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MONDAY • JANUARY 13 • 2014

CReSIS finds success in icy areas

‘Why wear those confining slacks?’


Teams use radar, drones to discover aquifer and more By Ben Unglesbee

Richard Gwin/Journal-World Photo

PAUL CORCORAN TEACHES A MATH CLASS THURSDAY WEARING A KILT. Corcoran, who teaches at Lawrence West Middle School, wears kilts most days of the week to celebrate his Irish heritage.

Teacher’s math lessons include a little bit of Celtic culture By Giles Bruce

The man behind the overhead projector in back of the classroom teaching a math lesson is wearing a kilt. Yes, a kilt. And his students aren’t even batting an eye. “Eight people are sharing a gummy worm,” says Paul Corcoran, a sixthgrade teacher at Lawrence’s West

Middle School, who’s donning a green, red and black kilt with matching kilt hose. “How much of the gummy worm does each person get?” When the students are slow to respond, he adds: “This is one — as soon as you get the answer, you’re going to say, ‘Duh!’” “Three twenty-fourths,” one student answers. “Which is? Which is? Which is?”

While the rest of the world hunkers down inside during winter and fantasizes about warmer climates, scientists at Kansas University’s Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets, or CReSIS, head off to some of the coldest places on Earth. This winter again saw teams from CReSIS, a multi-university, international project to help predict the role of melting polar ice sheets on sea levels, venturing to Greenland and Antarctica. The research season has produced several firsts and milestones for CReSIS, including a Please see CRESIS, page 2A

Corcoran says. “One-eighth.” That the students are more concerned about math than what their teacher is wearing is testament to the fact that the kilts fit perfectly with Corcoran’s personality. Jovial, full of energy and with a bushy white beard, he’s like an Irish Santa Claus. Corcoran, 64, started wearing kilts in the early 2000s when he was at Please see KILT, page 2A

Shawn Keshmiri/Special to the Journal-World

A CRESIS UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEM (UAS) approaches to land at the CReSIS/SLW field camp in Antarctica.

Kan. county opposes wind energy company By Peter Hancock

Wind energy has become a booming business in Kansas in recent years. In parts of central and western Kansas that were once used only for farming and grazing, the landscape is now dotted with huge towers holding up giant turbines that spin gracefully in the prairie wind, converting the movement of the atmosphere into clean electrical energy that powers cities in Charlie Riedel/AP File Photo the eastern part of the state. That’s been an economic boon A ROW OF WIND TURBINES CHURN OUT POWER at the Smoky Hills wind farm near Lincoln. A new Texas company is hitting opposi- for some landowners, who now continue to farm and graze the tion from counties it will build power lines through to harness land, but who also receive paywind energy created in Kansas. ment for the easements they grant


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utility companies for placing the windmills on their property. But within the next few years, the wind industry is scheduled to take another leap forward in a way that has some Kansas farmers and landowners upset. In November, the Kansas Corporation Commission granted approval for the Texas-based Clean Line Energy Partners to build the Grain Belt Express transmission line, a high-voltage direct current line across more than 750 miles of the central United States, from southwest Kansas, across Missouri and Illinois, and into Indiana to sell Kansas-produced wind energy to utility companies in much of the eastern United States.

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“The exciting thing about this project is, as big as Kansas has been with wind, it’s kind of just scratching the surface with its potential,” said Mark Lawlor, a spokesman for Clean Line. “We can put more electricity on this line than is being generated today.”

Local opposition Last year, as it was applying for KCC approval, Clean Line held town hall meetings in communities along the proposed route. In most places, the idea was warmly received by landowners who would be paid for the easements across their land. Please see ENERGY, page 2A

Special needs advocate shoots for the crown

Vol.156/No.13 20 pages

Jennifer Salva is a voice for those with special needs, and she hopes to win the title of Miss Kansas. Page 3A

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plus disposal




Monday, January 13, 2014




Journal-World obituary policy: For information about running obituaries, call 832-7151. Obituaries run as submitted by funeral homes or the families of the deceased.

DonalD W. Potter Funeral services for Donald W. Potter, 83, Lawrence, are pending at Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home. Mr. Potter died Sun., Jan. 12, 2014, at his home.














































government shutdown that threatened to derail Antarctic plans.

IceBridge Operation IceBridge is an ongoing collaboration between CReSIS and NASA to carry out the largest-ever airborne survey of Earth’s polar regions. This year marked the first time ever that crews took off from the Arctic ice itself in NASA’s P-3 — a Cold War-era plane retrofitted for research. Last year’s mission had flown out from Chile. Prasad Gogineni, CReSIS director and a KU professor of electrical

engineering and computer science, said the IceBridge crew flew six survey missions over Antarctica this season and was, on the whole, “very, very successful.” Theresa Stumpf is a KU Ph.D. student in electrical engineering and computer science. She is also part of the IceBridge team in Antarctica. She said the range of the P-3, and the fact that they took off from the continent, allowed the team to gather far more information during a single flight than in the past. Good thing, too, because the team lost more than 20 potential flying days during October due to the federal government shutdown. The shutdown forced the National Science Foundation to close McMurdo Station, a critical hub of logistical

Bruno Camps-Raga/Special to Journal-World

GLACIER SEEN FROM THE COCKPIT of the NASA P-3 airborne laboratory.


But that wasn’t the case in Marysville, the county seat of Marshall County in north-central Kansas, where the project ran into organized opposition. In February, according to local news reports, about 250 people turned out for the public meeting, including Richard Strathman, a cattle farmer and member of the impromptu group CLEANER — the Coalition for Landowners, the Environment and Natural Resources. “There was great opposition, let’s put it that way,” Strathman said recalling that meeting. “People were a little testy without a doubt because nobody wants this thing. Besides it being ugly, and the health effects, it’s how it’s going to devalue your property. Would you want to buy next to me and build a new house with this thing staring at you every day?” The lines that Clean Line wants to build would


Deerfield School to celebrate his Celtic heritage. He continued the tradition when sixth-grade classes moved over to West Middle School two years ago. He has recently passed on his love for kilts to one of his colleagues. Holden Kraus started teaching eighth-grade math at the school the same year Corcoran got there. Kraus, 25, previously had an interest in kilts but began wearing them to class himself after he met Corcoran. “You, too?” was a common refrain from coworkers. “I’d like to think I enlightened him,” Corcoran says. “Slowly, one at a time, I’m going to get us all.”

L awrence J ournal -W orld

Next steps Despite the protests from Marshall County landowners, the KCC unanimously approved Clear Line’s proposal Nov. 7. That includes giving Clear Line the power of eminent domain to acquire title and easements to land it needs for the project. Furthermore, under a Kansas law passed in 2001, the project will be exempt from all property taxes for the first 10 years, although

Clean Line says it will make payments to the counties along the route of $750 per mile to compensate for road work and other disruptions the construction project will cause. Now, Clean Line is soliciting information from utilities and wind generating firms to find out if enough new wind farms can be built to put enough power on the line to justify the project. But before any construction can begin, Clean Line still needs regulatory approval from Missouri and Illinois. Lawlor said Indiana has already granted approval. The company plans to file for approval in Missouri later this year, with a goal of making the line operational by 2018. Strathman, however, said his group hopes to work with Missouri landowners to block it there. “We’re hoping that they get better organized than we were because they’ve had more time working on it,” he said. “And if they don’t, yes, we are kind of coming to the realization that if it happens, that’s why we’re trying to get eminent domain lawyers and we’re going to fight it to the end.”

Students, meanwhile, thought the two were father and son — an assumption neither has bothered to correct. And Kraus isn’t Corcoran’s only protege. The 64-year-old has inspired students to wear kilts to school events and has gotten his son-in-law to don them as well; he’s still working on his son. While Corcoran is a proud Irishman, he’s come to enjoy kilts for more pragmatic reasons. “Why would you wear those confining slacks?” he says. When kids tease Corcoran and say he’s wearing a skirt, he uses it as an opportunity to enlighten them about kilts and their history. Plus, he’s been teaching in Lawrence so long — 37 years — that most students have already heard of him by the time they take his class. “It’s a little different than any of my other teachers,

but I like it,” 11-year-old Lydia McColm said of her teacher’s out-of-the-ordinary fashion sense. “But basically that’s how everybody knows Mr. Corcoran, so it’s not that weird.” “It’s weird, but we’re used to it by now,” added Emily Ice, 12. Whether the kilts have anything to do with it or not, students seem to love Corcoran’s personality. “He doesn’t just make math boring, which is what you would assume,” McColm said. “I absolutely hate math, but I like it now because Mr. Corcoran is my teacher,” added Reese Mason, 11. Like his students, Corcoran appears to be enjoying himself in class, which is why he says, “I’m going to retire when I’m about 90.” Plus, he knows there are still plenty of potential converts out there. “Everyone is either Irish or wants to be,” he says.

carry DC current, as opposed to the AC current that is standard in households and businesses. According to some research, one of the possible effects of being near such a line is an occasional static electricity spark between people or animals and bushes, grass or other vegetation. But that is thought to be less of an issue under DC lines than AC lines. Still, Strathman said, “We’re very concerned about the health of our animals and how the stray voltage will affect them. ... Imagine if you were an animal and had to stand out there and periodically throughout the day you got a shock like that.” 645 New Hampshire St. (News Center) Lawrence, KS 66044 (785) 843-1000 • (800) 578-8748

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Carl Leuschen/Special to the Journal-World

TENTS ON THE ICE AT THE CRESIS SUBGLACIAL Lake Whillans field camp on the Siple Coast, Antarctica. support for all headed to Antarctica. After the shutdown ended, the crew made it to Antarctica by the second week of November and left the ice on Dec. 2. As for taking off from the ice on the fiercest continent on Earth, Stumpf said she wasn’t too worried. “I feel like I’m safe in a NASA aircraft.”

Drones over Antarctica In another first, a CReSIS team currently in Antarctica successfully collected radar data from an unmanned aerial vehicle. The team is testing the unmanned craft over the subglacial Lake Whillans in western Antarctica. Unmanned crafts could prove safer to fly in areas of rough,

crevassed topography where pilots must fly along a tedious, closely spaced grid, for long stretches in heavy winds to obtain good measurements of ice thickness, Gogineni said. Altogether three CReSIS teams are in Antarctica studying ice sheets from the air and ground, with crew members sleeping in tents on the ice. All teams are expected back by Jan. 21. “We know everything is going well, and they’re getting good data,” Gogineni said.

Massive formations Data and research done by CReSIS has led to some very big finds. A December article from Nature outlined the discov-

SATURDAY’S POWERBALL 10 15 33 48 54 (34) FRIDAY’S MEGA MILLIONS 8 28 36 37 57 (8) SATURDAY’S HOT LOTTO SIZZLER 2 20 22 24 25 (1) SATURDAY’S SUPER KANSAS CASH 6 17 22 25 29 (25) SUNDAY’S KANSAS 2BY2 Red: 18 22; White: 6 10 SUNDAY’S KANSAS PICK 3 2 6 8

ery of an aquifer the size of Ireland resting below the ice of Greenland. Scientists found the aquifer using radar technology developed by CReSIS, and four CReSIS scientists were authors on the article. Gogineni, who was among the authors, said understanding the aquifer might prove important in determining how quickly the glaciers of Greenland melt as climate change ramps up. Should water from the aquifer drain and lubricate the ice bed around the glacier, it could speed the melting process. In August, CReSIS data was also used to identify a massive canyon — 460 miles long and 2,600 feet deep in places — hiding under a Greenland ice sheet.

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Lawrence Journal-World l l Monday, January 13, 2014 l 3A

Friendly competition


2013 progress, problems to be reviewed By Peter Hancock

Mike Yoder/Journal-World Photo

MEADOWLARK ESTATES RESIDENTS FROM LEFT, Laura Henshaw, Margaret Atkinson and Leah Melroy play an afternoon game of nickels at the retirement center, 4430 Bauer Farm Drive, on Friday.

In the fall of 2012, state education officials were stunned to learn that student test scores statewide in reading and math had fallen for the first time in more than a decade. They also were shocked to learn that achievement gaps for low-income students, blacks and Hispanics were widening after a decade of progress in narrowing those gaps. Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker announced at that time she would convene a task force to look into the causes of the trend and explore ways to address it. A year later, though, the same trends continued, and the task force that DeBacker promised barely ever got off the ground. Please see REVIEW, page 6A

District ahead of many with discipline policy

KU student competing to become Miss Kansas advocates helping those with special needs By Giles Bruce

When Jennifer Salva was 8, she was playing outside with her 5-year-old sister, who is deaf, when some teenagers started mocking the way the younger Salva talked. “I walked up to them and explained, ‘This is my little sister, and she’s deaf. She can’t hear herself,’” said Sal-

va. “I explained her disability and asked them to please stop.” Thirteen years later, Salva is still an advocate for her sister — and others like her. Salva, a student at Salva Kansas University, was recently named

Miss Topeka, the regional preliminary for the Miss America pageant, and has chosen as her platform helping people with special needs (her sister also has developmental disabilities). She is raising funds for Inclusion Connections Inc., an Olathe nonprofit that works to expand opportunities for community involvement for people with disabilities, including meaningful em-

ployment and independent living. “Growing up with my little sister has exposed me to the deaf community and other individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities and has given me empathy and compassion for people who are different from me,” Salva said. “And both my and Inclusion

As public schools are being urged by the government to curb zero-tolerance disciplinary policies that can produce arrests for nonviolent offenses, Lawrence schools already appear to practice much of what the government is recommending.

Please see STUDENT, page 4A

Please see POLICY, page 4A

By Stephen Montemayor


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Monday, January 13, 2014




Officials to discuss impact of new K-10 interchange


street By Elliot Hughes

Read more responses and add your thoughts at

By Giles Bruce

What topics would you like to see the state legislature take on this year?

City officials will meet with Lawrence residents Wednesday to discuss traffic concerns associated with the construction of a new interchange connecting Bob Billings Parkway and Kansas Highway 10. The meeting will take place at the cafeteria of Langston Hughes Elementary at 7 p.m. The meeting was ar-

Asked on Massachusetts Street

See story, page 1A

Policy CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3A Contributed Photo

Kelly Watt, professor, Lawrence “Those having to do with child abuse and ways to better identify and stop it.”

JENNIFER SALVA, LEFT, being crowned Miss Topeka at the Miss Topeka Pageant on Nov. 9 at the Veterans Administration Building in Topeka.


Connection’s main goals are to create meaningful social, educational and employment opportunities for individuals with a disability.” Salva grew up near Independence, Mo., before her family relocated to Olathe, so her sister, Erin, could attend the Kansas School for the Deaf. She got involved in pageants a couple years ago when she competed for and won the title of Miss Czech-Slovak U.S. (her grandparents are of Slo-

Lisa Heston, life coach, Lawrence “Education.”


Zack Young, food service, Lawrence “I would like to see progressive politics brought back on both sides of the aisle.”

Mily Boone, practice manager, Lawrence “I always go for education, for sure.”

HOSPITAL Births Thomas and Carrie Wilson, Wellsville, a boy, Sunday.

CORRECTIONS The Journal-World’s policy is to correct all significant errors that are brought to the editors’ attention, usually in this space. If you believe we have made such an error, call 785-832-7154, or email info LIBERTY HALLForcallaccessibility (785) 749-1972 644 MASS // 749.1912



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vak descent). Salva moved to Lawrence to attend KU, where she is a senior majoring in journalism, film and media studies, and Arabic. After graduation, she plans to continue studying Arabic in graduate school and hopes to eventually land a government job using her language and cultural skills. To find out more about Salva’s platform or donate to her charity or run for Miss Kansas, contact her at or visit her Crowdtilt page. — Reporter Giles Bruce can be reached at 832-7233. Follow him at Twitter. com/GilesBruce

Calif., and Melissa Doeblin, 35, Lawrence. Guillermo Hierrezuelo, 53, Lawrence, and Micaela Rae Brantley, 28, Lawrence. Randy Lee Flaherty, 29, Eudora, and Amanda Jo Pearson, 25, Lawrence. Devin James Cooper, 25, Lawrence, and Leslie Ann Stauffer, 24, Lawrence. Jacob Scott Laha, 28, Wichita, and Laura Beth Cochran, 27, Mission. Daniel James Morris, Jr., 49, Baldwin City, and Janelle Marie Corwin, 34, Baldwin City. Quentin Lamerle Rials, 37, Lawrence, and Molly Kathleen Maguire, 26, Lawrence. James Robert Mayes, 24, Fort Bragg, Okla., and Danyel Leean Houser, 20, Edgerton.

Divorces Marla Lucille Bundy, 54, Lawrence, and Frank Oliver Bundy, 64, Topeka. Mildred B. Meinhold, 92, Overland Park, and William Lee Wilkerson, 94, Overland Park. Lisa L. Tozer, 29, Lawrence, and Travis N. Tozer, 30, Lawrence. Andrew Healy Poland, 28, Lawrence, and Ashley Marie Poland, 27, Lawrence. Lori Ann Walker, 28, Eudora, and Joshua Michael Walker, 29, Ellsworth.

Bankruptcies Jadene Rae Dye, 301 E 15th Place, Lawrence. Joseph Robert Davis and Connie Marie Davis, 1805 Maple Lane, Lawrence. Randall Duane Whitesell and Kristina Noel Whitesell, 1094 E. 2300 Road, Eudora. Schuyler Ethan Westphal, 757 Washington Road, Lawrence. Takisha Shontae Clark, 504 N Rebecca Lane, Lawrence. Shannon Earl Brown, 808 W 29th Terrace, Lawrence.

On Wednesday, during a joint press conference with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder criticized zerotolerance policies as increasing the likelihood for future contact b e t w e e n SCHOOLS students and the justice system. A 35-page document was unveiled that outlined guidelines that include multiple efforts already underway in Lawrence. Lawrence Public Schools — which does not have a zero-tolerance policy — has already begun to seek ways to reduce the time students spend out of school as a punishment. Ron May, the district’s director of

ranged by members of the Foxfire No. 3 Homeowners Association, which represents neighborhoods in the Foxfire Drive area. At question is how the new interchange will impact traffic along Bob Billings Parkway. Nancy Ohlde, president of the homeowners association, said residents expect traffic to increase along the road and are unsure how that will affect accessibility from

administration services, said elementary and middle schools have adopted positive behavioral support systems in recent years, an approach that encourages teachers and faculty to analyze and teach behavioral skills. In the process, May said, middle schools like Liberty Memorial Central have seen dips in office referrals of about 70 percent in the past year. May, who also serves as the district’s suspension and expulsion officer, said the only factor leading to a long-term suspension or expulsion hearing has involved drugs, dangerous objects or weapons and criminal threats. “We’re not going out of our way to try to find reasons to get rid of kids,” May said. Students who are suspended, even for just a few days, can opt to continue their coursework in the district’s Suspension Alternative Program at the Lawrence Centennial School, 2145 Louisiana St.

residential side streets. On Sunday, Ohlde said she did not know when construction was expected to begin. She noted many people in the area drive west on Bob Billings to work in Topeka or drop their kids off at school. Residents worry whether left turns from Foxfire Drive will be eliminated or, if not, how dangerous the intersection would become with increased traffic, Ohlde said.

BRIEFLY Brownback gets $500K for campaign Topeka — Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer loaned $500K to Gov. Sam Brownback’s re-election campaign at the end of 2013. The Topeka CapitalJournal reports financial disclosure reports submitted to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission by the Brownback campaign revealed the last-minute loan from Colyer, Brownback’s Republican running-mate. The contribution pushed the governor’s total receipts for the year to $1.6 million. Brownback’s Democratic challenger Paul Davis had $1 million in total receipts for the year. Brownback campaign spokesman David Kensinger says the inflow of money to the governor’s campaign is an insurmountable obstacle for any challenger. Davis’ campaign treasurer William Kassebaum says the Democrat’s ability to attract money in the four months since declaring candidacy shows Brownback’s vulnerability.

Changes proposed for state government office buildings Topeka (ap) — Topeka legislators are raising questions about plans by the Kansas Department of Administration to raze a state office building and relocate agencies to privately owned buildings. The Topeka CapitalJournal reports that the $17 million project would involve demolishing the Docking Building and relocating the Department of Revenue and Department for Children and Family Services. The cost includes building a new structure to house utilities that support state government operations. In addition, the state would seek to sell the Landon State Office Building and Eisenhower State Office Building and negotiate long-term leases with the new property owners.

Legislators questioned Administration Secretary Jim Clark during a meeting Thursday about the feasibility of the project and whether the local property market could absorb new development space. A joint House and Senate building construction committee will hear more about the proposal on Jan. 16. Clark said the state either must move out of Docking or find the money to invest in $75 million to $85 million in deferred maintenance to make the building suitable for occupancy. He also said it was difficult to justify state ownership of buildings as a core function of government, the newspaper reported. Rep. Ken Corbet, a Topeka Republican, agreed

with Clark’s stance on property ownership, adding that failure to adequately spend money to maintain the buildings contributed to their decline. The proposals for state office buildings come as the state is winding down work on a 13-year, nearly $330 million renovation of the Statehouse. State officials have for years pondered the future of the 1950s-era Docking building because of what they’ve seen as the high cost of renovating it. One 2004 estimate put the cost of a renovation at $40 million, and in 2007, the department, under Democratic thenGov. Kathleen Sebelius, proposed spending $77 million to gut the building and reconstruct it from the inside.

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Lawrence Journal-World l l Monday, January 13, 2014 l 5A JILL ELMERS WORKS IN A HOOPHOUSE at Moon on the Meadow Farm in East Lawrence last March.

Firehouse Subs to open Jan. 24 Editor’s Note: These are excerpts from Chad Lawhorn’s Town Talk column, which appears each weekday at To subscribe to the e-mail edition of Town Talk, go to: signup/

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TUNNELING FOR FOOD Program aims to boost polytunnels for special crops By Sara Shepherd


hen Lawrence farmer Scott Thellman needed information on building and growing vegetables in high tunnels, he went spelunking through YouTube, extension bulletins and other scattered resources. When it came to detailed, Kansasspecific information, he didn’t find a lot. A new program aims to help the next farmers who find themselves in Thellman’s position. The Kansas Rural Center this month announced the creation of its Tunnel to Table project, funded by a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the Kansas Department of Agriculture. With workshops kicking off in spring, the project aims to provide information and networking for Kansas farmers considering or already growing specialty crops in polytunnels. “We anticipate that this project will lead to enhanced protection, production, profitability and competitiveness of Kansas specialty crops,” Julie Mettenburg, executive director of Kansas Rural Center, said in a news release. Polytunnels — different designs include high tunnels, low tunnels and hoophouses — are structures typically made of plastic material covering a metal frame. They let in light but protect crops from frost, extending the growing season by months on both ends. Two Lawrence farmers are helping lead the Tunnel to Table project. Cole Cottin, Kansas Rural Center staffer and program coordinator, and her husband, Dan Phelps, Tunnel to Table activity coordinator, own MAD Farm, now growing produce in Lawrence’s Pinckney neighborhood.

They say in a seasonal climate, tunnels can boost a farmer’s bottom line and enable them to plant crops like vegetables with more confidence and higher yields. A few years ago, under two tunnels in rural Lawrence, MAD Farm planted tomatoes early even though the chance of frost still hovered over outdoor crops, Phelps said. They harvested tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers and peppers all summer, and grew spinach, kale and chard through the winter. “It extends the growing season, which means it extends the harvest season, which means it extends the income season,” Phelps said. Smaller or DIY tunnels can be constructed for $500 or less, while sturdier versions may cost $5,000 to $6,000. Thellman, owner of Juniper Hill Farms, received a grant to build the first of his two tunnels. “It was an incentive that helped me invest and kind of take that plunge,” he said. Farming in tunnels requires different methods than outside, which required research, Thellman said. With his crop plan in order, he said tunnels have significantly increased his income per acre. The Tunnel to Table project aims to lasso some of the “enormous” statewide economic potential for specialty crops, Phelps said. Kansans spend $760 million a year on fruits and vegetables but very little is produced in state. Cottin said tunnels are a potentially lucrative niche market for farmers, in part because they can fill gaps in the increasingly popular local food season. “People in the winter are really craving those greens,” she said. — Enterprise reporter Sara Shepherd can be reached at 832-7187. Follow her at

It extends the growing season, which means it extends the harvest season, which means it extends the income season.” — Dan Phelps, Tunnel to Table activity coordinator

HOW TO BECOME A TUNNELER For more information on the Tunnel to Table project, go online to T2Tsurvey.

