yrs. exp. Trees trimmed, cut down, hauled off. Free Est. Ins. & Lic. 913-631-7722, 913-301-3659

Kansas Tree

Trimming, removal, & stump grinding by Lawrence locals Certified by Kansas Arborists Assoc. since 1997 “We specialize in preservation and restoration” Ins. & Lic. visit online 785-843-TREE (8733)

Utility Trailers


785-841-3689 anytime

Complete interior & exterior painting Siding replacement


Mold/Mildew on your house?

We are the area exclusive exterior only painters. Insured. Free est.

Inside - Out Painting Service


Call: 785-832-2222 Fax: 785-832-7232 Email:



Serving individuals, farmers & business owners 785-331-3607

ONLINE ADS via 9 community newspaper sites.



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target NE Kansas

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Mudjacking, Waterproofing. We specialize in Basement Repair & Pressure Grouting. Level & Straighten Walls & Bracing on wall. BBB . Free Estimates Since 1962

Complete Roofing

Tearoffs, Reroofs, Redecks * Storm Damage * Leaks * Roof Inspections

Stress Free for you and your pet.

A. F. Hill Contracting Call a Specialist!

Banquet Room Available for Corporate Parties, Wedding Receptions, Fundraisers Bingo Every Friday Night 1803 W 6th St. (785) 843-9690 http://lawrencemarketpla

Pet Services

Marty Goodwin 785-979-1379

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Int/Ext/Specialty Painting Siding, Wood Rot & Decks Kate, 785-423-4464


Complete Roofing Services Professional Staff Quality Workmanship lawrenceroofing

Professional Service with a Tender Touch


Temporary or Contract Staffing Evaluation Hire, Direct Hire Professional Search Onsite Services (785) 749-7550 1000 S Iowa, Lawrence KS express

TWO GOOD PAINTERS 785-424-5860 Husband & wife team excellent refs. 20yrs. exp. Mark & Carolyn Collins

Foundation Repair ADVANCED SYSTEMS Basement & foundation repair Your hometown company Over three decades 785-841-0145



Apply at Or Call (785) 842-1515 BETTER WORK BETTER LIFE adecco


Specializing in Carpet, Tile & Upholstery cleaning. Carpet repairs & stretching, Odor Decontamination, Spot Dying & 24 hr Water extraction. 785-840-4266

Employment Services

Office* Clerical* Accounting Light Industrial* Technical Finance* Legal


Carpet Cleaning

Get Lynn on the line! 785-843-LYNN lynncommunications

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For Everything Electrical Committed to Excellence Since 1972 Full Service Electrical Contractor

Licensed In-home daycare Now enrolling Children of all ages in Tonganoxie Call Kristal 913-593-8651


Free Estimates on replacement equipment! Ask us about Energy Star equipment & how to save on your utility bills.

Decorative & Regular Drives, Walks & Patios Custom Jayhawk Engraving Jayhawk Concrete 785-979-5261 Driveways, Parking Lots, Paving Repair, Sidewalks, Garage Floors, Foundation Repair 785-843-2700 Owen 24/7

Lawn, Garden & Nursery

Water, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration • Odor Removal • Carpet Cleaning • Air Duct Cleaning •

One Company Is All You Need and One Phone Call Is All You Need To Make (785) 842-0351

Retirement Community

Manufacturing Quality Flatbed Trailers 20 years SALES SERVICE PARTS METAL CUT BY THE FOOT WELDING SERVICES (785) 841-3237

Window Installation/Service Martin Windows & Doors

Drury Place

Supplying all your Painting needs. Serving Lawrence and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

Locally owned & operated.

Free estimates/Insured.

Live More Pay Less Worry-free life at an affordable price

1510 St. Andrews

785-841-6845 druryplace

Milgard replacement windows Free est. 15 yrs. exp. Locally owned & operated Great prices! 785-760-3445

Schedule your help wanted ad and reach thousands of readers across Northeast Kansas in print and online. Find the best candidates with

1-785-832-2222 or 1-866-823-8220

Dear Annie: For the past seven years, I’ve worked for “Joe” and his assistant, “Nancy.” Nancy recently took a four-month leave due to stress and anxiety. During her absence, Joe and I went to lunch a few times and dinner on one occasion. Nothing romantic happened. I planned to let Nancy know at the time, but didn’t think it was important enough to send an email. I left her a voicemail to call me and hoped we’d get together during her leave. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance. When she came back, Nancy accused me of “swooping in” and taking over Joe. I have tried talking to her, but she’s angry that I didn’t tell her during her leave. I explained that I tried, but she never called me back. I also suspect that she is spreading rumors about me, saying I want

