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Component 1 Laurynas Arbaciauskas

Design brief In my design I have collaborated library and cafĂŠ because I believe the two commercial spaces are both suitable to intervene with one another and to still for fill their full function. This would become an attractive site for it not being ordinary, however, more advanced within the dual function of one space that, this would entice a bigger audience to check out the new design or even appeal to more people when they choose a library to go to they would choose this from its multi-functional features. The theme I will use for this design would be organic, with research on architects on how the best way of interpreting nature into a space also, how the nature could be used and integrated into the design would give me a rough understanding on how I could exceed this theme within my design. In addition, I see nature as one of the most scare resources with the world and most modern designs look industrialised with lack of nature , where as, I seek to implement ecology in my design to move away from industrialised to natural themed structures. Travis Price an award wining architect and philosopher once touched on nature that really inspired me where ‘proximity to natural places does indeed have a direct effect on physical and mental health, as well as stress reduction. Structures that are near natural areas promote well-being, and views of the natural environment improve cognitive functioning’ considering the function of my building there is a more laid-back atmosphere, Travis suggests how this theme can actually be beneficial to for fill and develop the commercial space that would let people focus and feel relaxed within the space.

Specification  Main theme of my design will be organic , I would be implementing nature into the interior space and designing the exterior under the organic theme.  The structure is made of two commercial spaces, library and café, that would be collaborated into one building.  However I would like to have the café separated of the main reading area of the library to remove any noise that could create any inconvenience to the people within the library.  The interior of the space would have to be spacious (Would have to contain high ceilings to prevent people feeling claustrophobic) and have nature within the building to engage the theme and create the relaxed atmosphere  The structure can be of big scale without a specific amount of layers, the design can have no limit to explore the different designs  The café would also contain seating area for people to socialise, eat and work which most libraries don’t allow that would increase the popularity of this design.  As one of the commercial spaces is a library I would use glass walls around the structure to enable the sun to shine in and naturally light up the rooms without the need of lights in the day.

Revit autocad

Location -Brentwood

I choose this location in order to compliment the structure with a forest and pond that justifies the natural and organic theme. Research shows age peeking at 45-49 that is one of the most suitable target audience for my commercial spaces. With an increased demand for cafes and lack of libraries in that area, the building would be suitable there. With a train station close by and buses the location is easily accessible bearing in mind it is in the middle of the neighbourhood.


Design idea 1

Secondary research Organic theme towards exterior

-I have researched St Paul Peripheriques Architects who have designed this media library and have base their theme of natural & organic on the structure. The outer shell is based of the pattern inside the tree that work as balkiness. The unique patter turns the bold glass into something really intriguing and eye catching .Furthermore, use of enables people to see what the building consist of which may encourage people to come in and from the inside the glass walls gives individuals to have a larger view instead of having to look from the window. What I really like about the exterior of this building is the design uses organic forms to generate this unique frame around the building. Furthermore, after sketching out this structure the design really started to look like the tree’s insides and the gaps looked like tree knots. In addition, I really like how this organic feature is implemented on the whole structure making it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

The composition of shapes is free in which creating unique movement through out the structure that generate this unique flow that I will explore. Therefore, in this model I have explored idea of overlapping shapes

4 wall section


Primary Research CafĂŠ interior

Variety of seating/tables suitable for different things like the circler tables designed for people to sit down have some snacks and beverages whereas, square tables are bigger and allow people to place trays down and eat meals. Also, variety of tables pushed together to enable different amounts of groups to sit together and the bar more suitable for 1 person which is useful because if a person had to sit next to a table of 2 that will be inefficient for the commercial space

Plan development

Secondary research Library Interior

-For my secondary research in interior I have looked into the media library again by Peripheriques Architects in order to develop my understanding on the best layouts and designs. In addition, • High ceilings reducing isolation, creating spacious and relaxing space + decorations hanging down to prevent echo because this commercial space tends to be as quite as possible.

Then develop the interior to have nature

Design idea 2 Primary research


Secondary research Organic structured exterior

In my research I found this interesting concept that was designed by AECOM under the inspiration of mountains, I decide to analyse this structure. In addition, after I sketched it out, it really did start looking like the structure was based around a natural theme of mountains. I really loved this design because the architect did not worry about using symmetrical shaping because is has this unique flow on the exterior with curves and complex shapes that really intrigues me. As a result, this would influence my project because from this it encourages me not to worry on using symmetrical and simple shapes for the structure to be aesthetic.

-Analysing such a detailed structure will generate a very unique movement creating a complex but interesting structure with unsymmetrical movement which I aim to create

-the middle section of this design is blocked of from sun light and has a minimizing view. Not useful in my design


-Developed the layers in order to create more open space to reduce any claustrophobic feelings and have enough space to implement nature. Also, by having an open space can create more view points to see the nature around the structure from different areas.

Secondary Research Nature integrated into interior

What really like about this interior is how the nature is implemented into the space. In addition, without over doing it the architect was able to implement enough nature into the space to create the natural vibe to the space. Furthermore, the architect was not scared to put palm tress into the space that I like and will take upon my design to not be scared to put trees or large plants into my interior. Also, I really like the decorative touch on the walls to put some plants on the wall instead of having a plain wall it makes it more intriguing.



Design idea 3


Secondary research

Compare 2 d libraries

Library interior layouts

(Public Library Kelsterbach)


Seating, close to the window give the reader a more aesthetic view Bookshelf's spread around the space Variety of seating

The space uses a variety of different seating while utilising the glass walls by placing the seating next to the wall for the reader to have the most aesthetic view.

The concept of having different rooms with different seating can come in handy in my design, where I will try to separate the cafĂŠ and the reading area.

Secondary research

2nd Library interior layouts

(Chicago Public Library, Chinatown Branch)

Similar in this concept the seating area utilises the glass wall to use the surrounding space to make the view more aesthetic which in my design enable me to for fill my natural theme as the location of the site has nature around

-The way SOM have designed this interior space is by sectioning off different parts of the structure to pursue one specific function. Such as a community room, this suggests I can implement different sections in my design like eating area and reading area to be separate . In addition, this would minimize any inconvenience and create a planed and controlled space. Prevent people to eat and talk anywhere they want like reading area, that may annoy and lose customers.

Exploring different layouts, I realised instead of having the sections branching out I will look to put them together to make up one large structure instead of it having sections branch out, this would save material and considering the site where the structure is placed there is size restrictions of 50 by 100 meters .

Component 1 laurynas  
Component 1 laurynas