If you are like me and you enjoy using phrases like “hook and ladder,” “lug that hose,” and “let’s slide down the pole,” you won’t have to wait long until there’s a Lawrence restaurant where you can impart such gems of wisdom. Lawrence is getting its first Firehouse Subs franchise, and the company has confirmed to me that it plans to open on Jan. 24. The sandwich shop is set to go into a portion of the long vacant building that is in front of Home Depot at 31st and Iowa streets. As the name suggests, the business will have a definite firefighter theme, and not just on its menu. The restaurants are full of firefighting memorabilia, and the Lawrence location will have a mural of firefighters battling the 1991 blaze that burned Hoch Auditorium on the KU campus. The menu also will have a firehouse feel. Firefighters are in the business of dealing with heat, and apparently that extends to their sandwiches. Most of the restaurant’s sandwiches are steamed, hot sandwiches. They come with names like the Hook and Ladder, the Firehouse Meatball, the Engineer and the New York Steamer, which features a couple

Town Talk

Chad Lawhorn

of meats that don’t always make the cut at a Midwest sandwich shop: corned beef and pastrami. And the restaurant gives you at least one other chance to talk like a firefighter. If you want the works on a sandwich — all the mustard, mayo and veggies — you call that “fully involved.” The Lawrence restaurant is being opened by a pair of brothers, Christian and Trevor Smith. Christian said he had been looking for an opportunity to move to Lawrence for several years, after living in Manhattan. He said the 31st Street location was appealing because activity is sure to pick up in the area as Menards and other retailers build along the 31st Street corridor. He said he also thinks the restaurant’s concept is going to help it stand out in the market. “It really is not a themed restaurant,” Christian said. “It really is the heritage of the brothers who started the first restaurant.” — City reporter Chad Lawhorn can be reached at 8326362. Follow him at Twitter. com/clawhorn_ljw

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Call us now at 800-585-8719.

BRIEFCASE l Haase and Long Inc. was named one of the best places to work in debt collections by and Best Companies Group, according to a statement. The award is designed to identify the best places of employment in the collections industry. Haase and Long has served the Lawrence area for more than 50 years. l The Douglas County

Conservation District and several partners will host a free Farm Pond Seminar, on the construction and maintenance of ponds, from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday in Building 21 of the Douglas County Fairgrounds. Presentations will be given by several wildlife, conservation and water resource professionals. A meal will be provided by Hy-Vee. l Lawrence & Topeka

Roofing, along with sister companies Wichita Roofing & Remodeling and Salina Roofing, has changed its name to Eaton Roofing & Exteriors. “We are pleased to have completed our name change and corporate consolidation,” Mark Eaton, the owner and CEO, said in a statement. “The name change has streamlined our business model.”

Service availability varies by area; call for more details. Appliance repair is not regulated by utility commissions. ©2013 • 673_13

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Visiting Nurses in need of year-long volunteers Agency: Visiting Nurses Contact: Sarah Rooney at 843-3738 or at Visiting Nurses is looking for volunteers to work directly with hospice patients and families by providing needed companionship for patient and/or respite for primary caregiver in home settings or care facilities. Volunteers must commit to one year of service and be available for regular once weekly assignments, preferably having some morning and/or early afternoon availability on the weekdays. Volunteers need to be caring, flexible and a good listener. Mandatory hospice training will be provided. No medical knowledge required. Please contact Sarah Rooney at 843-3738 or at sarahro@kansasvna. org for more information.

Immediate needs l Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center works to advance the mental health of the Douglas County Community through providing comprehensive behavioral health services.

Bert Nash is seeking volunteers to become Bert Nash Ambassadors. An Ambassador introduces new residents in the community to the Health Center by inviting them to attend a Discover Bert Nash Virtual Tour of Services. The tour educates attendees about the mission, history, and services provided by Bert Nash. Requirements of volunteering include attending at least one Discover Bert Nash Virtual Tour per year and attending at least one Ambassador training per year. Volunteers should also have a passion for furthering the mission of Bert Nash. The next Bert Nash tours are scheduled for Jan 14 or Jan 23. To inquire about this opportunity and find out more details, please contact Cindy Hart at 830-1701, or email at, or visit the Bert Nash website at l The Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence provides before and after

school programming to over 1,200 children per day at 10 sites across Lawrence. Academy Enrichment volunteers are needed to work with students on achieving academic standards through the use of Power Hour kits — a set of prepared, fun, and challenging activities. Attendance at one of the scheduled orientation sessions is required. For more information, please contact Erin Gomer at 841-5672 or at l The Girl Scouts are in need of volunteer assistance to help unload and sort boxes of cookies when the cookie shipment is delivered to the Fairgrounds on Feb 27. Volunteers may sign up for two hour time slots from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. This is a great group or family volunteer opportunity.

L awrence J ournal -W orld

FUNDRAISING UPDATE Jingle Jog raises more than $1K

BBQ fundraiser for the Ballard Center

Room dedicated to Jack Connolly

The annual Jingle Jog fundraising event in December raised more than $1,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence and additional donations for two other local organizations, according to organizer Don “Red Dog” Gardner. The run, held Dec. 18, was free to all participants but collected donations for the Boys and Girls Club, Cooper’s Cause and the Lawrence Humane Society. Gardner said about $300 went to Cooper’s Cause, which helps pediatric heart patients, while $50 and assorted items were given for the Humane Society. Gardner said more than 100 people participated in the mile-and-ahalf run.

Several local businesses are throwing a fundraising event on Feb. 8 for the Ballard Center and Penn House of Lawrence. The event, which begins at 7 p.m. at Abe and Jake’s Landing, 8 E. 6th St., will feature music, a wine tasting and barbecue-inspired appetizers. It’s sponsored by Truity Credit Union, Mr. Bacon BBQ and Abe and Jake’s Landing. Tickets are $50 and can be bought at The Granada, Ride Barre, Mr. Bacon BBQ and Truity locations. Online purchases can be made by finding the event on the events calendar at The Ballard Center and Penn House provide services to low income, homeless and disadvantaged Lawrence and Douglas County residents.

A multipurpose room inside the Lawrence Senior Center will be renamed and dedicated to John “Jack” Connolly, a Lawrence resident who passed away in September 2013. The room will be called the “Jack Connolly Community Room” after a ceremony open to the public at 1 p.m. Jan. 26. Connolly, 79, was a former Army colonel who also spent time volunteering for the AARP’s tax aide program, which helped people prepare their taxes, according to Tina Roberts, development manager for Douglas County Senior Services. Roberts said the room is used for presentations, exercise classes and various other events. Connolly often used the room himself for his volunteerism, she said.

Packing packages

— For more volunteer opportunities, please contact Shelly Hornbaker at the United Way Roger Hill Volunteer Center at 785-865-5030 or at or go to

BRIEFLY Two arrested in armed robbery

two suspects left in. Police pulled over a vehicle within 30 minutes on the 2200 block of Ousdahl Road, Miller said, and questioned the suspects before making arrests. Miller could not identify the arrested Sunday but said at least one of the suspects was “someone vaguely known to the victims.” Nobody was hurt over the course of the robbery.

Lawrence police arrested two suspects in connection to a Sunday afternoon armed robbery of an apartment on the 3100 block of Ousdahl Road. According to Sgt. Max Miller, a Lawrence Police Department spokesperson, shortly before 2 p.m., two suspects knocked on an apartment door and upon entering, displayed a handgun in front of the two people inside and demand- Worker taken to ed money. Topeka after fall After the suspects A LifeStar helicopter fled, a victim passed on transported a construction a description of a car the


“We have not done much since about the summer of last year,” DeBacker said last week. “I’m not sure whether I’ll pull that group together or not. We may need to expand it.” Those achievement gaps will be among the topics DeBacker addresses Tuesday when she gives her monthly report to the Kansas State Board of Education. That will include the agency’s yearly “accountability report.” That report examines a host of demographic, financial and student achievement data from the previous year, as well as challenges facing Kansas schools for the coming year. State officials offered several theories about why student test scores dropped again in 2013. For one, that was the year classroom teachers really started shifting to the new Common Core standards for reading and math, but the state assessments given in the spring were still aligned to the old standards that were no longer in place. This spring, students will take a new assessment aligned to Common Core standards that is being developed by Kansas University’s Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation. State officials have cautioned that those scores probably will not be compa-

worker Sunday afterCharlie Riedel/AP File Photo noon after he fell from DRIVER KYLE WOODROOF LOADS packages in his delivery truck, in Kansas City, Mo., on Dec. the roof of a home in 16, 2013. The Commerce Department reports how much wholesalers adjusted their stocknorthwest Lawrence, according to Lyle piles in November and how much their sales changed on Friday. Schwartz, a division chief with LawrenceDouglas County Fire Medical. Schwartz said the man suffered serious injuries. The helicopter landed at 2 p.m. Sunday south of the baseball field at Free State High School, near the intersection of Wakarusa Drive and Overland Drive. The injured man was taken to Stormont-Vail HealthCare in Topeka.

We have not done much since about the summer of last year. I’m not sure whether I’ll pull that group together or not. We may need to expand it.” — Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker

rable to earlier test scores, and instead will represent a new base from which future tests will be compared. Others suggested it was a predictable result of state budget cuts, which resulted in larger class sizes and the elimination of many programs such as after-school tutoring that were aimed at helping disadvantaged children. In the same period, other indicators of academic success remained positive, although there were few measurable gains. Kansas students continued to outperform the national average on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP exam, as well as high school ACT and SAT exams. But DeBacker said the achievement gaps remain a big concern for school officials and families throughout the state. “We will do something in 2014, because we’re getting a lot of encouragement to do something from outside groups,” she said. “The thing to remember is there’s not one program or silver bullet you can put in place. You need to have the right people at the table, too.” The State Board of Education meets Tuesday and

Wednesday in Topeka. In other business, the state board will: l Hear an update on the use of Individual Plans of Study and consider a recommendation on whether to require them for all students in Kansas. l Recognize Lawrence Superintendent Rick Doll as the Kansas Superintendent of the year, along with others named Principals of the Year. l Receive the Special Education Advisory Committee annual report. l Hear a presentation on high school feedback reports. l Hear a report on matters pending in the Kansas Legislature. l Receive the Career and Technical Student Organizations’ Report and hear a presentation by CTSO officers. l Hear a presentation by Kristen Amundson, executive director of the National Association of State Boards of Education. l And host an open house Wednesday for state legislators and the public. — Peter Hancock can be reached at 832-7259. Follow him at LJWpqhancock.

Visit and I’ll show you how. – Jake


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Monday, January 13, 2014

Iran, 6 countries plan to launch nuclear deal

Riding into the sunset

By Paul Richter Tribune Washington Bureau

Victor R. Caivano/AP Photo

A BICYCLE RIDER WAVES to friends at the Uyuni Salt Flats in Uyuni, Bolivia, Saturday. The motorcycles and quads of the Dakar Rally will race through parts of the Uyuni Salt Flats today.

Water tests encouraging after chemical spill By Mitch Weiss and Brendan Farrington Associated Press

Dry branch, W.Va. — For Bonnie Wireman, the white plastic bag covering her kitchen faucet is a reminder that she can’t drink the water. T h e 81-yearold woman placed it there after for- Wireman getting several times the tap water was tainted after a coal processing chemical leaked into the area’s water supply. Every time she turned on the water, she quickly stopped and cleaned her hands with peroxide — just to make

sure she was safe. The widow of a coal miner, Wireman was angered about the chemical spill that’s deprived 300,000 West Virginians of clean tap water for four days, but doesn’t blame the coal or chemical industries. “I hope this doesn’t hurt coal,” said Wireman, who lives in an area known as Chemical Valley because of all the plants nearby. “Too many West Virginians depend on coal and chemicals. We need those jobs.” And that’s the dilemma for many West Virginians: The industries provide thousands of good paying jobs but also pose risks for the communities surrounding them, such as the chemical spill or coal mine disasters. The

current emergency began Thursday after a foaming agent used in coal processing escaped from a Freedom Industries plant in Charleston and seeped into the Elk River. Since then, residents have been ordered not to use tap water for anything but flushing toilets. Gov. Earl Tomblin said Sunday water tests were encouraging, but he didn’t give a timetable for when people might be able to use water again. Schools, restaurants and other businesses were to close Monday, but the governor said all state offices would be open. Maj. Gen. James Hoyer, of the West Virginia National Guard, said testing near the water treatment facility has consistently

BRIEFLY Court weighs president’s power Washington — The Supreme Court is refereeing a politically charged dispute between President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans over the president’s power to temporarily fill high-level positions. The case being argued at the high court Monday is the first in the nation’s history to consider the meaning of the provision of the COURTS Constitution that allows the president to make temporary appointments to positions that otherwise require Senate confirmation, but only when the Senate is in recess. Senate Republicans’ refusal to allow votes for nominees to the National Labor Relations Board and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau led Obama to make the temporary, or recess, appointments in January 2012. Three federal appeals courts have said Obama

overstepped his authority because the Senate was not in recess when he acted.

Pope names 19 new cardinals Vatican City — Pope Francis named his first batch of cardinals Sunday, choosing 19 men from around the world, including the developing nations of Haiti and Burkina Faso, in line with his belief the church must pay more attention to the poor. But advocates for victims of sex abuse by Catholic clergy said they felt let down that Francis didn’t unequivocally embrace their calls that prelates who hadn’t made a clean break with past practices of covering up pedophile behavior never be promoted. Francis read out the 19 names to a crowd of tens of thousands in St. Peter’s Square. Sixteen of the appointees are younger than 80, meaning they would be eligible to elect the next pope, which is a cardinal’s most important task, after

the Feb. 22 ceremony to formally install them.

TV family humbled by polygamy ruling Salt Lake City — There were no wild celebrations by the polygamous family that stars in the TLC reality TV show “Sister Wives” when a federal judge in Utah struck down key parts of the state’s polygamy laws. Kody Brown and his four wives tell The Associated Press they felt humbled and cried last month when they heard of the ruling. The judge’s decision marked a legal victory for the Browns, who brought the lawsuit against Utah in July 2011 after they had fled the state for Las Vegas under the threat of prosecution. They say the ruling doesn’t erase the pain of the sacrifices they made by leaving their home state of Utah, which they hope to return to someday. The Utah attorney general’s office hasn’t decided if they will appeal the ruling.

| 7A

been below one part per million for 24 hours, a key step officials needed before they can lift the ban. Some tests have shown the chemical was not present at all in water coming in and out of the plant. West Virginia American Water President Jeff McIntyre said they will lift the water bans by zone, but he didn’t say how soon it would be.

Washington — Iran and six world powers have agreed on a plan to launch the first phase of their nuclear deal, U.S. and Iranian officials announced Sunday, a sign the fragile international effort to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions remains on track. The agreement, worked out in a month of talks between technical experts and diplomats, goes into effect Jan. 20, after which Iran will begin to get access to some of its frozen assets — and will have to open more of its facilities to the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog agency. Meanwhile, Iran and six world powers led by the United States will try to negotiate a long-term agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear development. Diplomats had been working toward the Jan. 20 date for some weeks. The date also starts a six-month period in which the seven countries will try to negotiate the longer-term deal. Officials of the United States, Iran and the European Union hailed the agreement as an important move. The agreement marks “concrete progress,” said

President Barack Obama. “I welcome this step forward, and we will now focus on the critical work of pursuing a comprehensive resolution that addresses our concerns over Iran’s nuclear program.” Success in reaching the implementation deal could help restrain hawks in Washington and Tehran who have argued that a Nov. 24 agreement threatens their interests, analysts said. Iran and the six powers signed the preliminary agreement Nov. 24 that was vaguely worded and left much to be argued out later. The text of the implementation agreement was not released. The Nov. 24 agreement calls for Iran to halt enrichment of medium-grade uranium — which can be easily refined to bombgrade. It also requires a halt in the installation of additional centrifuges and temporary neutralization of Iran’s stockpile of medium-enriched uranium. The agreement calls for Iran to halt key work on a half-built heavy-water nuclear reactor at Arak, which the West finds especially threatening. But the deal allows Iran to continue with some work at Arak deemed secondary.

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Dyche draw Preserving the iconic wildlife panorama in Dyche Hall should be a top priority for Kansas University officials.


here is, perhaps, no single attraction that has been seen by more visitors to Kansas University than the iconic wildlife panorama in KU’s Museum of Natural History. It’s good news that a major effort has been launched to preserve the panorama for future generations. A visit to the museum is a rite of passage for thousands of school children across the state, and the panorama is an important part of university lore that draws adults back to Dyche Hall year after year either to share the exhibit with their children and grandchildren or just to feed their own nostalgic memories. The panorama was installed in Dyche Hall in 1903 and spent several decades with no temperature or humidity controls to prevent its deterioration. Climate controls were added later, but more than a century of time has taken its toll on the exhibit created by Lewis Lindsay Dyche for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. Now, museum officials have raised about $100,000 in grant and matching funds to assess the condition of the panorama. The first step was to analyze toxic chemicals, such as arsenic, that remain in the exhibit from the early taxidermy process. The next step, which is expected to be completed by midsummer will include a piece-by-piece examination to determine the condition of the panorama’s specimens. After that, museum officials will decide how to move forward on restoring, and perhaps updating, the exhibit. According to museum director Leonard Krishtalka, the goal will be to balance the history of the exhibit while also making the display “more entertaining to a modern audience.” We trust that any updating will be done with care to preserve the legacy and work of Dyche, who was one of KU’s most interesting historical figures. He traveled around the globe to collect these specimens and create an exhibit that has withstood the test of time. A large part of the panorama’s wonder is the realization of what it took for Dyche to assemble such an exhibit 120 years ago. Congratulations to the museum staff and financial contributors to the project for launching this effort to preserve one of KU’s true gems.


Harm done To the editor: The Kansas Board of Regents passed a policy which prohibits faculty and other employees from communicating anything that may harm the best interests of universities under its domain. Ironically, this policy and rule does more harm to the universities than any professor could possibly do. Should not the Board of Regents be subject to its own policy an therefore, resign ? Ronald Schneider, Lawrence

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Established 1891

W.C. Simons (1871-1952) Publisher, 1891-1944 Dolph Simons Sr. (1904-1989) Publisher, 1944-1962; Editor, 1950-1979

Dolph C. Simons Jr., Editor Julie Wright, Managing Editor Susan Cantrell, Vice President

Ed Ciambrone, Production Manager Mike Countryman, Director of

of Sales and Marketing, Media Division


Ann Gardner, Editorial Page Editor


Dolph C. Simons Jr., Chairman Dolph C. Simons III, Dan C. Simons, President, President, Newspapers Division

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Suzanne Schlicht, Chief Operating Officer Scott Stanford, General Manager

Gates’ assessment is honest, troubling Washington — Reading the devastating memoir by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, people are likely to ask the same troubling questions that emerge from the morning newspapers these days: How did the Obama administration’s foreign-policy process get so broken, and how can it be put back together? Gates’ book certainly helps answer the first riddle. Obama’s “original sin” in foreign policy, by Gates’ account, was his December 2009 decision to add 30,000

David Ignatius

White House officials are upset by Gates’ book. But they should use it as an opportunity to examine the deeper question of how the foreign-policy process got so damaged, and what they can do to repair it.”

troops in Afghanistan but with limits on the duration of their mission. The president felt jammed by the military into the surge policy, and the White House has seemed to regret it ever since. “I am giving an order,” said Obama needlessly in the final meeting in the Situation Room when he backed the halfway counterinsurgency strategy from Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s menu of options. Gates writes bitterly: “That order was unnecessary and insulting, proof positive of the depth of the Obama White House’s distrust of the nation’s military leadership.” By June 2010, Obama was confiding privately to Gates: “I don’t have the sense it’s going well in Afghanistan. He (McChrystal) doesn’t seem to be making progress. Maybe his strategy is not really working.” This is

the ultimate nightmare for a commander in chief, to be caught in a war in which he no longer believes. The Vietnam version broke Lyndon Johnson and his secretary of defense, Robert McNamara. Afghanistan has badly damaged Obama and his team. Gates is brutally honest about his former colleagues. But this reader was left wondering why Gates continued serving in an administration “with people talking blithely about the use of military force as though it were some kind of video game.” Why didn’t Gates resign? Perhaps the answer is the same as to why Obama stuck with the policy he doubted: War sometimes doesn’t allow clean options, all-in or all-out. People soldier on as best they can. White House officials are upset by Gates’ book. But they should use it as an opportunity to examine the deeper question of how the foreign-policy process got so damaged, and what they can do to repair it. If anything, the situation is worse now than when Gates was at the Pentagon: He was part of the famous “team of rivals” that included strong, confident leaders such as him, Hillary Clinton at State, Leon Panetta at the CIA and then the Pentagon, and Gen.

David Petraeus in Kabul and at the CIA. At the center of this process was Tom Donilon, the national security adviser, disliked by Gates as a political commissar but effective at maintaining order among a team whose members, as Gates makes clear, were often seething. The dream team (with all its dysfunction) has been replaced by a group that is more closely aligned with the war-weary Obama — the president who wanted out of Afghanistan and resisted involvement in Syria. Officials I’ve spoken with are unanimous that, with the exception of Secretary of State John Kerry, this group is weaker and less self-confident. Susan Rice has been nearly invisible as national security adviser at a time when U.S. allies are hungry for contact. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, a well-liked former senator, comes across in public as overwhelmed by some of the policy choices facing the Pentagon. It’s a bad sign that when Hagel was looking for a new deputy secretary to replace Ashton Carter, several top candidates such as former Undersecretary Michele Flournoy weren’t interested. Hagel reportedly has settled

on Robert Work, a former undersecretary of the Navy, who gets good marks from former colleagues but isn’t well-known at home or abroad. The reality is that Obama needs to own his foreign policy. He needs to be more strategic and less political. He needs to set a vision and articulate it to allies and adversaries. His national security adviser needs to help him focus and communicate policy decisions. These criticisms were true in the era Gates describes, when the president was surrounded by strong personalities. It’s even more true now, when the cast is less experienced. An example of how Obama can drive policy is his approach to Iran. In dealing with Tehran, Obama has been strategic and disciplined, opening the door to negotiations on the nuclear issue and also forming a U.N. coalition for tough sanctions to pressure Iran into dialogue. Gates admits: “Our ‘team of rivals’ let personal feelings and distrust cloud our perceptions and recommendations.” True, and the damage can be repaired only by the president. — David Ignatius is a columnist for Washington Post Writers Group.

Laugh often, and 19 more rules to live by By Gina Barreca The Hartford Courant

I’ve made a list of 20 rules to live by. 1. Bring your sense of humor with you at all times. Bring your friends with a sense of humor. If their friends have a sense of humor, invite them, too. Remember this when going to hospitals, weight-loss centers and funerals, as well as when going to work, coming home, waking up and going to sleep. 2. If it’s worth crying over, it’s probably worth laughing at. Cultivate a sense of perspective that permits you to see the wider and longer view of the situation; this will help you realize that although your situation is upsetting, it might also one day become a terrific story. 3. Other people don’t care what you’re wearing. 4. Don’t be a sissy. This is especially important if you are a woman. Girls can be sissies, but behaving like a simpering, whining, fretful coward as an adult is unacceptable no matter what your gender happens to be. If you are anxious, scared and feeling powerless, you don’t need to change your behavior; you need to change your life. 5. Don’t lie. Cheat the devil and tell the truth. 6. There is one exception to the rule above: Never say a baby looks like a sausage wearing a hat. The parents will not forgive you. This is a situation in which telling the truth is not wholly necessary. If it’s not possible to tell the whole truth for fear of causing undue pain, just say the baby looks “happy.” 7. Never use the passive voice. Do not say, “It will get done.” Say, “I’ll do it” and then offer a solid, unwavering deadline. Always make your deadline. 8. The pinnacle is always slippery;

Be kind, not nice. Kindness is both intentional and meaningful. Acts of kindness requires generosity, emotional and otherwise. Perfunctory and superficial niceness is, too often, mere window-dressing.”

no peak is safe. Only plateaus offer a place to rest. Are you ready to stay on a plateau or are you climbing? Decide and pack your bags accordingly. 9. As we age, love changes. As a youth, you fall for an unattainable ideal. When you’re more mature, you fall in love with a person: “Sure, he has only one eye in the middle of his forehead,” you’ll rationalize, “But he never forgets my birthday.” 10. Power is the ability to persuade stupid people to do intelligent things and intelligent people to do stupid things. This is why power is dangerous. 11. Sherlock Holmes said, “Work is the best antidote to sorrow, my dear Watson.” Listen to Mr. Holmes. 12. Everybody wants a shortcut to love, prosperity and weight loss, although not necessarily in that order. Apart from being born into an adoring family, getting good genes and inheriting the mineral rights, however, there are no short cuts. The rest of us have to work at it. 13. Help the dramatically self-pitying to understand that they are not, by definition, sympathetic or interesting. Encourage them to address topics other than themselves. 14. Be kind, not nice. Kindness is both intentional and meaningful. Acts of kindness requires generosity, emotional and otherwise. Perfunctory and

superficial niceness is, too often, mere window-dressing. 15. Only poor workers blame their tools. It’s not the fault of the computer, the school, the train, the government or poor cell phone reception. Take responsibility. 16. You know how sometimes you don’t think you’re asleep — you’re half listening to a conversation or the television — only to discover you were unconscious? One part of your head would swear it’s awake, but when you actually snap out of it, you realize you were wholly elsewhere? Sometimes that happens in life. Sometimes the only way you know you’re truly in love, in the entirely wrong profession, being a moron at parties or a great poet is when you snap out of it. 17. You can always stop what you’re doing. 18. You should either be doing something useful or you should be playing. You should not be thinking about playing while at work or thinking about work when you’re out having fun. Compartmentalizing your life is not inevitably a bad thing. It’s easy to waste pleasure by feeling guilty and waste potentially effective time by feeling resentful. 19. Be aware that a safety net, if pulled too tight, easily turns into a noose. Don’t trade independence for security without being aware of the consequences. 20. Someday you will die. Until then, you should do everything possible to enjoy life. — Gina Barreca is an English professor at the University of Connecticut, a feminist scholar who has written eight books, and a columnist for the Hartford Courant. She can be reached through her website at http://www.ginabarreca. com.