Annie’s Mailbox

Marcy Sugar and Kathy Mitchell

to sleep with Joe. That’s not true. It is extremely uncomfortable in the office now. Although I love my work, I may need to look for a new job. It upsets me that someone could be so cruel, even though I tried my best to be supportive during her leave. Any suggestions for coping with Nancy? — Co-worker Dear Co-worker: Nancy seems very proprietary toward Joe, and unless they are a romantic couple, he should set her straight. Her behav-

NFL may take ‘Knocks’ It’s hard to launch a new series in the face of Olympics ratings domination, but try launching a whole new football season. A preseason NFL tradition since 2001, “Hard Knocks” (9 p.m., HBO) returns to cover the training camp of the Miami Dolphins. Although this affords Dolphins fans and others an inside look at their team’s preparations and roster cuts, television expose has not always been a blessing for sports franchises. The Dolphins don’t have to go far to ask Miami Marlins fans if the decision for the baseball team (most notably, manager Ozzie Guillen) to appear on the Showtime series “The Franchise” has been fruitful. Chosen by many preseason prognosticators to dominate their National League division, the Marlins have been a bitter disappointment. Like many reality shows, “Hard Knocks” has to emphasize “drama,” and that may not be entirely good for the team. Due to a labor dispute, there was no “Hard Knocks” last summer. In 2010, “Hard Knocks” offered New York Jets coach Rex Ryan plenty of chances to make wild statements and predictions and put himself forward as either a leader or a distraction, depending on your point of view. After his team’s disappointing 2011 season, Ryan promised to be more buttoned-up. Such behavior could work out better for his team, but it would make him a dull presence on “Hard Knocks.” Over the years, the show has made stars of some players willing to act up for the cameras. In 2009, Bengals star Chad Ochocinco entered several catchphrases and sound bites into the pop culture lexicon. And some characters have even gone on to other reality shows. Emmitt Smith prepped for his last season on the Dallas Cowboys during the 2002 installment of “Hard Knocks.” He went on to win “Dancing With the Stars” four years later.

Tonight’s other highlights

Scheduled events at the XXX Summer Olympics (7 p.m., NBC) include gymnastics, track and field and beach volleyball.

Some believe that a picture frame can be traced to one of two doomed oceanliners on “History Detectives” (7 p.m., PBS).

“Shipping Wars” (8 p.m., A&E) enters a second season.

Amanda undergoes a delicate cleansing procedure before a blind date on “Beverly Hills Nannies” (8 p.m., ABC Family).

A glance back at close calls on “Deadliest Catch” (8 p.m., Discovery).

Life-and-death drama on “NY Med” (9 p.m., ABC).


Magician, author and lecturer James Randi is 84. Former MLB pitcher Don Larsen is 83. Bluesman Magic Slim is 75. Humorist Garrison Keillor is 70. Singer B.J. Thomas is 70. FBI Director Robert Mueller is 68. Actor Wayne Knight is 57. Actor David Duchovny is 52. Actor Harold Perrineau is 49. Actress Charlize Theron is 37.

ior is unprofessional and disruptive. But you are not entirely blameless. Having lunch and dinner with your boss could be misconstrued, and you were well aware that this would bother Nancy. You should have made a greater effort to speak to her during her absence. Apologize sincerely for unintentionally stepping on her toes, reassure her that you have no interest in Joe, and then let her make the next move. If time does not alleviate the situation, you may opt to take it up with human resources. Dear Annie: My husband is retired, while I still work four days a week. He hires someone to cut the grass, but I trim the bushes, pull the weeds, wash the windows and do all the housecleaning and laundry. He will help cook because I don’t have time and he likes to eat.