L awrence J ournaL -w orLd NON sEQUItUr







ChrIs CAssAtt & GArY BrOOKINs








hAGAr thE hOrrIBLE






stEPhAN PAstIs







Off thE MArK








Monday, January 13, 2014









Monday, January 13, 2014

L awrence J ournal -W orld







Mostly sunny and cooler

A morning rain or snow shower


Very windy; mostly sunny

Colder with plenty of sunshine

High 48° Low 32° POP: 5%

High 41° Low 19° POP: 50%

High 46° Low 29° POP: 0%

High 49° Low 17° POP: 5%

High 34° Low 20° POP: 0%

Wind W 8-16 mph

Wind NW 12-25 mph

Wind W 6-12 mph

Wind WNW 20-30 mph

Wind NW 7-14 mph

POP: Probability of Precipitation

McCook 55/27

Kearney 54/29

Oberlin 56/29

Clarinda 43/29

Lincoln 51/29

Grand Island 53/30

Beatrice 48/30

Concordia 54/32

Centerville 37/29

St. Joseph 47/30 Chillicothe 43/31

Sabetha 45/30

Kansas City Marshall Manhattan 49/35 44/33 Salina 53/32 Oakley Kansas City Topeka 58/35 56/28 48/34 Lawrence 48/33 Sedalia 48/32 Emporia Great Bend 46/35 52/34 58/31 Nevada Dodge City Chanute 50/34 59/29 Hutchinson 52/35 Garden City 59/32 59/27 Springfield Wichita Pratt Liberal Coffeyville Joplin 50/35 59/32 57/34 60/26 53/36 54/36 Hays Russell 58/31 57/31

Goodland 56/26

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.


Through 8 p.m. Sunday.

Temperature High/low 67°/30° Normal high/low today 38°/18° Record high today 69° in 1996 Record low today -17° in 1916

Precipitation in inches 24 hours through 8 p.m. yest. Month to date Normal month to date Year to date Normal year to date

0.00 0.07 0.38 0.07 0.38


Today Tue. Today Tue. Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Atchison 47 31 s 39 18 pc Independence 54 36 s 49 23 pc 53 32 s 44 19 pc Belton 47 35 s 41 19 pc Fort Riley 47 34 s 41 19 pc Burlington 51 33 s 44 21 pc Olathe Coffeyville 54 36 s 50 24 pc Osage Beach 49 34 pc 47 18 pc 49 33 s 42 20 pc Concordia 54 32 s 39 21 pc Osage City Ottawa 47 32 s 41 20 pc Dodge City 59 29 s 48 21 s 57 34 s 45 23 pc Holton 47 33 s 40 20 pc Wichita Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.




Jan 15

Tue. 7:39 a.m. 5:21 p.m. 4:27 p.m. 6:14 a.m.




Jan 23

Jan 30

Feb 6


As of 7 a.m. Sunday Lake

Level (ft)

Clinton Perry Pomona

871.35 891.30 972.63

Discharge (cfs)

7 25 15

Today Hi Lo W 90 72 pc 46 38 pc 61 48 sh 60 43 s 89 69 s 37 21 s 37 30 pc 46 37 pc 82 72 s 68 55 c 38 18 sf 43 32 sh 45 39 r 62 52 s 57 47 pc 40 20 pc 47 37 c 52 39 pc 73 48 pc 37 34 c 25 11 sn 68 45 pc 25 14 sn 47 39 pc 91 78 s 57 43 pc 30 16 s 85 75 t 18 16 pc 81 64 pc 43 32 pc 39 35 c 49 42 r 43 37 s 37 23 pc 7 -11 c

Cities Acapulco Amsterdam Athens Baghdad Bangkok Beijing Berlin Brussels Buenos Aires Cairo Calgary Dublin Geneva Hong Kong Jerusalem Kabul London Madrid Mexico City Montreal Moscow New Delhi Oslo Paris Rio de Janeiro Rome Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Tokyo Toronto Vancouver Vienna Warsaw Winnipeg

Hi 89 43 59 63 86 41 39 43 86 71 46 45 42 64 60 41 45 50 68 36 19 71 21 43 92 56 34 85 26 86 43 35 48 47 34 7

Tue. Lo W 73 s 37 c 48 pc 44 pc 67 pc 24 s 30 c 33 c 70 pc 51 s 34 c 41 r 32 r 52 s 41 pc 19 s 36 pc 37 c 44 pc 25 r 12 pc 46 pc 19 sf 32 r 79 pc 43 r 19 s 75 pc 19 pc 66 s 33 c 19 sf 38 pc 38 c 31 c -9 pc


Warm Stationary Showers T-storms





Today Tue. Today Tue. Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Cities Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Memphis 58 37 c 58 31 pc Albuquerque 48 28 s 51 26 s 81 68 pc 81 65 sh Anchorage 27 23 sf 33 21 sn Miami Milwaukee 36 24 sh 31 8 sn Atlanta 59 40 r 57 35 c Minneapolis 21 15 c 18 1 sn Austin 66 32 pc 70 32 s Nashville 56 37 r 58 28 pc Baltimore 54 40 pc 49 33 r New Orleans 64 45 r 61 41 s Birmingham 57 35 r 59 34 pc New York 53 41 pc 48 37 r Boise 42 24 pc 39 20 s Omaha 44 29 pc 33 15 sn Boston 51 40 pc 45 36 r Orlando 78 63 pc 74 51 sh Buffalo 45 35 r 37 22 c Philadelphia 54 43 pc 49 34 r Cheyenne 46 26 pc 41 25 s 70 46 s 73 49 s Chicago 38 26 sh 34 12 sn Phoenix Pittsburgh 51 38 r 45 26 r Cincinnati 51 34 r 50 22 c Portland, ME 42 40 pc 41 27 r Cleveland 46 33 r 41 21 c Portland, OR 50 35 r 48 28 pc Dallas 65 39 s 66 34 s Reno 51 24 pc 53 23 s Denver 54 25 pc 49 23 s 62 46 s 60 36 r Des Moines 36 29 pc 32 10 pc Richmond 64 31 s 66 33 s Detroit 40 26 pc 35 18 sn Sacramento St. Louis 49 36 pc 46 20 pc El Paso 57 33 s 58 29 s Salt Lake City 35 26 pc 35 20 s Fairbanks -1 -9 c 0 -7 c San Diego 75 52 s 77 52 s Honolulu 82 66 s 81 65 s San Francisco 63 44 s 66 45 s Houston 70 40 pc 68 41 s Seattle 53 40 r 51 34 pc Indianapolis 48 29 c 43 16 c 45 30 c 40 28 pc Kansas City 48 33 s 39 19 pc Spokane Tucson 67 38 s 69 43 s Las Vegas 63 43 s 65 44 s 58 36 s 52 26 pc Little Rock 60 35 pc 59 30 pc Tulsa Wash., DC 55 43 s 53 36 r Los Angeles 79 52 s 84 53 s National extremes yesterday for the 48 contiguous states High: Vernon, TX 82° Low: Alamosa, CO -1°



Temperatures soared to 70 degrees in central Pennsylvania on Jan. 13, 1932.

was the coldest presidential inauguration? Q: When



9 PM













10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30


62 Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU




4 Almost Human (N)

Sleepy Hollow (N)

FOX 4 at 9 PM (N)



Intelligence “Red X”


Late Show Letterman Ferguson


5 How I Met Broke Girl Mike


19 Antiques Roadshow (N) Antiques Roadshow Independent Lens “At Berkeley” University of California at Berkeley. (N) American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. Japan (N) The Blacklist (N)


Tonight Show w/Leno J. Fallon


9 The Bachelor Winter-themed one-on-one date. (N) Castle “Deep Cover”


Mod Fam Big Bang J. Kimmel

Antiques Roadshow (N) Antiques Roadshow Midsomer Murders

I 14 KMCI 15

41 38






The Arsenio Hall Show


D KTWU 11 A Q 12 B ` 13

Mom (N)

Inside Ed. Access H. Dish Nat. Raymond Raymond



BBC World Business Charlie Rose (N) h

The Bachelor Winter-themed one-on-one date. (N) Castle “Deep Cover”


Jimmy Kimmel Live (N) Nightline

How I Met Broke Girl Mike


Late Show Letterman Ferguson

Mom (N)

Intelligence “Red X”

News Tonight Show w/Leno J. Fallon 41 American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. Japan (N) The Blacklist (N) 38 ThisMinute ThisMinute ’70s Show ’70s Show Community Community How I Met How I Met Family Guy South Park

29 Hart of Dixie (N) h Criminal Minds h

Beauty and the Beast News


Criminal Minds h

Criminal Minds h

6 News

The Drive Pets

Two Men Two Men The Office The Office Criminal Minds h

Criminal Minds h

6 News

Not Late

Cable Channels KNO6


1 on 1




WGN-A 16 307 239 Funniest Home Videos Funniest Home Videos WGN News at Nine (N) How I Met Rules THIS TV 19 CITY


USD497 26

›‡ Molly (1999, Drama) Elisabeth Shue.

›››› The Apartment (1960) Jack Lemmon.


Tower Cam Parks Shanghai

City Bulletin Board, Commission Meetings

City Bulletin Board, Commission Meetings

School Board Information

School Board Information

ESPN 33 206 140 dCollege Basketball dCollege Basketball Kansas at Iowa State. (N) SportsCenter (N)

SportsCenter (N)

E2014 Australian Open Tennis First Round. From Melbourne, Australia. (N) (Live) h FSM 36 672 UFC Reloaded Relive all the action from UFC 146. h Coll. Footb. World Poker Tour NBCSN 38 603 151 dCollege Basketball Skiing Snowboarding English Premier League Manchester Mondays FNC 39 360 205 The O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) h The O’Reilly Factor The Kelly File h CNBC 40 355 208 American Greed American Greed American Greed Mad Money h American Greed ESPN2 34 209 144 dWm. Basketball

MSNBC 41 356 209 All In With Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow Show The Last Word

All In With Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow Show


44 202 200 Anderson Cooper 360 Piers Morgan Live (N) AC 360 Later (N)

Erin Burnett OutFront Piers Morgan Live


45 245 138 Major Crimes

Major Crimes

Major Crimes (N)


46 242 105 WWE Monday Night RAW (N) (Live) h


47 265 118 Duck D.

Duck D.

Duck Dynasty h

Rizzoli & Isles h




50 254 130 ››› X-Men (2000, Action) h Hugh Jackman.

NCIS: Los Angeles


Duck D.


Vanderpump Rules (N) Real Housewives

Duck D.

Lizard Lick Lizard Lick

›› Judge Dredd (1995) Sylvester Stallone.

51 247 139 Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) h

BRAVO 52 237 129 Real Housewives

Cold Justice h

NCIS: Los Angeles

TRUTV 48 246 204 Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Full Throttle Saloon (N) Full Throttle Saloon AMC





9 PM

January 13, 2014 9:30

10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30

Cable Channels cont’d



BOB SILIPIGNI, OF LAWRENCE, was honored at the Relay For Life Planning Committee Meeting on Jan. 6. He was awarded the 2013 Top Individual Fundraiser in the High Plains Division. In 2013, Bob raised over $40,000 to benefit the American Cancer Society. He has begun raising funds for the 2014 Relay For Life, scheduled for June 13-14 at the Free State High School track. Photo submitted by Betty Parks. Email your photos to friends@ljworld. com or mail them to Friends & Neighbors, P.O. Box 888, Lawrence, KS 66044.


Network Channels M

Lawrence Creates Gallery: Recollections: Friends Remember Jim: A selection of the art of Lawrence artist Jim Brothers and his friends, featuring works of Louis and Phyllis Copt, Bill Collins, John Hachmeister, Lori Norwood, George Paley, Mike Yoder; Dec. 6-Jan. 11; 512 E. Ninth St. Lawrence Percolator: SNIPE HUNT, through Jan. 18; open Saturdays and Sundays, noon-6 p.m. Spencer Museum of Art: James Turrell: “Gard 15 WEDNESDAY Blue,” through May 18, 1 Million Cups pre2014; 10 a.m.-4 p.m. sentation, 9-10 a.m., Tuesday, Friday and Cider Gallery, 810 PennSaturday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. sylvania St. Wednesday and Thurs“Welcome to Mediday, noon-4 p.m. Sunday. care” Information 1301 Mississippi St. Session, noon, LawSpencer Research rence Senior Center, 745 Library: “Plainly SpoVermont St. ken,” traveling exhibit Big Brothers Big Sis- on bookbinding history, ters of Douglas County on display through early volunteer information, January; 1450 Poplar noon, 2518 Ridge Court. Lane. Douglas County ComLumberyard Arts mission meeting, 6:35 Center: “Itty Bitty Picture p.m., Douglas County Show,” opening recepCourthouse, 1100 Mastion Jan. 10, 6-8 p.m., sachusetts St. running through Feb. 1; NAMI-Douglas County 718 High St., Baldwin meeting, 7 p.m., LawCity. Gamer Night, 8 p.m., Burger Stand at the Casbah, 803 Massachusetts St., free. Free swing dancing lessons and dance, 8-11 p.m., Kansas Room in the Kansas Union, 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Geeks Who Drink pub quiz, 8 p.m., Phoggy Dog, 2228 Iowa St. Tuesday Night Karaoke, 9 p.m., Wayne & Larry’s Sports Bar & Grill, 933 Iowa St.

-10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s National Summary: Some rain will stretch from the eastern Great Lakes to the central Gulf Coast today. Nuisance snow will drop into the Dakotas as potentially damaging winds continue to howl from Montana to Colorado.




10F. Ronald Reagan. Jan. 20, 1985.


Red Dog’s Dog Days workout, 6 a.m., Allen Fieldhouse, 1651 Naismith Drive. Myths, Facts, Causes, and Effects of Domestic Violence, 3-4 p.m., Willow Domestic Violence Center, Coalition on Homeless Concerns monthly meeting, 3-5 p.m., Salvation Army gymnasium, 946 New Hampshire St. “In Her Shoes,” 4-5 p.m., Willow Domestic Violence Center, info@ Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County volunteer information, 5:15 p.m., 2518 Ridge Court. Lonnie Ray’s open jam session, 6-10 p.m., Slow Ride Roadhouse, 1350 N. Third St., no cover. Lawrence City Commission meeting, 6:35 p.m., City Hall, 6 E. Sixth St. Kaw Valley Herbs Study Group, 7 p.m., Unitarian Fellowship, 1263 North 1100 Road.

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Fronts Cold

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Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for today.


Today 7:39 a.m. 5:20 p.m. 3:36 p.m. 5:28 a.m.

Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset


Domestic Violence 101, 3-4 p.m., Willow Domestic Violence Center, Lawrence Board of Education meeting, 7 p.m., school district headquarters, 110 McDonald Drive. Eudora City Council meeting, 7 p.m., Eudora City Hall, 4 E. Seventh St.

rence Senior Center, 745 Vermont St. Open jam, 7 p.m., Cutter’s, 218 E. 20th St., Eudora. Conroy’s Trivia, 7:30 p.m., Conroy’s Pub, 3115 W. Sixth St. Pride Night, 9 p.m., Wilde’s Chateau, 2412 Iowa St.


The Office Conan

Happens Real Housewives



53 304 106 The Andy Griffith Show Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King


54 269 120 Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Restoration Restoration Pawn Stars Pawn Stars


The Exes Kirstie

SYFY 55 FX 56 COM 58 E! 59 CMT 60 BET 64 VH1 66 TRV 67 TLC 68 LIFE 69 LMN 70 FOOD 72 HGTV 73 NICK 76 DISNXD 77 DISN 78 TOON 79 DSC 81 FAM 82 NGC 83 HALL 84 ANML 85 TBN 90 EWTN 91 RLTV 93 CSPAN2 95 CSPAN 96 ID 101 MILI 102 OWN 103 WEA 116 SOAP 123 TCM 162 HBO MAX SHOW ENC STRZ

401 411 421 440 451

244 248 249 236 327 329 335 277 280 252 253 231 229 299 292 290 296 278 311 276 312 282 372 370

122 136 107 114 166 124 162 215 183 108 109 110 112 170 174 172 176 182 180 186 185 184 260 261

351 350 285 287 279 362 262 256

211 210 192 195 189 214 253 132

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501 515 545 535 527

300 310 318 340 350

Rise of the Guardians Banshee “Little Fish” Shameless h ››‡ 10 Years (2011) Austin Powers

›››‡ Life of Pi (2012) Suraj Sharma, Tabu. Girls Girls True Detective ›› Project X (2012) Thomas Mann. ›‡ The Watch (2012) Ben Stiller. Co-Ed Confidential Lies Episodes Shameless h Episodes Lies Seven Psychopaths ›› Enough (2002) Jennifer Lopez. Black Sails ››‡ Ladder 49 (2004) ›› I Spy (2002) Eddie Murphy. ››‡ Phone Booth (2002) ››‡ Total Recall

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Lawrence Journal-World l l Monday, January 13, 2014


Scene crime

Tom Keegan

Defense will be tested by ISU

rld File Photos Nick Krug/Journal-Wo

In a baseball game played in front of a savvy crowd such as the one that packs Yankee Stadium, a triple triggers a much more interesting roar than does a home run. The home run explosion happens all at once and then fades. With a triple, the volume of the crowd mounts throughout the play, peaking when the runner slides safely into third base. Similarly, in Allen Fieldhouse, where Kansas University always has a steady supply of quick-jumping athletes attacking the rim with a fury, dunks juice a crowd that reacts with an explosion that eventually fades. But the dunk isn’t necessarily the play that gets the most interesting, longestlasting rise from the 16,300 paying customers who manage to squeeze into the cozy venue. Nothing in the fieldhouse beats the crescendo inspired by a defensive possession that ends with a shot-clock violation. As with the triple, the noise precedes the completion of the play. It doesn’t, as with the home run, start when the play ends. And far more so than the triple, the crowd actually can play a significant role in making the play happen. The fan support fuels the defenders with adrenaline, staves off exhaustion and sharpens their focus. It incites them to hang tough until the horn hollers. Once it does, coach Bill Self punches the air, more pumped even than he becomes when a perfectly executed lob play draws an eruption. K-State’s shot-clock violation Saturday seemed to trigger the mutually beneficial athlete-spectator energy exchange in a more noticeable way than any play this season. It was the seventh shot-clock violation forced by KU’s defense, compared to three 35-second Kansas possessions without a shot. It’s dangerous to read too much into one play, but the shot-clock violation and how excited (proud) it seemed to make the players could be a sign the newcomers are beginning to appreciate why their coach

of the

Hostile Hilton awaits KU By Gary Bedore

Ames, Iowa — Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self fondly remembers the day a slumpridden Elijah BIG Johnson exploded for 39 MONDAY points in an 108-96 over- Who: time victory Kansas vs. at Iowa State. Iowa State “It obvi- When: 8 ously ranks tonight up there with some of the Where: very best in- Ames, Iowa dividual per- TV: ESPN f o r m a n c e s (WOW! chs. we’ve had 33, 233) since I’ve been at Kansas,” 11th-year

KU coach Self said of the senior guard’s effort on Feb. 25, 2013. The 39 points, in fact, were most by a KU player in the Self era, most by any KU player in a Big 12 game and most overall by a Jayhawk since Terry Brown dropped 42 against North Carolina State on Jan. 5, 1991. “I don’t think we’ve ever had a guy get 30 in a half. Not only did he get 30 in a half, but 20 in a four- to five-minute stretch. We’d have had no chance to win that game

Weis: Harwell led even as he sat out By Matt Tait

There will come a day when the questions people ask about Kansas University wide receiver Nick Harwell are focused solely on whether he can catch the football and make plays on the field. Today, however, the more important aspect of Please see KEEGAN, page 3B the former Miami (Ohio)

LAST YEAR’S KANSAS-ATIOWA STATE GAME was a wild one, with, from top, sad fruits in the stands, KU’s Elijah Johnson going for 39 points and an irate ISU fan confronting Kansas coach Bill Self afterward.

unless he was unbelievable,” Self added of the Las Vegas native, who scored 25 of KU’s last 36 points. Johnson, who now plays professionally in Poland, hit 13 of 22 shots, including six of 10 threes and seven of seven free throws, and was

good for 30 points the second half and overtime. Self, whose Jayhawks (11-4, 2-0) return to Hilton tonight for an 8 p.m. clash against ISU (14-1, 2-1), was asked if unexpected performances like Johnson’s make him “love college coaching.” “I love coaching because Please see KU-ISU, page 3B


University standout who transferred to KU and sat out the 2013 season might be how he fit in with his new teammates despite not being able to play a down during the 2013 season. The answer, according to KU coach Charlie Weis, was John Young/Journal-World Photo favorable for the Jayhawks. “He’s on people in the DANNY KIEFFER GIVES A THUMBS UP before taking a shot during the weight room,” said Weis, annual basketball clinic for members of the Douglas County Special Olympics, hosted by the Kansas women’s basketball team, Sunday at Please see HARWELL, page 3B Allen Fieldhouse. For more photos from the event, visit

TODAY’S DISCOUNT: The last men’s basketball game the Jayhawks play each week is a


25% OFF KU merchandise and general books

Discount is available in-store at all locations and online at


Sports 2






By Gil Lebreton Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Until Saturday, there had been no life sentence for major league baseball players found guilty of using performanceenhancing substances. But baseball was more than willing to set a precedent in Alex Rodriguez’s case. He is done now. All but dead as far as baseball is concerned. Rodriguez can issue statements and hire a chorus line of greasy lawyers and threaten to take his “plight” to federal court, but what part of “get lost” does Alex not understand? On Saturday, an independent arbitrator jointly appointed by MLB and the players’ union rendered his decision in Rodriguez’s appeal of a 211-game suspension for his involvement with PEDs. Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz reduced Rodriguez’s punishment to a manageable time frame — the entire 2014 season and post-season — and thus gave credence to the Himalaya of evidence that MLB had presented him. Don’t go Mike Francesa on me and whine that Tony Bosch is a lying low-life and was paid by the commissioner’s office for his testimony. As TV has taught us, lawyers get their evidence in the best way they can. In a riveting report Sunday by CBS’ 60 Minutes, we were reminded that baseball already had substantial evidence against Rodriguez and 13 other players before Bosch himself approached MLB. The baseball investigators showed him his own handwritten notes, and Bosch reportedly unlocked the code behind each of the players’ personal drug regimens. The 60 Minutes report had a transcript of “hundreds” of incriminating text messages between Bosch, the founder of the Biogenesis clinic, and Rodriguez. It showed a bank transfer from an account owned by A-Rod to Bosch. “Try to use service elevators. Careful. Tons of eyes,” Rodriguez texted Bosch on a road trip to Atlanta before one of their 2012 meetings. Most disturbing, though, were Bosch’s own words in which he said that representatives of Rodriguez wanted to send him to Colombia and pay him “until this blows over.” When he refused, according to MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred, Bosch said his life was threatened. Scott Pelley, the 60 Minutes reporter, incredulously asked if Manfred was trying to say that Bosch feared A-Rod’s goons would kill him. “The individual of greatest concern,” Manfred answered, “was an associate of Mr. Rodriguez.” If you think this is all a fairy tale, if you still believe that this doesn’t sound at all like Alex Rodriguez, you haven’t been paying attention. A-Rod wants everybody to believe that it’s all been about the money, that his suspension is part of an MLB-wide conspiracy to keep from paying him the approximate $86 million that the Yankees still owe on his contract. He wants his fellow big-leaguers to think, “This could happen to you.” But once again, he’s just trying to play a role. He misjudges just how many players want the playing field leveled. Rodriguez is on his own. What MLB player would be brazen enough to defend him? What major-league team, once his suspension ends, would be foolish enough to sign him? Don’t feel sorry for Alex Rodriguez. Loathe him.


• Complete coverage of the Kansas University men’s basFOOTBALL ketballCONFERENCE trip to Ames, Iowa




TODAY • Men’s basketball at Iowa State, 8 p.m.