For Tuesday, Aug. 7: This year you are full of energy and easily could become frustrated. Be verbal, and ask for more feedback. If you are single, you find yourself drawn to a suitor who might be emotionally unavailable. If you are attached, the two of you would enjoy scheduling a longdesired trip. The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult Aries (March 21-April 19)  Once more, you are nearly unstoppable with your high energy. In fact, if someone stands in your way, you might feel like a freight train about to run him or her over. Tonight: Whatever is your pleasure. Taurus (April 20-May 20)  You can express your feelings in a manner that lets you be heard. However, only someone who really cares about you might listen intently. Tonight: Not to be found. Gemini (May 21-June 20)  You might want to look at a friendship in a new light. Somehow, others are not coming from the same place as you. Tonight: Where the action is. Cancer (June 21-July 22)  Venus moves into your sign today, adding extra allure and desirability. You find that others keep asking you to assume more responsibility in their lives. Tonight: Till the wee hours. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)  Your fiery ways make a big difference with many people. Some people are intimidated by your energy, yet others find it to be contagious. Tonight: Try something totally new.

So what does he do all day? He hangs out with his friends, goes for a walk or to the gym, attends Bible study classes and visits the sick. I think maybe I should get sick and see if he will visit me. — Overworked in Ohio Dear Ohio: While it’s admirable that your husband visits the sick, he apparently believes that retirement means he is free from all obligations except those he willingly chooses. This is unfair to you. First try talking to him about it, explaining that you see no reason to have two jobs while he has none. Tell him that pitching in and doing his share will help your marriage. But you also are taking on more than you need to. If you can afford it, hire someone to do the more difficult, time-consuming chores. Leave his laundry where it falls, and let him handle it. You can make choices, too.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)  You could be encouraged to deal with one individual directly. A sense of insecurity marks your interactions. Tonight: Keep togetherness in mind. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)  You know what is going on, but you can’t isolate yourself from dealing with the matter at hand. A situation could become increasingly difficult to handle. Tonight: Sort through ideas. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)  Realize that you are limited when it comes to how much you can accomplish. Understand what is happening with an associate or acquaintance you deal with on a daily basis. Tonight: Easy works. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)  A child or new friend pulls you into a fun situation. Go along for the ride. Tonight: Let off some steam. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)  You could be directly impacted by another’s energy. He or she could be very pushy. Tonight: Happy to head home. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)  Your words have punch to them — much more than you think. Turn around and observe the reactions around you, then you will realize your power. Tonight: Share dinner with a pal. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)  Someone you care about might be unusually affectionate. Nevertheless, dealing with an associate or partner tests your limits and helps you stay grounded. Tonight: Treat yourself well.


9 Pertaining to bone

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Universal Crossword Edited by Timothy E. Parker August 7, 2012 ACROSS 1 Get-off-drugs facility 6 Computer programming language 11 D.C. clock setting 14 Looking shocked 15 Analyze grammatically 16 Wonder 17 State bordering on Canada 19 “Get the point?” 20 Reed in music 21 Sheep in its second year 22 Perfect score, sometimes 23 Buffalo’s home 27 Too proud 29 From day ___ (since the start) 30 Bass ___ (stringed instrument) 32 ___ the Hyena (“Li’l Abner” character) 33 Curved letter 34 Concluded 36 Hindquarters 39 Some party snacks 41 MacLeod of “The Love Boat” 43 Surprisingly agile 44 Color scheme, curtains, etc. 46 Pueblo Indian structures 48 252 gallons 49 Shaded

51 Egg locale 52 Lennon’s wife 53 Grasscovered plains of Siberia 56 Like outcasts 58 “___ gratia artis” (MGM motto) 59 ___-Locka, Fla. 60 ET’s transportation 61 Comedian’s routine 62 It surrounds Lesotho 68 Director Ang or Spike 69 Bud Grace comic strip 70 Peach State university 71 Write down the wrong answer, e.g. 72 Place for a witness 73 “Divine Comedy” writer DOWN 1 Got ruined in the wash 2 Feature of many a prima donna 3 Belly-laugh sound 4 In an appropriate way 5 Serve well 6 Audit rep 7 Source of acorns 8 Chicken soup, for the most part 9 Pertaining to bone

10 “Little” or “major” follower 11 City in W. Massachusetts, ironically 12 Like many kids’ cereals 13 Itsy-bitsy 18 In the course of 23 “... with ___ in sight” 24 Occur as a result 25 City in SE Pennsylvania, ironically 26 Big name in cameras 28 African beasts with curved horns 31 “Rosemary’s Baby” author Ira 35 Plunges into water 37 Danish fruit? 38 Meeting of the rite

people? 40 “Du jour” item 42 City on the Merrimack River 45 Peaceful states 47 Unable to eat another bite 50 Banish an immigrant 53 Expensive fur 54 Judge, at times 55 Perspirationinducing bathhouse 57 Oscar winner “___ Rae” 63 ___ Pan Alley (songwriters’ district) 64 “___ give you the shirt off his back!” 65 Particle accelerator particle 66 PC monitor of old 67 Yes vote



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by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

NEECF ©2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


— The astrological forecast should be read for entertainment only.

SEELAW ROUNCK A: Yesterday’s

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Co-worker’s reaction disrupts workplace

48 252 gallons 49 Shaded

Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.

THE (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: SHYLY AWAKE SPLINT MARKET Answer: What the diver didn’t want to do — MAKE A SPLASH


10B TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2012 Truck-Pickups Vans-Buses

Dodge 2003 Ram 3500 SLT Diesel, crew cab, running boards, chrome alloy wheels. This is a very nice looking truck and only $18,844. Dale Willey stk#330942 785-843-5200

2004 Honda Odyssey EX-L-91K, AT, DVD, Leather, CD Changer, Power Doors, 3-owners(1 Dealer owner), Only $9,900.. View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049



a first lien on the said real property and sale of said property to satisfy the indebtedness, said property described as follows, to wit:

sylvania Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044 The State of Kansas to: SAMUEL E. GUY, A/K/A and you are hereby re- SAMUEL GUY; JOHN DOE quired to plead to said pe- (REAL NAME UNKNOWN); tition in said Court at Law- MARY DOE (REAL NAME UNrence, Kansas on or before KNOWN); FORD MOTOR the 21st day of September, CREDIT COMPANY N/K/A 2012. FORD MOTOR CREDIT COMPANY, LLC Should you fail therein judgment and decree will and the unknown heirs, exbe entered in due course ecutors, administrators, upon said petition. devisees, trustees, creditors, and assigns of such of THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO the defendants as may be COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY deceased; the unknown INFORMATION OBTAINED spouses of the defendants; WILL BE USED FOR THAT the unknown officers, sucPURPOSE. cessors, trustees, creditors and assigns of such deSHAPIRO & MOCK, LLC fendants as are existing, Attorneys for Plaintiff dissolved or dormant cor6310 Lamar - Suite 235 porations; the unknown Overland Park, KS 66202 guardians and trustees of (913)831-3000 such of the defendants as Fax No. (913)831-3320 are minors or are in anyOur File No. 12-004572/dkb wise under legal disability; ________ and all other persons who are or may be concerned: (First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World You are hereby notified August 7, 2012) that a petition has been filed in the District Court of IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF Douglas County, Kansas, by DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS Wells Fargo Bank, Na for judgment in the sum of WELLS FARGO BANK, NA $155,088.46, plus interest, PLAINTIFF costs and other relief; judgment that plaintiff’s lien is RHONDA LYNCH a first lien on the said real DEFENDANTS property and sale of said property to satisfy the inCase No. 12CV397 debtedness, said property Div. No. described as follows, to K.S.A. 60 wit: Mortgage Foreclosure LOT 3, IN BLOCK 8, IN WESTLAND ADDITION, AN NOTICE OF SUIT ADDITION TO THE CITY OF LAWRENCE, IN DOUGLAS The State of Kansas to: COUNTY, KANSAS. ComRHONDA K. LYNCH, A/K/A monly known as 408 RHONDA LYNCH, A/K/A Tallgrass Drive, Lawrence, RHONDA KAY LYNCH; JOHN Kansas 66049 DOE (REAL NAME UNKNOWN); MARY DOE (REAL and you are hereby reNAME UNKNOWN) quired to plead to said petition in said Court at Lawand the unknown heirs, ex- rence, Kansas on or before ecutors, administrators, the 21st day of September, devisees, trustees, credi- 2012. tors, and assigns of such of the defendants as may be Should you fail therein deceased; the unknown judgment and decree will spouses of the defendants; be entered in due course the unknown officers, suc- upon said petition. cessors, trustees, creditors and assigns of such de- THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO fendants as are existing, COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY dissolved or dormant cor- INFORMATION OBTAINED porations; the unknown WILL BE USED FOR THAT guardians and trustees of PURPOSE. such of the defendants as are minors or are in any- SHAPIRO & MOCK, LLC wise under legal disability; Attorneys for Plaintiff and all other persons who 6310 Lamar - Suite 235 are or may be concerned: Overland Park, KS 66202 (913)831-3000 You are hereby notified Fax No. (913)831-3320 that a petition has been Our File No. 12-004470/gw filed in the District Court of ________ Douglas County, Kansas, by Wells Fargo Bank, Na for (Published in the Lawrence judgment in the sum of Daily Journal-World August $136,302.68, plus interest, 7, 2012) costs and other relief; judgNOTICE TO BIDDERS ment that plaintiff’s lien is a first lien on the said real Separate sealed bids will property and sale of said property to satisfy the in- be received by the City of debtedness, said property Lawrence, Kansas, in the described as follows, to office of the City Clerk, 6 East 6th Street, until 2:00 wit: pm, Tuesday, August 21, LOT 24, IN WINCHESTER ES- 2012, following purchase: TATES NO. 1, IN THE CITY OF DCSC & FIRE/MEDICAL 1 EUDORA, AS SHOWN BY THE ROOF REPLACEMENT RECORDED PLAT THEREOF, IN DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS Commonly known as Copies of the Notice to Bidand specifications 906 Cedar Place, Eudora, ders may be obtained from RTI Kansas 66025 Consultants, 22117 W 83rd and you are hereby re- St, Shawnee KS 662273136. quired to plead to said petition in said Court at Law- The City Commission rerence, Kansas on or before serves the right to reject the 21st day of September, any or all bids and to waive informalities. 2012.