A-Rod deserves no one’s support



Jimmy Walker picks up second PGA victory



Honolulu — Jimmy Walker went seven • Girls/boys basketball vs. years and 187 tournaments before he finally Leavenworth, 5:30/7 p.m. AL EAST won on the PGA Tour. Now he seems to have it figured out. Walker pulled away from the pack with three LAWRENCE HIGH WEST straight birdies on theSOUTH back nine of Waialae on TUESDAY AL CENTRAL Sunday and closed with a 7-under 63 to win the • Girls/boys basketball vs. Sony Open for his second tour victory in his last AL EAST Shawnee Mission West, 5:30/7 p.m. six starts. • Bowling at Olathe Northwest “It took me a long time to do it,” Walker said. triangular, 3:30 p.m. “I felt very calm and controlled. That’s what SOUTH AL WEST • Swimming, home triangular, WEST you’ve got to feel and do when it’s time to win. AL CENTRAL 3:30 p.m. It’s easy to say, hard to do. But today was awesome. Really cool golf.” AL EAST SEABURY ACADEMY This wasn’t easy. TUESDAY The final round was so tight there was a fiveSOUTH • Basketball vs. Christ Prep AL WEST way tie for the lead with two hours remaining. WEST AFC TEAM LOGOS 081312: Helmet Academy, 7 p.m. Walker’s big run began with a 12-foot par on and team logos for the AFC teams; various sizes; stand-alone; staff; ETA 5 p.m. AL CENTRAL the 14th hole. One shot behind Harris English, AL EAST Walker rolled in a 15-foot birdie putt on the 15th VERITAS CHRISTIAN hole, and took the outright lead when English TODAY — behind him in the final group — failed to • Girls/boys basketball at Braymer save par from a bunker. AL WEST Invitational AFC TEAM LOGOS 081312: Helmet and team logos for the AFC teams; various sizes; stand-alone; staff; ETA 5 p.m. AL CENTRAL Walker made a 7-foot birdie putt on the 16th, TUESDAY and stuck his tee shot into 6 feet for birdie on • Girls/boys basketball at Braymer the par-3 17th. A par on the last hole made him Invitational wait just a little bit longer. Chris Kirk had a 30-foot eagle chip from AL WEST SPORTS ON TV just short of the green on the par-5 18th that Eugene Tanner/AP Photo would have forced a playoff. It stayed of Helmet and team logos for the AFC teams; various sizes; stand-alone; staff; ETATODAY AFC TEAM LOGOSright 081312: 5 p.m. JIMMY WALKER WATCHES HIS DRIVE OFF the hole, and Kirk made the birdie putt for a 66 THE FIRST TEE during the fourth round College Basketball Time Net Cable to finish alone in second place. of the Sony Open on Sunday at Waialae Virginia v. Duke 6 p.m. ESPN 33, 233 Jerry Kelly (65) was alone in third. English Country Club in Honolulu. never recovered from his bogey. He missed Texas v. W.Va. 6 p.m. ESPNU 35, 235 Helmet and team logos for the AFC teams; various sizes; stand-alone; staff; ETA 5 p.m. birdie putts on theAFC lastTEAM threeLOGOS holes 081312: for a 67. Kansas v. Iowa St. 8 p.m. ESPN 33, 233 and worldwide competing. Meghan Stasi of Walker won the Open in October, Charleston v. N’eastern 6 p.m. NBCSP 38, 238 Oakland Park, Fla., won the event with a fourthe first tournament of the new wraparound Syracuse v. Bos. Coll. 8 p.m. ESPNU 35, 235 season. As the first multiple winner on the PGA round 289, which included a 2-under 70 on Saturday, the lowest round of the event. Tour this season, he went to No. 1 in the Ryder Women’s Basketball Time Net Cable Cup standings and is closing in on cracking the UConn v. Baylor 6 p.m. ESPN2 34, 234 top 30 in the world. NFL Walker finished at 17-under 263 and earned Tennis Time Net Cable Bears fire two coaches $1.08 million. BOSTON RED SOX







MLB AL LOGOS 032712: 2012 American League team logos; stand-alone; various BALTIMORE sizes; staff; ORIOLES ETA 4 p.m.



CHICAGO SOX MLBBALTIMORE AL LOGOS 032712: 2012WHITE American ORIOLES League team logos; stand-alone; various sizes; staff; ETA 4 p.m.










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Cyclones’ PG questionable Ames, Iowa — Iowa State isn’t sure if point guard DeAndre Kane will be available for tonight’s game against No. 18 Kansas University because of an ankle injury. Kane sprained his left ankle late in Saturday’s 82-75 loss to Oklahoma, the first of the season for the ninth-ranked Cyclones (14-1, 2-1 Big 12). Kane was carried off the court by teammates, but coach Fred Hoiberg says his availability for the matchup against the rival Jayhawks (11-4, 2-0) will be a “game day” decision. Kane says his sprained ankle remains sore, adding that he will try to do everything he can to play against the Jayhawks. Kane, a senior transfer from Marshall, has blossomed into one of the nation’s most versatile players. He is averaging 16.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game.



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Lake Forest, Ill. — The Chicago Bears TENNIS have fired two defensive coaches and decided to bring back defensive coordinator Mel Venus ousted from Aussie Tucker for next season. Melbourne, Australia — Venus Williams Defensive line coach Mike Phair and linelost in the first round at the Australian Open backers coach Tim Tibesar have been disfor only the second time, with her serve and missed after the Bears allowed 29.9 points and concentration letting her down when it counted 394.6 yards per game during their 8-8 season. most in a 2-6, 6-4, 6-4 defeat to Ekaterina Phair had been with the team since 2011 while Makarova on Monday. Tibesar was hired a year ago. The seven-time Grand Slam winner breezed The Bears say the rest of the coaching staff through the first set against the No. 22-seeded will return next season. Makarova, who had an upset win over Serena Williams in the fourth round at the 2012 AusBASEBALL tralian Open. Witness details A-Rod’s doping She had chances in the second, missing a breakpoint opportunity to go up 4-2, and then New York — Major League Baseball’s key serving three consecutive double-faults after witness in its case against Alex Rodriguez leading the ninth game 40-30 to surrender a said he designed and administered an elaborate crucial break. doping program for the 14-time All-Star startWilliams led 3-0 in the third set but Makaroing in 2010. va rallied strongly to advance to the second Anthony Bosch, the founder of the now round. Williams was playing the Australian shuttered Florida anti-aging clinic, BiogenOpen for the 14th time and the highlight reesis, said in a “60 Minutes” interview aired mains a run to the final in 2003. on CBS on Sunday night that Rodriguez paid him $12,000 per month to provide him with GOLF an assortment of banned drugs that included and human growth hormone. Oosthuizen retains Volvo title testosterone Rob Manfred, the chief operating officer of Durban, South Africa — South African Major League Baseball, said during the news Louis Oosthuizen birdied his closing two program that Bosch chose to cooperate in the holes to retain the Volvo Champions title on investigation in part because he feared for his Sunday after an earlier eagle on the eighth. life. The 2010 British Open winner shot a 4-under MLB’s suspension of Rodriguez was reduced 68 for an overall 12-under 276 and claimed his Saturday by an arbitrator from 211 games to seventh win on the European Tour. 162, plus all playoff games next season. Oosthuizen finished a stroke ahead of fellow Commissioner Bud Selig, who did not testify South African Branden Grace who also shot a during the slugger’s appeal, defended the larg68 on the Durban Country Club course. est suspension ever handed out under the Joint It was Oosthuizen’s first success since winDrug Agreement. ning this elite 36-player event a year ago. “In my judgment his actions were beyond After a slow start, with pars on the opening comprehension,” Selig said on the show. “I seven holes, Oosthuizen sank a 12-foot eagle think 211 games was a very fair penalty.” putt at the par five No. 8. Bosch said he began working with RodriHe drew level with Grace with a birdie at guez — who was motivated by his pursuit of the 17th and then claimed the win by holing a 800 career home runs — five days before the 2-foot birdie putt at the last. New York Yankees third baseman hit his 600th “When I eagled the eighth hole I felt I could homer on Aug. 4, 2010. Bosch said the first go on and make a few birdies from there on words out of Rodriguez’s mouth were: “What and, while stopped by a bogey on 10, I just felt did Manny Ramirez take in 2008 and 2009?” really comfortable out there,” Oosthuizen said. Ramirez was suspended 50 games in 2009 “I noticed when I was about to play my shot while with the Los Angeles Dodgers after testat 17 that Branden had finished on 11-under par, ing positive for a banned drug, his first of two so I needed to give myself a good opportunity offenses. to tie him and I did and then managed to birdie Of the 14 players suspended as a result of the last.” MLB’s investigation into Biogenesis, Rodriguez England’s Tommy Fleetwood (72) and was the only one to appeal the ban. Dutchman Joost Luiten (71) shared third on 10-under.

Sebring, Fla. — Kansas University women’s golfer Minami Levonowich shot a 1-over par 73 Saturday to tie for 10th at the Harder Hall Women’s Invitational at the Harder Hall Golf Club. Levonowich, a junior, entered the weekend in 22nd place with a 4-over 76 on Wednesday and 7-over 79 on Thursday. The Katy, Texas, native then shot a 5-over 77 Friday before carding her low round in the event Saturday to finish with a four-round 305. Levonowich tied Lauren Coughlin of Spring, Texas, who also shot a 305. Levonowich’s 73 was the thirdlowest round of the day on Saturday in the 122-golfer field. An event which began in 1956, the Harder Hall Women’s Invitational annually has some of the top amateur women’s golfers from the U.S.



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Jayhawk 10th in amateur event



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MLB AL LOGOS 032712: 2012 American League team logos; stand-alone; various sizes; staff; ETA 4 p.m.


















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LATEST LINE NFL Favorite.............. Points (O/U)........... Underdog Sunday, Jan 19th. Conference Championships DENVER............................ 61⁄2 (55)............... New England SEATTLE.......................... 31⁄2 (40)............. San Francisco NBA Favorite.............. Points (O/U)........... Underdog 1 TORONTO........................11 ⁄2 (184)................... Milwaukee Houston.........................51⁄2 (204).........................BOSTON NEW YORK.........................3 (198)............................Phoenix San Antonio...................51⁄2 (201).............NEW ORLEANS CHICAGO.............................3 (181)....................Washington DALLAS............................. 12 (198)...........................Orlando Denver.............................. 4 (203)................................UTAH COLLEGE BASKETBALL Favorite................... Points................ Underdog DUKE......................................51⁄2. .............................Virginia WEST VIRGINIA............ 6...........................Texas Cleveland St........................11⁄2............ YOUNGSTOWN ST NORTHEASTERN................... 3............ Coll of Charleston UL-LAFAYETTE...................91⁄2.............................Texas St IOWA ST..................... 21⁄2......................Kansas Syracuse............................. 101⁄2...........BOSTON COLLEGE Added Games TENNESSEE MARTIN..........11⁄2....................Tennessee St Northern Arizona............. 71⁄2. ...........SOUTHERN UTAH LOYOLA MARYLAND........... 5............................. Lafayette Home Team in CAPS (c) TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, LLC

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I love trying to get five guys to act as one,” Self said, not buying the premise. “Certainly, Elijah was the guy that probably caught the most heat from everybody last year, fans and all, because he’s point guard at Kansas. It was great to see him play well in a situation like that.” Johnson angered Iowa State’s fans by dunking the ball on a meaningless final possession. That play, which led to objects being thrown on the court — combined with KU’s two other victories over ISU last year — should have the building in a frenzy again tonight. KU, which forced overtime on a bankedin Ben McLemore three, beat ISU, 98-89 in OT, on Jan. 9, 2013, in Allen Fieldhouse. McLemore exploded for 33 in that contest. KU also stopped the Cyclones, 88-73, in a Big 12 tournament semifinal on March 15, 2013, in Sprint Center. Perry Ellis had 23 in that rout. “The fans have been waiting for this game, so I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s going to be great,” ISU sophomore forward Georges Niang said on Sunday. “We should take the cameras over and ask the people who are camping outside of Hilton now,” Niang added of asking fans what they think of the Big Monday matchup. “They are all waiting to get electric, just like the Iowa game (85-82 ISU home win), the Michigan game (77-70 ISU win), the Baylor game (87-72 ISU win). It’s about to be insane, especially the first day back on campus for all the students. It’s going to be great. Everybody’s going to love it,” Niang added. There’s a good chance security will be tight tonight after last year’s game in Ames in which a fan, later identified in the media as ISU booster Melvin Weatherwax, confronted Self on Self’s way to the locker room. A police officer was close by to tell the fan to stop yelling at Self. “Is that the guy I became buddies with after the game last year? We never really talked. It was more of a one-sided conversation if I recall, but I never had a chance to respond. He was talking the whole time. I couldn’t get


puts such a premium on that end of the floor. K-State coach Bruce Weber credited KU’s length with bothering star freshman Marcus Foster and said KU “stifled us.” He also offered a candid opinion of how this KU team that starts three freshmen, a


pressed for support to his claim. “He’s on people when we run sprints at the end of practice. If somebody is not running hard at the end of practice, you would think that one of the guys playing would be saying something. You’d hear Harwell chirping all the time, ‘Just shut the hell up and get going.’ And that’s when he wasn’t playing. Imagine when he is. I’m looking forward to it.” As has become customary for the KU football program during recent years, the beginning of a new offseason brings with it the chance for Harwell to become a fullfunctioning member of

Kansas vs. Iowa St. Probable Starters KANSAS (11-4, 2-0) F — Perry Ellis (6-8, Soph.) F — Joel Embiid (7-0, Fr.) G — Andrew Wiggins (6-8, Fr.) G — Wayne Selden (6-5, Fr.) G — Naadir Tharpe (5-11, Jr.)

IOWA STATE (14-1, 2-1) F — Melvin Ejim (6-6, Sr.) F — Dustin Hogue (6-6, Jr.) F — Georges Niang (6-7, Soph.) G — Matt Thomas (6-3, Fr.) G — DeAndre Kane (6-4, Sr.)

Tipoff: 8 p.m., today, Hilton Coliseum. TV: ESPN (WOW! Cable channels 33, 233)

Rosters KANSAS 0 — Frank Mason, 5-11, 175, Fr., G, Petersburg, Va. 1 — Wayne Selden, 6-5, 230, Fr., G, Roxbury, Mass. 3 — Andrew White III, 6-6, 210, Soph., G, Richmond, Va. 4 — Justin Wesley, 6-9, 220, Sr., F, Fort Worth, Texas. 5 — Evan Manning, 6-3, 170, Soph., G, Lawrence. 10 — Naadir Tharpe, 5-11, 170, Jr., G, Worcester, Mass. 11 — Tyler Self, 6-2, 165, Soph., G, Lawrence. 14 — Brannen Greene, 6-7, 215, Fr., G, Juliette, Ga. 15 — Christian Garrett, 6-3, 185, Jr., G, Los Angeles. 20 — Niko Roberts, 5-11, 175, Sr., G, Huntington, N.Y. 21 — Joel Embiid, 7-0, 250, Fr., C, Cameroon. 22 — Andrew Wiggins, 6-8, 200, Fr., G, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. 23 — Conner Frankamp, 6-0, 165, Fr., G, Wichita. 25 — Tarik Black, 6-9, 260, Sr., F, Memphis. 31 — Jamari Traylor, 6-8, 220, Soph., F, Chicago. 33 — Landen Lucas, 6-10, 240, Fr., F, Portland. 34 — Perry Ellis, 6-8, 225, Soph., F, Wichita. 42 — Hunter Mickelson, 6-10, 245, Jr., F, Jonesboro, Ark. Head coach Bill Self. Assistants: Kurtis Townsend, Norm Roberts, Jerrance Howard.

IOWA STATE 2 — Abdel Nader, 6-6, 225, Jr., F, Skokie, Ill. 3 — Melvin Ejim, 6-6, 220, Sr., F, Toronto. 4 — Sherron Dorsey-Walker, 6-4, 200, Fr., G, Detroit. 11 — Monté Morris, 6-2, 170, Fr., G, Flint, Mich. 12 — Kourtlin Jackson, 6-3, 185, Soph., G, Des Moines, Iowa. 13 — Jameel McKay, 6-8, 210, Jr., F, Milwaukee. 15 — Naz Long, 6-4, 205, Soph., G, Mississauga, Ontario. 21 — Matt Thomas, 6-3, 200, Fr., G, Onalaska, Wis. 22 — Dustin Hogue, 6-6, 215, Jr., F, Yonkers, N.Y. 24 — Percy Gibson, 6-9, 255, Jr., C, Detroit. 31 — Georges Niang, 6-7, 240, Soph., F Methuen, Mass. 33 — Tyler Ellerman, 6-8, 240, Sr., F, Dallas Center, Iowa. 42 — Daniel Edozie, 6-8, 245, Jr., F, Compton, Calif. 50 — DeAndre Kane, 6-4, 200, Sr., G, Pittsburgh, Pa. Head coach: Fred Hoiberg. Assistants: Matt Abdelmassih, Cornell Mann, Doc Sadler.

a word in,” Self said, smiling, when asked about Weatherwax by a media member. “This will probably be as good an environment as we play in all year long. Last year we beat them three times. Two of them we actually basically lost the game and somehow won it on the scoreboard, on freaky, fluky plays. They’ll be hungry for us. They lost a tough one today to Oklahoma (87-82 on Saturday). They know how important this game is to them just like it is to us. I’d think it will be the most emotional game we played in so far this year.” ISU senior point guard DeAndre Kane (16.5 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 6.1 apg) suffered a severe ankle sprain late in Saturday’s OU game and

is listed as a game-time decision tonight. Senior forward Melvin Ejim averages a teamleading 18.0 ppg and 7.2 boards. Niang contributes 15.3 ppg, 4.1 rpg, while junior forward Dustin Hogue averages 12.3 ppg and 9.3 boards. “They are terrific,” Self said. “Kane’s great. Niang is probably as tough a matchup as there is in our league. Ejim could be first-team all-leaguer. Fred (Hoiberg, coach) does an unbelievable job of exposing mismatches, a lot of NBA-type thinking and stuff. They are good, and they are better defensively. They are very deserving of where they are in the rankings (No. 9).” Hoiberg returned the

sophomore and a junior stacks up defensively with last year’s Jayhawks, who started four seniors and a freshman. “They’re good, there’s no doubt, but they’re nowhere near defensively what they were a year ago,” Weber said. “Those guys were so good defensively. So old, mature physically. We put sets in that they had never seen, and they would take them away.” An argument could be made that Ben

McLemore was the only starter last season who was better on offense than defense. Conversely, it could be said Andrew Wiggins is the only current starter who has been better on defense than offense. Considering Wiggins leads the team in scoring and erupted with 17 secondhalf points Saturday, even that’s debatable. The two charges reserve center Tarik Black drew Saturday were the

the team. No more working with the scout team while the regulars practice. No more deferring to other on-the-field leaders when something needs to be said. Harwell has free rein to be involved in all of that now, and Weis believes the 6-foot1, 193-pound wideout who never caught fewer than 62 passes during his three seasons at Miaim (Ohio) is more than ready. A year ago, KU Harwell had automatic leadership waiting in the wings in the form of quarterback Jake Heaps, a BYU transfer, who, like Harwell in 2013, had to

sit out the 2012 season. Heaps’ leadership role came easily because of his position, but Weis believes Harwell can have the same impact. “When you have a guy like that, it brings everyone’s game up,” Weis said. “When he’s down on the show-team field, it’s a different type of deal. Like when we go one-on-one last year against the secondary, we would always keep Harwell out for oneon-one. He was clearly our best guy. It wasn’t close for second. They’d all see that. He’s one of them now. ... I’m really looking forward to Harwell.” As was the case last spring when Weis first recruited Harwell, a fifthyear senior with one year of eligibility remaining, the third-year KU coach believes the three-time

Monday, January 13, 2014

| 3B

compliments No. 18-rated KU’s way. “They were impressive against Kansas State (8660 victory on Saturday). They just absolutely ran away with it,” Hoiberg said. “Physical, hitting shots … they are playing with a ton of confidence. It makes them a very dangerous team when facing anybody. They are playing as well as any team in the country right now. We’ll have to be at our very best to have a chance to win.” l

Jay LaPrete/AP Photo

Niang on KU’s Andrew IOWA’S AARON WHITE, LEFT, AND OHIO STATE’S Wiggins: “He can jump LENZELLE SMITH chase a possession during Iowa’s out the atmosphere. He’s 84-74 victory on Sunday in Columbus, Ohio. a great player. Everybody kind of knows about him with all the publicity he TOP 25 ROUNDUP gets. He had a real good game, 22 points (against KSU). We kind of all are doing our personal homework on him. He has an all-around game, very aggressive, very athletic. We have to keep him off the glass, just doing what we’ve been doing.” l

KU’s Tarik Black on the matchup: “I watched the Baylor game and they looked really good. They have a lot of talent. They are going to be putting up shots. We are going to have to get out and defend the three-point line. If we can keep our field goal percentage defense down we’ll have a good game.”

Ohio State tumbles again

The Associated Press

AIR FORCE (8-7) Olesinski 3-6 2-4 8, Hammonds 2-4 0-0 4, Williams 6-12 0-0 13, Coggins 11-18 2-2 29, Yon 4-8 3-3 12, Kocur 0-0 0-0 0, Earls 2-6 2-4 6, Kammerer 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 28-54 9-13 72. Halftime-San Diego St. 31-27. 3-Point Goals-San Diego St. 7-14 (Shrigley 3-6, Thames 2-3, O’Brien 1-1, Quinn 1-3, Polee II 0-1), Air Force 7-20 (Coggins 5-10, Williams 1-4, Yon 1-4, Earls 0-1, Olesinski 0-1). Fouled Out-Polee II. Rebounds-San Diego St. 39 (Davis, O’Brien 11), Air Force 30 (Olesinski 7). Assists-San Diego St. 11 (Thames 5), Air Force 10 (Olesinski 3). Total FoulsSan Diego St. 16, Air Force 20. A-2,152.