LOT 20, BLOCK 3, IN FIRETREE ESTATES PHASE 4, A SUBDIVISION IN THE CITY OF BALDWIN CITY, DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS. Commonly known as 1004 Kathy Ct., Baldwin City, Kansas 66006 and you are hereby required to plead to said petition in said Court at Lawrence, Kansas on or before the 14th day of September, 2012. Should you fail therein judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition.

Ford 2005 Escape 4wd Limited, V6, sunroof, leather, alloy wheels, CD changer, stk#548411 only $12,444. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Ford 2002 Ranger XLT, SuperCab 4X4. Off Road, running boards, and much more. Nice truck, no accident history. Stepside bed! Under $8000 for a truck with a KBB value of $10,800. Priced below loan value! See website for photos Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

GMC 2008 Acadia SLT, leather heated seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, power liftgate, On Star, remote start, quad seats, stk#17221 only $26,884. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

GMC 2004 Envoy XUV SLT, 4wd, V6, part truck part SUV, bed liner, running boards, alloy wheels, CD changer, leather heated seats. Stk#560912 only $10,888. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

GM CERTIFIED is not like any other dealer backed warranty. Don’t let the other dealers tell you any different. Dale Willey Automotive is the only dealer in Lawrence that GM Certifies their cars and trucks. Come see the difference! Call for details. 785-843-5200 ask for Allen

Vans-Buses Chrysler 2002 Town and Country Limited van. AWD, Silver, tan leather interior, air, tilt, cruise, heated power front seats, 5CD player, cassette, video player, dual rear cup holders, excellent condition. 148,000 miles. $8,250/offer. Call 785-764-9355 or 785-424-7315, please leave message.

Chrysler 2008 Town & Country, one owner, power sliding doors, leather heated seats, quad seating, DVD, alloy wheels, stk#358361 only $19,814 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Dodge 2008 Grand Caravan SXT, stow n’ go with swivel n’ go, alloy wheels, leather heated seats, sunroof, DVD, navigation, stk#308381 only $18,715 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. 2008 Toyota Sienna XLE 81K, AT, Heated Leather, Moon, CD Changer, DVD, 1-owner, Steal at $19,900 View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

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(Published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World August 7, 2012) DEMOLITION PERMIT APPLICATION