No. 20 Iowa 84, No. 3 Ohio State 74 Columbus, Ohio — Roy Devin Marble scored 22 points, Aaron White added 19, and Iowa ended the game on a 22-9 run Sunday to hand Ohio State its second loss of the week. Melsahn Besabe had 11 points and 10 rebounds l for the Hawkeyes (14-3, Washington 71, Naadir Tharpe on the 3-1 Big Ten), who ended No. 15 Colorado 54 atmosphere tonight: “I Seattle — C.J. Wilcox a string of eight straight hope not as hostile as set career highs with sevlosses to the Buckeyes. last year. It got a little en three-pointers and 31 too out of control. Going IOWA (14-3) Basabe 4-5 3-4 11, Marble 7-13 8-11 points, including 21 in the out there and playing and 22, Gesell 3-7 4-4 11, White 8-12 2-2 19, second half, for Washingcompeting will be fun. It Woodbury 0-2 2-2 2, Olaseni 0-1 1-2 1, Oglesby 3-6 0-0 8, Clemmons 0-0 0-0 ton. will be us against them 0, McCabe 0-8 0-0 0, Uthoff 4-7 1-1 10. Colorado (14-3, 3-1) and the fans. We’ve got to Totals 29-61 21-26 84. never recovered after OHIO ST. (15-2) make sure we have a tight Scott 1-5 0-0 2, Craft 2-5 1-3 6, Ross leading scorer Spencer huddle. It’s going to be a 7-16 5-6 22, A. Williams 4-7 3-4 11, Smith Jr. 3-7 3-3 10, Loving 2-3 2-3 7, Dinwiddie crumbled to fun game.” Thompson 3-8 2-3 8, Della Valle 2-4 the court late in the first l 0-0 5, McDonald 1-1 1-2 3. Totals 25-56 half after his left knee Stats, facts: KU leads 17-24 74. Halftime-Iowa 37-35. 3-Point Goals- buckled while dribbling the all-time series, 173- Iowa 5-17 (Oglesby 2-4, Uthoff 1-1, on a fast break. Dinwid59, dating to 1908. KU White 1-1, Gesell 1-4, Marble 0-2, 0-5), Ohio St. 7-21 (Ross 3-8, die had to be helped to has won 16 of the past 17 McCabe Craft 1-1, Loving 1-1, Della Valle 1-2, the locker room by teammeetings. ISU’s last win Smith Jr. 1-4, Thompson 0-2, Scott Fouled Out-Craft. Rebounds- mates and did not return. was 72-64 on Jan. 28, 2012, 0-3). Iowa 40 (Basabe 10), Ohio St. 31 (Ross in Hilton. ... KU is 23-19 7). Assists-Iowa 14 (Gesell, Marble, COLORADO (14-3) Booker 0-9 0-0 0, Gordon 5-7 1-2 11, in Hilton. ... Self is 19-3 McCabe 3), Ohio St. 15 (Craft 6). Total Johnson 3-6 1-2 8, Dinwiddie 2-4 3-3 7, Scott 4-9 7-7 15, Talton 0-5 0-0 0, all-time versus ISU, 18-3 Fouls-Iowa 18, Ohio St. 22. A-18,809. Stalzer 1-3 0-0 2, Fletcher 1-3 2-2 4, while at KU. Hoiberg is Thomas 0-1 0-2 0, Hopkins 3-8 1-2 7. 1-5 all-time against KU.... No. 1 Arizona 73, Totals 19-55 15-20 54. (11-6) Hoiberg averaged 17.4 Southern California 53 WASHINGTON Blackwell 1-11 0-0 2, Williams-Goss Los Angeles — Bran- 6-8 0-0 12, Anderson 0-0 3-4 3, Andrews points and 6.1 rebounds in nine games vs. KU in don Ashley and T.J. Mc- 4-13 4-4 14, Wilcox 12-18 0-0 31, Johnson 1-2 3-4 5, Simmons 1-2 0-0 2, Kemp, Jr. his Cyclone career (1992- Connell each scored a 1-1 0-0 2. Totals 26-55 10-12 71. Halftime-Colorado 29-26. 3-Point 95), going 4-5 overall. ... season-high 19 points. Goals-Colorado 1-12 (Johnson 1-2, Hoiberg scored 32 points ARIZONA (17-0) Dinwiddie 0-1, Stalzer 0-1, Hopkins (17 straight in the second Gordon 4-11 4-6 12, Ashley 7-10 5-8 19, 0-2, Talton 0-2, Fletcher 0-2, Booker 1-1 0-0 2, McConnell 7-12 0-2), Washington 9-20 (Wilcox 7-12, half) in a 69-65 win over Tarczewski 0-0 19, N. Johnson 6-13 0-0 15, York 0-4 Andrews 2-5, Simmons 0-1, WilliamsKU on Jan. 14, 1995, in 2-2 2, Mayes 0-0 0-0 0, Hollis-Jefferson Goss 0-2). Fouled Out-None. ReboundsColorado 38 (Gordon 13), Washington Ames. Hoiberg hit six of 2-7 0-0 4. Totals 27-58 11-16 73. 30 (Anderson 10). Assists-Colorado 6 CAL (9-7) 12 threes that day. ... KU SOUTHERN Jovanovic 4-8 0-0 8, Oraby 1-4 0-1 (Booker, Dinwiddie, Hopkins, Johnson, Stalzer, Talton 1), Washington 10 2, Howard 2-7 0-0 4, Jacobs 4-7 0-0 9, is 49-16 all-time on ES7-14 4-4 18, Dukes 0-0 0-0 0, (Blackwell 3). Total Fouls-Colorado 15, PN’s Big Monday (27-1 at Wesley Gavrilovic 3-7 3-3 10, Terrell 1-5 0-0 2, Washington 18. A-6,742. home, 22-15 on the road), Haley 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 22-52 7-8 53. Halftime-Arizona 34-31. 3-Point including 30-8 under Self. Goals-Arizona 8-20 (McConnell Stanford 82, No. 17 5-7, N. Johnson 3-7, Hollis-Jefferson 0-1, Ashley 0-1, Gordon 0-1, York Oregon 80 0-3), Southern Cal 2-10 (Jacobs 1-2, Eugene, Ore. — An1-3, Jovanovic 0-1, Terrell thony Brown scored a team’s first of the season, Gavrilovic 0-1, Wesley 0-1, Howard 0-2). Fouled 24 points, partly a function of the Out-None. Rebounds-Arizona 30 career-high 8), Southern Cal 30 (Wesley and Stanford held on to change in the way block- (Gordon 6). Assists-Arizona 17 (McConnell 6), charge has been called Southern Cal 13 (Howard 5). Total send Oregon to its third Fouls-Arizona 14, Southern Cal 17. straight loss. this season — almost A-8,347. always a block — but STANFORD (10-5) also a hint at a need for a Huestis 0-7 1-2 1, Powell 5-9 4-6 14, Nastic 1-3 2-2 4, Randle 8-14 5-9 23, No. 12 Louisville 71, tougher edge. Brown 10-12 3-4 24, Mal. Allen 0-0 0-0 SMU 63 With our without 0, Lemons 2-5 1-2 5, Mar. Allen 1-3 0-0 Louisville, Ky. — Luke 2, Verhoeven 0-0 0-0 0, Gage 3-4 0-0 9. second-leading scorer De30-57 16-25 82. Hancock had a career- Totals Andre Kane, Iowa State, OREGON (13-3) Moser 8-14 4-4 24, Austin 0-1 0-0 0, ranked sixth in the nation high 23 points, including 1-7 2-2 5, Loyd 3-6 0-0 8, Dotson with 86.7 points per game, two free throws with 46 Young 4-6 0-0 10, Artis 1-3 2-2 5, Calliste 3-4 represents a monumental seconds remaining, for 4-5 12, Amardi 3-4 3-4 9, Cook 1-1 1-3 3, 0-0 4-6 4. Totals 24-46 20-26 80. Louisville in a meeting of Carter challenge for the young Halftime-Stanford 41-37. 3-Point Hall of Fame coaches. KU defenders tonight in Goals-Stanford 6-14 (Gage 3-4, Randle 2-4, Brown 1-2, Powell 0-1, Lemons Hilton Coliseum. SMU (11-4) 0-3), Oregon 12-22 (Moser 4-7, Loyd all-conference receiver immediately will upgrade KU’s receiving corps. “The outside guy opposite of Harwell (is yet) to be determined,” said Weis, suggesting that plenty of playing time was available for playmakers. “It could be (a juco recruit). It also could be guys that are sitting right here that just play a hell of a lot better.” Names on that list include seniors-to-be Justin McCay (9 receptions for 84 yards and 1 touchdown), Rodriguez Coleman (8, 208, 1) and Andrew Turzilli (7, 167, 1), junior-to-be Tre’ Parmalee (9, 74, 0) and newcomers Mark Thomas (2013 redshirt) and Ishmael Hyman (2013 red-shirt), along with Class of 2014 commitments Bobby Hartzog and Tyler Patrick.

Williams 4-5 2-2 10, Kennedy 5-12 2-3 12, Brown 1-8 1-5 3, N. Moore 2-8 1-3 5, Russell 3-8 1-2 9, Manuel 2-8 3-5 7, Frazier 0-5 0-0 0, Head 0-1 0-0 0, Cunningham 4-5 0-0 8, B. Moore 3-5 3-5 9. Totals 24-65 13-25 63. LOUISVILLE (14-3) Blackshear 1-3 0-1 3, Harrell 5-8 2-7 12, Smith 7-16 6-7 23, Jones 1-2 0-0 2, Hancock 8-15 3-4 23, Rozier 3-7 0-2 8, Mathiang 0-0 0-0 0, Henderson 0-2 0-0 0. Totals 25-53 11-21 71. Halftime-Louisville 37-25. 3-Point Goals-SMU 2-11 (Russell 2-2, Kennedy 0-1, Cunningham 0-1, Brown 0-1, Frazier 0-2, N. Moore 0-4), Louisville 10-23 (Hancock 4-9, Smith 3-5, Rozier 2-3, Blackshear 1-3, Jones 0-1, Henderson 0-2). Fouled OutBlackshear, Kennedy. Rebounds-SMU 48 (Kennedy 8), Louisville 35 (Harrell 13). Assists-SMU 12 (N. Moore 4), Louisville 16 (Smith 7). Total FoulsSMU 24, Louisville 21. A-21,237.

No. 13 San Diego St. 79, Air Force 72 Air Force Academy, Colo. — JJ O’Brien had 18 points and 11 rebounds as San Diego State extended its winning streak to 13 games. SAN DIEGO ST. (14-1) Spencer 0-1 0-2 0, Shepard 6-12 2-6 14, O’Brien 5-8 7-8 18, Davis 5-9 3-8 13, Thames 5-11 4-4 16, Allen 0-1 0-0 0, Polee II 0-4 2-2 2, Quinn 1-3 0-0 3, Williams 0-2 0-0 0, Shrigley 5-10 0-0 13. Totals 27-61 18-30 79.

2-2, Dotson 2-3, Calliste 2-3, Artis 1-2, Young 1-5). Fouled Out-Nastic. Rebounds-Stanford 32 (Huestis 7), Oregon 26 (Moser 6). Assists-Stanford 16 (Powell 6), Oregon 18 (Loyd 6). Total Fouls-Stanford 19, Oregon 21. A-8,852.

Northwestern 49, No. 23 Illinois 43 Evanston, Ill. — Tre Demps scored 11 points and made three late threepointers to lead Northwestern to the upset of in-state rival Illinois. ILLINOIS (13-4) Ekey 2-11 0-0 5, Egwu 3-7 0-0 6, Abrams 6-15 0-0 13, Bertrand 2-10 0-2 4, Rice 2-11 3-4 8, Tate 0-0 0-0 0, Hill 0-1 0-0 0, Morgan 1-2 0-0 2, Nunn 2-7 0-0 5. Totals 18-64 3-6 43. NORTHWESTERN (8-9) Crawford 2-8 7-10 13, Abrahamson 0-3 1-2 1, Lumpkin 1-4 2-2 4, Olah 4-10 0-3 9, Cobb 5-7 0-0 11, Demps 4-11 0-0 11, Montgomery III 0-0 0-0 0, Taphorn 0-0 0-0 0, Cerina 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 16-43 10-17 49. Halftime-Northwestern 22-15. 3-Point Goals-Illinois 4-19 (Abrams 1-2, Nunn 1-3, Rice 1-4, Ekey 1-6, Hill 0-1, Bertrand 0-3), Northwestern 7-21 (Demps 3-6, Crawford 2-6, Cobb 1-2, Olah 1-3, Lumpkin 0-2, Abrahamson 0-2). Rebounds-Illinois 40 (Ekey 9), Northwestern 36 (Crawford, Demps 8). Assists-Illinois 11 (Abrams 5), Northwestern 13 (Demps 5). Total Fouls-Illinois 16, Northwestern 13. A-8,117.



Monday, January 13, 2014



Broncos, 49ers advance The Associated Press

Broncos 24, Chargers 17 Denver — Peyton Manning took a knee again, just as he had at the end of regulation exactly a year earlier. Only this time, he trotted off to cheers, highfives and smiles. Manning welcomed Wes Welker back into the lineup with a touchdown toss Sunday, and the Denver Broncos narrowly avoided a repeat of their playoff slip from last year, advancing to the AFC championship game with a narrow victory over San Diego. The Broncos (14-3) took a 17-0 lead into the fourth quarter before Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers capitalized on an injury to cornerback Chris Harris Jr. to stage a comeback reminiscent of Baltimore’s shocking win 38-35 win in double overtime at Denver. On that night, Jacoby Jones hauled in a 70-yard pass from Joe Flacco to tie it and Denver coach John Fox had Manning take a knee so the Broncos could regroup in overtime. This time, Manning rescued the Broncos from the brink of another crushing collapse and sent them into the title game for the first time in eight seasons. They’ll host the New England Patriots (13-4) on Sunday. Get ready for Brady vs. Manning once more. In the most recent matchup of QBs with Hall of Fame credentials, Tom Brady and the Patriots rallied past Manning and the visiting Broncos 34-31 in overtime on Nov. 24. “That’s two of the greats,” Eric Decker said. “It’s going to be talked about a lot throughout the week.”

Joe Mahoney/AP Photo

DENVER RUNNING BACK MONTEE BALL (28) IS TACKLED by San Diego inside linebacker Donald Butler in the second quarter of the Broncos’ 24-17 victory Sunday in Denver. “It’s the Broncos versus the Patriots and certainly Tom and I have played against each other a lot,” Manning said. “But when you get to the AFC championship, it’s about two good teams that have been through a lot to get there.” The Chargers regretted not trying another onside kick after Manning converted a 20-yard pass to Julius Thomas on third-and-17 from his 20yard line, the first of three third-down conversions on Denver’s final possession. San Diego 0 0 0 17—17 Denver 7 7 3 7—24 First Quarter Den-D.Thomas 2 pass from Manning (Prater kick), 2:25. Second Quarter Den-Welker 3 pass from Manning (Prater kick), 6:00. Third Quarter Den-FG Prater 45, 9:35. Fourth Quarter SD-Allen 16 pass from Rivers (Novak kick), 12:59. Den-Moreno 3 run (Prater kick), 8:12. SD-Allen 16 pass from Rivers (Novak kick), 5:43. SD-FG Novak 30, 3:53. A-76,969. Den SD First downs 13 26 Total Net Yards 259 363 Rushes-yards 18-65 34-133 Passing 194 230 Punt Returns 0-0 3-66 Kickoff Returns 0-0 3-77 Interceptions Ret. 1-0 0-0 Comp-Att-Int 18-27-0 25-36-1 Sacked-Yards Lost 4-23 0-0 Punts 4-51.8 0-0.0 Fumbles-Lost 0-0 1-1 Penalties-Yards 8-63 6-50 Time of Possession 24:33 35:27

INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-San Diego, Woodhead 9-29, Mathews 5-26, Rivers 3-10, R.Brown 1-0. Denver, Moreno 23-82, Ball 10-52, Manning 1-(minus 1). PASSING-San Diego, Rivers 18-27-0217. Denver, Manning 25-36-1-230. RECEIVING-San Diego, Allen 6-142, R.Brown 4-18, Woodhead 3-10, Gates 2-10, Green 2-7, Royal 1-30. Denver, D.Thomas 8-54, J.Thomas 6-76, Welker 6-38, Decker 2-32, Caldwell 1-15, Moreno 1-12, Green 1-3. MISSED FIELD GOALS-San Diego, Novak 53 (WL). Denver, Prater 47 (WL).

49ers 23, Panthers 10 Charlotte, N.C. — Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers are headed to the NFC championship game once again — to face a familiar opponent in a place where they’ve struggled. Kaepernick threw one touchdown pass and ran for another score as the 49ers shut down Cam Newton and defeated Carolina to advance to the NFC title game for the third straight season. Kaepernick completed 15 of 28 passes for 196 yards, avenging his worst statistical performance of the season two months ago against the Panthers. Anquan Boldin had eight catches for 136 yards and Frank Gore ran for 84 yards on 17 carries for the 49ers (14-4), who’ll travel to Seattle next Sunday looking for a return trip to the Super Bowl. San Francisco split two

San Francisco 6 7 7 3—23 Carolina 0 10 0 0—10 First Quarter SF-FG Dawson 49, 9:12. SF-FG Dawson 33, 4:33. Second Quarter Car-S.Smith 31 pass from Newton (Gano kick), 13:40. Car-FG Gano 24, 3:41. SF-V.Davis 1 pass from Kaepernick (Dawson kick), :05. Third Quarter SF-Kaepernick 4 run (Dawson kick), 8:53. Fourth Quarter SF-FG Dawson 34, 7:35. A-73,784. Car SF First downs 21 18 Total Net Yards 315 325 Rushes-yards 34-126 24-93 Passing 189 232 Punt Returns 0-0 2-27 Kickoff Returns 0-0 4-78 Interceptions Ret. 2-17 0-0 Comp-Att-Int 15-30-0 16-25-2 Sacked-Yards Lost 1-7 5-35 Punts 2-47.5 2-42.0 Fumbles-Lost 1-0 0-0 Penalties-Yards 5-40 8-73 Time of Possession 29:55 30:05 INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING-San Francisco, Gore 17-84, Hunter 9-27, Kaepernick 8-15. Carolina, Newton 10-54, Tolbert 8-20, D.Williams 5-13, LaFell 1-6. PASSING-San Francisco, Kaepernick 15-28-0-196, Boldin 0-1-0-0, Lee 0-1-0-0. Carolina, Newton 16-25-2-267. RECEIVING-San Francisco, Boldin 8-136, Crabtree 3-26, Patton 1-23, Gore 1-8, Tukuafu 1-2, V.Davis 1-1. Carolina, Ginn Jr. 4-104, S.Smith 4-74, Olsen 4-55, LaFell 4-34.

Kings 124, Cavaliers 80 Sacramento, Calif. — Isaiah Thomas scored 26 points, and the Kings won their third straight game with this season’s biggest rout, a 124-80 victory over Cleveland on Sunday night. The Kings scored 16 straight points in the third quarter and led by 28 points heading into the fourth. The threegame winning streak is Sacramento’s first since December 2012. The 44-point victory margin was the largest in the NBA this season, according to STATS. C.J. Miles had 14 points and Luol Deng added 12 for the Cavaliers, who had won two straight. CLEVELAND (80) Deng 5-11 1-2 12, T.Thompson 2-5 2-2 6, Varejao 4-7 2-2 10, Irving 3-14 1-4 7, Miles 5-8 1-1 14, Waiters 1-7 1-2 4, Zeller 3-4 0-4 6, Jack 1-6 0-0 2, Clark 4-7 1-2 11, Dellavedova 0-1 0-0 0, Bennett 1-5 1-2 3, Gee 1-3 1-2 3, Karasev 1-2 0-0 2. Totals 31-80 11-23 80. SACRAMENTO (124) Gay 8-12 1-1 20, J.Thompson 4-11 0-0 8, Cousins 5-9 6-7 16, Thomas 7-15 10-11 26, Thornton 2-4 0-0 5, Acy 2-3 1-1 5, Williams 4-6 3-5 13, McLemore 2-7 4-4 9, Fredette 5-9 0-1 13, Outlaw 2-4 0-0 6, McCallum 1-1 0-0 3. Totals 42-81 25-30 124. Cleveland 32 18 11 19— 80 Sacramento 30 29 30 35—124 3-Point Goals-Cleveland 7-21 (Miles 3-3, Clark 2-3, Deng 1-3, Waiters 1-5, Karasev 0-1, Dellavedova 0-1, Jack 0-2, Irving 0-3), Sacramento 15-30 (Fredette 3-5, Gay 3-5, Williams 2-3, Outlaw 2-3, Thomas 2-7, McCallum 1-1, Thornton 1-3, McLemore 1-3). Fouled Out-None. Rebounds-Cleveland 46 (Varejao 7), Sacramento 59 (J.Thompson 16). Assists-Cleveland 23 (Varejao 6), Sacramento 21 (Thomas 6). Total Fouls-Cleveland 23, Sacramento 23. Technicals-Cleveland defensive three second. A-16,072 (17,317).

Ben McLemore, Sacramento Min: 26. Pts: 9. Reb: 1. Ast: 0.

Spurs 104, Timberwolves 86 San Antonio — Kawhi Leonard scored 13 of his 17 points in the second half, and San Antonio held off Minnesota for its fourth straight win. Tim Duncan had 15 points, and Tony Parker added 14 points and 10 assists for Western Conference-leading San Antonio. Matt Bonner also scored 14 points — including 4-for-5 shooting on three-pointers — and Marco Belinelli had 13 points. Patty Mills added 10. MINNESOTA (86) Brewer 1-5 0-0 2, Love 3-14 8-11 14, Pekovic 10-15 2-2 22, Rubio 3-8 0-0 7, Martin 2-12 2-2 6, Budinger 2-8 0-0 5, Shved 4-7 0-0 11, Turiaf 0-1 0-0 0, Barea 3-9 3-3 9, Cunningham 3-8 0-0 6, Mbah a Moute 0-3 0-0 0, Price 2-3 0-0 4, Dieng 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 33-93 15-18 86. SAN ANTONIO (104) Leonard 8-11 0-0 17, Duncan 5-9 5-6 15, Diaw 3-4 0-0 7, Parker 5-11 4-4 14, Green 0-1 0-0 0, Belinelli 5-8 2-4 13, Bonner 5-10 0-0 14, Ayres 4-7 0-0 8, Mills 4-6 0-0 10, Joseph 0-4 0-0 0, Baynes 1-1 0-0 2, De Colo 2-2 0-0 4. Totals 42-74 11-14 104. Minnesota 21 28 22 15— 86 San Antonio 28 24 29 23—104 3-Point Goals-Minnesota 5-17 (Shved 3-4, Budinger 1-2, Rubio 1-2, Brewer 0-1, Mbah a Moute 0-1, Love 0-2, Barea 0-2, Martin 0-3), San Antonio 9-13 (Bonner 4-5, Mills 2-3, Diaw 1-1, Leonard 1-1, Belinelli 1-3). Fouled OutNone. Rebounds-Minnesota 44 (Love 7), San Antonio 54 (Duncan 8). AssistsMinnesota 17 (Rubio 8), San Antonio 31 (Parker 10). Total Fouls-Minnesota 13, San Antonio 19. TechnicalsDuncan. A-18,098 (18,797).

Grizzlies 108, Hawks 101 Memphis, Tenn. — Mike Conley had 21 points and 13 assists, and Zach Randolph added 18 points and 12 rebounds to lead Memphis over Atlanta. Paul Millsap scored 21 points to lead the Hawks, who had won two straight. It was only the Hawks’ third loss to the Grizzlies in the past 15 games. Memphis pulled away in the fourth quarter behind Conley, who tied a career best with 31 points in a victory over the Phoenix Suns on Friday. Conley had eight points in the final quarter, including two free throws that gave the Grizzlies a 102-92 lead with 2:46 left. Mike Miller also had eight points in the fourth quarter for the Grizzlies, including two threepointers. He finished with 15 points. ATLANTA (101) Carroll 5-9 3-4 15, Millsap 7-14 6-8 21, Ayon 0-1 0-0 0, Teague 9-18 1-3 20, Korver 4-10 0-0 9, Scott 6-13 0-0 15, Brand 4-4 0-0 8, Williams 0-6 4-6 4, Mack 3-5 2-3 9. Totals 38-80 16-24 101. MEMPHIS (108) Prince 5-11 0-0 11, Randolph 5-10 8-9 18, Koufos 5-6 1-2 11, Conley 7-15 7-7 21, Lee 7-12 0-0 15, Davis 3-6 0-2 6, Calathes 1-2 0-0 2, Miller 6-8 0-0 15, Johnson 3-7 0-0 7, Leuer 1-6 0-0 2. Totals 43-83 16-20 108. Atlanta 18 23 31 29—101 Memphis 21 27 29 31—108 3-Point Goals-Atlanta 9-27 (Scott 3-8, Carroll 2-5, Korver 1-2, Millsap 1-3, Mack 1-3, Teague 1-3, Williams 0-3), Memphis 6-15 (Miller 3-5, Prince 1-1, Lee 1-3, Johnson 1-3, Conley 0-1, Leuer 0-2). Fouled Out-None. ReboundsAtlanta 48 (Korver, Ayon 7), Memphis 46 (Randolph 12). Assists-Atlanta 25 (Millsap 6), Memphis 26 (Conley 13). Total Fouls-Atlanta 16, Memphis 17. A-16,841 (18,119).

College Men

EAST Florida State 85, Maryland 61

Exhibition Oct. 29 — Pittsburg State, W 97-57 Nov. 5 — Fort Hays State, W 92-75 Regular Season Nov. 8 — Louisiana Monroe, W 80-63 (1-0) Nov. 12 — Duke in Chicago in Champions Classic, W 94-83 (2-0) Nov. 19 — Iona, W 86-66 (3-0) Nov. 22 — Towson in Battle 4 Atlantis, W 88-58 (4-0) Nov. 28 — Wake Forest in Paradise Island, Bahamas, in Battle 4 Atlantis, W 87-78 (5-0) Nov. 29 — Villanova in Paradise Island, Bahamas, in Battle 4 Atlantis, L 59-63 (5-1) Nov. 30 — UTEP in Paradise Island, Bahamas, in Battle 4 Atlantis, W 67-63 (6-1) Dec. 7 — at Colorado, L 72-75 (6-2) Dec. 10 — at Florida, L 61-67 (6-3) Dec. 14 — New Mexico in Kansas City, Mo., W 80-63 (7-3) Dec. 21 — Georgetown, W 86-64 (8-3) Dec. 30 — Toledo, W 93-83 (9-3) Jan. 5 — San Diego State, L 57-61 (9-4) Jan. 8 — at Oklahoma, W 90-83 (104, 1-0) Jan. 11 — Kansas State, W 86-60 (11-4, 2-0) Today — at Iowa State, 8 p.m. Jan. 18 — Oklahoma State, 3 p.m. Jan. 20 — Baylor, 8 p.m. Jan. 25 — at TCU, 8 p.m. Jan. 29 —Iowa State, 8 p.m. Feb. 1 — at Texas, 3 p.m. Feb. 4 — at Baylor, 6 p.m. Feb. 8 — West Virginia, 3 p.m. Feb. 10 — at Kansas State, 8 p.m. Feb. 15 — TCU, 3 p.m. Feb. 18 — at Texas Tech, 7 p.m. Feb. 22 — Texas, 6:30 p.m. Feb. 24 — Oklahoma, 8 p.m. March 1 — at Oklahoma St., 8 p.m. March 5 — Texas Tech, 7 p.m. March 8 — at West Virginia, 11 a.m. Big 12 tournament March 12-15 at Kansas City, Mo.

College Women


How former Jayhawks fared

SCOREBOARD Dec. 29 — Yale, W 79-63 (7-5) Jan. 2 — West Virginia, L 55-65 (7-6, 0-1) Jan. 5 — at Baylor, L 55-75 (7-7, 0-2) Jan. 8 — at TCU, L 50-52 (7-8, 0-3) Jan. 11 — Texas Tech, W 67-46 (8-8, 1-3) Jan. 15 — at Texas, 7 p.m. Jan. 19 — Baylor, 2 p.m. Jan. 22 — Oklahoma State, 7 p.m. Jan. 25 — at Kansas State, 1 p.m. Jan. 28 — Texas, 7 p.m. Feb. 1 — at Texas Tech, 4 p.m. Feb. 5 — at Oklahoma State, 7 p.m. Feb. 9 — Oklahoma, 2 p.m. Feb. 12 — TCU, 7 p.m. Feb. 15 — at Iowa State, 6 p.m. Feb. 22 — at Oklahoma, 7 p.m. Feb. 26 — Kansas State, 7 p.m. March 1 — Iowa State, 7 p.m. March 4 — at West Virginia, 6 p.m. Big 12 tournament March 7-10 at Oklahoma City

games with the Seahawks Iona 87, Siena 78 La Salle 75, Duquesne 56 this season. The 49ers SOUTH lost 29-3 at Seattle in SepLouisville 71, SMU 63 tember and were beaten MIDWEST Akron 83, Ohio 80, 2OT 42-13 at CenturyLink Creighton 95, Xavier 89 Green Bay 93, Milwaukee 86, OT Field in December 2012. Iowa 84, Ohio St. 74 The 49ers held NewN. Illinois 45, Bowling Green 36 Northwestern 49, Illinois 43 ton in check, interceptPurdue 70, Nebraska 64 ing him twice and sackWright St. 58, Ill.-Chicago 53 ing him five times while SOUTHWEST Tulsa 75, Southern Miss. 71 stopping the Panthers FAR WEST (12-5) twice on the 1-yard Arizona 73, USC 53 San Diego St. 79, Air Force 72 line in the first half. It was Stanford 82, Oregon 80 a rough playoff debut for Washington 71, Colorado 54 Washington St. 49, Utah 46 the former Heisman TroHigh School phy winner. Saturday at Maize 12 Men Linebacker Ahmad Big Team scores: Emporia 233, Maize Conf. Overall 197.5, Maize South 197, Dodge City W L W L Brooks stopped Newton 167.5, Shawnee Heights 155.5, 2 0 11 4 on a fourth-down sneak Kansas Andale 129, Pratt 117.5, Liberal Iowa State 2 1 14 1 early in the second. Later, Oklahoma State 2 1 14 2 112.5, Lawrence 108, McPherson 74, Goddard Eisenhower 22 Oklahoma 2 1 13 3 Brooks vaulted over the Kansas State LHS results: 120 Jhon Jacobs 8th, 132 2 1 12 4 line and past Newton — he West Virginia Garrett Girard 6th, 145 Tucker Wilson 2 1 10 6 6th, 152 Cy Burghart 5th, 170 Ryan 1 1 13 2 was called for offsides, but Baylor Bellinger 3rd, 182 Alan Clothier 1st, 195 Texas 1 2 12 4 the 49ers showed the Pan- Texas Tech Malik Davis 4th, 285 Alex Jones 2nd. 0 3 8 8 Saturday at Shawnee Mission South TCU 0 3 9 6 thers it wouldn’t be easy. LHS results: 145 Santino Gee 8th, Games Kaepernick was held Today’s 160 Jeff Wescoat 6th, 182 Hayden Texas at West Virginia, 6 p.m. Huseman 8th, and Johnny Drake 7th. to 91 yards passing and 16 Kansas at Iowa State, 8 p.m. Next for LHS: Saturday and Sunday Jan. 14 yards rushing in the first Tuesday, at Newton and Shawnee Mission Oklahoma at Kansas State, 6 p.m. meeting with Carolina, a Wednesday, Jan. 15 Northwest. TCU at Oklahoma State, 7 p.m. 10-9 loss at Candlestick Baylor at Texas Tech, 8 p.m. Park. Saturday, Jan. 18 West Virginia at Kansas State, 12:30 San Francisco led 13-10 at the half, and Kaepernick p.m. Volvo Champions Oklahoma at Baylor, 1 p.m. Sunday Iowa State at Texas, 3 p.m. scored midway through At Durban Country Club Oklahoma State at Kansas, 3 p.m. in the third quarter on a Durban, South Africa Texas Tech at TCU, 5 p.m. Yardage: 6,686; Par: 72 4-yard touchdown run off Final a read option. Louis Oosthuizen 68-69-71-68—276 Kansas Men

NBA The Associated Press

L awrence J ournal -W orld

STANDINGS EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division W L Pct GB Toronto 18 17 .514 — Brooklyn 15 22 .405 4 New York 14 22 .389 4½ Boston 13 25 .342 6½ Philadelphia 12 25 .324 7 Southeast Division W L Pct GB Miami 27 10 .730 — Atlanta 20 18 .526 7½ Washington 16 19 .457 10 Charlotte 15 23 .395 12½ Orlando 10 27 .270 17 Central Division W L Pct GB Indiana 29 7 .806 — Chicago 17 18 .486 11½ Detroit 16 22 .421 14 Cleveland 13 24 .351 16½ Milwaukee 7 29 .194 22 WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest Division W L Pct GB San Antonio 29 8 .784 — Houston 24 14 .632 5½ Dallas 22 16 .579 7½ Memphis 17 19 .472 11½ New Orleans 15 21 .417 13½ Northwest Division W L Pct GB Portland 28 9 .757 — Oklahoma City 28 9 .757 — Denver 19 17 .528 8½ Minnesota 18 19 .486 10 Utah 12 26 .316 16½ Pacific Division W L Pct GB L.A. Clippers 26 13 .667 — Golden State 25 14 .641 1 Phoenix 21 15 .583 3½ L.A. Lakers 14 23 .378 11 Sacramento 13 22 .371 11 Saturday’s Games Houston 114, Washington 107 Toronto 96, Brooklyn 80 New York 102, Philadelphia 92 Detroit 110, Phoenix 108 Chicago 103, Charlotte 97 Oklahoma City 101, Milwaukee 85 Dallas 110, New Orleans 107 Denver 120, Orlando 94 Portland 112, Boston 104 Sunday’s Games Sacramento 124, Cleveland 80 Memphis 108, Atlanta 101 San Antonio 104, Minnesota 86 Today’s Games Milwaukee at Toronto, 6 p.m. Houston at Boston, 6:30 p.m. Phoenix at New York, 6:30 p.m. Washington at Chicago, 7 p.m. San Antonio at New Orleans, 7 p.m. Orlando at Dallas, 7:30 p.m. Denver at Utah, 8 p.m. Tuesday’s Games Sacramento at Indiana, 6 p.m. New York at Charlotte, 6 p.m. Oklahoma City at Memphis, 7 p.m. Cleveland at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m.

EAST Purdue 84, Penn St. 74 Syracuse 76, Georgia Tech 70 West Virginia 56, Texas 49, OT SOUTH Alabama 93, Mississippi 79 Clemson 77, Pittsburgh 67 Duke 78, Boston College 57 Kentucky 80, Missouri 69 LSU 82, Florida 68 Louisville 62, South Florida 54 Miami 64, Virginia Tech 62 NC State 62, Wake Forest 54 North Carolina 65, Florida St. 61 Notre Dame 79, Virginia 72 South Carolina 72, Auburn 66 Texas A&M 58, Georgia 44 VCU 73, Saint Joseph’s 69 Vanderbilt 74, Tennessee 63 MIDWEST Ball St. 55, Kent St. 31 Evansville 71, Drake 67 Indiana St. 47, Illinois St. 44 Iowa 82, Wisconsin 65 Loyola of Chicago 63, Missouri St. 61 Michigan St. 79, Michigan 72 Minnesota 94, Northwestern 59 N. Illinois 77, E. Michigan 54 N. Iowa 87, S. Illinois 53 Nebraska 75, Illinois 56 Ohio 70, W. Michigan 53 Toledo 68, Miami (Ohio) 52 Wichita St. 74, Bradley 72 SOUTHWEST Mississippi St. 54, Arkansas 50 FAR WEST Arizona St. 59, UCLA 57 California 68, Utah 59 Southern Cal 54, Arizona 45 Stanford 87, Colorado 77

Big 12 Women

Conf. Overall W L W L Baylor 4 0 14 1 Iowa State 3 1 14 1 Oklahoma State 3 1 14 1 West Virginia 3 1 14 2 Texas 2 2 11 5 TCU 2 2 11 5 Oklahoma 2 2 11 6 Kansas 1 3 8 8 Kansas State 0 4 6 9 Texas Tech 0 4 6 9 Sunday’s Game West Virginia 56, Texas 49, OT Today’s Game UConn at Baylor, 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14 Kansas State at Texas Tech, 7 p.m. TCU at Oklahoma State, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15 Kansas at Texas, 7 p.m. West Virginia at Iowa State, 7 p.m.

Kansas Women

Regular Season Nov. 10 — ORU, W 84-62 (1-0) Nov. 13 — SIU Edwardsville, W 72-56 (2-0) Nov. 17 — Creighton, W 74-66 (3-0) Nov. 20 — at Minnesota, L 59-70 (3-1) Nov. 28 — Central Michigan at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, W 68-63 (4-1) Nov. 29 — Xavier at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, L 59-64 (4-2) Nov. 30 — Duke at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, L 40-73 (4-3) Dec. 4 — Arkansas, L 53-64 (4-4) Dec. 12 — Texas Southern, W 10578 (5-4) Dec. 15 — Purdue, L 68-71 (5-5) Dec. 22 — Tulsa, W 82-78 (6-5)

Branden Grace Joost Luiten Tommy Fleetwood Raphael Jacquelin Victor Dubuisson Padraig Harrington Thomas Aiken Julien Quesne Matteo Manassero Brett Rumford

74-67-68-68—277 70-67-70-71—278 70-67-69-72—278 67-73-70-69—279 69-69-69-72—279 71-71-70-67—279 72-72-70-67—281 74-73-66-68—281 72-67-73-71—283 73-70-68-72—283

PGA-Sony Open

Sunday At Waialae Country Club Honolulu Yardage: 7,044; Par: 70 Final Jimmy Walker 66-67-67-63—263 Chris Kirk 64-69-65-66—264 Jerry Kelly 67-67-66-65—265 Harris English 66-66-67-67—266 Marc Leishman 67-64-71-65—267 Brian Stuard 65-65-71-67—268 Jeff Overton 68-68-65-68—269 Charles Howell III 71-67-66-66—270 Adam Scott 67-66-71-66—270 Matt Kuchar 68-68-68-66—270

Australian Open

Today At Melbourne Park Melbourne, Australia Men First Round Stanislas Wawrinka (8), Switzerland, def. Andrey Golubev, Kazakhstan, 6-4, 4-1, retired. Mikhail Youzhny (14), Russia, def. JanLennard Struff, Germany, 6-1, 6-4, 6-2. Ivan Dodig (32), Croatia, def. Ivo Karlovic, Croatia, 7-6 (8), 6-3, 7-6 (4). Sam Querrey, United States, def. Santiago Giraldo, Colombia, 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 7-6 (3). Damir Dzumhur, BosniaHerzegovina, def. Jan Hajek, Czech Republic, 6-4, 6-2, 6-1. Adrian Mannarino, France, def. Steve Johnson, United States, 3-6, 6-3, 6-0, 5-7, 6-4. Alejandro Falla, Colombia, def. Mikhail Kukushkin, Kazakhstan, 6-7 (2), 6-2, 6-2, 6-3. Florian Mayer, Germany, def. Denis Kudla, United States, 6-4, 6-2, 6-4. Jarkko Nieminen, Finland, def. Dudi Sela, Israel, 3-6, 7-6 (3), 6-7 (3), 6-3, 6-3. Women First Round Karolina Pliskova, Czech Republic, def. Pauline Parmentier, France, 6-0, 6-1. Kirsten Flipkens (18), Belgium, def. Laura Robson, Britain, 6-3, 6-0. Irina Falconi, United States, def. Anabel Medina Garrigues, Spain, 6-3, 6-1. Monica Puig, Puerto Rico, def. Anna Tatishvili, Georgia, 6-2, 6-4. Angelique Kerber (9), Germany, def. Jarmila Gajdosova, Australia, 6-3, 0-6, 6-2. Alla Kudryavtseva, Russia, def. Caroline Garcia, France, 6-2, 7-6 (7). Belinda Bencic, Switzerland, def. Kimiko Date-Krumm, Japan, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3. Casey Dellacqua, Australia, def. Vera Zvonareva, Russia, 6-2, 6-2. Ekaterina Makarova (22), Russia, def. Venus Williams, United States, 2-6, 6-4, 6-4. Daniela Hantuchova (31), Slovakia, def. Heather Watson, Britain, 7-5, 3-6, 6-3. Li Na (4), China, def. Ana Konjuh, Croatia, 6-2, 6-0. Flavia Pennetta (28), Italy, def. Alexandra Cadantu, Romania, 6-0, 6-2.


Sunday’s Games Buffalo 2, Washington 1, SO Toronto 3, New Jersey 2, SO N.Y. Islanders 4, Dallas 2 N.Y. Rangers 4, Philadelphia 1 Chicago 5, Edmonton 3 Minnesota 4, Nashville 0 Anaheim 1, Detroit 0

NFL Playoffs

Wild-card Playoffs Saturday, Jan. 4 Indianapolis 45, Kansas City 44 New Orleans 26, Philadelphia 24 Sunday, Jan. 5 San Diego 27, Cincinnati 10 San Francisco 23, Green Bay 20 Divisional Playoffs Saturday, Jan. 11 Seattle 23, New Orleans 15 New England 43, Indianpolis 22 Sunday, Jan. 12 San Francisco 23, Carolina 10 Denver 24, San Diego 17 Conference Championships Sunday, Jan. 19 New England vs. Denver, 2 p.m. (CBS) San Francisco at Seattle, 5:30 p.m. (FOX) Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2 At East Rutherford, N.J.AFC champion vs. NFC champion, 5:30 p.m. (FOX)

Monday, January 13, 2014



Announcements North Lawrence Improvement Association Meeting Monday, November 13th, 7:00 pm at 615 Lincoln, Peace Mennonite Church. Guest Speaker: Lawrence Public Works to discuss new building pump at 6th and Maple and related drainage problems. Also, guest speaker will talk about grocery store to service North Lawrence. This is an important meeting. Please be there. All Welcome! Info: 785-842-7232 The Lawrence Baptist Temple located at 3201 W. 31st is offering a three year Bible course. This study is on Saturday night from 6-9 PM. If interested, please call 785-841-1756 or 785-218-9152 or come by for an application. This class will start on Jan. 18.

Customer Service

Lost Pet/Animal Lost: Female Toy Australian shepherd approximately 15lbs. She’s deaf with blue eyes and has a pink collar. She’s white with gray, black and brown markings. Contact - Carrie Roberts @ 318-564-8699

Auction Calendar PUBLIC AUCTION Sun. Jan. 19th, 9:30 A.M. Dg. Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper Bldg. 1 & 2, Lawrence, KS Seller: Larry & Barbara Swinson Auctioneers: Elston Auctions Home 785-594-0505 Cell 785-218-7851 “Serving Your Auction Needs Since 1994� Please visit us online at elston for pictures!!


The Results Companies is now hiring! Training starting in January. Full Time positions available starting at $9 per hour. Apply online at /Lawrence or walk in for an interview at One Riverfront Plaza Suite 101. Contact Holly Goodman 785-727-4609 for more details.

Executive Management President/CEO NonProfit HCCI (Housing & Credit Counseling Inc) is seeking a President/CEO that has passion for our mission and dedication to continue our efforts. The President/CEO must be successful in achieving HCCI’s mission through strategic planning, fundraising, staff management, public outreach, program coordination, financial goal achievement and innovative growth. To see the full job posting please go to: ob-listings/ Resumes may be sent to:

General 10 HARD WORKERS NEEDED NOW! Immediate Full Time Openings! 40 Hours a Week Guaranteed! Weekly Pay! $9/hour 785-841-0755


CHIEF FISCAL OFFICER -Controller/Treasurer-

New Year New Job with Kelly in 2014!!!

$69,696 - $87,658 DOQ For additional information including qualifications and employment application, please visit: HumanResources/ hr_info.shtml Must successfully complete a drug screen and background check. The City of Topeka is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Construction Heavy Equipment Operator Training! Bulldozers, Backhoes, Excavators. 3 Weeks Hands On Program. Local Job Placement Assistance. National Certifications. GI Bill Benefits Eligible. 1-866-362-6497


All packages include AT LEAST 7 days online with up to 4000 chracters.

Director, Communications & Media Relations GCSAA is seeking a dynamic and innovative Director of Communications & Media Relations to develop, direct and manage all external communications, public and media relations for the association. This position is responsible for the activities that enhance the awareness, understanding and value of the superintendent, golf course management profession, industry, game/ business of golf, GCSAA and the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG). Key duties also include producing executive communications, building and nurturing strong relationships with strategic media partners, serving as official spokesperson for GCSAA and representing GCSAA at various media and industry events. Extensive experience (10 years+) in leading communications, public and media relations functions is required; experience must demonstrate increasing levels of leadership and managerial responsibilities as well as leading a successful team. Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications, Public Relations, English or related field is required; a master’s degree is preferred. For a full listing of job responsibilities and qualifications, please visit our website and select “Work for GCSAA.� Please submit cover letter, resume, and salary history and requirements by February 3 to: GCSAA Attn: Human Resources – Director, Comm 1421 Research Park Drive, Lawrence, KS 66049 E-mail: GCSAA is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that values the impact of diversity upon its members, services and workplace. Need an apartment? Place your ad at or email Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority Initial Occupancy Specialist Work with households admitted to low-income housing programs, make housing offers, conduct information sessions, verify income & household composition, determine housing benefits, & prepare contracts. Must have 2+ years exp. in advanced clerical, accounting or bookkeeping, excellent computer skills; accuracy & attention to detail required. Must communicate effectively with low-income households & rental property owners. Previous assisted housing or rental property administrative experience a plus. Occasional evening hours. Job description at & 1600 Haskell, Lawrence. Submit Cover letter, resume & references to 1600 Haskell by 4 pm Jan. 13, 2014. EOE



Newspaper Delivery Route Drivers needed to deliver the Lawrence Journal-World in Lawrence.

Excellent pay, part-time job. All available routes are delivered 7 days per week, before 6AM. Valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, and a phone required. If you’d like to be considered, please email Mike Malloy at Please mention your name and phone number. Or, you may call 785-832-7263 NOW HIRING! 18-25 People Company-wide Expansion. Full Time All Departments Staffing this week. Positions will fill fast Don’t Wait! $1200-$2400/mo to start Weekly Pay! For Interview, Call 785-832-8924


Cooks & Back of House Staff! FT & PT, Benefits and Earned Vacation

Details • Monday through Thurs day, 10-hour shifts •Weekend 12 hour shifts available • Warehouse pick &pack & shipping positions • Lift up to 50lbs

All Electric 1, 2 & 3 BR units some with W/D Water & trash paid. Small pet, Income Restrictions Apply SIGN LEASE & MOVE IN BY FEB 1, 2014 & RECEIVE ONE FREE MONTH RENT!! 785-838-9559 EOH


• Mon - Sun 8 AM - 6:30 PM 10-29 hrs per week $7.80 - $9.22

ST, 1, 2 & 3 BRs Jan. & Aug., 2014 $250/person deposit

785-842-4200 VOTED

Part-time (Marketing Internship) Business Development Internship. 1st shift. Assist in day-to-day sales team support. Business, Marketing, Strategic Communications, Journalism or Communications major with sales/marketing classes preferred, Software knowledge: capable of using PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe, Internet. Currently attending an accredited college with Minimum GPA: 3.0

Maintenance Techs

(Experience with industrial maintenance, Basic Pneumatics, mechanical, electrical, And trouble shooting) TSL, TRIA, PTI, 480 Volt, 3phase DC voltage (Thermoform experience a plus).

Process Techs Troubleshooting equipment. Boosting run times. Performing minor repairs. Assisting in the overall maintenance of the thermoforming equipment. Have mechanical aptitude. Able to read blue prints and schematics. Good reading comprehension and math skills. Must provide own tools. • Full-time Positions • Excellent Benefits after 60 days Applications only accepted online at: • Select “Corporateâ€? • Then “Employmentâ€? • Then select job posting. Background check and drug test required. EOE

Part-Time Custodian The Lawrence Arts Center seeks a part time Custodian for the weekend shift. Hours vary. Prior experience preferred. Send resume by January 22, 2014 to 940 New Hampshire, Lawrence KS 66044 or:

No Rent until February! Chase Court Apartments


Apply in Person at: 1501 George Williams Way Lawrence, KS 66047


Garber Enterprises, Inc. Townhomes & Houses $800 to $1000


EXECUTIVE OFFICE West Lawrence Location $525/mo., Utilities included Call Donna • 785-841-6565

Houses 214 Summertree, 2BR, 2 full baths, Garage, Fenced yard, $800. Heritage Realty 785-841-1412 2BR, garage, fenced yard, pets allowed, $500/mo, Appliances available immediately. 12 cup auto coffee pot, Call 785-766-7589 Like new, $120 coffee pot, $25, pls call Lovely furnished 3BR, 3BA, asking 785-550-4142, 785-550-4142 close to KU & downtown, no pets, 785-764-9328 day, Clothing 785-843-0029 evening.


Lawrence 2BR, 2BA, Apartment, Tuckaway Apartments, Lawrence, 4 months left on lease; $725 mo. 913-387-7736

For Sale: Coffee Carafe, New, $10. Please call 785-550-4142.


Duplexes 2BR, in a 4-plex. New carpet, vinyl, cabinets, countertop. W/D is included. $550/mo. 785-865-2505

Townhomes Floating Teller I (Part-Time)

Sales-Marketing Full Time Leasing Associate for a Lawrence property management company. Must be organized, punctual, energetic, & willing to work until 6pm & on Sat if needed. Reliable transportation is required.

Tower Properties Now Leasing for January Tuckaway 856-0432 Hutton Farms 841-3339

FRYE BOOTS Vintage women’s will fit 8-81/2. Shaft 15� Tapered Heel 3 2BR Avail. Now!! 1st mo & deposit free for remain- 1/2� Tan, Very good cond. der of lease through July $80. 785-424-4315 2014! 816-529-4276 for info! The City of Tonganoxie is hiring a FT Administrative Assistant who has accounting & customer service responsibilities. 2 years of similar experience or a combination of education & experience is required. For more information & to apply visit or call 913-845-2620. Deadline is January 24th at 4 p.m.

Now Leasing for all of 2014!! 2, 3 and 4 bdrm units call/text 785-331-5360


Job Description & Online Application at KU Memorial Unions Human Resources Office 3rd Floor, Kansas Union 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045 EOE


Office Space



FIRST MONTH FREE! 2 Bedroom Units Available Now! Cooperative townhomes start at $437-$481/mnth. Water, trash, sewer paid. Back patio, CA, hardwood floors, full bsmnt., stove, refrig., w/d hookup, garbage disposal, reserved parking. On-site management & maintenance. 24 hr. emergency maintenance. Membership & Equity fee required. 785-842-2545 (Equal Housing Opportunity)

2BR, 2 bath, fireplace, CA, W/D hookups, 2 car with opener. Easy access to I-70. Includes paid cable. Pets under 20 lbs. allowed Call 785-842-2575 1st Month Free! 3BR, 2 or 2.5 BA, w/d hookups, FP, major appls. Lawn care & snow removal! 785-865-2505

Parkway 4000/6000 Call for Specials! 2 & 3 BR Townhomes 2 car garage w/opener Fully applianced kitchen W/D hookups Maintenance Free!


Central National Bank is seeking a dedicated, hard-working, detail oriented professional to join their team as a Part-Time Floating Teller to cover our Lawrence, Topeka, and Gardner branches. Qualified candidates should have 3-6 months cash handling exp, relate well to the public, demonstrate mathematical aptitude and be computer literate. This position will float between all the listed branches for coverage as needed. Candidates should be available to work between the hours of 12:00pm and 6:00pm Mon-Friday and to work Saturday morning shifts on a regular basis. If you want to be part of a growing organization, stop by 711 Wakarusa Dr to complete an application or email to and reference code (PTFL24) or submit your resume & cover letter to: Central National Bank, HR Dept. (PTFL24), 1426 Browning Place, Suite 101, Manhattan, KS 66502. EOE M/F/D/V

Apartments Furnished Rooms (newly remodeled) Rent by week, with cable & internet. Call Virginia Inn 785-843-6611

Apartments Unfurnished Aspen West 1/2 Month Free! 2BRs avail. $530/mo Near KU, on bus route, water/trash paid. No pets. AC Management 785-842-4461




Let MANPOWER Help you start the new year off right with a full time job!



APPLY AT: 877 - KELLY 05 or call 785.832.7702

FREE Rent Until 02/01/14!! 3 BRs $800/mo through July 2014! Call for Details!

Eat at! 4931 W 6th St.

Campus locations still available! Ask about our move in specials!

Some require background check, drug screen, and a High School or higher education.



Parkway Commons (785)842-3280

Perks • Flexible schedules • Online self-scheduling to tailor your financial needs. • Weekly pay • $10- $10.50/hr • Referral Bonus Opps!

Apartments Unfurnished

Apply at: ncord/


877 KELLY 05 or call 785.830.8919

Go to or call 785-832-7119. SEVERAL PACKAGES TO CHOOSE FROM!


www.manpowerjobs. com or call 785-749-2800

Highpointe Apts. 2001 W. 6th St.