Date: August 2, 2012 Project Address: We are now your 758 Elm St.,(754 1/2 Elm) Chevrolet dealer, Legal Description: N/A call us for your service Property Owner Informaor sales needs! tion: Dale Willey Automotive John P. Schmidt, 754 Elm 785-843-5200 St., Lawrence, KS 66044 785-979-9990 Signature: on file Person, Firm or Corporation responsible for the building, if it is someone other than the owner: N/A Contractor Information: Schmidt Contracting Inc., PO Box 442197, Lawrence, KS 66044 Lawrence Brief Description of Structure: Garage & wood frame (First published in the Law- on concrete. rence Daily Journal-World Signature of Applicant: August 7, 2012) John P. Schmidt ________ IN THE SEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT (First published in the LawDISTRICT COURT, DOUGLAS rence Daily Journal-World COUNTY, KANSAS August 7, 2012) CIVIL DEPARTMENT IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ROBERT D. VOTH, DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS Plaintiff, v. WELLS FARGO BANK, NA DARRYL GRAVES, a PLAINTIFF Professional Law, Corporation, Chartered, SARAH RUSSELL DARRYL GRAVES, DEFENDANTS individually, Defendants. Case No. 12CV414 Div. No. Case No. 08 CV 457 K.S.A. 60 Mortgage (Pursuant to K.S.A. Foreclosure Chapter 60) NOTICE OF SUIT TO: THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, The State of Kansas to: EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRA- SARAH J. RUSSELL, A/K/A TORS, DEVISEES, TRUSTEES, SARAH RUSSELL, A/K/A CREDITORS AND ASSIGNS SARAH JANE DILLINGHAM, OF ROBERT D. VOTH, PLAIN- A/K/A SARAH JANE RUSTIFF. SELL, A/K/A SARAH JANE CRUM, A/K/A SARAH JANE NOTICE OF HEARING DILLINGHAM, A/K/A SARAH JANE COLSON; JOHN DOE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to (REAL NAME UNKNOWN); the above-named individu- MARY DOE (REAL NAME UNals and all other persons KNOWN) concerned: and the unknown heirs, exOn February 19, 2012 the ecutors, administrators, Plaintiff, Robert D. Voth devisees, trustees, credidied, and a Suggestion of tors, and assigns of such of Death was filed in the the defendants as may be above-referenced case on deceased; the unknown April 24, 2012. spouses of the defendants; the unknown officers, sucYou are hereby notified a cessors, trustees, creditors Motion to Dismiss has been and assigns of such defiled in the District Court of fendants as are existing, Douglas County, Kansas, by dissolved or dormant corDefendants, Darryl Graves, porations; the unknown a Professional Law, Corpo- guardians and trustees of ration, Chartered, and such of the defendants as Darryl Graves, praying for are minors or are in anyan order dismissing the wise under legal disability; claims filed against them and all other persons who by Plaintiff, Robert D. Voth are or may be concerned: in the above-captioned matter pursuant to K.S.A. You are hereby notified 60-255 (a)(1) and for such that a petition has been other and further relief as filed in the District Court of the Court deems just and Douglas County, Kansas, by equitable. Wells Fargo Bank, Na for judgment in the sum of You are hereby required to $88,729.55, plus interest, appear in the District Court costs and other relief; judgof Douglas County on ment that plaintiff’s lien is Thursday, September 27, a first lien on the said real 2012 at 11:00 a.m. before property and sale of said the Honorable Phillip Sieve. property to satisfy the inShould you fail therein debtedness, said property judgment and decree of described as follows, to dismissal may be entered wit: therein. LOT 118 (ONE HUNDRED Darryl Graves, a EIGHTEEN) ON PENNSYLVAProfessional Law NIA STREET IN THE CITY OF Corporation, Chartered, LAWRENCE, DOUGLAS and Darryl Graves, COUNTY, KANSAS. ComDefendants monly known as 1218 PennGerald L. Green Kansas Supreme Court No. 8994 GILLILAND & HAYES, P.A. Attorneys at Law 20 West Second, 2nd Floor P.O. Box 2977 Hutchinson, KS 67504-2977 Telephone (620) 662-0537 Facsimile (620) 669-9426 Attorneys for the Defendants, Darryl Graves, a Professional Law, Corporation, Chartered, and Darryl Graves ________ (First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World July 31, 2012)

Dodge 1979 ‘shag’ van customized. Shag carpet, cabinet, sink, seats in the back fold into a bed, stereo/CD player, running boards. Runs well, AC and heater work great, 2 new tires, recent brake work. Primarily used as a camping van. Some rust, needs TLC! $900/offer. 785-690-7225

SHAPIRO & MOCK, LLC Attorneys for Plaintiff 6310 Lamar - Suite 235 Overland Park, KS 66202 (913)831-3000 Fax No. (913)831-3320 Our File No. 11-002990/dkb



Should you fail therein judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition.



judgment in the sum of $103,507.88, plus interest, costs and other relief; judgment that plaintiff’s lien is a first lien on the said real property and sale of said property to satisfy the indebtedness, said property described as follows, to wit:

and that such real property owned by the decedent at the time of death be assigned pursuant to the laws of intestate succession.

and you are hereby required to plead to said petition in said Court at Lawrence, Kansas on or before the 21st day of September, 2012.


You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before August 30, 2012, at 10:00 o’clock a.m., in Douglas County District Court, Lawrence, Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition.

and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, and assigns of such of the defendants as may be deceased; the unknown spouses of the defendants; the unknown officers, successors, trustees, creditors and assigns of such defendants as are existing, dissolved or dormant corporations; the unknown Wilma S. Rife guardians and trustees of such of the defendants as MILTON P. ALLEN, JR. are minors or are in anywise under legal disability; 1201 Wakarusa Drive, and all other persons who Ste. E2 are or may be concerned: Lawrence, Kansas 66049 (785)331-2250 phone You are hereby notified (785)856-0655 fax that a petition has been filed in the District Court of Attorney for Petitioner Douglas County, Kansas, by ________ Wells Fargo Bank, Na for

City of Lawrence, Kansas Jonathan Douglass City Clerk ________

THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO (First published in the LawCOLLECT A DEBT AND ANY rence Daily Journal-World INFORMATION OBTAINED August 7, 2012) WILL BE USED FOR THAT IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PURPOSE. DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS PROBATE DIVISION SHAPIRO & MOCK, LLC Attorneys for Plaintiff In the Matter of the 6310 Lamar - Suite 235 Estate of Overland Park, KS 66202 MAX L. RIFE, a/k/a MAX (913)831-3000 RIFE, a/k/a MAX LEE RIFE Fax No. (913)831-3320 Our File No. 12-004660/dkb Case No. 2012 PR 137 ________ Division 1 (First published in the LawProceeding Under rence Daily Journal-World K.S.A. Chapter 59 August 7, 2012) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS WELLS FARGO BANK, NA PLAINTIFF SAMUEL GUY DEFENDANTS Case No. 12CV411 Div. No. K.S.A. 60 Mortgage Foreclosure NOTICE OF SUIT

NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in this Court by Wilma S. Rife, wife and one of the heirs of Max L. Rife, deceased and praying: Descent be determined of the following described real property situated in Douglas County, Kansas:

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NOTICE OF SUIT 2001 Honda Odyssey EX-153K, AT, AC, CD, Leather, Power Doors, 2-owner, Save $7,500 . View pictures at 785.856.0280 845 Iowa St. Lawrence, KS 66049

What’s GM Certified? 2yrs of free regular maintenance 172 Pt. Inspection 12 Mo./12,000 Mi. Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty 100,000 mi./5-yr. limited Powertrain warranty, no deduct. 24-hr. Roadside Assistance Courtesy transportation. Nationwide coverage backed By General Motors. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


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and the unknown heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, creditors, and assigns of such of the defendants as may be deceased; the unknown spouses of the defendants; the unknown officers, successors, trustees, creditors and assigns of such defendants as are existing, dissolved or dormant corporations; the unknown guardians and trustees of such of the defendants as are minors or are in anywise under legal disability; and all other persons who are or may be concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, by Jpmorgan Chase Bank, National Association for judgment in the sum of $109,984.74, plus interest, costs and other relief; judgment that plaintiff’s lien is


Beginning at the Northwest (First published in the Lawcorner of the Northeast rence Daily Journal-World Quarter of Section 33, August 7, 2012) Township 12 South, Range 18 East; thence East along IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF the North line of said Sec- DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS tion 33, 1016.7 feet; thence South 03°02’ West, 239.0 WELLS FARGO BANK, NA feet; thence South 46°50’ PLAINTIFF West 287.0 feet; thence South 38°05’ West, 275.0 KEVIN L. GROB feet; thence South 06°03’ DEFENDANTS West 20.34 feet; thence West 620.41 feet to the Case No. 12CV412 West line of said Northeast Div. No. Quarter; thence North K.S.A. 60 along the West line of said Mortgage Northeast Quarter 673.57 Foreclosure feet to the point of beginnNOTICE OF SUIT ing.

1-785-832-2222 or 1-866-823-8220


Should you fail therein judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. SHAPIRO & MOCK, LLC Attorneys for Plaintiff 6310 Lamar - Suite 235 Overland Park, KS 66202 (913)831-3000 Fax No. (913)831-3320 Our File No. 12-004528/gw ________


Lawrence Journal-World 08-07-12  

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