Working Team Leader Are you detail oriented, organized, a team player and able to lead others? Housecleaning and supervisory experience necessary. Full Time, Mon - Fri, $9-$11/hour. Must have valid drivers license. Vehicle and supplies provided. 939 Iowa Street. (785) 842-6264

FREE ADS for merchandise

under $100


Cedarwood Apts 2411 Cedarwood Ave. Beautiful & Spacious 1 & 2BRs start at $400/mo. * Near campus, bus stop * Laundries on site * Near stores, restaurants * Water & trash paid 4BR duplex - start at $795 ————————————————— Get Coupon* for $25 OFF


*Sign lease by Jan. 31, 2014 AND College Students

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h AiґÏċŎŋŖ  ‘ÆŎ‘‘ Ŏ‘ŀƇÚŎ‘ ġ !AŖŎ‘ŎŋŖ  ‘ÆŎ‘‘ ďŎ‘­‘ŎŎ‘ ġ h ųס Ć Â‘AĹŽĹ– ċ­ ‘ƞď‘ŎڑÞi‘ ÚÞ ­ƇÞ ŎAÚŖÚÞÆ Ä‹ĹŽ Ŏ‘ÏAŎ‘ ²‘Ï Ŏ‘ŀƇÚŎ‘ ġ h Ćži‘ÏϑÞŎ Ä‹ĹŽAĂŹz ĆœĹŽĂšĹŽĹŽÂ‘Ăžz ÚÞŎ‘Ŏď‘ŎŖċÞAĂŹz AĂžAĂŹĆ ĹŽĂšiAĂŹ AÞ ċŎÆAÞÚƧAŎÚċÞAĂŹ ŖêÚÏÏŖ Ŏ‘ŀƇÚŎ‘ ġ h !ƇŖŎ [‘ ĆœĂšĂŹĂŹĂšĂžĂ† ĹŽÄ‹ ĹŽĹŽAƚ‘Ï AĂžÂ ĆœÄ‹ĹŽĂŞ ‘ƚ‘ÞÚÞÆŖ AĂžÂ ĆœÂ‘Â‘ĂŞÂ‘ĂžÂ Ĺ– AĹ– Ŏ‘ŀƇÚŎ‘ Aޠޑi‘ŖŖAŎƠġ h !ƇŖŎ [‘ A[ϑ ĹŽÄ‹ [ƇÚÏ ŖŎŎċÞÆ Ŏ‘ÏAŎÚċÞŖÒÚďŖ ĆœĂšĹŽĂ’  ċÞċŎŖz AiA ‘ÜÚi ÄŹAŎŎޑŎŖz ċƇÞ AŎÚċÞ Ĺ–ĹŽAÂŻz AÞ ƚċÏƇÞŎ‘‘ŎŖġ h 0Ƈii‘ŖŖ­ƇÏ ‘ƞď‘ŎڑÞi‘ ÚÞ ĂśAêÚÞÆ iÄ‹ĂŹÂ iAĂŹĂŹĹ– AĹ– ĆœÂ‘ĂŹĂŹ AĹ–  ‘ƚ‘ÏċďÚÞÆ iƇÏŎÚƚAŎÚċÞ AÞ ŖċÏÚiÚŎAŎÚċÞ Ĺ–ĹŽĹŽAŎ‘ÆڑŖ ďŎ‘­‘ŎŎ‘ ġ h ‘ÜċÞŖŎŎAŎ‘ A[ÚÏÚŎƠ ĹŽÄ‹ ĆœÄ‹ĹŽĂŞ ÚÞ ‘ď‘Þ ‘ÞŎÏƠ AÞ AĹ– ÄŹAĹŽĹŽ ċ­ A Ŏ‘AÜġ Ûđ A ]ÛÊóÂ~Ä­~ ÀÛQ p~Ä—]đ¡óĭ¡ÛĂ?g Ă› Ä­Ă› Ĺ?Ĺ?Ĺ?Ă˝Â¨ÂˇĹŒ~Ä­Ă›Ĺ?AÄ—ÂąQĹƒÄ‘Ă?ýÛđ¨ 2Ă› AóóÂĹ?g -Ă‚~AÄ—~ ¨Û Ä­Ă› Ä‘~AÄ­ÂˇĹŒ~ ĹƒÄ—ÂˇĂ?~Ä—Ä— 0Ă›Ă‚ĹƒÄ­ÂˇĂ›Ă?Ä— AÄ­ Ĺ?Ĺ?Ĺ?Ă˝]QÄ—Ă Ä—Ă˝]ÛÊ AĂ?p ]¡]Ă Ă›Ă? Ä‹óóÂĹ? $Ă?¡Ă?~ÄŒ Ä­Ă› Ä—ĹƒQÊ¡ĭ Ĺ?Ă›ĹƒÄ‘ Ä‘~Ä—ĹƒĂŠ~i ]Ă›ĹŒ~Ä‘ Ă‚~Ä­Ä­~Ä‘ AĂ?p ĭ¹đ~~ óđے~ėė¡ÛĂ?AĂ‚ Ä‘~Â’~Ä‘~Ă?]~Ä—Ă˝ $ ÊóÂÛĹ?~Ä‘

6B Monday, January 13, 2014 Firewood-Stoves GMC Trucks


Firewood for sale. Hedge, GMC 2007 Sierra Z71 4x4 SLE. locust, hackberry & other Long bed, extra cab only mixed hardwoods. 18kmi, remote start, alloy $170/cord. $95/half-cord. wheels, tow pkg, B&W fifth Split, stacked & Delivered. wheel ball hitch. Always garaged. $36,000. 785-542-2967 Call Ryan at 785-418-9910. Like New! FREE Walnut tree firewood, needs to be cut, easy job just 3 cuts, will Cars-Domestic need a ladder & chain saw. Call 785-550-4142


For Sale: Entertainment Console Table, new, dark, distressed wood with bun feet, 48”wide 18”deep 28”high, 2 drawers 2 open compartments with adjustable shelf in each, $99 cash. Call 785-841-3802

Household Misc. Wall Mirror Oak Framed. 27 3/4” x 21 3/4” PERFECT COND. Photos avail. $81. 785-865-4215

Buick 2010 Lacrosse CXL one owner, GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, leather heated & cooled seats, remote start, stk#16197 only $19,917 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Used Matched set 4 Suv/Truck Tires. 245/70/17, B.F. Goodrich Long Trail with good tread left. $80.00 for the set, Call 913-724-2084 (Basehor) Buick 2010 Lucerne CXL power equipment, alloy wheels, On Star, remote start, leather heated memory seats and more! Stk#14095 only $14,814 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Chevrolet 2012 Sonic LT 5dr hatchback, great commuter car with surprising room. GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included. Great low payments available! Stk#10824A only $13,777. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Loads Of Room, A Must For Lower Budgets, We Finance! Stk# MHC80917C1 $7,488 - SAVE!


Only 2,150 Miles, Showroom Condition, Factory Warranty. $27,995 Stk# CL13-005C1

1992 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. 13K. Well maintained. Looks and runs great. $2,700/obo. 816-812-6723.

Dodge 2010 Avenger R/T, leather heated seats, alloy wheels, spoiler, steering wheel controls, cd changer, power equipment, stk#382331 only $12,415 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2008 Chevy Aveo Super clean inside and out, has been very well taken care of. Perfect for your student! Only 72,818 miles, Stock#A3614A. Only $6,995!! Call Mike at (785) 550-1299. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Chevrolet 2008 Impala LT remote start, alloy wheels, power equipment, very comfortable and affordable! Stk#139501 only $11,645. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Pianos: Kimball Spinet, $500, Everett Spinet, $475, Gulbranson Spinet $450. 2 Wurlitzer Spinets, $300/ea, Prices include tuning & delivery. 785-832-9906

2006 Chevy Impala LT with 94,464 miles. power windows and lock this is a clean car! priced at $10,995 call Mike at (785) 550-1299. #13H863A LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Want To Buy


Buick 2012 Regal Premium leather heated seats, sunroof, remote start, alloy wheels, keyless remote, GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, have fun driving again! Stk#10528 only $19,415. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Chevrolet 2011 Cruze LT GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance, great gas mileage, power equipment, cruise control, stk#367191 only $13,815 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Only 42K Miles, Automatic, AV, Power Package and More... SAVE! Stk# DJC90401 $13,495 - NEW ARRIVAL

Care-ServicesSupplies Training Classes - Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club, 6 wks. $80. Enroll by Jan 24. Call 785-842-5856

Only 54K Miles, Like New, Loaded! Stk# TSC90846 $22,995

(785) 856-7227 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

1996 Chevy Silverado Truck Z71. Cab + half. 4WD. 168k miles. Excellent Condition. $5,595 OBO. 785-255-4423 or 691-7919

Thicker line? Bolder heading? Color background or Logo? Ask how to get these features in your ad TODAY!! Call: 785-832-7119

Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Touring Edition power equipment, very nice! This one won’t last long at $7,251. stk#478891. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

under $100


Chevy 2013 Volt fwd, all electric car! Come feel the power and enjoy the savings! Only 7k miles, Leather heated seats, power equipment, Bose sound, navigation and more! Stk#19155 only $30,814 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 14T088A 2D Coupe, Jet Black, 5.3 V-8, Beautiful! $11,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Chrysler 2010 Sebring Limited leather heated seats, power seat, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, power equipment, very affordable with low payments available. stk#11638 only $13,819. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Dale Willey Automotive 2840 Iowa Street (785) 843-5200

Carpets & Rugs


Automotive Services IBID4U Save on Copart Auction Vehicles Cars, Trucks, RVs & More Lamar Automotive

36 Months 0%* Interest

$0 Down

On Everything! EVERY Carpet EVERY Hardwood EVERY Ceramic EVERY Vinyl EVERY Laminate

The Wood Doctor - Wood rot repair, fences, decks, doors & windows - built, repaired, or replaced & more! Bath/kitchen remodeled. Basement finished. 785-542-3633 • 816-591-6234

Reach readers in print and online across Northeast Kansas! Create your ad in minutes today on

(785) 856-7227 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

1-785-832-2222 or 1-866-823-8220

Reach thousands of readers across Northeast Kansas in print and online! Schedule your ad with

1-785-832-2222 or 1-866-823-8220

*for illustration purposes only

Limited, 1-Owner, 12K Miles, Save Big! Stk# NL13-258C2. $18,988 REDUCED

Foundation Repair

CONCRETE INC Your Local Concrete Repair Specialist Foundation & Crack Repair Driveways-Sidewalks-Patios Sandblasting-Concrete Sawing Core Drilling 888-326-2799 Lawrence

ADVANCED SYSTEMS Basement & foundation repair Your hometown company Over three decades 785-841-0145

Decorative & Regular Drives, Walks & Patios Custom Jayhawk Engraving Jayhawk Concrete 785-979-5261


Remodeling Specialist Handyman Services • 30 Yrs Exp Residential & Commercial 785.608.8159

$1500 min. purchase any combination you want. *w.a.c. Details in store. Limited time offer!

Decks & Fences


Computer Repair & Upgrades

Over 25 yrs. exp. Licensed & Insured. Decks, deck covers, pergolas, screened porches, & all types of repairs. Call 913-209-4055 for Free estimates or go to

Computer Running Slow? Viruses/Malware? Troubleshooting? Lessons? Computer Questions, Advise? We Can Help 785-979-0838

Looking for Something Creative? Call Billy Construction Decks, Fences, Etc. Insured. (785) 838-9791

(785) 856-7100 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence Dodge 2012 Avenger SXT very sporty, spoiler, alloy wheels, power equipment, cruise control, stk#475892 only $14,618 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

4D Sedan, Stunning Pearl White w/Navigation! $11,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500 Dodge 2011 Avenger Luxury one owner trade in, leather heated seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, power equipment, cruise control, stk#330001 only $15,814. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

1997 Ford Crown Victoria LX P1345B 4D Sedan, Local Trade, ONLY 49,000 miles! $4,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500


ONLINE AD comes with up to 4,000 characters

plus a free photo. SunflowerClassifieds

Call 866-823-8220 to advertise.


Nothing held back! No exclusions! Choose Anything! Warehouse priced from only 69c s.f.

Jennings’ Floor Trader 3000 Iowa St. - 841-3838

Dodge 2008 Avenger SXT FWD, V6, sunroof, leather heated & cooled seats, spoiler, alloy wheels, Boston sound, XM radio and more! Stk#324622 Only $12,775 Dale Willey 785-843-5200


A Smart Buy! Lots Of Room, Great Economy! Stk# DL13-090C1 $10,488 - CLEARANCE




2006 Lincoln LS V8 P1333A

BUSINESS Auctioneers

Have your car cleaned by a Professional! We will detail your car the same as our pre-owned inventory. Most vehicles are only $220.95 call Allen @ Dale Willey Automotive to schedule your cars make over! You won’t believe the difference! 785-843-5200 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

for merchandise

(785) 856-7227 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Chevrolet Trucks

Chevrolet 2010 Impala LTZ, GM certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, leather heated seats, remote start, alloy wheels, stk#329911 only $12,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2011 Ford Mustang California Edition, 5.0 Manual transmission, Low miles, Leather and sporty. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Chrysler 2005 Pacifica Touring fwd, dual power seats, ABS, traction control, alloy wheels, quad seating, room for six, stk#341471 only $8,444. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Chevrolet 2011 Equinox AWD trade in, power equipment, alloy wheels, great gas mileage, stk#585713 only $14,500. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Blue/Gold Macaw Talking 5 yr old Macaw with cage. $1000. 785-231-7444 or 785-231-8033.

Ford, 2011 Fusion SEL in white with tan leather. More loaded than any Fusion you will find. Beautiful ONE owner condition. Backup camera, Sony, Satellite, Blind Spot, and more. Sale Price! See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7



3 GA Tickets to KU Men’s Basketball vs Texas on Feb 22. 3 seats don’t have to be together. Will pay cash only. 865-1517 or 550-3799 KU - KState 1 ticket avail. Min - $90 Max $100. Cash only.


(785) 856-7227 (785) 856-7227

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7227

Cars-Domestic 2013 CHRYSLER 300

Black On Black! Priced Right!! New Arrival! $26,488 Stk# JPL13-124C1


Variety of old and recently new clothes: shirts (8), $0.50 ea; pants (4 pairs), $1 ea. Books (lg and sm): lg- $1.50 ea; sm - $0.50 ea. Small tray of collectibles: (10) $0.25 ea. 785-550-3799, 785-865-1517



Chevrolet 2008 Aveo LS fwd, fantastic gas mileage, 4 door, very affordable, only 67k miles, low payments available. Stk#10963C1 only $7,718 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Desk Chair. Excellent condition. Photos available $99. cash payment. 785-424-4315


Guttering Services

FOUNDATION REPAIR Mudjacking, Waterproofing. We specialize in Basement Repair & Pressure Grouting. Level & Straighten Walls & Bracing on wall. BBB. Free Estimates Since 1962 Wagner’s 785-749-1696

Gutter Systems Inc. Seamless Guttering Proven Leaf Guards Free Est. • 913-634-9784

Home Improvements No Job Too Big or Small

Int. & Ext. Remodeling All Home Repairs Mark Koontz

Bus. 913-269-0284

JAYHAWK GUTTERING Seamless aluminum guttering. Many colors to choose from. Install, repair, screen, clean-out. Locally owned. Insured. Free estimates.

Limestone wall bracing, floor straitening, foundation waterproofing, structural concrete and masonry repair and replacement, driveways and flat concrete 785-843-2700 Owen - ACI certified


Home Improvements

Retired Carpenter, Deck Repairs, Home Repairs, Interior Wall Repair & Painting, Doors, Wood Rot, Powerwash 785-766-5285 Professional Remodeling •custom baths and kitchens •interior upgrades • windows • doors •siding •decks •porches • sunrooms •handicapped improvements Licensed & Insured-Since 1974



Haul Free: Salvageable items. Minimum charge: other moving/hauling jobs. Also Maintenance/Cleaning for home/business, inside/out plumbing/ electrical & more. 785-841-6254

RETIRED MASTER PLUMBER & Handyman needs small work. Bill Morgan 816-523-5703

Placing an ad...



Call: 785-832-2222 Fax: 785-832-7232 Email:

Painting Interior/Exterior Painting Quality Work Over 30 yrs. exp.

Call Lyndsey 913-422-7002

Garage Doors

Garage Doors • Openers • Service • Installation Call 785-842-5203

Guttering Services

Lawn, Garden & Nursery

Deck Drywall Siding Replacement Gutters Privacy Fencing Doors & Trim Commercial Build-out Build-to-suit services

Ackerman Lawn Care Mowing, Yard Clean-up, Tree Trimming, All jobs considered. 785-893-1509

Fully Insured 22 yrs. experience


Golden Rule Lawncare Lawn cleanup & mowing Snow Removal Family owned & operated Call for Free Est. Insured. Eugene Yoder 785-224-9436

785-865-0600 Complete Roofing Services Professional Staff Quality Workmanship lawrenceroofing

Tree/Stump Removal Chris Tree Service 20yrs. exp. Trees trimmed, cut down, hauled off. Free Est. Ins. & Lic. 913-631-7722, 913-301-3659 785-856-2440 - Lawrence

Full Remodels & Odd Jobs, Interior/Exterior Painting, Installation & Repair of:


Supplying all your Painting needs. Serving Lawrence and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

Fredy’s Tree Service cutdown• trimmed• topped Licensed & Insured. 14 yrs experience. 913-441-8641 913-244-7718

Locally owned & operated.

Free estimates/Insured.

Pet Services

Kansas Tree Trimming, removal, & stump grinding by Lawrence locals Certified by Kansas Arborists Assoc. since 1997 “We specialize in preservation and restoration” Ins. & Lic. visit online 785-843-TREE (8733)


Masonry, Brick & Stone .

Stone Mason- Ed Bethard 34 yrs experience Chimney repair, sm walls, tuck pointing, sm foundation repairs. Free estimates. 913-909-1391

I COME TO YOU! Dependable & Reliable pet sitting, feeding, walks, overnights, and more! References! Insured! 785-550-9289

785-832-2222 Advertising that works for you!






Monday, January 13, 2014 7B Cars-Imports Cars-Imports


2000 Honda Civic EX coupe, 73K miles, great school car in top shape! $6500. Call 785-766-7191

2011 Lincoln MKZ AWD, Heated, ventilated and power front seats. Amazing comfort at an amazing price. $22,995. Call/Text Joe 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2009 Pontiac Solstice Base, Convertible, Just in time to enjoy the rest of the summer, Under 85k miles. Call Anthony 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

BMW 2008 X3 AWD, power equipment, ultra sunroof, leather heated memory seats, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, stk#10400A1 only $18,415. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


2009 MAZDA 6-S

2009 Hyundai Elantra Touring Base 13L296B 4D Wagon, Hard to Find Wagon, Local Trade! $12,242 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

2011 Hyundai Tucson Limited Black leather, nice local trade with only 29k miles. Call Anthony 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Leather, Navigation, 1-Owner, Low Miles. Stk# NL12-342C1. $14,888 - SAVE

4D Sedan, Just arrived, Local Trade! $12,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

(785) 856-7100

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Certified Pre-Owned Honda, 7 Year/100,000 Mile Warranty, Fully Inspected. Stk# D513A 2010 Honda Accord EX-L 14B234A

2011 Lincoln MKZ P9984

*for illustration purposes only

4D Sedan AWD!, Black Beauty with Luxury Amenities! $22,995

2 Door, Roadster, Automatic, Only 55K Miles Stk# TST50807W1 $13,988

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

2D Coupe, Leather, Roof, Perfect Condition! 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Honda, 2007 Accord EX-L. Carbon Bronze Pearl color, tan leather, heated seats, moon roof, clean history, very clean car. Side AND curtain airbags. NICE. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

(785) 856-7227 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2004 PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2002 Mercury Cougar XR P1229A

Only $10,906 Call Bowe at

785-843-0550 2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

2008 Hyundai Veracruz GLS FWD, Space for the whole family with 3rd row seating. Great local trade and 1-Owner. $15,995. Call/Text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2009 Hyundai Sonata Garaged car and is in immaculate condition! Priced to sell and has only 104,040 miles. Call Mike at (785)550-1299. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

SMART BUY! Great Gas Mileage, Nicely Equipped, Save Big Today! $8,495. Stk# NL13-315C1.

4D Sedan, SL Trim, Leather and Sunroof $7,995

(785) 856-7100 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2011 Hyundai Accent Black, base model car with great gas mileage. Call Anthony 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2011 Honda Accord LX 2.4 P1368

for merchandise

under $100


Go to or call 785-832-7119.

*for illustration purposes only

Great On Gas, Showroom Ready, Factory Warranty! Stk# JMCB00001 $12,688 SMART BUY!


Hyundai 2011 Sonata GLS fwd, power equipment, cruise control, XM radio, great commuter car, stk#309142 only $11,874. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500


Certified Pre-Owned Honda, 7 year/ 100,000 Mile Warranty, Fully Inspected. Stk# D468A

Only $12,997 Call Marc at

785-843-0550 2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2013 Hyundai Accent GLS This car has been babied and is in tip top shape! 30,865 miles, only $14,995 Call Mike at (785) 550-1299. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited Must be seen to be believed. Loaded with extras. Only 103,523 miles! Call or text Mike at (785) 550-1299 to schedule a test drive. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

(785) 856-7067

Honda 2012 Civic LX fwd automatic, ABS, power equipment, great commuter car, low miles, Stk#12514 only $15,714. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Lexus, 2004 IS300, local ONE owner trade in. Beautiful condition, Thunder Cloud Metallic, Sport Design, navigation, and totally loaded. And only $9,170. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7


2007 BMW 525I

(785) 856-7067

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

BZVT ·ŝŗ©Ôƃƃ `ä¼êļ Ĥļ꛼ ·ĜÄ©ĎĎÑ

ŗ ŒĒĒ ›äĒĒ ›ä ĒĒńńń¼¼ ÏļĒă Ïļ ă

ZŒ÷đTĜŗŗŝ Fuel Efficient, One Owner, Well Maintained, Low Miles. Stk#D604A

ŗ ŒĒ Œ ›äĒĒ ĒĒńńń¼¼ ÏļĒă Ïļ ă

Only $9,997

BZVT ·ĜĎ©ōƃƃ `ä¼êļ Ĥļ꛼ ·ĜÑ©ōÄŌ


ŝ ŒĒĒ ›äĒĒ ĒĒńńń¼¼ ÏļĒă Ïļ ă

2011 Hyundai Tucson GL FWD, Manual transmission, Local trade, 1-Owner with a clean Carfax. Great looking car. $16,216. Call/Text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

BZVT ·ŝŗ©ŗÑƃ `ä¼êļ Ĥļ꛼ ·ĜŌ©ĎĎÑ

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

-?8 68  zß¡qÏϘ

2010 Mazda Mazda3 i Sport 13M1397A

(785) 856-7067

-?8 68  zßģqÏϘ

ƃƯĠƃ D8-'< 8?J ĭ'<

(785) 856-7227

-?8 68  z߂qÏϘ

ƃƯĠƃ <-G-< -8-''

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

Hyundai 2012 Elantra GLS power equipment, ABS, traction control, steering wheel controls, save thousands over new, stk#149671 only $14,755. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

-?8 68  zßėqÏϘ

ƃƯĠŶ - 8+ 8D+

BZVT ·ŝĎ©ŗƃƃ `ä¼êļ Ĥļ꛼ ·ĜĎ©ĎĎÑ


Only 5K Miles, 1-Owner, Loaded, Like New. Stk# SL14-158C2 $20,495 - NEW ARRIVAL

(785) 856-7067

ō Ô ŒĒ ŒĒ ›äĒĒ ĒĒńńń¼¼ ÏļĒă Ïļ ă

2011 MAZDA 2

Call Dave at

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Sharp, Loaded, Only 102K Miles, A Must See! Stk# SL14-138C1 $13,995 - SAVE!

Z`:đ TĜŗĜÔ


2011 Hyundai Sonata SE Sporty looking, Great local trade, Nice rims, Good MPG A/T with paddle shifters. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence 5 Spd, AC, Stereo And More, Great Fuel Mileage, 62K Miles. Stk# TST50749 $8,495

ƃƯĠŶ + ::+ '< )

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Audi 2009 A4 2.0 T Quatro AWD, sunroof, leather, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, luxury without the luxury price! Stk#102811 only $17,875 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Need an apartment? Place your ad at or email

We Buy all Domestic cars, trucks, and suvs. Call Scott 785-843-3500

23rd & Iowa St.

All packages include AT LEAST 7 days online with up to 4000 chracters.

WE BUY CARS Top dollar for top late model vehicles. Drive in, see Danny or Jeff and get your big bucks today! 2840 Iowa St. Lawrence. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Pontiac 2007 G6 Sedan fwd, V6 sunroof, ABS, remote start, spoiler, alloy wheels, cd changer, very affordable, stk#360551 only $9,888 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

4D Sedan, Local Great Buy! $11,350


(785) 856-7067 2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence



Pontiac 2006 Grand Prix GXP, one owner, heads up display, tap shift, heated leather seats, remote start, alloy wheels, sunroof and more. Stk#314731 only $12,417 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 S P1354A

(785) 856-7067

Automatic, 4 Door, AC, CD, Good Condition, Only 95K Miles. Stk# SL14-027C1 $6,995 - NEW ARRIVAL

*for illustration purposes only

Save Huge Over New, Great Fuel Economy, Save Now! Stk# TSC90806 $19,688 - SAVE!

4D Sedan, Off Lease Special! $13,939 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

4D Sport Utility, SL Trim, Leather and Sunroof $26,583


Pontiac 2009 Vibe fwd, 4cyl, great commuter car, great gas mileage, ABS, automatic, power equipment, very dependable! Stk#372791 only $9,815. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

PUT YOUR EMPLOYMENT AD IN TODAY!! 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis Only 106,922 miles. Super clean and a clear Carfax report. Stock# 13H885a. Only $5,495! Call Mike at (785)550-1299. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Hyundai 2012 Sonata GLS fwd, 4cyl, great commuter car, power equipment, cruise control, steering wheel controls, stk#10792 only $15,855. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


2011 Nissan Murano SL P1146B

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Mercury 2010 Grand Marquis LS Ultimate edition, alloy wheels, leather, power equipment, very nice, stk#370851 only $10,825. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Nissan, 2006 Maxima SL. Local trade-in, beautiful car in Red Brawn color. Loaded up and well cared for. Panorama moonroof, heated leather seats, much more! Clean history and super car to drive. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

(785) 856-7067 2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Nissan, 2005 Maxima 3.5SL. Beautiful Majestic Blue, with tan leather and moonroof. Fully loaded, and in super condition with clean history. Famous Nissan relaiblilty, especially the 3.5 motor. Under $10K, see website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL P1306A

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

2010 Honda Accord Great family car with low miles, Leather, Local trade. Call Anthony at 785-691-8528. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

*for illustration purposes only

Automatic, 2 Door, AC, CD, Good Condition, Only 99K Miles. Stk# SL14-124C1 $4,995 - NEW ARRIVAL

Mercedes 2009 C300 AWD sedan, leather, dual power seat, sunroof, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, stk#14104 only $22,817. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


2010 Honda Fit Gray 4cyl, Great gas mileage and low miles 34,812. Call Ian at 913-439-8473. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2D Coupe, Leather, Roof, Perfect Condition! $5,993

Hyundai 2012 Santa Fe GLS alloy wheels, power equipment, steering wheel controls, low mileage with factory warranty left, stk#11182 only $17,251. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2008 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE 14T164B

4D Sedan, Perfect nomical Car! $10,829


23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500


ŝŗļ® ‡ ù||ă|© <|ŷļ¼ĉ›¼ ŷŷŷĪù|êļ®ĉĒùù¼ļĪ›Ēă

8B Monday, January 13, 2014 Cars-Imports Cars-Imports

Cars-Imports 2005 TOYOTA COROLLA LE



Crossovers 2012 NISSAN JUKE SL

Sport Utility-4x4 2007 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN

Sport Utility-4x4



2012 TOYOTA CAMRY SE *for illustration purposes only

One Owner, Well Maintained, Accident-Free, Fully Inspected. Stk#R9776

Only $11,488 Call Marc at

785-843-0550 2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

Sporty, Low Miles, One Owner, Well Maintained, Under Factory Warranty. Stk# E074A

Only $17,490

Very Clean, Great Gas Mileage, Lots Of Extras... Hurry! Stk# JPL14-083C1 $8,595

FWD, Automatic, Sunroof, Alloys, 1-Owner, 36K Miles. Stk# SL14-112T1 $21,495 - NEW ARRIVAL!

(785) 856-7227

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Leather, Loaded, Nicely Equipped, 1 Owner, 21K Miles. Stk# NL13-316C1. $21,495- NEW ARRIVAL

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7100

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7227 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence



*for illustration purposes only

AWD, Hard to Find, Only 44k Miles, Factory Warranty. Stk# SL14-118C1 $15,788 - SPECIAL

(785) 856-7067



2010 TOYOTA MATRIX S Toyota, 2004 Camry. Two to choose from! Both ONE owner NO accident extremely clean cars. Both under $8,000. One leather, one cloth. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Chevrolet 2010 Silverado LT 4wd Z71 regular cab, GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included! Stk#39176A2 only $21,615. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

(785) 856-7100 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Call Mike at


Sport Edition, Nicely Equipped, One Tough Suv! $12,988 Stk# GMT51635T1

(785) 856-7067


*for illustration purposes only

LT Package, Leather, 4x4, Alloys & More, Super Clean. Stk# JMT1300TT2. $18,995 - REDUCED

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Super Clean, Like New, Nicely Equipped. Stk# DJC60078 $19,888 - WOW! Loaded, Leather, No Accidents, Eye-Catcher, Low Miles, Fuel-Efficient. Stk# D362A

Only $8,990 Call Mike at


Low Miles, Fuel Efficient, One-Owner, Well Maintained. Stk# R9777

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2009 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ 14C101A 4D Sport Utility, Loaded! Local Trade, AWD! $23,790

Unlimited, 2 Door, Hard Top, Low Miles, Great condition. $16,995. Stk# JMC70039T1.

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

(785) 856-7100

(785) 856-7067

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Only $11,373

Chevrolet 2012 Silverado Z71 LTZ crew cab, one owner, running boards, leather heated seats, remote start, Bose sound, stk#344981 only $29,755 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2011 Chevy Silverado LTZ Crew cab 4x4. Must be seen to be believed! Loaded with extras and lifted. Only 36,543 miles! Call or text Mike at (785) 550-1299 to schedule a test drive. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2007 Ford Edge SE 13T1426A

Call Bowe at

785-843-0550 2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

Fuel Efficient, One Owner, Well Maintained, Low Miles. Stk# R9774

Only $12,590

2005 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 14K218A

Call Matt at

2D Convertible, Automatic, Blue w/ Black Top. $9,995

2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500


Porsche 2008 Cayenne AWD, leather heated memory seats, sunroof, alloy wheels, tow package, Bose sound, navigation, tow package, stk#341641 only $26,814. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

*for illustration purposes only



Premium, 1-Owner, Local Trade, Nicely Equipped Stk# DJC60081 $18,488 NEW ARRIVAL Ford 2008 Edge Limited fwd V6, leather heated seats, ultra sunroof, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, cd changer, and more! Stk#58373A1 only $11,714. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

(785) 856-7067 2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


4D Sport Utility, Terrific price on a Great SUV! $10,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Ford, 2004 Escape XLT 4X4. Dark Shadow Gray, moon roof, like new tires on alloy wheels, and side airbags. 23 MPG highway and winter weather ready. Below $7000. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

Great Gas Mileage, Affordable, Save Big Over New. Stk# GMCB0001 $13,788 - REDUCED

Cute, Gas Friendly, Only 50K Miles! Stk# H-TSC50697 $12,888 - CLEARANCE

Only 16k Miles, Like New Condition, A Must See! Stk# SL14-104C1 $29,888 - SAVE

(785) 856-7227 (785) 856-7067 2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence 2012 Sante Fe Gray AWD, 4 Cyl engine, 23,348 miles. Call Ian at 913-439-8473. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence


2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence Volvo, 2006 S40. Sporty Passion Red sedan with moonroof, nice tires on alloy wheels, premium audio, and clean 2 owner history. FUN car! Sale Price $8,995. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

(785) 856-7067 (785) 856-7100

2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence




2004 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Great car for winter with symmetrical AWD. This car won’t last long at this price. $8,995. Call/Text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

4WD, Leather, Loaded, Super Sharp, Only 55K Miles. Stk# N3537E1 $28,995 - NEW ARRIVAL

Call Matt at

785-843-0550 2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

(785) 856-7227 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7100 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

4D Sedan, AWD, Cold Climate Package, Local Trade! $14,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

2012 Toyota Corolla LE Silver, 4cyl, Gets great gas mileage! Call Ian at 913-439-8473. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2007 Toyota Avalon XLS 13T837A

2012 Toyota Prius Three 14C238A

4D Sedan, Leather, Roof, Navigation, Local Trade! $16,433

5D Hatchback, Local trade, Navigation, Terrific condition! $19,988

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500 Ford 2006 Expedition Eddie Bauer edition 4wd, leather heated & cooled seats, running boards, dual power seats, alloy wheels, DVD, tow package and more. Stk#507443 only $10,250. Dale Willey 785-843-5200 Ford, 2002 Explorer XLT. 4X4 with third row seat and rear heat/ AC. Ford’s popular Toreador Red. Very clean, Two owner no accident Explorer, and well equipped. Only $5,995. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

FWD, 1-Owner, Like New, Only 9k Miles. Stk# JPL14-030T1 $21,495 - SPECIAL

Have your car cleaned by a Professional! We will detail your car the same as our pre-owned inventory. Most vehicles are only $220.95 call Allen @ Dale Willey Automotive to schedule your cars make over! You won’t believe the difference! 785-843-5200 Dale Willey 785-843-5200


GMC 2011 Acadia SLE one owner, dual power seat, ABS, traction control, On Star, alloy wheels, stk#554021 only $22,855. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Sport Utility-4x4

Kia 2012 Sportage LX AWD one owner, alloy wheels, power equipment, low miles, save thousands over new! Stk#351191 only $17,514. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Buick 2006 Rendezvous CX, fwd, V6, leather, alloy wheels, 3rd row seating, roof rack, very nice cross over, great gas mileage, stk#51608B2 only $9,775 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2007 Harley Davidson DynaGlide Retractable windshield, leather saddlebags. 500 miles. Great Christmas present. See to believe! $7,500. 785-690-7291

2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Special Edition 13T1406B

2D Sport Utility, MOAB Edition, Winch, KC Lights $33,995

(785) 856-7227

Only $12,590 Leather, 7-Pass, Loaded, Only 17K Miles, Like New Stk# JMT60134. $39,995- NEW ARRIVAL

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2004 Dodge Dakota SXT Blue Bedlined, Great little truck with low miles for its year at 70,107. Call Ian at 913-439-8473. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2013 Lincoln Navigator Base 13L304A


4D Sport Utility, Certified Pre-Owned, 100,000 Mile Warranty! $49,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500


Low Miles, Fuel Efficient, One-Owner, Well Maintained. Stk# R9773

Only 91K Miles, Matching Topper, Auto, Stero & More. Stk# JMT22960 $13,995 - NEW ARRIVAL

2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara MOAB 13T1407A

*for illustration purposes only

Only 32K Miles, New Car Trade, Like New! Stk# NL13-0611C1. $15,888 REDUCED

(785) 856-7227


*for illustration purposes only

Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Green, 4x4, Front and rear locking differentials and low miles at 30,810. Call Ian at 913-439-8473. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence



Buick 2009 Enclave CXL AWD, leather heated & cooled seats, sunroof, remote start, Bose sound, navigation, very nice and very affordable at $23,555. stk#466352. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Hummer 2009 H3 4wd, one owner, sunroof, power equipment, alloy wheels, running boards, very sharp! Stk#33048A2 only $20,855. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Mercury, 2005 Mariner Limited. Nice Silver Metallic, ONE owner, super condition, moonroof, like new tires, and side airbags. FWD, black leather interior, MACH 300 Audio with 6 disc CD, and heated seats. Free warranty, and only $8100. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7 Mercury, 2005 Mountaineer AWD. Beautiful Mineral Gray, clean history, leather, third row seat, second row bucket seats. NICE. See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

4X4, A Great Buy Before The Snow Flies! Stk# DL13-081T5 $18,588 - NEW ARRIVAL

(785) 856-7227 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


4x4, Leather and Loaded, Only 32K Miles, Super Nice! Stk# ST1-311T1 $30,995 - SPECIAL

2006 Mercury Mountaineer Luxury P1367A 4D Sport Utility, Local Trade. Immaculate Condition! $9,995

(785) 856-7227 2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Nicely Equipped, Very Clean, Nicely Equipped! Save Now! Stk# NL13-239T1. $11,995- SAVE

(785) 856-7100 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Cadillac 2008 Escalade AWD heated & cooled seats, running boards, tow package, quad seating, remote start, and sunroof. Everything you would expect of a Cadillac! Stk#561891. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Only 27K Miles, Factory Warranty, Like New! Stk# JMT92943 $17,888 CLEARANCE

(785) 856-7067 2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

GM CERTIFIED is not like any other dealer backed warranty. Don’t let the other dealers tell you any different. Dale Willey Automotive is the only dealer in Lawrence that GM Certifies their cars and trucks. Come see the difference! Call for details. 785-843-5200 ask for Allen

2001 Ford F-150 XLT P1370A 4D Extended Cab, 4x4, Step Side, XLT Trim, $7,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

petroleum 45 Red cheese


or cynic follower

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Annie’s Mailbox

Marcy Sugar and Kathy Mitchell

My in-laws are nice people, but I want to be able to do stuff with my husband and kids without them being there every time. This has been causing problems between my husband and me. — Smothered in California Dear Smothered: This is an issue of boundaries. Dinner once a month with the in-laws is not excessive if the encounters are nontoxic. And they should be able to attend their grandchildren’s

Syfy series is pointlessly explicit Is the world ready for a sexy female werewolf? And if so, is there another planet we could inhabit? Based on the best-selling “Women of the Otherworld” n o v e l s by Kelley Armstrong, “Bitten” (9 p.m., Syfy) stars Laura Vanderv o o r t (”Smallville”) as Elena, a foxy blond photographer who gets a little hairy and lupine from time to time. Apparently, she’s part of a large family, or pack, of werewolves who convene in Stonehaven, a large and stately mansion. A crisis troubles their secretive order when a rogue werewolf feasts on an unfortunate female human, threatening to reveal the existence of the wolf pack and bring retribution from angry “normals.” With a plot this obvious and preposterous, you’d think “Bitten” would be perfect for the young adults who read and watch all those “Twilight” and “Hunger Games” installments. But parents might take note of the show’s gruesome morbidity and explicit sexuality. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve always thought horror fantasy worked better when its supernatural elements served as sublimations for sexual desire. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what all the swooning and ravishing was about in those old Bela Lugosi movies. The “Twilight” films often operated like prolonged chastity seminars, teasing out the romantic possibilities of not “doing it” for hours and sequels at a time. In contrast, “Bitten” opens with a sex scene as joyless and perfunctory as a Jane Fonda workout video. We’re also confronted with full-frontal mutilations and scenes of human organs strewn about by wild animals. “Bitten” moves the sex and gore from subtext to center stage, but that doesn’t make it worth watching.

An acclaimed illusionist helps people exact revenge on those who have wronged them on the new series “Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne” (9 p.m., A&E).

Tonight’s other highlights

Senior year brings big changes on “Switched at Birth” (7 p.m., ABC Family).

Capt. Irving’s daughter becomes a target on “Sleepy Hollow” (8 p.m., Fox).

A deadly bomb ingredient evades detection on “Intelligence” (9 p.m., CBS).

A new case involves Castle’s father (James Brolin) on “Castle” (9 p.m., ABC).

BIRTHDAYS Actor Kevin Anderson is 54. Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is 53. Country singer Trace Adkins is 52. Actor Patrick Dempsey is 48. Actor Orlando Bloom is 37. Actor Liam Hemsworth is 24.

sporting events for a few hours on a weekend. However, you are right that they seem to intrude on a great deal of your family time, and their expectations are out of line. It’s OK to tell them “no” politely but firmly. Please discuss this with your husband so you are in agreement. Dear Annie: I am raising my two granddaughters because their parents are in jail. I love them, but I never get a break unless I can pay a babysitter, and it is a bit much. No one ever offers to take them, including the other grandparents, my siblings and my friends. I understand that people have their own problems, but it is discouraging to see that no one cares enough to offer even a little help, and it would mean so much. I know I am doing what’s best for my grandchil-


For Monday, Jan. 13: This year your focus remains on your daily life and on your relationships. If you are single, in the next six months, you could meet someone of significance. If you are attached, the two of you might disagree about who should take out the garbage, but your relationship will evolve to a much closer and intimate level. The stars show the kind of day you’ll have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult Aries (March 21-April 19)  You could be set on having certain results, most likely involving your finances. Tonight: At home, indulging in a fun pastime. Taurus (April 20-May 20)  Others will want to have a discussion with you involving your funds. Tonight: Have a longoverdue chat. Gemini (May 21-June 20)  You will turn whatever is going on into a social happening. Be aware of what you are doing and why. Tonight: Buy a special gift for a loved one. Cancer (June 21-July 22)  Take a back seat until you gain a greater perspective and a better sense of direction. Tonight: Let go of today, and enjoy living. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)  Use the daylight hours to the max. You could feel as if a family member is holding you back. Tonight: Go for some extra

dren, which makes it worthwhile regardless, but I am an — Exhausted Grandmother Dear Grandmother: Have you asked these people directly to give you a breather? If not, please do so. You are obviously a loving grandmother, but there’s no reason to be a martyr, waiting for others to offer assistance. Tell the other grandparents that you would like them to take the children next weekend. If they refuse, tell them to choose the weekend they prefer. Ask your siblings to spend a few hours with the kids on a Saturday. Contact AARP for information on grandparents raising grandchildren and resources for respite care. — Send questions to, or Annie’s Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190 Chicago, IL 60611.

R and R. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)  Others will follow, once they understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Tonight: A late discussion. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)  Reach out for new information. If you don’t, you won’t be able to make a solid decision. Tonight: Work late. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)  Your instincts will kick in when dealing with a partner and/or a financial matter. Your sixth sense could go against your logic, but it likely is right-on. Tonight: As you like it. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)  Others really want you to hear what they think. Tonight: Be with a favorite person. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)  Pace yourself. Stop and visit with someone in your daily life who could seem off. Tonight: Reach out to a loved one. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)  Your playfulness might be endearing to some, but it won’t be to a boss, who might be quite stern and difficult to deal with. Tonight: Be constructive. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)  Realize that it is OK if you have a difficult time starting the day. Tonight: Choose a stressbuster. — The astrological forecast should be read for entertainment only.

Universal Crossword Edited by Timothy E. Parker January 13, 2014

ACROSS 1 Additional thought preceder 5 Guernsey’s grazing areas 9 Having a sharp taste 14 Whopper teller 15 Unwanted aquarium organism 16 ___ apso (dog breed) 17 Pinnacle 18 Cow’s hurdle, in rhyme 19 It may be tucked by a doctor 20 Wisher’s object 23 Mauna ___ (Hawaii’s highest point) 24 Get droopy 25 Potential ring accepter 29 Actress Potts 31 Islamic leader, one way 33 “Who ___ Seen The Wind?” 34 Kansas, e.g. 36 Casual wear 39 Big Dipper, for one 42 Nurture 43 Scots trills 44 Refined petroleum 45 Red cheese

47 Aromatic compound 51 Qualification 54 Your financial advisor advises it 56 “How ___ you?” 57 Larger than large 60 Even a bit 63 Hit 64 An amount of medicine 65 Mischievous one 66 Ireland, affectionately 67 Writing on the wall 68 Sound from the nest 69 Model cars, e.g. 70 After everybody else DOWN 1 Nome’s home 2 Mossy growth 3 Certain islander 4 A favorite with milk 5 Female monster 6 Stretch out 7 Overly eager 8 Grandchild of Japanese immigrants 9 Site for some rites 10 Grouch 11 Farm butter? 12 Skeptic or cynic follower

13 “Our ___ Will Come” 21 Fly from Africa 22 Deposit on teeth 26 “Birthplace of Aviation” 27 Loft locale 28 Quick or slow attachment 30 Does not exist 32 Peach ___ 35 Like a body in Newton’s first law 37 Water source 38 Vent sound 39 Rope fiber 40 City where “The Scream” was stolen 41 Inspirational celebrity 42 Dandy dresser

46 English county known for sheep 48 Port on Commencement Bay 49 Shakes an Etch A Sketch 50 Show mercy 52 Worth 53 Land in a lake, e.g. 55 Lassos 58 Hodgepodge or mishmash 59 Worshipped carving 60 Garfunkel or Carney 61 AAA specialty 62 Birthday number



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by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

NOIPA ©2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC All Rights Reserved.

PIRGE LIMYAF FIMDEF Print your answer here: Saturday’s

Jumble puzzle magazines available at

Dear Annie: My problem is my in-laws. They insist on doing everything we do, going everywhere we go. Our children are active in sports and often play on the weekends. That means we spend every weekend with my in-laws. They talk to their son the whole time about nonsense. My husband and I don’t get to spend much time together, and there’s no opportunity to do it at our kids’ games because the in-laws stand between us and take over any conversation. My husband won’t say anything, but it’s driving me nuts. I’ve tried not giving them the kids’ schedules, but that doesn’t help. They invite us for dinner at least once a month and get their feelings hurt when we can’t go. They believe we should come for every holiday.


Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.


Family feels smothered by grandparents


(Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: POISE DODGE PANTRY SHRINK Answer: Hoping to fill the seat of the disgraced councilman, he was — DIS-APPOINTED


10B Monday, January 13, 2014 Truck-Pickups Truck-Pickups









2010 Ford F-150 XLT P1369 4D Extended Cab, 4x4, XLT, Tonneau Cover, Running Boards $19,995 23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

Nissan 2010 Frontier SE crew cab, one owner, local trade, very clean, power equipment, alloy wheels, tonneau cover, bed liner and bed extender, tow package, stk#13394A1 only $16,914 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

4 Cylinder, Regular Cab, Automatic, A/C, Only 47K Miles, 1 Owner. Stk# SL14-188T1 $13,495 - NEW ARRIVAL

(785) 856-7067 2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

(785) 856-7067 2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2001 Ford Ranger XLT P1350A 4D Extended Cab, 4x4, Automatic, Just Arrived! $8,582

*for illustration purposes only

4X4, Crew Cab, 1-owner, 9,500 miles, Certified. Stk# NL13-325T1. $30,888- SPECIAL

23rd & Alabama Lawrence 785-843-3500

(785) 856-7100 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

GMC 2011 Sierra Z71 SLE long bed, ext cab, one owner, only 32k miles, GM Certified with 2yrs of scheduled maintenance included, remote start, power equipment, alloy wheels, tow package, stk#536921 only $25,814 Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Only $22,432



785-843-0550 2112 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence, KS 66047

2012 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crew Max Cab, 4X4, 5.7L V8, Leather seats with heated front seats. 1-Owner and clean Carfax. $35,995. Call/Text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

2300 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Donald W Dulaney aka Donald Dulaney, et al. Defendants

Hard To Find, Priced To Sell! Size Matters! STK# NL13-305T1 $15,995 - CONTRACTOR SPECIAL

(785) 856-7100 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Toyota 2012 Tundra Limited crew cab, running boards, bed liner, tow package, remote start, leather heated seats, navigation, alloy wheels, stk#149281 only $34,815. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

PUT YOUR EMPLOYMENT AD IN TODAY!! Go to or call 785-832-7119.

SE Package, Clean Carfax, 67K Miles, Nicely Equipped. Stk# DJT60077 SAVE $16,495 -


(785) 856-7067 2233 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence

Place your Garage Sale Ad Today!

All packages include AT LEAST 7 days online with up to 4000 chracters.

For $39.95, your ad will run Wednesday-Saturday in the Lawrence Journal -World as well as the Tonganoxie Mirror and Baldwin Signal weekly newspapers, and all of our online websites.

Days in print vary with package chosen.

SEVERAL PACKAGES TO CHOOSE FROM! We are now your Chevrolet dealer, call us for your service or sales needs! Dale Willey Automotive 785-843-5200



(785) 856-7227

2012 Toyota Sienna LE AWD 31K miles. Rear captains chairs. Power - sliding passenger doors. Bluetooth and cruise. Call/text Joe at 785-764-6089. LAIRD NOLLER HYUNDAI 2829 Iowa St. Lawrence

Just go to:

(785) 856-7100 2101 W. 29th Terrace Lawrence


Toyota, 2004 Sienna XLE. Beautiful local trade. 7 passenger van loaded with power side doors and liftgate, DVD player, JBL Sound, heated seats, and much more. Only $7,995! See website for photos. Rueschhoff Automobiles 2441 W. 6th St. 785-856-6100 24/7

WE BUY CARS Top dollar for top late model vehicles. Drive in, see Danny or Jeff and get your big bucks today! 2840 Iowa St. Lawrence. Dale Willey 785-843-5200


*for illustration purposes only

Factory Warranty, Ready For The Whole Family STK# GMC60110 $19,988 - SPECIAL

Case No. 11CV352 Court No. 1 Title to Real Estate Involved Pursuant to K.S.A. §60

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued to me by the Clerk of the District Court of Douglas County, Kansas, the undersigned Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand at The Jury Assembly Room located in the lower level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center building of the Douglas County Courthouse, Kansas, on January 30, 2014 at the time of 10:00 AM, the following real estate:

Sport, 4x4 Crew Cab, Only 13k Miles, Like New! Stk# DT3-226T1. $25,888 - SAVE

(First published in the Lawrence Daily Journal-World January 6, 2014)

CitiMortgage, Inc. Plaintiff,


(785) 856-7100

Lincoln 2006 Mark LT only 46k miles, leather heated seats, running boards, crew cab, power equipment, alloy wheels, very clean! Stk#381842 only $19,814. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

Loaded, Leather, Heated Seats, Certified PreOwned, Fuel Efficient. Stk#E084A

Call Dave at

*for illustration purposes only

SE Package, Only 56k Miles, Great Family Vehicle. Stk# JMT40380 $10,988 - SPECIAL

Toyota 2008 Sienna LE fwd, V6, alloy wheels, steering wheel controls, 2nd row quad seating, DVD, power equipment, cruise control, stk#560441 only $15,775. Dale Willey 785-843-5200

1-Owner, New Car Trade. Like New, Only 35K Miles. Stk# SL14-106C1 $17,495 - SAVE



Chevrolet 2003 Venture van, one owner trade in, alloy wheels, power equipment, room for 7 and room in your wallet! Only $7,250. stk#632471 Dale Willey 785-843-5200


Find the best candidates with

1-785-832-2222 or 1-866-823-8220


Schedule your help wanted ad and reach thousands of readers across Northeast Kansas in print and online.

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